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  1. I have not, though their plastic backed products are very thick (and stiff).
  2. I would go with Seni over Abena for cloth backed. At least based on my girlfriend's experience. The Seni stretch less and I believe only have breathable sides. The Abena are all over breathable which means smells and moisture don't stay in all that well. ABU also makes the Preschool which are very good and I think they're planning on making a plain white version too in the future.
  3. She also has her own YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjq-XsenvGBgzao7rFvU4Q
  4. Seems like just a defective batch. It happens. Just contact them and I'm sure they'll make it right.
  5. Here's a link to all of Rearz' disposable products.
  6. Rearz sells to the US. We order from them all the time. Shipping is surprisingly fast too.
  7. Tried to take it, but due the understandably narrow scope of the survey, was unable to answer the majority of the questions. Both myself and my SO are on the fringes of abdl. I like wearing diapers for entirely non-sexual reasons. She wears diapers due to incontinence and does ageplay related things but is never a baby and the diapers aren't part of her regressive self. Sorry I was unable to take it. There is some fascinating information you have gathered though. At the very least this lead me to some interesting reading.
  8. 3-5 sentences per paragraph is a good guideline, otherwise it can be really hard to read.
  9. This isn't directly related to the original topic but is it normal for three hours to be a long time to go without peeing? It's just something I never really questioned myself. I know I had friends in school that where always going to the bathroom but thought they were unusual. I usually only go 2-3 times a day and yes I make sure I drink plenty of water.
  10. Are the XL Goodnites not up her alley design wise?
  11. diaper dimension

    It took me a good number of years to stop getting all shaky whenever I'd have diapers delivered. I think living with my incontinent girlfriend who needs to get regular deliveries finally got me over it. Glad you're having fun. My first time was when I was a bit younger (early 20s) and freaked out after wearing one of the diapers for the first time and then threw everything out. Took me years to buy anything again.
  12. diaperlover

    Answering on behalf of my girlfriend (ashwee on the forums) as I don't have experience with the following: Short version: it took her a fair amount of time and little steps to get there. Now she'll wear just about anything out and not worry about it. When we first met she had only been dealing with her incontinence I believe for about a year. She would wear goodnites as they were essentially the same as underwear or at least closer to underwear when she went out. The only problem with that was she was seriously dehydrating herself and on top of getting bad dehydration headaches every day was also increasing her already higher than normal chance of kidney stones. After trying different things over many months and with assurances from me she finally got comfortable. Currently during the day she wears ABU Preschool (both cloth and plastic), ABU Lavender, ABU SDK, Rearz Lil' Squirtz, or Dotty Diaper Pink. She likes having variety. This also took a long time to get comfortable with. At first she wouldn't consider it but eventually I convinced her it would be way easier for her and I wanted to make her incontinence as little of a hassle as possible for her. After the first time the awkwardness went away fast and she says everything fits so much better and it's just better in general. ashwee has skin of iron. While if I wash my hands twice in a day my skin gets irritated and may even crack and bleed, she can wear a wet diaper for 16 hours and have no issues. Even still she would end up with a rash every 3-6 months. Once we started using powder with every change she stopped having rashes. Been a couple of years now and not a single rash. So I'd say powder does help. Cream I can't really speak to. Only time we have used it is when in the past she had a rash we'd use rash cream. Can't really answer that as I don't pee in diapers and she has no control. ashwee and I live in Florida and I do believe there's quite a few people in the community that also live here. We haven't met anyone though as we're both very shy as well.
  13. That explains a lot. I was wondering what happened with the site. They also no longer seem to offer samples for sale?
  14. So go figure. ashwee really likes them. Lasted all day easily for her with little to no stretching. We ended up ordering a half case as they'e great for hot weather and basically make no noise so also great if she's worried about that. That said she also wanted to try the plastic backed version so we ordered a bag of those.