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  1. adam4landry

    Rearz Violet Seduction Briefs

    I use to wear plain diaper like depend and tenas all the time for 2 to 3 years kinda like you cute_kitten so i decide to try something new it won't hurt you.
  2. adam4landry

    Rearz Violet Seduction Briefs

    Well what i hear it is like a new version of the black seduction only it violet they do look sexy and super naughty i hope you no what i mean .
  3. adam4landry

    Rearz Violet Seduction Briefs

    Hey guys rearz release a new type of diaper "Violet Seduction Briefs" they look interesting 👍 has anyone try them yet if not i will put my two cent about them later next week (i hope😆).
  4. adam4landry

    Rearz Inspire Review

    That a little bit out of line crawling-in-diapers i love rearz line of diapers they make some great stuff there might be some other reason why they remove the reviews and i don't think anyone feel the same as you do (at least i think😕).
  5. adam4landry

    hear a rumor about rearz

    I see😭😢 i really like that diaper, what diaper can have the same absorbency as the seduction ????
  6. adam4landry

    hear a rumor about rearz

    Hi guys i haven't wrote anything in a wild but anyway i hear a rumor about rearz that they will discontinue some of there products like seduction, safari, and some other stuff is this truth or am i hearing thing ????
  7. adam4landry

    Question about rearz

    Now i am really happy instead of sending the mistake package back to rearz a family member of mine is paying it as a birthday present for me super happy right now yahooo.
  8. adam4landry

    Question about rearz

    Don't worry about me being disheartened about rearz i love there diapers they are super absorbent also it not the first time i buy from them i am super happy with them.
  9. adam4landry

    Question about rearz

    Well i heard from rearz and they said (It should be delivered to either you or the post office, in case you receive it you can just bring it back to the post office and they will return it to us. If it arrives at the post office you can just refuse to pick the order up and they will ship it back to us.) Now i hope i don't need to pay the shipping to send it back ????
  10. adam4landry

    Question about rearz

    I contacted rearz yesterday went I saw this error I am still waiting for a reply from them plus that order they send me arrived tomorrow so until I hear from rearz I can't do anything until then. Edit: Oh i forgot to mention they did not charge it on my credit card beside my card is a prepaid master card it only had a $100 dollars in it what i have left is around $18,00 so the order was suppose to be cancel instantly but it was not i don't understand ????
  11. adam4landry

    Question about rearz

    Hi guys i have a question I order from rearz on May 11 and i just got my order this morning okay now before going to bed I check my email I notice the rearz have sent me a other order however I did not order anything else today have this ever happen before ???
  12. adam4landry

    Punking Your Pullups?

    I had some experience with rearz there diapers are the best i have seen and they are super absorbent i did not try the rebel yet i am sure the are great.
  13. adam4landry

    Lack of ABDL is NB?

    Believe me my friend you are not alone i feel the same way pm me maybe we can talk a bit.
  14. adam4landry

    Super Diaper Fill Up Question

    Well i am using rearz diapers a for the plastic pant well maybe i should put that on my wish list i no that rearz sell some is there any that you would recommend ????
  15. adam4landry

    Super Diaper Fill Up Question

    Hmmmm.... well it was the first time i try this so i am still new at the massive diaper fill up, also my load never reach the top of the back of my diaper yet so next time i will got all the way and not panic