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  1. Interesting, and I agree about it being a smart way of going about it. Curious to see where that takes their products.
  2. TLDR: I am not very happy with Rearz customer service right now. For more detail… For me, things will always inevitably go wrong. I don't see it as a black mark against a company I am dealing with when that happens. Products are defective, shipping goes wrong, mistakes are made. To me, you don't really get to see what kind of company you're dealing with until something goes wrong. In terms of diaper orders I have had numerous things go wrong. Sometimes it's an accident on my end. Before XP changed hands I once ordered the wrong thing for my girlfriend. There was some miscommunication and we ended up with a case we didn't need. I emailed XP about it and even though it was my fault they still offered to allow me to return it. Sometimes it's defective items. On two seperate occasions, again from XP, we recieved cases of Abena with defective tapes. These were replaced by XP at no cost to me. Had similar defective tape issues with an order from Tykables back when they were called Snuggies. Again replaced with no cost to us. Sometimes though things don't go so well. We stopped ordering from Bambino back in 2016 before x-mas due to such an issue. Two weeks before leaving on a trip, what I thought was plenty of time, we placed an order for what we'd need for the trip. My girlfriend is incontinent so these products were vital. Bambino sent the order to the wrong state entirely across the country. They gave me the run around for about a week before admitting their mistake. I explained the situation and asked if they could possibly overnight the order to us given the mistake. They refused and offered nothing to make good on their error. We ended up having to pay for overnight shippng ourselves from another retailer. The reason why this is posted here… Unfortnately I fear a similar situation has occured with Rearz. The last order I placed I ordered a case of large Seduction for myself, a case of medium Princess for the lady, some samples, and a bag of ID Slip boosters. I will never know for sure but I do remember specifically being very careful when ordering the large Seduction as I almost accidentally ordered the medium the last time I ordered partially due to their new site. What I received was the medium Princess, the right samples, medium Seduction, and Abena boosters. Now I went and looked at the order confirmation email and it does indeed say medium Seduction. Even if I ordered the large I totally understand it's at least partially my fault for never looking at the email when I got it. I definitely ordered the ID Slip boosters though. Rearz' response to my inquiery in which I fully admitted the medium Seduction was likely my mistake was: "Sorry for the mix up for your order. We have a no returns policy on our orders. so we are unable to make a return for you. I would make a new order for what you wished to receive.". I inquired further to make sure I understood what they were saying and got this response: "The two styles of boosters mentioned are identical products that are made in the same European facility. I suspect the warehouse made the substitution to prevent a delay in the shipping of your order. IF they are "unopened" you are welcome to return them for a full refund if you would like". They are not the same product. The Abena boosters are slightly longer (about 4cm), a bit lighter (about 5g), slightly thinner, quilted, have a different top sheet, and make a weird crickly plastic sound though they aren't plastic backed or anything. They may seem similar but they are different and I much prefer the ID version. It's a shame as they make great products and offer good prices and even though they're in Canada shipping is fast and inexpensive with their membership. I'm not sure what to do a this point. They seem to have little interest in making me happy as a customer. I really don't want to stop ordering from them but this has not made me feel good about ordering from them in the future.
  3. That was my first exposure as well. For a long time I think I was under the impression you could only get them from Sears. Were they actually made by/for Sears or were they another brand just rebranded for Sears? I'd like to track some down at some point just to see what it was I was looking at as a kid. I have a feeling that might be all but impossible.
  4. Ever so slightly off topic but this seems to follow a trend that seems to be happening recently. Several incontinence product brands have switched to entirely cloth backed (Abena, Tena, Depend) and then almost immediately re-introduced the plastic backed products due to customer feedback. So maybe there's hope.
  5. Has anyone else tried these before? I like to use incon pads as boosters sometimes. My go-to has been Tena Overnights but I ordered a bag of the Super variety of these on a whim. They're quite large, larger than the Tena and about the same thickness. They're also probably the softest disposable absorbent product I have come across. If you're in the US you can get them on Amazon or from Northshore, not sure about other countries. Here's the listing on Northshore.
  6. Are these the same as the "with tabs" briefs? I wasn't aware they had even stopped making them.
  7. I'm kind of in the opposite boat. I like using "so" and other conjunctions to begin new sentences as its novel and not something you see too often. See used correctly that is.
  8. What you're saying is personal opinion. It's not a grammatical rule. It is perfectly acceptable to connect two independent clauses with a conjunction. It's just not terribly common and there's a popular belief that it's incorrect. I think it's totally logical and even sometimes helpful to let the reader know the two ideas are linked through the use of a conjunction, even if they're two sentences.
  9. It can be nice to break up two related thoughts into two sentences when one or both are already overly long or complex. For example, "I was very hungry yesterday due to not having had a single thing to eat until around 8pm. So, when I finally was able to sit down to eat, I must admit, I ate way too much food." sort of thing. If you had that all as one sentence it would be a bit much. You could argue that you should break all of that up into smaller sentences. But, to me, that is more of a style thing than a grammar thing.
  10. This is a weird one maybe? Drives me nuts when people say "Legos". Lego is the plural form of Lego. I try not to be judgmental though as I know I had to have called them "Legos" at some point in my youth before I knew better, oh also calling initialisms "acronyms". Is starting a sentence with "So," actually incorrect based on any set of rules for grammar? I only ask because I was often incorrectly taught that you can't start a sentence with "And,". From what I understand now, it's entirely acceptable as long as what follows is a complete sentence. I believe "So" also being a conjunction can be used in the same way.
  11. I just got this in my email from NetDiapers (the Fabine US distro peeps). I am really not okay with this. https://netdiapers-com.myshopify.com/products/dinosaurs-ultra-diapers?mc_cid=23889443bb&mc_eid=4fa609bbb3 This community is misunderstood enough as it is without marketing to this community using actual photos of babies.
  12. Ludest I have come across are probably still the Tranquility ATN or maybe the Attends with Waistband. Neither are terribly bulky though. Rearz Inspire+/Princess/Seduction/Safari I think are the thickest/bulkiest I know of. They're not terribly loud though.
  13. I really like the Rearz Inspire+ which I believe are the same as the Safari. The Spoiled I think are a little bit thinner. The Inspire+ (and Safari and Princess) are thicker and also a lot softer than the 24/7. At least for me they're also less likely to leak due to being better fitting and perhaps faster absorption?
  14. Despite wide spread belief that "frivolous" lawsuits are a huge problem, large lawsuit payouts are far from common. Even the famous McDonald's Coffee lawsuit is completely different than what most people believe. The inuries she sustained where significant, nearly lead to her death, and left her disfigured for life. She only resorting to the courts when McDonald's refused to pay the relatively small sum of her out of pocket medical expenses, and the final settlement wasn't all that large ($360,000). By many accounts corporate interest has spent a lot of money convincing the public that lawsuits against them are bad, and it makes sense why that would be in their best interests. I find the best course of action is to be very hesitant to believe what you read and if you're interested in something or have an emotional reaction to it, do more reading. There's not a lot of detail in the article. Things aren't always what they seem.
  15. Rearz also offers a lot of samples and their shipping to the US isn't too bad and at least for me is fast.