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  1. Hi 29 if interested feel free to pm for a special conversation.

  2. hi ashly my name is andrew diapie im new here i live in hayward california and i just truned 20 years old

  3. I kinda feel like there's a few people who didn't quite read the title or OP when they responded…
  4. I'm not entirely sure, but I lost a big post I made *tear*
  5. The old ones were my daily go to diaper for daytime use. The new ones are even better—and I've had no issues with discreteness for either version… although I do mostly wear dresses and skirts. I still use the new ones daily. I think the noise level mostly comes down to how well the diaper was put on. I know that if it is put on less than perfect it can make more noise—but that's something that is true of almost any diaper. Over time my boyfriend has become very familiar with how to get they best fit on me, and they make virtually no noise at all.
  6. The doctors insisted it's a temporary issue, but eight months in with no real improvement I'm pretty sure it's permanent. I've been wearing diapers 24/7 since I was discharged from the hospital after the accident and in the beginning I hated it. Now I've accepted my fate. It's not the end of the world. Diapers have enabled me to live a fairly normal life and although it sucks sometimes I have more good days than bad.
  7. My boyfriend does it for me and it takes him maybe 10–15 seconds tops for a perfect fit.
  8. I was able to preview these a while back, so my bf and I have taken plenty of pictures of them… so I'm going to pic spam here for a bit
  9. I don't use them as a stuffer, but the Pampers BabyDry size 6 are surprisingly more absorbent than I thought they would be… although I haven't tried any other brands to compare them to.