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  1. Forced to choose

    I would go with the same as you Mikey.
  2. New diaper options

    I have tried the molicare slip super plus cloth backed. They're ok, but I much prefer the Plastic backed Molicare Slip Maxi's instead. They are more absorbent & they are plastic backed. Abena's are nice, especially the M3's & M4's. Northshore Supreme's are good too & they are also plastic backed. I would really say that it would depend on what you are looking for & going for as to which ones to go for.
  3. Woman Pooping All Over Town In Colorado

    Honestly this person doing it would make me think in the beginning that it is someone who is not well in the head. But then considering that they are apparently an avid runner, not so much. I don't get why they are doing this. Your take on Colorado is sad, but true & accurate unfortunately. I don't know how long or ago you lived in CO, but it has so deteriorated in recent years & as a CO native it is sad. I don't like what is happening to my home state. I sometimes wish I could leave (Save for my Rockies) but I realize that if I did, I would be no better than those that have flocked to our state for various reasons & that have in a sense ruined the state that I used to know. Unfortunately I can relate to being squeezed out by the market. You didn't mention how long ago it was that you lived in Denver in the Coors Field Neighborhood, but especially recently property values in that area have skyrocketed & property owners are being greedy & taking advantage. Just a little less than a year ago, I was forced to move, not an official eviction, but still forced to move nonetheless because the owners of the building are working on getting rid of the old tenants & then going to tear the old 50+ year building down & rebuild & charge higher rents.
  4. Woman Pooping All Over Town In Colorado

    I Live in Colorado. I hope the police catch her soon.
  5. LoTR++ Marathon

    Whoops! I missed it, LOL.
  6. LoTR++ Marathon

    My guess Abena M4's
  7. The Cruise (Updated 16 September 2017)

    Yay! I am so glad I had commented on this story previously so I got notifications. And I too, am glad to see this story resumed. Bridgette really should've been more careful reading the contract. I'd say she's getting what she deserves for not doing so. More please! Rockies Fan.
  8. I have a kitty!

    Awww, she's a cutie Mikey.
  9. Made it to wedding day!

  10. Newborn!

    Hi lilcobutt, welcome to the Site, I too live in CO. Hope you have fun here!
  11. Cute cartoon

  12. Hi together, I'm new :)

    Hi Wonderland, it's nice to have you here. Although I am not quite a Decade older than you, I too am an empath & Highly Sensitive. You're among friends here, welcome
  13. Holding Grudges

    I really like this. It reminds me of something I learned in counseling. "You cannot control much of what happens. However you can always control your reactions & responses to what happens."
  14. Holding Grudges

    Interesting topic & I agree whole-heartedly about holding grudges especially over petty stuff i.e. what your brother holds onto DailyDi. Some people may say that I hold grudges against my "parents", although these grudges are not over petty stuff that has no effect or bearing on my life now, because they very much do. For me, the stuff I struggle to let go of even after years in therapy, are very big. I try not to dwell on the past which I can no longer change or control, yet when the past still affects you physically, emotionally & mentally even to this day, how are you supposed to let go of it? I have asked the multiple therapists that I have worked with this question & so far I haven't gotten pointed in a particular direction yet. *Sigh*
  15. New girl in town #^^#

    Hi Shygirl, Many people are nervous about this lifestyle at first, but that shouldn't last, especially in a great place like this site. Welcome, kick back, relax, enjoy & have fun! Rockies Fan.