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  1. baby-dandan

    Screw that

    Where I live everyone in town has a septic tank. There is a guy that lives a couple houses down the street from me that pumps the sewage out of the tanks for our town and the surrounding area. Our septic tank is located in our back yard and every once in a while we have to dig up the lawn to gain access to the lid. Once that lid comes off, good hell does it stink. You can’t ever say your shit don’t stink after that..! Anyway, we had just spent money on sod to cover the back yard and the damn septic system “craps” out on us so we had to dig up the entire back lawn once again! It ended up costing us several thousands dollars!
  2. baby-dandan

    Hands Up If You Donated

    You’re welcome! I felt I needed to show my appreciation for you guys running such a great site for the ABDL community!
  3. baby-dandan

    Hands Up If You Donated

    I ordered the Scentsy bear fragrance holder (sorry if I got the name wrong on that) and two things of baby powder scent. I’m not sure if DD realized who it was. My actual name is Dan Rioja (you can look me up on Facebook if you want.) I have just felt guilty I have been a member of this site for so long and have not done more to help. I was glad to help out this time though!
  4. Another thing I struggle with when I am severely depressed is how I view myself. I tend to beat myself up about the way I look and how others may see me. I have often thought “Maybe I am too damaged to ever find someone!” I know I shouldn’t think that way but during my times of deep depression I tend to look down on myself. I have had a couple of sessions of EMDR treatments since and that has helped a little with my self-image. I just need to get to the point where I can be out in public without having the constant feeling that people are talking about me or laughing at me. I wish you all the best of luck with whatever works for you!
  5. baby-dandan

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Pennywise-“Never Gonna Die”
  6. I just had my first session of EMDR treatment this morning. It was rather interesting, I thought. It helped me to have a more positive image of myself. I just worry about getting into the real issue which is remembering the night my brother was killed. My therapist said we will get into that next week. I am a little nervous but I am willing to try anything that might help.
  7. baby-dandan

    ABDL Product Wishlist

    First and foremost, I would have to have a crib! Sleeping in a crib, to me is the ultimate sign of babyhood. I would love it if such a printer existed that could make me a crib! Although, they do have a machine that can build you a house in no time at all (I saw it on Outrageous Acts of Science) so maybe such a thing would be possible.
  8. baby-dandan

    OK so how is everybody coping in the heat

    At night I just sleep in a tank-top and diaper. It hasn’t gotten too hot as compared to say, Arizona but I think it is hot enough! Maybe you have heard the saying (“If you don’t like the weather in Utah just wait 5 minutes”) I have been thinking about going with the Molicare Slips (I think those are the ones) that have the breathable sides but a plastic backing. Or just shoving ice cubes down my pants... Lol!
  9. baby-dandan

    Put diaper on, need to do #2

    Yeah, and I don’t like to mess my diaper until it has been thoroughly soaked. I feel like I am wasting a diaper if I just poop in it right off the bat. I like to have it pretty well wet in before I mess. I just got me a case of Peek-Boo Abu’s and it feels like it’s going to take a while to thoroughly soak this diaper!
  10. baby-dandan

    Diaper Research

    I see this posted a long time ago but I guess it’s never too late for a complimentary comment. I know, I am a little slow getting to things! This continuation of “Diaper Research” is outstanding; the story is very well writen and is easy to follow! I have not finished the story yet but am on edge just to read more. It is kind of like being in school and the teacher gathers all the kids around for Story time. When it they come to a stoping point and say “We will continue our story tomorrow” and there is a big “awwwwwwe!” from all the kids! That’s how it is for me. I can’t wait to get back to it! Even when I am done with the story, I know I’ll want to read it again and again and again....ect! Now if I only had a long enough attention span to read a long story.
  11. baby-dandan

    Has anyone ever heard of EDMR Treatment?

    Thank you everyone! Your suggestions have been very helpful and I am at a point now where I can finally get a good night sleep without waking up everytime I hear the slightest movement or sound outside my apartment! I wish all of you the best of luck if you struggle with mental health issues or otherwise. I know it is a huge burden to bear but with treatment and the right combination of meds I am able to keep fighting! Best Wishes my friends!
  12. I myself am a big fan of punk rock music! There is a song by one of my all time favorite bands Pennywise called “Just For You” which I think sums up my depression pretty good. “Depression closes in, You can’t escape” “No one understands, they can’t relate” ”You won’t know until it hits you!” ”It never goes away, you feel it everyday” ”Your only hope is to change tomorrow” ”You wanna see a change for tomorrow” ”Don’t you wanna see a change just for you?” ”You wanna see a change before you throw it all away” “Something is gonna break just for you” ”Just for You!”
  13. baby-dandan

    Has anyone ever heard of EDMR Treatment?

    Hi KMH8306, At first I only associated PTSD was something only war veterans struggled with. After talking with my psychiatrist, I found out that other people can struggle with it also. I would not compare my PTSD with that of a war veteran by any means though! On the night my brother was killed, I heard everything out my bedroom window. Now, I can’t sleep very deeply because every time I hear the slightest noise outside, I spring up in bed. I have a motion sensor light on my garage but had to unplug it because every time my cat would walk by it, the light came on and once again I would be up fully alert. I know I will never stop missing my brother but perhaps with therapy it will become more bearable.
  14. baby-dandan

    It’s a miracle, they fit! (We’ll sort of)

    I like to pull the outer “netting” off to reveille the plastic cover. I still prefer the plastic of an abdl diaper though, it gets so soft and squishy when wet! To me, the plastic feeling of a diaper is more of a babyish feeling then cloth but if cloth is what you prefer, to each his own. As long as your happy in your nappy!
  15. baby-dandan

    What Do You Call Your Pacifier?

    This may seem like an odd thing to call it but I call it my “shush shush!” As it shushes me right up if I start to cry.