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  1. I know at least a few different people on DD who follow my Ebooks so I thought I'd make a post about a work I just published. I've had a lot of requests for a sequel to the "New World" series and I finally found the time to write it. Check out this link for more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SQLQB6P Chapter I: Hitched Mike sighed heavily, sprawled out on the couch and staring at the holographic TV in the living room. Watching a movie had sounded like an entertaining enough distraction when he started it. Now he wasn’t so sure. The protagonist in the film was a tall, athletic woman with her platinum blonde hair tied back in a tight bun. Of course, the hero of the movie was a woman. Big surprise there. The tight, black leather pants she was wearing accentuated her ass but that was about the only thing Mike found entertaining about what he was watching. Biting his lip, he crinkled ever so slightly as he felt his penis starting to get hard, straining against the ridiculous chastity device affixed to his genitals. He was used to that by now. Lying on his stomach, as Mike shifted his weight, he felt the spongy texture of his warm disposable diaper between his legs. He was wearing only a wet diaper and a short t-shirt: his official uniform at home during the summer break. Sure, he had argued with his mom that he could come and tell her when he needed a change and that he was allowed to wear sweatpants even while living in the freshmen dorms… but his protests went unacknowledged. When he lived at home during high school, his mom almost never allowed him to wear pants. Mike could only conclude that his mom would always see him as a little child regardless of the fact that he was now a college sophomore, not to mention the fact that he was engaged! At first, the idea of getting married made Mike feel like an adult but the more he saw his mother and sisters reactions to the news, the more he just felt like they would be glad to pawn him off on another caregiver. He just tried to turn his attention back to the holographic character in front of him. With two pistols in each hand, the blonde woman fired bright red lasers at the army of deadly zombies in front of her. With the heroine’s expert aim, each laser found its mark. “Come on! Let’s go.” she shouted, looking down at the young man beside her. Of course, the male character only existed so that the female character would have someone to rescue in the story. The timid looking actor with tears in his eyes couldn’t have been much older than Mike was. Maybe 20 or 22 years old? The shiny white waistband of his diaper was sticking up above his pants and his puffy rear end left nothing to the imagination. “Grab my hand!” the woman shouted, pulling him off the ground. Just then, Mike’s view of the holographic TV was obscured by his older sister’s lower body. She was wearing a t-shirt and a tight pair of jeans, her hands poised on her hips. “Hey, move!” Mike groaned, twisting his neck in an attempt to see the three dimensional images behind her. “You’ve been in here for over an hour and from the looks of the wetness indicator on your diaper, I’d say you need to be changed.” Brittany said. “Can you come back in 20 minutes? This is almost over.” “Nope, you need a change now, Mikey. No more TV.” In a split second, the hologram disappeared and Mike found himself staring at the wall. Groaning, he stood up with a huff and instantly felt his sister pulling back the waistband of his diaper to take a peek down the back. “Good, you’re not poopy. I’m late to meet Jackie so hurry up. Lay down.” Brittany said. Mike did as he was told, lying down on the living room floor. If his sister hadn’t turned off the TV, he would have at least had some entertainment while he lay there getting changed. Now he just had to stare at the ceiling as she untaped his diaper, running baby wipes over his crotch. In the beginning of the summer, he had been embarrassed about the prospect of his mother and sister seeing his chastity device… a symbol of his minor indiscretion last semester. Yet they didn’t seem at all surprised and hardly even commented on it. Apparently, Emily had told Brittany that she was keeping him in chastity and Brittany, in turn, told their mother long ago. Emily. Mike had to admit that just thinking about Emily made his heart swell with joy. He’d never felt so strongly about a girl before. Did he have mixed feelings about the engagement? Of course! He still yearned for independence and adulthood, or at least something that vaguely resembled adulthood. His reservations about marriage had more to do with the institution of marriage though than with Emily herself. He was thrilled with the idea of spending his life with her and he knew if he just talked to her about having a little more freedom once they were married, he knew she would understand. Living with her would certainly be better than living at the dorms with that bitch Alyssa! Just as Brittany was sprinkling powder all over him and sliding a diaper under his bare butt, their mother walked in. “Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Horseshoe Park and it looks like the venue will be ready in time for the wedding. I’m so excited for you Mikey! I know it’s a cliché to say this but I just can’t believe my baby boy is growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was that foolish single mom trying to potty train you.” his mom said. Brittany snickered and rolled her eyes as she taped up Mike’s diaper. “I can’t believe you actually thought thatwould work.” Brittany said, standing up and dropping the wet diaper into a metal trashcan in the corner before cleaning her hands with a baby wipe. “Well Britt, it was just such a breeze training you. I think you honestly took a few days before you stopped having accidents. I guess I just got overconfident. It was a different time back then. You know Mikey, when you were born, Dr. Lauren Halie’s book hadn’t even come out yet. We knew boys were having trouble back in those days but… well, we didn’t know how much extra care you little guys needed.” his mom said, playfully pinching his cheek. “Ugh, yeah. I know all about that book, mom. I took a class on it last semester.” Mike said, rolling his eyes. “Oh sweetie, what are you so grumpy about? Aren’t you excited to see Emily tomorrow?” his mom said. Mike smiled and nodded. “That’s a good boy. Now I’ve packed your clothes and everything. Your bags are by the door to your room. Remember, we’re leaving at 11:00 sharp tomorrow.” Emily. Just the mention of her name was enough to lift his spirits. Most of his disgruntled mood just stemmed from the fact that it was the last day of summer and he had to go back to school andback to living in the dorms. Thanks to the new rules that the administration had passed, unlike previous graduating classes, he and his fellow male students wouldn’t have any new freedoms as sophomores. So he was essentially going back to a minimum-security prison for the next few months. Then again, hopefully he’d be able to move in with Emily after the wedding. Lying in bed that night, Mike tossed and turned, unable to get to sleep. He was excited to see Emily without a doubt but he felt like he had to temper his expectations. It had been a good summer overall and Mike had even gotten a chance to see some of his old guy friends from high school. Those boys were all still living at home and getting their diapers changed by their mothers. Mike’s own mother had even been called to babysit them a few times! In contrast to them, Mike felt like he was actually advancing towards adulthood pretty quickly. Emily had come to visit him for two weeks in July. She was on an accelerated schedule doing summer classes and two weeks was all she could spare. Her visit had gone great… except for one thing. Mike had expected to get unlocked, to be allowed out of chastity and for them to have amazing sex for the entire time she was there. While she had unlocked and pegged him the first night, he had been promptly locked up afterwards. The quick orgasm she had given him made him hope there were more to come. Towards the end of the first week, she unlocked him for a quick hand job, which he heartily enjoyed. That was it though. Yet he had given her oral a whopping 10 times while she was there! It was all hardly fair but she made it clear that he wasn’t allowed to askto be unlocked or to ask for sex… and anyway, the sex that he really wanted, he figured she wouldn’t give him. Mike desperately wanted to enjoy putting his dick inside herfor once! “Misogynistic intercourse” was what one of his textbooks called it. In high school, Mike and a few of his friends found some old dusty magazines in a library during their field trip to the local university. In one of them, there was a photo of some gorgeous woman with big boobs was getting fucked by this tall, muscular guy with a huge dick. She looked like she was really enjoying it too! It was the ultimate symbol of adulthood and power in Mike’s eyes. Of course, Mike didn’t look like that though and his penis wasn’t anywhere near as large as the man in the old magazine. Yet he couldn’t help wonder if this was the reason most pornography had been banned in North America. Politicians said it was demeaning to women but Mike figured that the Matriarchal Feminists just didn’t want any symbols of male dominance or male power allowed in society. Unable to really have sex with his fiancé, all Mike could hope for was a hand job when they finally met up again. In truth, no males looked like the ones in old movies or pictures. Even in adulthood, boys were slender and short with only thin wisps of fuzzy, patchy facial hair. Mike hoped that someday soon, he might grow some visible facial hair or at least a few hairs on his bare chest. Eventually, Mike must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, his mother was waking him up and sun was shining in through his bedroom window. Their trip to the university was uneventful. Mike stared down at the rooftops of houses as their car’s jet engine grumbled away. Brittany talked practically nonstop about the classes she was going to be taking and how difficult to professors were. Suddenly, Mike’s watch vibrated for a moment and he looked down at its screen. EMILY: Want to do dinner tonight? I can pick you up at 5:00. He quickly sent an enthusiastic ‘yes’. When the car landed on campus, his mother gave the two siblings a warm hug before yanking her son’s pants down to check his diaper. Mike frowned. It wasn’t as though his mother had ever been shy about public diaper checks but with so many attractive girls walking around the campus parking lot, Mike had hoped she would have made an exception. He was found dry or at least mostly dry. While Brittany was left to walk to her dorm on her own time, Mike’s mother insisted on walking him over to his. “Be a good boy this semester. Remember, I’ll be in town a couple days before the wedding to help get everything set up, okay?” Mike nodded, slinging his bag around his shoulder. “Do you want me to walk you up to your room? It might be nice for me to have a chat with Alyssa.” “No, mom. I’m good, seriously, I’ll be fine. I’m a sophomore. I can handle this.” Mike said. “Well… okay. I guess I know you’re in capable hands. I love you so much.” she said. Mike couldn’t help but wince as she gave him a big kiss on the cheek and two firm pats on his padded rear end. “Love you too.” he mumbled. Taking an elevator up to the dorms, Mike walked in to see a number of young freshmen boys there with their mothers talking to each R.A. assigned to their rooms. Still, it seemed odd that there were only about half as many freshmen boys this year as there had been the previous year. Were there fewer boys applying to go to school or was the university just acceptingfewer boys? He was, after all, at one of the few universities in the country that allowed boys as students. Brushing past them, Mike walked to his room. He smiled upon seeing Drew lying on the bed across from his in a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants. The skinny kid had the same messy, wavy hair that he always did… wild and untamed, just like Drew himself. “Wow, I didn’t expect to see you back this semester!” Mike said. “Shut up, you dork.” he said, getting off the bed and giving Mike a quick hug. “No, I just meant… weren’t you like failing multiple classes last semester?” Mike asked. “Yeah, technically but my mom wrote a letter to the university’s president. The woman’s got friends in high places. So I guess I’m back for at least another year or until I get kicked out.” Drew said. “Its great to see you, man. I thought I’d have some random freshmen as my roommate. I want to at least try to have a little fun this semester.” “Yeah, well, speaking of having fun or… nothaving fun, I heard you turned to the dark side.” “Huh?” “Oh, don’t even pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You went to that male students’ rights march with me last semester. Now I hear you’re engaged?” Mike sighed, staring at the floor for a moment before dropping his bag beside his bed. A dribble of warm pee escaped into his diaper causing him to let out an audible whimper. “Well? Is it true?” Drew pressed. “Yeah, I guess it is true.” “So you’re actually going to go through with it?” “I don’t know.” Mike shrugged. “Really? You thinking of calling it off?” “Huh? No, no, no. You can’t tell anyone I said that. Look dude, I love Emily more than anything. She’s the love of my life and I’m really excited to be her husband.” “Gross. You’re gonna make me barf, dude.” Drew groaned. “I’m just going to sit down with her before the wedding and… uh, have a talk with her. I’m going to tell her that uh, as her husband, she needs to respect me because I’m, you know, an adult.” Drew burst out giggling at Mike’s mention of the word ‘adult’. “Shut up!” Mike groaned. “Hey, don’t get me wrong. Its great to hear that you aren’t completely pussy whipped but do you really think a girl like Emily will go for something like that? She’ll probably laugh harder than I did!” Drew said. “I guess I still need to think about how I’m going to phrase it… I just need to use the right words. Emily wasn’t like all the other R.A.s. She is a kind, loving, and logical person.” “Look, she’s not a bitch like Alyssa. I’ll give you that. But Emily is a Matriarchal Feminist right down to her bones. Sure, she’s not as radical as some of them but she believes in everything in that stupid book by doctor whats-her-name.” “You haven’t even read that book.” “Yeah well, I’m not getting married either!” Mike shouted. “Hey!” a stern female voice said. Mike turned to see Alyssa in the doorway of their rooms. “Boys, we’re in the dorms now so its time to use your indoor voices. I excepted everyone to be a little rowdy considering you guys just got off summer break so I’ll let you two off with a warning. Tonight though, I expect you both to settle down and go straight to sleep after you both get changed and ready for bed. Do you understand me?” Alyssa said. “Uh-huh.” Mike said, a little nervous to see her standing so close to him. “Good. Orientation is in 5 minutes so I expect you both to be up front then.” “We know the rules. We’re sophomores now, remember?” Drew said. “Well Andrew, considering the way you boys behaved last semester, I think you could both use a little refresher. I’ll expect you both out there in 5 minutes.” Sitting in the main room under the bright florescent lights, Mike and Drew slouched in their two plastic chairs as Alyssa explained the rules to the wide eyed freshmen boys in her usual strict tone of voice. Sinks and high countertops with straps – the changing tables – adorned the walls. Even though it was always kept quite clean, the room had a naturally strong scent of baby wipes, powder, and just a hint of that smell of stale urine. Mike wasn’t sure whether the urine smell was always there, whether the freshmen boys’ moms had been changing their diapers today, or whether some of the boys in the room might be wet or messy at that moment. Feeling another dribble of pee in his own diaper, Mike realized he was hardly above it all. Yet soon it would be just a matter of time before he was living at Emily’s house. He loved the smell of her place and he’d likely be over there later tonight! “Of course, from the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., you will be in class.” Alyssa said. “You may be signed out for an evening but only by someone properly authorized to do so. For most of you that means your mommies, a sister, or maybe an aunt. Or in Mikey’s case, you might see his fiancé here from time to time. Her name is Emily. She used to be an R.A. in the dorms here and she was one of our best. She doesn’t work here anymore though so I don’t want any of you bothering her. If you need something, come to me or one of the other R.A.s.” Looking at each R.A., Mike noticed a few friendly faces from the previous semester; including an attractive looking blonde that he recalled seeing with Emily a few times. What was her name? Lucy? If only he and Drew could have gotten Lucy as their R.A. She seemed nice enough. She was a little heavier than she had been last semester and had clearly put on some weight but Mike wouldn’t dare mention it aloud. He could get disciplined by the school, not to mention punished by Emily for criticizing a girl’s weight out loud. Calling a girl “fat” could actually get him suspended! Instead, they were stuck with Alyssa. Mike glared at her. Squirming in his seat, the chastity device under his diaper once again felt very tight around his penis. Alyssa’s black tank top showed off more skin than usual, though it had been a pretty hot summer so he couldn’t blame her. It was clear she wasn’t even wearing a bra. Her breasts weren’t huge by any means but Mike couldn’t help but wonder if she was just trying to tease him and the rest of the boys on that floor. Mike had always been attracted to Alyssa and he hated her for it. Actually, he hated himselffor it. First, there was her awful buzzed, shaved head. Well, it wasn’t quite that short today, maybe an inch long? The masculine haircut should have been enough to turn him off. Though he had to admit her big, bright eyes were somewhat pretty. They were piercing, deadly serious, and intimidating. Whenever she gave him that look of hers, he knew she meant business. It made him scared and a little turned on at the same time. That silver nose ring of hers looked dumb enough but the biggest distraction that drew Mike’s gaze was the broad waistband of her underwear. Peeking up above her jeans was a hint of her red briefs along with their black waistband, and the brand name of her underwear in bold, capital letters proudly on display. Years ago, Mike had seen an old movie where one of the lead male actors had his underwear visible above his jeans like that. Emily never flaunted her underwear in public and hers were much sexier and more feminine than Alyssa’s were. Though he had to admit that there was some appeal to Alyssa’s tomboyish style overall. As Mike grabbed himself through the thick, wet padding of his diaper; he had a thought that made him frown. His attraction to Alyssa was based partially on her attractive body, partially on her gorgeous face, and also partially on something else. Alyssa was masculine in all the ways that Mike wished he could be. She was strong, independent, powerful, and most of all; she confidently wore underwear and could use the bathroom whenever she wanted! It was no wonder that she displayed her underwear with such pride. It wasn’t as though Mike would feel any more powerful if he walked around sagging his pants to show off his high rising diaper waistband! Quite the opposite actually. Diapers symbolized everything that made Mike feel incompetent and inadequate. Underwear symbolized the opposite not just for Alyssa but for all girls. Although, he knew Alyssa was probably flaunting it to reinforce her power over the boys in her charge. That had to be the reason she deliberately allowed her underwear to show. It wasn’t a sexual tease or flirtation. It was a show of dominance: a symbolic representation of the fact that she wore the pants in all of their interactions… and the underpants. Just a few hours later, Mike stood patiently in that same room waiting beside Alyssa for Emily to arrive and release him from his captivity. The second his beautiful fiancé stepped into the room, Mike sprinted over to her and gave her a huge hug. “Whoa, take it easy there, champ.” Emily said, almost falling over. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips. The dress she was wearing looked amazing. “I missed you!” Mike said, his voice sounding a little higher in pitch than normal. “I missed you too, kiddo.” Emily smiled. “Now just give me a minute and we’ll get you signed out.” Alyssa handed her a tablet with a screen on it. Mike couldn’t believe all the paragraphs and fine print she had to go through but he figured she wasn’t reading every line. It was just some legal bullshit that tied into all the university’s crazy rules for boys. “Nice bag.” Alyssa said, noticing the large purse with blue and white stripes that was slung around Emily’s shoulder. It took a few seconds but Mike quickly realized it wasn’t a purse at all. It was a diaper bag. “Thanks. I figured since Mike’s my fiancé now, I’m going to have to take a little more responsibility on nights when I have him.” Emily said, patting the bag on her hip. “Good plan.” “How was your summer?” Emily asked with a smile. “Not bad. Did a little travelling. It’s nice not having a whole floor of boys to look after but I guess I can work here for another year before I graduate. The money’s good.” “Are you and Amy still dating?” “We broke up.” “Oh Alyssa, I’m so sorry to hear that.” Emily said with a frown. “Its totally fine. I broke up with her actually. We just wanted different things. Maybe we were too alike.” Mike sighed heavily, hoping that Emily might take the hint about how impatient he was getting. They were wasting valuable time that they could be spending together. He hated when Emily or any woman talked about him like he wasn’t sitting right there in the room, like he was some helpless baby who didn’t understand what they were saying. “Does he have a clean diaper on?” Emily asked. “Of course, just changed him a half an hour ago. I checked him about a minute before you walked in and he was practically bone dry. I was kind of shocked quite frankly.” Alyssa said. “Oh really?” Emily smiled. “Is my little boy happy in his clean diapee?” Mike frowned at Emily’s tone of voice. “Aw, come on, sweetie. I’m just joking around. Come on, you’ll feel better once we get you fed.” Emily said, tussling his hair. “Have him back by 9:00.” Alyssa said. “You got it.” Emily smiled. As much as Mike hated to admit it, Emily was right. They ordered an appetizer of French fries when they arrived at the restaurant and he quickly perked up. With her long brown hair down around her shoulders, Emily had a purple satin dress on that showed off a hint of cleavage. As she brushed her hair back behind her ear, Mike could see that her lacy pink bra strap was showing just a little bit. A stream of warm pee trickled over his balls before getting absorbed into his diaper. Squirming a in his seat, he crinkled a little. While his diaper wasn’t that wet, the tiny bit of warmth was enough to arose him and his penis was again demanding release from the plastic tube locked around it. He sucked some juice from the plastic sippy cup that that waitress had brought them while he listened to Emily talk about the numerous classes she was taking. Emily had always said one of the things she loved about him was what a good listener he was. He didn’t interrupt like other boys. Anyway, it wasn’t as though his summerhad been particularly eventful. The most fun he’d had since she left was the night that his friend Ethan from high school came over to play video games. “So anyway, I couldn’t believe it but they offered me an administrative position at the hospital. I would have two people working underneath me. Isn’t that great?” Emily said. “Um, yeah but… I thought you said you were planning on going to medical school to become a doctor?” Mike said. “Well, I thought about that. I might still go to medical school but this job pays really well. Besides, we’re getting married soon and it’s going to be a lot harder for me to support us if I’m a full time student. Trust me. This is for the best, baby.” Mike smiled as she placed her hand on his. “Can we go back to your place after this?” “How about now? We can put our food in to-go boxes and grab the check real quick. I’m hungry for something other than food and um, I don’t want your mouth to get tired out here.” Emily said with a giggle. “Let’s go.” Mike smiled. The second they opened the front door to Emily’s apartment, the two lovers began passionately kissing. While Mike’s chastity device was getting really uncomfortable, he was as enthusiastic as ever as she yanked his pants down to reveal his diaper. By this point, he wasn’t even embarrassed to have it showing. It would just make it that much easier for her to take it off and unlock him. The lighting in her apartment wasn’t all that bright anyway. He grabbed Emily’s breasts through the taught panels of her pink bra before sliding his hands up underneath the soft fabric of her dress to fondle her toned body. Her legs were toned and smooth. Brushing his hands away, she grabbed him by the wrist and led him towards the bedroom. To top it all off, there was an aroma of lavender and scented candles in the room; a welcome respite from the less pleasant smells of the boys’ dorm rooms. He could believe that he would soon have this gorgeous woman and her immaculate, lavish apartment all to himself. As Emily dropped the diaper bag in the living room, she practically pushed Mike into the bedroom. She pulled the dress off over her head and just as quickly, she unclasped her pink bra. Now Emily stood in front of him in only a pair of lacy blue panties. “See anything you like?” Emily asked, squeezing her bare breasts together. Mike licked his lips. The sight of her statuesque nude body never failed to leave him transfixed. Emily snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor beside her bed. “On your knees. You know the drill.” she said, raising her eyebrows. “Um… uh, Emily?” “Yeah?” “Could you uh… ch-change me first?” Mike asked. He was embarrassed to ask but he figured he might as well get comfortable if he was going to go down on her. Emily slowly took a step towards him. Looking at him seductively, she slipped two fingers into the leg band following it to the middle of the diaper. The thought that her fingers so close to grazing his genitals made him even more aroused. “You’re just a little damp. I’ll change you later. Now quit stalling.” Emily said, sliding down her lacy panties and taking a seat on the bed. Grabbing a handful of Mike’s shaggy brown hair, she guided his mouth down onto her womanhood. It was a familiar enough sight. The glistening wet lips of her clit were framed nicely by a landing strip of short pubic hair. Mike dutifully moved his firm tongue around and around in concentric circles as she moaned. Well, he wasn’t going to get a diaper change now until he was done. What else was new? Whether it was Emily, his mom, or his sister; he got a diaper change whenever it was convenient for them not him. His opinion mattered very little. While mildly annoyed that he hadn’t gotten changed into a clean diaper, he was still determined to show her that his oral skills hadn’t suffered over the summer. He was going to ‘pay it forward’ and ensure that he earned an orgasm no matter what. As her breathing began to quicken, Mike had a firm grasp on her bare thighs, still working wonders with his tongue. Finally, he felt her legs squeeze around his head as she came so loudly and vociferously; he had to wonder if the neighbors had heard. Mike figured it had been a while since she too had experienced an orgasm. “I love you.” she said, still panting. “I love you too.” She stoked his hair for a moment before standing up. Mike could only admire the gorgeous curves of her nude body in the dim bedroom light as she slipped on a pair of red, bikini style panties followed by a white tank top. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. “Why don’t you get up? Have a seat on the bed.” Emily said. “What about my uh…” Mike pointed to his diaper. “Mikey, those things are state of the art. With that absorbent leak core, you could pee in that thing 10 more times before it came anywhere close to leaking. Besides, we’re going to be living together soon. I don’t mind if you sit down in my apartment while wearing a wet diaper. Really, don’t worry about, okay?” “Um, okay?” Taking a seat on the bed, Mike was unsure of how to feel. It appeared as though Emily wanted to talk to him about something but he was still holding out hope for at least a hand job and a diaper change. Taking a seat beside him on the bed, Emily put her arm around him, gently stroking his back. Mike’s posture relaxed, clearly feeling comforted by her touch, though still more than a little horny. “I’m guessing after being in chastity for the last few weeks, you’re pretty anxious for me to unlock you and let you cum, right?” Emily said. “Well um, y-yeah?” “I’ve given your chastity a lot of thought since my little visit over the summer. I even got a chance to talk to your sister about it. Well, she agreed with me that our special day would be that much more special if you didn’t have an orgasm until our wedding night.” “What?!” “Mikey, calm down.” “But… but that’s forever! You can’t be serious.” “Mikey, I already told you once to calm down. Don’t raise your voice to me.” she said sternly. “S-s-sorry.” Mike said. “As I was saying, I’ve given a lot of thought to this and I think it might reinforce just what an important commitment this is. You’re going to need to be able to love and obey me during the times when I’m allowing you to have orgasms as well as the times when I’m notallowing you to have orgasms. I think this is just one more reminder that for the rest of our lives, I’m going to be the one making that decision… not you. Do you understand me?” “Yeah… I guess.” “You still want to love me, obey me, and be my husband. Right?” “Yeah, of course!” “You need to remember that it wasn’t even my decision to put you in chastity in the first place.” “I remember. It was Alyssa. Ugh, I hate her.” “Mikey, it wasn’t Alyssa’s fault. Do you remember what happened last semester that caused Alyssa to put you in enforced chastity as a punishment?” “Yeah, I remember.” “Alyssa caught you tugging and rubbing the front of your diaper like a naughty little boy after lights out. You knew the rules for freshmen boys and you broke them. You are wearing that device because of your actions… not mine.” Mike frowned but he said nothing. He felt a deep sense of sexual frustration, as if he had been tricked. Even so, he knew that throwing a tantrum wasn’t going to do him any favors. It would just get him into trouble. Even though Emily had her arm around him and was gently stroking his back, he resented her in that moment as he felt another trickle of pee in his wet diaper. “Now all of that being said, the boys in the dorms aren’t due for a prostate milking until a month from now. Like you’ve been told before, it’ll get out some seminal fluids and keep your prostates and your other boy parts healthy. I’ve already told Alyssa that I’ll be taking care of you that night. But since I know you’ve had a long summer, I’ve decided you could benefit from me milking you tonight. You won’t have an orgasm but I think you’ll feel a lot better when we get you taken care of… and you’ll be a lot healthier. Now doesn’t that sound nice?” Emily said. “I guess so.” Mike said, unable to hide his disappointment. “Great. Well, I’ll get everything ready on the bed and then we’ll have you lay down on your tummy, okay?” Mike watched as Emily turned to leave the room, staring at her toned butt in the skimpy red panties she was wearing as she pulled her brown hair into a ponytail. When she returned a moment later; she had a box of medical gloves, a bottle of lube, and some baby wipes. “We’ll get you in a clean diaper after this but right now I think it would be a good idea to keep that same diaper under you to catch everything. Come on, flip over.” Emily said. Grabbing a towel from her closet, Emily laid it on the edge of the bed. Standing up, Mike repositioned himself so that he was laying on the bed, face down with his legs dangling over the side. “Do you want a pillow? It’ll probably be comfier.” Emily said, sliding a pillow over. She was right. It did feel better lying with his face and chest on the pillow. Emily carefully ripped back the tapes on his diaper and adjusted the garment until he could feel cool air on his naked, damp butt. The warm, sodden padding of his wet diaper was still pressed up against his crotch. He listened as Emily opened up the bottle of lube and squirted some onto her gloved fingers. Whimpering to himself, he could feel one slimy finger pushing firmly up against his puckered sphincter. Then he felt Emily’s warm breath on the back of his neck as she began to whisper to him. “Sweetie… you’re going to have to try and relax. Take a deep breath for me.” Mike inhaled, then exhaled. “Good boy. One more time. Breathe in for me? Now breathe out.” Mike did as he was told and felt Emily stroking his back with her one free hand. Then before he knew it, she had slipped a finger into his butt hole. It slid in… then out. Next she slid two fingers in and this time, he closed his eyes tightly and tried to remain focused on relaxing. Somewhere inside of him, her two firm fingers found their mark and almost imperceptibly began to message his prostate. The sensation wasn’t as enjoyable as pooping and it wasn’t as erotic or intimate as her pegging him in the missionary position. While there were some aspects of it that felt good, frankly, Mike would have rather been messing his diaper than dealing with Emily slowly milking his prostate. Neither one would result in an orgasm but he at least had more control over pooping in his diaper. He often got to decide where and when he messed himself, at least most of the time. Mike sighed at the thought that pooping in his diaper alone could be more enjoyable than any act Emily performed on him in their bedroom but he supposed this was a special case. During his freshmen year in college, Mike had read in a textbook about ‘dirty boys’. Apparently, the term once applied to boys who enjoyed pooping in their diapers. In was rarely used now because it was assumed that all boys enjoyed pooping in their diapers. Mike had always resented that ridiculous conclusion. After all, if he had just been allowed to poop in the toilet, he gladly would have done so! Maybe Drew took some infantile pleasure in messing his diapers but Mike was different! Now, he was rethinking all of it though. In chastity permanently, messing his diaper was a choice he could make almost daily to offer himself some pleasurable relief. It was cathartic. While Mike might have denied it for a long time, now he was beginning to think that he really was a ‘dirty boy’ after all. The guilty thought gave him no comfort as Emily’s two, lubed up fingers persisted in penetrating him, massaging his prostate in gentle circles. “That’s it. Good boy. Just relax… you’re doing great.” she said, stroking his back. Emily’s soft voice offered little reassurance. He wished that he could at least have watched TV while she penetrated him. Mike yearned for a distraction but instead, he was trapped in the present experience, sensing every little detail of the prostate milking process. The wet diaper against his crotch no longer felt warm. It was now cool, clammy, and hardly comfortable. Just then, his eyes popped back open. He felt like he was peeing in his diaper again. For a moment, he feared his diaper might flood or that he might pee on Emily’s bed but it was only a small trickle. In that moment, he realized what was happening. He hadn’t actually just peed. His body had purged itself of that tiny bit of seminal fluid Emily had been talking about. For some reason, rather than alert her to this fact, he just laid there silently while she continued massaging his prostate. In his current position, he didn’t real feel empowered to say much of anything to her. He was totally exposed and under her control. The process would end when she made the decision to stop. About two minutes later, she withdrew, gently putting her arm on his shoulder to roll him over onto his side. Tiny drops of cum dripped from the clear plastic tube around his now limp penis. A rubbery sound confirmed she had removed her medical glove as she rolled him onto his back, his sore rear end resting on the towel. Folding up the damp used diaper, she carried it out of the room, still dressed in only her panties and a tank top. Strangely, Mike barely even looked at her as she exited the room. He was suddenly feeling more subdued, tired, and even relaxed. She returned promptly with a clean diaper in one hand and a tiny bottle of power along with a pack of wipes in the other. Pressing the screen on her watch, the tiny lock on Mike’s chastity device popped open. She slid off the lock along with the two-inch, hard plastic tube that had covered his penis. Despite having thought about this moment for so long, Mike felt largely numb to it all as his fiancé cleaned the tube with a baby wipe before wiping off his balls and penis. A few seconds later, the tube was back on and the lock snapped shut, affixing the tube to the ring around his balls. Once again, he was locked in. His fate was sealed and while he might technically get unlocked once or twice in the future, it would be two months before he would have the chance to have an orgasm. With a sprinkling of powder, Mike’s butt came to rest on a clean diaper and Emily swiftly pulled it up and taped him in place. Finally, he was clean and dry once again. Sleepy and starting to zone out, Mike said nothing on the car trip home. “Mikey?” Emily said, breaking the silence. “Huh?” Mike said, in a daze. “Have you given any thought to who you want to be your Best Boy at the wedding?” “Huh?” “Your Best Boy. You know, the boy who is going to stand next to you at the wedding ceremony.” “Well, Drew I guess.” “Are you sure?” Emily asked, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah, why not?” “Sometimes I think he’s a bad influence on you. Maybe he’s turned over a new leaf this semester but he got in a lot of trouble last year. He doesn’t always know how to behave and he gets really rowdy, even more so than a normal boy. His well connected mother was the only reason he was allowed to come back this semester.” “So… I can’t pick Drew then?” “No, I didn’t say that. This is your choice to make. But if he steps out of line or misbehaves at the wedding, my mom will give him the worst spanking of his life. Make sure he understands that.” “Okay, y-y-yeah.” With that, Emily walked Mike up to the dorms, signed him in, and shortly thereafter it was lights out. Check out the link to read Chapter II: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SQLQB6P
  2. I must be late to such discussions. I wasn't aware that nailing down a precise definition of ABDL evoked so much angry debate and controversy among members of our community on DD. Though I suppose I have seen multiple people who expressed anger/outrage at ABDL people being compared to the LGBT community. Admittedly, the two communities are different and distinct and Mr. Lewis addresses that in this piece of writing, which was interesting in its own right. On a side note, I'll ask another question that might reveal how uninformed I am. Who is Mr. Lewis? Is he a user on DD? Does he have other non-fiction, ABDL publications beyond the one he mentioned? At the risk of sparking another heated debate, I think the below definition is sufficient to define everyone who is ABDL: A strong emotional, sexual, or psychological fascination (to varying degrees) with inanimate objects typically associated with children or childhood - in particular: diapers. The list also includes but is not limited to bottles, pacifiers, onesies, cribs, high chairs, etc. I can only assume most if not everyone on DD would agree with the above definition, right? As to whether it is a kink, fetish, or identity; that obviously depends on the individual. Wearing and using diapers 24/7 might very well constitute an identity, as would living functionally as a baby. (There is an ABDL man on one episode of Dr. Phil who comes to mind but even that individual had a job that he worked outside of his ABDL home life.) For me personally, its just one part of my identity. On a side note, I always thought it was interesting to see photos of ABDL individuals with extensive tattoos, body piercings, and/or facial hair. I have never seen a baby in my life that had any of these things. (Except maybe ear piercings?) I can only conclude that the ABDL individuals who had tattoos, body piercings, and/or facial hair have something ADDITIONAL in their identity and how they present that they are trying to express to the world, beyond their ABDL tendencies. And thats great! Who among us has only interests that are ABDL? Even as toddlers, we exhibit our own unique personalities, proclivities, temperament, and interests! Who among us could really say that we've never at least seen a movie or read a book that appealed to us - that we would never have been able to understand or appreciate as babies or, at the very least, a book/movie that wouldn't have been appropriate for an infant/toddler audience. A healthy and developed adult, biological male who identifies as female still has an ADULT brain. But what can be said about an adult who literally identifies as a baby? They might very well have personalities traits that appear immature and infantile but assuming that they do not have severe mental disabilities; they likely have an adult brain. And adult brains don't have all the same thoughts as the brains of babies. They couldn't possibly have such thoughts. Adult brains are simply more complex. That doesn't mean one can't say that ABDL is their personal identity. Of course, thats perfectly fine for one to say that. Its a free country, after all. However, to literally say that the brain of a one year old is inside an adult's body implies severe mental disability. And if you're not severely mentally disabled, you're having adult thoughts inside your fully developed adult brain. (But again, I'm not suggesting that people cannot or should not identify as ABDL!) As far as identity is concerned, we must all acknowledge that human identity - for anyone - is an incredibly complex subject. And our identities grow, evolve, and change with our life experiences. Along the way, we might tell lies to ourselves or others. And if you're lying to yourself, then you're likely incapable of being honest with others. I'm not suggesting ABDL is a choice, that we can magically rid our minds of this fetish, or that it goes away with time. I'm merely saying that defining human identity is vastly and infinitely more complex than defining ABDL.
  3. Its not easy having a fetish like this and when you are an ABDL, its easy to have many moments in your teen years where you say "what's wrong with me?!" You say that you are experiencing "mental misery" but try to remember, having a strange sexual fetish doesn't make you a bad person. You're not defective. You're not mentally ill. There is nothing wrong with you. This is NOT something that needs to make you miserable for the rest of your life. Some people will accept you for having this fetish. Some people will not. However, YOU need to be able to accept YOURSELF. And no one can do that for you. I'm 29 now but at age 19, I did not accept myself. I lived with anxiety about how others might react if they ever found out and I thought there was something wrong with me. Today, I accept that this is just one aspect of what makes me who I am. I have told a small number of close friends and they have accepted it. I even told one girlfriend who accepted me. (We later broke up for totally unrelated reasons) My ex-girlfriend was into BDSM so maybe she was more open minded than many vanilla people but still - she accepted me! And thats a big deal. There are multiple people on DD that have girlfriends or spouses that accept their fetish and even participate in it! Having this fetish doesn't mean you can't ever have a girlfriend or a wife! Will this fetish complicate romantic relationships? Yes, it might. Will every woman on earth accept you for who you are and participate in your fetish? No. But some women will and dating is all about meeting people and seeing how kind/accepting they are of you as person. There are many people out there who will accept you for you. On a side note, why do you want to tell your parents? What do you think telling them will achieve? Do you talk to your parents about your sex life? Do you talk to your parents about other things that sexually arouse you? If you had a girlfriend right now and were having sex with her - would you tell your parents all the explicit details of your sex life? If not, then why do you have such a strong desire to tell your parents about this particular thing that turns you on?
  4. Hi MarkSmith, These two separate points that you made really stood out to me in your post. First of all, I think it was unfair (and just unrealistic) for your wife to demand that you stop wearing diapers, panties, etc. I'm sorry you had to experience that. Fetishes are ingrained in people's brains and no one 'chooses' to have them. So for her to accuse you of 'choosing' this lifestyle over your family is a really terrible and simply false accusation for her to make against you. Second, you say that she forces herself to participate and, as a result, she seems to be unhappy and unfulfilled. While your private relationship is certainly none of my business, I wanted to offer some advice that I thought might be helpful. I'm not trying to pass judgement on you by any means. If you feel that her participation in this aspect of your life is making her feel unhappy and unfulfilled, maybe you shouldn't be asking her to participate at all. Plenty of members on DD have spouses that accept their fetish and identity; yet do not wish to participate in it. If its harming your marriage relationship, I'd say STOP engaging in that activity with your wife. (Obviously, you can't choose not to have this fetish and you'll still feel compelled to wear diapers and do this on your own but you don't have to involve your wife necessarily.) Many people have made this compromise - their spouse accepts this side of them, allows them to wear diapers, but does not participate. And we all know that this compromise is much, much better than someone asking you to give up diapers, fetish items, etc. altogether, right? If I thought something my wife was doing for me sexually was leading her to feel uncomfortable or unhappy, I would ask her to stop doing it altogether! I wouldn't want temporary pleasure at the expense of someone else's happiness... especially if it was someone I love. You mentioned that your wife wants a man to be physically dominant in the bedroom but that this is "just not who you are". Thats fair to some extent but it sounds like being a 'mommy' or participating in a ABDL, sissy sexual relationship really isn't who she is either... yet she is actively participating in this activity for the sake of your happiness! If she is pretending to be someone she is not for the sake of your sexual pleasure, maybe you should be open to doing the same? Plenty of men throughout history have acted strong, dominant, aggressive even when they didn't FEEL that way deep down. Or maybe the best compromise is for you to say, "Hey, I appreciate you doing this to pleasure me but I can see that it might be making you unhappy. My sexual desires are very strong but I want you to be happy more than anything else. So there's no obligation to participate in my lifestyle if it bothers you or makes you unhappy. Maybe we should only engage in activity that we both enjoy... even if thats a pretty short list of things!" I certainly don't know all the details of your relationship and I know you yourself have made plenty of compromises to make things work... but if you're asking your wife to engage in sexual behaviors that make her uncomfortable or happy while living in constant fear that she'll get fed up and leave you... maybe its better that you don't ask her to participate in that activity at all... even though it gives you pleasure. Thats just my two cents. Take it or leave it. Marriage is VERY difficult even for vanilla people so you deserve a lot of credit for finding ways to make it work for as long as you two have!
  5. As a guy, I'm no expert on women's fashions but I feel like anything more revealing in the summer time like shorts, crop tops, or items made of thin or light weight fabrics are just going to be way more revealing. If you're trying to keep your diaper hidden, then those are the last things you want. Even crop tops might reveal a high rising diaper waistband!
  6. Hi Rosalie, I'm a little confused by your original post. Was the story you read an ABDL story? Was it a story on DD? And was the story about a person's childhood or was it about a AB/sissy falling in love with another AB/sissy? You seem to quickly pivot from talking about a character's childhood to then asking about adult romantic relationships. Either way, it seems like an interesting topic of discussion... I'm just not sure what you're saying here in your original post.
  7. Let me start by saying that I never have any desire to be completely out of the closet with friends and family. This is a very private part of my life and I want it to remain that way. That being said, I've seen some people on these boards talk about experiences where they told close friends. Currently, I am contemplating MAYBE telling a close friend of mine about my ABDL side. But obviously there are some serious risks associated with that. I wouldn't want this to kill the friendship and I guess thats always a possibility. I suppose I'm looking for advice. First, some background: I've been platonic friends with this woman for over a year and we get along great. I'm not trying to date her and she just got out of a serious relationship so I don't think that she is trying to date me either. Even though we are platonic friends, we cuddle a lot. (Some people might consider that unusual but I think it works fine for us.) Honestly, when I curl up in her lap or when she puts her arm around me; I feel very safe and relaxed. It almost feels like (psychologically) my ABDL side comes out a little bit. For me personally, as an ABDL, the idea of feeling safe with a girl and snuggling up to her is way more appealing than the idea of having sex with her. We have also had many intimate conversations about deeply personal subjects. All things considered, I'd say we're fairly close. She is very open and accepting of alternative lifestyles and she doesn't seem to have a judgmental bone in her body. I don't think she'd be revolted to learn that I was ABDL. If anything, I think she might be fascinated by this whole world. But as I said before... telling this to anyone is a risk. Also - if I'm being entirely honest - I have thought about how nice it would be to snuggle up with her, fully clothed, wearing a diaper under my pants. I imagine it would feel pretty great... but of course, I would NEVER wear a diaper around her without her knowing. I'd be afraid of getting found out and I think it would be underhanded and dishonest. Going out in public to run errands with a diaper under your clothes isn't wrong by any means (not passing judgement on anyone there!) I just think it would be wrong for me to do this around HER in a covert/sneaky/underhanded way. So I would ONLY wear around her if she knew about my ABDL side and felt comfortable with me wearing. Of course, she might be perfectly accepting of my ABDL side but have no desire to be around me while I'm wearing a diaper under my clothes. Thats a possibility too. Or maybe just knowing that I'm ABDL will make her uncomfortable? I don't know for sure. This is not part of some elaborate plan to get her to 'baby' me, change my diapers, etc. I don't think thats ever going to happen. But I'll admit that the idea of having an accepting friend who knows I wear diapers sometimes, who enjoys cuddling with me, who I can be myself around... that sounds very appealing. What do you guys think? Is this a crazy fantasy that will never be realized? Is telling someone who you are not romantically involved with just too much of a risk? Is it okay to share this with close friends in the interest of getting closer to others and finding emotional intimacy? Is it possible that I'll just be making my close friend uncomfortable? I'd love to hear all your opinions. Thanks in advance!
  8. ShadeOfAce, yeah... I agree wholeheartedly. The idea about being outed to friends and family - and getting socially alienated/disowned trumps just about any other fear that could be listed on this thread. Sure, it would suck if this wonderful online community were censored or if a company stopped making our favorite diapers but that doesn't even compare to the anxiety many have about being outed!
  9. I agree with Elfy that sexual orientations and sexual fetishes are very separate things. So I don't think the acronym "ABDL" should be added to "LGBT" or that any kink/fetish is comparable to an orientation. And keeping a sexual fetish a secret is much easier than keeping a romantic relationship a secret. One of the worst aspects of the American military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was that you had people serving in the military living in constant fear of being seen with their spouse or significant other and unable to even so much as mention their romantic relationships to coworkers. On a side note, I always thought the "T" in "LGBT" seemed a little out of place because gender identity is not a sexual orientation either. As far as which group suffers more, I think thats a tough question because... how can one quantify the suffering of another human being? How can we truly know what life is like inside another person's heart and mind? Life for people all around the world is filled with widely varying degrees of suffering. There is a strong political narrative on the left that people can easily be broken down into those who are oppressed and people who are oppressors in society. Oppressors reap rewards while the oppressed suffer. Straight white men are seen as being at the top of that pyramid - an entire group of people whose struggles are just naturally considered less severe than anyone else's due to privilege. But not all straight, white men are the same - just like not all gay people are the same. Straight, white men in society have various different skills, privileges, and shortcomings. Bigotry and prejudice are very real forces in this world but they're far from being the only causes of human suffering. Reality is more nuanced than that. No one can say that gay people suffer more or less than ABDLs because not even all gay people suffer equally in this world. Being a gay person living in a theocracy in the Middle East is very different from being a gay person living in the United States. And being a gay person living in San Francisco, California is very different from being a gay person living in a rural, right wing, Christian part of Texas. And there are so many factors that effect human suffering because human beings are complex entities. A gay person with mental illness or a physical disability would likely suffer far more than a gay person without those difficulties. A gay person who was independently wealthy would likely suffer far less than a gay person who lived in poverty. Like I said, real life is nuanced. I think this is an interesting discussion because a while ago, I saw a post right here on DD that really made me think. I don't recall who made the post but, like many ABDL folks, he was a young man who was depressed and discouraged about what future - if any- he could ever have with a woman. He said, "My life would be so much easier if I were gay or asexual!" He genuinely wished he had been born gay instead of being born ABDL. It really made me wonder if he was right. There are many parts of western Europe and the United States that are very accepting of LGBT people. Sure, bigotry is very real in this world today but being gay is something that a majority of people in the United States have accepted as normal and polls show a huge amount of support for LGBT rights... Gay people do suffer discrimination but you can't argue that things aren't better for gay people in 2019 than in 1919. But being sexually aroused by urinating and defecating in an adult diaper and masturbating in it? Well, thats a behavior that is not nearly as socially acceptable in western society as being gay. Sure, typically ABDL individuals don't suffer as much overt discrimination as openly gay people do. That much we can agree on. But most ADBLs are not completely open about their sexual desires precisely because they are worried they could be discriminated against in some way! In decades past, one could even argue that gay people suffered LESS from discrimination by staying closeted, marrying someone of the opposite sex, and having children. Sure, being in the closet wasn't a happy, healthy, or satisfying life for them but living that lie was a survival tool to escape discrimination in a bigoted society. I once met a gay man who was a devout Republican and voted for Donald Trump! He told me that he didn't think gay people in America were discriminated against at all! He thought that the "liberal media" had just made all that up! Some of my liberal friends are shocked when they hear this story but why should they be? Gay people, like all people, are unique individuals with their own unique thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about the world around them. Not all of their opinions, perceptions, and experiences about the world around them will be the same! They're individuals, not one dimensional cartoon characters. And I don't think any one gay person can speak for the collective experiences of all gay people. Not all ABDL people suffer equally either! Some folks on here have been very lucky in meeting partners or spouses that are very accepting. Some have not been so lucky. That element of "luck" makes a big difference. There are many employers that would fire a person for being openly ABDL if they knew. There are parents who punish their children for indulging in ABDL desires, or send them to therapy. Having lived in some very conservative parts of the southern U.S., I can say that there are absolutely people out there who would beat you up for being openly ABDL. There are people who would divorce their spouse if they found out. My ex-girlfriend was very accepting of LGBT people but later told me that hearing I had this fetish "made her want to vomit", she said I was a "freak", a "pervert", and that I was mentally ill. And I'm certainly not the only ABDL that has had such a negative experience in a romantic relationship. It has been said most of life's happiness and suffering can be directly linked to who you choose to marry. Much like gay people, there are ABDL folks out there that live their entire lives with self hatred and suicidal thoughts in their heart... believing that they are deeply flawed in some way and can never be 'fixed'. I've certainly seen posts on DD where people are so depressed that they contemplate suicide over this fetish! Finally, while a sexual fetish and a sexual orientation are two different things that are tough (if not impossible) to really compare... the fact is that ABDLs share something in common with gay people. There will always be ignorant individuals in the world that confuse both groups of people with pedophiles. Its tough to describe just how toxic it is to have your sexual desires associated with pedophilia. And, to state the obvious here, not all people with sexual fetishes suffer equally either. Some fetishes are more socially acceptable than others. '50 Shades of Grey', for all its flaws, pushed BDSM more into the mainstream. I'd say that as far as fetishes go... this one is probably one of the more socially unacceptable fetishes out there!
  10. In response to the question in the original post, its not necessarily generational. I would say that cultural attitudes about sexuality (and other lifestyles) have changed rapidly and drastically within just the past 10 years. In 2008, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were running for the Democratic Party's nomination for president. Both of them said quite clearly that marriage is something that should ONLY be between men and women. In 2019, we live in a different time where much has changed. Virtually no one even argues about gay marriage anymore and its been made law by the Supreme Court. Both former President Obama and Hillary Clinton say their position 'evolved'. A huge number of people who were once uncomfortable with gay marriage now openly accept gay friends and family members. We didn't need to wait for a new generation of people to be born for this to happen. That being said, many young people can't remember a time when gay people couldn't get married. Today, being homophobic is far more of a risk in the national spotlight than being gay. Attacks on comedian Kevin Hart for his decade old comments on gay people show that anything remotely homophobic is not socially acceptable anymore in the developed, western world. Though there are certainly more rural enclaves and subcultures that are very homophobic. Transgender people find increasing levels of acceptance and representation in media and even among major celebrities too. (Though transgender people are still victims of violence.) Facebook has a total of 58 separate gender identities for its users to choose from. The erotic novel '50 Shades of Grey' has been criticized by many but it undeniably pushed the BDSM lifestyle more into the mainstream. (Even if the book isn't the best representation of BDSM) "Furries" are very visible in online communities, even if they are sometimes the butt of jokes. I dated a young woman in her early 20s who was probably the most accepting of ABDL people that I have met so, yes, younger generations might be more open minded. Younger people also have more brain plasticity than older people so its easier to incorporate new ideas into their worldview. So with all of that, we have a culture that is more likely to be accepting of ABDL people. But that doesn't mean that its not still a fetish and/or lifestyle that many people struggle to understand or, in some cases, just know nothing about. Its always easy to fear what you don't understand. The only reason so many people 'understand' LGBT individuals is because they are very visible in society and in media. Ironically, I once saw a poster on Daily Diapers say the following: "I sometimes just wish I was gay... it would be so much easier than being ABDL!" In response to those posters who say "keep this to yourself", I tend to agree. A person's sex life is best kept in the bedroom. For me, while this is certainly part of my identity and not entirely sexual, it is still something I do in the privacy of my own home. That being said, when something become an actual lifestyle, then it becomes harder to hide from close friends and family. There's a big difference between a bedroom kink and a lifestyle. To each their own. Tell or don't tell whomever you wish but be prepared for the negative consequences and negative reactions. The more people you share this with, the higher the risk that you might meet someone who doesn't understand. And of course, there is absolutely no reason to expose your ABDL lifestyle to strangers in public places. If you want to wear a diaper in public under your clothes, there's nothing wrong with that. But don't expose your diaper to other people. (Its sad that this part even needs to be stated)
  11. Mike indiapers, Thank you for sharing your story. It seems like you have a very healthy attitude about being an ABDL. And while I'm sure its not perfect, it seems like you have a stable marriage too. Like I told Chris24, being an ABDL will almost certainly make dating and marriage more complicated but it doesn't mean that dating and marriage aren't possible! If your goal is to find a partner who accepts you and is okay with you wearing diapers in private, then I think there are lots of possibilities for romantic partners. If your goal is to find a spouse who enthusiastically participates in this fetish with you on a regular basis, that is much less likely. Its POSSIBLE to find such a spouse but its still much less likely. Rusty pins, I think our disagreement stems from your use of the word 'quit'. We agree that it is possible for an ABDL person to refrain from wearing diapers and remove ABDL items from their home and their life. Once again though, if ABDL thoughts and desires are in your head, you have not 'quit' being an ABDL. You are simply exercising self discipline and self control to prevent yourself from indulging certain sexual desires. To use your alcohol analogy, alcoholics cannot 'quit' being alcoholics but they CAN refrain from drinking alcohol. The DESIRE to drink still exists but they do not act upon it. Homosexuals cannot 'quit' being gay but they CAN refrain from having sexual relationships with people of the same sex. (Though because they are gay, their romantic relationships with members of the opposite sex are not healthy or successful) ABDL is an acronym that describes thoughts, feelings, and desires that exist in one's brain. It is not possible to completely and totally remove those desires from one's brain. (You yourself already said so in your previous post.) Thus, it is not possible to 'quit' being ABDL. A "Diaper Lover" who does not wear or use diapers is still a "Diaper Lover" because the term itself refers to a sexual and psychological DESIRE to wear diapers.
  12. Mike indiapers, I seem to recall a conversation where you mentioned that you are married and have a partner that accepts you. It seems like you are living proof that ABDLs can have an enjoyable, fulfilling marriage and love life while embracing their ABDL side. Rusty pins, I respectfully but strongly disagree with ANYONE who claims that it is possible to 'quit' being ABDL. (That was the specific question asked by Chris24) I also think its extremely misleading for anyone on these boards to ever suggest that it is possible to quit. It gives false hope to ABDL people that may already be struggling with depression or anxiety surrounding their fetish. You stated the following: "People can quit but it is extremely hard to do ... That doesn't mean some of the desires won't always be with you" This is a blatant contradiction. If a person has ABDL desires, then the person has not 'quit' being ABDL at all. Of course, we know that it is possible to physically get rid of ABDL items like diapers, pacifiers, stuffed animals, etc. With a great deal of self discipline, it is possible to refrain from purchasing or acquiring these items in the future. But that is NOT the same as 'quitting' being an ABDL because these fantasies and desires are hardwired into our brains. Chris24 asked whether it is possible to 'quit' being ABDL. The answer is NO. It is not possible to quit being an ABDL. You already conceded that point when you acknowledged "some of the desires will always be with you". In much the same way, it is not possible for someone to 'quit' being a homosexual. Saying otherwise can give false hope to individuals struggling with their sexual orientation. However, it certainly IS possible for gay people to refrain from having sex with members of the same gender as themselves. But gay people who try to live their lives as straight people typically struggle with a great deal of anxiety and depression that results in failed or unhappy marriages and sex lives with their spouses that are either boring or non-existent. There is also often infidelity when the gay person finally gives in to their desires and has sex with a member of the same gender. Ultimately, such relationships are not fulfilling and they end in divorce. So it would not factually accurate to tell a gay person that they can 'quit' being gay. Furthermore, it would not be very good advice to tell a gay person that with a lot of hard work, they can lead a happy and healthy life as a straight person if they simply refrain from having sex with other gay people.
  13. Dear Chris24, You cannot quit and you do not NEED to quit in order to get married and have a family! There are lots of people who are ABDL, married, and have a family! Some of them post about their lives on Daily Diapers! You are acting like having an unusual sexual fetish automatically means that no one will ever date you or have kids with you. THATS NOT TRUE. Fetishes like this are hard wired into your brain. You can get rid of ABDL items in your home but the desires will still be inside your brain. You cannot 'quit' being an ABDL, just like a gay person cannot 'choose' to be straight. From reading your posts, it seems like you are in a 'binge and purge' cycle. It is very common for ABDLs to go through phases where they try to 'quit' by throwing away their diapers or getting rid of ABDL items in their room or their home. This is the purge part. But inevitably, ABDLs will return to wearing diapers and engaging in this lifestyle. 'Binge and purge' is NOT mentally healthy behavior and in the long term, it is just a waste of time because you will not be able to successfully 'quit' being ABDL. It sounds like you are causing yourself a lot of stress and anxiety - and you mentioned that its even making it hard for you to sleep! THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. For the record, I also sleep better with a stuffed animal. My girlfriend thought it was cute that I had a stuffed animal. Numerous female friends have seen the stuffed animal in my room and not one of them has passed judgement on me for it. Furthermore, your reasons for wanting to quit are very misguided in my opinion. You seem to think that you cannot get married or have a family if you are ABDL but, just as I said, there are MANY people who are married, have children, and are ABDLs! Some of these ABDLs even have wives who participate in this fetish with them! Others have wives that know about their fetish, accept them for who they are, but do not like to participate. It is easy to have low self esteem and even hate yourself sometimes when you are ABDL. Its also easy to think that no one would ever want to date you. But thats not true! The reality is that some women will accept that you have this fetish and some women will not. And honestly, if someone cannot accept you for who you are, I'm not sure why you would WANT to marry them! I have had two girlfriends within the past few years of my life. My first girlfriend did not accept my ABDL side and was really bothered by it. My other girlfriend readily accepted it and was fine with me wearing diapers around her! Just try dating someone, getting to know them, and after a few dates; just sit down and tell them you have an unusual fetish. After that, ask them how they feel about it. Kind, caring, open-minded, and accepting women are out there. I've met several of them. Currently, I have two female friends that know that I am an ABDL, and they accept it! Sure, having an unusual fetish is not something EVERYONE will accept. It will probably make dating, sex, and relationships more complicated in your life. Some people might reject you. Others will accept you. But again - you CAN have an unusual fetish and still find people who will date you and (someday) you can find a person who will marry you. Stop stressing yourself out over binge and purge cycles. You won't be able to 'quit' and you don't NEED to quit! Don't beat yourself up. Try being kind to yourself. Try accepting that you have an unusual fetish. Being ABDL doesn't make you a bad or broken person. You are fine just the way you are.
  14. "Part 2" was just released on Amazon, for those of you who enjoyed the first installment. (Link below.) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DN2T6BK
  15. Greetings, friends. I know there are a few folks on DD who enjoy my Ebooks so I like to post from time to time when I release something new. Here's a taste of Chapter One of my new novella available on Amazon Kindle. CLICK HERE for more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CQMHDLN CHAPTER I: NEW HOUSE, NEW RULES Cody sat silently in the passenger seat of the car, staring out distantly at the road in front of them, illuminated by the car headlights. The slender 19 year old felt wrestless, awkward, and even a little nervous. While he tried to tell himself that he was an adult and perfectly capable of taking care of himself, he certainly didn’t feel that way in his current predicament. He cringed as his mother began speaking, breaking the silence between them. “So just remember that Miss Karla is in charge while I’m away. I want you to be on your best behavior for her, okay?” said the middle aged woman in the driver’s seat. He didn’t dignify his mother’s comment with a response. “You know Cody, I wouldn’t be going on this trip if it wasn’t really important for my career. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.” she said. “I just don’t understand why I can’t stay at home this summer.” he whined. “Cody, we’ve been over this. It would be one thing if I was going to be out of town for the weekend but I’m going to be out of the country for over two months. I’m sorry but I’m just not comfortable leaving you alone for that long.” Cody groaned, rolling his eyes. He stared resentfully at her for a few seconds… her long blonde hair tied in a bun, the crow’s feet and mascara around her bright blue eyes. While Cody knew she didn’t care much about abandoning himat some random lady’s house for a few months, he had to admit he was going to miss her. That fact alone made him feel like even more of a child. In truth, he should have been used this by now. For most of Cody’s life, his mom hadn’t been around. Ever since she had divorced his dad when he was little; he’d gotten used to being dropped off at daycare centers, babysitters, and relatives’ houses. Naturally, his mom loved him but she probably loved her career even more. He accepted that. Honestly, it didn’t matter any more now that he was old enough to move out and be on his own. That was one thing that Cody couldn’t blame his mom for. He still lived with her and had yet to find a place of his own. Jacob, a friend of his from high school, said they would get a place over the summer but that entire plan had fallen through when Jacob got fired from Marco’s Pizzeria. That meant Cody was stranded living under his mother’s roof until he could find another potential roommate to move in with. “Mom, look, I’m adult. I don’t need you or anyone else taking care of me. It’s not like you’re ever around anyway.” Cody said. “Well, I’m certainly glad I was around last month when I got home from work early.” Cody groaned, squirming a little in his seat. The entire conversation was making him uncomfortable and on top of that, he now felt the urge to pee. A few tiny drops dribbled into the fabric of his cotton boxer-briefs as he squeezed his legs together. “You told me you didn’t smoke pot and then I came back to my homeand guess what I found? My son and his friend sitting on my couch, smoking a giant bong.” “That was just the one time.” Cody said. “Well regardless, you lied to me and you went behind my back. If you want me to treat you like an adult, you need to start acting like one. I can’t leave you at home alone if I think you’ll be having wild parties every night and getting stoned every day. You’re 19 years old and you need to start thinking about your future. Maybe living with Miss Karla will give you a little direction in life.” Cody sighed. He was essentially done with this conversation. Considering they weren’t more than a few minutes away from their destination, it wasn’t like he was going to have any chance of persuading his mom to see things his way. “I know you’re not crazy about the idea of staying at her house all summer but she really thinks you’re a sweet kid. Its not like she’s a stranger. She’s known you since you were a toddler.” his mom said. “Whatever.” he muttered. “And if you need help um… getting ready for bed, it’ll probably be good to have someone there to give you a hand.” she added. “You mean she knows about my…” “Yes Cody, she knows that you wet the bed sometimes and you wear diap, um, protection at night. I’ve known this woman for 16 years. Did you really think your nighttime problem hadn’t come up in conversation?” “I guess I should have figured.” Cody said, cringing. At least his mother had remembered to use the more diplomatic word “protection”. Cody had wet the bed for years but recently, it had started to decline to only about three nights a week. He was hoping that it would soon stop altogether. Doctors had told him and his mom that he would outgrow it… but it seemed like just one of the many ghosts of childhood that followed him along wherever he went. He didn’t want to have to live with his mom but there he was. He didn’t want to have to wear adult diapers for bedwetting but he did. (At his mother’s insistence.) He didn’t want to be dropped off at his mom’s friend’s house for the next two months yet there he was. His mother pulled the parking break as their car came to a stop. “Cody, I really am going to miss you. I just want you to be a successful adult. You know I love you… right?” Looking at his mom, Cody saw her honesty. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her son… she was just obsessed with her career as a television newscaster. Ultimately, Cody couldn’t be mad at her for leaving. He was 19 years old and what full grown adult would resent his mother for taking a business trip to advance her career? It wasn’t as if he neededher to stay. “I love you too.” Cody mumbled. “Let’s go inside. Miss Karla said she has a surprise for you.” his mom smiled. Cody resented that his mother still referred to this woman as ‘Miss Karla’. It was absurd considering that Karla was her first name. When Cody was two years old, Karla worked at the daycare center where his mom dropped him off every day. At 5 years old, Cody started going to another daycare closer to his house but his mom kept in touch with Karla. While Cody did have some obscure memories of the woman from early childhood, mostly she was just in the background of Cody’s life occasionally: a guest at a Christmas party, a woman that his mom went shopping with, and even someone who occasionally sent him a birthday card. In truth though, Cody didn’t know much about her and he had never cared to learn. Now he was going to be spending the summer at her house, the whole situation just struck him as strange. If nothing else though, the home that they found themselves walking up towards was fairly large and affluent considering Karla and her daughter were the only ones who now resided there. Cody had gone to high school with Karla’s daughter and seen her in the halls but they had likely never said a word to each other. He had wanted to introduce himself but was always too shy. In a school of 3,000 kids, it was easy for them to remain strangers, especially considering how shy Cody was. Walking towards the house, he knew he would have to find a bathroom very soon but he could certainly hold it for 5 more minutes if need be. Cody rolled his suitcase up the broad driveway while his mother carried a large paper bag and a gym bag beside him. He knew what was inside both of those bags: what his mother referred to as his ‘nighttime supplies’. When they rang the doorbell, the large front door swung open in just a few seconds. “Susan! Come in, come in. How are you? Excited for your trip?” Karla said with a broad smile, pulling Cody’s mother in for a hug. There she was. Standing about 4 inches taller than Cody, Karla had the same familiar haircut he remembered: a short, brown pixie cut parted to one side. In Cody’s eyes, such a haircut seemed fitting for a woman in her mid-40s in contrast to his mother’s long, flowing blonde locks. Karla’s silver nose ring shined under the light of the main foyer. “Thank you again for agreeing to let Cody stay with you over the summer.” “Yeah, absolutely. We’re happy to have him.” Karla said. “Cody? Say hi to Miss Karla.” his mom prompted him. “Hi.” he said timidly. “Hello, Cody. Wow, you look so grown up.” Karla said, pulling him in for a warm hug. Cody didn’t feel very grown up considering he was essentially getting dropped off at a babysitter’s house. His current outfit wasn’t very adult either: a baggy Pink Floyd t shirt with a hole in the sleeve and a pair of jeans. Returning Karla’s hug, he got a whiff of her perfume. Somehow, her smell gave him goose bumps and almost rendered him speechless. It caused another tiny, involuntary spurt of pee to release into his underwear. Cody couldn’t remember the last time Karla had hugged him but smelling her now almost seemed to bring back memories of his early childhood. It was a clean scent like the smell of soap mixed with the aroma of some mature, feminine perfume and while he couldn’t place it, the scent was indeed familiar and it somehow made him feel… safe. “Here’s a pack of his um, protection.” Cody’s mother said, handing Karla the bulging paper bag, inside of which was a full package of Cody’s disposable adult diapers. “Okay, great.” “And here are his nighttime supplies: babay powder, diaper rash cream, lotion, and some baby wipes. Its all in there.” his mother said. Cody bit his lip. In his mom’s hurried efforts to casually list what the gym bag contained, she had levied several blows to her son’s self esteem. Yet Karla didn’t act as though Cody’s mother had said anything out of the ordinary. “I went online with the medical supply company where I usually order his diapers and I changed the delivery address. So about every other week, you should receive a new package.” Cody sighed as she used the ‘D’ word. He knew that his mother hadn’t done it on purpose to embarrass him but occasionally, when she was in a hurry, she let it slip. It was as though, in his mother’s mind, she knew that he wore diapers and calling them anything else was just a patronizing attempt to protect his dignity. “Well Susan, I’d invite you to come in for a cup of coffee but I think if you stay any longer, you might miss your flight.” Karla said. Cody’s mother glanced at her watch. He wished she would just leave already. Cody wanted to say goodbye to her… but he wanted to use the bathroom even more at that moment. “You’re right. Well, you have my email and you have my cell phone number. Call or text me any time, day or night. Don’t worry about the time change. If you need to get a hold of me, just call.” “I’m sure we’ll be just fine.” Karla smiled. “Okay Cody, I’ll call you as soon as I can. Be good for Miss Karla. I love you.” she said, pulling him in for a hug. “I love you too.” Cody said. With that, his mom left. “Well Cody, do you want to come with me and we’ll take your stuff to your room?” Karla asked. “Actually, could I uh, use the bathroom?” he asked. “Of course, sweetie. Down the hall, first door on the left.” Leaving his suitcase, he wasted no time moving at a brisk pace. Shutting the door behind him, Cody frantically unbuttoned his jeans to slip his penis out. With a heavy sigh of relief, he peed in the toilet. A few seconds later, he found himself frowning as he felt the dampness of his boxer-briefs but felt reassured when he ran his hand over the front of his jeans. They were totally dry. Exiting the bathroom, he wandered into the kitchen where Karla was standing with the two bags in either hand. She was wearing a green, button down blouse with the sleeves rolled up. On her arm, she had a tattoo of some Japanese characters. Funny, he never imagined Karla was cool enough to have a tattoo. He could only hope it showed she was a lenient, easy-going person who wouldn’t be a pain in the ass to live with. A pair of tight, black slacks hugging her full hips completed her outfit. Glancing down at her black socks, he could see that she wasn’t wearing any heels. Sadly, their height difference was very much real… and it made Cody feel even more like a small child who had been turned over to his babysitter, just as he had been many times in his earlier life. He glanced at the kitchen counter and noticed two pizza boxes. “I ordered Canadian bacon and pineapple. Your favorite.” Karla smiled. “Really? How did you know?” “Your mom told me. I figured it would be a nice way to help you feel welcome.” Karla said. “Thanks.” Cody said, smiling slightly. “I know this is all a bit of an adjustment but I care about you and your mom a lot and well, you may not remember it but I used to take care of you all the time when you were a toddler. You’re practically family.” Cody blushed a little but said nothing. He was trying to embrace adulthood or at the very least, to escape from his childhood past. That wouldn’t be easy while living in the home of his former daycare provider. Even so, Karla was acting as kind and friendly as could be expected and he couldn’t exactly reject her affection. “Come on, let’s take your stuff to your room.” Karla said. “Okay, sure.” Following Karla up the long, carpeted stairs; she offered him a small tour. “My bedroom is at the far end of the hall there. This is Lexy’s room. This is the hall bathroom and here’s your bedroom.” Cody furrowed his brow as he saw the room, his heart slowly sinking into his stomach. “Before you say anything, I know this is probably isn’t exactly your style but my nephew from Boston visits us a few times a year and we usually keep this room for him. He’s 8 years old. Don’t worry though, I washed all of the bedding and this will be your roomthis summer.” Karla said. Cody frowned but tried not to be too critical. After all, the room was mostly normal, though a few childish features still stood out. There were colorful Star Wars sheets on the bed and light blue pillow cases on all the pillows. A large plastic bin in the corner of the room was filled with various action figures. The largest ones seemed to be Transformers. The door to the closet was open and while it appeared to be mostly empty, there was a Teddy Bear sitting on the top shelf. “You’ve got a laundry hamper by the door here and a trash can in the corner there.” Cody noticed that the metal, cylindrical trashcan in the corner had a lid operated by a foot pedal, much like the one he had in his own room. Before he could say anything, Karla pulled a blue package of adult diapers out from the paper bag, placing them on top of the dresser and setting the gym bag down next to it. “All of the drawers in the dresser are empty so organize your stuff however you like it. I’ll leave you to get settled but don’t forget, we’ve got pizza downstairs.” Karla said. As she walked past him, he got another whiff of her scent and once again, Cody couldn’t decipher the reaction that it seemed to provoke inside of him. Watching as she walked down the hall, Cody noted that she had a few curves but was ultimately in pretty good shape. She just seemed to dress modestly. She was older but looked pretty good for her age. Was he attracted to Karla? No, that was ridiculous. She was one of his mom’s friends and the woman who took care of him when he was a baby! She was far from being his type. Cody never had much luck with girls in high school but the girls he did find himself interested in were his own age. He’d had a huge crush on one girl in his senior class. She was short, thin, with long black hair flowing down her shoulders. Cody had asked her out and she had rejected him in the bitchiest way possible. So essentially, that girl was the polar opposite of Karla, both mentally and physically, in age and in temperament. No, he wasn’t sexually attracted to Karla at all. After all, the woman was about the same age as his mom! But if he was going to be living with Karla for the summer, he had to admit that he liked the way she smelled and… that she was undeniably a nice, caring person. There was nothing wrong with that. Anyway, Cody chalked up these strange feelings to the fact that he was tired and stressed out. It would be better if he could just put these thoughts out of his mind and eat some pizza. Walking downstairs and into the kitchen, he licked his lips when he saw a slice of pizza already sitting on a plate at the table. Yet as he prepared to take a seat, Karla placed her hands on her hips, looking at him sternly. “Cody sweetie, we need to talk about your bathroom habits.” Karla said bluntly. “My… what?” Cody asked, nervous that she might be referencing his bedwetting. “Your bathroom habits. When you used the downstairs bathroom in the hall earlier, you… didn’t lift up the seat.” “Oh, oh, I’m sorry.” “And it doesn’t look like you cleaned up the toilet seat after you were finished either.” Cody blushed again, feeling embarrassed by his oversight. This sort of thing happened at home but it was quite different to realize that he had done it in a stranger’s house. “Sorry.” he said quietly. “I cleaned it up this time but in the future, you need to pay closer attention to that, okay?” Karla said, raising her eyebrows sternly at him. “Okay.” Cody said, pulling out his chair. “Did you wash your hands?” Karla asked. “Huh? Just now?” “When you used the bathroom earlier?” “Oh um…” “Why don’t you go and wash your hands? You should be doing that every time you use the bathroom too.” she chided. As he walked back to the bathroom, Cody felt uneasy. Karla’s rebuke of him had been gentle but firm and he made a mental note to be more careful in the future. While his own mother had complained about his ‘bathroom habits’ once or twice in the past, she had never done so with quite the same attitude that Karla had just used. Even so, it was a minor hiccup in a night that otherwise seemed to be progressing just fine. A minute later, he returned to the table, taking a few bites of pizza. Karla pulled out a chair, taking a seat across from him. “How is it?” Karla asked. “Great.” he said, wiping his chin on his shirt sleeve. “Thanks again.” “Of course. Now Cody, like I said we’re happy to have you here over the summer but your mom left me in charge so I think there are a few simple house rules we should go over.” “Okay?” “These are the same rules I expect Lexy to follow too. They’re pretty basic. If I’m talking to you, I expect you to listen. I expect us all to be honest with each other. If you are going out with friends, I expect you to let me know beforehand… because I’m responsible for you now. I expect you to be polite and have good manners. Having good manners means cleaning up after yourself, like putting your plate in the dishwasher when you’re done eating. Or, in your case, it means lifting up the toilet seat when you use the bathroom and washing your hands afterwards.” “Um… okay.” Cody said. It wasn’t like Karla was saying anything unreasonable but her strict attitude just made Cody feel intimidated. His own mother was never around much when he was growing up and when she came home from work, she was usually too tired to order him around… let alone punish him for anything. “One more thing. You and Lexy are both under 21, so I do not allow drugs or alcohol in this house under any circumstances. Do you understand?” Karla said, raising her eyebrows. “Yeah, of course.” he mumbled. Then they heard the front door open. A young blonde girl walked into the kitchen, hair tied in a cute ponytail, donning a pair of tight, high waisted jeans and an orange t shirt that showed off her midriff. It was Lexy. Cody briefly made eye contact with her before averting his gaze back down at the table. “Hey, sorry I’m late for dinner. Lori and I were studying.” the girl said, dropping her backpack beside the kitchen counter and grabbing a slice of pizza. “Studying? Or hanging out at the coffee shop?” Karla said, raising her eyebrows. “Well, we study therea lot too.” “We’re still waiting to hear back from a few schools that you applied to. This is your senior year. I want you to finish strong.” Karla said. “Mom, I’ve got like a 3.5 GPA. Relax.” Lexy said with an eyeroll. “Well anyway, do you remember Cody?” Lexy looked at him curiously as if trying to remember him. “I don’t know? I think we had Geometry together, right?” Lexy said. “Geology.” “Yeah, cool… what’s up?” “Not much.” he mumbled. “Are you a junior?” she asked. “No, uh, I graduated.” While Lexy probably hadn’t intended to insult him, her question stung. Cody thought he looked like an average 19 year old but his skinny physique and stubborn inability to grow much facial hair probably made him look a little younger than 19. Like all attractive girls, Cody somehow felt less sure of himself with Lexy in the room. The fact that he was one year older than her and had been out of high school for a year should have given him some confidence. It didn’t. He felt just as awkward as he had in Geology class when he couldn’t find the guts to introduce himself… even though their mothers were best friends. Lexy was undeniably sexy and with her mother in the room, it just made things more awkward. Not only that but he wondered just how much Karla had told her 18 year old daughter about his nighttime problem. “Okay well, I gotta go study. I’ve got finals next week.” Lexy said, grabbing her backpack. “Just make sure you’re not spending too much time talking to your friends online and taking selfies while you’re ‘studying’, missy!” Karla shouted as her daughter ascended the stairs. Cody was grateful he wasn’t in school anymore. If he had been, he could easily imagine Karla chiding him to go to his room and do his homework. Finishing his last bite of pizza, Cody figured he would attempt to make conversation. “So uh… do you still work at a daycare or whatever?” Karla laughed quietly to herself. “No sweetie, I got my Masters in early childhood education 10 years ago after I got divorced. I miss working with little ones but now I do administrative work for a private school. Its great because I usually get to work from home.” “Oh, nice.” Cody mumbled. “I do have a meeting to go to tomorrow though so if you sleep late, just remember that there’s cereal in the pantry there and fruit salad in the fridge if you get hungry, okay?” “Okay, thanks.” Glancing at the silver watch around her wrist, Karla pursed her lips. “It looks like its almost 9:00 so why don’t you go upstairs and I’ll be up in a few minutes to help you get ready for bed.” Karla said matter of factly. “Um… what?” Cody asked, feeling nervous. “Your mom said she wants you to get ready for bed around 9:00 on weeknights.” “Well, yeah but I can do that on my own.” Cody said defensively. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, sweetie. Look, I know this is a little embarrassing for you but your mom told me that two weeks ago, you had a little trouble taping yourself up and when you woke up, your bed was soaked. Cody blushed but said nothing… he was now realizing just how much his mother had shared with this woman about his embarrassing problem. “So your mom told me that ever since then, she’s been checking the tapes on your diaper.” Karla continued. “Well, y-yeah. She checks them sometimes but… I can put them on by myself. I don’t even have accidents that often anymore.” “Well, you have accidents at least a few times a week. That’s why you need to wear diapers.” Karla said. “They’re called p-p-protection.” Cody said, nervously trying to correct her. “Yes, you wear diapers for protection. Specifically, you wear them to protect your bed sheets and your mattress and I’d like to keep the bed in my guest bedroom clean and dry.” Clearly, Karla hadn’t gotten the message that his diapers were supposed to be called ‘protection’. Either that or she was being deliberately difficult to put him in his place. “So I don’t want to take any chances. Besides, I think you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you know for sure that you’ll be waking up in a dry bed. So why don’t you go and brush your teeth and I’ll be up to help you get ready in a minute.” “But why can’t I just -” “Cody… I’ve tried to make you feel welcome here. But remember what I said: when I’m talking, I expect you to listen. You’re not listening to me. You’re arguing with me. For the next two and a half months, I’m going to be in charge. Do you understand?” Karla said sternly. Frowning and staring at the table, Cody nodded his head. “Okay, so why don’t you go upstairs and brush your teeth. I’ll be right there.” As Karla took his plate, he slowly left the kitchen walked upstairs, retrieving his toothbrush from his suitcase and doing as he was told. The hall bathroom was quite clean but was also fairly cluttered: a curling iron, tweezers, and countless makeup supplies covered the counter… all of them, no doubt, belonged to Lexy. Nervous as he was, Cody was proud that he had remembered to pee one last time before returning to his room. He resented his mother’s 9:00 p.m. rule about his ‘protection’ for many reasons but most of all because once he was taped into a disposable diaper, it was pretty difficult to get himself untaped and get it back on properly. Ironically, his diaper had leaked in bed on that one occasion precisely because he had to take it off to go to the bathroom earlier in the evening! It was unfair to say the least. Noticing a few drops of pee on the toilet seat, Cody was quick to tear of a piece of toilet paper to wipe it off before going to the sink to wash his hands. Returning to his room, Cody begrudgingly looked at the large, blue plastic package labeled “INCONTINENCE BRIEFS”. It seemed to be staring back at him in defiance. Reluctantly, he tore open the package and slid out a shiny, white folded rectangle. Before he did anything else, he pushed the door closed. He could just barely hear the muffled sound of Lexy talking on the phone in her room and he couldn’t afford to take any chances. If she was unaware of his nighttime problem, then he wanted to keep it that way. Slowly he unfolded the thick, crinkling garment in his hands. If he could just get the fit right, Karla would only need to take a quick glance at the tapes before she left him alone. Cody groaned though as he heard footsteps on the stairs. His door, which hadn’t been fully closed to begin with, swung open. “Oh, you’re getting everything ready. Excellent.” she said, bending over to unzip the gym bag on the floor. One by one, Karla unloaded his infantile supplies onto the dresser, including the light blue, plastic tub of baby wipes. Walking up to him with her sleeves rolled up and a bottle of baby powder in hand, she took the opened diaper from him. “Okay, why don’t you take off your pants for me and get situated on the bed here.” Karla said. “W-w-what?” Cody said, confused and uneasy. “Take off your pants.” she said, pulling out a towel from the closet and laying it out on the edge of the bed. “I thought I was gonna… you know, put this on and then you were going to just check the tapes?” “Cody, this really doesn’t have to be that difficult. I’m here because I need to make sure this is done properly. Now, you know you need to wear your diaper tonight. Its 9:15. No more stalling. I know you’re embarrassed but the sooner we start, the sooner we can get this over with. Now take off your pants.” Cody was now worried that perhaps Lexy might be able to hear their conversation so he slowly slid down his pants in front of the assertive, middle aged woman in front of him. “Underpants too. Come on.” Karla said, failing to understand his hesitation. He tried to cover himself with his shirt as he slid his damp, navy blue boxer-briefs down to the floor. “You know Cody, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve diapered you.” Karla said, looking somewhat amused. Cody thought her comment was ridiculous. Still, it was technically true. This woman had probably diapered him dozens of times as a toddler… and according to his own mother, he wore diapers until he was four years old, so she had plenty of experience. Even so, he was an adult now. He didn’t need anyone to diaper him… so why was he agreeing to this? “Okay, lay down. Grab your knees and pull em’ to your chest for me.” Karla said. Cody reached out for the diaper in her hand. “But can I just do this myself? ” “Cody… on the bed. Now.” Karla said, raising her eyebrows and pulling the diaper just out of his reach. The stern look and the sound of her voice struck fear into Cody’s heart. Half naked, he lay down on the bed and grabbed his knees without another word. Had Karla ever used that tone with him before? Naturally, Cody had only the most vague memories of meeting her in daycare… but Karla probably remembered everything clearly. It was bizarre to think that she might be using the very same tactics to deal with him now as she had when he was a toddler… and worse yet, that they might be working! He couldn’t believe his bare butt was now on display for his woman. It was beyond awkward. If nothing else, the fact that he was holding his knees against his chest meant that she couldn’t get a good look at his manhood. Before another thought could enter his mind, he felt a tickling sensation on his bare butt followed by a familiar aroma that he hadn’t smelled in years: baby powder. While his mother had purchased baby powder for him plenty of times, he had never used it. Apart from his mom recently double checking the tapes and the fit of his diaper, she hadn’t done much else. Now Cody became crestfallen as he realized he was being diapered like a baby and was powerless to stop it. The infantile aroma of the powder mixed with the mature scent of Karla’s perfume. Overwhelmed, he almost felt light headed. “Okay, you can put your butt down now.” Karla said casually. As Cody’s rear end came to rest on the padding of the diaper, he instantly became mortified that Karla could see his genitals but with a quick sprinkling of power, she swiftly pulled the front panel into place. Slowly and carefully, she taped the garment up nice and snug, smoothing out each tape. “There ya go. All done. Now was that so horrible?” she asked. Sitting up with a crinkle, Cody was speechless. He didn’t even feel embarrassed anymore, just numb. Karla said something to him but he didn’t hear the words. The whole scenario had just been too surreal for him to accept it. “Hello? Earth to Cody.” she said, waving her hand in front of his face. “Huh?” he said, looking up at her. “I said stand up for me. I just want to make sure that we got a good fit.” Cody obediently rose to his feet. Karla slid her two fingers into the elastic leg band of the diaper, just a few centimeters away from his genitals. He flinched as he felt her long, feminine nails grazing his bare thigh inside his diaper before she withdrew her fingers. “Okay, looks good. Does it feel okay?” Cody just nodded. “Great well, don’t forget to throw your diaper away in the garbage can there tomorrow and I’ll see you when I get home from work.” she smiled. Cody nodded again. Before leaving the room, Karla glanced down at his boxer-briefs on the floor, grabbing them and walking towards the hamper. It was then that she looked curiously at the underwear, feeling them in the palms of her hands. “Cody sweetie, did you have an accident earlier tonight?” “No.” he mumbled. “Then why are these so damp?” she asked. “Well, I guess I wet like, just a little. It was a long car ride over… My pants are completely dry.” he said defensively. “I guess your mom did mention you have accidents during the day on rare occasions.” Karla said, underwear still in hand. “I uh, don’t anymore. I haven’t done it during the day since like, last summer when I had an accident.” Cody said. “And tonight?” Karla said. “Well, that wasn’t really an accident. I made it to the bathroom. My pants are totally dry. See?” Cody now picked up his jeans, trying to show Karla the evidence. “Mhmm.” Karla said, unconvinced. “Well, I’m going to take these to the laundry room. During the day while you’re awake, just know that there is a bathroom right next door to your room and one just down the hall from the kitchen as well.” “Okay.” Cody so badly wanted to defend himself and interrupt Karla’s patronizing lecture but he knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on in this discussion. He was standing in front of her wearing only a t shirt and a disposable diaper while he held a pair of his damp underwear in her hands. How could he possibly hope to declare his adulthood? “So if you feel like you have to go, you need to go to one of those two bathrooms as soon as you feel the urge, okay?” Karla said. Cody nodded. “Okay well, I’ll be awake for another hour if you need anything. Sweet dreams, okay?” Karla said with a polite smile, closing the door behind her. Frowning to himself, Cody tried to ignore all of the strange emotions pushing their way into his mind. At first he tried to sit back down on the bed but as he looked down, the sight of his padded crotch was just too much. Standing up, he unzipped his suitcase to retrieve a pair of sweatpants. Even in the privacy of his own room, there was no reason he needed to waddle around with his diaper on display. In his current outfit, the sight of his own reflection in the mirror was enough to damage his self esteem. Pulling on some pants made him feel a lot better, as if he got someof his dignity back. Slipping his laptop out of his suitcase, he figured a computer game might help to take his mind off things. Then he flinched at the sound of a knock on the door. Slowly, he cracked it open. It was Lexy. “Hey, so since we’re going to have to share a bathroom, do you think it’s too much to ask for you to flush the toilet after you pee?” Lexy said, looking mildly annoyed. “Oh, I uh, I’m sorry.” With that, she walked away. Cody spent the rest of the night in his room playing a game on his computer, which honestly suited him just fine. Inevitably though, some time after 1:00 in the morning, he got tired and climbed into bed, pulling the covers over his head, his diaper crinkling as he rolled over and tried to get comfortable. He had to admit, it was a pretty decent bed… perhaps even cozier than the futon in his room at home. It was nearly noon when he awoke the following day. As he climbed out of bed, it was rather obvious that his heavy, saturated diaper was sagging underneath his pants. Cody was, of course, disappointed that he’d wet his diaper but he figured it wasn’t all that surprising. Stress always increased his nighttime accidents and the previous night had been stressful for so many reasons. Did Karla really plan to diaper him like a baby every single night? It all seemed so surreal, not to mention unfair. He was starting to feel more and more ambivalent about staying at her house all summer. Untaping his diaper, he pressed his foot on the pedal of the trash can, the lid opened, and he dropped it in with a thud. With his skin still feeling a little damp, he slid some boxer-briefs on, reclaiming his adulthood. Pulling out his phone, he texted his friend Jacob: “Wanna hang out tonight?” It was Friday night. Cody figured that all he needed was to get out of Karla’s house for a few hours to clear his head. Just because he had to sleep under her roof all summer didn’t mean he needed to be cooped up in her house 24/7. Walking into the kitchen, the house seemed eerily silent. Karla had mentioned that she had a meeting and Lexy was likely still at school. Making himself a bowl of cereal, Cody felt much better just getting some time alone. A minute later and his phone buzzed, showing a text from Jacob: “Party at Brad’s house later. Wanna go?” Perfect. While Cody didn’t own a car, he knew he could always rely on Jacob for a ride. An escape from Karla’s house, even for a few hours, would make him feel like more of an adult. Lounging around on the couch, Cody turned on Karla’s beautiful, huge flat screen TV. Before long, Lexy walked in the front door. “Hey.” Cody said. “Hi.” Lexy responded. Cody couldn’t discern her expression. Was she annoyed by his presence in her living room? Or just indifferent? “What are you up to?” Lexy asked. “Just watching TV. I’ll probably go to a party later tonight.” Lexy was obviously popular and Cody’s response was almost meant to show her that he too had a social life, no matter how shy he sometimes appeared. Lexy raised an eyebrow at him, making a strange face. “Did you ask my mom?” Lexy said. “Ask her what?” “Did you ask her if you could go out tonight?” “Well… no, not exactly but… I’m 19 years old. I can go out with friends if I want to.” Cody said, trying to sound self-assured. “You obviously don’t know my mom very well. She’s like… a really great person and everything but she is ridiculously strict. It doesn’t matter that you’re 19. She’s still going to treat you like you’re a little kid. I’m 18 and I still have an 11:30 curfew on weekends.” Cody fell silent. He was beginning to feel increasingly anxious about living with this woman for the rest of the summer. Lexy’s words seemed particularly haunting in light of the fact that Karla had diapered him like a toddler the previous night. The atmosphere of her house was a stark contrast to that of his own. Ironically, in his younger years, there had been some part of Cody that had always wished his mother would be more strict and more attentive. Now that he was in such a household as an adult, it felt confining. “I just need to get into one out of state university and then I’m gone. That’s what my older brother Kevin did when he turned 18. Seriously, I love my mom but she’s hard to deal with sometimes.” Lexy said, leaving the room. Cody spent the next few minutes trying to think of something diplomatic to say to Karla in order to persuade her to let him go out for the night. When she finally walked in the front door, Karla looked fashionable as ever in a long maxi skirt and a red blouse, her short gelled hair parted to one side and wearing a pair of gold earrings. This mature older woman had diapered him like a baby the previous night. Any illusions of them being equals had already disappeared. She was in control. CLICK HERE to continue reading: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CQMHDLN