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  1. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    It it were very wet, smelly or messy I would not even be in a store (Hopefully I will never have a messy diaper)
  2. Introducing Bambino Magnifico Pull Up

    That is my problem with them too, they look like adult pull-ups with prints on them
  3. footed pajamas info

    TBH, you only need this site
  4. Weight loss tips?

    Same to you, if you just gonna be rude
  5. Avoid crushing stuffers

    The chair is comfy and not really hard, but diaper get a lot more pressure when sitting on it Still wearing same diaper, but sitting in my TV chair without problems, more relaxed position, almost laying
  6. Avoid crushing stuffers

    So, currently in a bambino with 2 stuffers and it worked perfectly fine, until I sat on a harder chair and the stuffing got crushed and it leaked, so it doesn't work when playing PC games After drying a little I'm now sitting in the comfy chair again (front of TV) without problems/leaking So, anything to put in the diaper so padding/stuffers don't get crushed? and yes, its very full, but I'm gonna wait a few hours more before I change
  7. Weight loss tips?

    Energy drink is almost as bad as cola and you will do much better with just water Supplements is mainly for athletes and those that are already fit and wants to grow muscles
  8. a penis with foreskin is more sensitive and the glans looks better a cut penis "dries out"
  9. Wearing in public

    With other clothes over it, why not.. Would not let it be visible though
  10. Shaving pee pee

    Trimmers are risky business I feel its much safer to use a razer blade
  11. Side Sleeper Diapers

    Safest to use tape around the diaper so it don't come lose and/or use a tight onesie, with those 2 I have never leaked in any diaper, without taping I usually leak in any diaper any and all disposable diaper will become lose with movement
  12. ABDL Statistics - Collecting votes

    What if I vote both places, but not with the vote the "both" alternative? Then I count as 2 people?
  13. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    Might just go with a Bambino next time, to find some pants that will fit over, current pants to tight
  14. Where Do You Store Your Diapers?

    Currently have the most used diaper(s) in drawers next to my bed and lots more in a bigger closet