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  1. Panties

    What kinds of panties does everyone like to wear? I like them during the day sometimes and pull-ups at night !!
  2. Pull Ups Vs Diapers

    I always wear goodnites! Comfortable and can usually wet twice
  3. Huggies pull ups

    I would try! They'll fit me! =) might look cute. We'll see
  4. Huggies pull ups

    Seems weird. I still don't see how it helps? Not much use to me! I like to be soggy wet and warm =)
  5. Huggies pull ups

    I haven't even heard of! Wonder if they make in a size I can fit into!? I like trying new things!
  6. Huggies pull ups

    Not sure. They pictures from cars movie! I was wearing this morning and wet them pretty good! Not sure about easy up. I wear goodnites XL and they are more roomy. I might be better off with goodnites a size smaller.
  7. Huggies pull ups

    <30" maybe 29-28" im 5-7" kinda short too they are very comfy!
  8. New Paci

    cute! I still like my NUK and design! =) always sleep with!
  9. Hi, New here...

    I wear every night wet with NUK! Perfect night sleep! Wake up refreshed!!!
  10. Hi, New here...

    Sitting outside on patio. I wear goodnites. =) just got off work and put on as soon as I got home. Ready to wet and nap !!!
  11. Hi, New here...

    What do you wear Jamie?
  12. Hi, New here...

    Nice to meet you!
  13. Work and Diapers

    Drive thru yes, no pants, oh my gosh I'm not that brave! I've never heard of prostatitus. You wet without diaper? Must have easily leaked. I always wear my diaper to bed! Nice and soggy warm =) no has ever noticed at work? Does anyone at work know?
  14. Work and Diapers

    It would certainly be easier to try in public first =) but work would be sooooo much fun!
  15. Work and Diapers

    Hmmmmm something to consider =)