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  1. Isn't this the last season? and I'm gonna watch all episodes in one go
  2. Medical diapers should be taken out of packaging and stored for a few days, as they are compressed, but not huge difference imo ABDL diapers usually come in same size bags with less diapers, so they not compressed
  3. If they can make money from it.. Everything today is all about the money
  4. Rearz is slightly smaller in size than Tena, from what I can remember
  5. The thicker the better, but I don't like inserts I prefer diapers that swell, as they get thicker when wet, most ABDL diapers are fairly thick dry, but don't get thicker wet
  6. Just use ordinary garbage bags and only use a bag for diapers and none will find out that it is you Whoever is looking through garbage might be looking for something to identify who wear the diapers and it might be another ABDL..
  7. Never changed in public, even when out for 12 hours
  8. When not wearing I can get stressed holding it When wearing and holding it, I never get stressed
  9. NEVER flush the fluff/SAP, there is a huge chance it will clog the system somewhere, specially if everyone starts doing it There has been campaigns where the only thing that should go into the toilet, is pee, poo and toilet paper, not flushable wipes or other paper products
  10. Adult pull ups is the worst looking "diapers" ever Goodnites etc. is nice looking, but a proper plastic diaper would be better In a way, I wish I could fit into Goodnites, they seem practical for daytime, when you don't plan to pee much
  11. There are permanent solutions, but they are expensive and afaik, they don't do them on balls Pubic hair above penis grows a lot faster than hair on balls
  12. as long as the diaper is hidden and one act like adults.. Childish play is somewhat ok, but not baby language or acting like a baby
  13. Last order were 20 bags, where 12 of them are Tena Active Fit Ultima
  14. Only had problems with cloth-like, as they are not very cloth-like, as I don't chaff when wearing any diaper with a onesie or boxer Plastic diapers don't chaff and I often go without onesie/boxer