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  1. Thank you Cruiser 03, I have a lot of trouble letting go of the past sometimes. I tend to dwell on events that happened a long time ago and knowing that I may have wronged someone. I guess that's just part of my mental illness but it's like someone once told my brother "The person or people you have wronged may have forgiven you but you need to learn to forgive yourself." That is something I am trying to work on so I am not constantly beating myself up about things that happened in the past. Anyway, it's good to be back around friends who understand!
  2. "Hold On To Your Dreams" - Haymaker
  3. I have always associated the Nissan Cube with a Dr. Suess mobile. I guess it's because of their round windows. Speaking of an AMC Pacer has anyone seen the show Wheeler Dealers. One episode they featured an AMC Pacer that Mike bought and Ed fixed up. He took a big gamble by putting a body wrap of strange neon hexagons on the car that would glow at night. By the end of the show they hadn't sold the car. I would be surprised if they ever did!
  4. Hey Everyone, I feel like I need to apologize. Even though it has been a few years, it still bothers me and I need to "get it off my chest". As you can see, I have been a member here for many years. In the site rules it states clearly "Don't be an ass!" Well, I feel like I have been an ass a couple years back when I was a regular on this forum. I started arguments with other members, I used hate speech toward other members and I called others out just for stating their own opinions. Even though it may have been considered ancient history it has always bugged me. I would like to get back to posting regularly on this site but I promise not to make those same mistakes. These past few years have been rough for me and has caused me to change the way I view things and other people. I always feel the need to apologize for things I have done even though I may not have been in the wrong (but I know in this instance I was in the wrong) This time around I will do my best to follow the rules. Thank you! Baby-Dan Dan
  5. That does sound like a good story!
  6. That was a cool cartoon, thanks! That reminds me of some of the cartoons when I was a kid. I had never seen that one though.
  7. I have the same problem you do Richnap7. I tend to shy away from social events because of my depression. When I do go out with friends I have a good time but other times I tend to forget how much fun it is. I struggle with severe depression I think I am even borderline bi-polar but when I get depressed I tend to forget that people care about me and that I do have fun when I hang out with them. Hang in there guys. :-)
  8. Thank you, Cruxshadow! Every concert I have been to since he passed away I can feel him there with me enjoying a Rum and Coke! I don't know what kind of music you are into but I am a huge fan of punk, mainly old school.
  9. Hmm... That's a tough one since I have been to so many different concerts. I would have to say it was a Rancid/ Transplants concert in Las Vegas. It was in the spring of 2013. It has been the best concert for me because that was the last concert I got to go to with my brother because tragically he was killed in the fall of 2015. My brother was my concert buddy. We went to so many punk rock shows when we were teenagers. Another very memorable concert was the Beastie Boys concert back in 1998 and they played with A Tribe Called Quest. I have many other fond memories of concerts but those are the ones that stand out the most!
  10. Evil Conduct-"Working Class Heroes"
  11. And a very Merry Christmas to you too, Oliver! I hope it's a good day for you!
  12. I'd say I am minor to moderate. I realize when I need to go and can make it to the bathroom in time. After peeing though I tend to leak a bit. I have listened to hypnotic tapes enough that when I wear diapers I am completely incontinent. I try to wear diapers everywhere wherever I may be but it doesn't always work out that way.
  13. Growing up my family didn't have cable or satellite. I would watch cartoons on those channels whenever I would go over to my friends house. I remember a lot of the older cartoons and kid shows like: The Flintstons, The Jetsons, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sherman and Peabody, and Looney Tunes. I would pour myself a big bowl of cereal and park right in front of the T.V. close enough that my mom would say "back up or you'll hurt your eyes sitting that close!" Awe those were the days!
  14. Discharger- "Coming to your Town"
  15. Hello all! My name is baby-Dan Dan. I am a 35 year old adult baby. I am not new here but I have been absent for a while. I've had a rough couple of years and lost some very dear members of my family. I am hoping I can meet some new friends here that I can chat with and share my experiences with.