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  1. Do you NEED diapers?

    Before I smashed stuff, like PC mouse and keyboard, doors and walls, now I just pee the diaper, so its a major stress relief Not had an anger issue in many years Also sleep a lot better with diaper on Use pills, or use diapers? For me the answer is easy
  2. Be careful of scammers

    I'm not dumb enough to be scammed
  3. Any computer geniuses out there

    Why even use a software solution when it is tons of better online versions
  4. anyone stream on twitch?

    Doubt porn is allowed on Twitch
  5. Christmas -- it just takes a bit of initiative

    That's a real shitty family I'm gonna spend Christmas with my family and I have chosen to sleep in the basement as beds are overrated I even bring my own mattress etc. (I had the option to sleep in the living room, on the couch)
  6. Yes and No Maybe I would go out more often if I didn't have to pay for the diapers myself Its wasteful to change a diaper just to go out and more often than not, it has to be changed before going out
  7. Are You Giving/Expecting ABDL Gifts?

    I wish! But none in my family knows and I want to keep it that way
  8. Winter wonderland!

    It snowed in central Texas too, but here in Norway it rains
  9. Any Recommendations?

    Just beware of the size differences between some brands I can fit into Medium Bambino, Rearz and Tena, but Medium ABU don't fit Large is too large
  10. Jealous of girls

    as usual people think USA is the only country Woman have it better in other countries, like where i live (Norway), at least it sound like it with all the negative I have read here about woman in America
  11. Usually wont smell if you only drink water Coffee and Orange juice is a big nono
  12. 1 diaper is hardly a problem/disaster Like said, could have fallen out and not been intentional
  13. Stranger Things

    Blu-Ray has much better picture and sound
  14. Stranger Things

    I just want S1 on Blu-Ray I will sub for Netflix, for S2
  15. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things has been released in the US (Target), but not rest of the world, so my only option is to download it illegally If I can buy the Blu-Ray before Friday, I'll delete the torrent, if not, I wont buy the Blu-Ray, its quite simple This kind of deals just fuels the pirate industry This will also be my next real marathon, on Friday, Season 1 first, then S2 E1 (I guess they wont release all at once)