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  1. Sorry if I spread false news then Adam. But I was told that in The Chat help, but don't recall the lady who told me. I had them set up as a auto shipment for many months then received a notice from your staff that the shipment was pulled and to try another product. I shopped around to find some in stock, but seems everyone has deleted their inventory. I will check back with this thread now and then. If possible please update "us" if you hear anything further.
  2. I already posted in the Dry Care thread...but for those of you who relied on DryCare/Confidry 24/7's I have heard from the gang at North Shore that their manufacture sold the machine that produced the small size and they can't get anymore...everyone is either out of stock already or soon will be..Amazon has a few left...so if you want them get them now! Another darn producer of a excellent small product and discontinued.
  3. Well, Bummer off all bummers. I switched to Dry Cares (Confidry 24/7) a few years ago when Molicare started messing with their products. Well Bad news Folks, They have sold the Machine that makes the smalls, so NO More Smalls...get them while you can if you can...already hard to find.. I ordered two cases off AMAZON but most of the suppliers that carried them are already out.
  4. Does that work for you or do you want the 2017 version with the Pin and Baby Banker?? Not sure why your got unintentionally skipped over, I just stumbled on this post and hooked you up. PM me if you want the other.
  5. Well then Brandon, Your on a roll, threaten me again, BTW your suspended from posting until Dec 31. I suggest you take this time and reflect on your actions. And word of advice NEVER erase my posts. I never threatened you before but I can assure you any more violations and you will be Banned and your IP stripped from the site, Happy Holidays! And before you even think about superseding this restriction and joining under another name..I would suggest that you not. If you do you, Admin will be alerted and you will be Perma-Banned by me or whoever gets to you first. All other Mods and site owner have been notified. Again have a lovely Holiday Season.
  6. Why would you want to say something like that, let alone do it. Trust me have been there, done it and it isn't a easy road to come back from. Don't let others influence you. You have diapers and they make you happy. Go about your life in knowing you have a small shred of happiness that they will never know. Real friends are hard to come by, those that are a true friend will not judge you. There is someone out there that is looking for someone just like you, it would be best for you to remain so that you don't leave them on the endless hunt. Take peace in knowing that you are never alone, you do have friends here on DD, maybe you have never met them, but you have them and one day you will see the bigger picture. BTW I have it on good authority that there are no Diapers in Heaven.
  7. Interesting, I'm in Piedmont and would have never thought anyone in this area would be a AB as well.
  8. Perhaps rather than to report a member for simply looking up the religion in Wiki and taking offense for them posting the link and the "header line". You could rather go to Wiki and report and adjust information there, which is exactly what Wiki is made for. Can't exactly shoot the messenger in this case. He posted nothing more than what it describes there. I see no harm nor foul. As a Christian I have never observed the practice of communion (Blood and Body) in the last 30 years. Not every Christian religion is the same, just as perhaps your isn't as well. It's better to go to the source (Wiki) and correct what you feel is in error than to debate it here. Just my two cents. Not sticking up for Elfy here by no means, but the term Troll has a few meanings and calling someone on the internet doesn't necessarily mean to be harmful, more so a correction is required to intent of statement, or causing a disruption, which is why DD said not to make post like that. To clarify, he said trolling OR, so he never called you a troll, he had information available to him and used it. There is to be intelligent conversation, the only way one can get that is by discussing in a calm collective way, again I don't see where you initially provided any reference to your practicing, therefore why he and others (Such as myself) Googled it. IF Mikes rule was this forum is for Christians only than it seems the OP's post would be considered not in following that rule as well. Seeing that was adjusted now though. again not taking sides just stating as I see it, so not taking any action.
  9. What in the world are you on about, this has never happened before in the US, let alone many times. And as for the people giving blood...a kind and humanitarian act. But the hospitals in Vegas requested that you not do so there. They have Blood and supplies they need. But Blood can always be used. For Mexico, Puerto Rico ect....Let's not forget those that suffer elsewhere from the recent natural disasters.
  10. Why did you move from Ohio?

  11. I too am appalled at some of the responses...shame on you people...there is only one true judge, so chill and let the father do his job!
  12. some people have nothing better to do? I'm trying to remember if I was in that video...
  13. That's cool me and BP are in Greenville too
  14. In Loving Memory of my Mommy and Love of my Life, Miss Deborah Jo Wood. We had only begun Life together, but it felt like I had known you forever. You Accepted me with open arms, and I you. Your Family and friends betrayed you in the end. Yet I, and know you know that I am your one and only, your truest love your greatest friend. Forever and ever till we meet again. I miss you Debbie...You look so pretty with wings....I continue on as you wished, in your loving memory I honor you, with tears in heaven. Your Baby boy, Timmy
  15. Your quite the interesting fellow...With that name and liking the Raiders, quite the combo...Why not introduce yourself to people and make some friends. Let's try that before you disrupt our females in some weird quest (as that is how your coming off)