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  1. Lack of ABDL is NB?

    Believe me my friend you are not alone i feel the same way pm me maybe we can talk a bit.
  2. Super Diaper Fill Up Question

    Well i am using rearz diapers a for the plastic pant well maybe i should put that on my wish list i no that rearz sell some is there any that you would recommend ????
  3. Super Diaper Fill Up Question

    Hmmmm.... well it was the first time i try this so i am still new at the massive diaper fill up, also my load never reach the top of the back of my diaper yet so next time i will got all the way and not panic
  4. Hi guys i have a unique question to ask you guys, about a month ago i decided to have a explosive diaper fill up so i gave myself two laxative pills and never expected the result to be that epic i got to emit it was kinda fun but after a wild i kinda panic i was worry that my diaper would blowout so i clean myself up hurry at the toilet a let the rest of my load out, i felt kinda sad so i want to no if any of you ever try this and can anyone give me any tips.
  5. Rearz Inspire Review

    Well i did do a rearz seduction review i did try a tad smaller and you are right they fit perfectly did you see the review ????
  6. Rearz Seduction Review

    Hi everyone this is my review of "rearz seduction diapers" i hope you guys like this review. Now let talk about the diaper it self It is completely black witch is very interesting i also notice that when i wet it the wet patch does not show like in the white diapers does i find that super interesting now the thick vintage style PE backing feel nice as ever. Now the inside the inside of it feel super soft and very comfy the tape are super strong and the fit amazing also they come i four size small, medium, large, and extra large the one i have is medium, now absorbency well this diaper will hold a lot of wetting (i can't be sure how many) other than that i like this diaper i will order a case on my next online shopping.
  7. I wish they would have a service like this in canada.
  8. Gta 5 Ps4 version

    Hello Everyone i am looking for some people for some (yuk yuk ) partners in crime fun in grand theft auto 5 ps4 version i started a Organization on gta online it no as the MM Organization (it short for Mental Maniac Organization) so i need some associates to help me scare off some rival gangs and help me deliver my cargo safely one associate will do find for now all i have are 5 sixteen warehouses (well 4 sixteen warehouses and one 1 forty two warehouse) anyway my psn id is adam4landry so pm me and i well tell you the details.
  9. any gamers here?

    Ps4 for me i have Grand theft auto 5 i am looking for 1 or 2 people to help me with my ceo business if interested please pm me
  10. Rearz Inspire Review

    Well okay i have some pic of the "rearz Inspire select" that i can show you what i mean this is the pack i got This is the diaper it self Here me wearing it As you can see the diaper is very loose witch is not fun i ether tape it wrong (i'm not use to single tape diapers) or like you guys said i got a bad batch but still i wanted to give them a try there one good thing about them they absorb super well however they should work out the kink on the tapes. Anyway for now on in my reviews i will post some pics with my comments that way i can share my experience with all of you, my next review will be on the "rearz seduction diapers" i order i trial pack but i haven't finish testing them out yet so i will post a new review later on (i don't have the exact date) well later everyone.
  11. Rearz Inspire Review

    Okay i got my "rearz Inspire select" well i don't want to give a bad review but anyway the PE backing feel nice they are super thick and super bulky and the Absorbency is super great the only problem i have with them is the tapes the one tape is excellent idea however they are a few glitches that they need to work out went i try to tape my diaper on me well the diaper felt kind loose on me also the tapes come undone after a period of time i never had problem with the Rearz Inspire version i wear them for a full day but with the rearz Inspire select i try to wear them a full day but the tapes came undone every time. Oh well live a learn next time i will order some "rearz seduction" and see ho the far out
  12. Rearz Inspire Review

    Wow 14 replies i got to admit i never new that my review was that good anyway i order a new type of rearz diapers i am not very pecky but i decided to try something new, i order some "rearz Inspire select" they look interesting i might do a review on them later on and i hope i don't regret buying them.
  13. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    That is truth they are pretty heavy duty but i forgot to point out that i was seating down at the time when i was wetting myself, but still they are still my favorite diapey
  14. Explosive diaper fill up

    Hmmm..... that is truth but i have learn from this little test i took note how long it took for the laxative to kick in i took it around 10:00pm and it kick in around 7:00pm so i did a other little test (please note i waited 2 weeks to try this again) and this time i took the laxative at 10:00am did all my daily stuff and when to bed around 6:30am next morning i prepare myself put a diaper on lying on my bed surfing the web and finally around 7:00am i felt a rumble in my tummy i stand up a let it rip, i hit the jackpot boy that was very creamy and i was super relief not to mention super stinky but it did not get a big as i would of though and i would of though some bubbly farts would of came out with it oh well live and learn and i have learn a lot from this second test i will save this type of fun for unique alone days.
  15. Explosive diaper fill up

    Hi everyone i had a bit of a odd day a couple of days a go and wanted to share this with you all i was trying to super fill up my diaper so before bed i took one laxative tablet around 10:00pm then went to bed to sleep so the next day around 8:00am i diaper myself and surf the web a little until my laxative kick in and nothing happen boy that was a bummer i try my best to poop but nothing oh well i pee my diapy and clean myself of put my undies back on and continue my daily day and that the end of it, so i though around 7:00pm i started to feel a rumbling feeling i said to myself oh no don't tell me it started to kick in i rush at the toilet and let just say the toilet was almost full that was very sad i wish it fill my diapy instead of the toilet any of you ever had this type of fail before ?????