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  1. Fattymatty

    Reilly in diapers

    Thanks! I am not on the same level as those people you mentioned and I am 100% okay with that. I know my limits. Occasionally ill write something for me, because I want to, and If i'm able to finish it ill post it here but the vast majority of the stuff I write goes onto the scrap heap of half finished story ideas that I didn't thoroughly map out ahead of time.
  2. Fattymatty

    Reilly in diapers

    Lol, this story is told through the perspective of the boy who likes the girl next door. It doesn't cover her history because it doesn't have to. The story starts when the boy first meets the girl. Is there something that caused the fear? Or better yet is there even a fear at all or does she just like wearing diapers? Maybe, who knows. Who cares. Ill be the first to admit that this story is far fetched but so are 95% of stories on this forum. I wasn't going for realistic I was just having fun with writting.
  3. Fattymatty

    Reilly in diapers

    Reilly in diapers. This is the story about the girl who moved next door to me during the summer of my eighth grade year. I would only know her for about nine months and then after that I would never see her again. Her name was Reilly. She was about five two with shoulder length brown hair. She was pretty I suppose in a plain sort of way. But it wasn’t her looks that made her different. Reilly had a fear of toilets and refused to even go near them. A unique phobia to be sure. Because of her phobia she saw no real alternative other than to pee and poop straight into her pants and she would do so without hesitation. Her parents for their part resisted putting her back in diapers because after all Reilly knew when she needed to go. Her fear of using a toilet won out over her fear of embarrassment and getting in trouble. So these are some snippets of my memories of Reilly. The first time I realized that Reilly was not like all of the other girls in the eighth grade was the first time I saw her wet her pants. It was still summer vacation and her family had just gotten settled in. Reilly had set up a hopscotch game in her driveway made out of sidewalk chalk and she was jumping in and out of the squares. She was wearing a white tee shirt with a mini skirt on a particularly dry summer day. I watched her with passive curiosity from my bedroom window as she played the kids game by herself. I half debated going down there and saying hi but I thought better of it. At some point she stopped in the middle of her game and looked down the road. I couldn’t see what she was looking at if anything she just seemed to be staring off into the distance. Slowly a growing puddle formed between her legs on the concrete and partially washed out one of her squares as she slowly wet herself. Once she was done she went right back to her game not seeming to mind her wet panties or the puddle she'd made in the street. She played until she got bored of the game and went inside. During school registrations I made it a point to seek her out and introduce myself as the boy who lived next door. She was quite and shy and we quickly ran out of things to say seeing as we were both in the middle of our awkward teenage years. When she left I saw her again in the parking lot and at some point while waiting in one of the many lines she must have peed her pants again because the crotch of the jean shorts she was wearing were sodden between her legs. She didn’t seem to mind the wetness and waved goodbye to me when she caught me staring at her. I waved back politely as I got into my parents car and we drove away. Weeks would go by without me seeing hide nor hair of Reilly. In fact I didn’t see her again until school started. I sat a couple of rows behind and to the left of her during the introductory assembly. The shirt she was wearing had ridden up her back enough to reveal a white plastic waistband and a large tape off to the side. It was clearly a diaper. It made sense. because if she was going to pee in her pants it seemed like a good thing for her to be wearing, especially since it was her first day at a new school. She must have felt my eyes on her because she adjusted in her seat and pulled her shirt down and sat on it covering her behind. I began sitting next to her during lunch breaks and we soon became friends. For the first week or so of school she must have been wearing a diaper because she didn’t have any accidents that I could tell. I remember once I was talking to her in the hallway when I got the distinct feeling that she wasn’t listening to me. Her eyes had seemed to glass over. it was only when I stopped talking at her that I could hear it. The muffled hissing sound that could only be Reilly wetting her diaper. Once she was done her hand felt around her pants looking for leaks. When she found none she shook it off and we continued walking and talking until we got to our respective classes. Reilly wearing diapers all the time didn’t last long however. For better or worst her parents would send her to school wearing normal underwear again in the hope that she would use the toilets at school. This turned out to be a fools errand. During this time she would come to school wearing dark stretchy pants that would hide accidents well when they happened. Most of the time when she was wearing these black pants her crotch area was some degree of wet, damp or stained with dried on pee from an accident no one had noticed. She acted like this was perfectly normal and saw no need to stop what she was doing when she would wet herself. More often than not it was left up to the teacher to tell her to go get changed because she wouldn’t go on her own. Reilly would always sit in the front row with the closest seat to the door. When she would inevitably wet herself the teacher would discretely walk towards her desk, whisper something in her ear and she would begrudgingly go to the office to get changed. Depending on the severity of the accident sometimes the teacher would have to call the janitor to clean up her seat and the floor underneath it. When she would come back she would come back to her seat wearing a baggy pair of men’s basketball shorts with a diaper on underneath. There was some snickering and pointing by the popular kids but most people new better than to out right make fun of the girl that just wet herself in class. On most days it seemed like she would show up for school wearing black pants, wet herself sometime in the first two hours then spend the rest of the day wearing those basketball shorts and the diaper. After about a month we were walking home from school and out of the blue I garnered up the courage to ask her why she was wetting her pants all the time. I thought she would be timid about it but she wasn’t. In fact she was stunned that it took as long as it did for me to ask her about it. This is when she opened up to me and told me about her life long fear of toilets and her decision not to use them no matter the cost. She told me that even the thought of sitting on a toilet induced a heavy panic attack that made her feel cold scared and so alone. She knew how nutty all that sounded but she couldn’t help it. So for the longest time when she felt like she had to pee she simply peed. She said that she used to over think it and get embarrassed but over time she stopped caring what other people thought about her. I was expecting her to say she had a small bladder or something else that was medical in nature like a birth defect of something. Well, in a way it was a medical issue. Her confession didn’t change how I felt about her. Over time I had developed a bit of a crush on the girl but I wasn’t ready to tell her that. At that age I was too naïve and immature to have a real girl friend. So we remained friends despite my feelings for her. One day while in class I could tell something was wrong with Reilly. She just seemed nervous and antsy so when she asked to be excused to use the restroom I knew something was wrong so immediately after she walked out of class I asked to use the restroom myself. I caught up to her quickly in the halls to ask her if she was okay. “Why are you following me?” she asked rather sharply. I stumbled over my words before I said the only thing that made sense. “I just wanted to check on you to see if you were okay. You seemed a little off in class.” She took a moment to process this and smiled politely. “I’m fine I just had a stomachache.” She said flipping her hair over her shoulder. It was then that I smelt it. She was already wearing her gym shorts for the day which meant she was wearing a diaper. A diaper that I now understood was full. Oh shit, I thought to myself. “well, do you feel better now?” I asked trying to lighten the mood. “I do actually. So you should get back to class little boy.” She said with a smirk as she opened the door to the nurses station to get cleaned up and changed. I couldn’t help but steal a glance at her bottom as she walked away from me. I could see her dirty diaper bulging outward through her shorts and swaying with every step she took until the door closed behind her. Ten minutes later when she came back to class. She flashed me a quick smile reassuring me that everything was okay as she took her seat and the day carried on as usual. By the time of the winter school dance there was only one girl that I wanted to take. When I asked Reilly to the dance she blushed bright red but said yes. But only as two friends going together not as a couple or like boy friend and girl friend she insisted. I didn’t really mind the conditions I was just glad that she had said yes. I had stopped listening after that. The night of the dance Reilly wore a cute white dress with pink lace wrapped around her waist and the trim of the dress. She looked really pretty. We danced hugged and laughed all night together. We may have entered that dance as just friends but we left as a couple. After winter break I noticed that Reilly no longer wore those black tights to class. Instead she wore normal pants and shorts that were a size or two to big for her with a diaper taped on underneath. While I tried not to bring attention to it I could always see the bulk and hear the faint crinkle of plastic when she would walk past me. It seemed like her parents had given up for now that Reilly would get over her fears and use the bathroom like everyone else because by all appearances Reilly wore and used diapers full time. I began to wonder if she even knew when she was wet or when it was time to change. There were a couple of times that I had to quietly make her aware of a leaking diaper that needed changing. She teased and said that maybe one day she would let me be the one to change her diapers. I giggled and blushed but secretly I wanted to do that more than anything. On some days when I’d walk her home she would invite me over to hangout at her house until her parents got home from work. On these days the first thing she would do was lock herself in the bathroom where she would change her wet diaper. A few minutes later she would emerge and we would watch tv or talk about school. It was on one of these days that my curiosity and hormones took over and when she took a seat next to me on the couch I flipped up the skirt that she was wearing and caught a glimpse of her diaper before she slapped my hand away. “What are you doing!?” She said playfully. I smiled. “I’m only making sure you put that on correctly and that you're not going to leak everywhere.” She saw through my bullshit pretty quickly. “ So you want to see my diaper huh?” “Well, only if it doesn’t bother you.” I replied not wanting to sound like to much of a pervert. She stood up and unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it leaving her only in her T-shirt diaper and sneakers and then sat down next to me to watch tv. I thought about putting some kind of move on her but I got nervous and shy. After a while it was time for me to go. My mom was always pretty good about having dinner on the table by 6:30 and it was already 6:25 and I was getting hungry. She got up and walked me to her door. Where she gave me a hug. When I was squeezed my arms around her I could feel warmth pressing against my thigh When I pulled away I looked down as her diaper worked to absorb her pee. It only took a minute for her diaper to go from dry and clean to soaked, discolored and sagging off of her hips. “oops! I think I’ve had an accident!” She said playfully grabbing at herself and laughing as she shut the door in my face. I simply laughed it off and went home thinking Reilly was a little nutty. The rest of my time with Reilly was somewhat of a blur of laughter and fun. We would continue to hang out after school and watch movies together on the weekends and eat dinner at each others houses from time to time. I never did get to see her diapers again or change her diaper like I wanted to. That was probably for the best because I’m sure that I would have messed it up somehow. During the last week of school she told me that her family was moving across town. Her dad had gotten some big time promotion and with it came a sign on bonus that was enough to move them to the rich side of town. I gave her my phone number scribbled on a post it note on the day they moved. When she saw it she smiled as she leaned in and gave me my first kiss and in a hushed whisper she said goodbye.
  4. To the first part of your post I would say that you can find extremes in every fetish community but that would not accurately reflect how everyone in that community behaves. I would in fact say that most people would have the common decency not to involve others in their preferences. Overtly inappropriate or provocative behavior should never be deemed okay but as long as your behavior isnt disruptive to everyone else there should be no taboos and to a larger extent ABDL is still very taboo. I think what you said is true that people do see ABDL as predatory in nature and I would like to see that public perception change. I understand that to a large portion of this community this line of thinking doesn't make sense to you. You wear diapers and you don't give a damn what other people think about it. I am not there yet. I do care what people think. Deeply. I am tired of being viewed as some kind of deviant for having this desire that I have tried over and over again to walk away from but somehow I cannot. I quit smoking. I quit drinking. I quit being an asshole. I cannot however quit diapers. Wearing diapers is a part of who I am and I have come to realize this but i still crave the acceptance from friends and family that can only come from society's view on ABDL evolving from deviant and predatory to a more informed and accepting position. I am a glass is always half full kind of guy and I feel that at some point society as a whole will get there.
  5. Being gay was treated as weird and a bit of a freak show. Unitl it wasn't. Being trans was treated as weird and a bit of a freak show. Until it wasn't. Positive media exposure has been proven to change hearts and minds. Show me a positive mainstream example of ABDL? I have not seen it yet and this is what I want.
  6. Yes this is the point I am trying to make. I was more so refuring to widespread social acceptance. If you ask your average person at a bar if they are ABDL odds are that they will have no idea what you are even asking them. Obviously we are hyper aware of it but your average person if they know anything about abdl think it has something to do with children which it obviously to us does not. I understand the differences between gender identity and ABDL and I am not saying that they are the same I am simply talking about social awareness and acceptance but I am glad to have sparked a debate.
  7. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about this particular kink and why choosing diapers as normal form of underwear isn't more widely excepted as a whole and I have come to the conclusion that given enough time that it will be and all stigmas associated with being ABDL will eventually go away. The only thing we need to get there is to have a celebrity presence who is openly ABDL. Think about the impact that Will & Grace had on the gay community. Or Caitlyn Jenner for the transgender community. It would take only one person to humanize our particular kink and make it socially acceptable. I have a middle school aged student in a very liberal city and as I walk through his school I see multiple signs posted on the walls saying "We accept all gender identities. All races. All nationalities." Et cetra. Before sending my student to outdoor school this year I got a packet on gender identity saying in essence that while the dorms are separated by sex, my child can choose which ever bunk and bathroom they identified with the most and that the same applied to the high school aged camp counselors. All of that is fine and well I support everyone's right to be who they want to be and overall this is a good thing but I cannot help but notice the stark contrast with my childhood experience. When I was in school D.A.R.E. posters lined all most all of the walls and sexual identity wasn't talked about at all. I did some more digging and I found a study that said about 1 million Americans are non gender conforming or about 1 out of every 250 people according to this study. That works out to about .04% of the US population. I know of course that these statistics are hard to quantify seeing as there are many people who are afraid to come out but this study did take that into consideration. Such a study on diaper paraphernalia to my knowledge does not exist but i'm sure that the findings would probably be lower but similar in the sense that we are talking about a small fraction of the overall population. Maybe 1 out of 300 to 400 would be my best guess but of course all i can do is guess. I was able to find a study on the prevalence of foot or feet related fetishes and it that said that it was estimated that 1.14% of the population has some sort of likening to feet. That number is more than double the amount of people who identify as non gender conforming. I would argue that most people are born with these desires whatever they maybe and have little choice in the matter. So why aren't there pictures of feet in my child's school? I feel that the answer to my question is one of lack of exposure. When I was a kid what Caitlyn Jenner did would have been unthinkable. So all it would take is one prominent figure who said "yep, I'm a foot person." Or "I'm a diaper lover." Someone who was relatable and open about their lifestyle that would instantly create awareness and liberal Hollywood and TV would be quick to embrace diversity and condemn any type of bigotry. People hate and fear what they do not understand and having someone humanize our lifestyle would instantly make it socially acceptable. Besides, I cannot think of a more harmless desire than choosing a different type of underwear.
  8. Fattymatty

    Repost: How to get put back into diapers

    Thanks! Diaperedboilerman, I have read and enjoyed many of your stories as well. This is somewhat of an older story of mine. It was really therapeutic for me to write at the time, some of the negativity reflects my own inner turmoil and love hate relationship with diapers over the years. Mostly writing this gave me an outlet to write about me and my mother and if I had a do over how I would have liked my adolescent years to turn out if I had the nerve to go through with it.
  9. Last updated on 1/5/2018 Because this is my own personal fantasy based on my life i often come back to this and rewrite certain things or add things here or there depending on what I'm into at the time so this is the most current rewrite version 2.3 Enjoy! 12 year old Matt sat alone at his computer screen. Being just after midnight his mom had already gone to bed for the evening. Over the past year or so this had turned into a nightly ritual for him. Matt would wait up until he was sure that his mom was asleep then he'd sneek into the living room and look up dirty pictures on the computer. One such picture that he saw captured his imagination. It was a picture of a girl sitting on a park bench and her grey sweatpants where drenched in pee that had sprouted from between her legs. She had to have been in her twenties and she was super pretty. This was quite litterally the strangest and hottest picture 12 year old Matt had seen in his short life and it sparked an interest that he had forgotten about. After extensive yahoo searches Matt stumbled onto a community website called DPF or Diaper Pail Friends. It was a website about older people that enjoyed wearing and using diapers. There was also a story board that housed stories of kids and adults who are put back into diapers for one reason or another. Matt read the stories every night until it became an obsesion. He imagined himself being the main character in these stories and how awesome that would be. This brought back memories of when he was nine or ten years old. He went through a phase where he would wet his pants and bed some nights just because, he didn't really understand why it felt good to wet himself but it did. When he was done he would hide the evidence behind his bed. In retrospect his mom must have known about it becuase after a day or two the wet pants and underwear would disapear and end up back in his dresser drawer freshly washed but nothing ever came of it. Even as a young kid he knew that he wanted to wear diapers again but he didn't know how to go about getting them. He would catch himself looking at younger kids and envying their puffy pampered bottoms. Eventually after seeing no action taken by his mom the pants wetting stopped. Matt hadn't thought much about those wettings for quite some time he only knew that he missed that warm fuzzy feeling that wetting himself brought. He experimented with make shift diapers made from garbage bags and towels but those fell apart rather quickly after one wetting and were simply not the real thing. So one late summer night Matt typed into the internet browser, "how do i get put back into diapers?" A couple of search results down the list he followed a link to a bedwetting forum. The thread was started by a boy about my age asking the same basic question. "How do i get my mom to put me back into diapers?" The boy had asked the internet. A lot of the responses to his question didn't make a lot of sense and were Kind of silly. I guess a silly question deserves a silly response. But as he kept scrolling down the page some responses did actually make sense. A string of posts in particual he paid close attention to. The first post was written by someone calling themselves diapered1964 he wrote. Here's my advice. Start by wetting your bed once a week. Step it up to 2 times a week in a month. In another month wet your bed 3 nights a week and your pants once a week. By the 4th month you need to wet the bed every night and your pants every other day. Continue this until you are wetting your bed nightly and pants daily. By now you parents should have taken you to the doctor to see what is the " problem" and "why" you are wetting your bed and pants all the time. Tell the doctor you can not keep from wetting yourself, wet yourself while at the doctors. By now your parents should be purchasing pull- ups or diapers for you to wear and use. Don't be surprised if by now you cannot keep from peeing yourself or your bed, if you still can control when you go pee you need to just relax and use the diaper you are wearing after all it is what you want to do right? Another poster chimed in after diapered 1964 their name was beentheredonethat they wrote. Assuming that the original poster is asking a legitimate question I would have to say that this is probubly the best advice from this nonsense thread. Although perhaps a little over simplified. The key In making this strategy work is to make your sudden unexplainable incontinence as believable as possible. Slow and steady is the real key in doing that. To many accidents to fast will raise suspicions and lead your parents to question wether you are having genuine accidents or if you are simply peeing your pants on purpose. Which you totally are! Naughty naughty! Any caring parent will take you to see a doctor. They will run tests. Make you jump through rings of fire. They will attempt to fix the problem, that is what doctors do. All you need to do is to continue wetting yourself no matter what the doctor says or does. Having plenty of high visibility accidents in public will speed up the process when you start wetting yourself during the daytime. It also adds a lot to the realism factor and puts added pressure on your parents to do something about your problem rather than ignoring it. If the only time you wet your pants is at home, locked away in your room two feet away from clean clothes and a bathroom that wont look right. If you truly want to wear diapers again you simply have to pretend like you already are. At school, with family or just hanging out with friends if you feel the need to go. Go! No matter where you are or who is around you, pee right into your pants. The more you do this the easier it will become and once you have been seen a handful of times in wet pants in pubic the fear of embarrassment will fade and you may even catch yourself beilieving your own lie. I just can't control it! By forcing everyone around you to constantly be on guard and anticipating you to have multiple accidents everyday this adds extra stress on your parents and over time putting alot of effort into keeping you dry and comfortable will wear them down physically and emotionally and simply putting you back in diapers will be a relief when that day comes. Especially once the doctors have done every test, every treatment and can't find anything medically wrong with you, frustration will set in. If you are still on occasion peeing in the toilet out of convience, stop doing that. Only use your pants, pull-ups or diaper if that is what you are wearing, no matter where you are. By occasionally using the restroom you are only giving false hope to your parents that this might someday get better. You've gotta sqaush that thought, by showing zero signs of there ever being any improvement now or in the future. You've got to prove to them that you shouldn't be wearing anything other than a thick diaper. Once it clicks for them that this is going to be the new normal for you, your parents will more than likely switch gears from trying to fix you to helping you live comfortably with your condition for your sake and theirs. Diapers are a near certainty once this reality sets in for everybody. This is when you can expect to see real plastic backed, tapes on the sides for a snug fit, extra absorbant diapers because they are the only logical and cost effective solution for a young person who has full urinary incontinence who wants to still have a semi-normal life. When this happens it can also be taken as a sign of exceptance on their part. By diapering you they understand that you need them now and will likely not hastle you as much about it and everyone will move on with their lives because by now your parents will be sick of dealing with wet sheets and clothes and will be relieved that you are back in diapers full time. It'll be their idea not yours. And they will love it. Hopefully. Lol. Congratulations to you, if you have made it this far you will have totally earned those diapers you will be wearing. Some food for thought. If you are unable to have a public accident or are afraid that somebody will find out that you wear diapers because you can't stop peeing and or pooping in your pants you shouldn't go through with this. This isn't for the faint of heart. It is normal to be afraid of what people will say because other kids will make fun of you there is no getting around this fact. A young person who cannot control their bodily functions is not a normal thing outside of the severly handycapped. Most adults will be cool about it but kids will be cruel to you and you will lose friends over this. Sorry just being real here. Also something to think about is that by actively not controlling your basic bodily functions over time your body will respond to not holding back your urine and you may actually find that you will develope some very real form of incontince. Your diaper will be wet without you realizing it. Leaks will happen at the worst times. In front of family, freinds co-works and classmates. And of course strangers as well. Most of the time the fact that you are wearing a diaper can be conceiled with baggy clothes and frequent scheduled changes but sometimes it can't be hidden as easily and you need to be okay with that. Ya im wearing a diaper, you wear miss matching socks, so what! There were other responses as well but none that were as inspiring as those two. A couple of posters said just to be honest about it and ask your parents if they would buy diapers for him to wear. Matt had mixed feeling about that, on one hand it could work but it seemed unlikely. The posibility of that strategy blowing up in his face was high. Too high to be seriously consitered. what if my mom said no? Could I except that response and move on? Swearing off the toilet for good seemed like using the nuclear option but I had to admit that using this method seemed so simple it almost certainly had to work. I realized then that I had been way over thinking this and turning the question of how to get diapers into some higher form of mathematics. I had seen diapers at the drug store but they were so expensive. I would have to save all of my money but even then it wouldn't be enough to cover the cost of wearing full time and besides hiding it like that would be impossible. My mom would at some point find a stash of diaper and think i was a freak. Maybe i am a freak. But if I needed to wear the diapers that changes everything. All I have to do is pee in my pants. A lot. Without giving up or showing that there is any end in sight. If I play it off as legitimate accidents what other choice does that give my mom but to put me back in diapers. Assholes are going to find something to make fun of me for anyways so I'm not scared of what people are gonna say if I wet my pants every once in a while. The only real question is, do I have the guts to try and pull this whole scheme off? Would it even work if i tried? My mother was not exactly the hardcore disaplinarian so i knew i wouldn't get in trouble per se if it failed to produce the results that i wanted. After all it wasn't like she punished me back in the day when she found wet pants stashed under my bed. But then again she didn't rush out and buy me diapers either. When I was younger I didn't have a plan or a guide to follow and I gave up on things way to fast. This time around is going to be different. I cleared the history file and got a large glass of water out of the sink and chugged it down knowing that it would work its way through my system and perhaps end up in my bed that night. At 2:45AM i woke up with a stabbing pain in my bladder. This was it, What was it going to be. It's so cold out there and i am so snug and warm under my blankets. Fuck this, i'm not getting out of bed if i don't have to. I tried letting go and nothing happened at first. I laid there pushing and mentally fighting against years of built up potty training but to no avail. I closed my eyes and pretended like i was already wearing that diaper. Its okay to pee in your diaper i told myself. Thats what they are made for. Wet your diaper. After a few tense seconds I felt my body loosening up and my whole body relaxed. Soon i was wetting my bed and it felt just as good as I had remebered. Why did i ever stop doing this in the first place i thought to myself i smiled and drifted off to sleep. Three months later..... I had followed the internet forums advice to the letter. I'd been wetting my bed for the past three months steadily increasing from once a week to twice then three and now for the past two weeks just about every other day. Through out the first month of my on and off again bed wetting my mother didn't seem overly concerned about it. Maybe she thought that if she made a big deal out of it that it would embarrass me. So she would say things like, its not a big deal and these things happens to lots of kids my age and that it was nothing for me to worry or get upset about. It didn't really seem to faze her, I slept on a water bed so there was very little mess to clean up in the mornings, just the bedding and a wipe down with a clorox wet wipe. Night time protection, aka diapers or pull-ups, had not been discussed. Im sure she probubly thinks im too old for them or that i would fight it if she were to bring it up. This was very disappointing to say the least, a younger me would have called it quits at this point but I knew that in order for this to work I had to push through this part and become bolder not shrink away and give in. I never really gave it much thought in the beginning but it takes a lot of determination to pull off a stunt like this. While my mother didn't outwardly appear to mind cleaning up after my night time accidents, over time It must have become increasingly obvious to her that this was getting worse not better. Earlier in the week she told me that she had made an appointment for me to see the pediatrician just to make sure that there wasn't an infection or anything like that going on. Over time my room had began to take on the musty stale urine smell of a cronic bedwetter. I knew it was past time to impliment phase two. (Daytime accidents.) Wetting the bed hadn't been hard to pull off and my mother never questioned wether those were real accidents or not. She just took it at face value and had aparently shrugged it off as a phase or a normal part of childhood. According to the time line i should be wetting my pants durring the day once or even twice a week by now. It just seemed like such a colossal step forward. Sure, plently of kids wet the bed but daytime accidents? Only little kids had daytime accidents. I'm thirteen, would my mom buy it? Or would she see through me and realise that I was doing all of this on purpose? I wasn't confident that either outcome was set in stone. Simply wetting the bed hasn't been enough to earn diapers maybe after enough pairs of wet pants she will see diapers as an option. Regardless, it was past time that I found out for sure. After school i road my bike up and down my deadend street and played with the neighborhood kids if there were any outside to play with. My mother was very much the type of parent that kicked me out of the house on a sunny day and said do not come home unless i was hungery or when it gets dark. So i spent a lot of time outside, some of the time playing by myself. This was one of those days. While walking through the woods in my backyard I found a large stick and used it to poke at a near by ant hill, quite suddenly I felt a strong urge to pee. I instinctualy clamped down and brought my other hand over my crotch. Literally trying to hold it in. What on earth am I doing I scolded myself. If I wanted to wear diapers I needed to start acting the part. I loosened my grip and let my hand fall to my waist knowing that I've gotta let this happen. Before I had time to finish my thought warmth rushed through my underwear and then down my inner thighs. Fuck it, this is happening, i told myself as I let my body completely relaxy and enjoy the moment. By the time i was done the whole front of my jeans were soaked through and through. There would be no way to hide this accident from anybody. After a few more minutes of playing in the dirt I slowly started making my way back towards home my sneakers squishing with all of the pee trapped inside of them. while my house was only a few houses down in order to get there I had to tromp through some of the neighbors backyards to get home. No body was outside except for Mrs. Greasly the next door neighbor who was watering her flowers. She smiled at me and waved as I gingerly walked through her backyard. I politely waved back. "Been running trough someone's sprinkler I see." "Yeah," I sheepish replied. I think maybe she was trying to lessen my embarrassment by giving me an easy out. Or maybe she really thought that's what had happened. I looked down and it was hard to imagine a sprinkler that would only get my inside thighs wet and not the outside, although maybe I could use that excuse instead of simply saying I peed. The kitchen looks out over the back yard and in that moment of looking down and contemplating my options my mother just so happened to be looking out of that same window. She sighed deeply taking in the scene of her teenage son coming home in peed in pants much like a toddler who was just learning to wear big kid underwear and had an accident. "Oh Matt.. what am I gonna do with you." She said out loud to her sink full of dirty dishes. She tossed her dish rag in the corner and decided to confront her son outside. "Back so soon." She said with a smirk. "Yeah..... I need to change out of these pants they got a little wet." I said blushing red. "Ya, they are soaked, and how did that happen?" " I.. Had an accident." I decided against the elaborate excuse. I figured that I would have to come up with a new excuse every time I wet my pants and that would mean multiple layers of lies that ultimately would come crashing down all around me. Instead, I chose to double down on the big lie. " I felt it coming but I couldn't hold it." I said trying to sound as pitiful as possible. A brief look of concern washed over my mother's face followed by resignation. This wasn't the time to overreact her expression seemed to convey. "It's okay accidents happen sometimes... Throw your wet clothes in the washing machine and take a quick shower before you put on clean clothes." I nodded and waddled past her. As soon as I knew she was out of sight I smiled ear to ear. She bought it the slow patient approach is working. As the warm water washed the cold pee off of my legs I plotted my next move. For this to work from here on out all I really had to do is wet myself. A lot. I can do this i told myself the hardest part is over. I waited two days and then wet my pants again while i was outside on the back porch organizing my maigc cards by color. I made sure not to get my cards wet as the pool under my bottom grew. This time it happened even easier than the first time. I didn't feel any immediate need to stop what I was doing or to wash up so I continued organizating my cards as the pool under me started cooling. This must be what it feels like to wear a diaper, to be able to go potty without having to take a break from whatever was going on at the time. This is kinda awesome I thought to myself. My mother was gone at the time running errands so when I decided to come inside i left my soaked pants and underwear right on top of the washing machine where my mom was sure to find them. By this point i was wetting my bed just about every night. At first peeing while laying down had been a challenge but now i found that i had no difficulty peeing while laying on my back, side or stomach. I would wake up in the middle of the night with the urge to go. Go. And then drift back to sleep although if i didn't fall right back to sleep the sheets started to get cold and that was an icky feeling. On those nights i didn't sleep very well. I was quickly approaching month four and right on schedual. While waiting at the doctors office there were two other little kids in the waiting room playing with one of those big bead and wire doctors office toys that sat on the floor in the middle of the room. Both of their butts bulged from the diapers they were wearing underneath their pants. I could see the pampers waistband extending up their backs as they crouched around the giant toy. Nobody expected them to keep their pants dry. Why should i be seen as any different from them just because i'm a few years older. Seeing them blissfully playing only hardened my reslove. I knew while we were driving here that i had to pee but I held it because i didnt want to mess up my moms seat if i didn't have to. That would just be mean. While staring off into space and with my mom seated next to me in the waiting room i let go. I felt the trickle quietly fall down between my legs and my bottom started getting warm as the pee began pooling under me. Soon I felt the pee drip down from between my thighs and without looking i knew that it was starting to seep into the carpet between my legs. Nobody noticed and world continued to turn. Until my name was called i got up and started walking towards the nurse who had called my name. "Uh oh, Matt it looks like you've had an other accident." My mother said when she saw my soaked bottom. I stould there silently defeated as my mother went to the bathroom to get some toilet paper out of the bathroom. "I'm sorry i couldn't feel it." I told her as my mom attempted to wipe up the mess with brown paper towels. "Don't worry about it honey thats why we are here. The doctor is gonna find out whats going on and is going to fix it for you." She said trying to comfort me. Sure mom. Keep telling yourself that. The lady that had called my name waited patiently as my mother cleaned up the puddle as best as she could. Then i made the walk of shame back to the doctors office. Wet bottom on display for anybody that glanced in my direction. "Obviously i don't have an extra pair of pants for you to change into so you are going to have to deal." My mom said as we took our seats in the little room assigned to me. "I know." I said with a sigh. The doctor was very kind about my wetting issues. I explained that i was wetting the bed and that i was having a hard time keeping my pants dry during the daytime. She ran some tests, felt my tummy. She said that i didn't appear to have an infection so that was the good news. She said that incontinence is very common in kids going through puberty and to check back in two weeks with the results and that we would take it from there. My mom apologized for the state of the bench i was sitting on. The doctor simply laughed it off. "That bench has seen much worse." She sent me home with a chart that i was supposed to use that monitored my fluid intake and urine out put. Sounds like homework. Lame. So I left there with some homework and an official diagnosis of nocturnal enuresis in my medical file. In keeping honest with my plan to have a pair of wet pants about every other day today at school inbetween classes i locked myself in the bathroom stall across from the office and nurses station and peed my pants. I could feel my heart beating through my chest as my legs soaked up the pee. I waited for the bell to ring and for the halls to clear out then walked the short distance down hall to the office. The hall was blissfully empty and no one saw me that I could tell. The receptionist instantly seeing the state of my pants shoo'd me into the nurses station where i was told to have a seat. Janet, the school nurse, was a very nice plump older lady who smiled at me when I walked through her door. Apparently the school keeps a couple pairs of shorts on hand incase a kid has an accident in their pants they can have something to change into. I was given a plastic bag to put my wet clothes in along with a note explaining the change of pants policy to my mom. Which was to wash the shorts and return them in the next day or two. When i got home later that day i unloaded my wet pants into the washing machine. My mom read the note silently before she spoke. "Another accident huh, You should probubly take a shower kido." While i was doing just that my mom looked at the full load of laundry just from the days wettings. "I can't keep doing this, this is getting to be to much. These doctors had better find out whats wrong or else i don't know what i am going to do." Unbenounced to me while i was upsairs taking a shower my mother googled, "My teenager is wetting their bed and pants what am I supposed to do to help them." She found a lot of articles written by parents online and bedwetting support groups. Most of them pointed in the direction of taking the child to the doctor. Let them figure it out. But what if they can't figure it out she thought. There was an interesting article about diapering older kids. The basic argument was built around this scenario, if your kid fell down and scraped their knees you would clean them up and put a bandaid over their bloody cut to keep the blood from getting all over their clothes, right? This is not only best for the child and the clothes but wearing a bandaid is also the most sanitary way to deal with the problem of a skinned knee. Diapers for older kids, serve the same basic function as the bandaid in this case. The article also pointed out that children who are constantly in wet pants are also at a much higher risk of getting fungal infections and rashes so putting aside the negative social stigma, if the child is going to wet themselves wearing a diaper and changing them frequently is without a doubt the most hygienic option. Goodness, that makes a lot of sense. She decided that over the next couple of days she would think about what's best for Matt and to keep an open mind. If putting her teenage son back into training pants or a diaper was for the best she wouldn't rule that out but she wasn't there yet. the next day after the shorts had been washed and returned before class started. By lunch time I knew I had to pee bad but I just couldn't bring myself to use the restroom. I wanted this too bad. I knew that I couldn't hold it much longer but I got in the lunch line like every other kid. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other. It doesn't get more in your face embarrassing than right here right now and if this is what I want I've got to face that fear head on. Facing forward in the crowded cafeteria holding my food tray in front of me I spaced out for a moment and let go and that's all it took. I kept my food tray in front of me partially obscuring the wet spot that I knew was spreading across the front of my jeans and running down my legs. No one that I could tell had noticed my accident so I sat down and ate my lunch as if nothing had happened at all. When I got up to put away my empty tray I could feel the stares burrowing into me. Some laughed. Some pointed. One girl said. "Ew gross he peed his pants, look!" I didn't stick around long enough to hear anymore as I hastily headed to the office. Janet gave the shorts back to me and gave me some privacy to change my clothes. Later on in the afternoon while I was walking through the halls on my way to gym class i wet in the replacement shorts. While this accident wasn't nearly as noticeable as the first one I still was feeling cold and clammy so I headed back to the nurses station. Janet was less than pleased to see me for the second time in the same day with wet clothes and insisted that my mom either come pick me up or bring me some clean clothes. When my mother did pick me up my shorts had grown cold and itchy. Janet had a polite conversation and handed my mom a stack of coupons for what looked like goodnites underwear and said that it might be a good idea if i wore some form of protection for school so it didn't interfere with my education. I played along as if i was super embaressed by the conversation taking place right in front of me. Finally a step in the right direction I thought to myself lets see where this goes. My mother thanked her for the coupons and for the advice. The air was thick on the car ride home and not only because my clothes were starting to smell. " How would you feel about wearing one of these pull-ups for a while, until this passes." My mom asked me finally. "It's gotta beat wet pants at school right?" "I shrugged my sholders "ya i guess so." "Are you sure you would be okay with this, it'll only be temporary until we get this problem figured out." It's okay mom, i understand, I don't mind wearing a diaper." I don't think my mother was prepared for me to call them diapers by her facial expression. "Well, honey these are not diapers these are more like a... Well... Padded underwear, i still want you to try to make it to the potty on time but this way if you don't you have a little bit of a backup plan." "Whatever its called it is better than wet pants all day long." I reasoned out loud. " I agree" She said with a look of relief on her face. My mother was probubly expecting that i would fight it. A few minutes later we turned into a Walgreens parking lot. "You can wait in the car and i'll be back in just a minute." She said making sure to grab the coupons before she closed the door. Ten minutes later my mom came back to the car with two cases of goodnites for boys size LX in her shopping cart. "just so we are 100% clear this is not a diaper, i expect you to use the bathroom whenever you can." "You got it dude." I replied sarcasticly. I knew that going forward i would be using them as a diaper and peeing in them a lot. If you truly want to wear diapers pretend like you are already wearing them I remembered reading. By this time no matter how well i washed up in the shower i noticed that the smell of stale urine always seemed to surround me. The goodnites did nothing to mask this unpleasant smell. Word spread about the lunchroom incident and I believe some kids had started to notice the faint smell of stale pee that seemed to follow behind me everywhere I went. Sometimes I could hear whispers behind my back and i could have sworn that i saw one girl pointing at me and giggling with her friends, it could have been nothing but when you are a teenager walking around in wet pull-ups and pants all of the time some people are going to notice. When it was just me and my mom at home she would stop and remind me to use the restroom every hour on the hour as if I were a toddler going through potty training. Once while she was watching me I peed a little to appease her but most of the time it was just a reminder to use my pull-up if I needed to before I got into the bathroom. Once my mother would see my soggy pull-up around my ankles she would hand me a new one to change into. Mrs. Murphy my engish teacher pulled me aside afterclass one day to ask if i was having any problems in the bathroom. I wasn't sure what she meant by the question at first, i can only assume it was because i smelled and either she noticed it or an another student did and brought it to her attention. I told her the truth that yes i have trouble making it to the bathroom on time and i was wearing pull-ups to deal with the problem. She then asked if my parents knew about it, i told her yes that my mother was well aware of the situation. I began to notice that the casual friends that i had started keeping their distance from me, or making excuses that they had to do something or be somewhere as soon as i showed up. I can take the hint guys. No one wants to be seen talking to the pants wetter. Everyone seemed to drift away except my best friend Will that is. He still talked to me and we still played Magic the gathering after school every once in a while. If he knew something was up or different about me he did't say anything about it. Will wasn't exactly Mr. Popularity either so i suppose that helped. Two weeks later im back at the doctors office with my half filled out chart(its kinda hard to messure how much pee is in a pull-up. i probubly pee in the toilet one time a day now, usually only when im sitting down already going poop. Otherwise the i just let loose in my pants, if they leaked my pants got wet. I go through the one goodnite at bedtime and because i sleep on my side it leaks through horribly so i don't really see the point in even wearing it. I now wet the bed every night with out fail and i go through at least five pull-ups during the daytime sometimes six or seven per day. I can tell that my mother isn't happy about it seeing as i've already blown through those first two cases of goodnites plus another case and a half in two weeks. God only knows how much those cost my mom. While the doctor was sympathetic she was not pleased with my lack of progress and was even less thrilled when she saw the wet goodnite around my waist. I spent my whole saturday getting every test done in the book. Blood tests, X-rays, ultra sounds. And at the end of the day guess what they found. Yup, you guessed it they found nothing of course. Having done her part the doctor gave my mom a card to a child therapist. Saying that sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose incontinence and that sometimes the causes could be stress related or psychological in nature. Another week goes by and i've developed a nasty rash along my inner thighs from constantly being in soaked pull-ups all the time. Everywhere i went i walked bow legged, it looked like i just got off a hourse. My mom had set up a meeting with this therapist for today at 3 o'clock. Her name was Anne. In child therapy it is a common practice for the first session that the therapist talks to the child first and then the parent afterwords to get a quick assessment of the situation. She asked me about how i felt about school my family and friends. She asked if id been sleeping well, i had to answer her honestly no. Not at all, i wet the bed all the time and i never can get a good nights sleep anymore. She also asked me how i felt about my incontinence problems. "Not very good, i feel very low in me self and i feel that at any second something terrible is gonna happen to me." I told her about my rash and how much it freaking hurt although i dont think she asked about that one. I think i just volunteered that information. She asked about how my wetting problem had effected my relationship with my mom. I had to agian answer her honestly. Not positively, I felt like every time i wet myself my mom was disapointed in me and that in the back of her mind she was probubly mad at me. Like i am doing this on purpose or something. "How long have you had problems making it to the toilet on time?" She asked. "Oh, it's been four or five months at least." Anne skribbled some notes on a legal pad as i continued talking. The clock zoomed by and soon our hour was up and it was my moms turn on the comfy couch. She scowled at the small wet spot where she knew that her son must have been sitting and made a point of not sitting directly on the wet spot. "Let me just start by saying Matt is a smart young man and you should be very proud of him." "Well thank you for that compliment but that is not the reason we are here today." My mother said rather sharply. Anne paused a moment before she continued. "Yes, i understand that you are concerned about his inability to make it to the bathroom on time. It is in my opionion that Matt is probably suffering from depression caused in part by his incontinence problems and from being alienated from his peers. I would recommend that he start seeing me regularly and that his comfort level should be our imeadiate priority. Followed by extra emotional support." "What does that mean exactly doctor." My mother asked the therapist. "Well, Matt complained about poor sleeping due to bedwetting and wet cold sheets. Also he told me that he has developed quite a rash from wearing wet pull-ups all the time. I don't mean to impose here but have you consitered a more absorbant product meant for heavier levels of incontinence." My mother leaned back into the couch and thought carefully about how to word her response. "Yes. Yes i have. Every single day i think about how much easier it would be if he was wearing a diaper like he did when he was a baby instead of the thinpull-ups he wears but i feel like that would be seen as giving up on him or signaling to him that he is failing and i'm not sure if im ready to do that yet. I just don't want to hurt him or his pride. Does that make sense? Or am I over thinking this?" Anne nodded sympatheticly. " It makes perfect sense and I understand why you would feel that way, but it maybe whats best for Matt, emotionally speaking, I understand that wearing diapers certainly carries a stigma. However leaks and wet pants are much more traumatic and can perpetuate his depression even further. Diapers may also have the added effect of boosting his self confidence and self esteem in the long run if he doesn't need to worry about leaks as much. Ultimatly though this is a decision that rests within the family and the doctor who Matt is seeing." Well, they sent me to you and you think i should put him back in diapers again." My mom said dryly as she looked out of the second story window. Anne shifted in her seat contemplating all of the emotions this young mother must have been feeling at hearing her suggestion. "I think that Matt needs help sorting out his feeling and i think that instead of expecting to find a quick fix for Matt's potty problems it would be wise to recognize it as a reality for the time being and except the fact that it might be a problem that's here to stay for a while. So with that in mind, yes, I would recommend that Matt should probably be wearing something closer to a diaper than underwear for the time being." Anne said gingerly. My mother nodded taking in what Anne was saying. In the back of her mind she knew that the therapist was right. She'd known it all along but helped to hear it confirmed by someone else as well. She didn't want to be thought of as a bad mom, people can be super judgemental of parents that potty train their kids late but if there is a medical need and a doctor is essentially prescribing the diapers, well, that is different. It made it okay. They made small talk for a couple more minutes until Anne said that she had another appointment soon and directed my mother to make a follow up appointment at the front desk. When we got into the car my mother put the keys into the ignition but didn't turn the engine over. Instead we just sat there in an awkward silence. "Matt, i need to ask you a serious question and i need you to answer me honestly," I nodden my understanding. "Are you really unable to tell when you need to use the bathroom?" I looked down at my feet as I quietly replied "no, not really." The awkward silence continued although my mother was working things out in her head trying to rationalize her next move. Not only does he need to wear diapers he needs to know that I except him and love him. I think that means going back to changing diapers even if he is thirteen. He needs my help right now and when was the last time that i felt needed by anybody. While she didn't want to admit it the feeling of being needed felt good and filled a place in her heart that had felt empty for a long time. Having calmed herself down enough to drive she knew what she had to do. "Its okay baby. Mommy is here and i will take care of you." I noticed that when we turned out of the therapists office my mom took a turn onto a different road then the one we came in on. "Where are we going?" i asked." "We are going to buy you something thicker than those pull-ups you are wearing. I don't think that those are going to work for you anymore. There is a good medical supply store in town that sells diapers by the case and that is were we are going, are you going to be okay with that Matt?" Holy shit she used the "D" word. I was not expecting that word to come out of her mouth in such a blunt matter of fact way. I knew that thats what they are called and thats exactly what i wanted her to say, i guess i just wasn't prepared for it when the time finally came. After what seemed like hundreds of pairs of wet pants and pull ups it had finally come to this. Diapers at last. As meek and timidly as i could muster i responded, "It's okay. I don't want to wear diapers again but i understand why i probubly should be wearing them." My mom smiled. "Thank you for being such a trooper about all this. . I know how this must make you feel but for now i think it is whats for the best. I'm really proud of you for understanding and being cooperative. Lets go in and see what our options are shall we?" She said as she pulled into the empty parking lot. A nice older lady was at the counter. "Can i help you find anything." She asked." "Yes actually you can, where are your adult diapers located?" "Those are gonna be along the back wall there behind the wheel chairs." The lady said with a warm smile. "Thank you kindly" my mother replied in kind. The wall of diapers was impressive to say the least. They had every brand i'd ever heard of. My mother settled on a pack of Tranquility all through the nights. "Excuse me." She hollered at a near by store clerk. "Do you sell these by the case?" "We certainly do." The young attractive female stock clerk said who couldn't have been more than a couple of years older then myself. "Great, can we get two cases of these in a size medium?" She asked. "Sure thing, i'll run and get em from the back." The girl gave my mother a slip of paper to pay for the diapers while the girl got them from the back. She even helped us load my diapers into the trunk. While we paid my mother filled out a delivery schedual form so that the store would automaticly ship out a case of diapers to our house every month. That way you save 10% per case plus you get free shipping. With two hundred diapers in the trunk and a hundred set to come every month for the forseeable future it sure looked like my mother wasn't expecting me to suddenly stop wetting myself any time soon. On the car ride home we listened to the classic rock radio station. It had been a long emotionally taxing day and neither of us felt much like talking. Once we got home i helped carry the diapers inside and set them on my bed in my room. "Lay down on the floor please." My mother instructed from behind me. I did as asked knowing what would be coming next. My mother started going to work on the button and zipper of my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles she them tore away the sides of the soaked goodnight and slipped it out from underneath me. She then took a wipe and started wiping away all of the stale urine and icky smell. "When you are at home i want to be the one to change your diapers. That way I can make sure it's on tight and we don't get any nasty rashes like this one." She said as she smeared desitin between my thighs that were chapped fire engine red. She then pulled out one of my new diapers and unfolded it. I lifted my bottom as she slid it under me she then taped each side and started pulling my pants back up, she zipped them up and redid the button. "I wont always be there to keep tabs on how your diaper is holding up or be able to change you when you are at school so that is why you will need to carry an extra diaper and some wipes in your bagback these diapers say they can last up to eight hours so you will probubly be able to make it through the school day without needing to be changed but you should have an extra one just in case." "I can do that mom." "You should also know that I'm not going to go out of my way to embarrass you or call attention to your diapers but I'm not going to act like a 007 agent either, if I feel that I need to check your diapers I'm going to do that. If you need to be changed while we are out of the house I'm going to do that too. Any questions? No, good. Go run along and play." I didn't wait long as i ran out the door out into the backyard. The diaper felt super thick as i walked around and my crotch area seemed to pooch out a lot from the bulk. This was nothing like those slim goodnites. The first time i wet my diaper warmed up for a minute then another minute later it felt completely dry again like it never even happened. When I'd wet the goodnites it always felt like i was walking around with a puddle stuck between my legs. This was truly a new experience. Nathan one of the neighbor kids was out riding his bike around the nieghborhood so I grabbed my bike and we tore up the neighborhood. Nathan couldn't tell i had a wet diaper on underneath my jeans so why would anyone else? By the time it came to dinner i let more pee dribble into the diaper although it didn't feel any different because of it. A guy could really get used to this. No longer am i gonna hold back because im afraid I might leak because i wont, These diapers have got me covered. Literally. As soon as the need hits the padding around my crotch will be drinking it in. Im wearing a real diaper now. People are going to expect me to use it. Why should I even worry about it anymore? Im not gonna. After dinner me and my mom decided to watch a movie and snack on some pop corn. My mom looked happy for the first time in a long time. She looked relaxed and content even. It was then that I realized how hard all of this must have been on her. A momentary pang of guilt flashed over me and just as quickly as it came on it faded. Oh well, there is no going back I'd worked to hard and sacrificed to much to simply go back. This is exactly what I wanted. It was then that I realized that my mother hadn't reminded me to use the bathroom since she put the diaper on me, not even once during this whole afternoon or while we watched the movie. After the movie was finished my diaper was soaked and when my mom told me to lie on the floor i knew what would be coming next. She took off my jeans and lovingly changed my wet diaper. Being sure to apply another layer of diaper rash cream before telling me it was time for bed. That night i woke up in the middle of the night to wet the bed but for the first time in almost six months my bedding stayed dry and i stayed warm. The diaper pulled the wetness away from my body leaving a warm fuzy feeling that only made falling back to sleep that much easier. One month later. For the second morning in a row i woke up with a wet diaper having gone to bed the night before wearing a dry one and not remembering waking up in the night to pee. I wonder if that is gonna be a new trend. Along the same lines of spooky things going on within my body, my bladder has been having random spasms lately. Its a hard feeling to describe. It kinda feels like there is a butterfly down there that bats its wings real fast. Its kind of a weird fluttery feeling. It happens off and on all day. But it doesn't really effect me that much. It's just weird. At school things appear to be calming down. Even though the diapers are thicker they don't smell when wet so now I no longer carry that stale pee spell around with me where ever i go which is nice. Sometimes i think people are looking at me differently because the diaper swells up pretty big when wet and becomes rather noticeable if anyone knew what to look for. But its whatever. I've taken to wearing longer shirts and pants that are a size too big for me in an attempt to cover the added padding. So far that appears to be working well. No one has been bold enough to call me out on it or questioned why i never seem to need a hall pass any more to use the restroom or why i crinckle when i walk or why my butt got so puffy all of a sudden. Most kids are so sucked up in their own world to care if a loser like me is wearing a diaper or not. Which is probably why i've slipped under the radar i suppose. The other day during the last class of the day i wet in my already soaked diaper and I just knew it was gonna leak on me. Once class let out i went into a secluded bathroom by the gym to checkout the damage. Right below each butt cheek there were two baseball sized wet marks where the diaper had failed. I took off the hooded sweat shirt i was wearing and wrapped it around my waist before i headed for home. I told Will my best freind that i wear diapers now. At first he got a little weird about it but then he confessed that he sort of knew about it already. He said that he had noticed the smell during my pants/goodnites wetting days but had been too polite to point it out. He also said that sometimes when i sit down my pants ride down and the top of the diaper will stick out. I'll have to watch out for that in the future. I wonder if thats happened at school!? Probubly has but i'd rather not think about it. Every tuesday afternoon once my mom does my after school diaper change we go to the therapists office to talk to Anne about how things are going. I told her that i sleep much better since switching to diapers at night and my social life is looking to be on the up and up. I'm feeling overall much happier and Anne didn't seem bothered one bit that the diapers have become a normal part of my life. She also would ask other probing questions about my relationship with my mother mostly and how thats been changing. Since she put me back in diapers there is a lot less tension between the two of us. No more worrying about wet pants and wet sheets and no more laundry 24/7 for my mom and i know how much she appreciates that. I do wonder how she feels about having to change diapers again. She says she doesn't mind but i can't help but question it. Perhaps thats guilt talking. Either way we are starting to slip into some sort of normal and as time goes on the diapers are becoming less of a big deal and more so just a part of the normal rutuine. She changes me out of my soaked diaper in the morning rediapers me after my morning shower. I get changed after school and then again right before bedtime. Having my mother in charge of my diapers was a bit weird and embarassing at first but now it is getting to be as normal as putting on socks and shoes. Six months later. So much has happened where oh where to begin. I am now an honest to god bedwetter. Every morning i wake up wet and it's awesome, very excited about that. I stopped seeing Anne a month or so ago. My mom said that i no longer needed to see her if i didn't want to. So i stopped going. I'm pretty sure that my mom no longer holds out any hope that i will ever go back to wearing regular underwear agian. She had stopped making doctors appointments and has resigned herself to changing diapers instead of dealing with doctors that cost alot of money and don't seem to have any answers. Probubly a big reason for her ultimately giving up on trying to fix me came because of a couple incidents that happened not that long ago and the fallout from them. It was after school on a random Tuesday when me and my mother were at the grocery store. My job was to push the cart and be bored out of my mind while my mother went up and down the aisles crossing things off her list and putting things in the cart. I felt my stomach gurgling and I quietly passed gas. I knew that i should tell her that we should stop so I could use the bathroom but a part of me said no, not today. I have been wearing diapers for a while now and i absolutely hated having to pull them down to use the bathroom when i needed to poop. It sucked as a matter of fact. After pulling the diaper back up the fit was never as good. Would it be the end of the world if I just used the daiper? I wondered to myself. I mean that's what they are made for, Right? I farted wettly and instead of clamping the door shut i pushed before I could fully think about all of the repercussions and properly talk myself out of it. The creases in the back of the diaper that had never beed needed before started to unfold and strained to contain the mess that suddenly pushed up agianst it. Once the room in the back was filled out i felt the poop speadout to cover my whole backside. Even though It was over in a matter of seconds this was no small accident, I had totally loaded this diaper to the max, i felt it bulging outwards and starting to slowly sag with the added weight that I had put into it. Instintively my hand went back there to inspect the damage. That's what my mom saw, me wide eyed and cupping the mess i'd made in my diaper with ond hand saying. " Uh oh...." She looked back at me with a confused look a cross her face. What uh oh!? Her facial expression seemed to say. Her nose twitched like samantha from bewitched and she gave me a wicked glance that screamed no freakin way. Not possible. She walked swiftly up to me and in a low whisper asked, "did you.... Just poop your pants!? Right here in the middle of the store?" I pinched my leg hard enough to summon some fake tears. "Yeah.... I pooped, im sorry. It was an accident." I said in a voice full of shame. A single tear streaked down my left cheek. "Why didn't you tell me you needed to go to the bathroom!? Jesus, i guess it doesn't matter now does it." I didn't bother responding. I got the feeling that this was one of those retoricle questions. She looked long and hard at me with a furrowed brow. She breathed in slowly taking in the aroma of my ripe diaper then exhaled slowly taking a full five second break from reality to gather her thoughts before she spoke again. "Its okay, at least you are wearing a diaper instead of underwear, lets go get you cleaned up." She said louder than I would have liked. A little boy who couldn't have been any older than eleven laughed out loud at my mom's blunt statement. Mother paid no attention to the kid as she left the cart next to the front checkstand and led me by the hand like a toddler who had just filled his pants into the womens restroom. She dug out the spare diaper that she kept in her purse along with a little zip lock baggy of wipes before She locked us in the last handycapped stall where she unziped my pants and swiftly went to work changing my dirty diaper. I was expecting more of a reaction than this. No punishment or lecture about trying to get to the bathroom in time none of that. She whipped my bottom clean and rediapered me dutifully. while the car ride home was a silent one inside my mother's head the gears were turning. I cannot believe that just happened. Is he losing control of that too? It seems highly unlikely, although maybe it's a sign that he isn't getting enough support or he thinks I don't except him. Maybe if I treated him more like the toddler he is acting like instead of the young adult he is becoming that will prove to him that I love him no matter what. Later that night while laying in bed she googled toddler clothes that would fit teenagers and adult baby diapers. She found diapers that where fun colors and had stars, baby blocks and other childish designs covering them. They looked cute and they had added extra features like odor guards and were made with extra space in the back specifically for messy accidents. These are just the perfect thing to let him know how much I love him and that it's okay to keep pooping his pants if that is what he wants to. She added a couple more small things into the cart and checked out then she went to bed for the night. A few days later on Sunday morning at our local church. Me and my mother were standing with the rest of the congregation singing along to the words on the giant screen when i felt a cramp in my tummy. After a few more verses i leaned slightly forward and pushed. Soon i could feel a long solid poop exiting my body until it broke off and came to rest in the pooch of the diaper that I was wearing. I held the seat in front of me and grunted as I pushed again and more came out although this time it was a warm soft and mushy feeling that slowly filled the seat of my pants. My mother meanwhile stould next me praising god, completely oblivious to the fact that I'd pooped my pants for the second time in less than a week. I didn't hesitate or hold it back this time either. Just like how i wet my diapers now, i felt the need to go and i went. After the song the pastor said you maybe seated. I sat down squishing the mess all around my bottom it was a crazy feeling and i liked it. About a minute into the surmon my mom leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Is your diaper poopy?" I nodden yes. There was no sense in denying it. Silently she stould up and just like last time took me by the hand and led me into church bathrooms where she locked the door behind us and changed my diaper. Her demenor was subdued, she didn't seem mad at me at all while she worked. She, in fact acted like it was perfectly normal and just like any other diaper change for her, expected even. Once she was done she tossed the heavily used diaper into the waist basket. It hit the bottom with a loud thud. She washed her hands in the sink and dried her hands with some paper towels. "Baby," she said turning towards me. "I just want to let you know that I will always love you and that i'm here for you always, if that means changing your wet and poopy diapers forever that's okay I do not mind. I'm not mad about it, I know that you can't help it and this doesn't change how i feel about you. You will always be my son and i will always love you no matter what." She said leaning in to give me a hug. "I know that mom, i love you too." I said hugging her back. We then took our seat back in the pews and listened to the pastor finish his surmon. Our moment in the church restroom only confirmed that i'd made the right choice to just go in my pants for everything from now on. I knew that my mommy had me covered. After that i had another poopy diaper two days later at home and with the toilet ten feet away sitting on the carpet on my knees in the living room watching cartoons. I just sat there in my Wet and poopy diaper unil my mother happened to walk by and noticed. "Smells like someone in here has a poopy butt." She said playfully. She then went up stairs to get a diaper and the tub of wipes and then she sat down with me on the floor. She laid me on my back and started undoing the tapes of my diaper. The diaper that was laid out beside me was different than the ones I'd been wearing. It seemed thicker and had pastel colored blocks that spelled baby across the front. "Whats up with the new diapers mom?" I asked. I didn't mind them it just seemed kind of silly. "Ah, I'm glad you asked, these diapers are made for bigger accidents like this one here. I also got them because I thought the print was cute and to let you know that you will always be my baby and I will always love and care for you. Does it bother you?" "No, I kinda like it." I said smiling. "Good I'm glad." She said smiling back. She finished cleaning me up and rediapered me in my new even thicker more childish diapers and as she began rolling up the used diaper she casually said. "While I have you here I bought you a couple of new tee shirts and I wanna test the fit." She helped me stand up and helped me remove my old shirt. The first shirt she brought out was a plain white tee shirt that she guided up and over my head. It seemed a bit loose that was until my mother started tugging at the bottom hem of it. I had not noticed it before but this shirt had three buttons that attached the front of the shirt to the back going up between my legs. The fit instantly became snugger. "What is this for?" I asked out loud. "These types of shirts are made to keep everything where it should be and to make changing diapers easier. You'll only wear these around the house mostly." My mother responded. Okay that makes sense I reasoned. She then helped me pull up the shorts that I'd been wearing and we sat there on the floor watching cartoons together. Since my mom has basically given me the okay to use my diapers how they were meant to be used. I honestly can't remember the last time my butt has sat on a toilet seat and i don't miss it one bit. Aside from that development in the past couple weeks ive noticed that i no longer get the urge to go pee any more. I only feel my diaper getting warm and wet and thats only if the diaper is dry to begin with. If its already wet i cannot tell when i wet agian and I truly rely on my mother checking to see when I need to be changed cus I have a hard time telling unless my diapers feel super full. Every Friday night me and my mom go to hollywood video where we rent a few movies for the week and she would let me rent a video game too. We always walked the wall of new releases first to see if they had anything worth while and today was no exception to this tradition. My mom had checked my diaper before we left and had declared me wet but that I should be okay until we got home. Earlier in the day we had gotten some taco bell boritos and they were starting to work their way through my system. With every step i took around the wall of new releases some small farts escaped. It did't take long for my mother to notice the smell that began seeping out of my diaper. "Matt, do you need a change?" I flushed red and shook my head. "No. I'm good." Although probubly not for long i thought to myself as my stomache gurgled. I decided that I should go get my video game for the week. Final fantasy 8. Heck yes, the game i've been waiting for forever was finally in stock. I grabbed the last copy they had and rejoined my mother along the wall of new releases. My mom had stopped to read the back of a movie while i pretended to look at another title on the large wall of vhs tapes. After s string of farts I leaned over slightly to better let nature take its course. i'd learned a while ago that this was the most comfortable way to poop. I didn't need to push or strain if the need hit me, I would simply let it happen naturally. After a moment soft poop slowly begun filling out the back of my diaper until my stomach started feeling better and the deed was done. "Did you find the game you were looking for?" My mother asked turning her attention towards me. "Yup. Im ready to go when you are." I replied handing her the game. "Great i've got some good movies picked out that im sure we will both like." She said as we made our way to the checkout. Half way down the aisle my mom slowed down. "Hold it right there kiddo." And without any warning she started tugging at my pants. "What The...." "Just hold still a minute." She scolded as she pulls out the back of my jeans to take a peak inside. Really mom. Your gonna check my diaper right here. In public? "Ya, i thought so." She said with a smirk. "Why don't you wait in the car while i get these checked out. I didn't bring any spares with me so you're just gonna have to wait until we get home for a change." She said patting my bottom. I nodded my understanding and counted my blessings that we were alone in the aisle. My mom handed me the car keys and I waddled off towards the front door. When my hand touched the handle of the door the little hairs on the back of my neck stould up and I just knew something wasn't right. I looked back at my mom as she got in line and for the first time noticed the mirrors that lined the back wall of the movie store. As what is probubly an anti-theft deterent you can see down every aisle if you simply look up and towards the back wall. Two aisles over from where my mother checked my dirty diaper Sammantha Sims eyes met mine in the mirror. Oh no. How much had she seen? Sammantha Sims was only the prettiest and most popular girl in my class. I stewed in my dirty diaper the whole ride home and worried about what horrible teasing monday morning would bring. I didn't think that i cared if anyone knew that i was incontinent and wore diapers because of it until now. I felt like i was gonna be sick. Monday came and went without incident. Samantha hadn't ever felt the need to talk to me before today and the fact that she saw my mommy checking my poopy diaper didn't seem to have changed that. Or maybe she didn't see anything i thought to myself. Wishfull thinking perhaps. The next day i was walking through the halls on my way to my fifth period class. By this time i'd wet my diaper several times and i knew it was probably sagging and i'd need a change before i left school. From somewhere behind me i hear, "Oh my god i can totally see it!" One girl in a large group of girls said to a chorus of giggles. I wanted to turn around to find out who said it and what they were seeing but i thought better of it. Do you really want to know? No. In the back of my mind knew exactly what they must have seen. The gig was up. Later on that day i walked into the boys bathroom to change when i saw a group of boys laughing and pushing each other basic jock ruff housing stuff. That is until i walked in and all that stopped. Feeling the tenstion in the air i tried to casually walk out. "Hey, what are you doing in here? Don't you wear diapers?" The biggest D-bag of the bunch said while punching one of his buddies playfully. Not wanting to further my humilation i decided to find another bathroom to change in. I could hear their laughter behind me as the door slowly closed behind me. Fuck um. Fuck um all. After that incident i isolated myself from my classmates as sort of a sheild from teasing. Clearly Samantha Sims had seen everything and had told some friends about it. Rumors spread like wildfire at Marshal Middle School. There was a weird sense of relief in knowing that everybody knew. The rabbit had jumped out of the hat and no matter how hard i tried, i knew there was no stuffing him back in agian. The baggy pants and long tee shirts i'd been wearing in an attempt to conceal the bulge all of a sudden no longer seemed nessessary. Whats the point when everybody knows? Will was still my friend and still eats lunch with me even though nobody else would dare. I get the ocasional snickering or off colored comment from a random jock but for the most part kids just see me as either a freak or one of the special needs kids now. Either way I've become more invisible to them then ever. Which is fine by me. I never would have thought for a moment that i was popular anyways. Six months later. I had a poopy diaper at school today. This was far from the first time that this had happened to me but this time it was a different experience because I didn't even realize it was happening until it was almost over. I felt my body involuntarily flex and a wave of soft mush joined the poop that was already resting against the padding without my knowledge and before i was fully aware that i had started filling my pants it was over. Did i have control over that? The clear answer was no. Not even close, I just had a real messy accident. The first of many to come to be sure. I knew that i'd long ago lost my bladder control. The final nail in that coffin came a couple months ago when my mom was changing my diaper and in the brief moment of fresh air on my genitals with no padding under me i peed all over myself. My shirt got wet the carpet got wet it was a mess. My mom just laughed it off. " you haven't done that in a very long time." She said laughing as she went to grab a towel. Since I started having messy accidents and in an attempt to avoid teasing bastards my mom set it up with the school that not only could I get a hall pass to change my diaper when ever I needed one she arranged it so i could come to the nurses station that has a bathroom door that locks and either change my own wet diaper there or if i pooped my pants, Janet, the school nurse, would help me clean up and rediaper me. Janet for her part was very cool about it. She remembered me showing up in her office last year with dripping wet pants all of the time and Janet was also the first person who recommended that i should be wearing protection in the first place. So when at the begining of this school year she was asked to help me with my diapers I don't think she was surprised by it. Perhaps she even expected it. Although the first time I showed up in her office with a full diaper that had the baby blocks decal splashed across the front she did raise an eyebrow and asked where I'd gotten diapers like that. I shrugged and said I didn't know and that my mom had boughten them for me. Even if she did find the choice of diapers odd she changed them all the same. As soon I walked into Janets office she would make small talk and ask how my day was going but i knew that she was trying to tell if she would need to help me out or not. When inevitably her nose picked up the scent she would tell me that everything was gonna be okay while she dug through her desk looking for a pair of white medical gloves. Having done this dance many times before I gingerly laid down on the bed trying not to make Janets job harder than it needed to be, I pulled down my pants and after she snapped on the gloves and gathered my changing supplies she changed my dirty diaper. She wasn't as gentle as my mother but she was kind in her own way. We had this tradition that after a really messy diaper change Janet would give me a candy from a hidden drawer in the bottom of her desk as a way of peping me up and it worked like a charm every darn time. As it turns out was not the only person who wore diaper at my school, I found this out by snooping around in the nurses office drawers one day when Jannet was out of the office. I found some diapers and kids pull-ups for girls and for boys that didn't belong to me but that would fit kids my age. By this time it was well known around school that I wore diapers. But I couldn't help but wonder who else did too because not all of these were mine. I found myself checking out people's butts or looking for any other sign of padding and for a long time I found nothing but you know what they say, if you look hard enough and long enough you are bound to find what you are looking for. Her name was Miranda Malone. I was waiting for my mother to pick me up after school one day and we were waiting outside the large building. Miranda was sitting on the front steps in front of me. The wind must have blown her shirt up her back slightly because I could see a pair of pink plastic panties sticking up and out of her jeans and under those panties I could just barely make out the white waist band of what must have been a disposable diaper. Being in diapers myself I recognized what I was looking at almost immediately. I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable so I simply sat on the steps next to her and patiently waited. After a minute of silence I introduced myself. Miranda was a year younger than me and in different classes than me so we'd never met before. We talked for a few minutes about video games and other nerdy stuff before her mother honked her car horn signaling that it was time to go. The next day after class I made it a point to track her down and walk her to her next class we talked the whole way there. Miranda was a little shy but over time I was able to pull her out of her shell we actually had a lot more in common than the type of underwear we were wearing. Eventually it came out that she got in a car accident a number of years ago and that damaged her spine causing nerve damage and her need for diapers. Perhaps someday we will be more than friends but for the time being I am simply happy to have a connection with somebody like me. Last Saturday i was waiting in line in Mcdonalds to grab some lunch. I was wearing a pair of white shorts and a Metallica tee shirt. In retrospect i realise now that my diaper bulge must have been quite noticable. I'm not sure when it happened exactly but I gave up on going out of my way to hide my diapers. I put on my clothes just like anyone else does without worrying about it. A little girl and her mother had gotten in line behind me. The little girl couldn't have been any older than five or maybe six and came up to about my waist. From behind me i hear the girl ask her mother quite loudly. "Mommy, why is that boy wearing a diaper." I turn around to see the girl pointing at my bottom. The mother quickly told the girl to hush up and that it was none of her buisness. At first i ignored them and ordered my food. The more I thought about it though the more it bugged me. While we were both hanging back waiting for our food i noticed that the girls eyes were fixated on me. " Hi, what's your name?" i asked her. "Sarah" she replied shyly. "Sarah, you know you are right, i am wearing a diaper. I wear diapers because i have a medical condition that means i can't tell when i need to go to the bathroom " "Really" she asked "really." I replied. At this point the mother chimed in "I'm so sorry for my daughters rude remark." "It's not a big deal I completely understand. Kids at that age are full of questions." I said with a smile. I took my drink cup off of the counter and walked casually towards the fountain drink dispenser to get my soda and I throughly enjoyed my lunch when my number was called. Once i got home for the evening i decided to do something that i'd been thinking about doing for a couple of months. I wanted to respond to the kid whose thread got me thinking about wearing diapers agian. I wanted to share my experience with someone else. So here is what I ended up saying in reply. RE: How do i get my parents to put me back into diapers? I realise that this thread hasn't been updated in over a year and the OP is probubly long gone but i thought i should share my story here anyways because in a lot of ways right here is where this story starts for me. Having taken the advice from diapered1964 and beentheredonethat I started out by wetting my bed. Then after gradually wetting more and more until it became every night i began having daytime accidents too. Just like beentheredonethat and diapered1964 said my mom bought me pull-ups to wear and took me to doctors and therapists to try and fix me. After a couple more months with zero improvement and a lot more wet clothes to be washed caused by flooded pull-ups my mother thought it would be for the best if she put me back in diapers full time and I haven't looked back sinse. A few months on down the road i began having messy accidents as well. I now wear and use diapers at all times. Over time I have learned to love and except myself for who i am. I got what i wanted. It was harder than i thought it would be thats for darn sure. There were a lot of times when i questioned whether or not i should just give up. Admit that I'd made the whole thing up. But there is a point that i crossed where simple turning around and going back wasn't an option any more. I'd gone through to much shit to simply walk away from my actions and act like they never happened. There have been some unintended consequences that i didn't really think through all the way when i started. Now days I couldn't keep my pants dry and clean if I wanted to. During the first six month or so all those wet clothes and sheets were hard on my mother and a burden for her to deal with I'm sure. I carry some guilt over that. I do. Over time though i think that the diapers became easier for her to deal with and she got used to it. Today I wonder if she secretly enjoys our diaper time it as much as I did. When it was diaper changing time the world around us seemed to disappear and she took care of me like only a mother can. So if anyone out there wants what i wanted and what the OP wanted. Go for it. I know it seems like a long shot but it can happen. I am living proof of it. The end. Epilogue. Mary looked out of her kitchen window into her fenced backyard. Her teenage son Matt and his friends Will and Miranda were taking turns hitting crab apples with a baseball bat. Whenever one of the kids would hit an apple it would instantly explode into a million pieces and spray apple chunks all over the backyard. She could see the beads of sweat on Miranda's forehead through her dirty kitchen window. She thought that she should probubly make some lemonade to cool them down. She pulled the tub of powdered drink mix out of the cupboard and began filling a pitcher with cold water. There was only one week of school left and then it would be summer vacation and then the following year Matt would be in high school. It had been a month since Mary had stumbled upon the entry into the search engine on her home computer that had shaken her to her core. She came upon it innocently enough when she had typed in "how do" she was planning on typing how do you make home made lasagna but the predictive text feature came up saying "how do I get my parents to put me back in diapers." That was a little to on the nose to be coincidence she decided. After doing some digging she found the forum and even her own sons entry near the end. At first she felt numb, a part of her had always known that this was a possibility but she never wanted to accept that her son would lie to her in such a big way. After a few days anger set in and she vowed that her days of changing dirty diapers were through. She wasn't going to be a part of this any more. But for some reason she couldn't bring herself to call him out on what she had found out about. Not yet anyways. So she continued taking care of her sons diapers even with this new information. But she stewed on it and chewed it over for days and eventually she came up with a plan. While Matt was at school one day she went to the store and purchased two packs of tightie whities and a bed wetting alarm that would clip to the front of the underwear that would go off at the first hint of moisture. She would re-potty train him starting the first week of summer vacation that way he would be out of diapers by the time he got into high school. If she'd done it once she could do it again. She'd kept her purchases in her bedroom closet and waited for the right time to talk to Matt about giving underwear one last shot. But that time hadn't come yet. Maybe today will be the day. But the longer that bag sat in the closet the more she questioned where or not she would even go through with it at all. Overall Matt was a good kid. He did well in school. He hadn't experimented with drugs or alcohol and her attending to his needs kept her closer to him than most fifteen year old boys are to their mothers so he couldn't get into much trouble. Maybe I should just let it be she thought. I can't imagine wearing normal underwear again will go over well if he went through this much trouble to wear diapers in the first place. She was sure that he would continue to wet and pooped his pants all of the time Reguardless of the type of underwear he was wearing. Wouldn't it just be better for him to be wearing diapers than for him to ruin all of his nice clothes? Especially considering that he has now legitimately lost a lot of the control that he once had. She brought out the lemonade and poured each kid a glass. While Matt took long gulps out of his glass Mary unzipped and pulled his pants down a few inches so she could check his diaper. The wetness indicator shown bright blue in the front but Mary deemed it fine for now these diapers were meant to absorb more than that. She then pulled out the back to see if he'd left her any presents but he hadn't. She zipped him back up so he could continue playing with his friends. Both of Matt's friends had gotten used to me poking and prodding his diaper from time to time and both had been there when I had to drag him a way for a quick change. "How about you Miranda are you okay?" The girl nodded understanding my meaning. "Okay kids, don't make to big of a mess out here," i said as I walked back inside. I set the pitcher in the fridge and decided that I should take a mid afternoon nap. I made my way up the stairs and into my bedroom. While I was tired I couldn't sleep. My closet was open and the brown paper bag with the brand new packs of underwear stared back at me as I lay awake in my bed. Maybe I was wrong to think that something was wrong with Matt and that he needed my help to fix him. Maybe that's not my job as a parent. Not once since he was put back in diapers did Matt show any signs that he was upset about it. Maybe what I should do instead of forcing the issue is let Matt be in control and when he is ready to grow up and go back to normal underwear i'll be ready to help him do just that. You only get to be a kid once so I should let him enjoy it as long as he can. Eventually sleep found me and time passed. The first day of summer vacation came and went with the bags of underwear unopened and as more time passed that grocery bag got pushed further and further back into the closet and the big boxes of diapers continued to arrive at the front door on the first of every month.
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    There are a ton of diapers out there to choose from
  11. On 8/26/2017 at 1:13 PM, punk18 said: Right. That's the hard part. I'm 23 and trying to meet people in the community and on Tumblr I see pictures that girls post and I contact them but then I realize that they are continually posting pictures and I don't want to be with some one like that.. this makes it very hard to find and reach out to
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    My biggest peeve is the lack of positive exposure of adults wearing diapers, simply because they want to and the overwhelmingly negative perception of ABDL. I have found that trying to explain this kink to anybody else that doesn't have it is damn near impossible. So i don't even try anymore. It doesn't matter how many times i explain it or say that it has nothing to do with actual children in their mind you are a creeper or at the very least someone that should not be allowed around schools. Now days i have to hide my kink for a variety of reasons but i long for the day when that will no longer be necessary. Twenty years ago gay people felt miss understood and persecuted and they had to hide who they really were but now (at least in the states) no body cares. I want there to be the same level of change that happened for them to happen for the abdl community. Thats my peeve. Or now that i think about it thats probubly jealousy.
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    How to get put back into diapers

    Thank you everyone
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    How to get put back into diapers

    Three months later..... I had followed the forum advice to the letter. I'd
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    How to get put back into diapers

    On 8/9/2016 at 11:23 AM, PlstkBakdnghtnday said: That was a great story and you could've lied and told me it was a true story and I would have believed you.