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  1. Hi from Nappy85!

    Welcome to the site. I hope you find lots of members to chat to and help you open up the blank points we all have about our love and feelings about nappies, (diapers). It has been said a love or want to wear is something very deep rooted in our minds that it will be with you for life. That being so it's nice knowing there are so many others like us out there to guide you through the troubled times.
  2. First let me wish everyone a very happy new year. Has anyone made a new years resolution?. I for one would like to finally meet some new friends from some of the many groups around the U.K.
  3. Psychiatric Hospitals might not let you wear and use just for the fun of it . Remember a lot of nurses have so much to do that they may not be willing to change you just because you want to wear diapers. Having to wear and wait for help to change is so much different to when you wear just for fun. Psychiatric staff have seen and heard more than many doctors and nurses from other fields of medicine. A lot of stories about diapers and ab/dl life have been posted where someone wonders about being caught wearing and being locked up in a psychiatric ward. Some psychiatrists have even written about it in medical journals, so I'm pretty sure someone would be aware of the feelings at many units. Or perhaps have access to paper work from someone who has delt with it.
  4. Hello just joined this club . I'm 55 and live in Scotland on the east coast near Dundee.
  5. Hi From Scotland!

    sorry about that saw it in newbies section and thought the August posting dates were for this year. my bad.
  6. Hi From Scotland!

    Hello and welcome to Scotland.
  7. Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    As I have to wear nappies I go to bed after changing so I can be dry longer. okay for a couple of mins anyway. Never found a disposable that does not leak at the sides during the night so always use terries with plastic pants. Due to p,t,s,d. I get around two hours sleep before waking struggling yet another reason for not using disposables. Plus if I can I try not to wake others during the night especially if its just to help me with a change , getting out and back into bed.
  8. Scotland

    Hello I'm mid way between Aberdeen and Dundee. Love to hear where everyone else is.
  9. Hello I know we have a few members in this part of the country. Would anyone like a meet up somewhere. First off would be a safe location and in normal street clothes. Looking forwards to chatting with any of you.
  10. Wearing again an already used diaper?

    I prefer terry cloth ones .
  11. Age of Onset?

    I was the youngest and don't recall seeing any nappies around as I grew up. I do remember a neighbour kid wore plastic pants and I loved the scent of them. I started wearing just for fun around age 10..11. Not an easy task having an older brother who shared my room and an older sister. Plus back then it was terry towelling nappies and plastic pants so not easy to get. I got throu , and in my teen years did some baby sitting so that gave me time alone to enjoy. Moving on in 2006 my spine was ripped apart leaving me now having no choice and using either a cathetar or disposable pad. I was nothing like i remembered when i was a teen and wanted to be wearing and using nappies.
  12. Scottish ABDL.

    Hello all. I am not really new I have been online for a long long time and was in this site too lost my log in details so starting again. love to chat and catch up with others especially those north of the border.. Very open minded and not scarry at all.