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  1. Bambino diaper used in Zero Puncuation

    Seems kinda odd to use in the review. You'd think he'd have used something like a Depends or pull-up style instead. I haven't seen Zero Punctuation in years, so maybe I need to catch up some time. Anyone know if Unskippable is still going on too? That was another show that I liked.
  2. Diaper suggestions??

    You posted this in the wrong forum. It should have gone in Our Lifestyle Discussion. I have tried most of what you have, but can't give any info on anything different.
  3. I'm sad now. I just got home from work a little while ago, and my sister told my that our dog was hit and killed by a car Friday. My dad had gone to the lake to take care of some stuff, and our dog was hit up the road from our place. We just lost a good friend of ours down there too, and will probably be losing another before long (cancer), so this year is being bad.

  4. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    I just ordered some along with some boosters for my regular diapers. Can't wait to try them out. Thanks for letting us know about them Mikey. I didn't even know they were being thought of.
  5. Wearing and showering

    It's fun to do, but be careful when doing this. If the diaper breaks open, and spills the sap in the shower, that can be a nightmare to clean up.
  6. Site Update for 08/05/2017

    Thanks diaprbayb. I'll have to look that up.
  7. Looks neat. I might give it a try when money allows.
  8. Weight loss tips?

    If you are eating less calories than you were before, your energy levels probably will drop a little bit. Like Barnburner said, if you are drinking sodas or other sugary drinks, maybe try to cut back on those a bit. I know that when I stopped drinking sodas, I lost at least 10-15 pounds just from that alone.
  9. Site Update for 08/05/2017

    Does anyone know if the picture for the Art update has a comic that it's from? It looks nice, and I've never seen the picture before.
  10. I have a kitty!

    I might not be a cat person (love my dog), but she is a real cutie Mikey. Glad to hear she found a good home.
  11. What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    My main ones are diapers and vore. With diapers I enjoy seeing girls wet and mess their diapers, and like it more if they are baby diapers, but I enjoy diaper usage no matter what kind of diaper it is. With vore, I really enjoy soft vore and unbirth, but don't really like digestion as much, though I can tolerate it if I think it's done well.
  12. Cute cartoon

    Corn gets a free flume ride.
  13. Just woke up wet (No diaper)

    I just woke up wet this morning. Normally this would be fine, but this time I wasn't in a diaper. I don't even remember feeling the need to go, which is weird because although I'm a heavy sleeper sometimes, I've always woken up to go. I just told my sister, who said she hopes I'm not regressing, which I hope too. I think tonight I'm going to put on a Rearz Safari right before I go to bed, and see what happens. The only problem with that for me is that I'm usually a front sleeper, so leaking out the top could be an issue. If anyone has advice, I'd appreciate it.
  14. Does anyone else think it's a little funny that bags of popcorn have a warning to NOT use the popcorn button on the microwave? I know that not all microwaves are equal, but still funny to me.

  15. Anyone else going to see the My Little Pony movie?

    Most definitely will be going to see it. Probably taking my sister too, since we're both bronies.