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  1. Planet Of The Roos

    Chapter 2 Jenny's eyes opened, waking to the feeling of being wiped down on her bottom. When she looked up it was not Dr Bounder but her wife Alkeena. She was smiling as she cleaned Jenny's dirty butt and privates. Jenny's face reddened as she was being cleaned like a baby by the kind and sweet kangaroo woman. She was completely naked by now. Alkeena must have taken off the girl's bra while she was still sleeping. Her nude body was of no consequence to an alien species like these roo people. "Good morning, sunshine." Alkeena said. "Someone sure made a big mess last night, didn't she?" Jenny was mortified. This creature was making her feel so small and helpless. Compared to the roos of this planet she was indeed pretty helpless though. They were taller and stronger. She wished she could communicate with them to tell them that she's potty trained and doesn't need diapers. She had her bottom lifted up and set back down on a fresh diaper. Sweet smelling baby powder was sprinkled all around her diaper area before the padding was pulled over her crotch and taped tightly around her waist. "Nyette really wanted to take you to the lab today, but she unfortunately had some other work to do at the lab." Alkeena stood Jenny upright and started to get her dressed. She tugged on a pretty purple dress over Jenny's head. Jenny, being a bit of a tomboy, hated the way the sissy dress looked on her. She whined and tugged on the skirt. She had her hands gently batted away. "It's a good thing I'm taking you to the obedience school today. Nyette thinks you're a civilized little human, but I just don't think you can be trusted alone. You're going to need to learn how to act like a proper little human girl." Jenny was picked up and stuffed into Alkeena's pouch. She bounced out the door and climbed into her vehicle. Jenny tried to look out the windshields. Tall buildings and trees whipped by. The planet was so green. Despite civilization taking place the Kangaroos here seemed to live in harmony with nature. Alkeena parked the car in front of a brightly colored building. It looked very similar to a daycare would back on Earth. Jenny was carried inside the building and saw more humans just like her! These ones were well groomed and dressed in adorable sissy clothes, unlike the naked wild human that Jenny encountered in the woods. Alkeena talked to the two teachers. One looked strict, wearing modest clothing which covered most of her body. She also had horn rimmed glasses and the hair on her head was cut short. This woman was known as Professor Alcoyne. The other seemed more fun, always smiling and wearing a low-cut top to show off her cleavage. Her pouch was clearly visible and there were two humans in it napping next to each other. Her hair was also longer and fluffier and adorned with little ribbons and bows. This was professor Zenayda. Jenny tried to listen to the conversation the roos were having, hoping she might pick up on key words and maybe learn a few phrases. "This little lady is named Sah-Ree." Alkeena said, pulled Jenny from her pouch and handing her to the bubbly, smiling roo teacher. "Dr Bounder came upon her while doing research in the Bird Woods. She believes she shows signs of above-average human intelligence." "Well," Alcoyne started, "even an above-average human is still no smarter than a 2 year old roo child. Does she even know her name? Sah-Ree?" The roo leaned in close. "Sah-Ree!" "Sorry?" Jenny repeated back. It dawned on her that they had been misunderstanding her name this whole time. "No! Jenny! JEN-NEE!" she shouted "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!" "What is that strange caterwauling?" Alcoyne recoiled. "Maybe Jeh-Nee means she needs a diaper change!" Zenayda said. She lifted Jenny high and pressed her snout to her diaper. Jenny let out a yelp. "No, that's not it. Smells clean to me. Maybe it means she needs a bottle?" "Maybe it's just more nonsense gibberish." Alcoyne responded. "Well now some humans at least know their names, and some can even count to five!" Zenayda retorted. "Oh, um, I need to go." Alkeena said, seeing the two teachers were getting into a debate. She didn't want to stick around for it as she had some errands to get to. "You have Nyette Bounder's contact info with you, yes?" "Yes, yes, thank you." Alcoyne said, waving her hand. "Just make sure one of you picks up the little ragamuffin by the 18th hour." Jenny was set down on the floor and given a baby bottle. She looked around, seeing lots of other humans crawling on the floor around her, sucking on pacifiers or drinking from bottles. Some were playing with toys and a few were just standing around using their diapers with a blissful look on their face. Jenny frowned. She did not want to deliberately use a diaper. She felt a strong urge to pee and she wasn't about to soil herself like some little baby. Jenny stood up and tried to get the attention of one of the roo teachers. She hopped up and down shouting "hey!" but this was just seen as typical rambunctious childlike behavior, so she was picked up and stuck in a baby bouncer. Jenny groaned, fighting the urge to pee herself. She looked up pitifully at the two tall women and tried to listen to their conversation, wondering if she could figure out their names like she did for Dr Bounder. After only ten minutes though Jenny could feel herself losing her battle. A gurgling hiss came from her diaper and she felt hot pee spreading around the crotch. In a way it felt relaxing to just pee where she was dangling, not having to worry about the toilet. There was even something comforting about soaking the puffy diaper and feeling her piss just warming her up down there. The teachers seemed to show no interest in changing all the little baby humans any time soon though. It was probably something that was scheduled. Feeling like she had quite the empty tummy now, Jenny needed a refill. She looked at her baby bottle and make a disgusted face, but she had no choice. Hopefully it wouldn't taste too bad. Suddenly upon tasting the delicious milk she started to suck more eagerly on the baby bottle. She had not eaten much since arriving on the strange planet and the very sweet milk was just what she needed. She finished the bottle and let out a burp. Seeing that Jenny had calmed down, Zenayda walked over and let the little girl out of her bouncer. She brought her over to a table full of puzzles. The puzzles looked similar to the baby toys on Earth with shaped blocks meant to be put into appropriately shaped holes. Zenayda, not really thinking Jenny would get anywhere with the puzzles, just looked down at her clipboard. Jenny figured she might have a chance to show these creatures she was smarter than they gave her credit for. She put all the blocks into the shaped holes, lined up the twisting puzzle so all the colors connected, and even figured out one of the more complex puzzles. The last complex puzzle was a mostly clear box that Jenny had to tilt in a certain way until some ball bearings slid into little sockets which lit up colored lines around the box. Using her finger she then had to connect the colored lines together. Jenny smiled, feeling a little proud of herself for figuring out the unique alien puzzle. Zenayda looked up from her clipboard to see that all the puzzles had been solved. She smiled and waved Professor Alcoyne over. Alcoyne rolled her eyes and blurted out a flat "what is it" as she came over. "Look. Jenny's the first human to ever solve all three of the kindergarten level roo puzzles." Zenayda pointed out. "Sure, but she's still soiling herself like a baby." Alcoyne put her hand on Jenny's soggy diaper. Jenny got the hint and started to whimper. "Come on, give her some slack! She may be a baby, but what if she's a smart baby?" proposed Zenayda. Alcoyne scoffed. "A smart baby? Fine, let's see how she handles a puzzle intended for 4 year old roos." Alcoyne set a box on the table and then turned it upside-down. A bunch of complex shapes spilled out onto the table. Jenny looked at the shapes curiously, wondering what they could be. She picked them up and tried piecing them together. Eventually she figured out how the pieces interlocked. Zenayda looked on, fascinated as Jenny slowly figured out the puzzle. Jenny finally finished up after 10 minutes and saw that she had just pieced together a three dimensional puzzle of a roo's head. She clapped her hands together and leaned back in the big chair she was sitting in. "Yeah, I did it. Now what else you got?" Jenny smirked slyly. "If I didn't know any better I would say she was showing signs of smug satisfaction." Zenayda smirked as well. "Zen." Alcoyne slammed her hand on the table and spoke in a hushed tone. "Positing that there could be a human with roo-like intelligence would be heresy. Please do not go down there road." Alcoyne was not so much angry as she was afraid. She looked deeply into Zenayda's eyes with a look of concern. Jenny could see a deep connection between these two roos as well even if Alcoyne was stuffy and not willing to show her emotions openly. "But Dr Bounder could have very well stumbled on one of the most important scientific finds of our generation." Zenayda countered. "Then let her deal with the consequences." Alcoyne's voice trembled. "I will not have people dragging your name and reputation through the mud for something they are not willing to accept." Alcoyne picked up Jenny and carried her to a special room. It was much like a nursery and everything was dimly lit with a dark blue hue. A screen on the wall flickered on and Jenny was stuck in a comfortable plush chair. Her hands were tied behind her back on the back of the chair and both of her ankles were attached to the legs. Alcoyne then fixed some headphones onto Jenny's head. "This might seem like an extreme measure to you..." Alcoyne explained, "but it will keep you safe as well, dear human." With that, Alcoyne leaned down and gave Jenny a kiss on the forehead. The show of affection was the kindest she had seen the strict roo woman act. Jenny wondered what could possibly be happening to her now as the door closed and she was left alone in the dark room, lit only by a glowing screen on the wall. Soon a video began to play, showing diaper-clad humans prancing with each other, playing with baby toys, and falling asleep in kangaroo pouches. While these visuals went on an odd piece of music played in her ears. It was like some kind of hypnotic drone. Jenny felt dizzy and her eyelids became heavy. Soon she had passed out. Jenny woke back up slowly, feeling groggy and disoriented. She couldn't move her arms or legs and when she looked down she realized why. She was in a big, comfortable pouch. Looking up she saw that she was in Zenayda's pouch. The beautiful roo creature looked back down at Jenny with a little coy smile. "Hi, sweetie! Are you feeling better after your nap?" There may have been a language barrier, but Jenny could hear the syrupy saccharine tone in Zenayda's high pitched voice. Jenny grumbled, looking up with a pout. "Oh I guess you're still fussy. That's good. It means you're still you!" Zenayda poked Jenny's nose gently. Jenny tilted her head back and looked both confused and embarrassed. All of these creatures were so kind and gentle. She almost wanted to cry. She never really got to experience this kind of unconditional maternal love before. Suddenly, Jenny felt her diapers getting warm. Jenny blushed, wondering why she couldn't control her pee stream. It was just so sudden. She heard Zenayda giggling, and the cute roo had a bigger smile on her face. She must have felt it too! Now Jenny was even more embarrassed. She was having accidents and they were super obvious in these organic pouches. Zenayda pulled Jenny from her pouch and carried her over to a slab of changing mats against the wall. Next to Jenny were two other humans, lying docile on the changing mat as they got their dirty diapers changed by Alcoyne. The strict roo was being so gentle with the big babies. She even glanced over and gave a small smile to Jenny. Jenny just looked away shyly. Zenayda ripped open Jenny's diaper. Jenny still had her modesty and tried to cover herself, but the kind roo just pulled her hands away gently. "Shh, it's okay." Zenayda whispered in a pleasant timbre, trying to soothe Jenny. "Humans have nothing to be shy about. We've all seen their cute little parts." Zenayda playfully grabbed Jenny's feet and wiggled them. Jenny let out a small giggle despite herself and clutched her hands over her mouth. "You're still anthropomorphizing that human?" Alcoyne said with a slight smirk. "You saw it. She showed signs of modesty just now." Zenayda smiled at Alcoyne, but Alcoyne's smile turned into a frown. Zenayda frowned as well. "I'm not saying anything. I'm just excited to have a human like this here, even if we have to keep it a secret." Jenny was wiped down as the roos had their conversation with each other. Something was different. She felt even more childlike. Eventually she found her thumb in her mouth. Surprised, she pulled her thumb out and looked at it. She didn't even remember starting to suck on it! It was like it was involuntary. "Hypnagogic Suggestion." She thought to herself. "That's what those headphones were for... I think they're.... I think they're trying to make me into a baby!" Jenny felt a brand new thick diaper being pulled up between her legs. The extra thick diapers were taped shut around her waist. Zenayda cooed down at Jenny and then picked her up. She clutched the tiny human to her ample chest. "We have four at home." Alcoyne warned playfully. Zenayda shot back a cute pout. Dr Bounder soon arrived at the facility, dressed in a long lab coat. She looked over at Jenny and waved. Jenny felt a warmth in her heart when she saw Nyette Bounder. Seeing the familiar roo gave her a strange feeling deep inside. Did she actually miss her, like a mommy? Jenny didn't question these emotions further, reaching her hands out towards Dr Bounder. The motherly roo grabbed Jenny and stuffed her down her pouch. Jenny wiggled inside the pouch, getting comfortable. "Oh my goodness. One day and you already have her obedient?" Dr Bounder said, stroking Jenny's hair. "Don't worry, the thing that makes her special..." Zenayda paused, looking at her partner. She looked back at Dr Bounder. "I think that's still there." "Alky, Zenny, thank you." Dr Bounder pulled both women into a hug. Zenayda giggled while Alcoyne scoffed and sputtered like a stuffy old lady, though there was a hint of blush on the roo's face. "Sorry, Professor Alcoyne. I'm just very grateful for your efforts today." "As long as you do not get my bright shining star in trouble with your shenanigans." Alcoyne spoke sternly to Nyette. "If anything happened to her I would make you feel my wrath." "I expect nothing less of you, Professor." Dr Bounder smiled at the woman. "I take full responsibility for this human." Dr Bounder left the building, bounce walking to her vehicle with little Jenny sitting comfortably in her pouch. She sat and looked down at Jenny. "For real, tomorrow I will be bringing you to the lab. We're going to give you some tests to do. I know you'll knock everyone's pants off!" Jenny just listened to the strange alien language, but she still could not even get the context. She sensed there was some pride in Dr Bounder's voice though. Jenny felt the rumble of the vehicle as it drove through some rough, rocky roads. She felt herself relaxing, though not enough to fall asleep. She just lied there in the roo's pouch, giving in to the feeling of being surrounded by a soft, velvety pocket. It did not take long for the vehicle to be parked at Dr Bounder's home. Alkeena was at the door to greet her love immediately. Jenny looked up, seeing the two women kiss each other deeply. She smiled, sensing their profound love. She found the way the women on this planet expressed love was so refreshing. She almost wished she could have lived here all along. Jenny sat in a high chair, munching on a curious but savory meal on her plate while Nyette and Alkeena sat at the table and talked to each other like adults. Jenny felt like such a baby, but it wasn't all bad. She felt loved and cared for on this strange planet. Dr Bounder would reach over now and then to wipe Jenny's face with the little bib around her neck. After dinner, Jenny was given a bowl of what looked like ice cream. She had a little pink spoon to scoop it with. The roo couple watched as Jenny took a few bites. Jenny kicked her legs, enjoying the sweet taste. She let out a "thank you!" with her mouth full. Jenny showed her appreciation for the roos by drinking down all of her baby bottle. Alkeena clapped and giggled as Jenny licked her bowl clean. Nyette picked Jenny up from the high chair and pat her on the back. Jenny smiled and nuzzled into the roo woman's shoulder. Just like a family, the two roos sat on a couch with Jenny between them. A screen flickered on the wall and some family sitcom seemed to be playing. Jenny tried to follow along despite not knowing the language. Universal comedic moments still got a chuckle out of her though, like when someone would slip and fall. Jenny giggled, clapping along. She noticed that the two women were not laughing at the broader jokes. They only laughed at some of the dialog. Jenny blushed, feeling somewhat immature, but she tried to remind herself that it was just the communication barrier. A moment later Jenny felt a pressure in her tummy. She rubbed her tummy and looked down. A strong need to poop was building inside of her. She was worried about pooping right there with the two women there to witness it. Part of her was just embarrassed about it, but another part of her just didn't want to ruin the sweet moment she was having with the two larger ladies. Jenny hopped off of the couch and looked up at Nyette and then Alkeena. She danced in place frantically, trying to think of a way to explain that she had to poop. She put her hands over her bottom and let out an infantile whine. "I gotta use the bathroom! Please, please, please! I can do it!" Jenny begged. "Just show me to the toilet. I promise I can use it without any trouble!" "Do you think she's trying to tell us something?" Alkeena looked at her lover curiously. "I swear, it looks like..." Nyette watched Jenny's desperate dance. "No, it couldn't be." Jenny whimpered, feeling the poop already starting to come out. It was too late. She looked down and cried softly, holding her hands to her face. She felt her warm, mushy logs press against her bottom. Her diaper became so full so quickly. "Aww, poor baby!" Alkeena picked Jenny up. She turned the girl around and sniffed her bottom to inspect her diaper. She wrinkled her snout. "Yep! Someone's a stinky little girl! But that's nothing to cry about, little one." Jenny felt even more embarrassed by now nice Alkeena was being. Dr Bounder watched curiously as Jenny wiped her tears away from her face. She buried her head between Alkeena's bosom. A sudden realization washed over Nyette Bounder's face. "She was doing a potty dance! Like a baby roo does!" Nyette said, looking at Alkeena with an excited expression. "Do you think that she wanted to use a toilet?" "No way! Humans like their diapers! See?" Alkeena pressed her large hand to Jenny's diaper. Jenny's eyes shot open wide as she felt her mess spread around. Her face became redder as she felt a warm tingling sensation. Jenny didn't want to like this, but she did. She covered her face bashfully. "Perhaps. Still, I think it's worth looking into." Nyette grabbed Jenny from her mate. She held Jenny to her chest. "Would you like a diapy change, Jenny?" She asked as if Jenny could understand her. Alkeena followed behind Nyette as she carried the human girl to the guest room. Jenny looked over and noticed that the guest bed and been converted to have bars on the side. It was clearly a crib now. Jenny was laid out on a changing table and she had her little skirt lifted. Nyette hummed a soothing melody as she tore open the diaper started to wipe Jenny down. Jenny's old, poopy diaper was thrown into a diaper pail and she had a fresh one tucked under her. "I think tomorrow we should give Jenny the hardest test a human has ever faced." Nyette said to Alkeena while looking down at her baby. "We'll present her with a potty and see how she does." "Okay, I need to be there to see that." Alkeena giggled. "Although I kind of hope she doesn't get fully potty trained. I think it's cute that humans stay babies all their lives." "I know what you mean." Nyette said, setting Jenny down in the crib. She turned on the spinning mobile and it turned above Jenny while playing a cute music box tune. "She does look precious in those diapers." Jenny was given a bottle of warm liquid. It was held to her mouth so all she could do was suck it down, hands free. Feeling the warm liquid coating her tummy made Jenny sleepy. Her eyes drooped and the started to drift off to sleep. "Sweet dreams my special little human." Nyette whispered, stroking Jenny's cheek.
  2. Planet Of The Roos

    This is a commission I was asked to do and I liked the premise so much I wrote a bunch of lore for it and have really started expanding the world. I am hoping that the commissioner enjoys the hard work I have been putting into this story. I will be posting chapters one at a time to motivate myself to finish the story faster. Each chapter will be about 5 pages long. This is a sci-fi story with typical abdl content but it's a clean all-ages story. PLANET Of The Roos Chapter 1 "No turning back now, Jenny." Gayle fitted the suit onto Jenny. Gayle was Jenny's best friend, probably her only friend as she was a bit awkward and she had a hard time talking to other people. "It's your last chance to reconsider. There are a few guys here ready to act as your understudy." What Gayle was talking about was Jenny's space mission. Jenny was an astronaut and her new mission would take her farther than anyone had ever traveled before. Using brand new technology which could curve space she would be transported tens of lightyears out. Even with some time warping though Jenny would be gone for several years, leaving behind many people on Earth. The last person to travel to a far off distant planet lightyears away took five years to come back. Granted, this was exceptionally fast travel compared to when the program first began, but it did show there was a plateau to how quickly one could travel even when bending space itself. "Gayle, it's fine. You know I've always wanted this." Jenny said with a meek smile. "I don't have family to leave behind, and it's been my dream since I was a little girl to go to a far off planet." "You'll be leaving me behind though." Gayle said, a single tear rolling down her cheek as she fixed Jenny's helmet on. "Please don't make this hard." Jenny hugged her friend and then quickly turned to get into her exploration pod. Gayle was escorted away from the warping radius. The pod hovered in the air as it prepared to travel through a man-made wormhole and send Jenny to a far off destination. A planet that would be nearly nine lightyears away from earth, making instantaneous communication impossible. Jenny stared at her view screen, her heart racing as she prepared for the exhilarating rush of seeing light around her twist and reshape itself to plop the pod into a brand new space. Looking at the screen she saw the scientists working frantically on the ground controls. Jenny checked her gauges to make sure everything was working okay. The scientists tried to communicate with Jenny, but the warping had already begun. At first their voices crackled and then seemed to stretch out. Jenny saw everything around her getting flatter and spacing itself out. She tried to keep her eyes open but she became increasingly disoriented. Something was going horribly wrong. Jenny woke up to the feeling of space vibrating around her. Her view screen was black, having shorted out. She heard rumbling outside the pod. Red lights were flashing, offering the only illumination. Finally the pod stopped moving and Jenny could feel herself hanging upside down. With no frame of reference she felt quite disoriented. She unbuckled her strap and held onto her chair so she didn't fall. She carefully stepped down and looked at the wrist of her space suit. She tapped a projected screen. The screen told her she was on solid ground. She went for the hatch and turned the crank, opening it carefully. The air inside slowly decompressed. Thankfully the pod itself remained unbroken. Only the electronics on board had shorted out. At least her suit still worked. She sighed, urinating into the space diaper. Unfortunately she must have been out for a long time because her diaper was overflowing. She felt it dripping down her legs. Jenny winced and groaned. Now each step she took was squishy and wet. "Damn it!" She muttered. She pulled open the door and stepped outside. The ground was dirt and grass with some odd looking vegetation, but it was pretty Earth-like. Poking at the projected screen coming off of her wrist she saw that the planet indeed had a similar atmosphere to Earth. She did a quick scan for any possible harmful bacteria in the air and again it all was so similar. Still, even knowing that the planet could be safe for a human like her was hesitant to open her suit. She tried to remind herself that she should probably preserve the power on the suit since there wasn't any immediate way to charge it up with the pod currently out of commission. After a period of stalling she finally unhooked the helmet and pulled it away from the suit. She set the helmet back in the upside-down pod. Jenny climbed out of the impact crater and looked around the planet. She searched for any pools of water so she could get a drink and maybe wash out the inside of her wet space suit. She was careful to use the suit's guidance sparingly, only searching for essential things. After some walking she saw a lake in the distance with very tall trees behind it. She approached slowly, seeing some birds flutter out from the forest. She smiled, a bit excited despite her cautious fear of being stuck on the planet for now. Though she was nervous and a little scared she tried to remind herself she was resourceful and could survive long enough to figure out how to repair her pod and get home. Jenny set the used space diaper on the ground while she turned the inner-lining of her space suit inside-out. She splashed some water over the lining and was grateful no one was there to see the embarrassing moment. Part of the reason she left Earth was not only to explore another planet but to feel thrill and excitement again. She was usually very depressed and often anxious. Being on this strange planet was already making her feel better. A crackle came from upstream and Jenny's gaze shot upward. There she was another human like her. This one had long hair covering her chest. She was wearing a dirty mud-caked grass skirt. At least it looked like mud. The two females locked eyes from across the lake. "Did I go back in time or something?" Jenny thought to herself. "Hey there, sweetie." Jenny spoke in a calm tone. She wondered if she looked strange to the other humanoid. She had on a bra and a spare set of underwear and she was washing a fancy looking space suit. "My name is Jenny. Who are you?" She knew it was a long-shot communicating to the alien woman. The woman babbled some nonsense. It didn't really sound like language as it was full of inconsistent gibberish. Some louder foot steps came from behind the trees. Jenny saw the other woman get scared and run into the woods, hiding. Jenny looked around, not really seeing anywhere to hide. She picked up her space suit and started running down the river. When she looked over her shoulder she saw two tall creatures. They looked similar to kangaroos with long ears, snouts, and on their bellies were some pouches. They were dressed in human-like clothes though. Their bellies had to be exposed so there was easy access to their pouches, but they wore shirts and pants like any other human. Their bodies were even humanoid in shape. Jenny skidded to a halt, observing these alien creatures from afar. It was too strange for her not to stare. She could even see one of the kangaroo creatures was female because of the way her chest stuck out. Normally the mammaries on a kangaroo would be inside the pouch, but not for these creatures who probably evolved in the same path humans did on earth. The creatures talked to each other, but Jenny could not tell what they were saying. This definitely was a language with complex words and phrases. It was just completely alien to Jenny so there was no way for her to understand it. "I told you, I heard some humans talking over here." The female roo said. "Not talking." The male said. "Humans make noise but it's not exactly talking." "You know what I mean. They were verbally communicating, or at least trying to. I know I heard human voices." The female's ears perked up and she looked down the other side of the river, seeing Jenny completely exposed with nothing to hide behind. Jenny gasped, turning around and running away, almost tripping on her suit. She tried putting it back on as she ran. "I never seen a wild human like that before! She's groomed and appears to be dressing herself. Do you think she ran away from her owner?" "I'll take a picture." The male kangaroo took out a tablet device, holding it up and snapping a picture as Jenny was running away from them towards where her pod was. "We'll let Dr Bounder know where we saw her and she'll probably be able to track where she was." Gasping and panting, nearly out of breath, Jenny stopped where her ship's crash site was. She looked down at her wrist band, noticing that she was now running low on power and she'd have to use her own wits and resourcefulness to survive now. Jenny climbed into her pod and took out her trusty multipurpose screwdriver. She opened the main control panel and assessed the damage. It didn't look like there was any immediate noticeable damage. She took out her multimeter and poked around the console. The sun started setting at the horizon and she was getting very tired. She closed the door to her pod and attempted to sleep. Jenny woke up suddenly. She felt like she only closed her eyes for a few minutes. Opening the door to her pod and looking out she saw bioluminescent birds fluttering outside with a beautiful yellow glow. At least it wasn't completely dark outside. She sat in the open doorway of her pod and just looked outside at the beautiful night sky. She smiled, thinking this is exactly what she signed up for. Under the cover of night, Jenny walked the surface of the mysterious planet carefully to look for many minerals she could use for supplies or food to eat. She carried a stun gun and she just prayed she would not need it. She also brought a fresh space diaper with her inside her suit. She prayed she would not need that either. Jenny fashioned herself a bridge to cross the river. She managed to use her gun on a high setting to cut down a tree. It took several minutes to tie everything together. She used some rocks to roll the bridge to the river. Several more minutes later and she was able to use some ropes she fashioned to position the bridge just right so that it reached the other side after being dropped. Jenny hopped onto the tree bridge and carefully tip-toed across. She felt mighty proud of her resourcefulness, but now she had to go to the bathroom real bad. There was a debate going on in Jenny's head about whether she should just use her diaper or go through the complicated process of taking off her suit and peeing outside. She decided on the latter and stepped out of her suit. She left the suit and diaper behind her as she wandered to another stream and squatted down. It didn't take long for her to relax and let loose her hefty stream. It sprayed onto the ground between her feet. She felt quite relieved after holding it in for so long. Unfortunately she had to squeeze shut when she heard a noise. She glanced around, and after not seeing anything she resumed her stream. Suddenly she felt something tighten around her neck. Her pee was gushing out now as she stood up and panicked. Pee was spraying all over her legs and feet. She cried out for help but her mouth was gagged next. It felt like there was a bulb plugging her mouth which she felt an instinctual need to suck on. A tight strap reaching behind her head held the gag in place. She felt the ground move away from her feet as she was raised in the air and then tucked into a warm pocket. She looked around, trying to see her surroundings. The outer lining of the tight pouch her body was stuffed in was covered in dense, short-haired fur. Looking down lower she saw massive feet. The middle toes had huge claws coming out of them. This had to be one of the kangaroo creatures! She struggled to get out of the pouch. She then saw the head of a kangaroo wearing glasses. She had delicate features and long lashes. Her ears twitched as she tilted her head upside-down, inspecting the human in her pouch. "Don't worry, darling. I'm not here to hurt you. You're just a fascinating specimen!" The kangaroo spoke, but Jenny could not understand her. The language was completely foreign to her. She held a gun up to Jenny's neck, which made the girl whimper in fear, leaking a little into the kangaroo's pouch. There was no shot though. The kangaroo held the barrel of the gun up and looked at a screen on the side. "Hmm, just as I thought. You have no owner chip, which means you're wild, but you look far too well groomed to be wild." Looking over at the space suit and diaper just lying against the tree nearby the kangaroo stomped over and picked them up. "Hmm, even more curious! I wonder who fashioned this adorable outfit for you. It's so complex, so intricate." She rubbed her thumb against the outer layer. The kangaroo turned around and started running in the other direction, hopping now and then. Reaching a clearing, Jenny could see a vehicle on the side of a dirt road. There were large wheels on the side. The kangaroo climbed into the vehicle and rode off. Jenny tried to pay attention to where she was going, but soon she was lost, far away from her space pod. The lights flickered on in a sterile white lab. Jenny was pulled out of the kangaroo's pouch and placed upon a table with a cushioned padded over the top of it. Jenny stood there, confused and scared, but she was grateful to be alive. The kangaroo took some tissues and wiped down the inside of her pouch. Jenny blushed, feeling guilty for peeing in the kangaroo woman's pouch. "Sorry." Jenny mumbled. "Sah-Ree? Is that your name, little one?" The kangaroo spoke. She pointed to her chest. "My name is Dr Bounder. Doctor... Bounder..." she emphasized by tapped her chest two more times. Jenny's eyes lit up. She figured the Dr Bounder was trying to communicate with her! She tapped her chest and tried to speak back. "Jenny! Jenny!" she said excitedly. "Well that's strange. Are you trying to communicate with me, Sah-Ree?" Dr Bounder tilted her head and flicked her long ears. "No, that can't be possible. Humans can sometimes parrot words and phrases but they can not speak to us." Jenny looked up, confused. She thought she was making a breakthrough. She tried tapping her chest more saying "Jenny!" over and over. She then tried to repeat Dr Bounder's name back. "Ke-lah Br... Brund-hah." Jenny tried her best to speak the kangaroo's language. Dr Bounder's ears perked up. "Oh, well now that's really intriguing!" Dr Bounder said, clutching her chest. "It almost sounded like you said my name. I knew you were special. Tell you what, I'm going to bring you home with me." She put her hand on Jenny's chest and made her lie back. Using some sheet-like wipes she cleaned Jenny's butt and crotch. Jenny whimpered and squirmed, feeling like an infant. "Stop! I'm not a baby!" Jenny insisted, but to Dr Bounder her words just sounded like childish gibberish. Jenny felt a familiar thick padded going under her. It was a diaper, but it wasn't like the one she wore under her space suit. This one was thick, white, and had babyish decorations along it. Little pink and blue print designs adorned the waistband of the thick baby diapers. Before Jenny could pull the diaper off she had her hands secured in mittens and she was stuffed back into Dr Bounder's pouch. "You must be so tired and hungry running around half naked like that!" Dr Bounder tugged on Jenny's bra. "He he, you almost look like roos with this thing on." Jenny let out a yelp and grabbed at her bra, clutching it and staring up at Dr Bounder angrily. The scientist Kangaroo adjusted her glasses and chuckled. She pat the girl on the head and then left her lab. Dr Bounder parked her vehicle and stepped toward her house. Jenny must have nodded off during the ride home because she found herself just waking up and feeling sleepy as she rested in the tight confines on the pouch. At the top of the stairs was another Kangaroo lady. She slid down the stairs and embraced Dr Bounder. Jenny grunted a bit as she was slightly squished between the two roos. "Nyette!" The other roo said, nuzzling Dr Bounder. The then kisses her on the mouth. "Alkeena. My sweet flower." Nyette Bounder said, kissing back. "Oh my, I almost forgot to introduce you to our new little human!" Alkeena looked down, seeing Jenny sticking out of the pouch. Jenny looked a bit flustered and frustrated as she was stuck in this pouch with two strange eight foot tall alien kangaroo creatures looking at her. "Are you sure we can handle a human together, Nyette?" Alkeena said, reaching down to stroke Jenny's hair. Jenny just stood still, shivering a bit. These aliens did not look hostile, but she was still very nervous around them. "Sure!" Bounder explained. "You know I think she's actually really special. There's something about her. We'll do some tests in the morning." Going up the stairs Jenny was brought to a guest room. There was a soft looking bed in the corner. There was something that looked like a television and next to that was another electronic device with a screen. It was probably a computer, but the keypad was laid out differently. This was an alien world, so it made sense things would be different, but Jenny was surprised by how many things looked the same as on Earth. Jenny was laid back on the bed. Her arms were raised above her hand and she had her wrists tied to the posts with some soft cloth ribbons. Jenny panicked, squirming in her new restraints. "Shh, just relax, little one. I know this is not ideal." Bounder said, stroking Jenny's hair to soothe her. "but until we can get you a crib I don't want you falling out of your bed or wandering off." Jenny still didn't know what Dr Bounder was saying, but she sensed condescension in her tone. Jenny grumbled and tried to preserve her energy. Dr Bounder leaned down. Jenny whimpered, feeling the large roo's head so close her's. The kangaroo woman gave Jenny a kiss on the forehead. Jenny relaxed. The kiss felt nice and she blushed a little over it. She couldn't remember the last time someone made her feel like this. Memories of her own mother were so distant. "I'll see you in the morning my Sah-Ree." Dr Bounder smiled warmly, clutching her hands over her chest. Jenny felt so awkward. Wearing only a diaper and a bra she felt so infantile, but there was something comforting and familiar about this treatment. Bounder left the room and turned off the light, though a night light shone and lit up the ceiling with multicolored stars. Jenny yawned and closed her eyes, feeling comfortable enough to fall asleep now. She even started sucking on her pacifier contentedly. Around the middle of the night Jenny found herself waking up to an overwhelming urge to poop and pee. Normally Jenny would be getting out of bed to go use the toilet, but she found herself still tied to the posts behind her. This wasn't a nightmare she was waking up from. She was still trapped on this alien planet. Now she was in a humiliating position, needing to use a toilet, but being unable to do so. Sometimes Jenny would use her space diaper on missions where she was out in space for extended periods of time with no time for a bathroom break. There was also the incident where she soiled herself during a simulation. She claimed it was because she had a stomach ache, but in reality she just got a little scared and messed herself like a baby. That was a pretty humiliating moment, and now it appeared that even lightyears away from home her reputation as a big baby would remain unchanged. Jenny groaned, unable to hold it in. She couldn't even call for help with the pacifier gagging her mouth. She felt the poop coming out into the diaper. Unlike the maximum absorbency space diapers these were just like regular baby diapers, so Jenny felt everything. She felt the thick logs spreading across her bottom. She felt her warm piss getting all over her crotch and butt. After feeling a thick, warm mess covering her bottom and soggy diapers rubbing against her front she thought there was no way she could possibly get to sleep. Surprisingly though she found herself feeling much more calm. She started to get used to the feeling of her dirty and wet diapers and even started to think they were quite comfortable. Lying limp on the bed Jenny shut her eyes again and let herself drift off to sleep.
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  4. Power Prayer

    I wish I could post the original description so you could see how hard I had to work to keep things coherent! Thank you.
  5. Power Prayer

    This commission took up a lot of my time. Though it’s only about 22 pages the description was rather long, precise, and had quite a few spelling/grammar errors. However I was able to fully translate it and make it into a story that makes sense and hopefully it will be enjoyed by others! Since the story is full of inconsistencies and magic I wrote it in the style of a juvenile children’s literature horror novella (like goosebumps.)A FEW WARNINGS: this story has no sexual content, but it is very MEAN spirited. The Power Prayer Tyler and Colby have always been best friends even though they were two grades apart. When Tyler had transferred to a new school he was very shy and a bit socially awkward. He did not know how to make friends. It was one day on the playground when he met Colby. Even though Colby was in the 3rd grade and Tyler was in the 5th grade the two became fast friends that day. Tyler was being teased by some younger girls for having a wet spot on his pants. It was clearly pee, but Tyler kept insisting the water fountain just splashed him. This just made the girls tease him even more. Colby snuck up behind the girls and put worms down the back of their dresses, making them scream and run away. That's just the way Colby was. He wasn't afraid to get into trouble. Tyler was also grateful Colby never brought up the pee stain on his shorts. Whenever the story was told back Colby always left that part out, which Tyler was grateful for. Colby was also a bit of a bad influence on Tyler. The boy got into much more trouble whenever he was hanging out with Colby. The two boys' parents did not want to separate the two best friends though. They knew that all they had was each other. It was Tyler's aunt Susan that suggested the boys should start going to church together. Colby's parents were originally apprehensive. They were somewhat spiritual, but they've never gone to church, but Susan eventually persuaded the young boy's parents into letting him attend mass together. Colby's parents agreed to let Colby go along with Tyler and his parents to church. At first Colby hated the idea of going to church, but once Tyler entered middle school he knew that going to church with him meant they could at least spend Sundays together until he entered the 6th grade himself. Around the time Tyler was 13 and Colby was 11 the two boys were inseparable. They hung out at home, school, and they often slept over on weekends so they would be waking up bright and early to go to church together on Sundays. Next year Tyler would be going to high school. The high school was located farther up town, which meant Tyler would again only see his friend on Sundays. He wouldn't even be going on the same bus this time. On top of that, high school had a whole 'nother set of social constructs that Tyler wasn't ready for and Colby sure wouldn't be ready for in the next two years either. Tyler really hoped that their friendship could survive it. Our story begins on a typical Sunday with Tyler and Colby waking up in the same bed. Lucky for both of the boys they stopped bedwetting around the same time so neither of them had to be embarrassed about sharing a bed. Only a few years ago they were still sleeping with rubber sheets, but thankfully the first time they slept over there was no more need for the protective covering on their mattresses. It's not like they would have teased each other about it anyway as most of their friendship was held together by not talking about such embarrassing things. While getting dressed for church, Colby was horsing around and throwing his socks. Tyler was trying his best to keep a serious expression as the balled up socks bounced off of him, but soon he was giggling and throwing socks back at Colby. "Ten minutes, boys!" Tyler's mother called from downstairs. "Quit being silly little monkeys and get dressed for church!" Tyler sighed, getting back into serious mode again as he looked in the mirror, buttoning up his dress shirt. This year had been awesome. The two boys spent so much time with each other now. He really didn't want these times to end. At church Colby was fidgeting around, mostly out of boredom. Putting up with one full hour of boring church stuff was just a lot to bear for an 11 year old boy. When you're that young time seems to move a lot slower and even 10 minutes can feel like forever. The priest was droning on about one of his "importance of prayer" sermons. "If you pray for it, with all your heart," the priest said, pacing around as he paused. "It will happen." Colby mouthed the words mockingly making a face. Tyler held back a giggle and then responded in kind. "Yeah right..." he muttered, rolling his eyes. "How about I just pray that this sermon will be over already?" Tyler and Colby snickered, gently pushing and shoving each other as they leaned on the pews. It was a good thing they were sitting by themselves away from the eyes of Tyler's parents otherwise they might get in trouble. When the final hymn was being sung both boys were ready to dart out of there and go hang out in town. Tyler felt his phone vibrate and he pulled it from his jacket pocket. He frowned, seeing a text from his mom telling him that he had chores to get to before he could go out and play with his friend. Colby got a text as well with his mom telling him to help out around Tyler's parent's house. "It's the least you can do for always staying over at their place" his mother added in a second text. Colby groaned and stamped his feet. Tyler looked at Colby and knew that their fun was going to have to wait. "This is such bullcrap." Tyler muttered, tucking his hands into his jacket pockets angrily. "I thought Sunday was supposed to be the day of rest." Colby said. It seemed he only payed attention to stuff in church if he could use it to be a contrarian smartass. That's when he got a snarky smirk on his face. "Why don't we pray to get out of our chores?" "Heh heh, yeah" Tyler chuckled. "Let's just pray that we don't have to do chores ever again!" Colby went back to one of the pews and got on his knees as he clasped his hands together. He snickered slightly. "Dear Lord, please let us be like we were when we were kids. No responsibility, no chores, no boring sermons!" Tyler got down on his knees next to Colby. "And Lord, I would just like to add, we want to remain the same age, but just without our responsibilities." "Amen." Colby nodded with a smile. Tyler looked up, still holding his hands together. He looked around and then turned to Colby with a shrug. "Nothing happened. Guess we know the preacher's just full of baloney." The boys were pulled up by Tyler's mom and dad. Tyler's father looked annoyed, shaking his head slightly. Tyler just clammed up, not wanting to get in trouble. He wondered how much his parents heard. They didn't seem to say anything though and just brought the boys back to the car and drove them back to their house where their chores were awaiting them. Tyler was upset about having to do extra chores on the weekend, but he was glad he at least got to be with Colby. At home Tyler was instructed to clean the entire toilet, including behind it and the floor around it. His mother got on his case so much about sprinkling everywhere when he used the bathroom. She knew Colby was just as guilty so she used the opportunity of his parents making him do chores around the house and had the boy work on cleaning the sink. Tyler was a bit embarrassed as his mom stood in the bathroom doorway and scolded both of the boys for tinkling all over the bathroom. Colby didn't seem all that embarrassed though. He looked over his shoulder, making sure Tyler's mom was gone before he spoke again. "What's her problem?" Colby scoffed. "She's just a neat freak. Don't worry about it." Tyler said, blushing a little as he was cleaning up the dingy puddles behind the toilet. "We're guys! We pee standing up. So a little bit of it gets on the floor sometimes. It's bound to happen!" Colby said as he scrubbed the sink. "She's making such a big deal out of nothing." "Yeah, I can see that." Tyler said with a heavy sigh. "I mean it! Cleaning up a bathroom is women's work anyway." Colby scowled, looking at the sink. "And I aint no lady! I'm a man!" He was halfway right. As his mother said, these two were being 'little boys.' Tyler had to smile at his friend's confidence. He just nodded along in agreement with his friend. He then thought about the prayer the two of them made and secretly wished it would come true. No more chores, no more homework, just two best friends always hanging out together and having fun. At church the next week the boys were sitting in the back. For some reason the church was not as packed today as it usually was, so the boys were able to hang back and play on their phones while pretending to pray. "If you pray for it, and really pray, with all your heart" the priest reiterated, "Your prayer will come back to you, seven-fold!" "Is he still going on about that?" Tyler leaned over to whisper to Colby. "Mmh." Colby barely grunted a response as he played with his phone. The two young boys were so distracted by their own phones they didn't even notice the young 18 year old woman leaning on the pew watching them. She must have been a high school senior. She was wearing a bright pink shirt like the kind the child directors at the church wear. "Would you boys like to come with me to the kiddie room?" She asked in a syrupy tone. Hearing the older girl's voice made Tyler sit up stiff at attention. He froze for a moment and then he turned to Colby. His friend just shrugged. "Hey, beats listening to that old guy preachin' at us." They followed the girl to the back room where all the little kids were. No other kids there were over five years old besides Tyler and Colby. There was a round plastic table in the middle of the room and small plastic chairs that were low to the floor. The older girl placed some sheet papers and crayons on the table. Colby sat at the table first, fiddling with his phone still. Tyler sat down next and curiously picked up a crayon. The children were being noisy, which made sense. The kiddie room was were the youngest children went so they would not be disruptive to the mass. The room got quiet when the woman put on a DVD though. It was just some cute and harmless Disney cartoons, the kind that keep children occupied but do not over-stimulate them. Tyler tried drawing Pluto, doing his best to copy what he saw on the screen. When Colby's phone was just about to run out of charge he too picked up some crayons and tried drawing some killer robots. "You guys are great little artists! What a wonderful gift God has given you." The young woman sounded a bit condescending as she spoke to the boys. Tyler tried not to let it bother him as he found her so attractive, but being the shy boy he was he couldn't speak up. She took the drawings Colby and Tyler made and she hung them on the cork board. She came back with a large tray of animal crackers and another tray of juice boxes. Colby excitedly scarfed down the crackers and gulped down the juice. He always had to wait until after church to have breakfast, so getting to have a snack during church seemed cool to him. Tyler was apprehensive about snacking on what he saw as a "baby" snack. He tried to shake off that notion though. Colby was snacking on the food and juice and he was the most mature kid he knew! He took two animal crackers and nibbled on them slowly as he looked at the childish cartoon playing on the big screen. When the last cartoon ended so did the church service. It seemed like time went a little quicker during this particular Sunday. It was probably because the boys weren't bored out of their minds. Tyler slipped out of the kiddie room along with Colby. He went to find his parents who were smiling and shaking hands with other members of the church. Tyler shook hands with the older folks and Colby shook hands as well, holding a kind of languid posture. He just wanted to head back to Tyler's house already. "Hey." Colby turned to Tyler. "That was weird but it was kind of cool right? I honestly wouldn't mind going to stupid church if it was always like this." "Yeah." Tyler nodded. "You're right, I just think she thought we were actually little kids or something." "You maybe! Also, I saw you looking at her." Colby snickered, giving Tyler a playful shove. The two boys shoved each other back and forth until Tyler's parents turned around and they stopped immediately and put on innocent expressions, hands behind their back. "I guess church was a bit exciting for you today." Tyler's father said. "Do you boys need to take a nap when we get home?" "Oh yeah, church is always a real adventure." Colby said sarcastically. "Don't be a wise butt, Colby. Your mom said it was okay to spank you." Tyler's mom reminded the boy. "Not that I would. Now get on in the car." The car ride back home was silent. Colby wasn't able to play on his phone since he used up the battery all the way and Tyler didn't bother playing with his phone in the car since it usually made him car sick. Not even Tyler's parents were saying anything. When the car pulled into the parking space Tyler could see the car of Colby's parents. He turned to Colby who just shrugged, looking confused as him. "You know the cabin up where we take our vacations?" Tyler's dad said as he entered the house first. Tyler's face lit up. Was he going to get to go on vacation this week? The cabin was so fun. It had wifi, but he also had great memories of hiking in the woods and swimming in the lake. It was also just fun to pee outside! "Don't get too excited." His mom chimed in. "Your father and I, as well as Colby's parents, are going to vacation up there for the week. It's just a grown-up thing I'm afraid." "Oh." Tyler's heart sank. "Well, that's cool. Me and Colby can just hold down the fort here." "Not so fast." Dad chuckled. "We can't trust you troublemakers on your own. You'll be staying with Aunt Susan." "Not Aunt Susan!" Tyler whined. "Hey! Your aunt is a sweet lady and she loves you very much!" Mom spoke up. "If you really want to be left on your own in the future then you need to show me you can be a respectful young adult and start acting like one." Tyler walked away to his room, grumbling. Colby followed behind his friend, watching him pack his clothes for the week. Colby's stuff was already packed in his duffle bag that he brought with him when he went to visit Tyler's house. "Is that the same Susan that made me start going to church with you guys?" Colby asked. "You don't know the half of it. She's some lonely old lady that never had kids of her own and she runs her own daycare. On top of that she's crazy religious and very strict!" Tyler complained, packing his game systems. "Unlike mom she will spank you, so just watch out for that." "Yeah I'd like to see her try. I'd give her a kie-yaaah!" Colby kicked the air. Tyler's cheeks puffed up and then he bust out laughing. It was amusing just for the vivid visual he had in his head of Colby high-kicking his aunt, but also for the absurdity of him ever getting away with it. He knew that such an action would get him punished so bad! "Come on, boys! It's a long way to Aunt Susan's!" Mom called from downstairs. Tyler hung his head and groaned. He picked up his bags and headed down the stairs along with Colby. Before heading out though Mom stood at the door and looked down at the two boys. "Did you remember to go to the toilet first?" Mom asked, raising an eyebrow. "Oh my God, Mom!" Tyler responded, blushing deeply. "Don't get so fussy! We're not taking any stops and I just don't want any wet pants before we get there." Mom said, restating her case. "And don't be using the lord's name is vain while you're at Aunt Susan's. You know she hates that." Mom took the duffle bags from the boys and set them by the door. "I can carry my own bags, ma'am." Colby said as his bag was taken away. "You wont be needing them. She's got everything there for you." Dad said, ushering the boys to the car. "Can I at least get some of my things from my bag?" Tyler asked with a whine in his voice. He was ignored as Dad buckled the boy's seat belt for him. Tyler's mom buckled up Colby next. The boys were so confused. The car ride over to Aunt Susan's place now felt a lot more foreboding as they were pretty much diving in unprepared with none of their 'survival' supplies. ~ "Boys!" Aunt Susan greeted them at her door. She was unusually cheerful this time around. Not the prim and puritanical lady Tyler was used to. She scooped both of the boys into her arms, hugging them close. "Bye kids!" Colby's mom called out from the car as the two cars peeled out of the drive way. "We love you! Be good!" Colby frowned, seeing his mom and dad leave. For the first time ever he was actually sad to see his parents leave him alone. It was mostly because he was being left alone with some strange lady he had never met before but he heard scary stories about. "Come on, let's get inside. I want to show you to your room." Aunt Susan said with a bright smile. Aunt Susan was in her mid 40s. She looked a bit tough for her age. She actually seemed a bit younger than Tyler remembered. Perhaps this was because she started going to a gym, so her body was much more toned these days. Her hair was a light brown with some gray coming in, but it was still very full and bouncy. She had the same old fashioned flower dresses and frilly aprons that Tyler remembered though. The guest room was on the first story of the house, tucked behind the stairs. The ceiling on one side was sloped because of this, but it made the room look pretty cool. There was room for two twin beds, decked out in some outer space themed bedsheets. In the closet were plenty of different clothes for them to wear. At the far corner of the room were old game systems. They were mostly vintage stuff and not the modern games the boys were used to, but they were grateful to have anything to play. There was just one computer which the boys were probably expected to share. It used the old style CRT monitor. "The wifi password is on the computer desk." Aunt Susan started to explain things. "Now I just have some very basic rules, but I promise as long as you follow them we'll get along just fine! Always pick up after yourselves. Put dirty laundry in the basket. Show me the same respect you show your own parents. I expect pleases, thank yous, and yes ma'am and no ma'ams. Finally, do not go upstairs. I mean it. That's the most important rule. This is an old house and some parts of it I just do not want you wandering into or messing up." "Um, thanks Aunt Susan." Tyler said, a bit surprised by how nice Aunt Susan was being, but he welcomed it. "You're pretty cool Miss Susan." Colby said with a smile. "Thank you, Colby! You seem like a cool kid yourself!" Susan smiled. "Feel free to call me Aunt Susan or just ma'am." Colby and Tyler exchanged glances. Tyler shrugged. He didn't know what to say about this surprising change of character for his aunt. The boys wandered around the spacious room, checking out everything that was there. It seemed that along with the games and toys there were also some preschool things tucked in there as well. It probably came from Susan's daycare and just got mixed up with the other stuff. "Now I heard that you boys were good at looking after yourselves. I hope that's true as I will be gone most mornings. I have a meeting today and I wont be home until late." Aunt Susan handed a piece of paper with her number on it. "You call me if you need anything. Also, you can order a pizza for dinner if you like. I left some cash on the kitchen table." Before leaving Aunt Susan gave the boys a big hug and even planted big, wet kisses on their cheeks. Tyler squirmed a bit, but Colby just laughed. This was going to be great! Maybe being at Aunt Susan's wouldn't be so bad after all? Even though Tyler wasn't going to be spending his time at his favorite vacation spot, this particular vacation away from responsibilities like school and chores was better than he could have imagined. That night was filled with pizza and games. The classic game systems may have been old, but they were still fun to play. Colby especially found himself enjoying the 16 bit games. His father played games like that when he was a kid, so it was like being transported back in time. With no adult supervision the boys pretty much played with games and toys all through the night and did not fall asleep until midnight, full of pizzas and sodas. They almost never got to stay up so late, and they really thought they could keep it up all night long. When they finally crashed though they crashed pretty hard, splayed out on their beds still dressed in their clothes from the day before. MONDAY On Monday morning the boys woke up around 10 AM, feeling a little groggy from their laissez faire carousing last night. It was like having a hangover just without the alcohol. Sitting up in his bed he saw a big pink sheet of paper by his night stand. It was a note from his aunt. Dear Boys, I'm very sorry that I wont be able to make you breakfast this morning. There are leftovers in the fridge for you. I am not sure when I will be back home, so I hope you can handle things on you own again today. Feel free to stay in your rooms or play outside but do not go upstairs! Tyler was confused by how insistent Aunt Susan was about the upstairs portion of the house, but he wasn't going to question it right now. He nudged Colby who was sitting up but still with his eyes closed. "Come on, man! We have another day of goofing off to get to!" Tyler giggled. "I'm so glad we don't have school today." Colby smiled a bit, rubbing his eyes. "Those poor saps that still have to go to class are missing out." The boys were too preoccupied with the old video games and watching youtube videos on the ancient computer to go outside and get some fresh air. Before they knew it they had spent most of the morning just in that one little room. Some time in the afternoon though, while Colby was using the toilet, there was a loud bang coming from upstairs. Colby's stream went everywhere as he backed up from being suddenly startled. He muttered under his breath as he tried to finish up quickly. He didn't even shake off the last drops as he zipped his pants back up and ran to Tyler. "Did you hear that?" Colby asked, peeking into the room. "You heard it too?" Tyler said, turning around from the computer desk. "I'm seeing what that was." Colby said, picking up a baseball bat. "Come on, don't do that. It's probably just some raccoon that got into the attic or something." Tyler said nervously. "I don't want to get caught snooping around upstairs for something stupid." "I told you, Tyler, we're men! This is what men do. Even if it's against the rules." Colby stated with conviction. "Fine, but you probably don't need that bat." Tyler got up, dusting himself off. Slowly the boys crept up the stairs, listening closely. There were some faint noises, but the boys couldn't really make out what they were. In the dark hallway there was light shining through the bottom of one of the doors. Colby got down, pressing his cheek to the carpet so he could peek under the door. That's when he saw some small feet run by the door. He lifted his head quickly. "What do you see?" Tyler whispered. "I don't know. I'm going to find out." Colby reached for the door, opening it just a crack. There was the sound of another bang. This time it came from outside. It was the sound of a car door being shut. "Crap! She's home!" Tyler quickly made his way to the stairs, leaning back and almost sliding down the steps. Colby followed right behind his friend. Both boys were at the bottom of the stairs when Aunt Susan opened the front door, holing some bags. She looked at the boys who seemed to be out of breath, even though they were trying to just stand around casually, leaning on the wall. "Okay, what have you been up to?" Aunt Susan asked, cocking an eyebrow. "We've just been having fun, playing... sports." Tyler said. He winced at his stupid excuse. He could have said they were playing baseball outside considering Colby was still holding a bat. Sports! How stupid could he be? "You know what happens to little fibbers? Little fibbers always get found out." Aunt Susan said, not even looking at the boys as she spoke. She just unloaded her bag of groceries, putting everything away. "Oh my GOD that was close." Tyler said in a hushed tone to his friend. They hurried back to their room. "I thought she was going to be gone for the rest of the day! Dang man, we were almost caught." "Yeah, but the point is we weren't caught." Colby went back to his games. Tyler sat there at the computer again. He was going to ask Colby about what he saw, but he figured he would just keep to himself and play some games quietly. His heart was still pounding from the experience. Aunt Susan didn't even question the boys, but something in her tone made it sound like she knew the boys were breaking the rules. The thought of getting caught and punished by Aunt Susan was a little nerve-racking. He tried to put his mind at ease by just getting lost online again. That night the boys were up late once again, getting full on sodas as usual. TUESDAY There was a faint sound of a faucet, slowly dripping. At least that's what it sounded like. The dripping got faster until it was making a full-on trickling noise. Tyler's eyes shot open and he sat up straight. He was in his bed and he was wearing some light blue pajamas that covered his whole body. They had a zipper going up the front, going from his stomach up to his neck. He then noticed with horror that there was a huge dark stain all over the front and back of the pajamas. His sheets underneath him were soaking wet. He turned and saw Colby was waking up too and having the same realization. He was also dressed in the toddler style pajamas and he was soaking wet all around his waist. Catching each other's glances the boys looked away, blushing deeply. Neither of them could remember when they fell asleep. Last night seemed to be a blur right after they had their dinner. As usual, nothing needed to be discussed between the two boys as they stripped the soaking wet sheets off of their beds. They also stripped out of the sopping wet pajamas. It was no big deal being naked since they weren't looking at each other anyway, both of them far too embarrassed to even half-acknowledge their soaked state. After wiping themselves dry and getting dressed Tyler finally spoke up. "Hey, let's go to the movies." "Yeah man! We've been cooped up in the place too long." Colby hopped into his jeans and threw a t-shirt over his head. The clothing choices were much more limited now with either overalls or dungarees for pants and brightly color shirts with little animals on them. It wasn't too unusual, though it seemed annoying that Aunt Susan didn't give them regular clothes to wear. The boys still smelled pretty strong from their nocturnal accident, but they weren't able to smell themselves. Not that it mattered to the carefree boys who just wanted to see the latest super hero film. After a fun, action-packed movie the boys headed to a McDonald's. They had forgotten all about their embarrassing damp wake up and were now just overly excited bouncing around the fast food place. An old lady smiled as she saw the boys playing around and commented on their cute outfits. "Oh my grandson has those same shirts!" She smiled. "I bet you boys have worked up an appetite! Here, let me buy you some kid's meals." The old lady reached into her purse gingerly, pulling out a few dollars and change. Tyler twisted his face in disgust at the very idea of someone paying for a simple meal that cost less than four dollars! He made more than that in his allowance! "Lady, we don't-" "Shh-Shut up!" Colby nudged his friend, smiling. "Dude, it's free burgers and fries! We can spend our money on other stuff!" "Yeah, I guess." Tyler muttered. He still frowned, looking a little offended still. When the Happy Meal boxes came to the boys the old lady stood there looking at them with a big smile. "Now now, little boys, what do we say?" Tyler pouted. He wasn't about to say thank you for something he didn't even ask for, but Colby gave him another nudge. Both boys said "thank you" in unison before darting out of the McDonald's, running home with the Happy Meals in hand. "All I'm saying is, don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Colby leaned back in a bean bag chair, tossing french fries in his mouth. He got most of them in while some fell behind him. "You don't even know what that expression means." Tyler joked, tossing a french fry at Colby, which his friend actually caught in his mouth. "I do too!" Colby said with his mouth full. "It just means be grateful you got something and don't look for problems with it." "Well then what's a gift horse?" Tyler asked, smirking. "He's the Santa Claus of horses." Colby explained "and if you look inside his mouth he'll eat your face off." The two boys laughed and Tyler nearly fell out of his chair. That's when they heard another loud noise from upstairs. Their laughter immediately stopped and their eyes widened as they stared upwards. The boys looked at each other, wondering if they should risk going upstairs again. "What are the odds Aunt Susan is going to come home unexpectedly a second time?" Colby boldly stood up. "Come on, let's find out what's up there once and for all." "Fine." Tyler said, pulling himself to his feet." Before going up the stairs Colby looked outside. He seemed to be checking for Susan's car just to see if the crazy old lady might be out there just waiting for them. The coast was clear, so Colby lead the charge and started bounding up the stairs two steps at a time. Colby and Tyler stood with their backs against the wall in the hallway. Colby grabbed the doorknob and struck a kung-fu pose as he leapt into the door frame. The boys' jaws dropped. Inside the room was an oversized nursery. It was almost identical to the little guest room they were sleeping in, even with the ceiling at an angle on one side where it met with the roof. There were toddler clothes, lots of baby toys. Where the computer desk would have been there was a play desk with some busy boxes on top. The television was behind a large protective Plexiglas frame which was obviously for a little one's protection and to ensure only parental approved things would be put on the screen. Finally the beds had bars around them and were clearly turned into large cribs. Colby walked ahead of Tyler, putting his hands on the bars of one of the cribs. He mouthed "what the hell" silently as he explored the nursery. Tyler looked confused, but he also felt very fearful at the same time. There was something very frightening to him about a nursery this big, especially one that seemed to mirror the room he and Colby were staying in. It was like looking into a funhouse mirror. Seeing a crib that was large enough for him to fit in gave him a sickly feeling in the pit on his stomach. Just like last time there was the sound of Aunt Susan's car door slamming shut. "Seriously, dude?" Colby whispered to himself. He put his hands on Tyler, helping him exit the mysterious room. Colby could see his friend was a little stunned and not moving quick enough so he did his best to help him get down the stairs before Susan could open the front door. "Hello boys. What kind of mischief did you get into today?" Aunt Susan asked, carrying some boxes and setting them in the living room. She wasn't really looking at the boys. If she did she might have seen their awkward body language as they poorly attempted to look nonchalant. "Oh you know-" Colby gulped as he caught his breath. "Just eatin' pretzels and drinking beer while watching the big game." "Very funny." Aunt Susan rolled her eyes. Tyler was just calming down as he entered their bedroom. He sat on his bed, completely forgetting for a second that it didn't have his sheets on it. Colby sat in front of the television, playing the Super Nintendo and acting like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. During this moment of calm Aunt Susan peeked into the door frame. "Oh boys." She said, getting their attention. She walked through the door and held up the stained bed sheets. The color left Tyler's face as he realized they forgot to finish washing their clothes. "What happened here? And why didn't you tell me right away about it when I got home?" "We didn't think we had to tell you about every little thing." Colby said. "Besides, we were cleaning the sheets ourselves!" "I can't really expect you to wash your own sheets and pee pee soaked jammies when you can barely aim in the toilet." Aunt Susan started showing her impatient side. Colby shut up and sank into his chair. "Look, I'm going to deal with this laundry and clean up any other messes I find, so I need you boys to go play outside. Why don't you play some of those 'sports' you like so much, Tyler." Colby and Tyler stood outside. There wasn't really much to do in the back yard. There was a basketball hoop and a few balls, but the boys didn't much feel like playing. "This sucks." Colby said, his face getting very red. "I don't know what she's mad about. We were doing the laundry by ourselves!" Tyler said. "Everyone's always telling us to do chores and now when we actually do them we get in trouble for it?" "Yeah," Colby nodded. "She's being a real b-" "Boys!" Aunt Susan called from the window. "You can come back inside now!" Tyler and Colby walked with heavy feet back to their room. Colby noticed right away that the video games had been taken away. He made a face as if to say "what gives?" New sheets were on the beds with puppy and dog bone patterns. It was a step down from the space themed sheets they had before. Not quite babyish as the sheets that were in the nursery crib, but still not the kind of sheets a teen and preteen would be sleeping in. "The lying, sneaking around, and fibbing I just can not tolerate, so until you start acting mature again there will be no more video games, no internet, and the television has been locked out with the parental controls set to only g-rated shows." Aunt Susan held her hands on her hips. "Furthermore, you now have protective sheets on your beds and each night I'll be fixing a diaper to your butts. This isn't part of the punishment. This is just to keep the mattresses and floors clean." "That's total bullcrap!" Tyler mouthed off. "You can't treat us like babies because of one accident!" "Language, Tyler! This is precisely why I'm restricting you. Speaking to me like that, I mean honestly!" Aunt Susan reached out and grabbed Tyler, yanking him by the wrist and then pulling down the back of his pants. She started to smack Tyler's butt right there in front of his friend. Colby looked away bashfully, feeling awkward about his friend getting spanked like that in front of him. He never seen anyone else get spanked before! He was usually the only one getting spanked. "Stop it!" Tyler said, his voice cracking as tears rolled down his face. "I'll call the cops on you! Th-this is abuse!" "Oh get over it. It's just a spank on your bottom, not a slap in the face! I am your legal guardian and I am allowed to dole out spankings when I see fit." Aunt Susan explained, pulling Tyler's pants back up over his sore bottom. "You know your parents gave me permission to spank the both of you. Yes, including you, Colby. I'm surprised a smart-aleck like you hasn't been spanked by me already!" Colby didn't say anything. He just kept his mouth shut, knowing better than to get on the bad side of this woman. She was showing her true colors, a strict disciplinarian. The two boys were much more docile after Aunt Susan's display. They ate their dinners quietly at the dinner table. They only spoke up to say "please" and "thank you" just like little gentlemen. As soon as they finished their last bites Aunt Susan pulled their plates away and set them in the sink. She pointed outward. "Hop in the shower, both of you. I'm going to need you to save water by washing at the same time." She tapped her foot, waiting for the boys to rush into the shower. Colby and Tyler had been naked around each other plenty of times, but this time felt far more embarrassing than normal. It was really hard to not look at each other as they washed up in the cramped shower. They even had to slide across each other to take turns rinsing off under the shower head. The moment the boys stepped out Aunt Susan was right there waiting for them with towels. She wrapped the boys up and vigorously rubbed them dry with the large and fluffy towels. She then guided them back to their room where some odd looking locks were attached to the headboards of their beds. On the dresser were neatly stacked light blue baby pajamas just like the ones they woke up in that morning. On top of those jammies were some special protective underwear. They were made to look like boy's briefs on the outside but had the absorbent leak-proof core on the inside. "You can't be serious! No!" Colby pouted. He clutched his towel to himself tightly, walking with it like it was a cape as he grabbed the pull-ups with a free hand and tossed them to the floor. "What did I just tell you, Colby?" Aunt Susan rushed over to the boy throwing his tantrum. She whipped the towel off of him and swiftly smacked his bare naked butt. Colby howled and danced in place as a red hand-print faded into sight on his cheeks. "Since you decided to mouth off you'll be getting dressed first." Aunt Susan tugged the training undies up Colby. They were snug. The woman really knew these boys' sizes. She then started to tug the footed pajamas up Colby's legs and then zipped them all the way up. She took a small padlock and fixed it to the top of the zipper. The padlock was hooked into the hole of the zipper tab and a ring at the top of the pajamas. This kept the clothing from being unzipped. "What's that for?" Tyler asked nervously. "You said you were big boys." Aunt Susan explained, pulling away Tyler's towel next and pulling his training undies up for him. "And big boys should be able to hold it over night. If not, well, you've got your padding this time." She patted the seat of Tyler's puffy underwear. She got his pajamas and pulled them up, locking the zipper in place just like she did for Colby. The boys were sat in front of the television while Aunt Susan got their beds ready. Colby was tugging on the zipper tab, trying to at least break it so he could pull the stupid baby jammies off, but they would not budge. The television was playing some pre-recorded preschool shows. Both boys felt so childish in that moment, strictly confined to pull-ups with toddler jammies and watching baby cartoons. Aunt Susan swiftly grabbed Tyler, pulling him to his feet and leading him over to the bed where he was laid on his back. She used the locks at the headboard of the bed to strap his wrists above his head. Tyler jerked his arms, unable to move them. He could only move his lower half. "Why are you doing this?" Tyler whimpered. "As if you didn't know!" Aunt Susan spoke with anger in her voice. "The whole reason you're being punished isn't just because you've soiled perfectly good sheets and mattresses. It's because I know you've been snooping around where you shouldn't have! I told you boys not to wander around certain parts of the house, but you've deliberately disobeyed me!" Colby turned and was about to run out when he was grabbed and pushed face-down on the bed. He was then flipped over and had his wrists strapped above him as well. "I would suggest not kicking too much. I'm not going to keep tucking you back in and I'm sure you don't want to get cold." Aunt Susan fixed the blankets over each boy. Colby tucked in his lips. He wanted to curse out Susan so bad, but part of him wondered if this punishment could get worse. He held his tongue for now and just tried his best to jerk free from his confinement. Aunt Susan walked to the door and shut off the light. She left the door open a crack so they would have a little light from the hallway for them. With all their struggling the boys eventually tired themselves out and fell asleep. WEDNESDAY Tyler woke up to the feeling of hot piss rushing out of him. Even though he was still in bed and far from a toilet it felt so relaxing to just pee right where he was laying. Soon he realized just how wet he was and sat up in the bed. He felt his wrists and noticed he was no longer bound to the headboard. Looking down he saw that his pajamas were soaking wet and so were his blankets. The rubber sheet underneath the bed cover was keeping a small reservoir of pee all around him. Anything that wasn't soaked up by the sheets or his pajamas and pull-ups was still a puddle under his butt. Just then he heard Colby waking up and instinctively tugged on his blanket to try and hide the large pissy accident he just made. His fears were moot though as Colby had also heavily wet his bed. Colby slid off his bed and looked down at his sodden pajamas. He pulled on the damp fabric that was clinging to his skin and shuddered a bit as he felt it slowly peeling off of him, only to adhere back with a wet slap as soon as he let go. The boys looked at each other and their faces reddened quickly. It was utterly humiliating to wake up so wet. The boys tugged down the zippers on her dripping pajamas, which were thankfully no longer locked tight. Tyler wondered when Aunt Susan took them out of the locks, but he didn't say anything, just keeping his mouth shut for now. Once again they just cleaned up by wiping themselves down with napkins and paper towels. Colby went to the dresser to find something clean and dry to wear. "What the hell!" Colby raised his voice. "There's no more underwear in here!" Tyler went to look in his own dresser. When he pulled open the top drawer he saw that all the underwear was replaced with pull-up training pants. He frowned, looking angry, but he didn't want to speak about it. He opened up the other drawers, seeing only overalls and more childish looking baby animal shirts. Rather than fuss about longer he put the toddler clothes on. "Guess we're going commando." Colby said as he tugged up a pair of overalls, pulling them over his shoulders. "I really don't want to wear these dumb clothes, but we need to get out of here." Tyler grumbled. "I'm with you. Let's get a bite to eat first. I'm starving." Colby whined, holding his tummy. Tyler headed down the stairs first, glancing about to make sure that his aunt wasn't down there waiting for them. He went into the pantry and pulled open a box of pop-tarts. Colby grabbed a package and tore it open. He hungrily ate the pastry without even toasting it. Tyler ate a bit slower. Both boys ended up getting crumbs on themselves which they just brushed off. "Do you know where your aunt keeps her phone?" Colby asked, wiping his mouth. "If she keeps a phone anywhere it's probably locked in her room." Tyler said with a frown. "She probably doesn't want us calling anyone. We're going to have to hoof it to the police station." Nervously the boys headed for the front door. On the one hand they needed to find help, but on the other they weren't so sure they wanted anyone to see them dressed the way they were. Tyler felt something hugging his waist and crotch. He flinched and then looked at Colby who also seemed pretty shocked. Colby tugged on his overalls and looked inside. "How did-" Colby looked weirded out by what he was seeing. Tyler put his hand over the front of his pants, feeling around curiously. He realized he was wearing a pull-up and Colby must be in one as well. Feeling more embarrassed than frightened Tyler turned for the door and tried to get back into the house before anyone could see him. The door had locked itself somehow though. "There's some freaky voodoo going on here." Colby's voice trembled. He was clearly shaken by this. "Screw it, we have to find help." With little regard for his dignity Colby ran up to the first adult he could see. He tried explaining that he and his friend Tyler were being controlled by some fanatical religious woman. The man watering his lawn just shrugged at the kid and gave him a confused look. "Go on, go back home" is all he said to him. Tyler ran over to a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. "You have to help us!" he cried desperately. The woman shook her head and then waved her hand out like she was shooing the boy away. Tyler's pull-ups seemed to crinkle loudly each time he moved around. He wanted to just yank them off, but there was no way to remove them without completely stripping naked. Not being able to get back into the house he just couldn't get the pull-ups off until he found somewhere private to do it. Colby ran back up to his friend. "Even the cops around here are acting weird!" Colby whimpered. "Why doesn't anyone believe us?" "Let's go to the McDonald's. We can take these stupid pull-ups off in the bathrooms." Tyler nodded at his plan, which he figured would go off without a hitch. Tyler and Colby walked to the fast food place. Tyler gritted his teeth, feeling like everyone was just staring at him as he walked down the street, crinkling all the way. Glancing ahead he saw some teenage girls close to his age. They cupped her hands over their mouths as they whispered to each other, watching the boys awkwardly walk with the bulk of training pants between their legs. The girls giggled at them. Tyler felt so ashamed. He wondered if the girls knew they were wearing pull-ups. Inside the restaurant Tyler made a bee-line for the men's room. There was a lock on it though. A sign next to the door read "For Employees And Customers Only." "Crap." Tyler said under his breath. "Crap crap crap!" "I have some change. Let's just get some small fries and hurry!" Colby said. He rushed over to the counter and slapped down a couple dollars in quarters and dimes, demanding they get a key for the bathroom. "Sure, boys." A young woman at the cash registered smiled at them. "Just have a seat and we'll have your order ready in a minute." "I don't care about your crappy fries!" Colby shouted, growing impatient. Two large high chairs are rolled up behind the boys. Colby jumps forward in surprise when he sees the high chair. It seemed to just come out of nowhere! That's when they both felt themselves being lifted up and strapped into the high chairs. Tyler panics and tries to get out, but they've been strapped down tight. A tray of a full meal is slapped down in front of each boy, seemingly coming out of nowhere. It's burgers, fries, and sippy cups of juice to drink. Tyler watches in horror as a plastic fork and knife moves by itself and starts cutting the burger into small bite-size bits. The food comes up to his face and he turns away, not wanting to eat the food. Its shoved into his face anyway. He sees the same thing is happening to Colby. Next the sippy cups are pushed into the boys' mouths and their heads are tilted back. They are forced to gulp down the juice as it fills their mouths. After the sudden force-fed meal the boys feel very full. Colby holds his stomach, feeling cramps. He groans for a moment and suddenly a loud fart goes into the back of his pull-up, followed by the soft crackling sound of poop coming out. Tyler cringes, not wanting to see that happen to his friend. He then feels it happening to himself. A large log comes out into his trainers, lifting him slightly from his high chair as it fills up the back. A loud hiss noisily comes from the front as he wets the very dirty undergarment next. Tyler sobs quietly. He hadn't had an accident like this since he was in grade school. The boys are unable to do anything about their current state except cry. Colby, who normally seems so tough, was now doubled over in the high chair, sobbing into his arms as pee overflowed from his overalls and dripped onto the hard floor below him. It wasn't long before a couple of parents entered the fast food place with their own toddlers. A twin pair of a boy and a girl who looked to be about three years old. The small girl was wearing a pretty ballerina dress and she clearly didn't have pull-ups on, unlike the two wet and messy boys up in their high chair. She noticed the boys right away, pointing at them. "Those babies are crying! Are they wet?" The little girl asked curiously. "I don't know." The mommy said. "I don't see their parents around, so I guess we'll have to check." The father comes over, unstrapping Colby first. "Yeah, this one's wet!" he called over his to wife. "Stinky too!" "Yeah I think we have two poopy pants here." the mother stated as she felt the back of Tyler's pants. Tyler whimpered as he felt the poop pressing against his bottom as he was checked. He watched helplessly as Colby was pulled out of the high chair and carried like a baby by the father. He was able to get the bathroom key without any hassle. Tyler looked down at the twins just staring up at him. It was bad enough being wet and messy, but he had an audience too. Colby was set down on the baby changing station. Miraculously the baby changing table was able to support the weight of the 11 year old boy. His overalls were taken off and then his pull-ups were torn open like a diaper. The father didn't seemed to bothered by Colby's odor. He must have been used to changing dirty diapers by now. He expertly wiped Colby down and then threw out the soiled trainers. Reaching into a handbag he pulled out some baby diapers. He set them underneath Colby and sprinkled the powder onto him. He then taped the diaper shut. Colby was surprised at how well the baby diaper fit. It seemed to be bigger just by being on him. He is then set down on the floor as the dad peeks out of the bathroom door. "Let's get the big one now." the father said with a smile. His wife smiled back, picking up Tyler and carrying him to the bathroom. Her children follow right behind as she didn't want them out of her sight. Tyler squirmed in the woman's arms, begging her to set him down. "I think you'll need help with this one. He's really fussy!" the woman giggled, bouncing Tyler in her arms. The father held Tyler down while the mother undressed him and ripped open his filthy pull-up. Tyler kicked weakly as he was being cleaned and wiped like a baby. He saw Colby on the floor, looking a bit dazed. At least his friend wasn't watching his humiliating diaper change, but the twins still were. The girl covered her mouth, giggling as she watched from below. Tyler was put in a nice thick diaper and then set back on the floor. Tyler didn't stick around to see what else would happen. He grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him out of the bathroom, running towards the exit. "What, no thank you?" The mom said, hands on her hips with a smile. The boys could hear her voice fading as they made distance between her. "Well that's gratitude for ya!" Now they were outside, wearing nothing but diapers. Colby snapped out his daze just in time to realize he had to run away. The boys ran the best they could with bulky diapers on their bodies. They stopped at a playground, catching their breath. Rather than worrying about being naked in public Tyler reached for his diaper and tried to yank it off. The diaper wouldn't budge though. It seemed strongly attached to him! Colby tried pulling on his diaper as well, but he couldn't even break the plastic. Exhausted from running and struggling to take off the diapers the two boys sat down on the playground equipment and sighed. Tyler didn't want to say anything, but he knew they had to come up with some kind of plan. "I don't know what to do, but there has to be some way for us to get out of this." Tyler sighed. "Well," Colby spoke up "Do you know any wizards?" Right when Colby said that a woman in a beautiful blue dress came by. She was pushing two oversized strollers and stopped in front of the boys. She clasped her hands together as she looked down at them. "Are you boys lost? Let me help you find your way home." She picked up Tyler and set him in one of the strollers. The straps tightened around him, locking him in the stroller. Fed up, Colby ran to his friend and tried to free him. Laughing dismissively the woman picked up Colby and set him in the other stroller where he was also strapped down. Colby felt so confined in the tight straps. He opened his mouth about to cuss the woman out. "You b-" Each boy had their mouths stuffed with pacifiers. They were unable to spit the pacifiers out and had to suck on them. For some reason, sucking on the pacifier made Colby feel sleepy. As his eyelids grew heavy he turned to look at his friend who was also nodding off. Soon the boys fell asleep. When the boys came to they found themselves back at the front door of Aunt Susan's house. They were still strapped into their strollers and could not budge though. Tyler looked down and felt the front of his diaper. He was soaking wet again! Worse still, the back of his diaper felt quite lumpy. Colby twisted his face in a look of shame and disgust as he realized he too was sitting in a dirty diaper. Aunt Susan's car pulled into the drive way and she stepped out, looking down at the boys with a disappointed expression. She clucked her tongue and shook her head slowly as she walked up to the boys. Colby scowled at her, but Tyler just whimpered, feeling more intimidated by this woman than ever. "Well it looks like you just couldn't keep out of trouble today, now could you?" Aunt Susan bent down, placing her hands on the boys' diapers. "Yeah, you two need a change. Let's get you back inside." Wheeling the boys in by their strollers she parked them in the living room. She turns and locks the door. Hearing the heavy click of the lock as it slid into place made Tyler's heart sink. It almost felt like they were being locked in a prison. What happened next though was really disturbing. Aunt Susan clapped her hands twice and the soft, cuddly teddy bears in the living room stood up, coming to life. More teddy bears appeared behind furniture and coming out of closets. There were about a dozen of them it seemed like and they stood in front of the boys, looking up at Susan as if waiting for orders. "Please get these boys ready for dinner." She commanded. "Yes indeedy, ma'am!" One of the bears said in a cute child-like voice. The other bears giggled like small children as they huddled around the boys. Tyler was too shocked to speak, but Colby was yelling and kicking his legs as six of the bears surrounded him and pulled him out of the stroller. Colby's screams were muffled by the pacifier that was still stuck in his mouth. He still couldn't spit it out. Tyler felt the bears grabbing him next as he was unstrapped from the stroller and lifted out of it. Their little paws were strong but still felt like soft plush. The boys were then carried up the stairs to the nursery. Humming a happy tune the bears brought the boys to a changing table and tossed them up onto it. They were held down by cuddly little arms as they had their soiled diapers stripped off. There was little the boys could do to get out of it. Colby struggled in vain as he was held down and got wiped up like the dirty boy he was. Tyler could only look on helplessly yet again as his friend was being babied. He winced as he felt his own diaper being opened and his dirty bottom getting wiped. He was then wrapped in a fresh diaper after being powdered. The strong odor of their accidents was now thankfully replaced with the much more pleasant smell of baby powder floating in the air. They are finally put into brand new onesie pajamas. The pajamas looked just like the ones they wet through last night, only these ones were clean now. They even had the same ring at the top of the zipper which the bears used to put the small padlock through, keeping them trapped in the jammies and unable to get out. Hoisting the boys up and tossing them from the changing tables they were caught by other little bears on the floor. The bears held the boys above their heads and marched down the stairs with them. Their little plush feet made squeaking sounds as they hit each step on the way down. In the middle of the living room was a play pen that looked like it just got set up. They were set in the play pen and had their pacifiers removed from their mouths finally. Tyler and Colby didn't say much. There was nothing they could really say at all. The television was set to some baby cartoons. These were even more childish and mindless than the cartoons they were forced to watch last time. Tyler looked so annoyed. He stood up in the play pen, shaking the side of it. It didn't look very sturdy, but somehow he was unable to move it in the slightest. Feeling defeated he sat back down in the pen and just pouted. He couldn't even cry, feeling like she cried his eyes out completely earlier today. "Dinner time!" Susan called from the dining room in a sing-song voice. The voice seemed to alert the happy teddy bears who marched to the play pen and opened it up. Tyler thought about running but for some reason his legs felt too weak. His legs wobbled as he struggled to stand up, but the bears carried him anyway. The bears stacked themselves in totem formations beside two high chairs. They passed the boys upward and then strapped them into the chairs. Next each boy was fixed with little bibs that read "messy boy" on them. Aunt Susan placed baby bottles of warm milk and little jars of baby food before them. While Aunt Susan sat down to have a full dinner for herself the happy little bears spoon-fed the boys their baby food. Tyler opened his mouth and ate obediently, not wanting to prove the bib right that he was "messy." He just couldn't let that be true. Colby resisted though, showing that he clearly needed the bib as his food got on it, as well as all around his face. When their baby food was finished the cuddly teddy bears held the baby bottles to their mouths. Resisting the bottles was quite futile at this point so they gave in and just drank down the milk, feeling their stomachs get coated with the warm and smooth liquid. Tyler really had to pee after that. He knew it was pointless to try and hold it so he just gave in to his urges and let loose a hot stream into his diaper. His eyelids drooped as he felt so relaxed. A faint sigh came from Colby and Tyler just knew that his friend was wetting his diapers as well. The teddy bears whipped their heads around, giving each other knowing glances and then covered their mouths with their fluffy paws as they giggled. "I think it's time the boys had their bath, don't you?" Aunt Susan said, taking the dishes and bringing them to the sink. "Aye aye, Captain!" one of the bears shouted, giving a salute. Once again the boys were carried above the bears' heads as they were marched to the bathroom. In the tub were some bathing chairs. After the boys were stripped of their clothes and their soggy diapers they were strapped to the chairs and got scrubbed down. Tyler scrunched up his face, feeling a bit ticklish as the fluffy paws lathered up his bare body. The boys were then rinsed off and wrapped in big fluffy towels. They got their little bottoms gently swatted with soft bear paws and sent back to their nursery. Now the boys were in a completely different scenario. They were locked in giant cribs tonight. They had brand new diapers on and their old jammies locked onto their bodies. Their pacifiers were stuck in their mouths and still somehow magically held in place. Since there was no threat of the boys getting out their wrists were not strapped to the cribs. They were free to move around as they pleased, much to the amusement of the little giggling teddy bears. Colby breathed deeply through his nose, looking quite annoyed that there was nothing he could do about his current state. Looking up at the mobile slowly turning above their cribs the boys silently sucked on their pacifiers. Today had been filled with a frightening kind of magic. It was difficult to understand just what had happened to them or why. Tyler suspected that they might have asked for this though. It was all he could think about just before he passed out, falling asleep quickly in the surprisingly comfortable crib. THURSDAY Colby and Tyler woke up at pretty much the same time. The bars to their cribs were down and they felt like they could have slipped out if they tried, but at the same time their bodies were weak and they were barely able to move. Colby squirmed a little as he felt the familiar feeling of those teddy bears. They were pawing at each boy's diaper, checking them. "Uh oh, we have soggy boys!" one of the bears squeaked out cutely. Without removing the boys from their cribs they had their pajamas opened up and their diapers unfolded. "Rrgh! Stop it!" Colby squirmed as he had his butt and privates wiped clean. The bears just giggled and ignored his protests. Each boy was then placed in brand new diapers, feeling even thicker than before. They were then slipped into their baby shirts and toddler overalls. The overalls had snaps around the seat and crotch for easy diaper checks and changes. They were carried down the stairs to where a sweet smelling breakfast awaited them. Unfortunately just like last night they were strapped into high chair and force fed their meals along with their baby bottles. "Well boys, I think I'll be keeping a closer eye on you today. No more running around the neighborhood like a couple of unhousebroken puppies. You'll be coming with me to my day care center." Aunt Susan held her hands on her hips, speaking confidently. "Could my little helpers bring the boys to my car?" Humming their happy tune the teddy bears carried the boys to the back of Aunt Susan's car. They were strapped down in the child safety seats quite easily. Aunt Susan came out to the car dressed in her old fashioned clothes and motherly apron. She got into the car and the boys watched as the little bears marched themselves back into the house. Tyler looked so confused, wondering how Aunt Susan was doing all of this! The car was parked in Aunt Susan's personal parking space. When she got out of the car Colby turned to his friend and whispered. "Okay, now's our chance. Soon as we get out of this car let's make a break for it." "And go where?" Tyler said, sounding nervous and unconvinced about this plan. "Anywhere but here. It's not like Susan can be everywhere! We just have to keep running until we're far away from her." Colby fidgeted in his car seat. Instead of Aunt Susan coming to the side of the car it was two staffers that worked at the nursery. They opened either door and unstrapped the boys from their safety seats. Colby tried his best to jerk away and run but his wrist was held firmly in a young woman's hand. It was no struggle for the little ladies to bring the two diapered boys into the daycare building. The boys were brought to the "toddler" wing of the facility, indicated by big block letters over the double doors reading "TODDLER." After being ushered inside the room the doors are locked behind them. Looking around they could see it looked very much like their nursery back at the house only much bigger. There were other children there, but they were all around the one to three years old range. There were little girls up to the age of two and boys up to the age of three. It seemed like this was mainly for children not yet potty trained as there were pink and blue potty chairs for the boys and girls and all of them were still in diapers and pull-ups. Tyler didn't want to use a potty chair, but he really didn't want to use a diaper either. He grabbed at his clothes, trying to pull them off, but they were magically stuck to him still. It seemed hopeless, like he was doomed to poop and pee in his diaper and nowhere else. Colby looked around for any way to escape the room. There were windows in the room but they were too high to reach. The double doors locked from the inside but were well guarded by staff who stood by the only way in or out. Tyler had already given up and was sitting down where some blocks were. He was idly playing with the blocks, trying to keep his mind off of the humiliating position he was put into. Colby sighed and resigned as well, sitting across from Tyler and playing with the baby toys. By the time it was noon the double doors opened again. Before the boys could even stand the doors were closed once more. A cart full of snacks and baby bottles had been wheeled into the room. Colby was so hungry and seeing graham crackers and peanut butter made him eager to climb into one of the high chairs. It was better than mushy baby food at least! Tyler followed behind, also getting into a high chair. While the boys were allowed to feed themselves the food the caretakers held their baby bottles for them, holding them to each of their mouths. Tyler instinctively sucked down the milk from the bottle. He didn't want to, but the bottle was being forced against his face and he couldn't really pull away. Once snack time was over for the little ones they were picked up and brought to the nap area. Several of the toddlers were napping in sleeping bags or in cots. Colby and Tyler were brought to their own special cots which they were strapped into. It was embarrassing that even when surrounded by a bunch of other little babies they were still treated like they were naughty infants compared to the others, not to be trusted to nap like good little boys. Colby wanted to resist, but that warm milk was settling in his stomach and making him feel very sleepy. He turned to see Tyler falling asleep. Colby sighed, feeling too weak to keep his eyes open. Colby's eyes opened again. He had no idea how long he had been asleep, but his diaper felt very wet and squishy. Tyler was whimpering as he woke up, tugging on his wrist straps. One of the caretakers came over, smiling down at the dirty boys. She bent over, unstrapping Colby first and picking him up from the cot. She placed a hand under Colby's bottom, making the boy wince as he felt his own messy accident press against his butt. She then took Colby to a changing table and strapped a belt across his stomach, leaving him only able to squirm helplessly. "No, please, there must be some kind of mistake!" Colby cried softly. "We're not babies! Please let us go!" The caretaker continued to smile as she plugged the boy's mouth with a pacifier. She unsnapped the overalls, opening them up at the bottom to easily access his diaper. Colby felt strange being fully dressed during a diaper change. His diaper was opened up and his butt and crotch were wiped down thoroughly. Colby let out a frustrated cry from behind the pacifier, but it was muffled. He eventually calmed down, thinking his indignity was over, but then the caretaker started to remove his overalls completely, folding them up. "Oh dear, looks like you got these a little wet and dirty." She sighed with a smile. "We'll have to wash these. Let's hope your new diapers don't leak." While the lady talked down to Colby another caretaker picked up Tyler. Squirming around, he tried to wrestle himself free, but he just couldn't get away. It only made matters worse for him as they strapped him down to a changing table as well. Even though his overalls weren't dirty he also had them taken away. When he was changed and put into the new diaper he had mittens and booties put onto his hands and feet. Colby got the same treatment, making both boys unable to do anything about their diapers, even if they could someone break the spell holding the diapers onto their butts. Feeling sad and pitiful the boys resigned to their fate, going back to playing with toys while sitting on the floor. One of the kids came over, poking Colby's diaper. She giggled a bit, continuously poking the boy's poofy diaper. Colby tried yelling at the girl, but the pacifier stuck in his mouth just made his muffled shriek sound funny, causing more laughter to come from the girl. Eventually it was time for lunch. While the little ones were trusted with sippy cups both Colby and Tyler were given baby bottles. Tyler held the bottle in his mitted paws. It was slippery and hard to hold onto, but he felt compelled not to drop it, worrying that someone would hold it to his mouth again and force him to drink. Feeling the pointlessness of resistance he brought the bottle to his lips and sucked it down. He opened his eyes and looked at Colby who was doing the same, suckling from the nipple and filling his tummy. Tyler felt warmth spreading between his legs. He was pissing in his diaper and he didn't even feel it until it was too late. Looking down he saw the white diapers turning a dull shade of yellow. He let out a relieved sigh, knowing there was nothing he could do about it. Colby started to wet himself as well. The boys remained in their soggy diapers for a while. Tyler looked around, wondering if anyone would help him. The caretakers must have trusted these new diapers because they clearly did not think the boys needed to be changed out of them just now. It could have also been because it was getting to be late in the day. Eventually Aunt Susan came to the day care to pick the boys up. She smiled, chatting with the staff while Tyler and Colby just had to wait, sitting on the floor. Colby wanted to say something as he was getting increasingly annoyed with the woman, but for some reason he was unable to find the words. Aunt Susan finally walked up to the boys and lifted them into her arms with ease. Tyler looked surprised. He knew his aunt was strong, but he had no idea she could lift both him and his friend at the same time! She doesn't break a sweat as she carries them the rest of the way to the car. Again the boys start feeling sleepy. The effects of the warm milk took a little longer to knock them out, but soon they are fast asleep in the back seat of the car, strapped to the child safety seats. Colby snapped back awake, feeling a tightness around his body. He moved his feet and realized they were not touching the ground. Looking down he noticed he was in a baby bouncer. He couldn't see his diaper as it was obscured by the bouncer but he didn't feel wet anymore. He figured that Aunt Susan must have changed him while he was sleeping. He yawns a bit and notices he doesn't have his pacifier either. "Oh thank God..." he muttered softly. "You awake now, Colby?" Tyler's voice broke in. Colby looked over, seeing Tyler stuck to a baby swing, rocking back and forth. Just like Colby isn't really able to control his bounciness while in the bounder Tyler can't control how much he gets swung back and forth in the swing. "Okay seriously this time we need to come up with a plan." Colby said, losing his patience over how many times he's had to abandon his escape plans. "Maybe.... maybe we need to pray our way out of this? I mean, I think our prayer got us into this, maybe it can get us out." "That's not going to work." Aunt Susan said as she entered the room. The teddy bears appeared from behind her and rushed to the boys, taking them out of the bouncer and swing and carrying them to the dining room where they are strapped into their high chairs. Colby whined as he was unable to come up with an escape plan. Tyler looked nervous as his Aunt's words were ringing in his ears. What did she mean that it wasn't going to work? After their dinner they get their mouths wiped clean using their little bibs and then they are pulled down from the high chairs by the cuddly teddy bears. The bears were so soft and yet possessed a frightfully strong grip. When they are put into the nursery they are swaddled in their blankets, making their limbs completely unusable. All the boys can do is squirm in their cribs. Susan walked into the room, standing in the doorway with a sly smirk. "You're not going to get away with this!" Tyler whimpered, his cracking teenage voice not sounding very threatening. Before he could get another word out the soft bears held a baby bottle of warm milk to his lips. This milk tasted so much sweeter than last times he had the bottle. He tried to turn to look at Colby who was also being fed when Aunt Susan kneeled down in front of him. She placed her hand on Tyler's blanket covered tummy and started rubbing in circles, settling his tummy as it was coated inside with the warm and sweet milk. Tyler could not fight how sleepy he was getting and fell fast asleep. FRIDAY Tyler woke up slowly in the crib. His swaddled blankets were looser so he stretched his arms and legs. He shuddered as he felt the messy contents of his diaper shifting around. Colby woke up, whimpering softly as he rubbed his mitted hands over his dirty diaper. Tyler frowned, seeing his once daring and confident friend crying like a baby over his poopy pampers. Those dreaded teddy bears marched into the nursery again this morning. They pulled down the bars on the cribs and whipped the boys' blankets off. Without carrying them to the changing table each boy was efficiently cleaned up at their crib, having their diapers torn open and their dirty areas aggressively wiped up. After a messy breakfast getting pancake syrup all over their faces Aunt Susan walks into the kitchen fully dressed again for the day. She pats her hands over her apron as she looks at the two boys. She dampens a wash cloth and wipes their faces clean. The teddy bears giggle and scatter out of the way as Aunt Susan takes over, pulling them out of their high chairs but holding onto them with her strong arms so they don't run off. "We're going on a field trip today, little ones." Aunt Susan said as she got the boys into their car seats, buckling them up. She cinched the straps on Colby's safety seat extra tight. "All your little friends from the daycare will be there!" The car arrives at the zoo and sure enough the boys see vans from the daycare are parked in the parking lot and all the little diaper wearing toddlers are there. Tyler and Colby are for once thankful to be wearing their childish overalls with the snaps around the crotch. At least there's something covering their diapers while they're out in public. Tyler and Colby are let out of the car while the caretakers grabs their hands and hold onto them, making them walk over to the group. Tyler and Colby are taken to the front of the group where they are in the front of two lines, holding hands with little ones behind them. "Okay everyone, just like choo choo trains we're going to hold each other's hands!" Aunt Susan said in a sweet voice. "Tyler and Colby are our little conductors!" The boys are somewhat resentful of how condescending Aunt Susan is being about their arbitrary "conductor" statuses. It's no real position of power at all. As the boys walk through the zoo though it soon dawns on them and none of the adults are holding their hands. Colby gives Tyler a look and both boys realize they can make a break for it now. They let go of the children's hands behind them and run off, hearing the children scream and giggle as they leave them behind. Their screams almost sound like an alarm going off, warning everyone about two escaped prisoners. The boys eventually find a guard standing by the front gates of the zoo. She's wearing some high-waisted pants and has on some aviator shades that cover her eyes. Colby starts frantically explaining to the guard about crazy Aunt Susan and her gang of daycare workers. Tyler gets an uneasy expression on his face as this feels all too familiar any time they've come to an authority figure for help they've been captured again. Tyler tugs on Colby's arm, trying to get him to run off again. "Two little diaper boys are wandering around the zoo without supervision, be advised. They must be returned to the daycare group having their field trip." A voice came over the guard's walkie talkie. The guard smiled and reached for the boys. Tyler tugged Colby's arm harder and he finally got the hint, running away. The boys don't make it very far when other guards at the zoo find them, grabbing them and holding them down to the ground. Tyler looks over at Colby who is crying his eyes out. Tyler can even hear a loud, gushing hiss as Colby soaks his diaper. Tyler feels warmth spreading between his legs as he wets himself as well. It's such a strong current of pee too, wetting completely though the daytime diapers and almost leaking into his overalls. The daycare group finds the boys and Aunt Susan comes to the front, looking furious. She holds her hands on her hips as she glares at the boys. "You gave everyone an awful fright you naughty little boys!" she declared. "Running off like that is very dangerous. What if someone were to kidnap you, or worse?" The irony of Aunt Susan's words was not lost on the two wet boys. Tyler hung his head, whimpering as he was scolded in front of everyone. Aunt Susan stripped them out of their overalls, which was starting to become a common punishment for the boys now. She then attached little puppy harnesses around their midsections so she could pull them along on a leash. Tyler didn't think the indignities could get any worse as he and Colby were lead around on leashes, their wet diapers in full view. Eventually everyone joined together in the food court to have lunch. While the small toddlers were afforded little boosters seats the high chairs were reserved just for Colby and Tyler. The other children were also allowed to have the fun food they were serving at the food court while the boys were forced to eat baby food out of jars. The bottles of milk came next. Colby was shaking his head, dreading taking anymore of the milk. He knew he would just end up falling fast asleep and he would probably use his diaper while sleeping. He couldn't bear for that to happen again! He tried to push the bottle away but it still went into his mouth and he had no choice but to suck it down. Tyler gave no resistance, hoping that maybe he could just sleep through his humiliation. Eventually the boys doze off. Tyler woke up to find himself being pushed around in the stroller. He felt a heaviness in his stomach. He shut his eyes tight, wanting to appear like he was sleeping. He felt the thick poop coming out of him and squishing across the seat of his diaper. He then felt some arms scooping him up out of his stroller and carrying him to the changing table in the middle of the room. "Look at me, Tyler, I know you're awake." Aunt Susan's voice broke the silence. Tyler opened his eyes slowly. He saw Aunt Susan looking at him with a stern expression. He turned to see his friend Colby strapped down to a changing table, sucking on his mitten for comfort, tears rolling down his cheeks. Aunt Susan placed her hand on Tyler's bottom, feeling the lumpy mess he just made. "Oh dear, looks like these babies need a change now!" Aunt Susan said out loud. Tyler heard the sounds of giggling children. He was surrounded with the little ones from the toddler room in the day care as well as some of the older kids that weren't in diapers. Tyler felt his heart racing. There were a couple girls there his own age, which just overwhelmed the boy with abject humiliation. "Jeez, how come these boys poop in their diapers?" One of the cute girls asked, pinching her nose. "Because they're babies." Aunt Susan explained. "They can't help it! They're also bad and fussy little boys that can't be trusted to use a toilet even if they tried. Why Colby over here is a seat sprinkler, and Tyler never wiped his bottom!" "That's not true." Tyler mumbled. "What's that? You want your pacifier?" Aunt Susan smirked. Tyler got quiet as Aunt Susan went to work, opening up the boy's diaper and starting to wipe him down with a cool baby wipe. Colby was being changed at the same time by another one of the caretakers. Hearing the other kids giggle at him as he got his diaper changed, Colby couldn't take it anymore and started to cry. Tyler cringed, feeling so bad for his friend and also just feeling shame by proxy. When their diapers are finally back on and their humiliation is complete they are set back in their strollers wearing nothing but their diapers. The caretakers gently rock the strollers while Aunt Susan speaks softly with some other adults. The other kids at the daycare all poke and prod at the two boys curiously. Colby squirms, still sobbing softly as he gets poked. A caretaker puts a pacifier in his mouth and soon Colby calms down. She shoos the children away so that the boys can get a little rest before their punishment is doled out at home. Back at the house the boys are carried in by the teddy bears and brought to their high chairs for dinner. Aunt Susan just glared at them the entire time they were fed their meal of mushy baby food and warm milk. This time around they are slightly overfed and they can feel their tummies stretching out, getting bigger. Tyler looks down in surprise as his belly sticks out, his t-shirt rising slightly to show it. He tries to pull his shirt down to hide his little round tummy, but it's sticking out too far now. After dinner with their tummies full and their spirits broken the boys are brought to the bathroom. Once again as they are seat in little plastic seats in the tub as the playful bears lather up their paws and scrub them down. Their bottoms have to be cleaned as they've gotten a bit messy since dinner. Tyler looks a little confused. He didn't even feel himself going that time! The wipe-down in the tub was his first indication to him that he messed himself. After their bath the boys get bundled up in their towels and walked into the living room rather than their nursery. A few of the teddy bears have their paws over their mouth in exaggerated concern. A white towel is spread across the floor and the boys are laid down upon it. Their shoulders are held down by the little bear's paws while Aunt Susan comes in holding a hair brush. She kneels down on the floor and grabs Colby by the ankles. He begs with a high pitched "no, please, don't!" Susan ignores his cries and starts swatting Colby's butt and thighs with the flat end of the hair brush. Colby is bawling by now. Tyler groans, feeling like his friend is being a crybaby, but he can't really blame him. It's Tyler's turn and just like Colby he is lifted by the ankles. The starts smacking Tyler's butt with the brush in the same way, sometimes hitting his thighs. Tyler grits his teeth, trying not to cry and give Aunt Susan the satisfaction, but he can't hold out for very long. Eventually he starts bawling, a little pee leaking out of him during the spanking. Now it was obvious why the towel was laid out on the floor. After that humiliating spanking the boys are carried back upstairs by the little teddies. Aunt Susan follows behind, just watching in silence with a stern, disappointed expression. She watches the two boys get placed in nice thick night time diapers while laid out on the changing table. The diapers are so thick they can't even put their legs together. The diapers are then covered by some cloth and finally topped off with a plastic covering. Their legs are almost completely immobile now with the bulk between them. The boys get set into the same crib. A large belt strap is brought across their tummies, keeping them locked in place. They make a pitiful attempt to paw at the belt, but they're strapped in tight and their mitted hands are useless. There was nothing they could do but wait for the walk milk to take effect and send them to sleep right beside each other. SATURDAY When the boys wake up they notice they're no longer strapped into the crib. They move around slightly and realize they're actually outside, right in Aunt Susan's front yard. As their blurred vision comes into focus they can see Aunt Susan standing there at her doorway, looking sad and disappointed. There's still a hint of anger in the way she looks at them and her body language, but she is being reserved. "I'm sorry boys, but you haven't been very well behaved. I've tried everything to get you to be good little boys, but you fought with me every step of the way." Aunt Susan sighed. "I'm afraid you're not welcome here anymore. You need to go home." The little teddy bears appeared from behind Susan, making sad faces and tracing their paws on their faces to mimic tears. "What do you mean? J-just let us back in, we'll be good!" Tyler whimpered. "Go home." Aunt Susan said, shoving a pacifier gag into Tyler's mouth. Tyler was no longer able to protest verbally. Aunt Susan also plugged Colby's mouth with a pacifier. Colby didn't even put up a fight. The walk home was grueling. While the boys still had on socks and shoes it was still several hours of walking while wearing filthy diapers around their waists. Colby sobbed into his pacifier as he had to take the humiliating walk with Tyler back to his house. His dirty diaper was bulging in the back but it unfortunately never got loose for the entire walk. A few girls riding on bikes passed by Colby and Tyler. They circled around the boys, giggling. One of the girls took out her phone and started snapping pictures. Colby put his hands over his face. Tyler didn't know whether to cover his face or his diaper. "You guys sure look big for babies." One of the girls said, snickering. Eventually the girls rode off, but their humiliation was not over yet. For the last hour of their trek as they entered their own neighborhood they had to deal with the laughter of all the kids on their block. They pointed and laughed at the boys. Tyler tried walking a little faster and he felt his mess spreading around even more with each desperate stride he took. Colby darted ahead, walking into Tyler's house first. Tyler noticed that his parent's car was not pulled up yet. As soon as they stepped into Tyler's house the baby clothes were feeling so much looser. Their diapers were practically falling down! Colby ripped the pacifier gag out of his mouth and tugged off the mittens from his hands. Tyler kicked at his booties, loosening them until they came off his feet. Colby and Tyler carried all their baby things, including their loaded diapers, to the trash can. They stuffed everything into the can and gave each other a look. This would just be another one of those things they didn't ever speak of. The rest of the night went much more smoothly. They each took turns taking showers and getting dressed in their "big boy" clothes. Tyler was grateful to be wearing his underwear again. His undies may have been stained in the front and back, but at least they weren't diapers! While their long day winded down the boys sat in the living room watching mindless comedies on the big screen tv and eating pizza. That microwaved pizza never tasted so good. It may have been a crappy frozen pizza from the freezer, but it was a lot better than the mush they were forced to eat all week. Colby leaned on Tyler, starting to fall asleep. It had been such a long week for the boys, and today felt like the longest. Tyler yawned and let himself start to fall asleep too. The boys dozed off on the couch while their silly movies still played on the tv. ~ SUNDAY When Tyler woke up he felt a cold, clammy feeling between his legs. He groaned, figuring he must have pissed himself while sleeping on the couch. He looked down and to his horror he saw he was wearing a diaper. When he bolted to his feet it ended up waking up Colby as well. Colby looked down, seeing he was also just in a diaper and it was soaking wet. He angrily pulled on the diaper and found that it came off easily. He looked confused at first and then relieved as he saw the diapers were not magically attached to him like they were at Aunt Susan's house. Tyler was relieved as well as he also ripped off his wet diaper. As usual the boys don't mention anything to each other about the diapers. The just put on their boxer briefs and get dressed in their church clothes. Even though it seemed like their parents were not back yet they didn't want to risk getting in trouble for skipping church. The boys take a walk to the church and end up arriving halfway through the service. To their surprise both Tyler and Colby's parents are there together, sitting up front. Colby rushed over to hug his mom, feeling like such a wimpy mama's boy, but after the harrowing week with Aunt Susan he was glad to be back with his parents. "Well boys," Tyler's father began, "What happened with Aunt Susan?" Tyler's face went pale as he thought back on the week. So many things happened that seemed impossible. Would his parents even believe him? Colby already started talking though. "Aunt Susan was crazy! She used some kind of magic to put us in diapers and we couldn't take them off!" Colby spoke frantically "And then she had these evil teddy bears that held us down and put us in cribs and stuff! Oh and she also took us to her daycare and made us hang out with a bunch of babies! And we couldn't do anything about it because she's some kind of evil witch with magic powers!" "How dare you! Aunt Susan is a good woman. She's not evil!" Tyler's mom said indignantly. "Colby how could you make up such stories about Susan? And such obvious lies too!" Colby's mother chided him. "Have you learned nothing from going to church?" "I think we need to deal with these naughty little fibbers right now." Tyler's dad said picking up his son. Colby's parents picked him up as well, carrying the boys to the kiddie room in the back of the church. "I didn't even say anything!" Tyler whimpered. The same pretty young lady from last week saw the boys being dragged into the back room. Some of the smaller children looked over curiously while the rest of them just kept on playing or watching Disney cartoons on the tv screen. "Uh oh, did Tyler and Colby do something naughty again?" She asked the parents. "Well they fibbed." Colby's mother said, lying Colby on his back on the table, stripping him out of his Sunday clothes. "And it smells like they wet their bed again and didn't even wash up!" She wrinkled her nose, pulling off Colby's boxers and holding them up to inspect them. Sure enough they were a bit dingy from the boy not washing himself properly. Tyler's boxers weren't very clean either. He cursed himself for not wiping, but he really didn't think his parents would be stripping him naked at church! While the dads hold their boys down, the moms go about wiping them with the baby wipes provided. They then take some of the spare baby diapers, doubling them up to wrap around the boys' waists. The diapers are then covered with plastic diaper covers that Tyler's mom seemed to just have handy. "Mom, please! We're big boys, we don't need diapers!" Tyler begged. The boy's pleas were ignored as both he and Colby were set in a crib. The boys whined, but they were told to go to sleep until church was over. The boys just couldn't sleep though. All they could do is stare up at the turning mobile above them. Colby flinched for a second and then sighed. Tyler could hear the soft hiss of his friend wetting his diaper. Tyler gave in as well, wetting himself. He could feel the warmth spreading out inside of the diaper. After that it felt like time was moving a little quicker and before they knew it their parents came to pick them up out of their crib. Both boys were brought to the back of Tyler's parent's car. They were strapped into child safety seats like the kind Aunt Susan used. Tyler panicked a bit, tugging on the straps of the safety seat. He was nervous all these things were going to start all over again! "Well boys..." Tyler's mom leaned over, looking into the back seat while Tyler's dad drove the car. "I hope you're happy. You're going to be spending your entire summer break at Aunt Susan's daycare. She said you were just too much to handle all on her own and she was very heartbroken to hear that you made up all those fibs about her." "What? But she was the one-" Colby whined. "I heard your prayer last week." Mom went on to say. "You kind of brought this upon yourself. Next time, be careful what you wish for."
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    That's just adorable!
  7. NEW WORLD: Semester Two

    I love this guy's stuff. I have the original ebook and I've been excited to see a sequel. Not only does it have some delicious worldwide matriarchal femdom, but there's a cute love story in there too!
  8. Kidnapped!

    This is another story that was commissioned. The customer asked for kind of a dark theme with kidnapping and forced infantilism. I decided to write it like a suspense thriller! WARNING: there are a few moments of STRONG sexuality that may not seem consenting. If this bothers you then do not read this story. It was a commission and I always write for my customers no matter the subject matter. Kidnapped Their trip had barely began but already it was starting to feel long. Deep into the country, the radio wasn't even picking up anything anymore and with only one slot available to keep their phones charged the brothers were relying on just one phone for GPS. Mark had to convince his older brother James that this job was a good idea. It would pay a lot for being a temporary job, earning them some money over spring break. Mark figured that if they both could get this job it would make things a lot easier for both of them. Mark just wanted some extra cash, but James could use some money to get back some of the money he spent for community college. Mark had just recently turned 18 years old. His hair was an earthy brown color, but his eyes were uniquely blue. He was five foot, five inches, shorter than most of the men in his family. He didn't have much muscle, but he was scrappy, able to hold his own in a fight, which he usually got himself into. Mark could be a little hot-headed at times, often getting into trouble and having his big brother bail him out. That's just the way the Jones brothers were. James, who went by JJ, was an atypical helpful older brother. Whatever his little brother needed he was more than willing to help him with it. He was nearly 20 years old and a couple inches taller than his brother. He had blonde hair but unlike his brother, his eyes were brown. "Hey Mark, do you mind if we stop off at a gas station before we get there?" James said, sounding uncomfortable. His knees were bouncing. "Just hold it, James." Mark said back, brushing a hand through his thick brown hair. He was also fidgeting in his car seat. "We're almost there. We'll just use the bathroom when we get to the place." James sighed. The two of them were pretty bad about going to the bathroom before they left the house. It was a problem they never quite grew out of. At least now they were adults and could hold it a lot longer than when they were kids. James put it out of his mind and managed to hold back the need to pee as they pulled into the parking lot for the meet-up. James seemed nervous as he looked around the truck stop. There were many trucks parked there, but it seemed empty. Not many people were around. James always had a bad idea about this, and this truck stop meet-up just made this job seem even more sketchy. When James took a step back he bumped into a tall, muscular, but friendly looking man. James jumped slightly, startled by the sudden appearance of the man behind him. He nearly wet his pants! "Oh hey boys, didn't mean to scare ya there." The man said with a gentle smile. He motioned with his hand, pointing towards the SUV which was parked at the other side of the lot. "Come on, let's go talk about this job over by my vehicle. Think of it as my office." Mark walked ahead of James, following right behind the man. James sighed and reluctantly followed his brother. The man opened the back seat to his vehicle and then opened his driver's side door. He reached into the car and pulled on the switch for the headlights, flashing them four times rapidly. This must have been some kind of signal because four other men appeared behind some nearby trucks and surrounded Mark and James. Mark, immediately going into fight mode, tried to take a swing at one of the burly men. Both of his fists were captured in one man's hands while another man grabbed him from behind. While he was held down the friendly looking man came over and stripped Mark out of his clothes. Mark kicked and yelled, but he was no match for the three other men. Now just in his tighty whitey briefs he was jammed into the SUV. James looked shocked, unsure of what was going on when his brother disappeared into the dark back seat. He was a lot easier to strip out of his clothes, down to his light blue boxer-briefs. When he was brought to the back seat he saw something strange and disturbing. There were two adult-sized child safety seats and Mark was strapped into one of them with his wrists bound to the sides. He was trying to scream something, but his mouth was gagged with a pacifier. James cringed and tried to pull back, but it was too late. Soon he too was overpowered and stuffed into the child safety seat. A pacifier gag was also stuffed into his mouth. He looked somewhat defeated while his brother was still trying to pull himself out of the restraints in a futile attempt to escape. James looked down and noticed a three inch wide wet spot on the front of his boxers. He blushed and felt so embarrassed. There was no way he could hide the pee stain he made while he was stuck in his current position. Looking up he saw a strange sight. There was a little screen on the ceiling and The Lion King was playing on it. It looked like someone had started the DVD up just for them. The car ride seemed to take forever. The boys were starting to think that the DVD movie was a way for them to occupy their time since the way to this new location was so far away. Mark wondered where they could possibly be going that was this far out. They had already gone half an hour into the country. How much further were they going to these backwoods? Only twenty minutes into the ride and Mark was trying to squeeze his thighs together. He had to pee so bad by now, but with his hands tied down he couldn't squeeze himself or hold back anything. Mark was whimpering behind his pacifier as he felt a rush of piss flowing from him. His white briefs soaked up the piss, turning the fabric slightly transparent with a tint of yellow. The stream was coming out hard now and was streaming from the fabric, making a noisy piddling sound as it hit the floor of the SUV. Mark whimpered some more, unable to stop himself. James couldn't hold it much longer either. The pee stain on his boxers had almost dried when a new dark spot was growing in its place. His piss flowed out freely and came out the leg holes of his boxers. James and Mark were too embarrassed to look at each other. They both knew they had wet themselves, but they couldn't bring themselves to even acknowledge it. They stared forward at the small screen playing the movie. Anything to distract them for now would be enough. Strangely enough the SUV stopped. The windows were tinted on the inside from the back seat. Mark tried to look outside from the front window but there wasn't enough to go on. He couldn't even turn his head to look out the back window. When the door slid open Mark tried to scream from behind the pacifier plugging his mouth. JJ was a little too embarrassed to scream out, knowing it would only draw more attention to him and his wet pants. For some reason keeping his dignity was on higher priority than his safety at that point. One of the men removed the gag from JJ's mouth. "This one's being quiet. You promise not to scream like your baby brother, right?" The man helped remove JJ from his car seat. JJ cringed, feeling like such on a coward on top of being a pants-wetting child. The man gestured for his friend to help him out. James was taken out of the vehicle, leaving Mark behind. Mark tried to holler for his brother, wanting to threaten anyone who tried to hurt him. Mark didn't know what the men were up to, but he didn't think it could be good. He also really hated being separated from his older brother at a time like this. He let out strained muffled screams from behind his pacifier gag and wriggled his arms that were stuck in the restraints. All that struggling just made him pee himself more. He blushed as he felt warm pee trickling down his legs. At least it was warm. Staying in the same cold wet undies was starting to get uncomfortable. JJ tried to look at his surroundings. It seemed to be a regular rest stop with a public bathroom. He was brought into a handicap bathroom and the two men locked the door behind them. JJ looked around and saw the large changing table attached to the wall. He looked at the men curiously who were also looking him up and down. JJ looked down at his bright blue boxers and saw that his dick was stretching out the front. He bashfully closed his legs together and leaned forward in a futile attempt to hide it. "What do you guys want with us?" JJ spoke, his voice sounding shaky as he looked for some mercy from the men. "You're being selected for something." The first man spoke. "You can call me Daddy Charles, and he is Daddy George. We'll introduce you to the others when we get to the cabin." Daddy George grabbed JJ and lifted him onto the table. These men were strong. They weren't just older than Mark and James, but bigger too. Their tight shirts revealed strong muscular frames that made it easy for them to lift and restrain the two smaller boys. "You're not going to try and run away wearing just wet underwear, are you?" George asked. JJ shook his head, tears starting to roll down his cheeks. "Whatever you do, please don't hurt Mark." JJ said, trying to sound brave, but sounding so pitiful as his voice cracked behind struggling whimpers. "We'll see." Daddy Charles spoke. "Hopefully he will eventually comply like you did." As George held JJ's shoulders Daddy Charles showed a pair of scissors with long shears. He slid the scissors under the leg hole of JJ's boxers. JJ let out a frightened whimper as the cold steel touched his skin, but all the man did was start cutting the briefs off of the boy's body. JJ shut his eyes tight as the scissors snipped off one side of his boxers and then the other. The boxers were pulled open once they were cut completely and laid out in front of him like an open diaper. Charles was handed some baby wipes by his colleague and then started wiping down the boy's balls, down to his taint, and then digging into his ass crack deeply. JJ cringed, getting flashbacks to when he was a boy and how he would often get wiped harshly like this for not doing a good enough job himself, always leaving streaks in his underpants. He wondered if that was the plan all along, to make him feel small and childish? The wet boxers were yanked away from him and disposed of in the trash. Charles finished wiping JJ down by rubbing along his semi-hard shaft. JJ's cock grew in size until it was fully erect. There was nothing he could do to make it go down, despite his fear. He just kept his eyes shut until he heard a buzzing noise. Shooting his eyes open he saw Daddy George holding an electric razor. JJ flinched, about to jump away, but he knew better than to move at this point. "You don't want to get nicked, do ya? Hold still." George warned him. He placed a hand over JJ's stomach as his other hand guided the buzzing razor over his pubic hair, slowly removing it from his body. He started with removing the hair around his groin and then carefully went over the boy's balls. JJ tensed up, sweating a little as he felt the tiny razor blades coming close. Thankfully the razor never touched his skin and just grazed over his sack, leaving him with a slightly stubbled scrotum. A bit of cool foam was applied to the area and then the excess hair was wiped away. Charles stepped back in to grab JJ's ankles, raising him up while George slid some puffy pampers underneath JJ. He was set back down and felt the cushion of the diaper underneath his cheeks. Charles walked back in front of JJ and slicked up his hand with baby oil. He slapped his palm around JJ's groin and worked the oil into his skin until stopping at his cock. Charles gripped the cock like he did before when he was wiping it clean. He stroked up and down with purpose now, forcefully jerking off JJ. The boy could barely hold back. He squirming underneath the strong man's hand as he was masturbated expertly. "Just relax for your own good." Charles said, staring intently at the boy's cock as he jacked him off. "And your brother too. No harm will come to either of you if you just comply." JJ understood. No longer holding back he just let go. Hot cum spurt up to his chest and stomach. His balls rose up slightly as the cum pumped out of him. JJ could finally relax now that he was spent and his erection died down. The sticky mess was wiped away and lastly the diaper was taped shut around his waist. When JJ looked down at the closed diaper he could see they looked like children's diapers except sized for an adult. There were pictures of tiny baby animals all along the front waistband. The boy wasn't finished getting dressed though. A final piece of clothing was applied to him. Both Daddy George and Charles helped each other pulling the light blue garment onto JJ. As the zipper came up to his neck JJ could see it was a onesie that was tight but fit on him just enough. JJ sat up on the table and Charles took the boy into his arms. He was carried out of the bathroom like a toddler. Mark was still sitting in the SUV by the open door, just waiting to see his brother again. He was relieved for a moment when he saw his brother being carried out but then looked disturbed when he noticed the older boy was now dressed in a baby onesie and his butt sticking way out more than normal. He heard the rustling sound of the diaper underneath his brother's clothes as he was set back in the child safety seat and buckled into place again. He turned to his brother. "Mark, just do what they say. Ple-" JJ's mouth was gagged with the pacifier again. Mark started screaming again, wrestling to get out of his leather shackles. He was showing no signs that he was going to stop fighting. "This one clearly wont behave. Looks like a four man job." The friendly man from earlier said, still with a big, harmless looking smile on his face. All four of the men unstrapped Mark and pulled him to the back of the vehicle. The back hatch opened up to reveal a soft mat at the bed. Mark was laid upon it, full out in the open. His face became red with more than just anger now. Now he was showing real shame. His piss soaked briefs were cut into just like JJ's and his cock and balls were revealed to the open air. He was held down at both sides by the other men as the friendly man happily wiped him clean with the baby wipes. He was just as rough at wiping Mark's butt as his partner was. Mark's eyes hot open as he felt his cock being grabbed. Like JJ before, Mark was being masturbated roughly in the back of the SUV. Mark whimpered from behind his pacifier. The stroking was harder than his older brother got it. They weren't going to ease Mark into an orgasm. He was having one whether he wanted to or not. Mark's body jerked upward as he spurt on himself. A look of shame and frustration was all over his face. He flopped weakly onto the bed of the SUV, making sad whimpers. He was finally defeated. Even if he still had fight left him in all his energy was just ejaculated from the tip of his penis. His chest expanded and contracted slowly as he attempted to catch his breath. The men were tireless though, easily holding him in place with little effort. He had to have his chest and stomach wiped down after exploding a mighty load all over himself. A diaper was shoved under Mark's butt, looking like the same kind of babyish diapers that his older brother was put into. He was lightly coated with baby oil before the diaper was shut over his crotch. Also just like his brother Mark was put into a onesie. This one was green though. The onesie was zipped all the way up and Mark was sent to back seat of the SUV again. The men grabbed the rings at the end of the pacifier gags and twisted them. To the surprise of both boys the rings came off and they could feel a small amount of air getting through the rubber nipple. They had their heads shoved down as bottles were now screwed into place where the rings were. The bottles seemed to be filled with milk, which sloshed around as the boys sat back up. The design was ingenious. Not only were they gagged, but they were being forced to drink the warm milk as well. It was too difficult to resist drinking the sweet tasting milk as the bottles were stuck to their faces. As the vehicle started up again so did another movie. Toy Story began on the DVD player and the boys watched quietly as they drank their milk. The milk must have been laced with something though because soon their eyes began to droop. JJ looked desperately at his brother as he went out first. JJ knew he would pass out next. His heart pounded as he worried about what would happen. His nervousness was the only thing keeping him awake but soon he too would get knocked out cold by the drink. In the blackness there was just the sound of a music box playing a nursery tune. JJ's eyes fluttered open and he looked about. He was in some kind of nursery. Everything was double in size to accommodate for adults. There were two large cribs, two changing tables, two shelves with diaper supplies on them, and even two toy boxes. His mouth was no longer gagged, which was good, but he felt something tight around his waist. He looked down and noticed he was in a very large bouncer and he was a good five inches off the floor. He tried to extend his toes to touch the floor when he noticed his feet were covered in booties. He looked down at his hands and noticed they too were covered in mittens. The mittens were tightened around his wrists. He tried to grab at the string but it was no use. He couldn't use his fingers in the big bulky mittens. Something else soon dawned on JJ. He felt something soft and mushy under him. His face twisted in dismay as he realized he shit himself. It must have happened when he passed out. He was soaking wet in the front and his backside was warm and mushy. It must have been recent, just before he woke up. He turned to his side, seeing his brother still passed out and also in a big baby bouncer just like him. "Mark." JJ said in a hushed tone. He raised his voice. "Mark, wake up!" Mark jerked his head up slightly he looked around, taking in everything he saw. He let out one loud "HELP!" but soon realized no one would be coming. They could be anywhere. Mark bounced slightly and made a disgusted grimace. JJ blushed deeply. He wanted to ask if the same thing happened but he wasn't sure if he should even bring it up. It was just so shameful! Part of him just had to know. "Mark, are you okay?" JJ asked, approaching the topic delicately. "No, I'm not okay!" Mark snapped back and then began to cry. "Mark, did you uh... did you... go again?" JJ asked, feeling so embarrassed to even say it. Mark did not need to answer. JJ could see the truth all over his little brother's face. Both of the boys had wet and messed their diapers in their sleep. They were stuck and helpless, sitting in their own shameful filth. Surely, they thought, it couldn't get more humiliating than this. Behind the door to their nursery there were some sounds of various locks being opened. then the sound of a metal door opening and closing. Some light footsteps came closer to the nursery door and the two boys looked on anxiously, wondering who was behind it. The door opened and a young woman looked right at them as she entered. She shut the door behind her. The woman looked to be in her early 20s, possibly even in the same age range as the boys themselves. She was dressed in some pretty plain looking attire except for some knee-high leather boots. She wore tight jeans over her butt, letting the boys check out her curves, and her shirt showed off her cleavage nicely. Mark was obviously staring. "Hello boys. I see you're awake now." The woman began. "I'm Mommy Madeline. You may address me as either Mommy or Mommy Madeline but do not get more familiar than that. You're just our children here after all." Everyone seemed to be giving information that only created more questions for the boys. The woman walked slowly by the boys, pacing back and forth and looking at them carefully. She wrinkled her nose and smiled. She could smell that the boys had soiled themselves, but she didn't seem bothered by it at all. If anything she seemed quite pleased. Madeline stepped between the boys and extended her arms, touching each of them where the strap of their bouncy harnesses were pressed to their crotches. Mark grit his teeth, feeling his cock getting hard despite his shame. "Stop!" Mark whimpered. "I can't take it anymore!" "Jay Jay..." Madeline spoke calmly with a soft tone. She turned to look at the older male. "Could you tell your little brother again to comply? He needs to calm down and take his medicine. You both do." Madeline let go of Mark who was now stewing in his diaper with a big hard on that he couldn't do anything about. Mark looked on helplessly as he saw JJ getting stroked gently though the harness. Both boys were fully hard now. Madeline took a walkie from her belt and held it to her mouth. "Okay Daddies, let's get these boys down and ready for their diapy changes." She said as if that was totally normal protocol for her. The sounds of locks and metal doors opening and closing were heard again as heavier footsteps came to the nursery. There were the four men again. One man stood with his back to the door, acting like a warden keeping the boys prisoned in the nursery and making sure they don't escape. The boys are detached from the bouncers and the men help them down. JJ is carried to his changing table and strapped into it. He jerks slightly, as if he was trying to free himself from the belts around his wrists and ankles. He gives up though, knowing it's no use. He looks angry, but his anger is mostly directed at himself for being so weak. At least his brother was actually trying. James felt like he was a wimp and a quitter. Mark is brought to his changing table next, flailing as two men hold him at either side by the arms and legs. A third man helps restrain the boy down onto the table, pulling the belts shut tight around his wrists and ankles. "He's all yours, Mommy." the man said as he finished tying down Mark. "Thank you Daddy Donovan." The woman smiled, tracing her fingers down the man's strong frame. She turned to Mark with a wicked smirk and held up a white penis-shaped vibrator. She flicked it on and it began to vibrate in her hand. She lowered the vibrator down to Mark's diapered crotch. Even though the diaper and onesie Mark could feel the trembling vibrations against his already hard cock. He whined and tried to resist. JJ looked away, but one of the men grabbed his chin and turned his head, forcing him to look as Mark was masturbated through his diaper. "Please stop this! You can't... you can't make me do this..." Mark struggled. "This is wrong! This is so wrong.... I can't... you can't...." "Leave him alone!" JJ managed to finally belt out. "Please, I'll do anything you want just stop touching my little brother!" Madeline laughed, placing a free hand on her chest as she heard JJ's pathetic pleas for mercy. It only amused her. She continued to stroke the front of Mark's diaper, knowing the boy wouldn't be able to hold back any longer. Mark started crying. He jerked his hips as he felt himself edging closer to an orgasm. He was beyond the point of no return and just starting humping back against the vibrator until he came all over himself. At least this time he didn't end up spurting on his chest and stomach. All his cum was trapped inside his wet and dirty diaper. JJ frowned as he saw his poor brother limp and helpless on the table after his orgasm. He looked both relieved and ashamed that he just came. Mark could only let out a sad little "nooo" as he lied on the table. JJ was just as embarrassed, feeling mutually ashamed for his brother. "So," Madeline said as he strolled over to JJ's changing table. "You'll do anything for your little brother you say?" "Ye... yes-" JJ stammered, looking up nervously at the woman. "That's good to know." She said with a devious smile. She grabbed the sides of JJ's diaper and started to tear the tapes away. She opened it up and saw the big poopy mess he made. His cock was still nice and hard. JJ looked at his brother, worrying that he would think he was hard because of what he just saw. He didn't want his brother to think that about him. All he could do was just shake his head. "Aww, I think you boys are starting to like this. We'll just have to continue, wont we?" Madeline chuckled. Madeline left the open diaper under JJ as she grabbed his dirty shaft with her bare hand. She began to stroke him up and down slowly but with deliberately hard milking jerks. "Oh it's so wrong, isn't it?" She said in a mocking tone. "To be turned on by this? You two are some very dirty boys. It seems we selected just the right subjects for this." Mommy Madeline picked up the pace, jerking JJ much faster now. JJ writhed in agony and ecstasy. His back arched slightly as it was the only movement he could do. Loads of his cum ended up getting all over his onesie. Madeline sighed, wiping off her hand. She got more wipes and cleaned his dirty bottom more thoroughly. Once his bottom was clean his filthy loaded diaper was pulled away and dropped into the trash. He was unshackled from the changing table and with the help of the daddies, Mommy Madeline stripped JJ down to nothing. JJ was lead away, taken to another room. Mark looked on, horrified as his big brother was separated from him. He struggled on the table and shouted out for him. "Don't take him away! Please! Leave my brother alone!" He said between sobs. When JJ was out of the room Madeline turned to the boy on the changing table and started to change his diaper. Mark groaned and twitched on the table. There was nothing he could do to stop the woman from opening up his diaper and seeing inside at his pathetic, messy butt and privates. Madeline paused while Mark's diaper was open. "Why are you being so resistant?" Mommy Madeline asked, looking concerned. "Don't you want your diapers changed?" "No!" Mark whined. "I want you to let me and my brother go!" "Oh, so you don't want a change then?" Madeline slowly started to pull the front of the diaper back up. "Wait, wait, I didn't... I didn't say that." Mark cringed. "Please don't put that back on me. It's so dirty." "I don't think you really want it. Come on, Mark." Madeline leaned in close. "Really beg for it." Mark wanted to keep resisting, but he didn't want to have to put the soiled diaper back on himself! He groaned through gritted teeth. "Please... please change my diaper!" "You can do better than that! Say pretty please!" Madeline sneers. "P-p.... pretty please!" He let out a high-pitched whine. Happy with the results of male's broken down state Mommy Madeline continued the diaper change, opening it back up and applying the wipes to his spent cock and balls first, cleaning away the piss, shit, and cum. She dug underneath his balls and cleaned the mess from his bottom. Each used wipe was added to the pile of wipes inside his diaper. The diaper was folded neatly and tossed away in the trash along with JJ's diaper. Even with the lid on top of the trash the smell of the two boys' mess still lingered in the room like a constant reminder of what they did. A men held up Mark's legs as Madeline pushed a fresh diaper underneath him. Mark felt a brief second of relief as his butt was set down on the pillowy diaper. He had baby powder rubbed into his flesh. His pubic hair must have been shaven off when he was out cold. Madeline's hand glided so easily along the boy's bare and hairless flesh around his groin down to his bottom. The diaper was finally folded over his crotch and taped shut tightly around his waist. Mark's onesie was snapped back shut around his crotch and he was nice and secure inside them again. The men picked Mark up and set him inside the large oversized adult crib. Madeline went over and put her hands on the bars as she looked inside the crib with a devious smile. She gently poked Mark's nose and then walked out. Now poor Mark was all alone in the nursery. Mark sat up in the crib, looking longingly at the door. He worried that he might never see his brother again. He just had to do something! Mark grabbed onto the bars of the crib. His mittens made his grip somewhat slippery, which meant standing up would be hard. The bulk around his legs didn't make it much easier! Mark struggled again, reaching for the top railing of the crib. He grunted as she pushed himself up, his knees wobbling weakly. He managed to finally stand, but it's all he could do. He just didn't have the strength to crawl out of the crib. With all his struggling he didn't have much energy left. He remained standing in the crib, whimpering softly to himself. He didn't want to just sit back down after all the work it took him to stand up! Soon there were noises from behind the door and Mark looked over at it expectantly. When the door opened two of the men were escorting JJ back into the nursery. JJ had his head hung low and he was sucking on a pacifier. The men helped JJ into his large crib and locked the bars in place. They left the room without saying a word. Mark looked at his big brother, feeling frustrated that his older brother was looking so defeated. Mark never had a strong father figure in his life. He only had his big brother! Seeing the one strong male role model in his life reduced to a pathetic baby really hurt Mark's entire world view. Mark slid back down and sat on his butt in the crib, sobbing quietly. "James?" Mark spoke quietly, looking at the way his brother was laying on the crib bed with his back turned. Mark tried to get his brother's attention. "JJ, can we talk?" James rolled to his other side, looking at Mark from across the two cribs. He pulled the pacifier from his mouth. "We should probably just be quiet and lay low until we can get out of here." JJ whispered to his younger brother. He stuck the pacifier back into his mouth and rolled back over. There was nearly 20 minutes of silence and all the two boys had to listen to was a faint music box and the sound of their own thoughts, which seemed louder than ever. Mark was never much of a deep thinker, so this situation was overwhelming for him. He kept thinking about the shame of his situation and he couldn't stand it. Eventually he would have to start thinking about what to do when he had to poop again. He could feel it building up inside. He desperately wanted to hold it in and not give his captors the satisfaction of seeming him yet again soil himself. Mark was fighting a losing battle though. He could feel the poop slowly coming out, finding its way to the back of his diaper and nesting itself nice and cozy between his butt and the padding. He tried to rationalize to himself that his new caretaker captors must have put something in his drink, but his poop was solid. Soon enough even more logs of poop followed and he could feel the thick lumps building up underneath him. Mark looked over at his brother. The older sibling was not paying attention. He was still rolled over. He might have smelled it if the odor from their previous diaper change wasn't still hanging in the air. Mark sighed and leaned back slowly. He tried in vain to find a position to sleep in that wouldn't make the mess spread around, but it was already starting to creep into various spaces inside his diaper. When Mark did get some rest it was only for a short amount of time. Naturally with no windows or clocks anywhere Mark could not even tell how much time had gone by. He looked down at his diaper, which was now wet as well as dirty. He only wet himself in his sleep during times of extreme stress. It was so rare! And now he was faced with the reality that he didn't have any control. He didn't just lose control of his bodily functions, but pretty much everything else! "Are you awake, Mark?" A faint voice called out to him in the dimly lit nursery. Mark turned and saw that his brother was now sitting up in his crib. "Yeah. I'm awake." Mark responded with a froggy throat. "Sorry I was so silent." JJ said. "I was just embarrassed and I was having trouble processing all of.... this." "It's okay." Mark responded quietly, his face reddening. "God I really need to go to the bathroom again." JJ said out loud. "They can't expect us to just sit around using diapers, do they? We're practically men!" Mark sat quietly for a second after listening to his older brother. JJ could read the expression on Mark's face. It was apparent something happened. Mark opened his mouth and confirmed it. "I just used my diaper." Mark let out a sad sigh. "I couldn't hold it! If we weren't locked in these stupid cribs with these stupid mitts on our hands this wouldn't be happening! I'm a grown man, damn it!" Mark pounded his fists on his mattress. The soft patting sound it made really undercut his anger, making it look like Mark's complaint was merely a childish outburst. James sat back in the crib. He looked so nervous. Any minute now he too would also be using his diapers. He would be fully awake while it was happening and he would experience every excruciatingly humiliating second. Already he could feel his anus opening as the thick log shoved its way out. At least there was relief. The heavy poop was finally coming out instead of being painfully held in. James shifted around uncomfortably as he felt his poop slide around inside his diaper. He knew it was streaking along his skin and dirtying his butt cheeks as it traveled around the small confined space. When the last of his poop came out he decided to pee to get that over with. Peeing right where he sat had him overcome with relief. He felt like he had been holding that pee in for so long. Because of how hard he was peeing and the general still quietness of the room Mark could hear the faint sound of the piss hitting the diaper front. Mark pretended like he couldn't hear it, but when JJ turned to look at his brother he could tell that the younger sibling knew. "I guess we both couldn't hold it." JJ said sadly. With both of the boys acknowledging their shameful accidents they decided once again to try and sleep. Oddly enough they did feel somewhat sleepier this time around. Without desperately trying to hold in their pee and poop the boys were able to rest comfortably, even with their own filth attached to their crotches and butts. The lights came on in the boys' nursery after a while. Mark sat up, a little groggy. His diaper felt so full. He could not tell if it was the next day or even just a few hours. Mommy Madeline and Daddy Charles were standing at Mark's crib, watching him wake up. Madeline reached for the locks on the bars and undid them. She pulled the bars down and Daddy Charles lifted Mark into his big, strong arms. Mark struggled a bit, but he was much weaker than he was before. "You boys are probably very hungry after getting all emptied out into your diapers." Madeline reached under Mark and gave his butt a nice firm patting, sending the message to the boy that he was nothing but a big baby to her. Mark felt his own mess become pressed against him. He wondered if he would get a change now, but instead he was hooked into an adult sized high chair. Mark grimaced as he felt his poop flatten out across his cheeks after he was sat in the high chair. He turned and saw his brother obediently eating his meal, being fed by two other daddies. He even heard JJ say "thank you, Daddy Henry." to one of the men, though with some obvious reluctance. Mark was fed his breakfast as well, an assortment of solid and mushy foods, probably to give his poop its continued firm consistency but to also keep it soft enough to squish out so that he wouldn't be able to hold it in for too long. "You'll drink from your bottle all by yourself, yes?" Daddy Charles said, handing the bottle to Mark. "We don't have to strap it to your face again, do we?" Fearful of being gagged with the baby bottle a second time Mark shook his head and brought the bottle to his lips. He sucked hard on the nipple, trying to down the juice under the watchful eyes of his new "parents." When dinner was over the boys were pulled out of their high chairs. Mark felt the mess on his bottom slowly peeling off as the weight inside the heavy diaper was causing it to sag. Each of the boys' diapers were loaded and their messes were spread all around. The three daddies and one mommy look over them with thoughtful glares. "I think this is going to require bath time." Madeline whispered to her companions. "Bath time? Bath time? Bath time?" she made a round of motions. It was settled that the boys would get a bath. A fourth daddy entered the room, bringing in two baby strollers. The strollers were low to the ground, but there was a bar in front which they used to keep the boys' legs elevated. JJ was set in his stroller first, being the most cooperative of the two. He was strapped in and then it was Mark's turn. Mark was shoved towards his stroller and handled a bit more roughly than his brother. "Please! You said you would go easy on him!" JJ said. He must have made a deal with the captors when he was separated the other day. Mark looked nervous, scared of what kind of deal JJ made with them. Before he could speak with his brother about anything the two were pushed in their strollers down a series of hallways. The facility looked so medical and sterile, but at one point there was a wide open area where Mark could clearly see windows with a wilderness outside. There was a way out! He would have to carefully plan how to escape though. Mark and JJ were brought to a large bathroom. Interestingly enough this bathroom had no toilet, only two sinks, mirrors, and a giant tub. The boys were stripped out of their pajamas, which got folded neatly and set into a pile. They then had to climb into the tub wearing only their diapers. The diapers were carefully torn off with teams of two. Each daddy made sure that the diapers would not spill out or fall over and make more of a mess to clean up. The diapers were dropped into a plastic bag which was then tossed down a garbage chute. "Okay boys." Madeline spoke after just watching silently for a while. "Turn around, put your hands against the wall." The woman reached for the shower head and pointed it at the naked and vulnerable males. She turned on the water, spraying the boys in the crotch one at a time. JJ whined and turned away, putting his hands on the wall first. Mark saw his brother being careful and decided it was best to follow with what the older boy was doing. He also put his hands on the wall. The shower head washed away most of the coated on mess from the boys' bottoms. "Now sit and stay still. We're going to have a nice little bubble bath!" Madeline chuckled. The shower head was hung up with care and then Madeline went about filling the tub. She added the bubble bath, which quickly surrounded the two boys. JJ was silent, though with a look of discomfort on his face. Mark felt uncomfortable as well. He was sharing a bath with his older brother, something the two of them hadn't done since they were six and seven years old! It was made even worse when the men turned the boys to face each other. Mark's arms were lifted and he was scrubbed under his pits and over his chest. JJ was being scrubbed as well, getting lots of attention from Mommy Madeline. Mark was almost a bit jealous that JJ was the one being touched by a cute girl, but he tried to remind himself this was a humiliating situation and that it wasn't fun to be controlled by this woman. Mark whined as he was bent forward and his bottom was scrubbed by the men. He scrunched up his face as he was brought too close for comfort to his naked brother. JJ was bent over as well and soon both of their bodies were touching. Mark shuddered, feeling so strange to have his own brother's skin rubbing against his, especially since he was naked, slippery, and wet! Mark and JJ were stood back up in the tub. Looking across at his brother, Mark could see JJ was rock hard. Mark's dick was hard too. There was just no controlling it. Mommy Madeline reached for JJ's cock and started to stroke it. Mark made a face and turned away, but his head was grabbed and he was forced to turn and watch his brother getting jerked off. Mark's dick was grabbed next. He felt the big strong man's hand stroking his stiff erection. He was not a small guy, but in that hand he felt like his dick was so tiny by comparison. JJ whimpered as he was brought closer to orgasm with his dick pointed at his brother. He turned away, on the verge of tears. "Stop! Please don't make us... Please!" JJ begged. "He's my brother, this isn't right!" Despite his loud protests, JJ ended up cumming on Mark's stomach and down his thighs. Mark helplessly orgasmed as well, crying softly as he also came on his older brother. The situation could not have been more mortifying! The cum was whisked away with some cool baby wipes and both boys were set back into the tub. JJ was visibly shaken, letting out pathetic sobs into the tub with tears dripping from his nose. "Please don't do that to us again." JJ said between his blubbering. "How about we make another deal then." Mommy Madeline said as she went back to scrubbing JJ's slippery, wet, naked body. She leaned in, whispering to him. "You come be my personal baby boy and I promise we'll be very gentle with Mark." "I want you to set my brother free." JJ pleaded with the woman. "Well if I set one of you loose right now then the other will have to be my little baby boy forever. You would have to do whatever I say and obey me. You would have to let me put you in a diaper all day long, twenty-four seven! You couldn't sass me back, you'd have to drink from bottles, and you'd be doing all of this indefinitely." Madeline explained. "JJ, don't make anymore deals with them!" Mark's voice cracked as it raised to a nervous pitch. "Mark, I have to! They can't keep doing this to you!" JJ's voice trembled as he fought back crying. "I'm your big brother. I need to protect you!" "Well you may be his big brother, but you sure aren't a big boy!" Madeline said with a smile. Both of them were pulled out of the tub now, cocooned in massive towels which rubbed down their wet and nude bodies to dry them off. While still completely naked, the boys were put into their strollers again, strapped down. When they exited the bathroom Mark noticed JJ's stroller being pushed in the opposite direction. Mark tried to look over his shoulder to see where his brother was being taken. "Wait!" Mark called out. "James! Jay Jaaaay!" His voice called out for his brother. Even after a humiliating experience like that where he couldn't even look his brother in the eye after it happened Mark still couldn't just let himself be separated from him! Mark was brought back to the nursery, which was smelling a bit better now. The diaper can in the middle of the room must have just been changed. Mark was brought to his changing table and laid back while three of the daddies took care of applying the baby powder and putting a diaper on him. Mark didn't struggle too much as he was changed this time, but he still showed anger on his face. He wanted to let these men know he wasn't okay with what they were doing to his older brother. He wasn't going to stand for it, no matter what kind of deal JJ was striking! The thick diaper was folded over Mark's crotch and it was taped shut tightly around his waist. Mark was then put into his restrictive pajamas once again with his hands and feet covered by mittens and booties. Instead of putting Mark in his crib right away the men left him on the floor to explore his surroundings. They left the room and Mark was free to just wander around. Mark was incredibly anxious about his brother and being stuck there meant there wasn't anything he could truly do. He looked at the toy box and thought about looking through all the toys. He looked up at the shelf and thought about reading some of the toddler-level literature. There was nothing that could put his mind off of his brother though. The day felt like it just dragged on and on, feeling like the longest day of his life. He continued to be fed and given a bottle for lunch and dinner. A few times he needed to pee and rather than fighting it Mark was just actively letting heavy streams out into his diaper. Mark was soaking wet by the end of the day. He was picked up off the floor and set on the changing table where his soggy diaper was opened up and he was wiped down with the cool wipes. Mark's cock stood to attention yet again, almost like it was expecting to be touched at this point, but this time his erection was ignored. He heard the men whispering to each other before turning back to him. "Sorry, little guy. Guess you're not getting relief tonight." One of the men said, pulling the sodden diaper away and putting a new one in place. He was powdered up and the diaper was taped snug around him. Mark was set into his crib and he was locked in. As the gentle music box played Mark continued to let his brain jog. Slowly his brain was drifting away from what his brother was being forced into and onto other things. He was determined to escape. It's what his brother would want. Even if he would be leaving his brother behind he could probably come back and get some help. Mark sat up in the crib and felt his erection painfully pressing on the front of his tight diapers. He reached for his crotch and attempted to adjust the hard-on through the thick padding. That's when he noticed how loose his left mitten was. One of the men forgot to tie his mitten down all the way! Mark used his other mitted hand to try and get underneath the mitten. He was able to pull it up and the mitten came off. Mark let out a sigh and flexed his fingers. His hand got to breath! He then untied the other mitten, getting that one off as well. With both hands free he was able to unzip his pajamas and take them off. He wanted to just rip off the diaper, but he worried about it making too much noise. He carefully tugged the diapers down. He heard the tapes ripping the plastic as the tight diaper was tugged beyond his hips and then down his legs. Mark, standing in the crib now, searched for the locks. He saw that they were simple latches. When his hands were mitted there would be no way to actually detach these locks. Now he was able to use some dexterity and open the latches up. When he got to the other side the bars almost dropped immediately. Mark grabbed at them, stopping them just an inch before they landed! He trembled nervously, his knees knocking as he carefully let the bars down the rest of the way without making too much noise. When Mark climbed out of the bed, now completely naked, he searched through the toys. He managed to find a single green army man. It was his best bet at picking the locks. With his dick swinging freely between his legs he took quick but quiet steps to the door. He shoved the gun of the army man into the key hole and carefully manipulated it while listening closely. Miraculously Mark was able to unlock the first door. He opened it up and looked, seeing the second security door, but it was already ajar. He didn't question it. He just skipped on through with gentle footfalls. Mark came across some white uniforms folded up neatly on a shelf. Not wanting to go out naked into the woods he pulled a uniform on. The jacket and pants were tight, probably meant for someone smaller or thinner than him. He did not have the luxury to shop around for better clothes though. He had little time to get out of here before being spotted. He took a few long outstretched steps to one of the many wide windows. He unlocked the window and lifted it up. He took a step through the window. As his legs parted he felt himself getting wet. He gritted his teeth, seeing a yellow stain growing on the white pants. He didn't even feel that one coming! He was glad he was getting out of there if this kind of thing was going to start happening to him. Pee dripped from his crotch as he wandered out into the wooded area. When he felt he was a safe distance he sat down on the ground, getting the seat of his white pants dirty in the process. He thought maybe it wouldn't be so noticeable if he was covered in a little dirt. Mark looked back at the building he just escaped from. It seemed to be cabin attached to a plain box-like building structure. It was such an odd design. There was a logo shaped like a P, but with the rounded part looking like a U-turn arrow on its side. Was this a legitimate business? He couldn't think any of this was legal. He tried to get his mind off of it as he felt a heaviness in his stomach. Was it the guilt over leaving his brother behind, or did he just have to poop? Mark assumed that the business might have some plan for keeping JJ there. If a deal was struck he may have ended up signing a contract. Mark assumed the worst. He thought for sure no one would be coming to rescue JJ if that was the case. In the dark of the night he saw a single widow shining light on through. He got to his feet and walked towards the building. Grabbing the stool of the window he pulled himself up. He was glad to have enough strength to do one pull-up at least. There inside he saw a chilling scene. JJ was sitting in a white, padded cell. He had a glassy-eyed stare. He was wrapped in a very large diaper and his arms were tied into a straight jacket. Mark saw Mommy Madeline entering the padded room with a jar of baby food. JJ got a dopey smile on his face when he saw the open and happily opened his mouth to accept the food. Mark let go of the window and dropped to his feet. Did they drug his older brother? What were they doing to him? Before he could do much else he heard something behind him. One of the men was standing there with a taser in his hand. Mark was about to bolt when the taser was pressed into his side and he shook in surprise. He fell to the ground and felt poop spilling out into the white pants. He whimpered, feeling both the wind and shit knocked out of him at once. His vision became blurry and suddenly he was out cold. ~ Mark shot up suddenly in his bed. He looked around, seeing he was in his own bedroom again. He rubbed his weary face as the thoughts of what just happened lingered in his mind. Instead of the memories fading as dreams often do Mark could recall every detail of the nightmare. He pushed himself off the bed and stood up, looking for JJ's room. He just had to make sure his big brother was safe! Mark opened the door to his brother's room, seeing him lying on the bed with his blankets gracefully covering him around the crotch. Mark sighed with relief. "JJ, are you up?" Mark asked. "Well I am now." JJ said with his eyes closed. "Why are you bothering me right now? It's the middle of the night." "I just I wanted to check on you. I had a bad dream." Mark said, still overwrought by the experience. "We were kidnapped in this big scary place where they were doing.... some kind of experiments on us and stuff! They made us do... things!" "Like what?" JJ muttered. "You know, nasty things!" Mark said in a hushed tone. "And they forced us to use diapers!" "It sounds like you're nuts." JJ said bluntly. "Go back to sleep." "Sorry, it just made me worried! They took you away and I thought I'd never see you again!" Mark said, breathing erratically. "Well I'm here right now." JJ said with his eyes still closed. "Now go back to bed. We have work in the morning." Mark grumbled. He dragged his feet back to his bedroom and sat down on his bed. He heard a soft crinkle and felt something strange. He looked down and saw he was wearing a diaper this whole time, even when talking with his brother. He pulled on the waistband and looked inside, seeing there was poop, pee, and his own semen coating the area in front of him. His heart raced as he looked at it, wondering how exactly he ended up this way.
  9. Adam Grows Down

    This is a story commission. You can buy your own, you know! It’s very short, only five pages. I tried to cram as much story into it as I could though. This is also a “clean” story. (there is zero sexual content, it’s all just diaper stuff.) Adam Grows Down It was almost Adam's birthday and he was pretty excited. Soon he would be turning ten years old! Reaching double digits would be a real milestone for him. At least on paper (and cake) he would be a big boy. Adam was still quite short for his age, and his little sister, who was almost seven, was still growing taller than him. His mother didn't mind this at all. She was happy that her boy still had baby smooth hairless skin. It made him so easy to clean up, as he did get pretty dirty sometimes. Adam had trouble making it to the bathroom, especially at night. He wore diapers to bed for most of his life. If he made a mess in his sleep his mommy would just give him a nice, soapy bubble bath. Adam had been difficult to potty train as a child. While his sister Rosey had been out of diapers by the age of two and a half he was still using a diaper when he was five. It wasn't until his sixth birthday that Adam was out of pull-ups, but he continued to have relapses in his training. At night Adam had to wear diapers in his sleep. His sister, ever kind and considerate, suggested that Adam should get to wear Spider-Man Goodnights when he was being good. Sometimes he liked having such a mature sister. Other times it made him feel embarrassed. He really resented how their mother treated her like more of a grown up than him. His mom even suggested that Rosey would start changing his diapers in a few years if he didn't grow out of it. He tried not to think about any of that though. Tomorrow would be his birthday, he was turning 10, and that was that. While Adam was sleeping he naturally wet himself. Since going back to diapers for night time he has rarely had a dry night. Sometimes he would try to wake up early so he could take off his diaper and wash himself, but his mother did not approve of this. She often said that he could not be trusted to clean up by himself and that only she knew how to clean him properly from a wet or dirty diaper. She even threatened putting the bars back up on his converted bed so that put a stop to his preemptive morning changes for now. By morning, Adam's mother was already in his room, gathering up his toys and picking up his clothes. She just sighed with a chuckle as she cleaned up her boy's room for him. Adam sat up in his bed, seeing his mother cleaning up after him. He felt a little bad. Before going to sleep last night he told himself he couldn't forget to clean his room, but he did it again. "Mamma, let me help." Adam said, pulling off his covers and revealing he was only in a t-shirt and Spider-Man Goodnights diapers. "Relax, Adam. You're off the hook today, birthday boy!" Mom winked at him. Adam felt a little better. As he scooted his butt off the bed he could smell the sweet scent of cake filling the house. It really off-set his own dirty boy odors. Adam tried to waddle past his mother but she stopped him before he could get to his door. She set down the laundry basket to block the doorway and looked down at him with hands on her hips. "Hold on, mister, you're not off the hook for a diaper change!" Mom said, still with a smile though. "Get up on that table." Adam grumbled to himself, but he obediently climbed up onto the changing table like his mother told him to. He had to sit there with his legs dangling off the edge while his mother finished cleaning up his room and took out the laundry. While he was waiting his little sister Rosey poked her nosy head into his room. "Rosey get out of here!" Adam whined, placing his hands over his diaper in a futile attempt to hide it. "Oh come on, I've seen you in your diapers plenty of times." The six year old said, giggling. "Don't be such a baby about it!" "That's not funny." Adam pouted. Eventually Mom came back into the room. She gently ushered Rosey out, much to Adam's relief. She shut the door behind her to make sure the girl wouldn't try to bust in again. Mom walked up to the changing table and began to tear the tabs on Adam's diaper, opening them up and looking inside. She smiled. "Oh good, you're only wet this time!" She said, sounding pleasantly surprised. "Mooom!" Adam whined "I only pooped in my sleep that one time!" "It was four times, and don't sass back." Mom said. She took a baby wipe and slid it across Adam's bottom first. She took some more wipes and cleaned around the rest of his damp skin. Adam just let out a fussy whine, crossing his arms as he sat back getting wiped. She set Adam back down on his feet. She pat his bare behind "I guess you can dress yourself, but don't take too long!" Adam didn't have to be told twice. Some kids from school would be coming over and there would be a party with cake and games and lots of presents! He found his pull-ups, complete with a Spider-Man theme on them, and tugged up them to his waist. He took off his shirt and put on a new one. Adam pulled up his jeans, hopping into them like a kangaroo. Busting through his door he saw his younger sister passing by. She was in a very pretty pink dress, standing tall in the hallway. She looked at her brother with a big grin. She liked that she was getting taller than him while he was still so small and scrawny. She reached over and gave Adam a nice surprising hug. "Are you ready? We have the whole back yard decorated." Rosey smiled down at her brother, ruffling his hair. Adam tried to brush his hair back into place with his hands. "This is going to be so cool!" Adam smiled. He tried not to let the way his mother or sister treated him keep him from enjoying his special day. He had no idea what was in store for him though. Walking outside, Adam could see how his mother and sister really went all-out to make his birthday party special. There were balloons and streamers, and everything just looked so colorful. Something was off though. It wasn't superhero themed like he thought it would be. If anything it seemed distinctly child-like with cut-outs of baby animals everywhere. The napkins all had little kitties on them and the table cloth had a baby blue polka-dot pattern. Even the playlist of music was all kids' songs or covers of popular songs toned down for younger audiences. Adam was a little confused. About the only thing that didn't bother him about the outdoor set-up was the bounce house. He couldn't wait to go hopping in there once the guests arrived. There was some chatter from the gate. Walking over he saw two of his male friends from school being dropped off by their own moms. There was Eric, a blonde-haired boy who was friends with Adam since they were both short boys. He was taller than Adam by now, but they were still good friends. And then there was Timothy, a tan and awkwardly lanky boy for his age that was going through an early puberty. Adam opened the gate to the back yard and swung it open, directing his friends over. Adam wondered why the picnic tables had so many places set for them if he was only having two of his friends over from school. Adam spoke with his friends about the new marvel movies that were coming out. Adam mostly talked about Spider-Man since he was his favorite. His friends placed the presents on a table with other wrapped gifts. Adam was bouncing rapidly, enthusiastic about what kind of fun presents he was getting. To Adam's surprise one of Rosey's friends from her first grade class showed up, coming through the back door to the yard. He didn't see her being dropped off so she must have been hanging out with Rosey earlier in the morning. She was carrying a shiny wrapped gift which she brought over to the gift table. "Hi!" Candice said, looking very cheerful. "You must be Adam." She was going off of Rosey's description of her brother as 'the smallest boy,' but Candice was too polite to point out that's how Rosey described him. Adam saw that he was going to have to put up with a lot on his birthday. He wasn't completely disappointed yet, but that was about to change soon. Eventually three other girls from Rosey's class were dropped off and the back yard was filled with the chattering of high-pitched giggling girls. These girls were all the taller than Adam by a couple inches. Adam was crestfallen. His birthday party was seeming far less masculine than he cared for! While he looked around at his back yard just teeming with little girls outnumbering the boys he decided to just have fun. Adam told his friends Eric and Timothy to join him. The three boys huddled into the bounce house and started hopping up and down. Much to Adam's dismay one of the girls jumped in and started bouncing up and down. He was so annoyed at how her skirt flipped up and down to show off her big girl pants. Adam didn't need more reminders about how he was more immature than a six year old girl! Adam felt a tightness in his tummy. He needed to go poop, but he stubbornly didn't want to leave before getting the most out of the bounce house. Sure, he could just run inside and go potty, but he thought maybe he could just hold it in and enjoy the bounce house before more of the girls got in and "ruined" the fun. And then he stopped bouncing. Adam tried to stand still in the bounce house as everyone around him was hopping and making the floor puff out under him. He grabbed his butt, trying to hold his cheeks together as he struggled to slide out the front flap of the inflatable bouncy hut. Adam felt the poop coming out as he held his hand over his butt. It was like some kind of nightmare. He was pooping his pants, surrounded by friends and little kids almost half his age. The poop just kept coming out, filling the back of his pull-ups. He moved his hand away from his butt and tried to walk casually back into the house. He had to go through a gauntlet of children all running around him, playing in the back yard. He came to the back door of the house when he was stopped by his mother. She held onto his wrist, keeping him from going back into the house. "Adam, did you poop your pants?" She asked so matter-of-factly. A girl standing right behind her giggled. Adam scrunched up his face like he just bit into a lemon. "No I didn't!" he insisted. Mom wasn't going to wait for Adam to just tell the truth. She grabbed the waistband of his pants and started to pull them down. In full view of all the other children his mother inspected his dirty pull-ups. First she put a hand on the seat, feeling the lumps of poop. She then pulled on the waistband to peek inside. "We are going inside right now, Mr Poopypants." She said plainly. The sound of adorable, squeaky, girlish giggling erupted behind him and his mother as they went back into the house. Adam felt so humiliated! Not only did he poop his pants at his birthday party, but everyone knew about it and saw him do it. He made the shameful march back to his bedroom where his mother propped him up on the changing table. He was not looking forward to going back out there and facing his friends and Rosey's friends after his shameful act. Mom, ever the indefatigable matriarch, changed her 10 year old son's poopy pull-ups without batting an eye. She had no trouble tearing the sides of the pull-up and opening them up like a diaper. She grabbed Adam's ankles and held his butt in the air. She wiped the poop away from his cheeks and dug deep between his crack to clear the rest of the mess away. She threw out the loaded trainers, dropping them into the diaper pail. "Those pull-ups were a complete disaster. What happened in there?" Mom said, grabbing a thick white diaper from under the changing table. "Mom, no, please, not the diapers! I just had an accident!" Adam begged. "Oh hush up." Mom pushed the diapers under Adam's butt. She sprinkled on the baby powder and then folded the diaper over his front. She taped the diaper shut tightly, which went far beyond his waist. "I saw you in the bouncy castle. You clearly looked like you had to poop, but did you take a break to go potty like you were supposed to? No, I don't think so. Now look at you." Adam looked down at himself. Mom pulled up his t-shirt and grabbed one of his baby shirts. The smaller shirts always showed off his tummy, but more importantly they made his diapers more prominent. Mom then stuck some velcro shoes onto Adam's feet, completing his toddler look. Mom helped Adam down off of the changing table and took him back to the yard. She handed Adam off to Rosey, who was waiting just outside the door. Rosey happily took Adam by the hand and brought him over to the table. Adam frowned as all of Rosey's little friends stared at him and pointed. They whispered to each other and some of them even poked and prodded him, making him giggle involuntarily. Adam tried to squirm away from the girls. Meanwhile his friends were looking on helplessly as Adam was being tossed around like a plaything by a gaggle of giggling girls. "I can't believe Adam did that." Eric said, twisting his face in disgust. "He just crapped his pants like a baby!" "Aw shut up, Eric." Rosey snapped back, defending her brother. "I know your sister and she said you still sleep with rubber sheets!" Eric's face turned red and tucked in his lips, looking angry and embarrassed at the same time. The girls laughed at Eric for a bit before turning their attention back to Adam. Eric hung his head and turned away, stuffing his hands down his pockets. While this was going on Mom placed Adam's high chair at the table. She plucked Adam up, taking him away from the girls for a moment. She stuck the small boy into the chair and strapped him in. She locked the tray in place. She took a bib with a picture of a cartoon octopus on it and tied it around his neck. Adam whined and struggled in the high chair. He felt so on display when all he wanted to do was hide. "It's time for the cake." Mom said. She looked down at Rosey and gave a nod. Rosey nodding back and gave a knowing grin. Rosey climbed into her own chair next to Adam and looked at him with a big grin. "This is going to be good!" Rosey said, bouncing in her chair. Mom came out the back door with a large cake. It was decorated with flowery designs all around and there was one candle on top. A single number-shaped candle was lit by a bright flame. It was the number five. Adam looked so confused as everyone started singing happy birthday to him. He just stared at the five shaped candle when the song finished. "Come on, sweetie, blow out your candle and make a wish!" Mom said, rubbing Adam's back. "Mommy, I'm ten! Why's it say five?" Adam whined. "Why that's how old you are, sweetie! You're just five years old!" Mom smiled. "And your sister Rosey is now your big sister!" "No, I don't want to be five! I want to be ten!" Adam whimpered. "Well blow out your candle and wish to grow up then." One of Rosey's friends said teasingly. More giggles erupted from the table. Adam groaned. He blew out the candle. He really wanted that cake despite his embarrassment. Mom cut into the cake and started plopping slices down onto paper plates, making the children pass their plate down clockwise across the picnic tables until everyone had their own slice of cake. Mom put a nice big slice of cake on Adam's tray. She poked into the cake with a plastic spork and guided the bite up to Adam's face. Adam tried to resist being fed by his mother, tilting his head away and going "Mmm! Mmmmh!" She just ended up getting cake crumbs and icing on Adam's face. Adam pouted and whined, bouncing in his high chair in frustration. "It's not fair! I'm supposed to be a big boy! I'm older than Rosey!" He whined. He took a bite of cake as it was shoveled into his mouth. He savored the flavor. It tasted so good, but he tried to remain focused on protesting his current situation. "I swear I wont poop my pants again! Just don't make me be the baby!" "You'll have a chance to grow up." Mom said with a smirk, putting another bite of cake into Adam's mouth. "You're just starting at five again. I've already had a talk with your school. We've enrolled you back into kindergarten. If you do well then next year you'll move onto the first grade!" "I don't wanna do kindergarten again." Adam mumbled, getting more cake shoved into his moth and getting more of it smeared around his cheeks. "Well that's just how it's going to be. This was a long time coming, young man. I almost wasn't going to go through with it, but when I watched you poop your pants just now instead of going inside to potty like a big boy I had to put my foot down." Mom looked at Adam seriously, placing a hand on his shoulder. "If you can manage to get potty trained while in kindergarten then maybe you'll be six years old next year, but if not you're going to have another fifth birthday." Adam took his mother's threat seriously. His mother was an intelligent woman and if she said she could make something happen she could certainly do it. Mom unhooked Adam from his high chair and pulled him out. She placed a baby bottle of fruit punch into his hands and guided him over to the presents. He waddled over to the gift table with his large, poofy diapers crinkling loudly. At least now Adam could enjoy opening his gifts! The kids all gathered around to watch Adam open up each present. One after another the presents were just toddler level toys. There was clear resentment and disappointment on Adam's face, but he didn't want to make himself seem like an ungrateful brat and be put even lower than he was. He simply muttered "thank you" after each humiliating gift was opened. Only his friends Eric and Timothy got him cool Spider-Man toys. It was hard for him to be excited about that when in his current situation though. Adam really needed to pee after all this excitement. He thought about asking his mom to take him to the bathroom, but he was already in a diaper and he thought it was a lost cause at this point. He tried to discreetly tinkle into the diaper as he opened his next present, but his body language and face made it obvious even as he tried to cover the sound by rustling the wrapping paper. "That's it, Adam, just keep using your diapers." Rosey said, leaning in with a whisper. "I'd rather have you as my little brother anyway." She gave her brother a kiss on the cheek and hugged him from the side. There was a flash of a camera as Mom took a picture of the adorable. Adam looked up with a pitiful objection. While Mom was gathering up all the trash Adam's friend Timothy looked down at him. The tall boy rubbed his arm, looking away nervously. He then bent down on one knee and whispered to his friend. "You're lucky, Adam." Timothy said, looking a little embarrassed. "What do you mean?" Adam asked curiously, holding onto one of his new Spider-Man toys. "I mean, like, now you can wear diapers again and go back to doing easy school work." Timothy shrugged. "What's so great about wearing diapers?" Adam asked, confused. "You know, it's just... it's convenient! You never have to stop playing. You never have to pause any games. Plus it just feels really good." Timothy bit his lip as he admitted the last part. Adam looked down at his diaper. It was hard to deny it did feel good sometimes. He was getting older and he didn't understand some of these new feelings he was having, but he did know there were times he woke up early and had to potty, only to use his diaper instead. Now he could potty wherever and whenever he pleased. "It still makes me feel like a baby." Adam mumbled. "Yeah, but being a baby is kind of fun!" Timothy added. "What was that?" Rosey giggled. "You wanna be a baby, Timmy?" "What? No, shut up! I was just joking!" Timothy chuckled nervously, trying to laugh it off. "It's okay." Rosey said with a grin. "You could always borrow one of Adam's diapers any time you come over for a sleep-over!" "Oh." Timothy tucked in his lip, looking away. "That would be pretty cool, actually. Do you think his diapers would fit me?" "Of course! His diapers are really big, see?" Rosey tugged on Adam's diaper. Adam whined and tried to slap away Rosey's hand, which just made her giggle some more. "Don't do it, Tim!" Adam pouted. "She's just trying to make you act like a baby so she can pretend she's more grown up than she is!" "Come on, Adam." Timothy rolled his eyes. "Don't be a baby about it." Adam pouted again. He couldn't believe one of his best friends just used that line on him! That's something Rosey always said. He never understood it. It was a little too ironic for him to wrap his head around. As Adam went back to his party, he simply watched the other kids playing typical party games. He stood off to the side, choosing to watch from the sidelines rather than join in. He was in deep thought as he began to contemplate his possible future now. His mother was really going to go through with this and just as he feared his sister would probably be changing his diapers in a couple years if he didn't get potty trained. At this rate it looked very likely that he wouldn't be potty trained and he would stay in diapers for a long time. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe it might even be fun like his friend Timothy said. Maybe it might even be less embarrassing to have a friend there wearing diapers with him. While he stood there he felt the need to poop again. Adam thought about what Timothy said about never having to take breaks from playing and how good it feels to go on yourself. He decided to try it out, bending his knees slightly and dropping a big log into his diaper on purpose. He sighed with relief, feeling the heavy poop press against his bottom. He put his hand over the lump, feeling it curiously. Looking around to see if anyone was watching he sat down on the bench by the picnic table. The sensation of the mess spreading around made Adam feel all tingly in a good way. He didn't understand why. Just earlier today when he had an accident it was a mortifying experience. Now it felt special. He didn't know why it felt much better to go on purpose than it did going on accident, but he readily accepted it for now. If he was going to be forced to wear diapers he thought he might as well get used to liking it. "Someone looks happy." A voice came from behind him. Mom picked him up and hugged him close, bouncing him in her arms. "You're my little baby boy, Adam! Yes you are!" Mom tickled his tummy, making Adam squirm and giggle. Happy Birthday, Adam.
  10. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    There was a reason I left a huge warning at the start (bolded and in red!) Heh, even I needed a break after writing this. I prefer the loving, caring domination stories. The commissioner asked for something dark and I had to deliver. I am a professional after all.
  11. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    CHAPTER 6: A Proper Baby Cathy lied awake in her crib, rolled over on her tummy since her butt was sore from the hard spanking she got. The bubble bath was nice and relaxing. She even played with the rubber bath toys. She didn't mind. The part she didn't like was when her then clean bottom received several hard smacks. The fact that her butt was wet made the spanking sting all the more. Abigail was not kidding around when she said there would be consequences. When Cathy ran away yesterday she was being impulsive. That impulsiveness lead to her being caught and punished swiftly, and that would mean that any other plans she had of escaping were going to be next to impossible now. She just didn't know what to do. When she was biding her time she only fell further into Abigail's trap. She wondered how long she could hold out while planning her next move before Abigail had her in her clutches for good. Cathy sucked on her thumb, looking out the edge of her crib. Her old potty chair was no longer on the floor. It was placed on a high shelf, perhaps as a reminder of something she could never "reach" again. She saw the bare spot where her laptop and work lab used to be. All remaining traces of her adulthood were gone in this room. There were only big plushes, doll houses, tea sets, and an assortment of colorful plastic toys meant to stimulate the mind of a 1-year-old. Cathy felt pee rushing out of her, soaking the thick padding of her diaper. She moved her hips around, rubbing the front of her diaper against the soft and crinkly mattress of her crib. Her fate was sealed right now, so she gave into her baser desires. She put her hand between her legs, rubbing the squishy wet material on her crotch. She was getting pretty good at masturbating in a diaper. She used to have trouble working around the thick padding, but now she was used to it. She let out a little grunt as she rubbed harder and faster. The new diapers held up better and did not loosen as Cathy rubbed them. She was able to bring herself to orgasm without ruining the diaper. She sighed with relief, lying still on the mattress after her climax. She rolled over onto her back and looked up, seeing her mobile slowly spinning above her head. She closed her eyes and smiled, glad to have gotten away with touching herself for now. She knew that tomorrow she probably would not get a chance like this again. Cathy's thumb found its way back into her mouth. She tried to think of something, anything else other than the frustrating situation she was in. Her mind rattled on anyway. She thought about all the choices she had made up to this point. Everything that had happened to her was, in a way, her own doing. As badly as she had tried to blame the Amazons for everything, especially Abigail, she had to admit to herself that there were times she had deliberately not used the toilet when she was supposed to. She was the one who decided to hold it for too long sometimes. She was the one who deliberately pooped in her pants when it was more convenient than rushing to the toilet. Despite all her potty training, deep down, she still had these tendencies to act like a child. All Abigail did was slowly let these poor habits surface. It was Abigail's plan all along to subtly hammer in the notion that Cathy would always be a baby. She just managed to do it in a way that Cathy did not see coming. In the morning Cathy found herself outside of her crib, on the changing table. Her eyes fluttered open to see Abigail staring down with a blank expression as she raised a poop-filled diaper in the air and then dropped it into the diaper pail. Abigail's expression brightened and she smiled at the waking Cathy. Little Cathy realized she had her thumb in her mouth the whole time. She moved her thumb out of her mouth, but it's not like Abigail didn't just see her sucking her thumb like that. "Well, look who's finally awake!" Abigail spoke in a sing-songy lilt. She kept her eyes on little Cathy's face as she wiped the girl a few more times, watching her tense up and scrunch her face. Abigail giggled at the way Cathy squirmed. "It's a brand new day for you. Today is your first day of Little Etiquette School." "Aw come on, do I have to?" Catherine groaned. "That attitude right there is precisely why you have to!" Abigail reprimanded Cathy. She grabbed Cathy's ankles and lifted her butt. She gave the clean cheeks a little smack, not hard enough to really hurt, but just enough to remind her who was in charge. Cathy whimpered in pain. "Lucky for you my parents own one of the most successful etiquette schools for Littles in the country. I was able to get you accepted ahead of everyone else on the list! Only the best for my stinky girl." Abigail doused Cathy's butt and crotch liberally with the baby powder and then rubbed the powder in deeply with her hand, moving those fingers of hers all around her butt and crotch. She dusted her hands off and then pulled the front of the diaper up, taping the thick diapers around her torso. Cathy looked down, realizing she wasn't even in a shirt. Her massive diapers came all the way up to her chest, just under her tits. Abigail did dress her finally, pulling a rather childish pinafore onto her. The skirt was so short it may as well have not been there at all. Her diapers were hanging all the way out of the dress! Abigail then pulled a pair of knee-high socks onto Cathy and topped them off with pretty pink slippers. Abigail tied back Cathy's hair, styling it into two high and flouncy pigtails. She added some fruit-shaped barrettes just to complete the little kid look. Abigail took her phone from her handbag and snapped a picture of Cathy. "That's going in the baby album" Abigail smiled. "What a perfect look for you." After a filling breakfast Abigail picked up her appropriately dressed baby and carried her from her high chair and towards the living room. Waiting in the middle of the living room was an adorable baby stroller. Abigail stuffed Cathy into it and used some restraint straps to keep her locked into place. The pram had Cathy facing Abigail so she'd only be able to look up at the giant woman's imposing figure. It also allowed Abigail to keep an eye on Catherine, making sure she obeyed and didn't try anything silly like attempting to escape. Abigail put a baby bottle full of juice in the stroller and also Cathy's little stuffed teddy bear. Abigail decided to take a nice long stroll through town rather than getting on the public transit to take Cathy to her destination. She wanted to parade Cathy around and let everyone know that this big baby was her property. There were indeed many glances and stares from smirking people passing by. There were even some Amazonian children who got to glance into the stroller and stare at Cathy. The indignity was too much! Cathy covered her face and let out a long and pathetic whine. Abigail's purposefully long walk to the Little school was taking its toll on the fussy Cathy, plus she was starting to feel dehydrated and all she had to drink was the big bottle of juice. As much as she would have liked to resist drinking from the baby bottle she was just too thirsty. On top of that, she also had to pee. She knew that drinking would only make her have to pee more and she would surely wet the diaper before even getting to her destination. Feeling resigned to her fate, Cathy latched onto the nipple of the baby bottled and suckled. The juice was so sweet and refreshing, just what she needed at that moment. She groaned and sighed behind the nipple, nursing from her bottle and settling into a relaxed condition. Mere seconds after her tummy was being filled with the cold and refreshing juice she was pissing into her diapers. The precious star pattern print on the front of her diaper blurred and faded away, making it clear that Cathy just pissed on herself. Abigail had just entered a building and stopped. Cathy tried to look where she was, but her perspective was so fixed from where she was. Abigail removed the straps around Cathy and pulled her out of the pram. Cathy looked on as Abigail set the pram beside several others, all parked next to each other in the same hall. Abigail held Cathy to her chest, walking her through the building. Cathy got a chance to take in her surroundings. She had never been in a kindergarten before, but she had seen pictures. That's just what the etiquette school looked like: a kindergarten. Abigail took Cathy into the classroom. There were twelve small plastic desks in the middle of the large class. The desks looked fairly small compared to the large room they were in. At the front of the class stood most of the students, sitting on the floor in a semi-circle in front of an old fashioned looking woman dressed in formal clothing. Most of her skin was covered by her tight fitting early 20th century dress, leaving much to the imagination, but that was enough to make a Little like Cathy feel tingly between her legs. She didn't know why this strict looking authority figure was stirring some naughty feelings inside her. Most Amazons did that to her, but this was different. The Amazon teacher stood tall at nine feet, ten inches, though at such a height it was difficult for Cathy to tell. The teacher beckoned over Abigail and Cathy. Abigail set Cathy down and patted her on the butt, pushing her towards the other Littles. There were some words exchanged between Abigail and the teacher, though Cathy couldn't hear them. They were smiling at each other, so it was clear that there must have been some history. Abigail did mention that her parents owned this school. Cathy looked at the Littles surrounding her. Unlike at the daycare center all these Littles seemed to have a spark of intelligence in them. Cathy could see it in their eyes. Some of them looked worried and nervous. Others looked ashamed. The teacher came back to the Littles after Abigail had left. She sat back down in her chair, crossing her legs. Immediately Cathy's eyes were drawn to the woman's dress, trying to take a peek up her skirt. The woman cleared her throat. "Well, class, it appears we are all here now, so how about we start? I am Ms Autumn and I will be your teacher for this class. You are all here because you are either newly adopted or you are trouble-makers." Ms Autumn crooked an eyebrow, looking around the semi-circle of big baby girls. "I should hope none of you will be testing me." Cathy looked around, seeing the other girls shake their heads, some of them pouting and squirming around the floor as they acknowledged their teacher without making eye contact. Ms Autumn pulled on Cathy's pinafore, making her stand up. "You were the last one to come in, so why don't you introduce yourself to the rest of the class. These girls already know each other." Ms Autumn held Cathy's hips and spun her around to face the classroom. Cathy was quiet, shyly looking at everyone else as she was made the center of attention. "Go on, we know you can speak. You haven't been silenced yet." "Wh-what do you mean silenced?" Cathy turned, looking up at Ms Autumn with a panicked expression. "Little girl," Ms Autumn narrowed her eyes. "Are you going to introduce yourself or do you need to be placed in the punishment crib?" Cathy didn't know what a punishment crib was. She didn't want to know what a punishment crib was either. A crib by itself seemed like punishment enough! With a heavy sigh, Cathy finally addressed her classmates. "My name is Cathy." She said, rubbing her foot against her ankle. "I'm 24 years old and I like science and stuff." "Science and stuff?" Ms Autumn chuckled. "Well that's a new one. Henrietta here likes math. Erica is into writing. Most of the Littles here enjoy reading. I have never heard of a Little that had such a lofty goal as being a scientist though." "Yeah. Like, with electronics. I'm an inventor." Cathy said, a lot more humble this time. She was normally proud when she talked about herself, but being with Abigail deflated her. "Well there will be no more of that nonsense." Ms Autumn said flatly, the small gone from her face. "Oh sure, you can have your own Little versions of sports and academia, but you need to set your silly dreams of being equals behind you. It is for your own good. When a Little aspires to be just like an Amazon their lives are miserable. When a Little accepts their role in this world as our helpless and dependent babies they are much happier. Don't you want to be happy?" Cathy had heard this agitprop indoctrination before and she was sick of it. She wanted nothing to do with order that the Amazons forced upon her. Seeing Cathy's scowl, Ms Autumn delivered a hard swat to the small girl's diapered butt. The diaper cushioned most of the blow, but it let Cathy know who was in charge. "I see we have much to learn. Everyone to your seats." Ms Autumn stood up and most of the class scurried off to their tiny desks. The ones that did not had to be dragged by the wrist to sit down. Walking to the front of the classroom, Ms Autumn reached for a string dangling above the chalkboard and pulled it down, revealing a wide projection screen. After she set up the screen she then went to each Little and made sure they were sitting properly at their little plastic kiddie desks. Some of the more fidgety ones had to be strapped in. Cathy looked on nervously as Ms Autumn bent over to lock someone in place. Even for the prim and proper way that Ms Autumn dressed her figure was still arousing to Cathy. It was an awkward feeling for her. After one more quick look around the room Ms Autumn could see all the Littles were sitting to attention and looking forward, even if some of them were positioned there by force. Ms Autumn walked to the back of the class, pulling a projector into place and aiming it at the screen in front of the classroom. The projector shone a bright light onto the screen and the film began. 'Amazons And Littles: Big And Small' the title appeared along with some brief credits. There was a fade in, showing an Amazon and a Little at the same age. Each of them was six years old and the differences were already apparent. The Amazon was two feet taller than the Little and of course the Little was dressed in nothing but a thick diaper while the Amazon just wore regular kid clothes. "What are some of the major differences between Amazons and Littles?" the voice-over began. "You can usually tell an Amazon from a Little just by looking at them. By definition, Littles are smaller, hence their name. They are also naturally weaker, have below-average intelligence, and are nearly impossible to potty train." Cathy scowled as she watched the film. Her entire people were being insulted here! The propaganda must have been working though because she did have to accept, perhaps begrudgingly, that there was a kernel of truth to it. In the next scene they showed two adults, one Amazon and one Little. The Little, just like the one at the start of the film, was still in a diaper, while the Amazon was even taller and twice the size of her. Her outfit was beautiful and elegant, showing off her mature figure while the Little was completely naked except for the massive diaper. Her breasts were full and showing, as it was never considered offensive to show a Little's nudity. Many of the Littles were squirming at this scene. "Even as an adult, the Little is still very much like an infant, confused by the world and soiling herself." As the narrator says this they show the adult Little scrunching up her face in an obvious state of pooping. "This is why most Littles are adopted by Amazons on their 18th birthday. Before they turn 18, Littles are usually raised in foster homes where special Amazon caretakers ensure they will be ready for adoption." A serene looking farm is panned across, showing many tiny babies running around as a massive and motherly looking Amazon in a dress and apron watches over them. "Not every Little is so lucky to be raised in this loving environment. Some of them are feral and live in packs with generations of other Littles." The scene changes to a spooky looking Little village where Littles are walking around with very dirty looking pants. They uncomfortably waddle around, some of them peeing straight through her clothes and making puddles on the streets. "With no Amazons around to care for them or change them after accidents these unsanitary Littles can not sustain themselves and live very sad lives." For extra dramatic effect they show a dirt-faced Little looking right at the camera as a tear rolls down her cheek. Cathy let out an audible scoffing sound. "Cathy be quiet, unless you want a harder spanking." Ms Autumn warned from the back of the class. Cathy whimpered but she remained quiet afterward. "In contrast, Amazons are bright and intelligent." The narrator's tone became cheerful. "The struggles of a Little do not befall Amazon children, especially when it comes to the elimination of waste. While a Little may foolishly attempt for most of their lives to get potty trained an Amazon will master the potty before their third birthday. On average, Amazons learn how to use a potty by thirty two months." They show an Amazon infant sitting on a potty chair proudly. Cathy has to look away, feeling so ashamed. She knew that when she was that age she was content to go potty on herself. "Normally, Littles are not allowed to see this, but for the sake of their education we will now show how an Amazon uses a toilet. Littles are welcome to compare their own experiences with their failed potty training to this." As the narrator spoke suddenly every Little was at attention, staring at the screen as an adult Amazon pulled down her pants and then her panties. The Littles got to see the Amazon woman's mature, hair-covered cunt. When she sat on the toilet with her legs spread her labia was exposed even more. There was a symphony of loud crinkling as many of the small girls started rubbing themselves through their diapers. "Hands on your desk!" Ms Autumn barked. "I want to be able to see all your hands. No naughty wandering down there!" The Little whined and complied. Cathy was so embarrassed for them. She knew that if no one was watching she too would be touching herself to this. They actually show the Amazon peeing directly into the toilet. Not a drop is spilled outside the toilet. She even wipes her soft lips clean with two squares of toilet paper before flushing. She pulled her panties back up and the demonstration is over. There are some sighs and groans from the Littles as the woman's privates are covered back up. "Now how does a Little interact with a potty? Let's have our specimen here show us what she knows about potty training." The same adult Little from earlier wanders up to a potty chair. This time however she is wearing a pair of training panties. She looks it over curiously, nudging it with her feet. She even plays with the seat, lifting it up and down. Finally, she sits on the potty, with her training panties still pulled up. The front of her panties turn yellow as she wets herself. Amusingly she had a proud smile on her face like she thinks she is doing it the right way. "While our subject here knows nothing about how a potty chair works not every Little is as oblivious as her." The narrator sparks interest in Cathy again. Cathy mutters 'finally' under her breath, hoping now they might show that Littles can be potty trained. There is another Little on the screen, looking close to Cathy's age. She wears a t-shirt and some overalls and is skipping around, playing outside with Amazon children that are younger than her but the same size as her. "This Little has gone through the unfortunate potty training process for a Little. For the rare Little that does go through the potty training process it is quite grueling. The pressure to learn how to use a potty can take its toll on a Little, who is always going to be much happier and more content to use her pants rather than a potty. The age for finishing their potty training, if you can call it that, widely differs from an Amazon's by several years." Cathy started to squirm. All this bathroom talk was making her have to poop. She looked down at her diaper, which looked even wetter than it was before. She glanced around at her fellow students. She squinted her eyes in the dark, wondering if any of them were wet too. A firm "Eyes front" came from Ms Autumn and once again Cathy was back to staring at the screen. "This poor girl, who was forced through the potty training process, now struggles with basic toilet habits that Amazons take for granted." The narrator continued as they showed the Little grab herself and do a potty dance. "She often leaves marks in her pants even when she makes it to the potty since Littles are notoriously bad at wiping themselves. Back when she was using a full-sized toilet she would not understand how to flush either, and as Littles are unaware, not flushing is considered a very rude act. The real problem is that the Little, for all her protests to be treated as an adult, does not even want to use a potty. For the Littles viewing this who have gone through potty training; how often have you purposefully soiled your pants because it just felt better to do than to just walk all the way to the bathroom or your potty chair?" There was silence during this part. No one was really going to admit it, but deep down they knew it was true. It was especially true for Cathy. She knew that she actually pooped herself on purpose quite a bit when she was living alone. Tense music starts to play as the girl is followed down a hallway, the camera focused on her back. She enters a room that looks like a nursery. It's familiar to Cathy since her room was decorated in a similar fashion. The girl sits on the floor and slowly the camera pushes in on her backside. The seat of her overalls turn brown and lumpy as she poops herself. Finally they cut away to the girl's face, showing her with a content and distant look on her face and some drool going down her chin. The camera cuts to another shot, now showing her from the side as she rocks back and forth on the floor. Cathy recognizes this move all to well and raises a hand to the side of her face, trying not to look. She knows she has to watch this though, otherwise she might get yelled at again. Her pussy was feeling hot and tingly just by watching this familiar act. The girl on screen thoroughly spread her mess on herself and completely ruined her overalls. "And there we have it, another lapse back to infantile habits. This is not the first time this Little has done this and it wont be the last. Until we all agree to stop trying to potty train Littles there will always be scenes like this happening across our country." The narrator spoke dramatically. "It is unsanitary, but it's unhealthy for many other reasons as well. Littles must understand that they can not have it both ways. Either they fully potty train and act like adults or they have accidents and are to be treated as children. We must not and can not indulge any Little's fantasy of being an adult if they choose to behave like babies." Cathy was so embarrassed by the end of the video. Though she didn't want to admit it, much of it mirrored her life. She was a big baby pretending to be an adult. Overwhelmed by her feelings of inferiority Cathy began to sniffle and cry. A few mean Littles began to point and laugh, teasing Cathy for crying. "Enough you two!" Ms Autumn came to Cathy's defense. "Do you think you're any less of a baby? Don't pretend like you've never cried like mewling infants before." The mean girls were shut right up and Cathy was pulled into Ms Autumn's arms. Cathy shuddered when she felt the older woman's breasts pressing against her face through the tight top. Ms Autumn gave Cathy a nice hard hug and ended up squeezing the poop out of her. Cathy grimaced as she felt the messy load spread around the seat of her diaper. Everyone could hear it loudly coming out of her. There were more restrained giggles this time, no one wanting to get in trouble for laughing at Cathy again. "Aw, there you go! I bet you feel a lot better now. Was that all it was? Did someone just need to make a poopy?" Ms Autumn's tone was so different from before. She sounded nice! Cathy didn't even feel insulted by this like she usually did when someone talked down to her. She actually felt comforted. Cathy hugged Ms Autumn back, nuzzling her face against her breasts. Ms Autumn pried Cathy away and then sat her back down at her desk. Ms Autumn went to the front of the class again, tugging the screen and letting it roll back up. She searched through her desk, pulling out some workbooks and crayons. She went to each desk, handing a girl a workbook and one 8 color box of crayons each. "Now I know all you stubborn girls can still read, so I want to you work on chapter one of your textbook. The answer spaces are nice and big so don't worry about penmanship." Ms Autumn stated. "And if you so wish you can color in the pictures when you are done." One of the more stubborn girls at the front tossed her crayons to the floor. She grumbled and grabbed at her straps, trying to struggle and pull herself out of them. She could not figure out how to take her restraints off though. Ms Autumn rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. She handed the rest of the crayons and textbooks to Cathy. "Can I trust you to be a good girl and hand these out for me while I deal with this naughty baby?" Ms Autumn was showing her trust in Cathy. The small girl hadn't been given this much trust in a long time. She looked at the door to the classroom. She knew she could probably make a break for it now. She didn't though. Instead, Cathy did as she was told. She rationalized in her head that she was doing this just to show she could be a good girl and maybe get some privileges back. She waddled to each desk, feeling her poopy mess squish around with each step. She heard one of the mean girls call her "teacher's pet" as she passed by. She ignored the comment, finishing up and sitting back at her own desk. Looking back at the front of the room she saw the disruptive Little being pulled across Ms Autumn's lap. She began to get spanked in front of everyone. Even though she was getting spanked through a diaper she was still wailing in pain. Ms Autumn must have gotten really good at spanking, knowing just the right amount of force to use with each kind of spanking punishment, whether it was a light smack for mild infractions or a full-on spanking for serious disobedience. After her harsh spanking the fussy Little was still crying and rubbing her padded bottom. She was clearly sopping wet too with her diapers very yellowed and heavy looking but still remaining tightly secured to her. Ms Autumn opened a closet door and pulled out a crib that looked quite small. It was small enough for a baby Little, but just big enough to fit the naughty girl into. Ms Autumn put the girl into the crib. To ensure the big baby wouldn't be moving around she also used some leather straps to restrain her arms and legs. Before the girl could protest her mouth was gagged with a pacifier on a ribbon which was tightly tied behind her head so she could not even spit it out. The little girl let out muffled cries which slowly faded to mild sucking sounds. Cathy felt herself getting even wetter as she watched this play out. She felt guilty for getting turned on by seeing one of her own get punished. When Cathy opened her textbook she saw a lot of questions in there pertaining to what was just presented in the film. She had no problem knowing how to correctly answer each question. She used a big purple crayon to scribble her answers into the large blank spaces. Sometimes she only had to fill in one blank word or circle a multiple choice question. Cathy was getting antsy as she sat there at her desk. She had been in her wet and messy diaper for a while now and badly wanted to touch herself. Cathy looked around. She tried to slip a hand slyly between her legs without anyone noticing. She hoped that the crinkling wouldn't be too noticeable since everyone else was crinkling as well. Ms Autumn appeared at Cathy's side rather suddenly to take Cathy's errant hand and pull it back to the top of her desk. "Cathy, I thought you were a good girl. Do I need to put your hands in mittens?" Ms August raised an eyebrow. "No ma'am." Cathy ducked her head down, keeping both hands above her desk now. "Very well." Ms Autumn pat Cathy on the head. "If you're a good girl you will get a treat." After the textbook assignment was over Ms Autumn collected each book and box of crayons, taking them back to her desk to be graded. Since it was now the afternoon each girl was given tray which was set on their desk. A big breasted Amazon wearing tight fitting clothes and an apron with a kitty cat pattern walked into the room, pushing a food cart that had baby bottles and lunch containers. As the students were given their lunches and milk bottles Ms Autumn freed the tied up Little in the punishment crib. "Are you going to behave now?" Ms Autumn asked the girl. She simply nodded. Ms Autumn loosened the pacifier gag and let it fall from the girl's mouth. She walked, head hung in shame and her diaper very full back to her seat. She sat down, wincing as she felt the mess squish. Cathy opened her lunch and looked inside. There was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the middle with the crust cut off, some apple segments, and seedless grapes. Cathy popped the grapes into her mouth first. As she drank her milk she tried not to think about how it was coming from a big baby bottle. The Little's lunch time went off without any more incidents. "Okay, little ones." Ms Autumn spoke. "It's time for diaper changes and nap time. When I call your name I want you to get in line by the changing table at the back of the room." Ms Autumn rattled off each Little's name. Cathy was grateful to hear her name called first. Ms Autumn waited until each girl was waiting patiently in line and then pulled Cathy up onto the changing table. She tore open the girl's diaper and then gave an exaggerated wave of her hand in front of her face. She wiped Cathy down expertly, only having to do a few deep sweeps around her crotch and butt. The loaded diaper was then pulled away and dropped down a chute that was against the wall. Cathy could hear the diaper tumbling down the chute, which must have went all the way down to a basement. She could only imagine how many dirty diapers were sent down there by the end of the day. A fresh diaper was slid under Cathy's rump and she had baby oil rubbed into her bare skin. Cathy shivered and held back a moan as the oil went deep into her skin, coating her evenly. It felt so good, much better than baby powder! She closed her eyes and smiled. Her brand new, extra thick diaper was folded over her and taped tight around her waist. Ms Autumn pulled Cathy's dress back in place and then set her feet down on the floor. "Go pick up your stuffed animal from your cubby and find a place on the play mat to lie down." Ms Autumn pat Cathy on her padded butt and sent her on her way. Cathy waddled over to the cubbies, finding the one with her name on it and see her shoes, teddy bear, and even a little blanket. She pulled the blanket and her trusty white teddy and carried them to the play mat. She sat down on it, feeling how plush it was under her. She rolled onto her side and pulled her thumb into her mouth. She felt so awkward. This just wasn't her, but she was now easily giving in. She couldn't understand these conflicting emotions. More of Cathy's baby classmates came to join her, one at a time, all in fresh and thick baby diapers. A few of the baby girls even huddled up close to Cathy. Feeling a need for some familial closeness she snuggled against the other girls. She sighed, easing into her place now. Ms Autumn shut off the lights and colorful shapes shone against the walls and ceilings. All the baby girls were looking up as the shapes slowly rotated around them. There must have been a hidden projector shining the shapes around the room. Cathy noticed something familiar. The shapes and colors on the television, the mobile above her crib, and now these slowly turning projected lights. They were all sending some kind of hypnotic suggestion, triggering a deep and hidden part of the Littles' brains. Looking around the room she could see how each Little looking up at the ceiling had a dazed look in their eyes. Ms Autumn sat at her desk, reading a book by low level lamp light. Being an Amazon she must not have been affected by the shapes and colors like the Littles were. Cathy tried shutting her eyes. That plinky sounding nursery music began to play. Even with her eyes closed, Cathy was still feeling like she was falling deeper and deeper into a trance. It was too late, and soon, everything went black. Cathy rubbed her face and looked around. She was in a nursery again, only this one looked massive. The ceilings seemed higher than ever! No, wait, it wasn't the room that was bigger. She was smaller! She looked down at herself, seeing she had the body she did when she was six years old. She was dressed in jeans and her favorite old t-shirt with the dinosaur on it that she used to love wearing. She heard the whirring sound of machinery starting up behind her. Spinning around to face it she could see a conveyor belt where Littles from her old town were being stripped of their clothes by mechanical arms that then wiped them, powdered them with talc, and stuffed them into big baby diapers. By the end of the conveyor belt machine they were dressed in sissy dresses and bonnets and had their mouths stuffed with pacifier gags. "Cathy, help!" her mother's voice cried out. Cathy looked up to see her own mother being lowered onto the belt. "You have to shut off the machine!" "But I don't know how!" Cathy cried. "All you have to do is use the toilet!" her mother cried back. Cathy looked at the base of the machine. There was a toilet right there and it was just the right size for a Little. Cathy walked up to the toilet. She tapped on the lid and even fiddled with the flushing handle. She looked up at her mom, seeing the woman getting stripped of her big girl clothes. Cathy whimpered. "I can't do it. I don't know how the toilet works!" She admitted defeat. Cathy, sobbing pathetically, began to drop thick, heavy logs into her underwear. The seat of her jeans became browned as she messed all over herself. Pee trickled down her legs and spattered on the floor around her. Cathy dropped to her knees and then started to smile. A warm feeling came over her. She was letting down her extended family and all the Littles she left behind, but she didn't care anymore. It felt too good to just go in her pants, even when a toilet was just inches away from her. She sat back, looking down as a dirty brown puddle spread around her. She put her hands down in the puddle, splashing it. Her crotch warmed more and more as she stewed in her own messy pants. Perhaps she just knew it was a dream at this point and she was just enjoying having the freedom to do whatever she wanted without consequence. Whatever was going on, there was no rationalizing this time. Even she had to admit to herself that this was her at her most childish. Cathy woke up, feeling like she was peeing and orgasming at the same time. It was the most relaxing and arousing mixture of feelings she ever had. She parted her legs, looking down as she used her diaper. Other Littles were waking up just like Cathy feeling the same way. Most of them were smiling. Some were trying to hide their smiles, blushing deeply as they knew the same thing was happening to everyone else. Cathy got on her hands and knees, looking about the room. The lights were back on. Ms Autumn sat in her chair with all the Littles surrounding her. "Okay girls." She started, crossing her legs like she was doing at the start of class. "We will now go over your manners regarding how you address your superiors." Ms Autumn went over basic 'please and thank you' protocol with all the Littles repeating along to her instruction. Meanwhile, Cathy sat there feeling funny. She felt a strong urge to soil herself on purpose and roll around in it like she did the last time she woke up from a nightmare. She could not believe these new compulsions she was having. Cathy raised her bottom, ready to go in her diaper, but it seemed like she didn't have to go at that moment. Despite having a nightmare about needing to poop she just didn't have to go when she woke up. She placed her hand on her butt, feeling the seat of the diapers. All she felt was the wet squishiness of wet padding. She sat back down on her diapered butt and looked confused. It then dawned on her. She was now unable to tell when she had to mess. The realization that she had lost complete control of her bodily functions was really upsetting to her. There was no going back from this. She was stuck now, forever being a wet and messy baby. Even if she were to run away and be free again she would still be frequently soiling herself and feel gross all the time. She started crying again, tears streaking down her face. The same bullying girls from before were pointing and laughing again. "Crybaby Cathy! Crybaby Cathy!" one of them pointed out. "Enough of that you two!" Ms Autumn stood up. She grabbed each girl and gave them hard smacks on their butts. The girls whimpered, rubbing their diapered bottoms. "Cathy is a sweet, sensitive little girl. She was an orphan most of her life! She has not had time to get used to pooping and peeing her diapers like you rotten little spoiled brats." Cathy watched as the bully girls started to pee their diapers noticeably. She smiled, feeling a little vindicated, but at the same time she also knew this victory wasn't that great. Even though they were mean brats they were still her fellow Littles. Her parents tried to teach her that failure for any Little was failure for all of them. Cathy was about to say something in defense of the other girls when Ms Autumn picked up Cathy again, bouncing her in her arms and squeezing the girl's face to her bosom. Cathy shuddered, liking this closeness more than she wanted to let on. Perhaps that was this woman's specialty; distracting Littles so they would forget what was bothering them. "It's okay, Cathy baby. This must all be so new to you. You were never raised right." Ms Autumn said, swaying the girl side to side in her arms. "Did you need any special attention?" "N-no ma'am." Cathy said quietly. "Thank you, ma'am." "Oh, how wonderful! I see someone was paying attention during their manners lesson!" Ms Autumn beamed proudly. Cathy was grateful for the praise, even if it was demeaning and condescending. She kept holding onto Ms Autumn, which made the older woman chuckle quietly. She set Cathy down and pat her gently on the bottom. "Okay children. You may have free play time now until your mommies come to pick you up." She then pointed at the mean girls that were picking on Cathy "Except you two brats, you will stay in the corner." Cathy looked through the toys, trying to find something that would at least be a little stimulating for her. She pulled out a busybox since she still enjoying pressing buttons and flipping switches to watch fun things happen and hear amusing noises. She almost forgot how embarrassingly babyish she looked as she played. Eventually Abigail had came to pick up Cathy. She waved at her baby and went to speak with the teacher. Cathy tried to listen in on the conversation but again could not hear what they were saying. It seemed positive at least. She got up to her feet and waddled over to Abigail. Right away Abigail scooped Cathy up into her arms. "Sounds like you've been a good girl today, Cathy." Abigail smiled. "I think you've earned some ice cream! Doesn't that sound like fun?" Cathy couldn't contain her excitement. She nodded quickly. In the back of her mind she was a little nervous about Abigail acting so nice towards her, and she also felt worried about how happy she was to be back with Abigail again. Was she developing some kind of Stockholm Syndrome? Her little heart pounded in her chest. Abigail strolled out of the school with Abigail in her baby pram. She had her teddy bear and her blanket with her. She wiggled around in the stroller, kicking her legs up playfully as she got excited for the promise of ice cream. The pram was parked outside the ice cream shop and put on a bike lock. Abigail lifted Cathy out and she soon saw it was the same ice cream shop she was taken to before. Her heart sank as she also saw the same rude clerk there from before. This time though she was smiling and looking upbeat. "Oh, look at her diapers! They're so big!" The clerk said loudly. "I'm so happy to see her dressed properly now!" "Yes, that's right! Cathy's a good girl now." Abigail added. "She's going to etiquette school and learning to be a proper little baby." Cathy turned away and buried her face into Abigail's shoulder. The clerk cooed, finding it adorable how shy Cathy was getting in her new state. Abigail decided to order the ice cream for them both. She ordered something called a "chocolate volcano." Cathy perked up suddenly. She looked at Abigail with wide eyes. "Sweetie, you can have all the chocolate you want now!" She teased, tickling Cathy's tummy. "You're wearing diapers from now on!" Cathy giggled and squirmed as she got tickled. She grabbed at Abigail's hand, catching her breath as she tried to speak. "I'm not going to be in diapers... forever.... am I?" "Oh darling, that's been the whole point all along." Abigail smiled devilishly. "You always belonged in diapers. I would have thought that by now you would have come to this conclusion on your own." Cathy grumbled, looking angry and depressed. She was a little less upset when she saw the big bowl of chocolate ice cream, which was shaped pretty much like how one would expect a "chocolate volcano" to be shaped with hot fudge drooling around the top like lava. Abigail walked Cathy to a booth where she set the bowl in the middle of the table. She placed Cathy in a booster seat and strapped her in and then handed her a cute little pink plastic spoon. Abigail smiled at Cathy as she scooped some ice cream for herself and watched the small girl take a few bites as well. "That's a good girl. Eat it all up and make a big mess for your mommy to clean later." Abigail giggled teasingly. Abigail reached into her handbag, taking out a cute little bib which she tied around Cathy's neck. Cathy couldn't stop herself. The chocolate was much too addicting. She almost forgot about how irresistible those big chocolate bars were that she had when Abigail first moved in. Cathy hated herself for not being able to resist the delicious chocolate. Before she knew it she was shoveling the ice cream into her mouth. Chocolate was smeared around her lips and spattered on her bib. She had to stop as she felt a sudden brain freeze. She put her hands to her head, getting some chocolate in her hair as well since she forgot to put down her spoon. Abigail giggled more, finding the antics of her big baby girl so amusing. "I know you're excited, but you need to pace yourself!" Abigail took a napkin and wiped the chocolate away from Cathy's mouth. Abigail ate slowly as she watched Cathy continue to eat. She was feeling mighty pleased with herself, glad to see her plan had come together in less than a month. Cathy not only was a big baby, but she was falling into the role with almost no struggle anymore. Eventually Cathy and Abigail had come to the bottom of the bowl. Little Cathy was scooping up the last bits from the bottom, scraping at the bowl with her plastic spoon. Abigail untied the bib and wiped down Cathy's face. She then got out a pacifier on a string and draped it around Cathy's neck. She popped the pacifier into Cathy's mouth and picked her up. "There's a playground right behind the shop." Abigail said. "Why don't you go play and work off that full ice cream tummy?" Abigail brought Cathy outside, taking her to a fenced off playground that was right behind the building. The playground equipment was bright and colorful with lots of chutes and monkey bars to climb on. Cathy saw other Littles there as well as Amazon parents. She also saw some Amazon children too, but none of them were diapered. The differences between the Amazons and Littles were very apparent and made Cathy think back to the educational film. These Amazon children were the same size as her, making the embarrassment of her situation all the more palpable. Still, she was compelled to go play. It was like her mind was going. She used to be a bright girl, always inventing something or studying and trying to better herself. Now she was climbing on playground equipment and making a fool of herself. Abigail looked on with glee as Cathy freely bounced about and slid down slides. The children all had fun playing with each other. Even Cathy was getting along with some Amazon girls who tugged on her dress and poked at her diaper curiously, treating her like she was a life-size living doll. Only a few weeks ago Cathy would have angrily pushed nosy girls like this away, but here she was letting them play with her. Cathy waddled towards the middle of the sandy play area when she felt hot, mushy poop emptying out of her. She almost forgot this was coming. As it was happening she shivered and felt her legs getting wobbly. Cathy fell down on the sandy ground and felt her poop continue to fill the back of her diaper. Just like before, her mess seemed to just keep coming. This time she was relieved to be in a diaper. If she had been wearing her 'big girl' pants they would most assuredly be ruined. She didn't see this coming, so it would be very unlikely she would have made it to the toilet. Her diaper helped to contain the thick but soft poop as it spread all around. Cathy's mouth hung open as she messed herself so thoroughly. Drool was coming down her chin in long strands. She cupped her hands between her legs, rocking back and forth on the ground. The sandy ground and her thick diapers were just too soft for her to feel much of anything though. Cathy tried to get to her feet and stand up. "Uh oh, we got a really poopy baby over here!" one of the Amazon children shouted. Four Amazon mothers stood up, looking around the corner, but they all went back to their benches when they saw it wasn't one of their Littles. Abigail was pleased to see that the poopy baby was indeed her own. She picked Cathy up and pat her hand against her butt. Cathy made a funny face and tried to lean backward into Abigail's patting hand. "Did you make that mess all for Mommy?" she cooed into Cathy's ear. She then lowered her voice to a whisper. "Does it feel good? Are you a dirty girl?" Cathy didn't understand her new conflicting feelings. All she knew was that there was something arousing about being so filthy and having the larger woman talk down to her like she was a baby. Cathy's hands wandered down between her legs but Abigail slapped them away. "No. Bad baby." She warned. "You will wait until we get home and then I will take care of that dirty diaper of yours." Abigail turned around and then held Cathy high above her head. "I need to take this little stinker home!" she announced loudly to everyone. Cathy's diaper was quite obviously full as it was shown off to everyone. Once back at home Abigail set Cathy down on her changing table. Abigail placed her large hand firmly onto Cathy's crotch. She looked down watching the Little's reaction. Cathy writhed under Abigail's hand and desperately tried to hump against it. Abigail giggled. "Such a dirty, dirty girl!" she teased. "this is the only way I will let you get off. You will need my permission and you may only do it while in your diaper." Abigail rubbed more and let Cathy hump her hand. "Seems to me that this is just how you want it. Remember when you thought you were going to be a scientist? You thought you were a smart little cookie. Well look at you now, begging me to let you climax into a shitty diaper." Cathy whimpered with a mixture of shame and arousal. She bucked her hips faster, now with only one goal. She wasn't thinking about her disgraceful demeanor, just how badly she needed to get off in this moment. "There's one more thing I need from you." Abigail's hand slowly lifted away. Cathy whimpered as she felt the pressure go away and she was no longer getting masturbated through her dirty diaper. She looked up desperately, hoping for Abigail to continue. "I need your password for your online store. I have several friends that are interested in adopting some savvy Littles like you." Abigail looked down at Cathy with an evil smirk. "All those old friends of yours and clients that you've been contacting online. Getting their addresses and running them out of their homes would send them right into our open arms. They will be much happier with Amazon parents to go to. All those stinky Littles who think they're liberated and free don't know how much they need us. With your help we can show them the way." Cathy felt like all her nightmares were coming true. She had a one-track mind at the moment though. She whimpered in desperation. She was about to sell out everyone for one moment of pleasure. She grabbed onto Abigail's arm, trying to pull it back to her crotch. "C-4-T-H-Y... Underscore 1." Cathy spoke, her voice cracking as she sounded like she was about to cry. Abigail pressed her palm back onto Cathy's crotch and rubbed vigorously. Her hand moved deftly and Cathy rolled back her eyes, coming to a sudden orgasm in her dirty diaper. "Thank you." Abigail said with a wry look on her face. "Trust me, this is for the best." Abigail left Cathy sitting there on the changing table as she walked away from her. She picked up Cathy's laptop from a high shelf and brought it down. She opened it up and started typing away, getting into the database of her store and collecting the addresses of all her friends and clients she kept on file. She then forwarded each address to her own email account and shut the laptop for good. "They're all going to have nice homes eventually, and my special brand of psychology will be used to convert them back to dependent babies." Abigail stated proudly. "My methods have proven successful with an above-average intelligent Little like you. The rest of them should fall in line even easier." Abigail picked Cathy up from the changing table and tore open the filth-coated diapers. She dropped them into the trash and then carried Cathy at arm's length to the bathroom. She stood Cathy in the tub and grabbed the shower head. She hosed down Cathy's messy butt, rinsing everything away before starting to fill the tub with bubble bath. When Cathy sat down in the warm, rising water she thought about what she just did. She felt so guilty. It was one thing to let all this happen to her, but now she was letting it happen to everyone she knew. She distracted herself from her own thoughts by playing with the rubber duckies and tub toys. "Tomorrow, me and some friends of mine are going to be throwing an adult party." Abigail said. "But we would love to have you be there in your prettiest babygirl clothes. You're going to be the center of attention!" Abigail hummed along as she scrubbed Cathy clean. Cathy let her mind wander. She wasn't nervous about this party. She didn't feel much of anything really besides contentment. ~ Abigail's party did indeed feel very adult. It was all Amazons, dressed to the nines. It was just so sophisticated! At least that's how it seemed to Cathy. There were hors d'oeuvres, a selection of wines, and classical music playing. The youngest person there was Isabella, the babysitter that Abigail hired to watch after Cathy a few times. Even a teenager like her was treated like a mature adult while Cathy was still looked down upon as a baby. Cathy's outfit was typical Little attire- a pink dress with puffy sleeves and a wide splaying skirt that was too short to hide the very thick diaper underneath. She only wore some rainbow striped socks on her feet instead of shoes. Her mouth was stuffed with a pacifier, ensuring that even if she wanted to the uppity girl wouldn't be able to talk back to anyone. Her hands were also mitted so she also wouldn't try to touch herself in the middle of the refined soirée. Cathy was bored by now since she wasn't allowed to have fun with the adults nor was she allowed to act "inappropriately." She just listened in on their conversations instead. She heard the Amazons talking about how excited they were to expand land ownership where some of the Littles were hiding, raise the property values until they could not afford to live there anymore, and sweep in pretending to save the Littles. The plot was all too familiar to what happened to Cathy and she was still aware enough to know what was going on. Cathy sighed from behind the pacifier, knowing soon that the same fate that befell her would soon happen to other Littles and she was mostly to blame for it. The Amazons were celebrating having cornered a fresh crop of untouched wild and "feral" Littles that they would soon have all to themselves to horde selfishly or to sell to the right wealthy Amazon who would do whatever they pleased with them. Abigail was even bragging about her indoctrination tactics would now be taught in several homes where these new Littles were being brought into. Her own parents were there, telling her how proud they were of her. Cathy felt bad, knowing that in contrast she let her own parents down. It didn't take long for Cathy to have to poop herself. She was allowed to eat as much of the food as she wanted earlier, so her tummy was feeling quite full by the middle of the party. She looked up at all the Amazons. Most of them weren't even paying attention to her. She had no choice but to go in the diaper at this point. Big, healthy logs of poop dropped into her diaper. It seemed like at that moment all the adults in the room suddenly had their attention on her, glancing over to see the oversized baby soiling herself. Cathy stood there, feeling intense arousal. Her crotch was burning with her desire. Even with people watching, she was still turned on by her own shameful state. Her shame didn't matter to her much anymore. It's not that it wasn't there. Cathy still felt a little embarrassed over being dressed like a baby and doing babyish things, but something in her mind was allowing her to push past that shame and just give in to her nasty, lewd desires. With her knees buckling, Cathy wobbled where she stood and then fell backward onto her butt, feeling her big piles up poop getting smooshed across her cheeks and coating the entire inside of her thick diaper. The poop went everywhere, getting into every nook and cranny. A look of contentment washed over her hot, red face. Drool was coming out from behind the mouth guard of her pacifier, slowly going down her chin and getting on her dress. She wanted to touch herself, but her mittens were in the way. She didn't have to touch herself though. She felt a jolt go up her spine and her lazy lidded eyelids shot up in surprise. She was cumming in her wet and dirty diaper. The Amazons watching her could tell what happened, whispering to each other and some of them cooing over how adorable Cathy was. A month ago Cathy may have been upset by this, but for some reason she was enjoying the attention. She couldn't believe it. Did she actually want to be fawned over like this? Adored for being a peeing, pooping, helpless baby girl? Cathy rolled onto her back and grabbed her toes, making cutesy noises from behind her drool covered pacifier. More "awws" were elicited from the on-lookers as Cathy rolled side to side on the floor. She loved it. She closed her eyes and noisily sucked on her pacifier. All of her worries were fading away. All the struggles she went through, not to mention what her parents and friends and extended Little families worked for, putting Cathy through the trials of adulthood, none of it seemed to matter now. All that mattered now was how good she felt in this moment, truly being a big baby and enjoying everything that went along with that. Abigail walked over to find Cathy on the floor, acting cute for the other Amazons. She picked Cathy up off the floor and placed her big, strong hand under the adult baby's butt. She bounced Cathy in her arms, continually rubbing the dirty diaper against her. "Did Cathy make a big poo poo for her mommy?" Abigail asked in a cloyingly cute of voice. Cathy just nodded slowly. "She did? Feels like a big poopy! Does my baby girl want a change right now, or does she want to stay a messy, dirty little baby a while longer?" Cathy made some grunts from behind her pacifier. Abigail tilted her head, not understanding. She pulled the pacifier from Cathy's mouth and let it hang around her neck. "What was that? You'll have to speak up, little one." "I said... I want to be a dirty girl." Cathy managed to say, her voice straining to get the words out. She meant it though. She really did want to stay in the filthy diaper. This is what she had come to, and in front of all these witnesses too. Abigail carried Cathy over to a large playpen with all her baby toys. She set Cathy down and watched her crawling around and blissfully with all the plushes while she just enjoyed the feeling of a dirty diaper on her butt. Cathy felt herself slipping further away from her former adult state. There was still a shimmer of adulthood in the back of her mind. There was a part of her that was completely aware that what she was doing was disgraceful. It just didn't matter as much to her anymore, at least in the front of her mind. Deep down there was an adult screaming for her to stop doing this, but she ignored that voice and just continued to lie around in a dirty diaper, playing with toys and other babies like her. Abigail and a few other Amazons guided Cathy to her proper babyhood. At times they even had to be a bit forceful. In the end though, it was Cathy herself who was the one that brought her to this state. She was her own worst enemy. Cathy was trapped as a baby forever now, dependent on her mommy Abigail to care for her, and there was no turning back. She didn't want to go back to her old life anyway. This was how she was meant to be all along. ~ Cathy was nothing more than a drooling, messy baby for the rest of her days. Even when she witnessed her old friends and family being dragged into etiquette schools on leashes she could no longer protest about it. All she could do was feel guilty. There was still part of her, deep down, that was there. It was always inside of her, but it was buried and unable to surface. For the most part though she just freely accepted the role that was thrust upon her. It's not like she could do anything about it, but it's not like she was even trying to break free either.
  12. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    CHAPTER 5: School Is For Big Girls There she was, stepping onto the campus of a university. There were a few other Littles around, but only as adoptive babbling babies, sucking on pacifiers and soiling their thick diapers. None of the Littles were allowed to be brought to class. Only Catherine would come along since she was a special case. Abigail was strutting through the campus, peacock proud with her head held high as she pulled Catherine along on her leash. Catherine grumbled as she felt herself jerked by the leash, finding herself lead around like some naughty toddler that might run off. Catherine got some stares as she was tugged into the building. It wasn't odd to see a Little being treated like a child, but what was strange to people was the fact that the seat of Catherine's pants were not sticking out from having a thick diaper underneath. Catherine could hear the whispers of the other Amazons as they looked at her with fascination. "Hey, Abi?" Catherine whispered. "Do you think I could take a bathroom break real quick?" Catherine didn't have to go right then, but she wanted to make sure she would be empty before she got caught up in things. She didn't want to forget to go and end up having an accident in her clean overalls, especially not here. "Can you hold it for a minute, Cathy?" Abigail asked. "Oh who am I kidding, of course you can't." Catherine grumbled and then felt herself yanked forward towards the bathroom. She stepped inside the pristine and perfect public toilet. There were so many stalls and they had doors on them for privacy. She had never seen anything like it. Even in the movies she watched public bathrooms were always obscured. This is probably because she had only been allowed to watch movies approved for Little viewing. Abigail took Catherine to the first available stall. She kept the door to the stall open which ended up inviting curious Amazons to peek in on the girl. Catherine now had an audience. She hesitated with her overalls. "Cathy, come on, you said you had to go." Abigail chided gently. "Are you having trouble with your pants again? Do you need me to take them off?" "N-no. No no, I got it." Cathy undid the straps to her overalls and pulled them off. With a red face she then pulled down her panties, flashing her adorable naked pussy at everyone. They awwed at the half naked Little. Abigail grabbed Catherine's hips and lifted her up onto the toilet, holding her in place. There were three other Amazons there now besides Abigail, all watching curiously to see if a Little was actually going to use a toilet! It took a while for Catherine to relax since she had all those eyes watching her. "Hurry up, Cathy! I don't want to be late." Abigail reminded the small girl. Eventually a small trickle of pee escaped Catherine. She looked off to the side shyly as she peed. She was quite the public spectacle, but at least she was doing her business in a toilet. Catherine wasn't able to pee very much. She wasn't sure if it was nerves or just because she didn't have to go that bad. Abigail wiped her clean and pulled her off the toilet. Feeling like Catherine was taking too long she also helped the smaller girl get dressed again, pulling up her panties and overalls and then hooking her overalls straps over her shoulders. Abigail picked Catherine up, carrying her and walking quickly. "Come on, we're late." She muttered as she took her wide foot steps down the halls of the university. Having Catherine on a leash was fun and all, but she knew she could cover more ground by simply walking. Abigail made her way into the classroom where Professor Hodgkins was speaking with her pupils about Little behavior. It was nothing new, just one of her many stories from studying them. Hodgkins looked up to see Abigail coming forward with Catherine in her arms. "Ah, our tiny guest has arrived!" Hodgkins said, adjusting her glasses. "Bring her on over here." Abigail sighed with relief and she was a little out of breath. She set Catherine down and then nudged her forward so she would walk up to the tall and thin professor. The professor grabbed Catherine by the hips, raising her in the air. She turned her side to side, looking her body over. She rested Catherine on a table and inspected her feet, pulling off the sneakers and gently squeezing Catherine's toes through her socks. Catherine tried not to giggle, but the touching did tickle her and she snickered through her closed mouth. "Yes, that's right, those are your piggies!" Hodgkins said, talking down to Catherine like she was an infant. "You have five piggies on each foot. Do you know what five plus five is?" "It's 10!" Catherine squeaked indignantly. "Why don't you give me a hard one?" "You were right, she is quite petulant." Hodgkins said to Abigail, ignoring Catherine. She stood Catherine on the table and loosened her overalls straps. She tugged the overalls all the way down to her ankles and then grabbed the small girl's panties. Catherine reached over to stop the woman, but the professor just slapped her hands away. Catherine's panties got pulled down, once again exposing her naked privates to a whole crowd. "Remarkable. These panties are fairly clean." Hodgkins said and then spun Catherine around. She put her thumbs on either butt cheek and spread them apart. Catherine whined through gritted teeth. This was such an invasion of her boundaries! "Tell me, does she wipe herself?" "Usually, if she manages to go in the potty by herself." Abigail said. "but I wiped her today and earlier this morning, so it's cleaner than it usually is down there." "Abi, come on, that's private stuff!" Catherine whined. "Littles can not be afforded privacy in our modern society, Cathy." Hodgkins lectured. "When Littles are left to their own devices they are quite unsanitary. We Amazons must know what is going on with you at all times. It's for your own good." All Amazons told her that. "It's for your own good!" Whatever that meant! It infuriated Catherine. She felt that she was a perfectly capable adult, able to do things on her own even when the evidence was laid out in front of her how dependent she really was on Abigail. When she did her own wiping her underwear was often streaked by the end of the day. If someone else wiped her then her underwear was nice and clean. It was just another good reason to keep Littles under supervision. "Have you been on your own all your life?" The professor asked. "No. I lived with my parents until I turned twenty years old." Catherine clarified. "So you did live with Amazons? What happened to them?" Hodgkins looks concerned. "No! I had real parents!" Catherine sounded upset. "And I loved them! But I had to prove I could be a big girl and make a life for myself!" "I see." Hodgkins said, pulling Catherine's panties back up and re-strapping her overalls. "And now how old are you?" "I'm 24." Catherine responded candidly. "I was doing fine for four years. I even ran my own business out of my house." "But you obviously needed help eventually." Interrupted the professor. She sat Catherine down and pushed her sneakers back onto her cute little feet. "Only because they hiked up my rent to an unfair amount! It was like they were trying to run Littles out of the building or something." Catherine pouted. Professor Hodgkins left Catherine sitting on the table and went to talk with Abigail. Catherine sat there thinking about the disgraceful ordeal she had just been though, poked and prodded by some big stranger, having her privacy and personal space invaded. "She's pretty smart for a Little." Abigail smiled as she reached into her bag "Here, let me show you one of her crude inventions." She took out one of Catherine's electronic gadgets she made. Catherine pressed her lips together tight and breathed deeply through her nose, looking very frustrated. Abigail was just taking her personal belongings now! Really personal stuff! "I see. How interesting." Hodgkins took a closer look. "That's my remote light dimmer." Catherine said. "You can turn down the lights in any room without even hitting a switch. Just set the range for the signal and turn the knob." "I can see that." Hodgkins said. She turned the knob on the front of the gadget, making the lights turn low in the room. She seemed unimpressed. "Cute. This is like something my daughter would have made when she was ten years old for the science fair. They way you've set up the components is as inefficient as the device is impractical." "Come on, it's so practical!" Catherine found herself getting defensive about her work. "It's better than having to use a stick or a ladder to constantly switch the lights off and on plus it has a dimmer!" "I mean no offense. You have clearly shown your skills to be far beyond the common Little. I would say your intelligence level is close to a 12 year old Amazon." The professor's words were shocking to everyone who reeled back in surprise. It didn't sound impressive to Catherine, who always assumed she was just as smart as an adult Amazon. The professor continued. "However Amazons generally finish toilet training before their third birthday. Even if you're only soiling yourself twice a month that's still two times more than any Amazon would. It would even be disgraceful for a 3 year old Amazon to soil themselves that much." "Why is everyone so obsessed with my bathroom habits!" Catherine groaned to herself. "Someone has to be since you're taking quite a lackadaisical attitude towards them." Hodgkins plainly stated. Catherine was seething by now. She was very angry with how Hodgkins was talking to her. She did not need more lectures about her potty problems, she thought. By now she was pretty much being ignored as the "big girls" talked, leaving her out of the conversation but still casually talking about her. She overheard something about her "progress." While Abigail and Professor Hodgkins talked about her a bright 22 years old Amazon picked Catherine up and tossed her in the air. "Upsie-Daisy!" she shouted, catching Catherine as she came back down. Catherine tried to keep her cool, but she was shaking from the surprise toss in the air. This made the Amazon giggle. "I'm Nina, can you say Nina?" "Can you let me down first?" Catherine angrily insisted. "Why are you so salty, little one? You've got a home and a kind, caring mommy to take care of you." Nina said. "Abigail is really nice." "Everyone just treats me like a dumb baby though." Catherine pouted. She looked like she was about to cry. "Well you're certainly not dumb!" Nina giggled. She continued to hold Catherine close, one hand cupping her bottom as she pulled up a chair to sit down. Nina held Catherine in her lap as she went through her purse. Nina took out one of those delicious chocolate bars that Abigail had in the fridge. She tore open the wrapper and took a small bite, relative to her size. "I would crash so hard if it wasn't for these things." Catherine looked at that chocolate bar licking her lips. It still looked and smelled tempting still even when she knew those things made her mess the last time she had one. Nina noticed Catherine staring at the bar. "You want a bite of my energy bar?" Nina asked with a sweet smile. Catherine shook her head quickly, even though it was obvious she really did want a bite. She was just trying to resist the urge. "Oh right, these things make Littles shit like crazy and you're too stubborn to know you need a diaper." Nina patted Catherine's bottom. Catherine blushed, both at the comment but also at the way Nina's hand felt on her butt. She didn't want to admit that the butt pats felt pretty nice. "Quit hogging the Little, Nina! It's someone else's turn to play with her!" Another one of the big girls said, pulling Catherine away. "Come on, Candice, we never had any Littles in my house growing up!" Nina whined. "Don't I get any say in this?" Catherine whines as she was fought over like a toy or a puppy. It was a brief moment of immaturity between the Amazons as they pulled Catherine back and forth between them like bickering children. Abigail finally stepped in and held Catherine close to her bosom. Catherine got a faceful of Abigail's breasts but thankfully she was able to breathe. "I hope you don't mind Cathy, but Professor Hodgkins wants to give you a test." Abigail stated, gently bouncing Catherine in her arms. "She's going to give you tests to do based on grade level intelligence." "I don't mind that at all" Catherine said, a confident smile growing on her face. "In fact, I can't wait to show everyone just how smart I am!" "Somehow I suspected as much." Abigail smirked back. "Don't get too cocky though." Catherine was sent to a desk which had been suited with a booster seat. Hodgkins walked over with a stack of papers. At the top of the stack was a test labeled "Kindergarten." while below that was "1st grade" and so on up to 12th grade. An old fashioned timer was set down on the desk as well. Hodgkins looked down her nose at Catherine with her posture standing her tall and only her eyes turned down to look at her. "Just like any other student taking this test you will sit and work on every sheet until you are finished." Hodgkins explained. "Points will be deducted if you can not stay seated through the whole thing." "I understand." Catherine said. "Are you sure, Cathy?" Abigail asked. "If you need to potty you should tell me right now." "I don't!" Catherine held her head in her hands, blushing. "I'll be fine, just let me take this stupid test!" Catherine really wished that Abigail didn't just put that thought into her head. Now as she was working on each grade-level aptitude test she would be thinking about how much she had to potty. She crossed her legs and picked up her pencil, giving it a quick sharpening before readying herself. She looked up at the professor and nodded. The professor started the timer and Catherine began her work. Catherine blazed through the kindergarten test. She knew her shapes and colors! Brimming with confidence she pushed on through each grade. All the while she was being watched carefully by Abigail and Hodgkins. Abigail was taking notes. When Catherine reached the fourth grade her speed was slowing down. She found herself stumbling on word problems. It frustrated the small girl. She had never expected to run into a wall so early. Her memories and intelligence were dwindling and that was scary. She wondered if it was because she had not been as stimulated since Abigail moved in. Abigail still let her "play with her toys" as she put it, but Catherine's focus has been off. Staring at a rather difficult series of math and science questions on the fifth grade test Catherine felt a funny feeling in her stomach. She couldn't quite understand this new sensation. She tried to ignore it as she pushed herself through the difficult problem solving exercises. Without much warning, or rather without much paying attention, a log of shit was forcing its way out of Catherine's usually tightly clenched bottom. A look of shock and terror was on Catherine's face as she pooped herself. The log sat between her cheeks once fully emptied out into her pants. She gave worried glances up at the two large women watching her, but they did not seem to react. Catherine tried to keep her focus back on her papers as more poop pushed out of her butt. She was able to hold back some of it, but most of it was emptied into her pants. She really had no one to blame for this accident. Catherine was not locked out of a bathroom. She didn't eat anything that disagreed with her. She was even asked if she needed to potty before the test began! Here she was though, sitting in her own poop as it came out into her pants. Sighing with resignation the small girl went back to the tests. She was still frustrated as she was unable to answer some of the more complex science questions in the later grades. She was skipping over whole sections, filling in multiple choices randomly. She felt so stupid. She just wanted to cry right there! The shame and frustration was written all over her face. She pounded her fists against the desk as she was unable to even get beyond the first page of the 12th grade aptitude test. "Is something the matter?" Hodgkins asked. "No...." Catherine mumbled, feeling the solid poops pressing against her bottom up inside her crack but also touching both her cheeks. She continued with the test feeling quite uncomfortable. If she were at home alone she would probably try to clean up the mess or she would at least spread it around so that the lumps weren't all collected in one spot on her ass. The stack of tests were finished and now Catherine just had to sit there as Professor Hodgkins graded them. She knew she did terribly towards the later grade school tests, but she was unable to tell just how badly due to Hodgkins very stoic demeanor. Abigail, meanwhile, was a stark contrast with her big smile and cavalier countenance. "You did above what is expected of you, Catherine. I would put you in the top one percentile." Hodgkins said, still showing little emotion. "For a Little, of course. A bit of a caveat to my statement though. I feel you are simply more clever than you are intelligent." "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Catherine stated angrily, forgetting her place. "Language, little one. You will watch your tone." Hodgkins continued with a flat expression, barely raising an eyebrow. This woman was unflappable. "What I mean is that you've been able to fake a modest intelligence for genius. You can parrot big words without knowing their meaning or context and you can create gadgets by following rudimentary design schematics that have already been laid out for you by the Amazons on whose shoulders you have stood. In short, you are more like a sneaky child using a crib sheet to navigate though a quiz they did not study for, or in your case, that you could not retain the complex knowledge for. I'm afraid you are nothing special. Littles like you are uncommon, but they can be trained to be like you. They all reach a plateau though with some of them even regressing after the stress of pretending to be an adult gets to be too much for them. In my research I have found Littles to stop and even backpedal their progress around their 21st birthday, keeping the intelligence of a 12-year-old Amazon at most, like you." [*For reference Catherine's grades were: K 100%, 1 94%, 2 88%, 3 80%, 4 76%, 5 72%, 6 69%, 7 50%, 8 32%, 9 12%, 10 0%, 11 0%, 12 0%] Professor Hodgkins set the papers down on the desk and spread them out evenly so Catherine could see each grade which lowered significantly as the grades went up. From a 100% in Kindergarten level to 0% from grades 10 through 12. Catherine was flabbergasted to see a 56% score on her 7th grade test. Catherine put her head down on the desk and began to cry. Her pathetic mewling brought more "awws" from the other Amazons in class, but not from Abigail who just rolled her eyes, uncaring. "We gave you a chance to prove yourself. Don't be such a crybaby about it, unless you're willing to admit you are indeed an infant." Abigail admonished her. "Speaking of which, is there something you would like to tell Mommy?" "No." mumbled Catherine, now angry at Abigail, but mostly angry at herself. "Are you sure you don't want to confess something to Mommy before I find out?" Abigail said, her tone getting stern. "I said no! I didn't do anything!" Catherine griped. Her angry expression faded as she remembered the poop accident she had during the test. She shifted in her booster seat, feeling the poop logs inside her tight overalls. "Oh." "Oh? Is that all you have to say?" Abigail said, her hands on her hips. "I warned you what would happen if you had one more accident. I gave you so many chances. Now you've pooped all over your nice, pretty little overalls." Catherine started shaking. A dark spot appeared on the crotch of her overalls, spreading out to her inner thighs. Piss pooled around the booster seat before overflowing and dribbling down the edge of the chair. Abigail yanked the filthy, pissing girl and bent her over the desk. She began to smack her butt, despite the dirty mess on it. Catherine yowled, kicking her legs as she was spanked in front of everyone. The spanking wasn't as painful as it was completely humiliating. Each blow served to smash the small girl's mess further into her seat. If anything she was now a lot more comfortable, at least physically, with her mess more spread out. She didn't like feeling stimulated while people watched though. "I'm sorry you all had to see that." Abigail apologized, putting Catherine on the floor and watching the poor girl rub her sore and dirty bottom. The other girls in Abigail's class didn't seem to mind, looking on with mild excitement. "It's perfectly all right." Professor Hodgkins stated. "A Little needs to learn her place. Sometimes a spanking a necessary when your Little has been bad. This one claimed to be toilet trained and from what you have told me she has made many messes. On top of that she appears to be an uncouth brat. Without proper discipline and dominance a Little will become too unruly. Better that we show them who is in charge." "I suppose you're right. I just thought that Catherine would be on her best behavior today." Abigail let it be known. "I'll clean up this mess." "Nonsense, I will take care of the little terror for you." Professor Hodgkins opened a drawer on her desk and held up a large paper towel roll. "I need to change Catherine's diapers though. It's an important, intimate act for us." Abigail reasoned. "I want to continue to imprint myself as her mommy." "That is correct. Abigail you are an exceptional pupil. Let me at least help you by cleaning the seat and floor." Professor Hodgkins walked towards the big, dirty puddle. Abigail first removed the harness, setting it aside along with the leash. She then loosened the straps on Catherine's overalls and pulled them all the way down to her ankles. Catherine was breathing in short, quick bursts and she had a look of terror and shame on her worried face. "Please, Abi, not here!" She pleaded with her. "There's nowhere else to do it! I still have more school work to do today and I'm not going to go all the way home just to change you and I'm sure not going to be able to hire your sitter at such short notice right now." Abigail set Catherine on the floor. She took scissors from her teacher's desk and brought them down to Catherine's full panties. She slide the bottom blade of the scissor into the leg hole of the panties and started snipping until she cut the underpants on both sides. She opened up the now destroyed big girl undies. "I'm not going to let you walk around all day with shit in your pants either. That would just be unsanitary." Catherine's ankles were grabbed and her butt was raised. A cold baby wipe swept across both her cheeks and then down her butt crack. Abigail repeated the process, wiping a bit deep into Catherine's crack. She pulled away the poop-filled panties, which Professor Hodgkins gracefully took from her to throw out. Abigail set Catherine's bare butt down on the floor and spread her legs. She wiped the shit away from Catherine's crotch. The baby wipe had to dig around between her soft and tingling slit. Catherine's face twisted and she let out squeaky grunts from deep within her throat as the wipe cleared away the whole mess. Abigail pulled up Catherine's shirt, getting it out of the way. Now she was naked and completely exposed to everyone as she had been wiped spick-and-span. Abigail took one of those massive diapers she put on Catherine at night and shoved the thick material under the smaller girl's butt. Abigail then very generously powdered Catherine, putting an even coat of powder all around her diaper area. She pulled the front of the diaper up over Catherine's crotch and taped the waistband high on her torso just below the small girl's breasts. Abigail stood Catherine back up, now dressed in nothing but the diaper, socks, and shoes. Abigail looked at the shirt, like she was contemplating putting it back on. She decided against it though, leaving Catherine exposed instead. It was Catherine's worst humiliation yet. She knew this time the diapers would be permanent. She started to cry again, thinking about how she had completely lost the battle to be treated as a grown up. "Well, Professor Hodgkins I am sorry for wasting your time." Abigail said with a slight smile. "Oh it was no waste of time at all." Hodgkins said, actually smiling herself. "It is always good to explore these things deeper and get down to the truth. Whether it yields us to new discoveries or helps strengthen our hypotheses, these experiments are always worth doing." "I guess you're right. I had a feeling Cathy was just a baby all along." Abigail said, glancing down at Catherine to make sure the tiny lady could still hear her. "In a way it was good for her to learn she isn't anything special. That she's still just a silly Little that needs a proper Amazon mommy to watch over her. Now my little Cathy will have this to think about. Hopefully it will help adjust that insolent attitude of hers." The shameful incident was over, but their day at school had only just begun. Abigail picked Catherine up and held her close. She walked the small girl out of the class with the other students following behind. As the college-aged Amazons parted ways waving goodbye to the sad Catherine Abigail took her through a long hallway. Catherine listened close, hearing the high-pitched sounds of other Littles. There was a big wooden door with a construction paper sign taped to the front. It read "Little Daycare." Abigail opened the door and was greeted by two cheerful Amazon women, looking to both be in their 30s. Catherine looked down on the floor, seeing several Littles like her all wearing thick diapers. "We have a new arrival!" one of the large women said, grabbing Catherine and hugging her tight. "Greetings and welcome to the daycare facility, diaper butt! I'm Nana Christine and that's Nana Bernice! We are the nannies here." "We are so happy to have you." Bernice said, patting Catherine on her exposed diaper bottom. "Thanks for looking after her. I know you must have your hands full today, but she kind of left me no choice when she pooped her pants." Abigail said. "Oh yes, you told us she was sort of potty trained." Christine said. "I guess the training didn't work?" "You know, I don't think it ever did work. She told me she could use a potty and even showed me a few times, but I've seen her potty her pants in her sleep and during the day so many times I've given up on letting her wear big girl pants." Abigail shrugged. "That's for the best." Bernice added. "Besides they look much cuter in diapers." Catherine pouted at the conversation the Amazons were having. Abigail blew a kiss at Catherine before leaving her there surrounded by Littles and two overly affectionate Amazons. She looked around the room, seeing Littles playing with plushes and other baby toys. There were no video games here, no complex puzzles. It was all things designed with someone the mental age of 5 and under in mind. Catherine pouted, just standing there with her arms crossed. "Go on, play with the other Littles!" Bernice encouraged Catherine. "I promise there will be something or someone here you can have fun playing with!" Catherine sighed. If she just stood there sulking in her diapers all day it would be pretty boring. She waddled over to the various interactive toys. There were fake telephones and busy boxes. Catherine picked up one of the boxes and inspected it, turning it upside down and giving it a rather inquisitive inspection. "What do they expect me to do? I'm not an idiot. I can't be entertained by something just because it has buttons, knobs, and dials and makes noise." A Little wearing a rainbow colored dress and a massive diaper sticking out from under her skirt waddled over to Catherine. "Hi, I'm Lacy! Are you new here?" "I don't really belong here." Catherine said, blushing as she tried not to stare at Lacy's thick diapers. "You look like you do. You're wearing diapers, I'm wearing diapers." Lacy lifted her dress to show off the adorable mauve colored diapers with prints of little teddy bears scattered about on the front. "And we're Littles and we're cute!" Catherine whined quietly to herself. This Lacy girl was pretty articulate. It's not that it was uncommon it's just that she seemed pretty complacent in being a big dopey baby girl. Would she herself ever come around like this Lacy girl had? Lacy had wandered off to go play. Catherine still wanted to sit still in the corner of the daycare and just sulk quietly by herself. It was already getting boring though, just as she thought it would, and looking at the big clock on the wall it had only been four minutes since she was dropped off there. Sighing, Catherine couldn't just sit there and do nothing. She got up from her little spot on the floor and took a curious look around the room. Catherine looked at the other Littles in the room. She tried to see if there were any in there that were like her. She did see one girl sitting on the floor crying. Her mouth had been gagged with a pacifier tied around her head. Her outfit was much like the sissy dresses that Abigail made her wear with frills and puffy sleeves. She even had an oversized hair bow tied to the top of her hair. Catherine took some cautious steps closer to the gagged girl and then knelt down in front of her. The girl turned and gave Catherine an angry look. Looking around, Catherine made sure no one was watching. She carefully reached for the strap behind the gagged girl's head and loosened it. The pacifier slid out and dangled from her neck. The girl looked at Catherine a bit wide-eyed. "Um, hi, I'm Cathy." she introduced herself to the other girl. "You don't look like you want to be here anymore than I do." "I'm Rebecca, but they call me Becky." the formally gagged girl spoke up. "I don't belong here." "That's what I've been saying! We're adults so we don't belong here." Catherine agreed. "I hope we don't get caught." Becky said, looking around. "I'm supposed to keep my binky in my mouth because I called my mommy a bad word!" "Who cares about her? She probably deserved it." Catherine scowled. "They treat us like we're stupid and they force us to use diapers and suck on binkies! How is that fair? That's not how you should treat an adult, even one that's half your size." "Well, about that." Becky blushed, looking down at her puffy skirt. "Before I even got adopted I was going on myself... on purpose. I had real parents that tried to raise me to be potty trained and I never thought it would be a big deal if I just kept going in a diaper. I didn't want to use a potty. It felt better to just... poop. In my pants." Becky looked like she was going to turn even redder as she gave her embarrassing confession. "But still. I thought I could do that and still be an adult. It's kind of how I got caught. I was hiding out in some old building when some Amazons smelled me and brought me to an orphanage." Catherine listened to the confession, blushing herself. She felt almost as embarrassed as Becky. She knew that she was difficult to potty train and she even knew how good it felt to mess herself rather than use a toilet. Hearing it from another Little that seemed as smart as her was devastating. Were the Amazons really right about everything? No, she couldn't accept that. "I still say they don't got a right to treat us like this." Catherine curled her mouth into a big frown. "It doesn't matter what we want to do, the choices we wanna make, because we're grown women. We're not pets! We're not babies!" "Shh, keep it down." Becky whispered. "You'll get us both in trouble!" Becky stuff her pacifier back into her mouth and sucked on it, looking scared. Catherine watched, letting out a weary sigh. Was that going to be her future? She saw Becky gritting her teeth and biting down on the pacifier. The back of her diaper seemed to balloon out slightly. Becky then had a glassy-eyed stare of pleasant relief. Her mouth hung open and the pacifier fell from it. Some drool trailed down from her open mouth and collected around her chin. Becky sure wasn't kidding. She must really love messing for it to have an effect on her like that. Catherine got up and walked away from Becky. She wandered around the daycare and felt a little funny between her legs. She looked down at her diaper. The wetness indicator showed that she had pissed herself. She felt wet, but she couldn't remember peeing. Now Catherine was nervous. It was one thing to pee herself, but for it to happen like this with no warning was scary to her! Wetting and messing herself was embarrassing enough, but if she lost control of that then things would only get worse. She did still feel something though. She felt a cramp in her tummy and knew that soon she would need to poop again. Catherine looked over at the sweet and bubbly Amazons running the daycare. She wondered if those women would have mercy on her. Nana Christine and Nana Bernice seemed nice enough. She shoved down her pride, deep into the pit of her stomach, and she walked up to them. "Nana Bernice?" Catherine tugged on the woman's skirt to get her attention. "I need to go to the bathroom." "Why, whatever for?" Bernice bent down, looking directly at Catherine. She extended her big hand towards the sodden crotch of Catherine's diaper. "I looks like you've already gone." Catherine grimaced. She balled up her fists and pouted. "No, this is serious! I need to go number two!" "Well you've just been put in a perfectly good diaper, sweetie." Bernice reminded her. "There's no reason for you to take it off just to sit on a potty that you may or may not use." "But I'm potty trained!" Catherine whined. "Abigail is just trying to make me into a baby, but I'm a big girl! Sure, I had a few accidents, but who hasn't? I can sit on a toilet and pee and poop in it without making a mess most days." "Hey, what's all the fuss?" Christine had come over after hearing Catherine making a commotion. "What's all this nonsense about someone being potty trained?" "But I am!" Catherine's whine seemed to go up in pitch. "Cathy we are not going to take you to the toilet and that's final!" Bernice gently informed her. These two Amazons were nice, but they still believed in the same strict rules as other Amazons did. "It may not seem fair but-" "It's for your own good." The two women said in unison. Catherine looked horrified. Hearing that same mantra over and over was really getting to her. She turned her shocked expression into a scowl and stamped her foot. "I'll just hold it in!" she said. This merely elicited laughter from the two larger women. "Well now this I want to see." Christine said, pulling up a chair sitting down. She leaned forward, watching Cathy with great interest. Cathy struggled, unable to keep a cool and relaxed posture as she held it in. She was determined to hold it, even if it made her pop! No matter what she did though, the poop was coming out. There was just no way to stop it with her legs forced apart by the bulkiness of the thick diaper between them. "Don't look!" Catherine begged futilely. She whimpered as she pooped herself in front of the two women. They clapped for Catherine, applauding her for pooping in her diaper. Catherine's face was so red. She couldn't prove she was a grown-up now, not with a wet and dirty diaper around her. "Now go back to playing with the other babies, cute stuff." Bernice told her. "I don't wanna. I just want to change and put on big girl pants." Catherine grunted. "You're not ready for a change yet. You've only just begun to fill your pampers." Bernice said, reaching out to cup the seat. Catherine shivered, feeling her own poopy mess touch against her dirty butt again. "Yup, only half full. Come back and ask for a change when you've filled up the other half!" "Nana Christine, am I ready for a change?" it was Lacy, still as happy as ever. Her diaper was poofed out so much she was barely able to waddle on her two feet. "I think you're past due!" Christine said, picking up Lacy and pretending she was heavy. "Oh no, I think I need Bernice to help me carry this stinky baby! Her diapers weigh a ton!" Lacy was giggling along with the other Amazons despite the fact that, to Cathy, it seemed like the joke was at her expense! Cathy rolled her eyes but then found herself compelled to stay and watch. She tried to just casually glance from afar as Lacy was set on the table and her diaper was tore open. Bernice noticed the peeping girl and lifted her up onto the table along with Lacy. "You want to watch your friend get her diapers changed?" Bernice cooed into Cathy's ear. Cathy just turned bright red and still tried to pretend like she wasn't watching, her eyes glancing over just slightly as she sat up on the table. Lacy's little tight pussy looked so cute even when it was surrounded by a thick coating of brown muck. Cathy felt butterflies in her tummy as she stared at it. "It's okay, sweetheart. Littles can look at other Littles." Bernice spoke gently. Catherine turned her head more, now full-on staring as Lacy got wiped. Lacy was grinning ear to ear, enjoying all the attention she got. She playfully kicked her legs as Catherine dug deep between her chubby butt cheeks and cleared the poop away thoroughly. "I want to watch Cathy's diaper change when it's her turn." Lacy said, shooting a wide smile at Catherine. The very thought made Catherine feel butterflies again. She held her tummy and let out a pitiful whimper. Bernice put her hand on Cathy's back, rubbing gently. It did soothe her and soon Cathy was calm again. Lacy had a fresh diaper stuffed under her. She got doused with powder and Christine's big hand rubbed all around. Lacy tensed up and let out a giggle as she was touched on her butt and privates. Christine rubbed her fingers up and down Lacy's slit, watching the small girl practically melt on the table, some drool slowly coming out the corner of her mouth. Cathy stared on wide-eyed as Christine was now clearly pleasuring Lacy right there. "Do you know why Lacy gets this nice treatment?" Christine spoke softly as she pressed her thumb to Lacy's nub. "It's because Lacy is a good girl. She knows her place and she doesn't sass back. When you've earned enough trust from an Amazon it's not so bad. We'll always be there to reward you for good behavior." Cathy felt hot and wet between her legs, and it wasn't just from fresh pee. She wondered if she could really let Abigail do that to her. She would be giving up everything she stood for if she let that happen. Still, the thought of it was so tempting. She tried to remind herself that she knew how to give herself pleasure. Lacy squealed, which startled Cathy out of her deep thought. She saw the Little just had an orgasm and it hadn't even been five minutes since Christine started rubbing! The diaper was taped shut tight around Lacy whose face had been sticky with drool after the whole thing. Christine used some tissue to wipe the drool from Lacy's mouth and cheek. She pulled the little girl up and hugged her tight, patting her back. "Thank you, Nana Christine." Lacy said in a sleepy tone. "You're very welcome, poopy princess!" Christine said back. "Do you need your nap now?" Lacy nodded slowly. She was carried over to a play pen where other sleeping Littles were huddled together. Lacy crawled over to the Littles and spooned one of them. She seemed to content as she slept there in the big pen. Cathy was pushed back towards the toys and she waddled around to look for some way to pass the time. The poop in her diaper was starting to feel good. She was glad she could enjoy it now without a couple of busybodies watching her. She found some building blocks to play with. They were large and chunky, but at least it was some form of creative play where she could use her mind. She got on the floor and started building a castle with the blocks. After sitting there for a long time, Cathy was getting wetter and messier. She could feel the diapers expanding around her. It just felt so relaxing to go potty right where she was sitting and not care about the consequences. She looked around to make sure no one was watching. She was blending right into the crowd! Cathy rocked back and forth just like she saw Becky doing earlier. She was willfully spreading her poop around in her diaper. Cathy was losing herself in the moment and she was fully aware of it. Still, she figured that if she was going to be made to do this she might as well enjoy it. She leaned forward, legs spread apart. She was practically humping her diaper now. "That's the spirit!" A big voice came from behind Cathy. Looking behind her she saw Bernice staring down with a proud smile. "Your diapers are meant to be enjoyed! Are you ready for a change now or do you want to keep playing with your poopy?" Catherine blushed. She couldn't answer that humiliating question! Not hearing an answer meant she needed a change, according to Bernice. She picked the dirty girl up off the floor and carried her to the changing table. A sleepy thumb-sucking Lacy was set on the table by Christine. She was woken up just to witness Cathy's diaper change. Cathy protested the presence of Lacy with a pitiful whine. Her annoying whimpers were ignored as she was pushed onto her back and her diaper was torn open. Lacy opened her eyes wide, waking up a bit more to look at Cathy's crotch. Her pussy was hidden behind a wall of mess. Bernice hummed as she wiped the poop away, slowly revealing the small girl's little slit. Her crotch was warm and pink from her clear arousal as she had been caught only moments ago in the middle of spreading her mess around her diaper area. It was obvious to everyone that poor Cathy was still aroused, but she didn't get the rub-down treatment that Lacy got. Instead, right after she had her ass and crotch powdered the fresh diaper was folded up and taped tight around her waist. Cathy scrunched up her face, obviously annoyed that she never got to fully get off. Lacy looked pretty satisfied though. She got to see Cathy's private parts and poopy mess. Lacy stared at Cathy with a lusty stare. Cathy shied away from the other Little leering at her. Lacy and Cathy were lifted off the changing table and set in front of the big screen television. Some other Littles crawled over as the television was turned on and set to a preschool station. A tiny animated creature was teaching about shapes. The other Littles appeared hooked, their eyes fixed on the screen. Catherine decided to look as well, wondering what the big deal was. That's when she felt a little hazy. The screen seemed to go blurry and Cathy was wobbling around. After a couple seconds the hypnotic animation on the screen made Cathy black out. Cathy's vision was blurry as she came back to. She blinked, letting her eyes adjust. She felt something in her mouth. It was a baby bottle, and she was holding it there with her two hands. She didn't remember doing that. She thought she surely would have put up a fight if she were given that! She dropped the bottle and looked around nervously. Her vision came back into focus when she noticed she was in the play pen with some other Littles who were also sucking on baby bottles. She stood up in the pen and felt the heaviness of her very wet diaper between her legs. "Cathy, your mommy is here!" Bernice said in a sing-song tone. "not... mommy..." Catherine said, sounding confused as she was unable to fully articulate. She cleared her throat. "She's not my mommy." Abigail was standing at the end of the play pen with a smirk. She witnessed the whole thing and she looked pretty pleased. She reached down, picking up Catherine and bouncing her in her arms. "Seems like you had a full day!" Abigail commented, patting Catherine on her butt. "We have to go home now though. Say bye bye to your nanas!" She grabbed Cathy's arm and forced her to wave. "We're so sad to see you go!" Bernice gave a mock pout. "We're going to miss your stinky bottom around here!" Cathy groaned and then buried her face into Abigail's shirt. She didn't say anything. She just sat there in the giant's arms and tried to ignore the world around her that was making a mockery of her very existence. She wondered what happened to her earlier to make her lose herself like that. It was like she had fallen into a trance. ~ "Now remember what I told you." Abigail said, walking up the stairs to their flat. "There are going to be some serious changes around the house, starting with no more potty and no more big girl training pants. Just diapers from now on. I feel that I have been more than fair and you've shown me in less than two weeks how much you need me to keep you diapered. It had not even been a month!" Cathy grumbled. She figured that the moment Abigail got her back in the house she would get right back to work on finding a way out of this. Abigail carried her baby into the house and set her down on the floor. Cathy tried to stand but she tumbled forward onto her hands and knees. She crawled away from Abigail, grumbling to herself. Abigail followed Cathy to her room. Before she could get to her laptop Abigail snatched it away from Cathy. She held her hands up, griping. "Give it back!" Cathy groaned. "Not until I inspect the search history and put on the proper parental blocks." Abigail explained. "Why do you keep invading my privacy?" Cathy slammed her hand down on the carpet. "Why haven't you learned yet that you don't get privacy?" Abigail said, looking very upset. "These sites are filthy! These are the kind of things only us Amazons are allowed to look at. When two adults love each other very much it's perfectly okay for us to look at this smut, but Littles shouldn't be poking around naughty sites like this!" Catherine winced. As much as she hated to admit it, she found Amazons hot, and there were quite a few bookmarked sites where she got to stare at their full nude bodies on display, often doing very provocative things with props and toys. Abigail just clucked her tongue, tapping through each site and blocking them. She then installed the full parental blocker which limited her internet use to only family-friendly websites, of which there were very few. "There." Abigail said, setting the laptop down. "I have also locked you out of your silly email. You are too little to be running a business. That's no job for a Little. In fact, no Little should have a job in the first place!" "This isn't fair!" Catherine threw a tantrum as she looked at her laptop, which had been totally nerfed. "I want to work and make inventions!" "Not anymore." Abigail said sternly. "I am your mommy now and what I say goes." "I am NOT calling you mommy." Cathy frowned and breathed hard through her nose. "As long as you live under my roof I am your mommy." Abigail reminded her. "Fine, I'll run away then!" Cathy threatened, puffing out her cheeks like an impudent child. "You will do no such thing, missy! Now are you quite finished your tantrum, or do I need to spank you?" Abigail glared down at Catherine. The smaller girl glared back up. "...fine." Catherine said softly. "Fine you want a spanking?" Abigail teased. "No, fine I'll be good!" Catherine snapped back. She crossed her arms tightly and sat on her floor. She stared at her laptop, which was queued up to a website where a cartoon mouse was waving at her. Catherine just sat there grousing, having no choice but to just accept her fate for now. She was going to miss her websites, her online gaming, her business. All of it had been taken away. Part of her knew that if she just did things Abigail's way in the first place then she might still have some freedoms. She would still be in diapers, but at least she wouldn't be a complete baby. Abigail was happy with Catherine's compliance for now. She walked herself to the bathroom and left the door open a bit. It was just enough for Catherine to see the big girl pulling down her panties and sitting down on the toilet. This seemed like Abigail was shoving it right in Cathy's face. Abigail got to use a toilet like a big girl while Cathy was resigned to a fate of perpetually pooping on herself. Cathy stared at Abigail sitting on the toilet. She heard the loud tinkling of her heavy piss stream going neatly into the bowl. Cathy missed being able to do that. Cathy heard a loud noise coming from her diaper. She cupped her crotch and felt it getting warmer as she uncontrollably pissed on herself. Cathy whined, unable to control her peeing now. Abigail stood up and wiped herself soundly. She flushed the toilet and exited the bathroom. She shut the door behind her and used a key to lock it. She looked down at Cathy and knew the naughty girl was watching. She didn't mind. It was exactly what she wanted her to do. "The only time you're going to see a toilet is when it's bath time." Abigail chuckled. As soon as Abigail turned around Cathy flipped her off, shaking her middle finger angrily at the bigger girl. Cathy couldn't stand it anymore. She pulled off her baby clothes and grabbed at her diaper. She tore the tapes and ripped the diaper off. It was mostly filled with piss, but it was still quite heavy and landed on the floor with a squishy thud. Her heart was racing. This was the most defiant thing she had done! Cathy never dared rip her diaper off before. There was no turning back now. The naked girl searched through her clothes, trying to find one more pair of shirt and pants. Miraculously she did have a pair of overalls stuffed way in the back of her dresser drawer. She pulled on a shirt and then tugged up the overalls. She had no big girl undies, but she didn't care as long as it wasn't pull-ups or diapers on underneath this time. Cathy pissed into the overalls right away. She looked down, seeing a dark stain spread around her thighs. "Shit." she muttered to herself. She really did lose complete control of her bladder! Her only pair of clean pants was now soaked with piss. She tried not to let it bother her. She reminded herself that she had been in wet pants before, sometimes for an entire day. Besides, it was more important to get herself out of there. Taking a quick peek from her room, Cathy made a beeline for the front door. She got on her tippy-toes and turned the knob, letting herself out of the old flat she used to call a home. She was leaving everything behind, but she felt like she had to. Feeling the damp fabric cling to her legs as she went to the stairs she sniffled, feeling like she was going to cry. She held back those tears though. She then heard a door open. "Cathy, is that you?" Sheryl had caught Cathy just as she was making her way down the stairs. Cathy felt some big chunks of poop coming out of her and tumbling down the pant leg of her overalls. She grimaced as she felt the warm poop touching her leg all the way down the pants. She had to shake her leg so the poop came out all the way. She didn't want to step in it. She hurried down the stairs and ignored Sheryl. Sheryl left her apartment and chased after Cathy. She dodged the poop which was just sitting there on the stairs. Cathy got out the front door of the apartment complex. She was an unaccompanied Little that was wet and smelled like poop. She would be caught if she stuck around, so she tried to run. She saw the ground leaving her feet as she was lifted up. Sheryl held Cathy at arm's length. Cathy kicked her legs. "Let me go! I don't want to go back!" Cathy sobbed. "Abi's a big meanie!" "Shh, keep your voice down you naughty little miscreant!" Sheryl said. "You are in so much trouble! However Abigail chooses to punish you will be far less severe than if a stinky baby girl like you is caught wandering around looking like this!" For emphasis Sheryl groped the large wet patch on Cathy's crotch. Cathy shuddered and groaned. Cathy was sobbing as she was carried back into the apartment building. She beat on Sheryl weakly with her tiny fists. Sheryl knocked a few times and then let herself into the flat. "Abigail, sweetie, I'm afraid you have a little runaway on your hands." Sheryl announced. Cathy gulped as she saw Abigail abruptly burst from her bedroom and storm down the hall, a look of serious determination on her face as she stomped towards Cathy. She snatched Cathy from Sheryl's arms and sat down. She bent Cathy over her knee and spanked her wet butt. Cathy howled and cried as she was spanked in front of Sheryl. Sheryl sighed, shaking her head. Cathy was pushed to the corner of the room and made to stand there, facing the wall. Abigail saw Cathy was peeing herself without wearing a diaper. She rolled her eyes as she saw another mess she'd have to clean up. "Thank you for catching her, Sheryl." Abigail hugged the other Amazon tight. "I don't know what I would do if something bad happened to my Cathy. I love her so much." "I know you do. You're a good mommy. She just hasn't realized that yet." Sheryl added. Abigail sniffed, rubbing a tear away from her cheek as she shut the door. Abigail's demeanor changed immediately as the door was shut. She wanted Cathy, but not because she loved her. Cathy was her toy, and she didn't want to lose her. "You are in deep trouble." Abigail said. She looked down at Cathy and giggled. "I'll need to secure your diapers tighter. I'll have to use a lock and key. And oh yes, you are getting the mittens tonight. That means no taking off your diaper and no touching yourself. You blew your chances." Cathy pouted, looking down at her soaking wet overalls and the puddle she was standing in. She felt a little itchy and scratched her leg. She just knew her leg was streaked with the poop accident she had on the stairs. "Did I say you could move? Stand still." Abigail pulled up a chair and watched as Cathy was forced to stand there unmoving for the next couple minutes. Cathy was very uncomfortable. She almost wished she was in a diaper now. Knowing that made her want to cry. She sputtered and let out her pathetic sobs. "You made your own bed. This is all your fault, Cathy. You need to admit that to me and to yourself." Cathy groaned, shifting her weight around as she tried to stand still. She felt the wet carpet squishing between her toes. Abigail finally grabbed Cathy and pulled her away from the corner. She tugged Catherine's arm and took her to the bathroom. She pointed at the full-length mirror. "You see that? You see what happens when you disobey and don't wear your diapers?" Abigail said, forcing Cathy to look at herself. She pulled down Cathy's overalls and made her look at the streaks of poop on the side of her leg. "You filthy little brat. Did you take a poop outside?" "It just came out... on the stairs." Cathy said, feeling she had to be honest with Abigail in her current angry state. "Someone has to clean that up now. Did you ever think of that?" Abigail grabbed Catherine's cheeks and spread them, inspecting her filthy crack. "And I'm going to have to clean this." Abigail started to draw a bath. She didn't bother to add the bubble bath. She felt like Cathy didn't deserve bubbles. She picked Cathy up once she was fully denuded. She set Cathy into the warm water. Abigail dipped a washcloth under the water and started to scrub Cathy clean. "You need a serious attitude adjustment." Abigail said, having calmed down again. Her calm voice was just as scary as her angry voice though. "I'm going to arrange for you to start going to etiquette school." The words were ringing in Cathy's ears. It seems her humiliation was only just beginning.
  13. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    CHAPTER 4: Nosedive Again Catherine had found herself waking up in a crib, her diaper soaked with piss. She barely felt it until she reached down to touch herself. She felt the soggy fabric press against her flesh. She tensed up, feeling a little excited. She moved her hand away, trying to ignore these feelings. She really hoped one day to have privacy so she could properly touch herself. She didn't want to give Abigail that satisfaction of being right about her. Catherine stood up in the crib, holding onto the bars. She felt like a prisoner looking out from her cell, only her toilet was on the outside. She looked down on the floor, seeing the potty chair. She really wanted to sit on it and go potty like a 'big girl.' Suddenly the thought of pooping in a potty didn't seem like such a bad idea, at least compared to going on herself. Catherine knew it was futile to hold it so she just bent her knees and took a deep breath. She relaxed her body and a thick log slowly dropped from her bottom and sat in the back of the diaper. She could feel the log pressing against her cheeks. She felt hot and aroused just from the feeling of pooping and feeling her own poop on her butt. She wasn't sure what was coming over her, but she wanted to sit down and just feel the mess spread around. She leaned back slowly until she fell onto her bottom on the soft cushy crib mattress. A warm feeling washed over her as she felt the poop mash to her butt and spread around the seat of the diaper. A smile grew on her face and she rocked around, letting the poop smear all over the inside of those thick pampers. She felt drool building up in her mouth. She was fully aware though and quickly clasped her hand to her mouth to stop herself before she drooled onto her pajamas. She snapped back to reality when she saw what she was doing. She was still feeling very hot and tingly between her legs. She scooted all the way up to the edge of the bed, her legs hanging out from the bars with one bar between her legs. She pressed her crotch to the bar, grinding against it. She gritted her teeth. She just couldn't resist getting herself off. She felt waves of pleasure go through her body as her wet diaper got wetter and slicker. She shut her eyes and moaned happily. "Hey, stinky, are you awake?" Abigail spoke from the baby monitor. Catherine's eyes shot open as she heard Abigail's voice. She looked over her shoulder at the monitor, not sure how to answer. "I know you're awake in there. I'll be coming in after about ten minutes." Catherine pulled her legs out from between the bars and stood back up in the crib. She scurried over to the edge of the crib and heard Abigail once again walking to the bathroom. She listened closely, hearing Abigail pee hard into the toilet bowl. She even let out a loud sigh of relief. Hearing the noisy pissing made her have to pee. Catherine couldn't even hold it. Her own pee started coming out and soaking into the dirty, sticky diaper. The diaper couldn't contain everything and she began to leak right into her pajamas. She gasped as she felt her legs getting wet. She parted her legs, looking down as the legs of the pajamas darkened. She whimpered pathetically unable to stop peeing and wetting the cute bunny pajamas. She was so focused on herself that she did not notice Abigail coming into the room. "Uh oh." Abigail said, pulling down the bars of the crib. "Someone flooded their diaper!" She raised Catherine out of the crib, holding her at a distance so the little girl didn't drip on her own clothes. Abigail had Catherine stand on the changing table. She undid the pajamas and pulled them off. Abigail wiped Catherine's wet legs clean and then set her onto her back. "It's not my fault!" Catherine pouted, crossing her arms. "If you let me get out of my crib at night I could have used the... facilities." "You mean your potty chair?" Abigail strongly reminded Catherine as she tore the diaper open. She opened her eyes wide as she looked at the huge mess in the diaper. What really captured her attention though was the obvious stickiness around her slit. It was clear she wasn't just wet from peeing on herself. "No wonder you leaked! Has someone been playing with their diaper?" Catherine was silent. She was too embarrassed to even answer that, but the answer was clear to Abigail anyway. Abigail let a wicked smile spread across her face. Catherine felt a tightness in her chest as she figured Abigail must have heard her masturbating and put together the clues inside her diaper. "I think I might have to get you some thicker diapers for night time." Abigail commented casually as she wiped Catherine's dirty butt. "And perhaps mittens for those busy hands!" Catherine make a funny high-pitched groan as she was unable to rebut the statement. She crossed her arms and pouted. Abigail giggled as she saw how easily frustrated Catherine was getting. She very slowly wiped Catherine, wanting her to feel the humiliation for a lot longer. Naturally Catherine was feeling aroused by the slow and gentle touch of the wipes against her skin, but the shame kept her from being able to fully enjoy it. She was also just too proud to accept that she liked it. "All right, stinky." Abigail said as she threw out the dirty diaper and wipes. "Are you really sure you want to wear big girl underwear today? You seemed pretty happy to sit in your own poo poos." "No!" Catherine tried to sit up straight but she was pushed back down onto her back. "Seriously, I don't want diapers!" "If you say so." Abigail sighed, still smiling. She put two fingers on Catherine's now clean slit and dragged upward. She saw Catherine shudder in agitation. "But if I catch you playing with yourself again I will have to restrain your hands. I wasn't just kidding about the mittens." Abigail pulled up Catherine's panties and patted her bottom softly. Catherine was glad not to get the slap on her butt for once. After she was set back on her feet she went about getting dressed. There was only a pink shirt that said "Little Cupcake" with a picture of a cupcake on it and a pair of purple overalls that had a kitten sewn onto the bib. Catherine tried not to think about how it was the wimpiest, sissiest outfit there was in her wardrobe that wasn't a frilly dress. Abigail let out an "aww" as she saw Catherine's adorable clothes. While Abigail was getting ready to leave for school she got on the phone and had a private conversation with Catherine's babysitter. Catherine could tell Abigail was talking to Izzy, but she was unable to catch most of what she was saying as she walked into her bedroom and shut the door. Catherine pressed her ear to the door, trying to hear what Abigail was talking about. Was she mentioning her? Abigail exited her room to find the small girl almost stumbling forward from leaning against the door. Abigail gave Catherine a hard swat on her butt. "It's impolite to eavesdrop!" Abigail chastised the little lady. She shooed Catherine to the living room. There was something leaning against the wall, but before Catherine could get a good look at it she was already sat in her kiddie chair in front of the television. Abigail left the bedroom, but only for a moment. She came back with Catherine's potty, along with a roll of toilet paper, and set it right in the middle of the living room. Catherine scoffed, about to protest. When she turned around she saw Abigail lock a baby gate to the entrance of the hallway. Catherine whimpered pitifully, knowing she would be restricted to one room of the house for the rest of the day. She also knew that if she need to go to the bathroom she would have to do it right there in the middle of the room! She tried to see the positive side of things, like how she wouldn't have to go too far to potty. Maybe the convenience of not having to wait for Izzy to get out of the bathroom might be a good thing? Still, using a potty chair did make her feel like a toddler. When she had to sit on the potty it only reminded her of how she was too small for the big toilet. The big toilet was large. The potty fit her just right. Izzy came through the front door just as Abigail was getting ready to go. She had her own key by now. Abigail hugged Izzy just before leaving. Catherine sighed as Abigail left, knowing Izzy was most likely going to torture her more now that she would have to poop and pee out in the open room. "I see you've got your potty chair out here." Izzy said with a smirk. "Now if you make a mess you'll have no one to blame it on but yourself!" "I don't need a potty chair." Catherine pouted, crossing her arms. "I could use the toilet just fine. Just that one time you were in the bathroom the same time I had to go!" "This is for the best. Littles shouldn't be using toilets anyway, it's just not natural! Littles should just use diapers and wait for Amazons to clean up after them." Izzy explained, putting on an air of extra wisdom. "Littles are babies their whole lives. They're not designed to sit on our big toilets for one thing. But they are also babies up here too." She pointed to her head. "Hey!" Catherine pouted, taking great offense. "You know I'm really smart!" She stood up, balling her fists. "I may not know as much as an Amazon my age, but I am still leaps ahead of p-public perception!" Catherine knew that she was inferior, but she refused to accept she was a baby, despite the growing evidence. "It's okay, Cathy. We're just here to help." Izzy condescendingly pat Catherine on the head. "You might think you are ready for adult responsibilities, but if you can't even master keeping your panties clean and dry then how can we expect you to take care of yourself? Now look at me. I'm a big girl. I finished my potty training before I turned three years old and when I was wearing big girl pants I never wet the bed. Can you honestly say the same?" Catherine looked down. Izzy was right, but Catherine still couldn't accept it. She knew that she was stubborn with the potty until her 5th birthday and she didn't get out of diapers until she was 6. Even then though she continued to have accidents off and on, just with less frequency as she got older. Night times were different though. During times of great stress, which were most of her days, she peed the bed at night. Her old stained mattress was a testament to this. "Well, Cathy?" Izzy tapped her foot, still waiting for an answer. "Yeah, I have accidents." Catherine admitted. "You weaseled the confession out of me the other day. That was a mean trick." "I just wanted you to be honest with me." Izzy smiled. "Though you fibbed about never having an on-purpose in your pants." "What do you mean?" Catherine felt her heart sink and she clutched her chest. "Your mommy told me that you made a fresh mess on yourself this morning and then sat in it. That was the only way to explain how you got poop all over the inside." Izzy explained. "That and there was some evidence you were playing with yourself while you were poopy." Catherine almost started glowing red at this point. Who was this young girl to presume anything, especially based off what Abigail told her? She curled her frown and balled up her fists, getting visibly frustrated by this conversation now. "It's natural for Littles to want to play in their own messes." Izzy said. "Though your mommy has to set your boundaries for you, and she said no playing with yourself unless you got permission!" Izzy wagged a finger at Catherine. The smaller girl covered her face and groaned. After Izzy humiliating lecture, the younger but bigger girl easily stepped over the baby gate and went down the hall to the bathroom. Catherine ran over to the gate and grabbed at it pitifully. She looked on as Izzy disappeared into the 'big girl' bathroom. Now that room would just be a memory to her except for when it was bath time. Catherine let out a very loud sigh and walked away from the baby fence. She looked over at the potty chair and knew it would be a good idea to use it while she still had some privacy. She waddled over to the chair and undid her overalls. She wiggled them down to her ankles. She then pulled down her panties and sat on the cute potty chair. Catherine tried to concentrate on peeing, but it was taking longer for her to just relax and go than she thought. By the time her tinkle started dribbling out Izzy has come back into the room. Izzy looked down and giggled as she saw Catherine sitting there and listened to the sound of her peeing. "Stop!" Catherine whined. "Don't look at me, this is private!" "Silly Little, you don't get any privacy!" Izzy responded. Catherine narrowed her eyes in frustration. When she was done tinkling she grabbed the toilet paper and wiped her crotch gently. She stood up and pulled her panties back on and wriggled back into the tight overalls. Catherine looked down the hallway. "Hey, can I go to my room, please? I have some important stuff to do." Catherine said in a snit. "Whatever you need to do you can do it right here." Izzy responded rigidly. "I need my laptop." Catherine pouted. "I have to check on my online store." "You're so cute." Izzy giggled. "You really think you're a big girl!" Even with the cruel teasing though, Izzy still stepped over the fence and went to Catherine's room to retrieve the laptop. She returned with the laptop but she also brought over the white teddy bear that she liked to cuddle. Catherine blushed as she saw the teddy bear. She reached up, trying to grab at the laptop. "Now now," Izzy said, "Remember.... just because we let you play on your computer that doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want. We can't have you going to non-approved websites now, can we? I will be here to monitor your online usage, do you understand?" Catherine's face twitched. She couldn't respond to that without going into another one of her angry. She took the laptop and sat down on the floor. She typed away while Izzy stood over her, keeping a watchful hawk-like gaze. Catherine resented how she never once got a moment to herself. The latest stunt of keeping her confined in the living room seemed to entirely strip her privacy away. She shut her laptop, figuring it was futile to try and conduct business in this state. "I know what you can do, stinky!" Izzy said, using Abigail's nickname for the girl. "You can watch this cute little movie I brought over!" Izzy held up a DVD box. On the cover was an adult Little, looking pretty similar to Catherine, and she was standing between two large sets of legs, looking up at them with a curious stare. She had on a fluffy dress with a giant diaper clearly visible underneath a way too short skirt. The title read Lost And Found in big balloon letters. There was a quote at the bottom from a movie critic stating "Even Littles can enjoy this touching and heartfelt family adventure!" Catherine made a disgusted face as she looked over the box. "Don't be like that. You might like it! I used to watch this movie over and over again when I was six!" Izzy said enthusiastically. She walked over to the television set and popped the movie into the player. She sat down at the couch while Catherine had to sit in the kiddie chair. The movie began by showing a tough looking little, dressed in shabby old-fashioned street urchin clothes. She wandered around some abandoned looking locations to the tune of melancholy instrumental music. Her hair was mostly pulled back into a ponytail. The rest of her hair looked messy and unkempt. Catherine thought this girl looked awesome! Just like her, the girl in the movie was acting very independent. Then they showed the first wetting scene. The girl looked down at her pants as they got drenched. It was clear this was no special effect. The scene played out with a full body shot and she even turned around in a circle as she inspected her soggy pants. "Again? But I thought I went an hour ago!" The girl on the TV said. There was a jump cut to the next scene showing her without pants on. Little nudity was often freely accepted in Amazon culture. Since they weren't seen as equals it was perfectly acceptable to show a Little's privates, even in a family film. As Catherine observed several days ago when looking through the coloring book, young Amazons were exposed to the concept of Little subjugation from an early age. The Little girl's pants and panties were hanging from a rope like they were on a clothes line. They weren't even washed, they were just drying. Catherine scoffed at this. "Come on, she could have washed her pants in like a stream or something!" Izzy shushed Catherine, peering down at her. Catherine pouted. She hated being shushed like that. The movie continued, showing how the Little would steal food and run away from Amazon police officers. These parts of the movie made Catherine feel pumped up! The subsequent wetting scenes would then knock the wind out of Catherine's sails. Catherine did pee her pants sometimes, but never as much as this character did. Snow was blasting against the Little soon. She had no choice but to break into someone's house. The Little walked up the stairs, needing to take wide steps. The small actress must have been cast for being very short and cute. The stair climbing scene was pretty amusing and even Catherine accidentally snickered at the way the Little scaled the stairs like she was going up a tall mountain. The Little found herself in a child's bedroom. It looked like the room of a very young girl but things were doubled in size. She kicked over a teddy bear that was as big as her. There were footsteps coming towards the room. The Little quickly hid in the closet. As she was hiding her tummy grumbled. She held her stomach and went "shh" like she was trying to shush it. They showed a narrow point of view, showing the way the Little looked through the closet. The Amazon looks to be about six years old but clearly taller than the Little. The Little couldn't hold it, loudly pooping into her pants. This was immediately noticed by the young Amazon. Izzy was cracking up. "I'm sorry, that scene always gets me!" Izzy said, pointing at the screen where they showed the back of the Little's pants drooping from the weight of a heavy mess. "Littles are so bad at hiding. We can always smell where they are!" Catherine scowled. She wanted to shush Izzy like she shushed her, but she knew such an action would get her in trouble. The Amazon on the screen opened the closet door and the Little tried to run. The Amazon grabbed the Little's arm. "What were you doing in my closet? Shouldn't you be at home with your own mommy?" She wrinkled her nose "And did you poo poo?" The Little looked scared and frightened as she tried to pull her arm away. A dark pee stain went down her already messy pant legs. "You're peeing! You're not even in diapers!" shouted the young girl. "You're getting it all over my floor!" The Amazon gave a gentle spank to the Little. She cried, the spanking mushing her mess and ruining her pants which weren't in great shape to begin with. The young girl felt bad. She hugged the Little carefully so as not to get her dress wet. She looked down. "My name is Penelope. What's your name?" The Amazon asked. The Little seemed nervous, looking off to the side. "I don't know. No one gave me a name before. The big scary adults call me a thief though." Penelope thought before responding "So you don't belong to anyone?" Her face lit up and she smiled wide. "I should adopt you! But we'll have to keep you a secret from my parents. They don't want to have a Little in the house because they said they're too messy." Penelope pointed to the puddle on the floor. "I guess they're right about that! Come on, you need a bath and a diaper! I think I'll call you Babypants." The next scene was a montage set to pop music, showing the scowling Little as she got scrubbed in the tub. She then had her hair cut and styled so it was no longer the careless frizz that it was before. The hair was now in adorable pigtails at the top of her head. Next she was fitted into a diaper, which was actually just a towel that got folded between her legs and held together with large safety pins. It seemed this was going to be the theme of the movie. Just another story of a kid finding a "pet" and trying to keep it secret from her parents. Catherine rolled her eyes. Halfway through the movie Catherine needed to go poop badly. She crossed her legs and tried to clench her cheeks together as she viewed the movie. It was bad enough that she had to pee in the potty with Izzy watching, but she didn't want her to see her pooping as well! Her poop was private business. It wasn't something for people to stare at! It was getting harder to hold it in as she sat there though. She farted quite loudly. "I heard that, Cathy, and I know that wasn't the movie!" Izzy said. "Do you have to go poo poo?" "I don't need you to tell me!" Catherine grumbled, getting out of her kiddie seat and walking over to the potty chair. "Well, go on. We don't even have to pause the movie!" Izzy smiled, waving her hand to encourage Catherine. Catherine sighed in defeat. She pulled off her overalls straps and then tugged down her panties. She sat down on the potty chair, facing the television. She watched the silly antics of the Penelope and "Babypants" sneaking around the house and managing to get around without being detected. Catherine ended up caught up in the movie. She dropped some thick, healthy logs into the bowl of the potty chair. Izzy could hear the dull thuds of those poops hitting the hard plastic of the potty, but Catherine was too entranced by the film to notice she was already done pooping. Izzy smiled, letting Catherine sit there for a while. She thought the view of the small girl on the potty chair was cute and she didn't want to rush her off just yet. Eventually Izzy got up and stood Catherine onto her feet. She wadded up some toilet paper in her hand and wiped Catherine's dirty bottom. "Wait, I can do that!" Catherine whined. "Shh, be quiet." Izzy said directly as she wiped the adult Little's crack perfectly clean. She dropped the used toilet paper into the potty and then helped Catherine pull her pants and panties back up, even readjusting the straps of the overalls for her. Catherine and Izzy watched the rest of the movie together. Catherine's poop-filled potty chair was sitting there the whole time. She blushed, embarrassed about her poop being presently so openly like that. She wished that Izzy would empty out the potty chair already! Silly Catherine should have been grateful she was even allowed to still use a potty chair at this point though. She was lucky she didn't have an accident right there mere inches away from the potty. If Izzy hadn't told her to go sit on her potty she might have been watching the rest of the movie with poop in her pants. Catherine didn't like how she had to be told to sit on the chair and still stubbornly believed she could have held it for longer. That carelessness would eventually be her undoing though. The movie ended predictably enough, with the parents eventually finding out about the Little and then deciding to adopt her since she "had no home." Catherine knew this was the best possible ending for the Little, even though she didn't like it. The Little wasn't like her. She was much more helpless despite her rough and tumble attitude. The message of the movie set itself into Catherine's brain. Littles needed Amazons. "I still love that movie." Izzy said, standing up from the couch and stretching. "I'm going to clean out your potty now. Do you have to make another poop or pee?" She asked, looking down at Catherine. The smaller girl sighed and shook her head. Izzy picked up the potty and carried it out of the room, humming happily as she took the potty chair away. Catherine kicked at the carpet, grumbling to herself. Izzy was so mature and responsible. She wished she could be more like her, even though she was a lot younger than her. Catherine opened up her laptop again and sat on the floor. She went to her online store and checked it. There were no new orders coming in. Catherine became a little worried that her business was starting to go downhill a bit since Abigail moved in. She knew she didn't have to worry about not making rent since Abigail agreed to take over, but she still didn't want to have to be dependent on anyone! Catherine tried to take out some free ad space on the same site she used to find her roommate, offering any kind of technical support she could for a cheap price. She hoped that would be enough. "What're you doing, silly girl?" Izzy said as she came up behind Catherine. "Oh, you're still looking for employment? You shouldn't worry about that. Besides, who would want to hire a Little to do a job an Amazon could do better?" "Hey!" Catherine stood up. "I'm probably smarter than you! I don't have to sit here and be insulted like this!" Catherine swung her leg and ended up kicking Izzy in the shin. "Hey, watch it!" Izzy said back. She set the clean potty chair down and grabbed Catherine. She sat on the couch and bent Catherine over her knee. She started spanking her. Each slap was harder than the last, making her bottom jiggle slightly. Catherine resisted crying, but soon she couldn't hold it back. She bawled like a big baby. Izzy's spanking was so hard! Izzy then lifted Catherine high, carrying her over the baby gate and bringing her to her room. Izzy quickly undressed Catherine, leaving only her t-shirt on. She hastily stuck a diaper on her, not even bothering with the baby oil or powder. Catherine was set in her crib and the bars were locked in place. "You need a nap." Izzy said, still a bit angry but calming down. "I'll let you out when I've decided you've learned your lesson." "No please...." Catherine grabbed the bars of her crib. "I'm sorry! Please don't leave me in this crib! Pleeease!" She begged and begged but her pleads fell on deaf ears. Izzy shut out the light but she kept the door open a crack. Catherine heard a voice on the baby monitor. "I'll be listening in on you, so you better not do anything naughty." Izzy said through the device. Catherine sobbed and sat in the crib. Sure, Izzy started it, but she knew she shouldn't have lost her temper like that. She looked down, knowing there was only one way she would calm down. She had to sacrifice some personal dignity though. She raised her thumb to her mouth and sucked on it, slowly becoming soothed. Catherine leaned back on the mattress and went to sleep. When Catherine woke up in the crib her thumb was no longer in her mouth. Something else was there though. She sat up and pulled on the pacifier, looking down at it. She twisted her face in disgust as she realized Izzy must have come in when she was sleeping and stuck the babyish binky in her mouth. The worst part, Catherine thought, was how naturally she came to be sucking on it. At no point in her sleep did she try to spit the binky out. She stood up in the crib. "Hello? Izzy? I learned my lesson." Catherine said. She looked down at the diaper. It was wet. "and I need a change!" Catherine knew she wouldn't get in trouble for accidents while she was asleep. That must have been why Izzy stuck the diaper on her anyway. She totally expected Catherine to go on herself. There was no response from Izzy. "Izzy, come on, I need you!" She began begging again. If her old self could see what she had become she would be so offended. Here she was, needing help like some baby and calling out for an Amazon! Isabella finally came into the room, a smug smile on her face. She walked up to Catherine's crib and stood in front of it. Izzy gave a nice, long stare at Catherine standing there in a wet diaper. "So, do you really think you learned your lesson?" Izzy said, still smiling. "Yes, I'm really sorry." Catherine said, actually sounding remorseful. "Then prove it." Izzy crossed her arms. Her smile faded. "Before I let you out, I want you to use your diaper. Then I'll change you and put you back in your big girl pants." Catherine was agog. Izzy couldn't really mean for her to do that, right? She slowly shook her head. "But.... but I'm already wet?" "That's not what I mean." Izzy said with an aloof, distant look. "You need to make a mess on yourself. Come on, it's not like you've never done it on purpose before." Catherine frowned as her hands slowly slid down the bars of the crib before letting go. She stood on the middle of the mattress, legs parted. She had no choice. Izzy was making her do this! Catherine did go poop in the potty earlier, but she knew she could do it again. She just had no idea how much poop was actually inside of her! The soft, mushy shit spread around the inside of the diaper, much to Catherine's surprise. Izzy was smiling again as she heard the mess going into the diaper and looked at Catherine's funny expression. The young woman giggled at the sight of the Little filling her diapers up. "How does that feel?" Izzy asked, a slight chuckle escaping her. "It's gross and mushy." Catherine pouted. "Really? Are you sure you aren't liking this just a little bit?" Izzy squinted her eyes as she teased the small girl. "This isn't fair! This isn't fair, I'm a big girl, I'm a big giiirl!" Catherine started having a breakdown, overwhelmed by everything. All the teasing, shame, and deterioration of her whole identity left her a pathetic blubbering mess in her crib. Even more piss started spraying out of her, as if her very maturity was pouring out of her into a diaper to be thrown out. "Aww, Cathy, baby, it is fair." Izzy said, pulling down the bars to the crib and lifting Catherine out. "Look at all this mess you made, and you're soaked!" "Please. Please don't tell Abi." Catherine hiccupped. She clutched onto Izzy as she was carried to her changing table. "You mean your mommy? Well we don't have to tell her about this, but you need to admit to me that you're just a big baby that needs me to change her pants." Izzy smiled, lying Catherine on her back. "I'm not a..." She looked up, seeing how serious Izzy was. She couldn't believe she was about to sell herself out like this. "Fine, I'm a big baby." Catherine crossed her arms, pouting. "And?" Izzy leaned in with a devilish grin. "And I need you to change my pants! I pooped in them! I'm a baby that pooped her pants!" Catherine was trying to say it angrily to take the power out of the statement, but it only made her sound more adorable to Izzy. Isabella tore open the diaper. She didn't even flinch at the thick mess inside. She took several baby wipes and deftly swept up most of the mess, placing the dirty wipes into the dirty diaper. She gathered up more wipes to clean further, digging deep into crevices to make Catherine nice and clean again. She dropped the heavily used diaper in the pail. Catherine was stood back up on her feet and dressed in her regular daytime clothes again. Deep down Catherine knew this episode was mostly her fault. She lost her cool and ended up punished for it, just like she had been warned. She was warned not just by the Amazons, but other Littles as well. You should never pick a fight with an Amazon because you'll end up a diaper baby. Abigail arrived home late. She looked pretty exhausted as she set her books down. Looking into the kitchen she saw Izzy and Catherine having a pizza together. Catherine was in her high chair happily munching on pizza with long strands of cheese going from the slice to her mouth. She looked pretty happy, but it was hard for anyone to look sad while eating pizza. "Well look at that." Abigail smiled. "You're being so well behaved!" "Yeah, she wasn't any trouble at all today." Izzy said, slyly winking at Catherine. "Really? So there was no problem at all? No pee pee on he floor or poopy in her pants?" Abigail asked her question in the most embarrassing way she could. "No, but she did get cranky after lunch. I had to put her down for a nap." Izzy explained. "Don't worry, she had on a diaper for her nap, didn't you Cathy?" "Um, yeah." Catherine responded, cheese and sauce around her mouth and bib. Izzy wiped her mouth for her. "Did you have to change a dirty diaper?" Abigail asked, digging into her purse. "I should pay you extra for that..." "No need. She was a real princess through the whole thing." Izzy said, smiling wide. "I think she knows who's boss now." "Well that's very good to hear!" Abigail seemed quite pleased. She paid the babysitter and Izzy gave Abigail a hug goodbye. Before leaving, Izzy gave Catherine a hug as well. Catherine thought about what Isabella did for her. Sure, it came at the price of her dignity, but she did kick her. She knew that the stress of today was caused by her own foolishness. Catherine was gently scooted off to the living room after her dinner. Izzy had stuck around to chat with Abigail a bit longer. The two mature Amazons talked to each other like adults, leaving the little Catherine out of the conversation. Catherine felt a bit full from her meal, rubbing her stomach. She also had quite a bit of soda. She stared at the potty chair. This was her chance to show Abigail she could use a potty chair and not make a big fuss about it. She walked up to the plastic potty and pulled off her overalls. She then yanked down her panties. She grabbed the toilet paper as she sat down on the potty and waited. It didn't take long for her pee stream to hit the inside of the bowl. The sound of her peeing was immediately heard by Abigail, who turned around just in time to watch Catherine. It was embarrassing to be sure, but if Abigail was going to watch her tinkle at least it was going to be in somewhere besides a diaper and on her terms! Catherine stood up, not caring anymore about trying to cover her privates. She just wiped her crotch dry and dropped the toilet paper into the potty. "What a good girl you're being, Cathy!" Abigail praised. She then gave a patronizing clap. Izzy joined in on the clapping. "You should have seen her earlier today. She made some pretty big poops in that potty." Izzy said. "She sure makes a lot of poop for such a small Little!" "Really? You should have taken a picture!" Abigail giggled. Catherine let out a whine of disapproval, wanting to let Abigail know she really did not want there to be photographic evidence of her re-potty training. Naturally her whine was ignored. At the end of the day Catherine's potty was placed back in her room, emptied and freshly cleaned. Catherine still had half an hour before her bedtime. She went over to her shelf of electronics and took them down, scattering them on the floor. Catherine sat on the floor and went over her notes. There was something strange about them this time though. The notes were hard to read. It took her a while to understand her own writing, but eventually she got it and went about piecing together her device. When she was sure she was done she attached the battery and tried to power on the device. Nothing happened. She flicked the switch back and forth, trying to make something happen, but the device remained inoperable. Confused, she went back to her notes, trying to see if she followed them incorrectly or if she might have made a mistake somewhere. Catherine panicked. She ascertained she was starting to forget things she spent a lifetime learning. When the realization dawned on her she got very nervous. She felt a tingle like she was going to pee. She remembered what happened last time she had a nervous episode and ran to her potty, yanking off the overalls quickly and pulling down her panties. She sat on the potty and just a small amount of pee dribbled out. She panted, catching her breath. She just made it. Maybe she should start wearing dresses more. It would be less work to pull them off. Taking off her overalls each time was an ordeal. She always had to pull off those damn straps first! Her main concern wasn't the overalls though. It was the fact that she was losing her intelligence. Another spurt of pee went into the potty. Catherine hoped that she wouldn't have these nervous peeing episodes every time she got stressed! Abigail came into the bedroom, seeing Catherine sitting on her potty and looking fretful. Abigail rubbed Catherine's back and kneeled down beside her. "Are you constipated, Cathy? Should I get you one of my candy bars?" Abigail joked. "N-no, it's not that." Catherine said. "I was just thinking about, um, stuff." She stood up and dabbed herself with the toilet paper before dropping it into her potty. "You know you can talk to me." Abigail said. "Think of me as a mommy. I know that's hard for you, but really I can be a good mom if you give me a chance." Catherine wasn't about to give Abigail any kind of chance like that! The very idea of seeing Abigail as a mommy was offensive to her. Catherine had a mom. Abigail picked the girl up, letting her pants and panties just fall off of her feet on the way up to the changing table. "I talked with one of my professors today, asking if I could bring you to school." Abigail started talking to Catherine as she prepped her for bed, sliding a thick night time diaper underneath her. "Professor Hodgkins is very interested in seeing you. She says she has studied the non-adopted Little before but she has never seen one that's potty trained, though she knows they exist." "Oh really? Am I going to blow her mind or something?" Cathy rolled her eyes. She then winced as she felt the cool baby oil being rubbed into her naked flesh. "We will see. Hopefully you wont be a complete embarrassment to me and soil yourself. I mean I did tell everyone you could handle walking around without diapers." Abigail said as she sprinkled baby powder around Catherine's butt and crotch. She folded the diaper up. This new diaper was so thick and the waistband went up to her ribs, stopping just below her breasts. Catherine could not close her legs. The super thick diapers really impaired her movement. The rabbit pajamas wouldn't fit tonight so she was instead fitted with a simplistic nightgown. Naturally the nightgown did not reach enough to cover the thick diaper. "Are these new diapers?" Catherine grunted. "I can barely move in them!" "Now Cathy, sweetie, I already explained it you! I can't risk having you leak again and soiling your sheets." Abigail told her. "You're lucky you're not getting the mittens... yet." That comment made Catherine gulp nervously. "There is a time and place to play with yourself and maybe I will teach you about that some day. For now though do not touch that diaper so much. You could loosen it and we all know what will happen then." Abigail locked the crib. Catherine got on her knees and held the bars, looking up with sad puppy eyes. Abigail sighed and flicked a switch. A gentle, plinky tune played and glowing shapes turned above her. Catherine looked up and saw a baby crib mobile. Abigail reached through the bars and forcefully made Catherine lie on her back so she would keep staring at the mobile. The Amazon left the room, turning off the light. Catherine just watched the mobile, putting a hand up to her mouth. She watched the colorful glowing shapes. It reminded her of that preschool show that she saw on the television that one time. She couldn't turn away this time though. It was too late and she was watching the mobile take its hypnotic effect on her. She wasn't even aware that her thumb was in her mouth and she was sucking on it like a toddler. Her eyes closed, the mobile having successfully sent her to sleep. Catherine found herself walking through the woods. She followed the light to the end, where she found herself back in her old village. The village never looked better. It was thriving. She saw her parents walking towards her, still with their pants bulging out from diapers underneath. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing her cool old clothes again. She didn't have on baby clothes or diapers or anything like that. "We're so proud of you, Catherine!" her mother said, tearing up. "You've grown into a smart and powerful Little!" Catherine teared up herself. She saw the other Littles waving at her. Inspired by Catherine's success they too were wearing regular pants with no diapers on underneath. Catherine felt pride swelling up inside of her. She helped make this happen! Just then a dark stain began to spread on the front of Catherine's pants. She looked down, watching as the pee seeped through the denim and dribbled onto the ground. Loud, rumbling farts came from her backside before her pants stretched out in the back and turned a brownish tint. She put her hands on the back and front of her pants, but there was no hiding the shameful act. She was peeing and pooping her pants in front of everyone! Her parents looked on with disappointment. The sky slowly darkened and giant foot steps drew near. "How could you do this to us, Cathy?" A Little said. "You were supposed to the grown up one!" One by one each Little began to wet their pants and cry. Catherine felt her heart race as the foot steps became louder. 12 foot tall Amazons entered the town, scooping up Littles. Catherine tried to say something, but her thumb was in her mouth. She tried to pull her thumb out, but she couldn't. It felt like it was being held there by some powerful magnetic force. Catherine watched in horror as her own parents were whisked away. "We're disappointed in you Cathy." her mom said tearfully. "You're just a baby!" Giant bars shot out of the ground. Catherine felt the earth shake beneath her as she was raised up in the air, the ground dissolving away and the sky turning pink. It was like she was in a nursery, but a really large one. That or she was even tinier. She looked at herself in a mirror on the closet door. She saw mittens and booties, a bib, and a pacifier gagging her mouth. The worst part was her diaper, which looked like it was impossibly full and touching the floor of the crib. When she touched it she felt a mess sloshing around inside against her thighs. She tried to scream out, but the sound was muffled by her pacifier. An impossibly big Amazon came to check on her, lifting her with one hand. Catherine couldn't even gauge how large the Amazon was. She couldn't even see her face! "Uh oh, someone made a poopy!" the voice boomed. "Look at how helpless you are!" Catherine found herself face to face with her potty chair, only it was larger than normal. The bowl of the potty was taller than her. She tried to climb up it. "Silly baby! You probably don't even know how to use the potty!" The voice rung in Catherine's ears it was so loud! Catherine looked into the empty potty. She then tried to think of how a potty is supposed to be used. Do you stand next to it? Where does your pee pee and poop go? What does the lid do? As she was trying to figure out how the potty worked she slipped and fell in. Catherine tumbled around in the darkness before suddenly waking up. Catherine shot up, sitting up straight in the crib and looking around. She looked down at her diaper. It was soaking wet, but it wasn't comically large like in her nightmare. The mobile had turned off, probably on some timer. She tried to process everything she saw in the nightmare, rubbing her temple. How could she forget to potty? All you do is pull down your pants, sit, and then go! She sighed with relief, glad she could remember again, but she wasn't sure how the dream made her forget like that. Catherine sniffled, standing to her feet in the crib. She looked over at the potty chair just sitting there mockingly. It was so close and yet so far. She reached up to the latches on the crib and attempted to figure out the lock. Again it was useless. Catherine would never be able to figure out how to unlock the latches to the crib. Catherine sat back down, defeated. She let out a relieved sigh as she pooped and peed right there where she was sitting. The extra thick diapers meant that she could barely feel it. She reached down to touch herself through the heavy fabric. All she could feel was an impenetrable wall of gooey diapers touching her privates. Her hands could not reach. Feeling the wet wall press against her was enough though. She wondered if she could do anything about this. She tried patting the front of the diaper. It felt nice to feel the soggy material slap against herself over and over, but she stopped when she remembered Abigail could hear her over the monitor. She sighed again, falling onto her back. She groaned. There was nothing to do but stare up at the stationary mobile as the shapes slowly spun on their axes. She rocked back and forth, feeling her mess spread around. She smiled to herself. That at least felt nice and soothing. After her butt was nicely coated with her own filth Catherine did feel a bit more sleepy. She yawned and stuck her thumb into her mouth again, this time voluntarily. It helped her drift back to sleep. "Rise and shine, stinky." Abigail said, lifting the wet and messy Catherine out of her crib. She groped Catherine's bottom, squeezing the dirty seat and subsequently making her mess spread around more. "Did you have a nice rest last night? It sure feels like it!" "Um, actually..." Catherine rubbed her sleepy eyes. "I had a nightmare." "Oh no, poor baby!" Abigail said, feigning concern as she flipped up the nightgown and opened up the diaper. She started wiping Catherine clean with a cool wipe. Catherine tried to remember what happened in the dream. Of course now it only came to her in bits and pieces. She remembered giant Amazons and soiling herself, but that's about it. Catherine's heavily soiled diaper was dropped into the pail. "Good thing we switched to these new, larger diapers. Your old diapers would have leaked from all of this!" Catherine was stood up on the changing table and had her panties pulled up for her. Abigail tugged the back of Catherine's waistband and sprinkled some powder down into it. Now even though Catherine wouldn't be in a diaper she would still smell like a baby all day. Catherine was set on the floor. Catherine ran up to her dresser and tried to find something to wear. She considered a dress, but knowing she would be out in public today she did not want to wear anything too sissy. Again she went with overalls. She pulled her shirt over her head and then shimmied into a fresh pair of overalls. She pulled up some cute socks and got down on one knee as she tried to tie her own shoes. Catherine grunted, having difficulty remembering how the loops were supposed to go. Abigail came behind her and reached around behind her back. "Here. Like this." Abigail said as she tied Catherine's shoes for her. "I could do it myself!" Catherine protested. "Well that would have taken too long." Abigail shot back. She lifted Catherine up again and tied her hair into two cute and fluffy pigtails. She added a finishing touch, adorning each pigtail with a pink bow. "Now you look presentable! Everyone is going to love you." Catherine had a simple bowl of oatmeal that morning with lots of cut up fruit inside. Abigail stuck a granola bar into the bib pocket of Catherine's overalls as a treat "for later" as she said. Before leaving Abigail attached a harness to Catherine's torso. "Wait, hold on, what the hell is this for?" Catherine tugged at the harness straps. "It's school policy, I'm afraid, and watch that potty mouth." Abigail smacked Catherine's butt in addition to scolding her. "I know you wont like it, but Littles can not be allowed to wander around a place of higher learning without a leash." Catherine grumbled. She felt a metal latch locking onto the back of her harness. Abigail gave the leash a gentle tug, just to test how it worked. Catherine stumbled backward a bit but remained on her feet as Abigail carefully held the leash up, not letting the Little fall. Catherine looked up at Abigail with a scowl. "Oh Abi had a little Little, a Little little, a Little little, Oh Abi had a Little little whose pants were so yellow..." Abigail sang down at Catherine with a giggle. "My pants aren't yellow!" Catherine griped. "She followed her to school one day, school one day, school one day, She followed her to school one day, which was against the very laws of Amazon culture!" Abigail purposefully messed up the meter of the rhyme just to drive the point home that Littles were not allowed to learn in the same schools as Amazons. "I think it'll be okay though. You're not there to learn anything. You'll just be a fascinating subject." Abigail gave a tug on Catherine's leash as she was lead outside of the apartment. Catherine nervously followed behind Abigail. Not only would she be around other Amazons today, but they would see her out of her element. Sure, she was being presented as a potty trained Little, but these Amazons at this school were 10 times smarter than her. While Catherine could probably match wits closely with younger or less educated Amazons these were university students. If she thought she felt small before these Amazons were going to make her feel like a downright baby!
  14. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    No. Each chapter is 12 pages, so this makes about 36 pages out 75 so far.
  15. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    CHAPTER 3: Things Get Messy Catherine woke up, looking around the still dark room. Day time was still hours away. In her sleep, she ended up rolling onto her back and in the process the lumpy mess was now flattened across her entire bottom. Catherine sat up in the bed, feeling strange. Her pussy was feeling very hot. The sensation of having the thick, muddy shit stuck to her cheeks and up against the crack of little ass was arousing her. It was an awkward feeling for her. She was brought back to memories of refusing to go poop on the potty as a child. The huge woman at the upholstery place somehow just knew Catherine's potty training must have been stressful. These thoughts invaded her head as she sat in her own poop. Catherine had to pee. With no way out of her crib and her diaper already a mess she decided to just let go. Catherine rolled onto her back and closed her eyes. She let a hot jet of pee gush out of her. She grabbed at her toes and scrunched up her face, forcing out the pee stream. She smiled, actually enjoying the feeling of using her diaper like a toilet. The pee gave her already hot privates an exciting tingle. She slipped her hands between her legs and played with herself. She felt disgusted with herself. She tried so hard to appear grown up in the eyes of others, but alone in her room, playing with her poopy diapers, she was giving in to feelings she had no idea she had. Catherine rolled onto her tummy, practically grinding her hands between her legs. She felt a pulsing sensation go through her body. Catherine had masturbated before, and she assumed she had orgasms before too, but this was the first time she was sure that she was climaxing. Catherine rested on her tummy, her eyes wide and her jaw hanging open as she rode out waves of pleasure. Catherine looked over at the night stand. She saw the baby monitor and wondered how much of her panting and diaper rustling the little device picked up. Instantly she regretting the decision to masturbate in her diaper. She heard no response and did not see Abigail coming to check on her. If Abigail did hear everything she was keeping that secret to herself. In a way, that was even more agonizing. There would be a silent knowledge of her shameful act and it would just create more awkwardness inside for Catherine. There was not much to do now except wait for Abigail to wake up. Catherine held the teddy bear on top of her tummy, looking at it. She played with the stuffed toy for a bit, trying to imagine it was Abigail. In her mind she was thinking about turning the tables on the Amazon. If she were as big as Abigail she would be putting her in diapers and forcing her to poop on herself! She sat up in the crib, holding the proxy Abi-bear down and pretending to put a diaper on it. "We'll see who the real baby is!" she thought to herself. She turned the bear around and started spanking it. It was all a pitiful gesture, but it made Catherine feel better. Abigail finally woke from her slumber. Catherine could hear the larger girl through the baby monitor. She listened to the grunts and creaking of the bed as she slowly got herself up. Catherine stood in her crib and scurried over to the far end. She heard Abigail walking through the hall, but instead of stopping at Catherine's door she went into the bathroom. Everything was quiet. She heard a faint piddling noise. Abigail was using the toilet, which made Catherine jealous. The sound of the pee hitting the water made her have to go more. Catherine tried to hold it, but she wasn't able to last long. Something about the sound just made it so much easier to let go. She piddled into her own diaper and sighed. She kept her legs parted as she felt the over-taxed diaper expanding. It didn't feel like it could hold much more, so Abigail woke up just in the nick of time. Another hour later and Catherine may have soaked straight though the diapers. Abigail flushed the toilet and exited the bathroom. Catherine excitedly stood to attention, waiting for her to enter the room. When she finally did come in to see the small girl, Abigail scrunched up her face and waved her hand in front of her. "Oh dear, someone's made short work of their diaper!" Abigail said playfully. The wordplay was not lost on Catherine, who took great offense to it, but was in no position to argue. She needed Abigail to change her right now! Abigail lowered the bars on the side of Catherine's crib and picked her up like a baby. She held onto Catherine a bit longer before sending her to the changing table that was installed in the smaller room. She bounced Catherine in her arms and firmly patted her loaded diaper seat. "I guess you slept well. There's a lot of poopies and pee pees in here!" Abigail said with a big, perverse smile. "I would have used the toilet if you didn't make me stay in a crib!" Catherine pouted. "I told you, the crib is for your own good." Abigail explained as she took Catherine to the table, laying her flat on her back. "You should appreciate all that I do for you, stinky. I understand you were raised differently, but I am trying to meet you halfway here. Can you promise to at least do the same for me? You know, like a big girl?" Abigail masterfully worded her lecture, making it seem like Catherine's stubbornness and resolve was merely a childish act of rebellion. Catherine wanted to be seen as a big girl, so she nodded in agreement, falling for Abigail's trap. Abigail looked pleased. She gently tore the tapes on the sides of Catherine's diaper and opened it up. She made an exaggerated expression, reeling back and shaking her head. She pulled some baby wipes from their container and applied them to Catherine's messy butt. She carefully cleared the mess off one cheek at a time before going between her crack and wiping deep and hard between. "You look like you've been rolling around in your own muck like an animal!" Abigail exclaimed. "Are you sure I don't need to start putting you in diapers during the day time?" "I'm sure." Catherine responded through gritted teeth, looking offended at the very suggestion. Catherine's anger only amused Abigail further. She wiped down the girl's pussy carefully, clearing the mess off of it. She spread out Catherine's legs, wiping downward soundly so that she would really feel it. Abigail could see by the look on Catherine's face that she was getting the full experience of the wipe-down, getting tingling jolts of pleasure through her even after her little climax earlier. Catherine looked up at Abigail nervously, wondering if she knew about her naughty deed. If she did then it looked like she would never tell, allowing Catherine to figuratively stew in her own mess. After Catherine's butt and crotch were free of mess, Abigail pulled away the heavily used diapers and wipes, folding them squarely, and dropping the whole thing into the tall metallic diaper pail. The pail trapped in most of the smell, but there would always be a faint, lingering odor that Catherine would always sense more keenly than Abigail. Having the diaper pail in her bedroom helped as a constant reminder to Catherine of her smaller and weaker status. She could not ignore the odor of her own embarrassing messes. "I did say that night time accidents wouldn't count against you, but you still have one strike, so don't forget that." Abigail reminded her. She picked up Catherine and set her on the floor. "Can you dress yourself, baby?" "Yeeees." Catherine rolled her eyes. She went over to the smaller, cuter dresser. She pulled out a new pair of overalls, shirt, socks, and underwear. Abigail stood there, watching Catherine get dressed. She folded her arms as she looked down, looking like she was watching over to make sure little Catherine would dress herself properly. Abigail followed right behind Catherine as she exited her own bedroom. Abigail liked looking at Catherine's butt whenever her overalls were on. They always rode up her crack. She knew that when she was in a diaper Catherine's overalls would not hide it. She would eventually move her onto dresses as her diapers would get too big for the overalls soon enough. Abigail lifted Catherine up. Catherine didn't even put up a fuss this time. She was set into her highchair and strapped in. The tray was set in front of her, locking her in place. A simple bowl of cereal was placed in front of the little girl. Abigail handed her a cute plastic spoon with a mermaid-shaped handle. Catherine did think it was pretty cool looking, even if it was childish. Abigail sat down at the table on a big girl chair, looking over at Catherine as she ate her own cereal. She watched Catherine with a sly smile as she happily ate the cereal. Catherine looked pretty happy about her sugary cereal, swinging her feet from the high chair as she ate. "I will have to go back to class tomorrow." Abigail said as she watched the little girl. "I have arranged for a babysitter to watch over you. You can be nice to sitter, yes?" Catherine had a mouthful of cereal. She nodded. She didn't really want a sitter, obviously, but what could she do about it? Abigail pulled up a picture on her phone and showed Catherine. The girl looked like a teenager, but being an Amazon she was most likely far taller than Catherine. She could not think of anything more humiliating than having some kid younger than her watching her as if she were a child! The only thing that would be more embarrassing would be if she needed her diapers changed by this kid. It was more incentive than ever to keep her pants clean. The day went without much incident. Catherine did her little experiments while Abigail studied her college level books. Catherine was smart for a Little, but when she peeked at Abigail's books they may as well have been written in another language! It made her feel a bit dumb when she read that text. Catherine also had a few close calls with the bathroom during the day, but she was able to make it each time. Abigail took note of this, seeing that even with the threat of a diaper punishment Catherine was still being careless with her bathroom habits, such as holding it in for too long. Abigail thought about scolding Catherine for her reckless behavior, but she knew it would be better if she let the small girl get into a false sense of security. Before her bedtime Catherine wanted to make sure she went to the toilet and got everything out. She didn't want to poop herself in bed again. Abigail walked in on her as she was pulling down her pants and panties. Catherine felt fairly embarrassed about the disregard for her privacy but she also started wanting to show off how well she went potty. She pulled herself up onto the large Amazonian toilet and sat there waiting. Abigail gently pat her head, smiling as she watched over Catherine. The Little leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees. She grimaced as she tried to force herself to poop, but all she was able to do was pee. The pee stream trickled gently into the bowl. Her pee stream always had a higher pitch in sound than Abigail's on account of their different sizes and flows. "Good girl. You went pee pee all by yourself." Abigail congratulated her. It was obviously meant to sound condescending. "Brush you teeth. I'll get your diapers and jammies ready." Abigail gave one of her signature smacks on Catherine's bare bottom before she was able to pull her panties back up. Abigail just spoke so matter-of-factly to Catherine, like it was totally normal to treat her like an infant. Catherine brushed her teeth while standing on her step stool. She spit into the sink and wiped her mouth clean, slowly stepping down from the sink counter. She looked to the hall, seeing her bedroom door open. She sighed, dreading having to go in there and get fitted for another diaper. She did not want this to be her routine, but Abigail was not giving her a choice. She hoped that by going in the toilet before bed that she would not have to wake up wet again, or worse. Maybe Abigail might let her out of night time diapers if she stayed clean for a couple nights in a row? Once inside the bedroom, Abigail lifted Catherine up onto the changing table. She tsked, shaking her head as she pulled off Catherine's clothes. She thought it was silly for Catherine to pull her pants back up if she was just going to have to pull them back down again. Abigail laid Catherine back and rubbed her tummy gently. "Just calm down, stinky." Abigail cooed. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's natural for you to go potty on yourself in your sleep. You're a Little. All Littles do it sometimes, even the rare potty trained ones like you." Abigail gave Catherine an extra little wipe on her butt. She dug the wipes between Catherine's crack. She raised the wipe high enough for Catherine to see that she didn't wipe herself well enough. She dropped the used wipe down the diaper pail. Abigail unfolded Catherine's thick night diapers and set them on the table. She clasped both of Catherine's ankles and raised her rump from the table. The diaper was tucked under Catherine and she was set back down upon it. She picked up a bottle of baby oil and squirted it into her palm. She slathered the oil all around her private area, caressing her skin deeply. Abigail raised Catherine's legs again and applied a thin layer of oil to her cheeks and crack. Catherine's face twitched as she tried not to react to the rubbing of the soothing oil around her sensitive and private underwear areas. It obviously felt good to be touched like this, but she didn't want to seem like she liked this. This was supposed to be a humiliating diapering experience. A nasty grin grew on Abigail's face. She put a bit more oil into her palm and started rubbing deeply into Abigail's skin. Two of her large fingers slid between Catherine's hairless slit. She gave Catherine a slight fingering, looking down upon the big baby with smug superiority. Once Catherine started getting into it Abigail pulled her fingers out right away. She tugged up the diaper between Catherine's legs and taped it snug over her tummy. Abigail pulled the bunny pajamas over Catherine and zipped her up. Catherine was set in her crib and tucked into her blankets. Abigail raised the bars on the side of the crib bed. Catherine sat up and watched closely, trying to see how Abigail locked the bars in place. Again she wasn't able to see how the latches work. Catherine sighed and flopped onto her back, staring up at the ceiling. Abigail swished her fat hips as she left. She was clearly trying to wave her perfect ass at Catherine again. It was a lot more obvious this time. Catherine pouted as she watched Abigail leave from her little crib. She rolled onto her side, feeling the thick diapers against her like a prison attached to her body. She closed her eyes, letting herself fall asleep. As with the previous night, Catherine woke up again needing the bathroom. Seeing the futility of trying to escape her babyish bastille Catherine just lied back and polluted her pampers. The small sigh let out a sigh of relief as the hot mess spread around her bottom. She grabbed at her toes, rocking back and forth on the crinkling mattress. Catherine blushed quite a bit, still getting feelings of arousal from her on-purpose messes. She wanted to cry, but she didn't want Abigail to hear her through the baby monitor. Instead she stuck her thumb in her mouth and rolled onto her side. Again, Catherine tried going back to sleep after making her mess, but it was difficult to just let herself drift off to dreamland. She stuck her hands between her legs and rubbed herself gently. She could tell the sound of her crinkling diapers was getting louder so she stopped. She really wished she had some privacy about now. Catherine wondered if she would ever get alone time. She tucked her hand back between her legs. Instead of rubbing herself she just held her hand in place. It was enough for her for now. She peed against her palm, feeling the diapers warm up against her pussy. She pressed hard against the diaper front. She made a note to herself in her head how peeing in her diaper while touching herself gave her some added pleasure. If she was all alone she would probably be exploring these shameful feelings comfortably, but there was always the looming presence of Abigail. Abigail woke up early that day since she needed to get to her classes. She lowered the bars of the crib and pulled Catherine out. The small girl wasn't fully awake yet as she was undressed from her pajamas and had her diaper opened up. Catherine's eyes bolted open once her dirty diaper was ajar. She seemed a bit startled at first to be on the changing table when she was only just in her crib bed a moment ago. Abigail shushed the girl, placing a hand on her chest so that she would be pressed to the table. Catherine got wiped swiftly and the full diaper got dropped into the pail. Abigail turned Catherine onto her stomach and gave her crack another firm wiping. She placed Catherine down on her feet and patted her bare butt gently. Abigail kept looking at her watch as she waited for Catherine to dress herself. She was already dressed for school with her purse and backpack slung over her broad shoulder. Catherine got herself fully dressed in another pair of overalls. Still, Abigail stayed in the flat, waiting. Finally there was a buzz from the door. Abigail ran over to the little speaker. "Hey, is that you, Isabella?" Abigail spoke, pressing down on the button to buzz the girl in. "Yeah, sorry I was late!" the cute little voice came from the speaker. "I'll be right up!" Catherine stood in the living room, watching shyly from behind her Little chair. She heard large, heavy foot steps clomping up the stairs, but they were still lighter foot steps than Abigail's. The front door opened and a black haired Amazon teenager stood in the doorway. She was just under eight feet tall, but she was still growing. She still towered over someone like Catherine though by several feet. Isabella was handed a piece of paper with rules on it for Catherine. "Make sure she doesn't try to act out or do anything she's not allowed to." Abigail warned. "Like we discussed over the phone, she's a head-strong Little and she doesn't know her place yet." "Oh I remember." Isabella said. "I read all about Littles like her. I think I can handle it." "You're a good kid." Abigail hugged her. "You're going to be a great owner some day!" "Thanks." Isabella whispered to Abigail. "You're not doing so bad yourself. I bet she'll be a drooling, defenseless baby before the end of the month." Despite the hushed tones Catherine heard the wicked plot. Catherine clutched her chest in fear, feeling her heart pounding. She didn't want to end up like that! The way things were going though, it seemed inevitable. Abigail had left and now Catherine was all alone with the young Amazon. She held her hands on her hips, looking down at Catherine with a happy grin. "Okay, Baby Cathy. I'm Isabella, but you can call me Aunt Izzy. Did you have your breakfast yet?" Isabella stood proud over Catherine. "No.... miss...." Catherine spoke quietly. "I'm not really hungry." "Nonsense. A Little like you could use a nice big breakfast!" Isabella picked Catherine up off the floor. She wasn't a fully grown Amazon and she could still carry the tiny Catherine like she was nothing. Catherine was set in the highchair and strapped in. Isabella went to the stove and started frying up a bacon and egg breakfast. Catherine looked on from the high chair, feeling mortified. This was just some kid! The indignity was too much for her to bear. She teared up. She wiped away the tear from her cheek before Isabella would notice, but the red puffiness of her eyes revealed her babyish crying anyway. Isabella smiled warmly as she set the plate in front of Catherine, giving her a little kiddy fork with a pink pony's head on the end of the handle. She shoveled the food into her mouth, eating slowly. Isabella looked at Catherine fondly. Catherine frowned, not like the familiar stare. "What is Abigail planning to do to me?" Catherine asked, her voice trembling a bit. "Abigail isn't really doing anything to you." Isabella explained, leaning on the table. "She is giving you your own choices. You're being afforded choices no other Littles get in this part of the world." "But... But I heard you talking to Abi." Catherine looked down at her eggs, scraping them side to side on her plate. "Something about making me a drooling baby?" "Well, it's just a possibility." Isabella explained, shrugging her shoulders. "You're just a Little. A rebellious, recalcitrant brat with a chip on her shoulder, but still just a Little. You are too little to understand. This is just the way the world works." She scooted closer and placed her hand on Catherine's hand. "But everything that has happened to you now and will happen to you in the future is your own doing. You have no one but yourself to blame if you don't like it." "That can't be true." Catherine pouted, pulling her hand away. "I know this world is stacked against me. Literally!" She showed she could be just as clever as an Amazon. She wriggled around in her highchair. "I'm not a baby! I'm a grown woman and that's how I want to be treated!" "Cathy..." Isabella looked the small girl dead in the eyes. "Have you ever soiled your pants on purpose?" "N-no! Never!" Catherine stammered but still held firm. "Don't lie to me. There must have been times when you just thought it would be more convenient to poop or pee your pants rather than walk all the way to the big scary toilet and do your business in it." Isabella spoke so maturely, but it made sense since Amazons matured a lot faster than Littles. Catherine couldn't handle being talked down to though. "Honest! I only... have accidents." The words rolled out of her mouth. Catherine just admitted to using her pants on accident, more than once. By the time she finished the sentence there was no taking it back. Isabella smiled, having caught the girl. Catherine groaned and lowered her head, looking down at her plate. She went back to eating. Catherine was sitting on the floor of the living room after breakfast. Strewn out in front of her were her electronic components and her book of notes. On the television was that insipid pony cartoon. Izzy watched over Catherine as she walked into the living room. The young Amazonian sat on the couch, elevating her further above little Catherine who was on the floor. Catherine tried to ignore the teenage girl above her. She pieced together some parts with a furrowed brow. The semi-serious look on her face was laughable to Izzy. "What are you building, little girl?" Izzy asked, genuinely curious. "I don't know if I can explain it to you." Catherine said arrogantly. "It um, is kind of like a walkie talkie, but only other devices can communicate with each other. I'm working on making it scramble the signal so that if someone tries to intercept the communication it'll only come out garbled." "Oh yeah?" Izzy chuckled. "Do you fancy yourself a spy?" "Well no-" Catherine blushed a little. "It's just, you know, it always seems like someone's trying to listen in on us... Find us and then-" She paused. Her devices were intended to help Littles lives. To help them navigate through a world of superior Amazons. She wasn't sure if she could trust Isabella. "Hey...." Isabella spoke up, sensing Catherine's apprehension. "I don't care what kind of pretend games you're playing. It's not like you're going to impact my life negatively. Even if you Littles were planning an uprising we would easily take you down." Izzy giggled cutely. This young girl had been indoctrinated at an early age. She was unafraid of Catherine's intelligence because she knew that the tiny Little could just be overpowered and outwitted. In a way, this girl was like a miniature version of Abigail. Catherine wondered if she was a sister or cousin. Isabella got up from her seat and went over to the electronic devices, looking them over. "I understand you pretty much taught yourself about this stuff?" "Yeah." Catherine smiled proudly. "I'm actually pretty darn smart." "For a Little." Isabella corrected her. "This device will never work the way you're building it. This way is more efficient." Isabella swatted away Catherine's hands and took over, putting together the pieces herself. Catherine looked furious. This was her one thing that made her feel superior and now some little kid was trying to take it away from her! Looking down at what she was doing though, Catherine did have to concede that Isabella did make her device more efficient. "I will say this.... we could use smart Littles like you in our factories just because of your tiny hands." Isabella looked down at Catherine with a threatening grin. "But I think you babies are better suited to just sitting around and looking pretty." Catherine wasn't much in the mood for making her products today. In fact, ever since Abigail moved in she found it harder to concentrate on work. She still had orders she needed to fill, but she was starting to doubt she get anything done with these giants around watching her every move. She sighed, giving up and going over to her room. "Cathy, sweety. Pick up your little toys." Isabella reminded her. Groaning, Catherine turned back around and gathered up her things. She went over to her room again. She was going to pick them up later! She didn't need that girl to tell her what to do. She felt like such a child. Catherine sighed and just dropped her things in her bottom dresser where she usually kept them. She pulled up her little kiddie chair and opened her laptop. She wrote to the two customers she still had to let them know that their orders might be late. Isabella stood behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She was so silent Catherine didn't hear her coming into the room! The smaller girl jumped slightly in her chair, letting out a squeaky noise of surprise. This tickled Isabella, who laughed at the reaction. "Are you staying out of trouble? I hope you're not looking at dirty websites." Isabella joked. "I'm not!" Catherine said, immediately getting defensive despite the sitter's non-serious tone. "I am trying to do my very important work so that I can pay the rent!" "Oh silly little girl. Your mommy Abigail pays the rent now!" Isabella pointed out. "You don't have to worry your pretty noggin over these things. That's for us big girls!" "Stop it!" Catherine became noticeably more annoyed. "I may not be physically big, but I am still a big girl! I was living on my own before Abi came here and I was doing just fine!" "Cathy, do you need a time out?" Isabella warned. Catherine whined, looking down. She closed her laptop and sighed, knowing she had to pick her battles carefully here. Isabella wasn't just like Abigail as she previously thought. She was worse! A little later, while reading one of her tech books, Catherine was feeling much calmer. Reading always eased the girl and made her feel better. She felt the pressure to pee building up inside of her as she read and she just held it for a while. As she was holding it, the worst case scenarios started playing in her head. If she did not rush to the bathroom she would probably make a wet spot on her overalls. She stood up immediately and rushed out of her room. When she reached the bathroom though, the door was shut. Grabbing at the handle, she soon realized it was locked as well. Catherine knocked on the door. "Is that you, Cathy?" Isabella's voice called from inside the bathroom. "I'll be out in a few minutes and then I can help you." Catherine grabbed her crotch, her knees buckling. She whimpered, looking around desperately. She didn't know what she was looking for. It's not like there was anywhere she could pee where it wouldn't be seen. The kitchen sinks were too high for her and there were no containers on the floor. Even if she could pee somewhere else it would eventually be found. She had no choice but to hold it. Catherine paced back in forth in front of the bathroom. The need to pee only grew stronger. She couldn't handle it anymore. She just had to say something! "Izzy, hurry!" She spoke through the door. "I have to go real bad!" The urgency in her voice was quite noticeable. To Isabella, that pathetic whine sounded so cute. "Aww! I'm sorry, Cathy! I'll try and hurry, but us big girls need time to use the toilet!" Isabella explained. "We're not like you Littles. We can't just go in our pants and have someone else clean it for us!" Catherine knew Isabella was just taunting her now. Catherine cringed, groping herself tighter. She leaned against the door and sobbed softly. "Please!" she begged. Catherine was indeed a Little, and even though she did go through potty training, no amount of training could make her an equal to the Amazons. Her bodily functions were not entirely in her control, no matter how much training she had. Catherine felt a hot rush of pee jetting into her pants. She looked down, seeing the dark pee stain blooming out on the crotch of her overalls. It spread across her thighs, extending out from behind her hands. She removed her hands and looked down as the pee stain spread further, going down her legs. A yellow stream broke free of the denim fabric, trickling down onto the floor with a noisy piddling sound. A puddle was forming and just as quickly as it hit the carpet it began to seep through, soaking into the shag and spreading out further. Catherine began to cry. Isabella could hear the sobbing from behind the door. "Did you have an accident? Stay right there, I'm almost done." Isabella wiped herself cleanly and flushed the toilet. She did a quick rinse of her hands in the sink and dried them on the hand towel on the wall. Catherine stopped crying when she saw the door to the bathroom open and Isabella standing there with a stern expression. Catherine turned to run away, but Isabella grabbed her arm and pulled her close. "Normally I wouldn't care about a Little making on herself." Isabella spoke firmly. "But your mommy Abigail said that you're supposed to be potty trained and that any time you go in your pants you are to be punished and get a red mark on your potty training chart." Isabella pulled Catherine into the bathroom, making her stand on the hard floor as her wet overalls continued to drip. Isabella got the paper towels and carpet cleaner. She got down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the piss puddle from the floor. Catherine could only watch helplessly. She wanted to help, to show that she was sorry and willing to make it better, but Isabella, just like Abigail, was determined to make Catherine feel pathetic and subordinate. Isabella looked at Catherine with a calm but clearly annoyed expression. "You see what you make us have to do because you're too stubborn to wear diapers or even training panties?" Isabella sighed. She grabbed Catherine and spun her around. Catherine gasped as the younger but bigger girl started to spank her. It hurt, and Catherine couldn't hold back her pitiful crying. She cried hard, grabbing her bottom after the spanking and rubbing it. Isabella lifted Catherine up and carried her back to the bedroom where she undressed her. Isabella was rough with how she wiped Catherine clean, dragging the cool wipes across her skin coarsely. She put a new pair of panties on Catherine, but instead of overalls she stuck the little lady in a yellow dress. She pulled Catherine by the arm, taking her to the living room. Just like before, she was made to stand in the same corner and just stare at it so she could reflect on what she had done. "Now I'm going to mark a red X on today's date and your mommy is going to know you went potty in your pants again." Isabella said, holding back her glee as she tried to remain stern. "One more slip up like this and you'll be saying goodbye to your big girl pants!" Catherine just stared at the wall. She leaned forward, bumping her head against the wall slightly. She groaned in frustration over her carelessness. Her accident could have been avoided if she had gone into the toilet five minutes earlier before Isabella got to it first. She also felt tiny for not being able to hold it for the mere five minutes Isabella took in the bathroom. She should be able to hold her pee for longer now, considering all the times she has had to go outside where no public toilets were available for Littles. Catherine started to cry again, feeling a bit overwhelmed and ashamed. Her tears trailed down her cheeks and dripped onto the top of her pretty little sunny dress. Not even ten minutes passed by when Isabella let her leave the corner. Catherine felt like she had been standing at the corner for half an hour though! Isabella carried her away from the corner, holding her wrist. She was sat on the floor on an adorable play mat covered in cartoon puppies. She gave Catherine a juice box and a small plate of apple segments with peanut butter on them. It was like the kind of lunch you give a preschooler. "Cathy, next time you need to go potty you come tell me." Isabella spoke down to Catherine. "don't just wait until I am in there to do your business in your pants again, got it?" "Yes." Catherine responded in a churlish tone. Isabella put the children's channel on the TV. It was an educational program about shapes. Catherine didn't need to watch this. She was an advanced technical genius, she thought! It was hard for her to ignore the pretty shapes and colors on the television though. There was something almost hypnotic about it. Catherine watched the screen, munching slowly on her mid day snack and sipping loudly from the juice box which emptied quickly. Catherine fought though, turning her head away from the screen and blinking her eyes. Her heart pounded. Were there little suggestive messages being played in that program? She knew about how certain broadcasts gave out frequencies that only Littles could hear. In fact, Catherine was still working on a prototype device to drown out such signals. Kind of like a hearing aid you discreetly put in your ear. The only problem was testing it to make sure she was able to successfully suppress the sound. Testing it would be dangerous, especially if she ended up not succeeding and ended up giving in to one of the hypnotic suggestions, even for a moment. She clambered to her feet and reached for the off button on the television. "What's the matter, you didn't like the show?" Isabella asked in a cute inflection. "No I just...." Catherine tried to think of an excuse. It was then she realized she needed to potty again. "I have to use the bathroom!" "Oh! Such a big girl! Are you sure you need to make?" Isabella asked, leaning forward. "Y-yes I'm sure!" Catherine didn't have to go that bad, but she didn't want to risk another accident. Isabella took Catherine's hand and walked her to the bathroom. She pulled Catherine up onto the large toilet and held her hips. Catherine was still perfectly capable of going on her own, but she wasn't going to stand there and quibble over something like this. Not right now! Catherine let go and pushed out a little stream. It was a small tinkle, unlike the big accident she had before, but it was still a success for her. "What a good girl!" Isabella praised her. She gave Catherine a quick wipe and then pulled her undies back up. Catherine didn't feel very proud. Only moments ago she had a big accident in her pants and on the floor and now someone younger but more mature than her was supervising her bathroom use. It was a pyrrhic victory at best. Isabella continued to hold onto Catherine so she could wash her hands in the sink, even though she didn't even wipe herself. Catherine wanted to just use the step stool, but she could not even do that on her own. Isabella was giving Catherine just a taste of the kind of future she had to look forward to. After the whole bathroom incident was over Catherine was sent back to her play mat to finish eating her lunch. Catherine was feeling kind of worn out from the experience. She felt like she needed to take a nap, something she hadn't needed to do in the afternoon since she was 10 years old! Giving into the sleepy feelings and comforted by the soft and cushy plat mat under her, Catherine lied down onto her side and curled up. She fell instantly asleep. Her thumb found its way to her mouth involuntarily and she sucked on it. Catherine made little whimpery grunts as she sucked her thumb in her sleep. Isabella thought the scene was too precious not to capture, especially considering how she was told all about Catherine's obstinacy and refusal to accept her Little role. She took out her phone and quietly snapped a picture so that Catherine wouldn't wake up. When Abigail came home a few hours later, Catherine was woken up by the sound of the front door. Sitting up and letting her thumb slide out of her mouth she looked toward Abigail as her eyes adjusted. Abigail smiled down at Catherine warmly and picked her up. "Was Cathy any trouble today?" Abigail asked, putting one hand under Catherine. Since she was in a skirt today she only had her little panties between Abigail's hand and her butt. The intimate touch of the bigger woman gave her warm feelings again. "Yes, she was, but it was nothing I couldn't handle." Isabella smiled. "Oh no!" Abigail said, talking to Isabella only and not even addressing the tiny woman in her arms. "I'm sorry, Izzy. I'll pay you extra for anything-" "There's no need." Isabella smiled. "I've babysat kids that have made bigger messes than Cathy. I've never seen a Little go potty in a toilet before and now I can say I have.... after she make a tinkle on the carpet, but she still went in the toilet, just like you said she did!" "Yes, she should be going in the toilet all the time." Abigail said. She set Catherine down on her feet so that the smaller girl would have to look up at both of the towering Amazons. "Cathy, why did you tinkle on the floor?" "It was an accident! Izzy was in the bathroom right when I needed to go!" Catherine said, making an excuse for herself. "Are you saying it was Izzy's fault?" Abigail asked, hands on her hips. "Well, no, but...." Catherine blushed as Abigail chided her. She knew that woman wasn't going to take any excuses. "I just couldn't hold it anymore." "So now you're having problems holding it? I think you hold it for too much." Abigail explained. She set down a large shopping bag. "I assumed this was going to be a problem eventually. From now on you're now allowed in the bathroom. It's just too much of a hassle and I don't want to have to clean up anymore messes." "Wait, what do you mean?" Catherine's heart pounded, fearing the worst. "Please, I only have two strikes! I don't need a diaper! I can go on the toilet, I promise! I wont hold it for too long. I'll always go potty when I'm supposed to!" Catherine's voice trembled as she begged. "Relax, stinky butt." Abigail said, reaching into the bag. "This is going to help you and maybe you wont have so many close calls." She pulled out a pink and blue colored potty chair. It was meant for Littles, as it was just the right size for an adult Little to sit on. Catherine was caught off guard by the potty chair. She was frozen in her pose from her earlier outburst. She stood there awkwardly just silently staring at the potty. It wasn't diapers, but it was still humiliating. "I don't want to use a potty chair." Catherine tried to sound serious, but it was hard for her to be taken seriously by the two larger Amazons. "You don't want to use a potty chair?" Isabella interjected. "You're saying you want to keep going in your pants?" "That's not what I'm saying! I'm saying it's demeaning! It's-" Catherine groaned. She stamped her feet in frustration. The two Amazons could not hold back their laughter as they saw Catherine getting worked up. "Look, the baby's all cranky after being woken up from her nap!" Isabella teased. "Do you need to go to your crib, baby girl?" Catherine stopped fussing and now just sulked. She huffed and sat down on the play mat, crossing her arms. Abigail smiled, pleased with seeing how far along Catherine was coming with being a big baby. She carried the potty chair into Catherine's room, setting it in the middle like it was the centerpiece. "Hey, sorry about that." Isabella said, kneeling down in front of Catherine. "You know I'm just going to be back tomorrow, right? You're going to have to get used to me for a while." Isabella tussled Catherine's blue hair. Catherine just continued to pout, angry and frustrated that she was continually losing control of her life. Abigail came back into the living room, handing Isabella cash. Catherine looked on as Isabella was given all that cash. Already as a teenager, Isabella had her own business and was probably more successful than Catherine was as an adult. Isabella waved goodbye to the sour looking Catherine and skipped out the door gaily. "All right, Cathy, how about some pizza tonight, huh?" Abigail clapped her hands together and looked down at Catherine with a friendly smile. Catherine only ever made her own pizza. She was always too scared to order it herself. It's not like the pizza delivery people were going to take her away or anything, but it was just the idea of having large Amazons come right up to her door that was a little nerve-racking. Catherine agreed and nodded her head. "Okay good. Take this and pay the pizza person when they get here." Abigail said, handing cash to Catherine. "You can count, right? Either way, give them a good tip." with that Abigail got on the phone and made the order. Catherine didn't like the condescending tone that Abigail gave her, but she was happy to be in charge of handing out the money and calculating the tip. That night, Abigail put on a fun movie that she thought they both could enjoy, along with having a kind of mini pizza party with her small charge. On the coffee table was the big pizza, which tiny Catherine was able to take about two and a half slices from. Abigail had no problem scarfing down half of the pizza, but she was still impressed by how much Catherine put away. Abigail poured some fizzy soda into a sippy cup for Catherine. She was so happy for the movie and the pizza that she didn't even care that the sweet drink was in a childish container. Catherine slurped the soda through the little sipping spigot, downing it pretty quickly. "I'm so glad you're in a diapers at night." Abigail chuckled. Catherine blushed and pretended to ignore Abigail's comment. She focused on watching the movie, which was pretty funny and exciting. There were some Littles in the movie and quite a few jokes were made at their expense. There was a lot of bathroom humor. Catherine even found herself snickering at a few of the immature pee jokes. She felt a little guilty. These were people just like her and she was watching a movie that portrayed them as pathetic pants pissing babies, but the movie was so funny! "Hey, that one kind of looks like you." Abigail pointed to the screen at a small Little who had a similar shade of light blue hair. "She's got your eyes, your hair, and even the same kind of full diaper you have on in the morning!" Abigail chuckled at her own comment. Catherine didn't find it funny though, scowling. She just wanted to enjoy the silly, brainless movie in peace. She didn't want to be compared to any of these babies! Catherine shot an angry glare at Abigail, who just chuckled before taking a gulp of soda. Looking back at the screen there was a character shouting "I don't need diapers!" before immediately showing a dark pee stain go down the legs of her pants. Catherine blushed. She wondered if the Little actors in the movie were actually using their pants for real or if it was just a special effect. All these pee scenes in a row were making her have to go too. Catherine stood up and rushed to the hallway. Abigail followed right behind. She saw Catherine reach up for the door knob, trying to open the bathroom door. It was locked, naturally. "I told you, no more bathroom for you. The bathroom is for big girls that make it to the potty on time." Abigail reminded the smaller girl. Catherine whined, clutching her crotch, bunching up that pretty yellow skirt between her legs in the process. She walked over to her bedroom, seeing the big plastic potty chair. "Yes, that's right." Abigail encouraged the girl, patting her butt to move her forward. "Go pee pees in your potty." Having no choice, Catherine toddled into her bedroom and pulled down her panties. She raised up her dress, holding it high enough to expose her little flat tummy. She sat on the potty chair, legs spread. She began to tinkle. The sound of a pee stream hitting the hard plastic was the only sound in the room. Abigail stayed silent as she watched on, grinning. Catherine didn't have much privacy before, but now all her pottying was going to be on full display, even after she was done. Every time she needed to go like "a big girl" there would be a little potty bowl in the middle of the room that always showed what she did. Catherine stood up once she was done, but a few stray drops still fell into her panties. Abigail tsked, grabbing the baby wipes and getting down on her knees. She gently wiped Catherine's privates and then tossed out the wipes. "Do you want to finish watching the movie now, sweetie?" Abigail asked with a coy smile. Catherine nodded in response, and with that Abigail lifted her up and carried her back to the living room where little Catherine could watch the movie either in her baby chair or the play mat. Catherine chose the sit on the play mat on the floor. She grabbed her sippy cup and sucked down the rest of her soda. As the credits for the movie started rolling, Catherine had fallen asleep on the mat again, just like she did earlier in the day. It was actually past her bedtime though. Abigail sighed and picked up the small girl, carrying her to her room. She laid Catherine out on the changing table and stripped off her dress and panties. Catherine did not move an inch, completely asleep and making adorable little snores through her entire diapering. Her butt and crotch were powdered and the thick diapers were folded up between her legs. Abigail tugged the pajamas on her and set her down in the crib. Like before, Catherine's thumb found its way into her mouth and she started sucking on it. She couldn't even help it now. It was like her body was forcing her to give in and suck her thumb. She was not in control of most of her bodily functions, now doing many things involuntarily.