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  1. Rock n Roll Baby - what bands you into??

    I myself am into punk rock. I love the old school punk! Bands like; Sex Pistol’s, The Ramones, The Descendants, Rancid, Strung Out, Social Distortion, Face to Face, Pennywise, Nofx, The Clash, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Dropkick Murphy’s, Jane’s Addiction, Cock Sparrar, Discharger, and Blood for Blood (I know there are more but I can’t think of them right now). I have been to numerous punk rock concerts, most of which were back in the 90’s.
  2. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Hey NappyFairy, I saw Everlast and Sugar Ray in Concert back in 1997. I was about 16 back then. They put on a damn good performance! I hated Sugar Ray though! The lead singer was a complete asshole! Nofx- Johnny Appleseed
  3. Diaper doublers

    I like to use one of the Assurance Strech briefs as a diaper doubler. I take one and make hundreds of tiny holes in it with a safety pin. I then use the Velcro to attach it firmly into place on me and lastly I put on my diaper. It does get rather thick when it is well saturated so if your trying to be discreet, this may not be the best option. This has worked really well for me, good luck!
  4. Geez... I think it’s been about a week ago. I don’t live alone right now and recently we’ve had company over so I don’t want to run the risk of getting caught. In a few months though, I will be moving into an apartment and I’ll be all by myself. I will be able to poop all day if I choose to and I’ll have access to my own shower which will make clean up a breeze! Also, I can get some adult baby furniture that I have wanted for so long. Ahh... the possibilities!
  5. Fictional character you'd want to baby you?

    For me, I’d go with the nurse from Animaniacs...Hellloo Nurse! Also Wonder Women (I forget the actress’s name) from the newest movie.
  6. Feeling So Much More Comfortable Here

    You know, I also have felt very comfortable and accepted here! I have been a member for many years but had been absent for a couple years due to some personal losses. Before that I was kind of a dick whereas I was quick to start arguments with other members and used some hateful language. I have calmed down quite a bit over the years and am glad this community has accepted me back! My hats off to DD for running such a great site!
  7. Does anyone else get a “Pacifier Ring?”

    Thanks, you too buddy! By the way; I have always wanted to visit Scotland I have seen many pictures and it looks very beautiful.
  8. Hi From Utah

    Yeah, I had a cancerous tumor on my brain stem as a young child. When the doctors removed that they removed a few others things also...Lol! My center of balance, my internal compass, some of my motor skills, and I have some learning difficulties. The doctors told my parents to think of my brain like a big block of Swiss cheese which has holes randomly zapped out. I like to think of myself as “Radioactive Man” from The Simpson’s due to all the Radiation treatments I went through...Lol! I have learned to compensate for many of these things through the years but some still remain. I consider myself pretty damn lucky though, there are kids who have it a lot worse than I do and do amazing things despite their illnesses and they have my admiration! There are a few benefits though; I have a very high tolerance to pain and to cold. P.S. I know some of you might be sick of hearing about this but I feel if I can inspire at least one person with this then I have done some good!
  9. I work in a grocery store as a courtesy clerk (bag boy). One of my biggest pet peeves (aside from people leaving their damn shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot!) is checkers and others courtesy clerks using way more plastic bags then necessary. I like to fill bags up when I am packing groceries in them, considering I don’t put food items in with others items that could contaminate them or foods that could be cross-contaminated with other foods ect... I see baggers and checkers put two or three items in a bag and then pack another one. I don’t think we should get rid of plastic all together but we could use less here and there.
  10. Does anyone else get a “Pacifier Ring?”

    Ok, thanks guys! I will do some of these things you’ve suggested and hope something works. I will definitely check myself in the mirror before heading to work next time. I love what you said Frizen, it reminds me of a movie; Spaceballs: “Sanders what’s going on? It’s Mega, she’s gone from suck to blow!”
  11. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Pennywise- “American Dream”
  12. Hi From Utah

    Alright, let’s get this topic started again. Like I once said I am from Venice, Utah. I am a little shy when it comes to my fetish but hopefully we can get some type of meet going. I’ve heard from someone on here that they had a cousin in Elsinore, Ut who likes diapers but that was a couple years ago so maybe their cousin has moved. I am unable to travel long distances in heavy traffic and have trouble finding addresses in unfamiliar areas due to the after effects of having had a brain tumor as a small child (My mom likes to tease me and say; “When they took out your tumor they took out your direction finder as well..Lol!) If in any case I meet an abdl friend nearby it would help to have a diapered co-pilot. Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way! (PS. I know I’ve said I would meet up before but then I never followed through. This time I have more of a desire to meet abdl friends and if I chicken shit out again you can give me an atomic diaper wedgie!);-)
  13. Does anyone else get a “Pacifier Ring?”

    Hehe... You’re welcome, I just didn’t want anyone else to have be embarrassed by the markings that may come from sucking on their paci. Hugs!!
  14. Wasting diapers

    I also feel like I have wasted a diaper if it is not used to full capacity. I wet like 3 times in one and if it looks like it might leak on the next wetting, I spread out an absorbent pad and either sit or lie down on it. I busy myself with coloring in an activity book or I read a diaper story on DD. When the urge to pee does hit me I just go and if it leaks then the pad will soak that up. If I do poop my diaper, which is rare; I try to pee in the diaper 2 to 3 times before pooping. I do like to get the higher end diapers so if I don’t use it fully it feels like a waste, plus if it’s not fully used I prentend my mommy (imaginary) has a bad punishment in store for me!
  15. Hi Friends, I was wondering if anyone else here gets a ring around their mouths when they suck on a pacifier? I had been sucking on my pacifier at night when I like to go through my “little routine” and the next day at work someone asked me what was the pink circle around the outside of my mouth. They asked if maybe it was an infection or something maybe I should have a doctor look at. Then it hit me! I had been sucking on my pacifier and it had left an indent around my mouth. I was wondering if I should put some lotion on my face before I put my pacifier in my mouth or poke a hole in a little piece of cloth and put the teat thought so the shield wouldn’t be directly on my face? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated, Thanks!