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  1. It depends on the situation for me. Often, the really high-absorbency diapers are too bulky for daytime use, so for the most part I’ll wear something thinner when I choose to wear during the day. The exception to this is if I’m lounging around the house all day with nothing better to do. For me, a diaper can be thick, but it also has to be usable. I’m not one for wasting diapers if I don’t have to, so I generally don’t double diaper, though I will use boosters from time to time. If I’m looking for bulk without intending on using a diaper, I have a few cloth diapers that do the trick.
  2. If you’re buying online, most of the ABDL-specific retailers are good about shipping discretely, and a good amount of them are available through Amazon if you’re looking for that extra discreet guarantee. As far as delivery, you can try to coordinate it around your and whoever you live with’s schedules, though it can be tough. You could also try getting a PO or UPS store box, having them shipped there and pick them up at your convenience. For buying in stores or out in public, there are few quality options available on store shelves, unless you need a quick fix or are into kids stuff or the like. Thrift stores and secondhand stores are a good place to grab somewhat decent diapers and no one will bat an eye at you. I guarantee people have left thrift stores with weirder things than diapers before. Regardless, 99.99999~% of people in public won’t bat an eye unless you make a big deal out of it. Just act normal and you’ll be alright. Truthfully, the vast majority of conceptions people have in their heads about buying diapers and whatnot are a little extreme. Just act normal, and if you need an excuse, say they’re for someone else.
  3. In all seriousness, unless you held a microphone right up to your diaper and made it move and crinkled, you’ll be fine. Even if the walls are super thin or not insulated well, it’s such a soft noise that it’s hard to distinguish to begin with.
  4. Sounds to me like you need a more absorbent diaper. Check online at the various ABDL sites for a better diaper.
  5. I’m not quite sure what brought me to stumble onto this, but I found a few Quora threads that help explain where some of people’s fascination with diapers come from. https://www.quora.com/Why-does-my-son-like-to-wear-diapers https://www.quora.com/How-common-is-it-for-a-12-year-old-to-like-wearing-diapers If anyone’s interested, take the time to really read some of the responses. For me, at least, it makes a lot of sense as to why I developed a need for them.
  6. Honestly, a quick google search tells you a lot 🙃
  7. When I get the opportunity to (aka when I’m home alone), I take advantage and do it
  8. They had them at different periods of time. Luvs Trainers were a thing in the 90s, and both Luvs Splashwear and Sleepdrys popped up in the late 90s/early 2000s. All discontinued after a few years. When Luvs first came out, they were marketed as a premium diaper over Pampers, both of which are owned by P&G. It wasn’t until the 90s that they started marketing them as a budget brand, meant to undercut Pampers. They probably discontinued the various pants and swim diapers because either they weren’t popular or cannibalized sales from Pampers. After all, it doesn’t make sense for one company to release two directly competitive products.
  9. I don’t know the exact age, but I want to say 13-14, somewhere in there, is when I really got back into them. I kinda always had a fascination with them otherwise.
  10. Mediums in pretty much everything. I can still squeeze into Goodnites, and the few cloth diapers I have are one size AIOs.
  11. I’d say a solid 3. There’s a few family members that know, as well as the folks in the ABDL communities I participate in, but that’s about it really. I try to keep it under wraps as much as possible otherwise.
  12. I think they might’ve when I got to the hospital 🤣 Tell me about it, though. That’s one way to quickly ruin summer.
  13. I’d really, and I mean REALLY need to be in a good mood to change another ABDL’s messy diaper. I’m not a big fan of messing myself, so it’d be a tough sell.
  14. Truthfully, and I wish someone made them, ABDL/adult sized Huggies Pull Ups or training pants in general. I’ve always had a fascination with Pull Ups, Goodnites and the like more than diapers themselves mainly because that’s how I got started wearing diapers again. I still wish I could fit into 4T-5T Pull Ups like I used to... Same here. Pampers just had that phase where they were different than most other companies. For a time, it seems like they went more of a niche route to try and appeal to consumers more by going that route.
  15. My earliest memory, though not diaper related, was me breaking my arm when I was 4. When I was much younger, my family had an above-ground pool in our back yard that was carved into a hillside. There was a deep ditch dug, about 5-6 feet deep, around where it cut into the hillside to make it tough for people to just jump in at any given time. Just for clarity, we had a deck built onto it that locked, and the ladder was integrated into that deck. Anyway, I was about 4 years old, not too long after by younger brother was born, and I had one of those little Power Wheels electric car things, a Ford F-150 I believe. I was driving it around the yard one day and got too close to the ditch around the pool and ended up flipping and falling into it. I landed elbow-first into the gravel below, and with the rest of my body weight coming down, snapped my left arm right before the elbow. Needless to say, it pretty much ruined my summer because I had to stay in a cast for most of it.