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  1. Loosing hope

    Is there any way that I can help? The only thing about these sad posts of yours I'm tired of is that you keep having to write them. Whatever hospital you are dealing with is clearly incompetent, and leads a lawyer breathing down their necks just to do what they're supposed to do in the first place.
  2. Reason To Be Happy

    I have friends and family who love me, even though most of them don't know about my diaper side. The family that does know gives me freedom to wear, and doesn't treat me worse for it. I am an avid bowler, and have accomplished some of my goals from my bowling bucket list. These include 750 series for 3 games, a 7-10 split conversion, and almost a perfect game (299 GRRR).
  3. My headphones work again. Loose connection in the wire I think was the issue. My ears are vibrating from listening to dubstep for an hour or so.

  4. Christmas Cartoons

    I am in agreement with your list, although the song from 2 gets annoying when it's stuck in your head for weeks on end. I can add one or two that I like to watch around this time of year. 1. Disney's The Little Matchgirl (while not strickly Christmas themed, there is a Christmas tree in it. It's a sad little short, but I do love the animation and music in it. You can find it on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib32vvxBoV4 2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: A Hearthswarming Tail (This is an episode from the 6th season of MLP: FiM. It is a pony retelling of A Christmas Carrol, and makes me smile every time I see it).
  5. WTF Strange People!

    This situation sounds super creepy to me. Hopefully your neighbor would be able to help you the way you want. It might make the "John" character at least leave you alone.
  6. What ya reading? Winter edition

    I plan to start rereading the Halo series of books soon. I want to get the ones that I'm missing, which is I think around 5 or so, and want to get a few of the earlier ones again, since my copies are kinda beat up now. I would also like to get the books based on the Diablo games. I love reading the backstory of games that I enjoy. I just find the games that much more fun after knowing the lore better.
  7. My Skullcandy Crusher headphones no longer crush my skull. I just replaced the battery, and the bass part of the headphones doesn't seem to work anymore.

  8. Overpriced ABDL diapers

    I do kind of agree that ABDL diapers can be overpriced. I mainly stick with Bambino and Rearz, but have wanted to try some of the ABU diapers as well. Maybe one day.
  9. Computer Virus help

    I don't think this has anything to do with the issue I was having, but didn't see any reason to make a new topic. I have lately been having issues with my keyboard after my computer goes to sleep, or hibernate, I don't really know which honestly. I do see that my power light will be flashing, and my water cooler's fans won't be running, at least not until I press a key on the keyboard or click the mouse. Now for the actual problem. I've been noticing that after bringing the computer back on from whatever mode it's going into, my keyboard won't have any power until I either restart the computer or unplug and replug in the USB connection for the keyboard. I don't know if maybe I have USB ports on the motherboard going bad, or maybe the keyboard is going bad. It doesn't happen with the mouse, which is plugged in right next to the keyboard, so I don't think it's the USB ports, but I'm not really sure.
  10. Might be sick

    I think I might be sick. In the past 3 days I've had maybe half a pizza to eat, yet I don't really feel that hungry. I feel kinda cold, but haven't really been sneezing too much. I have a bit of a headache, but I'm sure that's from food loss. Even after almost a day since my last food, my stomach isn't growling at all. I had some hot chocolate today, which tasted great, and think I might have more later.
  11. Getting in the season...

    Glad to hear that things are going well Mike. One thing that I wish I could see in person is this, but San Antonio is a little far for me to drive. WARNING: Loud and Bright lights flashing. If anyone has sensitivity to these, don't watch.
  12. Computer Virus help

    I thought I'd give an update. I did a reinstall of 7 this week, and got a trial of McAffee anti-virus. So far, everything is going good. I did a scan yesterday, and one thing was found, but it was removed. It was something called Artemis!. I have my Malwarebytes reinstalled as well, and fully updated.
  13. My Wish List

    You are very welcome Mike. Hope your holidays go well.
  14. Computer Virus help

    I've run Advanced SystemCare 11 Pro twice now, and Windows Defender is still finding Trojan:HTML/Brocoiner!rfn. This is getting agrovating now. I'm really thinking about reinstalling Windows 7, but if I can get this stupid thing from darn near anything, I might just get it again.
  15. Computer Virus help

    System Restore doesn't seem to work for me since my computer upgraded itself to Windows 10.