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  1. Hi little mel here, yesterday my boyfriend got his dog back, who is now living with us rather than his dads. I love keisha shes a beautiful dog but i cant help but get jealous of all the ear scratches and belly rubs shes getting. Is that bad?
  2. Hi there, Just wondering how everyone feels about cannabis and diapers. Personally i smoke regularly and it really helps my anxiety but so does wearing nappys. So why not mix the two together? Thoughts?
  3. Today I took off my nappy and wore actual panties. ( im not dependent on my diapers i just wear them as underwear) . It was so weird because I've pretty much been in my diapers for the last three weeks. I missed the comfort they bring but i couldnt wear because i had an ultrasound (not pregnant btw was for my kidneys but anyway thats totally unrealated). When i got home i was straight into a fresh, soft diaper and it was like a wave washed over me. Just love that feeling I get putting on a nappy after a few hours out of one.
  4. Hi there, Looking for some self punishments I could do next time I've got the house to myself Nothing public please Thanks, Mel
  5. Thanks guys, I personally don't have and issues with my bladder or bowals but its like a safety net idk it feels reassuring wearing them, hope you are all well
  6. Oml i usued to cut two holes in a thick bin bag and stuff it with loo roll haha
  7. Thats how i feel but I'm noticing when i dont wear them now i get more anxious but i enjoy them and i can afford them all going well so i dont mind wearing my nappys to make me happier. If it helps it helps. Hope you are well Thats good to hear, Thank you Angela and everyone for responding, its nice to hear other peoples experiences with this sort of thing at first i thought it was was just me but it makes me happy im not alone Mel x
  8. For about 8/9 years I've suffered from quite afew mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, dp/dr and the doctors also think i might have borderline personality disorder. But this isnt about how i deal with all that, nope, its about how wearing diapers has helped some of my anxiety. Im not sure why but wearing more frequently has surprisingly made me feel more comfortable when im out in public. Usually i get very paranoid about people starring, laughing, talking about me or whatever else my hyperactive mind can think of. Since i pretty much unintentionally swaped my underwear for nappys ive noticed im more at ease with being in public. Btw i dont 'use' them that much but hopefully i will a bit more. I dont really understand how wearing a diaper make me less anxious when it used to make me even more terrified of people noticing me. Any ideas?
  9. Update: this morning i asked if he would mind if i sometimes wet in my diaper and there was a reallllyyy awkward silence so i quickly said the first unrelated thing i could,so should i just leave it forevermore or bring it up again? Also ive been wearing diapers instead of underwear for the past few days (even though I've not been using them in the way I'd like to as much) and when i put a normal pair of unddies on today i felt like i needed to go to the loo every two seconds. I was also so paranoid that i was going to wet myself and i wasnt wearing anything to hide it. I know im not dependent on my diapers or anything but they make me feel protected and comfortable, not having that there today was so strange so the second i came home straight into a pull up I dont think he would be comfortable being involved in things like nappy changes and things but i dont mind doing all that stuff myself to make him more at ease. Thank you very much for the advice
  10. Im a fox babyfur Im 1 year old Favourite toy= all my cuddly friends Favourite tv show - batman the animatedseries Best setting has to be getting ear scratches while curled up on daddy's knee with a fresh diaper on
  11. Hi there, Im Mel About 6 months ago i told my partner about my love for diapers, he was completely fine with it infact we did the nasty with me wearing one that night. It was amazing to finally have someone who wasnt weirded out by it and i think he actually gets turned on when i wear them around the house. But thats not it. About 3 months ago i realised that im more of a babyfur rather than an adult baby. I love wearing my butt plug fox tail and my fluffy ears along with a diaper. I dont think he was very surprised when i brought it up because he says that i have always been a little fox. So now we are going to get a bowl for me and he already collars me ( which is the best feeling ever) These days i wear my ears from the second i walk in the door to the second i leave and its great. I get lots of belly rubs,ear scratchies and pats on my diapered bum. So thats the story, thanks