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  1. Dubious

    Random Thread

    I'm bored
  2. Dubious

    What is your faith?

    Atheist, but I don't judge other people and have no problems going to church for weddings etc.
  3. This is why you set a minimum price, like minimum $5
  4. Bring a kid, build a bear, then go home with the bear
  5. Well, I'm not a newb when it comes to football/soccer, I just lost interest cause the sport is bordering on slavery, where my "local" team, barely have any local players left, and its the same with about any other team Was a lot more fun when 90% of the players actually were from the town the team originates
  6. Dubious

    Stand By Me boys

    Might also be a underage issue on this site
  7. Sweden - England was the first match I watched, but only cause someone turned on the TV at the birthday party..
  8. Dubious

    Onesie Comparison Site/List

    Thankfully I'm not dependent on onesies and mostly use them in the spring and fall when i wear sweaters Boxers does almost the same job, just have to make sure t-shirt is tucked in all the time
  9. Dubious

    Onesie Comparison Site/List

    Racketys onesies are huge, XL is too big for me and Medium would most likely fit me better, and I also bought them cause it looked like it was front snaps, but they are in the crotch I wear 2XL in T-shirts and Onesiesdownunder fits best with 3XL This is why I posted here, there is NO standard sizing, which makes it impossible to buy onesies online Guess I just have to lose weight, which has been my plan for years, and use downunder, as they fit me perfectly, minus the chaffing, which most likely goes away when my thighs get thinner (My fat is on the belly and thighs)
  10. Dubious

    Accidental Exposure Thanks To UPS

    and this is why I prefer to pick up the packages at the terminal... I don't really like anything sent home to me, much rather it get sent to nearest post-office and thankfully that is always an option in Norway, as its cheaper for them to unload all packages at 1 place, than to drive around to people
  11. Dubious

    Ever forgotten you're wearing ??

    I wear 24/7, so no
  12. Dubious

    What Do You Do With Your Old Cotton Underpants?

    Old underwear I use to wash with, like bathroom or so I wash them before use and toss them after
  13. Not sure if directly memorable, but I changed in my car on a ferry once I was in front, so about all cars where behind me and the one beside me had gone to the cafeteria My diaper was soaking and I had to change, so I changed in the driver seat
  14. Dubious

    I love being a bedwetter

    Only reason I would love it, is that I would get free diapers..