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  1. Solitaire Variant

    I have a question about a solitaire variant that I play. I was shown this version by my grandparents, but can't for the life of me find out what it's called. It is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, minus Jokers. The deck is shuffled, and 4 stacks of 3 face down cards are placed to one side of the playing field with a face up card on top of them. I generally choose to put these on the left side, but I don't think it actually matters. After making these 4 stacks, one more card is flipped face up, and placed next to the top stack of cards, say the 5 of Hearts. This card serves as your starter for the game, and tells you what suit to look for in your draws. Once the game is set up to this point, you begin drawing 3 cards at a time, and if your 3rd card is a 5 of a different suit, it can be played below the 5 of Hearts. If the card is a Heart of any kind, this card can be played at the top to join the 5. If any of the face up cards to the side are usable, play them, while flipping the card beneath them face up. Cards for lower rows can only be played if those cards are in all rows above them, no matter the order they were played. If your top row consists of the 5, 3, K, J, 10, and A of Hearts, your second row contains the 5, K, Q, A, and 4 of Spades, your third row can't have a combo like 5, 3, J of whatever suit, because you don't have the 3 or J of Spades yet. If anyone has any info on what this solitaire version is called, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am trying to find it on the computer if possible, so that I won't have to worry about messing up cards or having them slide all over the place like cards like to do.
  2. Today's Beetle Bailey

    Overkill much Halftrack? I think 3 would've been plenty.
  3. Driving Around In A Messy Diaper

    Don't blame you there. I rarely wear when I'm out and about because of that same thinking myself.
  4. I'm going to guess that it's supposed to be someone who is very eco-friendly, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Driving Around In A Messy Diaper

    Gee, I wonder who that's referring to? JK, Big Mac's great, and so are all the Apples.
  6. Something All Of Us Could Use

    I agree %1,000. I have that on dvd, and can't help but crack up whenever I watch it.
  7. Thank You Veterans

    I want to say thanks to all active and former military members. You all are awesome, and have some of the greatest courage of all men and women.
  8. Wetting until your diaper sags

    This is fun to do, especially in Rearz. They swell up so nicely, and just feel amazing when full like this.
  9. Begging: Need 5 People to Upgrade!

    Just did the $5 membership. I wanted to do more, but couldn't right now. I plan to get a higher membership next year though.
  10. 1st Messy Accident, Had to Share

    I like to use them as a soaker in my Bambinos. They usually hold most of a wetting, depending on how quickly I let it out. The rest soaks into the Bambino like it's supposed to.

    I've seen them on Amazon and the like for around $100-150 or so. Maybe I'll get one sometime, but not right now.

    I'd like to try some of the Zoids model kits, but man are they expensive.

    I didn't watch much Gundam (mainly G Gundam), but I loved Zoids. Liger Zero Panzer for the win.
  14. How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    My stash is super low right now. I have 3 Bambino Ultrastretch Bianco diapers, and a package of Walgreens Certainty to tide me over until I can afford more. I Want to try the Rearz Rebel soon.
  15. does anyone else vape on here

    I've never smoked, and don't plan to vape either. I really have no qualms against people that want to as long as they don't exhale into my face.