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  1. I'm interested to see more of this.
  2. id0ntknow

    What diaper is this ?

    The symbol in the middle of the top there looks almost like the Pampers heart to me.
  3. id0ntknow

    So, I bought a Trailer, Only one problem...

    Unfortunately, I only have common sense advice like use good quality straps when hauling stuff. I've never owned a trailer, or driven with one much, so I can't really give much help.
  4. id0ntknow

    Female Country Duo takes to wearing diapers

    I don't even like country, and I'd give it a try if for nothing else eye candy.
  5. id0ntknow

    Being caught 'not' peeing

    Not meaning to hijack your topic or anything, but this makes me not feel so bad about all the money I've spent on guns and ammo recently. Like you said, it's a hobby, and if it's fun to you, then cost doesn't matter so much right?
  6. id0ntknow

    Site Update for 08/18/2018

    I like the one for Female 1. Who wouldn't love a Nerf Gun fight with pretty diaper girls?
  7. id0ntknow

    Spend $20 get a free diaper

    Is there a time limit for this?
  8. id0ntknow

    Site Update for 07/03/2018

    That baby diaper does look a little bit snug on her, but it's still a nice picture. One thing I like about Skymouse sets is that the models generally don't have that "Hurry up and take the picture so I can take this stupid diaper off." look on their face. Some of the models actually enjoy wearing like Faye.
  9. id0ntknow

    What Do You Do With Your Old Cotton Underpants?

    I've done this before too, and it can be fun.
  10. id0ntknow


    That's a cute Fluttershy. I got one for my sister for Christmas last year on amazon. I think it was called 4th Dimension or something like that. She loved it.
  11. id0ntknow


    I want to get some MLP plushies when I get the money. I have to order them from amazon though, since they're the only ones I've seen that are even close to how the characters look.
  12. id0ntknow

    I told my wife I like to wear diapers...please read.

    This strikes me as odd a little bit. I know that just trying to "have no interest" in something is very hard after having a strong desire for it for so long. I know that from being a DL at least anyway. If sexual desires are similar to diaper desires, then I don't know if this statement from your wife is %100 true. Not meaning to bring any negativity, but just giving my 2 cents.
  13. id0ntknow

    Printed nappies

    Those look really cool.
  14. id0ntknow

    I hate computers

    Makes me think of management in jobs too. They always say the value employee input, but whenever employees have good ideas, those ideas are often times turned away from because they will cost a little money.
  15. id0ntknow

    Well that was weird xD

    You might like Bill Engvall's comedy routine "Here's Your Sign".