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  1. Minecraft

    So, this might be a little bit off-topic, but I think it still applies here. Minecraft! Minecraft brings out my inner child so much. Watching Let's Plays on Youtube, playing modded Minecraft on my own, it is all wonderful. It is like Lego's, but on a computer. Does anyone else enjoy Minecraft?
  2. Where are the AK's?

    We're all in hiding, because we don't want to get put in timeout for being out of diapers. :p
  3. Ak'S And Dl'S?

    This is probably where I am. Diapers (and sometimes training pants) are certainly part of my play, but for the most part babyish stuff isn't that fun for me. I'd rather have cartoons and video games over a bottle and Barney any day.
  4. Looking for friends

    I'm from the NWA area!
  5. Told My Fiancee and Accepting Myself

    I'm really glad you're working towards accepting yourself, and that your fiancee is accepting!
  6. As always, Ausdpr, your work is amazing! My only quibble with Happy Family is this bit right here: In one sentence the Mommy is trying not to do something, the next sentence seems to be her reason for deciding not to do it, and the very next sentence is her doing it. It just feels like a wild change of decision without any real explanation or justification. But, apart from that, the story is amazing. It flows well, it gives us nice insight into Mommy's mindset, and there are very few technical mistakes. Bravo!
  7. The smell of diapers

    You should totally stick a couple of depends in there, just to tell us if they have that wonderful warm cloth scent when they come out!
  8. Punished for Bedwetting

    I've been trying to reply to this thread for a couple of days now, but I could never think of how to phrase it. My parents never knowingly, intentionally punished me for bedwetting. And, had they realized they were unintentionally doing it, I'm sure they would have done everything in their power to stop it. That being said, I could tell in a lot of ways we interacted that they were disappointed that it was still happening. I was very obsessed with their approval as a kid and even as a teen. Heck, I never even did anything warranting a time-out because I didn't want to disappoint them. So having something be a constant disappointment that I couldn't control made me pretty upset. I tried to hide it from them (because I knew it would upset them), but I started beating myself up emotionally a lot for it. I called myself names, said I was worthless and pathetic, decided I deserved anything bad that happened to me, and didn't deserve the good things. I tried to inflict the worst emotional abuse on myself I could think of, hoping it would help. It didn't, to nobody's surprise. I was nearly 18 before I started trying not to get upset with myself about it. Even to this day I still sometimes have days at a time where I hate myself so much for it, but I'm getting better. Maybe I was wrong, and I was only imagining the disappointment, or projecting my own feelings on them. But it sure didn't feel that way. I could swear there was sadness in my mom's eye every time I told her I needed more goodnites, resignation any time they leaked, and outright disappointment and shame when I had to switch to adult diapers. And each one of my dad's theories on what might help (a nightlight, no milk, more water, less water, more pillows, ect...) just screamed that there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. But, I donno, maybe I was just disappointed in myself the whole time, and just projected that onto them so I'd have an excuse for it. So, to answer the question, absolutely none of my family ever tried to punish, embarass, or even make me feel bad about bedwetting at all. But, they did anyway, and I tried my hardest to punish myself for it.
  9. Diaper checking!

    For me it really depends. Most any way can be good. But some that really stick out to me include: Finger in through the leg hole to test for wetness, but only if I'm wearing a onesie or shorts and not in public. Alternatively, touching the outside of the diaper in the same spot should get the same results. A gentle, discrete bum pat if we're in public and there's a smell, along with occasional whispers in my ear asking if I'm wet. *blush* A visual inspection of the front, in private only, to see if I made it to the potty on time.
  10. Potty training

    Sort of! I generally like to think of myself as already potty trained, but still with occasional accidents. Maybe one a week or so. And, who knows, if they get any worse, maybe potty training would be in the near future!
  11. Who's had kidney stones!?

    I get them fairly often (1-2/year since I was 16), but the ones I get are relatively mild. I've never had to go to the hospital for them, as they've all passed on their own. But, I know what you mean. With pain like that, there isn't really any thought for anything except making the pain go away.
  12. For me being barefoot always feels better, diapers or not. I always take my shoes and socks off as soon as I possibly can.