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  1. Plastic diapers are easier to get than snibbs
  2. So, is there any plastic pants that have a similar feeling to plastic diapers? I like the touch/feeling of plastic diapers, but cloth-like is so much easier to get
  3. I have no such clubs or activities close to me and the only place I know of is 300 miles away, and I would never go to such place alone
  4. I came in my diaper "hands free" with the use of a no-brand magic wand I also used directly on penis before this and came then too, also "hands-free" Never thought that was possible as I have tried with vibrators before, but clearly the magic wand is magic
  5. I have Frozen and Wreck it Ralph on Blu-ray, rest I have on harddisk My sister has most, if not all on DVD
  6. I have been in public in just a diaper and t-shirt, at night, in the dark, so very tiny chance of being caught I have been thinking about hiking in just a diaper, but it has been a plan for years, so..
  7. My erections hurts less with chastity, than when I'm wearing a diaper without chastity Probably cause I don't get a full erection in chastity Scrotum don't hurt at all, in fact its a nice feeling you get used to it as in the start it was uncomfortable
  8. Dubious

    Pokemon Go

    Yes, Red, but not very active as its 1 km to nearest pokestop, 1 way, so I need to walk 2 km to spin.. (1.2 miles) I sometimes walk right before midnight so I can spin 2 times/days Also no raids nearby, have to travel 20 km to do that.. (12.4 miles)
  9. I have it a few times a month I have some tablets I take that work fairly fast and until then I just drink water and maybe eat something
  10. Using only warm water is the safest way and is the one I use I have tried other stuff, like oil, but it takes days before it goes away, so never doing that again The only "good" thing about oil is that I couldn't hold in the oil, and once you let it go...
  11. I don't drink much alcohol Usually I take 1 beer in the weekend with ~10% alcohol I sometimes drink a lot of water in a short time, within safety limits, never anything excessive
  12. I don't really like to look at myself in the mirror as I look silly in a diaper A grown man with a belly in a diaper... how absurd! Its not stopping me from wearing though
  13. Looks like he has double diapered and some of the tapes we see are under the outer diaper
  14. I never send diapers and stuff to my door I always have it shipped to a terminal or the post office, so I can choose when to pick it up I have gotten onesies and other kinky stuff in mailbox, but they always discreet and small packages/letters
  15. Is walking outside in just a diaper a milestone? I have done it before, many years ago, but I carried pants, just in case, and it was only to the mailbox, when I knew the neighbors wasn't home Tonight I went walking at a cemetery, with just very short t-shirt, that didn't cover the diaper Only place nearby I could do it without anyone or anything nearby (No houses or cameras) Cant do it to the mailbox anymore as there is cameras outside now and neighbors that are home all the time, but mostly cause of the cameras