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  1. Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    I have to say, and am sorry to say, I disagree with the entirety of what you say. The thing I often say is there's more of a difference between two random people than men and women as a whole. Gender is largely a societal construct just like race. Sure it does have an impact. I'd say though that the concept of "women don't enjoy anything" is being torn down by the internet and women finding other women who also have interests. Women don't like games, women don't like sex, women don't like fetishes, women don't like comic books, women don't like being dominant, women don't like adult collectables, women don't like sports, women don't like math, women don't like guns, women don't like etc etc etc. Traditionally women can like clothes, shoes, and cooking and anything else is considered "just a woman trying to appeal to a man". In my opinion it's ridiculous and offensive. My sister was driven out of a post-grad math program because her male professors continually asked her why she was even there and told her she never would be able to get a degree even though she got great grades. My SO who works in software development has been told by potential employers that she "wouldn't fit in" because they had "an all male staff". It's not just sexual fetishes it's ANYTHING outside of a very narrow band of interests and jobs. I'm sorry if this comes off as a bit aggressive but I do really think you have the wrong concept of what women are. Women are just people and have the same range and variety of interests professionally, sexually, and privately that any other person would have.
  2. The Babysitter

    If you like The Babysitter I'd also suggest Better Watch Out. It's a little less colorful and fun and also takes place during x-mas but it's a similar set up and also pretty great imo.
  3. Were you always comfortable with your AB/DL side?

    I had been interested in diapers, specifically adult diapers, since I was around 10-11. I have no idea why. I just came across the incontinence section in the Sears catalog and was fascinated. I used to fantasize about being an adult so I could buy them and would count the years until I'd be an adult. Until I was about 25 it was pretty much only something in my head nothing I ever tried. The first thing I tried was ordering a bunch of samples. There was Molicare, the old Attends, and some other stuff I can't remember. The reason I can't really remember is that I threw out everything but the Molicare. I wore it briefly then I freaked out and threw out everything. It wasn't until six years later that I ordered anything else. I ordered a bag of Abena (the cloth backed, I didn't know what I was doing). Since then I have never had a purge so I guess it just took six years of regretting throwing out those samples for me to get over the shame.
  4. Leak problems

    Your milage may vary but my SO is incontinent. When we were broke we tried buying cheaper products, usually Depends with tabs. In a few months of doing this we found we actually spent more money on the Depends than we did on better quality products. This is because we'd go through way more of the Depends. Often we'd use as many as 3-4 times the quantity. Sure the Depends where around 80
  5. Are you loyal?

    Both myself and my SO have favorites but generally they're just favorites for a time. We both like trying new things and are always looking for anything new and always up for trying new brands and products. That said I do tend to go back to the first two diapers I tried, namely Molicare and Abena.
  6. Embarrassing Diaper Moments

    I was waiting to see if anyone else thought the same. It doesn't even seem physically possible.
  7. AB/DL celebrities? (with pics!)

    I find that very hard to believe and would want to see some sort of actual evidence of that.
  8. Diaper blow outs.....How?

    Do the Northshore Supreme have a thermal wetness indicator? We had a similar issue with a batch of the seemingly always changing Unique Wellness. It appeared that the application of the wetness indicator had compromised the integrity of the plastic as it split right where the wetness indicator was.
  9. Diapers and girlfriend

    This is a serious question because I really would like to know. Hopefully it's not offensive. Why do all of your posts have seemingly random punctuation?
  10. New diaper options

    I have some of the new-ish plastic Tena Maxi. It's just a two diaper sample and I do this stupid thing all the time where I'll order samples and then just never try them because "I only have two", so I haven't tried them yet. This last time when I ordered something new I just went ahead and ordered an entire bag so I actually try it.
  11. Doesn't that go for all mental illness though? For the most part I have always come to the conclusion that mental illness is just exaggerated healthy behavior. That might be nonsense and I'm mostly talking out of my ass here. The closest thing to any sort of mental health training I have is taking Psychology 101 courses in High School and College.
  12. New diaper options

    A little off topic but I'll believe it when it happens. Not saying it won't happen but we've seen so many threats of plastic diapers being discontinued at this point it's getting silly. I know it actually has happened a few times but the manufacturer often turns around and starts making the plastic product again. Hell Depend still makes plastic diapers and they seem hell bent on not doing so. If it does happen? Not a huge deal, so many other options now.
  13. Since my first experiences with adult diapers Molicare and Abena have been mainstays and something I always order. This last order I placed I bought a variety of bags instead of a single case. This included Dry 24/7, Better Dry, Bambino, Rearz Inspire+, Molicare Maxi, and Abena. I have tried the Rearz, Molicare, and Abena before. I have tried all of the different diapers I bought with that order and something stands out in stark contrast between Abena and Molicare and everything else. When I put on the Molicare and Abena they fit really well. I have gotten good at putting them on at this point and they're comfortable and stay in place. I usually wear them at night and even if I don't use them at all by morning the fit is a mess. They've gotten loose, the front wings are now sticking out at all angles, and sometimes the lower tapes get stuck to my legs. This just doesn't happen with Better Dry, Rearz, Bambino, or Dry 24/7. When I wake up they look more or less the same as when I put them on. I'm guessing this also goes for ABU and other more recent adult diaper makers. What I'm getting at here is I think Abena and Molicare as well as a bunch of "great" stand by European brands just have not kept up with more recent companies. They don't have waist bands, their tapes suck, their plastic stretches out, etc. Someone might be better equipped than me to comment on this; but I also feel like those European brands, along with the rest of the mainstream incontinence product manufacturers, have just made cheaper and cheaper products cutting features and quality of materials. For example didn't Abena have a waist band at some point? I still like Abena and Molicare. I just wish they stayed in damn place.
  14. New diaper options

    I'd suggest Better Dry. Rearz sells them and suggested them as an alternative to the supposedly discontinued plastic Abena M4 (I still don't buy it). I just tried they recently and while not exactly the same as Abena they do fit well and work well. Much better tapes than Abena and front and rear waistbands.
  15. Is my friend into diapers?

    As I believe we have discussed in the past, there's nothing wrong with starting a sentence with "So" or "And". Depending on the writing style it's grammatically correct to do so. In colloquial online communication starting a sentence at the beginning of a post with "So" gives the feeling of, "I have been thinking about this for a while". I think it's perfectly okay. And, if your spelling ain't great perhaps ya shouldn't be thrown dem stones at those houses because yours is looking pretty glassy from where I'm standing. I always take the tact of, "if I understand what the person is saying then it's all good." Even when I don't understand them I'll seek clarification rather than telling them what they did "wrong".