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  1. bdmw96

    Little Rascals

    rearz.ca/little-rascals/ Anyone kmow much regarding tjis diaper? I beleive it may be a new brand and by the description and style it looks not too bad. It also boasts to hold around 5000ml worth of liquid. Just wondering if anyones gotten their hands on these.
  2. bdmw96


    I definetly am a fan of how the swell up so much. Kind of dissapointed they arent very squishy. I beleive they use some sort of cotton instead of the gel balls. I got the original print from Rearz because I live in Canada and US shipping is insane. Still a fun diaper tho ^^
  3. bdmw96

    Diaper suggestions?

    So im all for trying new things and that also includes diapers. I havent tried many brands mostly because I only wear maybe once or twice a week. So far Ive tried Confidry 24/7, Rearz Incontrol+, Rearz Safari, Crinklz and basic store brands like depends and tena. My favourite by far is the Rearz Safari diapers. A lot of Rearz bramds are similar in structure but their best diapers can take a beating. It can hold a bursting full bladder and then some. It also feels very snug and comfy. The reason I like the Safari style is because of the cute Safari Animal print on the diapers. So what brands do you suggest people try? In terms of the diapers I enjoy I like anything thats at least like crinklz or better. Haven't found anything that matches or beats Rearz.
  4. Anyone prep their bodies before they diaper up and have fun? For me I usually drink 500ml of water and 2 mugs of coffee about a couple hours before I diaper up. This assures Ill get a decently full diaper. I sometimes drink more water but it depends on how I feel. Drinking almost 1 litre of liquid is quite a lot to take in in an hour. Anyone have any interesting tips to prep yourself to push a diaper to capacity in less than 5 hours? I also dont go poo for a few days before hand. I dont diaper everyday so I plan it out a couple times a week.
  5. So im going to an event at the end of the month and will be staying at a hotel for the duration of the event. I have a hotel room all to myself so Im bringing some diapers with me. So this is what im thinking. I know I can gey away with sleeping in a wet diaper since the odour shouldn't leak from my room. Though what about poop? Has anyone messed themselves in a hotel room, would the odour from a messy diaper wander from the privacy of my room? Will I get hotel staff at my door if I do it?
  6. bdmw96

    Post when messy.

    Currently lying in bed with a soaked and filled Crinklz. Probably need to change soon because its pretty stinky
  7. bdmw96

    Do diapers expire?

    Ive always wondered if this is a thing. I don't recall ever seeing any expiry or best before dates on the packages for the diapers ive purchased. The thought occured to me when thinking about the frequency of when I use diapers. I dont wear 24/7 so I may diaper up maybe twice a week. So a package that would last a 24/7 user a week would take me roughly 2-4 months if i wear every week. I still have pairs of Confidry 24/7 that I purchased back in 2015. Would a diaper that has sat around for that long decrease in its ability to absorb? Then there is the fact that some diapers use the little liquid absorbing balls while others use a type of cotton.
  8. bdmw96

    Diaper Sizing?

    Yes. Pants are usually fitted around the top of the waist bone while diapers are fitted under the ribs I beleive
  9. bdmw96

    Diaper Sizing?

    So Ive been wondering, how do you choose your diaper size? Do you go with your waist size within the parameters of the size? So if a small is 27-36" waist size and a medium is 32"-40" waist with your waist being 32". Would you go with small or medium?
  10. I wonder how many people do not poop their diapers every day or whenever they are able to wear one? Ive recently discovered a PO Box so I am able to buy diapers and have them sent to a PO Box instead of my front porch. This is good for me since I live with several people. Since then Ive started to wear diapers and only fill them up with pee. Usually I always poop my diapers. Also I tend to go withoutpooping for 3 days before I poop a diaper so that I can get a good sized poop to fill my diaper. Anyone else like this? I dont wear everday, only when the urge strikes
  11. Im just wondering, how long does a messy diaper smell last? Today I spent about 3 hoursin a soaked diaper before I messed it then cleaned up. I took a shower and scrubbed my diaper area with a perfumey body wash 3 times as well as sprayed some body spray down there once I dried up. Though I still find a messy diaper smell is lingering and getting into the fabrics of my pants? Does this smell go away quickly or does it take hours for it to clear out?
  12. bdmw96

    Is this a booster?

    I have no idea how this got in my shipment. Thats pretty big to be a pad imo. Though it could ve for very big people. It could also be for minor incontinence
  13. bdmw96

    Is this a booster?

    So the other day I got my parcel from Rearz. I hard ordered only one package if Crinklz. It came in a box with 3 other items that I had not purchased. They appear to be small tapeless diapers with a sticky strip on the front. The booster is plastic backed. Now I've never used or payed attention to boosters but are they suppose to be plastic backed? Id assume boosters where just the inside lining of a diaper made separate so you have more absorption.
  14. First time I can recall was when I was 4 years old. At this time I was fully toilet trained but I also wanted to know what it felt like to be back in diapers. I often fantasized about wearing diapers and pooping in them. One day my family and I arrived at our home, returning from a church service. I was wearing dress clothes (slacks, dress shirt with vest, dress shies and tighty whiteys). After I was let out of the car I raced to our back yard to play in the sun. The rest of my family went inside to get out of their church clothes and go about their day. After a few minutes I got the urge to poop my pants. Since no one was around I thought it okay to do so. I went behind our metal toolshed to get away from prying eyes. I then squatted down and began filling my pants. I dont remember exactly how I felt but I'd assume excited. Once my pants was nice and full I came out from behind the shed and stepped out onto the driveway. I then sat on my bum and procceded to squish my poop around. After a couple minutes of that I walked to my front yard where I was stopped by my neighboor who was probably around 12. She came up to me and then asked if I had pooped my pants. Still thinking I could get away with it I replied "No! My teacher gave me this stuff to put in my pants and said it'd make a sculpture". Obviously she was not fooled so she turned me into my mother who then cleaned me up while scolding me.
  15. bdmw96

    All I can say is WOW....new Crinklz

    Wish canadian companies sold the aquanauts and astronauts style. They only sell the classic style. Also I cant justify spending 50$ (International fees are a pain) on shipping (not including $25 for the package) just for a different style. I can buy them from rearz for $40 + $20 shipping.