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Found 736 results

  1. It's been a while since I wrote a diaper story. If you like it, please leave feedback. The Weird Scholarship Chapter One: The Drive I drove down the highway with one hand held between my legs. I had to pee and being stuck in a car didn't help. A sign up ahead said that the next rest area was only fifteen miles up ahead and I could certainly hold it. It was just a bit uncomfortable and I didn't know what I would do when I got there. My phone rang and I answered it. I know you are not supposed to talk and drive, but at least I wasn't texting. I looked at the screen and saw it was my best friend Kara. “How's the drive?†“Weird,†I said. “I'm almost to Massachusetts though.†“Good timing,†she said. “What's weird about it?†“You know.†She very well did know why I felt weird. This was her plan. “I'm wearing a diaper.†“You better be, Nora,†said Kara. “You don't want to be found out as a faker and lose your scholarship.†“Yeah,†I said. “That's the problem. I'm not really incontinent. They are going to find out.†Kara giggled on the other end of the phone. “No they're not. Just act natural.†I rubbed myself in the thick padded material between my legs with my phone to keep from peeing. I then picked the phone up and said, “This is not natural.†“Well, get used to wetting yourself,†she said. “You probably should show up in a wet diaper. That way you won't look like a faker to the other girls who are used to wetting their diapers.†“Why did I let you talk me into this?†I asked. “You got a scholarship to MIT. The IRS took your college money, remember? This is your last chance to go to college.†I sighed. “Goodbye, Kara.†“Bye. And trust me about arriving in a wet diaper.†I hung up. I don't understand how things got so weird. My father had saved enough in my college fund to pay for all four years of school. So my junior year of high school, I didn't really need to bother with scholarships. When we had to go to the library to research scholarships, Kara suggested I choose the weirdest scholarships. There were actually scholarships for people who entered a program to study yodeling. Like I could get a job doing that. There was also a scholarship for incontinent girls who were studying engineering at MIT. That was a pretty specific scholarship and it was a perfect target for my entertainment during library time. So when the IRS investigated my father, somehow my college fund was where they though he was hiding the money. It was the summer before college and I had no money. The only scholarships I had applied for were for yodeling majors and for incontinent girls studying engineering at MIT. The scholarship was generous. It paid for everything I needed for college. I remember getting the phone call where I was given the scholarship. “Is Nora Stevens there,†the woman on the phone had asked. “This is Nora.†“This is Elizabeth Jones from the scholarship selection committee. I am pleased to inform you that you are next on the list for the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls in Engineering.†My mouth was opened in shock. I had though my college dreams were over since I lost my college fund. I was in until her next line. “The other girl didn't measure up. She was faking incontinence just to get the scholarship. I made this scholarship so incontinent girls can have the full college experience. That includes living in the dorms. To do that we want to make sure that we pair you with another girl in the dorm that is in your same situation. Will this be a problem for you?†“No problem,†I said. “Good. We are having a summer camp to get to know the other girls. Attendance is mandatory.†Kara had laughed and laughed when I told her, but she had been a big help in getting me adult diapers. They do sell diapers in stores, but the kind that real incontinent people wear are only found online and I had to order some ahead of time. The rest area came up soon after the sign that said that I was entering Massachusetts. I almost stopped, but then I thought about what Kara said. An incontinent girl would show up in a wet diaper. To be convincing, I would do the same. I relaxed and pretended I was siting on the toilet, even though I was sitting behind the wheel of my Ford Fiesta. I still had to keep my eye on the road. As I started to wet, it was so warm as the wetness spread around my crotch and under my bottom. The first time I wet the diaper, I was surprised it felt good. This was the first time I had tried to wet while sitting down. The first time I wet a diaper I was standing. Both times, I was shocked at how good it felt. I looked back at the rest stop through the rear-view mirror. The rest area, like my toilet training, was behind me.
  2. In 2016 I kept a plog (pee log) at omorashi.org of almost all of my 58 experiences of waking up wetting or already wet: https://omorashi.org/topic/30577-waking-up-wet-iii/. I was surprised at how varied the experiences were. Sometimes I would wake up just as I began to wet. I might clench my urinary sphincter and stop the flow, or I might manage to stay relaxed until I finished emptying my bladder. I might be diapered or I might wet the bed. I might realize immediately that I was wetting involuntarily, or I might be confused about what was happening and whether I had begun to wet deliberately. I might be wetting in a dream and continue in a dreamlike state after I began to wake up wetting. Several people at OmoOrg told me they enjoyed reading my plog, and a friend here has encouraged me to resume plogging here. Okay, I'll do it. I wear and wet a diaper and booster pad every night, partly for fun and partly because of how often I began to wet in my sleep last year. I will only report involuntary wetting, not the times I wake up dry and needing to pee and consciously decide to wet. As a prequel I want to report that after October 29, the last time I reported wetting at OmoOrg, I was dry at night for seven weeks, which astounded me. After wetting six straight nights earlier in the month, I was expecting to wet almost every night. The next time I wet was December 17. I was visiting relatives for two weeks and had only six pull-ups with me. I planned to keep my padding dry and use the toilet, which for the most part I did. Once again I was confused about whether I had wet involuntarily or deliberately. I suddenly realized I was wetting, so I eventually decided I must have begun wetting involuntarily. In the morning I continued to wet my diaper, since I was going to have to throw it away anyway. The only time I wet after that in 2016 was December 20. I went to bed very tired from a bad respiratory infection. In the morning I vaguely remembered wetting the pull-up that I was hoping to keep dry in my relative's bed. I must have been too sleepy to resist the urge to urinate and just wet my diaper. When I later woke up needing to pee, I knew my pull-up was wet, so I relaxed and wet it again. With wetting so rare, I really enjoyed my two chances to wet on that trip. Now two days into 2017, I've worn and wet a medium NorthShore Supreme taped brief and large booster pad both nights. All my wetting has been voluntary, as far as I know. I've not woken up confused about that. Let's see how long I can keep all my wetting deliberate.
  3. Arthur Mitchell had known Betsy Allen since grade school. It was almost destined for them to get together as they were not only neighbors but we're the two in school every year that seemed to have the most wetting accidents. Well why not they were the kids that their parents seemed to have to wash wet sheets for every day because they couldn't seem to keep theirs dry. Arthur's and Betsy ' s mother's were talking and found that both of their kids were nighttime wetters and either or both would almost daily come home from school wet or would be wet before supper. Both were happy to have a sympathetic ear to discuss the raising of bed wetters, and pants wetters. They had tried punishments, no liquids after 1800 hours or 6 pm, getting them up at different hours of the night to go potty, rewards, alarms, medications but nothing seemed to help. Betsy was even called Betsy Wetsy by the other kids and her siblings, that really didn't seem to bother her. finally both mother's started to diaper their kids day and night which didn't cure them but helped them seem to fit in better at least the other kids quit calling Betsy; Betsy Wetsy other than her siblings who continued to call her that. About the time to start Junior High School both mothers took their child out of day time diapers, but both would either wet on the way home or later during play. But more often than not would be wet at school still so the diapers and plastic pants went back on until high school at least, both mother's thought that they would try it again then. Besides they were still wet at nights and between them both had not had more than a handful of dry nights since they were kids Since their mothers were so close Arthur would go over to Betsy ' s house with his mother or Betsy would go to Arthur's house with hers. They were left alone most times and the two mother's were oblivious to the budding romance between the two teenagers. Each knew the others secret of what they wore to bed and what they were wearing in the day because when the mothers talked it was as if the kids weren't there so when the discussions for day wetting and bed wetting each child knew the other was in the same leaky boat so to speak.
  4. Dan was 16. His mom had remarried and had triplets. She was heading out for the day, leaving Dan in charge. She wanted him to prove he was responsible enough. He hadn't had a good week at school and now was his chance to make up for it. His younger siblings were almost 3 and attempting to potty train. No such luck though. Dan would have to change a lot of diapers. Something he'd not got much experience with. It's Saturday morning. 8am and Dan was woken by his mom.
  5. Looking for people that wear diapers near Allentown, pa , Bethlehem, pa area. Curious to see how many actually live near me.
  6. I've been into the 24/7 scene for long time and sick of getting talked out of wearing and messing in diapers in public. I found some friends that are abdl or incont for support. Just want feedbacks
  7. Being a Diaper Lover (DL) that happens to be bladder Incontinent, I have an excuse to wear and enjoy diapers and plastic pants and not be embarrassed by wearing them in public. I've embraced it and started carrying my own diaper bag when I leave the house. When I am in my responsible adult mode, I carry a black and blue backpack that has Dry 24/7 diapers and plastic pants, a change of shorts along with plastic bags, baby wipes, etc. When in DL mode, I have a large Graco diaper bag tote, black with teal trim and I carry the following; 6 Dry 24/7 diapers 2 Babykin cloth diapers 3 plastic baby pants 1 baby bib 1 pair of shorts or shortall 1 T-shirt or polo 1 bottle of baby lotion 1 bottle of baby powder Plastic bags for dirty diapers A container of baby wipes That about fills up my bag, So, do you carry a diaper bag, and if you do, what do you carry in it? Also, can anyone give me ideas on how to embellish my diaper bag to scream out "Diaper Bag" when someone sees it?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm not new here but I haven't been on this site for a while but I can say I'm glad to be back. This story I'm posting is something I've been working on for a few months and have been updating it on another site. However, I feel like this site might be more better suited for it. so please enjoy and tell me what you think. Chapter 1 Chapter Text It all happen so quick. One minute he was surrounded around walkers, blood, guts, limbs, and other unidentifiable pieces. Next, blaring lights and sirens coming from all around. "Put your weapons down! we are here to try and save who ever we can" A loud intercom came on from the many choppers that were flying around. Rick struggle and rolled on to his back holding on to the knife that plunged in to his side. he never would think he would ever see the day of rescue if it was ever was going to be one. Years after the outbreak, he figured he was condemned to live out his days in hell. He accepted this fact after his friends and family were either turnt or were brutally murdered and front of him. "I could've save them" he could've save them all. If only he would've made better judgement and choices. All of his family could've been here. Now he's regretting his choice on taking his revenge on the dead corpse next to him. Was it really worth some of the good people from Alexandria dying just so he could kill one man? Negan had cost alot suffering and he felt like the time had come to take back control over what he thought was his. And his last ditch effort to hurry and get away from the walkers before they broke the gate and over ran the hiltop. With a deep breath, he clumsily pulled the knife from his abdomen and dragged himself in to the nearest house before blackening out. _____ "Good morning Mr. Evans. How are you this morning? Are you the one they got to work with the guy from the social experiment disaster?" He gave the receptionist a quick smile "Yes, I guess they decided to give me a good workload since I came off my break" he finished signing in and let her buzz him into the two double doors. He noticed they had did some slight remodeling to the place albeit the place was already outstanding in itself the owner always felt like it could fill more homely for the people who stayed there. After speaking to a few coworker he hastily made a retreat to his office. As much as he would love to catch up on the 6 months he was gone he definitely wanted to get more information on his new patient and resident at better homes inn. He had heard a lot rumors about the people they had rescued from the disastrous social experiment that had got shut down 2 months ago. Most of the people suffered from ptsd, severe anxiety, panic , somatization, and many classes of disorders and depression. Even with his 27 year experience in this field he wasn't sure if most of the people could be rehabilitated to extent to release back into society. After reading and seeing thing on the news about the extent things had went in the social experiment. Just the other day he had seen a article in the paper how the military was still going through the ruins and came across a fenced in ware houses. Where human bodies were hung like cattle to drain their blood and even had a shed in the back of it with a small sign stuck in the ground with the words written "Smoke House". After the article had ran a lot people was in a uproar about releasing the people from experiment with out going through evaluations to see if they were stable enough to deal with the real world again. So here he was back at his job a month early from leave because his boss insisted they needed him till it all blew over. With a deep sigh he pick the up thick folder lying on his desk. On the top right corner was a label that wrote Patient Name: Rick Grimes Age:37 Race: Caucasian He open the folder to the release form the hospital had released him with. after a few minutes of reading he seen he was admitted for a stab womb to the lower abdomen, fractured ribs, and a few cuts and bruises. Later down form the doctor made a note " Due to injury of bladder patient has became incontinent. Please advise nurses and nurses aids to supply patient with incontinence wear"
  9. Hey everyone, I am trying to get rid of some diapers that are just sitting in my closet. 3 Bags of size 3 Tykables, asking 20 a bag or 50 for all 3. 4 bags of XL Space, asking 60 for them all. or 20 a bag. 1 case of Bambino Classico Size LG. asking 50 for the case. 4 bags of Abena M4 asking 15 a bag.
  10. Seth was 2 and 1/2 when his parents signed him up for Happy Smiles Daycare. He nervously walked into the Bloom Room, where the majority of toddlers were. His mother signed him in, and he walked through the gate. He was quite nervous, even more so because of the Pull-Up underneath his shorts. He looked around at the other toddlers, some in diapers, some in underwear, some in training pants. (Feel free to join as a baby or worker)
  11. It was a beautiful spring day and I thought I would do a little shopping and then visit an old strip club I had not been to in years in Cocoa Beach. This would not normally be that unusual except for the way I was dressed and what I was shopping for. I was wearing a very thick soft cloth diaper that was covered by pink nursery print plastic pants a pair of women’s teal short shorts and a long sleeve T-shirt. Now all I needed to do was find a pale pink sports bra to match my plastic pants. I grabbed my keys and diaper bag and was out the door. After a short drive to a nearby town I started looking around for a store that might carry the sports bra I was looking for and finally decided on a Target store as I knew they had a nice women’s active wear section. Walking through the parking lot I started to get that really horny feeling as my diaper massaged between my legs and my plastic pants crinkled loudly. There would be no doubt I was buying the bra for myself, because I was not going to buy anything else and if you took one look at my obviously diapered mid-section and diaper bag, there would be no doubt what a sissy I really am. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything that struck me. Several lady shoppers gave me funny looks. I was going back and forth and back and forth between sale racks yearning to find the prefect sports bra. This was very amusing to two college girls who didn't say anything, but kept looking at me and smiling. Looking through another sale rack I found a perfect bra that would match my plastic pants. 42A or XL is hard to find sometimes, but that's my sissy size. As I held it up to look at it one of the girls gave me the OK sign. I smiled, nodded, and the two of them doubled over in laughter. As I was walking towards checkout, I remembered I needed some baby powder, so I quickly grabbed some from the baby section before leaving. The checkout lady looked at the bra and baby powder, as she popped the plastic anti-theft device off the bra she was looking at the size and then looking at me. A little smile crossed her face. The checkout lady held the bra up and kept turning it around to find the tag. I am sure the three ladies behind me knew I was buying a bra for myself. After she totaled the purchase, I swiped my credit card and the machine buzzed. "Does your card have a chip, honey?" she said. "Oh, yeah it does," I replied. "I guess you're just too excited about your purchases. Go ahead and put the card in the lower slot." The checkout lady looked at my diaper bag on the counter and back at me as she said “what pretty diapers and plastic pants, you want to put your baby powder in your diaper bag,” as she looked at my mid-section and smiled? That got a chuckle out of the lady next in line. We completed the transaction and she gave me a small bag and with that big smile said, "You have a nice day." I was about to leave the store when I thought, "Where should I change?" I hadn't been in this area in years. This shopping area was new to me. It was the middle of the day and I wasn't sure where to go. Then I thought, "They already know I'm a sissy here." So I turned around and went to the restroom in the front of the store. I was so much easier than fighting the steering wheel and having things fall between the seats in the car. The bra didn't have any clasps. I slid it over my head and pulled it in place and quickly put my T-shirt back on. As I walked out, I looked in the mirror. It was then that I noticed you could just barely see the pink of the bra through the T-shirt and the ever popular bulge of my diapers and plastic pants under my woman’s short shorts. As I walked through the front of the store I had to go by the checkout lane I had used. That big grin showed up again, I smiled and said, "thank you." That big grin got as wide as it could get, "You have fun!" The return trip across the parking lot was just as exciting. Just before I got to my parking space a car honked at me. I turned around and it saw the two girls who helped me pick out my bra. The girls were pointing and laughing. I smiled, waved, which cracked them all up. I felt like everyone had their eyes on the big sissy the rest of the way to my car. Now I had the strip club on my mind. Way back when lap dances were pretty strict. You had to keep your hands on the couch while the girl rubbed her body on your crotch. That was another reason I wanted to be wearing diapers. I had never gone to a strip club dressed so sissyish before and was hoping this place was as friendly as it used to be. I drove across town straight to the strip club. As I entered, the difference between the bright outdoors and the dark club blinded me for several seconds. As my eyes adjusted I saw the counter just inside the front door. This is where you used to pay the cover charge. Since no one asked me for any money I just walked in. As my eyes adjusted a bartender appeared. She smiled as she looked me up and down. Being a weekday, there were only four or five guys around the L-shaped bar who just seemed to be eyeing the strippers, while the strippers they were talking to checked me out. "Sorry, there wasn't anyone to greet you. There's a $6 cover charge," said the bartender. She was wearing black shiny leggings, corset and high heel boots. She went behind the front door counter and made change for my $20, a lot of ones and a five. She knew how to take care of the girls. I followed her to the bar and order a beer. There was a Hispanic girl dancing. She had the whole Selena look going on. I sat down with my beer and put my money on the table just as I was approached by a Beautiful girl wearing black panties and a basque. I was very nervous but after a while I mentioned that I was wearing diapers, plastic pant and a bra as I enjoyed wearing them and humiliation, we discussed it for a while and I opted to have a private dance, she grabbed my hand a led me over to a private booth. As she started dancing, she kept feeling my chest and straps of the bra and then reached down the back of my shorts to rub my plastic pants, as she whispered in my ear “you are a big sissy baby.” I was loving it. After the dance, I went back to the main room and saw the girl come out and go over to another girl who then made a b-line for me. This lady was Stunning, she had dark hair, Very pale skin, bright red lipstick, a red Corset and lace panties on. We made small talk and then she said "so what secret do you want to tell me?" I was a bit shocked and very turned on, we went for a private dance and as she started she just turned and said, "So you like to be humiliated then?" "Yea" I replied, as she danced she gently pulled my hair and even put her bra in my mouth and rubbed the front of my diapers and plastic pants. When she finished she told me that if I wanted she would tell all the girls and told me to trust her it would be ok, I agreed and went and sat down. As I went up to the bar to get another beer the girls all looked over and were smiling and chatting, I feeling a bit more adventurous I made sure that the waistband of my plastic pants could be seen, the only other guys in there were distracted. The bartender in very sexy shiny leggings smiled got my beer and said, "cute, I would never have guessed you were wearing diapers and baby pants, enjoy it sweetie!" I smiled and as I went back to my seat as a tall brunette came over to me and pulled the waistband shorts out in front exposing my diapers and plastic pants, "ah so it's true!" she said "well let’s hear it, tell me all about it." we talked for a while and she kept saying that it really interested her and she would love to change my diapers and expose my diapers to everyone. She quickly worked out that I loved the Humiliation of it all, and kept getting the passing girls to pop over and look at my diapers and feel my bra. I went for a private dance with her and she told me to pull me shorts down slightly so she could really see my diapers and plastic pants. As I sat down with the shorts pulled down exposing my thick diaper covered by pink nursery print plastic pants, she danced and asked if I wanted to be verbally humiliated, I nodded and she was just brilliant bringing me to the edge several time during the first dance. After two more amazing dances she finally helped me blow my load. She sat back down next to me and said out loud, “good thing you had a diaper on.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that if I come back then she'll make it very special for me. I left soon after and promised myself I would go back soon. I think next time I’ll wear something a little different, although not too overtly. I hope you enjoy reading as I loved doing it.
  12. Caught In Diapers At The Tiki Bar - 1 Having been required to wear diaper due to urinary incontinent for over 20 years, I have gotten used to wearing diapers and don’t overly worry about who notices that I am diapered, I only try and make the best of it. Most of the time, I am in a Dry 24/7 or cloth diaper and plastic pants with just shorts and a T shirt on. This past weekend, weather was beautiful in Florida and I decided to go to a local tiki bar on the Intercoastal Waterway. I applied a good coat of baby lotion followed by a dusting of baby powder and changed into one of my thick and trusty dry 24/7 with blue carousel nursery print plastic pants covered by cargo shorts and a T shirt. When I arrived, the place was packed and parking was hard to find. I stepped up to the bars, said my hellos and ordered a drink. I have to say, the first one went down easily and I had forgot or ignored the fact I was in such a thick diaper when I went for another drink. I was just over a half through with the second one when a friend Rachel walked up to the bar. Every time I see her, she is always happy and full of life. I have to say had it been in different times I would have made a move for her. She greeted everyone with a hug and a kiss as I went back about my business of relaxing and people watching. About that time, Rachel came up to me and asked where her hug was as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "you smell nice baby" I only heard baby and blushed as she patted me on my bottom and whispered "you might need a change soon." I stood there blushing and scared wondering how she figured out I was wearing diapers. I started to worry that she might tell everyone as she walked away towards the bathroom. I thought to myself, what I would say next and how I would explain my overly thick diapers due to incontinence to this beautiful women. I saw her coming back out of the bathroom and head straight towards me. She walked up and looked at me and said, “I always wondered why you had such a cute puffy bottom and hardly ever went to the bathroom. She continued with her curiosity and asked if I was really in a diaper as she lifted the hem of my shirt, squeezed my thick diaper and patted my plastic pants. Hoping no one was watching, I replied, obviously I was and I asked if she wouldn't tell anyone. She told me “It will be our little secret for now.” I told her I was incontinent from an accident and had to wear diapers. She continued to lift my shirt and pull my shorts out, when she noticed my blue nursery print plastic pants sticking out the top of my shorts and asked “why are you wearing baby pants then?” I told her, they are not baby pants, they are just plastic pants. She laughed and said,” I’ve never seen an adult in baby blue plastic pants with little characters on them, so they must be baby pants!” I pulled my shirt back down and asked her to stop as someone may be watching. She continued to ask "do you use your diapers for their intended purpose? Do you need to go right now? Do you need a change yet? I was floored, a little embarrassed and nervous all at the same time. By the time she was done asking her questions I noticed drinks had gone into effect on me and I had to pee adding to my already wet diaper. I couldn't lie to her now about using my diaper so I told her I did have to go and I do use them for what they are made for. I added, “in fact, I am already wet.” She giggled and got a huge smile on her face. Some people, heard and saw what she was doing, but luckily no one I knew heard every word or saw her checking my diaper. We stood out at the tiki bar saying hi to friends as she kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the time smiling at me. She whispered in my ear, “You know your loving it, I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front,” she was right, I was loving it! By this time, I had enough to drink and was thoroughly soaked. I told Rachel I had to go home and change as I did not bring a spare on with me. Once again, she pulled the back of my shorts out to perform a diaper check as I prayed no one was looking. She snickered, patted my bottom again and said, “I think somebody has a very wet diaper and needs his little diaper changed.” I paid my bill as well as Rachel’s. I turned to say goodbye to her as she gave me a hug and squeezed the back of my diaper while saying “you better bring spare diapers with you next time or I will tell everyone what a sissy diaper boy you are!” I quickly walked away thinking what had I got myself into this time? Caught In Diapers At The Tiki Bar - 2 Over MLK weekend, I decided to go back to the Tiki bar for something to eat and a drink or two, hoping I would not run into Rachel again and endure more of the diaper humiliation she dished out last time. I think deep down I was really fantasizing about what would happen if I did run into her again and how far she would take it. It was about mid-day and I had an already wet diaper on so I jumped into the shower to clean up before going out. I laid out a thick and crinkly dry 24/7, jumped up on it and dusted myself heavily with baby powder before tightly taping up the diaper. I remembered, the last time I wore my blue carousel nursery print plastic pants that Rachel had noticed and teased me relentlessly about wearing baby pants. This time I thought I would go for it and wear my soft pink nursery print plastic pants covered by a thin pair cargo shorts and a long sleeve T shirt. Once dressed, I took a look in the mirror, realizing that the diaper was a little more obvious than I thought as I walked out the door. The bar was packed usual, I said my hellos and took a seat on a stool at the end of the bar noticing just how thick and noisy my diaper really was. I was talking to a bartender named Julie when I felt someone’s hands slip something over my head as I looked down to see a necklace with a baby’s pacifier on the end of it. I turned around to see Rachel smiling at me and tell everyone that she had just attended a baby shower and it was one of the party gag gifts. She laughed and said “you like it don’t you baby?” I went to take it off as she whispered in my ear that I better keep it on or she will tell everyone what a diaper boy I really am. She turned to give everyone hugs and a kisses and then walked back up to me and said “well baby, are you going to stand and give me a hug or not?” She gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek and said "you always smell so nice and fresh like a baby." She then proceeded to pat me on my diapered bottom and whispered "What's a big boy like you doing in diapers and baby pants, huh? You look just like my two year old nephew. I love patting his cute bulging diapered bottom too." I was blushing so hard I could feel my cheeks burning as I prayed no one saw what she just did. In order to avoid any further humiliation, I grabbed her a barstool and slid it next to mine. She sat down and looked at me with a beautiful smile as she started patting my crotch, and said. "How are my baby's diapers? Are they wet?" I told her no, that I was dry. She looked around to make sure no one was watching as she lifted my shirt and quickly spotted my pink nursery print plastic pants sticking out the top of my shorts laughed and said “I guess you’re a baby girl today if you’re wearing pink baby pants then.” I looked at her and said “I told you last time, they are not baby pants, and they are just plastic pants for incontinence.” She giggled and said, “Why don’t we ask Julie if your pretty little pink plastic pants with little characters on them are baby pants or not!” I pulled my shirt back down and as she turned and told Julie she has a question. I turned bright red and said “please don’t do this to me, what do I have to do for you to keep this our secret?” She continued to pat my diapered crotch, laughed and said, "I love to tease you and make you blush," just as Julie walked over and she said “can we get a large ice tea for my baby here?” I blushed at the thought of constantly being called baby, but was glad she did not take the humiliation any further. About twenty minutes later, I started squirming in my seat. She looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “What's the matter, baby? Do you need to go potty?" A couple people gave me an odd look as she said this. "Yes," I replied. "I got to go real bad." She giggled and responded, “Your wearing diapers and baby pants, so pee.” By then my bladder was aching. I couldn't hold it any longer. I stood up and told her I was going to the restroom as she grabbed my hand and told me to sit down or she will pull my shorts down in front of everyone. She looked at me and said “Do you really want everyone to see what a big baby you really are in your diapers and pretty pink baby pants, then sit down?” I sat down quickly just as I started wetting my diaper. It came out so fast you could hear an obvious hissing sound coming from my baby pants. I had to admit to myself that the hot, wet diapers gave me a tremendous hard-on. Rachel noticed the bulge in my baby pants and started to pat my diaper and said, "So that's why you like to wear diapers, huh?" I couldn't answer her because I was on the verge of tears. Now she knew every shameful detail and I hated to think what would happen next. I was thoroughly soaked and humiliated as I told Rachel I had to go home and change. She smiled and lifted my shirt and pulled the back of my shorts out to perform a diaper check as I prayed no one was looking. She laughed, patted my bottom and said, “It looks like the big baby has a very wet diaper and needs his diapers changed.” I paid my bill and told her I would see her later. She gave me a glaring look and responded, “I told you last time that you better bring a change of diapers and plastic pants with you or I will tell everyone what a sissy diaper boy you are. Did you bring them or not?” I told her have spare diapers and plastic pants in my truck, but did not really want her to see me in just diapers and have to change me. She laughed at me and replied, I have changed many of baby’s diapers in my life and seen many little boys wee wees. I blushed and stood to go out to my truck with her behind me squeezing and patting the seat of my diaper and telling me how much fun this is going to be as she took hold of my hand. Luckily for me, my truck was parked against a hill and next to some tall bushes. I opened the back door near the bushes and showed her my backpack with everything in it. She took out a Dry 24/7 diaper, commenting that it looked like a big boy pamper, a pair of yellow plastic pants, baby wipes and powder. “Well” she replied, “It looks like the big baby is ready for more than one diaper change.” I saw the yellow plastic pants with bears on it that that she picked out and got a raging hard-on again. She noticed my reaction and started laughing. "I know what baby wants to wear,” said Rachel as she rubbed the bulge in my baby pants. I nearly came right there. I stood there staring at her as she said, “that diaper is not going to change itself, so let’s get them big boy pants off first.” She started to unbutton my shorts as I tried to stop her and tell her we cannot do it here. She laughed and replied “it’s either here or in the ladies bathroom, you choose.” Rachel then pulled my shorts down and told me to step out of them and hop up on the seat as she patted my plastic panties telling me how cute they were. She guided me up onto the back seat and massaged the front of my plastic pants saying, "I bet baby can't help but cum in his little baby pants. I bet he even likes to sit and squish in his cum, huh? Wouldn't that be nice and shameful? She watched with glee as I exploded into the front of my diapers. It was the greatest orgasm of my life. I didn't think I had that much cum inside of me. She laughed at me and said, “Now we can change those wet and sticky diapers,” as she sternly told me to lift my butt, and proceeded to pull my plastic pants down and then un-taped my wet diapers "My, you are wet aren't you?" She exclaimed as she pulled the diaper from under me. Noticing my pacifier she placed around my neck earlier, "Lets pop this in, it'll help calm you down" She said. And before I knew it she'd popped the pacifier into my mouth. Almost without thinking I began to suck on it, the soft rubber nipple almost filling my mouth. Things were happening fast now, the pacifier had subdued me into submission, and Rachel was in full control, she slipped her fingers between my knees and gently forced my legs apart. I continued sucking on my pacifier as she unfolded the diaper and placed it on the seat between my legs. "Just lift your bottom up for me baby." She said softly. I did as I was told and she then slipped the diaper under my raised bottom. "There we go," She cooed softly. “Now let's get you cleaned up and make sure you’re nice and powdered shall we?" Rachel was smiling down at me as she twisted open the top of the powder bottle. I turned my head to one side as she began to sprinkle liberal amounts of powder over me. I laid right back and looked up at the roof of the truck, I shut my eyes tightly with embarrassment as she carefully rubbed some powder around my penis, lifting it gently with her fingers. Then she began to sprinkle fine layers of it all around my bottom, which fell like fine snow and filled the air with a sweet perfume. "There we are," she said "Baby's all ready." And so the moment had arrived, the moment I had been dreading with ever increasing frustration and shame. Here I was, a grown man, naked, lying on the seat of my truck with a pacifier in my mouth, about to be dressed in a diaper. I looked up, Rachel was smiling down at me, and behind that smile was a look of satisfaction and joy, like she was enjoying and reveling in my shame and embarrassment. She was in total control and I was utterly powerless to stop her. I closed my eyes tight shut as she gently pulled the diaper up and over my crotch. Then she reached across and removed the little tab from one of the side tapes. I felt the diaper tighten on one side as she stuck the tapes together. The plastic of the diaper rustled and crinkled as she pulled the other tapes across, pulling the diaper tightly around me. I remained in my exposed position as she then began to fiddle and adjust my diaper. She slipped her fingers under each side of the leg elastic and ran them all the way round, making sure that the elastic was not tucked in or twisted. I remember her 'pinging' the elastic against me, in a sort of mocking salute to a job well done, a pleasing smile on her face. The diaper rustled loudly as it was pulled about and adjusted, I could feel the bulkiness of it immediately, the thick mass of soft plastic diaper pushed against the insides of my legs, enveloping me, making it impossible to close my legs to any degree. The thin plastic edge at the top of the diaper came up quite high, almost to my belly button, she ran her fingers around the top, and giving my diaper a little tug to make sure it was fitted correctly. She lifted my legs once more as she picked up the yellow nursery print plastic pants. Then she gave them a shake and proceeded to place them over my feet. The plastic was soft yet rustled loudly as my feet were guided through the leg holes. I felt the elastic gradually tighten around my legs as they were pulled up to my thighs before being stretched and pulled up over my thick diaper. She then brought my legs down and proceeded to adjust them, she pulled the plastic pants up as high as she could, and tucked the diaper under them wherever it poked out. Then she once again spread my legs wide and closely examined the leg holes, paying particular attention in making sure the diaper was securely under the plastic pants, and each time she tucked the diaper in she would release the elastic with a snap. "There we go," She said proudly. Babies all done." And with that she leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead before taking my hands and pulling me up into a sitting position with my feet dangling over the side of the truck. I looked down at my diaper, hardly believing what I was seeing. It was so large and obtrusive. The plastic pants were stretched smooth over the diaper, and was shiny enough to reflect the light from the sun. The diaper was so thick between my legs. I opened my legs and caught a glimpse of the elastic around the leg holes where the plastic was bunched up and wrinkled. It felt so babyish. She took hold of my hands and pulled me out of the truck as my eyes darted around hoping no one could see my babyish attire. She threw my shorts at me and told me to meet her inside the bar as she turned and walked away and said, “you might want to take the pacifier out of your mouth first diaper boy.”
  13. Since I wear diapers almost every day (I take them off under some circumstances), my answer to this question is yes. What about you?
  14. Hi everyone, This is my first attempt at writing a story. I decided I wanted to go for bit different than some of the usual premises for these kinds of stories, so this is a teen superheroine story. There'll be the usual diaper and ageplay elements, though it may take a bit for those elements to surface. So without further ado, here's chapter one. Content note for this chapter: kidnapping, medical stuff Of Capes, Cowls, and Cuddles Chapter 1: Attunement Bridget tried to struggle against the restraints that held her to the steel table, but it was useless. They were metal and cold, and didn't budge no matter how hard she fought. She tried to look around, to find something she could use to escape, but everything was washed out beneath violet operating lights, except for the dim outline of a few men in black lab coats, and the pulsing of a web of multicolored tubes that led from the table to IVs that pierced her in a dozen places. The fluids that flowed into her were neon yellow and green, and an orange that hurt her eyes to even look at. “Host vitals normal. Begin tertiary attunement” The voice was clinical and dispassionate, as cold as the metal she was laying on. She could hear the whirring of some kind of machinery behind her, and suddenly she felt a wave of pain coursing through her body. It was so intense that she couldn't help but scream. But even as she did, no sound came out. The figures in lab coats paid her no mind, and they walked b\between consoles and screens, adjusting knobs and pressing buttons with military precision. The pain kept coming, wave after wave after wave, and soon she lost all sense of time. In the few moments between the pulses of agony, she looked at her pale skin and received a renewed dose of terror. The veins beneath her arm began to glow purple, as though the blood they contained had been replaced by some horrible ichor. As the shock of the sight overcame her pumping adrenaline, Bridget stopped struggling, and went limp, her body alternately wracked by pain and helpless sobbing. If she had the ability to produce sound, the only thing that anyone would have heard was a tiny, mewling cry, that of a helpless, defeated child. “Please...I want my mommy” After a long stretch of despair, that she had no way of counting, there was the sudden sound of rushing feet from outside the room, a few muffled shouts and the rattle of gunfire. “Hold! The operation is not finished!” The voice on the other side was crisp and commanding, but even through the haze of her own pain and terror, Bridget could hear the fear that ran through it. “Fall back! Close the emergency door-” The voice was suddenly cut off, and there was a massive thud, as though a massive something had just crashed against the steel of the door. “Those bullets won't work, you know. And seeing as you scumbags have my sister, unless you want to learn how many bones the human body has by me breaking them all, I suggest you stand aside.” There were more shouts of orders, punctuated by gunfire, but in a few moments, there were four thuds, the sound of as many Meanwhile bodies crumpling to the floor. Bridget recognized her sister Samantha's voice, and that recognition jolted her out of her reverie. With an effort, she turned her head toward the source of the noise. She hoped desperately to see an orange yellow uniform with the white starburst cape that always hung outside her sister's room, with a familiar head of shoulder-length golden hair and eyes that glowed with a light like the sun when her sister was angry. Instead, she saw a massive reinforced door, and a flurry of lab coats. The doctors and scientists now moved with a good deal more panic and a great deal less cool precision, as they fled pell-mell for the emergency exits, away from the sounds of banging and gunfire. The door began to buckle, as though someone on the other side were striking it with a massive battering ram Bridget tried again to cry out, to let her sister know she was there. But as she did, she felt a strange chill course through her body, and an unfamiliar finger touched her lips, gently but irresistibly shushing her. Bridget craned her neck to try to look up at the head of the operating table and found herself gazing up at an upside down version of herself. Well, almost herself. Bridget had never, even in her goth phase, been a fan of all black or all that much leather, and her hair was certainly not a neon red. But the soft oval of her face was exactly the same down to the identical dimple in her chin and mole on the left side of her face, The girl's grey eyes were identical to Bridget's, and they had the same skinny frame. As Bridget looked up at her doppelganger it spoke, and its voice too was like hers, except that it reverberated with an unearthly echo. “It is done. With this, little flesh-thing, you and I shall both have exactly what we desire.” Bridget opened her mouth to respond, but the moment she did so, the other her dissolved into mist. Before she could stop herself, Bridget found herself breathing it in. It left a hot, dry sensation in her mouth like the one time she'd tried hookah. She coughed and spluttered, and felt a sudden stabbing pain as her motion jostled the tubes that still trapped her. Samantha came into Bridget's view her blond hair mussed with the exertion of her battle, and her expression radiating concern. She looked in confusion at all the tubes and wires, trying to figure out which ones to pull first to free her captive sister. “Bebe, are you all right? Can you hear me?” she cried, her molten gold orbs staring intently into Bridget's face. “Come on, wake up!” Bridget tried again to speak, to give some audible indication that she'd heard and understood, but she found herself still unable to speak, and her eyes drawn to her sisters', until the bright light emanating from one of them filled her entire field of vision, blocking out even the horrible light above the operating table. “Please, wake up!” The world was swallowed up by white light, unbearably, impossibly bright. ---- Hope you enjoy! Comments very much appreciated.
  15. Had an idea this morning and put down three short paragraphs. No planning/outlining started and have no idea concerning where it might go. At the moment looking for some input concerning possible plot, style, and anything else ya'll would like to comment on. Janet Green lay on her back, eyes clamped shut, and wide awake. The self-loathing hurt more than the multiple weals striping her buttocks. She’d learned years ago the love-hate relationship between the physical and emotional pains was a balance she had to live with. She called it her horse and carriage syndrome - can’t have one without the other. Strands of her sable hair, glued hours ago to her face by her own sweat, remained in place. She didn’t need to be bound so she couldn’t move, but she felt safe within the grasp of the warm leather straps. Nor did she need the blindfold covering her coffee-colored eyes or the over sized latex pacifier parting her thin, almost boyish lips, but they comforted her. Surrendering to the craving to surrender was simply more balance in her life. The diaper, however, she needed. The diaper kept the world away and kept Daddy in her life. Janet needed Daddy because he made the balance possible. Daddy was the fulcrum on which the balance of her life teetered. Ready, set - COMMENT!
  16. Hi Everyone, I know that some folks from DD read my Ebooks. I recently wrote a sequel to "The New World". (I'm planning for it to be the second part of a trilogy) If you have any interest in the Ebook, you can follow the link below. Chapter one is also posted below in case anyone wants to check it out! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073JHQR8F I. Back to School January 22, 2055 It was Monday, the first day of the new semester. Mike was pleased with himself for getting to class early as he set his backpack on the floor beside his desk, taking a seat. As the other students filed into the room, Mike sat at his desk watching intently for any male students that might enter the lecture hall. None showed up. It wasn’t exactly surprising considering that most students at the university were girls. An attractive looking blonde girl wrinkled her nose and sneered at him as she walked past, taking a seat on the other side of the room. Feeling a stream of warm pee flowing into his disposable diaper, Mike sighed. While none of his female classmates ever said it, Mike often got the feeling that they saw him as a nuisance. In high school, most of the girls he knew seemed to accept or at least tolerate him and he had plenty of male friends. It was no secret though that college girls saw their male classmates as ignorant, immature, and disgusting. Perhaps there was some truth to the latter part. Mike hated wearing diapers and considering the fact that some less discreet guys messed themselves while in class on occasion, he could see why a girl might not want to sit next to them. But considering that his own diaper was still (mostly) dry and clean, that blonde girl’s look of disgust was entirely unwarranted. The professor, a middle aged woman, introduced herself and Mike did his best to listen to what she had to say. A small screen on his desk lit up and the text of the class syllabus appeared. Mike tried to act as though he was paying attention but after a long winter break, he had trouble focusing on anything academic. It wasn’t as if it was any ordinary winter break either. It had been nothing short of incredible. Trying to forget the dirty look that his female classmate had given him, he thought of his girlfriend Emily. Maybe Emily didn’t treat him as an equal but she obviously cared about him as a person. It was still hard for Mike to believe that he had a girlfriend, let alone that she had taken his virginity. While he’d never seen pegging as ‘real’ sex, his experience with Emily had caused him to question that… actually, it had caused him to question a lot of things. The anal sex had been painful without a doubt but the pain had been rewarded with intense pleasure at the end. He had been sore for days afterwards though and even seemed to walk a little differently. Mike still dreamed of one day having vaginal intercourse with Emily but getting pegged was undeniably enjoyable. He wasn’t going to ask her to peg him again but if it happened at some point in the future, he certainly wouldn’t object to it. If nothing else, Emily pegging him again would relieve some of the pent up arousal and sexual tension he was feeling. As his mind wandered, Mike found himself getting hard in his diaper; his erect little nub pressing up against the sodden padding that confined it. With a frown, he squirmed in his seat, his diaper crinkling underneath him. Slowly running his hand over his padded crotch, he tried to resist his sexual urges. He quickly took his hand out of his lap, placing it on the desk. He’d heard a story last semester about a sophomore boy that had been expelled because the professor had caught him rubbing the front of his diaper while in class. Mike’s mind wandered back to the previous semester when he had successfully masturbated in his diaper after lights-out in the dorms. The fact that boys sometimes had ‘nocturnal emissions’ or wet dreams gave him some plausible deniability when his diaper got changed the following morning. Even so, the possibility of getting caught gave Mike some anxiety. Masturbation wasn’t allowed under any circumstances. Emily was planning to pick him up on Wednesday night to take him out for dinner. Surely he could last two days without touching himself. He knew how lucky he was to have a girlfriend. The single boys in the freshmen dorms couldn’t go anywhere on weeknights unless one of their family members signed them out. And they certainly didn’t have anyone to pleasure them sexually! Back in the dorms, Mike found some solace in the fact that his friend Drew would be his new roommate. The skinny kid’s hair was wavy and untamed as usual, much like Drew himself. “What’s up, man?” Drew smiled, high fiving Mike as he walked into the dorm room. “Not much, how was your break?” Mike asked. “It was okay. My mom was kind of a bitch to me but what else is new? How was your break?” Drew asked. “It was uh… good.” Mike wondered if he should tell Drew that Emily had pegged him. Part of him was still embarrassed about the whole experience and he had never dreamed that getting fucked in the ass would be something to boast about. Even so, Drew was his closest friend in college… and the kid often seemed sex obsessed. Mike wanted to talk to someone about the experience. “Emily totally invited me to uh, meet her folks and went up to a lodge in the mountains.” Mike said hesitantly. “Really? Did her parents pay for that?” Drew asked. “Yeah.” “Nice! Be careful though, bro. Next thing you know, she’ll want to marry you. You want to be under some bitch’s thumb for the rest of your life?” “No! Anyway, who said anything about marriage?” Mike groaned. “Well, meeting the parents is how shit like this usually starts. She is your girlfriend, right?” “Yeah, I guess so.” Mike suddenly felt very conflicted. He loved Emily and she was an amazing person but Drew was right to say that marrying her would mean giving up on his dream of ‘freedom’ and living on his own. For years, Mike dreamed of what it would be like to have his own job and his own apartment, living his own life without any girls bossing him around. He would wear underwear too or at least some kind of pull-ups. He would use the toilet and the days of him relieving himself in his diaper would be nothing but a memory. Of course, all this was just a fantasy but he was convinced that hard work could make it all a reality. While he couldn’t be sure what his future with Emily would hold, he knew full well that she would never allow him to wear normal underwear. Both of her brothers were in diapers 24/7 and she was convinced that was what was best for them. The few times Mike had mentioned his desire to get out of diapers, Emily rolled her eyes and shook her head. It was if she thought the idea itself was too silly for her to take seriously. Mike’s mixed feelings about Emily gave him an uneasy feeling in his stomach but the feeling wasn’t entirely due to his emotions. Ever since his last class, Mike had been holding in an impending bowel movement until he could find some privacy. In truth, as much as he liked hanging out with Drew, he had hoped that Drew wouldn’t be in the room when he walked in. Mike wanted some privacy while he messed his diaper. Not only that but the fact that boys weren’t allowed to masturbate meant that pooping in his diaper might be the most pleasurable thing that he did that night. A moment in private might allow Mike to savor the cathartic experience. “Anyway, did you at least get to fuck Emily when you guys went to that lodge?” Drew asked. “Well… not exactly.” Mike said, staring at the floor. “Dude! You’re blushing. I know that look. You got pegged.” Drew said with a mischievous grin. “No, I didn’t.” Mike said. “Oh yes did! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. That chick Lauren pegged me last semester. She jerked me off while she did it. It was awesome. As far as I’m concerned, if a chick makes you cum, that’s a victory.” Mike shrugged. “Tell me the truth. She fucked you, didn’t she?” Drew said. “Yeah.” Mike nodded. “Awesome. You’re no longer a virgin now!” Mike offered a shy smile. It was strange to think that getting fucked in the ass was some kind of great accomplishment but he had to admit that it had been a sort of ‘right of passage’ for him as a guy. Even so, he was ready to be done with the discussion as he felt a cramp in his belly. Mike cringed as tiny sliver of warm poop slipped between his butt cheeks without warning. While he knew messing his diaper was inevitable, he frowned at the fact that he hadn’t anticipated the small accident that had just taken place. He had always prided himself on being able to control that particular bodily function. Like all boys, he would wet his diaper uncontrollably and frequently throughout the day but being able to decide when he pooped was a small kind of independence that he clung to desperately. It was one of the few decisions Mike could make for himself. At least it wasn’t a full blown accident… yet. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to hold it for much longer, he needed find somewhere private soon. “I’ll uh, be right back.” Mike said. “Hey where you going?” Drew asked. But Mike didn’t respond. A second later, he had closed the door behind him and found himself in the hallway. While he heard the echo of some of the R.A.s chatting in the main room, the hallway was empty. With another cramp, Mike got down onto his knees. Without any further delay, he let go. Filling the seat of his diaper with a load of warm poop, he breathed a sigh of relief. As he pushed more poop into his messy diaper, the sensation reminded Mike of the feeling of Emily sliding her rubber phallus into his butt. Closing his eyes, he grabbed his hard penis through the thick padding that surrounded it. His little nub strained against the garment that confined it as he pooped in his diaper, the large mess spreading out between his legs. Though he would never admit it, the warmth of the smelly poop so close to his genitals was incredibly arousing. He contemplated sitting down on the floor just to accentuate the sensation. Opening his eyes again, Mike saw a long pair of legs in some baggy jeans. Looking up, he saw a familiar looking girl with a buzz cut and a pierced nose standing over him. It was Alyssa. “What are you doing out here?” she asked. “I um, had to go uh… you know, number two?” Mike mumbled. “Yeah, thanks for the update. I knew you were making a mess in your pants. Why are you out here in the hall though?” Alyssa said, raising her eyebrows. “I just wanted uh, privacy?” “You’re a freshmen boy. You don’t get ‘privacy’.” Alyssa said, using air quotes. “You should be in your room studying, not out here slacking off.” Mike didn’t know what to say. He felt like a helpless child kneeling there on the floor with a mess in his sagging diaper. “I just… had to go.” Mike said. “You’re a boy. I certainly don’t expect you to be able to control when you poop and pee. But I do expect you to be in your room studying. There’s no reason that you can’t be studying while you make a mess in your diaper and there’s certainly no reason for you to be loitering out here in the hall. Now I want you to go back in your room and finish making your mess. I’ll come check on you in 15 minutes.” “But I’m done going uh… number two.” Mike said, feeling embarrassed. “Well, I’ll change you in 15 minutes then. I’ve changed plenty of boys diapers and a lot of them have a tendency to poop again as soon as I change them. So if we’re in the dorms, my rule is to wait 15 minutes before changing them just to make sure they’re really finished.” “But -” “No arguments. This isn’t debate club. I’m in charge. Now go back to your room.” Alyssa said, taking him by the arm and pulling him onto his feet. Opening the door to his room, Alyssa sent him back inside. Drew raised an eyebrow at Mike as Alyssa shut the door behind him. “Dude, were you out there pooping the whole time?” “How did you know?” Mike asked. “I can smell you from over here.” Drew said with a chuckle. “Did you know about Alyssa’s dumb 15 minute rule?” “Yeah, she was my R.A. last semester, remember?” “Its fucking stupid.” Mike said from a frown. “Yeah. You know what I like to do?” “What?” “After I poop, I like to sit down and wiggle my ass a little. That way, when Alyssa changes me, she has a nice big mess to clean up.” “Doesn’t that make the diaper change take longer?” Mike asked. “Yeah but its more of a chore for her. It’s my way of getting revenge on her for being such a bitch. It kind of feels good too!” Drew said with a chuckle. After being in college and living in the freshmen dorms for a semester, Mike accepted that there was a naturally sensual aspect to messing his diaper. Pooping in the hallway had been enjoyable until Alyssa caught him. Anyway, what right did she have to wait to change his diaper? He always got his poopy diaper changed immediately when Emily as his R.A. last semester. Mike glanced at his watch. It would be 14 more minutes before he’d got a diaper change. He figured he might as well get comfortable. With a shrug, he waddled over to the small desk in the corner and pulled out his chair before plopping down to take a seat. “Right on.” Drew smiled. Mike didn’t respond. He was too distracted by the feeling of his mess oozing between his legs and covering him like a warm blanket. The elastic leg bands of his disposable diaper always kept everything contained but maybe Drew was right? If Alyssa was going to act like a bitch, maybe this was a good way to gain some small measure of revenge? Wiggling his butt in the chair where he was seated practically guaranteed a tedious and time-consuming task for Alyssa. Glancing at his watch again, Mike frowned. Emily hadn’t called him once or sent him any messages all day. To be fair though, she had mentioned that Monday would be very busy for her. Suddenly, a small measure of guilt began to creep into his mind. Over winter break, Mike had felt so adult going to a ski lodge with Emily, losing his virginity, and spending the night with her. He had felt worthy of the attractive older girl’s affections. Mike knew how rare it was for someone as mature as Emily to date someone a couple of years younger than her. Yet there he was, sitting in his messy diaper and wiggling his butt around like some bratty toddler. He didn’t feel very grown up in that moment. His watch projected the text of one of the chapters in his textbook but Mike couldn’t concentrate. The more sensual aspects of pooping in his diaper were no longer quite as appealing and he now just felt infantile and helpless. As much as he hated to admit it, he was actually happy to see his dorm room door swing open to reveal Alyssa standing in the doorway. “Is the baby boy done making a mess in his diaper?” Alyssa asked. Mike quietly nodded. “Okay then, come here.” she said, holding out her hand. Reluctantly, Mike waddled over to her and took it as she led him down the hallway and into the main room. Having gone through the same routine many times before, he obediently climbed up onto the counter, using the small step stool below. Untaping his diaper, Alyssa’s pursed lips and furrowed brow indicated that she didn’t relish the chore in front of her. Grabbing his knees and pulling them to his chest, Mike was content to just stare at the ceiling. The expression on Alyssa’s face just made him nervous anyway. While Emily’s touch during diaper changes was tender and gentle, Alyssa’s was firm and tense. Pulling three moist wipes from the plastic box on the counter, she quickly began wiping him off. Mike couldn’t help but wonder if she knew, or at least suspected, that he’d deliberately done all he could to make himself as messy as possible. If she did know though, she didn’t say anything. The two of them endured an uncomfortable silence as she wiped him thoroughly. With a fair amount of poop on his balls, Alyssa’s wiping slowly began to focus on his perineum and genitals. Despite the fact that he hated Alyssa, Mike knew that spreading his mess around seemed to have another added benefit. The fact that a girl was paying such close attention to his balls and erect penis felt nice. Closing his eyes tightly, the teasing sensation of Alyssa smearing cold diaper rash cream over his butt was almost too much. Her lotion covered fingers slid between his butt cheeks and around his sphincter. More and more since he lost his virginity, Mike was beginning to see his butt as a source of sexual pleasure every bit as much as his penis was. Alyssa quickly unfolded a clean diaper, slipping it under him before shaking on a thick dusting of powder. “Down.” she ordered. As he brought his butt to rest under the soft, thick padding of a clean diaper; Mike’s morale felt much higher than it had been a few minutes ago. His tiny nub still erect, Alyssa quickly pulled the diaper up over him, taping it tightly in place. As he sat up on the counter, Alyssa pulled up his sweatpants and tied the drawstring while he stepped down. “Now don’t let me catch you rubbing the front of your diaper. I don’t care how excited you are; I want you to go straight to your room and study. You got that?” Alyssa said sternly. “Uh-huh.” Mike nodded. “Good. Now get going.” Alyssa said, giving him two firm pats on his padded butt and sending him on his way. Mike had to admit that the fresh clean feeling of the soft padding encasing his erection was a welcome contrast to the nasty mess he’d been sitting in earlier. Maybe he actually could focus on his studies now? That night, Mike didn’t get much sleep. His boner continued pressing up against his diaper, temping him. He recalled the last time he had masturbated in his diaper, months ago. It hadn’t been an easy task by any means but it had been rewarding. Even so, the ‘rewards’ weren’t worth the risk of getting caught. Surely he could make it one more day before his date with Emily. It wasn’t exactly easy but Mike managed to cross the finish line to Wednesday and found himself waiting in the main room of the dorms. Seated alone in a plastic chair at one of the round tables, he watched as Alyssa fixed her eyes on her wrist watch, clearly sending a message to someone. Then a split second later, Emily walked through the door. Her golden brown hair down around her shoulders, she donned a tight sweater, some black leggings, and leather boots with sizable heels. Mike couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. “Emily!” he shouted, getting up out of his seat and running over to her. Embracing her in a big hug, he almost knocked her onto the floor. “Whoa, take it easy, kiddo!” she giggled, hugging him back. Lowering his sweatpants, she wasted no time checking his diaper. “Is he clean and dry?” Emily asked, pulling back the waistband to peek down the back. “I changed him about half an hour ago.” Alyssa said. “I appreciate that.” Emily smiled. “I’ll still never understand why you’d date a freshmen boy.” Alyssa said, shaking her head. “Well, Mikey here is very mature for his age.” Emily said. “Is that so?” Alyssa said, sounding unconvinced. With that, she handed Emily a small screen with a plastic pen attached to it. After scribbling a digital signature on the screen and tapping it twice, everything was done. “Okay, looks like you’re signed out for the night. Here’s his diaper bag. You know when lights-out is so just have him back before then… okay?” Alyssa said, raising her eyebrows at Emily. “Absolutely, I understand the rules.” Emily smiled, slinging the blue diaper bag over her shoulder. Mike’s heart swelled with joy as his girlfriend took his hand, leading him out of the dorms. He eagerly climbed into the passenger seat of her car and fastened his seatbelt. Within seconds, the engine roared to life kicking dust into the air as Emily threw a small lever, pulling up the landing gear. “Did you have a good first few days back at school?” Emily asked, stroking his knee as they ascended into the air. “Yeah. How about you?” Mike asked. “Busy. I know you hate being a freshmen but remember, junior year is the hardest for most students.” Once they were seated at the restaurant, a waitress brought Emily a small glass of wine and a sippy cup full of juice for Mike. Seeing the gorgeous brunette seated at the other end of the booth, it felt as though she was a mile away. For some time, Mike had fantasized about this night and yearned to be close to her. Maybe she would peg him again later with her strap-on dildo? Or better yet, maybe she would offer him a hand job during a diaper change? “I missed you.” Mike said, trying to sound sentimental. “Aw, I missed you too, sweetie.” “Can I uh… come and sit on your side of the booth?” Mike asked. “Sure, cutie.” Emily said with a smile. A second later and Mike was snuggled up beside her with his arms wrapped around her waist. Resting his head on her shoulder, he loved the smell of the shampoo she used as it mixed with the aroma of her perfume. Living with all the boys in the dorms, Mike had become accustomed to the smells of stale urine, the occasional messy diaper, and the overwhelming scent of baby powder in the air. Emily’s feminine and mature scent made him hornier than ever. Squirming and crinkling, his hard nub pressed up against his diaper but he tried to remain calm. After a quick dinner, he would almost certainly have some relief. When their food arrived, Emily used her fork and knife to cut Mike’s steak into small bite-sized portions for him. Mike frowned but he had to admit that plastic untensiles that the waitress had supplied him wouldn’t exactly get the job done. Stabbing the little bites of his steak with his plastic fork, he ate happily while seated at Emily’s side. With a stream of warm pee in his sodden diaper, he knew he would need to be changed soon. That suited him just fine. After all, his diaper would hopefully be coming off soon for other reasons. As their meal came to an end, Mike became increasingly more curious about where they were heading next. Since Emily was no longer an R.A., Mike knew that she had a new apartment on campus somewhere. “Do you want to go back to your place after dinner?” Mike asked, snuggling up beside her. “Sweetie. I think we should be taking you back to the dorms after this.” Emily said, tussling his hair. “What? Seriously? Why?” Mike groaned. “Hey now, don’t make that face at me, Mikey. This is a school night. Just because you have a girlfriend, doesn’t mean you can neglect your academic responsibilities. You got good grades last semester and I’m proud of you but I am not going to let our relationship distract you from your academics. You’re going to graduate with honors, mister.” Mike whimpered, snuggling up close to Emily and holding her tight. “I just… miss you.” he mumbled. With a warm smile, Emily kissed him on the forehead. “I missed you too, sweetie. Now I know you’re a boy. I know what boys usually have on their mind, especially at the beginning of the semester. If you can behave yourself this week and focus on your school work, I’ll give you a little reward when I pick you up this weekend.” Emily said. “Really?” Mike asked hopefully. “Yep, but for now we’ve got to take you back to the dorms.” Putting his head on Emily’s shoulder, Mike frowned and whimpered but he said nothing. Feeling another trickle of pee, he squeezed his legs together feeling the warm bulge of his wet diaper. Once Emily had paid for dinner, they stood up to leave. “You must be pretty wet by now.” Emily said, noticing his waddle. Before Mike was able to respond, she was pulling down his sweatpants to reveal his wet diaper in the middle of the restaurant. “Hey.” Mike groaned. “Yep, you’re soaked. I want to make sure we send you back to Alyssa with a clean diaper.” Emily said. Mike glared at her as he yanked his sweatpants back up to cover himself. While it wasn’t altogether uncommon for boys to have their diapers checked in public places, Mike had always hated when Emily did it to him. It was one thing to check his diaper in a private place but why did she have to embarrass him in front of everyone in the restaurant? Taking him by the hand, she led him out into the parking lot. Opening the door to the backseat of her car, Emily pressed a button and the seats folded down flat. As she motioned for Mike to climb in, he took the hint and laid down in the car. Nothing was said between them as she pulled down his pants and untaped his diaper. The cool outside air flooded onto his damp genitals. Closing his eyes tightly, Emily’s soft and tender touch was practically torturing him as his tiny, hard penis stood straight up. As her fingertips grazed his balls through the cold baby wipe in her hand, he wanted to beg her for a hand job… or anything that might grant him relief. But with a dusting of powder, she unfolded a clean diaper and slipped it underneath him. Seconds later, the disposable diaper was taped up tightly around him and he was trapped once again. During the ride home, Mike sat in the passenger seat pouting with his arms crossed as he stared out the window. While it was only a few days until Saturday, he knew it would feel like an eternity. He wasn’t going to argue with Emily or try to start a fight but he also wasn’t making much of an effort to hide his disappointment. Back at the dorms, Emily gave him a warm hug which he made a half hearted effort to return. “I love you.” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “I love you too.” he mumbled. “Here’s his diaper bag back, Alyssa. I just changed him so he should be good for a while.” Alyssa took the diaper bag from Emily, thanked her, and Emily walked out the door. Mike frowned as Alyssa took his hand, leading him back to his dorm room. Sitting back at his desk, pressing a button on his watch, Mike once again projected the text of his assigned reading for class. Even Drew seemed to be sitting at his desk studying or at least pretending he was studying. “Hey… can I ask you something?” Mike said, breaking the silence between them. “Sure. What’s up?” “Do you know if there’s a way to um… jerk off without uh, getting caught?” Mike said nervously. “Sure, just do it in the shower like I do. As long as no one rats you out, you’ll be fine. Just don’t get caught rubbing the front of your diaper during the day. I got in big trouble for that last semester!” Drew said. Mike cringed at the thought. Their showers were basically one large room covered in tile with warm water coming out of the spouts on the wall. All the boys showered together and there wasn’t the slightest bit of privacy. While he might have gotten used to being naked in front of the other boys, there was no way he was going to jerk off in front of them! Even so, that night as all the naked boys filed into the steam filled room, Mike was tempted by the idea. Alyssa watched sternly as the boys walked past her on their way into the showers. “If we don’t smell soap on every inch of your bodies when we diaper you for bed, you are all going to be in big trouble!” she shouted. Mike couldn’t help but glance at Drew standing in the corner. The skinny kid with the soapy hands was thrusting and stroking his tiny penis as the water sprayed down his back. Drew had no shame. So many things still embarrassed Mike; from poopy diapers to recently losing his virginity to Emily. His life seemed filled with situations that made him feel small and inadequate. Drew was different though. In some ways, Mike had to admire how the kid never once seemed to get embarrassed about anything. Drew even had a few small chest hairs, much to Mike’s envy. Mike had always wanted chest hair or maybe some peach fuzz on his chin. That was the best that a boy like himself could hope for in modern times. He’d seen pictures from the 20th century where boys had thick beards and hairy bodies. Today though, after generations of hormonal changes, boys didn’t look nearly as strong, tall, or masculine. Mike didn’t have a single hair on his chest and had never been able to grow facial hair. At the onset of puberty, most boys like him that wore diapers had their pubic hair lasered off for the sake of hygiene. Staring down at his hard little nub, Mike wondered if he might be able to find the courage to grant himself some relief. The automatic timer then caused the spray of warm water to stop. The naked boys all collectively groaned as they walked toward the exit, soaking wet. Mike had missed his one opportunity to grant himself some relief. Everything now seemed to arouse Mike. As he laid back on the countertop, he stared at masculine looking waistband of Alyssa’s underwear on display above her jeans. The grey waistband had the brand name written on it in red capital letters. While he preferred looking at Emily’s more feminine underwear, he had to admit that Alyssa’s underwear was also attractive in its own way. Mike had always been fascinated by the sight of underwear and had only a few vague memories from childhood of wearing underwear himself before he went back to diapers permanently. While the sight often turned him on, it also served to draw his attention to the depressing fact that he himself wasn’t allowed to wear underwear. That reality was at the forefront of his mind as Alyssa slipped a clean disposable diaper under his butt. He bit his lip as he felt the tickling of the baby powder before the diaper was taped tightly around his boner. As he opened the door to his dorm room, he found Drew squatting on the floor. Hearing the sound of a wet fart, it was obvious what was going on. Drew smiled. “Alyssa just got me changed for bed. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I go back to her with a poopy diaper.” Drew said with a chuckle. Even though Mike’s thoughts were elsewhere, Drew’s comment made him smile. It was a little funny to imagine Alyssa having to change a poopy diaper before she could put Drew to bed for the night. With a sigh of relief, Drew stood up and waddled out of the room with a smirk on his face. As the door closed behind him, Mike found himself alone. Just then, a mischievous thought entered Mike’s mind. Drew would almost certainly be gone for a little while getting his diaper changed and Mike suddenly had the privacy that he craved so desperately. Now was his chance to jerk off. If Alyssa saw any ‘evidence’ during his morning diaper change the next day, it could easily be dismissed as a wet dream. It would be a little gross sleeping in the same diaper after squirting his load but then again, sitting in his own bodily fluids was nothing new for him as a boy. Mike climbed onto his bed with a crinkle, grasping his padded crotch in both hands. Rubbing the front of his diaper, he slowly moved his hips back and forth ever so slightly for the next two minutes. Closing his eyes, Mike whimpered to himself as his hand began to cramp up. The sensation of touching himself felt pleasurable but he had forgotten just how difficult it was to be trapped in the thick padding of his diaper, trying desperately to bring himself to orgasm. He needed to hurry up and finish though before Drew returned. Grabbing a pillow, he placed it between his legs and began thrusting his hips more aggressively now. Images of Emily’s half naked body flashed through his mind and for a brief moment, he even recalled the sight of her wearing her large strap on… though he wasn’t sure why that image was turning him on at the moment. Mike panted as he continued thrusting forcefully into the soft inside of his dry disposable diaper. He was so close. “Michael!” said a stern feminine voice. Mike froze. He knew that voice. Opening his eyes, he was horrified to see Alyssa standing in the doorway of his room. Drew stood behind her, smirking at the sight in front of him. “Having fun?” Alyssa asked. Mike was totally speechless. “Michael, you know full well what the rules are. I wish I could say I was surprised to see such a disgusting little display. What do you have to say for yourself?” Alyssa said loudly. “I uh… I’m s-s-sorry?” Mike stuttered. “Get up.” Alyssa ordered him. Mike rose to his feet and Alyssa took him by the arm. “Drew, I want you to get into bed and wait for us to come back. Do you understand?” Alyssa said. “Yeah.” Drew said. With that, Alyssa led him down the hallway and into the main room. For the first time that day, Mike felt his penis go totally limp in his diaper… mostly out of fear and the shock of getting caught. “You know what we do to little boys who can’t control their busy hands?” Alyssa asked. Mike said nothing, though he figured that Alyssa wasn’t really expecting a response. “Hop up on the counter.” she said, picking up a box of wipes. Confused, he did as he was told as Alyssa pulled his pants down and untaped his diaper. “We need to put you in a new diaper since you’ve been rubbing and tugging on the front of this one. I don’t think that’ll be a problem anymore after today though!” Alyssa said. Lying on the counter, he watched as Alyssa grabbed a small box out of the cabinet above him. Opening the box, she removed a few pieces of clear plastic and set them on the table beside him. Running a few cold wipes over his genitals, she then slid two clear plastic rings around the base of his balls. He then watched silently as she slid a short plastic tube over his limp penis. The cold plastic felt strange and confining on his genitals. Alyssa then slipped a tiny padlock around the contraption. It beeped twice and with a metallic click, it locked by itself. Alyssa then pressed a button on her watch before unfolding a clean diaper and slipping it underneath him. Mike looked down at the strange device clamped around his genitals as Alyssa pulled the front panel of the diaper up, covering him as she taped it up. “Since this is only your first offense, you’ll be locked up for the next two months.” she said. “Two months? Seriously? I have to wear this… thing for two months?” Mike whined. “Yes and if I hear anymore back talk from you, we’ll get you a pacifier to go with it. Do you understand me?” Mike nodded. “Personally, if it were up to me, I’d just give you a good spanking.” Climbing down off the counter, Alyssa pulled up his sweatpants. As she led him back to his room, he couldn’t help but cringe at the heavy feeling of the chastity device clamped around him under his diaper. Walking back into his room, Mike submissively crawled into bed as Alyssa switched off the lights and shut the door behind him.
  17. I think building tension in stories is the best way to excite the reader. They are especially helpful when reinforcing power dynamics (a major part of any story with D/S elements) amongst the characters. When you're writing for a fetish, you have the benefit of assuming that your reader is aroused or is looking to become aroused. Because of this, I think the best approach is to tease them a little and to hint at what's to come then from there build it by dragging out. For example, say you're making a scene where the tension is wetting, it would go something like this: "You were such a good girl drinking both your bottles for Nanny! Weren't you? Yes you were!" Katie hated that this woman could do this to her. Her Daddy knew she didn't like Nanny, a woman only 10 years older than her, yet fully in charge while Daddy was at work. But in her marriage, she didn't make the rules. So here we have a power dynamic created, the reluctantly submissive infantilized wife, who is competing against her caretaker while her Daddy is away. The use of a Nanny is especially good because the reader knows that Daddy will win no matter what, even Katie has accepted that. If we wanted Katie to get punished for something she could compete against him. But this Nanny, well...maybe Katie can retain some control over her situation after all. Nanny might be an agent enforcing Daddy's will, but she isn't Daddy. We've also introduced an element that will have to be addressed, the not one but two bottles Katie has ingested. The fact she was praised for this implies it was somehow harder to do and potentially challenging. It also implies she has done something Nanny wanted. So, score the first point for Nanny. "Now come along Katie, crawl alongside Nanny to the rocking chair. That's a good girl. Up on Nanny's knee, it's ok to stand up." Using her helpless mitten-encased hands, Katie pushed up and begrudgingly sat on the vile woman's lap. Her large pacifier hid most of her scowling expression, but her eyes still blazed resentment at her situation. Her thick diaper crinkled as she lowered herself onto Nanny's knee. "Sit up straight now darling," Nanny corrected. Katie straitened up, her naked breasts peeking out from under the bottom of her bib, nipples dangling in front of Nanny and ensuring she had no modesty here. So these were just a few little battles that Katie has chosen not to fight Nanny on. Maybe she has tried earlier and lost. Maybe her bottom is still sore from the last time Nanny had to tell her to sit up straight. She had to get permission just to stand up? More to the point, Katie didn't stand until she was told it was ok. The point is, these are easy little ways to reinforce who is in control here. Even calling her darling, when Katie has clearly shown she is not her darling, is a great way to reinforce who is running the show. Nanny is scoring more points, but they're small ones. But allowing Nanny to score them is important, because the reader likes being reminded in unique little ways that Katie isn't in control. We've set the stage for something larger though, now let's find out what it is. Nanny reached up and removed the pacifier from Katie's mouth. "Don't worry little one, I'll make sure you get it back as soon as we're done." Nanny's smile was not returned. Suddenly Katie felt a hand gliding up her back, stopping in the middle below her shoulder blades. Gently, yet forcefully, Katie felt the hand rhythmically begin patting her back. "Let it all out little one. That was a lot of milk you just drank." Katie stared at the wall in front of her, feeling her face redden. Nanny only smiled. A text alert came on Nanny's phone, but she didn't lose pace for a second as she reached for it with her free hand. Katie felt a slight urge to burp and, with embarrassment, gave a little squeak. "Very good baby!" Nanny cheered as she unlocked her phone, never lifting her eyes. As much as she hated it, she knew her caretaker wouldn't stop until Katie had done this at least two or three times. Katie lowered her face to try and sneak a peak at Nanny's phone, held in the hand that now rested on Katie's smoothly shaven legs. Without taking her eyes off the phone Nanny told Katie "eyes ahead" with a tone of warning, all the while never stopping her rhythmic patting. "Well baby girl, it seems your Daddy will be home early today." Katie's heart practically lept for joy with the knowledge she would be freed of her tormentor earlier than expected. "How long?" Katie could feel angry eyes looking up at her, so she quickly added, "Nanny". This seemed to placate her. "He'll be here in an hour or so, maybe a little longer." This was excellent news. If Daddy was going to be here in an hour, that meant she wouldn't have to put up with Nanny giving her another change. She was beginning to feel the first inklings of pressure from her bottles, so she knew would be close, but Katie could manage. Buoyed by this pleasant news, Katie gave another little burp, much to Nanny's delight. Now we know what's at stake here. Katie does not like being changed by her Nanny. She can prevent this by waiting until Nanny leaves to need a diaper change. Note that it's inevitable that she will use her diaper, the two bottles Nanny gave her at the beginning of the scene have determined that, but she does have a chance at winning some control. This is what the audience loves. It's such a low bar to meet that requires such little control, yet we've magnified the stakes because it takes place in the larger context of the power struggle between Katie and Nanny. All the little battles Katie has been losing throughout the scene won't matter because if she can just get this one victory, she will have won the game. She demonstrates this by happily burping, indicating that there's only one fight she wants to take on. Now, let's add the tension. "Well Katie, I think that's enough of that for today. Those bottles should be nice and comfy in your tummy." Nanny gave her a little poke in her stomach to press her point. This annoyed Katie, but she was ready to get off Nanny's lap and back to her play pen to wait for Daddy. Katie shifted her weight forward to bring her toes to the floor. From there she would plop down and await the instruction to "crawl". Before polka dotted socks could touch the carpet however, Nanny pushed her back into her seated position. "Just where are you in a hurry to get to, little one?" Nanny demanded, looking a bit surprised. "I...I wanted to go back to playing with my toys," Katie lied. "Ummhmmm," Nanny hummed with a skeptical look. "Slide over just a little bit sweetie," Nanny commanded. Reluctantly Katie slid on her lap, guided of course by Nanny's hands, until she faced away from Nanny and towards the room, her diapered butt squarely on the tops of Nanny's knees. This shift had caused her legs to spread wide on either direction of Nanny's. The position caused a slight uptick in pressure in Katie's bladder. "Nanny, what ar-" "Shhhhhh," Nanny quieted Katie's worried question. She lifted her pacifier back up towards her mouth, the rubber barely clipping her naked breast before it found its way between her lips. Nervous, Katie gave a cautionary and accepting suck. "Thaaat's a good girl," Nanny said as she stroked her hair. "I wanted to surprise little Katie with a ride today! Yes I did!" With that, Nanny began a gentle bounce with her knees, causing Katie to breathe in with surprise. "See?" Nanny asked. "You're riding a horsey! Isn't that fun?" Katie looked alarmed. The gentle knee bounces couldn't get much more violent before the escalating pressure they put on her bladder could cause a problem. "Nanwy, I don't wike this game." Katie pleaded from behind her pacifier and over the loud crinkles of her diaper. Both the reader and Katie know about the urge to pee she is fighting. We also know that Katie is supposed to be in control of her situation. She picked her battle knowing she only had to beat the clock, but now Nanny has thrown off the routine! But it's too late to change the objective. Katie just has to work harder for it now, meaning we've raised the stakes. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward...but also the bigger the potential fall. Katie tries to get a handle on things by pleading with Nanny to let her off to play with her toys, not good in a battle of wills. Will it work? "Now now little one, this is a fun game. See?" With that, Nanny put her arms around Katie and intensified her bounces. Of course not! Nanny shows her power as the conflict escalates. Katie lowered her hands, pressing them into the front of her diaper in a bid to fight the building pressure. If she could only close her legs! Nanny reached out and grabbed her wrists, pushing them up above her shoulders. "Hands up on the horsey, baby girl! It's like you're in the rodeo! Weeee!" With a grimace and a look of disdain Katie bit down on her pacifier, meekly holding her hands up in the air as she bounced up and down, up and down...Her arms now bouncing as much as her exposed breasts, her childish bib flailing as if in the wind. The pressure was rapidly building, but Katie knew Nanny couldn't keep this up forever. She just had to hang on... Suddenly she felt fingers at her exposed sides. Just below her ribs they danced quickly across her skin. By reflex, Katie shot her arms down to defend her sides. She arched her back in an attempt to get away, her diapered butt knowing better than to try and escape from Nanny's knee. An unwilling smile formed and she bit down to try and keep her pacifier in place, another object that was forbidden to leave by anything by Nanny's hand. A pained giggle emanated from behind the plastic guard. Nanny stopped momentarily to lift up her hands and to remind her, sternly, that she was at the rodeo, doubling her bouncing efforts at the same time. Immediately, her fingers continued their torment. Katie was on the edge of bursting into tears, as much from the tickling and squirming she was helplessly doing as from the exponentially rising pressure in her bladder. Just hang on! Katie was yelling to herself on the inside. She was giggling uncontrollably, and each laughter weakened the dam she was trying desperately to hold up. She could feel Nanny's legs slowing however, weakening from the weight of bouncing an grown adult woman. Her fingers seemed to be tiring as well, as Katie forced herself to try and relax and stop being tickled. We're at the climax now, and in her darkest hour Katie can see rays of hope. She's at the breaking point. Nanny has thrown surprises at her but she has so far persevered. Can she hang on and win her battle? "Pleaseeee Nannnyyyyyy," Katie pleaded through gritted teeth. Finally, her tormentor removed her fingers. A few surrendering bounces stopped as her tired legs came to a halt. Nanny laughed as she looked curiously at the woman on her lap. Katie was breathing heavily and still desperately hanging on. A drop or two had been absorbed by her diaper, but only she would know. "Well, didn't you have fun at the rodeo, little one?" Nanny asked casually, quickly slipping two fingers under her diaper to check for wetness. They were a little slow to withdraw, almost as if disappointed. Katie smirked behind her pacifier, though from her position she was confident Nanny couldn't see. Ah haaa. Now we see that Nanny knew what game they were playing the whole time. Was this always her plan? Is that why she gave so many bottles, to force out a wetting? We don't know if Nanny has planned this from the beginning or adopted it when she got the text, but now we understand Katie has won a game with even higher stakes than she realized. This is a big victory for a woman (dare we call her by her real age? Has she earned that?) who doesn't get many at all. Taking one more deep breath to recover, her confidence was growing. With an air of victory Katie responded, "Yeth Nanny, I di-" Suddenly she felt two arms on her tummy, squeezing in tight. She had been looking towards the ceiling to conceal her little smirk and didn't realize Nanny had reached around her waist to give an apparent hug. With a gasp Katie exhaled, her pacifier falling towards her dangling legs. The force of Nanny's squeeze caused her top half to lose her balance, her back pressing into Nanny's waiting chest. The back of her head came to rest beside Nanny's own, gently on her shoulder. If someone had taken a picture, they would have seen a smiling caretaker holding relaxed adult baby girl, her legs spread wide and high in an attempt to regain balance, and a diaper puffing out on the superior woman's lap. Before she had even realized what was going on, Katie heard the sound she had dreaded every day she spent with this woman. The dark spot already forming on the white and puffy elevated diaper. Though their faces were right next to each other, they watched with different expressions. Katie's dismay at her failure bore out on her face as she bit her lip in an attempt to ward off tears. A confident smile appeared on Nanny's face, a quick flash a sadism telling the world she had achieved the result she wanted. Katie tried to sit up, but Nanny pulled her in tight. "Good girl Katie, just let it all out." Defeated, Katie simply relaxed against Nanny's body and froze into place. A muffled sniffle managed to be heard above the wetting, but the tears would soon form. "It's alright sweetie, we'll go straight to the changing table and get you a fresh clean diaper. I might make it a nighttime one, we've been saying these daytime diapers just don't do the trick for too long now. Yes, this one's gonna be sooo full when you finish." With that Katie could no longer contain herself. She let out a wail that filled the room. Nanny simply cooed and patted her head until Katie had finished. After the diaper could take no more, Nanny gently let the baby back on the floor. Soggy and wet, Katie waited instruction as she tried to quiet herself on all fours. Picking up Katie's pacifier from the floor, Nanny cleaned it on her dangling bib before plopping it back into her mouth. Katie looked up at her with defeated and watery eyes. Nanny gave her a gentle smile before looking forward and beginning to walk towards the door. She allowed herself a few feet a which Katie, surprised again, only looked at the back of her caretaker. "Crawl," she said to the front of the room. Soggy diaper in tow, Katie did. Ah yes, it's always fun to keep the reader on their toes. Even when Katie thinks she's won, Nanny snatches back a victory. It was a humiliating defeat for Katie and she can't even contain that she lost. She cried when she wet her diaper because she knew both of them knew she was trying to hold it in. Ironically, if Katie had just submitted and wet like a good little girl without a fuss, the victory for Nanny would have been like the others, uncontested and un-noteworthy. If the story had continued, it's this game where it's best if you don't play that slowly breaks down a submissive character. We can see in the future where Katie has lost so many battles like this she doesn't even try, she becomes the compliant baby that Nanny wants. But for right now, she is still fighting and losing, and that's the potent spice to the story. Katie chose to fight and because of that she lost more than just the right to avoid one of Nanny's diaper changes. That is how you can use power dynamics and tension to build up your story.
  18. Characters: Paul and Sharon, in their mid-thirties, who weren't able to have their own children James: 2-year-old foster son James woke up in his crib one morning and started babbling, waiting for Mommy or Daddy to come get him. They were so much nicer than his other parents, who left him in his crib most of the time and hardly ever changed his diapers. A few moments later, his Mommy appeared beside his crib. James pulled himself up and happily reached for Sharon. "Mommy!"
  19. (Sorry if this is a bit gross to some lol). But how do you feel about messing? Is it enjoyable? I personally like the feeling of messing more than wetting, it's just a more comfy feel to me. I love the squishy, warm, and messy feel it has. It literally feels like having a banana in the back of your diaper xD. The only problem is the clean up, it can be frustrating sometimes.
  20. Boomer generation diaper lover and sissy interested in meeting similar friends for chat and playdates in the San Diego area (Rancho Bernardo area). Because of when I was born, I prefer cloth diapers and plastic pants, but also use disposables. I enjoy wetting to sogginess, but am not into #2 at all. I'm also a lover of sissy wear, including frilly dresses, petticoats, lingerie (bras, garter belts, stockings, panties), high heels, and makeup and wig if I have the time. I also enjoy porn of all types, and do not mind social drinking and 420 activities - as long as it's all done in fun and is mutually enjoyable. I have wide interests outside the fetish, including movies, travel, dining out, reading, woodworking, and gardening. Please - no hookups, and only others who have similar interests. Be willing to get to know each other and to talk about our fetish to see if we're compatible. No Daddies please. Contact Nikki at [email protected]
  21. This will contain graphic words and have a sexual content between a man and a woman! Rebbecca worked at an old law firm, one that had been started about 90 years ago! Old Mr. Snedly's father had started it! Passed it on to his son old Mr. Snedly, who brought his son Middle Mr. Snedly on as a partner, who brought his son Young Mr. Snedly in as a partner! Young was misleading he was almost 60. She had worked for him for about 10 years! They had hired her right out of University, and she had worked for them since! She was considered beautiful, she had to beat Old Mr. Snedly off with a stick, he might be old as dirt, but he certainly was a dirty old man! It kept her on her toes, he followed her to the lady's restroom one day, seveal years ago! That was her hiding place up until then! She was blonde, which some people thought meant stupid! They had bought into the dumb blonde jokes! She liked it when the men underestimated her she was no blonde joke, you did that and she would hand you your ass! She still went to the gym about two or three times a week where she did Zumba and did cardiovascular exercises. Plus she lifted weights! Her body was toned, as she got older, it was getting harder to stay that way! Rebbecca was also married to her husband of about 8 years Stuart or Stu as everyone called him! He was a a cop, well he was in charge of Dispatch for the local Police Department. He had cought a few bullits and it left him with some medical issues one was his lung was damaged running made him pass out, the one good lung he had left couldn't keep up with the oxygen needs of his body, so he would pass out! He still lifted lots of weights and worked out with machines! Just nothing that involved running or lots of cardiovascular exercises! Rebbecca Called Stu and told him that it looks like another late night for her tonight! Should I save you dinner Becca? That's what he called her. Better not it looks like until the wee hours of the morning! We got that lawsuit that were fighting for our client! Looks like a late night strategy meeting, they will probably bring us in food! Sorry I can't spend this beautiful Friday night with you dear, Rebbecca said! Well maybe I'll see you late, late tonight Stu said, you know I love you Mrs Phelps! Yes I am aware Mr. Phelps! See you when I get home then, maybe! It was another boring strategy meeting, Rebecca was fried, she had started work at 7 am and here it was almost midnight in about 19 minutes! Old Mr. Snedly was dozing off she didn't mind at least when he was asleep he wasn't chasing her! Since the Senior partner was falling asleep they decided that the meeting needed to end! It would be midnight in 12 minutes. She got out of there as fast as she possibly could, into her car, onto the freeway, and home, her watch read 12:07 am as se walked through the door. She started dropping clothes her jacket then her blouse her bra came next! Dammit if it didn't feel great to unleash her girls! Her tweed skirt was unziped, it was the companion to her jacket, dropped about 1/2 the way up the stairs! Her panty hose was next. As she she arrived at the door clad only in her panties she took them off so she was entirely naked as she entered her bed room! Stu was aseep she was naked, she had a thought of her and Stu getting it on, or one of Stu's favorite a lick in the whiskers! She pulled the blankets down on her side of the bed and there they were! Her two thick nighttime diapers and her plastic panties! And her pajamas! Stu was so conciderate! At 32 years old Rebbecca still wet her bed, like she had when she was 5,15 or 25, she had never stopped! She checked Stu, sure enough he had his protection on for the night! When he was shot a bullit hit the nerve that controls Stu's bladder in the day time he's not got a probem! At night he culdnt stay dry if his life depended on it, just like her! They had met when Stu was suing the city! They weren't going to dismiss him due to being left a bed wetter! But was suing claiming that there were other jobs that he could do, like dispatch lead! The job had been given to a female but since he met the criteria, and was a male they had overlooked him! He was claiming sexual harrasment! She ended up being his attorney! They won the case he was able to do the dispatch coordinator job! During the trial his medical issues were brought up including his bed wetting!
  22. My wife and I do a lot of spanking play with diapers. As we have gotten more into spanking harder, we have become frustrated by the number of diapers that just sort of explode with a good paddling. Do any of you know of a (more inexpensive) diaper that holds up better to this kind of play? We use a thick wooden paddle with holes and swing sorta hard. We have used: Tena (normal), Tena super, abena L4, and a host of other off brand diapers
  23. Hello, I'm fairly new to being in diapes, I have tried it a few times and really enjoyed it but in wanting to know about wetting. I have wet a diaper before but always changed out of it right away, but I was wondering can you wet a diaper again? And stay in the same diaper after wetting it? Manu thanks Opus
  24. Where online can I get plastic covered diapers?????
  25. All right folks, I guess that its time that I throw my hat into this wonderful ring of writers that we have here on this site. I’m not promising anything miraculous and the updates may be a bit sparse as I am finally making good on a story idea that has been in my head for a few years and has somewhat been inspired on by other works that I see here. This will be the first chapter and I currently do not have any others written although I do have plans. WARNING: Coarse Language Chapter 1, Samantha Wake up, eat, shit, shower, brush, drive, work, drive home, eat, smoke. Shitty part of the day done. Call friends, find club, drink, drink more, smoke, pop whatever is cheap, dance with stranger, more pills, more booze, kiss guy, kiss girl, grind on someone on the dance floor. Let the world spin, make it a blur, go home, sleep. Wake up, shower, drive, work, home, drink, drugs, party, blur, home. Wake up, Red Bull, work, get yelled at, club, drink, drugs, blur, let it spin, it hurts less this way. Stranger’s bed, find clothes, walk, work, more yelling, club, same shit, better high, home. Wake up, smell like piss, oh fuck, shower, deal with that mess later, work, club, drugs, more party, black……. “Holy shit, what did I do last night? My head fucking hurts. Fuck, did I piss myself again? Where am I? This room is so strange, all white, why are the lights so fucking bright?” This inner monologue wouldn’t have been that different from most days recently except for the god awful and incredibly fucking bright room in which I found myself. “Why the hell was it so bright? Doesn’t anybody in this house know what a fucking hangover is?” There were so many questions, most of which I probably didn’t care to know the answers to, and like so many mornings where I had woken up in a strange location I knew that the answers would slowly reveal themselves. One question that seemed to have a clear answer was the powerful aroma of warm, stale urine which currently wafted through the air. As unpleasant as the fact that I had most likely pissed whatever bed I was in was, it really wasn’t a huge surprise. Hell, when you go on nightly benders there is always a chance that you will end up losing control of some bodily functions. As a somewhat pleasant surprise, only my crotch and ass actually felt damp as opposed to the entire lower half of my body or more. “Well I had better get up and deal with whatever fucking mess I managed to make last night. This wonderfully shitty day isn’t going to get better on its own.” This was where the real surprises started to happen. I went to move my arms to sit up, only to find that I couldn’t pull the away from the strange cross armed position on my belly in which I had apparently fallen asleep. “What the fuck did you fuckers do to me?” was what I attempted to yell out, except that the sound that fell on my ears was a muffled “Whh fff eww uck t mm”. Surprise number 2, some sort of gag or nipple or some shit in my mouth. As hard as I tried, there was no way for me to push the abomination out of my mouth. “Holy fuck, what did I get myself into?” Now don’t get me wrong, I have had a lot of sex during my exploits, and done some kinky shit, but bondage was never something that I was into. Something about the trust factor involved with being tied up, especially be a random stranger that you just hooked up with in a bar or club or somebody’s fucking basement just didn’t appeal to me. So why was I lying here partially bound and gagged, clearly, I would never consent to this shit. “Well fuck it, I don’t need my arms or mouth to sit. This fucktard is going to be sorry by the time I find him and kick his ass.” Surprise number 3, guess who couldn’t sit up? “Tie me to the fucking bed, you useless sack of shit, I will fucking end you”. The words of rage were flying through my head by this point, and the panic was starting to creep in at the fuzzy edges of my brain. I started to thrash about a bit in an attempt to free myself, and lo and behold, surprise number 4, my goddamned legs were secured just as well as the rest of me. All I could succeed in doing was bucking my midsection up and down slightly causing the bed to shake and squeak and make rustling noises. “Ok, ok, calm down, this is fucked up but you’re not going to make this bed bounce its way out of this room. Just be patient, he will come back and then you can get out of this hellhole and call the cops and go home and piss and shower and go on with life.” “Piss, oh fuck, somehow the train of thought had alerted me to the growing need in my bladder. Obviously, it hadn’t fully emptied itself last night, as evidenced by the bed that was somewhat drier than expected based on the lovely smell in the room. The need bas growing steadily now, funny how one minute you can be blissfully unaware and then mere seconds later it can feel as though it is situation critical. All I could do was writhe and squirm in a feeble attempt to lessen the growing pressure, all the while listening to the cheap ass bed that was my prison squeak and make those infernal rustling noises. “Cheap bastard, he can afford prime time bondage gear but can’t buy a good bed or linens?” Its funny the things that your brain chooses to focus on when all other choices are removed. 15 minutes grew to 20, then thirty, somewhere time became a blur. What wasn’t a blur was the fact that I needed to piss, and I needed to do so now. Obviously, my captor wasn’t going to be returning anytime soon and I was becoming resigned to the fact that I was going to be forced to intentionally piss myself. “Well at least the bed is already wet. Nobody else will know that my bladder actually failed me twice. Plus, it serves him right, he can clean this mess up, leave me tied to a bed for hours on end, you miserable fuck….” Now I don’t know if you have ever tried to piss yourself before, but let me tell you that it is not as easy as it would seem. Somehow the body tends to fight your mind choosing to voluntarily give up on years and years of muscle memory. I tried slowing my breathing and relaxing, but no go. I tried imagining myself sitting on the toilet, letting out a nice long flow, but did you know that it is really hard to imagine you are sitting comfortably while you are strapped to a bed quite restrictively? I’m not sure at what moment what tactic finally worked, honestly the muscles in my bladder may have just failed all together, but when it happened it was momentarily glorious. I could hear the hiss as the torrent of hot piss came rushing out of my body. I could feel it spread through my crotch, slowly climbing up the front of my nether regions and seeping down my ass. I could feel a swelling between my legs, growing more and more by the second. WHOA, wait a second, can somebody please make that record scratching noise that they use on TV shows to bring the scene to a screeching halt? Thank you. This was about the point where my brain registered that shit was really fucked up. Meanwhile the torrent of piss continued to pour out of me despite my efforts to make it stop. Why wasn’t the piss spreading down my legs, why did it sound like water pouring on plastic, why was my crotch swelling so much? The rustling noises? I wiggled my ass some, they actually sounded more like plastic crinkling now that I thought about it. Now maybe you have long since reached the conclusion that my brain was finally making, the bastard had me wearing a fucking diaper! Granted I couldn’t see the damned thing but the evidence made the conclusion quite obvious. “Gross, why would he put me in a diaper? How fucked is this guy? Who would make somebody sit in a pool of their own disgusting piss?” I had probably spent another 15 minutes fuming and plotting my revenge when I heard the sound of a lock turning and a door opening when suddenly SHE walked in. 5 foot 6, wearing light blue scrubs that accentuated an amazing ass and gorgeous boobs, shoulder length brown hair and a clipboard. This could explain things, it wouldn’t have been the first time for me to have been with a chick, and let me tell you, as gorgeous as she was I could see myself as having been willing to experiment with her. Obviously, things must have gone overboard, I mean come on, a diaper? Clearly, I would never have consented to wearing a diaper. But damn, once I could get some answers out of her things would make more sense. Maybe she was into some kinky medical fetish shit. Forgetting the gag for a moment I tried to start asking questions which only came out as more mumbling, accompanied by some drool seeping out at the edges of the gag, GROSS. “Good morning Ms. Simmons, I’m so glad to see that you are finally awake and conscious. You had us quite worried when they brought you in last night but clearly you are on the upswing right now. Hush, there will be time for questions later, right now we need to get you up and moving down to processing.” My god, that bubbly voice, how fucking annoying could it be. And what was she talking about? Who brought me in? Where was I? Processing? OK now things were seeming really fucked. All the while she continued her stream of banter as she made some notes on the clipboard. At long last she started to lean over and start undoing some form of the strap that was holding my upper body down. She was quick to pipe up as she did so “I will give you one warning and one warning only before I let you up. We do not tolerate any abuse of staff or disobedience in this facility. I apologize that we didn’t have sufficient intake time last night to outfit you with our standard behaviour reinforcement equipment, but the rudimentary model that we are using for the time being will suffice.” As she spoke, she held up her hand to reveal a small remote with a couple of buttons on it. How much more fucked could this get, behaviour modification equipment? One thing was clear, I needed to escape and fast. At long last she unclipped my legs and helped me to spin and sit on the edge of the bed. “Now hurry up sweetheart, lets get you standing and we will head out and get you processed.” As I stood she proceeded to lift up the gown or whatever it was that I was wearing to reveal the gigantic sodden mass of blue plastic between my legs which was clearly a diaper as I had so cleverly deduced. “Oh my, you certainly put this diaper to good use now didn’t you. It’s a good thing that they put you in one of our most absorbent brands, I don’t think any of the others would have held up. I will be sure to make a note on your chart so that the staff knows the right diaper to change you into after the intake process is done.” Right brand, to change me into? I don’t need diapers! Why wont you take this stupid gag out or release my arms? All the while she continued to usher me towards the door of the room. The thin gown I was wearing did nothing to disguise the sodden diaper nor to muffle the horrifying crinkle made with every bow-legged step I took. As she unlocked the door from the inside and pulled it open I saw my opportunity and started the first three steps of my run to freedom…….. All right folks, that’s all I have for chapter 1. I welcome any and all feedback. I accept all responsibilities for grammar and other such errors, I always hated English class and I do not have an editor to save me from silly mistakes. I already have some inspirations for new chapters so you never know when more might show up.