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  1. Is my friend into diapers?

    As I believe we have discussed in the past, there's nothing wrong with starting a sentence with "So" or "And". Depending on the writing style it's grammatically correct to do so. In colloquial online communication starting a sentence at the beginning of a post with "So" gives the feeling of, "I have been thinking about this for a while". I think it's perfectly okay. And, if your spelling ain't great perhaps ya shouldn't be thrown dem stones at those houses because yours is looking pretty glassy from where I'm standing. I always take the tact of, "if I understand what the person is saying then it's all good." Even when I don't understand them I'll seek clarification rather than telling them what they did "wrong".
  2. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    I don't get rashes but I think I know what you mean by soreness. My skin gets irritated by exposure to wetness. This also goes for sweat or even just getting wet in the rain. In terms of diapers I have found using some sort of barrier cream with powder over that mostly can protect my skin. It doesn't always 100% work but it's way better than using nothing. In th epast I had tried using either powder or cream and using both works way better.
  3. Netflicks Original TV Program

    There was talk about it when it originally aired but the guy is just wearing nothing but underwear not a diaper. Unless it's a different scene you're talking about. The one I'm talking about is with JJ's loud arguing neighbors who iirc are brother and sister.
  4. Why?

    Aside from the sexual harassment women are often met with skepticism at every turn. There's a certain set of men who just cannot believe women can have fetishes or interest in sex and because of that any woman claiming this online is often questioned as to if they're actually female. I personally feel this is part of a deep seeded misogyny in our culture. It occurs in pretty much all communities I have ever had any part in. Video games, comics, model building, cosplay, toys, knives, flashlights, movies, etc. More or less, if a woman expresses interest in anything outside of basic needs, they are met with disbelief that this could be true. Hell this has happened with sports forever. Any woman who likes sports "must" either be doing it because of a man or is gay or some other thing a straight dude can do to dismiss them. I think in reality there's more like 50% men and 50% women interested in any given community. Of course far from all men are like that but there's enough of them that it can either keep woman away from a community or make them hide their gender. As always I also could be entirely wrong.
  5. Bambino diaper used in Zero Puncuation

    I thought maybe because if you search for "adult diaper" it's one of the first image results with a clean background but it's not. Not even for "adult baby diaper". It is one of the first results for "abdl diaper" so at the very least they're aware abdl exists I would guess.
  6. Surprise while taking out trash

    idk, my girlfriend is incontinent and wears abdl diapers. As the math works out they're usually the same price or cheaper than a lot of the medical brands since you use way less of them. In terms of the original topic at had my girlfriend and I worked together about 10 years before we re-met here. So someone I worked with every day was incontinent and into age play. She also has a friend who's a DL and they both only found out because her friend discovered some of my girlfriend's diapers when she was over at gf's apartment one day. All of that sounds super made up but I swear it's all true lol.
  7. Dry 24/7 changing

    If anyone has the ability I find weighing to be a much better measure of change in the thickness of a product than a visual comparison. If they're actually thinner they should weigh less.
  8. Abena X-plus

    If it happens I expect it to be short lived. It seems like every European adult diaper manufacturer who does this or threatens to do it pretty quickly goes back on the decision. Has happened with Tena and Molicare and awhile back with Abena. Who knows maybe they really mean it this time but I'll believe it when I see it.
  9. Dry 24/7 changing

    It's really easy thing to test. Just find someone who still has some of the "old" diapers and then weigh them and the "new" diapers. If the weight is similar then they likely haven't been changed.
  10. Urine acidity and urgency?

    Not really related to the original topic but I too love spicy foods. I have indoctrinated several friends who at first just though "spicy is just spicy" but then learned to appreciate the nuances of different peppers and different formulations of hot sauces. The goddamn shame though is recently spicy food has begun to not agree with me. It sucks
  11. Albion Online

    I was thinking this might be about Albion swords.
  12. Abena L4 alternatives

    As best I can find Abena M/L4 is the cheaper alternative. They're $1.67/ea by the case from XP and weirdly cheaper than that if buying by the bag on Amazon ($1.42/ea). The Unique Wellness Superior are $1.48 so slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive than the Abena and also not as long lasting so ultimately they're more expensive. You're going to be hard pressed to find anything cheaper than about $1.50/ea unless you go to really cheap brands like Depends and in our experience (my girlfriend is incontinent) that's ultimately more expensive and a lot more unpleasant.
  13. Rearz, XP, and Northshore all sell the new Maxi Slip. I had the old Super Plus on hand and according to my digital calipers and digital scale they're all but the same weight and thickness. There's more variation between two of the same than there is between the Maxi and Super Plus. The tapes might be a bit better and the color is less appealing (to me) but they otherwise seem like the exact same thing.
  14. Cheap diapers are just not worth it

    They do not. But Northshore and Unique Wellness do and I'd suggest both of those. The Abena pullups are pretty good too.
  15. Wearing Diapers As An Older Child

    Kind of opposite of most people here, I was potty trained very early on and by all accounts it was my own choice. My sister was much later. My parents pretty much let us do our own thing. I didn't become interested until later (early pre-teen maybe?). Not entirely sure why but looking at the listings for incontinence supplies in the Sears catalog did something for me. It's always been a non-sexual medical fetish thing for me. I never tried to get back into baby diapers and it never really had much interest for me. I remember being 13 or so and fantasizing about being an adult so I could buy adult diapers.