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  1. Anya let her drink the whole glass, then she put her in a new, fresh diaper, and put a pacifier in her mouth to keep her from speaking. Then, she started to rub her back, humming and smiling softly down at her. "There's my good girl..."
  2. Madeline looked over in a panic when she heard the girl starting to whimper and shake her head. She moved to sit right by her, and checked her to make sure she wasn't choking. When she realised what was going on, she sighed in relief and just rubbed the girl's temples until the chill went away. Amelia snorted and giggled, knowing exactly what was going on.
  3. Anya kissed her forehead and lifted her up against her chest now that she was all clean. She then gave her a glass of water to help soothe her throat, not spiking it this time. The girl needed a break to process everything, after all.
  4. Madeline, ever the patient saint, didn't say a thing about her ignoring her shake. She ate her own food, sipped at her shake, and watched the girls with a careful eye. "Amelia, hey!" She giggled and leaned over, wiping her face as she got chocolate on her nose and chin. Amelia squealed and shook her head.
  5. "Why would I lie to you?" She frowned and finished wiping her butt. "It doesn't matter anyway." She tried to play it off, wanting to make Katherine feel completely helpless.
  6. Madeline soon brought them a tray with three big burgers, three big fries, and three big chocolate milkshakes with Whipped cream and cherries on top! She sat the tray down and carefully served the two girls, who had both ordered plain burgers. "Are we happy, hm?" She asked and grinned. Amelia nodded quickly. "Thank you momma!" She said quickly before chomping into her meal.
  7. "Darling. I promise you I didn't cheat." She stated quietly, wiping the brown smears off of the poor baby's arms and stomach and legs. "You're just turning into a real baby now that I've given your body the chance."
  8. Madeline glanced at her, looking a bit surprised. "Well- we usually do, but if you prefer we can take it outside if you'd like?" Amelia smiled brightly. "This one's my favourite place! They got the best burgers!" Nothing could dampen this excitement.
  9. Anya kissed her nose and started to clean up that poor baby sitting there. She was just as gentle as ever, reminding the girl just how little she imagined her to be. She hummed a lullaby while she cleaned her too.
  10. Madeline nodded. "Of course you can." She said in that gracious, loving tone. They got up to the counter, and Madeline ordered for all of them. She then paid, took the ticket, and went to sit down at one of the tables to wait. She motioned Raven to follow, giving her a big, carefree smile.
  11. Anya giggled watching her baby, now covered in poop and drool. "Shall I clean you up, or would you like to just lay there and be fussy?" She asked and crossed her arms. "Tell mommy now."
  12. Madeline took her two lovely girls to the food court, and Amelia immediately tugged them towards the burger place. "I wanna burger and a chocolate milk shake and fries!" She listed off, buzzing with the energy of a kid about to get a big treat. "Where did you want to eat at, Raven?" She asked, reaching into her wallet. "I can give you some cash if you'd like to go somewhere else!"
  13. Anya lifted up the girl as she finished her big job, and carried her to their office, humming and rocking her. She placed a bunch of newspapers on her desk, then she sat the messy girl on top of it, as if she were a puppy. Then, she put a pacifier in the girl's mouth and tried to calm her down.
  14. Amelia was happy for Raven. She could tell better than Madeline that Raven wouldn't have made it if she had to wait another minute. She clapped when Raven came out, like it was some big accomplishment! Madeline couldn't contain her laughter and just shook her head. "You're such a funny girl, Amelia." She cooed as Raven washed her hands.
  15. Anya just held the smelly girl in her arms and squeezed her tightly, not letting her wiggle her way out no matter what! To make things worse, the more she squeezed, the more the girl squeezed out!
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