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  1. Rearz, XP, and Northshore all sell the new Maxi Slip. I had the old Super Plus on hand and according to my digital calipers and digital scale they're all but the same weight and thickness. There's more variation between two of the same than there is between the Maxi and Super Plus. The tapes might be a bit better and the color is less appealing (to me) but they otherwise seem like the exact same thing.
  2. They do not. But Northshore and Unique Wellness do and I'd suggest both of those. The Abena pullups are pretty good too.
  3. Kind of opposite of most people here, I was potty trained very early on and by all accounts it was my own choice. My sister was much later. My parents pretty much let us do our own thing. I didn't become interested until later (early pre-teen maybe?). Not entirely sure why but looking at the listings for incontinence supplies in the Sears catalog did something for me. It's always been a non-sexual medical fetish thing for me. I never tried to get back into baby diapers and it never really had much interest for me. I remember being 13 or so and fantasizing about being an adult so I could buy adult diapers.
  4. That's happened to me a couple times. It mostly happened when I started wearing a diaper at night on the regular and then stopped. Fortunately my SO is incontinent and was totally okay with it. I don't think it's happened in over a year. Once I realized it was happening I was able to stop it. Not sure how exactly. I have always been able to wake up at whatever time I wanted and maybe that's tied into it somehow?
  5. When was the last time you tried ABU? Since the owner change they have gone from making "play" diapers to products that are among the best out there.
  6. How has no one mentioned that it was at one time just a G event? Even in the narrower definition some on here take it's much more inclusive than it once was. It hasn't "always" been a specific thing nor will it "always" be anything in the future. Organizations change with the times just like everything else. Not unlike how the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has come to defend not just people of color but a much broader spectrum of oppressed people, like people in the LGBT community for example.
  7. I too recently got some of the new Maxi Slip. The tapes seem the same to me. The Super Plus I have also have the small tapes on top. The only difference to the tapes is that they are no longer printed with "Molicare". I also weighed them and they weigh exactly the same so I'd assume their absorbency is exactly the same. As best I can tell, as others have said, the only difference is the color and I guess the printing on the tapes. I did like the purple I have to say though. As you can maybe tell by my avatar I am a big fan of the color.
  8. That second clip is really interesting from a "how to do live interviews" perspective. Seth Meyers just keeps the conversation moving and mostly ignores what she says. Especially after she says, "I'm really turned on by that". He first tries to subvert what she says about wearing diapers all the time and then when that doesn't work and it just gets weirder he completely changes the subject to something she would obviously really want to talk about. It's kinda shitty that he feels like that is not a subject suited for conversation on his show (I imagine it would go the same way for anything weird or fetishy) but it's still interesting to see how he handles it. Interestingly Conan both lets her go on about liking being crushed and then draws attention to it and continues to ask her about it. Kind of the complete opposite.
  9. The plastic backed Molicares still exist as far as I know. They're just blue now. They are also called Molicare Maxi rather than Molidcare Super Plus. If you can't find the Molicare Maxi then the Abena Comfort like is comparable.
  10. I definitely have the opposite of claustrophobia thing she talks about. I also feel more comfortable in the dark than in light. The dark feels like being wrapped in a blanket and bright lights feel like being exposed.
  11. A heads up, these no longer have the wetness indicator, at least as of this most recent order I placed. I know a lot of people didn't like the indicator. I for one did as I like diapers as a medical fetish thing so the more medical they look the better. There's very few medical looking diapers that are worth a damn :(.
  12. TLDR: I might be holding some grudges but they seem necessary to my own emotional and professional health. I don't know if you could call these a grudges exactly but maybe they are? I have pretty much completely stopped interacting with three very close friends throughout my life. One in college and two when I was working professionally. The first was a friend, who once we all started to go to college, started going out clubbing a lot. He gained a lot of new friends and basically then ignored all his old friends. I tried at the time. But after years of him making plans with me only to drop out at the last second to hang out with his new friends, I just stopped trying. The second person is a little more nuanced. A while back I lost my job. I soon got hired by a friend of a friend. This friend of a friend is my new boss. I know him but not well. This was a design contracting gig so I only got as much work as came in. On the first project I worked on there was some miscommunication and we had to rush to get it done in less time than expected. The second project would be much bigger and would have paid my bills for half a year. The project ended up falling through. I later found out that my "close friend" was both bad mouthing me to my boss and badmouthing my boss to me. He also way over quoted on the second project in an attempt to kill it. A job he knew I really needed. He was successful in killing it. The reason he did all this? Because he had to work a little harder on the first project to get it done sooner. He felt that slight required a razed earth policy. This is not the first time he has done this but the first time it directly impacted me. This had me reevaluate my friendship with him and I realized what a selfish asshole he was. When I started talking to my family about this they expressed relief I had realized this. Apparently everyone noticed how much he used me but me. I still interact with him but only at arms length and I do nothing to go out of my way for him. Oh and this "boss" has become a very close friend who has saved my ass more than once during rough times in my life. The third and final probably hurt the most. I had worked at this place, the aforementioned place I got fired from, for almost 15 years. I had a very good friend who also worked there. Shortly after he got promoted to director of the department I worked for he fired me and some of my friends. This was said to be due to budgetary reasons, which seemed legitimate at the time. He then strung me along for almost a year offering me the potential of work while wringing little bits of consulting out of me for free with the promise of work. I never normally work for free but I was desperate and I thought this person was my friend. He eventually asks me to do something unpaid that will take way too much of my time. I tell him I can't do it. He tell's me I better or else "I'll never work there again". I also later find out only me and a couple other people were fired and they even hired a bunch of new people. Budget cuts… yeah. The previous director who I thought of as my boss was my true friend it turns out and my "friend" was not. The previous director still emails me on holidays and just randomly to check in on how I'm doing. He got pushed out of the division against his will as well, not unlike me. I don't know exactly what went down but I feel really bad about it and suffice to say I won't ever consider that "friend" a friend ever again. My SO struggles with similar stuff. It can be a serious bummer. Don't want to go into details but it's some of the worst stuff I have ever heard personally.
  13. If I'm reading you right you're looking for a diaper cover? Or is that you're looking for clothing advice?
  14. I was in the hospital for about a month about a year ago. First let me preface this by saying my doctor was great and not at all a jerk. He was just good natured and telling it like it was. When I mentioned that I wasn't really sleeping due to the harsh environment and having blood tests every four hours he said, "If you got rest here it would be called a hotel, not a hospital."