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  1. CHAPTER 4: Nosedive Again Catherine had found herself waking up in a crib, her diaper soaked with piss. She barely felt it until she reached down to touch herself. She felt the soggy fabric press against her flesh. She tensed up, feeling a little excited. She moved her hand away, trying to ignore these feelings. She really hoped one day to have privacy so she could properly touch herself. She didn't want to give Abigail that satisfaction of being right about her. Catherine stood up in the crib, holding onto the bars. She felt like a prisoner looking out from her cell, only her toilet was on the outside. She looked down on the floor, seeing the potty chair. She really wanted to sit on it and go potty like a 'big girl.' Suddenly the thought of pooping in a potty didn't seem like such a bad idea, at least compared to going on herself. Catherine knew it was futile to hold it so she just bent her knees and took a deep breath. She relaxed her body and a thick log slowly dropped from her bottom and sat in the back of the diaper. She could feel the log pressing against her cheeks. She felt hot and aroused just from the feeling of pooping and feeling her own poop on her butt. She wasn't sure what was coming over her, but she wanted to sit down and just feel the mess spread around. She leaned back slowly until she fell onto her bottom on the soft cushy crib mattress. A warm feeling washed over her as she felt the poop mash to her butt and spread around the seat of the diaper. A smile grew on her face and she rocked around, letting the poop smear all over the inside of those thick pampers. She felt drool building up in her mouth. She was fully aware though and quickly clasped her hand to her mouth to stop herself before she drooled onto her pajamas. She snapped back to reality when she saw what she was doing. She was still feeling very hot and tingly between her legs. She scooted all the way up to the edge of the bed, her legs hanging out from the bars with one bar between her legs. She pressed her crotch to the bar, grinding against it. She gritted her teeth. She just couldn't resist getting herself off. She felt waves of pleasure go through her body as her wet diaper got wetter and slicker. She shut her eyes and moaned happily. "Hey, stinky, are you awake?" Abigail spoke from the baby monitor. Catherine's eyes shot open as she heard Abigail's voice. She looked over her shoulder at the monitor, not sure how to answer. "I know you're awake in there. I'll be coming in after about ten minutes." Catherine pulled her legs out from between the bars and stood back up in the crib. She scurried over to the edge of the crib and heard Abigail once again walking to the bathroom. She listened closely, hearing Abigail pee hard into the toilet bowl. She even let out a loud sigh of relief. Hearing the noisy pissing made her have to pee. Catherine couldn't even hold it. Her own pee started coming out and soaking into the dirty, sticky diaper. The diaper couldn't contain everything and she began to leak right into her pajamas. She gasped as she felt her legs getting wet. She parted her legs, looking down as the legs of the pajamas darkened. She whimpered pathetically unable to stop peeing and wetting the cute bunny pajamas. She was so focused on herself that she did not notice Abigail coming into the room. "Uh oh." Abigail said, pulling down the bars of the crib. "Someone flooded their diaper!" She raised Catherine out of the crib, holding her at a distance so the little girl didn't drip on her own clothes. Abigail had Catherine stand on the changing table. She undid the pajamas and pulled them off. Abigail wiped Catherine's wet legs clean and then set her onto her back. "It's not my fault!" Catherine pouted, crossing her arms. "If you let me get out of my crib at night I could have used the... facilities." "You mean your potty chair?" Abigail strongly reminded Catherine as she tore the diaper open. She opened her eyes wide as she looked at the huge mess in the diaper. What really captured her attention though was the obvious stickiness around her slit. It was clear she wasn't just wet from peeing on herself. "No wonder you leaked! Has someone been playing with their diaper?" Catherine was silent. She was too embarrassed to even answer that, but the answer was clear to Abigail anyway. Abigail let a wicked smile spread across her face. Catherine felt a tightness in her chest as she figured Abigail must have heard her masturbating and put together the clues inside her diaper. "I think I might have to get you some thicker diapers for night time." Abigail commented casually as she wiped Catherine's dirty butt. "And perhaps mittens for those busy hands!" Catherine make a funny high-pitched groan as she was unable to rebut the statement. She crossed her arms and pouted. Abigail giggled as she saw how easily frustrated Catherine was getting. She very slowly wiped Catherine, wanting her to feel the humiliation for a lot longer. Naturally Catherine was feeling aroused by the slow and gentle touch of the wipes against her skin, but the shame kept her from being able to fully enjoy it. She was also just too proud to accept that she liked it. "All right, stinky." Abigail said as she threw out the dirty diaper and wipes. "Are you really sure you want to wear big girl underwear today? You seemed pretty happy to sit in your own poo poos." "No!" Catherine tried to sit up straight but she was pushed back down onto her back. "Seriously, I don't want diapers!" "If you say so." Abigail sighed, still smiling. She put two fingers on Catherine's now clean slit and dragged upward. She saw Catherine shudder in agitation. "But if I catch you playing with yourself again I will have to restrain your hands. I wasn't just kidding about the mittens." Abigail pulled up Catherine's panties and patted her bottom softly. Catherine was glad not to get the slap on her butt for once. After she was set back on her feet she went about getting dressed. There was only a pink shirt that said "Little Cupcake" with a picture of a cupcake on it and a pair of purple overalls that had a kitten sewn onto the bib. Catherine tried not to think about how it was the wimpiest, sissiest outfit there was in her wardrobe that wasn't a frilly dress. Abigail let out an "aww" as she saw Catherine's adorable clothes. While Abigail was getting ready to leave for school she got on the phone and had a private conversation with Catherine's babysitter. Catherine could tell Abigail was talking to Izzy, but she was unable to catch most of what she was saying as she walked into her bedroom and shut the door. Catherine pressed her ear to the door, trying to hear what Abigail was talking about. Was she mentioning her? Abigail exited her room to find the small girl almost stumbling forward from leaning against the door. Abigail gave Catherine a hard swat on her butt. "It's impolite to eavesdrop!" Abigail chastised the little lady. She shooed Catherine to the living room. There was something leaning against the wall, but before Catherine could get a good look at it she was already sat in her kiddie chair in front of the television. Abigail left the bedroom, but only for a moment. She came back with Catherine's potty, along with a roll of toilet paper, and set it right in the middle of the living room. Catherine scoffed, about to protest. When she turned around she saw Abigail lock a baby gate to the entrance of the hallway. Catherine whimpered pitifully, knowing she would be restricted to one room of the house for the rest of the day. She also knew that if she need to go to the bathroom she would have to do it right there in the middle of the room! She tried to see the positive side of things, like how she wouldn't have to go too far to potty. Maybe the convenience of not having to wait for Izzy to get out of the bathroom might be a good thing? Still, using a potty chair did make her feel like a toddler. When she had to sit on the potty it only reminded her of how she was too small for the big toilet. The big toilet was large. The potty fit her just right. Izzy came through the front door just as Abigail was getting ready to go. She had her own key by now. Abigail hugged Izzy just before leaving. Catherine sighed as Abigail left, knowing Izzy was most likely going to torture her more now that she would have to poop and pee out in the open room. "I see you've got your potty chair out here." Izzy said with a smirk. "Now if you make a mess you'll have no one to blame it on but yourself!" "I don't need a potty chair." Catherine pouted, crossing her arms. "I could use the toilet just fine. Just that one time you were in the bathroom the same time I had to go!" "This is for the best. Littles shouldn't be using toilets anyway, it's just not natural! Littles should just use diapers and wait for Amazons to clean up after them." Izzy explained, putting on an air of extra wisdom. "Littles are babies their whole lives. They're not designed to sit on our big toilets for one thing. But they are also babies up here too." She pointed to her head. "Hey!" Catherine pouted, taking great offense. "You know I'm really smart!" She stood up, balling her fists. "I may not know as much as an Amazon my age, but I am still leaps ahead of p-public perception!" Catherine knew that she was inferior, but she refused to accept she was a baby, despite the growing evidence. "It's okay, Cathy. We're just here to help." Izzy condescendingly pat Catherine on the head. "You might think you are ready for adult responsibilities, but if you can't even master keeping your panties clean and dry then how can we expect you to take care of yourself? Now look at me. I'm a big girl. I finished my potty training before I turned three years old and when I was wearing big girl pants I never wet the bed. Can you honestly say the same?" Catherine looked down. Izzy was right, but Catherine still couldn't accept it. She knew that she was stubborn with the potty until her 5th birthday and she didn't get out of diapers until she was 6. Even then though she continued to have accidents off and on, just with less frequency as she got older. Night times were different though. During times of great stress, which were most of her days, she peed the bed at night. Her old stained mattress was a testament to this. "Well, Cathy?" Izzy tapped her foot, still waiting for an answer. "Yeah, I have accidents." Catherine admitted. "You weaseled the confession out of me the other day. That was a mean trick." "I just wanted you to be honest with me." Izzy smiled. "Though you fibbed about never having an on-purpose in your pants." "What do you mean?" Catherine felt her heart sink and she clutched her chest. "Your mommy told me that you made a fresh mess on yourself this morning and then sat in it. That was the only way to explain how you got poop all over the inside." Izzy explained. "That and there was some evidence you were playing with yourself while you were poopy." Catherine almost started glowing red at this point. Who was this young girl to presume anything, especially based off what Abigail told her? She curled her frown and balled up her fists, getting visibly frustrated by this conversation now. "It's natural for Littles to want to play in their own messes." Izzy said. "Though your mommy has to set your boundaries for you, and she said no playing with yourself unless you got permission!" Izzy wagged a finger at Catherine. The smaller girl covered her face and groaned. After Izzy humiliating lecture, the younger but bigger girl easily stepped over the baby gate and went down the hall to the bathroom. Catherine ran over to the gate and grabbed at it pitifully. She looked on as Izzy disappeared into the 'big girl' bathroom. Now that room would just be a memory to her except for when it was bath time. Catherine let out a very loud sigh and walked away from the baby fence. She looked over at the potty chair and knew it would be a good idea to use it while she still had some privacy. She waddled over to the chair and undid her overalls. She wiggled them down to her ankles. She then pulled down her panties and sat on the cute potty chair. Catherine tried to concentrate on peeing, but it was taking longer for her to just relax and go than she thought. By the time her tinkle started dribbling out Izzy has come back into the room. Izzy looked down and giggled as she saw Catherine sitting there and listened to the sound of her peeing. "Stop!" Catherine whined. "Don't look at me, this is private!" "Silly Little, you don't get any privacy!" Izzy responded. Catherine narrowed her eyes in frustration. When she was done tinkling she grabbed the toilet paper and wiped her crotch gently. She stood up and pulled her panties back on and wriggled back into the tight overalls. Catherine looked down the hallway. "Hey, can I go to my room, please? I have some important stuff to do." Catherine said in a snit. "Whatever you need to do you can do it right here." Izzy responded rigidly. "I need my laptop." Catherine pouted. "I have to check on my online store." "You're so cute." Izzy giggled. "You really think you're a big girl!" Even with the cruel teasing though, Izzy still stepped over the fence and went to Catherine's room to retrieve the laptop. She returned with the laptop but she also brought over the white teddy bear that she liked to cuddle. Catherine blushed as she saw the teddy bear. She reached up, trying to grab at the laptop. "Now now," Izzy said, "Remember.... just because we let you play on your computer that doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want. We can't have you going to non-approved websites now, can we? I will be here to monitor your online usage, do you understand?" Catherine's face twitched. She couldn't respond to that without going into another one of her angry. She took the laptop and sat down on the floor. She typed away while Izzy stood over her, keeping a watchful hawk-like gaze. Catherine resented how she never once got a moment to herself. The latest stunt of keeping her confined in the living room seemed to entirely strip her privacy away. She shut her laptop, figuring it was futile to try and conduct business in this state. "I know what you can do, stinky!" Izzy said, using Abigail's nickname for the girl. "You can watch this cute little movie I brought over!" Izzy held up a DVD box. On the cover was an adult Little, looking pretty similar to Catherine, and she was standing between two large sets of legs, looking up at them with a curious stare. She had on a fluffy dress with a giant diaper clearly visible underneath a way too short skirt. The title read Lost And Found in big balloon letters. There was a quote at the bottom from a movie critic stating "Even Littles can enjoy this touching and heartfelt family adventure!" Catherine made a disgusted face as she looked over the box. "Don't be like that. You might like it! I used to watch this movie over and over again when I was six!" Izzy said enthusiastically. She walked over to the television set and popped the movie into the player. She sat down at the couch while Catherine had to sit in the kiddie chair. The movie began by showing a tough looking little, dressed in shabby old-fashioned street urchin clothes. She wandered around some abandoned looking locations to the tune of melancholy instrumental music. Her hair was mostly pulled back into a ponytail. The rest of her hair looked messy and unkempt. Catherine thought this girl looked awesome! Just like her, the girl in the movie was acting very independent. Then they showed the first wetting scene. The girl looked down at her pants as they got drenched. It was clear this was no special effect. The scene played out with a full body shot and she even turned around in a circle as she inspected her soggy pants. "Again? But I thought I went an hour ago!" The girl on the TV said. There was a jump cut to the next scene showing her without pants on. Little nudity was often freely accepted in Amazon culture. Since they weren't seen as equals it was perfectly acceptable to show a Little's privates, even in a family film. As Catherine observed several days ago when looking through the coloring book, young Amazons were exposed to the concept of Little subjugation from an early age. The Little girl's pants and panties were hanging from a rope like they were on a clothes line. They weren't even washed, they were just drying. Catherine scoffed at this. "Come on, she could have washed her pants in like a stream or something!" Izzy shushed Catherine, peering down at her. Catherine pouted. She hated being shushed like that. The movie continued, showing how the Little would steal food and run away from Amazon police officers. These parts of the movie made Catherine feel pumped up! The subsequent wetting scenes would then knock the wind out of Catherine's sails. Catherine did pee her pants sometimes, but never as much as this character did. Snow was blasting against the Little soon. She had no choice but to break into someone's house. The Little walked up the stairs, needing to take wide steps. The small actress must have been cast for being very short and cute. The stair climbing scene was pretty amusing and even Catherine accidentally snickered at the way the Little scaled the stairs like she was going up a tall mountain. The Little found herself in a child's bedroom. It looked like the room of a very young girl but things were doubled in size. She kicked over a teddy bear that was as big as her. There were footsteps coming towards the room. The Little quickly hid in the closet. As she was hiding her tummy grumbled. She held her stomach and went "shh" like she was trying to shush it. They showed a narrow point of view, showing the way the Little looked through the closet. The Amazon looks to be about six years old but clearly taller than the Little. The Little couldn't hold it, loudly pooping into her pants. This was immediately noticed by the young Amazon. Izzy was cracking up. "I'm sorry, that scene always gets me!" Izzy said, pointing at the screen where they showed the back of the Little's pants drooping from the weight of a heavy mess. "Littles are so bad at hiding. We can always smell where they are!" Catherine scowled. She wanted to shush Izzy like she shushed her, but she knew such an action would get her in trouble. The Amazon on the screen opened the closet door and the Little tried to run. The Amazon grabbed the Little's arm. "What were you doing in my closet? Shouldn't you be at home with your own mommy?" She wrinkled her nose "And did you poo poo?" The Little looked scared and frightened as she tried to pull her arm away. A dark pee stain went down her already messy pant legs. "You're peeing! You're not even in diapers!" shouted the young girl. "You're getting it all over my floor!" The Amazon gave a gentle spank to the Little. She cried, the spanking mushing her mess and ruining her pants which weren't in great shape to begin with. The young girl felt bad. She hugged the Little carefully so as not to get her dress wet. She looked down. "My name is Penelope. What's your name?" The Amazon asked. The Little seemed nervous, looking off to the side. "I don't know. No one gave me a name before. The big scary adults call me a thief though." Penelope thought before responding "So you don't belong to anyone?" Her face lit up and she smiled wide. "I should adopt you! But we'll have to keep you a secret from my parents. They don't want to have a Little in the house because they said they're too messy." Penelope pointed to the puddle on the floor. "I guess they're right about that! Come on, you need a bath and a diaper! I think I'll call you Babypants." The next scene was a montage set to pop music, showing the scowling Little as she got scrubbed in the tub. She then had her hair cut and styled so it was no longer the careless frizz that it was before. The hair was now in adorable pigtails at the top of her head. Next she was fitted into a diaper, which was actually just a towel that got folded between her legs and held together with large safety pins. It seemed this was going to be the theme of the movie. Just another story of a kid finding a "pet" and trying to keep it secret from her parents. Catherine rolled her eyes. Halfway through the movie Catherine needed to go poop badly. She crossed her legs and tried to clench her cheeks together as she viewed the movie. It was bad enough that she had to pee in the potty with Izzy watching, but she didn't want her to see her pooping as well! Her poop was private business. It wasn't something for people to stare at! It was getting harder to hold it in as she sat there though. She farted quite loudly. "I heard that, Cathy, and I know that wasn't the movie!" Izzy said. "Do you have to go poo poo?" "I don't need you to tell me!" Catherine grumbled, getting out of her kiddie seat and walking over to the potty chair. "Well, go on. We don't even have to pause the movie!" Izzy smiled, waving her hand to encourage Catherine. Catherine sighed in defeat. She pulled off her overalls straps and then tugged down her panties. She sat down on the potty chair, facing the television. She watched the silly antics of the Penelope and "Babypants" sneaking around the house and managing to get around without being detected. Catherine ended up caught up in the movie. She dropped some thick, healthy logs into the bowl of the potty chair. Izzy could hear the dull thuds of those poops hitting the hard plastic of the potty, but Catherine was too entranced by the film to notice she was already done pooping. Izzy smiled, letting Catherine sit there for a while. She thought the view of the small girl on the potty chair was cute and she didn't want to rush her off just yet. Eventually Izzy got up and stood Catherine onto her feet. She wadded up some toilet paper in her hand and wiped Catherine's dirty bottom. "Wait, I can do that!" Catherine whined. "Shh, be quiet." Izzy said directly as she wiped the adult Little's crack perfectly clean. She dropped the used toilet paper into the potty and then helped Catherine pull her pants and panties back up, even readjusting the straps of the overalls for her. Catherine and Izzy watched the rest of the movie together. Catherine's poop-filled potty chair was sitting there the whole time. She blushed, embarrassed about her poop being presently so openly like that. She wished that Izzy would empty out the potty chair already! Silly Catherine should have been grateful she was even allowed to still use a potty chair at this point though. She was lucky she didn't have an accident right there mere inches away from the potty. If Izzy hadn't told her to go sit on her potty she might have been watching the rest of the movie with poop in her pants. Catherine didn't like how she had to be told to sit on the chair and still stubbornly believed she could have held it for longer. That carelessness would eventually be her undoing though. The movie ended predictably enough, with the parents eventually finding out about the Little and then deciding to adopt her since she "had no home." Catherine knew this was the best possible ending for the Little, even though she didn't like it. The Little wasn't like her. She was much more helpless despite her rough and tumble attitude. The message of the movie set itself into Catherine's brain. Littles needed Amazons. "I still love that movie." Izzy said, standing up from the couch and stretching. "I'm going to clean out your potty now. Do you have to make another poop or pee?" She asked, looking down at Catherine. The smaller girl sighed and shook her head. Izzy picked up the potty and carried it out of the room, humming happily as she took the potty chair away. Catherine kicked at the carpet, grumbling to herself. Izzy was so mature and responsible. She wished she could be more like her, even though she was a lot younger than her. Catherine opened up her laptop again and sat on the floor. She went to her online store and checked it. There were no new orders coming in. Catherine became a little worried that her business was starting to go downhill a bit since Abigail moved in. She knew she didn't have to worry about not making rent since Abigail agreed to take over, but she still didn't want to have to be dependent on anyone! Catherine tried to take out some free ad space on the same site she used to find her roommate, offering any kind of technical support she could for a cheap price. She hoped that would be enough. "What're you doing, silly girl?" Izzy said as she came up behind Catherine. "Oh, you're still looking for employment? You shouldn't worry about that. Besides, who would want to hire a Little to do a job an Amazon could do better?" "Hey!" Catherine stood up. "I'm probably smarter than you! I don't have to sit here and be insulted like this!" Catherine swung her leg and ended up kicking Izzy in the shin. "Hey, watch it!" Izzy said back. She set the clean potty chair down and grabbed Catherine. She sat on the couch and bent Catherine over her knee. She started spanking her. Each slap was harder than the last, making her bottom jiggle slightly. Catherine resisted crying, but soon she couldn't hold it back. She bawled like a big baby. Izzy's spanking was so hard! Izzy then lifted Catherine high, carrying her over the baby gate and bringing her to her room. Izzy quickly undressed Catherine, leaving only her t-shirt on. She hastily stuck a diaper on her, not even bothering with the baby oil or powder. Catherine was set in her crib and the bars were locked in place. "You need a nap." Izzy said, still a bit angry but calming down. "I'll let you out when I've decided you've learned your lesson." "No please...." Catherine grabbed the bars of her crib. "I'm sorry! Please don't leave me in this crib! Pleeease!" She begged and begged but her pleads fell on deaf ears. Izzy shut out the light but she kept the door open a crack. Catherine heard a voice on the baby monitor. "I'll be listening in on you, so you better not do anything naughty." Izzy said through the device. Catherine sobbed and sat in the crib. Sure, Izzy started it, but she knew she shouldn't have lost her temper like that. She looked down, knowing there was only one way she would calm down. She had to sacrifice some personal dignity though. She raised her thumb to her mouth and sucked on it, slowly becoming soothed. Catherine leaned back on the mattress and went to sleep. When Catherine woke up in the crib her thumb was no longer in her mouth. Something else was there though. She sat up and pulled on the pacifier, looking down at it. She twisted her face in disgust as she realized Izzy must have come in when she was sleeping and stuck the babyish binky in her mouth. The worst part, Catherine thought, was how naturally she came to be sucking on it. At no point in her sleep did she try to spit the binky out. She stood up in the crib. "Hello? Izzy? I learned my lesson." Catherine said. She looked down at the diaper. It was wet. "and I need a change!" Catherine knew she wouldn't get in trouble for accidents while she was asleep. That must have been why Izzy stuck the diaper on her anyway. She totally expected Catherine to go on herself. There was no response from Izzy. "Izzy, come on, I need you!" She began begging again. If her old self could see what she had become she would be so offended. Here she was, needing help like some baby and calling out for an Amazon! Isabella finally came into the room, a smug smile on her face. She walked up to Catherine's crib and stood in front of it. Izzy gave a nice, long stare at Catherine standing there in a wet diaper. "So, do you really think you learned your lesson?" Izzy said, still smiling. "Yes, I'm really sorry." Catherine said, actually sounding remorseful. "Then prove it." Izzy crossed her arms. Her smile faded. "Before I let you out, I want you to use your diaper. Then I'll change you and put you back in your big girl pants." Catherine was agog. Izzy couldn't really mean for her to do that, right? She slowly shook her head. "But.... but I'm already wet?" "That's not what I mean." Izzy said with an aloof, distant look. "You need to make a mess on yourself. Come on, it's not like you've never done it on purpose before." Catherine frowned as her hands slowly slid down the bars of the crib before letting go. She stood on the middle of the mattress, legs parted. She had no choice. Izzy was making her do this! Catherine did go poop in the potty earlier, but she knew she could do it again. She just had no idea how much poop was actually inside of her! The soft, mushy shit spread around the inside of the diaper, much to Catherine's surprise. Izzy was smiling again as she heard the mess going into the diaper and looked at Catherine's funny expression. The young woman giggled at the sight of the Little filling her diapers up. "How does that feel?" Izzy asked, a slight chuckle escaping her. "It's gross and mushy." Catherine pouted. "Really? Are you sure you aren't liking this just a little bit?" Izzy squinted her eyes as she teased the small girl. "This isn't fair! This isn't fair, I'm a big girl, I'm a big giiirl!" Catherine started having a breakdown, overwhelmed by everything. All the teasing, shame, and deterioration of her whole identity left her a pathetic blubbering mess in her crib. Even more piss started spraying out of her, as if her very maturity was pouring out of her into a diaper to be thrown out. "Aww, Cathy, baby, it is fair." Izzy said, pulling down the bars to the crib and lifting Catherine out. "Look at all this mess you made, and you're soaked!" "Please. Please don't tell Abi." Catherine hiccupped. She clutched onto Izzy as she was carried to her changing table. "You mean your mommy? Well we don't have to tell her about this, but you need to admit to me that you're just a big baby that needs me to change her pants." Izzy smiled, lying Catherine on her back. "I'm not a..." She looked up, seeing how serious Izzy was. She couldn't believe she was about to sell herself out like this. "Fine, I'm a big baby." Catherine crossed her arms, pouting. "And?" Izzy leaned in with a devilish grin. "And I need you to change my pants! I pooped in them! I'm a baby that pooped her pants!" Catherine was trying to say it angrily to take the power out of the statement, but it only made her sound more adorable to Izzy. Isabella tore open the diaper. She didn't even flinch at the thick mess inside. She took several baby wipes and deftly swept up most of the mess, placing the dirty wipes into the dirty diaper. She gathered up more wipes to clean further, digging deep into crevices to make Catherine nice and clean again. She dropped the heavily used diaper in the pail. Catherine was stood back up on her feet and dressed in her regular daytime clothes again. Deep down Catherine knew this episode was mostly her fault. She lost her cool and ended up punished for it, just like she had been warned. She was warned not just by the Amazons, but other Littles as well. You should never pick a fight with an Amazon because you'll end up a diaper baby. Abigail arrived home late. She looked pretty exhausted as she set her books down. Looking into the kitchen she saw Izzy and Catherine having a pizza together. Catherine was in her high chair happily munching on pizza with long strands of cheese going from the slice to her mouth. She looked pretty happy, but it was hard for anyone to look sad while eating pizza. "Well look at that." Abigail smiled. "You're being so well behaved!" "Yeah, she wasn't any trouble at all today." Izzy said, slyly winking at Catherine. "Really? So there was no problem at all? No pee pee on he floor or poopy in her pants?" Abigail asked her question in the most embarrassing way she could. "No, but she did get cranky after lunch. I had to put her down for a nap." Izzy explained. "Don't worry, she had on a diaper for her nap, didn't you Cathy?" "Um, yeah." Catherine responded, cheese and sauce around her mouth and bib. Izzy wiped her mouth for her. "Did you have to change a dirty diaper?" Abigail asked, digging into her purse. "I should pay you extra for that..." "No need. She was a real princess through the whole thing." Izzy said, smiling wide. "I think she knows who's boss now." "Well that's very good to hear!" Abigail seemed quite pleased. She paid the babysitter and Izzy gave Abigail a hug goodbye. Before leaving, Izzy gave Catherine a hug as well. Catherine thought about what Isabella did for her. Sure, it came at the price of her dignity, but she did kick her. She knew that the stress of today was caused by her own foolishness. Catherine was gently scooted off to the living room after her dinner. Izzy had stuck around to chat with Abigail a bit longer. The two mature Amazons talked to each other like adults, leaving the little Catherine out of the conversation. Catherine felt a bit full from her meal, rubbing her stomach. She also had quite a bit of soda. She stared at the potty chair. This was her chance to show Abigail she could use a potty chair and not make a big fuss about it. She walked up to the plastic potty and pulled off her overalls. She then yanked down her panties. She grabbed the toilet paper as she sat down on the potty and waited. It didn't take long for her pee stream to hit the inside of the bowl. The sound of her peeing was immediately heard by Abigail, who turned around just in time to watch Catherine. It was embarrassing to be sure, but if Abigail was going to watch her tinkle at least it was going to be in somewhere besides a diaper and on her terms! Catherine stood up, not caring anymore about trying to cover her privates. She just wiped her crotch dry and dropped the toilet paper into the potty. "What a good girl you're being, Cathy!" Abigail praised. She then gave a patronizing clap. Izzy joined in on the clapping. "You should have seen her earlier today. She made some pretty big poops in that potty." Izzy said. "She sure makes a lot of poop for such a small Little!" "Really? You should have taken a picture!" Abigail giggled. Catherine let out a whine of disapproval, wanting to let Abigail know she really did not want there to be photographic evidence of her re-potty training. Naturally her whine was ignored. At the end of the day Catherine's potty was placed back in her room, emptied and freshly cleaned. Catherine still had half an hour before her bedtime. She went over to her shelf of electronics and took them down, scattering them on the floor. Catherine sat on the floor and went over her notes. There was something strange about them this time though. The notes were hard to read. It took her a while to understand her own writing, but eventually she got it and went about piecing together her device. When she was sure she was done she attached the battery and tried to power on the device. Nothing happened. She flicked the switch back and forth, trying to make something happen, but the device remained inoperable. Confused, she went back to her notes, trying to see if she followed them incorrectly or if she might have made a mistake somewhere. Catherine panicked. She ascertained she was starting to forget things she spent a lifetime learning. When the realization dawned on her she got very nervous. She felt a tingle like she was going to pee. She remembered what happened last time she had a nervous episode and ran to her potty, yanking off the overalls quickly and pulling down her panties. She sat on the potty and just a small amount of pee dribbled out. She panted, catching her breath. She just made it. Maybe she should start wearing dresses more. It would be less work to pull them off. Taking off her overalls each time was an ordeal. She always had to pull off those damn straps first! Her main concern wasn't the overalls though. It was the fact that she was losing her intelligence. Another spurt of pee went into the potty. Catherine hoped that she wouldn't have these nervous peeing episodes every time she got stressed! Abigail came into the bedroom, seeing Catherine sitting on her potty and looking fretful. Abigail rubbed Catherine's back and kneeled down beside her. "Are you constipated, Cathy? Should I get you one of my candy bars?" Abigail joked. "N-no, it's not that." Catherine said. "I was just thinking about, um, stuff." She stood up and dabbed herself with the toilet paper before dropping it into her potty. "You know you can talk to me." Abigail said. "Think of me as a mommy. I know that's hard for you, but really I can be a good mom if you give me a chance." Catherine wasn't about to give Abigail any kind of chance like that! The very idea of seeing Abigail as a mommy was offensive to her. Catherine had a mom. Abigail picked the girl up, letting her pants and panties just fall off of her feet on the way up to the changing table. "I talked with one of my professors today, asking if I could bring you to school." Abigail started talking to Catherine as she prepped her for bed, sliding a thick night time diaper underneath her. "Professor Hodgkins is very interested in seeing you. She says she has studied the non-adopted Little before but she has never seen one that's potty trained, though she knows they exist." "Oh really? Am I going to blow her mind or something?" Cathy rolled her eyes. She then winced as she felt the cool baby oil being rubbed into her naked flesh. "We will see. Hopefully you wont be a complete embarrassment to me and soil yourself. I mean I did tell everyone you could handle walking around without diapers." Abigail said as she sprinkled baby powder around Catherine's butt and crotch. She folded the diaper up. This new diaper was so thick and the waistband went up to her ribs, stopping just below her breasts. Catherine could not close her legs. The super thick diapers really impaired her movement. The rabbit pajamas wouldn't fit tonight so she was instead fitted with a simplistic nightgown. Naturally the nightgown did not reach enough to cover the thick diaper. "Are these new diapers?" Catherine grunted. "I can barely move in them!" "Now Cathy, sweetie, I already explained it you! I can't risk having you leak again and soiling your sheets." Abigail told her. "You're lucky you're not getting the mittens... yet." That comment made Catherine gulp nervously. "There is a time and place to play with yourself and maybe I will teach you about that some day. For now though do not touch that diaper so much. You could loosen it and we all know what will happen then." Abigail locked the crib. Catherine got on her knees and held the bars, looking up with sad puppy eyes. Abigail sighed and flicked a switch. A gentle, plinky tune played and glowing shapes turned above her. Catherine looked up and saw a baby crib mobile. Abigail reached through the bars and forcefully made Catherine lie on her back so she would keep staring at the mobile. The Amazon left the room, turning off the light. Catherine just watched the mobile, putting a hand up to her mouth. She watched the colorful glowing shapes. It reminded her of that preschool show that she saw on the television that one time. She couldn't turn away this time though. It was too late and she was watching the mobile take its hypnotic effect on her. She wasn't even aware that her thumb was in her mouth and she was sucking on it like a toddler. Her eyes closed, the mobile having successfully sent her to sleep. Catherine found herself walking through the woods. She followed the light to the end, where she found herself back in her old village. The village never looked better. It was thriving. She saw her parents walking towards her, still with their pants bulging out from diapers underneath. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing her cool old clothes again. She didn't have on baby clothes or diapers or anything like that. "We're so proud of you, Catherine!" her mother said, tearing up. "You've grown into a smart and powerful Little!" Catherine teared up herself. She saw the other Littles waving at her. Inspired by Catherine's success they too were wearing regular pants with no diapers on underneath. Catherine felt pride swelling up inside of her. She helped make this happen! Just then a dark stain began to spread on the front of Catherine's pants. She looked down, watching as the pee seeped through the denim and dribbled onto the ground. Loud, rumbling farts came from her backside before her pants stretched out in the back and turned a brownish tint. She put her hands on the back and front of her pants, but there was no hiding the shameful act. She was peeing and pooping her pants in front of everyone! Her parents looked on with disappointment. The sky slowly darkened and giant foot steps drew near. "How could you do this to us, Cathy?" A Little said. "You were supposed to the grown up one!" One by one each Little began to wet their pants and cry. Catherine felt her heart race as the foot steps became louder. 12 foot tall Amazons entered the town, scooping up Littles. Catherine tried to say something, but her thumb was in her mouth. She tried to pull her thumb out, but she couldn't. It felt like it was being held there by some powerful magnetic force. Catherine watched in horror as her own parents were whisked away. "We're disappointed in you Cathy." her mom said tearfully. "You're just a baby!" Giant bars shot out of the ground. Catherine felt the earth shake beneath her as she was raised up in the air, the ground dissolving away and the sky turning pink. It was like she was in a nursery, but a really large one. That or she was even tinier. She looked at herself in a mirror on the closet door. She saw mittens and booties, a bib, and a pacifier gagging her mouth. The worst part was her diaper, which looked like it was impossibly full and touching the floor of the crib. When she touched it she felt a mess sloshing around inside against her thighs. She tried to scream out, but the sound was muffled by her pacifier. An impossibly big Amazon came to check on her, lifting her with one hand. Catherine couldn't even gauge how large the Amazon was. She couldn't even see her face! "Uh oh, someone made a poopy!" the voice boomed. "Look at how helpless you are!" Catherine found herself face to face with her potty chair, only it was larger than normal. The bowl of the potty was taller than her. She tried to climb up it. "Silly baby! You probably don't even know how to use the potty!" The voice rung in Catherine's ears it was so loud! Catherine looked into the empty potty. She then tried to think of how a potty is supposed to be used. Do you stand next to it? Where does your pee pee and poop go? What does the lid do? As she was trying to figure out how the potty worked she slipped and fell in. Catherine tumbled around in the darkness before suddenly waking up. Catherine shot up, sitting up straight in the crib and looking around. She looked down at her diaper. It was soaking wet, but it wasn't comically large like in her nightmare. The mobile had turned off, probably on some timer. She tried to process everything she saw in the nightmare, rubbing her temple. How could she forget to potty? All you do is pull down your pants, sit, and then go! She sighed with relief, glad she could remember again, but she wasn't sure how the dream made her forget like that. Catherine sniffled, standing to her feet in the crib. She looked over at the potty chair just sitting there mockingly. It was so close and yet so far. She reached up to the latches on the crib and attempted to figure out the lock. Again it was useless. Catherine would never be able to figure out how to unlock the latches to the crib. Catherine sat back down, defeated. She let out a relieved sigh as she pooped and peed right there where she was sitting. The extra thick diapers meant that she could barely feel it. She reached down to touch herself through the heavy fabric. All she could feel was an impenetrable wall of gooey diapers touching her privates. Her hands could not reach. Feeling the wet wall press against her was enough though. She wondered if she could do anything about this. She tried patting the front of the diaper. It felt nice to feel the soggy material slap against herself over and over, but she stopped when she remembered Abigail could hear her over the monitor. She sighed again, falling onto her back. She groaned. There was nothing to do but stare up at the stationary mobile as the shapes slowly spun on their axes. She rocked back and forth, feeling her mess spread around. She smiled to herself. That at least felt nice and soothing. After her butt was nicely coated with her own filth Catherine did feel a bit more sleepy. She yawned and stuck her thumb into her mouth again, this time voluntarily. It helped her drift back to sleep. "Rise and shine, stinky." Abigail said, lifting the wet and messy Catherine out of her crib. She groped Catherine's bottom, squeezing the dirty seat and subsequently making her mess spread around more. "Did you have a nice rest last night? It sure feels like it!" "Um, actually..." Catherine rubbed her sleepy eyes. "I had a nightmare." "Oh no, poor baby!" Abigail said, feigning concern as she flipped up the nightgown and opened up the diaper. She started wiping Catherine clean with a cool wipe. Catherine tried to remember what happened in the dream. Of course now it only came to her in bits and pieces. She remembered giant Amazons and soiling herself, but that's about it. Catherine's heavily soiled diaper was dropped into the pail. "Good thing we switched to these new, larger diapers. Your old diapers would have leaked from all of this!" Catherine was stood up on the changing table and had her panties pulled up for her. Abigail tugged the back of Catherine's waistband and sprinkled some powder down into it. Now even though Catherine wouldn't be in a diaper she would still smell like a baby all day. Catherine was set on the floor. Catherine ran up to her dresser and tried to find something to wear. She considered a dress, but knowing she would be out in public today she did not want to wear anything too sissy. Again she went with overalls. She pulled her shirt over her head and then shimmied into a fresh pair of overalls. She pulled up some cute socks and got down on one knee as she tried to tie her own shoes. Catherine grunted, having difficulty remembering how the loops were supposed to go. Abigail came behind her and reached around behind her back. "Here. Like this." Abigail said as she tied Catherine's shoes for her. "I could do it myself!" Catherine protested. "Well that would have taken too long." Abigail shot back. She lifted Catherine up again and tied her hair into two cute and fluffy pigtails. She added a finishing touch, adorning each pigtail with a pink bow. "Now you look presentable! Everyone is going to love you." Catherine had a simple bowl of oatmeal that morning with lots of cut up fruit inside. Abigail stuck a granola bar into the bib pocket of Catherine's overalls as a treat "for later" as she said. Before leaving Abigail attached a harness to Catherine's torso. "Wait, hold on, what the hell is this for?" Catherine tugged at the harness straps. "It's school policy, I'm afraid, and watch that potty mouth." Abigail smacked Catherine's butt in addition to scolding her. "I know you wont like it, but Littles can not be allowed to wander around a place of higher learning without a leash." Catherine grumbled. She felt a metal latch locking onto the back of her harness. Abigail gave the leash a gentle tug, just to test how it worked. Catherine stumbled backward a bit but remained on her feet as Abigail carefully held the leash up, not letting the Little fall. Catherine looked up at Abigail with a scowl. "Oh Abi had a little Little, a Little little, a Little little, Oh Abi had a Little little whose pants were so yellow..." Abigail sang down at Catherine with a giggle. "My pants aren't yellow!" Catherine griped. "She followed her to school one day, school one day, school one day, She followed her to school one day, which was against the very laws of Amazon culture!" Abigail purposefully messed up the meter of the rhyme just to drive the point home that Littles were not allowed to learn in the same schools as Amazons. "I think it'll be okay though. You're not there to learn anything. You'll just be a fascinating subject." Abigail gave a tug on Catherine's leash as she was lead outside of the apartment. Catherine nervously followed behind Abigail. Not only would she be around other Amazons today, but they would see her out of her element. Sure, she was being presented as a potty trained Little, but these Amazons at this school were 10 times smarter than her. While Catherine could probably match wits closely with younger or less educated Amazons these were university students. If she thought she felt small before these Amazons were going to make her feel like a downright baby!
  2. No. Each chapter is 12 pages, so this makes about 36 pages out 75 so far.
  3. CHAPTER 3: Things Get Messy Catherine woke up, looking around the still dark room. Day time was still hours away. In her sleep, she ended up rolling onto her back and in the process the lumpy mess was now flattened across her entire bottom. Catherine sat up in the bed, feeling strange. Her pussy was feeling very hot. The sensation of having the thick, muddy shit stuck to her cheeks and up against the crack of little ass was arousing her. It was an awkward feeling for her. She was brought back to memories of refusing to go poop on the potty as a child. The huge woman at the upholstery place somehow just knew Catherine's potty training must have been stressful. These thoughts invaded her head as she sat in her own poop. Catherine had to pee. With no way out of her crib and her diaper already a mess she decided to just let go. Catherine rolled onto her back and closed her eyes. She let a hot jet of pee gush out of her. She grabbed at her toes and scrunched up her face, forcing out the pee stream. She smiled, actually enjoying the feeling of using her diaper like a toilet. The pee gave her already hot privates an exciting tingle. She slipped her hands between her legs and played with herself. She felt disgusted with herself. She tried so hard to appear grown up in the eyes of others, but alone in her room, playing with her poopy diapers, she was giving in to feelings she had no idea she had. Catherine rolled onto her tummy, practically grinding her hands between her legs. She felt a pulsing sensation go through her body. Catherine had masturbated before, and she assumed she had orgasms before too, but this was the first time she was sure that she was climaxing. Catherine rested on her tummy, her eyes wide and her jaw hanging open as she rode out waves of pleasure. Catherine looked over at the night stand. She saw the baby monitor and wondered how much of her panting and diaper rustling the little device picked up. Instantly she regretting the decision to masturbate in her diaper. She heard no response and did not see Abigail coming to check on her. If Abigail did hear everything she was keeping that secret to herself. In a way, that was even more agonizing. There would be a silent knowledge of her shameful act and it would just create more awkwardness inside for Catherine. There was not much to do now except wait for Abigail to wake up. Catherine held the teddy bear on top of her tummy, looking at it. She played with the stuffed toy for a bit, trying to imagine it was Abigail. In her mind she was thinking about turning the tables on the Amazon. If she were as big as Abigail she would be putting her in diapers and forcing her to poop on herself! She sat up in the crib, holding the proxy Abi-bear down and pretending to put a diaper on it. "We'll see who the real baby is!" she thought to herself. She turned the bear around and started spanking it. It was all a pitiful gesture, but it made Catherine feel better. Abigail finally woke from her slumber. Catherine could hear the larger girl through the baby monitor. She listened to the grunts and creaking of the bed as she slowly got herself up. Catherine stood in her crib and scurried over to the far end. She heard Abigail walking through the hall, but instead of stopping at Catherine's door she went into the bathroom. Everything was quiet. She heard a faint piddling noise. Abigail was using the toilet, which made Catherine jealous. The sound of the pee hitting the water made her have to go more. Catherine tried to hold it, but she wasn't able to last long. Something about the sound just made it so much easier to let go. She piddled into her own diaper and sighed. She kept her legs parted as she felt the over-taxed diaper expanding. It didn't feel like it could hold much more, so Abigail woke up just in the nick of time. Another hour later and Catherine may have soaked straight though the diapers. Abigail flushed the toilet and exited the bathroom. Catherine excitedly stood to attention, waiting for her to enter the room. When she finally did come in to see the small girl, Abigail scrunched up her face and waved her hand in front of her. "Oh dear, someone's made short work of their diaper!" Abigail said playfully. The wordplay was not lost on Catherine, who took great offense to it, but was in no position to argue. She needed Abigail to change her right now! Abigail lowered the bars on the side of Catherine's crib and picked her up like a baby. She held onto Catherine a bit longer before sending her to the changing table that was installed in the smaller room. She bounced Catherine in her arms and firmly patted her loaded diaper seat. "I guess you slept well. There's a lot of poopies and pee pees in here!" Abigail said with a big, perverse smile. "I would have used the toilet if you didn't make me stay in a crib!" Catherine pouted. "I told you, the crib is for your own good." Abigail explained as she took Catherine to the table, laying her flat on her back. "You should appreciate all that I do for you, stinky. I understand you were raised differently, but I am trying to meet you halfway here. Can you promise to at least do the same for me? You know, like a big girl?" Abigail masterfully worded her lecture, making it seem like Catherine's stubbornness and resolve was merely a childish act of rebellion. Catherine wanted to be seen as a big girl, so she nodded in agreement, falling for Abigail's trap. Abigail looked pleased. She gently tore the tapes on the sides of Catherine's diaper and opened it up. She made an exaggerated expression, reeling back and shaking her head. She pulled some baby wipes from their container and applied them to Catherine's messy butt. She carefully cleared the mess off one cheek at a time before going between her crack and wiping deep and hard between. "You look like you've been rolling around in your own muck like an animal!" Abigail exclaimed. "Are you sure I don't need to start putting you in diapers during the day time?" "I'm sure." Catherine responded through gritted teeth, looking offended at the very suggestion. Catherine's anger only amused Abigail further. She wiped down the girl's pussy carefully, clearing the mess off of it. She spread out Catherine's legs, wiping downward soundly so that she would really feel it. Abigail could see by the look on Catherine's face that she was getting the full experience of the wipe-down, getting tingling jolts of pleasure through her even after her little climax earlier. Catherine looked up at Abigail nervously, wondering if she knew about her naughty deed. If she did then it looked like she would never tell, allowing Catherine to figuratively stew in her own mess. After Catherine's butt and crotch were free of mess, Abigail pulled away the heavily used diapers and wipes, folding them squarely, and dropping the whole thing into the tall metallic diaper pail. The pail trapped in most of the smell, but there would always be a faint, lingering odor that Catherine would always sense more keenly than Abigail. Having the diaper pail in her bedroom helped as a constant reminder to Catherine of her smaller and weaker status. She could not ignore the odor of her own embarrassing messes. "I did say that night time accidents wouldn't count against you, but you still have one strike, so don't forget that." Abigail reminded her. She picked up Catherine and set her on the floor. "Can you dress yourself, baby?" "Yeeees." Catherine rolled her eyes. She went over to the smaller, cuter dresser. She pulled out a new pair of overalls, shirt, socks, and underwear. Abigail stood there, watching Catherine get dressed. She folded her arms as she looked down, looking like she was watching over to make sure little Catherine would dress herself properly. Abigail followed right behind Catherine as she exited her own bedroom. Abigail liked looking at Catherine's butt whenever her overalls were on. They always rode up her crack. She knew that when she was in a diaper Catherine's overalls would not hide it. She would eventually move her onto dresses as her diapers would get too big for the overalls soon enough. Abigail lifted Catherine up. Catherine didn't even put up a fuss this time. She was set into her highchair and strapped in. The tray was set in front of her, locking her in place. A simple bowl of cereal was placed in front of the little girl. Abigail handed her a cute plastic spoon with a mermaid-shaped handle. Catherine did think it was pretty cool looking, even if it was childish. Abigail sat down at the table on a big girl chair, looking over at Catherine as she ate her own cereal. She watched Catherine with a sly smile as she happily ate the cereal. Catherine looked pretty happy about her sugary cereal, swinging her feet from the high chair as she ate. "I will have to go back to class tomorrow." Abigail said as she watched the little girl. "I have arranged for a babysitter to watch over you. You can be nice to sitter, yes?" Catherine had a mouthful of cereal. She nodded. She didn't really want a sitter, obviously, but what could she do about it? Abigail pulled up a picture on her phone and showed Catherine. The girl looked like a teenager, but being an Amazon she was most likely far taller than Catherine. She could not think of anything more humiliating than having some kid younger than her watching her as if she were a child! The only thing that would be more embarrassing would be if she needed her diapers changed by this kid. It was more incentive than ever to keep her pants clean. The day went without much incident. Catherine did her little experiments while Abigail studied her college level books. Catherine was smart for a Little, but when she peeked at Abigail's books they may as well have been written in another language! It made her feel a bit dumb when she read that text. Catherine also had a few close calls with the bathroom during the day, but she was able to make it each time. Abigail took note of this, seeing that even with the threat of a diaper punishment Catherine was still being careless with her bathroom habits, such as holding it in for too long. Abigail thought about scolding Catherine for her reckless behavior, but she knew it would be better if she let the small girl get into a false sense of security. Before her bedtime Catherine wanted to make sure she went to the toilet and got everything out. She didn't want to poop herself in bed again. Abigail walked in on her as she was pulling down her pants and panties. Catherine felt fairly embarrassed about the disregard for her privacy but she also started wanting to show off how well she went potty. She pulled herself up onto the large Amazonian toilet and sat there waiting. Abigail gently pat her head, smiling as she watched over Catherine. The Little leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees. She grimaced as she tried to force herself to poop, but all she was able to do was pee. The pee stream trickled gently into the bowl. Her pee stream always had a higher pitch in sound than Abigail's on account of their different sizes and flows. "Good girl. You went pee pee all by yourself." Abigail congratulated her. It was obviously meant to sound condescending. "Brush you teeth. I'll get your diapers and jammies ready." Abigail gave one of her signature smacks on Catherine's bare bottom before she was able to pull her panties back up. Abigail just spoke so matter-of-factly to Catherine, like it was totally normal to treat her like an infant. Catherine brushed her teeth while standing on her step stool. She spit into the sink and wiped her mouth clean, slowly stepping down from the sink counter. She looked to the hall, seeing her bedroom door open. She sighed, dreading having to go in there and get fitted for another diaper. She did not want this to be her routine, but Abigail was not giving her a choice. She hoped that by going in the toilet before bed that she would not have to wake up wet again, or worse. Maybe Abigail might let her out of night time diapers if she stayed clean for a couple nights in a row? Once inside the bedroom, Abigail lifted Catherine up onto the changing table. She tsked, shaking her head as she pulled off Catherine's clothes. She thought it was silly for Catherine to pull her pants back up if she was just going to have to pull them back down again. Abigail laid Catherine back and rubbed her tummy gently. "Just calm down, stinky." Abigail cooed. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's natural for you to go potty on yourself in your sleep. You're a Little. All Littles do it sometimes, even the rare potty trained ones like you." Abigail gave Catherine an extra little wipe on her butt. She dug the wipes between Catherine's crack. She raised the wipe high enough for Catherine to see that she didn't wipe herself well enough. She dropped the used wipe down the diaper pail. Abigail unfolded Catherine's thick night diapers and set them on the table. She clasped both of Catherine's ankles and raised her rump from the table. The diaper was tucked under Catherine and she was set back down upon it. She picked up a bottle of baby oil and squirted it into her palm. She slathered the oil all around her private area, caressing her skin deeply. Abigail raised Catherine's legs again and applied a thin layer of oil to her cheeks and crack. Catherine's face twitched as she tried not to react to the rubbing of the soothing oil around her sensitive and private underwear areas. It obviously felt good to be touched like this, but she didn't want to seem like she liked this. This was supposed to be a humiliating diapering experience. A nasty grin grew on Abigail's face. She put a bit more oil into her palm and started rubbing deeply into Abigail's skin. Two of her large fingers slid between Catherine's hairless slit. She gave Catherine a slight fingering, looking down upon the big baby with smug superiority. Once Catherine started getting into it Abigail pulled her fingers out right away. She tugged up the diaper between Catherine's legs and taped it snug over her tummy. Abigail pulled the bunny pajamas over Catherine and zipped her up. Catherine was set in her crib and tucked into her blankets. Abigail raised the bars on the side of the crib bed. Catherine sat up and watched closely, trying to see how Abigail locked the bars in place. Again she wasn't able to see how the latches work. Catherine sighed and flopped onto her back, staring up at the ceiling. Abigail swished her fat hips as she left. She was clearly trying to wave her perfect ass at Catherine again. It was a lot more obvious this time. Catherine pouted as she watched Abigail leave from her little crib. She rolled onto her side, feeling the thick diapers against her like a prison attached to her body. She closed her eyes, letting herself fall asleep. As with the previous night, Catherine woke up again needing the bathroom. Seeing the futility of trying to escape her babyish bastille Catherine just lied back and polluted her pampers. The small sigh let out a sigh of relief as the hot mess spread around her bottom. She grabbed at her toes, rocking back and forth on the crinkling mattress. Catherine blushed quite a bit, still getting feelings of arousal from her on-purpose messes. She wanted to cry, but she didn't want Abigail to hear her through the baby monitor. Instead she stuck her thumb in her mouth and rolled onto her side. Again, Catherine tried going back to sleep after making her mess, but it was difficult to just let herself drift off to dreamland. She stuck her hands between her legs and rubbed herself gently. She could tell the sound of her crinkling diapers was getting louder so she stopped. She really wished she had some privacy about now. Catherine wondered if she would ever get alone time. She tucked her hand back between her legs. Instead of rubbing herself she just held her hand in place. It was enough for her for now. She peed against her palm, feeling the diapers warm up against her pussy. She pressed hard against the diaper front. She made a note to herself in her head how peeing in her diaper while touching herself gave her some added pleasure. If she was all alone she would probably be exploring these shameful feelings comfortably, but there was always the looming presence of Abigail. Abigail woke up early that day since she needed to get to her classes. She lowered the bars of the crib and pulled Catherine out. The small girl wasn't fully awake yet as she was undressed from her pajamas and had her diaper opened up. Catherine's eyes bolted open once her dirty diaper was ajar. She seemed a bit startled at first to be on the changing table when she was only just in her crib bed a moment ago. Abigail shushed the girl, placing a hand on her chest so that she would be pressed to the table. Catherine got wiped swiftly and the full diaper got dropped into the pail. Abigail turned Catherine onto her stomach and gave her crack another firm wiping. She placed Catherine down on her feet and patted her bare butt gently. Abigail kept looking at her watch as she waited for Catherine to dress herself. She was already dressed for school with her purse and backpack slung over her broad shoulder. Catherine got herself fully dressed in another pair of overalls. Still, Abigail stayed in the flat, waiting. Finally there was a buzz from the door. Abigail ran over to the little speaker. "Hey, is that you, Isabella?" Abigail spoke, pressing down on the button to buzz the girl in. "Yeah, sorry I was late!" the cute little voice came from the speaker. "I'll be right up!" Catherine stood in the living room, watching shyly from behind her Little chair. She heard large, heavy foot steps clomping up the stairs, but they were still lighter foot steps than Abigail's. The front door opened and a black haired Amazon teenager stood in the doorway. She was just under eight feet tall, but she was still growing. She still towered over someone like Catherine though by several feet. Isabella was handed a piece of paper with rules on it for Catherine. "Make sure she doesn't try to act out or do anything she's not allowed to." Abigail warned. "Like we discussed over the phone, she's a head-strong Little and she doesn't know her place yet." "Oh I remember." Isabella said. "I read all about Littles like her. I think I can handle it." "You're a good kid." Abigail hugged her. "You're going to be a great owner some day!" "Thanks." Isabella whispered to Abigail. "You're not doing so bad yourself. I bet she'll be a drooling, defenseless baby before the end of the month." Despite the hushed tones Catherine heard the wicked plot. Catherine clutched her chest in fear, feeling her heart pounding. She didn't want to end up like that! The way things were going though, it seemed inevitable. Abigail had left and now Catherine was all alone with the young Amazon. She held her hands on her hips, looking down at Catherine with a happy grin. "Okay, Baby Cathy. I'm Isabella, but you can call me Aunt Izzy. Did you have your breakfast yet?" Isabella stood proud over Catherine. "No.... miss...." Catherine spoke quietly. "I'm not really hungry." "Nonsense. A Little like you could use a nice big breakfast!" Isabella picked Catherine up off the floor. She wasn't a fully grown Amazon and she could still carry the tiny Catherine like she was nothing. Catherine was set in the highchair and strapped in. Isabella went to the stove and started frying up a bacon and egg breakfast. Catherine looked on from the high chair, feeling mortified. This was just some kid! The indignity was too much for her to bear. She teared up. She wiped away the tear from her cheek before Isabella would notice, but the red puffiness of her eyes revealed her babyish crying anyway. Isabella smiled warmly as she set the plate in front of Catherine, giving her a little kiddy fork with a pink pony's head on the end of the handle. She shoveled the food into her mouth, eating slowly. Isabella looked at Catherine fondly. Catherine frowned, not like the familiar stare. "What is Abigail planning to do to me?" Catherine asked, her voice trembling a bit. "Abigail isn't really doing anything to you." Isabella explained, leaning on the table. "She is giving you your own choices. You're being afforded choices no other Littles get in this part of the world." "But... But I heard you talking to Abi." Catherine looked down at her eggs, scraping them side to side on her plate. "Something about making me a drooling baby?" "Well, it's just a possibility." Isabella explained, shrugging her shoulders. "You're just a Little. A rebellious, recalcitrant brat with a chip on her shoulder, but still just a Little. You are too little to understand. This is just the way the world works." She scooted closer and placed her hand on Catherine's hand. "But everything that has happened to you now and will happen to you in the future is your own doing. You have no one but yourself to blame if you don't like it." "That can't be true." Catherine pouted, pulling her hand away. "I know this world is stacked against me. Literally!" She showed she could be just as clever as an Amazon. She wriggled around in her highchair. "I'm not a baby! I'm a grown woman and that's how I want to be treated!" "Cathy..." Isabella looked the small girl dead in the eyes. "Have you ever soiled your pants on purpose?" "N-no! Never!" Catherine stammered but still held firm. "Don't lie to me. There must have been times when you just thought it would be more convenient to poop or pee your pants rather than walk all the way to the big scary toilet and do your business in it." Isabella spoke so maturely, but it made sense since Amazons matured a lot faster than Littles. Catherine couldn't handle being talked down to though. "Honest! I only... have accidents." The words rolled out of her mouth. Catherine just admitted to using her pants on accident, more than once. By the time she finished the sentence there was no taking it back. Isabella smiled, having caught the girl. Catherine groaned and lowered her head, looking down at her plate. She went back to eating. Catherine was sitting on the floor of the living room after breakfast. Strewn out in front of her were her electronic components and her book of notes. On the television was that insipid pony cartoon. Izzy watched over Catherine as she walked into the living room. The young Amazonian sat on the couch, elevating her further above little Catherine who was on the floor. Catherine tried to ignore the teenage girl above her. She pieced together some parts with a furrowed brow. The semi-serious look on her face was laughable to Izzy. "What are you building, little girl?" Izzy asked, genuinely curious. "I don't know if I can explain it to you." Catherine said arrogantly. "It um, is kind of like a walkie talkie, but only other devices can communicate with each other. I'm working on making it scramble the signal so that if someone tries to intercept the communication it'll only come out garbled." "Oh yeah?" Izzy chuckled. "Do you fancy yourself a spy?" "Well no-" Catherine blushed a little. "It's just, you know, it always seems like someone's trying to listen in on us... Find us and then-" She paused. Her devices were intended to help Littles lives. To help them navigate through a world of superior Amazons. She wasn't sure if she could trust Isabella. "Hey...." Isabella spoke up, sensing Catherine's apprehension. "I don't care what kind of pretend games you're playing. It's not like you're going to impact my life negatively. Even if you Littles were planning an uprising we would easily take you down." Izzy giggled cutely. This young girl had been indoctrinated at an early age. She was unafraid of Catherine's intelligence because she knew that the tiny Little could just be overpowered and outwitted. In a way, this girl was like a miniature version of Abigail. Catherine wondered if she was a sister or cousin. Isabella got up from her seat and went over to the electronic devices, looking them over. "I understand you pretty much taught yourself about this stuff?" "Yeah." Catherine smiled proudly. "I'm actually pretty darn smart." "For a Little." Isabella corrected her. "This device will never work the way you're building it. This way is more efficient." Isabella swatted away Catherine's hands and took over, putting together the pieces herself. Catherine looked furious. This was her one thing that made her feel superior and now some little kid was trying to take it away from her! Looking down at what she was doing though, Catherine did have to concede that Isabella did make her device more efficient. "I will say this.... we could use smart Littles like you in our factories just because of your tiny hands." Isabella looked down at Catherine with a threatening grin. "But I think you babies are better suited to just sitting around and looking pretty." Catherine wasn't much in the mood for making her products today. In fact, ever since Abigail moved in she found it harder to concentrate on work. She still had orders she needed to fill, but she was starting to doubt she get anything done with these giants around watching her every move. She sighed, giving up and going over to her room. "Cathy, sweety. Pick up your little toys." Isabella reminded her. Groaning, Catherine turned back around and gathered up her things. She went over to her room again. She was going to pick them up later! She didn't need that girl to tell her what to do. She felt like such a child. Catherine sighed and just dropped her things in her bottom dresser where she usually kept them. She pulled up her little kiddie chair and opened her laptop. She wrote to the two customers she still had to let them know that their orders might be late. Isabella stood behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She was so silent Catherine didn't hear her coming into the room! The smaller girl jumped slightly in her chair, letting out a squeaky noise of surprise. This tickled Isabella, who laughed at the reaction. "Are you staying out of trouble? I hope you're not looking at dirty websites." Isabella joked. "I'm not!" Catherine said, immediately getting defensive despite the sitter's non-serious tone. "I am trying to do my very important work so that I can pay the rent!" "Oh silly little girl. Your mommy Abigail pays the rent now!" Isabella pointed out. "You don't have to worry your pretty noggin over these things. That's for us big girls!" "Stop it!" Catherine became noticeably more annoyed. "I may not be physically big, but I am still a big girl! I was living on my own before Abi came here and I was doing just fine!" "Cathy, do you need a time out?" Isabella warned. Catherine whined, looking down. She closed her laptop and sighed, knowing she had to pick her battles carefully here. Isabella wasn't just like Abigail as she previously thought. She was worse! A little later, while reading one of her tech books, Catherine was feeling much calmer. Reading always eased the girl and made her feel better. She felt the pressure to pee building up inside of her as she read and she just held it for a while. As she was holding it, the worst case scenarios started playing in her head. If she did not rush to the bathroom she would probably make a wet spot on her overalls. She stood up immediately and rushed out of her room. When she reached the bathroom though, the door was shut. Grabbing at the handle, she soon realized it was locked as well. Catherine knocked on the door. "Is that you, Cathy?" Isabella's voice called from inside the bathroom. "I'll be out in a few minutes and then I can help you." Catherine grabbed her crotch, her knees buckling. She whimpered, looking around desperately. She didn't know what she was looking for. It's not like there was anywhere she could pee where it wouldn't be seen. The kitchen sinks were too high for her and there were no containers on the floor. Even if she could pee somewhere else it would eventually be found. She had no choice but to hold it. Catherine paced back in forth in front of the bathroom. The need to pee only grew stronger. She couldn't handle it anymore. She just had to say something! "Izzy, hurry!" She spoke through the door. "I have to go real bad!" The urgency in her voice was quite noticeable. To Isabella, that pathetic whine sounded so cute. "Aww! I'm sorry, Cathy! I'll try and hurry, but us big girls need time to use the toilet!" Isabella explained. "We're not like you Littles. We can't just go in our pants and have someone else clean it for us!" Catherine knew Isabella was just taunting her now. Catherine cringed, groping herself tighter. She leaned against the door and sobbed softly. "Please!" she begged. Catherine was indeed a Little, and even though she did go through potty training, no amount of training could make her an equal to the Amazons. Her bodily functions were not entirely in her control, no matter how much training she had. Catherine felt a hot rush of pee jetting into her pants. She looked down, seeing the dark pee stain blooming out on the crotch of her overalls. It spread across her thighs, extending out from behind her hands. She removed her hands and looked down as the pee stain spread further, going down her legs. A yellow stream broke free of the denim fabric, trickling down onto the floor with a noisy piddling sound. A puddle was forming and just as quickly as it hit the carpet it began to seep through, soaking into the shag and spreading out further. Catherine began to cry. Isabella could hear the sobbing from behind the door. "Did you have an accident? Stay right there, I'm almost done." Isabella wiped herself cleanly and flushed the toilet. She did a quick rinse of her hands in the sink and dried them on the hand towel on the wall. Catherine stopped crying when she saw the door to the bathroom open and Isabella standing there with a stern expression. Catherine turned to run away, but Isabella grabbed her arm and pulled her close. "Normally I wouldn't care about a Little making on herself." Isabella spoke firmly. "But your mommy Abigail said that you're supposed to be potty trained and that any time you go in your pants you are to be punished and get a red mark on your potty training chart." Isabella pulled Catherine into the bathroom, making her stand on the hard floor as her wet overalls continued to drip. Isabella got the paper towels and carpet cleaner. She got down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the piss puddle from the floor. Catherine could only watch helplessly. She wanted to help, to show that she was sorry and willing to make it better, but Isabella, just like Abigail, was determined to make Catherine feel pathetic and subordinate. Isabella looked at Catherine with a calm but clearly annoyed expression. "You see what you make us have to do because you're too stubborn to wear diapers or even training panties?" Isabella sighed. She grabbed Catherine and spun her around. Catherine gasped as the younger but bigger girl started to spank her. It hurt, and Catherine couldn't hold back her pitiful crying. She cried hard, grabbing her bottom after the spanking and rubbing it. Isabella lifted Catherine up and carried her back to the bedroom where she undressed her. Isabella was rough with how she wiped Catherine clean, dragging the cool wipes across her skin coarsely. She put a new pair of panties on Catherine, but instead of overalls she stuck the little lady in a yellow dress. She pulled Catherine by the arm, taking her to the living room. Just like before, she was made to stand in the same corner and just stare at it so she could reflect on what she had done. "Now I'm going to mark a red X on today's date and your mommy is going to know you went potty in your pants again." Isabella said, holding back her glee as she tried to remain stern. "One more slip up like this and you'll be saying goodbye to your big girl pants!" Catherine just stared at the wall. She leaned forward, bumping her head against the wall slightly. She groaned in frustration over her carelessness. Her accident could have been avoided if she had gone into the toilet five minutes earlier before Isabella got to it first. She also felt tiny for not being able to hold it for the mere five minutes Isabella took in the bathroom. She should be able to hold her pee for longer now, considering all the times she has had to go outside where no public toilets were available for Littles. Catherine started to cry again, feeling a bit overwhelmed and ashamed. Her tears trailed down her cheeks and dripped onto the top of her pretty little sunny dress. Not even ten minutes passed by when Isabella let her leave the corner. Catherine felt like she had been standing at the corner for half an hour though! Isabella carried her away from the corner, holding her wrist. She was sat on the floor on an adorable play mat covered in cartoon puppies. She gave Catherine a juice box and a small plate of apple segments with peanut butter on them. It was like the kind of lunch you give a preschooler. "Cathy, next time you need to go potty you come tell me." Isabella spoke down to Catherine. "don't just wait until I am in there to do your business in your pants again, got it?" "Yes." Catherine responded in a churlish tone. Isabella put the children's channel on the TV. It was an educational program about shapes. Catherine didn't need to watch this. She was an advanced technical genius, she thought! It was hard for her to ignore the pretty shapes and colors on the television though. There was something almost hypnotic about it. Catherine watched the screen, munching slowly on her mid day snack and sipping loudly from the juice box which emptied quickly. Catherine fought though, turning her head away from the screen and blinking her eyes. Her heart pounded. Were there little suggestive messages being played in that program? She knew about how certain broadcasts gave out frequencies that only Littles could hear. In fact, Catherine was still working on a prototype device to drown out such signals. Kind of like a hearing aid you discreetly put in your ear. The only problem was testing it to make sure she was able to successfully suppress the sound. Testing it would be dangerous, especially if she ended up not succeeding and ended up giving in to one of the hypnotic suggestions, even for a moment. She clambered to her feet and reached for the off button on the television. "What's the matter, you didn't like the show?" Isabella asked in a cute inflection. "No I just...." Catherine tried to think of an excuse. It was then she realized she needed to potty again. "I have to use the bathroom!" "Oh! Such a big girl! Are you sure you need to make?" Isabella asked, leaning forward. "Y-yes I'm sure!" Catherine didn't have to go that bad, but she didn't want to risk another accident. Isabella took Catherine's hand and walked her to the bathroom. She pulled Catherine up onto the large toilet and held her hips. Catherine was still perfectly capable of going on her own, but she wasn't going to stand there and quibble over something like this. Not right now! Catherine let go and pushed out a little stream. It was a small tinkle, unlike the big accident she had before, but it was still a success for her. "What a good girl!" Isabella praised her. She gave Catherine a quick wipe and then pulled her undies back up. Catherine didn't feel very proud. Only moments ago she had a big accident in her pants and on the floor and now someone younger but more mature than her was supervising her bathroom use. It was a pyrrhic victory at best. Isabella continued to hold onto Catherine so she could wash her hands in the sink, even though she didn't even wipe herself. Catherine wanted to just use the step stool, but she could not even do that on her own. Isabella was giving Catherine just a taste of the kind of future she had to look forward to. After the whole bathroom incident was over Catherine was sent back to her play mat to finish eating her lunch. Catherine was feeling kind of worn out from the experience. She felt like she needed to take a nap, something she hadn't needed to do in the afternoon since she was 10 years old! Giving into the sleepy feelings and comforted by the soft and cushy plat mat under her, Catherine lied down onto her side and curled up. She fell instantly asleep. Her thumb found its way to her mouth involuntarily and she sucked on it. Catherine made little whimpery grunts as she sucked her thumb in her sleep. Isabella thought the scene was too precious not to capture, especially considering how she was told all about Catherine's obstinacy and refusal to accept her Little role. She took out her phone and quietly snapped a picture so that Catherine wouldn't wake up. When Abigail came home a few hours later, Catherine was woken up by the sound of the front door. Sitting up and letting her thumb slide out of her mouth she looked toward Abigail as her eyes adjusted. Abigail smiled down at Catherine warmly and picked her up. "Was Cathy any trouble today?" Abigail asked, putting one hand under Catherine. Since she was in a skirt today she only had her little panties between Abigail's hand and her butt. The intimate touch of the bigger woman gave her warm feelings again. "Yes, she was, but it was nothing I couldn't handle." Isabella smiled. "Oh no!" Abigail said, talking to Isabella only and not even addressing the tiny woman in her arms. "I'm sorry, Izzy. I'll pay you extra for anything-" "There's no need." Isabella smiled. "I've babysat kids that have made bigger messes than Cathy. I've never seen a Little go potty in a toilet before and now I can say I have.... after she make a tinkle on the carpet, but she still went in the toilet, just like you said she did!" "Yes, she should be going in the toilet all the time." Abigail said. She set Catherine down on her feet so that the smaller girl would have to look up at both of the towering Amazons. "Cathy, why did you tinkle on the floor?" "It was an accident! Izzy was in the bathroom right when I needed to go!" Catherine said, making an excuse for herself. "Are you saying it was Izzy's fault?" Abigail asked, hands on her hips. "Well, no, but...." Catherine blushed as Abigail chided her. She knew that woman wasn't going to take any excuses. "I just couldn't hold it anymore." "So now you're having problems holding it? I think you hold it for too much." Abigail explained. She set down a large shopping bag. "I assumed this was going to be a problem eventually. From now on you're now allowed in the bathroom. It's just too much of a hassle and I don't want to have to clean up anymore messes." "Wait, what do you mean?" Catherine's heart pounded, fearing the worst. "Please, I only have two strikes! I don't need a diaper! I can go on the toilet, I promise! I wont hold it for too long. I'll always go potty when I'm supposed to!" Catherine's voice trembled as she begged. "Relax, stinky butt." Abigail said, reaching into the bag. "This is going to help you and maybe you wont have so many close calls." She pulled out a pink and blue colored potty chair. It was meant for Littles, as it was just the right size for an adult Little to sit on. Catherine was caught off guard by the potty chair. She was frozen in her pose from her earlier outburst. She stood there awkwardly just silently staring at the potty. It wasn't diapers, but it was still humiliating. "I don't want to use a potty chair." Catherine tried to sound serious, but it was hard for her to be taken seriously by the two larger Amazons. "You don't want to use a potty chair?" Isabella interjected. "You're saying you want to keep going in your pants?" "That's not what I'm saying! I'm saying it's demeaning! It's-" Catherine groaned. She stamped her feet in frustration. The two Amazons could not hold back their laughter as they saw Catherine getting worked up. "Look, the baby's all cranky after being woken up from her nap!" Isabella teased. "Do you need to go to your crib, baby girl?" Catherine stopped fussing and now just sulked. She huffed and sat down on the play mat, crossing her arms. Abigail smiled, pleased with seeing how far along Catherine was coming with being a big baby. She carried the potty chair into Catherine's room, setting it in the middle like it was the centerpiece. "Hey, sorry about that." Isabella said, kneeling down in front of Catherine. "You know I'm just going to be back tomorrow, right? You're going to have to get used to me for a while." Isabella tussled Catherine's blue hair. Catherine just continued to pout, angry and frustrated that she was continually losing control of her life. Abigail came back into the living room, handing Isabella cash. Catherine looked on as Isabella was given all that cash. Already as a teenager, Isabella had her own business and was probably more successful than Catherine was as an adult. Isabella waved goodbye to the sour looking Catherine and skipped out the door gaily. "All right, Cathy, how about some pizza tonight, huh?" Abigail clapped her hands together and looked down at Catherine with a friendly smile. Catherine only ever made her own pizza. She was always too scared to order it herself. It's not like the pizza delivery people were going to take her away or anything, but it was just the idea of having large Amazons come right up to her door that was a little nerve-racking. Catherine agreed and nodded her head. "Okay good. Take this and pay the pizza person when they get here." Abigail said, handing cash to Catherine. "You can count, right? Either way, give them a good tip." with that Abigail got on the phone and made the order. Catherine didn't like the condescending tone that Abigail gave her, but she was happy to be in charge of handing out the money and calculating the tip. That night, Abigail put on a fun movie that she thought they both could enjoy, along with having a kind of mini pizza party with her small charge. On the coffee table was the big pizza, which tiny Catherine was able to take about two and a half slices from. Abigail had no problem scarfing down half of the pizza, but she was still impressed by how much Catherine put away. Abigail poured some fizzy soda into a sippy cup for Catherine. She was so happy for the movie and the pizza that she didn't even care that the sweet drink was in a childish container. Catherine slurped the soda through the little sipping spigot, downing it pretty quickly. "I'm so glad you're in a diapers at night." Abigail chuckled. Catherine blushed and pretended to ignore Abigail's comment. She focused on watching the movie, which was pretty funny and exciting. There were some Littles in the movie and quite a few jokes were made at their expense. There was a lot of bathroom humor. Catherine even found herself snickering at a few of the immature pee jokes. She felt a little guilty. These were people just like her and she was watching a movie that portrayed them as pathetic pants pissing babies, but the movie was so funny! "Hey, that one kind of looks like you." Abigail pointed to the screen at a small Little who had a similar shade of light blue hair. "She's got your eyes, your hair, and even the same kind of full diaper you have on in the morning!" Abigail chuckled at her own comment. Catherine didn't find it funny though, scowling. She just wanted to enjoy the silly, brainless movie in peace. She didn't want to be compared to any of these babies! Catherine shot an angry glare at Abigail, who just chuckled before taking a gulp of soda. Looking back at the screen there was a character shouting "I don't need diapers!" before immediately showing a dark pee stain go down the legs of her pants. Catherine blushed. She wondered if the Little actors in the movie were actually using their pants for real or if it was just a special effect. All these pee scenes in a row were making her have to go too. Catherine stood up and rushed to the hallway. Abigail followed right behind. She saw Catherine reach up for the door knob, trying to open the bathroom door. It was locked, naturally. "I told you, no more bathroom for you. The bathroom is for big girls that make it to the potty on time." Abigail reminded the smaller girl. Catherine whined, clutching her crotch, bunching up that pretty yellow skirt between her legs in the process. She walked over to her bedroom, seeing the big plastic potty chair. "Yes, that's right." Abigail encouraged the girl, patting her butt to move her forward. "Go pee pees in your potty." Having no choice, Catherine toddled into her bedroom and pulled down her panties. She raised up her dress, holding it high enough to expose her little flat tummy. She sat on the potty chair, legs spread. She began to tinkle. The sound of a pee stream hitting the hard plastic was the only sound in the room. Abigail stayed silent as she watched on, grinning. Catherine didn't have much privacy before, but now all her pottying was going to be on full display, even after she was done. Every time she needed to go like "a big girl" there would be a little potty bowl in the middle of the room that always showed what she did. Catherine stood up once she was done, but a few stray drops still fell into her panties. Abigail tsked, grabbing the baby wipes and getting down on her knees. She gently wiped Catherine's privates and then tossed out the wipes. "Do you want to finish watching the movie now, sweetie?" Abigail asked with a coy smile. Catherine nodded in response, and with that Abigail lifted her up and carried her back to the living room where little Catherine could watch the movie either in her baby chair or the play mat. Catherine chose the sit on the play mat on the floor. She grabbed her sippy cup and sucked down the rest of her soda. As the credits for the movie started rolling, Catherine had fallen asleep on the mat again, just like she did earlier in the day. It was actually past her bedtime though. Abigail sighed and picked up the small girl, carrying her to her room. She laid Catherine out on the changing table and stripped off her dress and panties. Catherine did not move an inch, completely asleep and making adorable little snores through her entire diapering. Her butt and crotch were powdered and the thick diapers were folded up between her legs. Abigail tugged the pajamas on her and set her down in the crib. Like before, Catherine's thumb found its way into her mouth and she started sucking on it. She couldn't even help it now. It was like her body was forcing her to give in and suck her thumb. She was not in control of most of her bodily functions, now doing many things involuntarily.
  4. This story is another commission. The customer asked me to do a story set in the "Diaper Dimension." I have no experience with reading or writing such stories and he only gave me a vague description of this world, but I agreed to take it on if he agreed to grant me some leeway and embellishments. Since there wasn't some kind of wiki and I only had a few of the original creator's stories to skim over I embellished a lot. If you see any inconsistencies with other diaper dimension stories just keep in mind that this is outside my wheelhouse. Either way, the customer who commissioned the story seems to like it so far. The finished story will be around 75 pages. I am posting the first 1/3rd of the story (25 pages) and will add more as I finish each chapter. A WARNING: besides the usual graphic descriptions of messes, diaper changes, and privates this story is also going to be kind of dark with the main character being infantilized against her will in a cruel and sadistic way. That is what the customer asked for. If you liked my previous stories with loving diaper domination that ends in love then this might not be for you. CHAPTER 1: The Big City In this world there are two kinds of people, those who have power and those who do not. More specifically, there are Amazons and Littles. An Amazon is usually over eight feet tall, standing proud and strong. Using their size and strength Amazons have rose to a position of authority and influence, controlling the governments and economical exchange. It appears that those endowed with remarkable height were set for a live of privilege and affluence. On the other side of things were the Littles who struggled to survive on their own. Littles were not allowed the same education, jobs, or bathrooms as the Amazons. In fact, Littles did not use bathrooms at all. They are never potty trained and kept in a perpetual state of babyhood. For many Amazons, having their own adult baby Little was like a status symbol. The prettiest most petite babies were like a fashionable accessory, kind of like how many people would treat dogs if it were possible to keep them permanently as puppies. While many Amazons loved their adult baby Littles dearly, some of them were simply doing it for the sadistic thrill of keeping these lower class citizens in their place. Littles were of no threat to their society. Even an especially intelligent little still did not have half the capacity as an Amazon. They didn't have half their strength nor even a quarter of their bladder control. It was possible for a Little to become potty trained, but it is an arduous task and tends to only work when they get started at an early age. Some Littles freely accepted their place in the world. Catherine was not one of them. Catherine was born as a little and raised by other Littles. Wanting her to succeed where they did not she was educated using stolen books and videos. She was potty trained by the time she was six years old though she still had the occasional accident. It was very difficult to potty train little Cathy, as it was for most Littles, but she was also taught about the dangers of Amazons and how they strip the Littles of their freedom. It helped motivate her to try harder. Her own parents were never potty trained, having been raised in the Amazon cities and being lucky enough to get away from their adoptive Amazon. She knew she didn't want to wind up like that, helpless and dependent on others. By her 20th birthday it was decided Catherine was mature enough to go out on her own. With a heavy heart and lots of crying she left behind her old life and went to live in the inner city. In this part of the country Catherine needed to wear a lanyard around her neck with a badge alerting people she was an "Unaccompanied Little," a "UL" for short. It was utterly humiliating to go out like this all the time and a little nerve-wracking whenever she needed a toilet and there was nothing available in public. Catherine spent most of her time indoors because of this, ordering most of what she needed online. The fear of having an accident in public was too great. She worried about being fined, or worse, adopted. If a Little broke the law and could not afford to pay the fine they were put into the adoption system. She would be quite an attractive little accessory for an Amazon with her sky blue hair and beautifully large and expressive brown eyes. At five feet tall she was also quite tiny and dainty like a doll. Catherine managed to avoid being adopted her whole adult life. For the four years she had lived in a rented flat she did well enough for herself. To support herself, Catherine did work online. Catherine had taught herself how to build her own electronics. When she lived in a community with other Littles she was always helping others when they needed something fixed. No Amazon would ever willingly take a complex piece of kit from a Little so the anonymity of working online made it easier for her to get away with. For a Little, Catherine was quite clever, and over the years grew more and more confident in her abilities. She even thought she could change minds some day, making more people realize there was more to Littles than just subordinate babies. Her confidence was starting to drop though as the rent increased every year. By the time she was 24, the rent had started to exceed her monthly intake. She would need a roommate or she would not be able to live in the flat much longer. A rent hike like this was mainly done to weed out Littles from certain parts of the city. Affluent Amazons were moving into these rustic neighborhoods and making them more suited for other Amazons to live in. This meant an environment was difficult or downright impossible for a Little to thrive in on their own. Catherine had to put out a want ad for a roommate. She thought deeply about how to properly word it. She wanted to make it seem "Little Friendly" without alerting to anyone that she was a Little herself. ROOMMATE NEEDED Bedroom for rent in downtown area. 1k monthly split two ways, utilities included. Accepting all types of applications, no discrimination. Must like littles. Catherine assumed this wording was just right and made it seem like she was someone who already had Littles in her home. Perhaps that might even dissuade an Amazon from moving in if they already had a Little themselves or might be jealous of someone with more than one Little. Feeling proud of herself, Catherine slept a little easier that night, thinking she was going to have many applications for her room by the morning. When morning came, Catherine checked the emails. Unfortunately many of these were people asking if they could pay far less than Catherine's monthly goal. No doubt they were Littles unable to afford the high rent. There had to be someone out there like her though, she thought, someone that worked hard in the face of adversity and skilled enough to make the rent. She was getting nervous as the deadline for the next month's rent was coming up. Eventually there was one email she found from a rather enthusiastic person. The email read "I'm seeking a room in your neighborhood. I'm willing to first and last month's rent as well as a deposit as long as I can get the room in the next couple days." It seemed too good to be true. Catherine wanted to vet this person further, but considering how desperate she was for rent she agreed to let this stranger from the internet reserve the room and sent her the link for an electronic payment. Not even two minutes after her reply Catherine was alerted to a deposit made into her bank account. Her eyes widened as she saw that this person had already given her the money as promised. It was more than she could have hoped for! "Abigail Jain" was the sender's name. It seemed like a trustworthy name, though her ability to pay so much so quickly should have set off an alarm to Catherine. Catherine did not have the luxury of interviewing Abigail further though. She became easily stressed and the threat of being evicted was hanging over her head. She feared that her next door neighbors would try to adopt her as they always had their eye on her. While the old couple seemed sweet, the thought of being their baby for the rest of their lives was a frightening prospect to her. A loss of independence was scarier to her than anything else. The nights prior to the email Catherine was wetting the bed every night. The poor, stressed little lady peed all over herself in her sleep. She would wake up in soaked sheets and have to flip her mattress to let it dry. She then meticulously scrubs the sheets before washing them in the machine. It was humiliating to be soaked in her own piss, but at least she was all alone when it happened and she wasn't being put in diapers. Catherine thought back to those bedwetting incidents. That only happened during times of extreme stress. She calmed herself down, reminding herself that she wouldn't have to worry about having an accident again when the roommate arrived. With the rent drastically reduced she would be able to have more peaceful nights. The day had arrived and soon Abigail would be heading into Catherine's apartment. Catherine had made sure to decorate the place nicely, stashing away the usual clutter of electronic equipment she had laying around. Every inch of the house was cleaned top to bottom as she wanted to make a good first impression on this Abigail. She pulled on a pair of jeans and a loose t-shirt, hoping to show she was cool and laid back as well. Perhaps she could even be friends with her new roomie. Her life in the big city was pretty lonely and despite her independent attitude Catherine missed having other folks around to talk to. While straightening out some books on the coffee table Catherine heard a buzzing at her door. She promptly shot over to the intercom and held down the button. "Hello? Is this Abigail?" Catherine spoke, waiting to hear the voice on the other end. "Yeah, let me in. My luggage is getting heavy!" the voice responded. Catherine pressed the button that opened the door and she listened in as she heard the sound of said heavy luggage banging against the stairs. She wanted to catch a glimpse of her new roomie before she came in, but being so short she was unable to reach the peephole on the door. She turned the latch on the lock and stepped back as she saw the knob turning. It was exciting and a little scary. Who was this mysterious person? As the door opened there stood the figure, filling the entire doorway. Abigail was an Amazon and towered over little Catherine. She was just an inch shy of being nine feet tall. To Catherine though the size was unfathomable. She swallowed nervously and took several steps back as she just stared up in awe at the comparatively tall woman. Abigail smirked and walked in, pulling that heavy luggage behind her. She propped it up against the wall and then shut the door behind her. "Well now, what do we have here? A Little living all on her own in the big city?" Abigail chuckled, crossing her arms over her large breasts. "Someone had some pretty lofty goals, huh? You're lucky I'm here now." Catherine furrowed her brow. She knew she was being condescended to. She wanted to tell Abigail to get out right then, but her money was already deposited into her account and she needed it. With no other option she directed Abigail to her room, leading the way. "So, little Cathy," Abigail continued engaging with her, "What made you think you could handle the demanding adult world on your own?" "It's Catherine." the Little replied. "and us Littles aren't all dumb and helpless. I'm intelligent and skilled and I managed to survive this long with my online business. I only needed to sublet after the plutocratic tyrants of this neighborhood decided to raise the rent above a decent living wage." "Listen to all those big words coming out of that tiny mouth." Abigail chuckled. "Are you just trying to impress me, Cathy?" Abigail was clearly trying to get to Catherine. She set her luggage down on the floor and began to unpack her things on her large bed. Catherine looked on, looking at the big girl clothes. They were literally for a big girl. There were also some large leather-bound books. She leaned in close, trying to get a better look at them. They appeared to be psychology books. One of them was even titled 'Training Your Little.' When she reached for the book she had her smaller hand swatted away. "No no, those are not for you. They're much too complicated for a child like you to understand." "I'm 24." Catherine responded, trying to sound grown up, but her voice cracked nervously. "I'm just as much of an adult as you!" "That's funny because I'm 23, and yet from where I stand you look like a child." Abigail responded flatly. "Your numerical age means nothing to me." After saying this Abigail reached over and grabbed at Catherine's pants, yanking them down to her knees. It all happened too fast for Catherine to react. "Sorry, I just had to see for myself if you were truly potty trained." "Yeah, well I am!" Catherine responded angrily, her face red with shame and frustration as she stood there with her panties exposed. She was glad these were freshly cleaned panties and not a stained pair. She reached down, grabbing her pants, and tried to pull them back up quickly. "You know, while I'm here there's going to be a few changes. Nothing drastic, I promise, but these are simply for the well being of both of us." Abigail explained. "I mean obviously there will have to be some adjustments with a Little and Amazon sharing the same space as equals." She paused. "Even though we clearly are not." Catherine gritted her teeth, but she held her tongue. She was more perceptive than other Littles and she could see that Abigail was already trying to impose some rules. "Show me your room, little Cathy." Abigail looked down at her. Catherine sighed. She exited the Amazon's bedroom and took her across the hall to her own little room. Inside was the typical large bed, which was clearly too big for her. Abigail nodded. "That's the first thing that will have to go. That bed just isn't suited for you. In fact, I don't see what a tiny little girl like you could do with all this space. If I got some child's furniture in here I could expand my room and move the walls in closer here." "You can't do that!" Catherine finally spoke up. "Any alterations to the apartment would be a clear breach of my lease!" "Cathy, relax." Abigail responded calmly, not even looking at the smaller girl, just staring at the room. "I will be taking over the lease. I should have lead with that. My family is quite successful. Perhaps you have heard of the Jain Family Etiquette Schools For Littles, the largest chain of such schools? Well suffice to say it would be in both our best interest if you handed over the responsibility of paying rent over to me." It did sound ideal to have Abigail's large disposable income on hand to pay for just about everything, but Catherine was still interested in running her business and trying to get more successful at it. That's when she saw Abigail picking up one of the many devices Catherine had build, looking over it curiously. "Don't touch that, it's not finished yet!" Catherine said, hopping up and down to try and grab it out of the taller woman's hands. "Is this one of your toys?" Abigail said, looking down with a snide smile. "I'm an electronic engineer." Catherine said, pouting. "That's one of my projects. I also fix broken devices for people. That's my business." "Well now that doesn't sound like a job for a Little!" Abigail, shaking her head and smiling still. "You should be a seamstress, or a kitchen worker." Her face lit up as she just got an idea. "I know! You could be my maid! Oh I could get you a pretty little dress and apron and you would just look darling!" "Please..." Catherine was angry still, but she mostly just looked sad right now. "Don't make me give up my passion." "Tell you what." Abigail's expression turned serious. "You can fiddle around with your silly hobby in your free time, but during the day I expect you to earn your keep as my maid. Frankly I think you belong in a playpen wearing a diaper, but I am being fair and letting you pretend to be a grown up." Abigail did seem like she was being fair about this all things considered. Catherine may have been a smart Little, but she was not aware of Abigail's cunning. She had no idea that Abigail had a circuitous plan set already that she would never see coming. Abigail was an Amazon after all, and had studied Little psychology for her first two years of school. She knew how to handle a stubborn child. Catherine reluctantly agreed to Abigail's arrangements. They all seemed so extreme to her, but it was still better than the thought of being homeless or getting adopted and turned into a big baby. The threat was still in the air and Abigail let her know it was a possibility with her not so subtle hint. "Just a moment." Abigail stepped into the hall. She dialed a number on her phone. "Yes, hello. How soon can you deliver a princess mattress and bed frame to B Street downtown? Ah, tonight would be perfect!" Abigail placed her hand over the phone and turned to Catherine. "This is big girl talk. Why don't you go play with your toys while I make some purchases." Abigail walked away from Catherine and shut the door to her room behind her. Catherine looked down the hall, frowning a bit. A princess bed? Catherine wasn't exactly a girly type. She was also just getting used to having a big, comfortable Amazonian bed all to herself. This new bed would clearly be much smaller. She was also losing all that extra space in her room. The control she so coveted all these years was starting to slip away from her. Looking at that closed door, Catherine knew that Abigail must be coming up with something, but she just didn't know what it would be. Clenching her fists she resolved to try even harder to succeed. She knew she could still work on her projects in her free time and that eventually her business would take off. All she needed was a bit more patience putting up with this bossy Amazon that had pushed her way into her life. "Okay then." Abigail said, exiting her bedroom. "We will have new furniture in here by the end of the day and by the end of the week the renovations will be made to the rooms." Abigail walked past Catherine with an air of confidence, strolling by her and just smirking smugly. "I also discussed the lease agreement with your landlord. She seemed all to happy to hand the lease over to me and not at all surprised that I would be taking over. You see, no one really expects much out of you. You Littles are all helpless and need the guidance of us bigger people." "I was doing just fine before." Catherine muttered to herself. "What was that, little Cathy?" Abigail said, loving how much mileage she got out of using the diminutive name on the girl. "Nothing." Catherine sighed. "Yes. That is what I thought." Abigail reached down and patted Catherine on the head. Abigail walked over to Catherine's bed. Catherine was helpless to stop the giant woman. Abigail pulled on the covers and took off the comforter. Her eyes were drawn right to the multiple rings of stains around the middle of the mattress. She clucked her tongue and shook her head. "I knew it was a good idea to order the plastic-covered mattresses." Abigail said, like she fully expected Catherine to be a bedwetter. With a fierce grunt she pulled the mattress up and slid it off the bed frame. She pushed it out Catherine's bedroom door, effectively making Catherine have to stumble out into the hallway. "Cathy, be a good girl and drag this down to the curb. You say you can do just as much as an Amazon, right? So you should be able to pull this down the stairs by yourself." Catherine was conflicted, wanting to prove herself, but at the same time pretty embarrassed about having to take a soiled mattress to the curb. Everyone would see she peed the bed, several times. She glanced back up at Abigail who was just staring her down with a calm expression. She sighed and walked in front of the mattress and pulled on it, dragging it through the hall and towards the door. Catherine strained as she pulled the mattress towards the stairwell. It was such a strenuous task for the tiny lady. The mattress was positively gigantic compared to her. Catherine finally got the mattress out the front door and then let it fall to the curb to be picked up by waste disposal professionals later in the week. She felt accomplished that she had done just a huge task all on her own, breathing deep as she tried to catch her breath. When she looked up she noticed some people around the neighborhood were staring at her. They saw the soiled mattress and rightly assumed Catherine was the one that soiled it, considering she was a Little after all. Catherine's face burned with blush, pretty much confirming everyone's suspicions. She turned back towards the door quickly and tried to get back into the building. Unfortunately she forgot her key. Catherine started pressing the button for her apartment frantically. She was trying to get Abigail's attention so she could get buzzed back in. Catherine looked around, whimpering nervously as she felt like everyone was just watching and judging her. She kept trying to get Abigail's attention and she began to cry. Her day was getting more stressful by the minute and now she was having a full-on sobbing fit out in the open. Abigail's voice finally came on the intercom. "I'm sorry, baby girl. I was busy on the phone and I didn't hear you. I'll buzz you in." Abigail responded through the speaker. As soon as the front door was open Catherine bolted inside. When Catherine finished climbing the stairs she saw Abigail there at the doorway, arms out and jutting her lip in a coy pouting expression. Catherine twisted her face in disgust. Did she really expect her to take a hug as an apology? Catherine stubbornly kept her arms down at her sides as she walked towards her door. She tried to slip by Abigail and the larger woman just picked up Catherine into her arms, hugging her tight. "Let me down this instant! I am not a baby or a dolly to be played with!" Catherine shouted. "Shh, it's okay, baby Cathy." Abigail said in a mock soothing tone, petting Catherine's hair. Catherine grumbled, squirming in Abigail's strong hold. "Don't pretend you weren't crying. I know that a Little can get pretty emotional when she is away from her caretaker." "You're NOT my caretaker! I do not need a caretaker!" Catherine said defiantly. "Yes, you've tried to make that clear many times. My mistake." Abigail set Catherine down on her feet. Catherine stamped away from her, fuming with anger. To Abigail the girl just looked like she was having a tantrum. She chuckled at the amusing sight. Later that day the new furniture had arrived. The deliverers carried everything into the apartment. Catherine was sitting in the living room area with her feet dangling off the sofa. She was working on fixing up a small computer on a stick. and everything was strewn about the coffee table. She had to stop what she was doing, standing up and taking notice of just what was being brought into the place. It was more than just a bed. Inside Catherine's bedroom, her old bed frame had been disassembled already while the new one was being installed. Her dresser and night stands were taken out and replaced with smaller ones. Catherine rushed over to see what was going on. The new furniture had a more pastel colored look to it wit childish designs. It was all sized for an adult Little though. The transformation had begun. Abigail had fully invaded her space and was changing everything. There was nothing Catherine could even do about it. "That's an adorable Little you got there." One of the furniture movers commented. "What's her name?" "I'm not her Little." Catherine said, crossing her arms and frowning. "Excuse you, the adults are talking. Go back to tinkering with your toys." Abigail chided Catherine in front of the other adults. Catherine looked up at her incredulously and then scoffed, stamping away. "Her name is Cathy and she's a bit petulant as you can see. She's never been adopted in her entire 24 years so she doesn't really have the manners of a good little girl yet." "Oh yeah?" the mover smiled, looking at the girl. "Fussy or not I wouldn't mind tucking that cutie in at night." Catherine sat on the couch just stewing. She could hear the Amazons just talking about her. She was too upset to even focus on her work. Suddenly one of the delivery people grabbed her and lifted her off the couch. Catherine let out a surprised noise from the back of her throat. This was amusing to all in the room as she sounded kind of funny and squeaky. Catherine was set back down on a smaller chair that was all puffy and cushy and made rubbery sounds as she moved around on it. "That's more suited to you." Abigail said, walking over to Catherine and grinning wide. "Littles should not be on the adult's furniture without permission. Especially ones that aren't properly protected with a diaper." "Hey!" Catherine huffed. "That's my couch! I paid for it.... And I've never stained it either!" "I'm sorry, Cathy, but I'm not going to risk it." Abigail said firmly. Finally one last piece of furniture was brought in. It was a high chair and it was set at the dining room table. Catherine felt a heaviness in her stomach as she looked at the infantile high chair, sized for an adult Little. It reached the height of the table and it would be a lot easier for her to eat off of rather than stacking a bunch of books on a chair and using them as a booster. Still, it was yet another reminder that she was comparatively a big baby to her roommate. Catherine's first day with her new roommate was very stressful for her. Now she felt like she was always on edge, always having to stay on guard so she would not be turned into a drooling baby for some spoiled rich Amazon to play with. After she finished reading her large computer science book she pulled herself up and out of the little kiddy chair. She closed the book and set it down on the coffee table, heading to her room to retire for the night. Upon looking into the room, Catherine made a heavy, annoyed sigh and slumped her shoulders. The new bed was small of course, but big enough to fit her. It made the bedroom look much emptier. The head board was painted pink and purple and had decorations of princesses on them. The bed sheets and pillows also had a princess theme with adorable, diaper-clad princesses playing with woodland critters. The pillow cases had giant tiaras printed on them. Catherine pulled back the covers and she saw the mattress was made of waterproof, stain-resistant material. Exhausted, Catherine didn't bother thinking about that right now. She climbed into the bed and laid back, hearing the mattress make crumpling noises under her. Her heart raced a little and she counted to ten, trying to calm herself down. The whole ordeal was just becoming one embarrassment after another. She did not want to go to bed anxious and wake up wet. She reached into her shirt, pulling out the locket that was attached to her necklace. She opened it and looked at the picture of her parents. She resolved to make them proud and have a better life than they did. Catherine flopped backward onto the mattress and sighed, looking up at the ceiling. She picked up a remote that she made and pressed a button, turning the lights out. It was the kind of invention that only Littles would really need as reaching light switches or cords was often too difficult. Catherine wondered if maybe she wasn't careful about how she presented her online business. So many of her inventions were catered specifically to problems Littles had. Was that enough to get her noticed? When Catherine awoke from her sleep she could feel the cold, clammy sensation of another pissy slumber. She grumbled to herself as she sat up in the bed, feeling herself just surrounded by a pool of piss. The waterproof mattress had collected all her piss into one spot and with only her blanket and pants to soak up her piddly accident it felt like she was just swimming in it! Catherine rubbed her eyes and opened them, seeing Abigail just standing there, like she was merely waiting this whole time for her to wake up. "Good morning, Cathy. Well now I think a thank you is in order now, huh?" Abigail grabbed Catherine, lifting her with ease off the pissy bed. "If I didn't get this new bed for you then you would have soaked right through your mattress again and had to leak straight through to the floor! Now that would be very unsanitary. This is much easier to clean now, don't you think?" Abigail set Catherine down on her feet and then she grabbed the sheets, pulling them off the bed and folding them. She wiped up most of the pee from the mattress before carrying away the sheets and dropping them into the laundry basket. "I can clean up the rest, Abi." Catherine said, trying to get some of adulthood back. "Okay, little Cathy, but only because I do not want to be late for class. I expect you to finish all your chores in addition to cleaning up your pee pee sheets and clothes. If you think you're a big girl you need to prove it to me." With that, Abigail turned around and left the bedroom. Catherine peeked out of the room and watched as Abigail gathered her books into a handbag and went for the door. She gave Catherine a little condescending pat on the head as she passed her by and soon she was out the door. Once Catherine was sure she was gone she stripped out of her clothes, making a face as the soggy material had to be peeled off of her skin. She set the clothes in the laundry basket with the sheets and picked them up. She was completely naked, walking towards the laundry room, when suddenly Abigail peeked back into the house. "Sorry, forgot something." She said, picking up a small bag by the door. She smiled as she got a good look at Catherine's small, naked body. Catherine felt like her whole body was warming over as she was stared at. She started to suspect that maybe Abigail planned that. She walked to the washing machine and stuffed all the pissed on materials into it. After starting the wash she looked down at herself, raising one leg and then the other, making a disgusted face as she still felt the clammy wetness on her skin. She wandered off to the bathroom, climbing into the large tub, and started a bath for herself. Catherine sat there in the bath, almost literally stewing. She sat there angrily, surrounded by bubbles as she thought about how Abigail was making her feel. If it was her and another Little she would not be so embarrassed and frustrated. So she peed the bed. So what? She could handle this on her own. She had survived this long, changing herself and washing her own clothing and linens. She didn't need some Amazon stepping in and taking care of her. She sure didn't need anyone to lecture her either! She was very intelligent. She thought she might even be more intelligent than some Amazons! As Catherine sat there in the tub she really had to pee. She looked over at the toilet which seemed so far. She considered just peeing there in the tub. She thought about what Abigail might say. Even though she wasn't there, Catherine still felt her power over her. It was like she could not escape Abigail's dominance even when she was alone. With a frustrated sigh the wet and naked girl climbed out of the tub and made her way over to the toilet. She climbed up onto the large toilet with some difficulty. She was a bit slippery from being covered in soapy water. The moment she started peeing, Catherine leaned back. As she leaned she slipped right off the toilet seat, her stream still jetting out of her. She landed on her bottom on the floor. She didn't break anything, but the impact still hurt, and she was unable to pinch off her stream in her stunned state. She spread her legs, looking at the growing yellow puddle she was making. She groaned in frustration and damned Abigail for coming into her life, disrupting everything. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She did not want to cry. Crying would be giving in and she felt she would be seen as a baby! She made some awkward huffs, jerking forward a bit as she held back her crying. She stood up and grabbed the paper towels from under the sink. She wiped up the huge pee puddle she made and dropped each used wad into the trash. She climbed back into the tub and went about finishing her bath. Catherine's incident in the bathroom made her feel so small, but not entirely helpless, not yet. She was still able to take care of it herself without any help. In her mind the world was simply stacked against Littles, so her accident couldn't have been entirely her fault. Everything was too big! Beds and chairs, tubs and toilets, these were all made to the size specifications of Amazons. Catherine had nearly fallen off her step ladder more than once when trying to change a light. So, of course, when she fell off the toilet and peed on the floor that was just another thing that wasn't her fault. After getting herself dried off and dressed in new clothes Catherine went back to the washing machine, taking the wet laundry out and putting it into the dryer. She hopped up on top of the dryer and set it for an hour. Catherine wanted to go back to her projects. So much of the day had been wasted! Then she remembered she still had to do "maid" work. She rolled her eyes. What did that even entail? Catherine walked back toward the bedrooms and she found a note taped to Abigail's door. TO DO: MAKE BEDS, DUST SHELVES, VACUUM FLOOR, LAUNDRY, SCRUB THE SINKS Catherine whined, bouncing in place. She didn't want to do all this right now! She wanted to study and tinker with her devices. She opened the door to Abigail's room and threw a silent fit. She swung her fists and kicked the air in frustration. She sighed and looked up at the massive unkept bed. She climbed up on top of it and went to work setting the sheets. Catherine looked at the clock. She had spent so much time doing the household chores on Abigail's list that most of the day was gone! Abigail would probably come home soon and would most likely have new ways to torture her. Maybe if she showed Abigail how she took care of every item on the list then she would leave her alone for the rest of the night? Catherine was able to finish the last item on the list, making all the sinks in the house spotless. She never realized how dirty the sinks and countertops were getting, but of course when she couldn't normally see up there it made sense. She was only ever able to see the bathroom sink while standing on a step stool to brush her teeth. It made her realize that Abigail was right about a few things, but that realization sat poorly with her. Catherine hated the very idea! When Catherine looked at the clock again she noticed that it was getting pretty late and Abigail still was not home yet. She didn't know where the giant woman was, but she didn't care either. She had time to herself. Catherine ran to her bedroom and dumped a bunch of electronic components on the floor. She took out a book she had written some notes in and opened it up to the page with her current project. Catherine smiled, enjoying herself. Abigail arrived home finally, carrying in some bags. Catherine could hear the giant woman moving around just outside her door, walking back and forth as she carried everything in by herself. Catherine ignored the heavy footfalls of Abigail's lumbering presence, though it was hard to ignore as she was doing some delicate soldering. She sighed, sitting there on the floor and just waiting for Abigail to stop stomping around like some trudging dinosaur. The door to her room was opened with no regard to Catherine's privacy. Catherine looked up incredulously, narrowing her eyes and shrugging her shoulders at Abigail for barging in on her. "Mommy's home, Cathy." Abigail said, holding up some clothes on a hanger that were obscured by an opaque plastic sheet. "I see you playing with your toys. Did you finish all your chores first?" "Yes." Catherine rolled her eyes. "I did everything that was on that stupid list." "And your pee pee sheets are all clean too?" Abigail grinned. Catherine blushed, looking down. "Yes. I just haven't put them back on the bed yet." She pointed to the neatly folded sheets sitting beside her bed. "Well you should do that before you go to sleep." Abigail paused. "Unless you want me to start making your bed for you and tucking you in every night from now on?" "I'll do it, okay?" Catherine raised her voice, her face so rosy and red. "No need to jump off the handle. Now stand up." Catherine looked down and let out an angry whine. She wanted to sound furious, but her voice came out like a squeaky kitten rather than a lion. Abigail pulled away the plastic from the hanger, revealing a aquamarine colored maid uniform with white trim and a white apron. In the middle of the apron were some pink bubble letters that spelled out 'MOMMY'S LI'L HELPER.' Catherine scowled, gritting her teeth as she stared at the monstrosity of an ensemble. "Get undressed and put this on. I want to see how it looks on you." Abigail said plainly. "Fine." Catherine took the dress from the hanger and set it over the end post of her bed. She looked up at Abigail. "Could you turn around at least?" "Oh honey, I already said you naked." Abigail smiled. "It's old news by now." Catherine clenched her fist. It was hard for her to hide her rage. Abigail was not only taking control of every aspect of her life she also would not allow her to have any modesty. She wanted to get this humiliation over with quickly so she yanked down her pants and pulled up her shirt. She did not have a bra on since it was very difficult for a mature Little to find such undergarments in their size. She kept on her panties and socks though. She picked up the dress and pulled it down over her head. It was difficult to maneuver into the dress blindly. She never wore anything like it before. Even when she wore a skirt all she had to do was pull it up. She had to feel around for where to put her arms and head. Abigail stepped in and helped, despite the smaller girl's squeaky protests. Her head popped out the top. Abigail showed Catherine some adorable little black shoes with bows on them. She slipped each one onto Catherine's feet for her. She then turned Catherine to the full length mirror so she could look at herself. She frowned. What a sissy outfit! "You look adorable!" Abigail said, clasping her hands together. She did not have the look of an adoring mother though. She looked more like a spoiled child with a new toy. Despite that, Catherine was the one who looked more infantile. "I have a lot more outfits for you. I want you to be careful and not pee or poop on them. I spent a lot of money getting these for you." "No one asked you to do anything." Catherine muttered under her breath. "What was that?" Abigail leaned forward, tilting her head. "Nothing." With a scowl on her face, Catherine did a half-assed curtsy, tugging on either side of the skirt. "Thank you, Ms Jain." she said in a mock polite tone. Abigail, satisfied with the way Catherine was progressing as a "proper Little," just smiled and left the room for now. Catherine thought she was finally alone and grabbed at the hem of the dress, about to pull it off, when those heavy footfalls came back towards the room. Abigail placed several childish looking outfits down on Catherine's bed. They were mostly brightly colored t-shirts with animals printed on them, overalls, and a couple pink dresses. There were also some children's sneakers, slippers, and heels. "These clothes are a little more appropriate for you." Abigail explained. "Besides, I think most of the pants you own right now have been through the wringer a few too many times if you know what I mean." Catherine scoffed at the accusation. "I told you I'm perfectly potty trained!" "For a Little you're very potty trained, but not enough for polite society." Abigail said, folding her arms. "Be honest, how often do you have pooping accidents?" "Never!" Catherine's voice cracked as she shouted defensively. "I never poop my pants!" "Cathy, sweetie..." Abigail tilted her head and gave a knowing stare. "There's no way a Little has never made poo poos in her pants in her entire adult life. Now I will find out eventually while I'm living here, so you might as well come out and tell me now rather than wait for me to find out on my own and suffer the consequences." Abigail had her. Catherine could not lie her way out of this. If she lied and Abigail found a poop-stained pair of panties some time in the future who knows what she would do. It was utterly mortifying, but she could not risk more of Abigail's threats of punishment. "Maybe once..." Catherine looked at her feet. "Or twice a month." She felt her pride peeling away like old paint on a plaster wall. Underneath the peeling would be her true self revealed: just another Little in a world of Amazons. "Thank you." Abigail said, staring down at Catherine as the smaller girl hung her head in shame. "I'm not so sure I believe you can be that diligent with keeping your pants clean, but I would like to be proven wrong. I am going to set up a calendar on the bathroom door that will act as your potty chart. For every day you do a good job and don't make poo poo in your pants I will put a happy face sticker. For every day you make a mess on yourself I will place an 'X' on that day. If you're as potty trained as you say you are then I expect you to have no more than three accidents in one month. If you have more than that I will start putting you in pull-ups. If you mess yourself three times again before the next thirty days then you're going back to diapers for good. No negotiations. Am I making myself clear?" Abigail's lecture was so humiliating! Catherine felt like she was five years old all over again. She had already been through the difficult process of potty training and now it felt like she was being tested all over again. She had to prove she could handle it though. Catherine nodded. She was confident she could handle going in the toilet when she had to. Abigail waved her arm and little Catherine followed behind her. Abigail produced the calendar and set it on the door to the bathroom, using a tack. It was placed just out of Catherine's reach so there was no way she could tamper with it, short of using her step stool or ladder. Catherine hoped Abigail would never resort to taking those important tools away from her! Catherine watched as Abigail placed a happy face sticker on the first day of the calendar. The smaller girl held back a smile, not wanting to look too proud about something she should just already know how to do without encouragement. "Did you have anything to eat today, Cathy?" Abigail asked, looking down and placing her hands on her knees. "I had lunch. I was just about to heat up something for dinner before I head in." Catherine pointed to the kitchen with her thumb "If you want, I could make something for you too-" "Nonsense." Abigail stood up straight and waved her wrist dismissively. "I wont have you playing around with the dangerous kitchen appliances anymore. I know you've been making food in there by yourself before I ever came along, but I just can't trust a Little in a kitchen by herself." Abigail scooped up Catherine, much to the girl's consternation. She carried Catherine to the table and set her in the newly installed high chair. She strapped Catherine in and then locked the tray down in front of her. Catherine thought about unhooking the strap and climbing down the high chair, but when she looked down she saw there was no way to do it safely. She would have to either climb on the table and risk falling off or just jump down. Being in the high chair made this furniture seem bigger than it was now. When Catherine did sit at the table she often sat on stacked books. The high chair felt like it was even further up in the air than that. She had never felt so small before. Catherine looked over at Abigail who was using the stove with ease. She did not have to stand on anything. Catherine smelled the sweet aroma of steak and licked her lips. She could not deny that the dinner smelled so delicious. Abigail came back to Catherine and placed a coloring book and crayons on her tray. Catherine scowled. "Color me something nice that I can hang on the fridge, Cathy!" Abigail said in a bubbly tone. Catherine wanted to just sweep the coloring book and crayons right off the tray and let them fall to the floor. She sighed, feeling defeated. She looked down at the book, opening it up. She saw it was designed for Amazon children and was about a 6-year-old girl meeting an adult the same height as her. It seemed to be an introduction to the concept of Littles as inferior diaper-wearing babies. Catherine had never seen this kind of propaganda before and began thumbing through the pages. She grumbled angrily as she read the single sentences under each thick-lined drawing. She wanted even more to toss the book to the floor, but she had another idea. On one of the pages she hastily drew and colored in a toilet for the Little to sit on while she used the brown crayon to draw some messy poop going all over the young Amazon girl's legs. She smirked to herself, thinking she was pretty cheeky. Abigail walked over and saw what Catherine was doing. She smirked as well. "Cute. Very unlikely though." Abigail took away the coloring book and boxed up the crayons, moving them away from Catherine's tray. She set them aside as she came over with a plate of steak and mashed potatoes. The steak was chopped into very small cubes. Abigail tied a big bib around Catherine's neck. "I don't want you messing up the nice clothes I just got for you." She explained. Abigail then stabbed into the tiny bites of steak with her fork and proceeded to feed Catherine slowly. Catherine turned her head, trying to refuse to be fed by the Amazon, but by the way she was forcing the food towards her mouth there was no way for Catherine to refuse without getting her face messy. She opened her mouth and took each bite under protest. She stared down Abigail with an angry, resentful glare. Abigail just returned the girl's glare with a gracious smile. When Abigail was done feeding Catherine with the fork she handed her a spoon for her mashed potatoes. Abigail sat down at the table and picked up a large serrated knife and tore into her steak, making much larger cuts. She opened her large mouth, taking in healthy bites. She didn't get anything on face of course, despite her more voracious eating habits. Catherine sat there, looking down on Abigail as she spooned the mashed potatoes into her mouth. The food was delicious at least and it did taste better than anything she made on her own. Catherine was scraping her plate by the time she was done eating. It was hard to resist the deliciousness of the meal that Abigail made for her. Abigail soon took the plate away from Catherine and set it in the sink with the other dishes and kitchenware. Abigail grabbed the bib and used it to wipe Catherine's mouth clean. She untied the bib and lifted the tray before pulling Catherine down from the high chair by holding her hips. She set the little girl down on her feet and pat her head. "I made the food so I will clean the dishes. Why don't you go brush your teeth and get ready for bed. I expect you to be in your bed by the time I come check on you." Abigail gave Catherine a swat on her bottom. Catherine angrily grabbed her butt and walked off to the bathroom. She wasn't tired. It wasn't even close to midnight yet! She was glad to be able to take off the silly maid clothes though. She'd have to put it on the next day though. Catherine got on the step stool for the sink and brushed her teeth. She got on her tippy-toes to look in the mirror as she brushed. She didn't need Abigail to tell her to do this, but she did want to show she cared about her hygiene. When Catherine got to her bedroom she pulled off her clothes. She put the maid outfit back on its hanger and then looked in her closet. She was too tired to get on her step ladder to put it up there so she just walked to her dresser and stuffed it into a drawer. Catherine grabbed the sheets and pulled them over her mattress. She didn't know why she was bothering to go to bed just because Abigail told her to. It could have been because she feared her. Catherine climbed into her little princess bed. At least it was easier to get into this smaller bed than the giant bed she used to sleep in. She just hated the way it crinkled noisily and looked like something for a sissy baby. She pulled the blanket up to her chin and lied back against the pillow. She stared up at the ceiling, grumbling to herself. It wasn't long before Abigail came into the bedroom to check on Catherine. She stood in the doorway and looked at the girl who was in bed but still wide awake. Abigail walked towards the bed and got down on one knee. She looked down at Catherine with a smile but a stern look in her eyes. "Cathy, do you think you can have a dry night tonight?" Abigail asked, reaching up to stroke back Catherine's hair. "I'll be fine, I was just stressed out when you moved in." Catherine answered honestly. "Well if you're pee peeing the bed because you're anxious then maybe you need to learn to relax and just accept the way things are now." Abigail responded calmly. "It seems to me that you're just fighting the inevitable, but hey I'm going to give you every chance to prove to me you can at least pretend to be a 'big' girl." Catherine stared blankly. She rolled over onto her side in the bed, looking at the wall. Abigail snickered, seeing how frustrated Catherine was getting. It was giving the Amazon sick pleasure to see Catherine so miserable and humiliated. Abigail left the room, satisfied that she pushed Catherine closer to being a baby. Abigail had more planned for the girl. She was so sure that Catherine was going to wet again tonight too. Being a rather cunning student when it came to Little psychology she understood that Catherine would get stressed again and that would lead to the second wet bed in a row. It was the next step in her elaborate plan to turn Catherine into a helpless baby. First she would just be wearing diapers at night, but soon she would be in diapers during the daytime as well. She just had to continue breaking her down. CHAPTER 2: The Couch Catherine woke up wet the next day, just as Abigail predicated she would. Abigail was not in the room though, so Catherine decided to gather her soggy sheets and panties and make her way to the washer and drier before Abigail woke up. Maybe it was a good thing that Abigail sent her to bed early because it allowed her to wake up ahead of time. Abigail went to the dresser and pulled out some sweat pants and a hoodie, pulling them on so she'd have something warm to wear as she walked down the hallway. She carried the laundry basket to washer and when she set it down she saw two large bare feet. Slowly looking up at those tall, muscular legs she trembled in fear. "What happened, Cathy? Did you make tinkles in your bed again? That's twice now. I was lead to believe that your peeing the bed wasn't a major problem and yet here we are." Abigail reached into the laundry basket and lifted one of the dripping wet sheets. Catherine looked down, blushing warmly. "Can't answer me? All right, get in the tub. I'm going to wash this for you and then we're going to talk about this. Get out of here." Abigail gave Catherine a smack on the bottom again. Catherine really resented the way Abigail just invaded her personal space like that all the time. It was getting more and more infuriating for the small girl. She let her clothes drop to the floor and she climbed into the tub. Catherine thought she was perfectly capable to cleaning the wet fabrics herself, but once again Abigail swooped in and took over. Catherine stood in the tub and added some candy scented bubble bath, wanting to get rid of the smell of pee on her with something more delicious. Abigail came into the bathroom, strutting in with authority. She calmly got down on her knees, rolled up her sleeves, and grabbed a wash cloth. Catherine recoiled, gritting her teeth as Abigail came at her with the cloth. Abigail just grabbed Catherine, holding her still and starting to rub the soapy wash cloth up and down her small, naked body. Catherine squirmed, making high-pitched whines of intransigence. Abigail ignored Catherine's pathetic protests, reaching under the water and scrubbing the small girl's butt and privates. Catherine's eyes widened as she felt Abigail scrubbing over her most sensitive parts. She could not help but get pretty hot between her legs from having her little pussy wiped down. "You're not going to like this, but I think I need to start putting you in diapers at night time." Abigail said with a very serious tone. She watched Catherine's face as a range of emotions washed over her. She was clearly not taking it well. "It's for your own good. It will be more sanitary for one thing. For another we can not continually wash these sheets over and over again! It's just a waste of water and energy." "I was perfectly fine before you came here!" Catherine said with an indignant squeak from her throat. "I only wetted like the bed maybe once a week at most!" "Darling, are you seriously blaming me for your problems?" Abigail shook her head. "That is just absurd. Before I came here you were desperate for a roommate because you could not afford the reasonable rent for this flat. You're also small and helpless in a world that's too big for you and I've been slowly helping you adapt. Any of the problems you're having are caused by your own stubbornness. If you would just listen to me and stop trying to act too big for your britches then you wouldn't be in the miserable state you're in now." Catherine sat in the tub silently, her lips pressed firmly together. Abigail was getting under her skin with these lectures. She wasn't just some typical Little. She could tell the woman was trying to manipulate and coerce her into accepting "help." Abigail grabbed a towel and lifted Catherine out of the tub. The Amazonian towel was pretty massive around Catherine's small frame. She was at least dried off quickly and then pushed her towards her bedroom. "Don't bother with chores today. Just put on one of your play clothes. Before I come home from school I will be picking up your diapers. You better not raise a fuss when I put them on you tonight. I'm getting mighty tired of your attitude. It was cute at first, but even an above-average Little like you needs to learn her place." Abigail punctuated her last tirade with a firm swat on Catherine's butt. "Stop doing that, it's demeaning!" Catherine shouted as she walked out of the room backward. "My that's a big word for a Little to be using." Abigail smiled. "Are you sure you know what it means?" Catherine stomped into her room and tossed the towel aside. It was almost big enough to cover the whole bed. Catherine was furious at Abigail and the worst part is that she knew Abigail was right about some things. If she wore a diaper at night there would be less of a chance of her wetting the bed. Even if it made her feel like a baby it's not like she would wet it every time. She let out a defeated sigh and went to her small dresser. She pulled open a drawer and looked around for her clothes. The only clothes she could find in the dresser were the adorable kiddie clothes that Abigail bought for her. Her original outfits were nowhere to be seen. Catherine whined and bounced in place, tilting her head back in frustration. "Where are my clothes? I got those with my own hard earned money!" she shouted. There was no response. Catherine pulled out the least babyish shirt and overalls combo she could and set them aside. She wasn't so proud that she would walk around naked. Besides, she was tired of the way Abigail was always staring at her body and touching her. She got on the step stool and looked in her underwear drawer. Naturally the big girl underwear was gone as well and replaced with cutesy children's panties. She made a disgusted face. She was glad that the panties were at least for a potty trained kid and not some kind of pull-ups or baby diapers. She grabbed some underwear and socks and pulled them on first. She then tugged the light blue shirt over her head and then tugged up the overalls. They were a little baggy and probably intended for an Amazonian child. She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to think of some way to pull off the look in a cool way, but she just looked like she did when she was a toddler. She pouted and kicked at the floor sadly. "This sucks." Catherine mumbled, tucking her hands into the big pockets of the overalls. She dragged her feet, walking away from the mirror. "Okay, listen up." Abigail said, throwing on a jacket and slinging her purse over her shoulder, "The only thing you have to do is take the laundry out of the washer and put it into the dryer. Can you handle that one task?" "I can do it just fine." Catherine answered plainly. "Really, I can do-" "Great, see you tonight little Cathy." Abigail cut her off and bolted out of the door. Catherine flipped off the closed door. Abigail was not there to see it. It just felt good to do. She walked back to her room. She was feeling mighty deflated at that point and she was not sure if she could get herself in the right mindset to work on her projects. She left all her electronic equipment stored away and decided to spend the rest of the day just relaxing with a good book and maybe vegging out in front of the television. Catherine took a quick trip to the kitchen to find herself a snack to munch on. She searched around the vegetable crisper first, mostly because it was the lowest to the floor and easier to reach. She would normally have a healthy snack, but today she felt like treating herself. Maybe it would reduce some of her stress? She then spotted an open box of candy bars just sitting on the bottom shelf. She picked one up and was able to read the word "Power Go!" She tried to read the ingredients, but those were a little too complicated for her. All she knew is that it had chocolate and would probably put her in a good mood. Abigail had a bunch of them. She wouldn't miss one. Catherine tore the wrapper on the rather large candy bar and walked into the living room, holding it like a baton. She pulled herself up onto the big couch, figuring she could do whatever she wanted with Abigail gone. That rude lady couldn't tell her where to sit like some dog! Catherine put on the TV and found most of the channels had been locked out. She grumbled to herself. Only the kid-friendly stations were unblocked. There was some show about magical ponies that she didn't mind watching though. She settled into the couch and tried to enjoy what little she had and not let Abigail get into her head. Today she was just going to sit back and enjoy herself! Catherine stared at the colorful ponies on the screen, chocolate getting on her face. She ended up laughing along with the show in spite of herself. She thought that if Abigail was there she might say something about how Catherine could not resist her childish tendencies or something. She rolled her eyes. By the time the first show ended and the next one began Catherine had greedily ate the entire "Power Go" bar. She licked her fingertips and wiped her mouth with a napkin. Catherine felt a stirring in her tummy and looked down. She buckled inward, feeling a bit bloated. Soon a soft, warm mess was coming out of her backside. There was no time to react. All Catherine was able to do was sit there with a dopey smile as the mushy poop spread across her bottom. She snapped back to reality quickly though, hopping off the couch. She held her backside, feeling the mess starting to overflow in her panties and slowly go down her thighs like wet cement. She held her bottom, trying to contain the mess within her pants as she ran to the bathroom. In the bathroom Catherine just went more and more. She scrunched up her face, whimpering in frustration. She was never particularly happy when she messed her pants by herself, but knowing there was a domineering Amazon living with her made her a lot more self conscious about what she was doing. Eventually the mess stopped. The messy poop had gone down Catherine's pant legs and got all over the floor. At least she was on the hard linoleum and not a carpet. She still blubbered, puffing out her cheeks and sputtering out pathetic sobs. She didn't understand why she had a poopy accident. She had been so careful! Sure, she usually messed her pants if she got distracted and forgot to go, but she was paying attention to her body. She wondered if perhaps it was the chocolate bar she ate. It was a pretty big bar and clearly intended for Amazons. Catherine couldn't let Abigail find out about this. It was still early in the day, so she figured she had enough time to strip down, bathe, and clean out the overalls before Abigail's school day was over. Catherine pulled down the overalls and looked with surprise at the huge disaster inside the clothing. Poop was practically coating the entire inside of the pant legs and seat. Next she pulled down the panties and stepped out of them. The poop looked like it had set into the white parts of the cutesy material rather deeply and she probably would not be able to clean it. She was never good at getting poop stains out of white or lightly colored clothes so she tried to avoid clothes like that for that very reason. She put the poop-caked undies in the trash and reminded herself to dispose of the evidence later. She also had to toss out the formally white socks. Catherine sighed as she would have to take yet another bath today. Catherine picked up her poopy overalls from the floor and brought them into the tub with her. She decided to let the water flow over the pants first, letting the thicker mess wash away before she scrubbed at the deeper set-in stains. She bent backwards in front of the faucet, letting it rinse away her mess at first before scrubbing her butt and legs with the soap. She scrubbed herself quickly, not wanting to spend too much time washing. She felt like she was in a hurry even though she had plenty of time before Abigail would even be let out of school. She wrung out the wet overalls the best she could, though she didn't have a lot of strength. She let them flop over the edge of the tub and climbed back out. Catherine got down on her knees and used some paper towels to wipe up her overflowed poopy mess. Catherine wasn't too bothered by the smell. She was used to it after living with other Littles most of her life. It took many paper towels to finish the job. The bathroom trash can was looking very full by the time she was done. The naked girl was finally able to pick up her overalls, bringing them along with her shirt to the washing machine. She placed the two articles of clothing in the washer. It was overkill, but she did not have anything else to wash. She started thinking about how much more convenient this all would have been if she was just in a diaper in the first place. She then cringed and shook her head, trying to get the thought out. No way was she going to give up her dignity for some convenience! Catherine just watched the washing machine go about cleaning the dirty clothes. She was disappointed in herself. She would probably put a big red X on her potty training chart herself if it wouldn't give Abigail more incentive to diaper her up. When the washing cycle was done Catherine pulled the wet clothes out. She inspected the overalls closely and even gave them a sniff. Sure that every trace of a stain was gone, Catherine stuck the overalls and shirt into the dryer. Catherine sat on the floor and watched boredly as the clothes tumbled around. After an hour of tedious drying it seemed the overalls were clean again. She pulled them out and looked at the seat. They appeared clean. She carried the shirt and overalls back to her room so she could get dressed, putting on a new pair of socks and underwear. This was supposed to be a fun goof-off day for her and instead she spent half of it fretting and worrying over big messes. Even though the accident was mostly her fault, in her head she still laid most of the blame on Abigail. She took the candy bar, but she was sure Abigail placed it on the lower shelf just to entice her! Abigail arrived home earlier today. It appeared she didn't do much shopping besides getting the night time diapers for little Catherine. She set them down on the kitchen table as she walked into the flat. "Oh Cathy, I'm home, sweetie!" Abigail called out. "Have you been a good girl today?" Catherine was in her bedroom, reading another one of her computer books. She had a long day. She pooped all over herself and did a decent job getting rid of all traces of the mess. She even walked around the alley out back to drop the dirty trash bag in a different dumpster. She was sure Abigail would never find out what she did. "Cathy!" Abigail's voice raised. "You get your butt out here right now!" Catherine sat up straight, a look of fear on her face. What could Abigail be angry about? She was sure she carefully covered her tracks. Swallowing nervously, Catherine slid out of the bed and walked out of her bedroom. She tried to look innocent, like she didn't know what Abigail was so angry about. She strolled into the living room where she saw Abigail standing beside the couch. Abigail grabbed the couch cushion and held it up, showing a brown blotch that had stained it slightly. "Care to tell me what happened here, baby girl?" Abigail asked, keeping a stern tone. The way she asked her question had a hint of perverse glee behind it though. Catherine's heart sank as she saw the poopy stain staring right at her, reminding her of her humiliating episode earlier today. "It was the chocolate!" Catherine's voice wavered, her eyes welling up with tears. "I'm pretty sure that THIS is not chocolate." Abigail pointed at the stain for emphasis. "That's not what I mean! I mean the chocolate from the fridge. I ate some and I think it made me go!" Catherine whined, holding her tummy. "It happened so fast." "I see. So you took one of my chocolate bars from the fridge." Abigail nodded. "I guess you ate the whole thing then? You know Littles can't handle that much chocolate, especially a power bar like that. No wonder you pooped on the couch." She snapped her fingers. "Get over here right now, let me check your pants." Catherine put her hands on her bottom, shaking her head, but Abigail snapped her fingers again and gave the smaller girl a stern glare. Catherine reluctantly walked up to her. Abigail pulled off the straps and tugged Catherine's overalls down to her knees. She hooked her finger into Catherine's panties. "All clean. So what happened to the pants that you pooped in? Did you just throw them out?" Abigail asked, her voice cold and authoritative. "These are the same ones, I just washed them!" Catherine was crying as she spoke. She was ashamed, but she was also frightened of Abigail. "You shouldn't have tried to hide this from me!" Abigail shouted. "You need to understand that it's very naughty to poop in your big kid pants, but it's even naughtier to try and fib about it!" Abigail set the couch cushion sideways, leaning against the couch. She sat on a clean cushion and pulled Catherine over her lap while her pants were still down. Abigail started to slap Catherine's butt. She was smacking hard, but she was careful not to bruise Catherine too much since she was so small and Abigail was very strong compared to her. She held down Catherine with one hand pressed to her back while the other hand smacked her butt over and over. Catherine cried hard, tears rolling down her face. Despite not putting a lot of power into her smacks those big hands still hurt and left a pink mark against Catherine's cheeks. "Are you sorry, Cathy?" Abigail asked, cupping the smaller girl's sore butt. Catherine nodded between pathetic sobs. "And when you make a poo poo in your pants you're going to come to me right away?" "Ye-yes, ma'am, but you were at school!" Catherine reasoned. "Well yes, I was, but when I'm here in the house I expect you tell me. If I'm away at school you tell me what you did the minute I get home." Abigail explained. "I'm obviously not telling you to just sit in poopy pants and not try to clean them. Although that would have been a fitting punishment I don't think I want you leaking all over the floor." Abigail picked up the couch cushion. She was practically shoving it in Catherine's face. "Speaking of which, do we need to go over the rules again about where you're supposed to be sitting, little lady?" "No, Abigail. I'm sorry!" she whined. "I was being bad, okay? I thought you wouldn't find out." "Well I appreciate the honesty for once." Abigail said firmly. Abigail stood up, leaving Catherine to tug her pants back up on her own. She took out her red marker from her purse and scraped a big red X onto the current calendar date. Catherine walked to the bathroom door and saw her shame being posted right there in the hallway. It's not like anyone else was there to see it, but it was enough that she knew and Abigail knew for it to be very embarrassing for her. "I am going to call an upholstery cleaner." Abigail said. "And tomorrow you will be going out with me while construction is being done on the walls between our rooms. For now though I want you to stand in the corner." It was a lot for Catherine to take in. She crossed her arms, looking over at the wall. Abigail grabbed one of her wrists and pulled as she lead the smaller girl back to the living room. She pointed Catherine at the corner of the room, forcing her to stand there and face the wall. Abigail made sure that Catherine would be visible as soon as someone would enter the living room. She got on her phone and started talking. Catherine tried to listen in but she could barely understand from her position in the room. She turned her head slightly. "Face the wall, Cathy." Abigail said in a normal but strong tone. Catherine turned back to face the wall. Only a few days ago Catherine would be fussing and arguing, but she was scared of Abigail. She wasn't sure what this woman was capable of. Abigail grabbed the couch cushion and walked to the door. "Don't move for ten more minutes." She barked out before shutting the door behind her. Catherine relaxed her shoulders and let out a heavy sigh. She was about to turn right around, but she wondered if maybe Abigail might have some camera spying on her or something. She fidgeted as she stood there, glancing around only slightly. She finally turned around completely, hands on her hips. "What the hell am I doing?" she mumbled to herself as she glanced about the room. Suddenly the door opened. It wasn't Abigail though. It looked like one of her neighbors. "Hey, turn back around, little one." The woman commanded. She leaned against the counter between the living room and kitchen, keeping an eye on Catherine. "Who are you?" Catherine said, turning back around. "And what are you doing in my house?" "I'm Sheryl. I live downstairs from you. Your mommy told me to watch you until she gets back. She said you're being punished for the next ten minutes." Sheryl looked at her watch. "Well, nine minutes now." "She's not my mommy. She's my roommate." Catherine said, grumbling. "I see. You're one of those uppity Littles. I guess you've never been to etiquette school." Sheryl let out a sigh, looking at Catherine's butt. "I don't see why that nice lady hasn't put you in a diaper already. Littles can try to act like mature grown ups, but even the so-called potty trained ones can't be trusted not to make a mess now and then. I saw the cushion. That can't be the first time you pooped yourself." Catherine did not respond. She stared right at the corner of the room. That seemed to be fine with Sheryl who was now just looking at her phone. She set her phone aside. "Okay, your ten minutes are up. You can go do whatever it is you do." Sheryl said, watching Catherine. The small girl's legs wobbled as she walked away from the wall. That ten minutes felt like forever to small girl but the time just passed by for the larger woman in the room. Catherine walked to her room and shut the door. Littles weren't normally afforded such privacy, but Catherine didn't know that. Sheryl opened the door right behind Catherine. "Keep this door open. I need to be able to keep an eye on you." Sheryl explained. "Listen, lady, I'm no one's pet or property." Catherine spoke boldly. "I don't need someone watching me! I am a grown woman!" Sheryl let out a throaty snicker. She covered her mouth, trying to hold back her laughter, her big body bouncing. She was even larger than Abigail. Her laughter looked frightening, especially from Catherine's vantage. "All right, you're hilarious." Sheryl said. "I'm surprised no one's adopted you. You're adorable and funny and just the right size." Sheryl walked up to Catherine and grabbed her hips, lifting her up. She held Catherine above her and shook her gently. Catherine whimpered, feeling her heart race. She had never been up this high before! Sheryl then hugged Catherine to her large chest. Catherine struggled for a bit as she was held to the large woman's boobs. She calmed down eventually though and leaned against Sheryl. She blushed, feeling a little embarrassed that the hug made her feel comforted. She clutched Sheryl back, just for a moment. She knew Sheryl could feel the way she was hugging her back. "Aww, poor baby. Do you miss your mommy?" Sheryl teased. "She'll be home soon." Sheryl set Catherine back down on her feet. Catherine felt funny about the encounter. She never felt anything like that since she was a toddler and even then she never did feel that small before. Still, she was fully aware of how Amazons operate and her parents told her that they might seduce her with comforting sweetness. Catherine felt something else. A tingling and warm feeling between her legs. It was a mixture of being aroused and needing to pee. "I... I have to go to the bathroom." Catherine said, trying to push her way by Sheryl. The larger woman grabbed Catherine's wrist. "Not by yourself you're not." Sheryl said. She walked ahead of Catherine and lead her into the bathroom. She chuckled when she saw the calendar. "It's still surprising for me to see a Little that's potty trained. At all." Catherine was about to take off her overalls when Sheryl took over again. She pulled down the overalls and panties and propped Catherine up on the large toilet. She held onto Catherine's hips and stared right at the small girl's privates as she waited for her to pee. Catherine eventually started tinkling, which made Sheryl's eyes widen a bit. Catherine blushed deeply as she was watched. When she was done peeing Sheryl took some toilet paper and wiped her drippy slit for her. She then flushed the toilet and helped Catherine back into her overalls. Catherine looked down, her face so warm with blush as she walked back to her room. Sheryl stood, leaning on the doorway as she watched the small girl. Eventually Abigail came home and walked straight over to Sheryl. Catherine tried to listen in to their conversation. "I want to thank you so much for watching my little stinker while I was out." Abigail said. "She didn't give you any trouble, did she?" "No, not too much trouble. She even went pee pee in the toilet!" Sheryl said, raising her voice with a slight sound of surprise. "I know! It's a little weird, but fascinating." Abigail spoke candidly. "She's pretty fun, actually." Abigail lowered her voice to a whisper and leaned in close. "She thinks she's an equal. Isn't that cute?" Catherine heard that. The small girl pretended like she didn't hear the insulting words and just swallowed her anger. At the end of the day Abigail made her way into Catherine's bedroom. "Okay, kiddo, time for bed." She announced on her way in. She clapped her hands. "Put away your silly little toys." Catherine didn't want to go to bed right now, but at this point Abigail clearly had all the control. She did just as Abigail commanded, putting the electronic components away. Once that was done Abigail lifted Catherine up onto the bed and started stripping her out of her clothes. Catherine squirmed on the bed, groaning obstinately. Abigail just had to give her butt one of her classic slaps. Catherine stop her fidgeting. Abigail slipped off the girl's shirt and then pulled down her cute little panties. By now Catherine's naked body was nothing new for Abigail. She still smiled at the sight of it though. She grabbed one of the new diapers she bought and unfolded it. She slid it under the small girl's butt, holding her ankles in one large hand. She lowered the little bottom back into the diaper. Abigail showed Catherine the large bottle of baby powder and then shook it gently onto her skin. She rubbed the powder around on Catherine's butt and between her legs. She pulled the thick diaper front over Catherine's crotch and taped each side really tight and secure so that Catherine wouldn't be able to pull off the diaper easily. "Don't you go pulling your diaper off now." Abigail warned. "It would be too hard to reattach these tapes. If you got to go then just go right in your diaper." "I don't want to do that." Catherine whined. "It's not about what you want." Abigail admonished. "It's about keeping a dry bed. Besides, I think you'll wake up in a much better mood if you only have wetness on one part of your body instead of all over." Abigail placed her big hand over Catherine's crotch and then gave a playful squeeze. Catherine felt a strange surge of energy zap up her spine. Besides touching herself she never really felt anyone touch her sexually. All the slaps and rubs and wiping of her sensitive flesh was awakening a kind of sexuality she didn't even know she had. Abigail showed Catherine a bright pink pair of bunny pajamas. There were snaps around the crotch for easy diaper changes and a little hood with bunny ears on top. Abigail tugged the pajamas onto Catherine and even tightened the bunny hood over her head. Abigail made the small girl look at herself in the mirror. She even played with the bunny ears, flopping them around. She made some cutesy baby babble at her as she teased. Abigail set Catherine into her bed and pulled up the covers. "What if I have to, you know..." Catherine spoke vaguely as the covers went up to her chin. "I don't know." Abigail said. "You'll have to be more specific." "What if I have to, um... go poop?" Catherine lowered her voice and ducked her head slightly into the blanket. "Do you really have to go poop in the middle of the night all that much? I think you'll be fine." Abigail assured her. "If it's a real emergency then come wake me up. I will leave my door open. I guess I should get a baby monitor for your room." Abigail stood up and left Catherine's room. Catherine glanced over at Abigail's big butt as she walked out. For a minute there Catherine thought Abigail was flaunting her superior non-diapered ass at her. Abigail shut off the light and said a quiet "sweet dreams" before closing the door behind her. Catherine sat in the bed, staring at the ceiling. She found it hard to sleep at first. There was a big bulk between her legs. She had not felt the bulk of a massive diaper since she was six years old. Back then she was ready to get out of it. She still remembered the years before though where she was stubborn about learning the potty and willingly wet and messed herself. She knew it felt good to be wet and messy but she also understood there was no dignity in it. There was nothing to be proud of in a filthy diaper. Rolling onto her side, Catherine stared at the wall and let out a huff from her nose. The feelings of shame were starting to melt away as she was all alone. All she felt was the soothing softness of the diapers against her skin, like being wrapped in a fluffy cloud. She yawned and felt herself getting tired. She was finally able to fall asleep. Catherine had the best night's sleep of her life. It was even better than her confident days as a fresh adult making it in the big city. Sitting up in her bed she flipped her covers aside and proceeded to strip out of her bunny pajamas. They felt oddly tighter on her this morning. Her breasts flopped out as she pulled the pajamas down past them. She kicked off the pajamas and then inspected her diaper. It was wet. The plain white bulky diapers looked thoroughly soaked as a big yellow stain was all around the crotch and seat. The good news was that her bed wad dry. Catherine looked around. Abigail was not here this time to greet her in the morning. Catherine felt the urge to pee and she had to get the soaking wet diaper off. She slid out of the bed and made her way to Abigail's room. She waddled over to Abigail and nudged her arm. Abigail groaned in her sleep and rolled over in her large bed. Catherine climbed onto the bed and nudged Abigail some more. "Cathy, sweety, it's time not to wake up. I still need one more hour of sleep." Abigail said in a raspy half-awake voice. "But Abi, I... I need to get out of my diaper." Cathy explained, blushing a little. "Just relax and toilet in your diaper like a good Little." Abigail muttered. "It wont count against you on your potty chart. I'll change you when I wake up." With that Abigail gently shoved Catherine off of the bed and went back to sleep, snoring loudly. Catherine stood on the floor, looking up at Abigail with a sour expression. Catherine had no choice. She had to pee on herself on purpose. She waddled out of Abigail's room and stood in the hallway. With her legs parted she relaxed and let the piss flow out of her. She sighed with relief as she emptied to the already soaking wet diaper. Catherine leaned on the wall and slid down to the floor, sitting in her own drenched pampers. She felt the wet, spongy material squish between her cheeks and her pussy. She felt the same strange arousal she was feeling lately. She still couldn't understand it. She didn't want to live as a baby, but the call of the diapered lifestyle was getting stronger than ever. Catherine played with herself for a bit as she sat in the hall, only rubbing the outside of the diaper since they were still nearly air tight around her. Catherine stopped her diddling when she thought maybe Abigail might hear or even surprise her by bursting out of her room. The small girl decided she would only try masturbating when Abigail wasn't around. Then she remembered that today she would have to spend most of her time with the Amazon. When Abigail did finally wake up, Catherine was sitting on the floor in the living room, playing around with a handheld game. Abigail was wearing nothing but her underwear. She was a real amazing sight to behold. Her large breasts were just stuffed into her lacy bra, which did not cover much of anything at all. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material. Her panties were made of a very thin fabric, unlike anything Catherine ever wore. It too was mostly transparent. Catherine looked upon Abigail's private area with envy, seeing a mighty pubic bush that she would most likely never be able to grow herself. Without warning Abigail snatched the game from Catherine's hands and set it up on a high shelf. "You may play later. Right now we need to get you changed out of those soggy pampers and into your play clothes. We're going to have fun today!" Abigail scooped up Catherine, putting her hands under the girl's armpits and lifting her. She carried her to the bathroom. Catherine was set on top of the sink counter. It worked as a functional diaper changing station since she was so small comparatively. Abigail spread the smaller girl's legs and tore the tapes on the sides of the diaper, opening it up and smiling when she looked at just how wet and yellow Catherine made the inside of the diaper. Catherine blushed as her diaper and privates were being stared at. Abigail went under the sink and retrieved some baby wipes. She swept the cool wipes over Catherine's skin, cleaning her up with swift and smooth arcs. Abigail put a wipe over two of her fingers and dug between Catherine's butt crack, teasing her butthole as she gave it a thorough cleaning. She looked at the cloth. "Littles... you just can't trust them to wipe themselves properly." She showed the dirty wipe to Catherine before dropping it into the trash. "I should have probably given you an extra cleaning when I came home yesterday. You know, after your pants pooping incident." Abigail just had to remind Catherine. Considering her clean for now, Abigail set Catherine on the floor. Before she could run off, Abigail grabbed Catherine by the waist and held her in place. "Hey little partner, cool your jets!" She pulled the naked girl up into her arms and slung her over her shoulder, carrying little Catherine to her room for her. She set Catherine down on her bed, having her sit there as Abigail picked out some socks, pulling them up onto Catherine's feet. "Don't fidget now." Abigail said with a stern tone. "Abi, please! I can still dress myself!" Catherine beseeched her. "Fine." Abigail held up her hands. "Show me how big of a girl you are and dress yourself." Catherine did not like the idea of dressing up for an audience, but she was glad to be given some small amount of autonomy. It was all part of Abigail's plan though. Catherine still had to believe she had choices so that when they were taken away she would only have herself to blame. Catherine pulled up her cute toddler panties and then tugged a shirt over her head. It was a baby blue shirt with a cute seal cub on it. It was the least babyish shirt she could think to wear. She put on a pair of overalls and Abigail stepped in to help tighten the straps. This helped to give Catherine a bit of a wedgie. This kind of left little to the imagination as the overalls hugged her small form. Abigail then grabbed Catherine's feet one by one, shoving cute sneakers onto her. Right about then there was a buzz from the door. Abigail knew that must be the construction workers. She took Catherine's hand and pulled her along as she buzzed the workers upstairs. "Come on in!" She said into the speaker and then opened the door. Catherine stood shyly behind Abigail's leg as she watched the tall and strong Amazons come up the stairs. These workers were always far larger than Abigail, but she knew there was nothing to fear if she just stuck close to the tall woman. She realized she would not have to wear her UL badge around her neck this time because Abigail was clearly accompanying her now. She looked up as Abigail spoke to the other Amazons, talking about the renovations that would be made to the flat. Catherine was then promptly pulled out of the apartment by her arm as Abigail grabbed her purse and a diaper bag on her way out the door. Catherine looked up at the strange pink and blue bag with a little baby lamb on it. She had never seen anything like it before. She did not know it was a diaper bag. Abigail pulled Catherine up into her strong arms and carried her down the stairs. Abigail probably did not want to have to alter her walking pattern just to accommodate the smaller girl. She found it easier to just carry Catherine. Carrying her also reinforced how small and helpless she was. Catherine held onto Abigail and looked around at the outside world from a whole new perspective, nearly nine feet from the ground. It was a little scary and exciting at the same time. She looked at all the stores that they passed by. When Abigail went into a building Catherine was able to see all the things on the top shelves of the stores that she normally would not be able to look at. It was like this "adult" world she wasn't allowed to be a part of and now she was merely getting a small peek at something she could never have. Abigail started talking to another Amazon at the store and Catherine was set down on her feet. Catherine looked in front of her and saw a small Amazon girl who was a bit taller than her. She looked at Catherine curiously, walking forward and tugging on her overalls. "Hey," Catherine said with a blush. "Give me some personal space, would ya?" "Oh, you talk almost like a grown up!" The not so little girl said with a smile. "Do you have a diaper on?" The young Amazon reached over, pulling on the overalls and trying to see if Catherine had on a diaper. She saw the toddler panties that were neither diapers nor pull-ups. "I'm not- I'm not like that!" Catherine stammered. "I'm... different." "Well-" the young girl responded "you don't look different. You look like a little kid. Even littler than me! My mom told me all Littles potty in their pants and it's the responsibility of us Amazons to watch over them and protect them." "I can go in the toilet." Catherine said, blushing deeply. She didn't think she would have to be defending that point to anyone! The younger girl just shrugged, not looking too impressed. "Hey, Cathy, sweetie?" Abigail looked down. "Can I trust you to keep up with me? I don't have to drag you around on a harness or stick you in a stroller?" "Yes, Abigail" Catherine rolled her eyes. "I might be smaller but I'm not incapable of walking." The way Catherine talked drew surprised titters from the other Amazon that Abigail was talking to earlier. Abigail gave the other woman a look as if to say "I know." Catherine was indeed "different" as she said. Littles generally were not as bold as her. Abigail searched through the top shelf of the store and picked out some small boxes which looked like DVD cases. She looked down at Catherine and winked with a smug grin. She walked swiftly to the cashier which made Catherine have to almost run, picking up her feet and stumbling slightly behind. Catherine looked up at Abigail. She wondered if the large woman was testing her with every little action she did. Catherine was annoyed, but there was still this feeling of safeness when she was around Abigail. She saw the way Abigail's blouse draped down over her pants. She grabbed onto the blouse and held it like a handle. She heard a few gentle "awws" behind her. She ignored them. The gentle tug was fine with Abigail. It let her know that Catherine was still there and she wasn't going to wander off. It's not like she had anywhere else to go, but she just liked the assurance that Catherine was becoming more dependent on her. "Looks like the couch cushion is going to be ready within the hour." Abigail said, looking at her phone. "I know an ice cream shop that's nearby. I think you deserve a treat for behaving so well today." Catherine did like the idea of ice cream. She was also out for a long time now and she needed to pee. The smaller girl held her crotch with her free hand as she held onto Abigail's blouse with the other. Normally she was scared of being out in public while needing to pee, but having Abigail around had a great advantage to it. "Abi, I have to pee." Catherine said urgently. "Can we use the bathroom at the ice cream place?" "Well...." Abigail paused. "Perhaps they'll let us if we ask real nice." Inside the ice cream shop Catherine was full on pee pee dancing, using both hands to grab herself and scampered back and forth near Abigail. Abigail explained that Catherine was not in diapers and she needed a toilet. The worker behind the desk graciously agreed, handing them the bathroom key attached to a metal security block, meant to send an alarm if the key went off the premises. These people sure guarded their bathrooms diligently from Littles! Abigail took Catherine to the back, unlocking the bathroom. Catherine zipped inside, but Abigail still grabbed the small girl and proceeded to pull aside her overall straps and then yank down her panties. There was a small pee stain in her panties. It looked like Catherine just barely made it! The close call scared Catherine, but she soon relaxed once Abigail held her hips and safely let her hover over the toilet bowl. Catherine wasn't too proud to let Abigail help her in this embarrassing way. It was either this or go in her pants. Catherine's slit was already dripping a little before she was placed over the toilet seat, but as she was held there the slight trickle turned into a strong jet of piss. Catherine sighed, untensing her body as she peed into the toilet. Abigail just stared at the small girl's slit as she peed. It was humiliating for sure, but at the same time Catherine was grateful for Abigail's help. The stream died down slowly and Abigail used some toilet paper to wipe up Catherine's little slit. Her wiping was a bit more sensual than when Sheryl did it. Catherine was aroused by Sheryl's normal maternal wiping style, but Abigail's deliberate tactile touching was sending waves of pleasure through her. She tried to hold back her excitement, but those little twitches and jerks she made with her body as well as the subtle facial ticks let Abigail know Catherine really liked being touched down there. Abigail pulled Catherine's panties back up and then hoisted the overalls back in place. She looked down at the small girl, appeased for now that Catherine was falling into the toddler phase of her role already. She took her by the hand and exited the bathroom, making sure to lock it behind them. "What a good girl, Cathy! You made pee pees on the potty!" Abigail said in a nice, loud voice, enough for anyone to hear. Catherine ducked her head down. She could hear the snickers and giggles of Amazon children. The bathroom key was handed back to the clerk, who looked down upon Catherine with disgust. She must not have liked having a Little using a bathroom in the place she worked. Abigail ordered a nice big sundae to split between the two of them. Catherine was fine with this. She rarely treated herself to sweets and now she was going to have them two days in a row! She had gotten a taste for chocolate too, despite the embarrassing incident yesterday. The big sundae bowl was placed on a tray and handed to Abigail and her tiny girl. They sat at one of the round tables in the middle of the parlor, as if Abigail was trying to put her property on display. Catherine didn't notice though. Already she took a small, plastic, pink spoon, specifically made for Littles to use, and dug into her side of the ice cream treat, going for the chocolate scoop first. Abigail worried she might spill some of the ice cream on her cute clothes so she dug into the diaper bag she had slung over her shoulder and pulled out a yellow bib with a rubber ducky sewn onto it. She tied the bib around Catherine's neck. Catherine scrunched up her face a little, but for once she did not raise too much of a fuss. She accepted the bib and continued to go wild on the ice cream, getting some around her mouth. No one was really paying attention to Catherine right now. Normally when she went out, she was kind of a spectacle. With Abigail though, she blended right in. Catherine was really starting to question some of her own values now, wondering if it was better to just go with the flow and not try so hard to fight back. Maybe if she let some things slide then she could properly take on the oppressive world around her. That's exactly what Abigail wanted though. Abigail had read extensively on Little psychology in her first years at university. She knew how to get Catherine to accept her role as a infant in this world forever. To pass the time, Abigail questioned Catherine on her little science projects. This made little Catherine excited and she started rattling off her experiments and inventions. There were some electronic gadgets she invented, mostly remote controls for manipulating other electronics from a distance and mechanical tools for reaching things that she normally could not reach. Abigail wasn't even paying attention though, looking at her phone and only vaguely responding now and then. While Catherine talked with geekish enthusiasm Abigail would just nod and go "mm-hmm" or "sure" like a typical mom listening to outlandish stories from her rambling child. The gadgets that Catherine invented were not all too impressive to Amazons who either did not need them or could make more efficient versions of what Catherine came up with. She was impressive for a Little, but not much else. Abigail put her phone away and looked at Catherine with a smile. "Are you ready to go pick up the couch cushion now?" Catherine smiled back, nodding. The two women had devoured the ice cream together, only a few stray nuts and syrup left at the bottom of the bowl. Catherine, getting bold, leaned over the table and dipped her finger into the bowl. She sucked the chocolate syrup off her finger happily. "Silly little girl." Abigail chuckled, shaking her head. She untied Catherine's bib and used it to wipe her mouth clean. Abigail grabbed Catherine and helped her down to her feet. Catherine knew that Abigail was treating her like a child, but she didn't want to respond to it this time. She was letting a lot of things slide today. Abigail felt the small hand clutching her blouse again as she walked swiftly on the sidewalk, making her way to the upholstery cleaner. Inside there were a couple other Amazons with Littles. It seemed that staining furniture was a common problem with troublesome Littles in Amazon households. Of course these other Littles were properly diapered, so the stains they left were usually food or drink related. A girthy but gentle 11 foot tall woman leaned down and smiled at the sight of Catherine. "Is this the one that made the poo poo stain?" The woman asked in a surprisingly squeaky voice. "Naughty naughty! You shouldn't take your diaper off like that!" The woman wasn't trying to humiliate Catherine, but it sure felt like an insult. Catherine looked down, blushing deeply. She didn't want to react to what the extremely tall and strong woman was saying. "Oh Cathy is stubborn. She thinks she doesn't need diapers." Abigail explained for her. "She's a special case. Someone tried to potty train her before I took her in." "Oh my!" The brobdingnagian behemoth bellowed in surprise. "The poor thing! Wasn't it so stressful for a little one like you trying to learn the potty?" She looked down, pursing her lips. "N-no!" Catherine finally spoke up, her voice cracking. "I wanted to learn." "I see then." The large woman handed the couch cushion to Abigail, but still continued to address Catherine. "Don't try too hard now, and don't sweat it if you aren't able to stay in big girl pants. Littles do better in diapers." She handed Catherine a lollypop. "No more sitting on the couch though, promise? Unless you want to give me more business." With that the giantess winked at Catherine. Catherine clutched the lollipop close. It was a colorful candy swirl stuck in plastic. She just had ice cream so she wasn't about to lick it right away. Still, she thought that big lady was so nice. She kind of wished that if anyone adopted her it would be that woman. If only that were the case though. Back at the flat, things looked more or less the same. That is until reaching the back room. Catherine's room had been greatly reduced in size. She even had new dressers and shelves to fit better wit the smaller space. There was still room for her to move around in and just barely enough for Abigail. There was one more addition that Catherine did not expect though. There were now bars at the edge of her bed. Over the course of the day, her bed was made into a convertible crib with bars that could be raised or lowered. "Hey! What's this about?" Catherine whined, kicking at the bars. "Sweetie, those are for your own protection." Abigail explained. "Besides, now that you're going to be in diapers at night you might as well be locked in a... well, let's not say crib. Let's just call it a bed with rails!" Abigail giggled. Abigail undressed Catherine, getting her ready for bed. Catherine whined the whole time as she was set on her newly 'improved' bed. Her little big girl panties were pulled off and she was completely naked. Abigail shook some baby powder gently over Catherine's crotch. She grabbed her ankles and lifted her butt, dusting her cheeks next. She gave the cheeks a gentle pat and then slid her fingers between her crack before setting her back down on the thick diaper. She folded the diaper between the girl's legs and taped it around her nice and snug. Catherine hated how big the diapers were. They made it impossible for her to close her legs and they rode all the way up past her belly button. Any higher and they might be right under her breasts! She felt like half of her body was covered in thick diapers. The same cute bunny pajamas were suited on her and she was laid back in her bed. Abigail raised the bars on the side and then locked them with a complicated latch. Catherine tried to pay attention, but Abigail moved too fast to let her see how the latch worked. She knew she would be stuck in the crib all night now, no matter how much she wanted out. Catherine sat up in her crib, watching as Abigail went to the night stand and plugged in a device. This must have been the baby monitor that Abigail promised she would get. Catherine had never seen one before. She had only heard about it. She hoped that if she needed anything in the middle of the night she could at least ask Abigail for help. Abigail walked out the door after shutting out the light. Catherine sat there in the bed. She wasn't sleepy and there was nothing to do. She looked at her other night stand and saw one of her science books. She crawled to the edge of her bed and reached through the bars, trying to grab the book. There was no such luck. The only thing that was within reach was a little white teddy bear that was placed next to the bed recently. With nothing else to occupy her time, Catherine took the bear. Suddenly, Catherine's worst fear was realized. She had to poop. Stuck in the crib with no way out all she could do was call for help. "Abi!" She called into the baby monitor. "Abi, I need to get out!" her voice was trembling with fear. "Go back to sleep." Abigail responded groggily. "But Abi, I have to go!" Her voice reached a pathetic whiny pitch. There was no response from Abigail this time. She was probably already asleep. Catherine stood up in the crib and looked over at the bars. She tried to find the latch so she could unhook it and let herself out. In her nervousness she began to piss on herself. Catherine whimpered, feeling the hot pee just rushing out of her. Her crotch was soon drenched, but she was still determined to get out and poop in the toilet. It was all in vain though. A very thick log crept out of her tight little butt. No matter how hard she clenched, the semi-hard poop pushed its way out and dropped into the back of her diaper. Catherine stood there in shock. This was a nice firm log, not like the soft mess she made yesterday. It was followed by another, longer log, which snaked around to either side of her butt cheeks. She sobbed, feeling utterly defeated. She just pooped herself like a baby and it was the second time in a row it happened. She tried to rationalize in her head that she could have made it to the toilet if she wasn't locked in a crib. She felt oddly sleepy in that moment. Catherine slowly got back down to the bed and tried to lie down on her tummy. She didn't want to mush up her mess, though the tight space in her diaper ensured she would always feel those logs against her butt. She tried to relax and go back to sleep. It would be a long night and it only just begun. She was just going to have to get used to staying in the crib, soaking wet with poop on herself for the next several hours.
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  7. this was a commissioned story. It involves kidnapping and forced infantilism and is a bit explicit in parts. I can write in any style and for this one I was asked to make it look like a mid 00s mommy blog! A time before smartphones and YouTube, but with all that stuff just around the corner. It’s a neat gimmick for telling a story. Maybe you will think so as well. MamaJenn2000’s Mommy Blog Your source for all the best mom tips, tricks, news, and stories! _____________________________________________________________ May 1, 2005 Welcome, dear readers, all my Mommies and Littles! I have exciting news for you today. Those of you that have read my blog these past four years know I have been waiting to find a good little girl and boy to adopt for my very own. I have been a nanny for twenty years, but I have always longed for children of my own. Well I finally found the perfect little ones and they are coming home with me tonight! Madison is a spoiled brat, and kind of a slutty dresser. She is 18, but that is no excuse to just run around in skimpy outfits showing off your goods to all the naughty leering boys! You know by the time I get through with her she will be a proper and respectful little lady. Perhaps with something thicker covering that cute, chubby, bubble butt instead of the thin floss she calls a thong. She reminds me of myself when I was that age, except I wouldn’t be wearing a crop-top and showing off my little belly. I also had bigger breasts than her, but that’s not important. Jayden, Madison’s twin brother, is almost as spoiled as his sister. Like most boys his age he doesn’t respect ladies and is often rude to his superiors. Boys are bad enough without giving them disposable income. You give them just a little money and suddenly they think they run the world. Well not on this mamma’s watch! His traditionally good looks, tight toned buns, and wealth aren’t going to get him out of trouble with me. Of course these two are absolutely adorable, but I feel that with a little work they could be even sweeter. I have my work cut out for me with these two, but if you know me then you know I love a challenge. I recall the case of little Robbie [see journal entry for March 7, 2002]. His wife was sure that a tall, beefy man like him couldn’t be controlled, but I still get emails from her thanking me. Yes, little Robbie is still sucking on binkies and using diapers to this very day. If I can handle a full grown man like him then these babies should be a piece of cake. _____________________________________________________________ May 1, 2005 (2) The adoption went off without a hitch. I got the little Jayden and Madison in my back seat. Getting Jayden tied up and restrained was easier than I thought. The boy must have been too distracted staring at my tits to notice I was wrangling him. Considering he was just a little over six feet tall with well toned muscles I guess I was somewhat surprised to get his wrists tied behind him so quick and easy. Madison put up quite a fight though. She’s about my height (5 foot eight,) and pretty curvy. I did mention she liked thongs, right? That silly thong wedging itself between the crack of her big round butt made for a nice handle as I pulled it up and made her fall backward. I got her face down in the grass and she was bound in a cinch. I had made a plan to de-potty train them so I could start them fresh as infants. Well guess what happened on the long drive to my cabin? Jayden soiled his pants. I knew instantly the moment it happened, but Madison still pointed it out and was rudely yelling at her brother for it. She changed her tune once she soaked her pants though. I bet that thong wedging itself in her crack was pretty dirty in the back as well. It shut her up instantly and made for a pleasantly quiet though smelly drive the rest of the way. I think the two of them could tell there was nowhere to run to in my secluded little spot. My cabin is quite far and “away from it all!” The poor babies were crying when they got into my home. It must have been uncomfortable to have to set in messy and wet pants respectively. I took care of Jayden first, releasing his wrists and letting him lay back on the changing table. I caught Madison peeking as I changed her brother’s pants, putting him in thick pampers. Perhaps I should have the talk with her and start teaching her how to change a diaper one day. While Jayden was well behaved Madison bawled her eyes out! For all her teasing about Jayden being a baby Madison sure wasn’t doing herself any favors. Eventually I got her wiped down and in a pretty pink diaper. Tomorrow I will have to do something about that awful pubic hair between each of their legs and then begin with their baby training. [attached files: madison+jayden_pants-backside.jpg, jayden_bbluediapers.jpg, madison_ppinkdiapers.jpg, crybaby_madison.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 2, 2005 I awoke my first morning to the sound of needy babies, rattling the reinforced bars to their cribs. I knew I would have to put up with fussy babies, so I didn’t let the rude awakening bother me too much. Madison was crying again, but little Jayden was sitting silently. Both of them needed diaper changes, but Madison had made quite a mess on herself last night. It looked as though she tried to remove her diaper too, but then put it back on when she realized there was nowhere for her to go but inside her diaper. I think perhaps Madison needs special treatment. She has the temperament of a six year old, while little Jayden is more like a two year old. Despite being twins they couldn’t be more different in the developmental age department. Naturally I changed Madison’s diaper first. I walked her through the process as I did, explaining each step to her. This seemed like it was helping her calm down. I pulled back the soiled diaper and held it up slightly so she could see the mess she made. I then used the cool baby wipes on her dirty butt. I even had to wipe down her dirty pussy. Speaking of which, it was about time to get it shaved. Using some shaving cream I applied it to the girl’s groin and then carefully dragged the razor over her mons before going lower. I made sure it was a close shave, but a delicate one as well. Her naughty snatch was now a perfect bald flower. I wiped her down again and then applied some soothing cream to the area. She got a new pair of pink diapers with the added bonus of ruffled bloomers to go over it. It was the daytime so I dressed her in a pretty pink dress to match her bloomers. Jayden was next. When I opened Jayden’s diaper I saw his naughty little circumcised peepee pointing back at me. Fearful it might spout off I used one of my handmade peepee teepees to cover the tip [you can buy one here, fans!] They’re usually made for actual babies, but it fit over the boy’s short stubby dick easily. “Jayden was playing with himself last night!” Madison informed me. “Shut up, Madison!” Jayden said back I thanked Madison for tattling to me and then gave Jayden a hard smack on his bare butt. It left a red mark on that pale skin of his. The one thing these two had in common was their light skin and the way it easily reddened. It let me know when they felt a hard smack or when they were embarrassed and blushing. He howled and whined from the smack. Sure enough when I inspected the inside of the diaper not only was it wet but it also was sticky with cum. I explained to Madison how boys just sometimes can’t help themselves, even if their sister is in the same bed as them. Still, I think Madison might be ready for her own bed. I may also have to do something to stop Jayden from touching himself without permission. I proceeded to change Jayden’s diaper and shave off the nasty patch of pubic hair around his still hard cock. Now with Jayden in thick baby blue diapers I dressed him in some fancy boy shortalls. He even got his own fancy bow tie around his collar. I was hoping he would be more appreciative that I was still treating him like a spoiled rich boy but he pouted and whined when he saw his outfit. Oh well. Sometimes the little ones just do not respect the lengths us mommies go for them. As I write this the two of them are on the floor playing with the baby toys I provided. There should be plenty there to occupy their little minds and let them grow and explore. Today has just begun and I can tell it’s already going to be an interesting experience! [attached files: jaydens_peepeeteepee.jpg, madison_prettydress.jpg, handsomejayden.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 2, 2005 (2) Jayden started asking me a bunch of silly questions like “why are you doing this” and “when are we going home,” which wasn’t so bad until he was raising his voice and trying to be threatening. Well, dear readers, you know what we do with little boys that yell at their mothers. I had him over my knee and spanked him hard right through his diaper. Oh yes, he felt it, even through his thick crinklepants. Oh how he cried and carried on! I think the cutest thing was how he kicked his feet. Madison has taken to sulking on the floor. She just sits there pouting and crossing her arms. At first she was trying to pull her skirt down in front to hide the thick diapers. That clearly did not work for her! The pouting wasn’t welcome, but her silence once. I decided to reward the girl and showed her the potty chair [Amazon: Adult Sized Potty Chair] that she will be learning how to use. It’s true that she initially balked at the idea of having to sit on the potty, but once she figured out that her poop would either go in the potty chair or on her butt she eventually made the right choice. I let her know that we would start potty training tomorrow, which made her upset because she wanted to go right then! Madison looked a little sad when she peed herself loudly into her thick diapers. I explained that she wasn’t ready just yet and gave her a piece of candy. I think she’s feeling better now. Well it seems that after Jayden’s spanking he is much more behaved. He is at the table coloring with crayons. You know that face little kids make when they’re trying to poop? He had that exact look on his face today! Oh he was trying so hard to poop and eventually it came. I could see by the way he sat more relaxed in the chair that he must have made a big mess on himself. I stood quietly, not wanting to interrupt, but once I saw his hand lingering down between his legs I had to step in. Pulling his hand above the table I wagged my finger right in his face. “No, little Jayden. You may not play with yourself until you’ve asked for Mommy’s permission.” I told him. Madison must have heard this because there was another groan of disgust from her. “He’s been doing that since he got here!” she explained. I assured Madison that if I caught him playing with himself again he would have his privates locked in a chastity device and his hands mittened. Madison was still upset that her brother wasn’t punished but she still thanked me. There was a lot of learning and laughter today. I have never felt so fulfilled and rewarded as I do now! It’s just been my second day being a real mommy, but I can tell I’m going to be great. Madison and Jayden got to bed without too much fuss tonight. They look so cute cuddled up next to each other and I’m going to miss seeing them like that, but Madison is a big girl and she has shown she’s ready for a big girl bed soon. ______________________________________________________________ May 4, 2005 A lot of exciting things have happened lately! Yesterday after I changed Madison and Jayden out of their diapers I gave Madison her first pair of training panties. At first she whined that she wasn’t getting big girl underwear, but when she saw that Jayden would be staying in diapers she warmed up to the idea. She thought it was pretty funny now that Jayden was like her baby brother this time. She tried to tell me how she potty trained before him once before, but I quickly told her that her old life didn’t matter. All that mattered was what was happening to them now. The pink girl potty was set in the middle of the living room so that I would always be able to see it from almost any angle. Jayden was curious and was touching it a lot, lifting the lid and feeling the plastic. Madison didn’t like this and told him not to touch her potty “It’s my potty!” she said! Oh how I had a good laugh at that! Madison was eager to use the potty today, so she was drinking from her bottle a lot and always asking for more juice. Some time in the afternoon she was ready. I saw her trying to cross her legs so she clearly had to go, but little ones tend to like to push their limits. Thankfully there was no big accident after all that build up. Madison sat on her potty chair and let out a torrent of pee. I stood over her watching it stream out of her pussy. Jayden was watching too. Instead of trying to make him go away she spread her legs to flaunt what she was doing. “I’m using the potty because I’m a big girl, but you still wear diapers because you’re a dumb boy!” She teased him, sticking out her tongue. “I know how to use the potty, we’re the same age!” Jayden tried to defend himself. I explained to Jayden that Madison was a little more mature than him so only she was ready for the potty, even though they were the same age. Jayden didn’t understand, whining and complaining the whole time. After Madison’s impressive jet of piss subsided I wiped down her little pussy for her and pulled her training panties back up. We left the potty chair in the middle of the room for now and she would go back and forth to it throughout the afternoon. Jayden was becoming increasingly jealous watching his sister go in the potty like a big girl. Perhaps he was begging for attention because eventually he was squatting down and looking me dead in the eye as he messed his diaper. He made a big fuss about how I should change him right then and there! I informed him that he would be changed when I was well and ready to change him. I don’t think he was expecting that since right after he started to throw a fit, stamping his feet around. I grabbed him by the ear and sent him to time out. He continued to gripe while facing the wall so I stuck a pacifier into his mouth and using a ribbon to keep it gagging his maw. I let Madison tease him about being such a baby and boy did he get the message then. Jayden was crying into that pacifier, making muffled sobs the whole time. Madison pranced around him and told him he deserved what he got for acting like such a brat and making her endure his nocturnal fiddling. Madison’s point brought my attention to her much needed big girl bed. I showed her my guest bedroom and let her see the cushy bed in the middle. I pointed out that it was all for her. When she sat down on it she noticed the crinkling of the plastic sheets. She seemed slightly bothered by it, but she didn’t complain. I made a note of that to myself. Madison was learning her place and that is the only reason she got special treatment. I had another present in that guest bedroom. A thick vibrator in the top dresser drawer. If she were to go exploring and find it then she might be tempted to use it. If she did end up using it I knew exactly how I was going to punish her. Yes, I know, I was practically setting her up, but sometimes you have to test your little ones. When I came back to Jayden I caught him with his hand down his diaper. I pulled Jayden from the corner set him on the changing table. I pulled off his shortalls and tore open the filthy diaper. Just as I suspected the mess had gotten everywhere. “This is what happens when you play in a messy diaper!” I explained to Jayden, having to wash his mess off his cock and balls. “I wasn’t playing with myself I was just itchy!” he whined. I could tell he was lying because his dick was still hard and had glistening pre at the tip. After he was cleaned I flipped him over and called Madison into the room. Madison had an eye-rolling look on her face as if to say “what did he do now.” Instead of explaining I simply took off one of my slippers and handed it to Madison. I pointed to Jayden’s butt and she got the idea. Madison took to spanking her brother gleefully. Maybe a little too gleefully! The slipper slammed down hard on Jayden’s butt, turning it from a light pink to a prickly red. Jayden cried and attempted to reach back and stop the slipper. I held his hands down against his back though so Madison could finish spanking him. I finally let go of the boy and had him stand up. As he was rubbing his bottom that naughty cock of his was still hard. That just would not do! I got the chastity underwear from the back room. Before putting it on I had to give his little prick a smack so it would get soft. He howled and grabbed his crotch, but I had work to do so I asked Madison to hold his hands behind his back. I put the special underwear on and carefully locked his naughty package into the chastity harness. I then had Madison give me each of his hands and I stuck them into some tight mittens. Finally a brand new diaper was taped around his waist. He wouldn’t be getting his pants back for now though. I told Jayden that if he wanted to play with himself again he had to ask Mommy for permission. Jayden gave a little nod. As if to add more insult to injury Madison needed her potty again, but this time for number two. She wasn’t shy about making a big poop in the potty chair while poor pitiful Jayden watched. She was quite proud of herself, as she should be. Jayden would be going poop and pee on himself for a long time while Madison just might move on to some thinner underwear soon! [attached files: jaydens_chastitypants.jpg, madison_goingpotty.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 5, 2005 Madison slept soundly that night and must have been really relaxed because she didn’t make a peep at all. Her baby monitor was quiet. Meanwhile I was hearing so much rustling and rolling around coming from Jayden’s monitor. At one point in the middle of the night I had to go to his crib to console him. He was crying because he was so desperate and he couldn’t touch himself. I told him that he’ll feel better if he just wet his diaper and went back to sleep, so he did. Still, the next morning he was up again, whining and pleading with me to let him touch himself. I had to admit, it was adorable how he was now begging for release. I opened up Jayden’s diaper and then proceeded to unlock his chastity device. His little nub of a cock wasn’t able to get fully hard, but he was still needy. Using the soaking wet front of his diaper I wrapped the soggy material around his shaft and started stroking. I thought it would be a good use of reinforcement to masturbate him with his own diaper. Jayden didn’t take long to spurt on himself. Sometimes it’s good to have a boy that cums so quickly! Wouldn’t want your hand getting tired, you know? With his sticky wet diaper put away in the pail I start putting his new diaper on. Before I tape the diaper around his waist I make sure to lock his limp dick back inside the chastity device. Leaving Jayden by himself to just enjoy his diaper and play with his toys I decided to check on Madison who still had not gotten out of her bed yet. I opened the door and it looked like she was pretending to be still now after fidgeting a moment ago. I walked up to her bed. “Madison, hands out.” I commanded her. Reluctantly she moved her hands from under the covers to the top. “What were you doing, hmm?” “Nothing.” she said, not making eye contact. I put my hand under her chin and made her look at me. “If I catch you again I’ll have to restrain your hands like I did for Jayden.” I warned. When I pulled back her covers I saw that her pull-up had leaked and she soaked the bed. I took her out of the bed and walked her to the living room to the changing table. She hung her head sadly as she did her walk of shame past Jayden. Jayden took the opportunity to point out her accident. “Now who’s the baby?” Jayden said like a brat. I ignored him but Madison was crying a little. I pulled off Madison’s heavily soaked training pants and threw them away. I wiped the piss off her, having to flip her on her tummy to clean the piss off her back as well. I drew the wet wipes up and down her legs and thighs, getting her completely clean without needing a bath. I put her in a fresh pair of pull-ups for today, but with an extra condition. “No more pull-ups to bed. From now on you’ll be wearing your diaper to bed until you start waking up dry, got it?” My words must have cut Madison deep. Her face looked so red! She nodded in agreement though. As I was getting my little ones dressed for the day I announced that we would be going out to the store to get groceries and supplies. They probably thought that they would be getting away. Before leaving the house I had some harnesses locked around their torsos that I could attach some leashes to. I explained very simply that it was so they wouldn’t wander too far from Mommy but I don’t think they understood. Sigh… kids! I had them go into the back seat of my van (which, as you recall, I had to clean up after their first non-diapered ride with me) and we were off to the store. In town, about five miles from my house, is a quaint little shop where I get all my groceries and things for the house. I am well known around here and some of you that work at the shop even read my blog. Hello everyone at the Nickel And Dime on Palma Street! Oh the looks we got as we entered the shop today. People were congratulating me on my successful adoption of these two sweethearts and some folks even commented on how cute they looked. Madison, being a little brat, was making up some silly story about me kidnapping her and her brother to Mister Green the shopkeep. He knew that the girl was being silly and gave her a piece of candy which she rudely tossed to the floor. I told her to apologize to Mister Green or she’d be getting a spanking right in front of all the patrons in the store. It took her a couple seconds to process that I wasn’t bluffing and he finally said sorry, picking the candy off the floor and putting it in her pocket. I kept Madison and Jayden on their leash as I walked through the store, stuffing the cart with healthy foods and of course some cleaning supplies. I should have stocked up knowing I’d have some very dirty children living with me, that’s on me. I also got extra plastic sheets for Madison’s bed knowing I might have to replace them maybe once a week. I saw Jayden making his pooping face. The seat of his pants were expanding as he dropped his fresh logs into the back of his diaper. Madison, for once, wasn’t teasing him. I think she had to go too because she was grabbing at herself. “Mommy I need to go.” she tried to tell me discreetly. I suggested that we all go to the family bathroom together. Madison wasn’t keen on the idea though. She said she would just hold it until we got home. Well that was a fib because the next thing I knew Madison was whizzing into her pull-up. She must have a huge bladder because when she wets a pull-up it gets really really wet! The damn thing couldn’t contain her pee pee and she ended up dribbling on the floor. Thankfully the shopkeep is such a kind and understand man. He mopped up after Madison’s accident without making a big fuss. He even tried to cheer the poor girl up, telling her the usual things like “accidents happen” and “it’s not your fault.” (I disagree. It was her fault! She could have went to the family bathroom with us.) Still, Madison pouted and sulked for the rest of the shopping trip. I had to use one of my spare towels for the back seat and I had Madison sit on it. She told me she was sorry and begged me not to spank her or take her potty away. I told her I would think about it, just to keep her on her toes. I was ready to forgive her, but I didn’t want her to think she was getting off easy, so I let her sweat it out in her soggy pull-up during the drive home. I had to change Jayden first and I made Madison stand in the corner while I did it. Jayden seemed really happy to be getting the diaper change. He was willingly sucking on the pacifier I gave him. He didn’t even need it gagged around his mouth this time. I wiped the poopy mess off his bottom and tossed out the used diaper. I slipped a new diaper under him and powdered his rump, giving him a new diaper. I didn’t bother giving him pants, as usual, I didn’t see the point since we were at home now. I finally called Madison from the corner. Pulling down her training pants I wiped her butt and crotch clean as she stood there. I also washed off her damp legs. I asked her “Do you want to try for the potty chair again?” and you should have seen her face light up. She was so grateful she gave me a big hug, which was funny because she was still naked from the waist down! I brought her over to the potty chair that was in the middle of the room and she sat on it for a full minute, trying to relax and go. She finally managed to do her business on the potty and smiled proudly, spreading her legs so I could watch the pee dribble from her pussy lips. How sweet! Madison’s been on a roller coaster of pride and shame today and it’s too bad it’ll have to end with more shame. As I was getting her for bed she was crying and fussing as I stripped her bare and got her fitted into her thick night time diaper. Once again I explained to her that if she just keeps her diapers dry then she can go back to pull-ups at night. “Having to wash the piss out of your bed sheets every morning would be too much work for me!” I said bluntly. These two are quickly learning their place. I kind of expected there to be some hiccups today what with me taking them out of the house for the first time, but pretty soon they’re not going to want to run away anymore. Pretty soon they’re going to want to just stay here with me. [attached files: toddler_harnesses.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 6, 2005 In the middle of the night I was woken up to the sound of a certain vibrator going off on the baby monitor for Madison’s bedroom. Well, it wasn’t just the buzzing sound I heard, but also crinkling. I knew Madison would find it and I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist it. I took swift but quiet footsteps to Madison’s room, swinging open the door to catch her in the act. I yanked off the covers, seeing that she had the vibrator pressed between her legs over the thick diaper! How cute. Too bad she didn’t ask for Mommy’s permission! I pulled her diaper down in the back to show off her bare butt and then I started spanking her hard with my open palm. She squealed, kicking her legs but I kept spanking until I left a few hand-shaped red marks on her cheeks. I pulled the diaper back up and let her know that she’d get a more serious punishment in the morning. Once morning came along I pulled Madison from her bed and dragged her out into the living room where I had set up the changing table. Jayden was already changed into a fresh diaper and had shirt and pants on. I pulled Jayden close and let him watch as I tore open Madison’s night time diaper. “Madison has been playing with herself at night.” I said, “I guess she’s no better than you, Jayden, despite how she’s always been tattling on you.” This made Jayden feel better about himself. Though Madison had more self control when she came here at first it seems that little diaper babies eventually can’t keep their hands off of themselves. I wiped Madison clean and discarded her used night time diaper. Instead of getting her a pull-up for the day I grabbed an extra thick diaper with the phrase “Little Slut” printed across the seat. She fussed so much but I gave her a smack on her bare butt before applying the baby powder. Rubbing in the baby powder was going to be the last contact her privates got for the day. The full realization of just how large these diapers were only came to Madison once they were taped around her waist. The soft, cushy material spread her legs apart quite a bit. I picked her up, carrying her like a doll to the doorway that went into the kitchen. There it was, the baby bouncer. This was custom made for a full grown adult. There were also some hand restraints. I locked each of her wrists into the restraints so now Madison would be stuck there, unable to move, let alone touch herself. Not content with just locking her up in the compromising position I started to unbutton my blouse. I had it open and showed my nursing bra to Madison and Jayden. I opened a front panel on the nursing bra, revealing one of my bare breasts and the achingly firm nipple that was begging to be suckled on. I sat down on a chair facing Madison and called Jayden over. Jayden excitedly got into my lap. I carefully peeled off the tapes from the side tabs of the boy’s diaper and let it open. Unlocking his chastity device I freed his little penis which was already starting to get erect. I let him latch onto her nipple and nurse on it. I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone suck on my nipples, and I was actually happy to have Jayden’s mouth on me. As he nursed I went to work slowly stroking his cock between my fingers. I had to keep my pinky and ring finger stuck out as I stroked up and down since his shaft was too short for my whole hand to fit around. I looked down, watching the subtle twitches on his face. Madison was looking on and I could tell she was jealous. Jayden was going to get a full release. On top of that he was allowed to have Mommy’s nipple. Oh how excited he was! It wasn’t even a full minute before the preseminal fluids were building up at his tip and squirting out a little. Popping the nipple out of his mouth he screamed for mommy and then shot a load of cum forward. The rest of the cum oozed down my hand. I was well aware that I’d have to clean up that mess, but I didn’t mind. I simply wiped off my hand and pulled Jayden’s diaper back up and reapplied the tabs on the sides. Madison squirmed, trying to move her arms. All she could do was bounce in her little harness though, looking cute. She was crying and begging for me to let her down now. I shut her up with a pacifier gag just like the one I gave to Jayden. I tied the ribbon behind Madison’s head and soon she was completely quiet. I had used a damp sponge to clean up Jayden’s excitable boy spunk from the carpet. Jayden meanwhile was waddling around in a happy afterglow. He flopped onto the couch and ended up having himself a little nap. Poor guy, all tucked out from two minutes of mommy’s nipple and a little tug on his peepee. Jayden and I snuggled on the couch after I buttoned my blouse back up. I got a little kiddie book from the coffee table and read it to Jayden, using different voices for all the characters. Jayden just sat content, leaning against me and sucking on his thumb. Again, all Madison could do was look on. I could hear the sounds of the poor girl struggling to contain herself despite her position, but her well fed tummy gurgled on. Soon enough she was filling the back of her diaper and blushing deeply. She did not cry. She merely made some quiet noises as she fidgeted ever so slightly. It seems Madison had found one way to give herself pleasure, though it was entirely at the expense of her dignity. I couldn’t stop the girl for that. It seemed appropriate. After an hour of desperate squirming and fidgeting I finally helped Madison down from her position. She stood in front of me, cheeks wet with tears. I removed the pacifier from her mouth. “Is there anything you would like to say to Mommy?” I asked her in my gentle sing-song tone. “I’m sorry for touching myself, Mommy.” she said quietly. “Yes, but you did it without Mommy’s permission. I don’t mind if you touch yourself, but I have told both of you that you may only do it if you ask Mommy first” I think the message finally sunk in to Madison. She looked like she had more to say, but was too shy to say it. I had to coax it out of her. “Come on, tell Mommy…” “May I play with myself now, Mommy?” Madison asked, her face getting even redder and hotter from shame. I gave her a flat “No.” She looked surprised and embarrassed. What’s more, Jayden had been awake to hear the exchange. I let her stand there as I went back to the sofa. I keep a good look at her from the corner of my eye. “May I get a new diaper, please?” she asked, her voice trembling. “Not until you both need a change.” I replied, patting Jayden’s crinkly butt. Madison pouted and whined, pacing around. There was nothing she could do about this. I was finally breaking the spoiled girl of her entitled attitude. Now she just sat on the floor. She rocked back and forth and I could tell she was just trying to get off by making her mess bigger. Again, I did not stop this, figuring it was better this way. As long as she did not use her hands she could find any humiliating way to arouse herself in the diapers that she wanted. I gave her long hard look and I think she could tell that I knew exactly what she was doing. She paused for a few seconds as our eyes locked. She then turned away and kept on wiggling around on the floor in her dirty diaper. When it was time to change my babies’ diapers I had them sitting side by side on the table. I ripped the tabs off of the diapers and opened them, greeted by their filthy backsides, though Madison’s butt was much filthier, just as I suspected it would be. I made sure to loudly comment on how messy Madison had been today and that she wouldn’t be getting her pull-ups back for a while. Madison cried about this, but hey, it was the right thing to do. After all, it took much longer to clean the poopy mess out of Madison’s naughty little pussy. You have to be careful with cleaning poop off of girls down there. The constant denial of release for several hours made Madison super sensitive, so it wasn’t a surprise as I was applying the cream to her pussy lips that she shuddered and orgasmed during her diaper change. I smiled knowingly, but I don’t think Jayden realized what happened. I got fresh diapers under each of them and liberally applied the baby powder. I taped the diapers shut and made sure they were tight before helping them up and leading them to the dining room. I made a nice big dinner tonight. I wanted their diapers filled to the brim by tomorrow morning. Both Madison and Jayden were back inside their shared crib. Madison’s morale had been completely busted at this point. She hugged her brother and they spooned together in the crib. It was so cute I just had to take a picture! Eventually Madison might be ready to be a big girl again, but she was going to need to prove it to me. [attached files: jayden-nursing.jpg, madison_bouncy.jpg, madison_spooning_jayden.jpg] ______________________________________________________________ May 8, 2005 It was now a full week since I had brought home my babies and they were fully used to their new life. When I changed Madison and Jayden’s very poopy diapers this morning Madison asked me again if she could try training pants for the second day in a row. I let her know I would think about it and then gave her a nice thick diaper anyway. I added that I might be willing to let her use the potty but she would need to come to me and ask for me to remove her diaper first. That lifted Madison’s spirits a little and she remained a polite and well behaved little girl all day. She didn’t even tease her brother anymore. I found the two of them actually “playing house” together. Madison was being the mommy, obviously, and Jayden was the baby. What a funny image, a Mommy in thick diapers! You wouldn’t catch this mommy in thick diapers ever. I let Madison have a baby bottle filled with juice so she could give it to her brother. She squat down over the boy and held the bottle into his mouth for him, watching as he drank down all the juice and hosed the front of his diapers. Madison giggled, amused by seeing her brother drink and helplessly wet himself, but again there was no teasing. Madison pretended to change Jayden’s diaper, miming the actions and pretty much copying the exact same movements I usually make. Maybe she is ready to learn how to change a diaper now? I doubt she’ll ever be a mommy like me, but the potential is there. I think she’s starting to look up to me! Later on while Madison and Jayden were at the coffee table coloring with crayons Madison squirmed and I could tell she peed a little into her diaper. She had that guilty look on her face. Still, she stood up and asked if she could go use her potty. I held her hand, helping her stand to her feet and then I carefully loosened her diaper and pulled it down around her ankles. She scrunched up her face, trying to go. Soon enough there were little tinkle and plopping noises coming from that potty. I helped her stand and wiped her cute hiney with the toilet paper. Jayden stood up suddenly, legs parted, and let out a funny surprised sound as he filled his diaper. His face was red and he gave me a look like he wasn’t expecting to suddenly make such a big mess. I guess after all those times where he was basically forcing it out a sudden surprise mess caught him off guard! It was pretty funny and I had a good laugh. Madison actually showed tact and told Jayden it was okay. I couldn’t be more proud of her now! I pulled Madison’s slightly damp diaper back up, adding some powder down the front. This was the perfect opportunity to show Madison how to change a boy’s diaper for real. I picked Jayden up and set him on the table and then called Madison over. I stood beside her as I told her each step. “First you need to pull the tape from the tabs.” I pointed out. She acknowledged and did as she was told, “Now you pull down the front and leave the diaper open.” Madison seemed to stare for a while at Jayden’s big mess and the way his penis, free from any restraints today, was pointing upward like a sundial. “Don’t get distracted. You’ve seen your brother’s penis plenty of times.” I handed her the wipes and told her that she had to wipe the poop off of the boy’s butt. “Front to back, just like when you wipe yourself.” I kind of let that slip, forgetting just for a moment that Madison was now being wiped by me these days. “Once you’re done with a wipe just drop it into the diaper. We’ll be throwing out the whole thing later anyway.” I held the girl’s hand and guided her over the boy’s genitals. “Carefully wipe the scrotum around and then go uuuup the shaft.” It was fun to slide the cool wet wipe up Jayden’s hard penis together. “Now we take away the used diaper, fold it over itself, and retape it shut. Now do you know where the used diapers go?” I let Madison show me. She walked over to the diaper pail, lifting the lid, and dropping the soiled diaper down into it. I clapped for her and she hopped up and down, making her breasts bounce. What a cutie! I told Madison to get a new diaper, which she did happily. I held Jayden’s ankles while Madison slid the diaper under her brother’s butt. I set Jayden back down. “Do you know how to put a diaper back on?” Madison must have been paying attention each time I changed the diapers. She knew to connect the tabs at the right position so that the diaper wasn’t lop-sided or too loose. Jayden sat up when his diaper was finished being put on. He looked really embarrassed to get a diaper change from his sister, but the dear sweet girl gave him a hug and a kiss. Jayden was hugging Madison back too, smiling a lot. He might have been hugging her a bit too much, but I allowed it. It was good to see these two getting along and I felt like a proud parent knowing that their new attitude was my work! My babies were doing so well. I knew I had to reward them. I asked them if they wanted to go somewhere special with Mommy. The looked a little apprehensive, but I guess that was understandable. I had them both get dressed in play clothes; baby blue overalls with patches for Jayden and girly pink denim skirtalls for Madison. I hooked their harnesses on and lead them to my van on their leashes. They were confused, I could tell. We were going somewhere new and it wasn’t like our store trip. It was out in a more public place and that seemed apparent to them when we got into the parking lot with lots of other cars. I got out of the van and hooked the leashes to each of their harnesses, leading them towards a clearing with a few trees, revealing to them a public park with playground equipment scattered about. There were other children and parents there. My babies were so surprised when I unhooked their leashes. They gave me a strange look, like they didn’t understand. I told them to go play and I smiled. I just wanted them to have fun and I also needed to show my trust. Perhaps I also needed to prove to myself that my babies loved me enough by now not to run off. Madison and Jayden ran in different directions. They ran right up to the playground equipment. Madison climbed on the monkey bars while Jayden was crawling through the plastic tubes. Content with seeing my little ones playfully enjoying themselves on the equipment I went to sit down on one of the benches with the other parents. I sat across a beautiful woman who was staring at the two oversized children frolicking around in the park. “They’re a little old to be playing here, don’t you think?” she asked. “Perhaps, but they’re late bloomers,” I explained. “They’ve just been doing so well at home lately that I wanted to let them just have fun outdoors today.” “And it looks like they’re wearing diapers.” she said, squinting her eyes. “Indeed they are.” I flat out told her. “though my girl Madison is a bit more potty trained than Jayden. Isn’t that how it always is?” The woman sat silently, the wheels in her head turning. She finally answered “You know I do find that’s true. My own little Susie was out of diapers while her older brother was still using them. They’re both potty trained now, just Jeffrey took forever to figure out the potty!” I had a good laugh with the woman, exchanging pleasantries. I even told her about my blog, so if you’re reading this, hello Hannah! Madison ran up to me. She was tugging down the front of her skirt. She opened her mouth like she wanted to say something, but she got really shy in front of my new friend Hannah. “What’s the matter, Madison? Did you have an accident?” I asked point blank. Madison scrunched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. “Do you need to use the potty?” She then nodded quickly. I turned to give Hannah a look as if to say “see?” I reached out and held Madison’s hand and praised her for being a big girl, coming to Mommy when she was in need of a toilet, unlike that time at the store. I lead her to the public bathroom building at the far end of the park, taking her into the little girl’s room with me. There were some children there all by themselves, much younger than Madison. I could tell she looked at them with a twinge of jealousy because they weren’t in diapers and they didn’t need their mommy to take them to the potty anymore. I got her into a nice, pristine, and clean stall. I squatted down and told Madison to hold up her skirt as I loosened her diaper carefully and then pulled it down around her ankles. Her diaper was still in the same state as before so I told her “Mommy is very proud.” I sat her down on the toilet, holding her sides as if she was too little and might fall in. Obviously she wouldn’t with a bulbous bottom that big, but I had to remind her I still thought of her as mommy’s little girl. She sighed, a look of happy relief on her face as she tinkled into the toilet. I loudly announced “you’re such a big girl today!” She blushed a little but still happily peed in the toilet, even parting her legs to let me see the stream. When the stream died down I gave her pussy a gentle wipe and she shivered, enjoying it. I gently scolded her for that, but I still had a smile on my face. I just wanted to send the message to her not to be inappropriate. I stood her up get her diaper back on, tightening tapes. I opened the stall door and gave the toilet seat a quick wipe down before flushing for her. I took her to the sink and told her to wash her hands. She was washing her hands next to another little girl who smiled at her. The girl announced something about being “big” because she could go all by herself now. Madison blushed, but she smiled back at the girl as if to assure her that indeed made her a big girl. We walked out of the public toilet together and she was about to run back to the play area. I grabbed the straps of her skirtalls and made her stay put. I said “what do we say?” and she told me “thank you.” I nodded and let her go. I was just on my way back to the bench when a young girl was shouting and pointing at Jayden. “Eww, that boy pooped!” I think half the playground heard her! Jayden looked so embarrassed, holding his bottom. I walked over to Jayden and he ran up to hug me. I embraced him back, kissing his forehead and whispering that it was okay. I walked him over to an empty bench and laid him back on it. I told him to stay put as I went to the van to grab the diaper bag. I was back in no time and I could see the girl from before was staring. A few other kids looked on as well. I did my best to block their view, bending down in front of Jayden and undoing the snaps around the crotch of his overalls. With his diaper revealed I could see that he indeed peed and pooped on himself, just as the girl said. I tore open the diaper and Jayden started crying. I could tell he was upset about needing a diaper change out in public like this, but the baby changing stations in the public bathrooms are just far too small to fit someone like him on them. That’s what I told him anyway! I know I could have done this in the back of the van, but it was cute seeing him get extra embarrassed. I placed the peepee teepee over his erect penis and started wiping down his messy butt. My boy was drawing a small crowd at this point, all of them trying to peek at the grown boy getting his diaper changed. I waved my hand to shoo them away but they didn’t go too far. I pulled the dirty diaper away once he was clean and I held it up. “Does anyone want to throw this in the trash for me?” I asked. That seemed to help clear the crowd, who either stepped far back or ran away. That tenacious little girl happily took the loaded diaper though and with a proud smile she skipped to one of the trash cans and tossed out the diaper. I smirked and knew that the little girl would probably grow up to be a great mommy like me some day. I tucked the new diaper under Jayden’s butt, sprinkling him with lots of powder quickly and then removing the peepee teepee. I closed the diaper over Jayden’s crotch and taped it snug around his waist. The girl had come back just in time to see Jayden’s exposed diaper and she giggled. I closed up the overalls between Jayden’s legs and stood him up. The girl held out her hand and apologized for embarrassing Jayden and then she ran ahead, pulling him back towards the playground so he could keep playing. He looked a little funny having to bend down and run at the same time. I kept a close eye on them, chuckling softly and shaking my head. I saw myself in that girl. Even back then I was curious about babies and I wanted so badly to be a mommy, always begging for dolls to play with. Here I am now, living my childhood dream! As the sun got lower I laid a blanket out on the grass. I placed a wicker basket in the middle of the blanket and then called my children over. Madison and Jayden scampered over to the blanket and sat down on it. I opened the basket and handed them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a box of fruit juice for each of them. I let Madison put the straw into her own juice box but I helped Jayden with his, poking the box for him. I got a sandwich for myself and a can of coke. I watched Jayden and Madison get crumbs all over themselves, even dripping jam on their overalls. I didn’t mind because play clothes are meant to get dirty! I just used a napkin to wipe them down when they were done and then packed everything into the blanket, tying it at the top and carrying it to the back of the van. I told my babies that we were done for the day and would be going back home. I helped Madison and Jayden into the back of the van, buckling their seat belts for them, and we drove back to my secluded cabin. All the excitement of the day must have tuckered them out as they were resting against each other in the back seat. Even my big girl Madison was sucking her thumb. That night, when we were finally at home all alone, I rewarded both my babies with my breasts. I opened my blouse and pulled back both left and right panels of my nursing bra. Madison excited latched onto my nipple, sucking it eagerly. Jayden meanwhile was giving tired slow sucks. With each of my hands on their bottoms I felt a tingle of pleasure wash through my body. It felt so good to finally have both of my breasts nursed on. Madison stopped for a moment though. “Mommy, can I touch myself?” she asked, looking at me with a pleading expression. I giggled and assured her it was okay this time. I told Jayden he could join in too. Now I had two masturbating happy babies in my lap, sucking my nipples. I could hear their diapers crinkling loudly. Madison’s hand was down inside of her diaper, most likely fingering herself. Jayden’s hand was outside his diaper, rubbing it vigorously. He came fast and sighed, leaning back against me with a wide open smile. Me and Madison had a chuckle at the sticky boy, but soon Madison was joining her brother and climaxing in her diaper as well. She blushed warmly, pulling her slightly damp hand from the diaper. I set the two of them down and carried them to the bathroom. I drew a bath for them, adding lots of bubbles. I stripped them both naked and they got into the tub together. I told them “no funny business now, bath day is very serious.” Even though I said this I added the tub toys of little frogs, duckies, tugboats, and mermaid barbie. Madison played with the mermaid while Jayden was making an approximation of tugboat noises with his mouth. I used a big sponge to clean them up, getting them all soapy and then squeezing the sponge over top of them to rinse them off. I unplugged the drain for the tub and helped the naked ones out. Jayden gave Madison a look and then they both ran out of the bathroom, naked as jaybirds. This must have been something they’ve done before! Even though it was naughty, Mommy liked the surprise. I had to admit it was adorable watching their naked butts scamper around the house, running away from my towel. I captured Jayden first, rubbing down his body and making him dry and then tackled Madison, drying her next. Having these two fill my home with laughter was the greatest gift. I finally had them in their night diapers and jammies and locked them into the crib. Madison and Jayden happily accepted the crib, cuddling each other once again, this time with Jayden being the big spoon. I turned on the night light and then left the room, smiling proudly. I’m very grateful to have these two in my life. [attached files: dayatthepark.rm]
  8. And now here is the final part of the story! Major drama bombs are dropped, new alliances are made, friendships are sealed, awakenings happen, LOTS of dirty diapers! The story has been wrapped up neatly, but there is always the possibility this person may yet commission a sequel. If you want to commission me, send a private message or go here. ~ It was another day in the sorority house and Janet was being dressed in soft pink kitten panties by Ashley. Janet looked a little confused at first as the panties came up around her waist. She was completely naked except for the panties. The panties were thicker than regular panties, but they were not at all like diapers. They had the look and feel of "big girl" underwear. Ashley smiled at Janet as she pulled a grey-blue shirt over Janet's head. The color really matched her eyes! On the front of the shirt was a picture of a cute little white baby bunny. Ashley then showed Janet her play overalls, holding them out and having Janet step into them one foot at a time. She pulled the overalls up and secured the straps on. "It's time for phase two of our little experiment, Janet." Ashley stated plainly. "We're going to start you on potty training! Isn't that exciting?" Janet looked kind of worried. "Oh, sweetie, it'll be okay! I'll be helping, and so will all your aunties and sisters!" Janet still wasn't sure about this. She thought about how much she wanted to get right back into her diaper. Something hit her in that moment. 'Wait, do I really want to go back to diapers?' she thought to herself. After struggling for so long to get a little freedom and be treated like a "big girl" she found herself longing for the comfort and serenity of being in a diaper and always having someone there to change her. Was this Ashley's plan all along? Was that the purpose of the experiment, to prove that Janet would become dependent on diapers so much that she would grow to love them? Janet decided she would try this potty training thing. "I'll do my best, Mommy." Janet said with confidence, crossing her arms. Ashley looked pleased and smirked at her. She pat Janet on the rump. "I know you will, but don't be too sad if it doesn't work out." Ashley said. She must have known something. Ashley walked to the door, opening it and calling for the sisters to come in. Samantha, Emily, and Vera walked in. Emily was holding a large plastic potty. It must have been custom made. It looked like it was designed for toddlers with red, yellow, and blue plastic parts as well as little unicorns printed on the side. The only thing that made it different from a toddler potty was how big it was. It was large enough fit an adult woman on top of it. Emily set the potty down in the middle of the room, making it the centerpiece. Janet stared at the potty, sucking on her thumb nervously. "Don't be scared. Vera, the potty isn't scary, is it?" Ashley turned her attention to Vera. Vera blushed heavily. She looked annoyed over being singled out. "Vera, tell your little sister about the potty since you used it recently." "Shut up, I did not!" Vera shouted defensively, her face turning red. "Vera, do not sass back your mother now." Ashley warned. She grabbed Vera's arm and brought her over to Janet. Janet smiled. She liked seeing Vera treated like a child. Even though Vera was still treated like she was an older sister it was still satisfying to see her reduced to childhood status in a similar way as her. "Now tell your little sister about the potty." Vera's face was burning red. She looked over at Samantha and Emily who were smiling brightly. They did not have vindictive looks on their faces, but it was clear they were loving this. Vera was the kind of girl who would be popular and could use her good looks to get whatever she wanted, so it made her seem a bit more relatable and human to see her treated like this. Vera didn't want that though. She felt like she was above all this. Still, she remembered the oath she agreed to when she joined the sorority: no matter what, a sister looks after her sisters. Sam and Emily might have thought of Vera as another stuck-up snob, but she knew that the girls would never try to hurt or embarrass her, that they would always have her back. Vera sighed, giving up and looking at Janet. "The potty isn't scary." Vera started talking, her face still red hot. "When... Mommy..." she turned and looked at Ashley for a second, "brought the potty in... she told me to start using it instead of the toilet. It's really easy and it's not scary at all." Vera turned slightly to look at Sam and Emily, expecting them to laugh or at least snicker at her, but they didn't. Vera was still blushing, but she wasn't so much embarrassed about having to use a potty like a child as she was embarrassed at herself for not being mature about it. If anyone else was in her position Vera would be sneering and looking down upon them. She used to call Janet disgusting. Now she felt bad for being mean and hateful towards the dirty baby girl. "There, you see?" Ashley pinched Janet's cheek playfully. "You and Vera are going to be playmates today. If either of you has to go pee or poop I expect you to encourage each other to use the potty chair." "What? Hell no!" Vera said "I'm not doing that again, it's humiliating!" Ashley just gave Vera a stern look, letting her know who was in charge. Vera clammed up, but with her lips pressed together furiously. Ashley walked over to the rocking chair in the corner of the room, sitting down. She pulled the psychology book from the stand beside her and read it quietly to herself while keeping an eye on her two baby girls. Vera looked at Janet who just gave her an innocent but nervous smile. Vera looked around the room. There was nothing here that really kept her interest. "You want to um," Janet touched her fingers together, also looking around the room, "you want to play Spy Barbies with me?" Janet walked over to the toybox, pulling out the toy cars and the various Barbie dolls. "I don't know why you would think I want to play that." Vera said rudely. She pulled her phone from her purse and started typing away on it, ignoring Janet. Janet looked down at Vera's legs, seeing them criss-cross. She was clearly already fidgeting. Janet decided to play by herself, pushing the car along the floor with dollies inside of it. In her mind she had her own action spy movie planned out. She had the car doing flips and stunts to evade some bad guys she was imagining. Vera looked up from her phone, watching Janet playing like a little kid. Vera wondered how Janet could have fun like that just using her imagination. Vera thought back to when she was a little girl, just carefree and having fun. She had to go back pretty far in her mind. It was hard to remember when she was ever that imaginative and child-like. Pretty much the moment she was in first grade Vera was already trying to act cool and popular, even going as far to avoid laughing. Sure, she did giggle sometimes, but she always kept a stoic, stone-faced expression through most of her childhood. It was hard work to keep that up. In a way, she was a little jealous of Janet. That big diaper baby didn't have to worry about being popular. She never had to be cool. Vera felt pressure building up inside of her. She crossed her legs as tight as she could, but she knew she was going to need a toilet. She didn't want to soil herself, but she didn't want to use the potty chair either. She looked over at the open door and started walking towards it while keeping her legs pressed tight to each other. "Don't even think about it." Ashley said without even needing to glance up from her book. Vera pouted. Ashley was so much like a mom! It was completely humiliating, but not as bad as it would be if she pooped her pants. She looked over at the potty chair, knowing it was her only option. She did an awkward walk back towards the potty and then tugged down her panties. She sat down on the potty chair, feeling so small. Janet was watching. Vera could feel her presence as she walked closer and stared at her on the potty chair. Vera shyly placed a hand between her legs, trying to hide her pussy from view. Vera, who prided herself on never farting in front of anyone, not even her boyfriends, was now making loud farts into the bowl of the potty. Thick logs dropped out, hitting the bottom of the plastic with simple thumping sounds. Vera sighed with relief, and the forced squatting position the potty chair put her gave her the most comfortable and relaxing poop she ever had. Now that she was done she started looking around for the toilet paper. Vera felt a sinking sensation in her stomach. She whimpered and looked to Janet. "Hey, little sister." she hissed softly "Could you get me some toilet paper?" Janet nodded with a smile. She got to her feet and walked over to Ashley. "No no, not her!" Vera said to herself. Ashley set her book down and looked over at Vera with a content smile. Ashley grabbed her bag that was full of baby supplies and walked over to Vera. "Stand up so we can wipe that dirty bottom." she instructed. "No, I don't want to!" Vera whined. "You don't want to have a clean bottom? That doesn't sound like something a big girl would say." Ashley added, crossing her arms. Vera groaned and stood up for Ashley. Ashley produced the baby wipes from the bag and then started to wipe Vera. "Good girl. Next time you should probably come ask Mommy when you need a wipe. I don't think your baby sister knows anything about wiping." Vera was impotently angry, unable to really retaliate in her vulnerable position. The wipe felt good on her though, better than toilet paper. It was wet, but soothing, and the cold wet sensation dried away quickly. Ashley tossed the used wipes into the diaper pail and then pulled Vera's panties back up from her, giving her a slight wedgie. Vera winced, reaching up under her skirt and picking the panties out of her crack. She looked down into the potty chair, two big logs of poop just sitting in it and reminding her of the embarrassing thing that just happened. She wondered how long it would be until Ashley emptied the potty. Anyone that was in that room or came in at that moment would see the poop just sitting there and know that she did it. That was quite embarrassing for her. Janet had already gone back to playing. Vera watched her. She didn't go ahead and play with Janet, but she didn't go right back to her phone. She stood there, watching silently. Would it really be so bad to just play with her? She can still be Janet's "big" sister. She saw Janet stop in her tracks. Janet parted her legs and looked down. The back of her overalls started to bulge slightly. She was dropping big lumps of poop into her pants. Janet didn't seem to bothered. In fact, a broad smile was plastered across her face. She was loving it! As Vera watched she wondered how anyone could just enjoy messing their pants like that. When she was forced to pee herself it was positively mortifying. The wet feeling itself wasn't so bad though. Some dirty thoughts entered Vera's head. She got nervous as she realized she was thinking about wetting and soiling her pants just like the big baby did and wondering if she might grow to like it too. She shook her head, trying to get the thought out. It wouldn't go away though, and her cunt was warming over at the thought of secretly stealing a diaper and using it like a baby so she could masturbate into it. The thought made her feel so ashamed of herself. She tried to snap out of it by looking back at Janet who was now waddling around with a load in her pants. She had to say something about this so she wasn't just thinking about herself. "Mommy!" Vera spoke up, pointing at Janet. "Janet pooped her pants!" Ashley sighed, setting her book down again. She walked over to Janet calmly. "Janet," Ashley looked at the girl in the eyes as she stepped closer and closer. "Did you make a poopy?" Ashley sounded stern, but there was a hint of playfulness in her voice. Vera watched, feeling warm and tingly as she saw the girls unfold a little roleplay. "It was an accident, Mommy." Janet replied, looking at Ashley and giving her the big, innocent puppy eyes. "Doesn't look like an accident to me." Ashley said, her hand cupping Janet's messy butt. "Looks like my naughty baby girl went poop in her pants on purpose even though there was a perfectly good potty chair right there." Vera could see there was some underlying sexually charged motivations between each girl. She fumbled through her purse and tried to get her phone out so she could record this. She remembered that Kendra said there was something gay going on between those girls and to try and capture evidence of it. "Vera." Ashley turned, looking at the blonde girl directly. "You want to prove to me that you're a big girl, right?" "Yes, yes ma'am." Vera nodded. She let the phone drop back into her purse. She had to take this opportunity. "Good girl." Ashley pulled Janet's wrist and brought her over to the changing table. "Clean up your baby sister's mess and put her back in diapers." This is the moment Vera had dreaded. She didn't want to change a poopy mess from Janet, but if this is what she had to do to regain her status in the house then she would take it. Vera sighed and started to undo the straps around Janet's shoulders. She pulled the overalls down around Janet's ankles. Vera tried to be careful, pinching the edges of the overalls rather than grabbing them. Ashley took the soiled overalls and folded them before dropped them into the laundry basket. Vera whined, looking at the poop filled underwear sagging down between Janet's legs. "Can't do it? Afraid of getting your hands dirty." Ashley said, standing beside Vera. "Can you really handle this, or do you want Mommy to do it for you?" "No!" Vera said confidently, pinching the sides of the underwear. "I got this." Vera pulled down the underwear carefully. She looked inside at the huge mess. It was so filthy! Vera was glad these weren't her underwear at least. As embarrassing as it was to poop into a potty chair at least she didn't poop her pants and make a mess like this! Vera had Janet step out of the filthy underwear and she held them up. "I assume I just have to chuck these? They don't look salvageable." Vera said, holding out the soiled undies. Ashley nodded, pointing over at the diaper pail. Vera opened the diaper pail and dropped the filthy panties down inside. She went back to the changing table. "Here, let me help." Ashley said, grabbing one of Janet's arms. The two girls pulled Janet up onto the table. Janet giggled, lying back with her legs raised in the air. Vera looked at Janet's privates and the filthy mess all over her butt. Vera was feeling better and better about herself. Smiling and beaming with confidence she took the cool baby wipes from under the table and started to clean up Janet's butt. She remembered Ashley's instructions, wiping front to back. Janet looked up at Vera who looked to have a genuine smile on her face. Janet felt good for Vera, happy to see the bored looking girl actually have a look of happiness and contentment on her face. "What a big girl you're being." Ashley praised Vera, rubbing her back. Vera blushed a little, but she still smiled proudly. She finished wiping Janet and tossed out the used baby wipes. She took out one of the thick diapers, unfolding it and placing it on the table. Janet raised her legs, helping Vera tuck the diaper under her butt. Vera got the powder and shook it a bit too much. Ashley laughed, waving a hand in front of her face as all the powder piled on Janet's diaper. "Now Vera, you shouldn't get so excited! You only need a little dusting of baby power" Ashley instructed, taking the bottle of powder away and setting it aside. "If you shake the bottle you'll end up putting too much powder on!" She then used both her hands to scoop up the excess powder and throw it away. "Now rub the rest in with your hand." Ashley said as she dusted her hands off over the trash bin. Vera gulped a bit. She wasn't sure if she wanted to touch another girl's privates, but it was yet another thing that she just knew she had to do! She reached down and dragged her hand from Janet's butt up to her crotch, rubbing the soft and sweet smelling baby powder into the girl's skin. Janet shivered and smiled. Vera had to chuckle at how easily Janet was being manipulated by the diaper change. Vera rubbed her hand a bit firmer into Janet's crotch and watched as the girl squealed and put her thumb into her mouth. Ashley chuckled and leaned in close, whispering into Vera's ear. "Are you having fun, Vera?" Ashley stroked Vera's head. Vera gulped. She stopped fondling the girl and grabbed the tabs of the diaper, taping them shut tightly around her waist. "All right, you girls play nice with each other. I'm going to empty Vera's potty chair." Ashley picked up the potty and looked over at Vera. "Unless of course you need to use it right now?" Vera looked over as Ashley, shaking her head. She helped Janet down off the table, who was now wearing only a diaper and the bunny shirt. Ashley walked out the nursery with the potty chair. Emily saw it and held her nose. "Oh! Did Janet figure out the potty chair already?" Emily asked. "No, these are Vera's poopies." Ashley explained, walking into the downstairs bathroom. She raised the lid of the toilet and tipped the potty, letting the poops drop into the bowl. Emily chuckled to herself. She was an insecure girl, and something about just knowing the pretty and perfect Vera took big smelly dumps like everyone else put her at ease. Ashley wiped down the inside of the potty chair with some toilet paper before flushing the toilet. She turned and looked at Emily, greeting her with a simple nod as she walked by her, carrying the potty back to the nursery. Back inside the nursery she saw Vera sitting on the floor with Janet, helping her with some puzzles. Ashley thought it looked so cute. She shut the door behind her and walked over to the two girls, setting the potty down in the middle of the floor before she squatted down behind the girls, watching them. "Is your big sister being nice, Janet?" Ashley asked, looking at her favorite baby girl. "Yes, Mommy." Janet smiled, wiggling her padded butt against the floor. Ashley sighed with a big grin. She sat down the floor and watched as the two girls played with each other. Vera's thoughts of power and domination were fading. She suddenly didn't care about Kendra's plan to take down Ashley. As far as Vera was concerned, Ashley and Janet were weird, but they seemed to provide a much more healthy and accepting environment than Kendra would give. Vera knew that siding with Ashley was the safer option, but it also just felt right. At the end of the day, when the sun had gone down and the other girls had retired to their rooms, Ashley had stayed in the nursery with Janet. She was holding in her excitement all day, and perhaps she was feeling very bold. She didn't even bother barricading the door when she planted a kiss on Janet's lips. "What was that for?" Janet said with a whisper, followed by a cute giggle. "For being such a cutie." Ashley replied. She wrapped her arms around Janet, lazily letting them hang behind Janet's shoulders as she pulled closer and kissed the girl. With Ashley's breasts pushed up against Janet's both girls could feel each other's heart beats. Ashley moved her arms and then slide a hand down against Janet's tummy until it dropped into the diaper. She pressed her hand right up against Janet's crotch, feeling how hot and wet her pussy was. Ashley growled playfully with excitement as she fondled Janet. Janet whimpered, bucking her hips back up against Ashley's hand. The fooling around was brought to an abrupt stop as there was a knock at the nursery door. Ashley groaned in disappointment as she pulled her hand out of Janet's diaper. Janet made a pitiful whimper and sat down on the edge of her crib. Ashley walked over to the door, opening it and looking out. She saw Lydia there, standing and looking at Ashley with a cold glare. "I need to speak with you." Is all Lydia said. "Oh my God, right now? It's so late." Ashley rolled her eyes. "You're not going to want me to wait until morning, girl." Lydia said. "This is about you and Janet." Ashley turned, looking at Janet. She then looked back at Lydia. She held up a finger, letting the girl know that she had to stand and wait. Ashley walked over to Janet, pulling the girl up onto her bed. Janet looked up with sad eyes. Ashley stroked the girl's hair. She didn't want to leave Janet without helping her finish what she started, but some things were more important. She tucked Janet in, getting her cozy in the big adult crib before locking her in there. "Alright, Lydia, what the hell do you want this time?" Ashley said, shutting the nursery door behind her and crossing her arms. Lydia looked around, holding a backpack over one shoulder. "I don't think we should talk here. Let's go to your room." Lydia said, tilting her head to the side to point in the direction of the stairs. "I think whatever you have to say you can say it out h-" Ashley wasn't able to finish. "I know you're gay and I have proof." Lydia said so bluntly. Ashley was speechless now. She looked about then guided Lydia up the stairs frantically. No one was around to hear them, but now Ashley was doubly paranoid. Even if Lydia was bluffing she wasn't about to let her blab everything out there in the main hall. One inside Ashley's room she shut the door behind her and leaned against it. She looked up at Lydia with a scowl. "You have got some nerve to threaten me." Ashley said, her face reddening. Lydia breathed deep and then sighed heavily. She took Ashley's hand, pulling her close and looking down at the girl with a strong, fierce glare. "I am not making a threat. All I want is for you to compromise." Lydia said. She held Ashley's wrist tightly and then brought the shorter girl over to the bed, tossing her down. Ashley gasped in surprise. Even when she was faking being straight with her boyfriends she would never let them toss her around like that. It felt thrilling though. She was not used to giving up power so easily. Ashley sat up on the bed, feeling herself already getting a little moist as the stronger girl towered over her. She raised one leg and leaned against the bed. That was one of Ashley's own moves being used against her. Lydia was letting Ashley look up her skirt at her tight panties which barely covered her cunt. "Here are my demands." Lydia stated. "I am the chapter president of this sorority..." Ashley shook her head. "Yeah right, like I would ever-" "And you will be my baby girl." Lydia finished. She looked down at Ashley, waiting to see her reaction. Ashley's mouth as agape. She stared down at the floor, unsure how to respond to that. "I want the same thing you can Janet have." Lydia went on to explain. "Except I'll be your mommy. Everyone here can call you mom, but I refuse." she leaned in. "I am the mommy of this house." She set the backpack down finally and unzipped it. She showed the package of adult diapers and changing supplies she had brought in. Ashley sat there on the bed. She was confused and angry. What could Lydia possibly have on her. Ashley was shaking her head. "I can't do that. I'm the den mother here. I'm no one's baby!" Lydia sighed. She got out her phone and held it up. There were some pictures set to a little slideshow, showing Ashley planting some very heavy kisses right on Janet's mouth. The pictures were from the club. Somehow Lydia had gotten pictures of Ashley being deeply intimate with another girl in a public place. "How did you get those?" Ashley hissed. She reached for the phone, but Lydia was too quick for her, holding the phone up just out of Ashley's reach. Ashley growled and slammed her fists on the bed. Her eyes welled up with tears, but she tried to remain angry instead of looking wounded. "Well you're not the only one that knows some dykes on the down low." Lydia explained. "I heard through a friend of a friend that you sometimes went to this little lesbian bar that often changes its location. I was patient and knew all I had to do was wait. I told this friend to get some pictures of you the next time you were there. Now I have you." Ashley breathed through her nose, tears starting to fall from her face. She glared up at Lydia. "Your parents wouldn't be too happy to see these photos. They might even pull you out of school." Lydia explained, tucking the phone behind her back. "Maybe I will just tell them anyway and get your annoying ass out of my way once and for all." Ashley was shaking with anger and fear, but it soon turned to crying. She covered her face and leaned forward. Lydia watched as the strong girl was broken, turned to a whimpering crybaby. She looked up at Lydia, her bottom lip trembling. "Please... Don't do that." She choked through a strained voice. "You have no idea what my parents would do if they found out. I know they're not good people, but I'm not ready to cut them out of my life yet..." "Yeah." Lydia said, watching the girl cry. It was getting to her, but she tried to remain steadfast. "All I'm hearing are excuses. You're an unfair tyrant and you've had the throne for too long." "Please!" Ashley leaned forward, grabbing Lydia's shirt and tugging on it. "I can't... I can't let you do this. I'm not trying to be mean. I wasn't toying with Janet." Lydia cocked an eyebrow. She plucked Ashley off of her shirt. "Go on, what do you mean?" "Janet.... she isn't just some experiment for me." Ashley said, her voice trembling as she spoke between sobs. "She's not just some toy, some baby doll... I care about her. If my parents stopped paying for my education they would pull me away from the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn't be able to see her. I luh..." Ashley felt the words in her throat. She forced them out. "I love her." Tears dripped down onto Ashley's knees as she confessed. "I love Janet.... and Janet loves me." Lydia almost couldn't believe it. It was the most human she had seen Ashley. Everything she worked for up to this point was worth it just for this moment. Hearing Ashley confess her love for Janet made Lydia see her in a whole new light. She kind of expected Ashley to try and brush off her attraction as some kind of frivolous fling and pretend Janet didn't mean much to her, but Ashley had real feelings for this girl that she thought she was just torturing. Lydia was a dominant figure too. She knew what it was like to grow attached to a sub she was toying with an she knew what it was like to just have fun with someone. She understood the difference. She just didn't think that Ashley was the loving type. Lydia looked at the scared, sobbing little spoiled girl. She just couldn't be the wicked Machiavellian villain here. As bad as the privileged rich girl was with the way she lorded her authority over everyone Lydia had seen some real growth from her ever since the big baby arrived. Lydia knew there was some goodness in her that was worth saving. She also could never bring herself to out someone for being gay, especially if her parents were going to cut her off. Lydia looked down at her phone. She swiped around a few times with her thumb and then deleted the pictures. "Look," Lydia started, "I'm not as mean as you think I am. I can be nice too." Ashley looked up, her mascara streaked down her cheeks. Lydia shook her head and wiped away the running makeup with her thumb. "I just feel like it's my time now. White girls like you have run this sorority since the beginning. I've seen the old photos. I know the history here. You have to believe it'll be a good thing to have me as the leader, the main matriarch of this house." Lydia sat on the bed. She looked over at Ashley as she watched the girl try to process this new information. Lydia pat her knee, trying to coax Ashley over. Ashley took some nervous steps forward and then sat on Lydia's lap. "You deserve this, Lydia. I'll even take one of the downstairs rooms." Ashley said, looking down. "I don't care about that crap, Ashley." Lydia put her finger under Ashley's chin and made her look right at her. "The first thing I am doing away with as this chapter's president is the upper and lower story caste system. Everyone is free to use the bathroom upstairs or downstairs as long as one is free. If one of the three bedrooms on the second story is free then anyone can get into it regardless of their 'status.' Doesn't that sound like a better world?" Ashley looked down. She felt like a child as she sat there in Lydia's lap and things were explained to her. "You're right." she spoke up after some silence. "That's how this place should have been run all along. We're all sisters here. We need to stick together and look out for each other. The in-fighting is only hurting this place and its legacy." "Look who's being a big girl!" Lydia said with a smirk. She tickled Ashley's tummy, which made her giggle and squirm. "I knew it was the right thing to delete those pictures. Your gay little secret will always be safe with Mommy Lydia." Ashley now knew that Lydia had gotten rid of her bargaining chip, but she stayed in the taller girl's lap. She hugged Lydia and started to let out a happy sob of joy. Lydia chuckled and just patted Ashley on the back as she got the hug. "I still want you to be my secret baby girl." Lydia said, looking down at Ashley with a wicked glint in her eye. "I just... I don't know how. I've never been submissive before." Ashley said, twisting her skirt. "I don't think you'll have a hard time figuring that out. Now lie down on the bed, sweetie." Lydia instructed her new baby girl. Ashley complied and lying there on her back submissively. Lydia flipped up Ashley's skirt and then ever so carefully pinched the frilly waistband of her panties. She slowly pulled them down. She smiled wide, marveling at how Ashley was already a little wet and sticky down there. "You sure you're not a little submissive, deep down?" Lydia said as she touched her fingers to Ashley's moist slit. Ashley cringed, tensing up for a second, but she soon relaxed against Lydia's touch. Lydia proceeded to pull Ashley's panties down the rest of the way. She folded them neatly and then stuffed them into her own purse as if she was keeping them as a trophy. Lydia took the package of adult diapers and tore them open. She lifted up a thick diaper and showed it to Ashley. Ashley gulped audibly as she saw the diaper looming over her. Lydia grabbed Ashley's ankles and tucked the thick diapers under her butt. Lydia squirted some of the soothing baby cream onto her hand. She preferred to use the cream. She applied it to Ashley's skin, making it all slick and evenly coated. She spent extra time touching her private area, using her whole palm to cover Ashley's pussy. She rubbed up and down, lingering around the area and watching Ashley writhe under her touch. Just as Ashley was getting into it Lydia taped the diaper shut around her waist. Since Ashley was such a thin little lady the tapes at either side were touching and the diapers looked extra big on her bottom. Lydia stood the girl up and had her pose for her, bending her over so her diaper butt would show. "Look at you." she giggled. "You're so adorable now! I almost want to take a picture." Of course Lydia didn't really mean that. She sat down on the bed and pulled Ashley back into her lap. "Now that I have your attention...." Lydia pat Ashley's diapered butt for further emphasis "I need to tell you about Kendra and Vera. They've been working together, trying to take you down. Now that I know you can be an obedient little girl I don't want them trying to usurp power here." Ashley's face changed from shock, to anger, to acceptance. She was very upset to hear that two people she let into the sorority were attempting a personal attack against her, but she wasn't surprised considering how they acted. Kendra's disappointment over Vera's babyish tendencies made more sense now. She was grateful that Lydia was looking out for her at least. "What are we going to do about them?" Ashley asked, furrowing her brow angrily. "Don't worry about it baby girl." Lydia said, unbuttoning her top. "You just leave everything up to Mommy." With that, Ashley's face was guided towards Lydia's exposed breasts. She held Ashley's mouth to her sweet, darkly colored nipple. Ashley closed her eyes, giving into her baser urges and just suckled. Lydia felt pretty good about herself. She was another step closer to being the main matriarch of the house. As Ashley nursed on her Lydia was already planning on a way to take Kendra down, bringing that sycophantic Vera down with her. Ashley looked up, seeing a devious look on Lydia's face, her eyes just staring off into the distance. She pulled her lips away from the nipple just for a moment. "What're you thinking about, Mommy Lydia?" Ashley asked, wiggling her bottom on her lap. "Oh..." Lydia looked down at Ashley. She adored the girl in this state as her obedient baby. She stroked Ashley's cheek. "Just coming up with a plan that's going to be fortuitous to all of us." Lydia heard a hissing sound and felt her leg warming up as Ashley pissed herself. Ashley had a contented look on her face that was followed by a bright red blush. Lydia chuckled. "Already? What a good baby girl you are." She pat Ashley's wet bottom and then pressed her hand hard against the diapered area between her privates and butt. She dragged her hand from the back to the front, knowing exactly how to arouse Ashley in her wet state. Ashley trembled. She could not believe how great it felt. She knew that Janet liked it, but she never realized just how pleasing it could be to have your own pissy diaper rubbed against your crotch. Ashley bucked her hips back against Lydia's hand and Lydia's face lit up with a gratified grin. "I knew I could make you my baby." Lydia's hissed gently into Ashley's ear. After a long session of playing with Ashley through her diaper, Lydia set her down on the bed again. Ashley had a look on her face that was like a mixture of shame and contentment. She looked up helplessly as Lydia tore open the diaper, which had been loosened greatly from all the rubbing and wetting. The diaper was totally soaked on the inside. Ashley had pissed all through her orgasms. Lydia snickered to herself, taking the cool baby wipes and cleaning up Ashley's soggy mess. She was all perfect and hairless, which made cleaning a breeze. Ashley made cute high-pitched noises as Lydia wiped her privates down. Lydia balled up the used diaper, placing it in a plastic bag, tying the bag, and then dropping it into the trash. "I hope to continue our little diaper games together, Ashley." Lydia said, leaning over Ashley on the bed. She gave Ashley a kiss on the forehead. "You know I'm actually very fond of you right now." Lydia stood up and walked out of Ashley's bedroom, leaving the girl on her bed. Ashley turned her head lazily as Lydia left the room, feeling tired and spent. Ashley wanted to return the favor to Lydia and make her feel just as good, but Lydia didn't seem to want it. Her desire came purely from her power. For the first time in her life, Ashley was in awe of someone that had more control than her. ~ Kendra hadn't seen any of her sorority sisters all day. It was as if everyone had been avoiding her, even the pledges. She couldn't even find that suck-up Vera. She walked back to the house, wondering if she would run into anybody there. She had no idea she would be greeted by every single girl at the same time. Even that big baby Janet was there, sitting on a small chair and sucking from a baby bottle. In the middle of the main hall Lydia stood behind a round table that had several glasses of water on it and one big pitcher in the middle. "Hello, Kendra." Lydia said, walking around to the front of the table. Kendra looked around, seeing all the girls staring at her. Vera was standing next to Ashley. She was a little too close, actually. Kendra glared and Vera nervously reached over. Ashley put out her hand and squeezed Vera's. "Okay just what do you think you're doing here?" Kendra asked, her hips swishing as she walked forward. She slammed her hand down onto the table and the glasses shook a bit. "Well it seems we have two people trying to claim Ashley's spot as the president." Lydia explained calmly. "Ashley is willing to give up her position to just one of us." Lydia poked her finger against Kendra's exposed midriff. Kendra slapped Lydia's hand away. "Yeah okay." Kendra said. "I don't know why Ashley would just hand over her position, but I feel like I deserve it more." "Oh it's true that one of us deserves this position more than Ashley, but only one of us." Lydia explained. "Only one of us has the willpower and fortitude to take it. And we're going to decide by playing a little game." Lydia pulled up a chair and sat at the table. Ashley walked to the table, placing her hands down upon it. She looked back and forth at each girl. Kendra pulled her chair up and sat down as well, staring at Lydia from across the table. "Here's how the game works. Each of you is going to drink a cup of water, one after the other. You can take as much time as you need but you must finish the whole cup." Ashley explained and held up one of the glasses. It was short, about half the size of a regular glass, hence why she called it a cup. "The first one to run to the bathroom loses." Kendra narrowed her eyes. She looked at Ashley and then at Lydia. She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You got to be kidding me. Is that it?" Kendra frowned at Lydia. "I'll play your sick game and I'll win." Without even bothering with a coin flip, Kendra grabbed one of the glasses and gulped it down. She set the glass down on the table and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. "Your turn." "Oh Kendra." Lydia chuckled. "You sure you don't want to take a little potty break before we begin?" Lydia held a glass and clinked her fingernails upon it. "I'm fine, Lydia. Stop stalling and drink." Kendra said with a confident smile. Lydia shrugged, unfazed by Kendra's brashness. She took a glass of water to her lips and started to drink slowly. Each gulp was nice and loud so that Kendra could hear it. She set the glass down and let out a refreshed exhale. Kendra, frustrated, swigged down another glass of water, setting it aside. Lydia followed with another careful drink. This continued for a while with Kendra trying to keep her cool despite her growing frustration at Lydia. Kendra was growing impatient, wondering how long this would take. She was not as careful and calculating as Lydia was and it was starting to show. By the fifth cup of water Kendra was sipping very slowly. She felt full and she was crossing her legs under the table. She looked at Lydia, hoping for some sign that she might break, but Lydia remained as cool and collected as ever. After a couple minutes Kendra's legs were crossed tightly and bouncing rapidly under the table all while Lydia remained perfectly still. Lydia did not even sweat. Kendra's hand was shaking as she picked up the next glass of water. She sipped slowly and could feel the pressure on her bladder growing. She heard a faint hissing noise and turned around to find that Janet was soaking her diaper. Janet just looked at her and shrugged with a smile as her diaper front yellowed. "That damn baby!" Kendra thought to herself, a look of anxiety washing over her. She was losing her cool and it was becoming obvious. She looked around at all the girls who seemed to want her to fail. She couldn't understand it. She knew that people feared Ashley, Lydia, and her. She always thought she would be safe to take the top position at this house with Lydia and Ashley fighting between each other and no one wanting to get between them, but it seemed like the girls had banded together overnight just to keep Kendra from taking over. Kendra felt a sharp pain followed by wetness between her legs. Didn't fully piss herself, but she knew it would happen soon. She shot up from her chair, dropping her glass. It spilled on the table. Watching the water pool out and fall off the edge only made her urge to pee stronger. "All right, I give up, you win." Kendra said, seething through clenched teeth. "Win what?" Lydia asked, taking one more sip of water just to rub it in. Kendra headed towards the stairs, but the girls blocked her way. "Move!" Kendra tried to push through, but the girls kept her away from the stairs. She looked over the downstairs bathroom and rushed to it, but Lydia got up and joined the girls in blocking Kendra's access. Kendra felt more piss spurting out, causing small wet spot to appear on her tight pants. She managed to pinch off the stream, but it still threatened to come out. "Let me through!" Kendra's voice raised, cracking as it reached an anxious pitch. Kendra desperately tried to push her way through the girls who all just pushed her back. Kendra stood in the middle of the main hall, looking around. She was surrounded. A jet of pee started spurting into her pants. She looked down, watching the low-cut jeans getting soaked. A dark pee stain went down both her legs and even raised up slowly to her waistband. It was too late to stop the flow. A clear yellow stream broke free of the soaking wet fabric and started to sprinkle on the hard floor. Kendra let out a shrill cry and tried to quickly take off her expensive shoes, kicking them away before they became filled with piss. Kendra started crying and slowly lowered to the floor. The pee pooled out around her knees, surrounding her where she was kneeling on the floor. She looked up, sniffling a bit as everyone was there to witness her shame. Kendra sighed, giving up, and just letting the rest of the pee out. All that excess hydration was making its way out of her now and soon there was a massive puddle on the floor. "Kendra, you have pissed your pants like an infant. A truly shameful act for this sisterhood." Ashley said, standing over her with her hands on her hips. "But, we are all sisters and we do not conspire or harm. Your little accident is a secret we will keep." Ashley held out her hand. Kendra sniffled a bit and reached out, holding Ashley's hand and slowly standing back to her feet, some pee still dripping from her sopping wet jeans. "Do you agree that sisters keep each other's secrets?" "Ye- yes." Kendra stammered. She looked down at herself. The wet denim fabric was clinging to her legs. She pulled at the fabric, trying to peel it away from her skin only to have it snap back against her. "So you're going to keep your mouth shut about me being gay." Ashley said out loud. Kendra looked at her. She noticed Ashley was practically glowing. It felt so good for her to just say it. Ashley was gay and she no longer had to hide it from anyone, least of all from Kendra. "I wouldn't have, I mean I wasn't going to..." Kendra stammered some more. Ashley placed a finger to Kendra's lips, hushing her. She took Kendra's hand and lead her into the nursery where the other girls followed. "What are you doing? Hold on now!" "Oh Kendra, you know the rules here." Ashley said with a wicked smirk. "If you wet or mess your pants you get the diaper punishment. Janet had to do it. Vera had to do it. Now you." Kendra was shaking her head nervously as she was brought up to the changing table, Lydia helping pull Kendra onto it. Janet stood by the edge of the table, watching with great interest. She seemed really excited to see one of the mature, senior members of the sorority about to be turned into a big baby just like her! With Lydia holding Kendra down by the shoulders at the back end of the changing table Ashley was able to freely pull down the girl's pants. The jeans turned inside out as they were peeled off of Kendra's legs. She dropped the soggy pants into the laundry basket and then proceeded to remove Kendra's panties. Kendra had a darkly colored cunt with pubic hairs surrounding it, just kept neatly trimmed so they would never appear above the low-cut jeans. Kendra tried pressing her legs together, but Alice and Denise grabbed either ankle and pulled her legs apart. Kendra made a pathetic whine as she stared up at the ceiling and felt the cold air on her wet crotch and legs. Ashley started wiping up each of Kendra's thighs, one at a time, slowly creeping up her legs with the baby wipes until she had landed right on Kendra's pussy. Kendra shut her eyes tight and whimpered as she felt Ashley wiping her like she was a big baby. Ashley wiped from the top to the bottom, being careful but deliberate in her wiping motion. Kendra leaned her head back on the changing table, letting out a groan. She heard the tell-tale crinkle of the diaper and soon her legs were being lifted and then her butt was being set down on a cushy, pillowy diaper. Her butt and crotch were lightly sprinkled with powder before the diaper was taped up around Kendra's waist. Her thin waist and wide hips seemed to make the thick diapers stick out more. Her cute, fat ass was now stuffed into an adorably childish looking adult diaper. Kendra sat up and looked around at all the other girls and then down at the thick diapers. Lydia helped Kendra come down off the table, holding her hand. "We're all in this together. We all have our secrets. No one outside of this house will ever hear about your diaper butt." Ashley stated, patting Kendra's bottom so it would crinkle. "We expect you to wear your diaper all night long and to never take it off, not even to go potty." "That's right." Vera said, crossing her arms. "I had to do it, so should you." Kendra looked over at Vera, her former partner in espionage. Vera seemed happy to be behind Ashley, despite her initial disgust over having to take care of the big baby. Kendra wasn't sure what turned the girl around, but she was standing right next to Janet now. Normally Vera would be avoiding Janet, standing far away, but the two girls' hips were touching! Kendra sat there in the diaper. She was still full from drinking all that water. She didn't think she was going to make the rest of the night dry. In her hubris she thought she could handle the water drinking challenge from Lydia. "I'm going to go use the W.C. now." Lydia said with a smile. "I think I'll use the downstairs one. If anyone of you girls needs to use the upstairs W.C. it's all yours." Lydia pat Alice and Denise on the back. Denise looked elated. She ran off, wanting to use the upstairs bathroom first as she always liked it best for applying her makeup. Alice walked over to Kendra, looking her up and down. "Yes, I think I know the perfect outfit for you." The artist grinned. Kendra had seen the kinds of outfits Alice had sewn for Janet and she was dreading what she might have to wear in the future. "Hey, I thought this was going to be just a one time thing!" Kendra said, looking around nervously. "Oh Kendra." Ashley shook her head. "You're going to need to start your potty training all over again! We can't really expect you to know how to go right back to big girl panties after the big accident you had." "Yeah, and the potty isn't so bad." Vera said. She couldn't believe she said that out loud and in front of everyone. She blushed deeply, but she remembered that everyone here would keep her secret. "And even if you don't get potty trained diapers can be a lot of fun!" Janet said, placing her hands on her bottom and patting her thick diapers. Vera looked over at Janet's diapered bottom, still blushing a bit. She thought about what Janet just said. The diapers did look fun. Ashley slid her feet on the floor, strolling up to Janet with a sly smile. She placed her hands on Janet's shoulders and planted a firm kiss on her mouth. The remaining girls in the room all "oohed" at the kiss. Ashley looked over her shoulder and snickered "oh shut up." She turned back to Janet and gave her a deep, passionate kiss right in front of everyone. Janet pulled back with a dreamy look on her face. She shot Ashley some bedroom eyes. Ashley turned to the group. "Will some of you girls stay down here and watch little miss pee pants while Mommy spends some time with her baby?" Right away, Samantha and Emily volunteered, walking up to Kendra and leading her over to the toys. The rest of the girls left the nursery, shutting the door behind them. Once outside the nursery Janet scooped her arm behind Ashley's legs and swept her off her feet. Ashley giggled, kicking her legs as Janet carried her up the stairs. Vera looked around, making sure no one was watching, and she followed the two girls up the stairs. Once inside of bedroom the two girls heard the door shutting behind them. They turned and saw Vera there, leaning against the door. "Um, is there something you want?" Janet asked, setting Ashley down on her feet. "I want to, you know" Vera looked down "hang out with you." "It's going to get kind of kinky in here." Ashley admitted. "And kind of filthy. Literally." "Yeah, Vera." Janet added, hands on her hips "Are you sure you can handle that? I thought you didn't like poopy diapers." Vera gazed down at her feet, rubbing the toes of her shoes together. She grabbed at the hem of her skirt, twisting it in her hands. "Well, as long as you don't tell anyone, I would like to try wearing a-" her voice slowly decreased in volume, "diaper again." "What was that?" Ashley said with a smile. "You're jealous of the attention your baby sister is getting?" Ashley leaned against the door, hands at either side of Vera. She reached for the knob and twisted the lock. She took Vera's hand and lead her over to the bed. "Let me get one of Janet's spare pampers." Ashley got down on her knees. There it was, the package of diapers that Lydia had left in her bedroom from the rather humbling experience she had with her yesterday. She pulled out the diaper package and set it on the bed next to Vera. She then went into her dresser and removed the spare baby wipes and powder. Ashley reached under Vera's skirt and pulled down her panties. She set the panties on top of the dresser for later. She opened the thick diaper and slipped it under Vera's butt. Janet watched, fascinated. She's seen this plenty of times now, but it never stops being interesting to her. Baby powder is gently sprinkled inside of the diaper and soon the diaper is taped shut around Vera's waist. Ashley stood Vera up and had her stand next to Janet. "Look at you, a couple of diaper baby sisters." Ashley cooed. She sat down on the bed and unbuttoned her top. She flipped her shirt open, exposing her breasts. "Now come nurse from Mommy." She was talking to both the girls, though it took a while for Vera to register that. Each girl sat on the bed on either side of Ashley's legs. Janet craned her neck down and put her lips to Ashley's aching, puffy nipple. Ashley clenched her teeth and sighed. She rubbed the back of Janet's head. "What a good girl." she whispered. Vera leaned down next, putting her lips around Ashley's other nipple. Ashley breathed in sharply and then sighed. It felt so good to have both of these girls nursing on her breasts. Each nipple was getting the full attention it deserved now. Ashley closed her eyes, breathing in and out deeply as the girls nursed from her. Her crotch was on fire as she experienced more excitement than she was used to. She also felt utter contentment, finally having her baby girl just the way she wanted her without having to sneak around and hide it. Vera squirmed a little on the bed. Ashley pulled the girls away from her chest and then scooted backward on the bed until she was leaning against the headboard. She looked at her babies. "Do I have a couple of dirty girls in my bed?" Ashley asked with a wide grin. Janet blushed and smiled, knowing exactly what Ashley was talking about. Janet looked down and leaned forward, grabbing her shins and hugging them slightly. She scrunched up her face, grunting. Vera stared at the girl, watching what she was doing. Janet didn't have to push very hard. A soft, mushy mess was emptied into the back of her diaper. The diapers turned a dull brownish tint in the back as she filled them up. Janet sat back up and had a funny looking smile plastered on her face. She looked over at Vera. Vera sat there, knowing that once she did this there would be no going back. She had a close call the last time she was in diapers but she never thought of doing this on purpose. She tried to relax herself and then pushed. She opened her eyes and looked side to side. "It's hard to do it when you're watching." she laughed nervously. She saw them still staring at her. She closed her eyes again and continued to try to poop. It happened. Just like when she was on the potty, Vera was letting out more noisy farts. This time her farts were muffled by the thick diapers. Heavy, semi-hard logs dumped out of her and nestled themselves nice and snug in the back of the diaper. An awkward sound escaped her throat, sounding like a mixture of a sigh and an excited groan. She started rocking back and forth on the bed, mashing up the logs against her bottom. It was like some kind of deep childhood memory stuck in the back of her mind. The bored little stoic girl tapped into the old childhood joy of just filling her pants and enjoying making a mess. Janet and Ashley watched as the girl made a mess of herself, practically drooling as she rocked around. Vera looked down at the diaper, not able to see what she did, but she could sure feel it. "Looks like Mommy has two very dirty, naughty girls." Ashley spoke up. She reached out her arms and waved her hands towards herself, coaxing the girls to crawl over to her. Vera scurried over quickly with Janet following right behind. Vera rested her head against Ashley's still bare breast. Ashley cupped her hand under Vera's butt and then pressed hard against it. Vera gasped slightly, jutting forward at first, and then pushed her butt back against Ashley's hand. She moved her hips around, grinding her messy diaper butt on Ashley's rubbing hand. "Janet, I think your big sister might be a bigger baby than you." Janet smiled, watching the perfect little blonde girl give into her dirtiest and most childish desires. Janet nuzzled her face against Ashley's breast and then pulled the nipple back into her mouth. Ashley sighed contentedly as she held the two babies close. She reached under Janet and started rubbing her bottom just like Ashley's. Janet giggled, having fun being dirty with someone else. Downstairs in the nursery Samantha and Emily had managed to lock Kendra in the high chair. She even had a cute bib tied around her neck. Emily was trying to feed Kendra her dinner, raising a forkful of mashed potatoes up to Kendra's face. Kendra turned away, whining and being resistant, which only caused her to get food on her face. Kendra couldn't hold it anymore and started letting out a second wave of piss into the diaper. She cried as she wet herself a second time today and in big baby pants no less! As her mouth hung open Emily stuck food in it. Kendra whimpered, but she started to accept the food now, giving up. Samantha poked at the crotch of the diaper. "Wow, someone really had to go!" She could still feel the pee flowing out as she held her fingers to the padding. Sam cupped her hand over Kendra's crotch, holding it there until Kendra finished. Kendra shuddered as she felt her own pissy diapers rubbing against her privates. "That's a good baby, eat your nummy dinner!" Emily said, poking some meat with the fork and then making airplane noises with her mouth as she guided it into Kendra's mouth. Kendra gulped down the food as she was fed like a baby. Once the plate was scraped clean Samantha removed it from the tray and then raised the tray out of the way. Kendra was unstrapped from the high chair and helped back down. Her diapers were sopping wet at this point and hanging a bit loose on her. "I think baby needs another change before bed time." Samantha said, guiding Kendra over to the changing table. Kendra growled a bit. "Aww, is someone fussy?" Sam teased. That tomboy was not at all afraid to poke the bear. She grabbed Kendra by the waist and let out a grunt as she lifted her up onto the changing table. "I didn't get a sports scholarship for nothin." Kendra looked pretty impressed by Samantha's strength, though she realized she shouldn't underestimate any of these girls. With them all banding together they took her down several pegs and now she was about to have her wet diapers changed by a couple of pledges. Emily ripped the tapes off either tab of the diapers and then unfolded the diaper, opening it up and looking inside. She took some baby wipes and started cleaning up the pee from Kendra's skin. She piled the used wipes into the diaper and then pulled it away. She balled up the diaper neatly and handed it to Sam. Emily stepped on the bottom panel of diaper pail, having it open up, and Sam tossed the diaper like a basketball, getting it right in the net. Emily walked away from the diaper pail and high-fived Sam. Kendra watched these two girls getting along so well and moving in tandem with each other with such grace and rhythm. Kendra felt bad, not knowing the last time she ever had a close bond like that with a friend before. She really respected these two girls. Sam held up Kendra's legs while Emily slid the diaper under her. Emily sprinkled her with baby powder and used her hand to rub the powder in. Kendra cringed again as her privates were touched. She then felt the puffy diaper folding back up between her legs and taped shut around her waist. Sam helped Kendra down from the changing table and pointed her towards the crib. Kendra was set in the crib and Emily pulled the blankets up, tucking her in. Sam put in a stuffed animal and then Emily put another one in. Sam followed this by added two more stuffed animals so Emily grabbed three. "Enough animals you guys!" Kendra said, her voice almost breaking into laughter. The two other girls laughed, looking at each other and then pulled the bars up, locking Kendra inside the crib. Kendra sighed, feeling a bit awkward about being the baby for now. She hoped it wouldn't last too long. She felt something funny though as Emily and Samantha left her alone there in the nursery. She felt a warm, tingling between her legs. She was greatly aroused. She then felt very nervous, realizing she might have to now accept that she was starting to like this. She swallowed hard and tentatively reached down to her diaper front. She rubbed gently on it and sighed. She wondered if maybe this is what happened to Janet and she prayed that the same thing wouldn't happen to her. Back in Ashley's bedroom she had Vera on her back, groaning excitedly. Ashley was hovering over Vera with a hand grinding hard against her dirty diapered crotch. Janet looked over Ashley's shoulder, watching with great interest as she watched her "big sister" getting off to having her wet and messy diaper rubbed against her. Vera weakly grabbed at Ashley's arm, letting out the same awkward noise from before. She bucked her hips slightly before lying back on the bed, feeling fulfilled. Janet had to giggle, knowing that look on Vera's face all too well. "Okay my dirty girls, it's time for diaper changes!" Ashley announced. Janet crawled up to Vera and lied down next to her on the bed. She looked over at Vera and locked hands with her. Vera squeezed her hand back on Janet's. Ashley tore open the diapers one at the time, unfolding them and then waving her hand in front of her face in an exaggerated motion. "Oh wow, my girls got really dirty!" she announced. She reached for the baby wipes and started cleaning up Janet first, digging the wipes up between Janet's cheeks and clearing away the mess. Janet giggled as she was cleaned up so thoroughly. Ashley went over to Vera's diaper next, gathering lots of wipes and rubbing between her dirty crack. Vera shivered, getting a thrilling jolt up her spine as she was wiped. Both Ashley and Janet chuckled after seeing Vera's reaction to getting her butt wiped. When Ashley placed the cool wipe on Vera's crotch she let out a low moan. Ashley shook her head and just smiled, carefully wiping away the mess that Vera got on her dirty privates. "You're such a dirty, dirty girl, Vera." Ashley commented. She looked down as she carefully pulled away both diapers. She held them up like she was weighing them in each hand. "I think Vera might be a dirtier girl than you, Janet. Her diaper got so full, and she made a bigger mess on herself!" Vera blushed deeply at the comment, but she did not quibble over it. She knew it was true, and she had to accept it. She came into the couple's private space, asking to be treated like a big baby, and she was getting exactly what she asked for. She stuck her thumb into her mouth, sucking on it. Ashley folded the diapers and taped them shut. She then dropped them into a plastic bag which she tied tightly before throwing out. She got fresh diapers out from under the bed and slapped them down. Janet raised her bottom off the mattress and Ashley was able to tuck the diapers underneath her. Ashley then shoved the other diapers underneath Vera. As Ashley put some baby powder onto her palm Vera turned and watched, staring as Janet got the powder rubbed into her skin around her butt and privates. Janet let out a happy noise from deep within her throat as she had the baby powder applied to her. Vera turned her attention back to Ashley as the girl put baby powder into her hand again. She applied it to Vera's skin now, rubbing the powder in deeply. Vera moaned happily, jutting her hips forward as Ashley rubbed the powder around her butt and crotch. Ashley and Janet were giggling at her. Vera stop squirming around and sat still with a hot blush on her face. "Aww, we just thought you looked so cute!" Janet said, reassuring Vera. "Yeah! Super cute!" Ashley added. She grabbed Vera's leg, raising it and then giving her bare cheek a couple smacks with her powdery hand. Vera squealed and giggled at the playful spank. Her butt was set back into the diaper and then the diaper was taped snug around her waist. Ashley turned her attention back to Janet and finished diapering her next, taping the diapers up tight. Ashley sighed and dusted off her hands, pleased with a job well done. She leaned back on the bed and wriggled up between the girls. She spread her arms out and pulled the girls in for a tight hug, holding them close to her. She kissed each girl on the cheek, Vera and then Janet, and then squeezed them against her sides. Ashley looked at Janet, seeing the big baby contentedly cuddled up against her. Ashley blushed a little, looking at the girl's face. "Janet, I have something to tell you." Ashley whispered. "I love you." Janet opened her eyes and glanced over at Ashley. Janet smiled and gave Ashley a soft kiss on the lips. "I know." she replied in turn. Ashley turned her head and stared up at the ceiling. It took her so long to say it, but she was glad she did. In her bedroom Lydia was getting undressed and feeling quite proud of herself. All around her she knew things were finally going her way. She looked at herself in the mirror, proud of the order she drew from all the chaos. Ashley may have thought she ran a tight ship, but she wasn't clever enough to run things smoothly. There was too much lying and back-stabbing. The days of underhanded politics around this sorority were over though. Ashley did have one great idea though, and that was her use of infantile punishments to reinforce rule. Lydia found it so useful. It put so many of the mean girls in their place. Lydia seemed like a mean girl to an outsider, but she was just reacting to an unfair system, one that she was soon able to fix. Lydia flopped back on her bed, completely naked. She thought about how she was going to change things and make a brighter future, not just for the sorority or even the college, but in her entire life. She was a business woman at heart, and she knew that with her hard work and the lessons she learned from running this sorority that she would soon be ruling the business world. Perhaps not with an iron fist though. Just an open palm against a bare bottom, giving it a firm spanking.
  9. sorry for the long wait. I had to take a break, but now I am BACK with this full 15 page update! Remember, if you ever want to commission me for a story I am always open to do some custom work for you at a reasonable price! Part 2 Janet leaned back against a very large teddy bear with her laptop in her lap. She was working on her school work for her other classes. Another one of her frilly sissy dresses was on today as well as an extra large diaper that went way high, past her belly button. Janet sighed, feeling a little sad. She hadn't seen much of her mommy Ashley lately. She thought maybe Ashley was too busy to play with her lately. She had no idea that Ashley was avoiding her. Poor Ashley was worried about getting caught with another girl. If she did then her parents would surely cut her off. Ashley was starting to grow attached to Janet too. It was painful, heartbreaking even for Ashley to keep avoiding that cute diaper wearing baby. Ashley dominated Janet and treated her like a big baby, but Janet in turn made Ashley feel like a little kid with her adorable crush. Ashley sometimes experimented with girls when she was younger, having sleepovers with certain friends and getting close to them. Her parents made it pretty clear what their stance on that was though. They were staunch conservatives with old school values. Janet looked down between her legs, raising her skirt slightly. The set the laptop aside and then relaxed as she started peeing. It was so relaxing. She leaned against her teddy bear and slipped her hand between her legs, feeling her crotch as she peed on herself. She had only just started when Emily came in to check on her. Janet moved her hand away from her crotch, but Emily already saw what she was doing. If one were observing them they'd have a hard time figuring out which girl was more embarrassed. "Oh, gosh, uh, I'm so sorry! I mean, I didn't see anything!" Emily said, blushing and covering her eyes. Janet just sat there, rolling her eyes back and sighing. Emily peeked between her fingers, seeing Janet had put the laptop back in her lap and went back to doing her school work. Emily walked over to Janet. "I was just coming to check on you. Are you all right? Do you need anything?" Emily put her hand on Janet's knee. "I'm fine. Some juice would be nice though." Janet said softly. She wanted to say how much she missed her mommy, but she kept that to herself for now. Emily got up and left the nursery to get Janet a baby bottle full of juice. Janet took notice as she saw the door just hanging open. She sat up straight and continued to stare at the slightly open door. Janet got up to her feet and walked over. Did she dare leave the safe little nursery and venture out like a bad girl? Janet took an adventurous step outside the door. She wandered around the big house, exploring it curiously. Her big wet diapers crinkled as she walked around, so her sneaking wasn't exactly discreet. Janet looked into some of the downstairs rooms that had their doors open just spying inside them and seeing how the other girls lived. She suddenly felt a hand grab her from behind, spinning her around to face Lydia. "Naughty girl. What are you doing out of your nursery? It's not bath time is it?" Lydia said, gripping one hand on Janet's wrist. Her other hand groped the diaper, feeling if it was messy. She only felt the wet squishiness. "I don't see any of your aunties or big sisters out here. How did you get out?" "The door was just open." Janet said softly. She gasped as she was pressed up against the wall. Lydia looked down on Janet, a fierce look in her eyes and a subtle smile stretching her full lips. Lydia may have scared Janet, but she was so attractive. Janet couldn't help but notice Lydia was not wearing a bra, and her hard nipples were poking through the fabric of her tight shirt. Another little trickle of pee came out as Lydia had the girl cornered. The involuntary piddling was loud enough for Lydia to hear. She looked down. "Nasty baby girl." Lydia said softly. "We can't have you wandering around all willy nilly, soaking your panties. What if you made a puddle on our nice clean floors? And what if you slipped in your own pee pee and hurt yourself?" "Oh my gosh, there you are!" Emily said, sounding relieved as she found Janet. Lydia let go of Janet and gave Emily a stern look. "Young lady, you were supposed to be watching your little sister." Lydia said, taking on a commanding pose. She took Emily and bent her over a table, lifting her dress in the back. The shy, reserved girl was very embarrassed by the sudden reveal of her panties. They were, of course, perfect and clean, unlike any of Janet's old panties were. Lydia then began to strike Emily on her butt. Her hand smacked Emily's cheeks hard and you could just about see the red marks left behind by the spanking. Janet watched in awe. In no time at all Lydia had taken on a very matronly role in the house. It was not strange for pledges to get spanked at a sorority, but the way Ashley and Lydia did it verged on the perverse. When Emily was let go she quickly pulled her skirt back down over her butt and looked like she was going to die of embarrassment. She wanted to just run to her shared bedroom with the other pledges, but she didn't want to do anything right now without Lydia's say so. "As for you, little lady." Lydia turned her attention back to Janet. She bent the girl over the table and gave her a light spanking. It wasn't as hard as Emily's spanking and with the thick diapers on Janet could hardly even feel it! Lydia was clearly just messing with the girl. "Naughty naughty baby!" she cooed cutely with each smack. Janet looked up. She saw Ashley at the top of the stairs, just looking down at the scene. She kept a straight face, but there was a hidden sadness in those eyes of hers. Lydia was watching as well. She had Ashley's toy and was openly playing with it. Lydia showed more brashness as she started to stroke Janet's crotch through the soggy padding. She dragged her hand up and down, grinding the sodden material against Janet's sensitive bits. She whimpered with pleasure, grabbing the edge of the table. Ashley let out a fake laugh that sounded pretty awkward and she descended the stairs. "All right, that's enough of that gay shit!" Ashley said with a wave of her hand "How about I just take her for her diaper change now." "Oh, I can do it." Lydia said, staring down Ashley. "I'm getting mighty attached to this girl. You don't mind, do you? It's not like you have feelings for her." Ashley shut her eyes and then slowly opened them. She gave the calmest "fine." in response. Lydia took Janet back to the nursery and Emily followed right behind. Janet was set on her back, placed on the changing table. Lydia spread the girl's legs wide and then started to tear the tabs on the sides of the diaper, opening it up and looking inside. The diapers were well soaked and Janet's folds were wet for an entirely different reason. Lydia pulled the used diaper away and handed it to Emily, who fumbled with the soaked diaper for a bit before folding it neatly and dropping it down the diaper pail. "My my, little kitten. Do you need this mamma cat to lick you clean?" Lydia leaned closer, looking between Janet's legs. She let her tongue slap against Janet's pussy lips and pulled up slowly until she was flicking at her clit. Janet could not help herself, and after several days of not having Ashley's touch she was wrapped around Lydia's little finger. It didn't take long for her to reach a climax. That's when Lydia stopped though. Janet could have gone on for longer, but with a quick wipe of her mouth Lydia was back to the business at hand of changing Janet's diapers. She slid a new pair under Janet, lazily dusted her with powder, and then taped up the diaper around her waist. Janet sighed, sitting up. She saw Emily's paralyzed expression. The whole scene must have really over-loaded the shy girl's senses. "You may go, Emily. Today is Kendra's turn with the baby." Lydia said. She turned and saw Ashley standing at the doorway, peeking in. She ducked away the moment Lydia saw her. Lydia just smirked to herself and walked out of the nursery. She looked at Ashley knowingly and poked her tummy. Ashley made a disgusted face and jerked backwards. She sighed, going up to her room. She made a plan inside of her head and decided she would get some alone time with her secret girlfriend later that night. Kendra came into the nursery with a sassy strut, her large hips swaying side to side from her very intimidating gait. She had curves that none of the other scrawny girls in this sorority had. She stood at the door and leaned against it. Janet stared at Kendra, wondering what she had planned. "Have I got a surprise for you." Kendra said. She reached behind the doorway and wheeled in a large baby stroller. She turned it to the side so that Janet could see it's design. It was old fashioned, heavily adorned with lace designs, and there was a collapsible canopy that could either open or close all the way to shade a little one from sunlight or heavy weather. The handle bar was pointing at the front so that the baby girl could face her auntie the whole time. Kendra lifted Janet and set her in the pram. Naturally the curviest girl would be the strongest. She pushed Janet back and strapped her in. Even though the baby carriage was sized for an adult, Janet's legs still stuck out. That was probably by design to keep her somewhat visible even from a distance. "Hold on! We're just going to stay on campus, right?" Janet said, some fear in her eyes. "Oh, but Auntie Kendra wants to show off her niece around town!" She kicked the stroller forward and grabbed onto the handle. She pushed Janet out of the nursery. Ashley came rushing over, holding Janet's baby bottle of juice that she snagged from Emily. She held out the bottle, handing it to Kendra who just yanked it away from Ashley's grasp. "I could come along and help. It would be no problem at all!" Ashley said with a smile. "That's all right. I've got this. I know you have important things to do like running the house." Kendra said flatly as she handed the baby bottle to Janet. Ashley furrowed her brow in deep thought for a moment. She wondered if maybe Lydia had been telling people about her attachment to Janet and was just trying to subtly undermine her and get between the girls. Ashley shrugged and pretended it did not bother her. "Fine." she said. "Just uh- keep up the good work. It's important for the experiment that she remains immersed in her infant state." Ashley pat Kendra on the ass, just as a reminder that Kendra used to be a pledge before she was one of the top three sisters. "You like my ass, don't you?" Kendra teased, winking as she left the front door. Ashley fumed. "Just remember who's boss mom around here!" she shouted. Ashley shut the door behind them as they left without her. Ashley wanted to cry, but she reminded herself that tonight she would have little Janet all to herself. Kendra strut her stuff down the sidewalk, through the suburban neighborhood by the college. As Janet sucked on her baby bottle the only view she got was Kendra's smiling face, her bosom, and her midriff. Janet could barely see where they were, but she did hear the sounds of people talking and children playing. Kendra paused, looking to her left. She waved. A young girl peered into pram at Janet. Cringing and wide-eyed Janet raised her bottle over her face and tried to hide behind it. Kendra just moved the bottle out of the way as a couple more kids showed up and stared at Janet. "Is she wearing a diaper?" One of the kids asked. "Yup." Kendra said with a smile. "This is Janet, and she's just a baby." "She's kind of big for a baby." a little girl said, twisting her face to the side as she stared at Janet. She poked Janet's foot. Janet pressed her lips together and twitched. The children must have enjoyed this reaction because they soon started poking Janet's exposed feet and legs all over. Janet clenched her teeth as a sneering, snorting noise began to erupt from her. She couldn't contain it anymore and began to laugh as she was tickled by tiny hands. Kendra stared right between Janet's legs and watched as the diapers began to discolor to a dull yellow tint. Kendra let out a wicked laugh under her breath. Some of the kids stopped tickling and watched in surprise as an adult woman wet herself like a baby before them. "eww, she's peeing!" one of them said. "She is really is a baby!" another chimed in. "I wouldn't wet my pants like that just from a tickle!" added a third. "Okay, children, don't crowd the baby." Kendra said, swishing her hand. Kendra pushed the stroller through the end of the sidewalk until she turned and crossed the street, heading back in the other direction. She glanced about. "People are staring..." she whispered down to Janet. "I think they can tell you're not a real baby." her voice shook as she laughed a bit. She started walking a bit faster, trying to contain her laughter. Janet just put her hands over her eyes, feeling completely ashamed. Not even Ashley would have put her through something like this! She sobbed quietly into her hands as she sat there in the baby carriage. Back at the house, Kendra wheeled the big baby in but she kept her strapped into the pram nice and snug. She reached down and pulled Janet's hands away from her moist eyes. "You big crybaby. I thought you'd be used to this humiliation by now." Kendra said with little compassion in her voice. She groped Janet's crotch "You pissed yourself in front of those kids. Don't tell me you actually couldn't hold it." She paused, looking at Janet's wet face and waiting for an answer. "Well? Was this really an accident?" Janet shook her hand a bit as she held Janet's crotch, causing the squishy wet material to grind against her skin. Janet winced. "It was really an accident!" Janet confessed. "I haven't used a toilet in so long. I can barely hold it in when I have to go now!" This bit of information seemed to make Kendra smile. She continued to grope and massage Janet's crotch through the diaper. "Or maybe you just forgot all your potty training?" she teased. "Ashley did say you were a bedwetter before this experiment even began. Maybe you're some kind of diaper loving freak." Kendra looked down at the diaper, still fondling it. If anyone was the diaper loving freak it would be her for the way she seemed obsessed with Janet's soggy crotch, at least that's what Janet thought. Janet glared at Kendra, looking very annoyed despite becoming aroused by the curvy woman's touch. "Aw, why so fussy, baby?" Kendra sighed, taking her hand off of Janet's diaper. "You're not even wet enough for a diaper change." Vera stepped into the room. Janet wondered if the petite blonde heard Kendra's mocking speech. Vera had that same, distant, uninterested look on her face when she stared at Janet, but there was a slight smile when she looked at Kendra. Most people wouldn't notice, but from Janet's angle all she could do was look up and watch. Vera raised a hand to the side of her mouth and whispered something to Kendra. "Yeah, eventually. You need to have some patience though." Kendra whispered to Vera, a bit louder. Vera nodded and stepped back. "You want me to help take the baby out of this thing?" Vera said, limply pointing at Janet. Kendra nodded and the two girls helped each other get the baby out of the carriage. Vera undid the straps while Kendra pulled Janet's legs. Vera made a half-hearted attempt to help lift Janet into Kendra's arms, but Kendra was strong enough to do it on her own. Janet instinctively wrapped her legs around Kendra's waist. Kendra carried Janet back to the nursery. Opening the door they saw that Lydia and Alice were there, setting something up. They turned to face the two other girls, revealing what they were hiding. It was a high chair, recently painted with a glossy finish. Lydia smiled at Janet wickedly while Alice just gave a friendly grin. "Janet, look what your Aunties got you!" Alice said in a cheerful, perky voice. The high chair must have been a custom made piece of furniture that Lydia bought while the artistic paint job was by Alice. When Janet was set on her feet she waddled over to the high chair and put her fingers all over it, inspecting the designs. It was bright blue and had mermaids all over it, getting smaller as they went down to the legs of the high chair. Janet just had to smile! "It's really pretty, Alice!" Janet said. "Did you paint the whole thing?" "I sure did! Don't forget to thank your Auntie Lydia who commissioned it for you." Alice said, nudging Janet's side. Janet tucked in her lips and turned to face Lydia. This was another gesture meant to shame Janet, but at the same time it was kind of sweet. She wasn't sure what kind of game Lydia was playing, but she still gave her a hug. "Thank you, Auntie Lydia!" Janet rubbed her face against Lydia's chest. "Okay, that's enough mushy stuff, keep it in your diaper!" Lydia said, gently pushing Janet off. Of course the moment Ashley peeked her head in to see what the commotion was, Lydia pulled Janet back in for a tight hug to her breasts. "Oh, hello, Ashley." The nursery was getting full. It had not been this full of girls since the nursery opened on Janet's first day there. Janet felt like she was the center of it all since she was in a soggy diaper, but most of the girls were staring at Ashley. "I did not approve the high chair." she said quietly, "but it makes perfect sense." She took out her notebook and wrote something down. She glanced at the other girls in the room, like she was trying to remember who exactly was in there. She gave everyone a nice hard stare before leaving the room. "Yes, well, we'll get out of your hair now." Lydia said, pointing at Vera. "It's your turn to feed the baby." Vera groaned and rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll help." Kendra said, smiling down at Vera. Janet may have been a big baby, but she was perceptive. She could tell there was a lot of secret plotting going on between the girls, but she wasn't sure which teams were working together. She wanted to warn her mommy Ashley, but she suspected that she must have known. Ashley may have seemed like an airheaded spoiled brat, but she was smart and clever. Kendra proved to be a big help to Vera by lifting Janet into the high chair and strapping her in. The thin waif Vera would have never been able to get Janet up on that chair. Janet sat there, sighing and looking frustrated. She didn't mind the high chair, but she just wished she was getting this kind of attention from Ashley! Really anyone would be better than Vera, whose heart was never much into this. Kendra left for the kitchen while Vera stood there. Vera took out her phone, showing just how much she cared for Janet by texting away to people and not even watching the baby. Janet crossed her arms and pouted at Vera. "Hey!" Janet spoke up, kicking her legs from the chair. Vera lazily turned her head to look at Janet. "You're not giving me enough attention. Mommy Ashley made you my big sister so she'd have help with her project." Vera, normally very stoic, suddenly looked at Janet with an open-mouthed smile. Janet turned up an eyebrow, looking quizzically at Vera. "Jeez, I didn't believe it at first. You really do have a crush on Ashley." Vera said. Janet's face warmed over with blush. "Yeah well, that doesn't change the fact that she's your mommy too and you have to do what she says." Janet crossed her arms tightly over her chest. "Whatever." Vera muttered under her breath. After what felt like an eternity for both Vera and Janet, Kendra came back in the room with a hot plate of food, all chopped up into very tiny bits . She set the plate down on Janet's tray along with a baby bottle. She got out Janet's bib with the rubber ducky on it and tied it around Janet's neck. "All right you baby nerd, time for your food." Vera said with a drab tone. She shoveled in the tiny bites. Janet tried to keep up, getting a lot of the food on her face and little in her mouth. Janet let out a frustrated groan as the food got all over. It was a good thing she was wearing a bib. Vera wiped Janet's face and removed the bib. She stuck the baby bottle into Janet's mouth before gathering the plate and walking away. Janet suckled on the bottle for a bit but then became worried as she looked down, realizing she was still trapped on the high chair. "Hey!" Janet shouted, slamming her bottle on the tray. "You forgot to let me down!" Janet grunted and struggled to wriggle free. She reached down for the strap, trying to get herself out. Her bottle flopped onto its side and rolled off the tray, bouncing on the floor. Janet whimpered as she was stuck there on the high chair, unable to get down. Her eyes widened when she realized she had to poop. If she pooped while sitting down the mess would mush everywhere. She then remembered that Vera was still in charge. Vera seemed very adverse to changing poopy diapers. Janet sat still and relaxed. If Vera was going to be rude, she was going to give the nasty girl something nasty to clean up. Janet sighed, feeling a soft mess coming from her bottom. The poop spread out and coated her rear end. Janet felt good. The poop nicely covered her cheeks, going up to the top of her crack and over her crotch. Janet bounced a bit on the high chair just so the mess would get all over. Vera came back in much later, head down and focused on her phone as usual. She did turn to look up and wrinkled her nose. Her tongue hung out of her mouth and she almost went cross-eyed. "Did you seriously shit yourself?" Vera asked, as if she wasn't expecting it. "Of course I did! I'm not allowed on the potty, remember?" Janet said so matter-of-factly as if Vera should know by now. "You also forgot to let me down! I'm gonna tell Mommy on you!" "Yeah whatever, you do that." Vera unlatched the tray, flipping it upward. She then unbuckled the strap to let Janet down. Even though the distance from the high chair to the floor wasn't that far, it was still a struggle for the weak and scrawny Vera to get Janet down. Vera felt the full weight of the girl pressing on her. "Ucch! Get off of me you shitty baby!" she shouted. She pushed Janet back. "I am NOT changing that diaper! You can just sit in it until one of your aunties comes to clean it up!" Vera then stormed off. "I'm telling!" Janet shouted as Vera left the nursery. Janet frowned. She has been in wet and messy diapers plenty of times now, but this felt like it needed to be changed right away. Janet walked up to the open door, but Vera quickly shut it in front of her face. Janet pounded on the door a few times and let out a pathetic whine. She parted her legs and looked down at her diaper, which was starting to droop but still hung on to her hips. "Auntie Kendra?" Janet raised her voice with a slight tremble. "Auntie Denise? Alice?..." she gulped "Auntie Lydia?" She pounded her fist on the door one more time. "Mommy!" she shouted. Janet slid down the side of the door and started crying. Janet covered her eyes. She was bawling like a big baby, but she didn't care about her dignity at the moment. She just wanted her mommy. She wanted Ashley to come to the rescue, change her diaper, and punish Vera. Janet tried to close her mouth. She blubbered for a bit, tears streaking down her face. She wiped her nose on her arm. After a while her crying just turned to sad little sobs. She eventually stopped, coughing and clearing her throat. She crawled on the floor, feeling weak after her crying episode. She curled up to her favorite teddy bear and hugged it. Eventually the door unlocked and Ashley came in. She saw her baby girl, cuddling the large teddy at the far end of the room. Ashley walked over to Janet, tugging her arm. Ashley could see that Janet's face was a little red and puffy. She knew the girl had been crying. As soon as Janet saw Ashley she gave the girl a big hug. Ashley hugged back, kissing Janet's forehead. "I'm sorry I haven't been around, baby. Are you okay?" Ashley pulled Janet up to her feet, placing one hand on her butt. "I see you're not in your crib and you're really messy..." "Vera..." Janet said, rubbing her cheek. "What about her? Did she do something to you?" Ashley's tone got serious. "No..." Janet shook her head. "It's what she didn't do. First she left me in the high chair for like an hour!" she exaggerated. "Then when I made a poo poo she didn't change my diaper! She didn't even tuck me into bed. She just locked the door and left me like this." Ashley kept a calm expression, but her lips tightened together and almost turned white. She exhaled through her nose. "Vera is going to get it. But first, let's change your diapy." Janet climbed onto the changing table, helping keep Ashley's job easier. The flipped up the skirt and then tore the tapes on the sides of the diaper. Ashley did not even flinch at the disaster area inside of Janet's diaper. She just gathered the baby wipes and started to clear the soft mess off Janet's skin delicately. She was quick but careful, dragging wipe after wipe over the mess and dropping lots of them into the heavily soiled diaper. Ashley pulled the diaper away, folding it and retaping it shut before she dropped it down the diaper pail. She unfolded a fresh diaper and stuffed it under Janet's bottom. Janet's pussy was looking pretty red. Ashley got out the rash cream and squirted it onto her fingers. She applied the cream onto Janet's privates. The cool cream was so soothing after she had just been sitting in a filthy diaper for so long with poop all over her privates. She sprinkled the baby powder on and then rubbed it in with her hand. Ashley pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it around Janet's waist. She secured the tabs and made the diaper comfortably snug. She pat Janet's padded butt and had her sit up. "I'll be just a moment." Ashley said, digging into her little purse. She walked over to the doorway and opened it. Tweeet!~ Ashley blew into an old metal whistle like the kind drill sergeants use. "Pledges, front and center!" she shouted. Just about all the girls in the house woke up, coming out of their rooms and looking around. Only the pledges had to line up in front of Ashley though. The single room shared by the pledges was opened up. Emily, Samantha, and Vera stood before Ashley. She reached over towards a lamp sitting at a nearby table. Even as it turned on the room was still dark and it put a menacing glow on Ashley's face. "Remember when I taught everyone how to change the baby's diaper?" Ashley said. Emily nodded quickly, wanting to fall right into line. "Remember how I said you shouldn't leave the baby in a poopy diaper for too long? Well someone here deliberately broke that rule. This person willfully neglected our baby. You think that's how a responsible woman should act? That's not exactly sister material, now is it?" Ashley marched back and forth in front of the three girls. Lydia was peering down from the balcony, watching the drama unfold. Ashley pointed at Vera. "You're out. By tomorrow I want you to pack your bags and leave." Ashley dropped her major bombshell. Vera's mouth almost dropped completely. "Wait a minute, you can't! I need to stay here! I'm a legacy!" Vera's voice cracked as she pleaded. "Well legacy or not we can't have someone staying here that wont follow the rules and bylaws of this sisterhood." Ashley stood in front of Vera, waiting for a response. "Please..." Vera said, showing emotion for the first time she's been here. Janet watched as Vera showed a human side for once. "I need this. Just let me stay." Ashley watched the poor girl squirm. There was a purpose to her machinations. She knew the perfect way to punish Vera that would ensure she would never forget. "Pee your pants." Ashley said, looking down at Vera's pajama bottoms. "Excuse me?" Vera responded, not quite registering the request. "You heard me. I want you to know what it's like for your baby sister." Ashley spoke calmly. "So pee your pants. That is your punishment." Janet walked closer to the doorway. She clutched the frame tightly, excited to see what would happen next. "I don't even have to go." Vera said, looking down and brushing her blonde hair away from her face. "Then I guess you're out of the house." Ashley spoke plainly. "No!" Vera interrupted. "I'll do it... I'll....." She shut her eyes, trying to concentrate, putting it out of her mind that there was a small audience watching her. For Vera this was the most humiliating thing she would ever have to do, but the power that came with this particular sorority house was worth a little embarrassment now for a bright future later. She balled her hands into tight fists and soon a faint trickling sound came from her night time sweats. They darkened under her crotch. The dark stain grew and expanded down her legs, trickling down each leg until a puddle started growing under her bare feet. Ashley tilted the lamp shade so that light would shine around Vera's feet to show the glistening wet puddle on the hard floor. "ooh, poor Vera tinkled her pants, just like her baby sister does!" Ashley said in a mocking tone. "You know what that means!" She reached for Vera's pants and yanked them down. Vera gasped, quickly covering her dark brown bush with her hands. "Knew you weren't a real blonde." Ashley grabbed Vera's wrist and pulled her away from the sweat pants pooled on the floor, soaking up most of the puddle. She dragged Vera towards the changing table. "No! Absolutely not!" Vera shouted. "You can't make me!" "Vera, little girls who soil or wet their pants don't get to wear big kid pants. She struggled to get Vera up on the table. The skinny little girl fought, but Janet helped by putting her hands down on Vera's chest and stomach. Vera kicked her legs, but it was futile. Ashley took a baby wipe and started cleaning the girl's crotch and legs. She wiped deep in the girl's crevices, causing Vera to make some very funny expressions. Janet's face lit up, never seeing Vera so expressive before! Ashley shoved one of Janet's thick diapers under Vera and sprinkled it with powder. She taped it up snug. It looked way bigger on Vera than it did Janet. Ashley helped the girl down and patted her on the bottom. Vera was shaking with rage and shame. "Emily, Sam, make sure your sister doesn't take off her diaper. I don't care if she has to use the toilet in the middle of the night. If you catch her taking it off then you tell me." Ashley ordered the other pledges. They nodded in agreement, knowing they were getting major points for this. Ashley smacked Vera's very padded butt, forcing her to step forward towards the two other girls. Vera breathed deep and hard, looking very angry but with nowhere to direct her anger. As the girls walked Vera back to her bed Ashley grabbed some paper towels and wiped up Vera's puddle. She took the soaked pants and held them out at arm's length before dropping them into the laundry basket in Janet's room. "Mommy that was so awesome, thank-" Janet was stopped by Ashley holding a finger to the girl's lips. "Tomorrow, baby girl." Ashley spoke softly. "I will find time for you, and it'll just be you and me." Janet smiled, nodding. She wanted to hug Ashley right there, but she knew that others were watching. She respected Ashley's wishes to keep their relationship a secret. Ashley put Janet to bed, tucking her into her blankets and raising the bars on the side of the crib. Ashley walked up the stairs to her room. Lydia was leaning on the railing and sauntered up to the girl before she could get into her room. "That was pretty sick, even for a pledge punishment." Lydia said resting her hand against Ashley's door. "I mean, we've spanked them, even forced them into those sissy costumes, but making a grown woman pee herself? Now that's just cold." "I don't know." Ashley said, turning to look at Lydia. "I bet Vera thought it was pretty warm." Lydia laughed, clasping her hands together. She breathed in through clenched teeth and looked around. "Yeah, well, still. It was pretty nasty what you made her do." Ashley stood outside her door, looking down. She jerked her head, flicking her hair back. "I'm the den mother here. The leader of this house. I need to show these girls I'm not to be fucked with." She glared at Lydia. "Whether they're a pledge or a top-tier sister." Ashley grabbed her door, turning the knob and quickly opening it, causing Lydia to have to let go of the door and stand up straight. Lydia watched Ashley strut into her room. "I admire you, little lioness." Lydia said, staring at Ashley's butt as she walked away from her. "and I'm learning new things from you every day." Lydia shut the girl's door. The next morning there was some shouting coming from downstairs. Ashley practically jumped out of her bed, pulling on a bathrobe. She came down the stairs, the robe fluttering open a bit to show she had no underwear on. Ashley saw the weak little Vera trying to force her way into the bathroom. There were faint giggles inside the bathroom. "What's the matter?" Ashley asked, sounding aloof. "There you are!" Vera said, sounding a bit excited. "It's morning now, so I can take this off, right?" she pointed at the diaper, which was still on her butt. It looked like Emily and Samantha did their job well and didn't let Vera get away with taking it off. The two other girls were also clearly toying with Vera by keeping her out of the bathroom. "I don't know. Maybe wait until you get into the W.C. You wouldn't want to make another puddle on the floor now would you?" Ashley held back as a smile as she watched Vera struggle. Vera let out a high-pitched groan and marched towards the stairs. Ashley grabbed her wrist "where do you think you're going?" "There's two bathrooms here. I'm not going to be locked out of both of them!" Vera snapped. "Well you can't use the upstairs W.C. without permission from one of the top three sisters." Ashley tried to remind her. She pulled Vera closer and stuck her finger into the leg band. "What the hell are you doing? I'm not wet!" Vera's voice was going up and down, the whole situation very exhausting for this girl who normally always got her way. "All right, that's enough." Looking up the two girls saw Kendra at the top of the stairs. She walked down, making heavy footfalls on each step. "I give Vera permission to use the upstairs toilet." "Playing favorites all the sudden, Kendra?" Ashley said, still holding onto Vera's wrist. "I assumed playing favorites was still in fashion." Kendra said, glaring at Ashley. Vera was stuck between the two bickering girls. She yanked her arm away from Ashley and ran up the stairs while Kendra blocked Ashley. Vera almost made it to the bathroom before getting her way blocked by Lydia. "Even if you get permission from one of us top tier sisters you still have to wait your turn." Lydia said, slamming the bathroom door shut in Vera's face. Vera pitifully clutched her crotch and leaned against the door. Ashley and Kendra watched from the bottom of the stairs. Vera was making faint whimpers as she stood outside the door. Kendra watched from the bottom of the stairs and it looked like she figured out what happened. She muttered "damn it" under her breath before going back upstairs to her private bedroom. Ashley decided to stay at the bottom of the stairs to see what Lydia was going to do. Once Lydia opened the door, she pushed Vera back. "Oh no, you're not getting into the master bathroom like that. You go downstairs to change." Lydia kept pushing the poor spoiled blonde girl back. Vera silently pleaded, but Lydia just spun her around and directed her down the stairs. She walked Lydia down each step. "Here, you're the den mother, right? Deal with one of your babies." Lydia pushed Vera into Ashley's arms. Ashley looked at Lydia, wondering whose side she was on. It was hard to tell sometimes. She wasn't just another mean girl in this sorority. She was complex. Ashley pulled Vera towards the nursery. Vera just laid limp in Ashley's arms, defeated. Janet was standing in her crib, wondering what was going on when she saw Vera set on the changing table. Ashley walked over to Janet's crib, pulling down the bars and helping Janet out. She walked Janet over to the table and placed her on it as well. There was room enough for both of the girls. "Could you please just get this thing off of me and let me go back to how things were?" Vera whined. "Well, I don't know," Ashley started as she began to tear the tapes off of each girls' sides, pulling their diapers open at the same time. "Seems like you can't control yourself. You're totally wet right now. I really don't think I should put you back in big girl panties." "It's your fault though!" Vera snapped. She cringed as she felt the cool wipes starting to clean her up. "First you made me pee my pants and then you wouldn't let me out of a diaper all night!" "Listen here, brat." Ashley said, punctuating her statement with one hard smack on Vera's butt. "You did this to yourself when you left my..." She paused and took a breath. "When you left poor Janet in a high chair all by herself and then didn't even change her poopy diaper. Did you even learn your lesson?" "Y-yes..." Vera nodded. "I did. I'm sorry." "Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to your baby sister." Ashley stated as she began to wipe Janet. Vera turned her head, looking at Janet's face. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that to you." Vera said softly. "That's okay. I forgive you." Janet said back. Ashley smiled proudly as she threw away both girls' squishy wet diapers. She placed a new diaper under Janet and started to rub the baby powder in. She folded the new diaper over and taped it snug around Janet's waist. Vera was clean down there, but she didn't care move until Ashley told her to. "Now Vera." Ashley said, holding up a pair of poofy looking panties. "These are training pants. You will wear these for the rest of the day and if they're clean by sundown you can wear big girl panties again." She slid the training panties up Vera's waist. "Please, don't!" Vera cried "Someone's going to see!" "No one is going to see. We can't have you bringing this kind of shame to our sorority. A valuable pledge like you seen in diapers would hurt our reputation as well!" Ashley pat Vera's crotch and then had her stand up. "I mean, it's okay for people to see Janet's pampered butt since she's not an official sister of this house." Vera nodded, knowing the rules. She pulled down her night shirt, trying to cover the pull-ups as she exited the nursery. Ashley turned to Janet. She gave her an innocent kiss on the lips before standing her to her feet. Ashley took Janet over to the closet where she started to dress her in an ornate, patterned dress, looking as usual like something for a toddler, but large enough to fit her. The skirt was way too short so that her diaper would always stick out and show. "If anyone tries to mess you I will protect you." Ashley said, patting down the skirt and flattening it out. "No one else has mistreated you, have they?" "Well" Janet looked off to the side, wringing the skirt in her hand. "Kendra was kind of mean yesterday. She took me around the neighborhood in a stroller and I think a bunch of people saw me." She blushed, looking down. "She did huh? Anyone else? Has Lydia tried anything?" Ashley said, stepping closer and holding Janet's hips. "No." Janet shook her head. "Actually, Lydia's been a lot nicer lately." "Too nice?" Ashley asked, her brow turned upward in worry. "Don't worry, Mommy." Janet whispered. "You're the only one I love." Ashley bit her bottom lip. She pressed her forehead together with Janet's. She gave Janet's head a kiss and then left the nursery, shutting the door behind her. Janet waddled over to her toys and sat on the floor. She was excited for whatever Ashley had planned for that night. ~ Janet did not see Ashley until very late that night. Janet had an uneventful day with the usual feedings, playtime, and diaper changes. Janet had been put into her crib for the night and she went to sleep wondering where her mommy Ashley was. Sure enough she had showed up eventually, holding the bars of the crib. "Hey." Ashley whispered, trying to gently rouse Janet from her sleep. Ashley pulled down the bars on the crib and took Janet out. Janet was a bit sleepy but excited as well. Ashley took Janet over to the closet where she pulled out Janet's stained playtime overalls. She quickly undressed Janet out of her pajamas, repressing a giggle as she dressed Janet in the overalls. "We're going to have some fun tonight!" Ashley looked back and forth as she excited the nursery with Janet. She shut the nursery door so it wouldn't be hanging open suspiciously. Ashley moved like a ninja around the dark and went out the front door with Janet. In Ashley's car, she pulled out of the reserved parking space and drove off onto the road. She glanced over at Janet, bouncing excitedly as she took the girl far away. "We're going somewhere secluded, where no one can find us." Ashley spoke in a normal voice as she no longer had to whisper. "I wish it didn't have to be this way, but I need to keep up this charade of good little straight girl until I am out of college." "That's okay, Mommy. You don't have to tell me, I know." Janet said, smiling and holding herself, looking positively giddy. Ashley pulled into a parking lot. Janet looked around, a bit confused. This was far from the college, but it was exactly secluded and private. Ashley stepped out of the car and walked around to open the door for Janet, treating her like a princess. She even bowed, holding out one of her hands. The two girls held hands as they walked to an unmarked building. Despite not having any sign there was a line reaching around the block to the door. Janet had never gone to a club before, let alone one that was too cool to be advertised. At the front of the line was a very butch woman with huge arms and a flat top hair cut. She held out her hand. "Hold on, I'm going to need to see some ID for that little girl you got with you." the bouncer said. "Come on, she's with me, Erin. What do you take me for, some sort of cradle robber?" Ashley latched her arm tightly around Janet's. "Yeah, fine." Erin said, ushering the girls in. "You're lucky you're hot." Janet and Ashley walked on in, feeling confident and full of themselves. "I see what you did there." Janet said, leaning to the side. "Just a little inside joke between us." Ashley said, grabbed Janet's ass. Janet jumped forward and giggled as her crinkle butt got groped. Ashley had Janet's hips and started dancing sensually to the music. It must have been so liberating for the repressed gay girl to just let go of her inhibitions and openly be queer with another girl in a public place. Janet was happy, but she was happy for Ashley as well. Janet dancing along with Ashley, not as well, but taking her lead. When the music was over and a new set started Ashley leaned in and kissed Janet on the mouth. Janet looked around. There were plenty of other lesbians there, dancing around and kissing each other. No one was even paying attention to them! Ashley pulled back from the kiss and walked Janet to a free table. "I'm getting us some drinks. I want you nice and liquored up tonight." Ashley pressed her finger to Janet's nose and then sashayed her way to the bar. Janet sat alone, feeling thrilled to be on a real date with Ashley. It felt more grown up than her other outings, despite the fact that she had a diaper on underneath her pants. An older woman slid into the booth where Janet was sitting and looked at her. "Hey, sweetie, are you lost?" the woman asked with a broad grin. "Where's your mommy?" "Over there." Janet pointed at Ashley who was leaning on the bar and swaying her butt. The woman laughed. "You got a nice sense of humor. Sorry, I was just teasing you because you looked pretty young for this place." The woman scooted closer to Janet. The girl nervously scooted away from the woman. "Hey relax, I'm not going to do anything." The woman then reached down, slipping her hand under Janet's butt, feeling the soft, crinkly diaper. "What...." "Hey!" Janet huffed. "Keep your hands to yourself! Only my girlfriend can touch me there!" "Jeez, sorry. I didn't think you were an actual little kid." The woman said, pulling her hand away. "I'm not." Janet said, sighing, "this is so I don't have to go to the bathroom every five minutes and I can just drink as much as I want." Janet fibbed slightly. She was never a heavy drinker. "Yeah, sure. Sounds like a good idea.... except for the part where you're literally stewing in your own piss." The woman twisted up her face. Janet blushed brightly and it was visible even with the colored lights beaming on her face. Ashley finally came back. "Hey, scram. That's my date." Ashley said, holding some tall, colorful glasses of alcohol. She set one glass in front of Janet. The woman left, though she gave the two girls an odd look as she walked away. "What's her problem?" Ashley thought out loud, taking a sip of her drink. Janet took a sip of her own drink. The sweet flavor hit her tongue first, followed by the sudden jolt of strong alcoholic content. "Oh fuuu... fudge." Janet said, not sure if she was allowed to swear around her mommy. "That kicked me right in the throat!" "Ha ha, this isn't your first time drinking, is it?" Ashley asked, watching the girl. Janet shook her head. "Of course not! I just never had a drink this strong before." Janet said, setting the glass down on the table. Janet's shyness was fading fast as the music took over. Soon she was on her feet and dancing. She looked over at Ashley and turned around. She started thrusting her butt towards the girl, trying to beckon her on over to dance with her. Ashley laughed. "Janet you naughty girl." she said, smacking Janet's hip gently. Janet laughed. She lowered her butt down into Ashley's lap, rubbing it all around. Ashley could only laugh at the futile lap dance. Neither girl would be able to feel anything anyway what with the massive diaper between them. Still, Ashley found it very cute, and she let Janet continue her playful lap dance. Ashley soon stood up, bumping Janet's butt from behind. She held onto the girl's hips and let her lead her out towards the dance floor where the two girls continued to dance with abandon. Ashley was now groping Janet, slipping her hands under the bib of the overalls and squeezing Janet's tits. Janet moaned and slipped her hands behind her, squeezing Ashley's cheeks. Ashley could not contain herself anymore. "Let's go back to my car." Ashley breathed heavily into Janet's ear. The two girls rushed back the car, stumbling as they ran across the mostly empty lot. A single street lamp lit up the car like a small spotlight. Ashley tucked Janet into the back seat where she then climbed on top of her. Ashley plunged her hand down, rubbing up against Janet's crotch through the overalls. Janet bit her lip. Ashley could feel Janet's crotch slowly warming up as the sound of piddling raised in volume. "Mommy, I think I'm having an accident." Janet whined, but still with a slight smile on her face. "Yes you are." Ashley confirmed, rubbing her hand up and down Janet's crotch and listening that diaper crinkle as it got wetter. "You had quite a bit to drink, baby girl." Janet put her thumb into her mouth, sucking it as she got her diaper rubbed. Ashley grabbed Janet's hand and pulled it away from her mouth. Ashley then unbuttoned her top, flashing her tits at Janet. Ashley didn't have a bra on and her perky tits were just begging to be touched. She lowered her breast down to Janet's mouth, guiding the nipple between her lips. Janet instinctively suckled on Ashley like she was her mommy. She remembered that Ashley liked it gentle, so she didn't tug it too hard between her lips. "Harder." Ashley said, pressed her knee between Janet's crotch. Janet gasped in surprise. She didn't expect Ashley to demand that, and the feeling of the girl's knee pressing hard onto her diaper. The soggy pampers started to grind on her sensitive bits. Janet moaned loud and yanked the nipple as she pulled her head back, sucking hard. Ashley threw her head back as well. She moaned and shuddered. "Okay now, stop." She pulled up. Ashley reached up her skirt, grabbing her panties and pulling them down a bit. "Naughty girl, you like making pee pees and messes in your diaper, don't you?" Ashley turned around and practically sat on Janet's face, her hot pussy right up against Janet's mouth. "You need to be punished. Lick Mommy until she says you're done." Janet happily pleasured Ashley, licking her deep between her folds. Ashley pressed her lips together and a pleasurable moan came from deep in her throat. She leaned down and placed both hands on Janet's crotch. She carefully kneaded and pressed Janet's diaper through the overalls. She knew by now how to get Janet excited by her diapers. Janet's stomach groaned. "Uh oh, are you going to make a poopy in your diaper? Let's see which comes first, my orgasm, or your dirty little mess." Ashley said, feeling a bit strange, but loving this roleplay with her baby girl. Janet tried her best, rolling her tongue around and licking deep into Ashley. Her thumbs rubbed around Ashley's clit, trying to bring the girl to an orgasm without rushing, but she was still trying to beat her own body to the punch. Janet gasped, feeling something warm, soft, and lumpy touching her butt. Ashley giggled, cupping her hand against Janet's bottom. She wasn't sure if she was blushing from her embarrassment over how much she enjoyed watching Janet go to the bathroom on herself or if she was just a bit drunk, or possibly both. Janet made some funny sounds as she bucked against Ashley's hand, feeling her own mess on her bottom. Ashley knew Janet was enjoying this as much as she was. Ashley let out a long, satisfied moan before sitting up on Janet's face. She looked down at the girl, still diligently licking her. She raised her bottom. "Good girl. You made Mommy very happy." Ashley said. She pulled away and sat back on the opposite side of the car seat, not even caring if she stained it. "I..." Janet said, wiping her mouth on her sleeve as she sat up. "I came too." Ashley started laughing, holding her stomach. Yes, she had to be pretty drunk. Janet looked at Ashley and giggled too, watching the girl laugh with her. "Oh my, someone must have really liked making a mess, huh?" Ashley said. She opened the door and stumbled out a bit. "You wait there." Ashley wandered around to the back of the car and popped the trunk. She rummaged around and got out a fresh diaper. She came over to back seat again and pulled Janet's legs. The thrill of getting caught making out in a back seat was fun, but Janet was a bit nervous that someone might see her getting a diaper change, even in the middle of the night in this dark parking lot. Ashley wobbled around, but she still expertly changed Janet's diaper. She opened the crotch panel to the overalls and pulled them up. She then ripped open the diaper and just smiled as she wiped Janet clean. "Who's Mommy's messy baby?" She made her voice high-pitched and squeaky. "Who's Mommy's dirty little girl?" "I am..." Janet responded, giggling and tucking her chin down to her chest. Janet finished wiping and pulled the soiled diaper away. She taped it up and looked around. She saw a fence so she just tossed the diaper as hard as she could over it. Janet went wide-eyed "Mommy!" "What? Not our problem, let the neighbors deal with it." Ashley said with slurred speech. Janet giggled. She was kind of fascinated by seeing this "bad" side to Ashley. Ashley put the new diaper under Janet and rubbed baby powder into her skin. Ashley taped up the diaper snug and then gave the girl's hips a tight squeeze. She buttoned up the crotch flap to the overalls, covering her back up. She then fell forward and bit and kissed Janet on the mouth, still able to taste her own juices on the girl, but not caring. She loved Janet so much. Ashley pulled back up and stumbled back. "Baby girl, you can drive, right?" Ashley said, brushing her hair to the side. It appeared that Ashley was the real lightweight here and Janet was the surprise heavy hitter when it came to drinking. Janet sat up and scooted out of the car. She hugged Ashley and helped her into the passenger seat. She walked to the driver's side and buckled up. "This was really fun, Mommy. Thank you." Janet said, starting the car. Ashley looked across the seat. She reached over and stroked her hand across Janet's face. Janet put her hand over Ashley's and sighed happily. She pulled out of the lot and drove her home. Back at the house, Ashley had fallen into a drunken sleep. Janet got out of the car and opened Ashley's door. She pulled Ashley up into her arms and carried her like a bride into the house. It felt funny to carry her girlfriend like this. She still saw Ashley as a mother figure, even when she was in her arms like a babe. Janet carried Ashley up the stairs and took her to her bedroom. She set Ashley down on the bed and pulled the covers over her. Janet left the room and gently closed the door behind her. When she turned around she saw Lydia looking right at her. Janet squeaked in surprise, clasping a hand over her mouth to keep quiet. "Where did you two go off to?" Lydia asked, looking over Janet curiously. She sniffed, wrinkling her nose "smells like you've been drinking... among other things." "We didn't really go anywhere." Janet said, trying to cover for her mommy and secret girlfriend. "We just had to, um... take an emergency trip to the store. It was nothing." Lydia leaned in close and stole a kiss on Janet's mouth. Janet placed her hands on Lydia and pulled her off, letting out an annoyed whine. "Now that definitely doesn't taste like nothing to me." Lydia said knowingly and smirked. "Come on, leave Ashley alone." Janet whimpered. "Look, I have nothing against you two, but I have ambitions here." Lydia spoke candidly. "If I ever get any hard evidence of you two fooling around I'll finally have a bargaining chip that will make me the head of the house and I will be the rightful ruler once and for all." Lydia smiled, looking down at the shivering girl. "I promise I will be the best mom this sorority ever had." Lydia pat Janet on the cheek. "Come on, let's get you back to bed." Lydia swept her arm behind Janet's legs and pulled her up, cradling her as she carried her down the stairs to her nursery. Janet was undressed out of her overalls and put back into pajamas as if nothing happened. Lydia hung the overalls and t-shirt back up in the closet. She set Janet into her crib and locked the bars in place. She gave the girl one last look before walking away and shutting the door behind her. Janet sat in the crib, looking up at the ceiling. She really hoped that she and Ashley could get through this without any problems. Lydia said she was only in it for her own personal gain and not to really hurt Ashley. She just wanted Ashley's authority. Janet did not want Ashley to lose any authority though. She loved Ashley just the way she was. ~ Samantha came into the nursery in the morning. Her hair was done up in a higher, more girly ponytail and she didn't have on a hat or jeans or even a hoodie. Instead she was dressed more like Ashley, wearing a skirt and spaghetti strap top. She didn't look comfortable in the girly clothes, but Sam was working hard to fit in. "Good morning, stinky." Sam said, lowering the bars to the crib and pulling Janet out. She hugged Janet close as she took her away from the crib. Sam shook her head. "You look like you really tied one on last night." "What?" Janet seemed to wake up right away, wondering how much Sam knew. "I'm just saying. I never seen a baby with a hangover before. Did someone slip something into your baby bottle last night?" she chuckled. Janet just scoffed and shrugged. "I just had rough time getting to sleep last night." Janet said quietly, looking down. Sam pulled down Janet's pajama bottoms and stuck a finger into the leg gathers of the diaper. "You must have had a hard time sleeping with a diaper this wet!" Sam commented. She lifted Janet up onto the changing table and tore open the diaper. She hummed with a smile as she wiped the piss off of Janet's skin, cleaning her up. "You know, I'd say I'm getting pretty good at this. I never gave it much thought before, but maybe I could actually be a mom some day." She stretched out her leg and stepped on the petal to open the lid to the diaper pail. She tossed the used diaper like a soggy basketball into the pail and let the lid slam shut. Janet giggled a bit. "You like that, eh?" Sam said, tickling Janet's tummy. Janet scrunched up her face, snickering as she was tickled. Sam pulled a fresh diaper under Janet and then rubbed the baby powder into her skin. "Yeah, you like all this, I just know it. That's cool. It seems to make you pretty happy. It seems to make Ashley happy too." Janet blushed deeply. Samantha was so understanding, but perhaps she knew more than she should. Janet squirmed a little as she got the fresh diaper taped around her waist. Sam pulled Janet into a sitting position and hugged her. She then carefully guided Janet over to the high chair where she would be fed. Janet only had on her fluffy pajama tops but her diapers were completely exposed, just like a baby. "Hey, Sam?" Janet spoke up as she was strapped into the chair. "What happened with Vera?" "What do you mean, sport?" Sam asked with a smile, setting the tray in place. "I mean, um... after she had to wear the... the..." Janet stalled "The pull-ups?" Sam smirked. "Yeah. Did she make it?" Janet asked, very interested. Sam snickered. "Yeah, she survived the day without wetting them if that's what you mean." Sam pinched Janet's cheek. She whispered "but there was a few close calls. I think it would be pretty fitting if she was a baby sister to you since she acts like such a spoiled baby already." Janet smiled. That's what she wanted to hear. While she didn't really wish this kind of humiliation on anyone she still thought Vera looked really cute in a diaper. It also made her feel better to see another girl her age diapered up for once. Even as a kid she never knew anyone else who wet the bed. If anyone did they kept that pretty secret from her. Denise came in with Janet's breakfast and soon the auntie and sister were talking to each other casually while Janet picked at the bite-sized pieces of food with her fingers. Janet happily kicked her legs in the chair, giggling. Sam caught a glimpse of Janet enjoying her baby life from the periphery of her vision and she smiled to herself. When Janet was done her meal Denise and Sam helped each other get the big baby down and they set her on the floor. The two girls crowded Janet, fawning over her and teasing her, giving her lots of attention. Janet couldn't hide her smile, clearly liking this kind of attention. She rolled away from them, crawling on her hands and knees while they pretended to chase her around the nursery. Janet had a fun play time with her big sister and auntie, her crinkly diaper butt swaying side to side as she crawled on all fours. Auntie Denise and big sister Samantha cornered the girl and pretended to attack her with stuffed animals. Janet giggled, kicking her legs as she rolled onto her back. She grabbed some of the stuffed animals near her and threw them back at the other girls. Lydia stepped into the room. "Well well well, aren't we having fun?" she said as she casually strolled into the nursery. "Oh, hey Lydia." Denise stood up straight, looking over at Lydia. "It's not really your turn to look after Janet today. Not that I'm complaining if you want to help." Lydia stood there, hands on her hips with a very serious look on her face. Her eyes glanced at the two girls, back and forth, slowly. What was she doing? Was she sizing them up? Suddenly, a soft stuffed giraffe flew through the air and bounced off Lydia's head with a squeak. Her eyes went wide. The room became hushed as Denise and Sam looked back at Janet, a bit nervous that the girl would do such a thing to Lydia of all people! "I'm going to get you." Lydia said menacingly, but her serious expression turned lighter as she grabbed the stuffed animal and threw it right back. Janet squealed and giggled, scrambling to her feet and running around to gather more stuffies to throw. Denise and Sam breathed a sigh of relief and were soon laughing again as they saw the once fierce and frightening Lydia letting herself be silly and have fun with the big baby.
  10. Here we have a nice, big, 10 page update to finish off PART ONE! The good news for those of you following the story is that 30 more pages were commissioned, so expect more adventures from baby Janet with some twists and turns and maybe some new babies being added to the mix! As usual I need to warn that this story is still on the graphic side with strong adult themes, situations, and language. After what seemed like hours someone was finally trying to get into the nursery to look for Ashley. The door was kept shut by the chair propped up against it. A faint voice came from the other side, "Hello?" Denise was trying to shove her way through. Ashley sighed, looking at the door. "Janet, baby, looks like our play time is over. I guess the girls need me." Ashley sat up from the chair and searched for some towels to wrap herself in. She then dragged the laundry basket over with her. She opened the door. "Is everything all right about? No one else is trying to drown anyone in the pool?" "Oh, uh, no, everything's fine. We were all just wondering where you went. We thought you were going to just change Janet and put her to bed or something." Denise adjusted her glasses. "I guess I just want to know if you are all right yourself." "Just drying off after having to jump into the pool. It's Janet that needed comforting. I know I'm punishing her, but Lydia took it too far. She incited the incident and if I found out who pushed Janet in the pool I'm going to make them pay." Ashley handed the basket of wet clothes over to Denise. "Give this to one of the pledges and make them do the laundry, thank you." Ashley shut the door and turned to face Janet. "All right, stinky girl. You have to get your diaper changed now because I don't know when I will get back." Ashley strut on over to Janet and helped tug her up to her feet. She guided Janet over to the changing table and had her lie back. She tore the tape from the sides and opened up the diaper. She put her hand on her cheek in mock surprise as she looked at the big mess Janet left on herself. "What a dirty baby you've been! Aren't you glad Mommy's here to clean you up?" Ashley was glowing, grinning ear to ear as she used the cool wipes to clean Janet's bottom. Even Janet was quite pleased with the current situation. Janet was looking forward to each diaper change now, just as Ashley knew she would. Ashley wasn't feeling too good about shaming Janet anymore, but seeing how much she liked the attention Ashley just couldn't stop the baby treatment now! If Ashley could fulfill her desire for domination on a willing subject then there was nothing she had to feel sorry for, and girls like Ashley don't like feeling sorry for anything. Ashley finished cleaning Janet's bottom and dropped the used diaper down the pail. "We're going to have to empty that soon." Ashley said with an almost proud smile. "You sure did make a lot of dirty diapers!" Ashley pushed a fresh diaper under Janet's rump. She dusted her with baby powder all around and used her hand to rub it in. Her hand crept around the girl's bottom and between her crack and she finished up with a light pat on her crotch. These diaper rituals were quite fun for both of them. Ashley pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it snug around Janet's waist. She helped Janet down off the changing table and gave her a big hug. Ashley walked Janet over to her crib and helped her into it. She pressed her hand firmly on Janet's puffy rear. She laid Janet out on her back and tucked her into her blanket. She wiggled the teddy bear in front of Janet before handing it to her. Janet hugged the teddy as the bars of the crib were pulled up and locked into place. Ashley swished her hips, sashaying to the door and giving a quick flash of her rear end to Janet. "See you in morning, baby girl!" With the lights out and the room dimly lit by the night light Janet thought about how great it was to finally have a girlfriend, even if it was a secret. Said girlfriend was also her "mommy," but she was finding that to be quite acceptable as well! The only thing that would make the situation more ideal for Janet would be if the mommy/baby arrangement was more private. Today though a majority of the school's students saw her in a diaper and heard Lydia spill everything about her accidents. She raised her thumb up to her mouth and closed her eyes. She started to spray hot piss into her diaper. She was probably going to make a habit of wetting herself before sleeping. Something about the warm wet sensation between her legs and on her bottom made it easy for her to drift off to dreamland. It did not take long before the piddling little girl ended up falling asleep. The next morning Janet was greeted by Alice peeking at her though the bars. She was under five feet tall, shorter than even short little Janet was, and Janet was only a couple inches over five feet. Alice kind of looked like a kid, like a gymnast, only her real calling was fashion. Today she was dressed in a totally unique outfit yet again with different types of fabric blended in a way that wouldn't make sense to an outsider, but Alice was able to make it work. Janet never put much thought into what she wore, often just slapping on a combination of jeans and hoodies. "Rise and shine, sleepyhead." Alice spoke in her adorably squeaky voice. Alice unlocked the bars of the crib and opened the side. Janet was groggy as she sat up. "Where's Mommy?" Janet mumbled as she rubbed her cheek. Janet didn't think twice about calling Ashley her mommy. It just came naturally to her now. "Ashley is busy again today, but that's why she has all us aunties and big sisters to help." Alice said with a bright smile, getting Janet out of the crib. Alice put one of her delicate little hands on Janet's crotch, raising it slightly as she felt the weight of the heavily used diaper. She then wrinkled the bridge of her nose. "Oh Janet. I think you did more than wet last night!" Alice announced. She put her hand on Janet's bottom, cupping the large mess in the back. "Yup, someone made a big poop in her sleep!" Janet's face instantly warmed over. She wet her bed several times in her life. That's just how things were for her. She never pooped herself in her sleep before though. It was humiliating, but at least it wasn't a big public humiliation like yesterday. Alice had Janet lie down on the floor and Janet looked up confused. "Hey, I'm four and a half feet tall. I don't want to have to stand on my toes to reach you on the changing table." She pointed to herself and then shrugged. Janet shrugged too and nodded in agreement. Alice spread Janet's legs and then started tearing the tapes away from the sides. She opened the diaper and then turned away, waving her hand in front of her face. "Oh Jesus!" she blurt out. "I'm sorry I just never had to change such a large diaper before! That's a lot of poop!" Alice took the baby wipes, carefully starting on Janet's crotch first. She slid the cool wipe over Janet's slit from top to bottom. "Raise your legs." She said calm and casually. She proceeded to wipe the rest of the mess off of Janet's rear. Alice was still making a face as she pulled the loaded diaper away and walked it to the diaper pail. She sighed with relief. "Thank God that poopy diaper is gone!" Alice got a brand new diaper from under the changing table and slipped it under Janet's butt. She made Janet raise her bottom again so she could get the poofy pampers under there. She sprinkled baby powder around her butt and crotch and then taped the sides of the diaper shut around Janet's waist. Getting changed by petite little Alice was pretty embarrassing. It felt like she was getting changed by her little sister or something! Alice even looked pretty young for her age. Alice stood up and dusted her hands. "Okay, baby Janet. I have a special surprise for you today." Alice smiled, looking proud. "I was working on this ever since you got here. I think you're going to love it." Alice turned and grabbed a piece of clothing she brought in with her. She held it up, showing it to Janet. It was a pair of purple denim overalls with patches and little cute designs sewn into them. They were the perfect mixture of boyish and girlish design. On the left knee was a large patch that had frogs and dragonflies printed on it. The other knee had a smaller patch with butterflies and flowers on it. There was also a swirly design sewn into the right pant leg. On the bib was a pocket with a puppy's face embroidered into it. Janet's face lit up when she saw the overalls. Alice was really good at making clothes that were fashionable but also personal to each individual subject. Janet couldn't believe that one of these rich, snobby girls could understand her so well! She got on all fours and then pushed herself up onto her feet, running over to Alice to give her a hug. Alice laughed, almost getting knocked over by the taller girl. "Thank you, Auntie Alice!" She hugged Alice enough to lift her off the floor. Alice let out a squeaky giggle as she was held up. She tapped Janet to let the girl know to set her back down. "Okay, let's get you dressed!" Alice gave Janet a plain white shirt for her top and then had her step into the overalls one leg at a time. She pulled the overalls up and clasped the straps around her shoulders. "Is that comfy? Not too snug?" Alice asked. "They're perfect! I really like them. I'd even wear them outside!" She tucked her hands into the side pockets. It even had pockets! She always had to buy boy's pants for pockets. Alice really understood how important pockets could be for a girl like her. "Ya know, it's funny you should mention going out. A little birdy told me Ashley wants to take you on a picnic today." Alice said with a side lean and an elbow nudge. Janet blushed and smiled. Alice chuckled "You like her, don't you?" Janet blushed. She looked down and shook her head. She couldn't tell that to one of the most popular girls here. Ashley and Janet's love was private! "You don't have to be shy about it. It's obvious you're gay. I'm gay too." Alice spoke candidly, looking up at Janet. "Yeah, it sucks that someone as hot as her is straight. I bet she has the sweetest pussy." Alice's voice lowered as she gave Janet a leer. Janet gulped and let out a nervous laugh. "but, oh well. I'm at least hot enough to find anyone I want. You're cute too except for the fact you piss and shit on yourself all the time. You never know though. You might meet some weirdo that likes that sort of thing." Oh how Janet just wanted to tell her at that moment! Ashley was the kind of person who liked that. It's too bad their relationship had to remain a secret. Janet tried to just think about how fun her date with Ashley would be, and she was much more confident wearing these clothes than the sissy dress. Her diapers did make her bottom stick out more, but they were less noticeable than they would be peeking out the bottom of a skirt. Vera, one of the big sisters, came in. She set down a bowl of cereal on the little plastic table and poured some milk into it. She was also handed her usual baby bottle. Vera waved to Alice as she left the room, her hand just kind of limply twisting on her wrist like a royal wave. Vera looked bored as she stared at Janet eating her breakfast. "Please don't poop yourself on my watch." Vera said plainly as she seemed to stare through Janet. She took her phone out of her tiny purse and started texting on it. Vera was one of those perfect blonde beauties that was always stuck in her own little world. She seemed like the one girl that didn't want to be part of this nasty experiment. She simply wanted into the sorority so she could build the connections she needed for her future. Janet watched Vera as the girl seemed to ignore her. Janet took a spoonful of cereal and munched on it. She scooped a bunch of spoonfuls into her mouth, shoveling the sugary breakfast down her throat practically. When her bowl was finished she held her tummy and let out a burp. Vera looked up from her phone briefly and gave the girl a shrug of disbelief. "What? Aren't you going to say excuse me?" She cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me.." Janet mumbled, looking down. She had to pee, so she just started doing it right there as Vera watched her. Janet thought it wouldn't be noticed, but since the room was so quiet in the morning the loud hissing noise from her diaper pretty much announced exactly what she was going. "Ew." Vera responded with a little eyeroll. Janet pouted and blushed. She just wanted to enjoy the wet feeling between her legs as she peed herself, but Vera had to be rude about it. Janet sat still until the stream ebbed. She got on all fours and crawled away from Vera, figuring the snob wouldn't care. Janet sat on the floor by the toy box and pulled out some Barbies, putting them into a car. She pretended the Barbies were in a high speed chase with the police, making quiet engine noises with her mouth. She was whispering stuff like "oh no, watch out!" and then making explosion sounds, raising the car in the air and then pushing it along the bookshelf. "Could you play a little quieter? Your big sister is trying to talk to someone over here." Vera said, not even looking up from her phone. Janet furrowed her brow and stared down Vera. She raised her middle finger at her and grabbed her soggy diapered crotch. She was of course able to get away with it since Vera was no paying attention. She was like a bad teenage babysitter who just used the phone all the time and didn't bother to watch the baby. Janet turned back around and played a little quieter with the toys on top of the shelf. She felt more warmth between her legs and looked down. She was peeing her diaper more and she barely felt it this time. She hoped the diaper would hold up during her outing today. When Vera's babysitting duties were over she just told Janet to put herself to bed for her afternoon nap. Vera sighed, feeling inconvenienced that she even had to lock up the bars to the crib. Vera looked down into the crib at Janet. "Um, thanks for not pooping. I'm really squeamish about that stuff." Vera said, revealing her true feelings on the subject. "Ashley told us we HAD to change you if you pooped and I just don't think I could have handled it." Vera looked off to the side, her arms hugged around her waist. "I really need to get into this sorority. Thanks again for not giving me a hard time." When Vera left Janet had more to think about. A lot of these girls weren't here for the sisterhood of the sorority. It seemed like most of them just needed the connections that this particular house had, especially with Ashley's family. Janet always thought the social structures within colleges were unfair and even bordered on dubious legality. Janet sucked her thumb and thought about how she was right about everything. At least she had the vindication of being right, but what she really hoped for was social change within the system. That might not happen with someone like Ashley involved. Her ambivalence weighed heavily on her now. She knew Ashley was not a good person most of the time, but she loved her so much. A nasty thought entered Janet's head as she thought about Ashley dressed in tight leather with revealing open panels like some very kinky dominatrix. In Janet's fantasy, Ashley was the queen mother of the house. Every girl was in diapers, bibs, and bonnets, pathetically rolling on the floor on their backs, crying as Ashley held dominion over all of them. Even Lydia was in a soaked diaper, sobbing loudly up at Ashley. And there was Janet, sitting on the floor beside her and hugging her leg. The fantasy was so naughty. Janet just about had a climax merely from thinking about it! She closed her eyes and smiled. Ashley came in later, decked out in a sunny dress and a big sun hat that protected her delicate skin. She was holding a basket and a handbag which she had to set down so she could unlock Janet from her crib. "Are you ready to come with me, baby girl?" Ashley said, a hint of excitement in her voice. She hugged Janet close and patted the girl on her rump. "Do you need a change before we go?" Janet shook her head no in response, not realizing how wet she was. Well, she knew she was wet, but she had no idea just how full those diapers actually were at this point! "Alright, baby girl." Ashley held Janet's hand. For once Janet wasn't shy or embarrassed about having to go out. The cute overalls gave Janet confidence to be seen in public. Lydia stood, leaning over the railing at the edge of the second story as she looked down at the two girls she would be in charge today while Ashley was gone. Lydia shook her head with a smirk like she knew something. Ashley buckled Janet's seatbelt as she got into her car. Naturally Ashley's car was an expensive little red sports car. Janet rubbed her hands on the plush seats. Ashley pulled out and started driving. Janet leaned back, tucking herself into the seat as if Ashley was driving too fast. Ashley seemed reckless with the way she took abrupt stops and rapid zero to sixty starts. She bobbed between traffic to and fro effortlessly. Janet was so nervous she pissed her soggy diapers a bit more. She clutched the seat under her, almost digging her nails into it. Once they were at the public park Ashley turned to Janet and saw the girl shivering and clutching at the seat below her. Ashley giggled. "Come on, it wasn't that bad. I thought a tough girl like you could handle a little fast and furious driving." "That was a little too fast." Janet pouted. She turned slowly to Ashley. "And too furious." Ashley tucked in her lips and tried not to laugh, but a snicker still came from her. She pat Janet on the back and then hopped out of the car. She ran over to Janet's side and unbuckled the seat belt for her. Ashley insisted on doing every little action for Janet to make her feel small and helpless. Janet wondered if Ashley just drove like that to scare her now. Ashley took Janet to a nice grassy patch in the middle of the park. She set down her handbag and then the picnic basket. She pulled the blanket out of the basket and flapped it open before laying it down on the ground. Ashley took all the neatly wrapped and Tupperwared food items out of the basket and placed them in the middle of the blanket. Janet sat across from Ashley while she set out some paper plates and napkins. Ashley unwrapped a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Janet and set it on the plate. She then opened some of the containers with the sides in them. "Go on, baby. Eat up!" Ashley said with a wide grin. Ashley sat with her legs crossed. Janet looked up Ashley's dress and saw that she wasn't even wearing panties today. There was no doubt now that Ashley was doing this on purpose to tease her. Ashley gave Janet a knowing look as the other girl was clearly staring at her pussy. Ashley seemed to be taking sensual bites of her food and flashing Janet some bedroom eyes. Ashley retrieved a juice box for Janet and poked the straw through the top for her. Janet wished she could have inserted the straw herself, but she was just grateful she wasn't sucking from a bottle today. Janet filled her tummy with the juice and then realized she had to pee yet again. This time it felt like it was going to be a full-on flood. She tried holding it in, groping at herself. That's when it dawned on her that her diaper was getting full. She stood up suddenly and looked around. "Ashley I need to use a bathroom right now!" Janet said, her voice panicked. "Just use your diaper, that's what it's for." Ashley shrugged "besides, I don't think people are going to be happy if you set your dirty butt on one of the public toilets around here." Janet gritted her teeth and stamped her feet. Ashley watched with wide-eyed amusement as Janet struggled to hold it. She couldn't hold it though. Pee was gushing out now and her diaper was slowly becoming deluged. Dark spots started to appear on either of her thighs as piss leaked from the leg bands of the saturated diaper. Janet whimpered and watched helplessly as she flooded into the nice new overalls. The dark stains on her pant legs grew and soon pee was dribbling onto the ground below her. She looked around nervously. She was peeing herself in such a public place! No one knew her here, but the shame of peeing herself out in public like this was too much to bear. She started to cry. She could hear the laughter of children behind her as she pissed all over herself. She stood with her legs parted, tugging at the sopping wet denim. She waddled towards Ashley, sobbing openly. "Oh Janet, what's wrong? I thought you'd be used to wetting yourself like a big baby by now!" Ashley giggled. "Why don't you sit back down and enjoy the rest of your picnic with me?" Janet sat her wet bottom back on the blanket. She sniffled and took a few more bites of food. She looked up across the blanket at Ashley who was still smiling and flashing her uncovered crotch from under her skirt. "Well I mean..." Janet looked over her shoulder, seeing some kids still spying on her and gossiping to each other as they looked on. Janet turned back to look at Ashley. "It's a little embarrassing, but I'm sad about getting my present wet." she says, pointing out the overalls. "Auntie Alice was so nice for making these for me and I pee peed on them!" Janet pouted and crossed her arms, looking angry with herself. "Oh, is that all, Janet? Silly little girl." Ashley shook her head. "I asked Alice to make you some adorable play clothes because I knew they would get dirty. It's all right if you get stains on these tomboy overalls. They're made for a little girl like you that plays kind of rough!" Ashley leaned forward, putting her hand between Janet's legs. She squeezed her crotch. The diapers made a wet squishing noise and leaked out the leg holes more, causing the dark spots on Janet's overalls to glisten and spread out further. It felt so good to have her diapered crotch groped, though being out in public like this made it a little less enjoyable. She bit her lip and nodded as Ashley explained things. It made sense to her. She remembered how as a little girl her mommy gave her play clothes and fancy dress-up clothes. Janet, being the tomboy she was, almost always wore the play clothes. "You know." Ashley spoke up, sipping some juice. "It would be cute to start you on potty training. I could get you some special little panties meant to catch accidents and stuff. I would bring over your old clothes to the nursery. Then I could watch you utterly fail at that and soil every last pair of pants you own." Janet frowned. She couldn't understand how Ashley could be so nice one minute and then cruel the next. It was like she was just acting whatever way suited her mood in that moment. Ashley watched the look on Janet's face twist as she tried to figure things out. Ashley let out a cruel laugh and leaned forward. She placed her hand on Janet's knee. "All right, that's enough teasing. Do you want me to change your diapy now?" Ashley looked at Janet with a kind smile, making herself appear nice and sweet. Janet puffed out her cheeks and grunted. Ashley tilted her head to the side, watching Janet a bit closer now. Muffled noises came from her backside. Thick logs of poop started to pile up in her diaper. Janet leaned forward, staring Ashley right in the eye. She then sat back down forcefully. A look of smug satisfaction grew on Janet's face as she spread her mess around inside the diaper. Since it was already waterlogged the diaper was seeping out a mess onto her thighs. Ashley's jaw hung open for a minute as she saw Janet's defiant but childish action. Her mouth shut again and she pressed her lips together. "Well played, baby girl. Well played." Ashley nodded in acknowledgement. "But now I think I will wait a bit before changing you. We'll see who lasts the longest." Ashley and Janet were in a standoff now. Ashley crossed her arms, watching Janet closely. Janet looked back and gave Ashley a cute and coy smile, placing a finger under her bottom lip. She made little kissy sounds at Ashley, flirting with her. She kept rubbing her butt against the blanket to mush the mess around further. "I can wait as long as I want for a diaper change. I'm so used to making messes. I pooped my diapers in my sleep last night." Janet crossed her arms. It didn't sound like something to brag about. Ashley was caught up in the competition at this point though. "Okay, fine, you win." Ashley said, putting food away in the basket. "I'll change your diaper. Now lie down and let's get started." She patted down the blanket in front of her. The color left Janet's face and her expression dropped almost immediately. "Wait, here?" Janet looked around. This was still a very open public park with a good handful of people in it. "Well I'm going to have to put those messy pants in a bag so we can take them home and wash them later. I can't have you sitting in my car and soiling my seats." She pulled on Janet's arm and made her lie down on the blanket. Janet was stronger than Ashley, but the skinnier girl caught her by surprise. Janet kicked her legs and threw a fit, but this just caused more attention to be drawn to her. "Janet you little brat! I've been giving you fresh clothes and diapers, I feed you, give you a place to live, and this is how you thank me?" Ashley grabbed one of Janet's ankles, raising it high in the air. She started bringing her hand down on Janet's rump. Everything got silent except for the repeated sound of Ashley's hand tapping Janet on her rear through denim and padding. Janet just lied there silently, not crying, but she did tear up a bit. "I'm sorry, Mommy." she finally said. Ashley slowed her spanks down. She looked around the park, realizing the scene that was being made by the both of them. Ashley actually felt bad about embarrassing Janet like this. She also worried someone might find her spanking another grown woman and think she was up to something weird and kinky (which she clearly was.) She helped Janet sit up and she yanked the blanket out from under her. It was pretty badly stained. She then helped Janet stand to her feet. "Let's get you home." Ashley muttered quietly, gathering her handbag, basket, and soiled picnic blanket. "But what about your car seat?" Janet asked, standing awkwardly with her legs parted. "I don't know! I'll just, like, put down a plastic bag or something." Ashley shook her head. "Come on, let's go." She grabbed Janet's wrist and pulled her towards her sporty little car. Ashley walked to the trunk and stuff everything in the back. She then searched for something to cover the seat. She found a garbage bag and brought it over to the passenger seat, laying it out for Janet to sit on. Ashley sat in the car and waited for Janet to get in. Ashley had the bright red face this time. It was a rare sight to behold. She cleared her throat and looked over at Janet who was waiting patiently for Ashley to buckle her in. Ashley sighed. "Oh darling..." She reached over to Janet's seat, pulling her seat belt over and buckling her in the seat. Ashley sat back and put on her own seat belt. "Ya know, Mommy's sorry too. Sometimes I get a little too caught up in, you know, doing the mean mommy stuff." she shrugged, looking down. She gripped her steering wheel and took in a deep breath. "I would never try to hurt you like Lydia though. I luhh-" Ashley got a weird look on her face as her tongue hung from her mouth. She almost said "I love you" to Janet! Janet lit up. She didn't say anything though. She looked forward while Ashley just sat silent and dumbfounded. Janet figured that Ashley would say the words when she was ready. With renewed awkwardness Ashley started up the car and drove Janet back to the sorority house. It was a silent drive back and not Ashley's usual energetic driving. Ashley quickly took Janet to her nursery. She rushed the girl in and propped the chair to the door like the last time. Ashley grabbed Janet passionately and put her lips to the big baby girl's mouth. This was a real kiss! Ashley's tongue danced around Janet's as she pushed forward. Janet stumbled backward until she slammed into the side of the changing table. Some of the baby wipe containers and puffy diapers spilled out onto the floor. Ashley pulled back and stared into Janet's eyes. "I love you, Mommy..." Janet spoke up first, hoping it would help ease Ashley into confessing her feelings. "Yeah, I know." is all Ashley said back. She unhooked Janet's overalls and flipped the straps over her shoulders. She shimmied the soiled clothing down to Janet's ankles and had her step out of them. There was poop all around her thighs and it was streaked down her legs. Ashley dropped the messy pants into a hamper and then took out some baby wipes. She tried wiping Ashley clean, starting around her feet and ankles, but there was quite a bit of mess all around. She tucked in her lips and then shook her head. "Well, shit..." Ashley tore the tabs on the sides of Janet's diaper, opening it up and very carefully carrying it to the diaper pail. She dropped the completely ruined diaper down the pail. She looked back as Janet who was a complete mess. Her diaper area was just coated and the mess had gotten to be too much to clean with just the baby wipes. "Okay, Janet. Looks like it's bath time." Ashley removed the chair from the door and took Janet out of the nursery. Janet nervously walked behind Ashley. Not only was Janet exposed, but she was totally covered in poop. The other girls in the house had seen her in this state before, but it hadn't stopped being embarrassing. Janet started regretting making such a big mess during her little protest in the park. Ashley walked Janet up the stairs to the good bathroom. Lydia was heading in that direction just at that moment. "Um, excuse me." Ashley called out. Lydia stopped at the door, putting her arm against the doorway. "As you can see we've got a little emergency here. Poopybutt made quite a mess and she needs a bath." "Well I need to use the toilet first. You know, like a grown-ass woman." Lydia stated firmly. "If it's an emergency why don't you use the tub in the downstairs bathroom." "Come on," Ashley scoffed. "I'm like, the president here, and that bathroom is for the lower tier sisters." "Yeah and this bathroom up here is reserved only for the three of us top tier sisters. The very rules you made up state that whoever of us gets to the bathroom or 'W.C.' first gets to use it first." Lydia shut the door in front of Ashley. "So wait your turn!" she said from behind the door. Janet felt even more embarrassed now as she stood there outside the bathroom. She couldn't even remember the last time she was allowed on a toilet. She couldn't believe she actually envied someone for using a toilet! It was just one of those things you take for granted until it is taken away from you. Janet listened to the sound of Lydia tinkling into the toilet. It was so unfair that such a mean girl was allowed to be all grown up while she had to get her mess washed off in the tub like a big baby! Kendra came up behind the two girls and held her nose. "Mierda!" Kendra said, waving her other hand at the air in front of her. "What in god's name happened here?" "Accident at the park." Ashley said with a shrug. "It was a big one this time." "Well could I please go in front of you? I don't want to use the bathroom after her stinky butt is in there." Kendra looked pretty annoyed. "Rules are rules. Whoever gets here first gets to go first." Ashley said, repeating Lydia's recital. Lydia opened the door just as Ashley said this. She was wiping her hands with a paper towel and staring down at Janet's half naked and poop covered body. She then gave a long hard look at Ashley before walking away silently. "The hell was that look for?" Ashley said, twisting her mouth to the side of her face. She took Janet into the bathroom and turned back to Kendra. "You could come in with us and use the toilet if you want. Maybe we can teach Janet something?" Kendra laughed and shook her head. "No, that's all right. I'll go use the downstairs toilet. Thanks anyway!" Kendra seemed to be in a much better mood after that gesture which just coincidentally would have embarrassed Janet further. Inside the ornately decorated bathroom Ashley locked the door. She stood with her back on the door and looked at Janet with a naughty grin. She stripped out of her skirt and then raised her top as well. She kicked off her shoes and used her toes to peel down each of her socks. Reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra, freeing her breasts. Now Ashley was completely naked with Janet. She neatly folded her clothes and set them on the sink countertop. She walked over to Janet and pulled off the messy girl's shirt, casually dropping it on the floor. She lead Janet into the tub and stepped in with her. Janet was excited to be in the large tub. She was never able to take a bath in her own tub as it was too cramped of a space to lie down. Before Janet could sit in the tub Ashley made the girl turn and face away. She took down the detachable shower head, holding it in her hand. She turned on the water and put her hand in front of the stream, waiting for it to get warmer. Once satisfied she pointed the warm water jet at Janet's butt. Janet squealed and laughed as she felt the water spray against her butt, parting her cheeks a bit from the sheer force of the jet. Ashley had to giggle as well, having fun hosing down the cute girl. She made Janet turn back around and started spraying down her crotch next. Janet bit her bottom lip, still giggling, but in a different way this time. She bent her legs and sighed as she felt the jet stream rinsing her. The dirty mess washed away, going down her legs and into the drain. Once Ashley felt pleased with a job well done she set the shower head aside and went about plugging up the tub. She started to fill the tub with warm water. She added some liquid soap to get the water all bubbly. "I'll have to remember to get some scented bubble bath for you." Ashley commented. She slowly sat down into the water with Janet. The two naked girls looked across from each other as the soapy water rose all around them. Ashley twisted her arm around and shut off the water. Ashley took a pink, plastic mesh loofah in her hand and lathered it up with soap. She drifted across the tub to Janet and hugged her. As she embraced the stinky girl she dipped the scrubber down into the water and started to wash Janet's butt deeper. Janet's body trembled from the closeness of her friend and the feeling of being washed down there. Ashley looked into Janet's eyes and planted a softer, more gentle kiss on her lips this time. The two girls' nude bodies pressed together in the big tub. Ashley easily and thoroughly cleaned Janet's lower half. She got her dirty front cleaned as well as her backside. Ashley dropped the loofah on the side of the tub and then climbed on top of Janet's body. She pressed her crotch right up against Janet's and started grinding against her under the water. The two girls looked deep into each others' eyes as they went back and forth against themselves. The water sloshed around, waves kicking up around them. Ashley closed her eyes and clutched Janet tightly. Janet held onto Ashley as well. She moved her legs around under the water to hook them around Ashley better. Their legs were intertwined and Janet was able to further grind their crotches together. Ashley raised her hand to her mouth, holding back her moans of pleasure as Janet showed Ashley her moves. Janet wanted to show her strength off a bit so she held onto Ashley's hips and raised the scrawny girl out of the tub. Janet was happy to finally return the favor to Ashley. Janet put her mouth to Ashley's cunt. First she dived her tongue between Ashley's lips. She then pulled up to flick against her clit. Ashley pressed her hand against her mouth harder to keep herself quiet. Janet knew how to hit Ashley's sweet spots. Janet sucked, pulling the clit into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. Ashley did not pull away for a full two minutes, letting Janet do whatever she wanted with her body, but eventually she grabbed the girl's shoulders and pulled her away. "Okay okay, stop. Just... stop." Alice panted, catching her breath. She looked down at Janet. "We have to do this some other time." Janet could see the frustration in Ashley's face. Ashley didn't want to stop, but she didn't want to spend so much time in the bathroom as to make things suspicious. She stepped out of the tub and pulled the plug from the drain. She grabbed one of the giant, fluffy towels and started to dry off her body. Ashley beckoned Janet to come out and she did. Ashley wrapped a towel around Janet next. When the two towel clad girls exited the bathroom they saw Lydia standing right outside of it. Ashley turned slightly and motioned with a tilt of her head. "Go to your room, Janet." she ordered the girl. Janet sighed and nodded, leaving Ashley and Lydia alone to talk. "Why were you in the tub with that girl?" Lydia asked plainly as if it wasn't an invasive question. "You know how it is. I had to get in there to give her a full body wash. I couldn't bend over the tub without my clothes getting wet" Ashley shrugged at her very matter of fact explanation. Lydia chuckled and nodded, rubbing her chin. "Ohhh-kay, oooh-kay." she said, looking off to the side as the wheels started turning. "Ashley, I got to ask. Are you a lesbo?" She just flat out said it. "Me?" Ashley scoffed. "You know I'm the hottest and most desired girl here. People want me, not the other way around, and I only date guys. Besides, if I'm going to make out with anyone it's going to be a someone that's as hot as me." "You know, you say that..." Lydia waved her finger at Ashley, "but I notice the way you look at that little loser. The way you talk about her. The way you defended her at the party. I'm not stupid. I know something is going on. She doesn't just have the hots for you, but you want that nasty pissy cunt of hers." Ashley blinked several times. She melodramatically shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Just what is going on in that mind of yours, Lydia? Are you having fantasies about us or something?" Lydia laughed, shaking her head. "Nice try, but my parents wouldn't care if I was gay. Yours, on the other hand..." Ashley crossed her arms, putting on her serious face. "You think anyone's going to believe your absurd story?" Ashley stared the girl down. "My father wouldn't stand for someone slandering me like that, so you better watch what you say. You are treading very dangerous waters here, Lydia." She got up close in her face. Lydia put her hand on Ashley's chest and pulled her away, looking annoyed. "I may not have anything right now, but you're not as clever as you think you are." Lydia said, walking around Ashley in a circle. "I honestly don't care what kind of freaky shit you're doing, but I plan on running this sorority. If I'm head of the house that's going to open a lot more doors for me. Would be good to actually have some diversity in the long history of this place too." "So you're going to play dirty to try and get ahead." Ashley said. "That's pretty cheap." "Don't act like your kind haven't been gaming the system and moving the finish line every time I get a little closer to it." Lydia stated flatly. "Have fun playing with your little baby doll tonight. Enjoy your power while it lasts." Lydia turned and walked away. Ashley had kept herself looking calm and collected, but her heart was pounding through the whole exchange with Lydia. She couldn't get caught in a relationship with Janet, but at the same time she just couldn't give it up either. Ashley walked to her room to get a change of clothes for herself. She wanted to go downstairs to take care of Janet, but she was feeling rattled. She took out her phone and texted one of the pledges, Samantha. Sam agreed to go diaper Janet and get her dressed again. Ashley sighed and set her phone down. She wanted to cry, but she kept up her patrician facade. She flopped backward onto her big bed, wearing nothing at all. She stared up at the ceiling, deep in thought. Ashley had to just get through this semester and finish this experiment. Maybe some day, after school, after she could distance herself from her family, she could then finally be herself. For now though she had to just stick things out. She wiped her face before any tears could fall.
  11. (this next part gets more intense and graphic, so be warned! Also it's just slightly longer. After this post there will be one more post I make unless the story is commissioned to continue.) Janet spent the rest of her night there in the nursery. She was in no rush to leave. Mostly because she didn't want to be caught dead wandering around campus in a sissy dress and thick diapers, but also because she was growing to enjoy the close attention she was getting from Ashley. Ashley actually came back to the nursery once everyone else had left. She actually had a full meal of burger and fries laid out for her. "Heard from one of your friends this was your favorite." Ashley said, taking out a large kitchen knife and then cutting the hamburger into quarters. "You talked to my friends?" Janet said. She took a french fry, munching on it as she was pretty hungry. That food smelled so good and it was pretty thoughtful of Ashley to get her favorite. "Yeah. Actually I invited Kevin and Robert over to the fundraiser party we're throwing here tomorrow. You can see them again if you want." Ashley flashed a simpering grin. Whatever she was up to Janet wanted nothing to do with it. "No...." she shook her head. "I can't let anyone else see me like this!" Janet patted down her fluffy pink dress. "Okay, fine, but you really should learn to be more social, Janet!" Ashley tied a bib around Janet's neck. She then took one of the burger quarters and fed Janet. Ashley used the bib to wipe the crumbs away from Janet's mouth. She took such tender care of this girl that she was trying to humiliate. Janet was really starting to wonder about Ashley's true feelings. When Janet's plate was clean and she was full, Ashley handed her a baby bottle full of juice. Janet sucked down the juice eagerly, washing down her food with the refreshing drink. Ashley went to the newly installed bookshelf. She picked out a children's book and sat down on the floor with Janet. She sat with her knees pointed upward and Janet could see up her short skirt. Janet tried not to stare at Ashley's crotch, but it seemed to be pointed at her purposefully so she'd have to see it. Her panties were so perfect, just like her. They hugged her tightly, making a neat outline of her folds. Janet turned her gaze away, not wanting to stare. "This story is called The Curious Little Mouse. Once there was a mouse, a very curious little mouse....." Ashley read the children's book to Janet. After reading each page she would show the illustrations to her. That was, admittedly, kind of cute. Janet continued to suck down the baby bottle full of juice until it was empty. She pulled the bottle from her lips and let out a sigh. She puffed up her cheeks, trying to hide her burp, but Ashley noticed anyway. Ashley just smiled sweetly as she finished reading the illustrated children's book. She set the book aside and gave Janet a hug and a pat on the back. "Okay, Janet. Why don't you play while Mommy takes some important notes." Ashley shooed Janet away with a flick of her wrist. She picked up her tablet from her handbag and stuck on the keyboard attachment. She placed the tablet on the changing table and started typing away. Janet looked around for something to occupy herself with. She waddled over to the toybox, hearing those thick pampers crinkle loudly with each step she took. At the toybox she pushed aside a stuffed giraffe, an octopus looking thing with cat ears, and found mostly girly dolls and accessories. She sighed loudly so that Ashley would hear it. She sat her crinkly bottom on the floor, playing with a Barbie doll's hair. "Wish I had something to play with other than these sissy toys." Janet muttered. "Yeah well, under my roof girls are girls. You might fart a lot and stink up the place but I can at least try to teach you to ACT and DRESS more genteel and demure." Ashley kept typing away on her tablet without missing a beat. She removed the keyboard and set everything back in her handbag. "All right, I'm done for the day. Mommy's doing all the hard work here so you should be happy, really. All you have to do is play and roll around in your own filth!" she giggled. Damn did those words sting. "I'll see about one of the auntie's tucking you in for the night once it's bed time." Ashley turned on her heel and took a strut out the door. Janet took a nice, long, hard look at Ashley's sweet ass as she left her alone. She wondered which auntie would come in later. She secretly hoped it would be Lydia. She felt sick for wanting to actually get berated by that hot girl. "Jesus, maybe I am a pervert." Janet mumbled to herself. It seemed like it was Denise's duty to come in tonight. The redhead was dressed down in a loose-fitting night gown. Janet could almost see Denise's naked body underneath the gown as she walked by a hanging lamp. She felt like everyone in this house looked prettier than her. Was she actually jealous? No way. She assured herself that deep down she was still a tomboy and didn't care what anyone thought of her. Still, if someone like Ashley could find her attractive... "Hey." Denise looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting her glasses. "Even this mirror is nicer than the one in the downstairs' W.C! You mind if I come in here and use it sometimes?" "n-not at all, Auntie Denise." Janet shook her head. "Ah, I know I don't really have to ask a baby like you. I'm just trying to be polite." Denise held Janet's hands and helped her stand up off the floor. She undressed Janet with little fanfare. She just got her ready for bed like it was a job that needed to be finished. She got a onesie from the dresser and pulled it over Janet. She secured the snaps shut around the girl's crotch. Once Janet was in her night time baby clothes Denise took her to the crib. She wrapped the blanket over Janet and gave her a little teddy bear to hug. She raised the bars up on the edge of the crib and locked them in place. Denise leaned on the bars, looking at Janet as she lay there, clutching the teddy bear close. "You know," she spoke plainly, "Ashley isn't so bad once you get to know her. And I don't just mean these phony charity events she throws so she has an excuse to party. You see, once she finds herself a friend, she protects them. Fiercely. I really hope you get to be her friend, kid." Denise reached through the bars and pressed her finger on Janet's nose. "Boop." Denise left the room, grabbing the laundry basket on her way out. She used her foot to shut out the light. The room was dimly lit by the night light as there were no windows there. Janet sat silently in the bed, thinking about what Denise said. Could she ever be Ashley's friend? Could they maybe be more than friends? As she thought about this her hands went down over the front of her diaper. She rubbed the diaper front, grinding it against her crotch. While the pillowy pampers felt good on her sensitive privates it wasn't enough. There was little she could feel between the thick diapers and onesie. She knew what she had to do to get more enjoyment out of this. She would have to deliberately wet again. This time she would be doing it purely for her own sexual pleasure. Jeez, had she really sunk this low? Holding her hands in place she waited. She squinted her eyes and pushed. A jet of hot piss flowed out between her legs. The added sensation of hot wet pee on her crotch made her dirty little masturbation session feel even better. She was now rubbing herself harder, arching her back as she felt herself up inside the soggy diapers. Her whole body quaked and shivered at these forbidden feelings. She imagined Ashley and Lydia standing over her and calling her a dirty baby girl. She grit her teeth as she imagined getting a nice hard spanking from Lydia. She then thought about Ashley kissing her right on the lips. That finally did it for her. She paused, her body jerking slightly as an airy noise came out of her wide open mouth. She collapsed on the crinkly mattress of the crib. Thinking about what she did made her feel naughty. She smiled to herself though, satisfied. She pulled her covers back up and hugged the teddy bear. The next morning she was woken up to the syrupy voice of her captor Ashley, holding a pancake stack. "Good moooorning!" she belted out setting the plate down along with another bottle of milk. Ashley spun around and pranced on her tippy-toes towards the crib, looking positively giddy this morning. She took the bars down and helped Janet up. "Did you have a good night's sleep?" Ashley cooed into Janet's ear. She held Janet close, practically squeezing her! She bent down on her knees and without warning hooked her finger through the onesie and touched the inside of Janet's diaper through the leg hole. "Just like I thought. Baby made a pee pee in her sleep! Well how about we get you fed first and then change your diaper, shall we?" Ashley was clearly getting into this. She lavished so much attention on her new baby girl. She sat Janet down on the floor in front of the plastic table. Ashley cut into the pancakes with the fork, making very tiny bites for Janet to eat easily. Ashley even took a bite herself. "Mmm, God." she closed her eyes and savored the taste. "I need to stop starving myself. I should just be like you and stop caring what people think. I mean, your little tummy is kind of cute." Ashley gently poked the slightly round midsection on Janet. Janet squeaked and scrunched up her face as she felt the poke. She couldn't help but let out a little giggle along with Ashley. She took what the girl said as a compliment. Janet picked up the milk bottle and sucked down the milk hard, filling her tummy. "I'm full, Mommy." she blurt out. Ashley perked up and grinned wide. "Okay then, baby!" She stood over Janet and placed her hand on the girl's head. She purposefully thrust her hips forward and kept Janet down so that she'd have to look up her skirt. There was no doubt about it now, Ashley was clearly showing off her panties. Janet took a nice long look, assuming this is just what Ashley wanted her to do. "Now, sweetie..." she began, lowering her voice to a whisper, "Mommy's going to be very busy today with organizing her charity fundraiser party. Before I change your diapy are you sure you're all done using it?" Ashley swished her hips side to side, flaunting her superiority over Janet. "Um, I don't know." Janet mumbled, closing her eyes. "If you don't know then you truly are a baby. Come on, wouldn't it feel good to make a nice big poopy in your diaper for Mommy?" Ashley's breathing got a bit heavier. Did she have some sick fascination with Janet's bodily functions, did she just like humiliating her, or was it both? Either way, the words sent shivers down Janet's spine. She did have to poop. She was going to do it as Ashley watched too. Janet grunted, her face twisting a bit. A firm log was pushed out into the back of her diaper as she sat there on the floor. She could feel it nestling itself snugly between her cheeks. It slowly went up her crack before spreading across her bottom. Janet sighed with relief, having just soiled herself in front of Ashley. It was a little exciting! Ashley seemed excited as well, looking on with a wild-eyed stare. "I have to admit." Ashley sighed as well. "You are really cute like this. Don't you go telling anyone I said that." Ashley let go of Janet's head and let her stand up. Ashley set out the new diaper, wipes, and powder. Janet climbed on top of the changing table and Ashley went to pick out a new girly outfit. This time she brought over a similar looking sissy dress, but this one was a light blue color. "Baby blue. Appropriate for a tomboy, yes?" Ashley said, setting the dress aside. She unsnapped the snaps around Janet's crotch and pulled the onesie off. She tugged it up over Janet's head before dropping it into the empty laundry basket. She then tended to the diaper, tearing the tape off each side and opening it up. She turned away and made an exaggerated gesture. "Hooo-boy! What a dirty girl!" she announced. She applied the baby wipes to Janet's crotch first, sweeping her hand over the area in a delicate motion. With no one there watching her, Ashley let her hand linger on Janet's pussy. Through the baby wipe she teasingly tickled her finger against the girl's folds, letting her finger flick upward to touch the hood around her clit. Such a tease! Ashley took more baby wipes and went about cleaning Janet's bottom now. Even this action was erotic and alluring. Janet was totally in love with these diaper changes now. Was that the point of Ashley's experiment? Did Ashley really decide on Janet's nature vs nurture idea and pervert it into this twisted game? Janet couldn't even be mad. These diaper changes felt awesome. Ashley folded the diaper and taped it shut into a neat little ball. She dropped it down the diaper pail and then retrieved a brand new diaper to put under the girl's butt. She sprinkled baby powder on her hand, adding more this time. She rubbed her hand all around getting between her crack and over her cheeks and then circling around her pussy. She gave her crotch a few pats, letting out a triumphant laugh at a job well done. She folded the diaper up between Janet's legs and taped the sides snug and tight. She helped Janet into the new dress and pat down the skirt and frills. She put her finger under Janet's chin and looked at her face. She gave her a playful kiss on the nose. "Okay, like I said, Mommy has a lot to do today, so it's a good thing we got all of this out of the way, yes?" Ashley stared into Janet's eyes. She moved closer to Janet's face again. Janet's heart started to flutter. Was Ashley planning on kissing her for real? No, Ashley turned away and walked towards the door. "I'm going to have one of your big sister here to play with you and keep you company while I'm off on important business today. You tell me if you have any trouble with anyone, all right?" Ashley left the room abruptly. Janet just sat there on the changing table silently. She had a strong urge to touch herself again this morning, but she used all her willpower to resist. Samantha was her big sister that day. Looking after Janet was easy for Sam since she was a tomboy too and she wasn't much for party planning. Emily would have been too shy and Vera would probably be too bored and treat it like a job. Sam got into it though. She showed Janet that she could have fun playing with the Barbie dolls by making them go on spy missions, exploring the whole nursery and pretending to make the dolls climb up shelves and jump from ledge to ledge. "So, uh, do you like this or something?" Sam asked, "the baby thing I mean. Ashley says you're not a pledge and I haven't really seen you fight it." "Whaaat? No." Janet chuckled nervously and blushed. "I am doing this purely in the name of science." "Well the uh 'aunties' said it was because you wet yourself all over a spare sleeping bag on the floor and now Ashley's making you do this as punishment because she had to get someone to steam clean the stain off the carpet." Sam explained. Janet looked down, clutching the dolly in her hands. "That was... an accident." she mumbled. Her face got redder. "She made such a big deal out of it. I mean, it's not like I did it on purpose!" "I agree that Ash may have gone overboard." Sam said, nodding. "All I was wondering was how much you're liking the punishment." The very question made Janet's heart pound in her chest. Sam could see Janet getting nervous and red, her breathing becoming heavier "Hey, no judgement here! Tell ya what, I'll drop it, but if there's anything you want to tell me I'll be here to listen." Sam said, reassuringly. "That's what big sisters are for, right?" Janet wanted to hug Samantha for that. She just gave a subdued smile. Sure, it was true that she was starting to like her diaper punishment. That's not something she could just admit to though, no matter how obvious it was. Knowing that she had someone else to confide in during this ordeal made her feel much more comfortable though. Just knowing it was on the table was enough. Sam and Janet continued to play with each other for a few hours until it was time for Janet's lunch and nap. Samantha stayed in the room while Kendra came in with a simple salad lunch and crackers. "Sorry it's not fancier, baby" Kendra shrugged, "but if you want to come to the party you know we're going to have some really good food there!" Samantha leaned against the wall. She nodded at Kendra as the girl walked by her. Kendra just ignored Samantha. Sam sighed and slumped her shoulders, walking over to Janet. "I uh- I wouldn't normally put up with these bitchy elitist girls, but you know... they got connections." Sam shrugged. Janet was not naive. She could see that Sam had the same insecurities as her. She knew a fellow outcast when she saw one and knew that Sam just wanted to belong. Janet was as kind as she was perceptive though, so she kept to herself, not wanting to embarrass Sam. After her lunch, Janet was put back in the crib for her nap. A couple hours after waking up the party would no doubt be underway. Part of her really wanted to go, but she didn't want anyone seeing her like this. Right at dusk as the sky was pink and orange music began to play in the main hall. It was noisy and made the walls vibrate. Janet was standing there in the nursery, wearing a slightly damp diaper around her waist. She bounced on the heels of her feet, wanting to dance to the muffled sound of the blaring music. Ashley entered Janet's nursery, bringing the loud music in with her, and grabbed the girl by the arm. "Hey!" she shouted as the music got louder, "You're coming out here to party whether you want to or not!" Janet now had no choice. Ashley pulled the diapered sissy dress wearing girl out to the middle of the house where some people had already been pouring in, holding their red solo cups and wearing special looking hand-made bracelets. Ashley bumped her hip against Janet. Janet stumbled forward a bit and turned to look at Ashley who was dancing sensually, gyrating her hips with her arms in the air. Janet blushed noticeably. "Come on, the real fun is out back!" Ashley shouted some more. There in the back yard was the large swimming pool. A few of the people at the party were already stripping down to their bathing suits, some just in underwear, and jumping into the pool. Janet was extremely nervous being forced to walk around all these people with an obvious diaper on under her infantile clothes, but soon she found herself calm and relaxed. No one was staring at her. No one seemed concerned with the baby being brought out like a prop. Maybe they thought it was just some silly costume? Janet didn't question it. She bounced a little to the music, getting into the groove of the party. She spied the snack table and waddled over to it, picking up delicious treats and practically stuffing her face. "Janet?" a boy's voice called behind her. Janet spun around and saw Roger. The boy was dressed in his usual casual jeans and hoodie. "Is that costume supposed to, like, be for the fundraiser or somethin'?" He reached out and pulled on the hem of the skirt. Janet instinctively jerked backward. Roger looked confused and Kevin stepped up behind him. "It's just that this is so not you. These people here aren't you. They're all snobs and rich kids." "Yeah well, why did you guys come then?" Janet said back, biting into an appetizer. "We only came here because Ashley said you would be here!" Kevin chimed in. "We haven't seen you in a while. Is that Ashley bitch blackmailing you? What does she have on you?" "Ashley isn't a bitch!" Janet snapped. She looked surprised even as the words came out of her mouth. She had used those exact kind of words against Ashley before and now she was defending her! "Okay." Kevin responded. "These are your new friends now I guess." Janet crossed her arms and struck a sassy pose, tilting her hip to the side. "So what if they are?" Janet seemed to be someone different, but she showed the boys she hadn't changed too much. "If you can't share my friendship with someone else that isn't you guys then you're not being very good friends." Kevin and Roger looked at each other. They were stubborn boys. They really did not want to share Janet, but they were still conflicted because they did care about their friend. Lydia soon strolled up between the boys and girl. "Aw, are you three having a little fight? Is the band breaking up?" Lydia sneered and smiled. "No, actually." Roger said. "We were just concerned about our friend." "You know she wets the bed and shits her pants, right?" Lydia blurted out abruptly. The two boys laughed, not out of cruelty, but they just didn't believe it. "It's true. All the rumors you heard. That's why she's wearing a diaper right now." Lydia flicked up the skirt, flashing Janet's diaper. Janet blushed furiously and tugged the front of the skirt down. A small crowd was starting to form as all attention was on Janet now. Kevin and Roger were speechless. They weren't sure if even they could defend Janet. Lydia added another nasty detail. "And you know what? I think she likes it. You should have seen her moaning and groaning during her diaper changes. A nasty shitty-assed slut." People murmured and laughed. Lydia made some mocking moans of pleasure, bending her knees and pretending to touch herself. "Oh shut up, Lydia!" Janet snapped, "I did not do that you liar! She's lying!" The crowd's laughter only intensified after this. Janet was panicking. She felt her diaper getting warmer and wetter. Just then someone rushed behind her and gave her a push. Janet stumbled, walking backwards until she fell into the pool. "Eww, she's gonna pee in the pool, everyone out!" someone shouted. There were screams and more laughter as people rushed to get out of the pool. Janet flailed her arms. She was never a good swimmer, but the ever expanding diaper was absorbing the water making it difficult to even float properly. "HEY!" Ashley's voice cut through the crowd of jeering onlookers. She rushed out towards the pool area and then ran, diving into the pool. She hooked her arm around Janet and pulled the girl out. She helped Janet get out of the pool as the laughing crowd's volume seemed to lower a bit. "That wasn't funny you buttlickers!" she shouted. "Not cool!" Janet looked at Ashley as she escorted her back into the house. Ashley saved her. Now she was pushing her way past crowds of people, slapping them out of the way with her wet hands. Janet's sodden diaper felt like it was going to fall off. She had to grab at it with one hand to keep it from dropping on the floor. Ashley got them into the nursery and shut the door behind her. She saw a boy and a girl making out on the crib. "Oh my god, get the hell out!" Ashley ordered them. Ashley was a commanding presence and Janet always marveled at how she always got people to do what she wanted. The couple did leave, scurrying out the door and leaving Ashley and Janet alone for once. She took a chair and hooked it under the knob to keep anyone else from intruding. Ashley leaned on the door and sighed. She looked sad. Janet had never seen Ashley look this way before. She also found herself staring at the girl's exposed nipples through the wet top she had on. "I'm sorry." Ashley croaked out sheepishly. She wiped her wet hair away from her face. It was flat against her head. "I thought I'd get a few laughs out of this, but it wasn't funny at all. And Lydia, she's ruthless and that's why she's one of the top people here at the sorority, but I never thought she'd be this mean." Ashley sniffed. She looked over at Janet. Janet's diaper slid off and landed on the floor with a wet squish. Ashley giggled a bit, "sorry, sorry... Let's get you dried off and changed, okay?" Ashley walked up to Janet. She pulled the girl's dress off and undid her bra. She dropped the soggy clothes into the laundry basket. Ashley looked down at her own clothes and then staring into Janet's eyes. "I guess I better get out of these wet clothes too." Ashley pulled her top off first, her breasts hanging freely as she wasn't in a bra today. She then pulled off her skirt and panties and set them in the basket as well. The two naked girls stood in front of each other silently. Ashley took a step back, letting Janet now get a full view of her. Janet let her eyes scan over every curve and crevice. Ashley was so smooth down there. She probably waxed, but knowing how vain the girl was Ashley most likely had her hairs lasered off. Ashley's bosom heaved as she took a deep breath and then sighed. She put her hand up and placed it on Janet's chest. "Look... before we begin.." Ashley looked down, stepping closer. "Don't tell anyone I'm gay, okay? I know, to you it's probably not a big deal, but it's not something I want my parents to discover. I'd get cut off for sure." she sounded nervous. Janet was more in love with Ashley than ever. She could have used this information to return to her former life and get out of this humiliating diaper punishment, but she didn't. She could never betray her "mommy" like that. Janet leaned in and planted a big kiss on Ashley's lips. Ashley kissed back, just as passionately. She wrapped her arms behind Janet's shoulder and hopped up, crossing her legs behind Janet's back. Janet was jealous of how light as a feather Ashley was, but it did make it easier to take her back to the crib bed. The girls fall backward on the crib and Ashley landed on top of Janet. She looked down at the girl. Ashley rolled off of Janet and lied on her back. She grabbed one of her breasts, pointing it at Janet. "Nurse on Mommy, little one." Ashley said her face burning with blush. It was now clear that Ashley was really turned on by her own mommy role and it wasn't just about the power. Janet put her lips to Ashley's exposed nipple. She tugged it hard into her mouth, treating it like it was one of her bottles. Ashley squealed a bit. "Not so rough, baby. Gently!" Ashley pet Janet's hair, stroking it slowly as Janet nursed. Janet gave slow suckling motions and flicked the nipple with her tongue inside her mouth. Ashley shuddered and moaned. It was exciting to hear the girl finally giving in. She slipped her hand between her legs and pleasured herself while she got her nipples sucked. She fingered herself rapidly, pulling her hand back and dragging it upward. Ashley pulled Janet away. She sat up. "Lie back, babygirl..." she whispered. Janet did as she was told, getting on her back. Ashley parted Janet's legs and looked down at the girl's hairier crotch. She lowered her face between Janet's legs and started licking. At first she just teased around the outside, rolling her tongue over the mound. Her tongue then pushed in, parting the girl's lips as she licked deeper. Janet tensed up and let out a high pitched moan. Her mouth opened wide and she had her hips jut forward. She balled up her hands into tight fists. No one had done this to her before. It clearly wasn't Ashley's first time though. She expertly used her tongue to eat out Janet's pussy. Ashley pressed her tongue flat against Janet's clitoral hood. As she dragged her tongue upward the skin pulled back and the clit was making contact with Ashley's mouth. Janet squealed out in ecstasy. "Mommy!" she cried, climaxing. She felt a little awkward having that said, but she knew Ashley wanted it. She had to admit it felt good to say. Ashley lifted herself up off of Janet, wiping her mouth. "You like that, babygirl?" Ashley said, looking down victorious over her defeated subordinate. There was love in her eyes as well though. She adored Janet and it was now obvious. Ashley continued to touch Janet's body, trailing her fingers around her curves. Janet was calm and felt safe with Ashley, her guard completely let down. She let herself remain vulnerable as Ashley touched and massaged the girl's body. Ashley stood up. "Are you ready for your new diaper?" Janet nodded, getting up off the crinkling mattress and following Ashley to the changing table. Janet climbed up on the table and got on her back. She sucked her thumb, kicking her legs limply in the air and looking at Ashley with a coy smile. "There's my precious baby girl." Ashley smiled. She took out a thick diaper and slipped it under Janet's bottom. She again used rather copious amounts of baby powder, thickly coating the girl's butt and crotch as she rubbed it into her skin. Ashley taped the front of the diaper up over Janet's crotch and then placed her hand on the padded front. She rubbed deeply against the diaper front, pressing her hand down firmly as she stroked the girl through the padding. Janet whimpered a bit, enjoying the extra attention she was getting. "Do you like your diapers?" Ashley asked candidly. The naked girl leaned forward and looked into Janet's eyes. Janet nodded silently. "heh, I figured. Do you ever play with yourself while in your diapers?" she just asked point-blank. Janet felt butterflies in her tummy. She did play with herself last time. Normally she'd keep something like that to herself, but she had nothing to hide from her mommy now. "Yes ma'am." She admitted and gave a slow nod. Ashley chuckled and kept on rubbing the girl's padded crotch. Ashley let go of Janet and made her stand up. She gave her a quick look, admiring her there in just the padding around her waist. "You look... really cute." Janet smiled wide and looked down, getting bashful. She grabbed her diaper, rubbing it. "Yeah, that's adorable." Ashley blushed. "I want to just keep you like this. You're my adorable little baby girl." Ashley sat down on a chair and just watched Janet. "Well go on, play." Janet looked around the room she waddled over to her toys like a big baby and bent over, her butt sticking out. Ashley admired that cute, round, covered bottom. Janet stood up suddenly, holding her hands on her backside. "Mommy..." she said softly, looking over her shoulder. "I need to use the potty." "Uh oh, baby, you have to go potty?" Ashley giggled. "Are you sure you're ready to use the potty like a big girl?" Janet pretended like she was giving it thought. She shook her head. Ashley beckoned her over with a crooked finger. "Come to Mommy." Janet waddled back over to Ashley, hands still on her bottom, really playing up her baby role. Ashley pat her bare thigh, wanting Janet to sit down in her lap. Janet did so. "Just relax and use your diaper, sweetie. I'll let you use the potty when you're ready, but I'm not holding my breath here!" she giggles. Ashley wanted to feel it the moment it came out. Janet let out a grunt and forced out a big mess into the back of the diaper. Ashley felt tingles going up her spine as she could feel the warm lumpy mess through the diaper getting spread around as the diapers touched her thigh. Janet sucked her thumb happily as she messed herself. Even her poopy accidents were starting to be fun! Ashley lifted Janet up slightly and cupped her hand under Janet's bottom. "Oh my, did you make that for Mommy?" Ashley's voice raised in pitch. She started to pat the heavy lump with her hand. Janet just nodded. "Now, baby, I want you to be honest with me now. Do you want Mommy to change your diapers right now or would you like to stay in your mess while you play?" The question was so embarrassing! Janet couldn't deny she wanted to keep playing with the mess touching her bottom. Still, she rationalized that Ashley was just as filthy as her if she liked her this way too. Maybe it wasn't as humiliating for her, but Janet did feel like less of a gross pervert. "I want to play, Mommy." Janet responded shyly, her cheeks flushed. "All right, princess. You go play and then come right back to Mommy when you're ready for your change." Ashley sat back and watched as Janet waddled away from her. She grinned to herself, just staring at the dull discolored lump in the back of Janet's diaper. She could have forced her will onto anyone, but she was glad it was Janet. That diaper butt was a trustworthy and kind-hearted friend and Ashley felt lucky to know her.
  12. (just wrote a bit more. Thank you for enjoying my stories!) Janet wasn't sure what to think of Ashley's offer as she entered the girly bedroom once more. She cringed when she saw the sleeping bag still bunched up on the floor on top of a giant wet spot. Ashley got her attention again by holding out a tutu. "I don't really do ballet anymore." Ashley stated "so I have no qualms about letting you borrow this." Ashley helped pull the tights onto Janet. Janet wondered why Ashley was going through all this trouble. Perhaps it was just another one of her power plays, keeping another girl in a subordinate position so she could lord over her. She had a gentle, sweet smile though, so it seemed like there was more enjoyment she was getting out of this than just superiority. Janet looked at herself in the full-length mirror as Ashley finished adjusting the pretty little tutu. The frilly skirt just barely hid the diaper bulge under her tights. This did not seem like appropriate school attire. She made a note to herself she would change out of these clothes once she got home. "I'm hungry. I'm going to grab something to eat." Janet was actually hungry, but it made for a great excuse to get out of there. "Here, have one my energy bars." Ashley offered, pulling out a chocolate bar from her night stand and tossing it at Janet. Normally good at catching things, Janet fumbled and dropped the bar. She picked it up, grabbed her bookbag, and headed for the door. "I'll see you later today, little girl. Don't forget we have an important project to work on!" Ashley called out, letting Janet leave for now. Janet looked at her phone as she stood outside. If she rushed to her apartment and changed she would be late for her first class. She could see people were staring at her, standing there in her sissy little tutu. She couldn't bear to have people see her like this. She was a tomboy, not a sissy! She ran for the parking lot so she could make her mad dash home. Sitting in the car on her way home she unwrapped the chocolate bar and munched on it. Every now and then she'd catch a glimpse of herself wearing the prissy little ballerina get-up. She grunted in frustration. Once in her small apartment Janet tugged off the tights and looked at herself in the mirror. That big diaper around her waist was so much more girly than the night time diapers she put on. It was thicker too. She thought about using it as a free night time diaper since it was getting expensive to keep buying new ones. She tore the tapes and then carefully set the diaper aside. She pulled up a new pair of panties. She only had about three clean pairs left. She again made a note to herself to go to the laundromat. She hopped into a fresh pair of tight jeans and slipped a loose hoodie over her head. Now she was finally feeling like herself again. Janet was late to her first class, just as she thought she would be. The professor didn't seem to notice, but seeing as she missed the first ten minutes of the lecture Janet was already well behind. She was an excellent student, but she could not afford any slip in her grades. As she sat in class she felt a cramp in her tummy. Janet crossed her legs tightly as her stomach gurgled out a warning. No no no, she thought to herself, not now! She suddenly could not concentrate on the lesson as she felt the urge to poop growing stronger. She clenched her cheeks together tightly, holding it in the best she could. Time seemed to move slowly. Janet was getting desperate now. She reached down, grabbing her butt with both hands. It felt like she was physically trying to keep her bottom closed with her hands! She couldn't just keep sitting here like this. She would surely have an accident! She looked at the time and saw there was still several minutes left in the class, but she didn't feel like waiting a second more. She grabbed her bag and darted out of the room. Janet walked funny, keeping her thighs pressed together as she wandered down the halls, trying to make her way to the nearest girl's room. Once there though she was greeted by three of Ashley's sorority sisters. There was Lydia, who she met last night, and two other girls she had not seen before. "Where do you think you're going?" Lydia said, standing guard. "Aren't you supposed to be in a diaper?" Lydia just blurt that out. It seems Ashley went and told everyone in the house about her little pissy accident. "Please, just let me in..." Janet begged, not caring if the three girls saw her groping her own butt desperately. One of the girls shoved her backward. "We don't want you messing up the school's clean bathrooms." "But I need to go!" Janet whined, bouncing in place. "I'm going to mess my pants!" the shame of having to admit it out loud was not lost on her, but she was on the verge of a major accident and discretion was not in the cards. "Well then I guess you should have worn your diaper to school." another girl said cruelly. Janet couldn't hold it anymore. She bent her knees and grit her teeth. She felt a thick log crackling out of her bottom. She couldn't hold it back as it went into the back of her pants. Once the firm, heavy log was let out it was followed by a softer mess which spread across both her cheeks. Janet stood there with her jaw hanging. The mess was getting all over! It spread up her crack and even over her crotch. She looked down at her pants, seeing a dull brown stain forming on the dark blue jeans. The three girls by the bathroom door pointed and laughed at the poor girl. "I can't believe she shit her pants!" one of them said. "What a BABY!" another one added. Tears streaked down Janet's face. She tried not to cry openly, but she couldn't help it and was bawling as she raced down the halls. She made a futile attempt to hide the poop stain with her hands. Some students turned to look at the messy girl racing down the halls while others pretended to ignore her. Janet was out of breath from running through the school. She slowed down, holding her stomach as she breathed slowly. This was the most humiliating thing that's ever happened to her. She could feel the poop in her pants slowly going down her thighs. The soft mess was overflowing in her full underwear. She considered just going home and taking a sick day. What else could she possibly do at this point? Doing an awkward waddle, Janet made her way to the parking lot once again. "Hey." called a familiar voice behind her. There was Ashley leaning against the building smoking a cigarette. "Where are you headed off to, huh?" Ashley flicked her cigarette away and casually strolled up to Janet. "You should have kept that diaper on." "It wasn't my fault! Your... friends.. they blocked the bathroom!" Janet snapped. "Yeah but you should have been able to hold it. Hey, you didn't eat that entire chocolate bar, did you?" Ashley chuckled. "You're only supposed to have a quarter of it at a time. It's great for getting a little energy and losing weight, but it makes you have to shit if you take too much." Janet's blushing face drained of all its color. "You set me up. How could you!" "I didn't do anything! You should have read the label! Who eats an entire chocolate bar in one sitting anyway?" Ashley chuckled. Janet huffed and puffed, seething through clenched teeth. Ashley pat her on the back. "Come on, stinky. Let me help you clean up." Ashley walked her away from the building and towards the student housing. Janet wasn't sure why she didn't just break away and go to her car. Maybe it was because Ashley's place was so much closer and Janet wouldn't have to sit in her mess and stink up her vehicle. "I had some of my new pledges get a room ready just for you." Ashley said with a wry smile. "I didn't think I'd be taking you back so soon so it might not be finished yet, but I think it would be a good idea for you to see it." "Wait" Janet stopped her. "A free room at your house, and I'm not even sharing it with anyone? What's the catch?" "It's just for the duration of our experiment, but who knows, I might grow to like you and keep you around." Janet noticed a faint blush on Ashley's face. Though the mention of the "experiment" made Janet nervous she was relieved to see some vulnerability in Ashley. At least she wasn't completely emotionless. Janet stood behind Ashley as they entered the house. She could see some students going in and out of one of the rooms on the first floor. Those must be the pledges that Ashley was talking about. Janet made sure to stay out of sight. She realized that soon enough word would get around that she messed her pants like a big baby and she would relive all the humiliation she endured in grade school but she was still in defensive mode and trying not to have anyone else see the big brown stained lump on the seat of her pants. Ashley snapped her fingers and waved her arm, clearing out the special room. All the pledges ran out, leaving Ashley and Janet alone in the room. Now Janet could see that the room was decorated to look like a nursery. Some things were still packed in cardboard boxes, but there was a crib bed and changing table set up already. Ashley slapped her hand against the changing table. "All right, hop on up here so I can change you out of those poopy pants!" Ashley said with a smile. Janet was hesitant. Ashley held Janet's hand as she helped pull up the messy girl onto the changing table. Ashley set Janet on her back and laid her hands at her sides. Each move Ashley made was like a calculated way to make Janet feel smaller. She unbuttoned Janet's fly and dragged the zipper down. She started to tug the soiled jeans off, peeling the pants off each leg. She set the pants inside out in a basket. She then had to get Janet's poop-filled underwear off without spilling anything. She was very careful, but the slow removal of the panties made the embarrassing situation excruciatingly longer. Ashley wrinkled the bridge of her nose as she held up the poopy undies. "You really pooped these good." Ashley said, a hint of playfulness in her tone. She walked to a tall metal cylinder and pressed her foot down on a petal at the bottom. The lid on top flipped up and Ashley dropped the underwear into it where it landed at the bottom with a heavy thud. Janet sat up slightly "What are you doing... did you just throw out my-" "I just put those poopy panties in the diaper pail." Ashley said, grabbed the bottom of Janet's shirt. "Those things are as good as diapers now. There's no point in keeping them." Ashley pulled the shirt off, mussing up Janet's hair. "And I think we found a the perfect clothes for you." Ashley pushed her hand against Janet's bare chest and made the girl lie back down on the table. She ripped a bunch of baby wipes from the container and started wiping down Janet's crotch. Ashley was gentle as she wiped the mess off of Janet's privates. She sighed as she slid the baby wipes over Janet's slit. "It's a good thing I found you. If you had tried to go home like this your mess would have gotten deeper and that wouldn't have been very good for you." Ashley grabbed Janet's thigh and lifted it so she could clean up lower down her body. "I learned how to clean babies like this when I was ten years old and doing babysitting gigs. So yes, I wasn't just a spoiled rich kid. I earned my own money." Janet groaned and rolled her eyes. Was Ashley really trying to justify herself while she was in this compromising position? That just seemed cruel! Janet grunted as she felt the baby wipe digging between her butt cheeks, sliding front to back. Ashley wasn't just boasting, it seemed. She really was good at this. Ashley got out the same thick diaper from before and shoved it under Janet's bottom. She shook a bottle of baby powder onto her open palm and then started to rub the powder into Janet's newly cleaned skin. "Relax, baby." Ashley pursed her lips and put on a mocking babyish affectation. "Your den mother's here to help now." Ashley pulled the front of the diaper over and taped it shut tight around Janet's waist. She secured the tapes over the tabs and massaged her hands over Janet's hips. They were the same pink babyish diapers that Ashley gave her last night. Janet was frozen on that changing table. Every instinct told her to rip the diaper off and leave, but all the attention to her body was a new sensual experience she had never felt before. It was even more arousing to her than the diaper change she got the previous night. Ashley's hands moved artfully over the girl's curves and crevices. Did she know what she was doing to Janet? "Okay, smellypants, let's get you in your cute new outfit!" Ashley pulled Janet's arms and helped her stand on her two feet. She stood there, looking down at the diaper as Ashley went into the closet. In the closet were several dresses in all different colors, but the colors were all bright and cheery unlike the dark greys, blacks, and blues that Janet usually wore. Ashley put Janet into an adorable pink dress that had a large bow in the back just above the skirt. Ashley dressed Janet like she was an infant, pulling her arms through the sleeves for her and then adjusting the skirt to make sure it was nice and even. Ashley even took out a hair brush and started to comb Janet's hair. Janet normally just wore a hat or a hoodie, but Ashley would have none of that. She bunched up Janet's hair into two cute pigtails on either side of her head. She continued to brush and style the hair until it was nice and even. Ashley turned Janet towards a mirror so she could see herself. "Now you look like a proper little girl!" Ashley giggled. She gave Janet's padded bottom a smack. Janet could barely feel it! "I think everyone here is going to have a lot of fun taking care of our new baby!" "Please, haven't I been humiliated enough?" Janet frowned. She was an emotional girl and would have cried except for the fact that she felt all cried out at this point. Besides, she was still reeling from the arousing diaper change. "I think you'll grow to love all the attention, looking pretty and cute." Ashley rubbed Janet's padded bottom. "and I'm going to be giving you the most attention around here. You're my experiment, after all, and I think you're going to get me an A in psychology." Janet shivered, feeling intense waves of pleasure course through her. She was also feeling quite ashamed. She was feeling all kinds of conflicting emotions as Ashley teased her. This girl who was both her enemy and her crush now had total power over her and Janet wasn't trying to fight it at all. "I'll make some excuses for you so you can miss your classes and stay here in the nursery." Ashley said, sashaying her way to a nearby shelf and grabbing a pacifier. She walked back towards Janet. "You can do the rest of your class work assignments from here and listen to recorded lectures from a laptop." Ashley wasted no time in planning out her little experiment. She pushed the pacifier between Janet's lips. Janet freely accepted the pacifier, sucking on it instinctively. Ashley giggled, watching the grown girl suck the pacifier. "Oh you are just the perfect baby girl! I'm tempted to make you the official mascot of this house!" Ashley clapped her hands together. There mere thought of being paraded around like this sent shivers down Janet's spine. It seemed like this was going to be Janet's life now for the duration of the month. Ashley had planned out her schedule, not just with time for studies and other school work, but also play time, feeding, naps, and bath time at the end of the day. Ashley showed her the big schedule chart she had created. She sure liked her crafts. The chart was decorated cutely with construction paper cut-outs and stickers. "You will refer to me as Mommy from now on. You mustn't call me Ashley. That would be too familiar for a little girl like you! I expect to be treated with respect." Ashley poked her phone for a moment. "Well, look. I have some things to do. When I come back later I will introduce you to your new family. Don't you leave this room now, you hear?" Ashley shut the door behind her and there was the sound of a lock turning. A room that locked from the outside? Janet ran for the door and tried turning the knob. It did not budge. Janet groaned and wanted to just cry. She was stuck in this room, having to smell her dirty pants sitting in the laundry basket and with nothing to do but play with stuffed animals and toys until Ashley came back. The day had just begun, so Janet would be in this room for hours! Even though the situation was completely humiliating and Ashley had only acted opprobrious to her throughout the ordeal Janet still couldn't help but feel a tad aroused. So much attention was given to her body. Even though she would hang out with boys all the time she had no interest in them sexually. What she really desired was a girl's touch. A beautiful girl like Ashley was desirable to Janet in almost every way. She had wished that Ashley wasn't so straight so she might have a chance with her. Those other girls were pretty hot too. Lydia seemed the cruelest, but even that cruelty was alluring. The way she held herself, her confidence, that commanding presence she had in the doorway to the girl's bathroom. While Janet was thinking about these girls she found her hand between her legs, groping herself through her diaper. She seemed to snap out of her dreamy state, moving her hand away and stumbling backward. Oh God, she wasn't growing to like this, was she? She could not deny that feeling Ashley's hands on her during the diaper change was sublime. Would she start enjoying other aspects of being Ashley's baby girl? And what about when the experiment was over? Could she really go back to normal after something like this or would she be changed with a newfound erotic fetish? Janet has to pee now. Thinking about bathrooms, diaper changes, and baby stuff had made her bladder feel full. She tried to cross her legs, but the bulk of the diaper made it difficult for her to put her legs together. She looked around, finding nowhere to go. She was locked in this room and there was really only one place for her to pee. She thought about it, lifting up her skirt and looking at the diaper. As a child, a few times when she was too lazy to get out of bed she did pee her night diapers on purpose, but that was merely for convenience. That was a long time ago too. She did remember it feeling kind of good. It was just a little too childish. The thought of using her diaper instead of holding it made her feel like a big baby. She fought with her feelings for a while, dancing in place by shifting her weight on one foot and then the other. It didn't matter how she felt though. She had to go, and she needed to go right now. Still holding her skirt up she looked down at the diaper and watched as she started to pee. She could feel the warm piss getting all over her crotch and pooling around the thick seat of the diapers. The flower print on the diaper blurred and disappeared as her diaper filled with piss. Her eyelids drooped and she exhaled a heavy sigh. It still felt good to pee on herself on purpose. It was nostalgic even. Just as she was finishing up peeing the door was unlocked and a new, unfamiliar girl entered the room. Janet tugged her skirt back down as this teenage girl came in holding a plate of graham crackers broken into individual rectangles, a banana cut into little slices, and a tall baby bottle full of milk. "Hey, Miss Ashley said you needed lunch." the girl spoke bashfully, barely making eye contact with Janet. She did witness her wetting her diaper though. She must have been too polite to make a comment on it. She set the little plate and the bottle on a little plastic table. She then went to the door and shut it behind her. She leaned on the door and watched Janet. "I have to make sure you have your lunch." the girl said, brushing her hair away from her eyes. Janet knew the poor girl wouldn't be allowed to leave until she consumed the infantile snack. Janet sat down on the floor by the plastic table. She took a few pieces of graham cracker and munched on them. She then put the baby bottle to her lips. She sucked on the nipple and was prepared for a bland milky flavor, but this milk tasted sweet! It was so delicious that she was practically chugging it. She set the bottle down and noticed she had sucked down half the bottle already. "Thank you for being a good girl, Janet." the girl by the door said. She silently let herself out of the room and Janet was left all alone. Even though she was alone she still ate the sweet snack laid out before her. No one needed to watch her, she just ate her meal like a good girl. When she was all done she felt a little sleepy. With the milk settled in her stomach she had no trouble taking a little nap. She went over to the crib bed, climbing into the side where the bars were set down. She rested on the soft mattress. It was just the right level of softness for her and a thousand times more comfortable than the stained mattress she slept in at her apartment. She was used to sleeping in a wet diaper, so not even that bothered her. It was actually nice to be able to get a nap in during the day and it wasn't even a weekend! Janet was jostled awake by Ashley's hand. She groaned and sat up on the crib. Her diaper felt even heavier than before. She must have wet even more in her sleep. At least these diapers could handle more pee accidents than the cheap ones she used. Suddenly Janet's eyes opened wide when she noticed all the other girls in the room. Ashley helped Janet stand and presented her to everyone. "Girls, this is Baby Janet. She's going to be staying here in this nursery for the rest of the month. You need to treat her like a baby, so don't go letting her do anything too grown up. I don't care if you play with her or tease her, but she needs to know her place as the baby of the house." Ashley gave Janet's cheek a gentle pinch. "Now, Janet, let me introduce you to your aunties." Ashley put the big baby in front of four girls. Three of them she met at the bathroom when they blocked her from getting in. "You've met Auntie Lydia..." Ashley said, pointing to the tall and confident dark skinned girl. Lydia smirked, standing there with her arms crossed over her chest and shaking her hips. "And this is Auntie Alice and Auntie Kendra and Auntie Denise." Alice was a short girl with brown hair. Her clothes looked unique, possibly hand-made. Kendra was tan with dark hair and was the curviest of the girls, but still with a thin waist. She wore low-waisted pants and had an enviable butt. Denise was freckled and pale with glossy pouting lips and glasses. Her hair was made up of large red curls that went down to her shoulders and those shoulders were dotted with freckles. She met that girl the night she wet herself and remembered how she wasn't allowed in the upstairs bathroom. She must have a room on the lower level. "Now these are your big sisters. They might be pledges and still working their way into being members of our house, but they still rank above you." Ashley introduced the three other girls. "This is Emily, Samantha, and Vera." Emily was the shy girl from earlier that gave her the baby bottle. Samantha was a tough looking girl that wore similar tomboy clothes to Janet, but it seemed she was interested in fitting in with the other sorority sisters. She was the kind of girl that liked being called Sam and she did have a sports scholarship, but she had just enough insecurity to want to be accepted by these popular girls and maybe explore her often ignored femininity. Vera was utterly gorgeous with long lashes, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She seemed like the kind of girl that would fit right in with the other sisters. Ashley placed her hand up Janet's dress and felt the weight of the heavily wetted diaper in her hand. "Someone is sopping wet!" she announced, as if no one could tell. She pushed Janet toward the changing table and forced her to lie back on it. "Now Baby Janet can stay wet like this for a while, but if she makes a poopy and I'm not around I expect one of you sisters to change her." She pointed at the three girls. The pledges just nodded, clearly wanting in to this exclusive sorority. Enough to get their hands dirty it seemed! "We can't let the poor baby get poop in her sensitive areas. That wouldn't be fun for any of us!" Ashley ripped the tapes on the sides of Janet's diaper. She made Janet hold the skirt up as the diaper was pulled open. Janet's pussy was visible to everyone. It wasn't being naked that embarrassed her though. It was the fact that everyone could see all that pee she left in her diaper. Ashley gathered some baby wipes and slowly wiped Janet clean. Janet could see a look of glee on Ashley's face. She wasn't sure if it was purely spiteful or if Ashley was enjoying this on naughtier level. Again, Janet did not fight this. Even with all those girls staring at her getting cleaned up she could only lie there frozen. And oh, Ashley's touch, how good it felt. The pretty girl's hand just rubbing her sensitive private areas was heaven, even if there was an audience for it. Ashley turned to everyone else. "You see how I'm doing this, front to back? I expect you girls to give her the same attention and care." She cleaned Janet in a sort of instructional way. She pulled away the used diaper and dropped it into the diaper pail. Instantly the other girls could smell the dirty used diaper the moment the lid was open. Most of them held their noses and grimaced. This made Ashley laugh and smile. It was like the odor didn't bother her if she could make Janet feel small. Ashley got a new diaper and pushed it under Janet's butt. She sprinkled baby powder on her hand and showed the girls how to apply it, rubbing around. Again, feeling Ashley's hand between her legs was quite arousing. Janet tried to remain still, but she twitched and let out a faint sound from he throat. Ashley noticed this and paused, looking in Janet's eyes. She gave the girl a deep, penetrating stare. She just flashing a knowing grin as she folded the front of the diaper between Janet's legs and taped it snug around her waist. "And that's how you change a baby's diaper." Ashley said with a proud smile. "Any questions?"
  13. This is a big story commission. I am going to share it in 6 page intervals to help inspire me to push through. The person commissioning the story may even order more pages, so be on the lookout for them! The usual warnings apply. There's some mild sexuality and the girls sometimes use crude language for added realism (they are college girls after all.) part 1 Janet walked down the halls of the university, wearing her sneakers, tight jeans, and Death Metal t-shirt. Her light brown hair was tied back into a ponytail, which poked through the hole in the back of her baseball cap. She was very much a tomboy and liked to act tough, but there was some insecurity deep down. She liked hanging out with the boys as she got along with them easily. She enjoyed the same hobbies and could trash talk with the best of them. She was just awkward around girls. She liked girls a bit more, though talking to them and flirting were well outside of her wheelhouse. One particular girl Janet liked was Ashley. Ashley was like the exact opposite of Janet. She kept her hair long and fluffy, wore a pink crop top, and her skirt was a bit high, just enough to break the dress code. She never got in trouble for it though. She also wore sexy, thin, thong panties. It made Janet even more anxious around her. Whenever she'd see the little stringy thong peeking out the top of her waistband, or whenever she'd see her barely covered crotch any time she saw the girl sit down and could see up her skirt, it drove Janet wild. If only Ashley was nicer! The girls would call her a "dude" or a "dyke" and there was even a nasty rumor going around that Janet wet the bed at night. That wasn't just a rumor though. Janet really did pee the bed almost every night and she had to wear a diaper. Whenever she didn't wear her diaper she ended up soaking her sheets and would have to flip her mattress over. She didn't always wet the bed, but ever since starting college she would piss all over herself during high stress periods. The wetting became more frequent as the bullying went on. Janet felt the same way about Ashley as her male friends. She was hot, but way too mean. Sometimes when Ashley would start teasing and bullying Janet the tomboy would snap back "shut up, bitch." This would cause an uproar of laughter from her guy friends and lots of high-fiving. Janet didn't like having to stoop so low, but it deflected some of the bullying and kept her from further harassment for the time being. Today, when Janet was seated in her psychology class, the teacher was giving out random pairings for the students' next assignment. Janet had hoped to be paired with one of her male friends so she could breeze through the assignment but also have a little fun. Unfortunately the teacher assigned Janet and Ashley together. Janet wanted to protest, but she was beaten first by Ashley who stood up, immediately objecting. "Please, Professor Arlington!" the petit and feminine girl pleaded, "anybody but her! She smells, and I think she might be a lesbian. What if she tries coming on to me or something?!" "Ashley, shut up." the stern but beautiful professor said bluntly. "These groups were assigned randomly. If you are unable to work as a pair then you can just take an F." Professor Arlington was one of the few people on the school board not afraid of Ashley's family and she was able to stand up to the spoiled brat whenever she made one of her ridiculous demands. Ashley sat down, crossing her legs. She tried to keep her cool as she looked over her shoulder at Janet, seated in back. She narrowed her eyes in a menacing manner. She spoke in a harsh whisper just loud enough for her to hear "If you slack off and make me do all the work on this assignment I will get you kicked out of this school." Janet's heart sank to her stomach. She felt sick. This threat felt real. Ashley's family had connections and they could indeed get a "slacker" student kicked out of the school, especially if she hurt the grades of sweet little Ashley. Her family was one of the school's biggest donors. The two girls decided to meet each other in the library to go over what their assignment should be. Janet had suggested maybe doing a study on nature versus nurture. She brought over one of her favorite books on the subject, setting it down on the table between them. Janet wanted to assure Ashley that she could handle this. "Look, I know we don't like each other, but I need this assignment to go well too." Janet said, opening the book. "If my grades take a dive I wont have anything left in my scholarship to keep me here. I don't have the luxury of endless money..." "Is that what you think? I'm just some airhead that coasted in on her family's wealth?" Ashley said, bouncing her knee angrily as she kept her legs crossed. "No! I didn't mean that! Come on, let's just get started already, please? I don't want to fight about this." Janet's voice trembled. She tried not to look down Ashley's skirt like a pervert. That would just prove Ashley right. The two girls were struggling with an idea for their assignment. Ashley wanted to do some social experiments at the expense of other students while Janet wanted to do something less invasive. The girls just couldn't compromise, and as the sun was going down it looked like they already lost a day. "How about we pick this back up at your place?" Ashley suggested. A twinge of fear jolted through Janet's body. If things ran long Ashley might have to stay the night and then she'd find out about her bedwetting for sure! "Nah, I'm, uh... I'm really tired. I'm just going to go back to my apartment and get some rest. That way I'll be ready to start brainstorming in the future with fresh ideas." Janet was hoping Ashley would just let her go. "Well, how about you stay over my sorority house? I know you'll just love that, hah! I could let you sleep in one of our empty beds." Ashley's offer sounded nice, but Janet figured things would be even worse if she peed in a stranger's bed! "No thanks, I gotta go now!" Janet said, standing up quickly and grabbing her things. She ran out of the library, clutching her books and papers. Ashley was a little weirded out by the girl's abrupt departure, but she tried to let it go for now. That night as Janet got ready for bed, she kept thinking about the possibility of being in the sorority house, surrounded by all those pretty girls. It made her feel all warm and tingly. Janet sighed, trying to get the thoughts out of her head for now. She slipped out of her jeans and panties. She went through her dresser and found her diaper. It was a slip-on diaper at least, not the babyish looking ones with the tabs on the sides. Still, it made her feel like a child, reminding her of when she was ten years old and still soaking her bed at night. She pulled the diaper up around her waist and then slid into bed. She tossed for a bit, unable to just relax as she couldn't stop thinking about her day. She knew one thing that would calm her down at least. She slipped her thumb into her mouth and started sucking. That seemed to help as she was soon drifting off to sleep. As Janet slept, pee was already beginning to dribble out of her slit, soaking into the front of the diaper. The girl didn't go to the bathroom before bed. She was getting more careless now that she was depending on her diaper it seemed. Soon a hot rush of piss was flowing out of her and causing the diaper to swell up in the front. Janet slept soundly, not waking. Her diapers managed to hold in most of her pee. Tonight was a heavy flow night it seemed. Her diapers were not equipped to withstand the stronger onslaught of piss. The diapers overflowed halfway through the night and soon she was soaking her bed. Still, Janet did not wake at all. She actually had the best night's sleep of her life. Little did she know it was due to the comfortable feeling between her legs. When morning broke Janet finally rose from her slumber. She was well rested and feeling pretty good. As she stretched she felt the cold damp spot under her thighs. She was jarred from her bliss as she realized she was sitting in a large pee spot. She yanked the covers away and looked down at the dark stain surrounding her. She had to act quickly and pull off the pissy bedsheets and then flipping the mattress over for the third time. Of course the mattress was well stained all the way through. It would be obvious to anyone that this mattress had been pissed in several times. She couldn't afford another one so she just left the mattress to dry out there as she gathered her sheets to be washed later tonight. She did not have enough time to wash herself so she just yanked off the soggy diaper and dumped it in the trash. She patted herself down with paper towels and put on some fresh clothes, another pair of panties and jeans. She grumbled, feeling embarrassed. She smelled like pee! Because she didn't have any girly perfume she just hoped no one would notice. She darted out of her apartment and made her way to her first class of the day. Ashley was not in a good mood today. There was no project yet. There was barely even an outline! Ashley started to worry she would be taking on all the work herself thanks to her slacker partner running off yesterday! She waited in the library for Janet to show up again. She looked at her phone and wondered if maybe Janet was just avoiding her. She now wished she had gotten the other girl's number so she could be pestering her, and she cursed her own pride for not letting a "loser" know her number. Janet was indeed trying to avoid Ashley. She was in the girl's bathroom, wiping herself with damp paper towels to try and get more of the pee smell off of her skin. There she was, in one of the stalls, with a stack of paper towels she snagged out of the dispenser and gently soaked in the sink. She felt so ashamed of herself. She dried herself with the toilet paper and ended up stuffing the toilet making it clogged. Frustrated and defeated Janet finally left the stall. She didn't even bother to pretend to wash her hands as she shoved by some other girls entering the bathroom. She was so late to meet Ashley now. She could see that pretty girl impatiently waiting in the library, texting on her phone now and then as she looked through a psych book. Ashley turned her eyes towards Janet as she approached her. "Hey, what happened? I been here for like fifteen minutes, doing all this research by myself." Ashley said sharply. "Sorry, just.... there was something I had to deal with in another class." Janet lied. It was believable at least. "Yeah well, you smell kind of funny today." Ashley curled her lip in disgust. "If you were going to be late anyway you could have at least taken a shower." The comment really stung, mostly because it rang true. She really should have just arrived late to her first class instead of rushing out the door, barely dry from her night time accident. Ashley shoved the psych book she was reading in front of Janet, telling her to catch up. Janet was a little spaced out, not paying close attention as she was in her own world, thinking about how she was unable to stop wetting the bed every night! Ashley snapped her fingers in front of Janet's face. "Hey, wake up. We have a lot of work to do now, thanks to you." Ashley said, narrowing her eyes. "Look, you're going to have to come to my place and stay the night. I'm not having you ditch me again. "Look, I really can't-" Janet started before she was cut off "You don't have a choice! I don't have a choice. If I did then you wouldn't be my lab partner in all this. Now read this chapter and then we're going back to my sorority house." Ashley slammed her hand down on the open book for further emphasis. Janet was taken aback. She was never so intimidated by someone so waifish and small before. Janet read the book silently and dreaded the evening she would be spending with Ashley. She barely read a word as her mind kept trying to come up with solutions on how to keep her bedwetting a secret from the snobby princess. As the day drew to a close Ashley stuffed her phone into her purse and hoisted her backpack over her shoulder. She motioned with her hand. "Come on, Janet. We have a long night ahead of us." Ashley even reached out to grab Janet's arm and pull her up from her seat. Janet tucked the book under her other arm and the two girls made their way to the sorority house. Ashley didn't have to go far, with the house being in very close proximity to the school. Naturally royalty like her was able to live in the best campus housing there was. Janet looked around the house. It was so big! There two stories and a basement. It seemed that in the main hall there was some ritual going on that was greeting new pledges to the house. Janet tried to see what was happening, but Ashley pulled her away. "You're not a pledge. That's none of your concern... unless you want to be part of the house?" Ashley looked at Janet. Janet was quickly shaking her head in response. She already got enough of Ashley's bullying. She'd rather be living in her crummy apartment and commute back and forth to campus than put up with whatever kind of torture Ashley saves for new pledges. The two girls made their way into Ashley's room, which was on the second floor and one of the three larger rooms in the back. That's how you knew she was a big deal! Her room was decorated in mostly pinks and other pastels, clearly going for that faux-innocent girl look. The kind of look that suggests virginal purity but with the availability for sex. It was the opposite of Janet's own aesthetics. She hated Ashley's style, but at the same time she was drawn to her. She found herself staring at the girl's butt as she lead her around. Janet took in the sights and sweet perfume scents that filled the room. She sat with Ashley and studied the book some more. Janet started getting sleepy as the night dragged on. She tried to keep herself awake as she saw Ashley getting tired as well. If she could just stay awake all night then she wouldn't have to worry about wetting in her sleep. It was like her childhood sleepovers all over again! When Janet was younger she would avoid going to sleepovers. If she ever had to sleep over a friend's house then very little sleeping would be done. The one time she got too tired to stay awake was when she was 12 years old. All her other friends woke up before she did and were laughing at her for pissing her jammies. It was a devastating experience for her back then. She was a late bloomer and was not maturing as fast as her friends who all got their periods or were already growing breasts while she was still seen as a child. The sleepover incident didn't help matters and she earned the nickname of Baby Janey until she transferred to high school in another town. That was around the time she became more tomboyish and stopped hanging around other girls. She made a vow to never sleep over anyone's house ever again. And yet here she was, sitting wide awake in Ashley's dimly lit room at the dead of night. She brought no extra clothes so she was just in her t-shirt and panties. She was to be sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, which was at her own insistence. Ashley, despite her preconceived notions about Janet's homosexuality, actually did offer the girl a place on her bed so she could have a more comfortable night's sleep. It was a pretty large bed, but still, Janet could not risk it. Time seemed to stand still as Janet sat there in the sleeping bag, trying to keep herself awake. She didn't feel like she needed the toilet, but in the back of her mind she knew that if she fell asleep now she would surely wake up wet. Her eyes were so heavy. "Maybe just one little nap." She thought to herself. "One quick nap and then back to staying up...." Janet knew it was foolish to tempt the fates like that, but she was so very tired. Janet shut her eyes for a second and they darted open ten minutes later. She just experienced a very brief moment of unconsciousness! She looked down at her crotch and could see a faint glistening as the moonlight shone on the little stream leaking out of her panties. She stood up quickly, looking at the crotch of her panties. They dripped wetly, but only a little bit. She was able to clamp off her stream while in her waking state. It was a small victory for her. Sure, there was a small wet spot between her legs and inside the sleeping bag, but at least it wasn't a full-on wetting. Janet wandered outside of Ashley's room and looked for a bathroom. There was a fancy sign made with construction paper and glitter that pointed to the bathroom which was dubbed "W.C." by the girls in the house. Janet understood what that meant and she headed in the direction the sign pointed straight to the door. She heard a flush from behind the door and one of the girls exited. It was a dark skinned girl named Lydia. She was dressed in only a long shirt but no underwear and her black hair was tied tightly at the back of her head. She looked Janet up and down and Janet was quick to cover her crotch even as the house was barely lit. "You that girl Ashley invited over?" Lydia gave a sort of upwards nod as she spoke to Janet. "Yeah, I'm Janet." the shivering and slightly damp girl responded. "All right." Lydia responded sleepily. It seemed like Janet was in the clear as Lydia dragged her feet and went back to her room. Janet made a quick dash into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Janet was taken aback by how spectacular the bathroom looked. There was marble everywhere with fish and mermaids carved into the side of one of the walls. The tub was big and looked like it could fit four people inside. That image immediately popped into Janet's mind. Four beautiful, naked girls all fit into the same tub. She shook it out of her head and reminded herself she was here to use the toilet like a big girl. No bed wetting for her tonight! Janet sat on the toilet and waited. She sighed with relief, feeling the jet of pee burst from her slit and fill the toilet noisily. As she peed into the toilet she looked down at her panties which were a bit stained from her accident. She wondered if she could maybe just throw them out, stuffing them at the bottom of the trash? No, surely someone would find them there. She used some toilet paper and tried to dab the fabric and dry it as much as possible. The wet spot wasn't big, but it was persistent and refused to dry all the way. After she was done she just tugged her panties back up around her waist and left the bathroom. Janet quietly slid back into Ashley's room and got back into the sleeping bag. She could feel the damp spot on her bottom as she sat back inside the bag, but she slept in worse conditions before. Janet felt confident that she would be able to sleep the rest of the night without incident. If only that were possible. Deep in her dream state, Janet again started to piss. She was totally unaware as she did. Janet did not wake up as pee came flowing out her slit as it did when she was on the toilet, only this time she was lying face down inside her sleeping bag. The piss soaked her panties completely, but it also crept up her front and completely wet down her t-shirt. Janet just continued to sleep comfortably despite being drenched by her own pee. Janet wake rudely woke up by a foot nudging her. She looked up and saw Ashley's smiling face peering down at her. "Good morning, baby." Ashley said with uncharacteristic cheerfulness. Janet was confused and she sat up quickly in the sleeping bag. That's when she felt it. The feeling of cold, wet piss coating her chest, stomach, and panties. She pulled away the sleeping bag and saw she totally wet herself in her sleep even after she used the toilet in the middle of the night! Janet shivered in fear, worrying what Ashley was going to do to her now. "That's so gross, Janet." Ashley said, her smile fading. "I invite you over here out of the kindness of my heart, sharing my nice and cozy room with you and you piss all over my hospitality! This is what happens when we give vagrant perverts like you a taste of luxury I guess." Janet was seething. If she wasn't so embarrassed she could snap back at Ashley for her condescending attitude. "Oh, no come back this time? Is the little baby going to cry?" Janet could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as Ashley said that to her. No! She had to fight it. She did her best to hold back the tears and crying, rubbing her face. To Janet's surprise, Ashley grabbed Janet's arm and forced her out of the room. "What the hell are you doing!?" Janet pulled her arm back, but Ashley was shockingly strong for such a tiny girl. Maybe it was just because it was the early morning and she just woke up, or maybe it was because Janet was feeling too vulnerable to fight back. Either way, she was pulled out and dragged to the bathroom. Some of the sisters were peeking out their doors at the commotion. Ashley swung the door open as one of the girls was standing in front of the large mirror, doing her make-up. "Out." barked Ashley at the glasses wearing, freckle-faced girl. "But I was in here first!" the girl responded, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "Did I ask for your life story, twat? I said get your ass out!" Ashley commanded, showing her authority. Janet would be kind of turned on if she wasn't standing in pissy clothes. "I need to clean up this baby!" That's when Janet was presented to the other girl who scrunched up her face in disgust. Janet wanted to just curl into a ball and hide. "Fine. I'll use the downstairs W.C. even though that mirror is smaller." The girl said, gathering her make-up and leaving the bathroom. "Thank you, and again, I didn't ask!" Ashley shouted, slamming the door behind her. "honestly, this is the top floor water closet. It's only for us top floor sisters." she mused out loud. She looked at Janet. "All right, let's get you cleaned up." As Ashley grabbed Janet's shirt, pulling it over her head, she blurted out "wait, stop!" Janet wriggled about as the shirt was yanked away from her arms and she stood topless. "I'll take care of this problem myself! Jesus, Ashley!" "You clearly can't handle this yourself, pissbaby. What kind of grown woman still wets the bed? At least you didn't sleep on my mattress that night so points to you for that I guess." Ashley grabbed Janet's panties and pulled them down swiftly. She yanked them away from her feet. "Now get in the tub. It's time you had a shower for once." Ashley helped Janet into the tub and grabbed the shower head. She pointed it at Janet's naked body. Janet yelped as she felt the cold water hitting her bare flesh at first before it started to warm up. "Come on, lather up and wash your snatch, unless you need me to do that for you too." Ashley said bluntly. Janet was trying to keep her composure, but tears were rolling down her cheeks by now. She took the soap and did as she was told, rubbing it around her bush and getting a soapy lather that was being quickly washed away by the shower head. It was almost sensual the way she was bathing and being bathed, but still with an air of masochistic cruelty. Ashley turned off the water and then pulled a large pink terry cloth towel from the shelf. She held it open for Janet to walk into. Ashley hugged the towel around Janet and rubbed it over her body. The closeness of the intimate moment was short lived as Ashley was soon shoving Janet out the door. Janet caught the eye of Lydia who was standing in the hall. "Hey, what happened?" Lydia asked, looking much more dressed than she did last night. "Oh this dumb baby just pissed all over herself in her sleep. Get one of the new pledges to come up here and put her wet clothes in a wash." Ashley pulled Janet away. Instead of going back to her room she took Janet down the stairs and into the main hall. "What are you going to do?" Janet's voice trembled nervously "Make me go outside naked!? I'm pretty sure not even you could get away with doing that!" "No. You're going to wish I did that. I have something special planned for you, and I think I can tie it into our psych study." Ashley pushed Janet towards an unmarked door. She removed Janet's towel and folded it quickly, tossing it aside. "We sometimes use these on pledges, but I've never known anyone to actually need them as much as you do." Ashley was being vague as she looked around the cluttered room and waved her arm to motion Janet inside. Janet stood there, naked and quivering as Ashley looked through some bins. She found what she was looking for. A package of adult diapers with an adorable pink color and flower pattern on them. She tore the package open and held an unfolded diaper out in front of her. Janet's felt her heart drop into her stomach as she saw the diapers presented to her. "Hold up, you can't be serious..." Janet wore diapers at night for her bedwetting, but these were thick, girly, and not at all discreet! Plus it was the day time. "I'm completely serious, potty pants. Now stand still..." Ashley came at Janet with the diaper. Janet found herself frozen, not moving as she felt Ashley wrap the diaper around her waist. Ashley was actually pretty good at putting the diaper on Janet! She got the tapes just right, doing a better job at diapering the girl than she ever did diapering herself. "You know, we only made pledges wear these, but not really use them. I guess we finally have someone here in our house that will actually use them for once!" Ashley cackled. "I'm not using this thing." Janet said flatly. Ashley stood back, hands on her hips. She gave an exaggerated eye roll. "Whatever you say. We're going to have to find you another outfit. Oh, and- no, I don't have any tops that can match those lame jeans of yours." Ashley talked as she walked ahead of Janet. Janet tried to find where Ashley put the towel so she could cover her bare chest, but Ashley whistled at her and told her to come along. Janet groaned and crossed her arms over herself to hide her breasts. "I could let you borrow one of my ensembles, but I feel like it would be wasted on a fashion dunce like you. No, I think I have a better idea of what you should wear."
  14. please let me know where you see it. I much prefer to be told about typos so I may fix them!
  15. This was a short five page commission (I added an extra page for free though.) The original commissioner has allowed me to share it here. If you're interested in commissioning me for stories check out my signature or send me a private message. Thank you all for enjoying my stories so much! I am grateful to you babies. Adam Goes Back To Diapers Adam yawned, rolling over in bed. His bed was dry for once. He reached down, feeling the bed sheets and the covers, just to make sure. The boy sighed, feeling a bit proud for a moment. Every day he woke up dry was a small victory for him and considering this was his seventh day in a row being dry he figured he would start being treated like a big boy for once. You see, Adam was nine years old, but he was very short for his age. Even his six year old sister was a little taller than him. She would often teasingly say that he was her "little brother," but it was even worse when people believed her. He wasn't thinking about that now. He called his mother into the room. "Mommy, Mommy!" the boy shouted. The woman rushed in, tying her bathrobe shut as she entered the boy's room. "Mommy, look, I'm all dry!" He threw back the covers to show his bed. Mom pressed her lips together and tried not to laugh. She shook her head. "Oh sweetie... You passed out in front of the TV last night and wet all over yourself. I had to take the cushions off and wash them by hand and THEN I had to clean off your pee pee soaked clothes." Mom walked toward Adam's bed as she explained this. She pulled down the boy's pajama bottoms and showed him the thick diaper she put on him. Adam frowned upon seeing the diaper. He really thought he was on a hot streak, having a record number of dry nights. "I think it's going to be a good idea to put you in diapers for night time wetting again." Mom said calmly. "Just at night!" she added. It wasn't very reassuring though. "It was just a little slip-up! I don't need diapers anymore, Mommy!" Adam said, climbing out of his bed wearing just his pajama top, his thick diapers showing. "I'm a big boy now!" he pouted. "I'll even wash my own plastic sheets! Please, don't make me wear diapers to bed!" Mom started to giggle. She didn't mean to laugh, but considering she had been doing his laundry for so long and seeing his potty training progress falter first hand she just couldn't see him as a big boy. "I'm sorry honey, it's just that, well... big kids know how to keep their undies clean and dry." She picked up Adam and set him on the changing table, which she never bothered to remove from the boy's bedroom. It was still getting plenty of use after all these years, as was the diaper pail. "I keep my undies clean!" Adam said, crossing his arms tightly over his chest as his mother opened the diaper. It was only slightly damp, but he did just completely wet himself before he was diapered. Mom wipes him gently and leaves him bare down there as she goes into the boy's dresser. "Well let's see if you have any clean underwear in here, shall we?" Mom said, pulling out various pairs and dropping them in a pile. "Nope, no, nope... Wow, so many of these have skid-marks and pee stains!" Mom said candidly. She turned around and showed one of the dirty pairs to Adam, turning it inside out. She pointed at the brown stains on the seat. "You see this? You're nine years old! You should know how to wipe yourself at least!" "But I still make it in the toilet!" Adam offered, his face pretty red. Mom wasn't impressed. "Your little sister Rosey doesn't have this problem and she's thee years younger than you!" Mom pointed out. Every time mom pointed out how much mature and responsible his little sister was it always made Adam feel smaller, not just physically. It made him feel like a baby! "Whatever..." the boy mumbled. He looked over at his mother who was still rummaging through his dresser. He sat up on the table. "Come on, Mommy, I'm getting cold!" he whined. Mom gathered the pile of underpants and threw them into one big trash bag. Adam whimpered. Some of those were his Spider-Man Underoos! Adam held back his tears, feeling like he was about to cry, but he resisted the urge. Sure, the Underoos had seen better days, and Spider-Man had lost some of his color since the fabric had to be washed so many times, but the boy still loved those underwear. It didn't matter to him that the seat was all stained with brown! "Adam, you don't have any clean underpants left, and I'm not going to get you more until you start learning how to keep your dirty butt clean!" She grabbed one of Adam's training undies from the top drawer. They were a little thicker than his regular underwear, especially around the seat. She slid them up Adam's legs and secured the little underpants around the boy's waist. "Aw jeez, Mom, not the trainers!" The boy whined. Mom wasn't listening to him though. She finished dressing him for the day, putting him in his blue jeans and Spiderman t-shirt. At least he had his shirts, he thought. Adam climbed off the changing table with his mother's help and she had gone to the kitchen to make breakfast. Adam felt kind of silly as he walked around feeling the slightly thick trainers hugging him down there. He tried to distract himself by sitting on the couch to watch tv. He noticed though that the couch cushions had now been wrapped in tight protective plastic covers. That's when his little sister Rosey walked in and sat beside him. "You peed your pants last night." She said with a big grin. "You weren't even in bed this time!" Adam sulked, crossing his arms and sinking into the crinkly couch cushion. Rosey didn't push the matter further. She didn't have to. Adam often talked a big game, making it seem like he was a big boy, but he just couldn't get over his childish habits. Like right now Adam really needed to use the bathroom, but he was stubbornly holding it in rather than just getting up to use the toilet like a big boy. Rosey suddenly gave him a hug, which made Adam lurch backward. "What was that for?" the boy asked, confused. "Jeez, I was just trying to be nice!" his sister said, shrugging. Mom called her children to the breakfast table where some bacon and eggs had been laid out for them. Adam frowned when he saw that his mother had cut up Adam's strips of bacon just like she does for Rosey. He wasn't going to let it bother him today though. He was going to play that new Spider-Man video game his mother got for him. He scooped the food into his mouth quickly and then handed his mommy the plate. Adam scurried away quickly to the game system, opening the new game box and putting the disc in. He grabbed the game controller and hopped over to the couch. He legs parted wide, taking up as much of the couch as he could. Mom walked over to see her boy lazing on the couch and she just sighed. She left him be and went to clean up his room since he wasn't going to do it without putting up a big fuss. At least Rosey always cleaned up after herself, another thing Mom would point out to remind Adam that he acted more like a child than his little sister. Again, Adam wasn't going to let it bother him. He was focused on his game. He licked his lips as he stared intently at the screen. While he was playing and distracted by his game, Adam felt like he had to pee. At first he just crossed his legs, deciding to ignore the signals his bladder was giving him. Eventually it was getting to be too much to bear. Adam decided to just pee into his trainers a little to relieve the stress on his bladder. One little squirt turned into a mini flood though. He blushed, knowing that the inside of the trainers must be soaked now. He looked down between his legs and inspected his pants, pawing at them with his hands. They seemed dry, at least on the outside. It wouldn't be long before he needed to do more than pee though. Adam finally decided that pausing his game would be a good idea and he got up from the couch to walk to the bathroom. Right as Adam was about to reach the door, Rosey ran ahead "excuse me, I gotta go!" she announced, slamming the door behind her as she got in the bathroom first. Adam ran up to the door, tugging on the knob and trying to get in, even though Rosey got there first. He thumped on the door. "Hurry up, I gotta go too!" Adam also announced, placing his hands on his bottom. Now Adam was silently cursing at himself for not getting up sooner. He did a funny little soldier march in place as he stood in front of the door. He stopped moving suddenly and stood perfectly still. He could full a solid lump now warming against his bottom as he pooped his pants. He turned around and slinked away from the bathroom door, acting as nonchalant as he could. Adam sat back down on the couch carefully, trying not to mush up his mess. As he sat there he knew it was futile to try and hold his pee anymore so he just let the floodgates open and he soaked his dirty training pants completely. He let out a heavy sigh, fully relieved now. Soon enough his sister was done in the bathroom and she came out to find Adam sitting by himself on the couch. "Hey, I'm out of the bathroom now, so you can use it." she said, tugging at her pretty dress skirt. Adam just sat silently on the couch, not saying anything. He reached for his game controller. "Uh, did something happen?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow. Again, Adam was silent. Rosey scrunched up the bridge of her nose and made a face. "oh no, you didn't!" "I didn't!" Adam shot back, almost immediately. "I'm going to have to tell Mommy." Rose was about to turn around when little Adam grabbed her by the sleeve. "Please don't tell Mom! Please!" he whimpered, tugging Rose back. "But I have to!" she insisted "You can't just sit there in your messy pants! Besides, if we don't say something now she'll find out later and be really mad that you didn't tell her!" Rosey pulled on Adam's arm just like mommy does when she leads him around. Adam whined, feeling like even more of a baby now that his little sister was easily guiding him around the house as if she was his big sister. She was also handling this in a very mature way. She wasn't cracking any jokes or giggling, even though she must have wanted to. It was pretty funny how he just pooped himself right outside the bathroom door! "Mommy, Adam has something to tell you." Rosey said, nudging her brother forward. Mom looked across her bedroom to her two children just standing at her doorway. She put down her book and sat up in her bed. "Adam, you can tell Mommy. Come on, hop up here and tell me what happened." She pat the side of the bed, beckoning him over. "No, that's okay. I'll just stand..." Adam said, taking some awkward but careful steps towards Mom's bed. As soon as he was close enough Mom grabbed his hips and raised her little boy in the air. She sniffed around his pants and then nodded knowingly. "Yup. Someone went poopy." Mom said so bluntly. She set the boy back down. She pulled Adam's pants down to his knees and then placed her hand on the back of his pull-up, feeling the weight of the mess. "And it seems like it's a really BIG poopy too!" Adam's cheeks were almost glowing from blush. He winced each time he felt his mother pat the seat of his training pants and having his own mess continually touch his bottom. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to sit down in it. Maybe he should have gone straight to his mother once it happened! Then of course there was the nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he should have got up and used the toilet when he first felt like he had to go instead of waiting too long. Mom carried Adam back to his room and little Rosey followed right behind. Mom set Adam down on the table and then turned around to push Rosey out of the room. She whined about wanting to help, but Mom just told the girl that she could help once she was older. Adam was relieved that Rosey was no longer in the bedroom, but now he was hoping he could get potty trained before Rosey reached the right age to start changing him. He swallowed nervously and frowned, just thinking about being in such a humiliating situation! He knew it was time to start trying harder when it came to the toilet. That was going to have to wait for now though. He saw his mother holding up the diapers. "Yes, that's right. You're going to be in diapers for a full week until you learn how to go in the potty without making any messes." Mom sighed, hearing the boy start to whine. She cut him off. "Now you stop that!" she ordered, slapping the diaper down on the table next to him. "You made your mess and now you've got to lie in it! It seems like you're already used to doing that by the state of your diapers. You look absolutely soaked as well." Mom tried to carefully pull off the training pants, getting them down her son's legs without leaving too much of a mess. She drops the trainers into the diaper pail and gathered some baby wipes to clear up his mess. Adam squirmed under his mother as she cleaned him up. Mom just held Adam down with one hand, finishing cleaning him with the other. She dropped the used wipes down the diaper pail and the grabbed Adam's ankles, raising his now clean bottom off the table and sliding the new diaper underneath. She powdered him evenly with the baby powder and then folded the diapers up around Adam's waist. She tugged on the waist and leg bands, making sure the diaper was nice and tight. She helped Adam back down on his feet and lead him out his bedroom door. "Wait, don't I get some pants?" Adam whimpered. "You know none of your pants will currently fit over that diaper." Mom said. Adam hung his head and did the walk of shame out of his bedroom, right where little Rosey was standing. She tightened her lips, strongly resisting the urge to laugh at her shorter but older brother who was no in a thick diaper. She'd seen him in diapers before, several times, but this was the first time she saw him in a diaper since he turned nine! Adam looked away from his sister, shyly slinking away. He made his way back to the couch, crinkling the whole way. Adam decided to boot up his Spider-Man game again and play like nothing had happened. It was obvious something happened though by the way he was all diapered up. Rosey pranced cutely over to the couch and sat next to her big brother. She leaned against Adam. "Come on, don't bug me, I'm trying to play." The boy pouted. He tried to scoot away from his sister, but she just scooted closer still. It didn't take long for Adam to feel like he had to go pee again. He wondered if he could just discreetly slip away from his sister and go to the toilet. He tried to nudge the slightly taller girl off of him and hop off the sofa. Rosey pouted as the boy left the couch and walked over to the bathroom. Before he reached the door his mother stood in the hallway, blocking his path. "Where do you think you're going?" Mom said, hands on her hips. "Um, the bathroom." Adam responded, keeping his gaze down and not making eye contact. Mom grabbed his arm and pulled him back into the living room. "Watch over your brother, okay?" Mom left Rosey in charge. She was smiling smugly again. She hooked her arms around the big baby brother, hugging him tight. Adam muttered something about Rosey not hugging him so tightly. Mom came back into the living room, holding Adam's old potty chair. She set it down in the middle of the floor. "From now on when you need to go pee or poop you come tell one of us and we will help get you out of your diaper so you can use the potty chair." Mom explained. Adam's mouth hang agape. There was no way Mom would be serious, but then she started to pull off the boy's diaper. She sat Adam down on the little potty chair. Even though it was designed for a little toddler Adam's small stature meant that he was able to fit on it relatively well. Mom held Adam in place and waited for him to go. Adam struggled. He didn't want to go with everyone watching, but he wasn't going to have a choice. He was notoriously bad at holding it! He whimpered and started to pee. The noise of the stream hitting the inside of the bowl was the only sound in the entire room. After he was done tinkling Mom stood him up and wiped him gently in the front. She took the half full potty chair to the toilet so it could be dumped out. Adam grabbed his diaper and tried to pull it back up quickly. "Here, let me help." Rosey said, grabbing the diaper tabs and securing them tighter once the diaper was back around his waist. "I'm really proud of you for using the potty!" Adam didn't feel so proud. He was so embarrassed that he was now being forced to go in that little baby potty, and he knew he only had himself to blame for that. He groaned, stamping his feet back to the television. He was no longer in the mood to play his game. He just sat and sulked on the couch with his arms folded. Rosey grabbed the remote. "Can I watch my shows?" she asked. Adam shrugged like he didn't care. Rosey shrugged too and put on one of her girly little shows. Adam always said that Rosey's shows were for babies, but considering she wasn't the one pouting and fussing and soiling herself she didn't seem like a baby to him at the moment. Adam kept thinking about how he had to use the potty chair. It wasn't comfortable at all. What did feel comfortable though was the feeling of messing his pants. He wondered if it would feel even better to use a diaper. The material was a lot softer and easier on his bottom. Still, he was determined to show his mother and little sister he could be a big boy. He had to at least try. Unfortunately that meant telling someone whenever it was time to go. He looked down at the potty chair, which Mom had set back down in the middle of the living room after having it emptied. "Do you need to potty again already?" Rosey asked, tilting her head. Adam just shook his head no and sat back on the sofa. Rosey gave him a look like she didn't believe him. "All right. Fine." The possibility of pooping in the diaper kept rattling around in his mind. Using the potty chair was humiliating because it was so public. If he did it then he would need privacy. If he could just poop in his diaper and then change it without anyone noticing then no one would have to witness the very private action. Adam pushed himself off the couch and wandered into his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and looked around the room for a spare diaper. Mom did have a package of open diapers sitting right under the changing table. Adam sighed with relief. He took out one of the diapers and hid it under his bed for now. He then decided to pass the time by reading comic books. He hopped up on his bed, sitting on his tummy to read. Those diapers sure did feel nice. If only he could convince his mommy to give him diapers all the time without it being such an embarrassing subject! The time seemed to pass so much quicker now as he sat and read his stack of comics. He could feel the pressure building up in no time. Adam sat up on his bed, looking at the door. This whole time no one was bothering him, so he assumed it would be safe to use his diaper now. Adam stood up and grabbed the edge of his night stand. Supporting his weight as he leaned against the furniture he parted his legs and started dropping heavy logs into his diaper on purpose. A look of relief washed over Adam's face as he felt the poop coming out and filling the back of his diaper. It felt so good! He contemplated sitting down in the mess, getting the full experience of the messy diaper, but he didn't want to have to deal with the clean up. Adam started to tear at the tape on the side of the diaper when there was a knock on his door, followed by an abrupt and unannounced entry into his room. "Adam what're you doing in here?" His sister said, coming in uninvited. "Come on, Rosey, you can't just barge in here like that!" Adam snapped back. Rosey wrinkled her nose "are you pooping in here?" "No!" shouted Adam, answering a little too quickly. The guilt was all over his face. "Well..." Rose shrugged "I guess that's why you wear diapers." She skipped out of the room, calling her mother. Attempts at diplomacy between her and her brother had failed. She knew the boy wasn't going to admit to it this time, especially because he had gone into his room all alone. Adam was trying to retape the side of his diaper when Mom came in. Mom slapped Adam's hand away. "Just what do you think you're doing, young man?" Mom asked sternly. Adam froze, looking fairly embarrassed and scared at the same time. She picked up the boy and set him on the changing table. She proceeded to tear off the tapes to the diaper and open it up. Looking inside, she saw the big logs of poop just resting there on the padding. "Why didn't you come tell me or your sister that you needed your potty?" "I don't want to use the potty chair!" Adam groused. "I want to use the toilet, I'm a big boy!" Mom shook her head "No, a big boy would have used the potty chair. You pooped your diaper on purpose though, didn't you?" Adam looked away shyly "I just thought that..." he tried to scrunch up to be less visible on the table. "I could take care of the diapers by myself..." "Well you thought wrong." Mom started wiping Adam. It thankfully didn't take too long this time. She dropped the heavy diapers into the diaper pail where they landed with a loud thud. "I'm not doing this because I'm mean. I care about you very much, Adam, but this habit of yours where you constantly wet and mess your pants has to be dealt with. I can't expect you to change your own diapers if you can't even wipe yourself properly. This is for your own good." Adam's ears were burning as well as his face. He sure got read the Riot Act this time! Mom slipped the new diaper under his butt and taped it around his waist. As if that wasn't enough she got a second pair of diapers and taped that around him as well. The extra bulk made it impossible for Adam to close his legs. When he was brought down from the table he did a funny bow-legged walk into the next room. Again, Rosey was trying not to giggle when she saw the boy waddling around in double diapers. Adam kept his head down as Rosey followed behind him. "You look cute like that." Rosey smiled. "I'd rather have a baby brother anyway..." Adam huffed "I'm not a baby!" Rosey took a step back "Sorry, but you gotta admit your butt really sticks out in those diapers now!" Rosey kept on following her fussy brother. "And it looks cute, like one of my dollies. I bet there are probably some girls at your school that think it looks cute too!" Adam couldn't really see the bright side here. He wanted to be tall and strong. Peter Parker never wore diapers at his age! Adam wanted to cry. He fought back his tears and tried to keep his dignity like a big boy. Rosey gave him another hug. He didn't push back this time. "I bet you feel better going back to diapers. I 'member the big fuss you made when we were littler because you didn't want to give up diapers! He he. I just got big girl underpants and Mommy was still trying to get you to sit on your potty even back then!" Rosey giggled. "You only changed your mind when you saw the Spider-Man Underoos. I bet if they made Spider-Man diapers you'd never wanna learn the potty!" Adam pouted, but it was probably true. "They make night time diapers with Spider-Man." he spoke up timidly. "I saw them at the store... but I bet Mommy would never get them for me. I think my diapers are supposed to be a punishment." "They don't have to be. I'll try and put a good word in for you and tell Mommy she should get you some. I think you just have to act good. I don't think Mommy even minds changing your diapers." Rosey smiled, looking at her brother. She could tell this whole conversation was probably embarrassing him greatly, but that blush on his cheeks only made him look cuter. Rosey had hoped that her brother would go back to diapers and just accept them. She knew he liked how they felt so if he could just get over his embarrassment then it wouldn't be so bad. "Would you ever want to wear diapers?" Adam asked, looking at his sister. "Ew, yuck!" She reacted quickly, grimacing. She saw this upset Adam "Well, I mean, they're just not for me! That doesn't mean you shouldn't get to enjoy them. I promise that when I'm old enough to change your diapers I'm not goin' to tease you about it or be mean like Mommy. I promise you'll like it better if you just enjoy your diapers." Adam looked at his sister. He felt grateful to have such a kind, caring sister. So what if he had to wear diapers for a few more years? With someone like Rosey looking out for him it could even be fun. Adam sat down on the floor. He got a happy look on his face. "You goin' potty again?" Rosey asked, watching her brother. "Just peeing..." he blushed, but he still smiled. Rosey smiled too. She sat next to him and pat him on the back.