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  1. Watching Family Feud on Youtube and there was a lady that has a Topless Cleaning Business That got me thinking, I could pay for a diapered topless cleaner
  2. Doubt there is that many ABDL relationships, compared to the other surveys
  3. I'd like a diaper that makes me incontinent while wearing it
  4. Why is it more a problem if you wear a diaper with prints? Incontinent people can't wear colorful underwear?
  5. Tr putting something up your ass, it dosen't hurt (much) to try
  6. I wish I were a girl, I'm sure I would be a lot happier The only tiny benefit is that boys can stand while peeing, but that benefit becomes obsolete when one is wearing diapers Girls can wear skirts and not be embarrassed at the nude beach (No erection) I'm not brave enough to go through a gender change
  7. I get no pleasure with a prostate masager, other than the fact that I can ejaculate faster with a plug behind
  8. I always "have" to wear a diaper when drinking alcohol, its not like I will pee on my self, but I will always have that urge to pee and that urge goes away with a diaper on Same reason I wear to bed and cinema etc. right before I fall asleep I get the urge and have to go pee, but not with a diaper on and at the cinema I get the urge halfway into the movie Slightly off-topic, but that's the closest I can come near the effect OT is asking for I have tried catheters and its not for me, but if there were a valve one could medically put in at some time I would do it (Already exist)
  9. You must be unlucky as I have used 2 packs so far and not had any issues
  10. Does not work for everyone
  11. I thought you might like to know, your minion avatar is currently on the front of my north shore supreme diaper I woke up and wet this morning.  TeeHee.  Part of my fun week vacation between Christmas and New Years was decorating diapers with little friends from from birthday tablecloths.


  12. I change with need too But since I started to mainly wear Rears I don't really need to change that often, usually its 2 diapers in a 24 hour period, but I don't wear 24/7
  13. Many babies are diaper lovers, so they are of course ABDLs Those of us that only like diapers and not the AB is Diaper Lovers
  14. You can still do that today, they even sell inserts with plastic backing
  15. a personal record then, as I wear as long or longer very often