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Found 815 results

  1. Drownedinp

    It's a Family Affair

    It’s A Family Affair Arthur Mitchell had known Betsy Allen since grade school. It was almost destined for them to get together as they were not only neighbors but we're the two in school every year that seemed to have the most wetting accidents. Well why not they were the kids that their parents seemed to have to wash wet sheets for every day because they couldn't seem to keep theirs dry. Arthur's and Betsy ' s mother's were talking and found that both of their kids were nighttime wetters and either or both would almost daily come home from school wet or would be wet before supper. Both were happy to have a sympathetic ear to discuss the raising of bed wetters, and pants wetters. They had tried punishments, no liquids after 1800 hours or 6 pm, getting them up at different hours of the night to go potty, rewards, alarms, medications but nothing seemed to help. Betsy was even called Betsy Wetsy by the other kids and her siblings, that really didn't seem to bother her. Finally both mother's started to diaper their kids day and night which didn't cure them but helped them seem to fit in better at least the other kids quit calling Betsy; Betsy Wetsy other than her siblings who continued to call her that. About the time to start Junior High School both mothers took their child out of day time diapers, but both would either wet on the way home or later during play. But more often than not would be wet at school still so the diapers and plastic pants went back on until high school at least, both mother's thought that they would try it again then. Besides they were still wet at nights and between them both had not had more than a handful of dry nights since they were kids Since their mothers were so close Arthur would go over to Betsy ' s house with his mother or Betsy would go to Arthur's house with hers. They were left alone most times and the two mother's were oblivious to the budding romance between the two teenagers. Each knew the others secret of what they wore to bed and what they were wearing in the day because when the mothers talked it was as if the kids weren't there so when the discussions for day wetting and bed wetting each child knew the other was in the same leaky boat so to speak.   This continued through Junior High School and when mom's took them out of diapers in Senior High School, the day wetting had improved but there were still accidents during school. But it was decided to let them stay out of day time diapers, nighttime was a other issue entirely. Neither showed any progress what so ever in that department. In fact, the only change had been the size of the diapers and plastic pants used meaning bigger sizes. Both Arthur and Betsy attended a local College because of their bed wetting decided campus life was not for them. During this time though they were dating and falling deeper and deeper in love with each other. They knew that each other still were bed wetters. Arthur had never called her Betsy Wetsy, telling her it would have made him a hypocrite of he had. Since they were both over 18 they planned on marring each other after college. Arthur got his degree in computer engineering while Betsy graduated with her degree in nursing. Arthur was about 5 foot 10 and was a redhead weighed about 135 he looked skinny but was pretty tough as his brothers used to tell him "I'd rather be dead than to wet my bed and be red in the head." After a few years his brothers never picked on him after he'd inflicted bloody noses, fat lips and a few black eyes. Wetting his bed had made him tougher he was sure of it. Betsy was a brunette and people would say she was cute not beautiful but she had an innocence about her that seemed to make her more beautiful. When they told their parents that they planned on getting married their parents thought it was a joke. Both were still wetting their diapers at night and looked like they would forever. They brought up the point "that since they were still wetting at night how much luck do you think we would have if we were to date other non bed wetters?" "We would probably never marry and continue to live at home until we're your age!" Both sets of parents had never thought of it like that, but the more the kids talked it made sense. Besides the parents could see the love that they had for each other, and decided that the at least deserved a chance. They were married on Valentine’s day the following year.   About Christmas time Betsy informed Arthur that she was expecting their first child she was about 2 months along. Arthur couldn't have been happier as a matter of fact he was over the moon. When he remembered a statistic that if both parents were bed wetter there was a 70% chance that their kids would be, he wondered what the odds were if both parents were active bed wetters. He brought this fact up to Betsy who said "if they do are we going to love them less? Arthur said hell no! Betsy said "we will understand more of what their going through right?" Arthur could only agree. Betsy said "and If they don't have a problem we will teach them to not make fun of the ones who do, including us! " about 7 months later Betsy gave birth to a hefty 9 pound baby boy in mid July that they decided to call Christian after Arthur's grandfather, who went by Chris his whole life. Chris was always big from birth until, well just for ever! Of course he was a bed wetter, but that never stopped him he grew up played football and was a dang good linebacker. Went to college was drafted by the Raiders in the 2nd round had to wear diapers at night because he still wet his bed. No one ever made fun of him because he was so damn big. Some kid on an opposing team while playing football in high school said "I want you bed wetter!" Big mistake, too bad because Chris about took the kids head off with a forearm to the side of his helmet. No one ever called him that again. About 4 months after Chris was born Betsy informed Arthur that she was pregnant again and one more time Arthur couldn't have been happier and was still over the moon. She was was again about 2 months along and at the last of May gave birth to not one but two, a girl and a boy. They decided to name the girl Darla after Betsy s grandmother. The boy was a bit harder until Betsy noticed a pattern emerging we have an Arthur, a Betsy, Christopher, Darla, so this has to start with E. They named him Ephraim. They got lucky Ephraim wasn't a bed wetter but Darla was not so lucky now they had 4 bed wetters and 1 that didn't. Betsy taught Ephraim that since he was the only child that didn't have problems with bed wetting that he shouldn't make fun of those that do. One night she heard Ephraim making fun of his twin sister Darla calling her ‘Pissy Darla’. Betsy took Ephraim and put a diaper on him and told him isn't coming from until morning, get used to it. Ephraim thought that it was a Joke so he wet it so mom would Take it off. “Look at me I'm Pissy Ephraim,” and asked mom to take it off. Mom said "No, I told you it isn't coming off until tomorrow morning!” Ephraim said “But mom I've already wet it to be Pissy Ephraim!” “That's too bad you can sleep in it and find out what it feels like to be real bed wetter like the rest of your family then.” Ephraim figured out that he had gone too far. Trying to sleep was almost impossible; the heat and sweat tended to make him more uncomfortable, so he wet it again and it felt somewhat better, not good. he woke up and went into the bathroom and turned on the light, the light hurt his eyes because he was used to the dark, ouch he said as his eyes started to adjust to the light. He lifted up the toilet lid and began to pee looking around he saw the hamper, and the sink and tub, the shelving over the toilet. Dang this pee felt good, then he remembered that he had a diaper on, wait...... he woke up and the diaper was soaked and had leaked and there was a wet spot in the middle of his bed. That was just a dream, but it seemed so real the light hurt my eyes even. Then he really got worried I have to sleep in my bed and it's wet. Do Mommy and Daddy, And Chris and Darla go through this every night? It's harder to be a bed wetter than I thought, I'll never tease them again. After Darla and Ephraim were born Betsy did not get pregnant again for 2 years then she gave birth to triplets this time 2 girls 1 boy the oldest girl fell in line was named Frances, the boy was Gary, and the girl was named Hermione after the girl in Harry Potter. Frances was the only one not to follow in her parents footsteps and wet her bed the other 2 again weren't so lucky.   With about 2/3 the family are bed wetters the Mitchell's got back to being a family. When Christian was a rookie for the Raiders he was drafted in the second round because the Raiders picked up a Quarterback from LSU in the first round. For some reason he had it in for Chris. When he found out that Chris was a bed wetter he got plain mean, hung Chris's diapers out the window on media day, for everyone to see. The QB thought that he was hot stuff, because he was a first rounder. He never missed a trick trying to humiliate Chris even as going as far as the old hand in the water, piss trick. Didn't take much for him to pee his diapers as he used his cell phone to tape it! What he didn't know was Chris may take a little ribbing about his bed wetting, but the QB was way out of line. The next day at scrimmage Chris wouldn't let him get a pass off sacked him three times, knocked down 4 passes and stuffed up the line on a QB sneak he couldn't get anywhere. On ESPN they started talking about what a bust the QB was for the Raiders, but how impressive their new inside linebacker, Chris Mitchell was the talk is they should of taken him first and let the QB fall to the third or fourth round and saved themselves a lot of money. Back to you Dan!
  2. diaperedboilerman

    Amanda Don’t Drink!

    Amanda Don’t Drink! Arriving home from work on Friday evening, I walked in the door, took my work clothes off, and got in the shower to clean the dirt and sweat off of me. I knew I wanted to go out but was not sure where. I was hungry, I knew that much for sure. Being a bachelor the last thing I wanted was to have to now go make dinner. So my plan was to go out for dinner and maybe hit a strip club, get some hot girls attention and a couple beers and head home to bed. I stepped out of the shower and dried my body off, got my blow dryer and dried my hair and fixed it up nice. I went into the bedroom and picked out some nice jeans and a dress shirt, made sure I had matching socks and clean underwear just because you never know. Being an average looking guy nearing 30 I still get lucky now and then. Not that I was really planning on it though. I put on some Cologne and grabbed my wallet and car keys and headed for my car. Leaving my driveway I headed for the mall where there was a large choice of restaurants. Still not even sure what I wanted, I figured as I drove around I would find something that sounded good. Arriving at the mall I passed all the usual fast food places, and steak houses and bar and grill type places. I decided I wanted more of a home cooked type meal so I went to a regular sit down restaurant. I parked my car and walked in. While waiting in line to be seated, I hear some female calling my name. “Bryan, Bryan over Here”. I look and there is my neighbor from up the street with a couple other girls waving at me to come over. So I break out of the line and walk to her table. She introduces me to the other girls named Nikki and Amanda. I took one look at Amanda and was heart struck. This girl was thin, with long flowing blonde hair, probably about 24 or so, pretty makeup on and tight black jeans with a tank top and a blouse over it. Pretty earrings in her ears and a cute necklace. My neighbor Sarah moved over, patted the seat cushion and said “here, sit with us, we are celebrating Amanda’s Birthday tonight”. I said, well I came her to get some dinner, I am starving. Sarah said “we are eating too so no worries”. So with that I sat down and struck up a conversation with Nikki first trying to not make it so obvious I wanted Amanda so badly. We ordered our food and began to eat. The table was pretty quiet for a while as we stuffed our faces. Once finished the girls all had to go pee, so I got up and let them out. When they returned Sarah sat where amanda was, and Amanda shoved me over in the booth. We laughed and had a good time for a while chatting about different things. I was trying so hard to not give Amanda too much extra attention but with her sitting next to me it was very difficult not to. She chatted with me resting her hand on my arm at times, or leaning against me when she was texting on her phone. All signs I was trying to ignore for now. Sarah then spoke up and said “we are planning to meet at the Trolley stop Bar next for a few drinks and some dancing to celebrate Amanda’s Birthday then head home, you are welcome to come with?” Amanda looked at me and batted her eyes saying “I would love it if you would come along for my birthday!” I could not resist and said sure, let me go pee and I will meet you girls there. Sarah and Nikki split Amanda’s bill and I paid mine and went to use the bathroom. When I came out they were gone. I got in my car and drove to the Trolley Stop Bar on the near westside. I parked and they met me on the sidewalk outfront. We all went in showing our I.D. at the door and headed to the bar. Nikki got a Coors light, Sarah got some sort of fruit drink with alcohol in it, and Amanda had a glass of water. I ordered a Bud Light and stood beside Amanda and began to tell her how beautiful she is. She smiled and rested her hand on my arm saying thank you. As the night went on I bought us all a peach schnapps shot, and handed them out. Amanda took hers and smelled it and then just looked at me. Sarah walked over to my ear and said “Amanda don’t drink”. I looked at Amanda and then turned to Sarah and asked Why? Sarah shrugged her shoulders and walked onto the dance floor after downing the shot. I walked over to Amanda and said “drink up babe, it’s your birthday”. She smiled and said, but…..I can’t handle my drinking and I get out of control. I said so, you have some friends here to take you home tonight, does it matter, drink up and have some fun”. She looked at me and said “you will be sorry”. I laughed and said “I doubt it” smiling back at her. I held my drink up and said “cheers…….drink up” as I took my drink and she downed hers. I said “what are you drinking?” She said “same as you, Bud Light.” I went and bought two more. We sat and talked as she and I drank our beers and I got to know a lot about her. We danced to a few slow songs but mostly sat at the table talking. As the night went on she was getting a little silly and very flirty with me. The waitress brought two more beers to our table and we continued to drink and talk. She was now sitting next to me like up against me touching me. Her speech began to slur more as she started to really loosen up and was saying funny things. It was cute though. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said I really like you, I want you to be my boyfriend. I thought to myself, you know I really love alcohol, it makes people be honest! I snickered to myself and said “I really like you also, you are so pretty” and I kissed her back, she grabbed my face and kissed me passionately on the lips. Before we knew it the waitress had replaced our beers again and it was already almost 11 PM. Niki and Sarah came and found us at the table, with Amanda pretty much almost on my lap. I had my arm around her and she was snuggled up with me drinking her beer and laughing and talking. Niki said “we are headed home now are you ready to go?” Amanda said “Ok bye and thank you for a great night, I want to stay here with him.” Sarah said “we didn’t get you a gift today, but will have one tomorrow for you.” Amanda kissed me on the cheek and said “you brought me a great gift!” Sarah asked if I minded giving her a ride home when we are done. I said “no problem.” The girls left and Amanda put her beer down and started french kissing me there at the table. She was not kidding she don’t handle her alcohol well. She then pushed the table out of the way some and straddled me facing me while sitting on my lap and we started making out. In short time I was very turned on and holding her tight as we kissed. She stopped for a moment and said “shit, I forgot I gotta piss bad”. I said you forgot? She said yeah “I kept getting distracted. I just leaked in my underwear, I gotta go……….But I don’t want to leave you”. I whispered in her ear “then don’t leave me, Just pee right here”. She giggled and said where? I said “just let it out, then I will take you back to my place later and clean you up”. She grabbed her crotch and announced “I just peed more in my pants, I gotta go”. She tried to get up off my lap but I held her tight and moved her hand from her crotch. I whispered “just let it out baby, I promise I will take care of you when we get home”. She grinned and said “you think I should?” I pointed to the bathroom and there was a long line of women dancing and holding themselves. I said “you will never make it anyhow, you already peed in your pants, your jeans are black and it is dark in here so no one will even know”. With that she leaned in and kissed me more as I felt the warmth of her hot piss soaking thru my jeans right there on the seat. We made out even more intensely as I grew very hard and turned on. I reached a point where I almost came in my pants. This girl was so hot. Another hour went past and her jeans were still damp to the touch but not dripping and I suggested we go home. She nodded in agreement and got off my lap. We walked to the door and I held her tightly mostly because she was not walking well at this point. We got to my car and I leaned her back against the door as I leaned in to kiss her and simultaneously ran my hand up her pant leg toward her crotch only to find she was standing there peeing in her pants again as we kissed. She didn’t even ask this time. I told her how hot she was as I rubbed her wet pussy through her pants as her piss cascaded over my fingers. I then opened the car door and she got in, I buckled her up and went to the driver's side to head home. As we drove she reached over and rubbed my crotch making me hard again. I told her I had to piss pretty badly now so don’t do anything till we get home. She stopped for a moment but like any drunk, her attention span was very short. Soon she was back to playing with my man hood. As she squeezed and played with it, I felt pee coming out of me. I was literally slowly peeing my pants as I was driving home. She did not stop and nor did my bladder. By the time I pulled in my driveway my pants were pretty wet down under my bottom and over my crotch. I got out of the car and when I stood up the floodgates opened. I stood there in my driveway pissing my pants full on and I could not even stop it. She got out and stumbled over to me to kiss me. I walked her into the house and we went right to the bedroom where I laid her on the bed, removed her peed pants and panties and began to go down on her right there. It did not take long at all for her to get off creaming my face. I removed my pants and underwear and tossed everything in the bathtub. I came back in the room now totally naked with a hard on and she was passed out cold on the bed. I tried to wake her but she would not come back awake. I picked her up and laid her in the bed on one side and covered her up. I went in the bathroom and took care of myself, peed again and then went to bed to snuggle with her and fell asleep. This was about 2 AM. I woke up at 5 AM with her rolled over laying on me snoring. I felt oddly kind of wet. I reached under the covers and the bed was soaked in piss. I rolled my eyes knowing exactly what happened. This girl was far from done peeing for the night when I put her in bed. I drifted back to sleep only to be awakened by her moving on her side of the bed a couple hours later. She sat up and pulled the cover off which pulled it from me waking me up. I opened my eyes as it was now morning and the sun brightened the room. She was looking around at her peed shirt and naked bottom. I gently rubbed her back and said, it is ok baby, come lay with me. She said where is your bathroom, I gotta piss again. I said um…...why bother with a toilet now baby, just lay with me. The bed is already soaked. She smiled and rolled over and straddled me kissing my neck and cheek. Soon I felt her warm stream of piss running over my crotch and making me get very hard. She felt me getting hard and sat up, picked my cock up and slowly sat down on it and rode me until I came in her. She said feel better now baby? I smiled and said “hell yeah I do”. She pulled back off of me and laid back beside me. The bed was ruined anyhow, so I just laid there and pissed in the bed too. We both drifted back to sleep under the covers for another couple hours then got up and got in the shower. She looked at me in the shower, kissed me and then said “so, I told you last night you would be sorry you had me drink”. I smiled and said “ well if I will be sorry, I am still waiting for it. I am in heaven right now!” She leaned over and hugged me. She said “can I pee in the shower?” I said “baby, you never have to use a toilet again the rest of your life if you don’t want to with me.” She giggled and soon I smelled a strong scent of pee as I washed her back. It went away in no time though. Out of the shower, I found some pants that were too big for her but had a tie string, so she could tie them on her. She figured out where things were in my Kitchen, and she made breakfast and coffee for us. I put our peed pants in the washer and started it up then joined her for breakfast and coffee. We talked more and found several things about each other that we both like. We moved our coffee into the living room and turned on the TV sitting on my leather couch. We finished our coffee and she snuggled with me between my legs with my arms around her as she flipped through the channels to find something she wanted to watch as we waited for our clothes to wash. I was really liking this girl a lot. Soon a text came through and it was Sarah wanting to know if Amanda got home ok. Amanda text back that she is fine, but won't be home till tonight……...or maybe tomorrow if things go well. Sarah text back a smiley face and said, if you can’t be good, be good at it. Amanda laughed and replied that she was being very good at it. Amanda found a TV show that she loved and moved herself to sit on my lap and lay her body against mine. In no time I felt the warmth of her piss soaking into my pants as she just let it out sitting on my lap on the couch. I didn’t say a word though I was quite turned on again. I ignored it and focused on the TV. We were startled by my doorbell ringing. Amanda jumped up and opened the door. Pissy pants and all. It was Sarah who walked down the street, she looked at Amanda and then me and said “see, Amanda don’t drink”. I smiled and said “well it will be limited from now on.” Sarah looked at Amanda “is everything ok here?” Amanda came back over and sat on my lap and gave me a huge french kiss. She turned and smiled from ear to ear and replied “this is the best birthday gift you could have given me, thank you Sarah.” Sarah said “well why don’t I get you some of your special underwear you need when you go drinking like last night….and some pants to wear?” Amanda looked at me and asked “will you be mad or make fun of me if I have to wear diapers today?” I whispered in her ear “um……...I will still be just as turned on if you are walking around here in a wet diaper as I am with you in wet pants!” She smiled and nodded to Sarah who said she would be right back and walked out the door. Amanda explained that for like 24 hours after drinking she has lots of accidents. She admitted this one was on purpose because I said she never had to use a toilet again, and she didn’t plan on it while with me, but she also wears diapers to bed for the obvious reason of what happened last night. I told her I needed a new mattress anyhow. She giggled and hugged me. Soon Sarah returned with some pants and diapers for Amanda. Amanda laid on the floor and Sarah removed her peed pants, tossed them in the corner of the room, and put her diaper on her after putting on some powder. Then put her diaper bag with more diapers in it alongside the couch. Sarah then handed Amanda the clean dry pants she brought and Amanda tossed them on the diaper bag then sat back down on my lap in her diaper. Sarah said “ok, I am leaving now. I just wanted to make sure you were ok and that you had anything you needed.” Amanda said she was more than fine and thanked her again for the help and the great night out. Sarah left closing the door behind her. I reached down and felt the nice smooth plastic of her diaper as we went back to watching TV. I thought for a moment and then said “I have to ask…..I mean that was great that she came down to check on you and bring you clothes etc. but ………...I mean she put your diaper on for you like this was not the first time?” Amanda looked me in the eye and said “well, when I am drunk someone has to diaper me, cuz I sure as hell can’t even stand up…….And……….well………………...she………….she is my girlfriend too.” I was taken back for a moment, thought about it and then replied “yeah you two are girls and friends I get that.” She said “No…...she is my girlfriend and you are my boyfriend. I sleep with both of you now.” I didn’t know what to say. She kissed me and turned back around to watch TV while I thought this over. After a while I said “so………...will I be able to watch the two of you getting it on together sometime?” She said you can watch and participate if you like? She wears diapers too and she said in the past she liked you but you never asked her out.” I was speechless. She said “do you want to have her spend the night tonight with us?” I was like………...Um YEAH!!!! She smiled as she text Sarah saying basically that it was on for tonight. Amanda then said it is a diaper party tonight. You have to wear and use diapers too and you can have us both and we will both do you!” I was like “ok, I have never done that…..I mean worn a diaper before………...ok nor have I been with two hot girls either ha ha.” She kissed me and said don’t worry, we will take it easy on you tonight. I said then we better buy me some diapers and get us a new bed mattress now. She agreed, put on her dry pants over her diaper and sent me to change my pants that she peed on earlier. I came down and we drove to get me some diapers and to buy a new bed mattress. The End! What? You want to know how the night went with two diapergirls in my bed? I will have to get back to you on that after they come over tonight!
  3. SleepsLikeABaby

    How old were you?

    How old were you when you discovered your love of diapers?
  4. Drownedinp

    The Proffesionals.

    Rebbecca worked at an old law firm, one that had been started about 90 years ago! Old Mr. Snedly's father had started it! Passed it on to his son old Mr. Snedly, who brought his son Middle Mr. Snedly on as a partner, who brought his son Young Mr. Snedly in as a partner! Young was misleading he was almost 60. She had worked for him for about 10 years! They had hired her right out of University, and she had worked for them since! She was considered beautiful, she had to beat Old Mr. Snedly off with a stick, he might be old as dirt, but he certainly was a dirty old man! It kept her on her toes, he followed her to the lady's restroom one day, seveal years ago! That was her hiding place up until then! She was blonde, which some people thought meant stupid! They had bought into the dumb blonde jokes! She liked it when the men underestimated her she was no blonde joke, you did that and she would hand you your ass! She still went to the gym about two or three times a week where she did Zumba and did cardiovascular exercises. Plus she lifted weights! Her body was toned, as she got older, it was getting harder to stay that way! Rebbecca was also married to her husband of about 8 years Stuart or Stu as everyone called him! He was a a cop, well he was in charge of Dispatch for the local Police Department. He had cought a few bullits and it left him with some medical issues one was his lung was damaged running made him pass out, the one good lung he had left couldn't keep up with the oxygen needs of his body, so he would pass out! He still lifted lots of weights and worked out with machines! Just nothing that involved running or lots of cardiovascular exercises! Rebbecca Called Stu and told him that it looks like another late night for her tonight! Should I save you dinner Becca? That's what he called her. Better not it looks like until the wee hours of the morning! We got that lawsuit that were fighting for our client! Looks like a late night strategy meeting, they will probably bring us in food! Sorry I can't spend this beautiful Friday night with you dear, Rebbecca said! Well maybe I'll see you late, late tonight Stu said, you know I love you Mrs Phelps! Yes I am aware Mr. Phelps! See you when I get home then, maybe! It was another boring strategy meeting, Rebecca was fried, she had started work at 7 am and here it was almost midnight in about 19 minutes! Old Mr. Snedly was dozing off she didn't mind at least when he was asleep he wasn't chasing her! Since the Senior partner was falling asleep they decided that the meeting needed to end! It would be midnight in 12 minutes. She got out of there as fast as she possibly could, into her car, onto the freeway, and home, her watch read 12:07 am as se walked through the door. She started dropping clothes her jacket then her blouse her bra came next! Dammit if it didn't feel great to unleash her girls! Her tweed skirt was unziped, it was the companion to her jacket, dropped about 1/2 the way up the stairs! Her panty hose was next. As she she arrived at the door clad only in her panties she took them off so she was entirely naked as she entered her bed room! Stu was aseep she was naked, she had a thought of her and Stu getting it on, or one of Stu's favorite a lick in the whiskers! She pulled the blankets down on her side of the bed and there they were! Her two thick nighttime diapers and her plastic panties! And her pajamas! Stu was so conciderate! At 32 years old Rebbecca still wet her bed, like she had when she was 5,15 or 25, she had never stopped! She checked Stu, sure enough he had his protection on for the night! When he was shot a bullit hit the nerve that controls Stu's bladder in the day time he's not got a probem! At night he culdnt stay dry if his life depended on it, just like her! They had met when Stu was suing the city! They weren't going to dismiss him due to being left a bed wetter! But was suing claiming that there were other jobs that he could do, like dispatch lead! The job had been given to a female but since he met the criteria, and was a male they had overlooked him! He was claiming sexual harrasment! She ended up being his attorney! They won the case he was able to do the dispatch coordinator job! During the trial his medical issues were brought up including his bed wetting!
  5. Drownedinp

    Glory Be Repost

    WGlory B Gloria Beatrice Stallings wasn't your normal 35 year old. She was 35 yes but looked younger. She also acted younger. Oh she had a job she worked in the billing office of a major corporation in Phoenix Arizona. Most of the guys there thought she was cute and we're always hitting on her. They were trying, her grandma told her trying to get into her pants. Gloria Beatrice was called Glory Be by her family. For the life of her she didn't know why guys were trying to get into her pants, they wouldn't like what they found there. She lived with her grandmother, who it seems had room for every discarded grandchild that her grandmother's children just didn't seem to want anymore. Glory Be. Was one of those her parents tired of the fact that she never grasped the concept of toilet training. Glory Be wore diapers so she wouldn't soak her pants. She learned to poop in a toilet but not urinate. Her parents tired of it and shipped Glory Be off to grandma when she was 8. There were other cousins and family members at Grandma's house right now there was her and Gregory her cousin living with grandma. At one time there were 4 others. Greg was a troubled teen he had assaulted a brother and a sister in the home. He was going to be homeless if not for grandma. Right now it was just those two. Greg was arrested he had seen the get rich quick life of dealing drugs. He was making $800 dollars a day easy on Friday and Saturday that could rise to $1200 a day at 15 he loved what he was doing. He had a place he dealt of, he knew grannie would kill him if she knew what he was doing. He would leave under the guise of going to school every morning but the truth was he hadn't been to school in several weeks. Grandmother never asked where the money came for the clothes he wore and the help with the food and expenses, he told her he had gotten a job as a bag boy at a supermarket. She believed him. One day as he was selling his wares he noticed a whole bunch of people he didn't know in his neighborhood. If he had been smart he would of up and ran like his competitors he was glad that they weren't out selling like him, it was a Tuesday he had already made a Saturday wages and it wasn't even noon yet. He sold to a guy that had asked him about what he had and the cost he made the deal and,.... Bam the next thing he knew he was tackled and cuffed up, the guy was a cop, how could he be so stupid? Grandma got the call. She said What the hell, and that little son of a..... she censured herself before she cussed more. She called Glory Be who had to leave work early to drive grandma as she doesn't have the best eyesight anymore. Besides she owes grandma a lot. Her cousin had his arraignment, he was charged with Possession less than two pounds, distribution of a controlled substance. His saving grace was that he was being cooperative. He was telling who his supplyer was and he had been busted as well. Since he was so cooperative they were charging him as a juvenile as he was still one. They could of easily charged him as an adult. Grandma didn't have a lot of money, they got Greg a public defender. Glory had to change her diaper it had been lunchtime when she had last changed. That was 5 hours ago. No wonder she was soaked. They got home about 9pm it had been a long day. The house seemed empty to Gloria without Greg. He was missed. She was mad and sad. Mad she thought that Greg knew better than to deal drugs. If not she was sure they had taught him about the dangers of them. That was using not selling. Sad he was her cousin after all. He was in a place for her was scary in her mind. She didn't even want to think if he gets sent to a prison for kids. It may not be as stringing as adult prison but it isn't a picnic either. Glory Be got her nighttime diapers on they were cloth with plastic panties. She thought these are my prison. I'm locked in these day in and day out! That night glory had a nightmare that she was sent to prison, everybody knew she was diapered out of need. The worse part was she lived in constant fear that they were going to take her diapers from her. That she would have to wear wet panties all the time. Being embarrassed like that was scarier than the prison itself to her.
  6. evilengine

    new new new delivery

    From the album: evilengine's diaper packs

    my usual schtick of showing off my resupply.
  7. TheBowGirl

    The Millie's Tale

    Millie stood alone at a poorly lit bus stop near the school she attended classes in. It was a late hour, most of the people who would be out and about right now were at home, comfy in their beds, or snuggled up to their loved ones watching netflix, with a few lucky ones doing other activities with their loved ones. Some were in clubs and bars, dancing or drinking the night into morning. Then there were the people like Millie, standing at a bus stop deep into the late hours of the night. Some of these standers were just waiting to get home from a long grinding day, others on their way to begin their day, and then their those like Millie. She had stayed late because one of her professors asked for help. She had not expected the project he needed help with was to see one of his best students naked, and then to stick his penis into her. Her curly red hair, the emerald green a-line dress, both showed some of the signs of her resistance. Her wool gray coat hid the rips to the dress, while also protecting her from the cold of the night. She didn't need to wait here, she was a gifted student, and could just as easily blink to her apartment, something she would of done any other night, but tonight, the young woman was afraid of a trace, or an intercept. She brushed one of her curls out of her face, which drew her attention to the crack in her glasses. She took the round glasses off, the silver frames were in good condition, which would make it hard to believe that they had been in her family for nearly 100 years. Her grandfather had worn them when he studied the hidden world of Japan, the first western magician to do so, with an invitation at least. The frames had absorbed some of the ghost magic of those regions, and had become valuable to Millie's family. The problem with them was that you needed to actually need glasses in order for them to work, which lead Millie to being a master of "life" as they liked to call the discipline, but was forced to keep the crappy eyes she was born with. The young woman popped the lens out of the frame, and held it up to the moon, then uttered a few short syllables, not words per say, but sounds that had been discovered the resonated with magical energies, and called forth the energies she then shaped with a few well practiced hand motions. The crack in the round lens was gone, and soon the glasses were all one piece, and returned to her freckled face, providing a thin glass barrier between her steel blue eyes and the world around her. The ghost sight, as her ancestor had called it, did not reveal ghosts as one might expect, instead it tapped into a realm in which the near future, present, and past, all blended, and with a skilled, and honed mind, someone who was always tapped into that realm could move forward and backward in brief snippets. That is what had saved her from her professor, he had successful fired his memory charm, but he had not accounted for the fact that Millie's mind, thanks to her glasses, was not completely in the present, but split between the present past and future. The charm was quickly broken, and Millie performed a simple gesture that send the professor flying into his own wall. Millie left before the professor got up from that. Which led her to standing here, in the cold, her feet dry only by the grace of knee high leather boots, and a ruined dress. What annoyed her most was that she had realized 10 minutes ago that their would be no more buses tonight, but she also realized that it didn't matter because she had no idea how to get from a back water town in Maine, to her home outside Boston with the public transit system anyways. That was the problem with magic, Millie decided. You get so used to the conveniences of it, that you forget how to function. She wished she could be like the blind, the normal people who never uttered their first chime, magic word, whatever you wanted to call it. She could've been one of those people, but she had to be born to a long line of magicians, ones that could point at legends and make a reasonable claim that that legend was about one of their ancestors. Nope, she didn't get to be a normal person. She never had a chance. With a sigh, Millie finally resigned herself to a quick blink. It was unlikely anyone was to follow her anyways, most magicians avoided shadow and phase magic at all costs. They were too new, and were not even a product of magical study, but a mistake made by blind scientists who had no idea what they were tapping into with their quantum physical studies. The Shadow in particular, a bad name for the practice of shifting gravitational forces in ways current science could not understand, to create spaces within spaces, was dangerous to most minds. It was Millie's ghost sight training that gave her the ability to maintain her sanity there. Of course, blinking was not shadow magic, just simple phase magic, a dimensional jaunt where she picked a point in another reality of this earth, one as close to the one she was in now, but her current location in that world would be her apartment, then it was like plucking a rubber band, pull the other reality into this one for just a moment, let it snap back, and then she just lets go before crosses over, and when things normalize, she is standing in her apartments living room. Sure sometimes she brings a gremlin, or a weird other-dimensional thing with her, but they rarely last more than a few minutes out of phase with their own reality. She took her coat off, and tossed it onto the couch in her living room, the lights detecting her movement and slowly turning themselves on. That was not a trick of magic, just simple technology. The same technology that turned her music on, turned her tea kettle on, and started reading the news headlines to her, all as she stripped her dress off, boots off, leggings off, and shook her hair out of its messy pony tail. In just a plain white bra, and equally plain white panties, she walked into her kitchen, her back marked with tattoos of a geometric shape, in which all the designs linked back to what looked like an Escher design tattooed into the small of her back. The tattoo itself was extremely colorful, and seemed to gradually shift, colors, shape, even position. In truth, it was always shifting because it was Millie's anchor into this reality, a complex magical structure she applied to herself allowing her to travel in and out of this reality, and not lose herself, nor lose the way back home. It was what got her into the school she currently attends. The Danford Academy of the Magical Sciences was one of the best places to study and perfect magic in the world. It was also one of the most dangerous places in the world, due to the whole learn by doing mentality the school took. This night was probably her last night there. Even though defending herself was justified, the spell she used was probably a mistake. If the professor even woke up from it, his mind would be schismed across multiple pocket dimensions that Millie had created on the fly. It wasn't that he didn't deserve that, but that the nature of the spell could of had serious repercussions, one of which being a collapse of reality in the area, or has physicists like to call it, a thermonuclear event. To be fair, Millie would be lucky if they just expelled her. The woman just poured herself a cup of tea from the kettle, and walked over to her glass kitchen table, her feet squishing into the thick, soft, wet carpet. Of course, her carpet was not supposed to be wet, but it still took her a moment to realize that something was off, and once she did, she realized her legs, and her panties were also wet. "Damn it, fucking bleedthrough," she muttered to herself, writing off the problem. In her mind, it was obvious, she flew to close to herself in another reality, and the two were bleeding through. Other reality Millie had just gone to the bathroom, and so this reality Millie peed her panties. Annoyed, Millie cast a small spell that wiped out the other Millie's bodily control, and than sealed her reality away, to prevent bleedthrough from continuing. *************************************** "Mills!," Christa shouted, seeing her red headed friend come out of the bathroom, then waved for Millie to come over to her. Christa was out hunting tonight, and the short hemline, and deep plunging neckline of her dress broadcasted that fact far and wide, although despite the blonde blue eyes, skinny body, and hooker dress, Christa was just striking out. Part of the problem was that the skinny body was not result of diet, but of intense exercise and personal fitness, and it turns out guys get turned off by girls with more visible muscle tone than they possess themselves. To Millie's credit, she was similarly built and toned, although she naturally carried her body fat in such away that she would never achieve those washboard abs, or perfect thighs, not without reducing the fat in her body into unhealthy extremes. "Any luck?" Millie said, plopping her purse on the table, pushing away the drink she had ordered before she left for the bathroom. She'd have to get another one now. "None at all," Christa replied, a little defeat in her eyes. "Maybe challenging them to an arm wrestling competition is the wrong approach?" she added, laughing at her own joke as she finished saying it. "Maybe tell them you are gymnast? That makes the guys jump after the girls in movies?" Millie said, a mirthful little smile on her freckled face. "By the time they figure out you are a champion Kung Fu master, it will be to late!" Christa gave her friend a sharp look, "Its Taakwondo, and you know that miss green belt." "Karata, kung fu... tomato tomato..." Millie continued on, still smiling, "I need to get a new drink Daniel-san, I will be right back." Millie grabbed her purse, and walked towards the bar before Christa could come up with a good comeback. Once Millie got the bar, she risked a glance back to Christa, who was staring daggers her direction. Millie just giggled, and told the bartender, "Sprite please, in a tumbler." "Trying to convince your friend you are drinking?" the bartender asked. "No, trying to convince these idiots," Millie responded, gesturing to the men in the bar, "That I am so that they will come hit on me and I can redirect them to my friend." "How is that working out for you?" the bartender said, filling the tumbler with sprite. "About as well as you would expect a sitcom set up to work in reality," Millie said, flashing the bartender a smile, and putting a ten dollar bill on the counter, before walking back to Christa, "Got a come back yet?" "Shut up," Christa said, then started to laugh, her blue eyes lighting up with mirth. Millie soon caved in and started laughing herself. "Ok, I am driving," Millie said, as Christa stumbled out of the bar, "Where are your keys?" Millie asked, as she searched through her friends purse. "Psh, you are as drunk as me," Christa said, "More drunk! I havn't pissed me pants yet!" she continued on, pointing to the growing puddle under Millie. Millie had felt herself start peeing, but she was far more concerned with something else that was happening in that moment, and she was very happy, and unhappy, that she had worn bicycle shorts under her dress. At least the mess was contained. She tried to stop it, pinch it off, but the more she tried, the more it seemed to push its way out, and when the smell finally hit Christa, Millie was already in tears. "Did you just..." Christa started to ask, and Millie just nodded. "It just... I don't know... I had nothing but sprite," Millie answered, now doing a waddle walk towards Christa's car, trying not to spread the mess around more. Christa sighed and tried to comfort her friend, "Maybe someone managed to slip something in your drink? There are a lot of weird fucks out there that would like to torture women? Did you ever lose track of one of your drinks?" Millie shook her head as they got to the Jeep that Christa drove around everywhere, despite complaining about its gas mileage, "Just the one from when I went to the bathroom, and I didn't touch that one." Christa shrugged, "Maybe just bad food then," then opened her side door, and pulled a towel out of the back of the jeep, tossing it to Millie, "Come on, put that down, and drive us home, we can get you cleaned up and some pepto, I am probably to drunk to remember this tomorrow, so shiny, right?" "You're not that drunk," Millie said, realizing that once she sits down, the mess is going to get a lot worse. "But thanks for the sentiment." Christa just nodded and climbed into the Jeep.
  8. Drownedinp

    The Naughty Couple!

    Let me tell you an almost true story! Me and my wife had been married for years. Our kids were all grown. We still loved each other but sex had gone out the window when the kids were growing up. Life happened you know busy, busy, busy! Oh I still worked out went to the gym even in my 50's, people thought I looked late 30's early 40's. My wife has always looked youthful she was only 2 years younger but I often got accused of robbing the cradle. Well getting older and trying to lift weights with the young ones doesn't mix! I developed a hernia. I thought I had appendicitis. Same spot as my appendix. I got the surgery got the mesh implanted. About a year or so later I would get pain where the surgery was. That is sometimes normal, but when I felt the pain I would sometimes wet my bed! That was embassing, to say the least I'm 50 something years old bedwetting is for kids and teens not a grown ass man like me! My wife was wonderful, I expected her to berate me, yell at me, whatever. I don't know if I could of been as kind if the tables had been turned. Fast forward a couple of years. It was getting so that if I had a major pain I was wet, even just a minor twinge where I had the surgery I would wake up wet. I started buying Abriform L4 they are pretty expensive I was diapering myself every night just in case. There were nights that I hadn't wet and basically wasted a diaper. As there were nights I slept dry and pulling the white tabs off the blue ones still tore the diaper a bit. The biggest nag I got from my wife was the nights I was dry and basically wasted a very expensive diaper from not using it. On days I would wake up dry I wet it on purpose just to justify the use. I guess I'm old school as that still felt like a waste to me. Along the way I found out I liked being a bedwetter, it was kind of a turn on for me. I thought I was nuts, what grown man likes to wet his bed. I started researching adult bedwetting and holy crap, I found out I'm not the only one! I'm not nuts after all. I wanted to be wet every night but it wasn't happening. I had another surgery on my shoulder torn rotator cuff. They catheterized me I was watching the bag fill and I wasn't even realizing I was loosing urine. Light Bulb! As Gru says. Why don't I just get a catheter and wet inside my diapers I mean I don't have to use the collection bag. Easier said than done I ran into you got a prescription for that? No. I was looking on Wish.com low and behold catheters. I started waiting for the little window to pop up asking for a perscription. There wasn't any and they arrived. Unfortunately, they didn't come with a syringe to pump the bladder ball. Tryed using them without and they kept sliding out. Disapointment! I ordered a syringe. 6 weeks later it arrived . I had my catheter in me and it was staying. I diapered myself and went to bed. I awoke in a puddle my diapers couldn't handle everything my bladder sent their way that and my junk had moved and was in the wrong direction. I started thinking. You know but it's weird woman's panties would keep my pee pee down. I bought my first nylon woman's panties. It kept it pointed in the right direction all right but I still was soaking my bed as I was totally wet! I started buying diaper doublers, plastic pants anything I could think of to contain my urine. My diapers made me waddle I was so thickly diapered. I was happy I was waking up soaked every day without having to worry about wasting diapers. My wife usually watched our grandkids at night at their house. My daughter and son in law both work overnights. I could indulge and not have to worry about my wife thinking I'm weird. My daughter got sick and we were together as my daughter was home with the kids and my wife was home with me. I was usually cathed and diapered before her coming to bed. My wife was still supportive she knew that I had a bedwetting problem and as long as I cared for it. She never said a negative word to me. One night in in the process of cateterizing myself. She walks in with my catheter half in and half out. Whoops! What are you doing she asked? Uhmmmm, I came clean told her about the past few months how I had been cathetered and I have been wetting my bed without any type of recollection. She asked me why. I told her it makes me feel naughty. She thought about it for a moment. Could you make me feel naughty? I think the smile on my face said it all. I let her start the catheter as I didn't know what hole it went into. The next thing is she is spraying urine. I got a diaper and contained most of her urine. I said you haven't gone potty have you? No she said I was going to go pee in a few moments that's why I came in was to go. She said it felt weird but I loved it it was like no control at all like when I was little. She had the catheter in her. I diapered her thickly like I was! We cuddled in bed for the first time in months. I felt her move and she was feeling the inside of her diaper. I'm soaked she said with a smile I feel naughty! Just like I used to feel when I was a little girl of 5 and wet my bed still. You never told me you used to wet your bed, I said! I didn't I thought I did, why do you think I never threw a fit about your bedwetting? I did until 7 years old. I missed it sometimes I like feeling babyish, not having control like this. Do you understand? Perfectly i said! We went into the bathroom and started. Getting out of our wet diapers and when I got to my panties. Wow she said I love you can we get me some whitie tighties! I've always wanted some. She blushed. Of course we can get you anything you want! After we were scrubbed, all disposables disposed of, washables washing, she led me to our bed naked we spent the morning making love to each other. If I had to admit it, I believe it was one of our best sessions in all our years of marriage. It Was great. That day we got her whitie tighties she got me some cotton panties. She told me they turn a golden yellow from your pee especially the crotches! At least they did when I was a kid! I was not surprised that night when she came and wanted a catheter, she said I already went pee! This time I got her ready and she got me ready. While she was doing me she said I can already feel my pads inside my boys undies getting wet! I knew what she meant! The next morning she was all smiles! Daddy I'm wet she said! I felt my manhood come to life. I said me to mommy. I saw her shiver she was turned on. She got on line most of the day, I didn't know what she was doing she spent over $300 dollars on things, was all she would say. About 3 weeks later all kinds of packages arrived. It was mostly onesies. Pacifiers, baby bottles with nipples the size I've never seen before. Other things she didn't want me to see. That night she got me naked after I went pee. Now I'm not the biggest guy down there. Porn stars will never have to worry about me putting them out of a job. After my catheters was in I felt a cold band around my testicles, then something went over my penis she had to smash it to get it to fit, I looked and I had a metal contraption over my penis. What's this I asked as I saw the tip of my catheter poking out around hole in the end. It's called a chastity cage she said! What for I asked, I've been faithful to you. I know, I know but I want to have you wear it! That's fine I said but.. But what? It's made of metal and I have to pass through a metal detector every morning to get to my office! I work in the courts system I'm a records keeper. Oh Pooh she said I seen it was important to her. How about nights and weekends, vacations. The smile returned to her face deal, just not daytimes at work. Deal I said! She said I got something for you for me. She brought out an egg looking thing she put some lubricant on it and stuck it in her kitty. She handed me a little thing that looked like a car alarm but had a display. She turned it on and said move that side up! I did as I was told and she looked like she wanted to collapse! You okay I asked! I hadn't made the connection that the higher I moved the dial up the more distressed she looked. I saw her leaking fluids they were running down her legs and dripping on the floor. That's when I realized the egg was a vibrator! I quickly turned down the volume, intensity and she began to breath again. Sorry, I said I didn't realize what it was at first. Quite alright she said I kind of enjoyed it! Again? She asked? I was more than happy to oblige I didn't go as high as last time I saw her shudder and knew she was having an orgasm! I turned the tone down she looked more comfortable but said your no fun! This time I moved the dial up quickly she leapt 6 inches in the air! A moan escaped her mouth. Slowly I moved the dial down as she came off her tippy toes. I turned it off and she pulled the string out which brought the egg out as well. She smiled I love it she said! Me too I said! I was ready for sex but with the cage on me that was out of the question. She put my panties on and gave my cage a little pat. Now you got a clit like me and your wearing panties woman's panties! She got me dressed in my diapers and pads. She put new pink plastic panties on with pink ruffles and I heard a click they locked. I was locked inside my plastic panties. I dressed her and she had dark blue plastic panties that had light blue ruffles. Hers locked as well. Then the Onesies came out the pink one that I thought was hers was mine and the blue one was hers. I was given a pink baby bottle with milk. It had been a while but soon I was suckling like an old pro. After that she stuck a pink pacifier in my mouth and clipped the pink to strap you my pink onesie. Hers was blue. Next day when I awoke I said morning. Morning who she asked? I was confused morning mommy he said! Okay morning mommy! How is my little sissy this morning? Sissy I thought then yep I'm pretty in pink I thought I'm good mommy I said in one of my best little girl voices. She gave me a smile. Is my little girl as wet as her mommy? Yes mommy I am! Another smile. She led me to our bathtub in the outer hall she removed everything. She undid my cage and slowly pulled out my catheter. Then relocked it. She ran some bathwater and but some bubble bath in the tub it was very effeminate smelling. She got me in and began scrubbing me like she would a child. She said I got to clean your clitty. She washed around my cage cleaning my testicles. She said your clitty is all clean she got me out and dried me off after rinsing the excess suds of. She had me undress her and called me daddy to let me know I was in that role now I cleaned up my little girl. I was dressed in pink womans undies again these were the softest I had felt. She used garters and slipped up pink nylons then a pink dress and a blonde wig with pigtails. She put her boys undies they were green and had the incredible hulk on them then a blue shirt that said play ball and had a baseball on it. Then Levis and a Indians baseball cap. Other than her hair she looked like a teen boy today I'm the man. And your the girl got it. Yeah I got it we spent all day just playing different roles it was an eye opener just to see how the other half lived. That night my princess dress was removed as well as my cage and I got to be the man again. She became my wife again we made love well into the night.
  9. Frostybaby

    A Pampered Life

    Author’s Note * While this is a true story obviously for entertainment purposes some events “over the top-ness” are just that for “over the top” purposes otherwise this is pretty much how it happened and continues to unfold. Also there might be some spelling errors scattered about should gett better as the story moves on (first time posting)* Prologue pt. 1 Like many I too never “grew out of” diaper’s oh sure my parents potty trained me but the second I became a “big brother” to my siblings that’s the moment when I found “diaper’s” again. With only a two year age gap between myself and brother’s fitting into their baby diaper’s was a snap, in fact it was an early memory of me begging our babysitter at the time to put me in a diaper and not tell my parents. She caved and within a few seconds I found myself looking at myself in a mirror pulling my pants up & down and shouting….. “Paul’s got a diaper”…”Paul’s got a diaper”….”Paul’s got a diaper” In short at four years old I had sort of found “paradise” sort of, anyways time past and while the diaper’s left my desire for them & all things “little” never really went away from daydreaming on boring bus rides about being “Mommy’s baby boy again” to watching all those references on popular kids shows of the 90’s. Whenever I saw a “main character” regressed I wanted that to be me……. Fast forward through the advent of the net, the ABDL community and the ABDL market place and in my late teens/early twenty’s I got small tastes here & there of finding “paradise” once again but nothing to concrete. Mainly due to the fact that as a “millennial” I had found myself back in my parents’ home after college. That radio degree sort of fell through after 2008. But I persevered, took a hellhole job at Wal-Mart for two years as a truck unload’er with a college degree, finally began making a living doing public speaking gigs shortly after, voice over work but still couldn’t leave my old room. Sure I pay rent but it doesn’t feel the same. While my brothers are raising the bar, with one in accounting & the other enlisted in armed services left home and never looked back sort of making me feel like the “baby” of the family. My parents often traveled giving me time to indulge in my ABDL side with diapers, onises, bottles ect. Even had the nerve of getting into the dating side of the ABDL world and its tuff and rough but I finally found a woman who I loved and who loved me and my ABDL side……Lilly. The first time we “liked” each other’s profile and sent each other pic’s and I must say while I was shocked she loved some of my “baby fat”. I was stunned by her, immediately her hazel brown hair and icy blue eyes popped out of the screen and she was at least in my opinion the picture of perfection again in my opinion a knock out pure and simple. Heck she was only three years older than me at that time in 2014 (29) and for the first time in my limited but intimate dating experience’s she was taller than me, I stand 5’5 while she’s just six feet even along with a "toned" body type nothing like a body builder or anything like that but her past of playing high school b-ball certainly is evident. We had so much in common besides the whole ABDL thing. From fave movies that should have won the Oscar in 94 the “Shawshank Redemption”, fave vacation which turned out we are both a couple of luxury cruiser’s, best pizza toppings well that’s wasn’t an exact match but hey nobody’s THAT perfect lol. We also found that we both loved acting and perusing our passions by any means necessary, well especially for Lilly that would ring more true for her than me. We “met” back in 2013, had all the Skype dates we could stand and heck after the tenth or so we both agreed to meet for a weekend in Toronto. I lived in Ancaster, Ontario while she lived in Kingston, Ontario respectively so Toronto would be the half-way point from both of our homes in the summer of 2014 for a weekend. I was excited, nervous and thrilled to be meeting a woman who’s image was the first thing I saw in the morning and last thing I thought about before bed. However we wanted this weekend to be like our dates just about us. Sure we had talked about the whole ABDL stuff, I sent her pics of me in my diaper’s, she always played the mommy so she loved anything I sent or colored for her but that’s as far as we went so far in that department and I wasn’t thinking anything would come up that weekend at all. So I arrived in Toronto first and I remember pacing around this grand train station like it was a small closet I was just so envious and afraid I mean what if she couldn’t make it? What if she just stood me up? All dumb stupid fears that were put to rest the moment I heard her shout “PAULY” Yes I know “PAULY” I hated that nick name in school but when she said it over Skype I sort of gave in. I walked towards her platform, helped her off the train took her bag and BAM we embraced and kissed right there on the spot and it didn’t matter that we were in anybody’s way at that moment we were both where we needed to be in each other’s arms’ for the first time. It was so wonderful to actually hug & kiss this beautiful woman right there in the train station but what I didn’t expect was her actually having the strength to lift me just a few inches off the ground on our initial embrace, she was in much better shape than myself in fact even her grip was strong as she insisted on holding my hand the entire way to the hotel I sort of blushed but thought nothing of it especially since I was the one who booked the hotel room and yes if you’re wondering my mother didn’t raise no fool but a gentlemen and since this was our “first” date face to face I booked a room with two queen bed’s instead of just one king. It’s the right thing to do period. That said the moment that was over she again took my hand as we went upstairs and headed up to the room, now it wasn’t a stunning view of downtown Toronto although if I’m being honest here I already had the perfect view in Lilly. However I wasn’t really paying much attention because by the time I turned around checking the coffee machine for a decent pod of “Deep Roast” blend and then I asked “So which bed do you want? Near the door or window?” She didn’t say anything, instead I could feel her glare not a mean stare but a stare none the less as I looked over to her. Lying on top of her bed, her suitcase opened and a white object resting perfectly in the center of it, the object that brought us together, a diaper. I’ve never had what is called a “poker face” so I’m sure while I felt my fingers go ice cold my face must have looked like a deer in the headlights. I mean I’ve come to accept and really enjoy the diaper/abdl parts of my life but I almost felt a tad bit betrayed I mean we both agreed not to really bring up this part of our relationship. This was supposed to be a diaper free weekend, a weekend about Lilly & I just us. I’m sure by now my unusual silence was killing the mood as Lilly instantly spoke up with a look of remorse and pity written across her face as she looked at mine. “Ohh sweetheart, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to upset you with this.” I was still off in my own thoughts as Lilly in one fluid motion almost maternal like she wrapped her arms around me pulling me close to her chest as she softly stroked the back of my head. I can’t lie here, it was amazing to be held this close & this lovingly by this woman of my dreams but I had no intension of staying in this “little” space for much longer as I slowly pushed away and stared into Lilly’s soft blue eyes……. “No, no Lilly it’s I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have overreacted in that way, I mean after all it’s only a diaper.” Lilly’s eyes lit up imminently any worry she might have had quickly disappeared from her face causing me to also brighten up and flash a smile as this beautiful woman kept me wrapped around her arms. “I’m so glad Paul. I really didn’t mean to upset you with this more of a surprise actually.” “Well I was certainly surprised but now maybe I can surprise you by picking the place we go out to eat at.” “Now I’m the one who can’t wait on BOTH those surprises” What does she mean both? I thought as she turned and picked up the diaper and motioned for me to “lie down” on the bed beside me. “Ummm Lilly I said I was okay with you bringing the diaper but I don’t think I want to wear one today especially since this was supposed to be a weekend about us.” “Paul” She said with such an authoritative tone I had not heard in a long while, the last time she was that “mad” at me was during an early Skype season. I was standing there showing off my diaper at the time and I the urge to go to the bathroom but Lilly demanded that I “Stand and Deliver” on sight to make a “pee pee” in my “pampers” in front of her. I wasn’t expecting that at the time, I’m sure I babbled some lame excuse but she was firm. Telling me to “Make Potties” in my “pampers”….I did….and her smile lit up my screen. I was brought back to reality as her once soft blue eyes now turned into icy blue daggers aimed directly at me and her once gentle grip became significantly stronger around my hand. “I certainly remember what this weekend was supposed to be about; getting to know each other, getting comfortable with each other and most of all seeing if it would work between the both of us. And Paul if this is going to work between us, then I’m going to need YOU to wear THIS between your legs because we both know that THIS is a big part of who you are but most importantly Paul it’s a big part of why I think I’ve been falling for you.” It was the most shocking, brutally and perhaps the most ingratiating statement ever made about who I really am when it comes to my ABDL side. My shock was quickly placed aside as Lilly again leaned forward and the two of us locked lips once again. As we both came up for air I don’t know why and maybe I’ll never know but I reached down and took the diaper from Lilly’s hand. “Alright but I’m going to put this ONE on myself and after dinner I’m taking it off.” I thought my firm tone would set things straight and while I could see a small sight of disappointment in her eyes, her slight grin on her face told a different story. “Whatever makes YOU most comfortable.” She said with anther quick peck on my cheek as I turned around and headed towards the bathroom making sure the door was shut & locked. I turned and tossed the diaper onto the sink and took a deep breath as I splashed some cold water on my face. Looking up into the mirror I could see my face still looked as red as a tomato even without Lilly demanding to diaper me. I also felt like a fool for not taking the opportunity of a lifetime, for not making a dream of mine coming true. To have a woman change me into a diaper not just any woman but the woman of my dreams but that’s NOT why I came here this weekend. It was just supposed to be about us and not this…… The Diaper It was the first time I looked at it and despite my objections earlier I couldn’t help but smile a tad after looking at it. It was a Bambino Teddy, one of my absolute fave’s diapers up to this point. In fact I’ve always been a fan of the Bambino brand and the fact that Lilly remembered which diapee was my favorite just melted my heart just a tad and also got me excited at the same time. “What’s taking so long in there?” I heard Lilly’s muffled voice shout from behind the door. “If you needed to be helped I’d be more than welcome to offer it or do I need to walk in there and march you out onto this bed and diaper you up all by myself?” I was both aroused & embarrassed at the same time and again while it was a tempting offer for “help” I wasn’t ready for that step yet. “I’ll be out in just a second.” I meekly replied, in reality I was still back in the moment and while everything in my head told me NOT to unfold the diaper my hands were already un-wrapping this slice of heaven open. I quickly pulled off my shorts & boxers, this was it the moment of truth will I or won’t I? Like it was even a question at this point. After years of diapering myself whether I was standing, sitting or lying down this took no time at all and within moments the diaper was tightly wrapped around me and I was once again back to my “happy” place. Taking a few moments to look at myself in the mirror I could only imagine what my six year old self would have to say now. Once again in a babyish diaper, standing in front of a mirror and with another woman waiting for her “baby”. I have to admit though I thought this diaper was much more bulkier than I had previous remembered. I mean my butt certainly did puff out more than usual but it’s a diaper that’s what diaper’s do. Now was the real moment of truth Lilly. I mean I had sent her pics of me in diapers but she had never seen me in one in person and I’m betting on the fact that since it was her diaper that I was wearing she would probably want her money’s worth. My heart raced, my fingers turned ice cold as I reached for the door knob and began turning it slowly it was now or never laughter or love, shame or success a future or a bitter past. I closed my eyes as finally the door opened to a resounding high pitch squeal……. “Awwwwww…….LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU ARE” I slowly opened my eyes as Lilly stood in front of me sporting one of the most wonderful smiles I have ever seen, the picture of happiness and joy was standing in front of me. Why? For simply standing there in diapers I’m sure I even sported a smile at that point. For all the years of doubt, shame and disgust that comes with this lifestyle in that one moment I felt like it was all worth it, I felt overjoyed that my fears were never realized and that the dream of wearing diapers around people I loved seemingly came true. Lilly was quick to once again embrace me but unlike before her hands quickly reached my padded rear and she squeezed and squealed……. “Oooohhhhhh what a cute diapered butt, who has a cute diapered butt? You do….yes you do…..I have such a cute diapered baby…yes I do" She kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the while she was smiling at me whispering into my ear, “You know your loving it; I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front” Lilly was right, I was loving it! But like all good things this too had to come to an end as Lilly kissed me on the cheek and told me to get dressed so we could go out, the first part of this journey was over but the adventure into the unknown was just beginning and I was about to walk or in this case waddle into it pampers and all…… More 2 Come
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    The Visitor

    My Story. How do I put this? I think I'm the most miserable man alive. I'm 60 years old, growing up I was a hard worker. I grew up in farming country. I hauled enough alfalfa bales, branded and castrated calves. Picked potatoes. Milked cows. fixed miles of fencing, If it was farm-related I have done it. I was a garbage man, not one of those guys that drive up with a truck that automatically picks up the can and dumps it, oh no I rode on the back and another guy and I dumped your cans. I also did construction, building your houses. We were putting a wall up and it fell hitting me in the lower back. I also volunteered at my local fire department. I also rode rodeo in my younger days, I liked the saddle broncos. I stayed away from the bull riding. In my opinion, you have to have a few screws loose to ride a bull, that or a death wish! Anybody that will willingly get on a ton of animal with the intent of killing you isn't right in the head. The reason I tell you these things is that now that I'm 60, I've had surgeries to fix several things. I hurt from head to toe the doctors say its arthritis from all the crap I did when I was younger. It's in my ankles, knees my left knee is about twice the size of my right knee. Lower back combination of jumping off the garbage truck before it stopped, and the wall that fell on me. Shoulders injured the right when it came out of socket had it fixed once surgically only to have it tear again. Nothing left to work with to repair it again. The left one hurts now because of overuse from compensating for the right. Right wrist I've had 3 bones removed from it in a procedure called a Radical Row Carpectomy. They took out the carpal bones. That I'm sure is from my rodeo days. I also have had a hernia operation. This caused me to start to wet my bed when I sleep. This has baffled my doctors usually this doesn't cause Enuresis but it did on me. I wasn't a bedwetter growing up. Until I hit 56 years old and had the surgery to repair a hernia. I've been married 3 times the first wife, she divorced me saying I was too damn ornery to live with. #2 was on her way back from work one night and some asshole that had been drinking at the local bar all day thought he was in good enough condition to drive, he wasn't he hit Beth running her into the river. She died of not the accident but of hypothermia, it was December right before Christmas. Wife #3 died about 6 months ago she got Ovarian Cancer she was pretty much gone before it was diagnosed. This is where my life changed. After her death, her brother Rusty ( not Russell but Rusty), his wife had left him. Out of the blue, he called me and asked if he and his daughter Yvette could move in with me. Rusty had one of those jobs where he was gone a lot, oil rigs he was gone like two months at a time then home for 3 weeks. He needed a babysitter for Yvette. He was family and I was always taught you helped out family. They arrived I had forgotten Yvette was almost 17 years old. She looked like her mom. Blond, green-eyed and compact she was only 5 foot 1 or 2 but at 16 she had a rack. The last time I had seen her she was 9 or 10 years old. She had grown and filled out. You might be thinking what a pervert! It's just the radical change she had gone through I was 43 years older than her. Way too old to do anything about it and old enough to know better to try! Like I said after one of my surgeries, for my hernia. I started wetting my bed. It wasn't every night maybe once-twice a week sometimes three or four never more than six. I bought good diapers. I usually didn't have leaks maybe once a month. Tonight was that night. After waking at 0400 hours and finding myself and my sheets soaked, I let a few cuss words fly I got in and took a shower. Lets put it this way I was awake now. I then had to take my sodden linen to the basement where the washing machine was. I was trying to be very quiet as this was where Yvette's bedroom was, I didn't want her catching me washing my wet sheets and pj's. I had just gotten my sheets and things into the washer. I heard Yvette stirring and crying, she was letting loose similar language to what I had used. I heard her coming from her room still cussing about something. She had her sheets and from the looks of things they were in a similar state as there ones I had placed in the washer myself. She had wet her bed as well. Except when she shoved the pile into the washer she saw me and I saw the soaked goodnight she had on. Uhm she said when she saw me. Her shirt was wet as well that she still had on. I saw the trembling of her lower lip, I knew she was going to cry! I hate it when I'm right. Hey, hey whats the matter I asked? Now you know why my mom didn't want me I'm a bedwetter. So what I said I know lots of bedwetters, who she asked through the tears? You know that girl on the next block, Cathy or Cassie? The name escaped me at the moment. Cassidy, she offered? Yeah, she used to run around every day with her shorts wet. In the crotch area. Her mom is a real witch about it I asked her one time about why she wet herself every day? She told me why not she still pisses her bed every night. The crying was growing fainter who, who else she asked? Did I dare tell her me? How about me I asked? You, she said, all tears were stopped. Look in the washer those sheets didn't wet themselves. She looked in and for one of the first times saw my load and put hers in with mine then she did something that shocked the hell out of me, she took her wet tee shirt off and threw it in with my clothes and sheets. This girl was naked all except her wet goodnight. I looked her straight in the eyes that way I wouldn't stare at her bare chest. Why don't you go get cleaned up, I asked? Okay, Uncle Eddy. With that, she was off. I heard her turn the shower on in the bathroom in the basement. I put her wet sheets and clothing in with mine. When I heard her turn the shower off I started the washer. I went and started fixing breakfast. She came to the kitchen. She would look at me and when I would look at her she would look away. Is there something wrong I asked her? Uhm can I ask you a question? I think you just did I joked. No, that's not it she smiled. Uhm your bedwetting have you always... That's what her question was. Wet my bed I finished? Yeah, she said relieved. No, I had some surgery that caused it, I've only been wetting my bed about 4 years now, why? I never stopped she said. It used to piss my mom off something terrible, she yelled, spanked, restricted my fluids at night. But I still woke up wet the next morning. Even my dad doesn't like the fact that I'm almost ready to drive, but I still can't sleep dry. You're the only adult that didn't have a cow when you found out I still wet my bed. Probably because I understand what you go through every morning I said. By the way, we need to get you better protection at night, those goodnights are made cheap but expensive, per Cassidy 's mother. You feel like skipping school to go do some shopping, I asked? Is the Pope Catholic, she responded? We visited the hospital supply store where I get my diapers from. I found they have the best choice of incontinent supplies in the city. She found some purple things she liked called Molicare. We were getting ready to leave when we heard a commotion. It was Cassidy and her mom. They were there to get diapers for Cassidy, Cassidy was fighting her mom at every step. Yvette and I were seen by Cassidy, she turned about seven shades of red at seeing us. She was embarrassed. Yvette went up and I saw her talk to Cassidy for a few seconds. I saw Cassidy calm down. I know Yvette had just admitted to Cassidy that she wet her bed as well. I saw Cassidy pick out the same purple diapers that Yvette had. Cassidy's mother was flabbergasted that it had been that easy. I knew Yvette had made a good friend in Cassidy. I still remember when she ran around with a wet crotch all the time. Yvette came and asked if Cassidy could come home with her, her mom said it was okay! Now I had two girls playing hooky from school!
  11. Hi, I hope you enjoy this story. In the past I have started lots of stories here and never finished them. I wrote this about a year ago, and posted it to fetlife. I meant it to just be a one off story but a few people asked for more and I kept going. I'm now on part 10. Since I have written so much I thought I should share it here too. It took him a few minutes realize his situation when he woke up, not in his own bed, cramped, wet and uncomfortable. He could see the white rails going up in front of him. "Dammit," he said out loud. He was laying in a 52 inch crib staring up at a stuffed animal mobile. The morning erection which would usually greet him every morning was stifled by the pink plastic cock cage, when it rolled his squished penis hurt. In an attempt to avoid this very thing he'd tried to pee really good before he went to bed, as his wet diaper now indicated. He relaxed and tried to let the pee flow, it wasn't easy but eventually he soaked the already wet nighttime diaper and even felt a little creep out into his sleeper. This was Saturday morning. Normally on a Saturday morning in Summer he'd meet his pal Jim and go fishing on his boat, he instinctually looked at his wrist, and remembered his wife took his watch away. There was no clock in the nursery, I wonder if I could still catch Jim he thought. He sat up in the crib, and thought about getting out, the rails were up be he could get over them if he wanted. Still the rule was that he wasn't allowed out of the crib until Mommy came to let him out. Getting out would be trivial but his wife had set the crib on 12 inch risers meaning that from the top of the rail down to the floor was 55 inches. He stood up and looked down over the rail. Of course the latch they had rigged up was locked with a small padlock. The same kind of small padlock that was keeping his cock locked in it's cage. It's probably really early, she's probably not even up yet. I could just go get some snips and cut the cage off, he thought about the wonderful orgasm he would whack out as soon as he got the cage off and he felt his little guy start to stiffen up and press against the cage again and he moaned in discomfort. This has got to end, he thought. "Bahh", he said as he threw a leg over the rails and got out of bed, he reached his foot down but couldn't quite touch the ground, his soaked diaper sliding against the top rail as he stretched. He tried to reach just a bit farther but lost his balance as his diaper snagged on the rail. He found himself falling and hit the floor with a thud. How the hell did I end up like this, he thought. A month earlier he was in a similar situation, laying on the floor of the guest room wearing a diaper and a cute onesie with bright pink trim and printed with hearts. His diaper was soaked and messy and he was listening to a hypnotic track on headphones, and he was happily suckling a big pink pacifier. He didn't even notice his wife walk into the room until she was looking down at him. She'd got off work early and came home to surprise him. The next few hours were rough, he explained his diaper fetish, and swore over and over again that it had nothing to do with children. His wife was shocked, then upset, then angry, really angry, then sad, really sad. She eventually packed a suitcase and left. She called the next day, and they talked on the phone for hours. Her anger had died down and she'd done research on adult babies, finding out that as he had said the fetish had nothing to do with pedophilia. That evening she came home and they had a long discussion, he explained he'd been doing this since he was a little kid, and that he didn't know why he liked to do it, but he loved it. At her request he showed her all of his stuff, his diapers, his onesies, his bottles and pacifiers. "I'm so sorry, I'm going to bag all this stuff up and throw it away," he said. "Well... I was thinking, I've always had this fantasy of being a tough in charge kind of woman," she said. He laughed, his wife was super sweet and nice and rarely wanted to be in charge of anything. "Seriously don't laugh, and since you know, we can't have a baby, it might be kind of fun if you were my baby." His eyes opened wide, words that he'd imagined his whole life just poured out of his wife's mouth. "Ummm, wha.." he stammered. "But there will be strict rules, you have to understand what hurts me more than anything about this is how you kept it away from me all this time, it's almost like you were cheating," she said. "I'm sorry," he said trying to fight back tears but losing. "It's just so, embarrassing," he said and began to sob. "Oh come to mommy," his wife said and wrapped herself around him and he cried into her shoulder while she gently rocked him back and forth, She supported his head and whispered into his ear, "Your mommies baby now and she loves you so much," in a few moments she felt his cock growing stiff and realized how incredibly horny he was. She pulled off her shirt and undid her bra, then guided her husband's mouth to one of her nipples. "Fussy baby, here you go," she gently said. While her husband latched on and suckled she alternated between rubbing the front of his pants and his nipple. Soon he was unable to control himself and was humping and grinding her legs. She undressed him and then herself then lead him to the bed where they had mind-blowing sex. His cock was harder and went deeper then she'd ever felt, he moaned in rhythm with her. "Yes, baby, yes baby," she began to say as she felt herself heading towards orgasm. "Yes mommy, yes mommy," he said back. They came together, both screaming in a mind shattering orgasm, then collapsed on the bed. "Would you like me to diaper you now?" she asked. "Nahh, I'm good," he replied. She wondered how closely his adult baby desires were connected to just having an orgasm. "That's something we'll have to work on," she said with a laugh. The next day they had the best day of their lives, something they'd always dreamed of doing together, they converted a guest bedroom into a nursery. They bought the biggest crib they could find, which wasn't really big enough, but would have to do. They bought a white table that they converted to an adult sized changing table, and some organizers for diapers and toys. They filled a cart at Baby's R Us, with all kinds of baby supplies and neither one could wipe the big smile off their face. Finally, they ordered several cases of different adult diapers. "That's a lot of diapers," he said. "Well you're going to need them," she replied
  12. JUNE 20 - ADDED A HAND-FULL OF BREAK POINTS TO MAKE IT EASIER TO READ THIS FIRST PART Loose papers, file folders, thick books and numerous legal pads were scattered across the boardroom table. At the head of the table, an older man leaned on the polished oak, looking down at a small pile of documents in front of him. He reached down and flipped open one of the file folders, pulled a post-it note from where it had been stuck. Not looking up he said, “Miss St. James.” “Yes, Mr Cotton?” He looked up then, grey eyes seeking out the young woman. “Go down to the library, I need you to check all the cases from 1986.” Kristine St. James nodded at the tall Oscar Cotton. “Yes sir. What do you want me to find?” He looked at the post-it note again and then said, “You’ll know it when you find it.” Several of the other people in the room, all young men and women, rolled their eyes, and one dark-haired man gave her a sympathetic look. However, Kristine only said, “Yes sir.” Oscar nodded and then began to shift through the documents in front of him. By the door was a polished aluminium coat rack on which hung some expensive suit jackets, mostly blue and black. Kristine took a jacket of dark red, worsted wool and slipped it over a white blouse, open at the collar. Before leaving she grabbed a messenger bag, heavy with the laptop within. Beyond the boardroom was a large, open office space, the perimeter made up of other such boardrooms and offices for the lawyers. She paused, looked around, promised herself she would have one of those offices in two years. As she walked to the elevators the two-inch heels of her pumps clicked on the office's hardwood floor. Hardwood floors were just one of those things that the law firm of Cotton and Black used to set itself apart from the others. The elevator took her down to the lobby, and she crossed the tiled floors, towards the stairs. She was a young woman, looked more or less her twenty-five years, average across the board, maybe a little pretty. No one gave her any more attention than anyone else. She walked down two flights of stairs, into the sub-basement. Cotton and Black had space down there, for storage and the library. Her security key got her into the room. She reached out and flipped on the lights. The fluorescents came on with a quiet but pervasive ‘hum’ and a barely perceptible flicker. “Too bad the clients don’t come down here,” she said, walking over to one of the scarred wooden tables and placing her bag on it. The cases for 1986 occupied their own shelf. Books of past cases and the legal precedents set in them. She pulled several down, carried the heavy armful back to the table, placed them down on one end. From her bag, she brought out a beat up, old laptop, and several pads of legal paper. “Okay, let’s go fishing,” she said, and then pulled a book towards her, sat down, and flipped it open. Time passed. She ran numerous searched on her laptop, filled almost an entire pad with notes and photocopied nearly one hundred pages. Feeling she had found everything she (and Oscar) wanted Kristine put the books back in place and then left the library, snapping off the lights behind her. She had been there for almost four hours, and it was a little after seven in the evening. The offices of Cotton and Black were not empty, but most everyone had gone home. Kristine might have gone home herself, but she really wanted to get things finished up. She sat at her cubicle, a far cry from the office she wanted, logged into the desktop computer and then began to write up the document. It was almost ten when she finally finished putting everything in order. All the precedents neatly organised, from the ones that had the most relevance to the case to the ones that had the least. There were a few good ones there, but nothing that she would have considered a home-run in the case. She could only hope she got what Oscar Cotton had wanted. While the computer logged off, she stretched in her chair, arms above her head. Flopping bonelessly she slumped in her chair, eyes closed. So simple to just fall asleep in the chair. She would feel like hell tomorrow. Standing she took her jacket from the back of the chair, then slipped her arms into it, pulling it straight. Grabbing her messenger bag up she walked through the nearly empty room, towards the elevators. She almost ran into someone coming out of one of the offices. “Oh, sorry,” Kristine said, jumping back. The other woman started, took a step back, then shook her head. “No problem. Here late?” “Yes Mrs Kirk.” Linda Kirk looked at Kristine for a few seconds. “You’re working with Oscar.” “Yes Mrs Kirk.” “St. Just?” “St. James.” “Sorry.” Kristine smiled. “No problem.” Linda nodded and started towards the elevators. She walked slowly, and Kristine took that as an invitation to fall in beside her. Linda was a little taller than average, and her three-inch heels made her stand taller than Kristine. She was a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed woman, looking to be in her late thirties, but probably older than that. Married, as Kristine understood it. Not happily, according to office gossip. Kristine tried not to pay attention to such gossip. Linda was the kind of lawyer that Kristine wanted to be, minus the wedding. “You’ve been here for about six months,” Linda said. “Yes. Came in around April.” “Do you like it here?” She and Linda had arrived at the elevators and Linda reached out and pressed the call button. “I do,” Kristine said. “Are you hoping for a job?” Kristine knew what Linda meant. “Yes.” “Work hours like this and you’ll probably get it.” “Thank you.” “Don’t let it take over your life though.” “Pardon?” “You’re a young woman. I suspect some of the other people articling are out having some fun. God knows I did a few times.” “I’ll remember that, but,” she paused, “I like the job.” Linda looked down at her, not that there was that great of a difference in their heights. “I suppose you do, but still…” The elevator ‘dinged’ and the doors opened. They both stepped in. Kristine reached out and pressed the button for the lobby. As the doors closed, Linda said, “Just don’t burn yourself out.” “I won’t,” Kristine said. They ended up riding down in silence. Kristine looked at the muddy reflection in the dull silver doors. All she could really make out was her dark hair, brown, worn to her shoulders. Different from Linda’s long, blonde hair. “It was nice to speak with you,” Linda said as the elevator doors opened on the lobby, then walked out. “You too,” Linda said, following. Linda’s longer strides made it clear that their conversation was over. Still, she followed Linda across the lobby and out of the building. They went different ways a few steps later, with Linda stopping by the side of the road to hail a taxi while Kristine turned and walked down the block towards the subway entrance. When she reached the platform, she took a moment to check her phone. There was a message from Daniel, the dark-haired young man from earlier in the day. He and the others had gone out for drinks, wanted to know if she was going to come. She considered it for a moment but chose not to, sending him a text message telling him she’d go out drinking tomorrow night. Friday night. Tonight she’d get some sleep and be ready for a busy day tomorrow. In another place a busty woman with cat ears sat in a booth, several women with rabbit ears tight around her, hugging her, pouring her drinks, laughing with her, sharing kisses. The cat-eared woman laughed loud and drank deep. “Another round,” she called out. The rabbit-eared women cheered. “Tac is so generous,” a bunny girl with ridiculously huge breasts said. “Of course I am my sweet little hare, the party never ends,” Tac said. She was well dressed, in a tuxedo cut to flatter her feminine curves, her black hair cut in a short bob that called attention to a long, feminine neck. The waiter came by with a new bottle. He coughed, as if uncomfortable. “You’ve run out of money ma’am.” Tac produced a card from her jacket and handed it to the waiter. “Of course, put another fortune for my tab, and twenty percent for tips across the board!” “Of course ma’am.” The rabbit girls squealed happily, fighting to throw their arms around Tac as the waiter nearly skipped off. “Oh, my life is good!” Tac crowed. A new glass of alcohol (a catnip whisky) had been poured, and Tac was slipping her hands under the clothing of her table mate. “I’m a pussy that knows my stuff,” she told one of the rabbit girls as she slipped a hand between her legs. Someone coughed loudly. Tac looked over her shoulder. Behind her was an older woman, dressed in a severe but beautiful dress. Her lower body was that of a snake. “What is it mama-san?” Tac asked. “Do you have a new girl you want me to meet.” The woman smiled, though it did not touch her eyes. “I am afraid that your card has been denied.” She placed the card on the table. Tac straightened. “Impossible.” She reached for the card. “I am afraid it is true. Do you have another form of payment?” Tac looked at the card, then shook her head. “Only barbarians carry cash.” “Enjoy the bottle, it is your last. Girls.” “Awww, sorry Tac,” one of the girls said as she and the others slipped from the booth. Tac sighed and slipped the card into her jacket. “Share a glass with me Mama-san?” she asked, holding up the still mostly full bottle. “For old times sake,” she replied, slipping the upper part of her body into the booth, leaving her tail to the side. “To the good old days,” Tac said, lifting her glass after she had poured two full tumblers. “You have spent the good old days here,” the snake woman said as she tapped the rim of her glass against Tac’s. “You jest,” Tac said and took a drink. “Why I have hardly been here…” she looked at her watch. “Wow! No wonder they cancelled my card.” “I wish you well,” the snake woman said, finishing the drink. “When you are rolling in money again, you are of course welcome.” “You’ve got a heart of gold Mama-san.” “If that were true I would have cut it out long ago.” That said she slithered off, leaving Tac alone. She poured herself one last drink, then corked the bottle. She had paid for it so she would take it with her. After knocking back the generous measure, she got up and walked with the exaggerated and affected grace of one very drunk. Outside the bar, it was daylight. Bright daylight. Tac’s green cat eyes narrowed, and she raised her free hand up to shade her face. “This sort of day is obscene,” Tac said. “There is only one obscene thing here, and that is you.” Tac turned to the speaker. “Gorgeous,” she said as if the word tasted like ashes. Not entirely living up to her name, the rail-thin Gorgeous with soft brown skin, kohl-lined eyes and perked up Anubis ears seemed a pretty Egyptian princess. “You are an embarrassment,” Gorgeous said. “A sexy embarrassment, with cat class and cat style,” Tac smiled, taking her hand away from her brow to place it across her chest. Gorgeous’ lips twitched into scowl for a moment. “You’ve left your job undone.” “What? You told me to take a couple of years break before starting up work again.” Voice expressing insult as eyes widened in surprise. “A couple of years! Two! Like a married couple. You’ve been in that bar for twenty-three!” “Your definition of marriage seems both heteronormative and supporting only monogamous pairings. In some cultures I am easily married to many of the women in that club,” she took her hand from her chest and made a gesture, pointing behind her with a thumb, “and our ‘couple’ is much larger than two.” “Really? That’s your answer. Twenty-three years in a club and all you can do is argue that you have a different definition of a word? You aren’t even going to act embarrassed that you have been spending a fortune of the organisation’s money on a party?” “So it was you that got my card cancelled. That’s low even for you.” Tac took a few steps forward and stood nearly nose to nose with Gorgeous. “You owe me an apology.” Gorgeous seemed exceptionally off-put by Tac’s attack, and stammered out, “But it was you…” She took a deep breath, threw her shoulders back and puffed out her chest. “If you want your card reactivated you had better do your job. There is a candidate that you have to take care of.” Tac shuffled a step back, realising that she had lost the opportunity to claim the moral high ground. “But it has been twenty-three years, surely that is too late. Maybe it is time I got shuffled into an office job?” “Oh? Now twenty-three years seems too long?” “Well, for the job. The candidate is probably dead right? Humans only live about fifteen years, right?” “You know that is not true!” Gorgeous snapped angrily, taking a step forward. Tac skipped back several steps. “But you got to admit, it is like too late. I mean, what adult would ever accept the deal?” Gorgeous smiled. Tac did not like that smile. “Well, that is your problem now. You want your account reactivated, you get your candidate to accept the contract. And until you do, you are persona-non-grata at the organisation. And don’t expect to get any sort of reference from us if you just decide to quit and seek a new job.” “Well, shit,” Tac said. “Kristine, good work on that report,” Oscar Cotton said as he came into the boardroom. Kristine and the other people assigned to work with Oscar had come in earlier, had been working for about twenty minutes already. “Thank you, Mr Cotton. So I found the precedent you want?” “Not at all,” he told her, smiling. “But it was good work, and it reminded me of what I was looking for.” He held up a law journal and then tossed it onto the table. “I want you to all go through the marked pages,” he told them, “give me your impressions. That is what we will be basing our defence on.” With a focus for their work, Kristine and the others set down to get all of the details hammered out while Oscar put it all together in a cohesive whole. “Miss St. James,” Oscar said near the middle of the day, “would you like to join me in court on Monday?” “Me Mr Cotton?” A moment of modesty, just not to seem too opportunistic. “Yes. I would appreciate it.” But it helped to seem a little opportunistic. “Very good. Okay, let’s dot our i’s and cross our t’s,” he told the rest of the team, smiling. Kristine knew there would be a little bad-blood that she was going to assist Mr Cotton at the trial, but she knew it would not last. She had nursed short-lived grudges about the same thing. A little before six in the evening Oscar pronounced them ready. “Get some rest, have a little fun.” Dismissed they gathered up their things to head out. Daniel fell in beside her as they entered the elevator, Olivia Smoke on her other side. “Going to sit in the big seat,” Olivia teased. Dark hair, dark skinned, handsome, Olivia stood out in all the right ways. “Will you remember us little people?” Daniel asked her. “Just like you remembered us when Mrs Kirk had you help you on the Rafter case?” “I did enjoy lording it over all you peons,” he said, striking an arrogant pose. Kristine and Olivia laughed. “You heard the boss,” Olivia said as she hooked an arm through Kristine’s. “Let’s go and have some fun.” Daniel put a hand on Kristine’s shoulder. “You did promise me to go out drinking tonight.” Kristine laughed as the three of them strode out of the elevator as it opened on the lobby. “Then let’s enjoy a night of debauchery.” Close by were some upper-class bars, very expensive. They stopped in one for a few drinks, letting themselves enjoy the finer things. “For practice when we are all big shot lawyers,” Kristine said. However money did not go far there, and they piled into the subway, heading downtown to less genteel but much cheaper options. They drank heavily, in celebration, for another week done. Daniel handled his booze better than the other two, and watched over them, even when drunk, knocking over glasses that had been left unattended and sending them to get fresh drinks, staying close to them, so they were not bothered too much. Kristine liked him. She liked Olivia more. The two of them, she and Olivia, ended up in a stall in the woman’s bathroom, their hands in each other’s panties. Near last call, Daniel saw them both into taxi cabs. Sending them off to their homes. Kristine sobered up a little on the ride back to her apartment. She stretched lazily in the back seat, and the taxi driver kept up a stream of what sounded like meaningless conversation. One thought dominated her thoughts. On Monday she would be in court. It was going to be an excellent opportunity to learn. The cab dropped her off at a nothing special high-rise, close to the university. Not a bad part of town, but loud students made it less desirable for older people and those with families. Kristine could just afford the small bachelors apartment she rented, with a little left over after food to enjoy a few nights out each week. She passed through the security door, and into the lobby. Took the elevator up to the fourteenth floor. She walked stockinged foot along the faded, slightly ratty carpet with the blue and gold pattern, her heels in her hand. When she reached the door to her apartment, a cat waited for her, sitting right in her way. “What’s up?” the cat asked. Kristine frowned. She was nowhere near drunk enough that she should be hallucinating. It was unlikely anyone had slipped her anything. Which meant she was facing a talking animal. “Get the hell out of here,” she told the cat, kicking at it. She did not think to connect, but the cat jumped away from the kick and from the door, and Kristine quickly unlocked it and slid inside. “Damn magic animals,” she said as she pushed the door closed and locked it. “That was hardly nice.” Kristine looked over her shoulder. That cat sat on the floor behind her. “Of course.” She turned and slid down the door, so she was sitting on the floor. “Don’t you have to be invited in?” “You are thinking of vampires.” She closed her eyes. Took a deep breath. “What do you want?” “Become a Magical Girl.” “Fuck no!” She said, opening her eyes, straightening to her feet. The cat was gone. In its place was a beautiful woman in a tuxedo, cat ears upon her head. She understood, intellectually, that cat and woman were the same, but it surprised her none the less, and she swayed on her feet. “Come on, don’t be like that?” The woman stepped closer. “I’m Tac. You’re Kristine. Introductions over.” She put a hand on Kristine’s bare hand. “Now become a Magical Girl.” Kristine shivered at the touch and pulled back. “No.” She pushed past Tac and into the centre of the small apartment, between the couch and the TV. “Every girl wants to be a Magical Girl,” Tac told her. “Exactly, every girl. No woman. I’m a woman.” “Don’t I know it,” Tac said with a smile that made Kristine feel as if she were naked. And realise that she might not mind it if she were naked. “Then why ask me? Find some actual girl.” “You’re my target. Sorry. Become a Magical Girl. You’ll be a superhero. What’s so bad about that?” Kristine shook her head, then reached for the TV remote. With a beep, the TV came on. She flipped through the channels until she found what she was looking for. “There. That’s a Magical Girl.” There was some kind of panel show on the TV. One of the guests was a young woman in an extravagant pink mini dress, pink hair done up in an impossible style. “Hey, that Magical Parfait, one of the Baker’s Dozen,” Tac said. “Been forever since I saw them. She’s looking well.” Kristine nodded. “I know who she is. She or some other pathetic once was are always on late night TV, being an embarrassment. That’s what happens to Magical Girls, now that there is nothing left to fight. Why would I become one of those people? It would be embarrassing, becoming a joke, hell I think my employment contract says I can’t become magical.” “You make a few good points, but I don’t really care. Let’s fuck and then you can become a magical girl.” Kristine almost said, ‘Yes to the first part, no to the second.’ Instead, she said, “Get out or I am calling the cops.” Tac took a step back, holding up her hands. “Okay, okay. I’m going, but think about it.” Before Kristine could tell Tac that there was nothing that needed to be thought about, Tac was gone. “God damn magic,” Kristine muttered. BREAK POINT#1 Morning came. Kristine woke in her bed (a folding couch), looking up at her room’s ceiling. She wondered it a magical animal had actually offered her the opportunity to become a magical girl. It seemed like something that should be a dream. But it did not feel like a dream. Well, she had refused it, and that was what mattered the most. She went about her morning routines, then chores. The small apartment made it easy to clean. She held up her suit from the previous night. Partying and bathroom sex had done a bit of a number on it. The suit and a few other things got folded into a bag, to be dropped off at the dry cleaners, different clothes got stuffed in a mesh laundry bag. She would take them down to the building’s laundry room later. Dressing in faded jeans and a smart, cream, peasant blouse, she took up her purse and the bag of clothing and headed out. Standing outside of her door, waiting for her, was the cat. She looked back and forth, to make sure she was alone, then said to the cat, “Go to hell.” “Come on. Become a Magical Girl.” “Go to hell,” she said again, enunciating each word. Then she turned and walked towards the elevators. “You get magic, you’ll be really strong and fast. You won’t ever get a cold again,” the cat told her, following at her heels. “There is not really a downside.” “What part of go to hell don’t you understand,” Kristine asked, looking down at the cat she walked. “Is it the ‘hell’ part? It can’t be the ‘go’ part.” “The part where you won’t become a Magical Girl.” Kristine stopped at the elevators, she jabbed the down button then turned and grabbed the cat, picking it up by its scruff. “Hey, hands off the fur.” Ignoring the outburst she lifted it up, so it was hanging in front of her face, and they were eye to eye. “Get this kitty. I will never become a Magical Girl. Never, ever. If you keep bothering me, I’ll find a magical violin maker and tell them there is some magical catgut around here and they can come and get it.” “Oh real nice. How’d you like it if people were making things out of human organs?” “Don’t bother me again. The answer is and will always be no.” There was the sound of the elevator door opening. Kristine dropped the cat and stepped back into the, fortunately, empty elevator car. The cat did not follow her. Watching the doors closed Tac’s feline eyes narrowed. “If you want to play rough, I can play rough lady. Oh, I can play very rough.” Maybe once the room had been something more. Maybe once it had been clean, and sunlit, where decent people gathered. But that did not seem likely. A handful of lights made the shadows all that deeper. The walls and the floor were bare cement. It smelt of mould, stale vomit, piss and beer. The clientele often smelled just as bad. At the bar, a large figure sat. Swathed in a long overcoat and wide-brimmed hat, seeming to carry a cloud of shadows about itself. Every now and then the bartender would place a glass, filled from an unlabelled bottle, in front of the figure and the figure would throw some tattered bills on the bar. When Tac entered the bar almost every pair of eyes (in a few cases a single eye and in some more than two) was turned towards her. She was obviously out of place, with grace and style that was discordant with the general atmosphere of malignant neglect. A few watchers licked lips or gripped groins, but most identified Tac as bad news and looked away. Tac, after placing a handkerchief on the stool, took a seat beside the large figure. The figure was one of the few who had not looked towards her. “General Hemlock, the First Lance of the Rose Empress… how the mighty have fallen.” Slowly the figure turned its head towards Tac. The brim of the hat cast most of the face in shadow, buy toxic green eyes shone out. “You were with those bitches.” “The Charms, Princess Calliope. She was the one who killed Empress Rose at the end. She was the one that beat you, then left you. She thought she was kind.” The glass Hemlock’s hand shattered. “Yeah, it’s sad. You didn’t die in battle, and you didn’t protect your Empress. And you can’t go home, and you can’t do anything here, except drink.” Hemlock stood, towering over Tac. “Oh dear,” Tac said carelessly. “Are you going to kill me?” For a moment Hemlock stood there, then his shoulders sagged, and he seemed to shrink in on himself. He dropped back onto his stool, turned away from Tac, back to the bar. A few bills were tossed onto the bar, for another drink. “That’s what I thought,” Tac said with a smile. “Still, maybe there is an opportunity. You see, there is a brand new Magical Girl out there. Just maybe you could kill her. Kill a Magical Girl, and you could probably return home, little bit of honour instead of disgrace.” Hemlock’s head dipped, perhaps he was nodding. “Or she kills you, but you die like the great warrior you are.” The bartender placed a new drink in front of Hemlock. Hemlock picked it up and drank most of it in one gulp. “Tell me more,” Hemlock said. Kristine enjoyed a cup of coffee in a small cafe. She had a shopping bag on the seat beside her; her dry cleaning had been dropped off earlier. There was a little more shopping she needed to do but was happy to take a small rest. On Monday she would be in court. That was what mattered. Not some stupid cat who wanted her to become a ridiculous Magical Girl. She finished her coffee, dropped a handful of change beside the empty cup, then left the cafe at a leisurely walk. She looked around, trying to decide where to go first. She saw the people staring before she saw what they were staring at. She followed their gazes and spotted what had attracted so much attention. A ridiculously large figure, dressed in a trench coat, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Was it some kind stunt, she wondered? Her mind on how unbelievable the figure was it took her a moment to realise it was heading towards her. She turned, looked both ways, then dashed across the street as soon as there was an opening. Having a road between her and the strange giant in black made her feel a bit better. The sound of tires screeching and horns honking made her turn. The large figure had stepped onto the road, and even as she watched, one of the cars slammed into him with a metal crunching sound. Knocked forward the figure flew through the air for a few feet and then hit the ground, losing its hat in the process. Kristine’s mouth was open in shock. Then the figure got to its feet. Without the hat an inhuman face was visible, looking more like the rough bark of a tree, with small, glowing green eyes and a simple black slash across the lower part for a mouth. It got to its feet and, ignoring the car, continued forward. Right at Kristine. When she realised it was coming right at her, she turned to run. However, with impossibly long arms it reached out and grabbed her. “Where is she?” the thing screamed at her, drawing her close. Kristine stared at it, fear wide eyes showing white all around. “Where is she?” The words were punctuated with a shake that made muscles hurt. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” Kristine almost babbled. It slammed her against the pole of a street light. Kristine was sure bones had broken. “Come out and fight me!” it screamed, then hurled Kristine through a shop window. She was certain something snapped when she hit the glass, then the glass shattered and cut her as she went crashing into a clothing shop. I am going to die. The thought was clear. “Things don’t look good for you.” Kristine shifted her gaze, towards the voice. Tac, as a cat, sat nearby. “What…” “Some monster is going to kill you, sad,” Tac told her. “Help…” “I’d love to, but I am a lover, not a fighter. But you could be a fighter. Want to become a Magical Girl? Better than dying.” There was the sound of glass being crushed, something breaking. That thing was coming after her. She knew this was wrong, but there was too much pain, and her head was ringing. She could hardly think. But she did not want to die. “Okay,” she said, giving up. The cat’s eyes glowed. “Say the words,” it said. The words? What words? Then she knew. The words that would seal the covenant. By the Power of Innocence, I am Nursery Knight Kristine. Those were the words. Those were what she said. She was almost certain what she heard was, ‘By the Powa of Innothenthe, I’m Nurthwy Knight Kwithy’. However at the moment what she heard was not as important as what was happening. The pain faded, the cuts closed up, and bruises disappeared. Her clothing changed, though she could not see, and it felt weird. Something was happening to her hair like someone was combing it and styling it. As she stood, she felt something weigh her hand down and looked to see she was holding some odd looking, giant plastic looking mace. It looked like… “You!” She turned towards the monster. “You are the Magical Girl!” “I guethh I am,” she said and wondered again at what she heard. The monster charged her. Without thinking she swung the mace out to crash into the monster. The blow lifted it from its feet and hurled it out the window. Wow! She was strong. “You better finish it off before anyone gets hurt,” Tac said. Kristine did not want to finish anything off, but if she did not then, it might very well hurt others. And it might come after her again. So she went out, leaping through the smashed window, onto the street. The monster was getting up from where it had landed, in the middle of the street. “I am the late Empress Rose’s General Hemlock, and I dedicate your death to her memory and honour!” it screamed. Words again flashed through her mind, “Innothent Wattle Thaker!” Leaping forward she swung the mace around, bringing it down on the monster’s head. The force of the blow drove General Hemlock to his knees, and the asphalt under it cracked. Its head was twisted over to the side. “Ah, still too weak,” it said sadly. “Finish me Mag…” Kristine hit it again, hard as she could. It did not move. Stepping back she thought she should be breathing heavily, thought her heart should be beating like a drum, but neither of those things were true. She felt perfectly fine. Perfectly calm. “Good job,” Tac said from where she had leapt up onto the broken windowsill. Kristine tuned towards the cat. She noticed people around her had lifted their phones, were taking pictures or videos. They seemed amused. “Don’t worry,” Tac said, “no one can get a good picture of you.” A few people started laughing, laughing at her. She moved, fast, faster than anyone might expect. She was not even sure how she did it, she just did. A man stumbled back from her, but she took his phone from him before he could stop her. He did not seem to think things were so funny. She turned it around and looked at the picture. The face was blurry, and there was something indistinct about the picture. Likely what Tac had meant when he said no one could get a good picture of her. But she could see enough to know why people were laughing. The girl in the picture was dressed in a ridiculous baby blue, child’s party dress, with a puffy skirt and puffed sleeves and a big bow in the back. And the puffy skirt was short enough to make it evident that the girl was wearing a diaper. Carrying a comically colossal rattle (her mace) with a pacifier clipped to the dress, hanging off a white ribbon. Oh, and her hair was done up in pigtails. “Cat, what the hell ith thith!?” “Magical Girl Nursery Knight Kristie,” the cat said. “What do you think a Nursery Knight would wear?” Kristine looked around. People were watching her, still taking pictures. She hated it, hated that they were looking at her like some kind of joke. Without thinking about it, she snapped up the pacifier and put it in her mouth. I just want this to all go away, she thought. It did not, but the people looked surprised. They lowered the phones they had been using to take her picture, looked around in confusion. “The pacifier makes you invisible to almost anyone but me, and probably soothes you as well,” Tac said, walking towards her. “No, don’t take it out of your mouth, not if you don’t want everyone staring at you. Why don’t you give the nice man back his phone and then we’ll take a walk.” Kristine nodded and slid the phone into the man’s pocket, as quick as she had taken it from him. He made a sound of surprise, looking around. “Come on,” Tac said. Kristine followed, the pacifier in her mouth, waddling slightly because of the bulk between her legs. It was humiliating. At least no one could see her now. And no one would be able to identify her from the pictures. The cat led the way down the street and into an alley. She jumped up on a dumpster and turned to give Kristine a look over. “Very nice,” Tac said after a few seconds. “Extraordinarily cute. Just what I would expect of a Nursery Knight.” Kristine wanted to take the pacifier from her mouth and swear a blue streak at the cat but did not want to risk becoming visible again. She shifted from foot to foot in agitation. “Well, let’s start your lessons. So, you have a mace, solid weapon, looks like a Silver 7 special version, so you can teleport.” “Tewepot?” she mumbled around the pacifier. “Right. Let’s start simple. Turn around, see that big building there? Look up at the edge of the roof, and just kind of will yourself there.” She turned, looked as she had been told. She felt Tac’s weight land on her shoulder. Well, it was magic. She focused on the edge and pictured herself appearing there. There was a momentary sensation of vertigo, and she felt as if she had just gone over the first drop of a rollercoaster. Then she realised she was standing on the edge of the roof, about twenty stories up. “Am’zing,” she said, the pacifier coming out of her mouth, dropping down to fall the length of the ribbon. She stepped forward, completely onto the roof. Tac jumped from her shoulder. “Excellent for a first try. With enough practice, you’ll be able to go anywhere.” Momentarily stunned by the wonder of it all she nodded, and then shook her head in denial. “I am dwethed like a fucking toddwer.” “Yes,” Tac said with a nod. “You are. Very cute too, thought the swearing ruins the effect really.” “I don’t care that thwearing… No. Not going to be thidetwacked. Magical Girlth are thupposed to look like thripper cheerleaderth, or hooker waitretheth, or bondage nunth, or naughty thchool girlth. They’re not thuppothed to look like toddwerth.” “Well one,” Tac said, “not all magical girls are short skirted stripper types, it’s rude to group them all like that.” “I don’t care.” “And second, you are a Nursery Knight. Nursery Knights were all girls six and under who fought the Nightmare King. What would you expect them to be dressed like?” There was a lot in that and Kristine had a great deal of difficulty processing it, but she said, “I am in diapeeth!” “Well, who knew if girls that age would be fully potty trained? Better to have them in diapers, just in case I suppose.” “Thith ith inthane.” The cat nodded. “Yes, somewhat. The entire Nursery Knight thing was ill-conceived if you ask me. A pet project of some middle management type I've heard. But here we are, you dressed as a toddler and wearing a diaper and me having to teach you to be a Magical Girl. Best we get on with this and then put it all behind us, right?” Kristine started at the cat for several second, gripping the huge, rattle/mace tight. She wondered if that cat would make a squeaking sound were she to hit it. “You thet me up,” she said after a second. “That is a serious accusation, and seeing as you killed the only possible witness, not one that you can prove.” Kristine found herself making a growling sound. “You’d have to prove it, right,” the cat said with a smile (a good trick). “If you could be certain you’d try to pound me into kitty pate paste, but you can’t, so you won’t.” She loosened her grip on the mace. “I learn what you teach. You go away, and I never have to twanthform again?” “You learn what I have to teach, I go away, and if you chose to never transform again that is your business, but you keep the benefits of longevity, durability and the ridiculous heath of those touched by this magic. A pretty good deal, don’t you think?” “Just thtart the lessonth cat. Thooner we finithh the thooner I can get back to my life.” “Okay, very well.” The cat turned into a woman. “Let’s start with banishing and summoning your weapon, Magical Girl 101.” Kristine sighed. “All right, what do I do?” “Just focus on your weapon and imagine it being somewhere else, a closet or a room, or under a tree you know well.” Kristine took a deep breath. She imagined the mace as being in the closet in her old dorm room. The weapon was gone. “Oh.” “Good job.” “Did it weally go where I ‘magined it?” “No,” Tac said, shaking her head. “It was just important you pictured it being somewhere else. Now for summoning, just imagine yourself reaching out and grabbing it.” Kristine could not help but be a little excited by this. While she genuinely had no desire to be a Magical Girl, there had been a time, when she was younger, when she had fantasised about that very thing. And now she was doing magic. Reaching out with her hand she closed her fingers around the empty air. The mace appeared in her hand as if she had just grabbed it. “I did it.” “You are picking this up fast. I’d say you’re a natural.” Tac’s voice and tone cut through the euphoria of magic, reminding Kristine that she had not wanted this, had been forced into it. Completely soured the experience. Tac, seemingly unaware of the change in atmosphere said, “Okay, let’s practice something a little more advanced.” “What?” Kristine hoped it was some offensive magic that would let her smash the grin off of Tac’s face. “Teleportation to a place you cannot see,” Tac announced. Kristine nodded. She could see the value in that. “Okay, picture your apartment, see it in your mind. Close your eyes if it helps.” Kristine closed her eyes, thought about her apartment. She could see it in her mind. She felt something land on her shoulder. Assumed that Tac was a cat again. Right in her ear, Tac said, “Once you can see it, just imagine yourself there.” She felt that sense of vertigo, of the roller coaster drop again, and then, when she opened her eyes, she was in her apartment, standing on her coffee table. The table legs creaked slightly beneath her. “Good job,” Tac said, jumping down from her shoulder. Kristine stepped down from the table. Again, there was that feeling of amazement. She had to keep herself from shouting, ‘This is Magic.’ “What next,” she asked as if teleporting was something that had already become old hat. “Well,” Tac the cat said, turning to look at her, “how about you change back?” “Finally. What do I have to do? Thout out thomething?” “Not for turning back. Just picture yourself untransformed.” “There ith a lot of vithualithation to this magic.” “It was made so non-magic types could master it easily. Very point and click, if you get my meaning.” Kristine thought she should be insulted, but she closed her eyes and pictured herself back to normal. Seeing in her mind the young, twenty-something woman in jeans and a blouse. The thickness between her legs disappeared, the sense of bare skin and fluffy petticoats, of hair, pulled back into pigtails, all faded. So much better. Then her jeans slipped down to her ankles, and her panties to her knees. “What the hell?” she said, eyes open, looking down. Her legs were skinnier than she recalled, smoother. “Well that was unexpected,” Tac said. She almost tripped on her pants as she ran for the washroom. Her panties were kicked off along the way. In the mirror she was looking at a familiar stranger. In the pictures she had seen the blurred out face and the ridiculous outfit had made it hard to notice. In the mirror was the child she had once been. She spun to stare at Tac, feeling the far too big bra shifting loosely on her. “What the hell?” “As I said, unexpected.” “What is this?” “Well, you were supposed to get this magic when you were three or four. You were about twenty-five when you did get it. I suppose the magic split difference.” “Split the difference?” “Split the difference,” the cat said with a nod. Kristine screamed. She reached down and snatched up the cat. “My life is ruined,” she yelled into its cat face. “Your life is ruined? What about me?” “What about you?” “I love to have sex with the magical girls I guide, and was looking forward to conquering you, but you’re right out of my strike zone now. It is a real disappointment.” Kristine made a few strangled sound of outrage before hurling the cat across the room. As soon as she did it, she felt terrible. She was not the sort of monster to hurt an animal. Tac hit the far wall with a thump, slid down to the floor. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she said, stepping hesitantly across the floor, afraid of what she would see. The cat bobbed up, leaping on the back of the couch. “I’m fine, take more than that to hurt me.” She dropped to her knees. “I’m sorry, that was terrible. I mean, you’re a jerk, but you did not deserve that.” Her earlier anger had all drained away leaving her exhausted. “I’m not a jerk. I am quite nice.” “Nice?” “Don’t shoot the messenger. The Nursery Knights were not my idea, and I certainly did not come up with the uniform.” She dropped her head forward. “This is a mess. My life is ruined. I don’t even have an identity anymore.” “Sure you do.” She shook her head, not looking up. “I don’t. I look like the little sister I never had. Kristine St. James might as well be dead.” “Okay, first, the identity stuff can be taken care of.” Kristine looked up. “And second, you’re pissing yourself.” She looked down. There was a puddle of urine under her. “What the hell?” she looked up helplessly at the cat. Tac seemed to shrug her shoulders. “I guess someone thought the Nursery Knights should be using those diapers.” “Fuck,” Kristine yelled, jumping to her feet, the socks on her feet absorbing some of the urine. The tails of her blouse were wet. “What the hell am I supposed to do? Am I going to be pissing myself all the time now?” She paused, eyes widening. “Am I going to shit myself?” Tac’s cat shoulders gave a shrug again. “Hell if I know. Maybe?” “Oh god.” Her knees went weak, and she almost fell onto the floor. “Okay, there is something we can do,” Tac said, jumping down from the back of the couch onto couch itself. “Really?” she felt her hopes soar. “Not that you won’t be wetting yourself, but we can manage it.” Her hopes plummeted. “Hey, buck up. Now, first thing lets summon your Magic Bag.” “Magic Bag?” She was still standing in her own pee, the inside of her thighs damp, but if there was something she could do… “All Magical Girls can summon their Magic Bag, it holds various things they need. And summoning it is a good lesson.” She stepped out of the puddle, shucking off her loose socks. If there were something in this Magic Bag that could help, then she would summon it. “How do I do it?” “Just like you called your weapon back to you,” Tac said. Visualize it and then picture yourself having it. Kristine nodded. She pictured a bag. She reached out for it. Nothing happened. She tried again. Still nothing. “It’s not working,” she said, blushing when she heard how winey her tone sounded, so close to tears. “You’re picturing the bag in your mind?” “Yes,” Kristine said with a nod. “What does the bag look like?” “Pardon?” “What kind of bag are you picturing?” Tac asked. Kristine looked over towards the apartment’s front door. “Like the messenger bag I use for work.” “Do you think a Nursery Knight would have a bag like that?” Kristine thought about it. “I don’t know?” “Well, they wouldn’t. Think of a colour that matches your uniform. Add some frills to it.” Kristine nodded, closed her eyes. She pictured the messenger bag, but in pastel colours, with a little bit of frill. She reached out, closed her hand on it. She felt something heavy settle in her grip. She opened her eyes. In her hand was the padded strap of a large bag, baby blue, quilted, big pockets on the outside, a kitty face appliqué on it. “This,” she paused, “is a diaper bag.” “Which is exactly the kind of bag a Nursery Knight would have.” Kristine held it at arm's length like it was a dead rat. “You have to open it,” Tac said as if Kristine were a little slow. Having a cat cast aspersions on her intelligence was a new low in a day of lows. Sighing loudly she put the bag on the floor, avoiding the puddle, and bent down to open it. It was filled with disposable diapers and training panties, powders and creams. There was a folded, quilted changing pad, plastic and rubber panties, wipes, bottles, a sippy cup, jars of baby food nested in a collection of bibs. And there was a teddy bear with a light blue ribbon around its neck and a few more things she could see but did not bother to try to identify. She made a grunt of derision. “There is a lot of things in there,” Tac said, jumping close and looking into the bag. “Grab a pair of training panties and put them off to the side. Kristine did, pulling a pair of the thick panties from the bag, there was a soft crinkling sound of the plastic under the faux material covering. “The bag will always have supplies in it, no matter how much you take from it, so at least you won’t have to buy diapers and stuff. That’s good, right?” She stared at the cat. The hand holding the training panty tightening into a first, making the plastic rustle and the padding squeak. “Tough crowd.” She threw the training panties onto the coffee table. “Okay, so I got a pair of training panties for the next time,” her face grew warm, “I piss myself, is that it?” She could not believe she had just said. “Of course not. This is magic. Pick up the teddy bear and say, ‘I need your help Mr Bear.’” Kristine looked at the bear, frowned, then reached in and took it from the bag. It had the solid feeling of a well-made thing, with incredibly soft fur. If she were the kind of woman, who liked teddy bears she was pretty certain she would like this one. “I need your help Mr Bear.” Nothing happened. She looked at Tac. The cat gave her another of those pitying looks that suggested she was slow. “Is that how a Nursery Knight would talk?” It took her a few seconds to get what Tac meant. She blushed. “I need your help Mithter Bear.” The bear twisted out of her hands, landed on the floor close by and then, with a pop of displaced air, became a stuffed bear, probably a little over six feet tall. Kristine made an expression of surprise and fell backwards onto her bottom. The bear looked around, glittering eyes pausing on the puddle of urine, and then on Kristine. “What is this cat?” “It is your Mr Bear.” “My…” she started, but suddenly Mr Bear had stepped close, grabbed her (somehow with those stuffed bear paws) and lifted her to her feet. With a blur of motion it had her blouse off, leaving her only in her ill-fitting bra. “What the…” The bear tossed the blouse and bra into her laundry hamper (she swore she saw it look at the laundry label first) then had a t-shirt from her dresser and was back by Kristine’s side before she finished her thought. With an upsweep of its fluffy arms its lifted Kristine’s arms above her head, and with a down sweep had the t-shirt on her. “…hell….” Mr Bear put a giant paw across her mouth. Kristine got the idea that it did not approve of such language. Then it was blurring off again, to the bathroom, coming back with a towel and some cleaning supplies. In a moment the urine puddle was cleaned up. She had to admit that was helpful. “So what, it cleans up messes?” she asked Tac. “Among other things.” “Among what…” Again she was kept from finishing her sentence as Mr Bear scooped her up, put her on the couch, and reached into the diaper bag for one of the very thick diapers. “How do I stop this?” Kristen asked as the bear secured her ankles and lifted her bottom off the couch. “Say ‘Thank you Mr Bear, I love you.’” “Tank you Mithter Bear, I wuv you,” she said, not having to be told to lisp. With another pop of displaced air the bear returned to its original size and then it, and the diaper fell neatly back into the diaper bag. Kristine scrambled off the couch, closed the bag, and without being told how sent the bag away. With a sigh she collapsed bonelessly to her knees. “What the hell?” “Your Mr Bear is your caretaker,” Tac said as she jumped back onto the couch. “Remember, the Nursery Knights were all to be pre-schoolers. They would need help. Mr Bear would clean up their messes, change them, feed them, comfort them and if they were bad punish them.” “Bad? Punish them?” “They were little girls given a stupid amount of magical offensive power. It was a pretty certain thing they would abuse that power. So, Mr Bear would deal with that.” “Great, I’m a twenty-five-year-old woman who looks like an eleven-year-old girl with a magical teddy bear that will treat me like I am two… that is the shape of things, right?” “More or less. Oh, Mr Bear can show up on its own.” She stared at the cat. “What?” “Well, you couldn’t trust a little girl to know when she needed help.” “So you’re saying I could just be walking along and suddenly a six-foot-tall teddy bear will show up and… what, change me?” “Or give you a bottle, or put you down for a nap, or spank you if you are naughty.” “Fu… Now I’m afraid to swear.” “Swearing is a bad habit. Mr Bear will help you deal with other bad habits if you have any.” “Just drinking to excess and bathroom sex,” she muttered. “Those are great bad habits to have,” Tac told her, “if you did not look like a child. I would suggest you avoid them as I am pretty sure Mr Bear would intervene.” “You think?” “Your lucky sarcasm is not naughty.” Kristine looked over at the training panty on the coffee table. She grabbed it, stood up, and pulled it on. It slid up her legs and over her bottom, the padding nestling up to her groin, feeling impossible soft, evident in its thickness. She placed her hands on it, noting it fit perfectly. Angrily she pulled down on the bottom of her t-shirt to make sure it was hidden. “Okay, now I don’t have to worry about making a mess.” She tried not to sound embarrassed, but the warmth in her cheeks told her that her body had betrayed her. “Now let’s hear about how I get my life back.” “Last time I was around here the internet was starting to take off. You still have that?” “Yes.” She wondered when the last time Tac had been in the mortal world. “Alright. So you can find stuff on that. You’ll want to search for government support of magical issues.” Kristine went and got her phone and took a seat on her couch. “Where’s your computer? What are you doing with that?” “This is my phone, and it can do everything a computer can.” “Really,” the cat moved in close to look. “Well I’ll be darned. You manage to do pretty well without magic.” “We try,” Kristine said in a snarky tone as she searched for what she had been told. It did not take her long to find a government site and a phone number for magical issues. She got a phone robot that asked her to state what she was calling about. “I became a Magical Girl, and now I don’t look like myself.” There was a pause, and then the system said, “It sounds like you have undergone some kind of transformation. Is this true?” “Yes.” A few more questions which she answered. Then it asked if she had a liaison. “Do I have a liaison?” she asked Tac. “That’s me,” the cat told her. “Yes,” she told the robot. “Please give your liaison’s code,” the robot asked. “Code?” she looked at Tac. Tac gave her a series of numbers and letters. She spoke them back into her phone. “Just a moment,” the robot said, and there was a click. Then a real person said, “Magical Issue Support, you have undergone a transformation?” “Yes, I have. I became a Magical Girl, and after I transformed back, I looked totally different.” “I understand,” the woman said as if she heard such calls all the time. “Can you tell me where you live?” Kristine did. The woman gave her an address, asked if she could make it there. Kristine checked and then said, “Yes, in about an hour I guess.” “Please go to that address, bring all the identification you have. Someone will be there. Ask for Mr Green.” “Mr Green, I understand.” She was given a case code, told to quote it if she had to call back, then the woman hung up. “That was not too bad for a government agency,” she said, hanging up. “The magical realm makes sure there is good support available.” She put her phone aside and got up, realising she needed something to wear. It did not take her long to realise there was nothing that would fit her. She found a pair of shorts, used a belt to cinch them up tight around her skinny waist. A pair of sandals, the straps pulled as tight as she could get them, gave her something for her feet. Then she gathered up her various ID cars, credit cards, bank cards, her passport and everything else she had that identified her. Tac watched her but said nothing. She had everything she needed. “Are you coming with me?” she asked the cat. She was a little nervous about some magic related government agency and though she was not going to say that she hoped Tac might take the hint. “Sure.” She left her apartment, Tac riding on her shoulder. BREAK POINT#2 The taxi that Kristine had called dropped her off in front of a nondescript government building in the downtown core. She stood there, looking about, noting that a few people were taking note of her. She told herself that was because she was dressed in a ridiculous manner and not because they knew she was wearing training panties. Still, it was hard not to think that they were somehow showing, or they were making her walk a little different, or there was a soft rustle of plastic, or that she had wet them and they were leaking. She could not stop herself from surreptitiously checking her shorts for damp spots. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the building. It had an old look, with clean but dull black and white tiles on the floor, and high ceiling of much-patched plaster. No one was in the lobby except for a single security guard sitting at a desk near the elevators. He did not look up when she entered, his attention on the book he was reading. When she got closer he looked up from the book and asked, “Can I help you?” He did not get up from behind his desk. “Uh, yes. I was told to come here, to ask for Mr Green.” “Take the elevator up to the ninth floor, third door on your right,” he told her. “Thanks.” She crossed the floor to the elevators. The guard had gone back to reading his book. The doors opened a moment after she pressed the button. She took a surprised step back, wondering how someone had known to have it waiting. Then she realised she was stupid. It was a weekend. No one was there, and likely all the elevators were just stopped at the ground floor. She stepped in and pressed the button for the ninth floor. The interior walls were polished, metal mirrors. Tac jumped from her shoulder and was once more a woman. “This place has a classic feel,” Tac said, looking at her reflection. She reached into the pocket of her suit jacket and took out a lipstick tube. “As do I.” She touched up her makeup. Kristine had already gotten a good look at herself, and the mirrored walls showed her nothing she did not already know (except for maybe making it clear how much a ragamuffin she looked). However, standing beside the sexy Tac, the changes were brought into stark relief. She was a child, well, she looked like one. When they had first met Kristine figured she was a near equal in the looks department to Tac. Now, of course, it was no contest. As she was there was no way she could compete. Before she could think on that much more the doors opened. She stepped out, leaving the mirrors and their brutal truths behind. Third door on her right. A slab of wood, no windows, old, metal doorknob. She tried it. The door opened. There was an empty reception counter behind it, beyond which a waiting room. Six doors, one an obvious bathroom. One of the doors opened. An older man stepped out. Thinning black hair, tanned skin, gold-rimmed glasses and a blue suit. “I’m Mr Green,” he said, looking her up and down. “Kristine St. James.” “You have your ID?” “Yes.” “Please.” He stepped aside and indicated that she should enter the office. Kristine walked around the counter and into the room beyond, Tac at her heels. It was an office, with a big oak desk and a single visitor chair. Kristine took that seat. Tac became a cat and jumped onto her knee. Mr Green stepped beside her. “Your ID?” She reached into her bag and brought it all out. Taking it, he went and sat down behind the desk. “That is a rather large change,” he told her as he looked through everything she had given him. “I know.” “Well, this is all simple enough.” “What?” She could not believe anything about what had happened was simple. “We’ll give you bridging ID, as well as new ID, all of it will allow you to prove to people who you are. Do you want a new identity?” Kristine thought about that for a moment, then asked, “What good would a new identity do me?” “Depends. If there is anyone after you, creditors, ex-boyfriends, that sort of thing, a new identity can be useful.” She frowned. “Do other magical girls get new identities?” “Not often at first, after several months it is more common.” “I’ll keep it in mind.” “Very well.” Mr Green stood. “This way.” In one of the other offices, there was a camera and several impressive looking printers. Mr Green took her picture and then printed out several pieces of ID. The bridging ID, as he had called it, mated her old ID with new, while the new ID just showed her as she now looked. It took about thirty minutes, then he handed the bundle of ID to her. “I’ve put in a request for a new passport, that should be delivered to you soon. If you need anything else call this number.” He handed her a card. “Like a new identity?” “Or legal assistance. It sometimes happens.” She did not say she was a lawyer (or almost one) but took his card. “Thank you.” “Good luck Miss St. James.” “Thank you.” She stepped from the room, then looked back at Mr Green. “Can I use the bathroom?” “Feel free.” She nodded. The washroom was small, with a toilet and a urinal as well as a sink. The tiling on the floor was old, faded and cracked in a few places, but the bathroom was clean. She reached through the leg of her shorts, felt the training panties. As she suspected they were warm, the padding swelled up with a wetting. “Damn,” she said softly as she loosened her belt. Summoning the diaper bag was easy. Kristine was a little worried Mr Bear might jump out, but the teddy bear remained a toy, and she took out a new training panty and dismissed the bag. Changed into a fresh pair of the absorbent panties she left the bathroom. Cat Tac was waiting for her. No sign of Mr Green. She left the office without looking for him. In the lobby, the guard was still reading his book. He did not look up as he wished her a good afternoon. Before going home, Kristine went to do some shopping. Tac came with her, in human form, though she was soon off in stores and parts of stores that Kristine knew she would look ridiculous were she to shop in. She had to try on a few things to get her new size figured out, and she needed to rethink her old style choices. That was made clear when a pair of tight jeans, which was just the kind of thing she would have bought before, made the padding of her training pants visible. She found a pair of denim overalls, lose enough in the seat to hide any puffiness from undergarments that she thought looked okay for her new body type. Paired with a white, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of running shoes she thought she looked good. Well, she looked like a girl, but at least a girl who did not dress too childlike. She bought a few more things, using cash. In theory with her bridging ID, she could use her credit cards, but she did not want to deal with that. Her final stop was to buy some training bras. She did not think she actually needed a bra, but she had been wearing one for long enough she was not willing to give it up. Tac came with her and seemed to make a point of looking at sexy bras in large cup sizes. The woman at the shop was kind and helpful, though from her look Kristine was pretty certain that she was of the opinion Kristine did not actually need one. Kristine walked out of the store with three training bras that were really just cotton vests with a bra like design. Like a little girl being sent out with some to salve a childish bit of vanity. Getting home, she dropped her shopping bags at the door and went to her bathroom to check her training panties. They were wet. Of course. “Fuck,” she said softly, then, with her coveralls and training panties around her ankles, sat on the toilet. Maybe she could re-potty train herself if she just made an attempt. “Hey, did you fall in?” she heard Tac call from the other side of the door several minutes later. “I didn’t fall in,” she retorted as she got off the toilet. She bent down and pulled up the training pants. The now cool, wet padding pressed uncomfortably against her, but she would put up with it. She was still buttoning the strap of her overalls when she came out to find Tac the cat sitting on the coffee table. “Now that you are finished in there we need to talk about work.” “Work? What does the law firm have to do with anything?” “Not your mundane and boring work that does not matter. Your work as a Magical Girl.” “What do you mean it does not matter?” “You said it yourself. No magic, and it is not like the little girl you are now can go to work after all.” “You’re asking to be picked up and thrown again,” Kristine said snapped as she went over to get her phone. “What are you doing?” Tac asked her. “Sending Mr Cotton an email. You’re right, damn it, I can’t go to work like this, but I have to let him know what happened.” She paused. How was she going to explain what happened? What could she tell him? The truth. Well, at least as much as the truth as he needed. The email was simple to write. Kristine told him she had encountered magic, had been changed by it, and could not be present at work, but would like to speak with him about it, to explain in detail. It was short and left so much unsaid, but it was good enough. She sent it and then tossed the phone onto the couch, dropped down beside where it landed. Her training panties ‘squelched’ unpleasantly around her bottom. “Finished with your pointless mundane job issues?” Tac asked. “Fuck off.” “Little girls that talk like that get their mouths washed out… assuming they still do that.” “Child abuse,” Kristine said, putting her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. “Well, your Mr Bear probably does not know that, so watch your tone. And I would love to fuck off, and I can say it because I am a mature adult, but until I finish training you, I can’t leave. So let’s talk about your real job, the one you accepted when you accepted your Magical Girl powers.” Kristine said nothing for a few seconds, then in a despondent tone said, “Fine, but what am I supposed to do? Didn’t you say the Nursery Knights,” she hated that name, “defeated their enemy?” “The Nightmare King, and yes, he was defeated, so I can’t train you fighting him and his minions, but there are always useful enough targets for you to focus on.” “Like what?” “Smugglers.” “Smugglers?” If you could line of sight teleport, you could move across the city quite fast. It was exhilarating, the roller coaster stomach drop of each jump, appearing on the top of some building’s roof, looking out over the sea of skyscrapers for the next jump, and then it repeated. For moments Kristine could forget she was outfitted as an overgrown toddler, with a thick diaper pushing her thighs apart. A diaper that for all she knew might already be wet. In those moments she felt powerful. Faster than any car might have covered the distance, perhaps as fast as a helicopter might have, Kristine reached the edge of the city, where the buildings became smaller but sprawled more, warehouses that took up entire city blocks. They were near the docks, though not close to the well lit, busy sections, where huge cranes moved cargo containers. They were on the edge, where warehouses gave away to empty factories, a part of the city where things had started to decay, where dreams had faded. “Down there,” Tac told her from where the cat rode on her shoulder. Tac held out a paw, pointing towards a warehouse on the water’s edge, where a ruined quay was half sunk into the water. “And put your pacifier in your mouth so you’ll be invisible.” She grabbed the pacifier from where it hung on the ribbon, popped it into her mouth and began to suckle on it. As before it made her feel better. She hoped it was not addictive. Focusing on the low roof of a warehouse below she once more crossed the distance in a moment, ended up standing on the edge of a roof, looking down at cracked asphalt apron in front of the shuttered loading dock. There were a large number of men down there, carrying travelling trunk sized crates out of the warehouse and loading them into several rental trucks. They worked by the light of red filtered flashlights, kept their voices down. “They have gotten armour from the magical realm. It’s old crap where I come from, but here it will stop even heavy armour piercing rounds,” Tac said into her ear. “Why do I haf to thtop thmugglerth?” she asked around her pacifier. “Well, the magical realm really should have stopped this stuff from being exported, so it falls on agents like you to deal with it. And this is good training. They don’t have any weapons that could stop you.” “Weally?” Kristine asked. “The armour of your outfit could probably stop a tank round. They are just going to have handguns.” Handguns? “Wiwl thith outfit weally pwotect me?” It left her arms and face and almost all her legs bare. “Trust me,” Tac said. She hated the fact she had to trust Tac. “Just jump down there and tell them you are here to punish them as Nursery Night Krissy.” “I don’t wanna. Can’t I jutht thtay invithible and walk awound hittin’ dem on da head?” “No. You are a magical girl, not some nocturnal mammal themed vigilante. You are a symbol of the power of innocence, and you don’t get to be a symbol by hiding. You don’t want to throw your magic off. It might not work.” “Tho, it might not pwotect me?” “Well, it won’t fail you completely, but it is likely to hurt a lot more.” “Fine,” she sighed through the pacifier, then she spat it out and jumped down onto one of the truck’s roof, calling up her mace as she fell. She landed with a creaking of heavy suspension and crunching of metal as the roof cratered and cracked around her. That was crazy, she thought, she just jumped down two stories. No time to overthink on that. Stepping to the edge of the truck’s roof, looking down at the smugglers, she said, “I am Nurthewy Knight Kwithy! Thwow down your weaponth and thuwender or I will punith you.” Punish? Ugh. What a terrible choice of words. The men below her swore and expressed shock, fear, confusion. Some looked like they were ready to run. Other pulled out the pistols that Tac had mentioned. She jumped down from the truck, landing on one of the crates. It shattered beneath her feet. She pointed the mace at one of the smugglers. “Thuwender.” The man shot her. Guarantee of protection or not, the sight of the gun being fired, the boom of the shot, it made her scream, and she fell backwards, landing on her diapered bottom. She did not have time to think about it, but she was certain that fear had ensured the diaper was well used at that moment. Something had touched her head. That was the best way to explain how it felt, a gentle touch. Something rolled down the side of her face. She looked. It seemed to be a flattened bullet. “What are you doing?” Tac yelled from the roof. “You can’t be scared of a little pistol.” “Fine,” Kristine yelled as she jumped to her feet, swinging the mace out, even as the man was shooting her. The heavy mace smacked into his hand, knocking the gun aside with a crunch of breaking bones. The man screamed in pain, falling to the ground, clutching his ruined hand. “What are you doing?” Tac yelled from the roof. “You can’t hit them that hard. Use a little control. You're an adorable Nursery Knight, not some bone breaking vigilante.” “Thith ith tho annoying,” she shouted, as several more men fired at her and several others made to escape. She moved fast, even though she was waddling, and struck with as much control as she could manage. She used the handle of her mace to knock weapons from hands, to jab into guts and sweep feet. No more broken bones, just bruises and pokes that took the fight and the flight out of them. When it was over about a minute later she stood among the moaning men who lay on the ground about her. Tac had jumped down onto the roof of one of the trucks. “Now secure them so the police can come and pick them up.” “Thecure them?” “Handcuffs or the like, Just envision it and then call out the magic that comes to you.” Handcuffs, okay. Just picture them all with their arms cuffed behind their backs, except for the one whose hand and wrist she had broken. She imagined more of a sling type cast on him. She held up her mace and called out the words the came to her. “Naughty Boyth thhut up and thtay thtill,” she yelled. Those were not the words she had expected to come out of her mouth. Around the men sparking light appeared, falling around them, lifting them, and then coalescing into… wheeled chairs with various restraint straps. Oh hell, they were all large strollers, she thought. Around their hands formed pink mittens that fastened the men's hands behind their backs with pink ribbons. And pacifier gags. Well, she supposed they were going to stay still and shut up, but really. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Tac asked. “I jutht did what you thaid,” Kristine yelled as she turned on Tac. “I pictured them rethtwained, with handcuffth. It ith the thtupid magic.” “What a mess. I mean, it’s like your some kind of bondage pervert.” “I’m not a bondage pewvert,” she yelled up at Tac. “Well, that’s not… Look out!” “What…” Pain. Like fire painted in a line across her back. She fell forward onto her knees. Behind her, the sound of metal scraping across the ground. No thought. She raised the mace above her head. Something hit it with a crash. The force of it feeling as if it would dislocate her shoulders. She rolled forward, her back flaming in fresh pain as it moved across the ground. Up on her feet. Facing her attacker. A man, in armour, holding a sword. “That sword is from the Magical Realm,” Tac called out. “It can hurt you.” “No thit,” Kristine said as she parried another sword strike. The man was relentless, coming at her fast, forcing her entirely on the defence. Several times the tip of the blade traced out red lines on her arms and legs, even cutting her clothing. The laceration on her back bled freely. She could feel the blood running down her back, likely into her diaper. What a mess that would be. Tac shouted out less than useful advice as Kristine tried to find a way to attack. What was some crook with a magical sword doing beating her? She was a Magical Girl. She was a Magical Girl. “Innothent Wattle Thaker!” Swinging out her mace she slammed it into the sword. The sword shattered under the blow. She swung the mace back, driving it into her attacker’s side. He was wearing armour, she was certain he would be fine. And if he was not, well, the pain in her back made it hard to care. The armour all but shattered from his body, and the force of the blow sent him into the air and then down, hard, onto the ground. Still, she was pretty confident she had heard no bones break. “Naughty Boy cowner time.” The magic again came in glittering lights that lifted the man up, and the coalesced out into the mitten restraints and the pacifier gag, but instead of a stroller, he was secured to a stool, pants around his ankles, his nose pressed up against a wall. “I mean really,” Tac said as she jumped down onto Kristine’s shoulder. “This is too much.” “It’th your thtupid magic.” “Just call the police and let’s go.” Kirstine scowled, but she looked among the smugglers until she found a cell phone she could use. She called 911, reported that she had heard shots, then dropped the phone without hanging up. She picked up one of the fallen pistols and fired several shots into the air. “Nice touch,” Tac told her. “Thut up.” A moment later both cat and magical girl were gone, teleported away. Tac told Kristine not to transform back when they arrived at the apartment. “Get your magic bag, have some of the healing food and drink.” She did so. She also got Mr Bear, who stripped her dress off her so he could mend it, as well as dressing her wound. He also changed a very soiled diaper, though she fought against him on that. Somehow in all that the fur on his paws remained clean. During all that Tac took her leave. She glowered at the big stuffed animal as she ate two jars of the baby food while watching as it stitched up the rip in the dress, cleaning the blood from the material at the same time. She had no idea how it did that. She was drinking from a sippy cup (she could not remove the top from it) when Mr Bear finished his work and quickly got her back into the dress. Then he pulled her down onto his big, soft lap, took the bottle from the bag, and proceeded to try to feed it to her. Keeping her lips closed and turning her head she did her best to avoid the nipple. She turned her head and said, “Tank you Mithter Bear, I…” And then he got the nipple securely placed in her mouth. When it became clear he was not going to give up until she drank she sucked on the nipple until the bottle was empty. It refilled itself, but Mr Bear put the bottle back in the bag. “Tank you Mithter Bear, I wuv you,” she got out quickly. Mr Bear returned to toy size and dropped into the bag. Kristine gabbed a couple of training panties from the bag and then dismissed it. “God damn I hate that thing.” She transformed back, thankfully losing the diaper, replaced by the training panties she had been wearing when she had transformed earlier. She dropped into the couch and reached for the TV remote, turning it on and flipping through channels until something caught her attention and she left it. Not really paying attention to what she was watching Kristine grabbed her laptop and turned it on. After powering up and logging on, she saw she had email. Oscar had sent her a message. She had almost forgotten the message she had earlier sent him. He wanted to see her. The next day, at a cafe she knew. She replied, said she would be there. Nervous fingers made spelling mistakes, it took twice as long to type it as it should have. She read it over and then sent it. That was done. Noise from the TV made her look up. A cartoon was on. She had been watching a cartoon? Grabbing the remote, she flipped channels until she found the news. She was presented with a shaky cell phone video of a girl in a short dress and a diaper. Her. Hell. Kristine turned the TV off and went to get ready for bed. The next morning Kristine woke to an orgasm that left her lying in her sweat-soaked sheets, breathing heavily. She could not recall the last time an erotic dream had left her so flustered. Probably when she had been a teen. For a time she lay there, breathing deeply as the warm glow faded. It was perhaps a minute or two after she had woken that she realised she was wearing a diaper. She knew she had gone to bed in a training panty. “Fuck,” she said softly, wondering if the training panty had magically become a diaper, or if Mr Bear had visited her in the night. Neither possibility pleased her. The diaper, she discovered, as she got out of bed, was quite wet. The sheets, except for the sweat, were very dry. She had to admit, given the options, she preferred the damp diaper to wet sheets. Though of course having neither problem would be most preferable of all. She walked to the bathroom, tearing the wet diaper off as she went. There where, Kristine noted as the diaper landed in the trash, several training panties already in the trash. Was she going to have the throw out garbage bags full of diapers and training panties every week? And shouldn’t the magic deal with them in a more environmentally friendly manner? Why was she evening thinking such things? Sighing she went into her bathroom to shower. Later, in a fresh pair of training panties and an oversized t-shirt, Kristine ate her breakfast at the small kitchen counter, while browsing the web. She was looking for information about herself. There were some pictures of her from when she had first transformed, various stories about her, all of them made up of suppositions and outright lies. There was a story about the smugglers she had caught the other night, but no mention of the way she had left them. Had the magic faded, or were the police just keeping quiet about how they had found them? At least no one was suggesting a connection between her Magical Girl persona and the smugglers. Not yet at least. For the morning she treated the day like any lazy Sunday. She read a book while drinking a cup of coffee, or she tried. The coffee tasted terrible. She made two more cups before she decided that it was not the coffee but her. Coffee tasted terrible to her now. That sucked. Instead of reading she went through her kitchen and tried different things. Some teas were all right, as was milk, and the almost expired carton of orange juice she could drink. However, she found that alcohol tasted unpleasant and several fancy kinds of cheese that she had liked no longer suited her. When she catalogued what she liked she found the menu options to be somewhat, well, juvenile. Really, it was bad enough she had to wear training panties and diapers, did she really now need to subsist on a diet of peanut butter sandwiches and milk? Getting a handle on her new palate took up much of the morning, and by the time she cleaned up, it was getting close to her meeting time. The day before while shopping, she had picked up a few more pieces of clothing than just the denim overalls and blouse. A pair of grey slacks and a light blue blouse gave her, well, not a professional look, she thought looking in a mirror, but at least a well turned out appearance. She had found a pair of shiny black loafers with tassels over the toe. They were cheap, she doubted that they would last longer than a month of constant wear, but they looked decent enough. So dressed she grabbed her work bag, shoved a few more pairs of training panties into it, then headed out. Just outside of her apartment building she was met by Tac who sat, lounging on a bench. “What are you doing?” Kristine asked her. “Enjoying the sun,” the woman said. “It’s a cat thing. You going to that work thing.” “I’m going to talk to a man I worked for.” “I’ll tag along,” she said, standing, becoming a cat, then leaping onto Kristine’s shoulder. “Why are you coming?” “Boredom mostly. This might be funny.” “I’m going to throw you into traffic,” Kristine muttered, but she let the cat ride on her shoulder. As she rode on the subway, she wondered what Oscar would say to her. She wondered if she could keep her job. She did recall the part of the contract that said no magical people could work at the law firm, but she hoped that they would make an exception. Being a lawyer was what she had wanted for years. Looking down at her small feet she wondered what sort of career she could have. Could she go to court, looking like a girl? She shifted on the seat, squirming a little, trying to judge how wet the padding under her bottom might be. It did feel a bit wet, but she thought likely just damp rather than soaked. What a thing to have gotten used to, she thought, and in only less than a day. How soon before she was just wearing the diapers that Mr Bear seemed to want her in? She shook her head, the action attracting Tac’s attention. “What is it?” the cat asked. “Nothing, just a thought I want out of my head.” “Weird.” “I don’t want to hear that from you.” Tac remained silent, and Kristine sat there for the rest of the ride, mind going around in unproductive circles. She got off one stop sooner than she usually did when going to work. The coffee shop was about two blocks away from the subway station. The area, mostly business office towers and the like, was quiet on a Sunday afternoon. The ‘Smart Bean’ was an upscale little shop, often crowded during the week but very nearly empty now. She saw Oscar Cotton sitting at one of the tables near the back of the shop. He had looked up from his phone when she had come in, looked at her, then went back to his phone. He did not recognise me, she thought. She walked across the floor, went to stand up beside the table that he sat at. “Mr Cotton,” she said. He looked up from the phone. He looked at her. “Can I help you?” He looked confused. She produced her bridging ID and handed it to him. He looked at it, the confusion in his expression growing. Finally, he looked at her. “Miss St. James?” “Yes sir.” “Magic,” he said, sounding disgusted as he handed her back the ID. “May I have a seat?” she asked. He nodded at the seat opposite to him. She sat, her feet not quite touching the ground. Tac jumped down from her shoulder and into her lap. “I got you a coffee,” he told her, indicating the cup in front of her. “Thank you,” she said, taking it. She loved Smart Bean coffee, the rich dark roast, of course, black. It was bitter and awful to her changed taste buds, but she kept her expression neutral as she took a drink. “What happened?” he asked her. She told him, most of it, leaving out the part about diapers and baby themed stuff, but covering the basics. Kristine finished with, “It was not what I wanted. I never would have made the decision, but I was going to die.” “I understand,” he told her. “I want to continue working with Cotton and Black. I’m a victim. I know that there is a clause in the contract about magic, but it’s not fair.” She blushed realising how childish she sounded. He did not answer her immediately, instead picking up his coffee cup and drinking from it. He put it down when he finished the contents and asked, “Did you study magical law in law school?” The question confused her a little, and she thought back to law school, not so much about the classes she took, but the ones she did not. “I don’t remember anything about magical law,” she told him. “Just some details about the nature of the treaties between the worlds.” “Do you know how the law works in the Magical Realm?” She shook her head. “If you are accused of a crime you are brought before one of the most powerful magic users in the area. They cast a truth spell and you are asked if you did what you were accused of. Once you answer you either go free or are punished.” Kristine did not say anything for a few seconds, and then, “But that is incriminating yourself.” “No such protection in the Magical Realm.” “But what if there are witnesses?” “No witnesses are ever called.” “What if the accused has magic powerful enough to trick the spell?” “Might makes right.” “But…” Oscar held up a hand, stopping Kristine’s words. “I am not here to debate the nature of the Magical Realm's law or lack thereof. That is how it works because that is how it has to work. Magic complicates things. Witnesses might have seen an illusion, or be under a spell of compulsion. Evidence may be summoned out of nothing. In a world like that, they use the simplest way to deal with it. That is why you never saw any courses concerning magical law. That is why you can no longer work at Cotton and Black. “In fact, I am going to have to call the opposing lawyers and tell them that a person articling with us has become a Magical Girl. Likely they will ask for an extension while they make sure nothing in our case has been magically tampered with, they might even ask that the judge simply rule for them seeing as the case is now tainted.” “But I just became Magical Girl yesterday.” “And you have a witness to that?” “Sure she does,” Tac said, speaking up. Oscar looked surprised for a moment at the talking animal, but only a moment. “That will help, I might need to call you to tell your story to the judge.” “Anything to help,” Kristine answered without thinking. Oscar nodded. “I appreciate it. Did you bring your work ID, keys, laptop?” “What? No. Why?” “I’ll need the keys and ID, and I’ll need to have one of our IT people take a look at your personal laptop.” Well, that was a sign that her time with Cotton and Black were over. “I’ll have to go home and get all that. It will take about an hour, maybe a little longer. I guess I can take a taxi.” “No need. I will drive you to your home. We can take care of all of that as soon as possible.” “As soon as possible,” Kristine echoed back. He nodded. She stood, dumping Tac from her lap. “I got to go to the bathroom,” she said and headed to the back of the coffee shop. She did not have to go to the bathroom, or maybe she did, she no longer knew, but she was not about to sit in someone’s car without checking to make sure her training panties were not about to leak. In the stall, the somewhat complicated task of getting her pants off made her decide it was possible skirts would be a large part of her future wardrobe. The training panties were wet, though not sodden. She would not to take a chance and changed into a dry pair. Fortunately, there was no one else in the bathroom to see her toss the wet training panties into the garbage before she washed her hands. On leaving the bathroom, she found Oscar at standing at the front door, talking to a familiar looking blonde woman. She was tall, Kristine thought, probably equal in height to Oscar, and in her heels, she stood taller. Long blonde hair, fair skin, pretty. Oscar noticed Kristine as she approached. “Kristine, this is Emily Black, of the IT department.” That explained why she had looked familiar. “Black?” she asked. “My Uncle is Oscar’s partner, but don’t worry, I did not get the job due to nepotism.” Oscar laughed at what was probably a private joke, then said, “Emily will have to check your laptop, you understand.” Not pleased, Kristine nodded. “Of course.” “Let’s go,” he said and led them from the cafe. His car was only a few blocks away, a dark blue Lexus, four doors. Emily took the front seat, leaving the back for Kristine. Seeing the leather interior, she was glad she had changed her training panties. In the front seat, Oscar and Emily talked business, the IT side of things. Kristine’s computer knowledge was not as in-depth as that of Emily’s, but she thought she might be able to join in. However, she got the feeling that she was not expected to take part in the conversation. Neither made any effort to include her. She sat quietly in the back, petting Tac who slept in her lap. About twenty minutes later Oscar pulled into her apartment’s visitor parking lot. His car looked a little out of place, and he parked some distance from the other vehicles. As Kristine got out, she looked at the building, suddenly feeling that she did not want either of these people to see how she lived. She knew it was ridiculous. She was a recent graduate, no one would expect her to be living in any sort of luxury. She squared her shoulders and said, “This way.” Kristine led them into the building and up into her apartment. Could they smell the used diapers she had been throwing out? Would they see them? “Where’s your laptop?” Emily asked, breaking Kristine out of her thoughts. “Here,” she walked across the room and got the laptop, bringing it back to Emily. As Emily set up Kristine went and got her work ID and various security keys which she presented to Oscar. “Can I get you to log in?” Emily asked her. She had the laptop on, and it had booted up. Oscar stood near the door, waiting patiently, as Kristine logged into the laptop. “This won’t take long,” Emily said as she went to work. “Just going to remove the VPN software and proprietary data, check for any files from the firm.” Kristine nodded. As promised it did not take long for Emily to finish up with the laptop. She plugged a USB key into the computer, fingers typing rapidly. Kristine looked towards Oscar, but he had his smartphone out, looking at that. He was not interested in talking. And what would they say to each other anyway? About a minute later Emily pulled the USB key out of the laptop. “It’s clean.” Oscar looked away from the phone. “Good. Thank you for working on a Sunday.” Emily smiled at Kristine and then looked to Oscar and said, “This was a special case, so no problem.” “Miss St. James, again, I am sorry. You might have become a good lawyer.” “Thank you,” Kristine said. It was the only thing she could say. They left, talking again about the firm’s IT requirements. She was no longer on their minds. She closed her apartment door and went back to the couch, flopping down and looking at her laptop. Shifting forward, feeling her training panties squelch under her, she worked on the computer, checking to see what had been removed, making sure that her pictures and a few other things she would not want to lose were still there. “Damn,” she said, slumping down. “What’s the problem there?” Tac asked, jumping onto the back of the couch. Kristine looked up at the cat. “There are so many answers to that.” “Got one that I might care about?” She mumbled something unflattering under her breath and then said, “I am out of a job.” “I am aware. Don’t care.” “Well, you should, cause I am going to be out on the street soon.” “I don’t see how you being out on the street is a problem for me, but I will point out that you are stupid?” “Stupid? That I need money is stupid? That I still got student loans is stupid? That I can’t even afford to buy new clothes is stupid?” “Those things seem more on the sad side than stupid,” Tac told her. “What is stupid is that you have forgotten you got a magic bag that has almost everything you need.” “What? It has money in it?” She could not believe that. “Why not summon it and find out,” Tac paused, “stupid.” She sat up straight, making certain to knock Tac off the back of the couch as she did not. “Not cool,” Tac said as she fell. Holding her hands out in front of her she pictured the bag and it dropped out into her arms. She placed it beside her and opened it up. She found the familiar diapers and training panties, food and drink and baby care products and Mr Bear, but no money. “Well?” she asked Tac, who had jumped up beside her. She grabbed a couple of pair of training panties, knowing she was going to need them. “Open up the zippered, front pocket.” She did. Inside she found an envelope. Written on it was ‘for clothes’. Opening it, she found a stack of twenty and fifty dollar bills, even some hundreds. Counting it revealed there to be about four thousand dollars. “Where did this come from?” she demanded of Tac. “Where do you think? Banks.” “Is it…” “Stolen? Don’t be stupid. There is trade between the Magic and the Mundane Realms. The Magic Realm enjoys a huge trade surplus, but we don’t have use for your money, so we leave it here. When an agent, like you, needs money, you get money.” She looked at all the bills. “I don’t have to work anymore.” “You don’t.” “If I want a bigger apartment? A house.” “You’d get it.” “A sports car?” “Can you reach the pedals.” “Shut up.” “You won’t be getting any mansions unless you need one, and probably not any of those fancy Italian sports cars,” Tac paused, “do they still have them?” After Kristine nodded Tac continued, “or diamond studded golden back scratchers, but you’ll have what you need for a comfortable, easy life. Magic Girls have it good.” She did not have to work. “I wanted to be a lawyer.” “I wanted to be a rich princess who never had to travel to the Mundane Realm. I did not get that,” Tac told her. “Life is unfair. Suck it up. We’re going hunting tonight.” “Hunting?” “I am going to teach you to track minor magical threats. An important skill for a Magical Girl.” “Yay for me,” Kristine said sarcastically. Several hours of hunting down, and in some cases killing, small magical beings (goblins and such) left Kristine tired and wet. Returning to her apartment, she dismissed her magical outfit and then went to take a shower. Clean, in a dry pair of training panties, she took a seat on her couch and turned on her laptop. She just wanted to stream some movies and relax, maybe check out some real estate as well. As the laptop booted up, she reached for her phone. There was a message. From Oscar. She played it. His recorded voice came from the phone. ‘Miss St. James, I want you to come to the courthouse tomorrow. Call me.’ She stared at the phone for a few seconds. It did not make any sense to her. She had been certain she would never hear from him again. After several seconds she hit the icon to call him back. After a few rings, it was answered. “Miss St. James,” Oscar said. “You wanted to speak with me Mr Cotton?” He was silent for a few seconds, then said, “I would appreciate it if you showed up at court tomorrow, at 9am. I have a meeting with the judge, and I want you to be there.” Her eyes widened as, for a moment, she imagined that he would be making a case for her to remain part of the case, but only for a moment. That was stupid. “Why?” she asked, sounding a little more bitter than she wanted. “I want to get the judge’s ruling as to whether your recent change compromises the case. The judge will have questions, it would be best if you were there.” “I understand. I’ll help.” She paused and then said, “I have nothing to wear for court.” Oscar did not tell her not to worry. He would never tell her that. The right clothing was an essential part of one’s presentation in court. After a short silence, he said, “I’ll bring something, Don’t worry.” She took a deep breath. “Okay, I will be there.” “Thank you Miss St. James, I appreciate it.” “I am glad to help,” she answered. “I will see you tomorrow.” He hung up. She looked at her phone for a few seconds and then tapped the hangup icon. Gently chewing on her bottom lip, she wondered what tomorrow would be like. Would she be a professional in the room, or would be she like some weird piece of evidence. It worried at her all night, and she crawled into bed early, setting her alarm before she pulled the covers over her head. BREAK POINT#3 Kristine woke not to the beeping of her alarm but to another orgasm from another terribly erotic dream. She lay on her bed, breathing deeply, squirming, slim chest rising and falling with each gasping breath. She finally got control of herself, wiping at her damp forehead. “What the hell,” she said softly. Her alarm started beeping. As she sat up, she felt something heavy and wet slide about in the back of the diaper that she was wearing. Eyes wide she reached behind her and put her hand on the back of the plastic. The mass within the diaper shifted and spread out as she pushed against the padding. “Oh no,” she said. She shifted forward, taking the weight off her bottom. The mess slithered forward as she got up on her hands and knees. How was she going to clean up that mess? She’d have to get into her shower, take the heavily soiled diaper off. And then what? Could she flush it? And she would have to clean herself up, the mess that she felt stuck to her bottom. Just the thought of doing so made her feel ill. She should just be able to magic this away. Then a thought occurred to her. “Mr Bear, help.” She blushed even as she said it out loud, not entirely certain about what she was doing. A moment later the giant teddy bear was at her side. She did not have to give any instructions, the bear grabbed her up from the bed, cleared some space, and put her on the floor. She blushed as the bear pulled her legs up and untaped her diaper, then began to clean her up. The bear was fast, efficient, in extremely short order she was clean, the area around her was clean, the dirty diaper and the wipes having disappeared, even Mr Bear was clean. Of course, the bear then proceeded to put a new diaper on her, acting so fast she could hardly resist. He creamed her bottom, rubbing it across her butt and between her thighs, sending a shock of unexpected pleasure through her that made her gasp. Then he rained sweet smelling powder across her before pulling a thick diaper up between her legs and tapping it snug around her. He lifted her up from the floor, grabbing her under her arms, then placed her on her feet and patted her head. She blushed at the gentle touch, then lisped out her ‘thank you’ sending him away. Standing there, in the middle of her apartment, in just a diaper and her t-shirt, she sighed. “What the hell,” she said, then sat down on her couch. “Tac?” she called out softly. The cat did not appear. Well, she supposed that was for the best. She was not really sure how to ask the cat why she was having crazy erotic wet dreams, waking up in diapers that were damp for reasons other than piss. Was it part of the magic, or, as she was afraid of, was she just some kind of pervert? It was probably the magic. She hoped. Thinking of magic and the cat she summoned up her magic bag. She opened the small zippered pocket she had found the money in the night before. Within were two envelopes, neither feeling as if it were stuffed with cash. In one was a letter, informing her that all her student loans would be paid off by the end of the business day. The other letter showed that all her credit cards, as well as her line of credit, had all been paid off. She was completely out of debt. “Well, that’s something,” she said, tossing the letters on her coffee table and then dismissing the diaper bag. Standing she tore the expertly taped diaper from around her waist and tossed it, heading into her bathroom. Tac showed up when she left her apartment. She was dressed in the same outfit she had worn the day before, the slacks and the blouse. “Where you going?” the cat asked. “To court. Oscar wants my help,” she said, feeling happy for saying that. “Your help?” Tac asked incredulously. “Yes, my help,” she said, sounding far more defensive than she had intended. “Some kind of monster thing?” “No, legal matters,” she said, tilting her chin up as she walked towards the elevator. “This I got to see.” Kristine paused, wondering if she should tell the cat it could not come. Of course, she did not expect that Tac would do something just because she had ordered, and she supposed having an obvious magical animal might help things along in some manner or another. “Do as you want,” she said, and resumed her walk. Seeing as she was debt free and flush with cash (she had the money for clothing in her messenger bag) she decided to take a taxi. “How much more do you need to do to finish with me?” she asked Tac as she did up her seatbelt. “A few more nights and you’ll have all the basics down. You’re not as stupid as what I was expecting.” “Is that one of those magical animals?” the taxi driver asked, looking back at her in the rearview mirror. “Is that a problem?” Kristine asked. “I can toss her out of the cab, no problem if we are moving fast.” “Rude,” Tac said. “No, no, just never saw one before.” He pulled away from the curb and merged into traffic. “So,” the driver asked, “you one of those Magical Girls?” “Yeah, I’m one of those Magical Girls.” “You look a little young for it.” She laughed loudly. “I say something funny?” “Hilarious, but don’t worry about it.” “We’re not going to get attacked by monsters, are we?” “I don’t think so.” She looked at Tac. “A monster attack against a mundane is a pretty unlikely thing,” the cat sat smugly. “Is it now?” Kristine turned her gaze on Tac. “I don’t think my statement can in anyway be used to infer any wrongdoing on my part.” “And if I got one of those truth spells Oscar mentioned?” “Well, you don’t have one.” “You don’t seem to be all that friendly,” the driver said. “Tell me about it,” Kristine answered. “Aren’t you magical girls and your talking pets supposed to be all friendly like?” “Pets?” Tac sounded offended. “I am beginning to suspect that is just PR.” “Pets?” “So how did you become a magical girl, if you don’t mind me asking?” “Desperate measures,” Kristine said. “Either that or I die.” “So you didn’t want to be one.” “Of course not. Why would I?” “I bet it beats driving a cab.” Kristine was about to argue that, seeing as she was pretty sure driving a cab did not require diapers, but she decided not to. And she thought about the letters from the morning, the money in her bag. Probably a lot of people would think the benefits outweighed the costs. “It still was not what I thought I wanted to be doing with my life?” “Oh, what did you want to do with your life?” “I was going to be a lawyer.” The driver was silent for a few seconds. “You ask me the world needs more Magical Girls than lawyers.” “Did I ask you?” she snapped at him. “Don’t be so catty,” Tac told her. “I don’t want to hear that from you,” she told the cat. “Listen, I’m just saying that society is too litigious as it stands and fewer lawyers might not be a bad thing. Maybe people would talk things out and not tie up the courts with nuisance lawsuits and real legal change could happen.” “What, are you a professor of sociology or something?” “Philosophy.” “A philosopher cab driver, this is getting good,” Tac said. “You’re a professor of philosophy?” “Masters degree. Working on my doctorate.” Kristine frowned. “Are you driving for money or is this your thesis?” “Welcome to my lab, Magical Girl.” “Oh, crap.” “Do you have a card? Cause I think I want to ride in your cab more often," Tac said. “So, do you think you can do more to make the world just if you were a lawyer than you could be being a magical girl.” “I did not get into law because of justice,” Kristine said, exasperated, and then, “No, wait, I mean, justice is important, but the law is complex and beautiful.” “Really?” “Well, it’s complex.” “So, if you were interested in justice, would you find it easier to make a difference as a lawyer or a Magical Girl.” Kristine squirmed in her seat, thought the padding of her training panties felt both warm and wet but was not sure. And she could not check. “I suppose if I was only interested in justice that a Magical Girl has more options.” “But Magical Girls are not agents of justice,” Tac said as she jumped up onto the back of the front, passenger seat. “At least not necessarily.” “But do they have the freedom to become so?” “Probably,” Tac said. “So Magical Girl, do you feel that if you cannot practice law that you are required to uphold justice? Does your power require you to act.” “Hell no,” Kristine said. “Power does not equate to responsibility.” “Interesting.” “Listen, can you just drive.” “Sure,” he said, and then asked Tac, “so you offer power to these girls?” “That is right.” Tac sounded pleased with herself. “And you don’t feel that there is a problem with that? It’s like you are creating child soldiers.” “No like about it. But young girls have the purity and innocence to wield magic. Their pure hearts and pure dreams protect them from the corrupting taint of magic.” “Bullshit!” Kristine said from the back. “I was twenty-five, and you still picked me.” “Twenty-five?” the driver asked, looking at her in the mirror again. Kristine wished she had kept her mouth shut. “You were immature for your age,” Tac said by way of explanation. She smacked the cat from the back of the seat hard enough that it hit the interior windshield. “Hey, watch it,” the driver said. “The cat’s fine.” “My feelings can be hurt you know,” Tac said, jumping down from the dashboard. “Good to know. I’ll try to be more emotionally cruel.”
 The driver looked at her in the mirror, then down at Tac. He asked no more questions. Kristine felt a little bad about that but did not want to start up the conversation again. When she was dropped off at the courthouse, she tipped the driver well, by way of apology, then walked up the steps towards the large entranceway. She was near the doors when she was met by Oscar’s assistant. Yvonne Clark was an older woman, brown hair striped with grey, dressed conservatively. She had some garment bags hung over her shoulder. “Kristine?” she asked hesitantly. “Yes. Mr Cotton wanted me here.” Of course, Yvonne had to know that. What a stupid and obvious thing to say. “Yes. Come on. I have some clothing for you.” He held up the garment bags a little higher. At least Kristine was not the only one stating the obvious. Yvonne led her to a bathroom where she could change. Kristine went in on her own, carrying the three bags. She left them on a small bench inside the room by the door and went right for a stall. Her training panty was not too wet, but she cleaned herself up and put on a new one, not wanting to take a chance of staining any of the clothing she was going to borrow. There were three dresses within the bags, as well as a few packaged sundries. She wondered if they belonged to Oscar’s daughters or granddaughters. Perhaps young nieces? She did not really know much about his family other than he did have children. One of the dresses looked like a little girl’s Sunday dress. A bit too much frou-frou and pink for her tastes. Another was a surprisingly mature looking dress in a pale blue, clingy. Kristine was certain the bulk of her training panties would be visible. She went with the third, a dark blue dress, with a pleated skirt that dropped below her knees and short, wide sleeves that fell just above her elbows. The skirt was loose enough that there was no chance of her training panties showing through and it looked conservative. There was a pair of white tights, still in the package, along with the dress. She tore the bag open and put them on. The cotton tights were a little too small, and the dress a bit tight across her slim chest, but, looking at herself, she saw that none of that showed. Good enough. She gathered up everything and left the bathroom. Yvonne and Tac were waiting nearby. Yvonne looked Kristine up and down and nodded. “Good. Come on.” Tac jumped up onto her shoulder. Yvonne led Kristine up the main stairs, where the too small tights and slightly too tight dress made themselves a little more obvious. She felt a little corseted as she could not breathe as deeply as she wished, and the tights were sliding down a little, and she had to resist the urge to try to pull them up. Down a hall, deeper into the building, to a small waiting room where Oscar, and to her surprise and no small amount of embarrassment, Daniel were waiting. Daniel was staring at her, shock obvious on his face. She noted two others, a woman and man, well dressed. The man she recognised as Wendal Pine, the lead lawyer for the other side. “Miss St. James, thank you for coming,” Oscar said to her. “You’re welcome Mr Black.” Daniel schooled his expression to something more professional and nodded a hello to her. “Kristine,” he said. She returned the informal greeting with a “Daniel. You’re assisting with the case? Good job.” He looked a little uncomfortable, for they both knew that she was supposed to be here. “Thank you,” he said, almost sounding himself. Wendal and his companion were openly staring at her. She ignored them, deciding she would let someone else handle introductions if they were required. “Is there anything else Mr Cotton?” Yvonne asked. “Not at the moment Yvonne, thank you.” Yvonne nodded and then left them. There were several seconds of an uncomfortable silence in the room before Oscar said, “Let’s go.” He walked to one of the doors, knocked and then pushed it open. Kristine started towards the doors, but the others, with their longer strides (not hampered by trying to keep cotton tights from sliding down over a pair of training panties), put everyone else in the room, and she had to wait to enter last. There was a small office beyond. The five of them filled it. A woman behind a desk was talking to Oscar. “Go in,” she said, “Judge Morrison is waiting for you.” They all filed through the secretaries office into the much more significant office of the judge. Bernard Morrison was a tall man, big, shaved head, wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. He was standing, waiting for them. “Sit,” he ordered, pointing at a table in front of his desk. Everyone sat. Kristine found the chair too big for her, wished she could kneel on it, so she was not so low. Bernard went and sat at his desk. “Let’s make this fast.” He looked at Kristine. “Kristine St. James.” “Yes sir,” she said, hating how her voice seemed to squeak. “Papers?” She reached into her bag, pulled out her ID. She was about to get off the chair when Tac jumped to the floor and became the tuxedo-clad, cat-eared beauty that was her other form. There were a few expressions of surprise. With a smile Tac took the various documents from Kristine and walked to the judge’s desk, handing them to him. He looked through them, turning the bridging ID back and forth, staring at Kristine. She felt her cheeks grow warm under his scrutiny. He gave the documents back to Tac. “Thank you.” “Of course,” Tac said, and walked back, putting the documents on the table, in front of Kristine, just far enough from her that Kristine had to reach to get them. The cat-eared woman took a seat beside Kristine, smiling at the other people. “Tell me how you came to this position,” Judge Morrison said to Kristine. So Kristine told him of her meeting with Tac Friday evening and of her accepting the contract the next day. She kept it simple, to the point. Tac confirmed her story when asked. “When was the last time you worked on this case,” he asked her. “Friday evening, about 5pm.” “Anything since then?” “No sir.” “Have you had any contact with anyone involved in the case since then?” “Just Mr Cotton. I let him know what happened, and met with him yesterday too, well, officially end my employment with the firm.” “Did you talk about the case?” She shook her head. “No sir.” Wendal shifted forward in his chair. “Any witnesses to this?” “I was there,” Tac said. At the same time, Oscar said, “Emily Black from our IT department was there. She can be a witness as to our conversation. Shall I ask her to come by? I have a signed statement from her.” He brought an envelope from his jacket. “Give it here.” Oscar did so, and Bernard looked it over. “Good enough,” he finally said. “I would like a ruling now as to if Miss St. James unfortunate situation in any way reflects on this case,” Oscar said. The judge looked at Wendal and his companion. “Are you requesting a stay in procedures?” Wendal did not answer immediately, but finally said, “Not at this time.” “Your honour, if not at this time than if I may be permitted to say, than not at all,” Oscar said. “More information could come up later in the case,” Wendal replied, a little heated. “We may need to request a stay or delay later.” “If things start to go bad for you,” Oscar said. Kristine had suspected but now knew why Oscar had requested her presence there. “Enough,” Bernard said, loudly. No one else said anything. “Mr Pine, if you do not see a reason to delay proceedings at this time, based on what we know, I will not allow you to request a later delay. Unless of course, you put further evidence in front of me that puts into question Miss St. James' statement that she has had nothing to do with the case since her unfortunate transformation.” “Very well,” Wendal said. He did not sound happy about it. “All right, then this meeting is done. I will see you in court in,” he looked at his watch, “twenty minutes.” It was a dismissal that everyone recognised. They left the office. Out in the waiting room, everyone started walking away. Daniel paused, looked at her, back at the others who were all watching, and then said, “I’m sorry this happened to you.” He walked off. Not about to taint the case by being seen associating with her. She was alone. She found Yvonne, down the hall, waiting for her. She returned to the bathroom on the first floor, changing back into her own clothing. She held up the tights, making sure there were no telltale stains on the white cotton, then shoved them into the garment bag with the dress. “Thank you,” she said as she handed the bag back to Yvonne outside of the bathroom. “You’re welcome,” she said with a smile before turning and walking away. “Now what?” Tac asked from where she lazily leaned on a wall. “I guess I’ll go shopping.” “Good, I like shopping.” Kristine supposed some retail therapy was a way to not think of things. Or maybe not think that there was nothing left to really think about. She was a Magical Girl, and it seemed that was all she would be. All she could be. So letting her mind focus on buying a new wardrobe was welcome. She looked for quality, triple stitching, good materials, nothing that looked like it had been made in a sweatshop. Since training panties and, not that she wanted to admit it, diapers, were going to be a constant she looked for skirts and dresses mostly, to make changing easier. She bought some slacks and loose jeans, but they made up only a small part of her new and growing wardrobe. Quality and conservative were her watchwords. She soon had several bags full of clothing. Tac had to help her carry them. Some training bras were added to her purchases. As she had the day before Kristine got the idea that most of the salespeople who sold them to her were ultimately humouring her. What she did not need (assuming she was not going to chance a mess) were panties, but she bought them anyway. She did not want anyone thinking about why she would not be buying them. It was mid-afternoon when she decided to go home. She and Tac stuffed a taxi’s trunk full of clothing of all sorts, and the back seat was pretty full too. They did not get a driver who wanted to speak, so Kristine sat in the back seat, feeling tired and wet, hoping her training panties did not leak. Fortunately, she made it back to her apartment leaving the seat behind her dry. She and Tac hauled everything up to her apartment and Kristine went to change. She had leaked a little on her way up, small damp spots on the seat of her slacks. After changing into a dry pair of training panties, she tossed the pants into the laundry hamper and then, in only her socks, blouse and training panty, began to unpack her purchases. She was not sure at first what to do with all her old clothing, but after a few minutes of looking through her wardrobe, she decided it had to go. There was no point in keeping it around, other than to torture herself. She found some boxes and used the bags all her new things had come in and packed away all her old things. She would donate them to some charity, or better yet a woman’s shelter. Maybe her suits would do someone some good. As she finished boxing the last of the old things up, she felt odd, as if something were off. She found herself walking about the apartment, looking onto corners, opening things up. As small as the apartment was her actions did not go unnoticed. “What are you doing?” Tac asked her. Kristine looked at the cat. “Something feels off, but I don’t know what.” “Probably just because you are being watched.” “What?” Tac, in cat form again, stretched out. “Yeah. Not long after we got back.” “Where?” she asked, starting towards the windows. “Stop, don’t be stupid,” the cat told her. “Pardon?” she looked back at Tac. “You don’t want them to know you spotted them. That’s like tradecraft 101.” “Tradecraft?” She shook her head. “What should I do?” “Stop being stupid?” “Aren’t you supposed to help me?” “If I can make you stop being stupid that would help a lot.” “You make me want to kick you.” “Transform. Put your pacifier in your pie hole and teleport down there.” Kristine wanted to say something snide, but the cat was right. “Thank you,” she said softly. “What was that?” “I said thank you,” she snapped, and then before Tac might say anything else she transformed. Teleporting about, being invisible, it was all pretty amazing. It almost made being a Magical Girl worthwhile. Though not the diapers. She stood beside the car, not seen by the occupants, looking into the windows. It did not take her long to figure out who they were. There was a file, open in the back seat, with some stationary with the Pine law firm letterhead on it. So they were looking for proof that she was still somehow involved in the case. Good luck on finding that, she thought as she teleported up onto the roof of a nearby high-rise. She took the pacifier from her mouth. “Annoying.” “I will teach you a spell to chase them away,” Tac said. “Chase them away?” “Sure. Magic Girls need to make the mundanes scatter, stay away from dangerous places. Nice simple spell. You envision something unpleasant and focus it… Though with your weird ways of casting spells who know how it will work. Still, it is simple enough.” “No.” “No what?” “I’m not going to cast it. They are just doing their jobs, and it is not like they are going to see anything that will be a problem for Cotton and Black. I’ll just ignore them.” “But this is a teachable moment.” “I don’t care.” She teleported back to her apartment and ended her magical girl transformation. Tac had jumped from her shoulder. “Boring.” “I can learn that spell later,” she told the cat as she picked up the packed boxes and stacked them next to the door. Tac shook her cat head and then went and curled up on the couch. Kristine went and cleaned everything up, considering what she might do if she got a house. That all she needed to do was to want one and she would be given one seemed so unlikely. It was like she had won a lottery. And in a way she supposed she had. Just not a lottery that she would have bought a ticket for. She had everything sorted out and cleaned up when she heard someone knocking on her door. Not expecting any visitors she went to the door, stood up on her toes, and looked out the peephole. On her doorstep stood the handsome Olivia. “What the hell?” she asked aloud even as she unlocked the door. “Olivia, you can’t be here, there…” That was all she got before Oliva had her wrapped in her arms, her lips pressed against Kristine’s, her tongue slipping into Kristine’s mouth. It was like the night they had last seen each other. That was one of her thoughts at that moment. She also recalled that their hands had been in each other panties, and she worried that Olivia’s hands would slide down from her shoulders and discover what she wore instead of panties. That was another of her thoughts. She also was a little surprised at the tongue in her mouth. It seemed strange and well, the only word that came to her mind, strangely was, gross. It seemed a little gross. Then suddenly before Kristine could think of anything Oliva pushed her away, she herself stumbling a few steps back to fall against the door jamb. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Oliva said, crying. Kristine stared at Olivia, her mouth hanging open. She closed her mouth, then asked, “Sorry? What? Why?” “I heard, I thought, it didn’t matter. I was in love with you. I was sure it didn’t matter what you looked like, but it felt so wrong. I’m sorry.” “Olivia?” She took a step forward, then stopped. “You love me?” She was surprised. She liked Olivia, a lot, but in love? “Oh,” Kristine said. Of course, she loved Olivia as well. Why had she not seen it? “I…” “I don’t love you anymore,” Olivia cried and wiped at her eyes, smearing eyeliner. “What?” “You’re a child, when I look at you, I feel nothing. When I kissed you I just felt like a monster.” She straightened. “I never should have come here. I have to leave.” “Olivia…” Kristine took a step forward. “No, Kristine, I can’t be near you. It’s tearing me up.” Kristine stopped. “Goodbye.” She turned and fled the apartment. “Olivia,” Kristine said softly and took a step forward. She would just be torturing Olivia if she followed. “Well that was some nice drama,” Tac said as she jumped down from the couch. Kristine turned on the cat. “Shut up.” “That’s hardly nice. And here I am going to help you out.” “Help me out?” Tac saying anything like that seemed so foreign. She did not think the cat was capable of helping her. “I am going to take care of those guys in the car, so they don’t remember seeing your friend coming in here, cause that is probably important, then I am going to talk to your friend and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself.” “Oh,” Kristine said, suddenly feeling bad for her earlier thought. “And then I am going to get her on the rebound and fuck her until she can’t even remember your name.” “What?” The cat looked up at her. “She’s got a nice figure, and I am one horny kitty.” “Listen you damn cat I’ll pick you up by the scruff o the neck and shake the sh…” Tac was suddenly the buxom, tall woman in a tuxedo. She moved fast, grabbing Kristine and yanking the smaller girl across her lap as she dropped onto the couch. Skirt flipped up, training panties yanked down, she proceeded to wail on Kristine’s bottom, in the middle of the apartment, with the door to the hallway wide opened. It was humiliating. And it hurt a lot. “You Listen. I put up with a lot of crap from you cause you are cute, but you don’t get to tell me who I fuck.” Kristine was squirming, trying to break free, biting down on screams and sobs, worried someone could come and look into her apartment. Then suddenly she was on the floor, dumped from Tac’s lap, and Tac was heading out the door. “Don’t wait up,” Tac called back with a cruel smile as she left. Kristine watched her go, wiped her eyes, then stumbled to her feet, and with the training panties around her ankles, stumbled to the door and closed it. She bent down, pulled the training panties up. As they slid over her well-spanked bottom, she hissed at how much it had hurt. Had that bitch Tac used claws when she spanked her? Well, she would show Tac, she would… What would she do?
 Chase after Tac, tell her to leave Olivia alone? Scream ‘don’t have sex with my ex-girlfriend’? It was ridiculous. Olivia was not stupid, no easy lay. If Tac could seduce her, it would be because it was what Olivia wanted, at least at that moment. She sat down on the couch. Jumped up with a cry of pain. What sort of crazy magical spanking had Tac given her? She stood there, still sniffing, thinking about her friend and her life and her very adulthood which had all been snatched away for some stupid reason. She thought about how helpless she felt about it all. She thought about how there was nothing she could do about any of it. “Mr Bear,” she cried. And then the bear was there, and she threw herself into its warm, soft hug. She cried into the fur, and Mr Bear gently patted her bottom, easing the pain there. She felt completely pathetic, and at the same time completely safe. BREAK POINT#4 And now the new part that has not beeN posted yet Later, sprawled on her couch, in a too big t-shirt, the padding of a training panty a subtle but unforgettable presence, stared at the TV. She was not really watching what was on it, it was the background for her thoughts. Olivia, and what she represented. Things had been happening so quickly that she had not really considered what her life was going to be like. Saturday morning she had woken up, and everything was normal. It was now Monday evening, and she had lost her job, probably her friends, a girlfriend she had not realised was her girlfriend, her potty skills and her maturity. Things had been happening too fast. She had not really thought about it. Now that she was thinking about it Kristine did not like it. She sniffed, suddenly worried she might start crying. She rubbed at her eyes, took a deep breath. “I can turn this around,” she said out loud. It made her better to hear that, but what followed was the silent question, ‘how?’ Pulling her knees up to her chest she considered what she would need to do to fix things. She did not think she could break the magic that had changed her. She had, under duress as it had been, accepted a contract. There was something sacrosanct to that. Magical rules that had been established that would not be broken. The sticking point was that she was a child. It did not matter that she had a bridging ID, the fact that anyone who looked at her was going to see a little girl. And if she were not careful they would see a little girl in diapers. Jobs, relationships, even leisure activities would all be denied to her. Suddenly she was depressed again. She recalled, only a few days before, flipping through the channels until she could present to Tac a magical girl: Magical Parfait of the Baker’s Dozen she recalled. She could be, she realised, a joke. She could go on TV, or maybe get jobs performing. A cute little girl who was not really a little girl. Her knowledge of entertainment law was sketchy, but she seemed to remember that there was a limit on how much children could work. An apparent little girl, who was really an adult, would probably be useful. She supposed had she ever wanted to go into entertainment than this might be the best thing that ever happened to her. But while she had wanted to stand in front of a court as a lawyer, standing in front of an audience as a performer had never occurred to her. A professional joke, just like Magical Parfait, and other magical girls like her. No, she realised, she would be even a bigger joke because of the theme of her magic, and the diapers. Exhausted by her depressing thoughts, she turned off the TV, unfolded her couch, pulled her blankets over her head. She just wanted to sleep. Morning came, as it had since her transformation, with a wet dream and a messy diaper. She lay there, breathing heavily, waiting for the sensation to pass, and kind of wishing it would not. Then she called for Mr Bear so he could clear her up. It was just so much easier. After Mr Bear had her in a fresh diaper, she dismissed him. Sitting up on her fold out bed she wondered if all the Nursery Knights had to deal with that. And then she smacked her hand into her forehead. She could find them, talk to them, get them to tell her what the deal was, how they might have dealt with it. No dealing with Tac, who she really did not want to speak to, and certainly did not want to confide in. Staying in her diaper, she went to her laptop, turned it on, waited for it to boot up. It took so long. She summoned her magic bag, wrote a note that she wanted a new computer and a tablet. The message went into the side pocket, the bag dismissed. Once her computer was running, she opened a browser window and began to search. Terms like ‘Nursery Knights’, ‘magical baby girls’, ‘diaper magical girls’ got her some results, but she only found a handful of useful articles. There was a magical sighting page, with an entry on the Nursery Knights. It had not been updated in more than fifteen years. They had been active in Sacramento about twenty years prior. Kristine’s family had lived in Sacramento, but they had moved north to Seattle shortly before the Nursery Knights had been active. Had Tac shown up when she had been supposed to, would Kristine's family have moved? The Magical Realm certainly had access to money. Her father had taken them to Seattle because he had a new job there. She could envision Tac using the Magic Realm's money to keep her and her family in Sacramento. Or perhaps her teleporting power was to allow for the commute. Putting such thoughts aside she read what information was available. There was mention of a few battles, one in the downtown core. No record of any civilian casualties. Kristine found a few stories of people found asleep, unable to wake for a few months. She supposed that made sense for something that had been called the Nightmare King. Then the Nursery Knights all but disappeared. She spent about an hour reading through various sites but found nothing online that really helped her. Shutting her computer off she leaned back. Her padding felt damp on her bottom, and the diaper crinkled. Shaking her head, Kristine got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. It was still early when Kristine left her apartment. She had a small bag, loaded with a few extra training pants and an envelope full of computer money. Her outfit was all her new clothing, a black, designer A-line dress, with a skirt that hid her padding. She had paired it with a faded jean jacket. Out in front of her building, she decided not to call a cab but went for a walk instead. Kristine used to like going for walks. With school and the working at the law firm, she had had less time for that. Now she had nothing but time. She sighed loudly as she stood on a street corner, waiting for a break in the traffic. “Something wrong sweetie?” The person asking a question was a school crossing guard. An older woman with a kind smile. Kristine had not even noticed her, but it had been a long time since she had needed crossing guard’s help. “I’m just tried,” Kristine said, not even thinking to explain her problems. “You should get lots of sleep sweetie,” she told Kristine, then, a break in the traffic presenting itself, put her whistle to her lips, raised her sign, and stepped out into the crosswalk. Kristine mumbled a thank you as she crossed. Several other children, who Christine had not really noticed either, were louder in their thanks. There sure were a lot of kids around, she thought. Of course, because they were going to school. Kids were walking, almost always with an adult, though. Walking past a school, she noticed how many were being dropped off by parents. It looked like children had grown a lot less independent than she was a child. Kids a few years from being teenagers seemed to be treated more like they were children half their age, or so Kristine thought. It made Kristine rethink her earlier concerns about looking like a child. It was worse than she had thought if this was the new normal for children. “Goddamn depressing,” she said softly. No one tried to stop her, no truant officers or police demanding to know what she was doing, but she saw curious gazes turned her way. She really did not want deal with anyone asking her questions. The morning grew late, children and commuters disappeared from the streets. She watched the cars going by, supposed that people were out shopping, like her. Kristine had been walking for a while, but she was not tired, no ache in her leg muscles. Recalling what Tac had said she could only assume that she was enjoying another of the benefits of being a magical girl. Even untransformed it appeared she enjoyed a stronger body. Almost two hours after she had set off she reached the shopping mall she had wanted to visit. It had not been open for long, and it was not too crowded. In an electronic store, Kristine went to the computer isle and looked around. She had educated herself about computers, enough to know what she wanted. Before price had always been a concern, but now she had money waiting to be spent. It took her about twenty minutes to decide between the three computers she had been considering, and then she stood around for several minutes, waiting for someone to come up and ask to help her. She was a little surprised that the salespeople had left her alone so long. Then she remembered. She was a kid. Of course, they were ignoring her. They probably thought she was screwing around while her parents were shopping somewhere else. “Excuse me, I’d like to buy this,” she called to a middle-aged man who passed close by. He paused, looked around, and then, Kristine was sure he sighed, he walked over to her. “What is it you want young lady?” “This,” she put her hand on the laptop she had chosen. He looked at it, then her. “Is your mother around?” “I’ll pay for it,” she told him. He looked at her for a few seconds, she guessed he was trying to decide if she was serious if he was about to get a commission out of the sale. “Okay, we’ll ring it up.” He reached under the shelf, grabbing one of the boxes. She paused on their way to the cash registers and pointed at a tablet. “And one of those.” Again he looked at her, thoughtfully, perhaps taking in her clothing. Then he grabbed another box. When they reached the cash register, he said, “All right, so where is your mother, or father?” She reached into her bag and took out the envelope with the cash in it. She had already figured out the cost, so she put the hundred dollar bills and fifty dollar bills in front of him. “I am paying for it myself. I am really spoiled.” Kristine was not sure what the salesman had been expecting, but probably not a large wad of cash. She wondered why she had not used her credit card. It probably would have been easier. Had she wanted to flash her money around? Seemed more than a little childish to her. “I’m joking,” she told him and pulled her bridging ID out. “It’s really okay. I’m older than I look.” She smiled as she held out the card. He took it from her, looked at it, flipped it over, read what was there. “You’re from the Magical Realm?” “Well, not really.” She did not want to say she was a Magical Girl. “It’s complicated.” The ID fell from his hands to the counter. “You’re a Magical Girl,” he said, nervously, looking around. “Look, I don’t…” “Fuck, is some monster going to show up? You’re going to get us all killed.” He was not shouting, but he was loud, and a few people were looking towards him. She had heard that some people were afraid of all things magical. She had never seen it before. “Listen, just take my money and give me my receipt and my stuff and I will be out of here. I’ll never come back.” “Fuck you,” he said quite loudly. “Dan, is there a problem?” A middle-aged man in a shirt and tie had approached. “She’s a fucking Magical Girl.” “Dan, go, take your break.” “But…” “Go to the break room.” Dan stared at the man, shook his head, and then almost ran away. The manager, Kristine assumed, quietly rang her up, looked at her ID once, then took her money. He did not ask her to come again. No one asked if she had found everything she wanted. People were staring at her. “Fuck,” Kristine muttered as she left. She should have shopped online. Who knew she would have to deal with such crap. She had planned to shop a little more but had no stomach for it. Leaving the mall, she hailed a taxi. As she got in with her purchases, she said to the driver, “Take me to the downtown branch of the library.” The driver pulled away from the mall. He did not want to talk, which was okay with Kristine. Kristine had excellent research skills. However, she was in no way a professional. Librarians were professionals, which was why she had come to the library. An older woman, probably around fifty, looked down at Kristine. “The Nursery Knights?” Kristine nodded. “Yes. I want to find out what I can about them.” “I see,” she simply said, and then, “come along.” She led Kristine to her desk where she sat down and started her search. She did not invite Kristine to take a seat, there was not even a chair there for visitors. However, she was not left standing for long. Perhaps after a minute or two, the librarian scribbled down some notes and then stood up, once more asking Kristine to follow. It was a pleasure to watch a professional at work, Kristine often thought. They went to an old-fashioned card catalogue, though they only stayed there a few moments. Then there was a short stop at an old microfiche machine. Kristine was not even sure she would know how to use that device. That done the woman began to pull books and old periodicals from various shelves. In less than an hour, Kristine was looking at a stack of material sitting on a table. “Thank you,” she said. “You’re welcome. Most of that material cannot be taken from the library. Leave it on the table when you are finished, we’ll get it shelved.” She turned and walked away. Kristine began to read. There was a book on the various teams of Magical Girls who had operated on the West Coast for the past thirty years. There was a full chapter on the Nursery Knights, though much of it was the author’s supposition about why a team of little girls had been chosen, and that magic must be related to innocence. It was still interesting. She put that aside, picked up a book of photography, found several pictures of the Nursery Knights within. Faces were blurry, but she would make out the little girls wearing the same style of outfits she wore when transformed. The diapers were embarrassingly obvious. A scholarly book about magical girls in general mentioned the Nursery Knights a few times, and how as a group composed of small children they represented an example of how irresponsible the Magical Realm was. “Preaching to the choir sister,” Kristine said softly as she put the book aside. She read more books, magazine articles, even an interview done with Nursery Knight Becca. Not that Becca, probably Rebecca, had a lot to say. Kristine guessed that Becca was perhaps about eight at the time, but the person doing to story assumed an age of about half that. Christine had been making notes of when the Nursery Knights had first appeared and when they had disappeared. The interview with Becca was one of the last times anyone saw one of the Nursery Knights. She had been at her research for a couple of hours. Straightening up, amazed at the fact her back did not hurt, she was aware of the wet, squishy feeling around her bottom from a soaked training panty. Hoping that she was not leaking she nearly ran to the bathroom. The inside of her dress’s skirt was just a little damp, and it did not show, fortunately. Her training panty was heavy with her pee, and she tossed it into the garbage once she had changed. Back at the table she looked through the few remaining books and magazines but was not able to add to her knowledge of the Nursery Knights. They had been much like most magical girl teams, but for their youth. But unlike those other groups, when they had finished their fight they had disappeared completely. Where had they gone? She left the books and magazines on the table as she had been told. On the way out she paused near a donation box, a sign over it reading, ‘Help Support Our Library’. She had a few hundred dollars left after her purchase of the laptop and tablet. Most of it went into the donation box, but for enough left for her cab ride home. Tac came into Kristine's apartment in her cat form. It was early evening. Kristine had set up her laptop and told herself she was still doing research, but she was really just playing around with all the new features the better computer and OS had given her. The cat jumped up onto the coffee table. “Let’s go, we have some more training to do.” Kristine almost told Tac to go to hell, but instead, she stood up and lisped out her transformation chant. She stood in her uniform, suddenly feeling more embarrassed by it. Having seen pictures of the Nursery Knights wearing that outfit, the juvenile costume felt even more so. The short skirt, the puffy sleeves, the lace trim, the ribbon on which her pacifier hung, the rattle shaped mace, and of course the thick diaper. Tac jumped up onto her shoulder. “There’s a big park west of here, do you know it?” “Yeth, I know it.” “Teleport us there for the next lesson.” Kristine did so, appearing on the roof of a medium-sized building that looked down on several acres of green space. People were enjoying the end of the day, a soccer game and a baseball game was going on at either side of the park, and people moving around between. “Okay,” Tac said. “When a Magical Girl needs to fight she should do her best to keep people from getting hurt?” “What about pwopety?” “Property damage is not a problem. We got the money to pay for it.” Kristine supposed that made sense based on what she had learned that day. Tac continued. “You need to be able to make people leave an area, so they don’t get hurt.” “How do I do that?” “It was like I was telling you. If you want to chase someone away from a place you envision something unpleasant, though not frightening, and focus on an area, then push that feeling into that area.” “Thomething unpleathant?” “A feeling of being too cool, or too hot, or an annoying sound.” “Okay.” “Clear everyone from about a hundred feet in every direction of the fountain.” Kristine nodded, stepped to the edge of the building. She looked down at the space Tac had defined, she let the words come to her as they had before. “Dirty Diaper Diaper Pail,” she said, and then, “Fuck cat.” “Hey, I don’t make this crap up.” She wanted to be angry, but when she saw what was happening below, she could only be amazed. People were leaving the area she had envisioned. They were not running, they did not even seem to be aware of it, but they evacuated the space in an orderly manner liked it had been well planned and practised. It could not have taken more than twenty seconds before the space around the fountain was deserted. People had redistributed themselves around the park, apparently unaware of their actions. What was more was that people were walking the long way around, again seeming not to notice that anything was weird in they did. They were, on further observation, actively not looking towards the space around the fountain. “Weird.” “Jump down there,” Tac told her. Kristine judged the distance and then took a few steps back. She then ran up to the edge and leapt. She sailed across the distance between, landing close to the fountain, hitting the brickwork, her shoes leaving scratches on the surface. “Oopthieth,” she said looking back at the damage. Tac made a rude sound. “That’s not an oops level of damage, trust me.” She jumped from Kristine’s shoulder to the fountain side. “No one will care.” Kristine looked around and then walked towards the edge of the space she had envisioned. No one was looking at her, no one had seen her land, heard her land. She stood, about two feet away from a man who was talking on his cell phone. She could hear what he was saying, but he did not seem to notice her. “Weird.” She walked back towards the fountain. “But what happenth if the monthter weaveth the spathe?” “Why do you think Magical Girls are in teams? A few girls working together can contain the monsters.” “I thee.” “But let’s assume you need to keep a monster contained when it is really trying to get away. Or you want to avoid accidents and not just the type you have in your diapers.” “Hey!” Ignoring her outburst, Tac continued, “You don’t want someone tripping and falling into the area, or maybe a piece of a destroyed building goes flying out. If that is likely, you need to firm up the barrier, so it does not let anything pass through.” Kristine nodded. “So, now I want you to envision the barrier becoming something that will keep people out. Visualize it and say the words.” “Okay,” Kristine told Tac, then looked around. Prison cell. Sheets of thick plastic. Steel walls. Chainlink fences. Wood slats, gaily painted, safely rounded with no sharp edges. “Cwib time thafe thpathe,” she said aloud, and all around her appeared crib like bars. “Fuck,” she said again. “How cute,” Tac said in syrupy tones. She kicked the cat into the fountain. Splashing and sputtering the cat thrashed about in the water for a few seconds before turning into a woman. Tac, the woman, splashed out of the knee-deep water. She was soaked, so her ordinarily tight clothing was obscenely clinging to her. Kristine tried to tell herself she was not all jealous and was careful not to look down at her own lack of curves. Stepping out of the fountain Tac stood over her, glaring down at her. “Do you want another spanking already little girl?” Recalling the spanking of only the night before Kristine took a step back. Her lip trembled as she shook her head. “Don’t mix cats with water you overgrown toddler.” “I’m not…” she said, but looking up at Tac’s angry face killed the rest of the words in her mouth. Tac snapped her fingers. Water exploded away from her. A mist of it hit Kristine in the face, leaving her lightly drenched. Perfectly dry Tac stood there, imperious for a moment, then the woman was gone, and the cat was back. The cat leapt back up onto the fountain edge and stared at Kristine, almost as if she was daring Kristine to try something. Kristine did not take up that dare. Some water dripped from her hair. With the impossibly smug look that only a cat was capable of Tac said, “Now you have your safe crib space. That will stop most things from getting in and out, but a determined or a powerful monster might break it.” Kristine nodded, still feeling scared and not trusting her voice. “Or perhaps the monster has minions. Either way, you may need some extra help.” “What about the other Magical Girlth?” Kristine asked. “You might be fighting on your own, or they might be just as busy. Fortunately, you got Mr Bear to give you a hand.” “Mithter Bear?” “Consider if you had an army of your Bear? Each one ready to knock a monster away from the barrier, or form a wall of fur to keep the barrier safe.” Kristine nodded, seeing the point. “So, picture an army of your Mr Bears, and then, call them.” Kristine closed her eyes and did just that. She imagined an army of giant teddy bears. She opened her eyes. “Todayth the day the teddy bearth haf their pi’nic,” she called out. Well, that was not quite as bad as the other things she had to say. Around her formed shadows, and those shadows began to clump together. “Looks good so far,” Tac said. In seconds there stood about fifty or sixty shadowy forms all around her. Then, with a sound like a pop, those forms became giant teddy bears. They looked a lot like Mr Bear, though they lacked his more distinct features. They had an unfinished look to them. The close to sixty bear heads all turned towards her. It was a little creepy. “What now?” she asked Tac. “Now, think about what you want them to do.” Kristine started at them for several seconds. Then she giggled as every bear suddenly pushed its hip forward and grabbed its crotch with a big paw. “Real mature,” Tac said. Kristine ignored the cat as the bears started doing the thriller dance. “A magical army and thy best she can think to do with it is play,” Tac said. Kristine pretended the cat was not there, just watching her dancing bears. She could see that there was a lot that might be done with the bears. They could handle crowd control, probably lock enemies down she so could hit them, even just stand a perimeter guard as Tac had earlier suggested. Or she could make her very own teddy bear flash mob. The bears had been dancing for a few minutes (she felt sorry for everyone on the other side of the barrier who could not see the show) when Kristine suddenly felt dizzy. “Oh my,” she said, stumbling back a few steps before sitting slowly on the edge of the fountain. The bears all stopped moving. As she sat there, taking deep breaths, Kristine felt her diaper grow warm under her as she wet it without control. “Wha’ happen?” she asked. “It takes a lot of magical energy to summon and maintain your bears,” Tac told her in a tone that suggested she thought that Kristine should have known that. “Teddy bearth ta bed,” Kristine said, and the bears disappeared. As soon as they were gone, she felt better. “You need to work on your magical stamina,” Tac told her. “Magical thtamina?” “Your ability to channel and hold the magical power. The more magic you use, the better you’ll get. Normally, of course, you are working with a team, and each girl can handle a different thing. Still, a Magical Girl never knows when she’ll have to fight on her own.” “I would like to meet the other Magical Girls,” Kristine said, seeing an opportunity. “What?” “The other Nursery Knights. I would like to talk to them.” “I’ll see what I can do,” Tac told her. Glad that Tac had not asked why Kristine got unsteadily to her feet. Her soaked diaper sagged under the weight of her pee. “One more thing and then we’ll call it a night.” “One more?” Kristine asked. She wanted to teleport home and get a fresh diaper, or training panty. As long as it was dry. “If things are terrible, then you want to take the area you are fighting in out of the world.” “Out of the worl’?” “Think about it as moving the area to another dimension.” “Another dimenthion?” “Are you a parrot?” Kristine was about to say, ‘Parrot,’ but shut her mouth on the word. “How?” “Visualize it. Think about this space sinking away.” Kristine looked around, thought about the ground under her becoming water, the entire area sinking away, going somewhere else. “Into the dark toy box and clothe the lid,” she said, sweeping her hand out. The barrier went black. Suddenly all around her was darkness. It was as if the temperature suddenly dropped, and she shivered, her diaper growing cold and clammy around her hips. There was an indirect light, and there were long shadows all around her. Turning in place, she started open mouth. “I’m really somewhere elthe.” “You are,” Tac told her. “Did I leave a hole in the worl’?” “No. Its as if this space no longer exists, the space it took up no longer there.” Kristine thought about that and shivered again. “Okay, take us back out.” Kristine nodded. Without being told she visualised the area returning to the world and said, “Open the toy box.” It became warm and brighter, and around her, the park returned. “That’s enough for today,” Tac said as she jumped up onto Kristine’s shoulder. “Back up to the roof.” Kristine tried to teleport, but her concentration failed, and she felt as if the world stuttered around her. Her hand tightened on the mace, and she almost hurled it at the ground. She felt tears in her eyes. It was all so hard, and she was so tired. She realised her emotions were suddenly out of control with exhaustion and she had been about to throw a tantrum because of it. I am not a baby, she told herself and focused. Kristine successfully teleported on her second attempt. Standing on the roof she followed Tac’s direction, dropping the barrier and then the exclusion field. From above she watched as people began to move back into the space she had earlier driven them from. Again they did not seem to notice that they were returning to the area, just as they had not been aware they had been leaving it. Within a few minutes it was as if it had never happened. Magic was amazing, Kristine thought. She teleported back to her apartment. Tac left her for some other business. Kristine made sure not to ask if that other business was Olivia. She sat down on her couch, her diaper squishing beneath her. She just wanted to rest a moment, then she would change back, but she was asleep in seconds. BREAK POINT#5 Someone, probably Mr Bear, had unfolded her couch, undressed her, changed her, and put her in the bed, sheets tucked in around her. While the magical bear could do all that to her and not wake her up was a little disconcerting, there was something about it that her still sleepy mind found comforting. Knowing that there was always going to be something that would take care of her. Closing her eyes she tried to go back to sleep, but after only a few seconds she opened her eyes and turned her head towards the clock in the room. She had been asleep for a few hours, and it was not too late in the evening. Kristine did not think she would get back to sleep. Sitting up, the sheets slipping off her, she found herself dressed in one of the pyjama tops she had bought. Mr Bear had not bother putting the bottoms on her. She got up from the bed, felt too lazy to hunt up the pyjama pants or switch from the thick diaper to a pair of training pants. She got her new laptop and tablet, setting them up on the coffee table as she sat down on the sofa bed. At first, she was not sure what to do, then she decided to search for a house. She suddenly wanted a bedroom, with a real bed. That search kept her busy until she felt tired enough to go back to sleep. Morning. Waking up from an orgasmic wet dream. Messy diaper. Mr Bear cleaning her up. She doubted she would ever get used to it. At the very least the sweaty, panting, twitchy, wet and wonderful feeling of the wet dream was something that would never get dull. Well, she hoped. Tac was not around. She sat on her folded up couch, wondering what she was going to do. Kristine thought that there was nothing more she could learn in researching the Nursery Knights. She would have to wait until Tac got back to her. Shopping was out. Leaning back on the couch, diaper crinkling under her, TV tuned to a local news station, what to do with the day occupied her thoughts. Sitting around the apartment sounded dull. Tac had said she needed to work on her magical stamina. That seemed like a good idea. Lisping out her transformation phrase left Nursery Knight Krisy standing in the apartment. She grabbed her a bag for her tablet, hung it over her shoulder, then tucked her tablet into it. Looking at herself in the mirror she giggled at how incongruous the black bag looked with the baby style dress. Then she disappeared, teleporting away. Kristine looked at houses. She practised putting up exclusion fields, making everyone leave the house. Then she would teleport in and look around. After getting a feel for the place, she would teleport out and then drop the field, watching as people went back in. It was kind of fun. By the end of the day she was feeling tired. She had been using her magic pretty heavily. Still, she felt kind of good about it, as if she was making progress. Back in her apartment she transformed back to her regular self, changed out of the wet diaper and into a set of dry training pants. She looked over the list of houses, considered what she had seen, then wrote a note explaining that she wanted to know more about one of the houses. She summoned her magic bag, put the letter in it, then dismissed the bag. Afterwards, Kristine made her dinner and was about to eat it when Tac came into the room. “Eat up, we have more training to do tonight. We’ll be working on scrying and remote viewing.” “All right,” Kristine said, then asked, “have you found anything out about the other Nursery Knights?” Tac shook her cat head. “Not yet.” Kristine nodded, not yet wanting to push, not wanting Tac asking more questions. So she ate quickly and then transformed. She and Tac headed out into the night for more practice. The next day Kristine found a set of papers in her magic bag. They were what turned out to be papers from someone who had performed a magical inspection on the house. Without the property owner’s knowledge apparently. As a lawyer, well, as someone who wanted to be one, that seemed a little wrong. As someone who was considering moving into that house she found she did not mind much. Along with the inspection results were a list of spells that could be used to repair the problems that the inspector had found. There was a report on the neighbourhood and the neighbours. Finally, there were the details of the offer that might be made. She read it over. She was not going to have to spend the money, but it still seemed like a big deal. The house was pleasant, not a big home, but it was on a big lot a lot of privacy. It had three bedrooms, the master unusually large with an east facing window. She picked up a pen and scrawled on the bottom of the page that she wanted the house. Then she returned it to her magic bag and dismissed it. Now what, she asked herself. What was she going to do? She wished she could talk to her friends, but all her friends were working for law firms. She could not contact any of them. Kristine really wanted to contact Olivia, but she knew she could not. She was also afraid of what she might learn if she did. After several minutes of sitting there she knew she had to do something. Transforming she teleported from her apartment. Standing on a windowsill, pacifier in her mouth, so she was invisible, Kristine looked in at the classroom. Perhaps she could go back to school. Relive her childhood. People always dreamed of that. It did not take her long to decide it would be more a nightmare than a dream. Classes looked boring. Worse for her as she knew everything they were teaching, or at least vaguely recalled it. And she was pretty sure that being a student in training pants or diapers would not be in anyway fun. After about an hour of watching she teleported away. There were rumours that the police had magical girls on the payroll. Being a police officer would let her still be part of the legal system. She stood in a corner, invisible, investigating the city’s central police station, trying to see what it might be to work there. Being invisible offered her a lot of opportunities see how the officers behaved. It seemed the female officers were subject to a fair amount of low-level harassment. It was coached as good-natured ribbing, but the female staff took a lot more of it. She saw no evidence that there was any magical staff there. Kristine suspected if there were any they were made to keep a low key. Harassment and being treated like an embarrassment. Kristine teleported away. The fire department seemed like a better work environment. As long as you did your work it looked like they gave everyone the same amount of respect. Hard work, but it looked rewarding. And the fire engines looked cool. It would be something to look into. Later. She teleported away. There was one more area where Kristine thought that she might get a job, The entertainment industry. She had thought about that earlier and been dismissive of it, but there were reasons to consider it. Kristine had learned that there was filming going on in the city, she teleported over to watch. As she stood invisible among the crew, she considered what it would be like to work in such an environment. Magical Girls had a certain cachet, and she was pretty cute. If she was not going to grow older, and she hoped it was not the case, but if it was, she was the type of child actress that the industry probably wanted. One that would not get older and age out of the part. Honestly, after watching for a few hours, she thought it looked a little dull. However, she could not deny that everyone seemed to be working hard. When Kristine teleported away, she decided she was willing to consider entertainment. “Have you found out about the other Nursery Knights?” Kristine asked Tac. “I am working on it,” Tac said. She sounded cross, and her hair stood up along her spine. “Well, work harder.” “Why is it so important to you?” The day had given Kristine an answer other than, ‘I want to know if they wake up with orgasms and wet diapers’. What she said was, “I want to know what to do with my life. They might have some ideas.” “Fine,” Tac said. “I’ll look deeper, but tonight we have to practice.” “I want to work on repair spells,” Kristine said, and then named some of the spells she had learned of that morning. “Repairs?” “I can? Can’t I?” “Well, you can, but why?” “I want to, and how to shield people and place from heat and fire.” “The fire shields are useful.” “And the repairs.” “Fine,” Tac told her. “Let’s go.” Kristine had fun that night. She and Tac teleported around the city, fixing things. A street covered in potholes and cracks left like new. A large number of street lights shining brightly again. Graffiti wiped away. She especially liked cleaning the graffiti, a wave of her hand, a lisping command, and walls were left unmarked. She also practised fire shields, though that was a little harder because there were no significant fires to work with. When Kristine returned home, she felt tired but pleased. “Okay, tomorrow night you can practice on your own. Fill in some more potholes.” “What are you going to do?” “I am going to find out about the other Nursery Knights before you throw a tantrum.” “I’m not going to throw a tantrum.” “Which is exactly what I would expect a toddler about to have a meltdown to say.” “Just shut up.” “Make sure you practice,” Tac said, and then was gone. “Stupid cat,” Kristine said. A large number of countries and cities had asked that the Magical Realm set up its central embassy in their territory. The diplomatic branch of the Magical Realm had decided to ignore all those requests and dump their embassy in the middle of the Antarctic. Tac usually thought that was pretty funny, but when she had to make her way to the embassy, she had to admit it was a little inconvenient. Even for a cat who walked through walls and played the Schrodinger game to be where she should not, it still took some time to get there. Which was why she had told Kristine to practice on her own. Tac figured she’s be gone at least a full twenty-four hours. The Antarctic was cold, even for a cat with as fabulous fur as she had. One of the first things the Magic Realm had done on setting up was to chill the continent back down to its proper temperature. No global warming allowed there anymore. It was showing off to the mundanes in part, but the staff were the type to like the cold. As Tac glided into the embassy on two legs, wrapped in a thick fur coat, she was greeted by a pair of ice warriors who looked her up and down and then stood aside so she could pass. “Thanks, boys,” she said, walking further into the ice palace. She passed through public areas and moved into the offices where the real work happened. Down, several levels below the ice was a room that looked like a mission control sort of place. Staff watched floating crystal balls, staring at the events taking place. Scrying in a world where almost no one knew how to put up a ward was one of the easiest ways to gather intelligence. Tac looked about and then walked up to a woman with white skin and blue hair, wearing a black suit that did all the right things for her. “Hey sweet stuff, looking for details on the Nursery Knights, Magical Girl team. Got a location?” The woman smiled. “Nursery Knights huh?” She spun the globe in front of her. Tac could have sworn she saw snowflakes in it. “Hmmm, I think you need to talk to Controller White Out.” She looked up towards one of the highest levels of the control centre. Tac followed her gaze, saw that the woman was looking at another white skinned, blue-haired beauty. “Well, happy to talk to the Controller. Thanks, sweetheart.” She left the first woman behind and climbed the stairs to where Controller White Out worked. “Hey Controller, I need some help finding some Magical Girls. Got time for a fellow working girl.” The woman called White Out looked at Tac for several seconds. “You don’t look the type who actually works that much.” “Guilty as charged, it’s the cat in me.” White Out smiled. “Well, one can’t be blamed for their nature I always say. Magical Girls?” “A team called the Nursery Knights.” White Out pursed her lips. “That sounds familiar.” She turned to her globe, spinning it about. “Hmm, I actually have a recent spike.” “That would probably be Kristine. I recently activated her.” White Out looked away from the globe towards Tac. “The Nursery Knights were active about twenty years ago.” “Yeah, I was a little late.” “A little?” “The cat in me.” White Out actually smiled. “All right, let’s ignore the recent activity.” She went back to the globe, turning it, running her hands over it. “Okay, now I remember. We started getting activity on them about twenty years ago, pretty consistent for about two years.” “Sounds right. It took the Nursery Knights about two years to take down the Nightmare King as I understand it.” “After that, there was consistent, low-level activity, about what you would expect from Magical Girls who are no longer active.” “Okay. So do you have any recent activity from them?” “No,” White Out said. “No?” “They went dark almost sixteen years ago.” “Went dark? Like they never transformed again?” “No. Even an untransformed Magical Girl occasionally gives off energy.” “So they’re dead?” White Out shook her head. “No, we would have picked up their deaths.” “How does a Magical Girl go dark then?” “It’s difficult. The girls have to actively mask themselves in the world. It takes a lot of work.” “Does it happen often?” “No.” “Has an entire team ever gone dark?” “No.” Tac said nothing for several seconds. “Well, that is weird.” “Yes. It is why I remembered them.” “Well, I am going to have to speak to those in the know.” “Who is that?” “That,” Tac said and smiled, “is first the coordinator of that team, and then their liaisons.” “Ah.” White Out nodded. “But, that being said, are you like all cold, or do you think I can warm you up. I got a talented cat’s tongue, but I don’t want it freezing to anything.” After her usual morning wake-up pleasure and mess Kristine had planned on spending the day fixing stuff to practice her magic, and then she had planned on talking to someone in the fire department. There was a note from Tac in the front pocket of her magic bag, telling her to keep practising. That made the idea of popping around and repairing things seem even better. However, she ended up on the roof of a building across from the courthouse, pacifier in her mouth, using the scrying spells that she had learned to watch the court proceedings. Oscar was a pleasure to watch, and she could see that Daniel was working hard to keep up. He seemed to be enjoying himself. She could not help but feel a stab of envy. Sitting on the edge of the roof, sucking on her pacifier, watching the trial, hours passed before a recess was called. During that time her diaper had grown wet. Something she only noticed when she stood and felt it sag. “Thith ith getting ridiculouth,” she mumbled aloud. She reached under her skirt, checking the diaper. It did not seem too wet yet. How had the actual Nursery Knights dealt with their wet diapers? Had their Mr Bears been continually changing them? After another check of her diaper, she decided she did not need to change it yet. She teleported away from the court, to the roof of the building in which Cotton and Black had their offices. On the roof, she called up her scrying spell and scanned the office for Olivia. It felt a little creepy, spying on her ex, but she wanted to know how Olivia was doing. Kristine found Olivia at her desk, working. Through the scrying spell she watched Olivia as she worked, trying to discern how she was doing. The face that had grown so familiar looked much like it had in the time Kristine had known her. Was she looking sad, or happy? Were their dark circles under her eyes, as if she had not been sleeping? And if she had not been sleeping was that because she was spending her nights crying over love lost, or because Tac was keeping her awake. Was that far off look because she was thinking of Kristine, or Tac, or was she just wondering what she was going to have for dinner? Two other women came up to Olivia. Kristine recognised them both, though she only knew one of them, Wendy Davis, another articling student. The other woman was a secretary, but Kristine had never known her name. They asked Olivia for some help with research in the library. Olivia agreed and went with them. The same smiles, the same tone of voice, Kirstine would be hard pressed to find anything that suggested that Olivia was in any way distressed. What did it mean? Olivia seemed pretty friendly with the secretary, who name Kristine learned was ‘Bethany’. Was Bethany Kristine’s replacement? No, she told herself, Olivia would not just jump into a new relationship. Kristine was sure of that. However, after that every smile had Kristine wondering. Maybe Tac had done something? Maybe Tac had made Olivia forget about her. Though Tac had said she wanted to catch Olivia on the rebound, so she could not have made Olivia forget. Kristine ran her hands through her hair and let a small cry of exasperation around her pacifier. It was so hard. She just wanted to know what Olivia was thinking. Was there a spell for that? She would have to ask Tac. “No,” she growled. Bad enough she was watching Olivia, but to try to read her mind? That would push her well into the creepy territory. Kristine was somewhat aware that she needed to poop, but she ignored it. She could hold it, and she was still trying to understand what Olivia was feeling. Someone mentioned Kristine, wondering if it was true what they had heard. Kristine focused on Oliva’s face, trying to figure out what her expression meant. Was it a sad smile? A frown? Was she about to say something, tell them it was true? Then Kristine was distracted by the feeling in her diaper. The warm, bulky mess that was filling the seat. The scrying spell collapsed, and Kristine opened her mouth in an ‘O’ of surprise. Her pacifier fell from her mouth, jerked to a stop by the ribbon. She reached behind herself, put her hands on the seat of her diaper. There was a weight in the back, and she pushed at it, feeling the warm, almost hot, poop squish again her. She gasped at the strange feeling, kept pressing it against her, even as the continued to fill her diaper. She was squatting down, pushing more of the poop into her diaper. She could not stop herself as she continued to rub the mess against her bottom. What was she doing? What was she feeling? It occurred to her she was visible, for the pacifier was not in her mouth, rubbing the back of her messy diaper. “No,” she grunted, and snatched up the pacifier, putting it back in her mouth. She stood, the mess shifting. Envisioning her apartment, she teleported home. “Mithter Bear,” she cried out. Mr Bear showed up, with her magic bag over his shoulder. Within in moments, the bear had a changing pad on the floor and Kristine on her back. He had her messy diaper off in about twenty seconds and began to clean her up. Soon her bottom was clean, oiled up and powdered. Mister Bear had slid a new diaper under her bottom, lowered her onto it and taped it up around her. Kristine was so glad to be clean, happy that she was no longer tempted by a messy diaper. She thanked Mr Bear and sent him away. Lying on the changing bad, legs spread, the magic bag full of diapers and training pants beside her, Kristine wondered what she was going to do. Would she end up rubbing a messy diaper all over her bottom every time she messed herself? Was she going to mess herself more often? Kristine sat up and grabbed up the changing pad, folding it up and stuffing it into her magic bag. She checked the zippered pocket, seeing if there were any new messages. Dismissing the bag, she reversed her transformation. Back in her clothing from the morning, she realised she was still in a diaper. She had not taken it off from when Mr Bear had changed her that morning. “I should have put on the training pants,” she told herself. However, she did not change out of the diaper. She unfolded her couch, sat down on the thin mattress, and pulled the blankets over her head. Tac was glad to be back in the Magic Realm. She breathed in deeply of the air rich in magical energy. “Good to be home,” she said to herself. “Be better if my expense account was reactivated.” Around her was the Great City, built around the gate that led to the mundane world. Ever since she had started dealing with the Magical Girl program, the city had been Tac’s home. While she would have preferred to make her way straight to the entertainment district, the lack of an expense account would make such a trip nothing but depressing. Instead, she made her way across the city, forced to rely on public transport. Not that she paid for it of course. A cat can sit on top of a tram car, and no one ever notices. If you circled the city, always counter widdershins, after always twenty minutes, one would find themselves looking out at a lake that was an impossible blue. Above the lake was a vast globe of polished silver, the impossible colour of the water reflected in it. The globe was the Office of Magic in the Mundane and handled, among many other things, the deployment of Magical Girls. Switching back to her human form after jumping down from the tram, ignoring an angry call from the tram driver, she stepped up on one of the entry portals. There was a sense of movement for a moment, then she was standing in the central foyer of the Office of Magic in the Mundane. Tac did not bother talking to the receptionist golems (cute as they were made, they gave her a significant ‘Uncanny Valley’ vibe). Her job had brought her to the office many times in the past, and she knew where she wanted to go. In the admin section of Magical Girl processing Tac chatted up a pretty little filing clerk and got her to pull the information on who had been in charge of the Nursery Knight’s project. After a bit of bite (the clerk had some mouse in her, and as a cat, Tac had to nip) and tickle Tac was on her way to the office of one Umon Derrypiz. Umon was, unfortunately, as far as Tac was concerned, male. Tac was pretty good with getting on the right side of women. She had a knack for it. With Umon she was just going to have to be professional. That was annoying. She entered his office, decent size, midlevel paper-pusher type of place. There was a man behind a desk. She assumed Umon. He looked up from whatever he had been working on. “Yes?” “Umon Derrypiz?” “Yes. Who are you?” “Tac, Magical Girl liaison, second class.” “I see. How can I help you?” It seemed to be going well. With a smile, Tac crossed the room. “I’m looking for information on the Magical Girl team the Nursery Knights. I understand you are the coordinator of that team.” “I am the coordinator of a lot of teams. I don’t know why you would expect me to be able to help.” Tac was taken aback. She wondered what had happened that made him get all prickly. Maybe he did not like cats. “I suppose,” she said, “but this team was all little girls, around four or five, kind of unique.” “All Magical Girl teams are unique. That is the point.” Again Tac felt as if she had missed something. “Well, the Nursery Knights as a whole went dark about fifteen years ago, which is weird, so I was hoping to get some details about them. Maybe something about their mission required them to disappear?” “Why are you wasting my time with this?” he demanded, pounding a closed fist on his desk. Were they speaking two different languages that only sounded the same? Tac wondered if she was insulting him. She would have to explain things. “I recently activated the last of the Nursery Knights you see. And she wants to meet the other Knights, to get an idea of what is going on. Poor girl, all lost and alone.” Tac decided to play the sympathy card. “You activated the sixth Nursery Knight?” he asked her. He seemed surprised, maybe. “I’ll admit that I was little late,” Tac said, assuming that was the cause of his surprise. “The sixth Nursery Knight is active, has become a Magical Girl?” Same shocked expression. Tac could not figure it. “Yes. Nice girl. Named Kristine.” “I have to go,” Umon said as he stood up. “What? But what about the Nursery Knights?” “Look them up in the records,” he told her as he started towards the door, almost knocking Tac over. “When are you going to be back? I really wanted to talk to you about this?” “I don’t know, urgent business,” he called back to her as he left the room. “Well, that is just great,” Tac said as she left the office as well. “Now I got to look up records. Maybe mousey will help me.” With his quick pace, almost a run really, Umon left her behind. Tac ambled, as was her way, back towards the admin section. She was about halfway there when someone suddenly grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. Tac found herself facing an angry looking Gorgeous. Though as far as Tac was concerned Gorgeous could only look angry, so it really meant nothing to her. “What are you doing back here?” Gorgeous demanded. “Hi Gorgeous, good to see you. Did not miss me?” Gorgeous actually growled, showing teeth. Tac raised her hands. “Now Gorgeous, calm down. I’m here working, for my Magical Girl.” That gave Gorgeous pause, and she stopped showing teeth. “What do you mean?” “She wants to meet the other Nursery Knights, perfectly sensible right.” Gorgeous narrowed her eyes. “Why are you here then?” “Cause I can’t find them for her, and she's really a bitch about constantly asking.” Gorgeous frowned. “What do you mean you can’t find them?” “Just that I can’t. I talked to the monitoring station people at the embassy. I met a really nice lady who while looking like an ice queen melted rather nicely when I…” “Tac!” “Right, sorry. Anyway White Out told me that the Nursery Knights had all gone dark about fifteen years ago.” “What?” Gorgeous’ eyes widened. “Yeah, it is odd, right? I came here to speak to the team’s coordinator to see if I could find out anything, for all the good that did me. Acted like he had never heard of the Nursery Knights and then when I told him I was trying to find them for Kristine he was all surprised and then ran off. I mean, I admit I was a little late but…” “Shut up Tac.” Tac took a step back. “Well excuse me.” Gorgeous was frowning, there was a line between her eyes from concentration. “The team went dark, all at the same time?” “Yes. That is what I said.” Tac sighed. “And you came here, and the coordinator got defensive when you mentioned the Nursery Knights?” “I suppose that might be one way of looking at it.” “And as soon as you mentioned the sixth Nursery Knight was active he suddenly had to leave?” Tac nodded. “Yes. Do you want to state the obvious some more Gorgeous?” “Are you that self-absorbed or are you just stupid?” “I think we both know that I'm just that self-absorbed. It's kind of my thing.” Gorgeous shook her head. “Cats,” she muttered softly, and then said, “This coordinator was responsible for the disappearance of the Nursery Knights, or if not responsible played a part in it. And now that he has learned the sixth Knight is active he has run off to arrange her disappearance.” Tac’s eyes widened. “Hey, that makes sense. That bastard.” “Go, go back to the Mundane Realm. You have my permission to use one of the speed passes.” “But what about Umon, and the other Liaisons?” “I’ll look into that. You get back and see to the protection of your Magical Girl.” “Fine,” Tac said, “I’m going.” She paused. “Don’t suppose you might activate my expense account again? Just so I can get a little pick me up before I go?” “Get out of here,” Gorgeous almost screamed. “Man, calm down,” Tac said as she turned and walked off in the direction of the exit. “Don’t see why you are worried. Kristine is probably just fine.” Kristine was not fine. She was sitting on her bed, blankets pulled over her head, wishing she had never become a magical girl. The money and all the other things seemed little compensation for the fact she had been squatting on a roof, rubbing her messy diaper against her bottom. And just maybe she had enjoyed it. She shook her head angrily in denial. Hours had passed, and the room had grown dark around her. She might have sat under her blankets all night if there had not been a knock on her door. At first, she ignored it, but when the knocking turned to a louder pounding, she tossed off the blanket and stood. “What do you want?” she demanded loudly, walking towards the door, slapping the light on. She looked out the peephole. Two men stood at the threshold of the apartment. Both wore suits, the smaller one in dark grey, the taller, heavier one in dark red. “Hello Miss,” the smaller one said, appearing as if he was trying to look back through the peephole. “We’d like to speak to you about your little friend Tac.” Kristine frowned. Had Tac found out something and sent these two as messengers? She made sure the chain was in place and then opened the door, peeking out. “What about Tac?” she asked. She had a better look at the two men than through the peephole. Their suits looked cheap, smelled of mothballs. The smaller one smiled, showing a mouthful of pointy, yellow teeth. “Ah, your little friend is in trouble. Needs you to help her she does. Isn’t that right Mr Badger?” he looked towards the large man. “Most true Mr Rat. Mewling sadly she was, desperate need of saving. Said she loves you she did.” “You’ve never met Tac,” Kristine said, slamming the door closed, bolting it and jumping back. She had no idea who those men were, but if Tac wanted her help, she was pretty sure she would demand it, and there would be no statements of love. “Now Miss, don’t be like that,” Mr Rat said from the other side of the door. The doorknob rattled, and there was a thump as something heavy hit it. Kristine transformed into a Nursery Knight and jammed her pacifier into her mouth, becoming invisible. A moment later the door came free of its hinges and fell in. Mr Badger entered, followed by Mr Rat. Kristine stepped back towards the wall, ready to teleport away. Mr Badger looked around the main room from his place near the door. Mr Rat looked into her kitchen and then the bathroom. “It looks like she's done a runner Mr Badger,” Mr rat said. “Her profile pegged her a teleporter. She could be anywhere now Mr Rat.” “That is rather unfortunate I'm thinking.” “That is so Mr Rat, but were she a time jumper she could be anywhen. You got to look on the positive side.” “You are correct about that Mr Badger. Should we wait here, in case she comes back?” “I think Mr Rat we had best tell his Loftiness about this.” “He won’t be pleased about it Mr Badger.” “That is most certain Mr Rat, but we do ourselves no favours by putting it off.” “Then let us go Mr Badger.” The two left together. Kristine, still invisible, watched them walk down the hall, towards the elevator. She waited until she heard the elevator arrive, listened to the sound of the door closing. She then stepped into the centre of the room, waved her mace at the broken door. It swung up into place, the twisted hinges mostly righting themselves. Good enough for now, she thought and teleported to the front of the building. About thirty seconds later she saw Mr Rat and Mr Badger exit her building and walk to the parking lot. There they got into a beat up old muscle car and then drove away. Kristine followed them, teleporting from rooftop to rooftop. They drove towards the old manufacturing district. While much of the area had been gentrified, old manufacturing buildings turned to condos, the car stopped in one of the regions that had so far avoided renewal. Parking in the lot of an old foundry the two men left their car and entered the building. Kristine followed them. On the first floor was a room that had probably once served as offices. Now it was empty, but for a throne-like chair on which a man with blue skin, dressed in luxe clothing, grey and red and silver. There were several women there, fawning over the man. Kristine noted that all the woman had blank expressions and glassy eyes. “Where is the girl?” he demanded as Mr Rat and Mr Badger entered. He pushed the woman sitting on his lap to the floor as he stood. “Spooked, she teleported away,” Mr Rat said. “Hardly cared about her little cat friend it seems,” Mr Badger said. “What?” the blue man asked. “She looked older than the other Nursery Knights, didn’t she Mr Badger.” “As you say Mr Rat. Less trusting I would say.” “More mature.” “Damn,” the blue man said. “The Duke will not be pleased.” “One would expect,” Mr Rat said. “We’re returning to the Magical Realm. We’ll get a tracker. Best not to let the Duke know of this.” “Most wise, that is,” Mr Badger said. The blue man reached into his jacket, brought out a gem the size of a chicken egg. It glittered and shone with its own inner light. The light grew, Kristine had to look away. When the glow faded, the three men were done. The women all seemed to come to their senses, looked around, confused, scared. Kristine stayed close to them, waited for them to sort themselves out, followed them from the building and watched over them, still invisible, until they had got to the well lit and safer gentrified area. Satisfied that they would be okay, she teleported back to her apartment. There she found Tac, who looked a little relieved when Kristine showed up. “I saw the damaged door and was worried.” Kristine was a little surprised that Tac could be worried. She waved her mace at the door, completing the repairs to it. Then she told Tac what had happened. Tac told her what she had learned. “Thomeone kidnapped the Nurthery Knightth?” “It does look that way,” Tac said. “And now they want me?” “Complete set I would say. Collectors are like that.” “What the hell? What am I thuppothed to do?” “Ah, good question.” “That’th why I athked it.” Tac nodded. “Well, you could try hiding, but you did say they were going to get a tracker.” “That’th what they thaid.” “Right. Well, if they get a true tracker there is no hiding it. It will find you, but they probably won’t get a true tracker.” “Why?” “Cause they are expensive and most end up killing what they are tracking.” “What?” Kristine’s eyes widened. “Well, why else track something?” Kristine had no answer. “So they are probably going to get a lesser tracker. You might be able to hide from that, but you will constantly be on the move.” “I can’t keep running.” Though she thought about it and realised there was nothing in her life that really required her to stay in one place. That might have depressed her were she not worried about the things hunting her. “Well, there is a place you can go where they won’t be able to track you.” “Where?” “The Magical Realm. Whoever is after you might waste weeks hunting the Mundane Realm before they figure you ran to the Magical Realm. And you’ll be a lot harder to track in the Magical Realm. Plus, that’s where we can find out who is behind all this, maybe even stop it.” “Maybe even stop it? Maybe?” “You said they mentioned a Duke. Duke’s can be powerful. I’m not about to stick my tail into a mess like that.” “Thankth a lot,” Kristine said, the lisp taking the edge off the sarcasm. “Listen, Gorgeous seems to care about this, and while she is a pain in my most amazing ass, she does know her stuff. So just trust me. Come to the Magical Realm and maybe we get this sorted out to your benefit. And, most importantly, as I will be doing official work there, they will probably reactivate my expense account.” “Why thould I care about your expenthe account?” “I don’t understand the question,” Tac said after a few seconds. Kristine sighed. “Fine, let’th go to the Magical Realm.”
  13. The Challenge By: RambleLamb Selene had made quite the name for herself on the internet in a short time. She'd started a Youtube channel dedicated to doing challenges suggested by her viewers. In the few months she'd been live she'd completed over a hundred challenges, she'd shaved off her hair and eyebrows, gotten a tattoo on her butt of the outline of a hand that read "In Case of Bad Behavior, Smash Hand Down Here" beneath it, which had taken a lot of time and had meant a lot of pain to get the white of the tattoo to show up on her dark skin, she'd streaked through the busiest park nearest her, and she prided herself on never once turning down a challenge. The rules she'd established in the beginning had kept her undefeated streak protected, she was allowed to decline challenges that could seriously harm herself or others, were blatantly illegal, not that streaking through a public park was legal, but no one got hurt and she ended up with a few hours of community service once she'd explained to the judge the circumstances of her public display. Her channel had hundreds of thousands of subscribers and her lowest viewed video still topped out at over a million and a half views. She'd been featured on various blogs and was praised for her bravery with only a handful of haters chastising her for debasing herself for the entertainment of others. Recently, her channel had found its way onto the radar of the myriad fetish communities online, she'd been challenged to attend a Furry convention in a very well made suit of an oddly attractive lady leopard, challenged to go to a professional rope bondage session, have a leather clad domme lady spank her while she was locked in a pillory. The kinkier things she did, the more subscribers she got, sure, some of her more uptight followers threw shade at her for devolving into a sex channel, but she argued that she was empowering herself by taking part in all of these things, owning her sexuality and not dropping her opera glasses into her fancy soup because of nonconformist sexual activities happening on the internet. The newest challenge she'd received was "Wear and use diapers 24/7 for a week" and the suggester, "Daddy_Hank_Hill" had sent her several cases of absolutely adorable adult diapers, they had pastel elephants on them and the note in the box indicated that the amount should be more than sufficient for a week's worth of full time use and any remaining could be sold online for a tidy profit she could keep for herself. Also written on the note was a list of rules for the challenge and several bonus objectives should she feel like undertaking them. The overall rules were simple, replace her underwear entirely with diapers for a full seven days including sleep time, the diapers were to be used for all bathroom functions during the challenge period, the offer was made that she could use the honor system and just say she was using them or she could make a single video showing her wetting and a single video showing her messing to prove her adherence to the rules. The bonus objectives were to make a video having someone of her choosing changing her diaper, a video of her playing with baby toys with her diaper visible, and a video of her eating babyfood with a bib on and her diaper visible. Selene felt the familiar pleasurable tingle run up her spine as she looked at the terms of the challenge, knowing that agreeing to it would be completely embarrassing, but would definitely make for some interesting content for her channel. She'd already decided in her own mind that the bonus objectives were totally going to be done, but she had to convince someone to change her, though she was certain she could wrangle one of her friends to do it if she offered them something for their trouble. A few days later she'd packed up her underwear and replaced the empty drawers with the diapers. She'd gone ahead and made a trip to the store to get wipes, powder, babyfood, a bib, a few cute little baby toys, and a pack of pacifiers, the challenge didn't ask for the pacifiers, but she imagined that no one would mind if she used them and she thought it would add to the cuteness of the whole thing if she were sucking on one in her update videos throughout the week. With the new week starting the following day she got into bed resolute in her commitment to completing this new challenge. *********************************************************************** "What is going on, everyone, it's your girl Selene here with another weeklong challenge!" she greeted her audience with her usual warmth and excitement, showing her teeth when she smiled and conducting herself like she was actually addressing a room full of people rather than talking to a camera. She held up one of the diapers and pointed at it. "This is a diaper." she said simply. "Babies wear them, adults that have trouble with their "functions" wear them, and I've been challenged to wear them for a week." she explained. "This challenge comes from the amazingly named 'Daddy_Hank_Hill'," she dropped her voice to impersonate the animated character speaking, "I tell you hwhat, diapers are great and you can believe me because I sell propane and propane accessories." she said before giggling at her own joke like a complete nerd. "The rules are simple, I am not allowed to wear underwear at all for a week, and the toilet is off limits, so yeah, I probably should have bought like a diaper pail or something, but we'll just wing it for a week." she explained. "Umm, in addition to the base challenge, Daddy_Hank_Hill has offered bonus challenges, which as you all know I am a sucker for bonus challenges, in the form of uploading a video of me getting changed by someone I deem capable of cleaning my perfect little butt, a video of me playing with baby toys while my diaper is visible and one of me wearing a bib and eating babyfood again, with my diaper visible." she explained. "As proof of my actually doing this challenge and not just faking it for views, I will be uploading a video of me using a diaper once for number one and once for number two, but we're gonna do it super classy like, not gross, well, not any grosser than it has to be." she added. Her editing had cut from her sitting in front of her camera to her standing in front of it, the pastel elephants on the front of her diaper peeking out beneath the bottom of her shirt which she lifted up slightly before turning around to show off the back. "As you can see, I am now ready to begin the challenge!" she declared as she walked back to her chair, her diaper rustling lightly as she walked, and sat down. "First off, can I just say that these things are mad comfy, y'all!" she said with a wide and genuine smile. "It feels like I'm sitting on a cushion and there's no part of that I don't like, also, I smell like baby powder and that's just delightful." she added with a light giggle. In contrast to her rich, ebony skin, the white of the diaper really popped, making it stand out above all else. She wiggled a little on her chair and wondered why this simple little garment was bringing her so much joy, but pushed those thoughts away to address her audience once again. "Okay, guys and gals, I'm going to have more videos throughout the week here, but I'll be keeping the constant updates going on my twitter, so if you want to know how this whole thing is going be sure to check there regularly. See you real soon!" she blew a kiss to everyone and stopped her recording, leaning back in her chair so she could look down at her diaper. "Why are you so comfortable?" she asked the diaper, gently prodding it with her fingertip. Sitting forward she began to type a search into her browser and as her eyes danced across the results she became entranced with what she was seeing. She'd gone simple with her search, 'adults in diapers', expecting to find medical things mostly, but with a few more relevant results peppered in, adults wearing diapers like the one she wore now were welcome, but not expected, but she got more than she thought she would when the images of adults not only wearing diapers, but also wearing baby clothes sized to fit them littered her screen. She knew that Adult Babies were a thing, she was a Youtube personality after all, but she had no idea what that entailed, not fully anyway, and she was actually blown away by what she was seeing, knowing now that the challenge she'd agreed to was less designed to be something comedic for its silliness and more aimed at something sexual for her challenge giver. ************************************************************************ "Hey, everyone, it's your girl Selene!" she chirped to the camera. Her heart was beating quicker in her chest now as she steeled her nerves for what was to come. "I know I just did a video an hour ago, but I figured we should not waste any time knocking things off the list for this challenge and I'm feeling the need to pee, so we're gonna just go ahead and take care of that right now." she explained before standing up and positioning herself in the center of the frame as she lifted her shirt and took a few deep breaths before focusing on relaxing her body enough to override her decades of toilet training. "This is so much harder than I thought it was going to be." she said nervously to her viewers. She thought she was going to have to scrap the video and try again later, but then she felt herself start to go and once that small trickle started, it quickly grew into a flood and before long she was empty and her once pristine white diaper was swollen and yellowed in the front. She was filled with so many emotions as she sat back down on her chair, the sodden padding squelching beneath her and pressing against her womanly parts pleasantly. "Well, that was," her brain struggled to find the right word for it, a word that wouldn't indicate that she was finding herself more than a little turned on at the moment, "different." she said finally. "I hope this is acceptable proof that I'm indeed committed to doing this challenge, and I'll see you guys again soon!" she said before stopping the video. Alone again, she found herself compelled to prod the front of her diaper now that it was swollen with her own pee, that led to running her fingertips over the warm and squishy surface, which tumbled down into her rubbing herself to climax in the humid confines of her wet diaper. She smiled at the thought of posting a video of herself doing that again, but knew that would put her on the outs with many of her loyal fans, and tanking her viewership was not at all what she was after. Still, after the challenge was over she could look into using the remaining diapers to make some more "adult" videos and sell those for way more than the leftover diapers would be worth. Pleased with her business savvy, she stood up and went to change her diaper, marveling at the expansion of her gait with the now soaked padding swelled up between her thighs. ************************************************************************ Later that same day she made her video showing her eating babyfood with a bib on and her diaper showing. She played the part of baby to a tee, using her hands to scoop out the goopy orange paste with her hands and slathering it on her mouth and cheeks as she attempted to eat it off. When her stomach rumbled she stopped eating and decided to roll with the momentum she'd built, setting down her bowl and getting up on all fours, her messy hands soiling the blanket she'd laid out beneath her before starting the video. Something in her mind told her that she shouldn't break character, and she turned on a higher and much more infantile sounding voice as she told everyone what was happening. "My tummy is awl wumbly and I fink I needta do poopy." she declared as she positioned herself with her butt facing the camera and began to push, making babyish grunting sounds and giggling as she farted a few times. When she felt herself start to actually produce something more solid, her body panicked and she stopped pushing, her mess retracting back into her before she doubled down on her attempt and resumed pushing. The diaper expanded slowly, a little lump forming in the center of her seat and blossoming out slowly as she forced her mess out millimeter by millimeter, her bladder emptying once the larger job was done, leaving her diaper a mix of wet and sticky that she was very conflicted about. The whole thing was over in a minute and a half but it felt like infinitely longer to her and when she was finally done she found herself unable to think of what to do next. She decided to crawl to the camera and get up into a squat before pointing the camera down to her sagging diaper, wiggling it so that it swayed with the weight of her business and then turned the camera back up to her babyfood smattered face. "Uh oh's, I needs a baf! Bye bye's!" she declared, blowing her audience her signature kiss before stopping the video. She masturbated again after feeling the now lumpy seat of her diaper and crawled to the bathroom on weak and wobbly arms and knees where she took a long look at herself in the mirror while she thought about how to best clean herself up. Her face and bib were smattered or altogether coated with dried babyfood and her diaper hung heavy and discolored between her thighs and something about the sight of herself made her happy. She felt cute and innocent and found herself yearning for someone to take care of her and clean her up but pushed those thoughts out of her head with a heavy sigh as she set to cleaning herself up before bed. ************************************************************************ By the last day of the challenge she'd completed all the tasks but one, having someone else change her diaper. She'd thought of all the people in her life and could only come up with one person she would trust to do the job but that person was her sister and she knew that she'd never live it down if she asked her to do that for her. Over the course of the week she'd gotten so much more comfortable with using her diapers that she was wetting herself without hesitation the moment she felt a twinge in her bladder. Messing was still a chore but she'd found that becoming easier as well, even putting up a video of her struggling to control herself as she walked through the mall after eating a questionable meal at the food court culminating in her having a massive accident in the dressing room of Macy's and the subsequent tweeting to her viewers as she had to waddle out of the store and the mall proper with a dangerously full diaper on, sharing her very real fear that she was going to have a blowout in her car and have to set it on fire to destroy the evidence of her humiliating act. "Last day of the challenge, and we're waiting for my sister to show up." she said to the camera on her phone, her heart and mind racing with nervous anticipation as she sat on the blanket she used as her baby mat. She was getting pretty desperate to use her diaper, holding out on wetting herself for when her sister arrived to show her that she was serious about needing to be changed, hoping that her sister would limit her laughing at her and change her out of pity or maybe just to humiliate her further, it didn't really matter what her motive was, so long as she did the deed and put the final part of the challenge to bed. As the front door opened and Selene put her phone away, relying on her desk camera to capture everything for her to edit it together before she uploaded it. "Selene?" her sister called out. "In the living room!" Selene replied, a little spurt of nervous pee escaping into her diaper. Selene's younger sister burst out laughing when she saw her older sister on the floor in her diaper. "What the fuck, Selene?" she asked. "I swear to God if this is another one of those dumbass challenge things you like to do-" she started but was silenced when she saw her sister pick up the purple pacifier beside her and put it into her mouth before getting into a squatting position and start to wet her diaper, the quiet room filling with a wet hissing sound and a bubbling as her diaper struggled to absorb the liquid she was creating and her stream hit the pool she'd created. The room became deathly silent once she'd stopped peeing, and she and her sister just stared at each other for what seemed like forever until she finally managed to speak. "Hadda assident, sissa, pease change me." she said around her pacifier, her head swimming and her pulse pounding behind her eyes. Her sister shook her head. "No way, not fucking happening, Selene!" she yelled, actually startling her older sister. Her anger faded quickly though as she pulled her phone from her back pocket and snapped a picture of her sister and typed away on her phone, moments later the phone began to ring and she answered it. "Hey, mama!" she greeted warmly. Selene's blood ran cold, hoping her sister was just joking but then her sister put the phone on speaker and her mother's voice filled the room. "Selene, have you lost your damned mind?!" her mother shouted. "No, mama." Selene mumbled softly, forgetting she still had the pacifier in her mouth. A heavy sigh came through the speakers. "Janae?" her mother asked. "Yes, mama?" her sister said, smiling devilishly at her older sister. "I want you to pack a bag for your sister and bring her here." their mother said. "Selene, you help your big sister out and show her where all your little diapers are so she can make sure to pack them." she commanded. Selene remained in squatting silence as her sister agreed to their mother's demands and hung up the phone. "Now, baby sister, before we get you all packed up you're going to say goodbye to all your little friends that I know you're recording this for." she said in a mock sweet tone as she set down her purse and went to her sister, taking her by the hand and leading her to the computer. Tears were forming in Selene's eyes as the reality of her situation set in and she stared blankly at the camera and sucked her pacifier. Her sister sighed and gently rubbed her back as she leaned in and whispered into her ear. Selene looked up at her sister pleadingly but had her head turned back to the camera with her sister gently cupping her hand beneath her chin. "My name is Selene Harrison and I am a big baby." she said, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks. "I have to go now so my mommy can change my diaper, I'll ask her to let my big sister post videos for me so you all can see how my new life is going." she reluctantly said. Her sister patted her head condescendingly and whispered one final thing causing Selene to burst into tears and blubber like a mournful toddler. Janae sighed and moved her sister aside so she could address the audience. "Hey, y'all, as you can see, it's way past time for this little girl's nap, but don't worry, I'll be sure to keep her channel updated for you." she said. "Now, the challenge stuff she's been doing is going to go away, unless you count the challenge of potty training somewhere down the line," she said with a hearty laugh at her sister's expense. "this channel will become more about the daily life of my new baby sister. I'll also be sure to update her Twitter and Instagram pages and maybe you guys can send her mommy some presents for her baby shower." she said, laughing again as Selene to wail off camera. Janae reached over and pulled Selene back into frame and grabbed her wrist and forced the girl to wave at the camera and then blow her signature kiss, urging the sobbing girl to say 'bye bye' to everyone before stopping the video and uploading it. Somewhere in the world, Daddy_Hank_Hill watched with satisfaction and began adding items to his online cart in preparation to send them to his new online baby girl.
  14. FoxyTheDiaperedPirateFox

    How to get myself to poop

    I am getting back into messing and want to know the best way to get a semisoft poop, so far I have been constipated and have had ittle nuggets about the size of beads to large marbles and want it to be a smooth and easy push, I have figures out that cheese is not helping so I have stopped eating that, what do I take to go get a good large poop that will filll my diaper, P.S. I am a very picky eater so diets are hard for me to change
  15. LittleCaelly

    Hai! I'm Caelly!

    Hiya! My name's Caelly and I'm a 21 year old transgender ABDL from Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been ABDL since I was 12 and have been wearing diapers for years. It's my 21st Birthday today and I'm celebrating the best way possible: double diapered in a onesie and skirt sitting in bed eating birthday cake with my hands and drinking Dr. Pepper from a sippy cup (I'm truly an adult now :P). Movies are my life. I study them at uni and go see at least two movies a week at the cinema (it helps to wear diapers, no bathroom trips so no missing scenes). Happy to be here to chat with so many cool ABDLs and others :) Feel free to reply if you wanna know more.
  16. lily-celeste

    Crystal Diaper Magic

    Hello! This will be my first post on this board! A friend of mine who is a regular suggested that an on-going story I have been working on might be a good fit for here, so I figured I would post the parts that I have so far. I hope you like it! Lily didn’t see the point of Math class. Well, not all Math classes universally, she didn’t feel remotely qualified to make such a sweeping claim. Somewhere out there could be a future Robert Oppenheimer or Mileva Maric who is seeing their first isosceles triangle and furiously scribbling in their notebook the first figures in a formula that will completely change the way humanity views the laws of reality, and that will ultimately carry us to the stars and all of the wonders contained therein—but that person was not Lily. And that class was not Mister Shigeki’s Intro to Differential Equations. Oh well. At least he was nice to look at, even if his accent was unexpected. She had always thought Scottish brogues were supposed to be sexy, but his just felt frustrating. Then again, the gods don’t give with both hands.As she began dissecting why that idiom doesn’t translate to polytheistic beliefs, a nub of pink chalk bounced off her forehead. Mister Shigeki had hit her right between the eyes from across the room, and now stood leaning against Marissa Adam’s desk in the front row. His beard was perfectly manicured to compliment his jawline, and the smirk on his face betrayed his frustration. “Miss Celeste. I don’t suppose you can tell me the answer to the question on the board?” Lily blinked several times as she processed his request. Her eyes darted to the question on the board and she sighed. There weren’t even any numbers in it, just random letters representing imaginary ones. “You know what Mister Shigeki? I really can’t. But it’s my fault, I thought this was going to be a Math class. If I realized this was linguistics I would have brought my other notebook.” She punctuated the last word by picking up the little red notebook and tapping it on her desk for affect. A murmur of exasperated snickers rustled amongst her classmates and Mister Shigeki rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. “If you don’t plan on paying attention, why don’t you just go home early?”Lily raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you supposed to teach me?”“You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to be taught. I have fifty minutes three times a week to teach a first year Math class to a room of students, the majority of whom do not care. If you decide that you want to get caught up, my office hours are always open. But I don’t need you setting precedent for people day-dreaming and getting away with it.” He paused. “Although I suppose half of the room only shows up to ogle you while you’re staring off into the void. Blood flushed to Lily’s cheeks, but the rest of the class was busy either grumbling indignantly of stifling laughter. She blacked out for a moment, and the next thing she knew she was standing outside the door to the Math room with her backpack slung over one shoulder. She started down the hallway to the stairs, feeling extremely self-conscious about how short her skirt was. She threw the front door of the STEM building open with both hands and galloped out into the sun, her ballet flats clicking on the pavement as she did. Lily hated everything about the STEM building, how stiflingly warm it was, how the third and fourth years seemed to linger everywhere like Gollum looking for a fish—she prided herself on how quickly she could get out of it. After such a mildly embarrassing experience she needed to not be around anyone, let alone leering engineering students. Thankfully the University campus was built alongside a dense greenbelt, and she made for the trees. While the edge of the trees was a popular hang-out spot for students, walking just ten minutes into the scratchy underbrush and decomposing autumn leaves virtually guaranteed her solitude. To her, the smell damp detritus was comforting.She kept walking until she couldn’t see any sign of the campus through the woods before finally leaning against a tree. Lily carefully lowered herself down onto one of its roots and took a deep breath. She thought back to what Mister Shigeki said. She didn’t want to be there. That was about all she did know. Halfway into her first semester of University and she still had no idea what she wanted to study, as well as having befriended a paltry two people: Marissa Adams from the Math class after she lent the other girl a pencil on the first day prior to moving to the back of the classroom; and Lily’s assigned roommate, Annie.Realistically, Annie was the only reason she had not dropped out yet. She actually felt like she could trust the other girl. Annie was in her second year and she had the confidence to show it. She had her whole daily schedule planned out, which fit into a weekly schedule, which fit into a monthly schedule, which fit into her five year plan. She colour-coded everything too, and prepared her meals in advance. She prepared her meals in advance! Lily didn’t even feel like an adult most days, and next to Annie she felt like a gods damned toddler.A noise nearby drew Lily’s attention. It sounded like a rabid housecat, then a desperate squeaking. She got to her feet and slowly slunk towards it, holding her bag in front of her as a shield. She peered around a tree into a clearly. A white rabbit with little purple wings was slowly backing up into a tree trunk, having been cornered by some kind of black lynx. The winged rabbit looked injured and terrified. The wildcat coiled as if it was about to pounce, and before she could so much as think Lily broke from cover and hurled her bag at it and prayed the weight of her Math book would be enough to scare the creature off. The bag struck with a heavy thud that knocked the cat off its paws and Lily shouted at it as she moved towards the rabbit. She still didn’t know what prompted her to act. She had never heard of a winged rabbit, so it was probably an endangered species and she couldn’t have extinction on her conscience. Her eyes went from the rabbit to the lynx and she froze. It had three eyes. Three red, angry eyes. And maybe it was because she was closer to it, but it seemed a lot bigger now. Panther big. Lily imposed herself between the ever-growing cat and the injured rabbit, wishing she still had her shield-backpack to maybe buy her thirty seconds more of life.“You are the one I’ve been looking for.”“Wha—“The voice was coming from inside her head, and despite the danger of her present situation it filled her with courage. A brilliant light erupted from the rabbit and she turned her head just in time to see it leap towards her. At the same time the enormous wildcat pounced at her. As the rabbit made contact she was enveloped by light and an invisible force erupted forth from her body and the wildcat was blasted away from her like a shot from a cannon.In her mind Lily saw a pink crystal star encapsulated by a green gem. She saw the star inside her own chest, in her heart, and felt power flow out from it and into her, transforming her. The light faded and Lily was left in the clearing. Her skirt and blouse had been transformed into low-cut tutu-like uniform with a bright purple blow emblazoned on her chest, with matching bows now tied into her hair. Her ballet flats had similarly been changed into knee-high boots, her knee socks had become pale pink thigh highs, and elbow-length frilly gloves had manifested on her arms. A weighty scepter with a pink star atop it was in her hand. But in all of this, the part of her outfit Lily noticed first was what had appeared between her legs: an impossibly large pink diaper, complete with bows and frills that matched the rest of her outfit. The padding was so thick that it descended to halfway down her thighs, and the frills of her new skirt did nothing to hide it. But she had no time to question the ensemble as an enraged yowl from across the clearing reminded her of her predicament. The wildcat pounced again, but this time she reacted faster—faster than she ever thought possible. Lily hopped aside and the three-eyed beast buried its claws into the tree roots in the spot she had stood a moment before. Moving on instinct more than anything else, she thrust her star scepter towards the beast and pink and green light erupted from it. The cat yowled again, but this time in pain as it was thrown into a tree trunk. It hit with a crack and it slumped to the forest floor.Lily stood her ground, not dropping her guard for a moment as she watched the cat’s furious red eyes. It blinked at her as it breathed slowly. Then its form began to change, the heavy black fur seeming to fade away into smoke. All that was left were the three glowing eyes, and then they were gone too. Lily sighed. Then she re-examined her new outfit. What the Hell was going on? And how was she supposed to get back to residence? *** Lily pinched the baby fat of her bicep. Ow. She pressed the bramble of a bush of fuchsia flowers against the inside of her thigh.Ow.She bit down on her tongue until tears welled in her eyes.Oooooooow.Okay. She was now reasonably certain she was not dreaming. Though the only other possibility was that she had lost her mind. Maybe the cat had pounced on her and was actually in the process of disemboweling her as it snapped her tiny neck and everything after the point of impact was an elaborate fantasy her mind had created to cope with the agony. Maybe she stepped on a hidden pressure plate on the forest floor that released a hallucinogenic gas that was developed by the government and she was actually rolling around on the forest floor tripping out like those kids in the DARE not to do drugs after school specials. Drugs seemed like the more likely option, because despite nearly dying a handful of minutes ago and being stuck in the most embarrassing outfit she could possibly imagine, she could not remember ever feeling better in her life.And oh yes, she was stuck. Once the shock of fighting (killing?) a wildcat the size of a small car faded, that was the first thing she tried. Everything was stuck in place, from the headband and ribbons, to the gloves and stockings, to the impossibly skimpy dress, to the diaper that hung almost to her knees. It wasn’t like any of it restricted her at all, beyond needing to waddle whenever she took a step. But the especially weird part of it was that even though she had next to no desire to go anywhere dressed this way. . . She also didn’t exactly have any desire to take it off. These clothes felt good. Safe. Like she was powerful.No amount of powerful-feeling ridiculous outfits were enough to give her any desire to stay in the woods once it got dark out. At night the University’s heavy metal club were known to go out into the forest to drink and blast music and those were the last group of people she wanted to run into. She squeezed her star scepter in both hands as if praying for courage and started in the direction of the campus. At least if she peed herself in fear she was properly equipped for it.Lily’s heart skipped a beat at the thought and she pushed it from her mind. There would be time to figure out whatever she was feeling once she was back in her room. Then maybe she could figure out how to change. Her first problem was making it to the safety of residence, which was located at roughly the opposite side of the campus.The walk to the edge of the forest was surprisingly quick. She had expected her padded predicament to slow her considerably, but the exaggerated sway of her hips didn’t appear to have any such effect. She even found herself smiling, and skipping once the underbrush thinned. The air had an enticingly sweet scent to it, probably from the fuchsia flower bushes coiled amongst the trees. Were they always there? For all of the time Lily had spent in the forest, she could not recall ever seeing them before. She considered stopping to examine them for a moment. . . Then glanced down at her frilly dress and bulging pink diaper and decided it was better to come back later. She was close enough to the edge of the forest that she had to be conscious of running into students sunning themselves between classes. She could make out the concrete of the STEM building through thinning trunks, and the forms of people moving. Classes must have just let out, which meant in a few minutes people would either be off to their next class or in the cafeteria for dinner. This was perfect. If she just waited for that to quiet down she could stealth her way clear across the quad and slip inside before anyone noticed her brightly-coloured ensemble. Just watch and wait. Watch and wait.Watch and wait.She blinked. As her eyes opened she realized how heavy her lids felt. Maybe waiting for a few more hours was a good thing. People less likely to see her in the dark. She could take a nap. The adrenaline was probably wearing off. Her body needed to rest and recover. Lily felt her body begin to sway gently. She could sit down. Just had to keep watching and waiting. Watching and waiting.Keeping her eyes forwards, she squatted down and let her padded rear touch down on a fallen log. She blinked again. Her head nodded forward once, twice, three times. One of the fuchsia flowers was between her boots. She hadn’t noticed it before just now, but it must have been there. Flowers don’t move on their own. Their vines don’t coil around your ankles and travel up your legs and—Lily leapt up from the log and to her amazement flew twenty feet vertically. She flailed her arms and legs in her surprise and managed to snag the branch of a yellow spruce. Lily hung there, one hand on the tree and the other gripping her scepter so hard it trembled. She looked below. The flower was still there, its vines coiled around the log and immobile.No waiting. She wanted out of these woods. Lily swayed her legs back and forth and on an upswing released the branch, sailing forward. She stuck the landing with only a slight stumble and transitioned into a nervous jog towards the edge of the woods. The moving forms through the trees had tapered off. Now was her best shot. As she approached the edge she picked up speed as much as she was willing with her waddle and bolted out onto campus. She made for the shadow of the STEM building and crouched low the way she did when she was playing hide-and-seek tag as a child. If someone looked out the window of one of the nearby buildings for more than a moment they would certainly see her, so she kept moving. She hugged the corner as she rounded it and the campus quad lay before her. It was empty, which is better than she possibly could have hoped. Taking a deep breath she broke out in a sprint diagonally across the field, aiming her trajectory so that the fountain in the centre could shield her from the greatest possible number of windows. As long as no one saw her face, no one would have any reason to suspect her. She passed the fountain, and the glass library, and the English and the art buildings. She crossed the road separating them from the residence and used the enormous and ancient trees that dotted the grass as cover as she skirted past the cafeteria. She could hear people nearby, possibly arriving late or finishing early or just wandering amongst the maze-like grey residence buildings, but it didn’t matter because she was almost home-free. She could see the door to her building, and she forced herself to contain a squeal of delight. She reached out to pull the door open and—She didn’t have her key. She froze on the spot, petrified by the realization. Her key had been in her backpack. Her backpack was still in the clearing, if it was intact at all. Lily had made it all this way only to be locked out. The voices were getting closer. Her legs trembled. Her throat felt tight, like she was on the verge of tears. Her reputation on campus was about to go from lazy smartass to diaper girl.The front door opened under someone else’s power. Annie stood in the threshold, one arm leaning against the metal from and the other propping the door open. She looked Lily up and down and raised an eyebrow.“So I see you finally found your Catalyst. Come on, get in here before anyone sees you.” She stepped back to allow Lily in.What? *** Lily had never been so happy to see her shitty cramped residence room. The hallways and stairwells leading up to their room had been mercifully empty, and Annie had not so much as snickered at her predicament before whisking her in.Lily dove straight for the covers of her bed and rolled herself into a comfortable little burrito. For a moment she hoped that she could forget that she was trapped in an enormous pink diaper, though that did not end up being the case. Annie locked their door and then went to sit next to Lily. She placed a comforting arm around her friend and began to stroke Lily’s cheek. Lily flinched, but then allowed it to happen. She realized that she had been running on adrenaline and not much else since the fight in the woods, and now she was too exhausted to even stand. She opened her mouth to speak but the words felt like mush.“Hush now, baby. Er, sorry,” Annie said, then shook her head with a chuckle. “I can only answer a few of your questions, but I will help however I can.”Confusion prodded at Lily’s mind, but she nodded and waited for Annie to continue.“Okay. The short version is that you are a magical girl.”“What. You mean like Sailor Moon?” “Yes! Sort of. These powers work differently, and there isn’t some team uniform.” “How do you know any of this?”“Well, because I’m one too.” Annie half-smiled and tilted her head to one side.Lily’s brow furrowed and she looked from Annie’s face to her waist.“Wah— No, I don’t have a diaper when I transform. That’s just you, at least I think it is.”“Well why do I look like an enormous child then!” Frustration tinged Lily’s voice.“Calm down, it’s okay,” Annie stroked Lily’s cheek. Lily’s eyes were still wet with tears on the verge of falling. “Okay. There are a few of us all over the world, at least as far as we can tell. We all have different powers and costumes, and generally we’re pretty spread out but occasionally we team up. As near as we have figured out, all of our powers were awakened when we came in contact with an unnatural animal.”“Unnatural like a dragon?”“For one of us, yeah. Mine was a snake with ram horns.” Annie used her hands to mimic curled horns on the side of her head for descriptive effect. “What was yours?”“A—A bunny. With wings.”“I’ll add that to our google doc.”“There’s a google doc? You started all of this organization stuff, didn’t you.”Annie suppressed a blush. “Maybe. We needed to organize to maximize our effectiveness! None of us even know what we’re fighting, just monsters that seem to prey on humans. Someone needs to start piecing it together so we can start to win.”“Alright, alright fine. But why can’t I change back? And, not to sound like a broken record, why am I wearing a diaper?”Annie sighed and took Lily’s hands in hers. “You can't change back because you didn't kill whatever you were fighting.”“The Hell I didn’t! I knocked that giant pussycat against a tree and it didn’t get up!”“Did it fade away like smoke?”“Yeah.”“Yeah. You didn’t kill it. You have to deliver a finishing blow. It’s still in the area, and it’s going to prey on the vulnerable to regain its power.”A cold shiver ran down Lily’s spine. It was still out there. “I have to go stop it.”Now Annie laughed. “No, you need to stay here and rest. You’re weak from your transformation and you don’t know how to use your power yet. I’m going to go finish it off.”Lily opened her mouth to argue, then closed it. Annie made sense. She knew how this stuff worked, so it was better to leave it to her.“Good. As for why you’re wearing a diaper: when we all came into contact with our animal, our Catalyst, they didn’t give us these powers. They just unlocked our potential. As near as we can figure, that’s why we all look different.”“So that means—““—that your potential is related to your youth or innocence or—““—or I’m a giant baby.”The girls let silence hang over them. Annie hugged her friend in what she hoped was comforting. For Lily it was impossible for it not to come off as being babied.Annie stood up. “Look, I’m going to go track down the monster. We’re going to get you turned back, and then we’re going to figure this out. Whatever is going on here, you aren’t alone, Lily. You’re part of a team now.” She offered a smile, then folded her hands over her breasts and closed her eyes. Green light enveloped her in a flash. When it cleared her tank top and short shorts had been replaced by a green bodysuit that looked like it had the same texture as a lizard’s scales. The suit completely covered her chest and neck, and formed a cowl with a set of horns that pushed back her red hair. She had thigh-high heeled boots, elbow-length gloves, and a domino mask. On her hip were a set of twin curved short swords.Lily was simultaneously in awe and painfully jealous. Annie looked like she had stepped straight out of a comic book. She was right, Lily would be no help in hunting down that monster. Annie shot her a wink and skipped to their window, pushing it open with one hand. “We’ll get you fixed up in no time, sweetie. Get some rest, I’ll grab you something to eat on my way back.” And with that she slid out into the night.Lily curled up on her mattress, still cocooned in her sheets. Sleep was a good idea. Just stay here and rest until Annie gets back. Just rest. Just rest. Just rest. On some level Lily became aware that the voice telling her to rest was not her own. In fact, it was the same one she had heard at the edge of the forest. She made to sit up but couldn’t. She couldn’t move anything. Panic began to set in and she tried to struggle, but something had coiled around her body and restricted her movements. She could feel it writhing around her arms and legs, beneath her dress and in her diaper.“Wha—“One of the magenta flowers from the woods came into view in front of her. How had it followed her? Did it stow away? The flower took up her entire field of vision, and the centre of it began to ripple like a mirage. Lily tried to turn away but it followed her every move, and the longer she looked at it the less she wanted to fight it. Everything was fine. No need to scream. This was fine. Just sleep. *** Despite the situation, Annie couldn’t stop herself from smiling. The evening air was growing colder and bit softly at her exposed cheeks as she descended from their shared window. She landed on one knee, then leapt with extraordinary power and grace back into the air. She had orchestrated being Lily’s roommate when her serpent eyes identified the magical potential she held. Annie had been piecing together documents on these Magical Girls since her own awakening and had done her best to establish a support network. She also took it upon herself to ensure potential candidates had a guardian until they found their Catalyst, and these measures had both helped their numbers to swell and kept young girls safe from the corruptive power of their enemies (whoever they were).Annie made contact with the side of one of the residence buildings and immediately bounced off, then ricocheted again and again from building to building. It was still light enough that she had to be quick and quiet, and stick to the periphery of people’s vision as she hunted to the creature. Lily’s reaction, to go with her and help hunt, was an admirable one. But she was tired, exhausted, and had only just acquired her new powers, to say nothing of her unorthodox outfit. Annie didn’t have time to babysit tonight.She gripped the edge of the campus observatory’s domed roof and vaulted onto it; it was the highest point that gave her a clear view of the surrounding area, and a clear view was what she needed to hunt. Annie closed her eyes and focused on the power deep within her. It was coiled around her heart, binding her while protecting her. It was a snake constricting her so tightly that it was impossible to discern where one began and the other ended. The snake opened its eyes and so did Annie, and now they saw the world as one predator. Colours of mundane objects, of buildings and students, were a muted grey. The tainted trail of the creature that Lily had fought was magnified to an unnatural vibrancy. Annie looked towards the woods, to where the cat had entered the campus and to the clearing where Lily had fought it. The trail had a brilliant green aura to it that shone through the trees. There was another glowing colour too, but this one seemed to be spread at random throughout the forest; pink lines woven throughout the underbrush like a hastily-woven web. Annie squinted and her view magnified and zoomed in on one of the neon pink strands. They looked like . . . Vines? With bulbs or flowers. Were they a new weapon? Annie had never seen them before. She would have to examine them more closely after the hunt, and inform the others to beware of strange plant life. A flash of green at the far end of the woods caught her eye. The creature must have reformed, and it was moving fast around the outer edge of campus. Annie took a running leap off the rooftop and aimed to intercept the beast if it stayed on its current trajectory. It was dark enough now that she didn’t need to do this quiet anymore, but the beasts were more powerful at night. She had to stop this now, before it found a staff member or student to feed on.She landed on the ground a dozen stories below in a forward roll and immediately transitioned into sprinting, her heels clicking on the pavement in such rapid succession that any casual observer would see a blur of green and red and hear a constant, steady noise. In the span of a blink she was in the woods, and in the span of another she had closed in on the panther-like creature. Annie drew her blades and wove through the trees to come in low from its flank. With one blade in a fore grip, she jabbed it between the beast’s ribs with enough force to take its paws off the forest floor. Then in a smooth spin she flipped the other blade into a reverse grip and aimed a vertical cut at its meaty neck. The speed of her attack, combined with the speed she had been travelling, was more than enough to part the beast’s head from its shoulders. There were a pair of thuds, one light and the other much heavier as its now two parts landed several yards away, in the direction it had been running. Annie alternated spinning her knives in each hand as she strode over to the beast’s three-eyed head. It still snarled at her despite what would have been a lethal wound to any normal animal. With clinical precision, Annie sunk the tip of her knife into its third eye. It shrieked as rays of light erupted from every orifice and it imploded in the spot. Annie checked over her shoulder just in time to see the beast’s body fade out as if it were sketch being erased by a frustrated artist. That was easier than she had expected. She turned and walked in the direction of vines she had seen before. At this rate she would be finished here before Lily even woke up. *** Lily felt like she was floating. Everything was heavy, as if her perceptions were moving through water. Warm fluid swaddled her, filled her nostrils and covered her eyes. It embraced her inside and out. She didn’t know how she got here, or even where “here” was for that matter. She could see, but she could only see nothingness. Deep down part of her knew this wasn’t real, or it was but that she was really still in her dorm room. Whatever this place was, it was very real, just not in the way her bed or the campus or the trees or Annie were. Annie had gone somewhere. Would she be able to find Lily? Was Lily findable? She became aware of a ripple passing through the fluid that suspended her. The fluid reoriented her in the direction of the source. Something formless, like the void that surrounded her while simultaneously being much deeper. The formlessness shifted almost imperceptibly, then it began to move. It accelerated faster and faster; Lily could feel the velocity tearing at her, and yet she also didn’t move. She screamed but there was no sound, or maybe there was a cacophony all around her and it all became the same thing as the pressure grew to be unbearable—Light burst forth from her chest and formed a field around her. Lily could see colour, and the weight all around her receded. The void rumbled again like angry thunder and then it too was gone and Lily was lying in her bed.The vines of the magenta flower still bound her tightly, and its petals formed a tight mask around her face. She screamed and an omni-direction energy blast burst forth from her, forcibly stretching the vines and the flower squealed like a wounded animal. It released her and slithered away from the bed like a cephalopod on the ocean floor. Lily threw back her blanket. Her Star Scepter appeared in her hand and she fired a series of blasts, but the flower skittered them. It seemed to flatten itself out and slip through an air vent.Lily sat on the edge of her bed, stock-still and arm still outstretched. Slowly, she forced herself to take deep breaths. Her heartrate slowed. It was gone. Maybe she wasn’t safe (she was still transformed afterall), but she was safe-er. It was dark out her window. How long had that thing had her trapped? Annie should have been back by now, right?Annie had gone out to hunt the creature she had failed to kill. The last time Lily had seen the creature was in the woods. The woods were full of those flowers. Annie might not know about them, or if she did she didn’t mention. If they trapped her out there then she could be in serious trouble.Lily gripped her knee until her knuckles trembled, then stood up. She examined her outfit: elbow length gloves and stockings, uncomfortably short and low-cut baby-dress, ribbons and ruffles all over, and a comically large diaper that she could not hope to conceal. Annie carried herself like someone who knew what she was doing—heck, apparently she was the most organized Magical Girl on the planet! She probably knew all about the flowers. And if she already knew about them then Lily would being risking social suicide for nothing. She closed her eyes, then walked out into the hallway. Her best bet was to start where she had last seen the creature. *** With the exception of a handful of late-night study groups and some intoxicated individuals near the campus pub, the campus was relatively deserted. Lily considered that one of her first real turns of good fortune all day. Though, she supposed the ease with which she was able to move in her transformed state could also be counted as lucky. If you had told her yesterday that she would be faster and more poised than ever before while wearing high heels and an impossibly thick diaper she probably would have laughed politely, then backed away slowly and made a note to avoid you in the future. Then again, she wouldn’t have believed very much about what had happened to her today. In fact the only thing that made a strange amount of sense was that Anna was a superhero. Something about the way she had carried herself in the brief time that Lily knew her just had a certain nobility, righteousness even in the mundane. Anna’s fastidiousness and reliability was such that Lily was already second guessing going after her roommate at all. She had not even left the shadow of her residence building, and truthfully was huddled behind one of the exterior bushes. Even if Anna didn’t know about the flower, surely she could handle it. She seemed beyond ready to handle the beast that had nearly killed Lily in a straight fight, and while the flower had posed a threat when Lily was asleep it didn’t seem particularly dangerous once she awoke. Though, the feeling of the vines crawling all over her, of the flower’s hypnotic stare—Lily shivered and shifted her weight from foot to foot. No, she couldn’t let her fear control her, whether it was fear of being attacked or fear of being seen. Anna wasn’t the only superhero now, and it was time for Lily to do her part. She inhaled deeply, held her breath, and exhaled. Then she tensed her legs and leapt forward with all her strength, flying several stories up and into the air. Her breath caught in her lungs for a moment in surprise at her own strength, but there was no time for that now, since she still had to stick the landing. Her toe set down ever so lightly on the lawn and she kicked off again, into the air and covering ground faster than she could have ever imagined. She held her breath for an instant as she saw she would land within eyesight of a group of drunk college bros out for air and she fought to keep the redness from her face. She leapt again, and if any of them had seen her she was gone before she heard the reaction.In a fraction of the time that her absolutely terrifying run home in the afternoon had taken she reached the edge of the woods and was barely even winded, though the next problem quickly became apparent: she could not see in the dark. But she wasn’t worried now, as if something brave and sure deep within her knew what to do. Not really knowing what she was doing, Lily raised her wand up like a torch and a soft pink light emanated forth from its star and as the light washed over her she became absolutely sure that she had chosen correctly. She started off in the direction that she had seen the flowers in earlier that day, trusting the light of her scepter to guide her. And it wasn’t long before she found exactly what she had been worried of: a tightly wound mass of green vines and pink flower, approximately the size of a person. The curved knives Anna had carried lay nearby in the underbrush, forgotten and evidently useless.“Anna—“ Lily cried out and started forward, but her voice and momentum died as quickly as they began as she found those same vines tangle her ankles and wrap around her mouth. One of the flower slithered over her shoulder, and trembled as if in satisfaction. Had the one from the residence building hitched a ride on her? Her cry was muffled, and she struggled in vain as it reasserted it’s earlier control over her, it’s hypnotic center taking up her entire field of view. She felt the inky void calling out for her, comforting. It missed her and wanted her back. Someone in it wanted her back.She wouldn’t go so easily. An omni-directional wave of magical energy burst forth from her chest and ripped the flower away with a piteous squeal. Lily scrambled upright leveled her scepter at the flower nearest where Anna’s face would be and fired. The kinetic blast ripped it away from the mass of vines and revealed Anna’s still-dazed face. Momentarily surprised at the effectiveness of own attack, Lily continued with a flurry of at the heads of the various flowers trapping her friend.“Anna!”Lily’s roommate blinked at the sound of her own name and seemed to come to, quickly tearing the weakened vines away before retrieving her blades. She dashed towards Lily and the two stood back to back.“I told you to wait in the room.”“Bet you’re glad that I didn’t.”“My ass and I are both very grateful for your poor listening skills, but perhaps we can continue this later.” The flowers, though still injured form Lily’s assault, had abandoned any semblance of camouflage and now moved like enormous knotted spiders to surround the two. “I’m not in great shape right now, so I don’t suppose you have a plan?”“More of a hunch.” Lily seized Anna around the hips with one arm, aimed her scepter towards the ground, and fired. The blast lifted both women into the air like a rocket, launching them clear of the trees just as the flowers were about to close in. She angled the stream of energy to carry them away from the forest and back to the relative safety of the campus. They landed in a twisted heap of limbs, sore but safe.As the two extricated themselves from around each other, Lily helped Anna to her feet. “So I think I need to know a little more about this whole magical girl thing.” *** The two exhausted magical girls made their way back across campus, hopefully for the final time that day. Lily still carried a fragment of her earlier anxiety at being seen, but it was much diminished. Perhaps it was because of the terrifying battles with an eldritch blackness on another plane of existence she had experienced twice now today, but she suspected that having her arm around Annie was also a big factor. Something about her friend being there was comforting. Even if her friend seemed the worse for wear.Annie’s eyes were distant, unfocused. The speed and power with which she had moved earlier that night was also diminished. She barely focused on where they were going, instead letting Lily lead her. How could she have let herself be captured so easily? She knew how to fight these monsters and how to smell a trap. How did flowers get the drop on her? And why could she not shake this feeling; it was like the vines were still present, still tangled around her limbs. She felt some weighty darkness pulling at her, something that she had never known before and yet that felt uncomfortably familiar. The night air gave her a sense of unease that she simply could not shake.Despite their physical state, they made it home together without incident. This time Lily was especially cautious of being followed, as she was not about to let the same flower trap her as easily again. Back in the safety of their room, they slumped to the floor, leaning against each other for support in the process. Lily still gripped her scepter so tightly that her knuckles trembled, but the fight was over. At least for now.“Annie. Annie,” Lily stroked her roommate’s hand gently.“Mmm.”“Annie.”“I’m okay, I’m here.”“What is going on?” Lily placed special emphasis on each word, letting their significance impress itself.“We’re magical girls—““Not that part, I got that.” She gestured at the way the two of them were dressed, from Annie’s latex-like catsuit and horned cowl, to Lily’s enormous pink diaper and uncomfortably short dress. “What were those things? Where did they take us?”Annie blinked slowly as if she did not understand the question.“Annie. . . You felt it, right? When the flower trapped me it. . . Brought me somewhere. I felt something.”Annie said nothing.“I’m not crazy, right? That happened, right?” The agitation in her voice was audible.Annie still said nothing.Lily put her hands on her friend’s shoulders and turned her so that their eyes met. “Annie!”Annie gripped Lily’s wrists firmly. “I’m here.”Lily recoiled slightly, but allowed herself a slight smirk as she felt her friend returning."So?”“I don’t know what that was. I don’t remember.” She shifted into a more comfortable sitting position. “Each one of us have different strengths and weaknesses. If whatever those things did was magical— I’m highly vulnerable to magic attacks. I think if you were able to break out it means that—““—It means that I’m not.”“Right. Which means you could be the best person for fighting whatever that thing you sensed was.”The bottom of Lily’s stomach fell out and the emptiness in her gut chilled her. How could she possibly face that thing again? Annie stroked her friend’s cheek as she had earlier that night. “Don’t worry, hun. That doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. You’re part of a team now.”Lily could feel her friend’s words. They warmed her heart, and the complicated font of emotions within her caused her to tear up. “Okay. One more question?”Annie wiped the tears from Lily’s face with her finger. “Yeah?”“How do we change back?” *** Lily yawned and stretched her arms above her. She blinked groggily and grunted as she felt the stiffness in her neck. Why was she sitting up? She had fallen asleep in front of their bedroom door, in the same place that she and Annie had slumped over yesterday when—Holy shit was it real?“Annie!” Her voice came out in a sleepy rasp. She sprung to her feet and immediately regretted it as the stiffness in her neck blossomed into a cramp.“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Annie called over from the far side of the room. She was seated at her desk across the room with her computer open. Two mugs, one shaped as Winnie the Pooh and the other with a My Little Pony logo on it sat next her, steam coiling off of them. “Coffee?” Lily took one of the two mugs and sipped from it—strong black coffee—and let her eyes linger on Annie for a moment longer than usual. The green catsuit was gone. She was dressed in her pajama pants and a white t-shirt, the set she wore every Thursday night. She checked herself too. She was wearing the enormous pink sweatshirt that she slept in every night. Most importantly was what she was not wearing: a diaper. She opened her mouth to vocalize the thought perched on her tongue.“So—““Yes. Yes it’s real. Everything. The monster, the flowers, the bunny, the magic. . .”“The costume?”“The costume.”Lily sighed and leaned against the desk as she gripped the mug in both hands to leach off its warmth. She felt Annie grasp her thigh reassuringly.“I know this seems like a lot right now. I mean, it is a lot.” Annie jiggled the high-end mouse hooked up to her computer to bring the screen to life and opened a file titled ‘Crystal Magic.’ “I’ve seen several first transformations, and it’s never easy. Lord knows mine wasn’t.”“What, did you used to have a giant diaper too?” Lily spat the words. She knew she would regret the venom behind them later. But while she was glad to have her friend here for this, there was a very small, very nasty part of her that resented her roommate.Annie tilted her head in recognition of Lily’s point. “No, that was a first for me.”“Oh good, I’m special.”“But you are special,” she said as she grasped Lily’s hand. “Each of us is. We all went through our own struggle when we met our Catalyst. You remember how fast I can more, right?”Lily paused. “Yeah,” she said sulkily.“The first time I changed, I couldn’t control it. I was completely disjointed from space and time as you recognize it. It was—Invigorating, to say the least.” Annie’s eyes took on a far-off look, one that equally reflected fascination and pain.“Oh. . . How long did that last?”“Three days.” She put special emphasis on each syllable. The two girls let the weight of the words fill the room for a time. Lily tried to imagine her own experience lasting that long. The terror at every new predicament, but also at the power that filled her up unlike anything else she had ever known. “I’m sorry.” Lily looked Annie in the eye for the first time since the night before. “I didn’t know. I’m just—““Scared?”Lily sighed. “Yeah. I’m scared. Not even just the monsters and the plants and whatever that. . . Blackness was. I’m scared about what this means for me. What does this say about me?”Annie smirked. “It means you’re a hero. Anything else is just a side dish.” She then opened a blank document with shocking speed and formatted its margins with minute precision. She titled it ‘Lily Celeste,” and her fingers flashed across the keyboard as she filled it in. “We’ll have to think of codename for you soon. Hey, you don’t have any classes today, right?”“Yeeeah, why?”“Because you have class now.” Annie drained her still-hot coffee in a series of gulps, wiped her mouth, and got to her feet. “Get dressed.” She paused. “And don’t wear anything you like.” *** Lily shivered in the dawn chill. She wrapped her hoody more tightly around herself and leaned against the wall next to the front door of their building, just on the edge of where the light fell. The hoody was two sizes too big, a “boyfriend hoody” according to some, but she didn’t feel right calling it that as she had never actually had one (a boyfriend, that is), not unless you counted high school mistakes that ended before they even began. She hoped that it and the two pairs of leggings she had layered would be enough. Training meant physical activity after all, and that meant they would be moving around. Probably. The expired packet of instant oatmeal she had foraged from the common room sat like a brick in her stomach. Maybe the sad, grey paste could have been appetizing if she had more than a shoddy microwave and tap water available to prepare it, but she did not and thus it was quite bad. Lily already regretted eating it at all. But the cafeteria wasn’t open this early, and neither she nor Annie had been to get groceries for the past few days. She had meant to after Math class, on the day when her whole world went crazy and she fought hypno hydrangeas and a fairytale monster while wearing a giant pink diaper. Ever since all that she hadn’t felt much like going outside. Not alone at the very least.Lily examined her own body. She ran a hand across her thigh. It was the same thigh it had been last week, the same as it had been for as long as she could remember. And yet not the same. It felt different. Her whole body felt did.At that moment Annie bounced down the stairs, a duffle bag slung over one shoulder.“Ready to go?”Lily dropped her hand with a start and did her best to make it look like she had not just been feeling herself up. “Yup, so ready. Just lead the way. I am very, very ready.”Annie gave her a look somewhere between maternal care and condescension. She held out her hand as if she wanted Lily to take it, which she did. Then with a flourish of her other hand Annie summoned one of the two curved blades Lily had seen her use before. There was a blur of motion and light and the air itself opened into a narrow slit, like Annie had made a gash in space itself and the guts of the universe were about to be laid bare. Annie winked at Lily then stepped through, pulling Lily with her.Lily was a petrified by panic and wonder and she was certain that for a moment her heart stopped and the breath froze in her lungs and then the apartment was gone and Lily was standing next to Annie, still clutching her roommate’s hand and standing in a meadow that she had never seen before.Annie tossed the blade and it did a neat spin in the air before vanishing. She coughed once and glanced at their still-clasped hands.“Do you mind?”Lily released her death-grip and the motion broke her form her stupor. “What just happened!”“We warped,” Annie said as she set about unpacking her duffle bag. She extracted a stack of clay disks and a small pneumatic device with a slit on one side and a plastic cylinder on top that looked roughly the same diameter as the discs. “Well warp, teleport, instant transmission, whatever term you like really. Most of us have some ability that serves a similar purpose, but it kind of varies depending on the specific powers.”Through the haze of the day of her first transformation Lily remembered Annie mentioning others. She wondered for a moment where they were and when she would meet any them.“But we can talk about my powers later. Right now we’re going to focus on yours.” Annie loaded the disks into the cylinder and clicked a switch on its side. The device breathed to life. “Let’s see how your aim is.” She pulled a remote control from her pocket and clicked a button on it. The device revved and one of the clay disks shot out up into the air—And kept going off into the horizon.Annie glanced at Lily from the corner of her eye. “You were supposed to shoot it.”“Shoot it with what? I don’t even know how to transform.”“Ah! That’s an excellent point. Okay. We should go over some basics.” Annie pulled out a well-loved notebook with the words ‘CM BASICS’ written on it in careful calligraphy. She opened it to a page and held the book up to Lily. There were a series of graphs and numbers, some of which she could recognize from sight but others so complicated that even trying to process them made her head hurt. “Don’t worry, we’re gonna go slowly,” Annie said. She pointed to the first graph, one that Lily could understand. It was a scatterplot. “This graph represents a hypothetical two dimensional reality. Those two dimensions are the two axes of the graph,” Annie said, indicating it with her finger. She pointed to the one next to it. “And this one represents our three dimensional reality. It has a third axis, so the same data we had represented on the previous graph is going to look different by virtue of adding that in.” Sure enough, upon closer inspection the two graphs did contain the same information. The new metric of measurement took the handful of datapoints and cast them adrift from what had been their point of origin.Annie pointed at the final graph, the one that made Lily’s brain hurt to look at. “And this graph represents a reality that has four dimensions. It changes that same data even more, so that it is virtually unrecognizable from before.” Lily tried yet again just to process the thing she was looking at, but looking at it longer brought the graph from merely painful to totally confounding. She couldn’t even imagine a way to sensibly present it in three dimensional space.Lily closed her eyes and rubbed at her temples. “Okay, I guess I’m following you. But I don’t see what this has to do with me.”“Well, you remember how I called that animal you touched your Catalyst? It created a reaction in you with components that already existed, and it was specific to you. As far as I know, the catalyst of one magical girl could not activate another. The one thing that we all have in common, though, is that we all appear to be pieces of a fourth dimensional reality.” Annie paused to let her words sink in. “Your Catalyst reintroduced your fourth axis. From the moment you touched it you have been transformed, changed into your true form. Even right now you are transformed.”Lily blinked several times, then looked down at her body in confusion. Same hoody and leggings she remembered putting on this morning.Annie rubbed her chin with one hand. “I’ll try to break this down even more. You know those shows like Power Rangers or Sailor Moon where they have a transformation sequence every episode?”Lily nodded.“We don’t have that. Our physical form just changes when we use our powers. And when we don’t use them we appear, at least to most people, as we would in this three dimensional reality. We appear the same way we did before we changed.”“I still don’t really get it,” Lily said deliberately. “But I think I get the important part? There’s no ‘Morphin Time.’”“Yes.”“But how do we turn back?” Lily paused for a beat. “Well not turn back but you know.” She gestured around her hips.“The short and horribly unhelpful answer is practice,” Annie said with a shrug. “You just have to figure out what works for you.”Lily sighed in frustration. “Alright, fine. But this all seems pretty. . . High-concept for basics.”“Ah,” Annie stammered. She blushed and looked intently at a spot on the ground. “I don’t get many chances to share my theories with anyone. I guess I just got excited.”Lily stared at her for a long, unbroken second. Then she burst out laughing, so hard that tears formed in her eyes and her abs ached, so hard that she felt like she might pee, which honestly would be the perfect thing to happen since apparently she was a big old magical baby at heart. This was the first moment in the entire time she had known Annie that the veneer of fastidious perfection slipped. Annie was just as confused and alone as Lily was. And at some point Annie started laughing too, until the two girls were exhausted, sweating, and slumped against each other on the dry grass. The two sat in silence, enjoying the emotional release of everything they had both been through over the past few days. Lily looked out into the sky, and the smile that lingered on her lips began to fade slightly.“So if I’m understanding your theory,” Lily said. “I’m always transformed. But when I use my powers that becomes, uh, apparent.”Annie nodded vigorously, pleased that Lily had followed her explanation.“So I’m actually always wearing a diaper.”Annie stopped nodding and squeezed her eyes shut as if Lily had just hit on something she hoped would go unnoticed. “Yeah. According to my theory, at least. That is your true form, or at least as close to your true for as can be conveyed in three dimensional space.”Lily felt around her hips again, searching for any sign of the padding. “Are you okay?” Annie asked hesitantly.“Yeah. Honestly the part that scares me is how okay with it I am. It’s like, I never would have described myself as being uncomfortable in my skin before. But then I experienced that change and I can’t imagine wanting to go back to how I was.”Annie’s eyes sparkled. “I felt the same way about my change.”“I mean obviously it’s still going to take some getting used to but. . . I think I can do this.”“Yeah,” Annie said, squeezing Lily’s hand in her own. “I’m pretty sure you can.”Pieces of another reality. Lily had always felt like she didn’t really fit in, like she was one small fragment of a mosaic that was not meant to be, a piece of coloured glass whose hue and texture clashed with those that surrounded it. But she had decided long ago everyone probably felt that way, that disillusionment was standard. It was the only way she had found to survive. But now, apparently, there really was more to that feeling. She belonged to a space and a time and an existence beyond the one she had always known and that thought filled her with equal parts warmth and sheer terror. And that terror caused a thought to percolate in her.“So those monsters from before,” she said. “They must be from the same reality as we are.”Bewilderment crossed Annie’s face. “I suppose it’s possible. I haven’t had the chance to study them.”“Wait, you mean you didn’t immediately catch one and dissect it?” Lily nudged her in the ribs.“I guess I got caught up in the whole ‘fight evil’ thing. I mean it’s not every day you find out you’re a superhero.”“Okay, well. When I started walking through the woods, I didn’t see any of those flowers. Maybe I’m just kinda dumb—don’t say anything—but if we go by your theory—““—Then you only started seeing them when they became apparent in this reality,” Annie’s eyes lit up. “Lily you’re brilliant. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. If we’re pieces of another reality then it stands to reason that there could be other pieces too.”“If we can figure out what they’re doing and why they’re here—““—then we can figure out where all of this is coming from. Including us.” Annie looked ready to explode from pure elation. She sprung to her feet and offered a hand to help Lily up. “But first we’re going to get some use out of this launcher. Do you have any idea how upset the phys. Ed. Department gets when I take this thing?”“Annie—you stole it?” Lily’s brow knit together and her mouth gaped, the face of someone who had never stolen anything since she had been punished in elementary school for taking Macey Johnson’s eraser because it was shaped like an ice cream cone. Annie raised an eyebrow at her.“What? Did you think they were going to let me sign it out for magical girl practice?” ***
  17. Hey everyone. This is meant to be a very quick start to an idea I had. I'm currently on my phone so like I said, its short. I've been wanting to do something Fallout related for some time, as I was a fan of another story in that universe. This is intended to be a long story. An epic if you will. There's going to be violence and dark subject matter. If that's ok, then I hope you enjoy. I intend to release what I can when I can in an almost episodic manner.
  18. SallyKAT

    Kate and Tom Chapter 1

    Kate and Tom Chapter 1 Tom, in his late 30s, had a job with a a high flying corporate, until the pressure got to him. His doctor advised a 6 month break and Tom, assisted by Kate, his wife of five years, was struggling to recover. Kate, also in her late 30s did her best, juggling her own high-paying corporate job with looking after Tom. Kate was often exasperated dealing with her husband's lack of insight into his condition. Tom's constant forgetfulness was the most trying aspect of his behaviour. As well as leaving a trail of debris after him in the house, he'd leave hotplates on in the kitchen, leave the fridge door open and even forget to go to the bathroom before going to bed. If she went out without Tom, Kate had got into the habit of phoning him during her absence to ask if everything was OK. 'Just check the kitchen, honey, is everything there turned off and OK?' she'd ask, to which Tom would reply angrily that he didn't need reminding. He did though, and now, driving along the freeway to see a client, Kate rang Julie, the 21 year old daughter of her boss Emma. Julie was Kate's assistant at work, and the two had become firm friends. 'How are things going, Jules?' Kate asked. 'Oh, OK,' Julie answered. Julie had arrived at Kate and Tom's sprawling suburban house as Kate left. 'She'd in the car, just about to go,' Tom had told her. 'I know,' said Julie. 'I've just spoken to her. She said she told you I was coming over.' 'So?' said Tom. 'She's leaving.' 'I know,' said Kate. 'I'm staying here to keep you company.' 'Why?' said Tom. 'I don't need the company. I've got stuff to do.' 'Tom,' said Julie kindly. 'Kate's worried about you being by yourself at the moment.' Tom knew what this was about. 'Look, Julie,' he said. 'I've had a few problems, but I'm working them out. I don't need you here to, you know, watch me or whatever.' Tom's tone was cross. 'Tom,' said Julie. 'I'm not here to watch you. Just to keep you company and make sure that everything's OK.' 'OK,' said Tom, now glaring at Julie. 'I know I forget stuff sometimes, but I said I'm dealing with it. I don't need you here.' Julie looked at Tom. He was wearing jeans and a shirt. 'Tom, please,' said Julie. 'Kate is trying to help, and so am I. No one's trying to upset you. Now, you need to do up your zipper. And I think you should be wearing underpants.' Tom froze, and looked down at the gaping zipper of his jeans. He could see his penis on full view. The situation took the wind out of his sails. 'I'm sorry, Julie,' he said. 'I was dressing in a hurry, and...' 'It's OK,' said Julie. 'I've seen those things before. But zip up.' Tom said nothing but pulled up his zipper. He turned and sat in an armchair. 'Would you like a cup of coffee?' Julie asked. 'Yes please,' said Tom, glad of the change of subject. In the short silence that followed, they both heard the sound of falling water. Tom realised what it was and stood. 'It's the handbasin,' he said. 'I was shaving and I may have left the tap on. I'll fix it.' Regardless, Julie preceded Tom to the ensuite bathroom. The sink was over flowing, and the floor and mat were soaked. Julie turned to Tom. His resentful manner had disappeared. Julie look at the stubble on his face and the shaving gear next to the basin. 'Did you shave, Tom?' she asked. Tom felt his face. 'No, I was going to, and then Kate called out, and...' he said, feeling flustered. 'Tom,' said Julie, going to the basin and turning off the running tap, 'This is what Kate means.' Tom had no answer to that. Julie picked up the sodden bathmat. 'I'll clean it up,' said Tom. 'No,' said Julie firmly. 'You go and sit down, please. I'll make you a cup of coffee in a minute.' Tom looked at Julie for a moment, then turned to go to the living room. Tom sat in the armchair again. How come, he thought, this girl could come into his house and order him around? It wasn't fair. He folded his arms and stared into the garden, waiting for Julie to return. He wished he'd done up his zipper when he was getting dressed, then he remembered leaving his underpants on the corner of the bed. 'Damn,' he muttered. Julie had cleaned up the bathroom and made coffee for them both. She'd givene Tom his coffee, which he'd accepted grumpily and in silence. Now Julie was in the kitchen, on the phone to Kate. 'We had a bit of an issue with a tap left on.' Julie was saying. 'No, just the bathroom floor. I've cleaned it up,' she said. There was a pause. 'He's sulking a bit,' Julie said, 'But he's OK. He doesn't think he needs any help, but his zipper was open when I got here.' After another pause, Julie laughed. 'No, he didn't, but it's OK,' she said. 'It takes a lot to embarrass me.' 'Well that's good,' said Kate from her car. 'Thanks for doing this, Julie. I really appreciate it. Please give me a call if you need.' 'I will,' said Julie. 'And I don't mind. I do a lot of babysitting. I mean, you know, looking after people,' she added blushing at what she'd said. 'It's OK,' said Kate, realising Julie's embarrassment. 'He is a bit like a child at the moment in some ways. I'm sure your skills are helpful.' The pair hung up, and Kate sat back, thinking of the couple of wet beds she'd dealt with in the last few weeks. Then she turned her mind to her work and drove on. To be continued.
  19. Chris the Clever Boarder Chapter 1 Chris downed his lager in the quaint corner pub and went outside. He stood on the grimy footpath and watched the motley collection of citizens moving around him. Chris was alone in London. That gave him a great feeling of achievement and excitement. At 23, his unexpected business success back home and his lack of real ties had allowed him, Chris, the slightly built, undersized orphaned boy who was never expected to amount to much, to be standing in this vast metropolis, reliant on his own considerable cash resources but anonymous, and responsible to no one. Anonymity, thought Chris. That was the key. Chris had felt somewhat anonymous for most of his short life. He'd never known his father, and had been brought up by his working but loving mother and his two much older sisters. Then, just after his 11th birthday, a tragic fire had deprived him of his family. He had been at a sleepover with a friend and since that awful day had been passed from one foster carer to another. He'd dealt with many issues arising from the trauma, including bedwetting, extreme loneliness and general emotional fragility. That he'd succeeded in life despite all that was his proudest achievement, but inwardly he still felt that his childhood until his preteens was the best period of his life, and despite the impossibility, he often longed Ro return to the security and human warmth of that time. He consulted his hand drawn map, found the local tube station and was soon in a train, beginning his much planned private journey. The journey was private because Chris intended to contact some people who could help him indulge his secret fetish - wearing a diaper. More specifically, being told by a dominant woman that he had to wear a diaper. Even being diapered by her, if it worked out that way. He had concocted a perfect plan. He'd found on the internet a woman - he was pretty sure it was woman - who seemed very interested in the idea of treating people like toddlers or babies. The woman didn't actually advertise who she was, but with some clever detective work and cross referencing, Chris had found an email address, and that led to a business address in Ruislip in London: 'North West Maternity Specialists'. Abigail French was the proprietor, according to the online British company records. He hoped that was 'AF' who posted in the adult baby forum he'd read online. AF was 44 years old, according to her online profile. Just right for his purposes, thought Chris. On another AB forum, 'Abi' of Ruislip had said that she would love to go braless but had DD cup boobs. Though not generally so interested in womens' breasts, Chris had been fantasising about those particular big, soft breasts for the several weeks since he'd 'found' AF. What's more, Abi said she had a 'highly developed maternal instinct'. Even better, if this Abigail French really is 'AF', Chris had thought. Chris had decided that AF was ideal for his needs, and that he was ideal for hers. All he had to do was meet this motherly goddess. So Chris found himself standing, on a cold, gloomy London afternoon, outside the pink-coloured premises of North West Maternity Specialists. It had been raining, and Chris stood looking through the still wet glass at the full-figured mannequins in the shop's window display. He stared at the stretchy granny panties and the nursing bras, wondering which of his carefully worked out scenarios he'd try on the unsuspecting Abigail French in order to place himself - as far as she believed, anyway - in her motherly care. He had carefully put his ID and travel documents in long term safekeeping back at his hotel. He didn't even have his phone, just a bill fold of cash and a small bag with a change of clothes. He wasn't wearing the pullup he often wore, and had no 'supplies' in his bag. Then he saw a neatly printed card in the corner of the window. His heart leapt and his plans changed instantly. 'Boarder wanted - comfortable local situation with friendly landlady for clean, quiet young man or woman. Full board, reasonable rates. Apply A French within or phone.' Chris memorised the mobile number - he was good at that sort of thing - and opened the door of the shop. As he stepped inside, he saw a tall, well-built woman standing behind the counter, folding garments and putting them into a cardboard box. She had neatly styled blonde hair, pink framed glasses and was wearing a pastel crocheted top over a blouse and what Chris assumed were the bra-requiring DD breasts. 'Paydirt!' thought Chris. 'Excuse me, young man,' said the woman crossly. 'Would you mind wiping your wet feet? There's a mat behind you.' 'Sorry,' said Chris, retreating a step and wiping his shoes on the mat. 'I didn't mean..' 'Never mind,' said the woman. 'I'm without a shopgirl at present and there's enough to do here without cleaning the floor every time someone walks in. Now how can I help you? I doubt you're here to buy maternity clothes.' 'Oh, well,' said Chris, now flustered and trying to vary the way he'd scripted their meeting, 'I saw the notice in the window, and I thought, well..' 'You thought you might be the clean, quiet young man we are looking for,' said the woman. 'We?' thought Chris. He imagined a husband. That didn't sound too good. Or a middle aged lesbian lover. There were other possibilities, perhaps. Two spinsters into AB... 'You're certainly quiet,' said the woman. 'Or don't you answer when an adult asks you a question?' 'I'm 23,' Chris said defensively. 'I'm just short.' This wasn't going so well, he decided. 'I see,' said the woman. 'You saw my notice while you looking in the window of a maternity shop. The ladies in their underclothing in the window aren't real, you know.' Chris felt himself becoming upset. He looked back at the woman and wasn't sure what to say. He wanted to start this again, but he knew that was out of the question. He wasn't even sure why he was feeling so emotional. Then he realised that this woman was destroying his dream plan. It wasn't fair. He glared at her and turned to leave. Maybe the while thing was a bad idea in the first place he thought. 'Come here,' the woman commanded, and Chris stopped in his tracks. 'Instead of getting upset, come here, sit down, and explain yourself,' said the woman, moving around the counter and motioning to a settee at one side of the shop. Chris saw that the woman was wearing tight blue jeans that emphasised her generous hips. The broad vee of her crotch bulged under the tight, flyless denim. The seam of the jeans pulled upwards and divided her whole lower tummy with a wide, shallow cameltoe. Chris could sense his heart rate increasing. 'Sit here,' ordered the woman. Chris, for all his early business success and cunning planning for this meeting, felt intimidated. Very occasionally, when highly stressed, he leaked a little urine. Uppermost in his mind at the moment was avoiding doing just that. He sat where he was told, and placed his small, loose bag over his crotch. 'Good boy,' said the woman. She stood in front of him. At his eye level were the woman's hips and crotch. He had rapid thoughts of his own meagre secondary sex characteristics, his thin beard, flat chest and modest genitals compared with this woman's obvious femininity. He had to look up to see her face. After a few seconds, the woman smiled. 'You look like a frightened little rabbit,' the woman said, sitting next to Chris. 'I'll take that,' she added, putting one hand on the bag Chris was clutching. 'Unless you have something to hide,' she added with a quick laugh. Chris felt himself blushing. Both his eyes and the woman's went momentarily to his groin. Which, Chris was pleased to see was dry, if without any sort of manly bulge. 'Well?' asked the woman. 'There's no need to be so nervous. If you were a little younger, I'd pick you up and give you a cuddle, but since you're 23,' the woman said with emphasis, 'I'll just assume you're shy. Now, let's have a chat.' Chris tried to organise his thoughts. 'Erm, well, I was going past your shop, and I saw the notice, and, well, I need a place to stay, and...' said Chris. 'So, do you work locally?' asked the woman. 'No,' said Chris, 'I'm on vacation.' 'In Ruislip?' asked the woman with surprise. 'Well, not exactly,' said Chris. 'Where were you going when you walked past my shop?' asked the woman. 'Er, the tube station,' said Chris. 'I saw you through the window, heading in the other direction,' said the woman. 'I'm sort of lost,' said Chris weakly. 'Perhaps you are,' said the woman with a smile. 'Well, my name's Abigail French. Would you like to have a look at the room I have for rent?' 'Yes please,' said Chris with relief. 'I'm Chris Johnson.' 'OK, Chris,' said the woman. 'Perhaps you can help me here until closing time then we'll go to my house. It's only around the corner.' 'OK,' replied Chris. 'That would be good.' Abigail smiled and opened a cupboard. She took out a folded garment and handed it to Chris. 'It's an apron, to identify you as a helper in the shop,' said Abigail as Chris looked at the folded pink cotton. 'It's not too girly, and its only for an hour or two. If anyone asks you anything, be polite to them, and refer them to me.' Abigail unfolded the apron and held it up. Chris noticed that at least it was fairly plain. Hr looked at a namebadge attached to the chest area. 'Oh,' Abigail laughed. 'That's Chris's badge. She was my last shopgirl. That's handy. Customers will know what to call you.' Abigail helped Chris into the apron. 'You and Chris are about the same size,' she said. 'Perfect.' Chris was glad of the apron. He had brushed his hand past his groin and felt that he was a little wet. He wouldn't actually admit it to himself, but for some time now he'd been wearing pull-ups when he went out, not entirely for the buzz of doing so. He'd had several incidents when the pullups were wet when he took them off. He hadn't even felt himself peeing. So wearing them was just a sensible precaution, he told himself. Nothing to do with his secret fetish. The door opened, and a pregnant woman in her thirties entered. 'Your first customer,' said Abigail. 'In at the deep end. Off you go. I'll be in the office,' she added and disappeared behind the back wall of the showroom. 'Hello,' said Chris. 'Can I help?' To be continued.
  20. SallyKAT

    The Home

    The Home Chapter 1 'You're very grumpy,' said Alice as she drove towards the town. 'Do you need a change?' 'No,' replied Chris, staring out the window as the trees flashed past. 'Chris, you can play on your computer any time, and this is a good chance for you to get out of the house. I've only got a few things to do, and then we can have some lunch, OK?' 'OK,' said Chris flatly. He felt himself wetting his diaper, and gave a short sigh. He couldn't stop it any more, even when he was aware of it happening. The flow stopped soon enough, but Chris knew he'd probably need a change before they got back home. That meant finding a quiet spot and him lying across the back seat of Alice's SUV while she put him in a fresh diaper. How his life had changed, Chris thought, not for the first time, as Alice braked and he felt himself peeing again. They'd had three 'normal' years of marriage then Chris's old foe, bedwetting, had returned. It didn't help that Jess, Alice's 23 year old daughter by her first marriage and who lived with them, was a nurse at a nearby institution which provided accommodation for people with various problems including incontinence apparently, and when she found out about Chris's issues she convinced Alice to diaper him at night. Jess even brought the diapers Chris wore from her work. They were thick and bulky, and there were infantile plastic pants as well. After he'd been diapered for some time, Chris discovered that there were such things as pullups which were thinner and which he could put on himself, but Alice and Jess said he wet too heavily for those. So at 38 years of age Chris was back in the thick diapers he thought he'd left behind with his teens. Worse, he had only been wetting the bed a few times a month then. This time it wasn't long before he was wetting every night. After a few months of bedwetting he'd begun having daytime accidents as well. At first, his daytime incontinence was a matter of having an urgent need to urinate and finding it difficult to hold. If he didn't get to a bathroom, an accident was likely. Over time, the urgency had developed into unconscious heavy wetting. Now, a year later, he wet his diaper every day and had even had a few horribly embarrassing soiling accidents, although at least he had some control over that, and usually had a few minutes to find a bathroom or even a large bush. Chris had been devastated at the development of his incontinence, not just at needing daytime diapers and going back to wearing the baggy jeans and trousers he'd worn and disliked as a teen, but at the effect on his settled, adult life. The growing problem had cost Chris his job, and since he was now classed as medically unfit to drive his car had gone as well. The loss of his job wasn't so bad because Alice earned a very good salary, and said she didn't mind especially as Chris now did a lot of the housework. The worst of it was that Chris spent time at home with Jess, Alice's daughter, who seemed to regard him as one of her 'patients'. A further issue, on which Chris didn't like to dwell, was that both Alice and Jess were considerably taller than he was. With his small, light build Chris had endured school with the moniker 'Little Chrissie' and by 18 had finally given up hope of ever exceeding his modest 5 feet 3 or losing his somewhat fine features. As Alice said, it didn't really matter, but once the wetting resurfaced, being shorter than the two women in his life made him feel even less adequate and, he had to say it, less manly. But as Alice said, there was no point in complaining about it, just as she dismissed his complaints about Jess changing him. Chris had done his best to try to become adept with taping himself, but he found it hard to get right and his efforts usually resulted in wet patches in his clothing however efficient the diaper. At least Alice was sort of loving when she was changing him, but Jess treated him like a toddler, patting him to raise his legs and using what Chris considered demeaning language, quite apart from her seeing him totally naked. 'You're too sensitive,' Alice would tell him. 'Your're lucky that Jess is around with the skills she has to help you.' As they pulled up at a stop light, Alice looked across at Chris and studied his face for a moment. 'Are you wetting, honey?' she asked him. Chris was still staring out the window. With a start, he realised that his bladder was pouring a steady stream of pee into his diaper. 'Yes,' he said. There wasn't much more that he could say. 'I have to call in and see Jess's boss,' Alice said. 'I'm sure we can find somewhere there to change you.' 'Great,' said Chris. He hated going to that place. It was a big old house in a few acres of garden. The security fence surrounding it said enough about it, as far as Chris was concerned. Alice was an accountant, and the insititution was one of her clients. Chris had spent a lot of time there sitting in the car waiting for Alice whiie she spoke to the management, finding that only slightly less boring than sitting in the place's musty waiting room leafing through old magazines. They were so dull that Chris had eyed off the box of battered toys in the corner of the waiting room. He liked models, and even at his age had a few Star Wars figures at home. He wasn't above using them for light sabre fights when he was home alone. But he'd never needed a change while he was at Jess's work before. Soon enough they were at the gate. Alice spoke into the intercom and the big gate swung slowly open. 'Just in the carpark will do,' said Chris, feeling slightly anxious. Alice laughed. 'No, honey, I don't think it's a good look for the business's accountant to be changing her husband's diaper in the carpark. I'm sure they have a room somewhere we can use,' she said. Chris tensed, and felt himself peeing again. To be continued.
  21. When I'm in diapers its like I'm under the influnence of a very strong sedative I feel completly and totally calm and relaxed to the point that I'm oblovious to anything uncomforting or dangerous going on around me and I could not panic or get mad even if I wanted to I just feel 100% safe calm and secure sometimes When my girlfriend cuddles me and gives me a bottle the feeling is so strong I can barely keep my eyes open and some times I can't and just pass out in her arms
  22. Michelle sat at the kitchen table eating her cereal. Her mother Jan was sitting with her. She had just woken up, even though it was almost 9am. "Have you got all your things packed?" Her mother asked. "Noooooo...and I'm not sure why I have to go. Why can't I just say home?" Michelle said, for the 100th time in the last week. Jan shook her head. "Honey, we have been over this. Your father and I are going to be gone most of the summer. I don't think you are ready to be left alone for that long." Michelle looked up from her cereal bowl. "You know I'm going off to college next year right?" She shifted her bum on the pillow she was sitting on. The same pillow she has been sitting on for a few years now. Sure, it was much better then the stupid plastic booster seat she used, even after starting high school, but still, she hated that she was made to sit on it. "Yes honey I know. But that doesn't mean you are ready to be here all by yourself for almost two months." Michelle knew deep down she was not going to win this argument, but she had to try, one last time. Her flight was leaving in less then 24 hours. Michelle moved around again just as she brought up her spoon. Milk came off the spoon and straight down on her top. She looked down and brought her other hand up to wipe it away. Stupid pillow. Why did she have to be so small. They kept saying, 'Don't worry you will get taller.' but that never happened. She has not grown an inch since grade seven. Going off to college and being under five foot tall, it was hard enough going to high school and being the size of a grade schooler. What would it be like in college? Jan noticed the milk spill off her daughters spoon and down onto her pyjama top. The cute pink top she had got last Christmas from Jan's sister. She remembers Ashley calling her before Christmas wanting to know what size Michelle was wearing at the time. When Jan said 6-7 Ashley had said "oh she must have grown a lot." Jan had to snicker a little and correct herself, "no I mean size 6x-7." Jan didn't say anything about the milk. She didn't need Michelle to be any more upset then she was. Her and her husband had discussed at length letting Michelle stay home by herself but with all the issues Michelle had there was just no way she would feel comfortable leaving her alone. When her sister said she would love to have her stay the summer it was a relief. "Honey, I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful time at your Aunts. I know Tracy is excited that you are coming to stay." Michelle didn't even want to think about spending the whole summer with her Aunt Ashely and cousin Tracy. Tracy was four years younger and the last time she had seen her, she was a couple inches taller. Tracy was the biggest brat she had ever met. Michelle had given her a hard time the whole two weeks. The brat just wouldn't leave her alone. Even when Michelle said some pretty mean things to her, she just wanted to play dolls or some other dumb game. Jan waited for Michelle to finish her cereal. "Why don't we go up and get your things packed and then we can have a lazy day. Maybe watch a couple movies." Jan said, hoping to make Michelle's last day at home a good one. Jan and Michelle started to get things together for Michelle to take. As Jan was going through Michelle's closest she noticed the pack of 4t-5t training pants in the corner. She picked it up and noticed that there were only a few left. She thinks back, remembering placing them in there. It was almost full when she had taken them out of Michelle's dresser and placed them in the closest, months ago. She turned back and looked at Michelle folding a shirt. 'Had Michelle been wetting the bed again and was hiding it?' Jan didn't want to ask. If she was mistaken, it would not go well. But if she was regressing back to wetting the bed, how was she going to deal with it at Ashley's. She decided to play it cool, that it wasn't going to be worth starting that conversation. She would just call Ashely later and give her a heads up. Jan set the package back in the corner. She stood up and asked, "How are you making out honey?" Michelle looked up at her mother. "Fine, I guess." "We're almost done. Why don't you jump in the bathtub and then we can watch a movie. I will finish up here." Michelle placed another sweater in her suitcase. Having a bath sounded better then packing, that's for sure. She grabbed her iPod and headed into the bathroom. A nice warm bath always relaxes her. She could be in the tub for hours. Jan placed a few more things in Michelle's suitcase and headed downstairs to call her sister once she heard the water running in the tub. Jan grabbed her cellphone from her purse. "Hello sis. How are you?" Ashely answered, seeing her sisters name pop up on her iPhone. "I'm good Ash. How about you?" "Good. Tracy and I are just out shopping. Picking up a few things for when Michelle arrives." "Have you got a couple minutes to talk?" Jan asked, feeling and sounding a little nervous. "Sure. What's up?" "Well.....There might be a little situation with Michelle." "Oh no what happened? Is she okay? Is she still coming?" "No.No. She's fine. It's just.....Well... uhmmm...I think she might be having some issues again at night." "Oh...What kind of issue?" Ashely asked, not really sure were this was going. Tracy was walking beside her mom and listening. "Well...Uhm.. I'm not 100% sure but I think she maybe wetting the bed again. I hope not but I just wanted to give you a heads up, just in case." Ashely looked over at her daughter Tracy. "Well I know she had that problem a while ago, but I didn't think it would still be happening at her age. Actually, I was surprised it was happening before." "I know. I know. Like I said, It's not for sure, but I had an pack of training pants that she was wearing at night and I'm sure when I placed them in her closest a few months back It only had a few out of it. I found it today and there were only 3 left." "So you think she is still wetting the bed and then hiding the training pants?" That sound funny to say, knowing the girl was suppose to start college in the fall. "Yes, I think so." Ashley paused for a few moments not really knowing how to respond. "Well, it's not the end of the world. I can handle it. It's really no big deal. It's not happening during the day again is it?" Ashely asked, knowing Michelle had that problem also. "No i don't think so. Like I said, I'm not really sure it's happening at night." "But your not sure?" Ashely asked, as Jan was sounding very unsure. "Well.... Now that I think about it, she did have a little accident at the mall a while ago. I don't think it's been happening all the time though." Ashley was a little taken back with that answer. Michelle wet her pants a little while ago? Her sister was saying it like Michelle was still four years old and it was nothing. My god, she just finished high school. "Okay, well like I said. No big deal." What else could she say? 'Tell the little girl to grow up.' No, she could say that. "Thanks Ash. I should let you get back to shopping. Michelle might be getting out of the tub soon anyway and I don't what her to know I mentioned this too you." Jan paused. 'Was her sister still bathing Michelle?' That seems odd. Well,no odder then thinking it was no big deal that her teenaged girl was still having accidents. "Okay. Well Tracy and I are looking forward to Michelle coming. Uhmmmm..... Just one more thing Jan, just in case what size training pants would fit Michelle? You know, just in case. I really don't won't my mattress ruined." Tracy looked confused. 'Why was her mother asking Aunt Jan want size of training pants and saying she didn't want her mattress ruined'. It was hard trying to figure out what was going on, only listening to one side of the conversation. "Well, the ones she had been wearing were the 4t-5t training pants. They seemed to work better then anything else we tried." 4t-5t? She knows Michelle is small because she remembers the size of clothes she had purchased for her at Christmas, but that didn't make sense. "AHHHH.....Okay. We'll talk soon. Bye." "Bye Ash. And thanks again for letting her stay with you." "No problem. Talk soon." Ashely hit the end button on her iPhone and then shook her head trying to make sense of what her sister had just told her. "Mom. What was that all about?" Tracy asked, very interested in trying to figure out what that was all about. Ashley wasn't sure where to start or even what to say. Here was her own daughter four years younger then her cousin and apparently way more mature. 'Bedwetting and even wetting during the day at her age. Was her sister still bathing her?' It was hard for Ashley to pull it all together. Tracy had grown up a lot in the past couple years. She had taken on many babysitting jobs. Was always top of her class. Never got into any trouble. Ashely really didn't have any reason not to let Tracy in on what problems poor Michelle was having. So she just blurted it out. "Tracy honey, I think you deserve to know what that was all about." Tracy stood still, waiting to hear what her mother had to say. "What do you mean? Is something wrong?" "Well.....Your Aunt Jan just told me that Michelle maybe still wetting her bed!" "What do you mean, still?" "I never told you, but Michelle has been wetting her bed on and off since, well for ever." Tracy starred at her mother. 'Michelle? Older, mean cousin Michelle? The bully that tormented her 2 years ago Michelle? The one that was way to old to be playing with dolls so she told her over and over again. Is wetting her bed like a toddler? She couldn't be hearing this right.' She wanted to burst out laughing but she didn't. She held it all in. Michelle was going to be spending the whole summer with them and Tracy was really not looking forward to it. She would never say that to her mom, but she wasn't. This would change the whole dynamic. There would be no way Michelle could even think about bullying her if she was still wetting her bed like some two year old. If she had only know this two years ago, that two weeks would have been very different, very different indeed. "Oh that's too bad. I feel sorry for her. It must me hard for her. Isn't she starting college this year?" Tracy said, putting up the best acting she could muster. Ashely smiled, thinking Tracy was being very grown up about it. "She is. I'm sure this is very embarrassing for her. Now, I don't want you teasing her about it. Okay?" Tracy kept a straight face. "I won't. I promise." "Okay, thank you. Now....I guess we should go see if we can find the stuff she needs." Ashely said, looking around the Walmart superstore. Ashely started walking, pushing the shopping cart down the aisle. Tracy followed in behind, thinking about how to use all this information to her benefit. Tracy smiled wide when her mom turned down the diaper aisle.'No way. Is her mom really going to buy diapers for her cousin?' Rows and rows of diapers, pull-ups and baby wipes. She watched as her mom scanned the aisle, then stopped suddenly, reaching out and picking up a package of 4t-5t girls training pants. Tracy had to play this cool. She couldn't seem to excited. "Are they the ones she wears?" she asked. Ashely looked at Tracy. "This is what your Aunt said. I'm surprised these would fit her. These only go up to 50lbs." "I'm not sure mom, but I know the one little girl I babysit wears pull-ups and I was surprised how much they stretch. They might just fit her." Ashely looked at the package again, then placed them in the cart. "I'm not sure honey. I guess we can always come back if we need too. Let's just hope Jan was wrong and we don't need to worry about any of this." Tracy didn't want that. She wanted her mother to worry about it. She could only hope Michelle was peeing in her bed. How much fun would that be? Her older cousin having to wear training pants all summer. She needed to convince her mother to buy more. Some how, some way, she had too figure out how to get her mother to get more stuff. "Mom, if she wetting the bed, I would think she would need wipes for sure. Maybe even powder. We don't want her getting a rash." Ashely looked around the shelf. Reaching out and picking up a package of baby wipes and then a big bottle of baby powder. "That's true. I just wished your Aunt had given me a little more warning then the day before that we might have to deal with this." Tracy looked up ahead and saw the diapers. Was there a way she could get her mother to buy some. She thought for a second. "Mom, I'm no expert. I know I've only been babysitting for a little while, but most of the mothers that have kids wetting the bed always say that the pull-ups just don't work the greatest. They say they ALWAYS leak. They ALWAYS tell me to put a diaper on them for night time." Tracy said, then stood still, praying her mother would bite. Ashley wasn't sure. That did seem like a valid point. But baby diapers for a teenager. "I don't know honey. Michelle is much older then the kids you babysit. Much older." She almost had her. "I know. But really Mom, is there a big difference between these." Tracy said, pointing to the pull-ups in the cart, then walked a few steps and picked up a package of Pampers size 7. "And these. They really are the same thing, just different on how they go on. If she will fit in those training pants, then I know these will fit and work a whole lot better." Tracy was right. Really, whats the difference. There all diapers, no matter how you look at it. She for sure didn't need to be worrying about washing sheets every morning. If Michelle was going to be leaking through the pull-ups then once the point. Might as well get something that will keep her sheets dry. Tracy took a chance and placed the super sized package of pampers in the cart. Hoping her mother would just move on. Ashley didn't even flinch when Tracy place the diapers in the cart. Her mind was made up. "Can you think of anything else my little expert?" Ashely said, then chuckled. Tracy laughed. How far could so go with this? "I'm don't know mom. I could likely borrow a change pad from Mrs. Conklin. I know she has one and doesn't need it anymore." She pictured her mother holding onto to Michelle's ankles, sliding a diaper under her bum. Ohhh, that would be so fun to watch. "No reason too borrow one. Michelle is going to be here for the summer. We might as well get one. Lead the way." Tracy turned quickly. She walked fast, not wanting to let her mother change her mind. This day was turning out better by the second. As she walked towards the baby section she started looking at all the cute baby clothes. 'How would little Michelle look in some of these' she thought. Tracy found what she was looking for. She scanned everything knowing her mother was still a little behind her because she had walk pretty fast. 'Prefect'. She grabbed a package that had 3 bibs and a change pad all decorated with little teddy bears. She heard her mother coming up behind her. Tracy turned. "I think this one will work and it's on sale." she said, knowing her mother likes anything on sale. She placed in the cart, making sure it was face down so her mother would not see that it wasn't just a changing pad. Ashley didn't even look at it once it was in the cart. "Think of anything else?" Tracy could think of a whole bunch of things but she didn't want to seem to eager. "It's not that far for us to come back if we think we need anything more." "Yes that's true. Well I guess we should get back home. All set then?" Tracy let her mother turn the cart around and followed her. Walking back through the baby clothes she really, really wanted to get some. 'Wait, she doesn't need any off these. Her mother never throws anything away. Most of her clothes were still hanging in the spare bedroom closet. The one Michelle is going to be sleeping in. There would definitely be lots and lots of clothes that would fit Michelle.' With that thought, she couldn't wait to get home and for her cousin to arrive.
  23. Battosaiii

    The Wand's Surprise.

    All characters will be 18+ This is an RP between two adults (myself being one of them). I am seeking another adult for this RP, which is purely fantasy based. I'm on Eastern Standard time you dont have to be but that would be a plus. If you have any questions feel free to ask here in the comments. Want to role play a scene similar to this story scene yet it is subject to change on what fits us best. So take your time and read this post. (RP Contains: mental changes to my character, diapers (wet and dirty), abdl, mdlb, humiliation, spanking, magic transformation, public diaper changes, enforced bedtimes, nurseries, breastfeeding, and whatever else you'd like to add. (Hard limts are gore, vomit, death) I would perfer to use discord, kik, or reddit for are roleplaying messaging. The Wand’s Surprise Chapter 1 “Oh shit *Cough*, look at this!” Maggie said, as she pulled out a thin black wand from the dusty box. She waved the dust that puffed out of the crate away with her free hand. “Look at this, Mikey! This is perfect for our Harry Potter costumes!” she said, handing the wand to her boyfriend. He smiled as he took it from her, making quick note of the strange engravings on the side. “Holy shit this is perfect!” He said, twisting it around in his hands. Mikey looked back up at his girlfriend smiling back at him… god she was beautiful. While she was three years younger than him (He was 27), she was drop dead gorgeous. Brown hair, hazel eyes, moderate breasts, and an ass that could kill. She was truly the perfect girl for him. “Man this house just has so many cool surprises in it!” He said, handing the wand back to Maggie. She beamed at him. “I know! Buying this place ‘as is’ was the best choice we could have made haha” she said with a slight giggle at the end. The two of the continued to rummage around the attic for about an hour, before calling it quits. They descended down the latter together, and made their way into the kitchen for a quick snack. “Watcha want Mags? Crackers and hummus sound good to you?” Mikey said, as he stared into the refrigerator. She responded with a quick nod. As Mikey pulled the crackers out of the cupboard, Maggie couldn’t help but keep twisting the wand around in her hands. It was just so interesting, it was as if she didn’t want to put it down. “This thing is just so cool.” She said, starting directly at the black wand. Mikey let out a smirk as he placed everything on the table. “It’s neat for sure, but ain’t a real one.” He said, grabbing a fist full of crackers. “Well you don’t kno-“ Maggie suddenly cut herself off as she looked up from her wand. “That dick” She thought to herself, as she peered at the tower of dirty dishes in the sink. Her smiley face fanished, replaced with a pissed off glare. “What the hell, Mikey? You said you would do the dishes YESTERDAY!” Maggie said with some bite in her words. Mikey recoiled from the sharp response, then shot a defensive look at Maggie. “I just.. forgot okay?” He said, pulling a cracker out of some humus. Mikey tried to look away, as if to defuse the situation by doing that. Maggie continued to glare. “It just pisses me off because I’ve had to do them for the past what? 2 weeks non-stop?” She said, getting up out of her chair. Mikey just rolled his eyes. Grabbing his plate of snacks, he also got out of his chair. “I’ll just let you be for a bit then.” Mikey said, making his way out of the kitchen. Still munching, he went into the couples room. Maggie was left fuming in the kitchen, still holding the wand for some reason. She just shook her head, as she stared up at the ceiling. “You’re such a baby” she whispered, as she thought about Mikey. The wand began to warm in her hand. She didn’t really notice it at first, but suddenly she shot her gaze toward the black stick in her hand. “The fuck?” She whispered, as she lifted the wand to her face, the very tip of it began to glow. It was a dull green, but slowly brightened to a blinding white. Maggie let out a gasp as she dropped the wand. The light grew even brighter, until she couldn’t see anything anymore. She braced herself in response, until… the light just shut off. She stood in her guarded stance for a few minutes, a look of fear clear across her face. “Holy… shit…” She whispered, as she touched the wand with her foot. “That didn’t just happen…” Maggie said, slowly grabbing the wand off the floor. She thoroughly examined it, praying she didn’t just blow something up… Mikey looked back up at his computer screen, as he popped another cracker in his mouth. He kept scrolling through his facebook feed, not really doing anything in particular. He looked down at the plate in his lap again to grab another cracker, but instead let out a gasp. “What the hell!” Was what he meant to say, but instead “Was da hecks!” came out. His entire wardrobe had started to change. Gone was his shirt and sweatpants. Blue overalls and soft blue pastel shirt had taken it’s place. That wasn’t the worst part through… it was the fact his crotch couldn’t stop expanding… A thick, gigantic diaper was slowly growing over his waist. Mikey’s overalls had some buttons on the front, and instantly he started fumbling around with them to see what the hell was going on. It took him much longer than he would have expected (Solid 2 minutes to undo three buttons). The diaper had finally stopped expanding, but that didn’t help Mikey feel any better. A gasp escaped his lips, as he stared in awe the oversized diaper around his butt. The words “Baby” were written repeatedly across the waistline in block letters. These were baby diapers, meant for some little baby boy who wasn’t even close to potty training. “Dis so- UGH!” Mikey yelled, his emotions just suddenly bursting over him. It was as if the rational part of his mind was less in control than normal. He got up, and started stomping his feet all over the ground. “No No NO! NO DIAPIE!!” He yelled, his face growing red with anger. He could feel some tears starting to form around his face, but he didn’t even care. “Me no need DI-DI’S!” He screamed again, he started to wobble. His face went from angry, to scared as he lost complete control of his balance. He fell straight onto his diapered butt with a “PUFF”. It was almost instant what happened next: “WAAAA!!!! W-W-WAAA!! AAHHH!!” Mikey just lost it, he lost all control of his emotions, as he just let loose into a full temper tantrum. Any kind of surveillance on his bodily functions was out the window, as his diaper started to warm under his lack of focus on his crotch. His potty training was now spotty at BEST, so just any outburst like this was going to lead to a very wet diaper.. It was then that Maggie bust open the door. “Mikey whats! … Oh… oh my…” She said, completely shocked. “Mikey why the… why are you wearing a fucking diaper?! What happened to your clothes!?” Maggie said, making her way closer to him. Mikey didn’t even respond, in fact he just wailed even harder. “WAA! MAMA!! WAA!!!” He screamed, pounding his fists onto the floor. Maggie recoiled at that middle part. “Mama?” She said to herself. It was if something just clicked in her mind, “Oh baby.. come here you.. aww did you fall on your little butt?” Maggie said, collecting her ‘boyfriend’ into her arms. He weighed almost nothing in her arms, he easily hoisted him up. “Aww did you take a tumble? Hm? Did you go boom boom on the floor?” She said, swaying the baby boy back and forth. Mikey just nodded in response, popping a free hand into his mouth. “Aw well it’s okay little boy, here let mommy check your diaper here.” She quickly placed two fingers into the waistline of his diaper. “Oh you’re soaked, Baby!” Maggie said, shaking her head. Mikey didn’t even slightly care, he was starting to come down from his tantrum. He moved his gaze toward the large, supple breasts of his girlfriend. He instinctively started pawing at them, whimpering as he did so. Maggie wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but a smile grew across her face as she realized what he wanted. “Oh, are you a hungry little boy?” She said, placing Mikey on the bed. She started taking off her shirt. She stared at Mikey, as her bra came off. “Am I really about to breastfeed my boyfriend?” She thought, sitting on the bed next to him. She guided his head to her plump breasts, he instantly latched on. “Ooo!” She said, not expecting it to feel that good. Her smile grew even wider… “Oh I could get used to this…” she said… her ‘boyfriend’ slipring happily away