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Found 787 results

  1. tidit45

    Hypnotic babysat

    Alexa was just like any normal 9 year old girl, she was in 4th grade in which she loved to read and is very good at long division. She likes school and seeing her friends but likes the weekends at home too where she doesn't usually have homework. Her favorite color is pastel blue and thinks pink is for little baby girls. She loves watching Netflix and has a secret love for watching "Sofia the first" and "super why" even if they are "baby shows". Shes currently working on reading an old book her mommy gave her called "harry potter" but still gets caught up on some big words. Alexa also has a bit of an entitlement issue with being seen as a big girl since shes only about as big as the first and second graders and only just stopped sucking her thumb at night a few weeks ago. Our RP starts as Alexa is doing her homework in the living room with frozen playing on the TV, the door bell rings her mommy answers the door to see the babysitter shes had called for the night. This babysitter was different though and has promised to get her little girl to relax and enjoy being a "little" kid more....
  2. tidit45

    6th grade to pre k

    This is my first time doing a role play so please bare with me. Only join this role play if you intend to do more than one word responses, whole sentences replies only. I hate to see one basic sentence or one work replies, they drive me nuts. This will be a story of Gabby, a freshly turned 11 year old who is excited to start 6th grade in a week and be in middle school. Shes excited to go training bra shopping, and for her Mom to start treating her more like an adult but life has other plans for little Gabby. I'll play Gabby I need someone to play her Mom.
  3. Drownedinp

    The Visitor

    My Story. How do I put this? I think I'm the most miserable man alive. I'm 60 years old, growing up I was a hard worker. I grew up in farming country. I hauled enough alfalfa bales, branded and castrated calves. Picked potatoes. Milked cows. fixed miles of fencing, If it was farm-related I have done it. I was a garbage man, not one of those guys that drive up with a truck that automatically picks up the can and dumps it, oh no I rode on the back and another guy and I dumped your cans. I also did construction, building your houses. We were putting a wall up and it fell hitting me in the lower back. I also volunteered at my local fire department. I also rode rodeo in my younger days, I liked the saddle broncos. I stayed away from the bull riding. In my opinion, you have to have a few screws loose to ride a bull, that or a death wish! Anybody that will willingly get on a ton of animal with the intent of killing you isn't right in the head. The reason I tell you these things is that now that I'm 60, I've had surgeries to fix several things. I hurt from head to toe the doctors say its arthritis from all the crap I did when I was younger. It's in my ankles, knees my left knee is about twice the size of my right knee. Lower back combination of jumping off the garbage truck before it stopped, and the wall that fell on me. Shoulders injured the right when it came out of socket had it fixed once surgically only to have it tear again. Nothing left to work with to repair it again. The left one hurts now because of overuse from compensating for the right. Right wrist I've had 3 bones removed from it in a procedure called a Radical Row Carpectomy. They took out the carpal bones. That I'm sure is from my rodeo days. I also have had a hernia operation. This caused me to start to wet my bed when I sleep. This has baffled my doctors usually this doesn't cause Enuresis but it did on me. I wasn't a bedwetter growing up. Until I hit 56 years old and had the surgery to repair a hernia. I've been married 3 times the first wife, she divorced me saying I was too damn ornery to live with. #2 was on her way back from work one night and some asshole that had been drinking at the local bar all day thought he was in good enough condition to drive, he wasn't he hit Beth running her into the river. She died of not the accident but of hypothermia, it was December right before Christmas. Wife #3 died about 6 months ago she got Ovarian Cancer she was pretty much gone before it was diagnosed. This is where my life changed. After her death, her brother Rusty ( not Russell but Rusty), his wife had left him. Out of the blue, he called me and asked if he and his daughter Yvette could move in with me. Rusty had one of those jobs where he was gone a lot, oil rigs he was gone like two months at a time then home for 3 weeks. He needed a babysitter for Yvette. He was family and I was always taught you helped out family. They arrived I had forgotten Yvette was almost 17 years old. She looked like her mom. Blond, green-eyed and compact she was only 5 foot 1 or 2 but at 16 she had a rack. The last time I had seen her she was 9 or 10 years old. She had grown and filled out. You might be thinking what a pervert! It's just the radical change she had gone through I was 43 years older than her. Way too old to do anything about it and old enough to know better to try! Like I said after one of my surgeries, for my hernia. I started wetting my bed. It wasn't every night maybe once-twice a week sometimes three or four never more than six. I bought good diapers. I usually didn't have leaks maybe once a month. Tonight was that night. After waking at 0400 hours and finding myself and my sheets soaked, I let a few cuss words fly I got in and took a shower. Lets put it this way I was awake now. I then had to take my sodden linen to the basement where the washing machine was. I was trying to be very quiet as this was where Yvette's bedroom was, I didn't want her catching me washing my wet sheets and pj's. I had just gotten my sheets and things into the washer. I heard Yvette stirring and crying, she was letting loose similar language to what I had used. I heard her coming from her room still cussing about something. She had her sheets and from the looks of things they were in a similar state as there ones I had placed in the washer myself. She had wet her bed as well. Except when she shoved the pile into the washer she saw me and I saw the soaked goodnight she had on. Uhm she said when she saw me. Her shirt was wet as well that she still had on. I saw the trembling of her lower lip, I knew she was going to cry! I hate it when I'm right. Hey, hey whats the matter I asked? Now you know why my mom didn't want me I'm a bedwetter. So what I said I know lots of bedwetters, who she asked through the tears? You know that girl on the next block, Cathy or Cassie? The name escaped me at the moment. Cassidy, she offered? Yeah, she used to run around every day with her shorts wet. In the crotch area. Her mom is a real witch about it I asked her one time about why she wet herself every day? She told me why not she still pisses her bed every night. The crying was growing fainter who, who else she asked? Did I dare tell her me? How about me I asked? You, she said, all tears were stopped. Look in the washer those sheets didn't wet themselves. She looked in and for one of the first times saw my load and put hers in with mine then she did something that shocked the hell out of me, she took her wet tee shirt off and threw it in with my clothes and sheets. This girl was naked all except her wet goodnight. I looked her straight in the eyes that way I wouldn't stare at her bare chest. Why don't you go get cleaned up, I asked? Okay, Uncle Eddy. With that, she was off. I heard her turn the shower on in the bathroom in the basement. I put her wet sheets and clothing in with mine. When I heard her turn the shower off I started the washer. I went and started fixing breakfast. She came to the kitchen. She would look at me and when I would look at her she would look away. Is there something wrong I asked her? Uhm can I ask you a question? I think you just did I joked. No, that's not it she smiled. Uhm your bedwetting have you always... That's what her question was. Wet my bed I finished? Yeah, she said relieved. No, I had some surgery that caused it, I've only been wetting my bed about 4 years now, why? I never stopped she said. It used to piss my mom off something terrible, she yelled, spanked, restricted my fluids at night. But I still woke up wet the next morning. Even my dad doesn't like the fact that I'm almost ready to drive, but I still can't sleep dry. You're the only adult that didn't have a cow when you found out I still wet my bed. Probably because I understand what you go through every morning I said. By the way, we need to get you better protection at night, those goodnights are made cheap but expensive, per Cassidy 's mother. You feel like skipping school to go do some shopping, I asked? Is the Pope Catholic, she responded? We visited the hospital supply store where I get my diapers from. I found they have the best choice of incontinent supplies in the city. She found some purple things she liked called Molicare. We were getting ready to leave when we heard a commotion. It was Cassidy and her mom. They were there to get diapers for Cassidy, Cassidy was fighting her mom at every step. Yvette and I were seen by Cassidy, she turned about seven shades of red at seeing us. She was embarrassed. Yvette went up and I saw her talk to Cassidy for a few seconds. I saw Cassidy calm down. I know Yvette had just admitted to Cassidy that she wet her bed as well. I saw Cassidy pick out the same purple diapers that Yvette had. Cassidy's mother was flabbergasted that it had been that easy. I knew Yvette had made a good friend in Cassidy. I still remember when she ran around with a wet crotch all the time. Yvette came and asked if Cassidy could come home with her, her mom said it was okay! Now I had two girls playing hooky from school!
  4. Drownedinp

    It's a Family Affair

    It’s A Family Affair Arthur Mitchell had known Betsy Allen since grade school. It was almost destined for them to get together as they were not only neighbors but we're the two in school every year that seemed to have the most wetting accidents. Well why not they were the kids that their parents seemed to have to wash wet sheets for every day because they couldn't seem to keep theirs dry. Arthur's and Betsy ' s mother's were talking and found that both of their kids were nighttime wetters and either or both would almost daily come home from school wet or would be wet before supper. Both were happy to have a sympathetic ear to discuss the raising of bed wetters, and pants wetters. They had tried punishments, no liquids after 1800 hours or 6 pm, getting them up at different hours of the night to go potty, rewards, alarms, medications but nothing seemed to help. Betsy was even called Betsy Wetsy by the other kids and her siblings, that really didn't seem to bother her. Finally both mother's started to diaper their kids day and night which didn't cure them but helped them seem to fit in better at least the other kids quit calling Betsy; Betsy Wetsy other than her siblings who continued to call her that. About the time to start Junior High School both mothers took their child out of day time diapers, but both would either wet on the way home or later during play. But more often than not would be wet at school still so the diapers and plastic pants went back on until high school at least, both mother's thought that they would try it again then. Besides they were still wet at nights and between them both had not had more than a handful of dry nights since they were kids Since their mothers were so close Arthur would go over to Betsy ' s house with his mother or Betsy would go to Arthur's house with hers. They were left alone most times and the two mother's were oblivious to the budding romance between the two teenagers. Each knew the others secret of what they wore to bed and what they were wearing in the day because when the mothers talked it was as if the kids weren't there so when the discussions for day wetting and bed wetting each child knew the other was in the same leaky boat so to speak.   This continued through Junior High School and when mom's took them out of diapers in Senior High School, the day wetting had improved but there were still accidents during school. But it was decided to let them stay out of day time diapers, nighttime was a other issue entirely. Neither showed any progress what so ever in that department. In fact, the only change had been the size of the diapers and plastic pants used meaning bigger sizes. Both Arthur and Betsy attended a local College because of their bed wetting decided campus life was not for them. During this time though they were dating and falling deeper and deeper in love with each other. They knew that each other still were bed wetters. Arthur had never called her Betsy Wetsy, telling her it would have made him a hypocrite of he had. Since they were both over 18 they planned on marring each other after college. Arthur got his degree in computer engineering while Betsy graduated with her degree in nursing. Arthur was about 5 foot 10 and was a redhead weighed about 135 he looked skinny but was pretty tough as his brothers used to tell him "I'd rather be dead than to wet my bed and be red in the head." After a few years his brothers never picked on him after he'd inflicted bloody noses, fat lips and a few black eyes. Wetting his bed had made him tougher he was sure of it. Betsy was a brunette and people would say she was cute not beautiful but she had an innocence about her that seemed to make her more beautiful. When they told their parents that they planned on getting married their parents thought it was a joke. Both were still wetting their diapers at night and looked like they would forever. They brought up the point "that since they were still wetting at night how much luck do you think we would have if we were to date other non bed wetters?" "We would probably never marry and continue to live at home until we're your age!" Both sets of parents had never thought of it like that, but the more the kids talked it made sense. Besides the parents could see the love that they had for each other, and decided that the at least deserved a chance. They were married on Valentine’s day the following year.   About Christmas time Betsy informed Arthur that she was expecting their first child she was about 2 months along. Arthur couldn't have been happier as a matter of fact he was over the moon. When he remembered a statistic that if both parents were bed wetter there was a 70% chance that their kids would be, he wondered what the odds were if both parents were active bed wetters. He brought this fact up to Betsy who said "if they do are we going to love them less? Arthur said hell no! Betsy said "we will understand more of what their going through right?" Arthur could only agree. Betsy said "and If they don't have a problem we will teach them to not make fun of the ones who do, including us! " about 7 months later Betsy gave birth to a hefty 9 pound baby boy in mid July that they decided to call Christian after Arthur's grandfather, who went by Chris his whole life. Chris was always big from birth until, well just for ever! Of course he was a bed wetter, but that never stopped him he grew up played football and was a dang good linebacker. Went to college was drafted by the Raiders in the 2nd round had to wear diapers at night because he still wet his bed. No one ever made fun of him because he was so damn big. Some kid on an opposing team while playing football in high school said "I want you bed wetter!" Big mistake, too bad because Chris about took the kids head off with a forearm to the side of his helmet. No one ever called him that again. About 4 months after Chris was born Betsy informed Arthur that she was pregnant again and one more time Arthur couldn't have been happier and was still over the moon. She was was again about 2 months along and at the last of May gave birth to not one but two, a girl and a boy. They decided to name the girl Darla after Betsy s grandmother. The boy was a bit harder until Betsy noticed a pattern emerging we have an Arthur, a Betsy, Christopher, Darla, so this has to start with E. They named him Ephraim. They got lucky Ephraim wasn't a bed wetter but Darla was not so lucky now they had 4 bed wetters and 1 that didn't. Betsy taught Ephraim that since he was the only child that didn't have problems with bed wetting that he shouldn't make fun of those that do. One night she heard Ephraim making fun of his twin sister Darla calling her ‘Pissy Darla’. Betsy took Ephraim and put a diaper on him and told him isn't coming from until morning, get used to it. Ephraim thought that it was a Joke so he wet it so mom would Take it off. “Look at me I'm Pissy Ephraim,” and asked mom to take it off. Mom said "No, I told you it isn't coming off until tomorrow morning!” Ephraim said “But mom I've already wet it to be Pissy Ephraim!” “That's too bad you can sleep in it and find out what it feels like to be real bed wetter like the rest of your family then.” Ephraim figured out that he had gone too far. Trying to sleep was almost impossible; the heat and sweat tended to make him more uncomfortable, so he wet it again and it felt somewhat better, not good. he woke up and went into the bathroom and turned on the light, the light hurt his eyes because he was used to the dark, ouch he said as his eyes started to adjust to the light. He lifted up the toilet lid and began to pee looking around he saw the hamper, and the sink and tub, the shelving over the toilet. Dang this pee felt good, then he remembered that he had a diaper on, wait...... he woke up and the diaper was soaked and had leaked and there was a wet spot in the middle of his bed. That was just a dream, but it seemed so real the light hurt my eyes even. Then he really got worried I have to sleep in my bed and it's wet. Do Mommy and Daddy, And Chris and Darla go through this every night? It's harder to be a bed wetter than I thought, I'll never tease them again. After Darla and Ephraim were born Betsy did not get pregnant again for 2 years then she gave birth to triplets this time 2 girls 1 boy the oldest girl fell in line was named Frances, the boy was Gary, and the girl was named Hermione after the girl in Harry Potter. Frances was the only one not to follow in her parents footsteps and wet her bed the other 2 again weren't so lucky.   With about 2/3 the family are bed wetters the Mitchell's got back to being a family. When Christian was a rookie for the Raiders he was drafted in the second round because the Raiders picked up a Quarterback from LSU in the first round. For some reason he had it in for Chris. When he found out that Chris was a bed wetter he got plain mean, hung Chris's diapers out the window on media day, for everyone to see. The QB thought that he was hot stuff, because he was a first rounder. He never missed a trick trying to humiliate Chris even as going as far as the old hand in the water, piss trick. Didn't take much for him to pee his diapers as he used his cell phone to tape it! What he didn't know was Chris may take a little ribbing about his bed wetting, but the QB was way out of line. The next day at scrimmage Chris wouldn't let him get a pass off sacked him three times, knocked down 4 passes and stuffed up the line on a QB sneak he couldn't get anywhere. On ESPN they started talking about what a bust the QB was for the Raiders, but how impressive their new inside linebacker, Chris Mitchell was the talk is they should of taken him first and let the QB fall to the third or fourth round and saved themselves a lot of money. Back to you Dan!
  5. Drownedinp

    The Naughty Couple!

    Let me tell you an almost true story! Me and my wife had been married for years. Our kids were all grown. We still loved each other but sex had gone out the window when the kids were growing up. Life happened you know busy, busy, busy! Oh I still worked out went to the gym even in my 50's, people thought I looked late 30's early 40's. My wife has always looked youthful she was only 2 years younger but I often got accused of robbing the cradle. Well getting older and trying to lift weights with the young ones doesn't mix! I developed a hernia. I thought I had appendicitis. Same spot as my appendix. I got the surgery got the mesh implanted. About a year or so later I would get pain where the surgery was. That is sometimes normal, but when I felt the pain I would sometimes wet my bed! That was embassing, to say the least I'm 50 something years old bedwetting is for kids and teens not a grown ass man like me! My wife was wonderful, I expected her to berate me, yell at me, whatever. I don't know if I could of been as kind if the tables had been turned. Fast forward a couple of years. It was getting so that if I had a major pain I was wet, even just a minor twinge where I had the surgery I would wake up wet. I started buying Abriform L4 they are pretty expensive I was diapering myself every night just in case. There were nights that I hadn't wet and basically wasted a diaper. As there were nights I slept dry and pulling the white tabs off the blue ones still tore the diaper a bit. The biggest nag I got from my wife was the nights I was dry and basically wasted a very expensive diaper from not using it. On days I would wake up dry I wet it on purpose just to justify the use. I guess I'm old school as that still felt like a waste to me. Along the way I found out I liked being a bedwetter, it was kind of a turn on for me. I thought I was nuts, what grown man likes to wet his bed. I started researching adult bedwetting and holy crap, I found out I'm not the only one! I'm not nuts after all. I wanted to be wet every night but it wasn't happening. I had another surgery on my shoulder torn rotator cuff. They catheterized me I was watching the bag fill and I wasn't even realizing I was loosing urine. Light Bulb! As Gru says. Why don't I just get a catheter and wet inside my diapers I mean I don't have to use the collection bag. Easier said than done I ran into you got a prescription for that? No. I was looking on Wish.com low and behold catheters. I started waiting for the little window to pop up asking for a perscription. There wasn't any and they arrived. Unfortunately, they didn't come with a syringe to pump the bladder ball. Tryed using them without and they kept sliding out. Disapointment! I ordered a syringe. 6 weeks later it arrived . I had my catheter in me and it was staying. I diapered myself and went to bed. I awoke in a puddle my diapers couldn't handle everything my bladder sent their way that and my junk had moved and was in the wrong direction. I started thinking. You know but it's weird woman's panties would keep my pee pee down. I bought my first nylon woman's panties. It kept it pointed in the right direction all right but I still was soaking my bed as I was totally wet! I started buying diaper doublers, plastic pants anything I could think of to contain my urine. My diapers made me waddle I was so thickly diapered. I was happy I was waking up soaked every day without having to worry about wasting diapers. My wife usually watched our grandkids at night at their house. My daughter and son in law both work overnights. I could indulge and not have to worry about my wife thinking I'm weird. My daughter got sick and we were together as my daughter was home with the kids and my wife was home with me. I was usually cathed and diapered before her coming to bed. My wife was still supportive she knew that I had a bedwetting problem and as long as I cared for it. She never said a negative word to me. One night in in the process of cateterizing myself. She walks in with my catheter half in and half out. Whoops! What are you doing she asked? Uhmmmm, I came clean told her about the past few months how I had been cathetered and I have been wetting my bed without any type of recollection. She asked me why. I told her it makes me feel naughty. She thought about it for a moment. Could you make me feel naughty? I think the smile on my face said it all. I let her start the catheter as I didn't know what hole it went into. The next thing is she is spraying urine. I got a diaper and contained most of her urine. I said you haven't gone potty have you? No she said I was going to go pee in a few moments that's why I came in was to go. She said it felt weird but I loved it it was like no control at all like when I was little. She had the catheter in her. I diapered her thickly like I was! We cuddled in bed for the first time in months. I felt her move and she was feeling the inside of her diaper. I'm soaked she said with a smile I feel naughty! Just like I used to feel when I was a little girl of 5 and wet my bed still. You never told me you used to wet your bed, I said! I didn't I thought I did, why do you think I never threw a fit about your bedwetting? I did until 7 years old. I missed it sometimes I like feeling babyish, not having control like this. Do you understand? Perfectly i said! We went into the bathroom and started. Getting out of our wet diapers and when I got to my panties. Wow she said I love you can we get me some whitie tighties! I've always wanted some. She blushed. Of course we can get you anything you want! After we were scrubbed, all disposables disposed of, washables washing, she led me to our bed naked we spent the morning making love to each other. If I had to admit it, I believe it was one of our best sessions in all our years of marriage. It Was great. That day we got her whitie tighties she got me some cotton panties. She told me they turn a golden yellow from your pee especially the crotches! At least they did when I was a kid! I was not surprised that night when she came and wanted a catheter, she said I already went pee! This time I got her ready and she got me ready. While she was doing me she said I can already feel my pads inside my boys undies getting wet! I knew what she meant! The next morning she was all smiles! Daddy I'm wet she said! I felt my manhood come to life. I said me to mommy. I saw her shiver she was turned on. She got on line most of the day, I didn't know what she was doing she spent over $300 dollars on things, was all she would say. About 3 weeks later all kinds of packages arrived. It was mostly onesies. Pacifiers, baby bottles with nipples the size I've never seen before. Other things she didn't want me to see. That night she got me naked after I went pee. Now I'm not the biggest guy down there. Porn stars will never have to worry about me putting them out of a job. After my catheters was in I felt a cold band around my testicles, then something went over my penis she had to smash it to get it to fit, I looked and I had a metal contraption over my penis. What's this I asked as I saw the tip of my catheter poking out around hole in the end. It's called a chastity cage she said! What for I asked, I've been faithful to you. I know, I know but I want to have you wear it! That's fine I said but.. But what? It's made of metal and I have to pass through a metal detector every morning to get to my office! I work in the courts system I'm a records keeper. Oh Pooh she said I seen it was important to her. How about nights and weekends, vacations. The smile returned to her face deal, just not daytimes at work. Deal I said! She said I got something for you for me. She brought out an egg looking thing she put some lubricant on it and stuck it in her kitty. She handed me a little thing that looked like a car alarm but had a display. She turned it on and said move that side up! I did as I was told and she looked like she wanted to collapse! You okay I asked! I hadn't made the connection that the higher I moved the dial up the more distressed she looked. I saw her leaking fluids they were running down her legs and dripping on the floor. That's when I realized the egg was a vibrator! I quickly turned down the volume, intensity and she began to breath again. Sorry, I said I didn't realize what it was at first. Quite alright she said I kind of enjoyed it! Again? She asked? I was more than happy to oblige I didn't go as high as last time I saw her shudder and knew she was having an orgasm! I turned the tone down she looked more comfortable but said your no fun! This time I moved the dial up quickly she leapt 6 inches in the air! A moan escaped her mouth. Slowly I moved the dial down as she came off her tippy toes. I turned it off and she pulled the string out which brought the egg out as well. She smiled I love it she said! Me too I said! I was ready for sex but with the cage on me that was out of the question. She put my panties on and gave my cage a little pat. Now you got a clit like me and your wearing panties woman's panties! She got me dressed in my diapers and pads. She put new pink plastic panties on with pink ruffles and I heard a click they locked. I was locked inside my plastic panties. I dressed her and she had dark blue plastic panties that had light blue ruffles. Hers locked as well. Then the Onesies came out the pink one that I thought was hers was mine and the blue one was hers. I was given a pink baby bottle with milk. It had been a while but soon I was suckling like an old pro. After that she stuck a pink pacifier in my mouth and clipped the pink to strap you my pink onesie. Hers was blue. Next day when I awoke I said morning. Morning who she asked? I was confused morning mommy he said! Okay morning mommy! How is my little sissy this morning? Sissy I thought then yep I'm pretty in pink I thought I'm good mommy I said in one of my best little girl voices. She gave me a smile. Is my little girl as wet as her mommy? Yes mommy I am! Another smile. She led me to our bathtub in the outer hall she removed everything. She undid my cage and slowly pulled out my catheter. Then relocked it. She ran some bathwater and but some bubble bath in the tub it was very effeminate smelling. She got me in and began scrubbing me like she would a child. She said I got to clean your clitty. She washed around my cage cleaning my testicles. She said your clitty is all clean she got me out and dried me off after rinsing the excess suds of. She had me undress her and called me daddy to let me know I was in that role now I cleaned up my little girl. I was dressed in pink womans undies again these were the softest I had felt. She used garters and slipped up pink nylons then a pink dress and a blonde wig with pigtails. She put her boys undies they were green and had the incredible hulk on them then a blue shirt that said play ball and had a baseball on it. Then Levis and a Indians baseball cap. Other than her hair she looked like a teen boy today I'm the man. And your the girl got it. Yeah I got it we spent all day just playing different roles it was an eye opener just to see how the other half lived. That night my princess dress was removed as well as my cage and I got to be the man again. She became my wife again we made love well into the night.
  6. Joe Learns His Rightful Place Chapter 1 ‘Joe!’ Ann called angrily to her husband of three years. She stood waiting in the kitchen, having turned off the smoking, empty frypan on the stove. ‘What?’ replied Joe from the study of the comfortable ranch style home Ann’s money had paid for. ‘Joe, come here please!’ Ann shouted. 'And turn down that racket!’ Grumpily, Joe killed the sound on the PlayStation and slouched towards the kitchen. It was 8.30 in the morning. Ann was smartly dressed for work but Joe was still in his pyjamas. He had been supposedly looking for work for the last four months, but job interviews were less frequent now and he often stayed in his pyjamas all day. He knew that riled Ann, but he didn't really care. She made more than enough money for both of them, and she loved her job whereas Joe had hated his. Ann held up the frypan as Joe sauntered into sight. ‘First you ruin one of my good saucepans, now this, Joe,’ Ann said with exasperation. ‘I forgot,’ muttered Joe. ‘Sorry.’ He had put the frypan on the stove to preheat a but, but had become engrossed in his war game. ‘And you broke the tip off my good German knife doing God knows…’ Ann continued. ‘Yeah, I said I was sorry,’ Joe said rolling his eyes. Ann spoke slowly and deliberately. ‘You're always sorry,’ she said, ’But sorry is not enough. It's not the cost, which is considerable, it’s your lack of responsibility. You don't seem to care. You lounge around playing your stupid games all day, drinking can after can of beer and leaving a trail of mess. In my house.’ Joe looked at her sharply at the last sentence. That subject was by mutual agreement off limits. Ann lowered her angry gaze. ‘You can’t even keep yourself decent. Close up the fly on your pyjamas. I don't want to see your willy dangling around,’ she said. Joe looked down at the gaping fly of his pyjamas and tried to tug the opening closed. ‘Hold on a minute,’ said Ann, stepping towards Joe and crouching to inspect his pyjamas.'Move your hands away, please.' ‘You are disgusting,’ she said, reaching out to feel the soft flannel. ‘Look at the front of your pants! Take those off now!’ Joe, to his credit, blushed hotly. ‘Ann…’ he began. ‘I don't want to hear it,’ said Ann. ‘You have absolutely no decency. You're too tired, or lazy, to think of me for your sexual activities, but you're happy enough to masturbate in your pyjamas like a teenager. The semen on your pyjamas is still wet, for heaven's sake. As if your sloppy bathroom habits weren't bad enough. You stain the back of your underwear with revolting brown streaks and the front with, well, I don't even like talking about it. A toddler’s dirty diapers aren't much worse. And don't start that lip quivering self pity act,’ she continued, looking fiercely at Joe. ‘I know you've had a hard time, I know you've been under pressure and I know what Dr More said about rest and recovery, but she didn't mean that includes behaving like an irresponsible child who can't keep from playing with himself.' Joe did his best to look pitiable. He actually felt pitiable. He was 27 and Ann was 35, richer, employed in a more important job than Joe could ever aspire to, and to boot, Joe was totally out of condition while Ann’s regular workouts kept her in top trim. She was taller than Joe, and he had to admit, probably stronger. The couple stood facing each other. Ann felt like hitting Joe while Joe felt like crying. ‘I said take your pants off,’ she said matter of factly. Joe turned to go to the bedroom. ‘No,’ said Ann. ‘Here. Now.’ Joe looked at her questioningly. ‘Now, Joe,’ Ann commanded him. ‘Now means now.’ Joe began to untie the cord at the waist of his pyjama pants. ‘Oh for heaven’s sake,’ said Ann. She strode towards Joe and with both her hands tugged the loose fitting pyjama pants to Joe's ankles. Joe’s hands flew to his groin. ‘Ann!’ he objected. Ann laughed. ‘I don't care if you cover that little thing or not,’ she said. ‘I'm not interested, especially after you've been touching it. Now, take your foul pyjama pants to the laundry, and come straight back. Don't put any other pants on. I don't think you’re worthy of an adult privilege like being fully dressed.’ Joe stood stock still, staring at Ann. He was still trying to process the awful things she had just said. The mention of adult privilege really stung. Joe’s last boss had said something similar when she had fired him. Joe was even closer to tears now, ironically out of concern that he wasn't considered adult. Ann waited a moment, then grabbed Joe firmly by one arm and turned him towards the laundry. As she did so, she spanked Joe’s bare behind as hard as she could with her free hand. It hurt her hand plenty, and she hoped it hurt Joe. It did. Joe looked at her in shock, wailed ‘You hit me!’ and burst into tears. ‘And I'll spank you again if you don't do what you're told,’ said Ann, and propelled Joe towards the laundry. She watched with steely satisfaction as Joe’s white bottom, branded with her angry red hand mark, receded. Then she noticed something reflecting the sunlight from the tiled floor. She looked more closely and saw a trail of little puddles and droplets of urine tracking Joe’s path. Joe, meanwhile, was standing in the laundry where he'd dropped his pyjama pants on the floor. He was crying and helplessly peeing through his fingers to create a large puddle around his feet. He heard Ann’s quick steps coming along the passage, and desperately wiped up the puddle on the floor using his foot on the pyjamas. ‘Great,’ said Ann from the doorway, where she stood in her closely fitting tan business pants and neat off white blouse. ‘I suppose you'd made a mess of your pyjama pants already. Pee all over them isn't going to be much worse. When you've cleaned up your trail of pee in the hall - with a mop like a grownup - I want to have a serious talk with you. And no pants. Irresponsible, messy little boys don't need pants.’ Joe looked at Ann fearfully. ‘Ann, I…’ he began through his sobs. ‘Save it,’ said Ann. ‘Clean yourself up and see me in the living room.’ Ann glanced with displeasure at Joe’s modest penis, now sticking out horizontally beneath his rounded tummy. ‘And I don't care how stiff your little wee wee is, don't touch it. I'll see you in the living room,’ she said, then turned on her heel and left. Joe did as he was instructed, and hurried to the living room, trying to will his stiff little member to soften as it bounced with his steps. Ann was standing like a sergeant major when Joe arrived. ‘Stand in front of me,’ she ordered him. ‘And take your hands away from your penis,’ she added. ‘Your wee wee is out of bounds for your dirty little hands. That's new rule number one. No masturbating. It's disgusting and I won't have it in my house. That little thing is for peeing only unless I say otherwise.’ Ann paused, looking at Joe’s penis sticking out from his sparsely haired groin. ‘Do you find this exciting?’ she asked Joe. ‘N,no,’ replied Joe, looking down and still sobbing. ‘Mm,’ said Ann. ‘Rule number two, you sit on the toilet to do all your business from now on. I'm sick of cleaning the floor around the toilet of your smelly mess, and half the time you don't lift the seat anyway. And you wipe properly, front and back, whenever you use the toilet, OK?’ ‘Yes,’ mumbled Joe. ‘And rule number three, you've caused enough chaos in the kitchen,’ Ann said. ‘You are now banned from there. If you want a drink, or something to eat, you ask me, OK? You're not responsible enough to be allowed in a kitchen by yourself. Got that? What do you do if you want something from the kitchen?’ ‘I ask you,’ said Joe quietly. ‘Why do you have to ask me?’ said Ann. ‘Speak up.’ ‘Because, because I'm not resp, resp, responsible enough,’ replied Joe. ‘Good boy,’ said Ann. ‘Come with me.’ Ann headed down the hallway with Joe following, still trying to will down his erection. Ann took Joe's hand and led him into the master bedroom. She went to the chest of drawers and opened her underwear drawer. ‘These are new,’ Ann said, handing Joe a pair of white cotton interlock full briefs with elasticated waist and leg openings. ‘I don't like the idea of you wearing undies with any access to your wee wee through the front, so you'll wear these all the time now, day and night. They will show up any stains or disgusting marks, so I expect an improvement in your childish toilet habits. Put them on please.’ Carefully, Joe put on the briefs. Ann watched him, then tugged the panties up snug high around his waist. She inspected him front and back, then pulled the front of the briefs away from his stomach and pushed his penis downwards. ‘That’s better,’ she said. ‘It's only a little bump anyway.' The touch of Ann's cool fingers had done a lot to deflate Joe’s modest manhood, and there certainly wasn't much to show now. ‘Go and put your track pants on. We'll see if you can keep your new panties clean, then I'll think about you being allowed to wear grownup boys' pants with a fly,’ Ann said. ‘You can play in the study until I come back at lunchtime. I don't want to see you until then. I've had enough of you for a while. Off you go.’ Ann went back to the living room. Joe began to stifle his sobs and found his track pants. Before he put them on he glanced at his reflection in the big wardrobe mirror. His pale legs stuck out from what looked like a juvenile girl’s panties. Joe swallowed and pulled on his track pants. At least the new underpants felt warm and comfortable. He felt his penis begin to grow again down between his legs. He dared not put his hands anywhere near it. He went to the study, avoiding looking into the living room. To be continued
  7. Gothicruby

    A Bayou Brat

    A Bayou Brat The roaring engine. The flying debris. The stench of gasoline searing through his nostrils. Thwack—! Logan growled, shaking the image out of his vision. Yet, try as he might, the sound of it still rings in his ears. The wet crack echoes across the tarmac… Another growl, lower this time. The thought won’t scarper. Instead, a sneering laugh rumbled through his skull—“This some kinda joke, runt!” the monster barks out, claws inches from Remy’s head— “Fuck—!” The chair gave a shrill squeal, knocked back against the wall. The Wolverine was on his feet now, knuckles shoved through the reinforced steel and a snarl curled over the grizzled lips. Like blades through butter. She paused mid-step. He turns, their eyes lock…and then he was back in the room. Ororo stood deathly still, though there was no fear in her eyes. There’s no reason to be, as far as she’s concerned, not of Logan, not tonight. Still, the man made a point of retracting his claws out of the wall. A breath, almost painful sounding, forced calm through every fibre of his being. Another breath, through the nose this time… But when he opened his eyes again she’d already gone back to pacing. “Stupid, insolent boy…” Her mantra for the evening. Logan didn’t disagree. Time always dragged in the waiting room; under the mansion’s floor-boards, where the fluorescent light cast sickly hues of something not quite yellow, not quite green over linoleum tile… Logan shook his head. A trigger for another time. He hated medical wings, but in this line of work it was impossible not to have to venture down here every so often. Not for himself, mind. Hell, if it was for himself…hell… He’d deal. Ororo’s heels clacked a little louder in his ear now; anxious and impatient…yet, if she were standing still, you’d never know by looking at her. Not unless you got close enough to really gaze deep in her eyes. “Hey…” he stepped out carefully, catching her shoulder before she could pass “Slow down a sec will ya darlin’? Ya makin’ me dizzy.” If he weren’t so weary then Logan might have tried harder to chuckle, but honestly, she was glad he didn’t. Still, Ororo’s gaze didn’t seem to soften but Logan knew better than to believe it. The worry danced in her eyes like a blaze, though she didn’t have the luxury of showing it. ‘Curse of the weather goddess’ He remembered her calling it once, way back over a beer. In her rage she could call all manner of weather forth; storms, floods, blizzards of biblical proportions…and heaven help any of them should she ever lose her cool. When Logan had called her he’d swore he’d heard a clap of thunder on the other end, but they were looking at well over an hour now since he’d brought the Cajun in…neither of them were getting anywhere stuck in their own heads like this. “Just what was he thinking, Logan?” came the half-muttered breath, Logan could only shake his own head with a short sigh of his own. “You know that boy better than I do ‘Ro, no use askin’ me. Way I saw it he didn’t look like he was thinkin’ at all.” Their gazes broke now as Ororo’s eyes slipped shut and her brow furrowed almost painfully. He kept a hand rubbing idly up her forearm in consolation. He hated being right. “And now it’ll be a miracle if he ever gets the chance to start…” she sighed, pulling back a step or two. Logan didn’t stop her, just watched as she pinched the bridge of her nose and rocked her weight from one hip to another. “It was the chevy?” Logan blinked at the abrupt question. “What?” “Your chevy, you said he…rode it into Sabretooth?” Ah. “Tried to,” he breathed again, this time with just the faintest hint of a snort “But you know that bastard…spryer than he looks…” Now it was Logan’s turn to close his eyes and try not to blow. Just the thought of that bastard towering over Gambit like that…a growl caught in the gruff man’s throat. “Damn kid didn’t even have enough sense t’be scared…” Ororo’s gaze snapped back over, but Logan didn’t meet it this time. His eyes were open, albeit drawn off in the distance, but he wasn’t quite…here… A flash of pink, before it all went white. Shrapnel caught in Logan’s eye. “You did what you could Logan, more than any of us even,” Ororo’s hand on his shoulder caught him off guard; he hadn’t heard her approach, rare for him, but she didn’t seem to pay it much mind. Nor to the breath that hissed out through his teeth. “Not enough t’keep ‘im from blowin’ the car to bits…” and launch himself off along with it. “Damn little brat…” “I know…” Ororo sighed gently, but Logan’s head snapped up in surprise all the same. She wouldn’t have meant that in the vein he did. She gave his arm a squeeze before loosing her grip, though when she moved off to pace again, it wasn’t with the same intensity as before. He watched her move again, this time under a more critical eye. There was something she wasn’t telling him. “He’s been acting…off, lately.” Ororo supplied after a few beats, earning a soft snort from the other. “I dunno, if ya told me yesterday that Gambit’d nearly blow my van t’pieces, I’d have a hard time not believin’ ya…” That earned him a look. “With him in it?” she supplied, perhaps a bit sharper than she meant but Logan wasn’t phased. “Boy’s a wild card—” no pun intended “—And a gambler to boot. Must’ve figured he had good odds.” Now it was Ororo’s turn to play the sceptic. “If you really believed that, would you have still followed him out?” A scoff caught in Logan’s throat. “Touchè…” He half-grinned despite himself, but Ororo wasn’t in the mood for his dry wit. She turned again, muttering something under her breath that he didn’t quite catch. It didn’t stop him taking a step forwards. Now it’s true that Ororo had a few inches on him, give or take, vertically speaking but it made no difference when he came to wrap his arms around her; after a moment of thought, she seemed to meld against him easily enough, her cheek pressed to his temple as some of the tension eased out of her frame. A private gesture that was growing more and more familiar between them. “What ain’t ya tellin’ me darlin’?” he drawled softly. “Nothing, really…” Came the sigh, sincere as it was exhausted “It’s just funny how you start thinking after the fact about everything you could’ve done to…” Ororo trails, but Logan murmurs all the same as he presses her just that bit tighter into the warmth of his arms. “Nothin’ more ya could’a done, ‘Ro. Jus’ said it yaself, didn’t ya?” “Yes, but as you said, I know him better.” Circles; they were going in bleeding, fucking circles… Logan kept the sigh at the back of his throat this time, letting her sink that bit closer against her. “We’re gettin’ nowhere fast here, girl.” “I shouldn’t have yelled at him, Logan.” There was no sigh in Ororo’s breath this time; just a crisp conviction, of which Logan couldn’t tell if he should be relieved that they were getting somewhere or worried about how much blame she was shouldering here. “He’s a big boy y’know ‘Ro,” arguably, anyway “I’d have thought he would’a been able to take a couple sharp words now an’ then.” “Not with the nerve I hit.” she murmurs softly, now, into the side of his hair. Logan’s brow furrows. “That bad, huh?” Must’ve been if she was beating herself up like this. Usually, Ororo was practically the picture of objectivity; she put good old Cyclops to shame a few times, stepping back and putting everything in perspective. “Looking back…I think I could’ve handled it differently.” She assented with just the hint of a shrug. “Hind-sight’s 20/20 darlin’, hell, any of us had that kinda power we’d be rulin’ the goddamn world right now.” A mirthless laugh bubbled from her chest. “Maybe, but does that ever help?” His shoulders sag with a grim chuckle of his own. “Not even once.” They stayed like that for a few moments more, leaning into each other’s weight and just enjoying the silence. It was numb and weightless, but they needed it. Each beat of her heart helped clear the junk being dredged up from the back of his mind and, likewise, his scent was like a calming force against her once-budding migraine. The fugue stretched on a bit. Then, just when Logan had been considering opening his mouth to ask again about this supposed ‘matter’, a tinny crash echoed into the corridor. The abruptness of it all was enough to pull them back down to earth and send them running towards it before either realised what they were doing. Logan barrelled ahead, shoving through the weighted double doors like a line-backer in play, following the still-raging commotion until he reached the end of the corridor. More tinny-sounding things crashed against the linoleum. He turned a corner, but his stride was stopped when the good doctor himself stepped out in front of him. “The hell happened?” The veteran barked, earning himself a look from Hank. Logan just met it with the same tact he afforded everyone and kept on glaring expectantly. “Hank?” Ororo sounded from just over Logan’s shoulder, the latter of whom snapped his head around to meet her gaze as she was hovering up. He hated how she could do that sometimes. Nevertheless, Storm was a mighty fine peace-maker; where Logan opened his mouth to demand, she just set a hand on his shoulder to quiet him while she pressed Hank with a more curious glance of her own. The doctor had looked…better…to say the least. Ordinarily, Hank kept himself fairly put together for such a large, intimidating frame—but standing before her Ororo couldn’t help but notice the char marks around his spectacle lenses, or how the ends of his fur seemed a bit…blackened…by something. The beastly mutant hefted a sigh, lifting the glasses from the brim of his nose. “It’s fine, really. I think I just startled him, is all, charged the bedsheets out from under me.” “He’s awake?” Ororo blinked. “Yes—” Hank winced as another crash sounded from just inside his ward “—And in a rather…surly mood…though a concussion will do that, I suppose.” Logan’s brow furrowed again. “Christ, what’s that kid up to this time…” Hank shook his head and just gestured absently out with his hands. “I was actually coming to find you to—” another noise; a sharp, glassy pop “—Ask for your help. Since there’s no sign of a bleed or haemorrhage, I think a sedative would do him some good,” “Better fuckin’ hurry by the sound!” “Wait a minute—” Ororo started, but it fell on deaf ears. The two men just strode on ahead towards the curtain that separated the patient’s bed-area from the main ward. Logan flung it back like tissue-paper and Hank could only let out a choked sort of sound at the state of his poor ward. “Stars and garters!” “Goddamnit, kid…” A train-wreck. It was an utter hell-scape if Logan had ever seen and that was saying something. Glass crunched beneath his old boots as he nearly stumbled over an upturned medical tray, while the scent of scorched everything assaulted his sensitive nostrils. As bad as it all looked, though, neither mutant were stopping to gawk. It was over by the wall, where it had been roughly shoved by the looks, that their attentions were soon drawn. The culprit in question was currently hunched over on himself; crouched down, one hand bracing his weight on the mattress and a slightly blood-spattered sheet drawn across his waist and the only bit of ‘clothing’ he seemed to have. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…!” came the hissing as Remy seemed to rock slightly on the balls of his feet. Logan marched forwards at once. “For cryin’ out loud, what’ve ya done now…” The veteran muttered, more to himself than anything, as he reached to hoist the Cajun up. “Fuck off, Logan…!” Remy just grunted back, shrugging his shoulders and trying to wriggle out from the firm grip. It was a feeble attempt and a damn good thing that Logan wasn’t the type to just give in. Between the glazed look in the younger mutant’s eyes and the unsteady footing, he was probably the only thing keeping Remy from smacking his head on the floor. “Settle down…” was Logan’s soft order as he started herding the kid back towards the bed. Taking note of the blood still spattering over the tattered sheet, Hank came padding urgently around for a closer look. Remy was seated now, thankfully, but no less agreeable and just kept slipping the blue-furred doctor’s grip every chance he could. “Let me see—Remy, let me see…Good lord, don’t tell me you actually blew up your cannula?” Hank frowned disapprovingly at the wound, more-so as the hand was once again snatched back. “Not my fault homme… Ya shouldn’t’a been stickin’ me with anythin’ anyway. Permission an’ all that.” Remy glowered darkly from under raggedy, auburn strands. The young face was pale, gaunt even, with dark circles threatening to weigh down what was usually an otherwise bright gaze. As a doctor, Hank wasn’t too shocked (the concussion and all that), but to anyone out of the know, it would’ve been a rather grim sight. “Usually, when dealing with the unconscious, the idea is to do what’s necessary to get them well. Inserting a means for treatment, for example—” “Didn’t ask for a health-lecture, Mc’Coy!” “Hey!” Logan was quick to reprimand “Rope it in, bub. And how about a little gratitude while you’re at it; ya lucky Hank was here t’save that half-empty head o’yours.” “Like you’re one to talk, mon ami?” the Cajun snapped right back. “Gentlemen, please, if I could just get a look—” Hank earnestly pressed, but even in the heat of the moment Remy wasn’t giving his hand over. “I ain’t the one who near blew myself sky-high!” “Well ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ ya from goin’ an’ blowin’ yaself righ—” “Watch it, kid.” “Or what? Huh? You gon’ spank me, ol’ man?! An’ will you fuckin’ fuck off Mc’Coy?!” The injured hand once again sparked a furious pink, along with the sheet still cinched around Remy’s waist. Naturally, Hank sprang back a step or two with his hands splayed out on the defensive but there Logan still stood; as if torn about going on the offensive. Grabbing him wouldn’t do a damn bit of good. If Gambit wanted to blow that sheet then it wasn’t whether he’d let go or not, but about when he thought about releasing the charge…but, hell, if he wasn’t thinking clearly right now…he’d just wind up blowing his goddamn legs off! He braced his legs and steadied his arms. Footsteps were storming in the distance. “Remy LeBeau!” the thunderous shout echoed against the tiles, startling all three men out of their collective skins. The charge dropped, along with Remy, who staggered back and landed flat on his bare backside. Ororo Munroe strode forth with a stern conviction that Logan wasn’t sure he’d ever seen from her outside of their most dire straights. Though she wore a stern face, the weather goddess held a collected air about her which would have made anyone, twenty-eight or eighty, feel like a child. She came to a halt right in front of the wayward youth, arms folded sternly against her chest. Remy didn’t make a move to stand; if anything he seemed almost stuck under her gaze, like a toddler with its’ mother. Ororo wasn’t phased, nor did she give him the opportunity to process the shock. “That’s quite enough of that. How dare you speak to the people who care about you in such a vulgar way!” The Cajun stared dumbly up at her. The devil-red eyes were wide and perplexed, while his mouth seemed to try and be working around some kind of retort. “B-but…But Stormy…!” “No. I absolutely refuse to hear it!” Ororo cut in at once, the sputtering dying down in an instance “I don’t care if you’re angry and I don’t care if you think it’s unfair. You were in a horrific accident, Remy, you’re hurt. The last thing you should be doing is pushing away those who want to help, much less threatening them for trying!” With a grimace Remy cringed back against the tile and, honestly, Logan couldn’t blame him. While he considered himself a fairly scary being, what with the claws and the temper, he honestly had nothing on Ororo when it came to matters like this. The woman just knew how to get right to the heart of the matter and put it all in perspective; no frills, no fuss. Point. Blank. Lecture. The kid made to open his mouth again, but one firm shake of her head closed it right back up. “No excuses, Remy. I’ve had enough. Now; Logan’s going to come help you up. You’re going to be sat back on that bed. You’re going to calm yourself down and, more importantly, you’re going to let Hank have a look at your hand. No whining—” “But—” “—No complaining, or I’m going to be extremely cross with you, child.” Ouch. Well if that wasn’t cutting it to the quick then Logan just didn’t know what was. He just about managed to hold back a wince of his own, but still, poor kid. The youth’s shoulders slumped heavily in shame as, suddenly, it became rather difficult to hold Ororo’s gaze. ‘Christ,’ Logan thought, watching as the younger man nibbled his lip ‘He looks like a little kid…’ Not that he could blame him. Hell, Ol’ Sabretooth’d probably be holding back tears after that. Logan shook his head, clearing the thought. Mull later; right now, he had more pressing matters to attend to. In the few moments that had passed Remy hadn’t made any attempt to glance up, much less move, so clearly Logan was going to be taking charge here. He took a few steps forwards. Careful, but not exactly silent; biker boots didn’t often afford the luxury, but still the younger man didn’t seem to notice until he was practically right on top of him. Sharply, he hunched forward. There was a whine. Logan’s brow furrowed at the sight. “Remy…” Ororo started to chide, until Logan stuck his hand out. “Hang on ‘Ro…” something was up… ‘That smell…’ He dropped to one knee and reached for the sheet still draped around the younger’s waist. At a glance it seemed fine, but as soon as Remy flinched to move away it all became painfully obvious what had happened. The stench of ammonia wafted into the air like a metal sheet and Logan had to turn his head away as his suspicions were confirmed. The thin wadding beneath the Cajun’s bottom was absolutely drenched; a small pool was beginning to seep out from the stained mess of linen and would’ve gone further had Logan not reached to halt the kid’s frantic scooting. The stern glower immediately fell from Ororo’s face, replaced by nothing but utter concern as Remy summoned enough nerve to glance back up at her. “I…I-I didn’t mean t’—” “I know…” she cut him off gently, taking a step forwards. Together, she and Logan helped lift Remy out of the mess and back to his feet. Embarrassing as it may have been, it was better for him standing up and out of it rather than scooting it all with him across the floor. The Cajun stood, cheeks flushed crimson with neither of the elder two mutants moving their hands off of his shoulders. “It’s the concussion, Remy,” Hank stepped in to assure. Despite the havoc the youth might have wreaked on his medical ward, Mc’Coy was never going to be anything but gentle. He stepped around the mess towards the bed, dragging it down a few feet so as to have a defined boundary between the ‘medical waste’ and his patient. “It really is very common,” The good doctor spoke kindly still “And temporary, of that I’m certain. It’s the blood vessels in the head, you see, they’ve probably just been bruised from the impact. Here, sit back down, let me have a look at your hand, we’ll sort all of this out in due time.” — Were it not for Mc’Coy’s kindly chatter, the next half an hour or so would have seemed very grim indeed. While the doctor made meticulous work of picking glass out of Remy’s skin, Logan took up a mop and did what he could about the ‘accident.’ The floor was no big deal, but the sheets weren’t worth trying to save. Meanwhile, Ororo hadn’t left Remy’s side. While the cajun sat, hunched and sulking, in the middle of the bed she was seated right beside him; both hands set comfortingly atop his shoulders while she whispered soothing things that Logan had the good sense not to eavesdrop on. It was times like these, in fact, that reminded Logan about how she was probably the only thing keeping that boy on the straight and narrow. Now, that was nothing against Rogue; but the young lovers still had a ways to go before they’d be ready to lay everything out on the table. In the meanwhile, that’s what Ororo was for… Logan didn’t know all the details, yet…but he knew it had something to do with shared experiences. Namely, the thieving. Whatever kind of a past that Ororo had put behind her served her well to keep Remy relapsing into worse. If anything…she was the only thing keeping him calm right now. With the job done, Logan set the mop and bucket in the corner and moved back towards where the others were gathered. “There were are, all done.” Hank announced in a gentle breath, setting the roll of medical tape down on its’ tray. As ever, it looked like pretty clean work; a neatly wrapped bandage rolled over the back of the afflicted hands with fingers and thumbs still able to wiggle free. Remy pulled it back glumly, but offered little more than a grunt in thanks. “You were very lucky though that all you needed were butterfly stitches,” Hank chuckled all the same, never one to take these sorts of moods personally “I’d still like to give you that sedative, though, just to be sure you get a good night’s rest. Contrary to popular belief, sleep really is the best thing for a head injury, after all.” “Don’ want no needles…” came the feeble protest. Ororo gave a cluck of disapproval, but Logan couldn’t find it in him to be mad. He wasn’t exactly a fan, himself. “It’ll be quick, kid. Honest.” He offered in surprisingly gentle assurance, resting a hand of his own on the other’s shoulder. Remy blinked up at him but didn’t try and protest…in fact, the youth’s gaze seemed to linger on the older man’s face, as if it would magically quell all his fears… “Ow! Hey!!” the Cajun yelped not two seconds later. Hank had got him when he wasn’t looking and was already capping the used needle for disposal. “Told ya it’d be quick,” Logan couldn’t help but chuckle. Ok, maybe not the cleanest play he could have used, but at least it was done now. Still, an indignant pout fell across Remy’s face to which Logan offered an apologetic squeeze of his shoulder. “And with that out of the way, we can turn our attentions towards these little accidents you’re having, Remy.” Hank started, earnest as ever. At once, Remy cringed. “‘Accident.’” He corrected, though it pained him to do so “Only had one…” “No, actually, this is your second. You had your first when I was attending to your first set of stitches. Your uniform’s in the laundry, by the way.” Hank added, though whether it was meant to be comforting none of them could really tell. “In any case,” The doctor went on “It’s most likely temporary, nothing to be too concerned about. Still, you’re going to need…shall we say…’protection’ for a little while—” “No.” Remy immediately cut him off. “You didn’t let me—” “Nope. Don’t care. No. Ain’t doin’ it, ain’t wearin’ ‘em.” The cajun just continued to insist, arms folding across his chest as if that were to put the entire argument to rest. “Remy,” Ororo poignantly sighed “Be reasonable—” “I really must insist—” Hank started, but the lurch up the younger mutant gave startled him back. “I ain’t wearin’ no goddamn, baby’s diapers!!” Both fists slammed into the mattress, followed by another, deadly looking flash of pink. Ororo was on her feet in an instant, but before she could open her mouth to say otherwise the charge fluttered away without a hint of a bang. She and Hank stood, side by side and shocked to silence. Logan. This time he wasn’t so easily caught off guard. The second he saw that flash, Logan knew what to do. His hand flew towards Remy’s ankles and before the kid could even think about releasing that charge, the veteran had yanked them up in one quick motion. The Cajun lay prone now; flat on his back with his ankles still hoisted firmly in the air. “H-hey—!!” the young voice cracked quite unintentionally “Wh-what dya think ya doin’??” Logan ignored him. “Hank, could you give us a minute please?” The veteran just asked instead, turning to Hank with a look in his eye and a lilt in his voice that, surely, wasn’t to be taken lightly. “Well, I…” the doctor started, unsure at first, but Hank was a logical man above all else. Once the shock wore off…well…he had a certain idea about where this was going. “Of course, sure,” he nodded but motioned over towards the cupboards behind him “The—you’ll find them,” he decided instead, before taking his leave. Logan didn’t bother asking Ororo; she wouldn’t leave, that he was sure of. So, here they were; two frazzled adults and the boy that had managed to cause so much fuss. From over his bony knees, Remy tried his level best to cast his assailant a dark look; but all things considered, it just looked comical. Logan wasn’t phased, nor was Ororo impressed and the worst part about it was that he couldn’t freaking blame them! “The fuck ya think ya playin’ at Logan?” The Cajun still tried to snap, his fists pounding once again onto the mattress. There was no charge this time, but whether that was from lack of nerve or concentration Remy didn’t want to think. Logan didn’t say a word. The line of his mouth stayed pulled tight, while the rest of his face held a glare that, honestly, Remy couldn’t put a word to. The skinny hips tried to wriggle; no dice. Man had a grip like a vice. “Lemme go!” he just demanded instead. His rear was tilted higher. “Logan!! I fuckin’ said—Owww!!” —A smack. “Hey—!!” —Then another. “Quit it!—Ah!!—Ya Can’t—!! Ow!!—Logan!!—Owww!!”—and then another and another until a nice, bright pink had firmly settled over the pink flesh. Remy lay there still, eyes wide with shock, while Logan looked perfectly nonplussed at the whole situation. “That’s enough o’ that.” The gruff man firmly decided. The lanky ankles were still dangling in his iron grip. Once again, Remy’s mouth was moving but there was no noise save for an indignant crack of his voice. “Y-ya can’t—!” He sputtered, but another smack caught him off-guard. “Can’t what, Remy? Can’t step in when ya need it? Can’t stop ya doin’ everythin’ ya can t’ hurt yaself?” Logan snapped in his stead. “All night, ‘Ro and I, we’ve been standin’ outside worryin’ about ya. We’re thinkin’ ‘that’s gonna be the last time we saw him, ain’t it?’ after I dragged your unconscious ass in here. Dya even know how worried she was when you took off?” Logan was pointing now over towards Ororo. In turn, the weather goddess was once again standing there, arms crossed, glowering sternly down the bridge of her nose at this hapless child. Remy met her gaze for a second, then seemed to shrink back against the mattress. Shame flushed down into his gut like a drop of heavy lead and Logan couldn’t help but notice a rather suspicious looking tremble to the young man’s lower lip. “We care about you kid. Like it or not we ain’t gonna just let ya fly off the rails. Understand?” The large hand clapped once more across the still-raised backside. Then the dam broke. Maybe it was the drugs kicking in, or the shock of everything—(or hell, maybe the kid did have it in him to listen after all)—either way, there was hardly a build to it; in less than a second Remy had gone from shocked silence to pitiful blubbering just like that. Logan took no satisfaction in the result. If anything, he felt like more of an ass than ever…still, the man kept himself looking stoic, so as to perhaps impose the sincerely direness of this whole debacle. He glanced to Ororo, but she’d already swooped down to kneel beside their sobbing charge; cradling his head as she shushed and clucked into the Cajun’s ear. Kid wasn’t going anywhere. Logan set the lanky legs back on the bed. While Ororo stayed at Remy’s side, Logan moved off over towards the cupboards. She was cooing softly to him still and, this time, little bits of the conversation did manage to reach the Wolverine’s sensitive ear. “H-he h-hit me St-Stormy…!” “Shh, shh, it’s alright my darling, it’s alright…” “I-it hurt…!” “I know, I know, but it was the only way to get you to listen…” “H-he hates me…a-always has…!” “That’s not true, sweetheart, you know it’s not…” A long, quiet sigh left Logan’s chest. Hank hadn’t said exactly which cupboard or where-about’s he was supposed to be looking in, so it took a few minutes of rifling. In those few minutes, at least, the wild sobbing had somewhat lessened by the sound; dissolving into meek whimpers and hiccups, along with the steady shush from Ororo. Eventually, though, Logan did find the necessary supplies tucked neatly inside one of the bottom drawers; powder, wipes, cream…along with a package of large, extra-thick looking medical diapers. He grabbed what he needed and made his way back over. Try as he might to resist, morbid curiosity got the better of Remy at the sound of Logan’s approaching footfalls. He glanced up and immediately gave a painful looking cringe at the sight of the offending item in the older man’s hand. The red-black eyes once again brimmed over, before he turned his face away with a pitiful sob of protest. He felt Ororo’s soft hand tenderly wiping the tears from his cheeks, but gave a startled blink upwards at the feel of a large palm settling atop his hair. There was no anger in Logan’s face now, no sternness…at least not beyond what he afforded everyone else. “You gonna be a good boy for me while I do this?” he rumbled almost gently, palm still smoothing across the wild locks of hair “No more fightin’ or fussin’?” There was a warmth in the gruff man’s tone that caught Remy by surprise. He blinked again, almost shyly, as his gaze once more seemed to settle on Logan’s own. Ordinarily the Cajun might have glared or muttered something under his breath…but between the tears and sedative, he was just so tired… “M-mm-hmm…” He sniffled softly instead “Y-yessir…” “Alright then,” Logan nodded and reached into the crook of his arm where he’d nested one or two of the supplies. A small tub of ointment—cold cream, in fact— was set just in Remy’s line of sight. “T’help with the sting.” the older one supplied rather curtly, but it didn’t fool Ororo in the slightest. At first, Remy couldn’t help but give a slight whine when he felt Logan pushing his knees upwards. The short spanking was still fresh in his mind, after all, so it was understandable that the bright pink bottom would give just a little bit of a squirm. Ororo was there before he could get himself too upset though; one hand settled on the soft mop of hair, the other smoothing comfortingly across his tummy… He gave a little hiccup, but settled down soon after. It probably helped that Logan wasn’t too stingy with the cream, either. The calloused hands moved carefully over the lightly punished skin, giving an even finish for which to lay the powder over. The thick pad settled softly over Remy’s bottom, though did give a rather loud crinkle as the front was pulled up, pushing apart his thighs. “There we go,” Logan nodded when he’d smoothed down the last tape “Good boy.” The approval fluttering in that tone wasn’t lost on Remy in the slightest. Still, both older mutants couldn’t help but look surprised when a small groan sounded out of the young man, making him clutch the top of his lean stomach. “S’matter Kiddo?” Logan was first to query, one hand absently rubbing against the side of the younger one’s thigh “Ya feel sick?” The boy just nodded glumly, turning his face off to the side in resignation. He didn’t have the energy to complain over it, yet still they seemed to fuss… “It’s probably the sedative,” Ororo supplied, giving a sympathetic pet to the poor boy’s hair “Water would probably help. Would you like me to go get you some?” Much like Logan’s, her voice seemed gentler to Remy in a manner that he wasn’t sure he’d ever felt before…he gave another nod, this time meeting her eye and earning a loving smile in return. “I’ll be right back then,” she turned to move. Another whiny sound hitched in Remy’s chest. “S’alright son,” Logan just soothed as she went, his hand returning to stroke atop the wavy mop of hair “She’ll be back before ya know it.” It was probably just the sedative that had him all loopy, but still Logan stayed with that same comforting air. A little sniffle sounded from Remy, before he finally turned his gaze back up towards the other. “Y-ya still mad a-at me…?” the voice was smaller than Logan expected, but he didn’t seem to mind. “Nah. Wasn’t really ‘mad’ at ya to begin with kiddo,” he offered in another gentle rumble “Just concerned. Ya scared the hell outta me, y’know…” Another tremble of that pesky lower lip. “M-m’sorry…” another whimper; Logan softened then and there. “C’mere…” With a gentle sigh, Logan reached in and hefted the kid’s upper body into a hug. Remy didn’t even try to complain; rather, Logan actually had to come sit on the side of the bed to accommodate how quick he seemed to be to nuzzle into the crook of his neck. When he sobered up, the Cajun would probably just blame the drugs, but Logan didn’t really mind regardless. He just swung the kid around some so as to sit him more comfortably on his lap. The lithe form was still shuddering a little in his arms. It was probably just the tail end of everything; some unshed tears and a few whimpers that needed working out, no big deal. Logan just let it happen, one hand cradling the nape of Remy’s neck while the other smoothed down the shaking back until it began to still. Gradually the whines and hiccups began to to fade, leaving only the sound of a crinkling diaper from where Logan was bouncing his knee (when he’d started he, honestly, couldn’t say) and the odd hush for good measure. Remy didn’t make to move out of the solid grip and, with how slack he seemed to have gone, Logan wasn’t sure he’d have let him just yet. Nevertheless, when Ororo returned she was very, very careful not to do anything to disturb the sweet sight. A tender smile pulled at her lips as she approached, a small plastic cup held carefully in both hands. “Here you are, sweetheart.” She gently crooned as she came to sit back on the bed, once again reaching to smooth Remy’s hair to get his attention. The younger mutant didn’t startle, just turned a bleary gaze up at the offered cup as Ororo brought it to his lips to drink. “Hank put a few anti-sickness drops in there for you, that should help settle your tummy soon,” she narrated as he sipped. It was slow going, what with how sleepy Remy was bound to be feeling, but it was no bother. Eventually the cup was drained, leaving Remy to sink his head back against Logan’s shoulder. A quiet coo was building in the back of Ororo’s throat, but she was careful about making it known just yet. Poor thing looked like he needed the comfort, if not the rest, and she’d be absolutely loathe to disturb him. “We should probably think about getting him to bed,” The responsible voice in her eventually had to concede, albeit with a bit of a sigh. An odd noise sounded out of Remy, almost like a whine, as he pulled a face and tucked tighter under Logan’s chin. She had to blink; his eyes were tight shut, she thought he was already asleep. “No?” Logan just chuckled some in his own vague sense of surprise “Alright, five more minutes.” Another gentle bounce or two was all it took to settle the younger one down again, helped along by Ororo’s hand once again smoothing down his cheek. They sat there a while, the three of them, cuddled together long past when Remy finally did fall asleep. Neither of the older mutants were keen to lay him down—couldn’t be too careful, afterall, right?—and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company all the same. “You old softie…” Ororo chuckled gently as she lay her head on his free shoulder. “Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.” Logan grunted back, but still her coy grin persisted. “Oh come on,” she lovingly needled as she sank that bit more of her weight against him “Don’t be like that. Why, I had no idea you could be so caring, Logan,” “Just keepin’ him from hurtin’ himself, s’all.” He seemed to admonish; but there was no heat to it, really. No fooling Ororo, afterall. A little noise sounded from Remy’s sleeping form; Logan tucked him tighter against himself without a word. “Right…” Ororo just chuckled again, the shaking of her head testament to how she totally believed him “Well it’s nice to see, is all I’m saying.” He turned his head to plant a kiss atop her own head. “Yeah, well. If I don’t he’s just gonna wind up gettin’ himself killed, ain’t he?” He tried not to inwardly shudder at the thought. Ororo hugged his bicep tighter. “We won’t let that happen.” it was her turn to softly admonish. “No, we won’t.” He firmly agreed. Their gazes returned to the bundle of trouble, still snoozing, in Logan’s arms. He seemed so peaceful now…hard to believe he could cause stir up so much hell with just a snap of his fingers… “S’gonna be the death o’ me, this little brat…” he chuckled almost lovingly. “Oh hush, you’re too stubborn to die and you know it.” she just murmured, a playful swat on his burly arm serving as reprimand. “Right.” He snickered with a shake of his head “In all seriousness though, we should probably get ‘im tucked in. Hank’ll have our heads if he thinks we’re keeping his patient awake.” As sound as the logic might be there was, admittedly, just the tiniest hint of reluctance in the idea and more so in the nod of agreement Ororo gave soon after. Never in their life had either of them moved so carefully. At first, Logan was actually a little reluctant to stand lest the movement accidentally jostle Remy awake, but a creak in the bed’s metal frame nixed the idea of just sliding him back onto the pillow. Both held a tense breath, waiting for the younger one’s head to pop up off of Logan’s shoulder, but after a few beats all seemed fine. Still, Ororo wound up helping to support some of Remy’s weight as he was laid down. He was still a grown man after all and Logan, strong as he was, was still only able to do so much; if his bottom came down too fast then he was bound to startle and, besides, this saved having to readjust him later. They did everything right, not even the slightest little bump; yet still the Cajun’s face scrunched in his sleep. “Shh, shh, shh…” “S’alright kiddo…” “We’re here, we’re here…” The two cooed and shushed almost desperately. Another held breath, coupled with a ton of gentle petting…and he’d drifted back off to sleep. A sigh of relief echoed from Ororo’s chest as she carefully tucked the blankets up around their charge’s shoulders. Logan’s thumb just kept smoothing absently over the sleeping brow as she did so. “There…” she finally breathed and slipped quietly back into Logan’s arms. He squeezed her slim frame tight, but their gazes were still set on the boy before them. “S’almost cute when he’s asleep.” Logan rumbled softly, earning a gentle nod from Ororo in return. “Adorable, even.” she added. The two lingered in the med-bay for a long while more; all the while watching over this wild, mischievous, helpless boy. The end.
  8. Drownedinp

    The Proffesionals.

    Rebbecca worked at an old law firm, one that had been started about 90 years ago! Old Mr. Snedly's father had started it! Passed it on to his son old Mr. Snedly, who brought his son Middle Mr. Snedly on as a partner, who brought his son Young Mr. Snedly in as a partner! Young was misleading he was almost 60. She had worked for him for about 10 years! They had hired her right out of University, and she had worked for them since! She was considered beautiful, she had to beat Old Mr. Snedly off with a stick, he might be old as dirt, but he certainly was a dirty old man! It kept her on her toes, he followed her to the lady's restroom one day, seveal years ago! That was her hiding place up until then! She was blonde, which some people thought meant stupid! They had bought into the dumb blonde jokes! She liked it when the men underestimated her she was no blonde joke, you did that and she would hand you your ass! She still went to the gym about two or three times a week where she did Zumba and did cardiovascular exercises. Plus she lifted weights! Her body was toned, as she got older, it was getting harder to stay that way! Rebbecca was also married to her husband of about 8 years Stuart or Stu as everyone called him! He was a a cop, well he was in charge of Dispatch for the local Police Department. He had cought a few bullits and it left him with some medical issues one was his lung was damaged running made him pass out, the one good lung he had left couldn't keep up with the oxygen needs of his body, so he would pass out! He still lifted lots of weights and worked out with machines! Just nothing that involved running or lots of cardiovascular exercises! Rebbecca Called Stu and told him that it looks like another late night for her tonight! Should I save you dinner Becca? That's what he called her. Better not it looks like until the wee hours of the morning! We got that lawsuit that were fighting for our client! Looks like a late night strategy meeting, they will probably bring us in food! Sorry I can't spend this beautiful Friday night with you dear, Rebbecca said! Well maybe I'll see you late, late tonight Stu said, you know I love you Mrs Phelps! Yes I am aware Mr. Phelps! See you when I get home then, maybe! It was another boring strategy meeting, Rebecca was fried, she had started work at 7 am and here it was almost midnight in about 19 minutes! Old Mr. Snedly was dozing off she didn't mind at least when he was asleep he wasn't chasing her! Since the Senior partner was falling asleep they decided that the meeting needed to end! It would be midnight in 12 minutes. She got out of there as fast as she possibly could, into her car, onto the freeway, and home, her watch read 12:07 am as se walked through the door. She started dropping clothes her jacket then her blouse her bra came next! Dammit if it didn't feel great to unleash her girls! Her tweed skirt was unziped, it was the companion to her jacket, dropped about 1/2 the way up the stairs! Her panty hose was next. As she she arrived at the door clad only in her panties she took them off so she was entirely naked as she entered her bed room! Stu was aseep she was naked, she had a thought of her and Stu getting it on, or one of Stu's favorite a lick in the whiskers! She pulled the blankets down on her side of the bed and there they were! Her two thick nighttime diapers and her plastic panties! And her pajamas! Stu was so conciderate! At 32 years old Rebbecca still wet her bed, like she had when she was 5,15 or 25, she had never stopped! She checked Stu, sure enough he had his protection on for the night! When he was shot a bullit hit the nerve that controls Stu's bladder in the day time he's not got a probem! At night he culdnt stay dry if his life depended on it, just like her! They had met when Stu was suing the city! They weren't going to dismiss him due to being left a bed wetter! But was suing claiming that there were other jobs that he could do, like dispatch lead! The job had been given to a female but since he met the criteria, and was a male they had overlooked him! He was claiming sexual harrasment! She ended up being his attorney! They won the case he was able to do the dispatch coordinator job! During the trial his medical issues were brought up including his bed wetting!
  9. Gabriella, short name Gabby, is a 12 year old girl who is entering high school. But that's not the biggest kicker cuz she's not just entering high school at merely the age of 12 going on 13 but she is going to school in Japan. The reason she is entering high school early it's because her entire life she has been home home-schooled and her parents found a little program where she could go to school for a year in Japan and stay with a Homestay parent. For a long time Gabriella has been talking about wanting to be a Japanese idol singer so this could be a real opportunity to her. She is currently at the house of her home state dad Kenji as the program leader is explaining something to him that she can't understand because she has no chance to learn the language love the country. But she is also facing another problem she has not had the chance to go potty all day and she is currently Crossing her legs. It was an 18 hour flight just to get here in the bathroom on the plane looked too disgusting to use the bathrooms at the airport look weird and it was a 4 drive to get here. So she is bursting. In the car on the way here she had to let a bit of it out but she let out too much and she is sure that her what skirt was seen and she has to pee even more now
  10. DiaperHappiness

    Cornwall, ON gay diaper lovers?

    out there.....easy going and gay 66 senior who is very comfy with being a DL and happily wears and uses......looking for same type of chap or even younger who is comfy with being with an older gay DL. Diapered friendship would be nice and if anything develops from there, well, you just never know.....
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    Glory Be Repost

    WGlory B Gloria Beatrice Stallings wasn't your normal 35 year old. She was 35 yes but looked younger. She also acted younger. Oh she had a job she worked in the billing office of a major corporation in Phoenix Arizona. Most of the guys there thought she was cute and we're always hitting on her. They were trying, her grandma told her trying to get into her pants. Gloria Beatrice was called Glory Be by her family. For the life of her she didn't know why guys were trying to get into her pants, they wouldn't like what they found there. She lived with her grandmother, who it seems had room for every discarded grandchild that her grandmother's children just didn't seem to want anymore. Glory Be. Was one of those her parents tired of the fact that she never grasped the concept of toilet training. Glory Be wore diapers so she wouldn't soak her pants. She learned to poop in a toilet but not urinate. Her parents tired of it and shipped Glory Be off to grandma when she was 8. There were other cousins and family members at Grandma's house right now there was her and Gregory her cousin living with grandma. At one time there were 4 others. Greg was a troubled teen he had assaulted a brother and a sister in the home. He was going to be homeless if not for grandma. Right now it was just those two. Greg was arrested he had seen the get rich quick life of dealing drugs. He was making $800 dollars a day easy on Friday and Saturday that could rise to $1200 a day at 15 he loved what he was doing. He had a place he dealt of, he knew grannie would kill him if she knew what he was doing. He would leave under the guise of going to school every morning but the truth was he hadn't been to school in several weeks. Grandmother never asked where the money came for the clothes he wore and the help with the food and expenses, he told her he had gotten a job as a bag boy at a supermarket. She believed him. One day as he was selling his wares he noticed a whole bunch of people he didn't know in his neighborhood. If he had been smart he would of up and ran like his competitors he was glad that they weren't out selling like him, it was a Tuesday he had already made a Saturday wages and it wasn't even noon yet. He sold to a guy that had asked him about what he had and the cost he made the deal and,.... Bam the next thing he knew he was tackled and cuffed up, the guy was a cop, how could he be so stupid? Grandma got the call. She said What the hell, and that little son of a..... she censured herself before she cussed more. She called Glory Be who had to leave work early to drive grandma as she doesn't have the best eyesight anymore. Besides she owes grandma a lot. Her cousin had his arraignment, he was charged with Possession less than two pounds, distribution of a controlled substance. His saving grace was that he was being cooperative. He was telling who his supplyer was and he had been busted as well. Since he was so cooperative they were charging him as a juvenile as he was still one. They could of easily charged him as an adult. Grandma didn't have a lot of money, they got Greg a public defender. Glory had to change her diaper it had been lunchtime when she had last changed. That was 5 hours ago. No wonder she was soaked. They got home about 9pm it had been a long day. The house seemed empty to Gloria without Greg. He was missed. She was mad and sad. Mad she thought that Greg knew better than to deal drugs. If not she was sure they had taught him about the dangers of them. That was using not selling. Sad he was her cousin after all. He was in a place for her was scary in her mind. She didn't even want to think if he gets sent to a prison for kids. It may not be as stringing as adult prison but it isn't a picnic either. Glory Be got her nighttime diapers on they were cloth with plastic panties. She thought these are my prison. I'm locked in these day in and day out! That night glory had a nightmare that she was sent to prison, everybody knew she was diapered out of need. The worse part was she lived in constant fear that they were going to take her diapers from her. That she would have to wear wet panties all the time. Being embarrassed like that was scarier than the prison itself to her.
  12. babygirl237

    losing control?

    As I start to wear more often, I realize sometimes I have accidents. Like without really noticing. Luckily they've happened at home. Has anyone else had this? If so did you do anything about it?
  13. MOMMY.EXE INRODUCTION I Patti was, truly, the vitruvian female. Perfectly proportioned; an hourglass figure. She was busty, and blonde. With piercing green eyes. She was the head cheerleader, and Jeff was the quarter back. They were from a small farm town. Let’s be honest. They were destined to be together. And they were. They had a son together, shortly after graduation. Chris. Jeff joined the service, to care for his new family. First as, a mechanic. Eventually an engineer. And, finally, a hero. Patti was 25, Chris was 8. When Jeff passed. She invested wisely, afterwards. Herself, and Chris never wanted for anything. She devoted her life in him. Defined herself, by being his mother. Her coping mechanism, was to coddle the boy. It’s no wonder the boy ended up with a diaper fetish… II Chris was old enough, when his father passed, to take an interest in his work. Patti, never let that dream die. She carted him around the country, to science fairs. He could code by the time he was 12. And with his mother’s help, he started his first “software firm” at 14. Before graduating high school, Chris revived honors at both the Intel International Science and engineering Fair, and Google science fair. When Chris headed off, to University, to nobody’s surprise, it was on a full ride. Even for MIT, he was above the grade. During his freshmen year, he was take graduate courses. He had access to some of the most cutting edge technology on the planet, and all he could think to do with it all was make a device that forced women to treat him like a baby. Over the years, his plan manifested. In guise, and essence - it was a virtual reality game. Programmed with top of the line A.I. Capable of improvising, and adapting to evolving situations. When executed, it induced a hypnotic state. The victim was helpless, but to play out the plotted scenario. Seemingly, of their own free will. Even after removing the hardware. Until the program was terminated. He also developed a program for himself. As a means to delve deeper into his role. It didn’t erase his memory. It did, however, impair his motor functions, and left him fully incontinent. Chris spent so much time on it, that he neglected much of his actual curriculum. Mid semester, his junior year, he flunked out of college. At that point, however, he had squandered enough of mommy’s money. Not to mention exhausting the universities resources. Servers, hardware, programs and codes. Patti tried to be tough on Chris, after he moved back home. He kept reciting all the cliché excuses… “I wasn’t challenged enough.” “The Professors had it out for me.” ”They were threatened by my intellect.” And, she ate it up. Like Thanksgiving diner. With little more persuasion Patti agreed to fund Chris’s new “business venture”. In what seemed like no time, he had his own lab. Servers, computers, and 3-D printers. All of it, of course, was another front. Another step towards actualizing his most perverse fantasies. One of which was being treated like a baby, and diapered, by his own mother… CHAPTER ONE Chris worked tirelessly on his new scenario. One were Patti would regress him to an infantile state. the more he, himself, acted the part. He didn’t have to wait long for a chance to use it. Memorial Day was right around the corner, and Patti was getting a long weekend. Chris decided to seize the opportunity. He woke up early the first day of his mother’s vacation, and had everything set up by the time she woke up. “Morning Mom.”, he greeted Patti. When she finally came out of her bedroom. “I just finished my game. Do you want to try it out?” “Sure Hun”, Patti said through a yawn. “Let me get some coffee first, though. Ill be right back”. A few minutes later she was settling into the couch next to her son. “I’m so excited. I cant wait”, she said. “How do we play?” “Just hold still”, Chris said as he stood up, and fit the headset to his mother. “I just have to load the game up now, It will only take a moment”, He added as he fastened his own headset. “OH! I see it”! Patti shouted when the loading screen appeared. Chris could hear his mother clapping, as she bounced in her seat. She counted down the last few percent, “97, 98, 99”… “LOAD COMPLETE”, chimed a voice from inside the headset. There was a series of bright flashes. Green, and Red. Then white. “REMOVE HEADSETS”, chimed the voice, again. “How was it”? Chris asked, as he removed his mothers headset. “It was great baby, I loved it!” Patti said, with a wide smile. “I’m going to go water the plants, and then I’ll make lunch. You can keep playing”. When Patti left the room Chris jumped off the couch, and prodded his crotch through pants. “I wonder how long before I wet myself?”, he thought. A question that wasn’t left unanswered for long. Chris heard Patti in the kitchen, and decided to join her. Patti was almost done making lunch when it happened. Patti tuned around to find her son peeing his pants in the middle of the kitchen. Chris looked down as the warm dark spot grew, and moved down his tight blue jeans. Dripping, and pooling on the floor under him. There was a pause, and a look of Shock on Patties face. Chris’s heart stopped. ”Was this all a coincidence, is the program not running?” So many questions raced through his mind. All silenced the second his mother finally spoke. ”Oh honey, It’s okay. You just still aren’t ready for big boy underwear yet. Go, get cleaned up. and then come down for lunch.” she said. Reaching for a plastic bag, and handing it to Chris. “Just put those wet clothes in here. Mommy will come get them, and leave some dry ones out, for you”. Patti made her way upstairs, to where Chris was taking a shower. ”I’m Going to get these wet clothes, in the wash. I left your dry ones on the counter. Mommy wants you to put them on without a fuss, mister”. Adding, “ We can try again in a few days”. Before heading back downstairs to clean up the mess in the kitchen. When Chris got out of the shower, he found what Patti left for him. Only a pastel blue t-shirt, a diaper, and some baby powder. The diaper was extra thick, and crinkly. With little rattles, bottles, and pacifiers printed on the front. He grabbed it all, beaming with excitement, and ran to his room. Chris spread the diaper out on his bed, and laid down. He proceeded to powder himself…poorly. He got it everywhere. Then, he wrapped the diaper around his waist. He, purposefully, made sure it fit very loosely when taping himself in. He pulled the shirt over his head, and waddled off to find Patti. His diaper was so loose he had to hold it up, as he made his way downstairs. In the kitchen, after getting Patti’s attention, he let his poorly fastened diaper drop to his feet. Exclaiming, “I can’t get it to stay up”. Patti blushed at the sight of her naked son. “Oh dear!”, she exclaimed. “Don’t worry, mommy will help you”. Patti led him by the hand to the living room. There was already a large baby blanket spread out on the floor. Chris sat down on the blanket, As she retrieved a large diaper bag. Chris had ordered all of these things days ago. The baby stuff, and the diapers. He had hid them in his lab, until this morning. “Alright, lay down sweetie”, she said. Pulling a diaper out from the bag. She poked fun at what a bad job Chris had done putting his on, as she unfolded a new one. “Buns up”. She instructed - sliding the diaper underneath Chris. Snugly finishing the job she patted his crotch, and cooed, “See, that isn’t so hard. Let’s go eat Lunch”. Chris fell asleep on the living room floor, after lunch. Patti had turned Cartoons on for him. She sat on the couch fiddling with her I-Pad. He woke up a few hours later. Patti had a firm grasp on his diapered crotch. Prodding, and exclaiming, “Did someone have another accident? That’s alright, nap times over baby. If you sleep any longer, you’ll never go to bed tonight.” Chris groggily squirmed, and stretched. Relishing in every moment he felt her hand pressed against his, soaking wet, diaper. A soaking wet diaper, he didn’t have to purposely soil. The incontinence program Chris had ran on himself was obviously working flawlessly. After changing his diaper again, they played all afternoon. Hide and seek, tickle monster, and peek a boo. Soon enough it was dinner time. After dinner Patti sat on the couch and motioned for Chris to come lay next to her. She pulled him close, and rested his head in her bosom. Telling him, “It’s almost bedtime, baby”. “But it’s only eight o’clock”… Chris whimply protested. ”Okay, Baby, you can come with mommy when she gets ready for bed” Patti said, “but, after that it’s bed time. No if’s, and’s or butt’s.” Chris was led by his mother to her bedroom, and then to the master bathroom. Patti sat him down, on the floor, and insisted that, “He was to be a good boy, while mommy gets ready for bed”. To Chris’s surprise, his mother began to run a shower, and strip, naked. Right in front of him. This was weird, even for him. And, his program. For that matter… These, however, were the furthest thoughts from his mind. With little interaction with the fairer sex, Chris was mesmerized by the beautiful naked women in front of him. Although he wasn’t engaged sexually with his mother in the fantasy, the situation was extremely erotic to him. Although she was programmed not to notice it, Chris was ashamed of the erection growing inside his diaper. The shower was over soon enough. Chris barely had time to process it all. He was just relieved to see Patti’s arm reach out, from behind the curtain. Pulling her towel in, before stepping out. As mesmerizing as she was, Chris wasn’t ready to see his mother naked. Again. “All ready!” She exclaimed. Wrapped in a towel, they headed back into her bedroom. Chris turned around when he was sure she had changed. Patti’s nighttime attire was limited to a certain style. Short. Why she had to choose the black, and pink nightgown, that fit like a corset, though, was beyond him. That confusing erection he had just gotten rid of, started growing again. He followed his mother, crawling on all fours. His eyes, inescapably, and shamefully fixated on her butt. From his angle, little was left to the imagination. He watched it bounce back and forth the whole way to his bedroom. Patti tucked him in, and kissed him goodnight. “Sleep tight, tomorrow is a big day. Mommy has a surprise for you”, she said as she closed the door behind her. Chris experienced ecstasy like never before that night. Pleasuring himself through his diaper as he drifted off to sleep.
  14. Hey guys im new to the forum and i was curious to see what everyones favorite postion to mess there diapers in and what they do after they fill them (ex:sit in it, roll around, pretend nothing happend,ex...) I usualy like squatting but i wanna know if anyone has fun, unique ways they poop there diapys. also i was wondering what types of things u guys do after u fill up. If anyone has any cute ways they mess themselves feel free to share -BabyZachy
  15. suzuki2011

    should i use boosters

    so im moving ill be traveling 2000 miles ill be wearing diapers through out the trip. and staying the night in 1 motel my question is should i use boosters in my diaper or should i just change at rest areas through out the trip. obvisouly i wont be wearing the same diaper even with a booster the whole trip but i was just thinking to save time on changing i could boost up and just drive. what is your opinion
  16. I know its been a little bit since i posted something new on here but you have to go check this clip out at datesgonewrong.com !! So a couple of months ago i shot my first diaper scene ever and now i have shot a total 6 and i couldn't be more happy. You see, believe it or not im still shy about the age regression , but im more shy about it in person and im slowly starting to break out of the egg. This adventure is so scary and so exciting at the same time. So the scene that is below , i decided to go a little bit of a more darker route. This scene actually made it to the top 50 on c4s.com as well. So please let me know what you think and ill keep shooting more content like this. Site: datesgonewrong.com SCENE!! Title: Goddess Brandon Puts Her Date Into Diapers Goddess Brandon has been looking for the perfect victim to turn into her diapered baby. After some deep searching, Goddess Brandon found the perfect one and has set up a trap for him. Toby Springs arrives at Goddess Brandon's house looking forward to a nice night out , but has no idea what is about to happen him when he walks through her front door. Once inside Toby does not see anyone but a few weird items on the coffee table which included diapers and a straight jacket. With out any warning Goddess Brandon sneaks up behind him and cover his mouth with a rag. Soon Toby begins to get light headed and falls asleep. Next, Toby is being woken up by her tapping a pacifier into his mouth. He tries to fight back but finds it impossible do to the fact he is strapped into a straight jacket. Soon Goddess Brandon is between his legs with a nice thick diaper getting ready to tape her new baby into his diaper. First she begins to tease him a little about the chastity device that she locked him into, but is soon powdering and tapping his diaper on nice and snug. Toby is at the complete mercy of her, because Goddess Brandon has him locked in chastity, strapped in a straight jacket, pacifier tapped to his mouth, and a diaper tapped up between his legs. Just when Toby thinks this can't get any worse , she tells him to wet his diaper. Toby still trying to hold on to the little bit of manhood he still believed he had tried to put up a fight and would not do what she said. So next thing he knows, Goddess Brandon is peeing in a pitcher and produces a funnel. She did say his diaper would end up wet one way or another.
  17. diaperedboilerman

    The Weekend At Our House Growing Up

    The Weekend At Our House Growing Up Introduction Coming from a family of 7 children, and a house with only one bathroom can be a real challenge. Especially when 4 of the kids are girls and 3 of them are with in a year in age. I am the youngest daughter and my name is Ariel and I am now 8 years old. I have a brother who is younger than I am by 2 years. Dad works day shift at a factory and Mom stays home with us. My oldest brother Bryan is now 16 and has his own room up in the attic of the house. It is a finished attic so he has a nice room up there. My three older sisters are Claire 14, Colette 13, and Leanne 12. My older brother Billy is 10 and my younger brother Destin is 6. Our house is large and has 6 bedrooms. So my parents have one room, Bryan has his room, Clair Has her own room, Colette has her own room. Destin has his, and I have to share a room with Leanne. Dad has talked about making a bedroom in the basement but we are all too scared to go down there especially to sleep. All of us have bouts of bed wetting from time to time. Though I think Claire and Bryan have grown out of it. So Mom buys a lot of diapers. I can still fit in size 6 overnight diapers as can Destin, while Leanne and Colette wear size 7 though they are kind of tight on them. I don’t always wet the bed, but when I get up in the mornings and have to pee really bad and the bathroom is occupied, I will wet my diaper instead of trying to hold it. I learned years ago the end result would be that I would pee in my diaper anyhow because Claire and Colette take hours in the bathroom. After I peed my diaper a couple times and Mom said it was ok, she understood that I could not get in the bathroom, I started just wetting my diaper while still in bed and not bothering to get up until I wanted to. Mom has never known the difference and I don’t tell her. I have seen my sister Leanne sitting on her bed wetting her diaper also, so I know I am not the only one. Chapter-1 Saturday morning I awake to sunlight coming in my window and lighting up the room. I stretch and realize I have to pee. I feel my diaper under the covers and it is still dry. I will fix that real quickly. I relax and pee in my diaper while still lying there all cozy under my blanket. As I finish peeing in my diaper and turn my head to see my sister Leanne is getting up. She pulls the covers off of her and sits up on the edge of the bed. We sleep in a diaper and night shirt and I can see her diaper is pretty wet. She says good morning to me as I remove my covers and sit up. Leanne stands up and walks out the door and I follow her down the stairs. We walk past the bathroom and hear the shower running so we head to the kitchen to find some food. Mom is down there and says we are going out for breakfast today, and then shopping at the mall for food etc. When we return we are going sled riding at the park. I was excited about this. Sled riding is always so much fun. Mom and Dad had a huge cup of coffee and I got some orange juice to wake me up. Leanne did the same as we sat on the couch and watched some cartoons that were on. Soon Destin came strolling down the stairs also in a wet diaper and shirt and Mom gave him the same speech about our day. Bryan came down all dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt and told us he and his buddy Doug were headed to some train place for the day and he would be back late tonight. Dad said ok have fun and he left the house and drove to his buddies place. Clair came down stairs all cleaned up and pretty and sat on the chair watching TV with us. One by one the bathroom freed up and we all had our turn to get cleaned up, get our wet diapers off and dress for the day. Finally all were done and ready and we got in the car. As we pulled into the restaurant we got out of the car and I had to go pee again. Leanne joined me as the rest waited in line to be seated. Finally we ate and one by one everyone including my parents went to go pee and then we paid the bill and left. The trip to the mall was a short one, but there was two stores we had to go through. Most of us took off for the toy section at the first store we went to while Mom and dad loaded up the cart with dry and canned food and diapers. We left that store after both mom and dad repeatedly told us no we could not buy every toy we found that we had to have. We piled into the car and headed to the next store. Dad parked in the lot out from the building some and made sure to lock the car up securely so that no one would steal the stuff we just bought. We got another cart and this time had to stay with our parents as there was no toys in this store. Long and boring was the time in here but finally they were finished. We went back out in the cold and wow, I had to pee. I told Mom I wanted to run back in the store and go pee, but she said no. It is not safe for you to be alone in a store like that and we will be home in a few moments anyhow. I was doing a little pee pee dance as I helped Dad load the car with the food. We all got in and buckled our seat belts and we drove off for home. I was starting to really be in pain in the seat and the belt was making it worse. Billy was sitting beside me and Leanne was on the other side of the car. I was squirming and kind of holding myself as we drove. Billy looked over at me and said what's the matter little runt, does her have to go potty? Poking at me and making fun of me. I said yes now leave me alone. Billy said I will fix that, I will just tickle you. He reached over and grabbed my ribs and I let out a scream and pee at the same time. Mom yelled, Billy stop it now, don’t you dare make her pee her pants or you will be grounded. He stopped tickling me and I stopped the flow of urine in my pants. I looked down and the wet patch on my pants was good size but I felt much better now that the pressure was off……...Just then I realized that I heard mom say that he would be grounded. So I relaxed and let all of my pee out in my pants. I was wet anyhow so more would not feel any worse. Then I said Mommy it is too late, he made me pee my pants. Mom was furious and said Billy you are not going sled riding today with the rest of us. You will learn to leave your sisters alone. He said But Mom, she did it on purpose. Mom said no she did it because you tickled her. I chimed in yes, I was ok until he tickled me. Sometimes I can be a brat ha ha! We got home and I got out of the car and walked out back to see if the snow was covering the doors to the shed or not. At that point I still had to pee more so I let it out in my pants walking back there while the rest of them carried the stuff in that we bought. I joined them later grabbing the last few things from the car and we went in and Mom sent me up to change my pants and clean up. I put on clean panties and some Corduroy pants as they would be warm for sled riding. Mom had also bought us some long underwear to put on under our pants and shirts to help keep us warm. Mom and Dad got the stuff put away and Mom made us some soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Chapter-2 After lunch we went up and put on our new long underwear over our panties and then put our pants back on over them. Same with the top and then doubled up our socks. Came down and put our boots on and our winter coats that mom had to zip and then button up for us. Then she slid our gloves on our hands and tied our hoods over our heads after putting on a winter cap she had made from knitting. At this point I felt like a mummy and could hardly move. But we waddled out the door and into the car as Dad drove us the few blocks to the park where other kids were already playing and sledding. We took off with our sleds in hand for the big hill. Leanne and Colette went down together on one sled, while Destin and I went down on another one. Claire met a friend of hers from school so she went off to be with them. We went down and up so many times I was really starting to get tired. All of the sudden large snowflakes began to fall and just made it all the more fun to try to catch the snow with your tongue as we walked back up the hill. Several more trips down the hill and we noticed the snow was starting to build up more. It was large fluffy snowflakes. It was like a winter wonderland. In short time Leanne and I both had to pee, After I asked her about the bathroom she said after we went down one more time we would find Dad and he can take us to the bathrooms. So we zoomed down and crashed at the bottom. Snow went everywhere and all over us. We looked like the abominable snowman. We laughed and walked over to find Dad but we couldn’t find him. We walked around looking for him and it seemed he was nowhere in the crowd. I was starting to do a pee pee dance and holding myself as Leanne suggested we go down one more time. I said I can’t, I have to go potty now. Leanne said me too, but we don’t know where Daddy is. Colette came over and asked what we were doing and we said looking for Dad, we have to pee. She said he is in the car staying warm. We took off running for the parking lot. We found the car, told Dad we had to pee bad and he shut the car off and got out and walked us to the bathrooms. At this point I was steady holding myself and crossing my legs as Dad worked on getting Leanne's coat undone. He got her unbuttoned but her zipper was stuck. I said Daddy, I am going to pee my pants...Daddy hurry...Dad was getting mad at the zipper and after a few more tries he said you know what. Just pee your pants. Your already wet anyways and I can’t get that stupid zipper down. Leanne said but Dad? He said seriously, your both soaked anyhow it don’t matter and he turned and walked to the car. At this point it had already been coming out of me as I was holding myself anyhow so I just relaxed and finished peeing my pants. Leanne soon had a puddle running from her boots also and when finished we headed back to the hill to play more. Colette and Destin came over and asked if we found Dad and the bathrooms. Leanne said her zipper was stuck so Dad told us to just pee our pants and go play. They looked down at our pants and Destin said ok cool. He stood real still for a moment and then joined us on the hill. Colette went off to find the toilets. Leanne, Destin, and I went up the hill to make more trips down. The snow had lightened up some and there was a fresh coating on the ground where no one was going down. Soon I was just too tired to go up the hill again. I walked over to the side of the hill and sat in the snow and watched the other kids going down the hill. I wanted to go home now. I was getting cold. I finally got up and walked to the car and told Dad I wanted to go home. He told me to go get everyone else and tell them we are going home now. I got back out of the car and walked down the slight hill to the bottom to try to find everyone. I was starting to have to pee again and knowing Dad said it was ok, I relaxed and peed my pants again waiting for them all to come down. One by one I found everyone and told them we had to leave now. I headed back to the car to get warm. Dad had towels spread out on the seats for all of us to sit on. We piled in the car and pulled out. On the way home Leanne said she had to pee again. I told her just go. It will take time to get her coat off anyhow. She nodded in agreement and peed her pants again in the car. The towel caught most of it anyhow. We went in the house and Mom made us all strip down at the front door to just our peed panties and underwear. Claire and Colette were the only two with dry underwear. Destin, Leanne, and I all peed our pants a couple times. Mom looked at us and said maybe next time you 3 need to wear a diaper before you go play like that. Leanne said Daddy said we could pee our pants because he couldn’t get my coat zipper down. As she said that Mom was still struggling with her zipper. Mom had dinner on the table and Dad suggested we go down in the basement and hose ourselves off before we put on clean clothes because we peed ourselves. We made Clair come down with us to watch out for the boogy man. We all three stood in line in our underwear and Claire took the hose from the slop sink and rinsed us all off. We grabbed some towels from the laundry and dried off and went back up stairs to our rooms to change. I put on a T-shirt and jeans, and Destin and Leanne put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt. We came down stairs and sat for dinner at the table. Mom had made Chicken and rice and Broccoli with cheese. It was pretty good. We got a Brownie for dessert and then went to watch TV until bedtime. Being Saturday night they let us stay up until Midnight knowing Sunday morning we didn’t have to get up early. As Midnight approached we all one by one went to go pee, brush our teeth and get our diapers and night shirts on for bed. We came down and kissed Dad and Mom goodnight and Dad patted our diapered bottoms as we went upstairs to bed. Chapter-3 Again the sun woke me up but it was brighter than yesterday. I had slept in pretty long. I felt my diaper and it was soaked under my blanket. I had peed the bed quite a lot. I looked at the clock and it said 9 AM. I usually only sleep until 7. I flipped my covers off and sat up. Stretched and stood up noticing my diaper was hanging between my legs very heavy. Looking back at the bed there was a large wet spot on my sheet too where the diaper had leaked. I had to pee again but didn’t dare use this diaper. I waddled out in the hall to find the bathroom door shut and the shower water running as usual. I went back in the bedroom and Leanne was not in her bed. I pulled my covers back to inspect my wet bed. My need to pee was getting severe. I closed my door and took my wet diaper off and put on another dry one and peed in it. Gosh that felt so much better. Now my new diaper was nowhere near needing changed or taken off as I had only wet once. I usually can pee 3 or 4 times in these before they are hanging down and feel wet and cold. I went down stairs and told Mom that my bed was wet because my diaper had leaked during the night. She looked at my diaper and said but your not even that wet? I told her I had to take the leaking one off because it was super full but I still had to pee really bad and could not get in the bathroom so I put another one on or I would have peed on the floor. She said Oh I see, alright go watch TV till I get the food done. I nodded and went back in to join the others watching TV. Soon Claire, Billy and Dad came down stairs and Mom called us in for breakfast. Sundays are our lazy days and we are in no hurry to get dressed or cleaned up for the day. As we ate Mom and Dad let us know the plans they had for the upcoming week including who was taking Claire to her cheer leading practice, and who was taking Billy to his Football practice. Mom also said she had a thing on Wednesday with some friends of hers and we would be on our own for getting dinner that night. Dad said he would just order Pizza for us. Once we finished breakfast Leanne and I wanted to play one of our video games so we went and sat on the floor in our diaper and night shirt and began to play the game. Billy went upstairs to change out of his wet diaper and clean up for the day. Destin got a book and sat on the couch in his diaper and shirt and started to read. Mom and Dad cleaned up the Kitchen and Dad went outside to get the newspaper and began to read it in his easy chair. Mom brought him more coffee and she laid on the couch on a pillow and relaxed. Soon Destin got up and went upstairs to change his diaper and put on a T-shirt and clean up. He came back down in a fresh dry diaper and shirt and went back to his book. I looked at Leanne and her diaper was so full it was leaking on the floor but our game was getting intense and we couldn’t just stop it. Sadly it was not long before Dad noticed her pee puddle and paused the game for us and told her to get her diaper changed now as he went to get paper towels to clean up her mess. Mom told me when I change my diaper to pull the wet sheets off my bed and bring them down for laundry also. I said ok and waited for Leanne to return. She finally came down with her hair all brushed and in a dry diaper and new shirt and we resumed the game. Dad was back in his seat reading the paper and Mom was actually asleep when we were startled by the door bell. Destin got up and walked over to the door and opened it. It was the neighbor who wanted to know if Dad could come help him do something. He looked at Destin, Leanne and I all in just a diaper and shirt and got a puzzled look on his face as Dad walked to the door. He never said anything and Dad left with him for a while. Once we had finished Leanne wanted to play Destin so I got up and went to my room to play with my dolls. By this time I had wet 3 times in my diaper and was trying to decide if I wanted to change it or not. I decided to just stay in it for now. I was feeling lazy. I laid on the floor with my dolls and began playing house with them. The next thing I knew it was lunchtime and mom called us down. As I stood up my bladder told me I had to pee and I let it out. My diaper was now very heavy and sagging between my legs. So I grabbed the sheets off of my bed and put them in a pile, I took my wet diaper off and put a clean dry one on and went down for lunch. Mom informed us all that we were going for a ride in the country after lunch and she wanted everyone in a fresh dry diaper for the trip. We ate, took our turns in the bathroom getting cleaned up and changing our diapers. Mine was still dry so I just put on some pants. Leanne changed her diaper and put on a skirt. Destin changed his diaper and put on some jeans, And Billy changed his diaper and put on some jeans also. Colette tried to get away with not wearing a diaper but Mom insisted, so she diapered up and got dressed for the trip. Bryan also diapered up and got dressed and we headed out for the ride. Usually we end up somewhere getting ice cream in the summer when we do this. But being winter and cold we really didn’t want ice cream. We never know where we will go on these trips but they are usually over an hour long or more and that is why Mom wanted us all diapered just in case. We eventually did stop at a store and Dad bought us all a Coke and some water to drink. We usually just look at the pretty scenery and just drive around to get out of the house. By the time we got back to the house ending our trip we were hungry and not one of us were still dry. I had peed two times in my diaper in the car, most of them only wet once. We got back in the house and couldn’t wait to get our pants back off and run around in our diapers. Bryan went upstairs to take his diaper off, and Claire did the same. Everyone from Colette on down to Destin just stayed in our diapers for the rest of the day. If it was summertime we would be in the backyard playing in just a diaper and shirt, but in winter we have to stay in the house. I quickly got depressed at the thought that we were back in school tomorrow which meant I had to get up early and had to trade my diaper for underwear first thing in the morning. I kind of like being in diapers as they are comforting and convenient. As my diaper filled up Dad was just pulling the trash from the house. I told him I had a diaper for him and he said just take it off here so I can add it to this bag then run upstairs to get your new one on. I took my soaked diaper off and as I reached in the trash bag to drop it in there I saw a plastic bag that was white and red and had a picture of a diaper on it. It didn’t look like our diapers at all. It had 4 tapes on it and said Comfi something. Dad was starting to close the bag up and I reached in and grabbed it. Dad snatched it from my hand but not before I read Adult diaper on the package. He said your naked, go get your diaper on. I ran upstairs wondering what these diapers were. I put a dry diaper on and came back down stairs and sat beside Mom. Mom was reading a book and was wearing sweatpants and a long shirt. For the first time ever in my life, I looked at moms bottom and in her crotch and noticed it was thick and bulged out a little. I have never noticed before at all but Mom could be wearing diapers too. I wanted to ask her so bad but was scared because it might be a wrong thing to do. I never had the guts to ask her about it and soon she got up to change the laundry from the washer to the dryer. I slowly followed her down the steps and watched her. As she bent over to put my huge sheet in the dryer her shirt rode up and her pants lowered. Her not knowing I was there she didn’t try to cover it up. There was a thick white diaper showing out of the top of her pants. I felt a warmth all over my body and a stronger connection to Mom now as she was in diapers also. I quickly went back upstairs so I would not be noticed and sat back on the couch. The evening passed and sadly we were soon in bed in our night time diaper and night shirt with the alarm set for school. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered how long Mom had been wearing diapers too, and what she looked like in just a diaper and shirt like we wear. I wondered if Dad wore them also and I thought about our car trip today how we never stopped for a potty break then entire time and even once back at the house no one not even Dad or Mom went to the bathroom after we came in. I was pretty proud of my detective work and was quite convinced that my parents were also in diapers with us. The next thing I knew the alarm was waking me up, my diaper was wet and I had to pee more and let it out as I shut the alarm off. Leanne and I got up and started our week back to school.
  18. A story about Raven trapped in a world of Mother Mae Eye's creation. Will the Gothic super hero escape? Find out in future installments or check out the rest of the chapters on my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 Raven rolled over in her bed, torn from her deep sleep by the alarm going off, calling the Titans' attention. The Gothic teen quickly joined her team of teens. They all congregated in their living room/command post as Robin, their leader, noted several emergencies happening simultaneously across the city. Each demanding their attention, but there was no way that they could be in three places at once. Robin decided to break the group up into small erase teams: Beast Boy would tend to the lowest priority issue while Robin and Cyborg raced out to the first national Bank to stop a group of Hive villains from robbing it. This left Starfire and Raven to look into a strange call coming from the orphanage on the edge of town. Starfire thought about her friends and worried slightly about them as the orange skinned alien flew alongside her pale teammate. Below her, the city's streetlights pulsed ominously, turning off and on every few seconds. "I worry about the others. Friend Raven, do you think they'll be okay?" "Cyborg and Robin can handle the Hive hooligans and I'm confident that Beast Boy will find whoever is disrupting the power grid." Starfire nodded. "I believe that you are right." It was a fairly short flight to the edge of town where a dormicile building stood shrouded in darkness. For whatever reason, this structure was powered by Jump City's electrical grid. Still, eerily green flashes of energy illuminated a bank of windows on the side of the dorm. This light show caught the female Titans' attention as they landed in the front of the dark building. "Let's get in there." Raven used her teleconetic powers to fling the large oak doors open. The two Titans hovered just above the ground, slowly but surely proceeding down the long hallway while lights flicked all around them. Shadows were casting strange shapes on the walls while the hallway lamps blinked on and off. Raven deduced that the lights were coming to life randomly thanks to the pulses of energy coming from deep within the dormitory. Soon the duo of magic welding super heroins came up to a three way junction, one hallway ending while another led off towards the east and west sides of the building. The third direction was a large pair of door standing right in front of the girls. "What way is best to go?" Starfire asked her Gothic comrade. Before Raven could answer, a powerful blast of green aura burst through the doors in front of them. The ladies shielded their eyes in surprise until the light dissipated. A loud cackling caught them slightly off guard. Starfire and Raven lowered their arms and noticed who their foe was. "You again!?" Raven called out, in an annoyed tone. "Yes, it is the evil mother once again." Starfire added as if Raven couldn't see that for herself. "My children have returned to me!" The voice belonged to a short, fat, old woman who wore a red dress, a white shawl, and a pink apron which was lined by white frills. A red hat covered in pink polka dots with a white bow tied around it sat a top her head. "Seems as though you forgot to bring my boys, though." The strange elderly lady added, seemingly dismayed. "Our friends are busy enough without having to deal with you, but they left you for us to handle. Isn't that right, friend Raven?" Starfire looked to her pale comrade for confirmation. "I couldn't of said that any better myself. Let's blast this old hag back to oblivion!" Raven and Starfire flew into battle, side by side, charging the wicked old woman. "Now that's not very polite. A little girl like you shouldn't use such vulgar words to describe me!" Mother Mae Eye lifted her old staff and shot a green ray at Raven. A barrel roll saved the Gothic girl from being hit by the beam of energy."Nice try, but you got to do better than that." "You've seen nothing yet, child!" Mother Mae Eye boasted, transforming into her true form: A sickly green hue appeared across her flesh as her clothes turned purple. The decrepit old sorceress was my finished yet. She jammed the butt of her staff on the ground, summoning a light so bright that it practically blinded Raven and Starfire. "Damn it!" Raven cursed, her hands once more trying to futile shield her eyes from the light. However, the damage was already done, little dancing stars covered her closed eyes. After a few moments, she opened her eyes slowly, only to see a wall of hypnotized eyes which had surrounded the female Titans. "Oh, shit!" Raven shouted before locking eyes with a pair of the swirling eyes. She found herself in a deep trance within a matter of minutes. Unbeknownst to Raven, Starfire hadn't avoided the hypnotic gaze of the eyes either. Both girls fell to the floor of the cafeteria inside the dorm.
  19. Hi, I'm Alejandro from Venezuela, and I need help, I want to tell my mother that I want to wear diapers. Wetting the bed didn't worked, when I was 8 I was a bedwetter for 8 months and nothing happened, i'm trying to become incontinent again to
  20. SleepsLikeABaby

    How old were you?

    How old were you when you discovered your love of diapers?
  21. Les Lea

    Miss Goodridge

    Miss Goodridge Patrick was dreading getting home. School had been horrendous, he’d had a fight with his best friend, he’d hit a teacher who stepped in to break it up and he swore at the principal. The anger that had built up inside him had found a very destructive way out and he was now regretting all that had transpired. He’d always been a bit of a bully even when he was in the nursery many years earlier, and his bullish attitude had carried over in each and every grade so far. He liked the fear he saw in some kid’s eye and his contempt for any authority meant he wasn’t scared of any of the punishments the school offered. However, he realised he might have gone too far this time, hitting a teacher and swearing was grounds for removal from school completely, and that would have been a step too far even for him. The day had been particularly bad. Unfortunately, for Patrick things were about to get a lot worse. * Needless to say his mother knew all about his day’s exploits and was not the happiest of people as her twelve year-old terror arrived home off the school bus. The phone call earlier that afternoon from the principal had spelt out just exactly what had happened and Patrick’s mother was only pleased that the voice at the other end of the phone had not ended the conversation with his expulsion from class completely. However, the principal had made it quite clear that she would not put up with such appalling behaviour or disruption to the running of the school. He’d been suspended for the rest of the week and would only be allowed back after an apology to the teacher Patrick had hit and he had a complete turnaround in his attitude. His mother was at her wit’s end but she had come up with a plan she’d read about online - a way of dealing with unruly kids. * Patrick surreptitiously opened the front door hoping against hope that he could make it up to his room before his mother caught him. “GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW.” His hope died as his mother’s angry voice echoed throughout the house. He shivered. Normally Patrick was used to getting into trouble and his mother’s punishment had always been sending him to his room, grounding him, withdrawing the use of the video games and TV privileges. This time he suspected, as they had all already been invoked, those options were no longer a possibility. He swallowed hard and walked into the living room where his mother was sitting with another lady he’d never seen before. “I received a call from your principal this afternoon.” She left that tiny piece of information to sink in so he knew there was no point in trying to deny what had happened. “What have you got to say for yourself?” Patrick’s mind was working overtime. Perhaps he should have developed a strategy before he arrived home but only now, as his fate loomed did he try to think of something, an excuse, a defence, something… but his twelve year-old brain was having none of it and he simply gulped back the fear saliva that had appeared in his mouth. “Er, er, er, it wasn’t my fault…” “You hit a teacher and another pupil…” “Yer, but that was Tommy,” he interrupted with an air of contempt, “he’s always such an annoying little bast…” Now it was his mother’s turn to interrupt. “You swore at the principal.” He smirked at the memory. “You appear to think this is some kind of joke. Do you think it makes you a big man in front of the rest of the class?” She was ridiculing and angry with him at the same time. “What do you think happens to school boys,” she emphasised that he was still just a boy, “who think it’s clever to fight and backchat adults?” Patrick wanted to come up with some kind of clever response but in truth, he’d never seen his mother so angry and thought that a ‘clever’ comment might not go down well. He shuffled his feet as he stood looking crestfallen in the living room doorway. He hoped that the adopted look of dejection would garner some sympathy as he put on his most sorrowful expression. “Well let me tell you,” his mother was still talking, “there are consequences.” She wasn’t fooled by her son’s obvious fake look of contrition and had the final thrust to her angry speech. “This is Miss Goodridge. From today until there’s been a change in your attitude, she will be in charge of you every minute of the day… from the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep. From what you eat to what you wear. Indeed, there will not be one aspect of your life that is not sanctioned by Miss Goodridge and, she has my blessing to impose any punishment she sees fit to make sure you obey her every command.” For the first time he looked over at the lady sitting next to his mother and took her in. She looked slightly younger than his mother, she had dark hair, beautifully made up eyes and, what seemed even more appealing to Patrick, a rather full breast… he wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a punishment or something else but he decided he wouldn’t mind doing whatever she wanted him to. The woman didn’t exactly smile or frown but there was a look that made Patrick feel very insecure as she acknowledged his presence. She was absolutely stunning but there was definitely something about her that wasn’t, as far as he was concerned, quite right, although he just couldn’t put his finger on it. His mother was still speaking. “You will go with Miss Goodridge now and I will see you again when she thinks your entire demeanour is suitable for…” “But mum, I have things planned for this week. Er, I’m in the school diving team so I…” This time Miss Goodridge interrupted. “Young boys do not interrupt when an adult is speaking.” “But, er, I….” “Do you not have ears? I just said young boys do not interrupt when adults are speaking. Are you stupid or something?” Patrick was shocked that he was being spoken to that way by this stranger, this guest in his home, this…” He was a bit too slow in his answer so Miss Goodridge jumped in. “I asked if you were stupid.” “Erm, er, no,” Anger was growing in his chest as he felt a hot furious shiver run through his body and was about to burst out in a tirade against being called stupid. She looked across at his mother. “Is he stupid?” She was laying on the insult pretty thickly. “Does this child not understand simple English?” His mother just shook her head and refused to come to his defence. “Well, I suppose if he doesn’t understand then that explains a great deal and of course I’ll have to start with the basics.” She nodded towards his mother who was standing there with a shrug and a smile as Miss Goodridge stood up, held out her hand and commanded Patrick to come with her. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t know who you are but you…” Miss Goodridge was fast and grabbed hold of her young charge. Her grip was terrifyingly strong as he tried to pull away but she had him over her knee in a second and was spanking his upturned bottom; his thin school trousers and underpants offering scant protection from her fearless palm. He was stunned and tried to fight his way from her formidable grasp but she held him tightly in a position he found uncomfortable, embarrassing and painful. He wasn’t sure why the hold she had him in meant he couldn’t fight back but no matter how he wriggled and kicked out, he stayed exactly where she positioned him. His bottom received several smacks from a hand that was deceivingly strong and firm. After the initial assault she stopped and rummaged in her large bag, which had been sitting on the floor behind her legs and from which she produced a small wooden hairbrush. This replaced her palm as the instrument of punishment as she continued to spank his wriggling bottom for several more minutes. He was desperate not to show any weakness but his twelve year-old bottom was receiving some serious punishment and try as he might to refrain, tears welled up and streamed down his face as he bawled his apologies and begged for the spanking to stop. It didn’t straight away and his screams and tears continued until all fight had left his body and he lay there unable to stop the continual barrage from the brush. Eventually she stopped and stood her sore and snuffling charge up in front of her. “Now, you will do exactly as you are told.” She spoke sternly and obviously in command of the situation. “Any back chat, attitude or disobedience will result in your bare bottom getting a thrashing… and I can assure you it will not be the gentle taps you have just received.” Patrick was desperately trying to rub the heat from his bottom and looking at the ground as she spoke he thought “Gentle taps?” she had to be joking. She lifted his eyes to meet hers making sure he understood who was in command. “Do I make myself perfectly clear?” He was still rubbing his bottom but had no alternative but to look at this strong and wilful woman and take heed of what she said. He nodded. “Answer me when I ask you a question.” This was no polite request, this was a command… Patrick was still desperately trying to hold back his tears but nonetheless they were there and he was finding it difficult to get his thoughts and words into some kind of order. He simply wasn’t used to this kind of hostile stance from a grown up. “Yes.” He whispered between gulps of air. “You know my name, but, if you’ve forgotten then you call me Ma’am but I need to know you understand what I’ve just told you.” She reached for the hairbrush again and his face creased in trepidation that he might be about to receive another ferocious spanking. “Yes, er, Ma’am…” For the life of him he couldn’t remember her name it had escaped his brain completely. “I understand.” He was scared. He’d never been scared before and found he didn’t like the way it felt. He was made to feel like a vulnerable little kid who had no thoughts and no opinions and was just a… He didn’t want to think any more as she held his hand and guided him out to her car. This was an opportunity to run off. He wanted to fight, to protest, to show her he had a mind of his own and wasn’t the type of lad to be pushed around by a woman. However, his throbbing bottom and tearful face and the grip around his arm as he was marched to the car were evidence that this woman was completely in charge and he’d better not mess her around. The consequences for doing so were… incredibly painful. He didn’t even say goodbye to his mother who, although sad to see her son go, knew that he needed some discipline in his life, a discipline which she had been unable to give. ## Patrick was as good as gold during the journey to where ever he was going, mainly due to the fact that he just couldn’t sit comfortably in the car seat as his bottom throbbed so much. The threat of a much more severe punishment had an effect and he remained tight-lipped, desperately attempting, but unsuccessfully, to hold back tears as Miss Goodridge drove him he knew not where. This was how Miss Goodridge operated; her methods were undisclosed though effective. Her customers were only told their child would be away for “however long it took”. Some children reacted quickly to her ‘teaching’ methods, whilst others took more intense training over a longer period. However, the results were always the same, total compliance, total subservience and total control for their parents. Those who went through the ‘Goodridge System’ at the beginning were boys and girls who were growing up knowing their place and how to please others. She never discussed her methods just offered results and that was all any parent was paying for but she did offer the proviso that should she fail then all fees would be refunded without question. She had never yet had to return a fee. However, once the child was restored to its parents there was a list of measures and practices she gave them to continue her good work, thus avoiding any relapse. # Any time the child even thought about becoming confrontational or argumentative, planted in their mind was the command for their bladder and/or bowel to open and deposit whatever was in them into their pants. To prevent public messes, she also instilled in them a love and reliance on thick padding with suitable vinyl protection. So, when they returned to their parents, cowed and submissive, they also wore the defence that would keep them that way. It was strange that nearly every parent loved having their compliant child back in diapers. The super soft thick fabric, together with the soft rustle or crinkle of the chosen pvc panties making them more loving and dependent and that was a renewed and wonderful feeling those parents appreciated. # Miss Goodridge had been recommended to Patrick’s mummy. Well, perhaps not recommended as much as researched by her to try and find an answer to his growing unruliness. Miss Goodridge’s online references were brilliant and contained glowing reports from parents who had sent their troubled offspring to her and received back much improved children. Those reviews had convinced her that perhaps this mysterious lady might be just the answer to her rapidly growing problem. # Sixteen days after Patrick had left with Miss Goodridge he returned a new and improved boy. Perhaps a tiny bit clingy but now well behaved as well as thickly diapered. His manners had greatly improved and, like all her ‘students’, was full of praise for the lady who’d changed his life and made him understand his place in it. As per Miss Goodridge’s instructions, he was to have specific bedtimes, naps and food. TV and video games should be heavily monitored, or better still, banned altogether. Regular hugging and cuddling sessions should always accompany diaper changes as should positive baby talk and applications of baby oil and powder. That sense of touch around the diaper area, together with words of infant style encouragement, would be letting the child know he or she is loved but that comfort is reliant on mummy and daddy. Pacifiers and baby bottles should be used if needed to calm the child should it become agitated in any way. However, for Patrick the main thing was positive reinforcement that he was a sweet little boy who needed his mommy. Miss Goodridge also prescribed a certain dress-code which entailed him wearing diapers and rubber panties, and only those items, as often as possible. Likewise, all parents were told that their little one should never be asked (or allowed) to make a decision, this, in the ‘Goodridge System’, would only add confusion to the child’s mind. How a child was dressed and fed was of course up to the parent but Miss Goodridge advised that colourful, juvenile ensembles worked best for keeping a child engaged and in check, whilst bland food and drink would not fill the child with ‘E’ numbers and sugar. The child was also micro-chipped so that he or she could always be located if they wandered off. Any naughtiness, which she confidently predicted would hardly ever happen, but if it did, needed quick action - a thorough spanking and corner time was advised. They should wear thick, thick diapers around the house as well as for sleeping in and even when out and about his protection should be equally evident. Regular and obvious diaper checks in public were recommended. Patrick needed to know his place and that was as mommy’s sweet obedient little boy. # There was very little left of twelve year-old Patrick’s previous ways. The naughty boy was now more a pliant and happy cherubic two year-old dashing around the house in his crinkly protection. The mischievous pre-teen had been transformed into the sweetest and most loving twelve year-old who didn’t like to stray too far away from his mommy. At times of stress, like going outside, Patrick held on to her hand for dear life. The thick padding offering him the security needed should anything upset him. However, mommy was there to make sure her little boy was safe, secure and that nothing would harm or make him wet or mess his generous fluffy diaper. Yet, from the moment he’d returned home, and even without any family discord, he filled his protection with remarkable regularity. Not that mommy minded, it was like having her sweet little baby back and she was determined to make the most of the time they spent together. He loved his mummy and told her every day, she replied, to his obvious pleasure, that there was nobody cuter than her wonderful little boy... her Baby Patrick. ### p.s. Miss Goodridge was a mysterious woman. Her background was unknown to her present customers and few asked questions because her results were so defining. Also, her no-nonsense exterior meant just that - she wasn’t in the business to make friends; she was there to do a job, which she found demanding but ultimately rewarding. The reason her background was never spoken of was simple, from a very early age she had been brought up to administer pain to earn a living. The Far Eastern ‘family’ to whom she was indentured knew their customers well. A small young girl making demands and ruling her older clientele with a rod of iron (or anything else that came to hand) was something to which a certain affluent elite loved to subject themselves. Sing Lo was one of the few children in that ‘family’ who actually enjoyed her work. The implements of her trade, applied in the precise way, produced some remarkable results that this young girl found inspiring. She loved the suffering, inflicting ‘correction’, applying new techniques, but most of all she loved the power to control people. Now she’s older, and away from the influences of the ‘family’ she found, together with a new country, that her abilities were needed for a whole new, unruly younger generation desperately in need of discipline. So, she adapted her techniques, adopted a superior no-nonsense ‘nanny with attitude’ persona and found that it didn’t take long before the country’s ignorant, self-obsessed, rude and totally wayward youth were being submitted to receive her years of training. Her initial advertisement had simply said. Does your child have an attitude you dislike? Does your child never listen to a word you say? Do you worry about where all this may lead? Worry no more. I have the solution to getting your sweet innocent baby back. Her phone number and ‘rates to be discussed’ were the only other wording but in the first few months she was inundated with requests for help from desperate parents with problem kids. From that very small beginning her reputation and client list grew. Word of mouth was excellent, then the internet poured praise upon her results and now, she is permanently engaged in the betterment of youthful attitudes everywhere. # The ‘Goodridge System’ hasn’t gone un-noticed and is at the top of one particular government department list as a possible deterrent, or the way future punishment for young offenders (and would be offenders) might go. Diapers, binkies and plastic pants would seem a small price to pay to keep the insolence of the young in check and an unruly, defiant youth in a state of permanent dependence. Plans and laws are already being discussed in various secret committees to alter, or even strike down, certain rights (Human and Civil) that might interfere with this process. The discussions continue but the outcome is... inevitable. #######
  22. Komodo

    Sisterly Struggles

    Maddie and her older sister Holly sat at the dinner table eating supper with their parents as they did every evening. As seemed usual in their home Holly liked to dominate the conversation, telling their parents about her day at school and how well she was doing in every class. "So Mum today in biology Mr Hartford said I'm on track for one of the best marks he's seen on our individual coursework" "oh that's great sweetie I'm really pleased for you" replied Mum seemingly proud of her daughter "And can you believe it in the child care course they even had these massive baby dolls and they made us show that we knew how to change a nappy, I mean why do they need to teach us how to change nappies for gods sake" "Well you never know love it might come in handy one day, maybe if you have children of your own" As Holly carried on and on Maddie found her boastfulness increasingly annoying, she had finally had enough and just couldn't help but say something.... "Jesus do you ever stop talking about yourself Holly I'm fed up with you going on and on about how amazing you are at everything" "Maddie don't be so disrespectful and rude to your sister, all she's doing is telling us about her day" "Yeah Maddie what the hell is wrong with you are you you're jealous of me or something?" "That's right Mum side with her of course she's too perfect to ever do anything wrong" "Stop being such an immature little brat Maddie, your 15 years old not 5 for god's sake, you're acting like a baby" replied Mum angrily at her daughters immaturity With that Maddie ran off up to her room in floods of tears, feeling utterly worthless and inferior at how her life was compared to her sister. 18 year old Holly had always been seen by everyone as the perfect girl, regularly achieving higher grades than Maddie and having a much larger group of friends thanks to her good looks and outgoing personality. But Maddie didn't see it this way, to her she saw Holly as boastful and full of herself, always going on about how she had done this or done that. Maddie felt fed up with living in her sisters shadow. After Maddie's little outburst, she had gone up to her room on her bed to sulk. Lying there, she felt angry at Holly's arrogant response and how Mum had even defended her. These thoughts stirred in her mind as she laid there on her bed feeling worthless and upset, and soon, despite it only being 6:30pm she drifted off to sleep.. She awoke a few hours later needing to pee, looking at the clock she was shocked to see it was now 2am and that she had slept through the whole evening. Due to it now being so late, everyone else had gone to bed. She got up and quietly made her way to the bathroom. As she walked past her sisters room, she noticed her door was slightly open and she could hear Holly was asleep. She thought about the evenings events and how much she hated her big sister when suddenly an idea popped into her head. Part of her was saying it was a mean, nasty thing to even think about doing......the other part of her remembered what had happened earlier in the evening, and how much hatred she currently felt towards Holly.... She quietly went downstairs to the kitchen and got a large plastic bowl, which she then filled with warm water from the kitchen tap. Maddie then made her way back upstairs and very slowly snuck into her sisters bedroom, observing that Holly appeared to be in quite a deep sleep. She put the bowl down next to her bed and gently lifted Holly's hand, being careful not to wake her, and placed it in the warm water. She stood and waited........ after about 2 minutes she was about to give up, having convinced herself it was a stupid idea that would never work, when all of a sudden she thought she could hear a faint noise......... She listened closely as she began hearing a hissing sound from under the sheets which got increasingly louder.... Gently lifting the duvet, her jaw dropped. She saw that Holly's pyjamas were now soaking wet and her bed was soaked. She couldn't believe it, her trick had actually worked. She had somehow made big mature Holly pee her bed like a baby. “Now who's acting like the baby, not quite so perfect now are you” Maddie thought to herself. She left the room with a massive grin on her face not quite able to believe that she had just somehow made her 18 year old sister have a bedwetting accident. She now couldn't wait for the morning to come around... As Holly woke up the next morning something felt strange, as she shifted in bed she realised something wasn't right.... Around her bum felt cold and uncomfortable, as she put her hand under the covers she realised her pyjamas, underwear and bed were all soaking wet... "what the fuck" she said out loud to herself She pulled back the covers and stood up. Feeling around her butt and across the front of her pyjamas she felt disgusting, as she came to the realisation of what had happened-that she had wet the bed "No, I can't have! how the hell did this happen?" a frustrated and upset Holly asked herself Examining her bed she realised there was no hiding the massive wet patch and that she would have to quickly take her sheets and pyjamas down to the washing machine if she didn't want anyone finding out. As Holly was about to do this Mum walked into her bedroom...... "Is everything alright Holly I heard you shouti....." Mum was cut off as she noticed her daughter's soaking wet pyjamas "Oh my gosh what happened sweetie" "I uuuuu don't know Mum, I woke up like this this morning" said an obviously upset Holly "Oh dear it looks like you had a bit of an accident love don't worry, we'll get this all cleaned up" Holly broke down in tears Maddie woke up and could hear a commotion from her sisters room. She got up and went to her sisters room, hearing her Mum’s voice from inside. She barged the door open finding Holly stood crying wearing soaking wet pyjamas, Mum was trying to console her. “"oh my god Holly you didn't pee the bed did you? I didn't know you were still a baby” “Get the hell out of my room” scowled her angry and upset sister “Please can you go out of the room Maddie and let us sort this” asked Mum “"ok Mum I'll leave you to help the big bedwetter” “That's enough of that Maddie, your sisters certainly not a bedwetter, this is just a one off thing as she's probably just got a virus or something” Maddie felt really pleased that she had managed to humiliate her usually perfect sister as she went off to get ready for school. Holly was rather quiet come breakfast time. Maddie held herself back from sniggering, knowing Holly wasn't in the mood. The day went by without incident, Holly tried to put the accident to the back of her mind, convincing herself that it was just a freak occurrence that would soon be forgotten. Maddie however, had got too much satisfaction from Holly's embarrassment to leave it at that.... That night Maddie stayed up late, yet again sneaking into Holly's room. This time within just 30 seconds of Holly's hand being placed in the warm water, the 18 year old began soaking her bed for the second night in a row. She couldn’t believe how easily it seemed to work on her sister at her age. In the morning, again she heard talking from in her sisters room as Mum had gone in to wake her up her oldest daughter finding her upset yet again over a wet bed.... This time instead of barging into Holly's room she stood outside with her head against the door and listened in. “"honey don't worry we’ll book you a doctors appointment today to find out what's going on” “Ok Mum but can we get this cleaned up quickly I really don't want Maddie to find out I did this again” “"yes ok sweetie, can you just take your wet sheets downstairs and put them in the machine for me before you get ready?" "Uuum yea ok" said a blushing and upset Holly With that Holly quickly made her way downstairs to the utility room and put her wet stuff in the washing machine Maddie stood back around the corner so that she couldn't be seen as she watched her pretty older sister go downstairs carrying her wet sheets, still wearing her pee soaked pyjamas which were clinging to her well toned butt. Maddie went downstairs only a few moments later, timing it perfectly to catch Holly trying to hide the evidence of her second bedwetting accident in a row. Holly looked shocked to see Maddie "Morning Holly, hey, how come you're doing laundry I've never seen you do laundry in the morning" questioned Maddie hoping to embarrass her big sister "Uuuuuuu" caught off guard Holly stuttered not knowing what to say "Oh my god you didn't wet the bed again did you?" Maddie saw her sisters face turn bright red "Uuuuummm no I just spilt a drink" Maddie walked up to Holly and pulled the sheets out of the washing machine "Eeeeewww they stink of pee oh my god you actually wet the bed again. And look at your pyjamas they're soaked that's freaking disgusting" Holly felt totally embarrassed having her little sister catch her trying to hide her the evidence of her bedwetting accident, all whilst still wearing her pee soaked pyjamas. "Maddie just shut up and go away, like I said its only because I've got a virus or something so don't even think of telling anyone about this" "Sorry Holly, I was only joking I didn't really mean it, I hope you get better soon". Maddie lied through her teeth, pretending to show some concern for her big sister. Inside she was loving every second of having something like this over Holly. Mum was shocked that her usually mature daughter had suddenly now done this not just once, but two nights in a row. It was that last thing she had ever expected from Holly, especially now that she was a second year college student . She feared that if it kept on happening any more that Holly's mattress would be ruined and may begin to smell.... Maddie had made her mind up that she would do it for another night as she was enjoying having a feeling of control over Holly for the first time in her life...... It was somehow making her feel much better about herself. That night, Sneaking into Holly's room at 1am, seeing her sister was sound asleep she lifted her hand into the bowl of water. Just a she placed her sister's hand in the water Holly began moving and lifted her hand. Maddie completely froze on the spot praying to god Holly hadn't woken up. She soon realised Holly was just moving in her sleep as she saw her roll onto her side.... As Holly turned thought her bed seemed unusually loud and kind of like it was rustling which intrigued Maddie. Upon feeling the corner of the bed she found that Holly was believe it or not sleeping on a rubber plastic sheet.... She couldn't hold back a smile at this finding. Her 18 year old college aged sister couldn't currently be trusted to have just a normal sheet on her bed like anyone else her age. She now had a crinkly plastic sheet on her bed, something you would normally associate with small children and toddlers that couldn't yet control their bladders and we're still not out of nappies. "Well well, you may get higher grades and be more popular than me but I'm not the one sleeping on a mattress protector at the age of 18" Maddie thought whilst chuckling to herself. After finding out about Holly's new bed sheet, it made her more determined to make her wet her bed again. For the second time that night she placed her older sisters hand in the bowl.... Sure enough after about a minute of Holly's hand being placed in the water, Maddie heard a trickling noise as her sisters bladder began emptying it contents, again leaving her nice and wet for when she woke up..... The next morning Maddie decided to and Holly were sat at breakfast, now both ready for school Maddie broke the silence “So did you manage to stay dry last night or did you have another accident” “"firstly Maddie don't talk to me like I'm some little kid, don't forget I'm 3 years older than you. And secondly no it didn't happen again, it was like Mum said, probably just a virus or something I ate which I'm over ok so don't ever mention it again” “Well I hope it doesn't happen again Holly, let's hope you stay dry tonight again” “"just shut up Maddie and stop being so fucking condescending I'm not a kid, just cos your jealous of me being better looking and more popular than you, my god you better not even dare to mention this to anyone ever” Her sisters words had hurt her deeply, but Maddie tried to think positively. She loved this feeling of having something like this on her sister and could see just how much Holly was struggling to deal with it. She laughed in her head at the thought of the crinkly plastic sheet her big sister now had on her bed, which instantly made her feel better, imagining if only Holly's friends knew what their popular classmate now slept on.... After the nasty way Holly had just spoken to her, Maddie decided it would be fair payment to keep going with the hand in warm water prank. She continued it for the next 3 nights. Each time, the gorgeous college girl had been distraught to wake up finding that she had wet the bed yet again, which she desperately, desperately tried to keep from Maddie. She had got better at hiding her accidents, which in her mind she thought she had managed to keep hidden from her younger sister. At breakfast, Maddie, knowing full well that Holly had now wet the bed 6 nights in a row, played innocent and questioned Holly....... "So Holly have you had anymore nighttime accidents since the other day" "Was I not clear when I told you to never mention that again Maddie, and the answer is no because it was just a one off as I was unwell, which I'm over now so stop being such a condescending little brat have you got that ?" "God you don't need to be such a bitch about it I was just asking" "Well don't ! , stop speaking to me like I'm some kid ok. I get it you've always been jealous of me cos I'm better than you at everything, and a couple of accidents changes nothing wart fingers" Maddie hated when her sister called her that. Ever since she was young she'd had trouble with warts on her hands, mainly on her fingers. Holly had off and on used that name when ever she felt like being mean and belittling to Maddie. Her words showed her sister's true inner spite. Maddie could tell the bedwetting was really getting to Holly for her to have said this as she was never usually this unhappy and bad tempered. Mum was now in total disbelief that her eldest daughter had suddenly now out of nowhere managed to wet her bed 6 nights in a row. The doctor had even said there was no obvious reason for the accidents and that hopefully it would just pass. She spoke to Holly about it before she had left for college, and explained that her bedding and pyjamas were being completely ruined and that her room would soon start smelling of pee, which Maddie would surely eventually notice. Holly tried to avoid the conversation as it was something she couldn't quite believe she was having to discuss with her mother at her age. After a short talk Mum said that she would speak to her further about it later on that night. Whilst at college Holly struggled to focus on her classes, she tried to put the inevitable embarrassing talk she would have with her mother out of her mind, she felt like some little kid that was going to be to told off for wetting the bed, except she was no longer a little kid, but a mature, beautiful and intelligent 18 year old college student, looking to get the grades that would get her a place for next year at one of the top universities in the country. The accidents were really, really starting to bother her the longer they went on. A couple of her friends even asked her what was up as they thought she hadn't been acting herself the last few days. She certainly had no intention of telling them what was up. Holly felt as if she'd literally rather die than any of them find out she had been wetting the bed. That evening... It was 10pm and the family were all sat in the lounge either watching tv or sat using an ipad as they usually did of an evening. Mum disappeared upstairs, and just a couple of minutes after, Holly did as well which Maddie thought was a little strange... Maddie decided to creep upstairs to see why they had both gone up there. Just as she was near the top of the stairs she saw Mum come out of her bedroom and go into Holly's room. She noticed she had a bag with her. Mum hadn't seen her as the area where the stairs were was dark. Maddie then crept up to her big sisters door and listened in.... "Mum please no!" "I'm sorry darling but this is the only solution, I'm not taking no for an answer, if you put up a fight you'll risk Maddie hearing what's going on so I suggest you just lie back and let me get on with it" Knowing that putting up a fight would risk her sister hearing, Holly realised she had no choice and gave in..... “"just lie back on the bed love and let me do it” “Mum please can’t I do it this is really embarrassing” "Surely not" Maddie thought as she excitedly listened in..... She could hear a lot of rustling “No sweetie because it needs to be taped on properly so it doesn't leak onto the bed” "No freaking way" though Maddie This comment had brought a massive, massive grin to Maddie’s face as she knew it could now only mean one thing; nappies, Mum had clearly become fed up with Holly continuing to soak her bed and had obviously decided there was now only one solution, to put Holly back in nappies. Her usually confident, beautiful and popular college aged sister had now been reduced to being changed for bed like a baby. All because of Maddie's cruel trick. She couldn't believe she had managed this in just 6 days! Her older sister wearing nappies would literally be beyond her wildest dreams. She imagined how devastating this would be for Holly at her age. It hadn't even crossed her mind that Mum would do this to her big sister. The plastic sheet was like all her Christmases had come at once, but Holly being back in nappies like a baby would be beyond the most amazing thing she could possibly ask for. To Maddie, this really was absolutely perfect, she couldn't of asked for a better outcome, she knew that all she needed to do now was make sure that Holly's first night in a nappy didn't end dry. “"fine just hurry up in case Maddie comes upstairs. I really don’t want her finding out” After a bit more rustling and taping it sounded like Mum had finished the job of changing her oldest daughter into her first nappy since she was 2. “"ok darling, it's all taped up now, if you want to stand up and see how it feels” Holly slowly got up and began feeling her new underwear... “"Mum it's sooo thick....I can't wear this or Maddie will notice. It's so loud when I walk” “"it isn't as loud as you think love, put your pyjamas on and I bet no one could even tell you're wearing it” Holly put on her pyjama pants, pulling them up she struggled to get them over the bulkiness of the nappy. She had to kind of stick her bum out and wriggle from side to side to get them up fully. “see there we go sweetie it's completely hidden under those” "Can't you get me something thinner to wear Mum?" "Sorry sweetie but judging by how wet your bed has been most mornings, anything thinner would risk it leaking onto the bed and ruining your bedding" “"I can hear it crinkling every time I move though" said a clearly upset Holly “Trust me Holly no one will notice. It's just a temporary thing love I'm sure. If the problem passes which I'm sure it will and you stay dry for a few nights then you can stop wearing them" Maddie couldn’t help but snigger "A few nights hey, we'll see about that Holly" now feeling over the moon She quickly moved off back downstairs before she was seen. There was no going back now. This whole situation was music to her ears hearing how humiliated Holly was feeling Normally Holly's concerns would be whether her make-up looked right or her hair was ok- but not tonight. Her only concern tonight was about whether the thick nappy she had been forced to wear to bed due to her heavy bedwetting, was noticeable under her cute pyjamas. After her humiliation was complete, Holly made her way across the hall and into the bathroom, feeling totally distraught and as if her life was now over. "This really can't be fucking happening" she thought to herself. 18 years old and here she was stood there having just been changed into a nappy for bed by her Mum like some un-potty trained little kid. Holly refused to accept it, she was a mature, beautiful and intelligent girl, but deep down she knew that after the events of the last 6 nights, the truth of it was that she was actually in dire need of the extra absorbent adult sized nappy that was now tightly strapped around her butt. So many thoughts went through her head-what would her friends think? How could she ever keep this hidden from Maddie? She couldn't even contemplate her life if she ever found out about this. As she walked she noticed it almost felt like it made her waddle as it was so unbelievably thick it forced her legs apart. Holly locked the bathroom door, and tried to hold herself back from crying as she came to terms with her current predicament. Staring at herself in the mirror, noticing her cheeks were now glowing a deep shade of red, she started observing her butt from every angle. She could see the nappy definitely made her butt look bigger and kind of made it a weird shape.... She tried hard to convince herself that if she was careful Maddie would probably not notice, and that all she needed was to stay dry for a few nights and this whole thing would soon be a thing of the past. Mustering up the courage, Holly headed out of the bathroom and back downstairs, walking slightly hesitantly as she was so conscious of the rustling nappy. She prayed to god Maddie wouldn't notice anything was up. She sat herself down in her usual spot, thankful that Maddie had continued to stare at her ipad screen and didn't appear to have noticed anything was out of the ordinary. Maddie had opted to pretend she had no idea about Holly's predicament, keeping her head down and ignoring her sisters crinkling backside as she came in and sat down on the settee. On the inside however was a different story, Maddie felt tonight could be a massive turning point in her life. She mentally, at this moment felt as if she was no longer completely inferior to her sister. In her eyes Holly was no longer the pretty, intelligent and popular girl, what she was now was no more than an 18 year old nappy wearing bed wetter Holly felt utterly ashamed having to sit near her far younger sister whilst wearing the same underwear as a baby "why the fuck did this have to happen to me" she thought to herself The thing that worried Holly was that, God forbid this bedwetting thing didn't stop, she would have to go through this every single night, with the constant fear of her secret being found out by her younger sibling That was one thing she really, really couldn't deal with- the thought of Maddie ever finding out about this. She desperately hoped that this whole problem would be no more than a short term thing. Holly just couldn't understand how this was happening, she had never wet the bed in her life, and then out of nowhere she had now woken up to wet sheets 6 nights in a row. She convinced herself that although the doctor had said there was nothing wrong with her, that maybe she had something he hadn't picked up on like a bladder infection which would eventually pass and that the accidents would stop with that. Maddie thought back to the argument the other day. She couldn't believe just 6 days ago Holly was the perfect girl in every way, sleeping with all the best looking guys at her college, now she had been reduced to having the same bedtime routine as a baby, which involved sleeping on a plastic sheet and being changed into a disposable nappy at night by her Mum. She no longer felt in any way jealous of her big sister. Holly now had a secret that would completely ruin her if anyone ever found out and Maddie loved it. That night, lying in bed Holly couldn't sleep, she tossed and turned for what seemed like hours, unable to ignore the bulk of the thick nappy between her legs "God this stupid thing is so uncomfortable" she cursed to herself. Lying there thinking about her current situation Holly started to feel upset and overcome with emotion. She felt tears well up in her eyes, and unable to hold back, she began uncontrollably crying which made her feel even more of a baby than she was feeling already. She tried to stay as still as possible as every movement she made reminded her of her predicament by causing either the plastic sheet to rustle or her nappy to crinkle. Eventually managing to relax, Holly fell asleep, it was midnight.. Keeping herself awake, Maddie had prepared to do her cruel trick again tonight. She had debated whether she had gone too far but then remembered Holly's cruel words.. Looking at her phone, she saw it was now 1am. Quietly making her way to Holly's bedroom, hearing her sister was asleep, she gently slid her big sisters hand from under the covers and placed it in the bowl of warm water. She soon heard a hissing noise which sounded louder than usual. She knew this was because it was not the sound of Holly's pee soaking her cute knickers, but the sound of Holly's pee hitting the thick padding of her new underwear, her nappy.... "Oh dear did the little baby have an accident in her nappy" muttered Maddie unable to hold a big grin from her face as she left Holly's bedroom and went to bed herself. In the morning as Holly came around from her slumber, it took her a few moments to wake up enough to remember the embarrassing events of the past week. These thoughts made the 18 year old quickly slide her hands under the duvet and check her bedsheets for any sign of wetness, which to her surprise seemed to be dry as she felt around under her butt. She thought that maybe this would signal the end of her nighttime troubles. But........ she then became aware of something that had slipped her half-asleep mind. Her hopes where quickly dashed as she though back to the bulky nappy her mum had put on her last night. Putting her hands down the front of her pyjamas, her hopes were soon dashed. The huge bulk between her legs was warm and squishy, meaning yet again she had peed herself in her sleep. Maddie decided that there was no going back now so she continued the hand in hot water prank every night ensuring her sister would wake up to a soaking wet nappy every morning. Over the coming weeks Maddie noticed a pattern, that every night Holly and Mum would disappear upstairs at some point during the evening, on returning Holly always seemed to stay fairly still as if to avoid drawing any attention to herself. Some nights she didn't even bother coming back down, instead opting to stay in her room watching Netflix. Maddie could tell though that her sister had a nappy on as it made her butt look bigger and there was a slightly noticeable crinkling whenever she moved. It made Maddie laugh that her mature sister now had this embarrassing night time routine To Maddie seeing her sister sat there knowing full well what she was wearing under her pyjamas was just perfect. To Holly the events of the past few weeks were literally her worst nightmare, she just couldn't believe she had all of a sudden developed this humiliating problem. Trying to keep it from her friends was proving extremely difficult for her. It was having a huge effect on her normally buoyant social life. After nights out she would now always make an excuse to go home so she could avoid dealing with staying over at anyone's house. One night she actually went back to some guys house that she'd met in a nightclub. She had sex with him before keeping herself awake and waiting for him to fall asleep, at which point she got up and left. She certainly didn't want to deal with the embarrassment of wetting his bed and him telling all his mates about it, and there was no way she was going to carry around a nappy in her handbag in case she stayed at someone's house. One night Maddie went in to Holly's room to do the hot water prank, she was a little later this time. She wanted to see it with her own eyes that she had actually reduced her college aged big sister to wearing a nappy to bed every night, so she decided to gently pull back the covers to ge Holly was on her side and Maddie could see the nappy peeking out of her pyjamas which made her smile. She gently slipped her hand down the back of her pyjamas, feeling the nappy she couldn't believe just how thick it was. Mum had clearly taken no chances when choosing Holly's new bedtime underwear, she obviously had little faith in her 18 year old daughter's ability to keep her bed dry, with good reason. She then noticed something that surprised her, the further she reached towards the bottom it seemed to get more warm, and felt kind of mushy, she realised this meant Holly had already wet her nappy, without her hand being placed in warm water. She suddenly thought, had she over the course of the last few weeks trained Holly into becoming a bedwetter, had she trained her older sisters body to pee in her sleep by making her wet herself so many times? Over the course of the next week she only did the prank once, what she did instead was go in and check Holly's nappy every night at 3am. She found that on 6 out of the 7 nights Holly had already used her nappy, and on the night she was dry at 3am that was the one night that Maddie did the prank. She couldn't believe it, she had somehow managed to turn her perfect older sister into a chronic bedwetter, that was now totally reliant on wearing a thick adult nappy to bed to prevent her soaking her sheets. This realisation brought great pleasure to Maddie, knowing it wasn't now the prank that was making Holly wet the bed each night. She no longer needed that! Her big sister was now an actual bedwetter. Maddie loved the thought that because of her cruel trick Holly was likely no closer to being out of nappies at night than a baby. In fact a baby or toddler would probably have a better chance of keeping it's bed dry. Holly was totally fed up. She had endured the embarrassment of having tests done and seeing countless specialists. All she was told was that there was nothing wrong physically and they don't know what's causing it. All she knew was that she kept having this same weird dream...... A flashback to last night... Holly was sound asleep in bed, It was like she was floating, she felt totally at ease drifting around in endless crystal clear, beautifully calm ocean water. As time passed she slowly started to fall below the surface, the lovely warmth of the water engulfing her as she gently submerged. The heat from the water felt extremely relaxing as she let her body follow the natural current of the water. A gentle voice repeated the word "relax, relax". She could then see what looked like a toilet in the distance but before even attempting to get there she felt any tension in her body disappear as she lied in the comfortable warmth of the ocean. Eventually she began to rise back to the surface of the water where she began feeling a little colder...... Still asleep, Holly hadn't so much as stirred, what the beautiful college girl had done however during her relaxed state was empty her bladder into her now, rather swollen and warm nappy. One evening Mum and Dad had gone out to eat, Maddie had observed that Mum had gone upstairs with Holly just before they left at 7:30, which she could only assume meant one thing- changing time. Meaning Holly would be spending a lot longer than usual in her nappy, and unusually the girls would be left on their own. Holly had protested about being changed at such an early time in the evening but Mum had given her no option stating that they would be back very late and that she would likely be in bed by then. Maddie had decided to invite a friend, Tara over for the evening. Tara arrived shortly after Mum and Dad had left. Holly hadn't seemed all that pleased to have someone else in the house, which to Maddie was understandable when she was 3 years younger than Holly and yet Holly was the one who was hiding a nappy under her pyjamas. Everyone was sat in the lounge, between the 3 of them they tried to pick a film to watch. Maddie and Tara wanted to watch The Hangover and Holly wanted to watch Anchorman 2. Maddie announced that it was 2 against 1, grabbing the remote she put on The Hangover which Holly wasn't very pleased about. "That's not fair" "Yeah it is that's how it works" "Shut up Maddie that's just immature" snapped Holly What Maddie felt like saying in response was " I'll tell you what's immature Holly, being 18 years old and still having to wear nappies cos you can't stop pissing the bed" but she thought better of it. It took all of her might to hold herself back from outing her sister as a bedwetter right there in front of her friend. They settled down and watched the film. Towards the end of the film Maddie noticed Holly holding her stomach on and off. She wondered if she might soon need to use the bathroom..... As soon as the film ended Maddie went upstairs, took her pyjamas and went into the bathroom, knowing if Holly needed the bathroom she would have to wait until she came out.... Taking her time she got undressed and proceeded to have a nice long shower.... Not long after she had gone in the bathroom Holly started banging on the door.... "Maddie will you please hurry up I really, really need to use the toilet" "I'll just be a few minutes I'm taking a quick shower" "For gods sake just hurry up" Maddie could hear the desperation in her sisters voice, but continued to enjoy her nice hot shower.... By now Tara had heard what was going on and she was now stood watching Holly smiling at the older girls struggle.. She discretely got her phone out and recorded Holly's struggle... Maddie took her time. She washed her hair twice and then conditioned it, not in any rush as she wondered if Holly would save herself from embarrassment and hold on.... Holly kept banging on the door whilst jumping about trying not to humiliate herself Eventually Maddie had finished. She got herself into her pyjamas before finally opening the door. As she opened the door it looked as if it might be too late for Holly... She was bent forward with one hand clutching her stomach and the other hand holding her butt. Tara noticed something weird sticking out of her pyjamas as she bent bent forward.... Running up to her she tugged at her pyjama pants, pulling them down around her ankles leaving her stunned "Oh my god she's wearing a fucking nappy" Holly, too preoccupied to stop Tara exposing her then lifted her head as she let out a big gasp as both girls stood watching in complete shock as the 18 year old uncontrollably lost control of her bowels and began messing her exposed nappy right before their eyes..... The girls were both totally stunned at what they had just seen, and the best part of all was that they had the whole thing recorded..... Holly ran off crying into her bedroom with her massive sagging nappy still on full display as she slammed her door behind her..... Tara and Maddie just looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter. Boy were they going to have some fun with this...... A short while later they went up to Holly's door............ "Oh Holly can we come in and have a little chat with you?"......
  23. I'm sitting here diapered up, already wet myself once. The brave part is, my wife will be home from meeting a friend for breakfast I should imagine in about two hours' time. I think I can do this discreetly. And if I get busted, I'm prepared. I've been rehearsing what I'd say, and how I'd say it. Anyway, it's nice to start out the day with a diaper, a cup of coffee, and the sun streaming through my windows.