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  1. littleTomás

    The Legend of the Teddy Bear Knight

    Nice story. I find the Reverse Plot Armour concept interesting, but I think someone would hate it if they had to make it through a D&D One Off with that "ability." I also find it funny how random tech items keep showing up as if the story is a game of D&D and some actions that they players take are getting inserted into the story.
  2. littleTomás

    Diapers at the beach

    For changing, set up a cabana on the beach that has 3 canvas "walls" and then hang a towel over the front. Alternatively, you could go with a beach tent. Either of those should provide plenty of privacy. As far as wearing on the beach, I wouldn't sweat it too much presuming you are with people who don't care. I would just wear a swim diaper with trunks and a rash guard. If I didn't sunburn so easily I would probably go without a shirt and just not worry about the top of my diaper poking out of my trunks. I hope you have a good time at the beach!
  3. Sometimes you can get free therapy from training clinics at Universities. How training clinics typically work is that the actual therapy is provided by PhD students who are supervised by a licensed therapist. Obviously this isn't an option for everyone because there isn't always a training clinic nearby, but it is something worth possibly looking into. The nice thing is that without any professional help you can still end the binge-purge cycle with self-reflection and mindfulness. Keep working at it, find support and seek advice from those in this community, and you'll be able to move past this. I hope you found that podcast helpful
  4. littleTomás

    Do I Have To? (Complete as far as I can make it)

    Wow, well done. Awesome job on this story. I think Davey was a baby all along who just needed some help from mommy to put him in his place.
  5. littleTomás

    The Diapering of Liz

    Love this story, very well written. I'm still working on getting a working time machine, but when I do you can be the first person to get winning lottery numbers in advance. lol
  6. littleTomás

    being nurtured

    The nurturing aspects of being AB are definitely something I seek. Currently, I focus on self-soothing because I don't have a big. I guess my stuffy still takes the place of mommy, but a different mommy. I've learned that by snuggling with a stuffy and wearing a diaper I can get some of the nurturing that my little side needs.
  7. littleTomás

    “Green” diaper disposal?

    Whoever figures out a good and environmentally safe way of getting rid of disposable diapers is going to be famous and possibly rich if their solution involves proprietary technology. The fuel problem comes down to fuel density or, put simply, energy input v.s output. Biomass (normally the stalks of harvested crops) make an excellent fuel source because they are made up of large carbon chains of molecules that have a lot of energy stored up in them that can be released. In addition, when you let them dry out, they burn at a pretty low temperature. On the other hand, to my knowledge, there isn't that much energy that can be released from a diaper, and plastics, unlike organics, have high melting points, so it take a lot of energy to break the bonds. I have read about a new strand of bacteria that can decompose plastics, so the biological route may be the solution.
  8. Consider reaching out to a therapist or sex therapist about this. They can and will be able to help you work through what is causing you to get caught up in this cycle and how to get out of it. When looking for a therapist just be sure that they are licensed and that you are comfortable around them. If you don't want to talk to a professional about this then that's ok. However, I would highly recommend you listen to Episode 15 of the Love in Brief Podcast which is about breaking the binge and purge cycle. Link Here: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/love-in-brief/lib-15-breaking-the-binge-48Tn9Xl0qRo/
  9. littleTomás

    Do you regularly wear diapers out of the house?

    I've worn diapers to class, the dinning hall, etc. I once even wore one to a basketball game. I always make sure I am wearing clothes that fully cover my diaper before I go out. I have to say, the first couple times wearing outside I thought that everyone was going to notice, but then I realized that I was wrong about that. No one is looking at your pants and trying to see if you are wearing a diaper.
  10. littleTomás

    New to the Website

    Hello and welcome to DD. I'm sure you will find an open and accepting community here.
  11. I found this site via a couple of google searches. I decided to actually join and become a member when I realized that my little side wasn't going to go away. I was then just like, "Hey, why don't I try and meet some other people who are also into this." Ergo, LittleTomás joined this site.
  12. littleTomás

    What was your first time in diapers like?

    A bit stressful, but relaxing for quite a time. The stress began with the fact that, technically speaking, my roommate could have walked in while I was putting on the diaper. This wasn't going to happen though because he almost never shows up anytime before 2 a.m, especially on weekends. Then there was the challenge of putting on the diaper. I was never a babysitter and I am the youngest in my family, so my knowledge of putting on diapers came only from what I'd read on the internet. The diapers I had were a sample pack from ABU with one small and one medium. I first tried the small and that didn't work out, so I moved onto the medium. I think it took me a solid 10 minutes to get that diaper on, but in the end I was comfortably padded. I would relax for awhile and things would be nice and then I would worry about it leaking. It didn't leak. I'd have to say, for me, wearing diapers was/is much better the nth time than it was the first time.
  13. littleTomás

    Ahoy Maties!

    I think you did a good job with that. There are definitely some nice little touches in the decorating of your bedroom.
  14. littleTomás

    Do you have a Fave AB Fantasy

    I think that my point didn't come across well in my writing. I agree with you on that.
  15. littleTomás

    Do you have a Fave AB Fantasy

    Even thought I have limited experience and knowledge in this area, in my understanding such fantasies are quite common. Sexual shame is rampant and many people have some level of internalized shame regardless of if they acknowledge it or not. Fantasies that involve being "forced" to do something you want to do, but would otherwise feel ashamed of are super common. One example of this is what is often called the "rape fantasy". Many women have a fantasy where a very attractive man approaches them and "forces" them to have really hot sex. I sometimes fantasize about being the administrator of NASA and then some snoopy reporter finds out that I'm ABDL and writes an explosive story about it. So I have to go to a bunch of televised congressional hearings and debate a bunch of representatives. In the end I crush the hearings, keep my job, and live happy ever after in a shame-free world possibly even becoming the President. The thing about fantasy is that that's all it is. Fantasy isn't reality and it's not wrong to fantasize about something that you would never want to actually happen. In an fantasy, no one is forcing anyone to do anything because it's all in your head. You are both the dominate and the submissive, the little and the big, so every "non-consensual" thing that happens in a fantasy, is actually consensual because it's all in your head and you consented to thinking about it. I would take a few moments and reflect on about what negative feelings you don't experience in your fantasy, because those are the feelings you do feel in real life and are escaping from. For me, my fantasy at its core is about not wanting to hide and feeling no shame about my little side. Talking to a professional therapist can be helpful for a variety of reasons and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to try it out. I hope I did a good job explaining everything. Feel free to DM me if you'd like to talk more about anything. To gauge general interest, would anyone like to see my ABDL NASA Administrator Fantasy turned into a story? I'm going on spring brake next week, so I'll actually have time to write.