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  1. This is more of a question aimed at people who have used Chlorophyll or use it on a daily basis. How much odour does Chlorophyll actually reduce? I know it does not completely eliminate odour. So if you where to mess your daiper at home, would someone in the next room still be able to smell it? Is the odour reduced so much that the diaper masks the remaining odour? It'd be nice to be able to poop my diapers at home more often since I live with people and I dont get many chances.
  2. The Suppository Challenge

    Does Doculax give you cramping? I dont typically take laxatives since they tend to give me painful cramps
  3. Sleeping While Messy

    I cant sleep while messy. Ive tried a couple times when I've had the house to myself for the night. I view diapers and messing as a kink. So I think I just get too excited and my brain wont let me sleep. Then when I masturbate to satiate the desire I'm like "well this feels unnecessary" then I go change. Oh well I guess
  4. Buying Diapers online?

    Glen Erin Pharmacy in Mississauga, Ontario. A decent selection of diapers and since they are not being bought online as well as being considered medical, no tax! . Thanks for the advice everyone. Luckily I have found the answer myself. Since I live in Canada, Rearz has an option to deliver to a Canada Post PO box. To add to that good news I live a block away from a Canada Post delivery office and Canada post offers free PO boxes
  5. Buying Diapers online?

    So Im here to get advice for the future. So, I started buying diapers 4 years ago. I started with store brand depends and tena since thats the only available brands in my area. Then the same year my parents left for the week so I bought 4 cases of confidry 24/7 diapers online from the website Rearz. I dont get to wear often so I have about 10 left of the about 64 I had. Fortunetly this year I moved to live on my own in a large city near me for 5 months. I found a pharmacy in that city that sold all the Rearz Brand diapers as well as abena, confidry abd some others. So of course I bought 3 cases of the plain white rearz and one case of safari (48 diapers). Now to get on with my question. How do I go about ordering diapers online but not having them shipped to my door? When I ordered from rearz they shipped a large 3 foot box to my door. My parents where away that time but that was a fluke ocassion. Even if I buy a case every so often my parents will still ask about what I bought. If they dont see it and I bring it to my room then they'll most likely want to see it. Im also nervous of them opening my package and seeing the case of diapers inside.
  6. Remanent smell after a clean up

    Whats really troubling is having to leave for work 30 minutes after cleanup.
  7. Well tbh I have messed in public before. Though it was when people where not at home so I could rush home and change. In terms of fantasies I would not say I have many in that scenario. I enjoy the adrenaline rush mixed with pleasure. As well as the relaxation of messing anywhere. I have daydreamed of either getting noticed in a diaper by a cute girl or noticing a cute girl in diapers and having someone to explore my interests with. Though im sure many guys are the same way so its nothing unusual. I think embarrassment is also a positive factor though I'd never want someone to talk to me. Like one time a guy I knew from a adult education centre I was going to stopped me while I was walking home wearing a messy diaper. He was trying to chat me up but I quickly made up an excuse to get out of his proximity. Its a strange thing I find, though ive come to be more cautious and havent gone in public in some time.
  8. Well of course I'd jump in the shower once I get home. Just need to clean myself enough where I dont smell of a messy diaper long enough for me to get to the bathroom
  9. Im wondering how someone would go about changing a messy diaper in public. So I currently live with people and dont get the hpuse to myself too often. So im thinking about going up to a large park in my area ( its pretty huge) and mess my diaper there then change in a port a potty. They do have public restrooms but only for their small splash pad and only for use in the summer. Id also want to play in my messy diaper so that'd spread the mess more than usual? Any easy clean method, or is it pretty much bring 100 wet wipes and hope for the best?
  10. Every regret not messing?

    Im not sure if its %100 healthy bit it is not bad either. I usually dont feel like I have to go number 2 until about 3-4 days of not going. I dont hold pee though, thats why I drink in large quantities a couple hours before I mess. I dont think I'd ever use an artificial mess. Wont give me the satisfaction I desire from naturally messing. It was my fault anyways, maybe next time ill wait a bit longer
  11. Has anyone ever regretted not taking/wasting an opportunity to mess? Like for example, today I prepped myself for messing. I had not gone in a few days and ate a lot before then. I live with my parents and was pretty certain both would be leaving for work. My dad left for work so I prepped by drinking a cup of coffee and two full water bottles. Then an hour later I went to check if my mom was getting ready to leave at 2. She was still watching tv at 1pm so I thought "I guess she isn't working, might aswell try another day". I went and emptied my contents into the toilet. Then when I exited the bathroom she said "Well, time for me to go to work. Then I went angrily to my room and kicked myself in the ass for wasting time prepping, an opportunity and three days of planning. Damn im angry
  12. So I know that Enemas are typically used to clean the bowels of poop. Ive seen people on forums talking about taking enemas to mess their diapers. Im wondering when you should take one. I assume dl's take enemas so that they can fill their diapers with double the amount of poop than they would when messing naturally. A few days ago I tried giving myself an epsom salt enema. I did not have the proper equipment so I used a turkey baster (really large eye dropper). The problem I had was I had coffee early to doing this, so I had a round in the chamber lol. So the baster got clogged with my mess and couldnt release the enema. So, why use an enema? Even the proper equipment if it will get clogged?
  13. So I have recently discovered a local pharmacy near me that sells non store brand diapers. Now this is exciting because finding the best brands are difficult to find without ordering online. My only dilema is the choices. They have an online site and I simply cant decide what to go for. They have the confidry 24/7 wich I have and have tried. I enjoy that brand because its super absorbant and thick. The only downfall is liquid can dribble out if its not fully absorbed and you decide to sit down. The leg and waist holes arent very strong as well. I have been looking at a few of their brands and a few has catch my eye. They have the abena abri form in all sizes. I have heard good things about abena, Im not sure if its as thick as the confidry though. They also have various Molicare brands though I dont know whats the go to for DL's. The ones that REALLY caught my eyes were the "Safari" and "Spoiled" by Rearz. This diaper appears to be a bit thicker than the confidry. It also claims to hold up to 4.5L of liquid as well as have strong leg guards and will not leak if your sitting or laying down. They also come in cute designs ^.^ So I would like to hear from other DL's. Ultimately what im looking for is a diaper that is Super thick, Extremely absorbant and can hold whatever I can throw at it. Thanks!