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  1. Apart from the few times I’ve purposely worn in the shower and made it explode, I can only think of one or two times where they exploded from use. Full to capacity plus a little pressure and resistance (aka humping and rubbing one out) has led to a few explosions.
  2. I’ve had a few comments from my folks that I was walking a little funny (they and I knew what it meant). Apart from that, I’ve never had a comment directly reference my diaper.
  3. The only specific things I can remember are a few moments of being sent to preschool in Pull Ups and otherwise being very against the idea of potty training. I remember they were the old Mickey Mouse Pull Ups too, right when they first were getting into the colored side panels. Apart from that, there isn’t much else that comes to mind.
  4. I don’t worry if anyone sees, honestly. There’s a few people in my life that know I wear, but it’s a out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing, and even then, I don’t wear around most of them. If I’m ever out and I’m diapered, I don’t worry at all, being the odds of me coming into contact with a stranger again is highly unlikely. Even if I waddle a bit or it’s obvious I’m padded, doesn’t bother me.
  5. It’d be nice if companies would take a page out of Bambino’s book and start using elastic wings on at least some of their products. It’d make diapers fit better and allow for them to move with your body. Plus, they’d get closer to true baby diapers that way.
  6. I have a few AIOs in my stash along with all of my disposables. Sometimes I’ll use a AIO shell as a diaper cover, though I think I might add some legit diaper covers to my stash. I can’t say for me at least, that it provides any benefit one way or another apart from a little extra support.
  7. I’m not sure how many folks are familiar with it, but there’s a ABDL story out there from about 10 years or so ago called “Magic Diapers.” Link’s here if you aren’t familiar with it: https://abdlstoryforum.info/forum/stories/board-member-stories/completed-stories/669-magic-diapersThe basic premise is a young woman goes on vacation and stumbles onto an old package of Pampers, diapers she wore as a kid, while at the store, and later they turn out to be magic, able to transform the user to whatever age they wished, as well as the diapers themselves to the appropriate corresponding size.It got me thinking, if you were in that situation, how would you play it? For example: what brand or model would your personal “magic diapers” manifest themselves as? What age would you choose? What other details would you include if you were in this situation?Just a fun little thought, that’s all. I know how I’d do it, but I’ll leave my idea for a little later.
  8. Just a thought, but isn’t this a little too specific? I’m getting an odd vibe on this one.
  9. What I think they’re trying to say is you need to read and get a feel for the room before you contribute. Like others have said, just because it might seem related, doesn’t mean it actually is, or at least to the extent you may think it is. Your best bet from this point forward would be to try and pick up on how the others you’re chatting with are and go from there.
  10. Honestly, it was a mix of things. Exhilarating, anxious, comforting, and a whole mess of other things. There’s very little I’d trade it for though.
  11. First thing I would suggest is instead of throwing it all away, box everything up and just put it away somewhere. It gets it out of the way, but you don’t end up losing it all. The big thing with the binge-purge cycle is it just takes time to get over and get used to being ABDL. It’s not an easy thing by any means, but it gets easier over time.
  12. I’m a mix when it comes to this topic. There are times where I’ll wear a diaper just to rub one out, then take it off. There’s times I’ll put one on, rub one out, and just keep it on. There are times where I’ll put one on without being initially aroused and become aroused at a later time, especially after I’ve wet or the very rare mess, and rub one out and either change out and put on a fresh one, change out into underwear, or stay in the soiled diaper I’m in. It all depends on what I’m feeling.
  13. I think, for one, a tongue-in-cheek name for the business would work best. Something not too obvious to the regular public, but something any ABDL or similar person could identify. Changing Times Diaper Company kind of has that concept with it’s name. If it were my business, I’d name it something like A(BDL)-To-Z, either hiding the BDL or emphasizing the A-To-Z portion of the name on the sign. The logo itself wouldn’t be a dead giveaway either. I wouldn’t put anything clip art or symbols in it, but maybe something more like ABU’s logo. Something where ABDLs know what it is and what it means, but to anyone outside of the lifestyle, it doesn’t give anything away. As far as what type of building, I wouldn’t go the warehouse route. I can understand the privacy element, but a warehouse doesn’t seem like the most inviting environment to host an ABDL establishment. I’d rather opt for something more like a closed department store or grocery store like an old Sears or Kmart. The open floor plan would be perfect for different fitouts and renovations, plus more foot traffic and a more accessible location. I’d opt for strip mall department stores or grocery stores, preferably ones with few other tenants, and preferably either a multi-story layout, or a building set far back. Ideally, my idea wouldn’t be just a retail store, it would be an entire experience. I’d install fogged glass at the entrance to provide privacy for the customers inside. As you walk in, there’d be an open reception area, with the entrance to the retail portion on one side, and the entrance to the experience portion on the other side. The retail portion would offer a complete range of ABDL products, broken up into departments. The diapering department would feature free samples of various products, as well as staffed changing tables to help you find the right diaper and even change you into it for the perfect fit. Products would include: Cloth Diapers Disposable Diapers Diapering Essentials Diaper Pails Training Pants Training Potties Potty Training Essentials Plastic Pants The clothing department would feature fittings rooms and include regular apparel and specialty apparel and accessories, for casual use both with and without diapers. That would include: Standard and Specialized Onesies (think Tykables range of onesies) Rompers Shortalls, Overalls, Skirtalls, etc Pajamas and Sleepers Dresses and Skirts Tutus and Leotards T-shirts Hoodies Jeans Cargo Pants and Shorts And so on and so forth There’d be a food section, stocked with each and every food item an ABDL or ageplayer could imagine. In addition, housewares, health and hygiene, and the biggest toy section imaginable would all be available. Finally for the retail side, a generous furniture section, complete with design consultation, to help you create the nursery, bedroom, or living space of your dreams. Any piece of furniture you could imagine would be available, as well as accessories galore to go with them. Basically, a one stop ABDL retail location. The experience side would cater more towards activity and socializing. The key feature would be an enormous playroom, complete with a huge playground and filled with toys and stuffies of all kind. A refreshment stand will be available, in case your bottle or silly cup needs topped off with your beverage of choice, or if you need a snack. Staff will be on hand at all times, ready to change you when the need arises. Any services provided are easy to opt out of, so you can tailor your visit how you’d like it. Changing rooms would be provided so you can just come in and hang out if you want. I have a ton of other ideas to include, but I feel like I’ve written a ton already.
  14. I can’t really say I’ve ever gotten that vibe from a random person when out in public. Then again, I don’t really pay attention to that sort of thing. It’s not really my business, much like it isn’t anyone else’s business that I’m ABDL. I do have a few ABDL friends I see every now and then, but we all know we’re diapered.
  15. I wouldn’t say I do on a regular basis, but on occasion, I will wear when I go out, mainly because it’s already on and I don’t see a need to take it off.