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  1. Everyone has their own preferences for the punishments they like the best. For me, time out and not being allowed to talk are my favorite punishments because they make me feel super little and I'm supper talkative, so being stuck with a pacifier and not being allowed to speak for 25 or 30 minutes is pure torture.
  2. Awesome job on this story. I can't wait to read volume 2, a squeal, or whatever comes next! I'm way too attached to Jamie to say goodnight to him after 1,000 pages. Please let me know if you publish this story. Alex, take a well deserved brake because the work you've done is fantastic and you should reward yourself with some time off.
  3. I'm with you. The rule of thumb I like to follow as far as clothing is if it was purchased from the adult section of a vanilla store, then it's probably ok to wear in public.
  4. I haven't had a change to try them, but I'd look into Tykables' new Little Rawrs. They are rated for 6000+ml absorption, so they have to be pretty thick when dry and very thick when wet.
  5. Welcome. I've found that this community is there for you when you are taking both big steps and baby steps.
  6. Awesome chapter. I'm glad that Jamie and Cheryl came to terms with their relationship to each other. After reading this I really want to snuggle with my stuffies, but I'm on vacation right now, so I'll just have to carry on without any snuggling.
  7. I wouldn't mind having someone who's 12 ft tall help me with my Christmas lights, lol.
  8. I love how Christmas is imported into Italia. It doesn't surprise me that an event that facilitates people spending more money would become very popular, very fast even in another dimension. The best part is they picked up all the cliché traditions as well as the consumerism aspects of the holiday.
  9. Does anyone have any good ideas for how I can turn my dorm room into a fun place to play and be little that can be easily set up and doesn't take up too much storage space? I'm thinking that a playmat could be good, but does anyone have any other ideas? How have you made your room into a playspace for short periods of time?
  10. Glad I could help and you can add me as a friend!
  11. I don't wear BetterDry, but I wear Crinklz and I'm 99% sure they are the same diaper, but with a different design. I've never had any issues with the tapes. Early on, I had problems with leaks from doing a bad job diapering myself and for not changing often enough. However, after a week I got the hang of it and now I haven't had any problems. I wear size mediums and I don't have any issues with any of my pants presuming they aren't tight fitting. I don't bother with an extra inch in the waist because these diapers swell up so I can just glance down and if my pants start to budge, it means I need to change.
  12. Welcome. I've found that this is a good community and I hope that you can find the answers to your questions someday. However, for the time being feel free to chill out here and meet some new folks. We've all got one thing in common and that's that we are either wearing diapers, putting someone else in diapers, or doing both, lol. Little Tomás
  13. Hello and welcome. I'll just say that I think you've found the community you've been seeking. I greatly enjoy this community and have found that it's a wonderful place to be. Even thought I've always been an AB, I had a lot of difficulty accepting that side of myself, so I was/am still discovering littlespace. It's been great every time and you have a lot to look forward to. I hope to see you around, Little Tomás
  14. Welcome to Daily Diapers! Opening up to someone about your kink can be difficult, but seeking support in this community can help you feel more confident in your kink and express yourself to those you love and who love you.