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  1. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. I also struggle with severe depression and anxiety and often have thoughts of suicide. I know in my heart I would never go through with something like that but I still have those thoughts. Bi-polar depression runs in my family; my grandmother had it, my sisters have it and my brother had it worse then all of us! I had cancer as a kid and I believe that the radiation treatments that I received left me with some serious after effects. Maybe this is why I feel so comfortable in this community because a lot of us struggle with similar difficulties and can relate to each other.
  2. baby-dandan

    Shaving body hair

    I like to shave my chest, nether region and just above my knees. Doesn’t it create a tighter seal (I thought I heard somewhere that it does) for your diaper or plastic pants not to leak? I like to wear shorts that extend below my knees, that is why I keep the hair below my knees. Just having that smooth feeling feels so nice! I have often thought about shaving my head but I have too many scars on the top of it.
  3. baby-dandan

    Car advise

    I have a 2014 Mazda S Grand Touring hatchback and I love it! This thing is so quick off the line and gets up to speed quickly due to its light frame. I can get up to 80 mph on the freeway ramp alone! Beware thought, I got up to freeway speed and next thing I knew, I looked down and I was going 110 mph! It is easy for your speed to get away from you! I have added a few touches to my liking also. Go luck in your search man!
  4. baby-dandan

    New Project ^_^

    Cool, I will have to give one a listen and let you know what I think. I always enjoy a good bedtime story!
  5. baby-dandan

    The Benifits of Wearing Diapers Full-time

    I’d have to say that wearing diapers 24/7, for me, has been quite a positive experience! I, like probably a lot of you, struggle with deep depression and anxiety. I have been seeing both a psychologist and a psychiatrist (I always forget the one that can prescribe medication) and both do not see a big problem with my fetish. They agree that as long as it doesn’t harm anyone and that if it helps relieve my stress and anxiety that it is best to let sleeping dogs lie (I think I used that right...Lol!) Anyway, it has had a lot of benefits for me as well!
  6. baby-dandan

    sleeping with a bottle

    I recently just bought a Munchkin “Latch” baby bottle.It says it is more like a breast and provides better latch for the infant and helps reduce colic. I was so excited when I got it home, I had to have a ba ba right away!
  7. baby-dandan

    My Comic!

    I love pink-diapers’ artwork! I have not read the comic yet though but now I really want to! I’ll have to stop by the site and purchase it.
  8. baby-dandan

    How does everyone like to be diapered?

    I usually am lying on my bed when I diaper myself. I like to put on baby oil or lotion, I switch it up every night. I put whatever I use all over me to get really soft skin because usually my skin gets all dry and rough (especially during the winter!) after I put on oil or lotion I apply a good amount of baby powder and rub that into my skin. When I change, I often lay on the floor to rediaper but when I change at work I just do it standing up in the single occupant bathroom.
  9. baby-dandan

    Wearing Diapers As An Older Child

    I was told that I was just about potty trained at a very young age but when I got sick that all fell apart. After I was potty trained prior to being ill, I wished very much that my mom would put me back in diapers because I was a bedwetter into my teenage years. I remember my mom finding makeshift diapers in my room and my little sister’s Goodnights. I had hoped that she would take that as I wanted to be put back in diapers but she would just put plastic sheets on my bed. When my brother, sister and I would go to visit my biological father we would stay in hotels and he would use bath towels as cloth diapers on us at night (something I’m sure the maids were not too thrilled about!) I also remember my cousin having to wear pull-ups into his teens but I didn’t have the guts to ask my aunt if I could wear one too!
  10. baby-dandan

    Do You Keep Your Pacifier In Your Mouth All Night?

    I try to keep my pacifier in my mouth during the night but it usually falls out by morning. I try to rig up something to keep it in place but like I posted before in a topic; “Does anyone else get pacifier ring?” If it is too tight around my face, I get that ring around my mouth. I will have to make sure it isn’t so tight next time.
  11. baby-dandan

    sleeping with a bottle

    I love going to sleep right after I finish my ba ba! I always have a bottle before I drift off to sleep and one in the morning after I wake up. Having a bottle, to me is just as important to my “Baby Routine” as sucking on a pacifier! I usually have Milk or Chocolate Milk in it. I do like to have juice in it once in a while but I am a little embarrassed to admit my stupidity about this; I once bought a bottle a of White Grape Juice and a bottle of Apple juice not thinking about having to refrigerate after opening them. After a few days the apple juice had formed a little colony of mold in the center (again kind of ashamed of my stupidity over that..Lol!) I threw both bottles away of course! I want to try actual baby formula in my bottle or like has been said, Ensure; that sounds pretty good.
  12. baby-dandan

    Because of Morgan

    I am just getting to this story now and it is fantastic! I am on chapter four now and am on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next! It is very easy to follow and well written. I think you did an awesome job writing this, thanks!
  13. I would have to say being babied because (and this may come as a shocker at my age) I have never had sex. If the opportunity ever presented itself I would certainly want to but it would be with someone I truly care for not just recreational. The love and attention that would come from being babied would be fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, I had a great childhood but there was something missing that I lost to illness as a young child.
  14. baby-dandan

    Partying in a wet diaper

    I have been to several concerts where I have been diapered, some when I was a teenager and some throughout my adult (if you can call me that) years. Most people know how the restrooms are at concert venues and the concerts I’ve been to, they were not kept up very well! Several concert venues (especially the concerts outside) only have porta-potties, which I don’t know about you guys but I DO NOT like looking down the hole! Just dancing around and having a few drinks, it was comforting to me that I didn’t have to miss my favorite band to take a bathroom break! Of course, I always made sure I had a onesie on underneath so I didn’t have any diaper butt showing.
  15. I have often wondered about that. I really want an adult baby crib, a playpen, a highchair, and a changing table. I am currently living at home due to financial reasons but I am soon going to move into a studio apartment. This place won’t have any spare rooms so I can’t lock the door and tell people they can’t go in there. So, here is what I am thinking of doing and I would like your guys opinion: I plan to purchase a twin bunk bed when I move into the apartment; I already have a twin single bed with a metal frame and the bottom is like a metal crib railing. I am thinking that if I don’t put a mattress on the top frame of the bunk bed and just put the metal mattress support from my existing bed over the top it should fit. Next I could measure the side openings of the bunk bed and have metal railings custom welded to fit the openings. I could just place the metal railings on the top and the sides of the bunk bed and secure them in place with something. This way I would have a crib cage which I would love! In the event that I do have company come over, I could just remove the rails and hide them under the bed. Now, I am wondering what you guys think? Do you think it would be worth while to do everything I have mentioned or should I just spring for an actual adult sized crib? I have thought about this to save some money but maybe to have things done right and with good quality materials, I should just go for the actual crib. Any input on this would be much appreciated, thank you my friends!