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  1. The plastic backed Molicares still exist as far as I know. They're just blue now. They are also called Molicare Maxi rather than Molidcare Super Plus. If you can't find the Molicare Maxi then the Abena Comfort like is comparable.
  2. I definitely have the opposite of claustrophobia thing she talks about. I also feel more comfortable in the dark than in light. The dark feels like being wrapped in a blanket and bright lights feel like being exposed.
  3. A heads up, these no longer have the wetness indicator, at least as of this most recent order I placed. I know a lot of people didn't like the indicator. I for one did as I like diapers as a medical fetish thing so the more medical they look the better. There's very few medical looking diapers that are worth a damn :(.
  4. TLDR: I might be holding some grudges but they seem necessary to my own emotional and professional health. I don't know if you could call these a grudges exactly but maybe they are? I have pretty much completely stopped interacting with three very close friends throughout my life. One in college and two when I was working professionally. The first was a friend, who once we all started to go to college, started going out clubbing a lot. He gained a lot of new friends and basically then ignored all his old friends. I tried at the time. But after years of him making plans with me only to drop out at the last second to hang out with his new friends, I just stopped trying. The second person is a little more nuanced. A while back I lost my job. I soon got hired by a friend of a friend. This friend of a friend is my new boss. I know him but not well. This was a design contracting gig so I only got as much work as came in. On the first project I worked on there was some miscommunication and we had to rush to get it done in less time than expected. The second project would be much bigger and would have paid my bills for half a year. The project ended up falling through. I later found out that my "close friend" was both bad mouthing me to my boss and badmouthing my boss to me. He also way over quoted on the second project in an attempt to kill it. A job he knew I really needed. He was successful in killing it. The reason he did all this? Because he had to work a little harder on the first project to get it done sooner. He felt that slight required a razed earth policy. This is not the first time he has done this but the first time it directly impacted me. This had me reevaluate my friendship with him and I realized what a selfish asshole he was. When I started talking to my family about this they expressed relief I had realized this. Apparently everyone noticed how much he used me but me. I still interact with him but only at arms length and I do nothing to go out of my way for him. Oh and this "boss" has become a very close friend who has saved my ass more than once during rough times in my life. The third and final probably hurt the most. I had worked at this place, the aforementioned place I got fired from, for almost 15 years. I had a very good friend who also worked there. Shortly after he got promoted to director of the department I worked for he fired me and some of my friends. This was said to be due to budgetary reasons, which seemed legitimate at the time. He then strung me along for almost a year offering me the potential of work while wringing little bits of consulting out of me for free with the promise of work. I never normally work for free but I was desperate and I thought this person was my friend. He eventually asks me to do something unpaid that will take way too much of my time. I tell him I can't do it. He tell's me I better or else "I'll never work there again". I also later find out only me and a couple other people were fired and they even hired a bunch of new people. Budget cuts… yeah. The previous director who I thought of as my boss was my true friend it turns out and my "friend" was not. The previous director still emails me on holidays and just randomly to check in on how I'm doing. He got pushed out of the division against his will as well, not unlike me. I don't know exactly what went down but I feel really bad about it and suffice to say I won't ever consider that "friend" a friend ever again. My SO struggles with similar stuff. It can be a serious bummer. Don't want to go into details but it's some of the worst stuff I have ever heard personally.
  5. If I'm reading you right you're looking for a diaper cover? Or is that you're looking for clothing advice?
  6. I was in the hospital for about a month about a year ago. First let me preface this by saying my doctor was great and not at all a jerk. He was just good natured and telling it like it was. When I mentioned that I wasn't really sleeping due to the harsh environment and having blood tests every four hours he said, "If you got rest here it would be called a hotel, not a hospital."
  7. I tell the story in brief (no pun intended) over here. Basically they just didn't handle a shipping mistake very well.
  8. My girlfriend is incontinent and when we were broke we experimented with cheap diapers, Depends with tabs specifically. Around that time she was normally wearing DC Amor or Bambino most of the time. What we found is she'd go through 5-7 Depends in one day, not including the night. Part of this was their low capacity but they also started to feel gross and uncomfortable long before they were fully used. In the same time she'd go through one or maybe two of the Amor or Bambino. On top of that in a fairly short period of time the Depends started giving her rashes which, before, almost never happened. In fact it hasn't happened again since and this experiment was over a year ago. I'm only comparing the days as she always has to wear something better at night otherwise we have a wet bed. So in conclusion— • The Depends cost about $3.50-$5 a day and would cause rashes. • The Amor or Bambino would cost about $2-4 a day, required less work from me changing her, and never gave her rashes. The choice was pretty clear even when we were having trouble paying rent. Now we use a variety of different things as she likes having choices. Equates it to wearing different underwear which I think makes perfect sense. We use Amor, Rearz, Aww So Cute, Dottie, and ABU. We stopped using Bambino after we had a huge shipping issue with them.
  9. Interesting, and I agree about it being a smart way of going about it. Curious to see where that takes their products.
  10. TLDR: I am not very happy with Rearz customer service right now. For more detail… For me, things will always inevitably go wrong. I don't see it as a black mark against a company I am dealing with when that happens. Products are defective, shipping goes wrong, mistakes are made. To me, you don't really get to see what kind of company you're dealing with until something goes wrong. In terms of diaper orders I have had numerous things go wrong. Sometimes it's an accident on my end. Before XP changed hands I once ordered the wrong thing for my girlfriend. There was some miscommunication and we ended up with a case we didn't need. I emailed XP about it and even though it was my fault they still offered to allow me to return it. Sometimes it's defective items. On two seperate occasions, again from XP, we recieved cases of Abena with defective tapes. These were replaced by XP at no cost to me. Had similar defective tape issues with an order from Tykables back when they were called Snuggies. Again replaced with no cost to us. Sometimes though things don't go so well. We stopped ordering from Bambino back in 2016 before x-mas due to such an issue. Two weeks before leaving on a trip, what I thought was plenty of time, we placed an order for what we'd need for the trip. My girlfriend is incontinent so these products were vital. Bambino sent the order to the wrong state entirely across the country. They gave me the run around for about a week before admitting their mistake. I explained the situation and asked if they could possibly overnight the order to us given the mistake. They refused and offered nothing to make good on their error. We ended up having to pay for overnight shippng ourselves from another retailer. The reason why this is posted here… Unfortnately I fear a similar situation has occured with Rearz. The last order I placed I ordered a case of large Seduction for myself, a case of medium Princess for the lady, some samples, and a bag of ID Slip boosters. I will never know for sure but I do remember specifically being very careful when ordering the large Seduction as I almost accidentally ordered the medium the last time I ordered partially due to their new site. What I received was the medium Princess, the right samples, medium Seduction, and Abena boosters. Now I went and looked at the order confirmation email and it does indeed say medium Seduction. Even if I ordered the large I totally understand it's at least partially my fault for never looking at the email when I got it. I definitely ordered the ID Slip boosters though. Rearz' response to my inquiery in which I fully admitted the medium Seduction was likely my mistake was: "Sorry for the mix up for your order. We have a no returns policy on our orders. so we are unable to make a return for you. I would make a new order for what you wished to receive.". I inquired further to make sure I understood what they were saying and got this response: "The two styles of boosters mentioned are identical products that are made in the same European facility. I suspect the warehouse made the substitution to prevent a delay in the shipping of your order. IF they are "unopened" you are welcome to return them for a full refund if you would like". It's a shame as they make great products and offer good prices and even though they're in Canada shipping is fast and inexpensive with their membership. I'm not sure what to do a this point. They seem to have little interest in making me happy as a customer. I really don't want to stop ordering from them but this has not made me feel good about ordering from them in the future.
  11. That was my first exposure as well. For a long time I think I was under the impression you could only get them from Sears. Were they actually made by/for Sears or were they another brand just rebranded for Sears? I'd like to track some down at some point just to see what it was I was looking at as a kid. I have a feeling that might be all but impossible.
  12. Ever so slightly off topic but this seems to follow a trend that seems to be happening recently. Several incontinence product brands have switched to entirely cloth backed (Abena, Tena, Depend) and then almost immediately re-introduced the plastic backed products due to customer feedback. So maybe there's hope.
  13. Has anyone else tried these before? I like to use incon pads as boosters sometimes. My go-to has been Tena Overnights but I ordered a bag of the Super variety of these on a whim. They're quite large, larger than the Tena and about the same thickness. They're also probably the softest disposable absorbent product I have come across. If you're in the US you can get them on Amazon or from Northshore, not sure about other countries. Here's the listing on Northshore.
  14. Are these the same as the "with tabs" briefs? I wasn't aware they had even stopped making them.