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  1. Mostly EU WoW
  2. I use https://www.abdlscandinavia.com/ a lot, but like the site name says, its mostly for people in Scandinavia as the language is Swedish/Norwegian
  3. You have a time machine?!?
  4. If you wear Medium everything, Rearz will fit you I barely fit into any Mediums (atm), but Rearz still fit me nicely, not prefect, but much better than Large
  5. Maybe if you lived in Norway
  6. You peeps get annoyed over such small things I try to write proper, but I'm a hard learner, so, it will take a long time before I learn proper grammar, like your and you're I just can't see the difference and as long as I get no red lines under whatever I write...
  7. Search and Rescue
  8. Never had any problems with Tena's, even when they are a tight fit and/or really to small Often have problems with other brands, but mainly cause I choose sizes that often are to small, cause the bigger ones are to big Medium fits me, so and so, but large would fit me better so I'm not gonna name/shame any brands
  9. Not sure if watching TV and playing games is a hobby... I'm active in Red Cross and do SAR, I guess that is my main hobby
  10. I wear whatever I have worn pink princess diapers outside, under clothes of course, I'm past that stage where I care if I get noticed
  11. Like the "Scream" picture probably
  12. Pretty much the same, has 4-5 bags of Tena left
  13. The question is, what would you get instead? Cause that will happen, when you lose interest in something, you gain something else and there is stuff that is a lot worse than diapers, IMO
  14. TSA

    That one I guess, where you pretty much skip the check in lines and scanners (Seen Casey Neistat do it)
  15. TSA

    anyone use the trusted travelers program?