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  1. I'll order directly from ABU in the summer, when I get my tax money
  2. Just trip on something and you get to fall
  3. Maybe try other stores? I have seen a lot of sold out ABDL diapers, but never Tena Active Fit, would that mean that PeekABU is gone out of production?...
  4. Should add a law where you can shoot anyone on your property, with salt, or any less deadly weapon, then there will be no sellers and way less package thieves
  5. I guess it sound more neutral Diaper is still taboo and laughed at
  6. You need to store them on more than 1 device and keep them separate I have "valuable" pictures and documents stored on 3 different devices, 2 harddrives and 1 usb stick, but more doesn't hurt, I might consider burning them onto DVDs
  7. Only if you wear tight and/or too small pants I can barely see it when I wear extra thick diapers (ABDL with stuffers)
  8. I wear diapers even when I don't intend to pee in them as they usually are more discreet than adult pull-ups I can easily pee through the leg hole or pull diaper down, but I need to use a stall and/or lock the bathroom door as I will have to pull down pants When a family with 3 kids don't notice I wear... or, they at least don't say anything...
  9. How they gonna notice that one is bulkier than normal, when one wear 24/7? Lesson here is to wear at all times, so there wont be a difference Adult diapers is still taboo, while babies in diapers are cute, babies and even toddlers run around naked and most people see it as something normal I have gone out in just a diaper, but in recent years I gotten new neighbors and there is cameras "everywhere" , so no more just diaper where I live, but I might try it when hiking
  10. Been experimenting with chastity recently and with it on I pee the diaper more like a girl, but also manages to wet the whole back and most of front, more than I could without chastity, without getting into weird positions Diaper got wet all the way up the waistband in the rear and had to change before it leaked
  11. Bladder will contain more liquid when you start using it again, so do as you suggested, wear pull ups for safety, but try to hold it and then use toilet
  12. I have fallen on the ice too One time I fell and hit my knee and that time I went to the doctor as it hurt really bad when bending it, but he said it wasn't anything he could do and that it would go away on it self, anything from a week to 3 months.. Thankfully it got better after a week and completely healed after 2 weeks (Yes I was diapered at the appointment) Fallen on my ass and hands a few times, hands take the worst and ass takes the rest, rather hand and ass than head, therefor I never walk with phone in hand when its icy
  13. Even if you were diapered at the hospital and they laid diapers beside the bed, none would think much about it as it might be related to the accident, and family, in most cases, would only care about you getting better. Doubt I would care if I got caught wearing when in an accident