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  1. Were you always comfortable with your AB/DL side?

    I think its very common and the stories have been told time and time again of the binge and purge cycles and how we can't seem to accept ourselves. My last purge was like 2005 and when I finally couldn't take it anymore I got back into the diapers and said no more of that crap. Since then I've accepted it so much I don't even have the desire to wear as often. Like right now I'm not diapered and I have plenty of diapers. I think as we get older we stop second guessing ourselves and realize its who we are and can't change it.
  2. Any Legit DiaperDating websites?

    Diapermates is ok I guess but is there a way to search by state or city? I would pay money for a more refined search function and a few other things.
  3. I'm super excited for the Treehouse!!! I'm a patreon subscriber because this is the best podcast I've heard for ABDL's! Just my opinion obviously but Toddy knows how to produce an engaging show.
  4. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    I guess I never noticed them being low cut because I buy extra large of any diaper and all diapers just to make sure this doesn't happen. I could probably squeeze into a medium and definitely a large but I just wearing the biggest diaper I can get to negate this issue.
  5. Just Another ABDL Podcast

    Toddy did a live show today!! Was awesome to sit and chat with him for a bit before and after the show. I hope he does more live shows on friday mornings. If you read this Toddy I was Dyperman in the chat. Make a quick account and we can all bombard Toddy in the chat http://mixlr.com/abdlcast/
  6. How do you guys wear women's panties?

    Well I await patiently for my new panties to get here from Amazon. I took the advice of you lovely ladies and these are what I bought. Hoping one of these will be my new favorite and 24/7 panty. Thanks everyone for all the advice. Vanity Fair Bali Skimp Skamp Warners
  7. How do you guys wear women's panties?

    Serious but simple question, how do you wear them?
  8. I'm sure there are way more people who like it. So if you feel well enough to do it cool but don't let jerks keep you from doing it.
  9. The girl I love

    I think its your age dude. At least for me when I got older, above 30, I just said fuck it and accepted it. Now its permanent and not had a purge cycle in years. Also Demon Hunter, great band! I'm all about them there metals.
  10. Do Adult Babies Crawl?

    Two words.... carpet burn. I understand why some who would. Maybe if I have some footed pj's on. I also have bad knees. Man getting old sucks!
  11. Amazing site for huge diapers

    The price isn't that bad but add in shipping from Germany to Cincinnati would be atrocious.
  12. Amazing site for huge diapers

    Yeah they've been around for along time. I've always wanted to try some of that stuff but my budget forbids it. Someday....
  13. Babica PlayCribs - New pics

    Ok this is amazing!!! I'm sure in time will make a huge hit. When I move next year I'll be looking into this for sure! Great idea!
  14. GenderQueer?

    I've noticed its becoming a lot more common to see folks that stay in the middle with gender. I go into stores where workers don't define one gender or another and its cool to see the change in society as folks are able to be who they want. So I think being andro is way more popular than you would believe. Well from what I've seen anyway.
  15. Maybe jump beyond the texting and see if wants to hang out. Say hey I got this cool place to eat I wanna go to, wanna go with me for fun? Texting is not a good place to judge anything about a person. He may be working like 16 hours a day or something completely unrelated to you. Or maybe gauge his interest by texting and saying, hey had a lot of fun talking to you recently wanna hang out? Thought we clicked pretty well. I'm no relationship expert and have no idea how much you've talked to him and how much he knows about you. So its hard to judge what to say to him. But I wish you all the luck in the world.