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  1. I think littles... and DL are different and i dont understand why they get grouped... if i was truly a daddy i wouldn't want to have intercourse with them... thats a CG. I think being a DL when i see a grown woman in a diaper.... i want to remove it and do naughty things to her. like lingerie is for most men. the times ive switched, putting a diaper on, no matter the outfit on me makes jr raise for attention. and once he does what he does im done with anything diaper related... But i think thats why even if outfits are introduced its all just sexual roll play.... not Little play VERY different but so many people dont see that. I also belive in the hole monogamous, but people feel if your into sadomastics your just hungry for sex and you will do it for anyone and everyone... one of the reasons I dont like that title...
  2. I had 2 spreader onsie/dresses from the guy in hungry. both ripped apart pretty quickly less then a year, being warn once a month during house hold chores.
  3. Ya im looking into those now... thank you for the segestions... she seems to like the idea.. im looking on ebay now... not that its a huge deal but what is the largest silicone paci... looked like gerber has only 2 sizes... Ill look into the MAM one now...
  4. So my little girl (wife) has a latex (rubber) allergy which for some roll playing makes it a challenge.... but there is one thing that she likes and its her paci... the one we have now is a nuk 5 and she can use it for short time then her tung will start to swell and we have to take it out.... I was wondering if anyone know where I could get a latex free pacifier? any help would be great thanks DaddyDL