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  1. Hard Message to Write

    This is rather chilling to hear about. It's something we have worried about in the past ourselves. I wish you the best and I'm happy to hear at the very least they caught the guy.
  2. Best waistband and fit

    You know what? I think I'm thinking of the Better Dry. I get them confused.
  3. Best waistband and fit

    Dry 24/7 and I think some others also have waist bands. A lot of AB diapers do as well and often they have plain white options.
  4. Unfortunate truth. Are there others?

    I at first found it difficult to sleep in diapers. I don't find them sexual so that's not a problem. I just have have issues sleeping whenever a new variable is introduced. Simply sleeping in a different cardinal direction can be a problem so it took me awhile to get used to diapers. Now I don't sleep well if I'm not wearing one.
  5. wear do you keep your diapers

    I keep my diapers in the bathroom closet. My girlfriend has all of hers in the bedroom closet, the bedroom floor, and the bedroom shelves. She has a lot more than me as she is incontinent and wears them all the time. I only really wear mine to bed.
  6. "Mike Pence must be an adult baby"

    I actually like John Waters films in general. I find it kind of upsetting he'd be so against the ABDL thing. I always thought of him as "one of us". Now I feel like he's just "one who exploits us".
  7. What ya reading? Winter edition

    I'm re-reading… or more accurately re-listening to all of the Dresden Files books. Hoping against hope Butcher finally writes the next book before I'm done. Doing something a little different this time and also going through the short stories in order as I read the books. Now that Sir Pratchett is lost to us Butcher is one of my few joys for new books. Damnit I keep forgetting Pratchett is gone. Now I'm depressed.
  8. Overpriced ABDL diapers

    I'm not sure the use of the word "overpriced" is applicable here. I see this in other communities as well. People often use the word "overpriced" to mean "more than I want to pay". To me at least, that's not what I think of it as meaning. "Overpriced", to me, means costing more than is reasonable for the market and cost of production. Most ABDL diapers are expensive but that cost is easily seen in the higher quality and prints and generally pricing across all fully printed ABDL diapers is relatively similar. The only diapers I would maybe consider overpriced are Bambino as they don'y compare favorably to other comparable diapers. Even still they're not really that bad.
  9. Upcoming horror movie "Adult Babies"?

    The only time I have seen actual real adult diapers, as in the sort any of us would wear, in media is an episode of Community. I believe the episode is Documentary Filmmaking: Redux.
  10. Rearz disposables

    There seems to be three basic types. One is thinner and has four tapes. This includes the Rebel, Inspire, and Spoiled. The next is the thicker "overnight" variety which includes the Safari, Inspire+, and Princess. The last is their one tape diapers which are about the same thickness as the thinner ones. This includes Inspire Select and the now discontinued frog ones I forget the name of. They're all good imo and worth the money. If you're looking for thick go for the Safari, Inspire+, or Princess depending on your aesthetic preferences.
  11. Order from Amazon....

    I have purchased diapers quite a bit from Amazon as well as everything else from Amazon. I have never received anything not in an Amazon box. That is assuming it's being fulfilled by Amazon. You're generally safe on anything that is available via Prime.
  12. Poll For testing

    As best I can tell with side by side comparison the Molicare Maxi is identical. Well… except for one important aspect. They're a pale blue rather than purple. I still like them but I did much prefer the purple. I'm guessing you did as well given your heavily purple avatar.
  13. "Mike Pence must be an adult baby"

    Yeah me too. Goddamnit.
  14. Accepting who I am

    I feel lucky in that I only went through the binge thing once. After years of looking at stuff in catalogs and then online I ordered some diaper samples in my early 20s. After getting them I kinda freaked out and threw everything I ordered out. It took another five or six years before I bought anything again and since then I have not felt the need to binge.
  15. How does everyone like to be diapered?

    I used to wear the medium Abena but started wearing the large because I find they fit better and stay tighter when you have the tapes closer together in the middle.