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  1. Smash-N-Dash

    Why do you wear diapers?

    I like to wear for a wide variety of reasons. I guess the biggest reason is because it’s almost natural having that soft, plush feeling hugging your body, the way it soothes your nerves like nothing else can. I say that as a kid who potty trained late and having vivid memories of diapers and pull ups and whatnot. I always had the thought of them in the back of my head until I bit the bullet and started experimenting with them. Beyond that, though, it started as a sexual thing for me. I was coming of age, still trying to figure myself out, and they turned me on very easily. I still get that buzz today from them, but not to the extent I used to. My big thing now as to why I like to wear is the comfort aspect. Wearing, for me, is a huge stress reliever. I can come home from a tough day at work, put one on, and instantly my mood changes. In a way, it’s a small escape from reality, or at least a way to cope with it. Diapers are very soothing to me. They give me a sense of comfort and security as well. The crinkling of the plastic and the bulk between my legs puts me in a different mindset. Plus, there’s the practical applications. The extra cushion when you sit down, the obvious convenience of never needing to find a toilet, and probably other things I can’t think of at the moment. Point being though, there’s a lot to like about liking diapers.
  2. Smash-N-Dash

    Oh no... It can't be real!

    I’d probably switch to cloth diapers then. Though it’d take some time to get used to and adjust, it’d be the only logical answer for me.
  3. Smash-N-Dash

    What is the best makeshift diaper you ever made?

    I can’t ever say I’ve made a good makeshift diaper, mainly because makeshift diapers don’t work out well generally. What I used to do was grab a drawstring garbage bag and cut a slit lengthwise down one side. I’d then stuff it with paper towels, toilet paper, maxi pads, or whatever was laying around the house. I’d then tape the bag on with duct tape, slitted side up. Every time, it ended up being a complete disaster and was more work than what it ended up being worth.
  4. Smash-N-Dash

    What do you Prefer?

    I’m biased only because I’ve never had the opportunity to dabble in cloth diapers even though I own several. Regardless, I’d say disposable, mainly out of convenience. I wore both as a child, and I’d like to give cloth more of a try, but for the time being, I’ll stick with disposable.
  5. Smash-N-Dash

    would a macho man have this fetish?

    Honestly, I don’t think there are any limitations or boundaries that would keep any sort of person from being ABDL. We may like to think that certain people wouldn’t be into it, but just look at the diversity of all the members on this site. We’re all different, we all fit different molds and whatnot, but we’re all ABDL. It’s a very inclusive way of life.
  6. Smash-N-Dash

    Should I tell my parents I’m a DL?

    It’s a tough line to walk, but you’d be best off not mentioning anything about it. It is your life and your choice, but for the sake of grief and any negative reactions, keeping it your secret would be best in my opinion.
  7. Smash-N-Dash

    Little for Big diapers?

    I had a few packs of them. Honestly, I wasn’t terribly impressed with them, but they aren’t the worst to buy. To me, the materials they used feel kind of cheap, and the construction of the diaper itself could be better. A lot of times when I wore them for a bit, you could feel the inner lining start to deteriorate some, and the waist elastic wore out quickly. I think what you read might have been a bit of a stretch. I don’t think they’re rated for 5,000 ml+, though I could be wrong. In my experience, two heavy wettings was about it, and at that point, they’d be about tapped out. I had a few experiences with them leaking at night at just the first wetting, and that’s what really turned me off of them. I can’t say I’ve had a diaper leak that badly before, even when first used. I’ve heard and seen both good and bad on these. In my personal experience, though, they aren’t worth it to me.
  8. Smash-N-Dash

    Differece between store brand diapers and ABDL diapers?

    Pretty much everything imaginable is different. Absorbency level, quality of materials, sizing and fit... you name it, it’s 100 times better in a ABDL diaper. We’re especially lucky nowadays that there is such a variety out there of diapers for us, whether you’re just looking for something plain jane, or if you’re looking for something with some design and flair to it.
  9. Smash-N-Dash

    Colorful disposable diapers

    There’s so many different ABDL prints out there now, you could probably wear a different design every day for a month without repeating. There’s just about something for everyone.
  10. Smash-N-Dash

    Has anyone told a therapist

    I, at one point, spoke with several therapists about it. One labeled me a pedophile, and it only went downhill from there. The other I spent a lot of time with, even at one point ended up in group therapy (of all things) for I guess inappropriate sexual behavior and whatnot. For the record, it wasn’t my choice to go. For a while after I finished therapy, I kicked the ABDL need for a little while, but eventually came right back. My mother, who originally got me into therapy, weren’t exactly happy about it, but now she doesn’t really give any input into if I wear or not. She’ll make a comment here and there, but nothing more than that.
  11. Smash-N-Dash

    Put the PeekABU to the test

    The swelling in PeekABUs is insane. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is wear one with a few stuffers in it. Even when dry, stuffed PeekABUs are heaven, but when you really get to using them, it’s so euphoric. Just one of the best feelings ever.
  12. Not that I want to really stir anything up, but there’s always a way to get away with it. It just takes time, careful planning, and a little ingenuity. You’ll figure out eventually that there are loopholes and other things you can exploit to reach your desired outcome at least part of the time without tipping anyone off.
  13. Smash-N-Dash

    What diapers do you wear?

    Personally, I prefer plastic-backed diapers. Primarily, I wear ABU’s diapers, the LittlePawz, Cushies, Kiddo and PeekABU. I have been trying out Rearz Little Monsters lately, and though they don’t have the capacity the ABUs do, they are a lot more crinkly and noisy, and for that alone, they are becoming a favorite. In general, I like a thicker diaper, and a lot of times I’ll use stuffers in addition to the thick diapers. In my opinion, the thicker, the better.
  14. Literally, there are a ton of things I enjoy about wearing diapers. For me though, the number one thing is the therapeutic quality they provide. I cannot think of something that is more stress-relieving, that is more calming, that is more soothing or secure, than wearing a diaper.
  15. Smash-N-Dash


    I should’ve better clarified, I’m a few minutes north of the city.