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  1. How can i get the best diaper mess

    Eat a bag of dried prunes!
  2. I went to bed very late last night and wet my diaper before dozing off. I woke this morning about 1/2 way through pooping my diaper! This has never happened before (unassisted). It felt amazing. I was also pretty soaked. I was feeling pretty full all day yesterday and was with my GF shopping for most of the night so I really couldn't poop (she really doesn't want me to poop around her). I hope some day she will let me poop my diaper in front of her.
  3. I was just outside working on my truck when I felt a bit of and urge so I ran inside and took off my cloth diaper and taped on a wellness brief. I went back to what I was doing and another urge hit while I was laying under my truck on my side. I just relaxed flooding the diaper and a real nice soft mess filled up the back of it. Now I have to go clean up!
  4. Diapers and girlfriend

    My girl was totally ok with it and blew it off like no big deal.
  5. The Diaper's out of the bag :)

    I also asked her if she ever looked at my butt and ever had any idea that I may be wearing a diaper. She said not at all. I have worn boosted northshore supremes with terry lined plastic pants, also have worn thick gauze prefolds around her. She said she has never noticed anything. So I'd have to say that people have no idea what your wearing for underwear as long as they don't see it.
  6. New diaper options

    Northshore supremes are worth a shot. I like the fit better than Dry 24/7. To me a better fit while sacrificing a little capacity is well worth it.
  7. Coming out

    I told my GF ALL about my diapers last weekend. It was pretty terrifying to start but she shrugged it off like it was no big deal. I have a post in a different thread about it here's the link
  8. The Diaper's out of the bag :)

    I told her everything about my diaper habits. I explained how I have always had an interest in them since I was very young. I told her how I wear them all the time now and she had a few questions. She asked how I hide them. She said she never noticed any thing. She asked how I go on trips with my friends and get away with it at work. She then asked where the poop goes, I said in the diaper but try not to do it in cloth. So yeah she knows everything. But I'm not going to push the diaper thing. I just know that there won't be any suprises. I wouldn't call it integrity. The actually conversation was terrifying. I felt like a condemned convict taking his final walk. LOL Thanks for the reply.
  9. The Diaper's out of the bag :)

    I'm afraid of that. I was just over at her place today. Diapers were not even brought up. We just talked like normal BF/GF.
  10. The Diaper's out of the bag :)

    Thanks for the replies. I have known this girl for a long time and we really like each other. I have heard so many horror stories about people's wifes, Gf's, SO's negative reactions. I thought it was only fair to her to tell her before a relationship got too far. It was still very very hard to do.
  11. Today might be the best day I've had in a long time. I've been in diapers 24/7 for about three years now. I’ve been using diapers on and off for about 13 years. I live by myself in my own house. I haven't told ANYBODY about my diapers until today. This girl I used to go out with's father passed recently (He was a friend of mine). I've been helping her and her Mom with a lot of stuff. Our relationship seems to be getting very close. She wants to go further but I can't without divulging my diapers. Today she was really wanting to know why we can't get closer, I told her it's secret. She really had to know and I told her that she might find me very disgusting, gross and unattractive if I told her. She said she didn't care and had to know. We sat down and I almost started to cry (LOL). This was the toughest thing I ever did but I had to say it to her face. I asked her if she's ever hear of pee fetishes. She said yeah. Then I asked her if she’s ever heard of watersports. She got a confused look on her face and asked me if I liked to be peed on. I said "no." Then I said that "I wear diapers for the fun of it." She looked at me funny and said "that's it?" She asked a bunch of questions and was very ok about it. I told her that diapers were a part of me and she was fine with it. I feel now like a huge weight is off my shoulders. We sat around and talked for most of the afternoon. Its was great. I wish I wouldn't have kept this from her years ago.
  12. Underwear over diapers

    I have worn underwear over my diaper in the past but now days it's onesies they keeps the diaper from sagging and if my shirt rides up when I bend over nobody see a plastic waist band of a diaper.
  13. Anyone like the sound?

    I love the sound it makes, the feeling of it spreading in the diaper, and the relief! The only time I really would rather have a silent poop is if I'm around people and its a real quiet area. I try not to mess around people though.
  14. Explain Your Screen Name

    It's the way I like my diapers!!!
  15. Post when messy.

    I got home about three and a half hours ago with my soaked work diaper. I changed into a babykins velcro diaper with vinyl plastic pants. I haven't pooped since Tuesday. I ate whole bag of dried prunes. About 10 minutes ago I couldn't hold any more and expelled a soft mushy load into my diaper while sitting in my La z boy. I'm still have little poops but the feeling of the initial mess going up the front and back of my diaper was amazing!