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  1. I need Super Dry Kids!

    ABU has them on back order so does everyone, can't find on eBay. Needed for Halloween size large. What other vendors can I check? Thanks.
  2. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    You're right I most likely wont do any of it, just fun to think about. I still love to go to the halloween stores and look at the adult baby stuff they have out
  3. littleforbig onesies

    I want to get a good onesie and the littleforbig onesies look nice. However they seem to be fitted more for woman by the pictures of them only on woman via the website. I was wondering of these would also be for men also. Any recommendations on cute, comfy onesies appreciated, thanks.
  4. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    Thanks for the opinions, it was very interesting to read. I probably won't do it, but if I did it would just be a thin pullup or a pad of some sort. I did not plan to lie about being incontinent. Like I said I had an accident #2 when I was sick last week(I was bad sick) and coughed until I had a problem. I was just going to tell them the same thing and I was afraif of it happening in the car or worse, so I took one of the depends we had around the house and that I know it was weird, but I am so sick that I didn't care. I think that would of been a good story. I probably won't do it, ever, but it is fun to think about. Thanks.
  5. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    Thanks for the opinions.
  6. Pre Halloween Baby preparation scenarios.

    Oh please....go to the halloween store this year and see the display of adult baby stuff they have...giant bottles and diapers...it's how I got the idea. Who cares if I am into diapers and do it on Halloween...I don't ask people to change me and all that crap or be sexual about it...I just dress up and I feel free in my own skin...it's a great feeling and people love it, as far as my experiences. They sell AB stuff at spirit halloween store in town....so it is in demand and not just by 'normal people'
  7. Why do people hate Depends?

    Well the US version is nothing like an Abena or AB universe....they are like pull ups with tapes. I like them because they are discreet under my pants and I use them for casual outings, just so I know I have a diaper on. I love the plastic back....very babyish as well as the green waistbands, like a pamper. Now if they took the same exact materials and colors of these US depends and made them like an Abana and thick....would be the ultimate AB diaper IMO.
  8. I love Halloween and in the entire month of October I do the public baby thing...I dress up and go out in public like a baby and it's totally acceptable just like Halloween night. Halloween parties all month right? Anyways I am thinking of getting an extreme start on Halloween this year, like this week. Not dressing up and going out, but more like preparation and getting my costume ready in a public way. What I mean is...Going to a seamstress with a new onesie that is a "bit too long" and have them alter it to my size...Possibly having to put it on(with a diaper) so they can size it up...oohhh that would be fun. Other scenarios would be showing my new costume to people that I get into the conversation with.....Like the starbucks barista, lol....actually show them what I will be wearing and have a bag with my onesie, bib and a Nursurey AB universe diaper.... tell them I lost a bet. So what other scenarios can you think of that I can bring up my adult baby tendencies in a non-sexual, discreet way? Please don't hate, I'm not one of "those" people.... I don't push it even though it seems I am. It's just fun and people usually have a good laugh. Thanks! and I hope your all getting ready for the greatest Holiday as well!
  9. Last week I came down with a horrible case of strep throught and had major coughing, fever and just plain out of it. Took a week to recover, but When I made the drive out to the doctor for help I even thought about putting on a diaper(A depends plastic backed) nothing too obvious, just to wear inside a doctors office like for a real need. I threw some in the car, just in case I decided to do it. Even though I felt like crap and had no sexual feeling over this I still were tempted. I never did.
  10. LOL, so I should quit my public, sleepr jammies wearing in October(Halloween) because some drunken teenagers may harrass me? I'll take a chance. Went out last night in my Sleeper with a megacareline underneath carrying a diapered teddy bear(Luvs) hahah and got nothing but smiles. One girl even said she wants to do it too for Halloween. I also saw a Spiderman and a THOR out last night,=..... Guess we do Halloween early around here and I love it. However, going out in just a diaper on a day that isnt like Halloween or something...Nah....not me.... I want to be seen as cute not as a creeper. One woman at a convenience store told me to buy beer to put in my baby bottle, hahahha.
  11. I have worn just a T-Shirt and diaper during Halloween and new Years(Baby new year) but never just for the hell of it. It's too risky and I can't deal with the possible prosecution and police. Now wearing a diaper under adult sized onesies jammies with feet? why not? you can't possibly be prosecuted for it, because you are fully clothed. Just don't bother people or show off like an idiot doing it. As far as I am concerned, all of October is for me to dress as a baby all month, but in a onsie with diaper underneath, making an excuse like(I was dared to wear my Halloween outfit tonight) Usually gets a laugh. I save the only diaper and shirt for Halloween weekend, so people just think it's my Halloween outfit. Just act goofy and don't make sexual comments while doing it...smile, don't be serious....and people will love it. For wearing diapers in the middle of July in a store....nah....it isn't worth possible arrest and name all over town as "the diaper guy"
  12. Seni Quatro

    I like them.... They fit, smell and look like baby diapers....so comfy at night in a soft bed. Also on the package "diaper" is written in a few places.... "adult Diapers" instead of "briefs" lol... I kept the wrapper for this reason.
  13. I'm mad at depends

    The cool thing about the cloth backed Depends right now, is that they have the same exact back sheet as the Huggies overnight baby diapers....Even the shooting stars can be seen all over them as well as the rib pattern. I thought that was neat. I started buying Depend plastic diapers as I could find them....usually a couple packs every two weeks or when I find a new right aid or something. I love those, because it's the only plastic, tape diaper I can wear under clothes and not be noticiable in public. Love the feeling.
  14. Epic Thrift Shop Diaper Find

    This thrift store thing is crazy....just this weekend I found 6 pakages of cheap, blue hospital diapers(complete with patient name and room number written on them. Hospitl diapers, but reall cool ones with a ton of elastic on the wait band and super long, three big white tapes. I also found two packs of White Depends for men underwear. The holy grail of this weekend was finding two full packs of Northshore supreme in large. I couldn't believe I found those at the thrift store. Also to make it more special, the cute girl was working the counter and I totally loved putting the clear bags of hospital diapers and the super thick supremes in front of her....hehheeh Oh and it was half off family day on everything. Super score!.
  15. How do you feel about being a AB/DL?

    The earliest I can tell, and the onset of my diaper/AB fetish, was about 6 years old. I used to crave being babied and having attention like my one year old cousin when he came over with his mother every Friday night. She would change him in front of me, letting me help and the smell of the baby powder....dunno...just set me off. I stole his diapers, would wear them at night. The feel, noise and how they felt on my butt, just enforced I would be a DL/AB the rest of my life. I couldn't wait to get a drivers license and buy my first Depends. Even so I Rode my bicycle for miles to buy Depends and rode home with them in a big trash bag over the handle bars. When I moved out and got my own space, it became bliss and heaven, still is. Back when I was 22 I discovered the internet on my sisters WebTV(remember those?) I think I searched 'People like to wear diapers' and.....well.... I will say after feeling so alone with this for so long, thinking am I the only one? why do I do this? .... seeing all the info and websites discussing it all and people that do the same as I...... it was a very tearful and changing time in my life. Kinda like finding out there are others that are gay and trans and not just you. Thats a stretch, but you know what I mean. I was also nervous as hell that my search results would be full of ped like stuff and DL/AB are strange, evil people. Thankfully that wasn't the result and I felt so good about being AB/DL and less ashamed, cause it finally had a name.... "infintalism and age regression" that many are into it, most are good people and not strange otherwise.... I smiled big to see how this "thing" that shamed me all my life was nothing but a sexual fetish like any other fetish....sooooo relieved. These days I am more active in AB/DL thn ever.....always discovering new trends, diapers, baby clothes...just having fun with something given to me by life and chance. I never want to lose the crave and I will always be AB/DL..... I would die before I let go of my sacred gift. I have never told anyone about it.....I've hidden this for 32 years. I am so happy to be DL/AB in these times.....I feel it is being more and more accepted every day and the amount of AB/DL specific things you can get(actual shops!) and the great diapers out there...it is a good time to be ab/dl. I love diapers!!!