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  1. Then pulled into the driveway and Michael parked. He got out of the car and grabbed Jim’s bag. He walked to his front door calling behind him “remove your shoes at the door Jamie”
  2. Erica giggled and folded the smaller boy into a hug “of course I’m here cutie, you are just too adorable for words. Now I’m just going to take you home so you can get a good nights rest but I want to take you out on your next day off ok sweetheart so when is that”
  3. Kyle gently squeezed the little boys neck “such a good little baby for his daddies” Paul put some crayons in front of Drew “color me a pretty picture baby boy”
  4. Ben met the little boys eyes “well little boy we have a new rule” Ben tapes his finger against his cheek “whenever I do this you know how you are expected to respond no matter when that may be. At the very least I will expect a kiss in greeting and good night, it’s a simple matter of respect and frankly I don’t think I ask too much do I sweetheart”
  5. Vincent smiles “there’s a good boy, “now you’re not feeling well today, so I’m not going to have you work in any official capacity, so I’m just going to Dress you comfortably. He pulls out a pair of red sweat shorts “step in sweetheart”
  6. Tylor lifts the boy and carries him “what should we play baby Tay blocks, dollies or coloring
  7. Bobby accepts the food then takes a sip “daddy when do you want to adopt me, can we do it soon please daddy”
  8. Baby just cry’s as he is brought to the changing table “not here please not in front of people and and...” he cries as he is shushed and stripped. Being put into a diaper for the first time in many years feels strange and the tears don’t stop. He is even more embarrassed when he realizes that there is nothing for him to wear “daddy clothes please I need clothes daddy” peter smiles when he sees the boys “you are doing an excellent job Cody we have made a lot of of progress in a short time and I was wandering how you two wanted to ha Dow babyes toileting going forward” baby looked sho kid and almost yelled “it was one accident, I do t need help, in a grownup” Peter looked angry “hush Baby adults are talking”
  9. Mike looked at the boy, no need to get upset bud I just meant well I don’t drink so there’s no alcohol in my house and I babysit and Tutor a lot so you need to be conscious of setting a good example when kids might be around” the drove on
  10. Erica smiled again “okay cutie, I’ll pick you up out front in about an hour” she winked and walked out the door. She was park where she said she would be when Andy got off of work
  11. Paul smiles “good choice baby” the waitress returns “here are your cokes gentleman and an apple juice for the little cutie” she placed the full baby bottle in front of Drew
  12. Ben cupped the boys chin “sweetheart you know the routine by now, when I tap my cheek what does that mean I expect from my little worker bee” he looked at the boy. I don’t know why this is such a problem, we do the same thing every morning”
  13. Vincent shakes his head and continues his work “it will be faster if you cooperate like a good boy” once the boy is dry he grabs a pair of briefs “step in buddy”
  14. Tylor leans down and blows a raspberry on Taylor’s exposed stomach “yes you are baby girl yes you are” He fix’s Taylor’s dress and hold out his hand let’s go play”
  15. Bobby makes a show of taking a small bite then he likes his lips and smiled “yummy daddy yummy”