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  1. id0ntknow

    what do you wear to bed over your diaper

    Sounds tasty. Are they fruit flavored?
  2. id0ntknow

    Are You Satisfied?

    I think for me, my go-to diaper would be the Bambino Bellisimo. I have some coming later this week in fact.
  3. id0ntknow

    What’s in the box?

    I'm surprised I've never had neighbors ask me before. I have had my parents ask, but they know about my diapers, so I just say personal stuff when they ask me.
  4. id0ntknow

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

    Very, Very true. Working retail, or any kind of customer service job teaches quickly that the general population is about as smart as a wall.
  5. id0ntknow

    Why cant some parents properly dispose of diapers?

    I think we should put the guy in a room by himself, and drop a load of the diapers on him. See how he likes it. Glad the motorcyclist wasn't badly injured.
  6. id0ntknow

    Waddle... Waddle... To the store.

    Okay. That's so much walking that I think my legs would want to give out.
  7. id0ntknow

    Waddle... Waddle... To the store.

    That's a lot of walking. Is this a case of auto correct? 45 miles is a whole lot.
  8. These are good ideas. I would do very similar to Warmwetandcozy as well as Eddie. I would also give my parents enough to retire and build a house like they want to.
  9. id0ntknow

    Feeling kinda meh lately

    Had a pretty good day today. My area actually got to work the whole shift for once (which is a plus), and while we did still have a bunch of bad parts from suppliers, my co-workers and I did what we were supposed to do with them. This week as a whole sucked, but today was decent. It was also payday, so that always helps, at least until I figure up bills, and then the money's gone again.
  10. id0ntknow

    Almost car jacked

    Having your concealed carry permit is a great idea if you're able to do so. Your living in California makes it harder for you with all the restrictions, but it can still be done.
  11. id0ntknow

    Almost car jacked

    Glad to hear you are alright. Did the cops help any?
  12. id0ntknow

    Feeling kinda meh lately

    Starting today, I'm going to get back to doing my One Punch Man workout again. This means 10 miles on my exercise bike, 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats. Every single day.
  13. id0ntknow

    Feeling kinda meh lately

    The debt that I'm trying to pay off pretty much demands that I stay where I'm at. I have about $20k in debt right now, and my pay is pretty good. I do like the people I work with, just not the ones I work for. I am being smarter about using my credit card now. I immediately put it up after use until that use is paid off, such as gas in the tank. I am also making sure to pay extra any time that I make a payment on anything.
  14. id0ntknow

    Feeling kinda meh lately

    Well, I'll first say that this is the best paying job I've ever had, and that I'm using the money to pay off debt, as well as attempt to save for something else. I recently took out a loan to pay off my credit card, figuring that it was better to pay lower interest. I've been at this job for 7 years, and the pay is good enough that I figure I should tough it out. Outside of work, I live a pretty boring life to be honest. I have never been a party kind of guy, nor do I drink or smoke. My hobbies that I enjoy I either can't afford to do much, don't have time to do much, or both. These include fishing, bowling, and shooting. According to my doctor, I need to lose about 80-85 pounds, but keeping the motivation to eat better, as well as workout consistently is a struggle for me (been trying for years, and fail each time). I know that if I lose the weight, it'll benefit my bowling since I'll have less pressure on my knee when I slide. I've done well for a little while, but always fall back into bad eating, and being lazy again. The lowest I've weighed in a while was 210, and the highest was 240. I'm currently at 225 or so, but like I said, I have a long way to go.
  15. I haven't really felt like my normal self lately, mainly because of work. I have a good paying job with good benefits, and like the hours that I work. The only problem really is management's lack of any give a care for anyone but first shift (I'm on second). I work in a factory, and deal with the same problems of bad parts from the same parts every single day. I ask management if there is anything the company can do about our suppliers sending poorly made parts all the time, and all I get in reply is "We'll notify them of bad parts", and nothing ever changes even though we've dealt with the issue for months. I do my job every day, and get harped on for sending bad parts around the conveyor, but there's nothing I can do if the suppliers won't send us good parts to start with. We routinely have to stop working in my area so that first shift has work to do the next day, even when we get to clean for hours at a time. I am hearing that there's plenty of work to do in my area, but we are too far ahead of where we need to be, and we can't do too much on second shift. I don't want to go to first since I hate the hours, there's more management on first, and I'd lose a lot of money going to it. I have no enjoyment from my job anymore like I used to, and I just show up and go through the motions. Here lately, I've been so frustrated by it that I've actually considered wrecking on purpose on the way home. I don't intend to hit anyone else, but I've contemplated intentionally hitting a barricade or wall. I also consider trying to cut myself, but haven't done that yet.