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  1. 1 diaper is hardly a problem/disaster Like said, could have fallen out and not been intentional
  2. Stranger Things

    Blu-Ray has much better picture and sound
  3. Stranger Things

    I just want S1 on Blu-Ray I will sub for Netflix, for S2
  4. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things has been released in the US (Target), but not rest of the world, so my only option is to download it illegally If I can buy the Blu-Ray before Friday, I'll delete the torrent, if not, I wont buy the Blu-Ray, its quite simple This kind of deals just fuels the pirate industry This will also be my next real marathon, on Friday, Season 1 first, then S2 E1 (I guess they wont release all at once)
  5. Mourning Las Vegas

    Its in a forum called "Scoop the poop"....
  6. Mourning Las Vegas

    Not trolling
  7. Mourning Las Vegas

    anyone that prays to a God is nuts, so...
  8. Mourning Las Vegas

    Religion, is there any other reason to kill?
  9. Stressed w/o diapers?

    Without diapers I would have been a serial killer
  10. Mourning Las Vegas

  11. Mourning Las Vegas

    This happens many times a year in the US, not that that makes it any better
  12. LoTR++ Marathon

    The Hobbit was ok when watched same day, but its not movies I will be watching again, most likely same with LoTR They both is long with a lot of boring parts Still busy with the Mentalist, picked up 22. September and is now watching Season 4 Whenever I get the time to see Star Wars I will see all movies and if I were to dress up in Halloween I would go as Jar Jar Binks
  13. LoTR++ Marathon

    I have all the Star Wars movies and I might consider it, but currently I'm watching "The Mentalist", around 8 episodes a day
  14. Anyone use swim diapers?

    The disposable kind that you can buy in any store I have not seen any swim diapers for adults, that are disposable
  15. Mostly I masturbate with diaper on and after release I keep it on, a lot less mess