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  1. I stopped for gas on my way home from work today and while filling up my tank I also filled the back of my diaper! I was a fun squishy ride home! I get a little rush pooping my diaper away from home.
  2. Good luck! I hope you can do it. Alcohol is a powerful drug. I've been sober for 3,114 days and it still bothers me. One day at a time buddy!
  3. Good question. IDK maybe adult diaperlovers is for people over 50? LOL
  4. I use an old cooler that I don't use anymore. Pretty much air tight, I just put the wet diaper in it and when the lid don't close anymore I was them (Hot, Hot with Tide) Then put them in the dryer for a few hours.
  5. Google dm003 I have a bunch of them. I got then from banggood.com. They are about as simple as you can get. No camera or anything. Just fun to play with inside or outside. The only bad thing is they take about 2-5 weeks to get here from China. Amazon used to sell the same one under the name "Inguity Maxspeed" Edit: The DM003 is the third one from the right in the pic I posted last.
  6. If you want a DJI GET ONE! My P3A was my first drone. I have a ton of flights on it and never crashed. If your the kind of person that reads and follows instructions you won't have any problems with a Phantom. They are pretty advanced. The hardest thing about a Phantom is what to do and when to do it, in the event of an error. I have had a few quirks with mine. That Diatone looks pretty sweet too, but you will probably have $1k into it by the time your done. Tarnis radio, the craft itself, FPV gear and Mobius cam. The FPV quads are really fun though and if you crash they are usually cheaper to fix, Phantoms usually don't crash as long as you don't do anything dumb.
  7. Looks pretty cool! Not too bad on price.
  8. Youtube (they don't last) Tumblr, ans other video hosting sites)
  9. Well its been a while since I posted here. I have been using cloth diapers around the house, overnight and on weekends. Basically all the time except at work and messing. My favorite is Baby Pants gauze prefold with one babykins insert and babykins plastic pants to cover it. I think that my original failures were do to not washing the diaper enough to "break it in" and my plastic pants were too small. Yes I don't change all day at work I wear a Northshore Supreme with one medium Northshore booster and Babykins terry lined plastic pants over that. No issues. I usually work 7-12 hours. If it's a long day and I wet a lot the terry liner will be pretty wet other that I really have no problems and really enjoy wearing and wetting my diaper!
  10. I post poop videos on other sites sometimes. Most of the time I just like to embrace to whole experience. Setting up the camera, getting the timing correct and getting a good shot sometimes takes the fun out filling my diaper. The OP may feel the same way. I don't think links to poop videos are allowed here anyways.
  11. Yeah. I tried the new Superio Signature briefs and they really suck. I might try the regular wellness brief on last time. They advertise 2600 mL capacity. IDK if I have some extra $$$ I might get a case.
  12. I recently tried a case of the new and improved Superio Briefs and they were horrible. I just looked at their website and I might have to try their classic briefs because they look pretty thirsty on you. The ones I got were about as good as depends.
  13. Well this is getting out of control! Not including two or three toy grade micros quads that are in the boneyard for parts and one 250 that is somewhere outback. The newest is the Taranis Radio and Falcon Pro. Now need some FPV Gear but I want to wait till I can afford good googles (Fatshark Dominator HD3) @DailyDi How did you do with the Phantom this summer?
  14. Nothing on the internet is "secure." If it is on the internet it can be hacked. You never watched "Live Free or Die Hard?" LOL
  15. Today on my to my car while leaving to grocery store! It was a squishy ride home!