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  1. AluminumBlack

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    Hey!! I've been three times now and love it. Most recent was Halloween night when Beth offered a free sample if showed up in costume. Of course I babied it up and went in with my onesie and an ABU kiddo. It was late in the day, so Beth wasn't there, just the guy and the young woman who runs the front desk. She is a sweety, glad that I showed up, because apparently I was the only one who showed up in costume. While there I got some ABU lavenders and some Abris, plus another cool onesie. I was hesitant to go in in my baby stuff, but I told myself why not? They know and they invited us, so.... I just did it. I don't like the parking and the window out front either. This isn't my town, but I do think one of my construction work buddies may go by and see my truck out front. It's doubtful, but possible. I had a nice conversation with the young woman about the lifestyle and such...It was real nice, because this is the very very first time I have ever admitted to anyone that I am AB/DL face to face. I love it there and now feel quite comfortable going in. I plan to go back Friday night(not sure) and gt a pair of the pull on training pants and Some of the new REARZ purple seduction diapers. I still find it kinda weird to go to an actual AB/DL shop that is actually a real Medical supply shop with NORMAL customers watching you browse through AB/DL stuff, but.....it is what it is and I like it. Have fun!
  2. AluminumBlack

    How was Halloween?

    I only wish Halloween was every day. I went out wearing my Onesie I got from Supply Solutions and a ABU Kiddo under it. I got a picture taken with a mother and her baby, LMAO(she wanted a picture.) and I was kinda hesitant but did it anyways. She asked about the Onesie and loved the Kiddo diaper from ABU. Of course wanted to know where I got this stuff and how real the diaper looked. I ended up tellling her the truth, about AB/DL and the clothing and diaper I have are made for the lifestyle. I told her Halloween is a chance to dress up like we do, without getting badgered about it and she seemed ok with the whole thing, and that was pretty cool. I was also carrying my Teddy that I put in an vintage 1987 Pampers, Ultra. The same night I got pictures with a man, and some teenagers that thought it was great, when I came into Taco Bell, LMAO. I didn't tell them about the lifestyle. To cap off the evening I went into Hooters and got a beer, wings and a burger, LMAO. Of course as an AB. I was only out for a few hours, got tired and just didn't feel that into Halloween this year dressed as AB. I ended up taking off the AB stuff and finishing out the night as a normal Joe. All in all it was a fun Halloween and all the people still thinking my "costumes" are great, makes me feel ok with myself. So, anyone want to share? Probably not, but here you go if you want,
  3. AluminumBlack

    Do you like where this is going?

    To me this diaper thing has been with me since 6 years old, so I knew back then I was attracted to being a baby again and diapers really pinned that need to be babied and be one again. I think it's just a kink, like cross dressing, men wanting to wear woman's shoes or whatever that is not "ordinary" I don't see AB/DL as a lifestyle at all or being related to the LGBT crowd either. It was MY thing, MY special deal that was all me, but now I know it is not just me by far, and now actual medical supply stores are stocking AB/DL stuff...it's crazy. To be honest I am going back tomorrow and pick up a couple more things....They have a sleeper with snappies in the legs plus I wanna get some Simple ultras and Tykables. It wa sjust so weird to be buying ABU diapers and adult onesies with baby prints....in front of another person that is not AB/DL at an actual medical store....Still trying to wrap my head around it and I am guessing AB/DL stores to be hitting the malls. Also I don't think it is fair to have all the AB/DL stuff in front of the "normal" customers...... What id they need adult diapers and pick out some ABU kiddos then think WTF? is this?... Still don't know if I want this kink to get biggr than what it has become. Someone mentioned the AB/DL that ar on talk shoes and what not.....it makes me cringe to see some of the dumb asses representing us....I hate that some of them go on stage all diapered up, it makes me sick, but I have exceptions like Riley Kilo....she handled it nicely and represented us greatly. I still don't want us on talk shows....it makes me mad, bcause it makes me feel like a freak and I am on stage for people to make fun of.
  4. With my recent visit for the first time to a real AB/DL store, it has gotten me thinking this whole "mainstream, growing and more accepted" "thing" is getting and I am not sure I like how popular it seems to be growing. A few days ago it was the first time I publicly told someone in person of what I do and at the same time I am thumbing through all the AB/DL stuff that a real AB/DL would ever want. I was in front of "normal" people that worked there in a REAL medical supply store meant for people to get prescription wheel chairs and medical aids, but due to the public, via internet, noticing this once secret community, these types of stores are popping up. W all know why a medical supply store would even consider selling AB/DL stuff, it's big money for them, they probably sell triple the adult diapers plus all the special AB/DL clothes and items....it's profit and it is on us real AB/DL's The nice man there said himself they sometimes have a hard time keeping up with demand, as these specialty, AB/DL stuff have to be imported and what not. While there in the AB/DL section which is right in the store in plain sight of EVERYONE, I wondered what "normal" people thought when they went over there waiting for their prescriptions? I wonder if they think WTF is this? What? are these diapers for babies or adults? they have cartoons on them....WTF these are huge onesies....what is this?. I wonder if they think..."did I just walk into a friggin sex shop" what the hell is this? I wonder if any of the employees were asked about the intentions of the adult baby stuff they have....I wonder if the employees tell their "normal" customers that they supply stuff for people that like wearing diapers and sucking on binkies....I'd love to be there when they are asked, lmao. I feel different since I was there about my "thing" Long ago it was just me I felt special, confused, sometimes mad at what I did, but I always enjoyed it and it always made me feel like "me" and comfortable and escape from BS happening around me....I found the community of people like me when I found the internet, I was changed in the same manner as it did a few days ago when I finally revealed my self to another person face to face and bought AB and diapers in front of them.....I don't feel special anymore there are many many like me, so much that even medical supply stors are stocking AB/DL stuff with employees treating us AB's like anyone else. Pretty soon WalMart will be stocking AB/DL items and people will become used to it and it will no longer be taboo and weird or special. I dunno.....I just feel like I am missing the mystery of it all, feeling special that I am the only one, and that people will start seeing AB/Dl in public with our jammies and onesies on, but it would all be accepted just as any trans, gay, cross dressers, whatever, are....W will bocome just another one of them and no one would smile at us anymore for being special. Not sure I am actually liking this new AB/DL market where proprietors are cashing in on us and our sensitive "thing" I don't think I want it to become mainstream.
  5. AluminumBlack

    The Moment You Knew

    earliest memory of myself engaging into AB/DL was at 6 years old. I used to take a diaper or two out of my cousins diaper bag when they came over and stash it in my room then wear it at night.
  6. AluminumBlack

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    Well sorry for taking so long, but I ended going to the store yesterday, had a great experience and went back today. I was nervous at first, dry mouth, kinda edgy, but when I walked in, it was a relief. I was greeted by a young man, whom told me just ask if I need any help, the pointed me to the AB stuff. I went over there and it was bliss, onsies, snappies, all kinds of designer diapers. Bethany was not there both days and I didn't get to meet her, but the nice, young woman helped me out a lot and even listened to me and how I was a bit nervous and all that. She told many come in for what I do. She showed me the new Halloween onesies they have from Australia. She was so sweet. Anyways it was just overall a great experience and I loved it. I also feel that I represented the AB/DL community very well. I was treated with respect and not as a weirdo, As I was talking to the girl she even mentioned teddycon and if I were going. I expected the AB/DL stuff to be in some dark, hidden corner of the shop like some porno movies hidden away in a video store, but nope, front and center with everything else. People there for actual medical needs walk right past the AB/DL stuff in plain sight and I didn't care at all. I wonder what "normal" people think when they see adult diapers with all the cute prints, adult onesies and adult binkies? lol....This one old man was sitting on a recliner in the store in direct view of the AB/DL stuff, waiting for his prescription. I don't think h realized what it all was until the girl showed me the new Halloween onesies they got, then he kinda got up and made a small noise of disgust, sort of. I got the vibe he was thinking WTF and didn't want to be there, but I didn't care. All I know is I never thought AB/DL would be getting mainstream like this....It's big money for medical supply stores, apparently and they told me they sometimes can't keep up in stock. I had no idea this thing is so big......Oh those days I thought it was just me..... It was a 110% awesome and great experience, I'm so glad I went for it and I will be back there at some points. This was also the absolute first time I have ever talked to someone in person about my "thing".... I feel much relief and a lot more comfortable within myself. There are really understanding and great people left in this world....Bethany and her crew are some of them! Sorry for all the typos and such....I am excited and just want to get this written. Here is a picture of my shopping purchases....I got quite a bit!!
  7. AluminumBlack

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    I'm going to do it Friday after work..... This is crazy.....gonna be neat though....
  8. AluminumBlack

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    I don't know what to say when I go in....I saw the store last night and it was closed, but looks like any medical supply shop. Do I walk in there and just ask where the fetish stuff is? LMAO I will be so nervous, because I have never ever been face to face with someone and fully admitted that I am DL and part time AB. I would like to get some of those snap up onesies I see. I just think I will feel strange walking around in there looking at the diapers while people are looking... Hopefully it's just her..... I'm tellin ya....I am nervous, but it would be so surreal and great to finally admit to another person face to face that I am what I am. Oh man....I gotta do this...... so so nervous. PS. I'm only about 220 miles from my house with my own truck that I drive, so I don't worry about running into anyone I know or be seen at the store.
  9. My job has me in a hotel for four days in Albany. I remembered someplace that there is an AB/DL store/boutique ran out of a medical equipment shop called Supply Solutions. I ran a GPS search for it and it is literally just 6 mils from me. I looked it up on th web and they sell all th designer diapers, plus adult baby stuff, headed by a woman named Bethany. It's sort of strange that it is run out of a real medical supply store like a sub division catering to the AB/DL... My questions are.... Has anyone here visited that store? Says they encourage visits. How was it? I will be nervous, because I have never spoke to anyone IRL about my fetish face to face. I'm thinking I want to do this but I find it to be really awkward. I'm guessing Bethany will understand and be ok with it. Wow...visiting a real AB/DL store will be nice. Thanks.
  10. AluminumBlack

    Diapers at the doctors part 2

    No one is getting hurt physically nor mentally, so I do see your view. I'll be honest....I don't do it for jollies or to go into the bathroom and masturbate after the visit....nothing like that, but I do it for sympathy..... I think it's why I started the whole diaper thing when I was 6 years old, sympathy. I saw the love and care my cousin got by everyone, getting snuggled, diapered, all of it. Guess in my strange mind I wanted to be back in that feeling of being coddled, diapered...dependent, but I was a lanky 6 year old.... no one thought I was cute! lmao. It obviously hasn't left me, because I now envy people that HAVE to wear diapers in the hospital, have nurses change them ect ect......like a baby. Of course if I were really in that position for ral, it would be different....not fun. I guess I play pretend at the doctors with a diaper on, to ease that crave I have since I was 6. I can't get anymore honest than that. P.S. I was so sick that day I ended up ripping the diaper off and throwing it away, it was no fun at all and I just wanted to feel better.
  11. AluminumBlack

    Resale America sucks.

    I think it's a pawn shop. I know you can bring stuff in for money or trade up. They have quite a bit of new inventory also. If money wasn't a little tight ATM I would just go get em. I'd have to pull one out though to make sure they didn't smell like mold or cigarrettes. Don't know where they ever come from.
  12. AluminumBlack

    Diapers at the doctors part 2

    I may do it for something like that(they even say to have some depends if you feel you should, just in case for the colonoscopy.
  13. AluminumBlack

    What it will take for ABDL to become mainstream

    I don't want it to become mainstream like being gay or whatever. I like it right where it is at and I like the uniqueness of it. It's also just a kink, nothing more.
  14. AluminumBlack

    Resale America sucks.

    I went to our local Resale America and to my excited surprise I spotted Two cases full of brand new packages of Dry/24/7 in large size. I couldn't believe it. I got that feeling of OH MAN THIS IS AWESOME!! lmao....plus a cute chick works the counter and I so wanted to take all of these up there. Along with the Dry24/7 was a whole crate of prevail guards for men, 14 count packs and packages of baby diapers, Pampers, Target brand and some Huggies. To make it even more cool, all of this was stashed in the isle where all the baby stuff is... the dry 24'7 were literally next to the baby diapers on one side and baby seats and stuff on the other. I was so excited and thinking being resale america these would all be cheap to buy, boy was I wrong. They wanted 27 dollars each pack of Dry 24/7, 6.99 for each back of 14 count guards for men. That is like the same price as XP medical, brand new. I have been too shy to ask if they could work out better prices, but they are all still there. I'm waiting to see if they just end up droppping the price to get them out of there. I don't feel like dropping two hundred dollars on it. Still so awesome to see those there, I was really surprised and even wondered if they were from a fellow AB/DL that had to get rid of them quick.
  15. I couldn't find my other post about wearing diapers to the doctors. A month ago I actually gained a very real and understandable reason to wear a diaper to the doctors and really needed them! I woke up in the morning terribly sick from what I thought was a stomach virus. Well.....I had bad diarrhea, real bad, literally could not hold it and had a problem all day from it. I actually wore a depends underwear as I tried to shake off the virus. Sorry for the TMI. Well time past and I was feeling worse and worse then it sprung into my head to make an appointment and wear diapers to the doctors while having a totally valid reason that wouldn't be questioned. I felt like hell though, went WalMart and got a pair of sweat pants, then I puked up in the middle of walmart. By that time I felt so bad that wearing diapers to the doctor was not appealing at all. I did put one on and made an appointment, sat in the waiting room, but I felt so horrid I ended up scrapping the idea. Went to the bathroom and took it off, didn't even care about it anymore. I told the doctor that I had bad diarrhea and made a comment "I almost had to buy depends" She smiled and said she saw that all the time and it would of been a good idea if I wasn't sure about things. DAMN! I could of totally pulled it off. However when you are so sick, I really didn't feel like the diaper thing.....oh well. Turned out to be strep that got into my gastric tract.....it was horrible.