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  1. I was wandering the same thing. I was thinking it was an insert of some sort.
  2. Whats up with the old man and woman on them?
  3. So I like to use pampers inside of my Bambinos. I like the bulk between my legs. I typically use the newer pampers when I do. I used Luvs once as well. Anyhow, I have an unopened box of ultra pampers plus xl that I finally had to open and use. In my opinion the Ultra Pampers are a much superior diaper than the newer diapers. I flooded the Ultra Pamper 4x and it held most of it where as the newer diapers just gel up. The ultrao pamper has a much wider crotch too. Just love those vintage pampers. I kinda wish they would do a throw back series, complete with BOX. I miss the Pampers old logo. Thats all.
  4. I've got a box of the Ultra Pampers Plus first Gen XLR that I recently opened just to smell. I had to really stick my nose in the diaper and breath deep but it's still there. Enough that it briefly took me back to the diaper isles of the 80's. That Pampers section with those massive boxes of 28-64 diapers was the best. I too want that smell back. Ever thought about contacting P&G to ask about it?
  5. wayney

    Super Bowl

    What will veryone think if the Falcons get there!!!! Im rooting for the AFC North myself. My only hope is that the Packers flop.
  6. Does dependeCo still exist? I can't locate them anymore.
  7. I dont play this particular game but I am/was a COD junky. I was logging 3-4 months of actual play each year over the past few years. I now have stopped playing and took up a creative hobby. I was never a first person shooter type but nce I got the hang of this I was hooked. Its the only game ever that totally consumed me. At age 40 with a vision impairment I was able to actually win out many times over. That was great for me because games with this speed and detail dont normally play fair with me.
  8. I teeter in waist size froom 43-44 and Ive always got into mediums easily excpet for when I got super dry kids once. Those were tiny. Bambinos do ride low on me though. I swim in larges and cant get a snug fit. I to suggest the sample pack when in doubt