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  1. Okay i got my "rearz Inspire select" well i don't want to give a bad review but anyway the PE backing feel nice they are super thick and super bulky and the Absorbency is super great the only problem i have with them is the tapes the one tape is excellent idea however they are a few glitches that they need to work out went i try to tape my diaper on me well the diaper felt kind loose on me also the tapes come undone after a period of time i never had problem with the Rearz Inspire version i wear them for a full day but with the rearz Inspire select i try to wear them a full day but the tapes came undone every time. Oh well live a learn next time i will order some "rearz seduction" and see ho the far out
  2. Wow 14 replies i got to admit i never new that my review was that good anyway i order a new type of rearz diapers i am not very pecky but i decided to try something new, i order some "rearz Inspire select" they look interesting i might do a review on them later on and i hope i don't regret buying them.
  3. That is truth they are pretty heavy duty but i forgot to point out that i was seating down at the time when i was wetting myself, but still they are still my favorite diapey
  4. Hmmm..... that is truth but i have learn from this little test i took note how long it took for the laxative to kick in i took it around 10:00pm and it kick in around 7:00pm so i did a other little test (please note i waited 2 weeks to try this again) and this time i took the laxative at 10:00am did all my daily stuff and when to bed around 6:30am next morning i prepare myself put a diaper on lying on my bed surfing the web and finally around 7:00am i felt a rumble in my tummy i stand up a let it rip, i hit the jackpot boy that was very creamy and i was super relief not to mention super stinky but it did not get a big as i would of though and i would of though some bubbly farts would of came out with it oh well live and learn and i have learn a lot from this second test i will save this type of fun for unique alone days.
  5. Hi everyone i had a bit of a odd day a couple of days a go and wanted to share this with you all i was trying to super fill up my diaper so before bed i took one laxative tablet around 10:00pm then went to bed to sleep so the next day around 8:00am i diaper myself and surf the web a little until my laxative kick in and nothing happen boy that was a bummer i try my best to poop but nothing oh well i pee my diapy and clean myself of put my undies back on and continue my daily day and that the end of it, so i though around 7:00pm i started to feel a rumbling feeling i said to myself oh no don't tell me it started to kick in i rush at the toilet and let just say the toilet was almost full that was very sad i wish it fill my diapy instead of the toilet any of you ever had this type of fail before ?????
  6. Hmmmm..... okay i will have a go at it , hmmmm... is it a rearz inspire+ by any chance
  7. Gta 5 is short for Grand theft Auto 5
  8. Well for me she said Put on a diaper and look in my eyes i think
  9. I don't no if i am posting this at the right place but anyway i was playing gta 5 story mode on my ps4 last night so i was doing the spaceship parts sidequest with franklin wild doing that i ran into a random event "hitch a lift" with a character name ursula that women is nuts N-U-T-S nuts anyway after i have finish that random event i got her contact number now after i was done collected all of the spaceship parts i call ursula for a booty call then i pick her up at a certain location then i drove her at her place and let me say that she nuttier than before anyway after i when to her place and enter her house i swear i hear her say put on a "diaper" a D-I-A-P-E-R i swear i hear her say that anyone else ever play gta 5 notice this ????
  10. Whoa now that is wet well i order a other case of rearz inspire two week ago and got them so i should be good for a couple of more months, why don't you try ordering a case full of rearz inspire + incontrol they might last you longer well that my opinion
  11. Well i got my "Abena Skin Friendly Wet wipes" that i order i smell them and they don't smell at all i did not use them to wipe my bum yet but they are very larger then the baby wipes i use to use, i have use adult wipe before when i first started to diapers but i can't remember what brand i use to buy oh well no biggy .
  12. I myself by store brand product when i mess i usually use 6 to 7 wipes (i think ) it been a wild since i had any diaper explosions so now i use about 4 to 5 wipes every change.
  13. Hi everyone i ave a question i thinking of buying wipes online for my diaper changing needs i usually buy baby wipes at the store now i decided to buy them online i fond some "Abena Skin Friendly Wet wipes" and i have no idea if they would be perfect for my diaper changing needs any thought ?????
  14. Really...... Huh i have to order a sample to test them out.
  15. I am a rearz fan myself i use rearz inspires for heavy gaming but i am curious about the rearz seduction, with my inspires i can do 2 heavy wetting in them i try a third wetting but it started to leak a little but not to much so i am was wondering how much heavy wetting can the seduction can take ?????