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  1. Wetting or messing?

    I would have to say wetting. It is pretty hard to mess without wetting. I won't mess my diapers in public (on purpose anyway). It is a lot easier to clear up when you have access to a shower!
  2. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    I think I would rather be seen in a diaper. Just an Abena or Tena, nothing AB because like someone has said that would be a little harder to explain.
  3. how long do you stay in your dirty diaper?

    Hey deewet, I wish I had a bouncy swing to play in! For now though, I will just have to settle with bouncing up and down on the floor. Whatever you do in your diaper, enjoy yourself!
  4. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Dropkick Murphy's- "Blood"
  5. Any suggestions?

    Hi guys, I am going to plan a trip out to San Francisco. My brother lives out there and a couple years ago he invited me out there to visit. He makes quite a bit of money and told me when I'm ready, he would pay to fly me out there. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on any fetish events or adult baby activities going on soon. My brother does not know about my abdl side but I think he would be very understanding if I were to tell him. I have always wanted to see Alcatraz. I don't know why but that place has always facilitated me! Plus, if I go diapered and a story from the guide scares the pee or poop out of me, I will be protected ! I have never been to an ab/dl event or even met a ab/dl in person. Thank You in advance guys!
  6. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Lion's Law- For My Clan
  7. Started Cutting:(

    Thank you widdlebabyjacky! Knowing that I have friends here means a lot to me! One thing that has helped me get through a lot of dark days is the many loved ones and dear friends that I have. I made my mom a promise a long time ago that I would never go through with it but I still have those thoughts and feelings once in a while. I am going to a psychiatrist and psychologist both and that seems to be helping! I just have to take things one day at a time. If I ever get feeling that way again it is nice to know I can count on my friends here and I will use those resources. Thanks man
  8. Hello friends, Since I have been absent from the group I have lost a few family members and my girlfriend. First, I had been dating a girl who had epilepsy and things were getting quite serious in our relationship. Her name was Cara, I called her my Cara bear:). She would have a few seizures some days but other days not so many. One night, we went out to eat at our local Winger's. Everything was going fine until she suddenly started screaming. She had an implant in her chest which I think was a strong magnet of some type and then another separate magnet that someone would swipe across her chest and sometimes that would stop the seizure but not always. When her seizure started I swiped the magnet from her pocket and run it across her chest but unfortunately that didn't stop it. I had never seen her have a seizure before and I just broke down and cried! Fast forward a few months later, I was at work and a co-worker who was close to the family took me aside and gave me the news that they had to rush her up to a hospital in SLC where they tried to save her but they could not! The seizure was bad enough that it stoped her heart! I broke down and cried right there, she was my everything! I know I will find love again someday, but I will never forget my Cara bear!! This was in 2013. 2014 wasn't much better! My biological Father passed away at a nursing facility in Palm Spings, California. I wasn't as close to my father as I am my step-dad but wish to hell I had spent more time with him. I now have all these regrets like; why didn't I call him more or why didn't I go to see him more? My mom married my step-dad when I was just little so he has been there for me practically my whole life but I always had a very strong love for my father! I miss him dearly everyday but always to keep his spirit alive with stories and jokes he told! Now, the year that was the hardest year of all for me! In 2015 my brother was shot and killed in our driveway. My brother was my best friend, my concert buddy and my protector. He had Bi-polar depression pretty severely which sometimes made him very hard to take. When we were kids at times I didn't know when to "back off"! He could be extremely hyper at times and other times he was in a very fowl mood and when I pushed him too far, I would get the shit kicked out of me! Not a day goes by I don't think about my brother! The many concerts we went to when we were teens or the numerous camping trips we went on! He will forever be in my heart! Back to my original topic: Since all this has happened, sometimes I feel like, how am I going to go on without these people in my life anymore! A few times I have sat in my car or drove up to the foothills with a knife or a box cutter I use for work and start making slits on my arm. I don't know what it is but I don't seem to feel any pain at that time. I am sure someone from work has noticed the slits in my arms by now and since then they do not let me use the box cutters. At times, I just question why I'm still here and why do all of us suffer so much? At least I belong to a group of like-minded people who I can relate to. Thanks for listening guys!
  9. (10/7/2017) The Day I become T-Total

    Good for you Bartman! I wish you the best of luck and willpower in quitting!
  10. Smelling like a baby

    For me, I love the smell of baby powder! I also like the smell of the powder in a freshly wet in diaper but if it sits too long then it starts to stink. There used to be (and maybe there still is) a baby powder air freshener spray. I don't recall what brand it was but I used to get it from the dollar store.
  11. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I am wearing a Bambino Magnifico tonight. I was at a party and had a few drinks so I anticipate a very soggy diaper by morning. (Maybe messy too!)
  12. how long do you stay in your dirty diaper?

    I like to stay in a wet diaper until it is fully used. I figure if I spend a lot on adult diapers I had better get the most use out of them that I can. I have a very small bladder and tend to wet quite a bit but if I have a good absorbent diaper, I can go anywhere from 3 to 5 hours (roughly). If I poop in my diaper, I like to wait until I have wet it 3 or 4 times so I don't feel like I've wasted a diaper. I usually bounce around in it for an hour or so then change.
  13. I didn't meam too!

    Oh ok, thank you barnburner! Now I don't feel so foolish
  14. I didn't meam too!

    Hey Everyone, I think I am reporting posts by mistake. I am using an iPad and if my I tap my finger in a certain area the "report post" words will highlight. I am not meaning to do this, I am just clumsy. I don't want anyone to think I'm a jerk for reporting them. So if that comes up, please know it is not intentional but purely accidental. I will keep my fingers away from that space from now on.
  15. Work diapers

    I just received a case of the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi. At first I was a little disappointed at how thin they are but once you wet them they get bulky and super squishy! I have tried to wear two at a time with holes poked in the inner diaper but that gets very bulky and I am afraid someone might notice. Now I just take two separate diapers and change once in the bathroom. It says they have odor control but I think with two on and trying to go my entire shift I might get a little stinky. I have tried wearing Bambino Classicos in the past but after wearing it for several hours I went near a female co-worker and she held her nose at me. I work as a bagger at a local grocery store so I am around customers all day. I certainly would not want to start stinking of stale urine all day. I will have to try some of the other diapers you guys have suggested because I would probably want something breathable where I am very active during the day. Whatever you wear I hope you have fun and hopefully you won't get discovered (unless, of course humiliation is your thing... Lol!)