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  1. jmg1217

    Back to Basics (Private with jmg1217)

    Mark groaned when James hit him. However his past athletic experience helped him to minimize the damage. Rather then recoiling he leaned in close to James and used the proximity to wrap his large arms around the smaller boy. Once he had James pinioned in and awkward bear hug he shifted the boy so James back was flat against his stomach and the struggling boys arms were trapped uselessly against his body. He shook James “that is enough Jamie, you are in soo much trouble little boy... this was so naughty” he lifted the boy withought much effort and carried him back to the bed
  2. are you going to do the rp

  3. jmg1217

    Camper vs counselor ( private)

    Jack took Matt’s hand “sweetheart you are a baby and you lost your walking privileges. How do you want to get around I gave sone grown up things to do and you’ll be with the biophysics boy first grade group today”
  4. jmg1217

    Teacher assistant baby boy ( private )

    Tim smiled and nodd. He was clad that Cody still saw him as a big boy. “But I’m not tired, I’m really not and it’s still light out” he didn’t fight the clothes, just happy to be dressed again
  5. jmg1217

    Roleplay request

  6. jmg1217

    Roleplay request

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to start some new roleplays. I will play the dom or the little and would love a partner who would do the same. I only do Make/male roleplay but am open to most kinks. I like a mix of love and kindness and humiliation. Please PM me.
  7. jmg1217

    Camper vs counselor ( private)

    Jack thought “well I do like that idea but he’s just a baby he shouldn’t be by himself ever, I did see a walker in the basement though it’s a good idea as long as one one the first grade kids can keep an eye out”
  8. jmg1217

    Teacher assistant baby boy ( private )

    Tim flailed “I’m not a tiny baby!, I’m a big boy, I take the bus and not the school one, the big public one and and I had an apartment until you stole it and a job. I’m not a baby”
  9. jmg1217

    Private w/ jmg1217

    I heal shook his head and grabbed the boy forcibly turning him over and swatting his bottom “that is enough little boy! You behave and let me work or you will be very sorry kiddo”
  10. jmg1217

    Camper vs counselor ( private)

    Jack shook his head “not going to cut it baby boy, maybe illl let you walk but use the baby reins, that seems like a good idea”
  11. jmg1217

    Teacher assistant baby boy ( private )

    Tim allowed himself to be removed from the tub and sat on the counter “but I’m not even tired and I never go to bed so early it’s not even dark out. I hear kids playing outside. This is dumb”
  12. jmg1217

    Camper vs counselor ( private)

    Jack sighed. He returned to the table with thier food “you just broke the rules baby no walking. Do you want to decide your punishment or should daddy” he began to unload thier tray
  13. jmg1217

    Teacher assistant baby boy ( private )

    Tim yelped when he got swatted and began to cry. Sad and confused he allowed Cody to bath him without fuss “but I do t want to go nite bite, I’m not sleepy, it’s real early
  14. jmg1217

    Camper vs counselor ( private)

    Jack crouched down “of course I love my baby, more then anything but I need to go get our lunch and you need to do as your told like a good baby, now scoot” with a swat to Matt’s diapered bottom Jack went to pick up thier lunch
  15. jmg1217

    Teacher assistant baby boy ( private )

    Tim crossed his arms pouting “not my daddy, this is stupid and and I’m a grown up I want to shower!! The little bot stopped his foot in frustration