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  1. What is your faith?

    Perhaps rather than to report a member for simply looking up the religion in Wiki and taking offense for them posting the link and the "header line". You could rather go to Wiki and report and adjust information there, which is exactly what Wiki is made for. Can't exactly shoot the messenger in this case. He posted nothing more than what it describes there. I see no harm nor foul. As a Christian I have never observed the practice of communion (Blood and Body) in the last 30 years. Not every Christian religion is the same, just as perhaps your isn't as well. It's better to go to the source (Wiki) and correct what you feel is in error than to debate it here. Just my two cents. Not sticking up for Elfy here by no means, but the term Troll has a few meanings and calling someone on the internet doesn't necessarily mean to be harmful, more so a correction is required to intent of statement, or causing a disruption, which is why DD said not to make post like that. To clarify, he said trolling OR, so he never called you a troll, he had information available to him and used it. There is to be intelligent conversation, the only way one can get that is by discussing in a calm collective way, again I don't see where you initially provided any reference to your practicing, therefore why he and others (Such as myself) Googled it. IF Mikes rule was this forum is for Christians only than it seems the OP's post would be considered not in following that rule as well. Seeing that was adjusted now though. again not taking sides just stating as I see it, so not taking any action.
  2. Mourning Las Vegas

    What in the world are you on about, this has never happened before in the US, let alone many times. And as for the people giving blood...a kind and humanitarian act. But the hospitals in Vegas requested that you not do so there. They have Blood and supplies they need. But Blood can always be used. For Mexico, Puerto Rico ect....Let's not forget those that suffer elsewhere from the recent natural disasters.
  3. Why did you move from Ohio?

  4. I too am appalled at some of the responses...shame on you people...there is only one true judge, so chill and let the father do his job!
  5. Real Sex 32 - Hbo

    some people have nothing better to do? I'm trying to remember if I was in that video...
  6. Who all is in sc?

    That's cool me and BP are in Greenville too
  7. In Loving Memory of my Mommy and Love of my Life, Miss Deborah Jo Wood. We had only begun Life together, but it felt like I had known you forever. You Accepted me with open arms, and I you. Your Family and friends betrayed you in the end. Yet I, and know you know that I am your one and only, your truest love your greatest friend. Forever and ever till we meet again. I miss you Debbie...You look so pretty with wings....I continue on as you wished, in your loving memory I honor you, with tears in heaven. Your Baby boy, Timmy
  8. Are there any females on here??

    Your quite the interesting fellow...With that name and liking the Raiders, quite the combo...Why not introduce yourself to people and make some friends. Let's try that before you disrupt our females in some weird quest (as that is how your coming off)
  9. Big Bang Theory

    There is also talk of a Spin off in the works with Sheldon's character. They are going to go back to his youth and have a show involving his exploits in his younger days with his family. Of course they will cast a different cast (hope they get a good one for him as younger, might make someones career!), but hoping that they look close enough as we know what his mother looks like now. On a side note on Bernadette's Baby...I find that cry quite annoying, much like Howard's mother was, and am wondering if the writers think it's comical and wanted to bring back that aspect. I feel it takes away from the show as it's clearly adult voice mimicking a baby...I hope someone corrects that soon as the child matures as portrayed in the show. I am also glad that "Penny" (Know we can't write her name, I'll look into that) grew her hair back (Extensions?). Her hair cut was a bit extreme for me, but that's probably the way and time I was raised in, girls just had longer hair (No Offense to members here with short hair). I think the longer blond hair fits her Character better. I think the only one I have ever liked with short hair was Dorthy Hamill. think I had a boyhood crush on her...and Mary Lou Retton, so yeah gymnast get a pass in my eye.
  10. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    Adam thanks for all you do, but to me and others adding a waistband is really not needed as they hardly come to the waist now. The length issue to me seems to be the biggest drawback for some if not most. Those that are wearing a oversized diaper can't really comment to fit in this regard. Quite simply I understand the problems involved but don't put the cart before the horse. I have never worn a diaper with waist bands that did anything. These diapers today don't have padding up to the waist band. Therefore if urine was to get past the padding and run up to the waistband it just runs on out. Let's be honest all the waist band does is give a trimmer look, it's pretty much functionless as far as the diaper is concerned. It does little to contain odor, urine or even feces. It simply doesn't fit tight enough to contain anything, and if it did the brief would be uncomfortable to wear. Having three children, I can say that even in a baby's diaper the effect is the same. A proper fit on the diaper is much more desired that a silly elastic waistband. IF however the diaper did ride right and fit properly then a waistband is a luxury some like. IMHO I would certainly see if you could get the length extended as proposed above by others. IT would give you a seriously competitive product to the comficare line. As it is now if around home I wear your product, and out and about and at night I wear the "Dry247"s" to be safe and secure...I have been wearing these things for 40 years, and your almost there..Best of luck and have a great year. Tim
  11. My Heart is Broken, Love is gone.

    I thank all...still so empty inside.
  12. For those that have known me for awhile, over the last 10 or so years. You know that my life has been quite the emotional and financial roller coaster. I have went from happily married to unhappily betrayed of trust, those I thought were friends left and I was alone. Homeless, starving hungry, lost and as close to suicide as one can get. I have dug deep into my soul, with much help from others, to include the fine members here who helped me through a hard time. I slowly surfaced again and built whatever life I could. As I got my emotional condition more in check I began to engage the public again. In doing so I met my Fiance' (That was a big step, I know). She took all I had from my past, and stood by my side for over a year as we built a new life for each other. She had come from a 20 year relationship (Never married or children) to meeting me. I guess two broken hearts can mend. December 24th of last year I asked her to marry me, she said yes . IT was the best Christmas I (or she) had had in many years. 3 or 4 days later we both got the news that she had terminal cancer. But that there might be some help to slow it down. Through many appointments we went to get help. Even though she worked in the medical field, that help was as about as poor as I have seen. I fought and fought to get her insurance to release her from their hospitals to allow her to go to a renowned Cancer Hospital locally. After six months of no real care or treatment, they released her to go to OSU for Chemo and radiation treatments. They aggressively attacked what should have be done 6 months earlier. But it was to late, even though sometimes things looked better the Cancer continued to grow and spread. My Debbie lost the fight the 24th of October. She awoke tired but speaking with me. I was arranging to get her breakfast Meds and food. Her Sister in law had come over to help her get a bath. Within minutes we noticed something was not right. Deb was turning her head towards the right and her eyes only looked off to the right. She spoke with us normally, but there was something not right. Her right leg began to shake in a tremor. She raised her voice for me to stop doing that, but I wasn't touching her. I came to her side, and checked the muscles that were seizing uncontrollable. I then called for her Nurse that wasn't due till noon. What a nightmare her insurance was! Nobody knew anything, I was advised to get her emergency medication pack out and administer a anti-seizure medicine. I waited 15 minutes and no change. I was constantly reassuring Deb that I loved her and I was there and trying to help her. I was advised to give her more Medicine and wait 15 minutes. I then called the Emergency squad as I feared that nobody was coming to help. The squad arrived and assessed her, but due to the nature of the Hospice in place requested to not transport her until family or medical team could arrive. I repeated the medication a third time. And the tremors subsided a bit, but came and went. She was now pretty much unconscious and babbling now and then from the "Happy meds". That was the last time Deb was with me in our home. The medical team called for a transport to out Hospice facility, and I got a ride in to see her. The Hospice team there gave her a strong medication to knock her out. She never woke up again. She held in there for many days...but my Deb is gone. For several days I fought to hold down the home, visit her, take care of our animals...just numb. Things deteriorated around me and thus so did I. I called for help from Phil/Betty Pooh. And he dropped everything and drove to my side (That is another tale ) I am now staying at his home trying to get my mind straight and figure out my next move. What will become of me I do not know, where to go, what to do?. But I have BP with me now. And I will do what I can to survive and try and move on in her memory and hope. Deb and I wish to gratefully extend thanks for the wishes and prayers that you all have gave over the last year. She never had pain and died peacefully. Bless you all. Tim This is pretty much our first date! In Loving Memory of my love, my life and my Deb/mommy
  13. Forsite AM PM Maxium

    Found this: I also heard her say Amazon carries them, Yep they are Prime eligible too. $29.99 for the 12 pack, free two day with prime. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=FORSITE+AM+PM+MAXIMUM
  14. I know your inbox is pretty full right now, so I figured I'd pop on your feed first and ask if you minded me PM'ing you about something upcoming that I'd like for you to help me out with (minimal investment of time, I know how busy you are).

  15. Columbus ABDL

    I am sorta in the area now as well, I have moved out of Columbus as it is, and about 35 miles out in Johnstown a small country town. Unfortunately at this time with a Girlfriend/Fiance' battling Cancer I just don't have the time, and you all are probably a bit to young to be messing around with me anyway. Columbus area "used" to have a big following. Not sure if all have moved off, or are just keeping quiet lives like me. Wish you all the best, have fun, be careful and hope you find friends to hang with