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  1. I personally have never used Betaflight. I have used LibrePilot and Cleanflight. I might have to soon as a lot of new FCs are now Betaflight.
  2. Are you saying you loose the urge to wear after you do your "thing?" Try putting on a fresh diaper when your done even if you really don't feel like it.
  3. When I go to work I wear a diaper thick enough to get me through the whole day. I avoid bowel movements at work. I wear a plastic backed northshore supreme with 1 or 2 northshore boosters, babykins terry lined plastic pants over that and a onesie to cover it all up. Baggy pants help hide the bulge.
  4. Everybody has already stated the cost. When I first went 24/7 I was worried that the cost would be the hardest part but I soon realized that getting rid of 150# of diapers a week was a bigger hassle. I would split them up between 3 bags in 2 cans. My biggest fear was coming home from work having wet and messy diapers all over my yard because a bag broke or an animal got into them. In the winter time I burn most dirty disposables in the woodstove. In the past year I have been using cloth a lot more I have cut the trash weight in half and saved a lot of money.
  5. Nice! Its an addiction I say! Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
  6. I woke up this morning with a soaked cloth diaper. I changed into one of my Baby Kins velcro diapers and started eating prunes. I was working in the garage when it hit and now I'm very messy. I'm just waiting to make sure I'm empty before cleaning up. #6 I'm very messy
  7. I think that the soft side of the velcro on the front of the diaper broke down. I have one more diaper that is still original on working good still but when it starts to fail I will fix it too.
  8. I like my cloth diapers because of $$$. A couple years ago I started going 24/7 for some reason. I'm not incontinent. I just love using diapers. Cloth diapers saves me so much money. I also live by myself and if I used disposables 24/7 the disposal would be burdensome. I greatest fear is coming home from work to find that that 100 pound trash bag full of used diapers broke or an animal got into it and tore it up and there are used diapers all over my front lawn. I still use disposable diapers at work or if I know that a poop is close. Cloth diapers hardly ever leak at night also.
  9. I finally did it! It took forever to get the old velcro off but I sewed the new velcro on pretty good and used it once and it seemed to hold up in the laundry.
  10. To all the nae say'ers I'm going on 3 years 24/7. I have yet to become incontinent. I still have all control. Maybe voiding smaller amounts but I'm not peeing or pooping without knowing it's coming. I never use the toilet anymore. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I usually sleep on my stomach. When I put on a disposable I tuck the front into itself. That way any liquid the can't be adsorbed fast enough get caught against the padding. It also helps to keep the front waistband of your pants dry when active and the diaper is reaching its capacity.
  12. I while ago I bought 2 babykins velcro diapers. After many washes the velcro is failing (which happens to most velcro diapers. I wonder if any of you have had any luck sewing new velcro on? I ordered a roll of HD Velcro (brand) from amazon hope it holds up a little better than the original.
  13. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a great one!
  14. I'm feeling exactly like you right now. Want to meet up sometime? It's only a 32 hour drive lol.
  15. Last night before bed I put in three marshmallows. Sometime during the night I woke up with cramps and relaxed, the act of messing was almost distressing, I mean my bowels were involuntarily contracting. It was a nice soft load. I ended up wetting a little too. I went back to sleep and slept till about 9.