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  1. I only wear diapers... Sometimes I wear thinner diapers, but never big kid underwear
  2. That is my dream, to own a house with no neighbors and being able to go out in just my diaper I also want to be outside when it rains, to feel the rain on my almost naked body, and feel the diaper swell up I could do this with a tent in a remote place, so maybe next summer..
  3. Exactly my point, you pay tax and most likely pay for health insurance, and still have to pay for surgery..
  4. I have only changed diaper in public 2 times in my whole life, and then I sat on the toilet I have changed inserts a few more times, easier and cheaper than changing diaper
  5. Always lay down when possible If I can't lay down I can do it sitting Never had any reason to do it while standing, and have tried but it wasn't for me
  6. Say that to all the people getting drunk every week
  7. Would you say the same if the surgery was free? Just sounds like something Americans would say, since they have to pay for surgery..
  8. What bulge? Would be a completely different story if you were a woman
  9. I think its this too Sometimes when diaper is really wet I don't get the urge to pee, but when I put on a new diaper I suddenly have to pee
  10. a case contains 3 bags and even 10 bags in 6 weeks is a lot, considering one should only use 2-3 bags a month, unless you get for free You should consider using inserts, I use the abena deoplus, which makes me able to wear a ultima for the whole day I try to order in bulk, as shipping is usually the expensive part and even though I think I order a lot, it seems that I don't when reading some of these posts This year: 12 bags Tena Ultimate and 1 ABU Simple, is my biggest order
  11. Woman can wear skirts, where diaper might show if you go up stairs or bend over with a short skirt Anything similar for men I haven't thought about? Where the diaper might show, but isn't obvious I don't want to push my "kink" on others I have worn a t-shirt so the top of diaper shows when bending or stretching, but only when I think there i no people around, late in the evening I have probably done everything one can imagine, except wearing skirt and dresses
  12. Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth (From Wiki)
  13. Sometimes it burns, sometimes it don't Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't I have had all 4, first time I tried it, it burned and had no effect, 2nd time it worked somewhat without burning I tried it a 3rd time, no effect and no burning, so then i gave up
  14. With enough training you can pee everywhere I had problems peeing when sitting in car, but could pee when I lifted ass from seat Now I can pee sitting All you have to do to overcome the problem is to get a strong enough urge and then force it out, next time it will be easier
  15. I trim my beard 1-2 times a month, so there is no way I'm gonna shave once a week or more often, I have tried I envy those that do shave
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