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  1. I love Legos. I wish I had more to play with. Do they still sell the non licensed versions? I'd love to get a big thing of Legos with no one single purpose to the set. Just let me build whatever I want. Same with K'nex kits. They always seem to only sell licensed versions, or at least that's all I ever see in stores.
  2. Just donated. Hope you feel better soon Mikey.
  3. Just got home from the first night of my new bowling season. I had 178, 238, and 299. That last game hurt. So close, but so far.

  4. I think this is a good idea. We can kinda blame the educational system as a whole too, especially where grammar is involved (like in the Grammar Pet Peeves topic). I've heard of smart phones being required in middle schools now, which I find completely idiotic. To me that's just asking for kids to be goofing off on their phones and cheating with them in classes.
  5. I stutter a lot when I am talking. This gets me flustered, and that only makes it worse. When I tell people I have a stutter, a lot of them don't believe me, at least not until they hear me talk for a bit. It doesn't help that my voice cracks a lot also, which I think contributes to the stutter.
  6. I use large diapers, but I also just got more Bambinos, so I'm good for a bit.
  7. Good points RockiesFan. I would like to see these things implemented as well.
  8. Using up some Walgreens Certainty briefs I had on hand. Decided to wear 6 at once, and man is it thick. Hope I don't need to go anywhere quickly.

    1. Slim27


      I love those ones i work at a walgreens distribution center so i get 25% off and right now im wearing one that i have peed in 5 times and its still not leaking

    2. Rockies Fan in Diapers

      Rockies Fan in Diapers

      Yeah as long as you don't flood them, Walgreens Certainty Briefs aren't all that bad. They were my go-to diaper before I had the ability to buy more premium ones from online.

  9. I wish it was the weekend or even better, payday.
  10. Good to hear that it went well. Or at least well enough as this kind of conversation can go I guess. When I told my family a couple years back, I was terrified, but was mentally beating myself up over it before hand. My family was more accepting than I figured they'd be. Good luck with letting your son know.
  11. I never really noticed that, but it does seem to make sense.
  12. I was surprised to see that looked like an actual diaper. Normally when you see those kind of links, what the writer is talking about is a pair of the adult pull-ups.
  13. Ah the irony of the internet. I was on yahoo checking my email, and had an ad telling about getting rid of online ads.

  14. I can also give my approval of the Safari and Princess diapers. They both worked great for me.