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  1. Wearing Only Footed Pjs/ Diaper walking to store 2-3 miles

    The bulk and crinkle is only obvious to the wearer None other will even think that its a diaper, other than maybe other ABDLs
  2. Neat (infant) diaper

    If you wanna be kicked in the ball(s), sure
  3. Sunrise Coffee

    Change diaper, watch twitch/youtube, eat, read the news.... ordinary stuff, currently no work as I'm "disabled"
  4. Tena Slip

    Breathable side is no good and it doesn't really help at all, imo
  5. Do diapers shrink your bladder ?

    I can hold my bladder a lot longer when wearing a diaper as in I don't get the urge to pee, but without it feels like I have to pee all the time, so the bladder don't shrink and muscles don't weaken, its mostly in your head There is exceptions to everything
  6. Tena Slip

    I use tena Slip Active Fit (Plastic) Maxi and ultima Large is too large on my 41" waist, imo, rather a tight fit, than loose and leaking
  7. Tena Slip

    I use medium with a 41" waist, its a tight fit, but it never leaks and large is too loose
  8. Does urine penetrate plastic lined diapers

    Yes, Tena have this "problem", but its mitigated by wearing boxers over it, as it will only be a few drops and for me its only when its time to change anyway
  9. Does urine penetrate plastic lined diapers

    For leaks, wear a boxer over the diaper, you gonna feel it if it gets wet, also helps against chaffing Plastic pants is best suited for cloth diapers, during night
  10. An embarrasing story...

    Sounds more like shitty diapers and/or the tube is placed bad
  11. Sitting straight is the only position, that I have found, where it might be hard to pee cause of a kink Like when sitting at a desk or when driving, but usually its enough to lift the ass a little Regarding laying on stomach, no issues, other than there is a higher risk of leaking
  12. Pubic Hair Removal

    Creams are like a lottery, sometimes they work, but mostly they don't
  13. Men can wear pink and even skirts without being gay etc., but people might look weird at you cause its not "normal" That's about the only good with Saudi Arabia, men can wear "dresses"
  14. Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    Yes, I sometimes go without a diaper for a few hours, just so I'm sure it will hold for that period of time or when I plan to go outside I prefer to put on a fresh diaper, specially if i have been drinking smelly stuff, like coffee. Currently I have 3 thicknesses, but in the future I'll stay with 2 as the thickest is mostly a waste (Abu), Baminbo/Rearz is thick enough and Tena for daily wear
  15. Wearing Only Footed Pjs/ Diaper walking to store 2-3 miles

    Happens all the time at Walmart, there is/was even a website for weird Walmart stuff