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  1. I've not read beyond the intro yet, though thought I'd point out that the original Diaper Dimension story absolutely involved consensual diapering, even diaper parties. It was a place where all diaper stories were true all at once, due to an embarrassing quantum science accident, and stretched far beyond only bigs diapering littles, and also involved shrinking, regression, etc, so this could fit right into that crazy world.
  2. I've done a few shorts like that I think, maybe just as captions on my Patreon, of Amazons going multi-dimensional in their hunt. Somebody had a great little story on here like that called At The Gates of Amazon Country, which I think was recently (after the great crash) and probably still around. edit: Oh, I was on the wrong page and that was last year! The story I was talking about is this:
  3. Hrm strangely I never got that message, though did get one months ago asking a similar question, unless I'm reading the dates of these posts wrong. I just happened to drop into the thread. I really need to fix that Diaper Dimension list, the great crash made everything a bit nightmarish to sort through.
  4. This is really quite magical. And given some of your other stories, I keep looking for hints that it's set in the same world, though doubt it.
  5. Oh wow. This was somewhat similar to a story I started sometime back, about a streamer living with an Amazon in the diaper dimension with candid events being caught off camera. Though this was fantastic, and went in a different way.
  6. Funnily enough, I just found and re-posted the story Finding Jill before seeing this post. It does sound like the plot to Finding Jill, though I recall that there was another very similar in premise.
  7. This is a repost of an enormous story which it seems I saved before the board crash. I'm unsure if it's the whole thing, or even the author's name, or if all the chapters are there sequentially. But I remember it being a lot of fun, and the author showing up every year or two to add more, so I thought I'd post it back here for preservation's sake. Chapter 1 Jill closed the car door and settled in for another hour long commute to work. She felt the familiar comfort of the forgiving leather seats beneath her (an upgrade she considered well worth the money) and began the familiar and traffic packed drive to the local high school where she worked as an assistant to the principal. Jill was 22 and a recent college graduate. Although her major was in physiology, the economy dictated that she take whatever job she could find. Moving back to her hometown, she was able to make an arrangement with her sister and her family to stay in their extra bedroom in exchange for helping around the house. It had been hard for Jill to ask to move in with Ashley, her husband Tom and their two year old daughter Missy, but she figured that the more money she could save now, the sooner she could afford her own place. Jill and Ashley could not have been more opposite in every way imaginable. Ashley, eight years older than Jill, stood 5'10", was incredibly competitive, physically endowed, athletic and driven. She ran her own clothing line and managed a company of 35 employees while still being a wife and mother. Jill, on the other hand, had always been one of those girls that melted into the background as the younger sister that was always tagging along with the older crowd. The sad part was that this was even true amongst her peers as Jill's petite 5'2" frame, freckled face and shoulder length red hair gave her the appearance of a pre-teen. Many times at work students would come into the office and assume Jill was a student TA working there instead of a full-time staffer. One of the more embarrassing encounters had occurred the week before students came back from summer break when a teacher had come in to make some photocopies and commented that it was nice of Jill to come in and help her mother get things ready for the school year. Totally ashamed, Jill was paralyzed from saying anything, but later the teacher realized her mistake and came back to apologize. Jill found some solace from all the humiliating misconceptions about her age in helping take care of Missy. As Jill drove to work, she thought about how cute Missy looked after Jill had changed her morning diaper, and dressed her in a cute pink jumper that had a lace hem and lace cuffs along the sleeves. Missy would just lie patiently as Jill changed and dressed her, happily sucking on her pink binky, oblivious to any of the world's challenges and stresses. "She's really got it made," thought Jill as she pulled into the high school parking lot. Part of Jill's angst stemmed from her dissatisfaction at working for the high school and for Principal Sherman specifically. Mr. Sherman had been the principal for over 22 years and Jill thought that he had become too cynical and condescending to be effective anymore. As Jill made her way through the halls, students bumped and jostled her through the hall, oblivious to the fact that she was really an employee. By now Jill was used to being invisible, and with her head down she entered the main hall to make her way through the sea of students toward the office. "Hey honey, are you OK?" Jill felt a hand firmly placed on her shoulder and, startled, she immediately turned in the direction of the gentle voice. "Excuse me?" Jill softly stammered. Standing before Jill was Amanda Pearson, the senior class President. Amanda had a commanding presence, her wavy brown hair and piercing green eyes complimented her 5'6 frame and perfectly toned body. Amanda was Miss everything in high school. Besides being on the cheerleading squad and student council, Amanda was involved in theater and took pleasure in making an appearance at everything social. Amongst the teachers, Amanda had the reputation of being a smart, caring, gifted student athlete, but Amanda had a snotty side that she reserved for the weak and vulnerable. Coming from a rich family, Amanda had mastered the public image of kind and considerate, but secretly derived pleasure from controlling everyone around her. Naturally she attracted a group of "friends" that thrived on the desire for popularity and social power, but somehow Amanda and her posse had managed to keep their well-mannered front to teachers and staff. "Um" I think you have me confused with someone else..." Jill managed to respond as students flooded by her, knocking her off balance as they bumped into her fragile frame. Amanda did not let go of Jill's shoulder as she tenderly guided Jill to the lockers against the wall. "Oh" I'm sorry" it just looked like you were lost or sad or something" I know being a freshman is hard, but look, I'm sorry" if you don't want anyone to help you out" .that's cool" sorry to bother you." Before Jill could apologize and explain herself to Amanda, she had turned and left, swallowed up in the mass of students that were trying to beat the homeroom bell. Jill wasn't sure what to make of the encounter, knowing that Amanda hadn't realized who she was, but yet touched that someone had cared to notice her. "Oh my god," thought Jill, "could I have been more rude" she obviously was just trying to reach out and help and I totally brushed her off." The sound of the homeroom bell startled Jill as if she were late for class herslef, and she briskly walked for the office, smiling at the silly thought that she was a student again. "Glad I won't get detention for being late, thought Jill as she entered the office and maneuvered around the counter to her desk just outside of Mr. Sherman's office. "Jill!" came the cry from behind Mr. Sherman's door. Jill grimaced and got up to get Mr. Sherman his coffee with two creams and three sugars, dreading whatever assignments Mr. Sherman might have for her". Chapter 2 "Amanda dear, I forgot to make copies of these handouts yesterday, would you mind going to the office and making 20 sets for the class?" asked Ms. Martin. "Sure, my pleasure" chirped Amanda" anything to get out of English class she thought to herself. Ms. Martin handed her a hall pass and Amanda made her way to the office. The copier was located just outside the principal's office. Mr. Sherman's office was in the middle of the administrative area with glass windows on three sides and blinds on the windows to help whenever there was a confidential meeting. As Amanda made her way to the copier she saw a girl through the blinds sitting in Mr. Sherman's office that looked familiar. It was the freshman she had targeted earlier in the hall, except now she was sitting meekly across from Mr. Sherman. Intrigued, Amanda maneuvered herself closer to the glass window as the copier started to warm up, anxious to see if she could catch wind of the discussion inside. "This is the third time this week that you've been late to work. I would've thought that in this economy you would show more gratitude for having a job, but instead it appears you may prefer the unemployment line." Jill was shocked at the burst of judgment that Mr. Sherman had just issued, her face flushed and she felt a sudden rush of perspiration begin to surface under her arms. Stunned, Jill hesitated and softly mumbled out, "Um" I'm sorry" "I know, I know," stammered Mr. Sherman. "You're sorry, and I'm sure there's some long list of things going on in your life that you think justifies being late. Well Ms. Myers, welcome to grown-up world where we all have to figure out how to cope with life and be on time to work!!!" Jill felt as though she were five years old and being chided by her father the way Mr. Sherman was addressing her. She felt herself curl up inside, sure that her body posture was reflecting the fear she felt inside. Jill's father had always expressed his anger in fits of rage that left the entire family fearful to say or do anything, and now it seemed that Jill was reliving that fear, her eyes looking down to the floor, her eyes beginning to well up with tears. Mr. Sherman continued his rant, but the words were lost on Jill. She was rapidly imagining what she would do if she lost her job. Ashley said that living with them was ok so long as Jill had a job otherwise she would be asked to leave. And she had just purchased her BMW 325i, an excess that left her with a hefty car payment, but Jill had justified it as a graduation present for herself. Then there were the student loans that were beginning to become due. Jill began to see her life without this job and it didn't look good. She needed to keep this job" "Jill?! Jill?! Have you been listening? So are we in agreement then?" Too afraid to ask Mr. Sherman to repeat himself for fear of being fired on the spot, Jill quickly looked up, the nervousness showing in her eyes as they darted up to look towards Mr. Sherman. "Yes" um absolutely" mumbled Jill. Mr. Sherman had sat back down at his desk and was reviewing some papers for his signature. "Good girl! I knew you would understand. So you will report to detention Saturday morning and begin starting next week to dress more appropriately for your age?" Oh no" what was Mr. Sherman talking about? Detention? Could an employee be sent to detention? This didn't seem right? And dress more appropriately for my age? What was that all about? And dress more appropriately for her age? Jill had a very professional looking navy blue suit and skirt on that cut below the knees...what was this all about? What Jill had actually missed during her daydreaming about possible unemployment was that Mr. Sherman wanted Jill to help Mr. Johnson, the Athletic Director, administer the Saturday detention for students who had accumulated a certain level of violations or had served three regular detentions. And as for her dress, Mr. Sherman had mentioned that she seemed to dress quite morbidly for such a young and vibrant lady. Perhaps she could brighten up the office and become more approachable to the students if she could move away from the business professional look to more of a casual attire? All of this, of course, was lost on Jill who simply thought she was being punished with a detention that ran from 8 to 3 on Saturday. Mr. Sherman saw Jill sitting in stunned silence as if she were thinking of some far away world. This was beginning to annoy Mr. Sherman beyond his limited patience! "Ms. Myers? Earth to Ms. Myers" wow, you really are pushing it aren't you? We are in agreement RIGHT?" Knowing she needed to answer, but fearful of what she was agreeing to, Jill nodded agreement. His eyes peering from behind is reading glasses, Mr. Sherman glared sharply at Jill. "I'm sorry Ms. Myers, where I come from big girls use their voices to acknowledge they are in agreement" .." "Yes sir" " whispered Jill, still paralyzed with the sudden turn of events. "I'm sorry, I didn't make out that whisper Ms. Myers. ARE WE IN AGREEMENT?" "Yes sir!" Jill managed to stammer as tears began to well up in her eyes. Too ashamed to have Mr. Sherman see her cry, she ran out of the office. On her way to the safety of her cubicle, she bumped into a student standing by the copier. Not wanting anyone to see her in this state, she didn't even look up to see that it was Amanda she had just knocked into. Amanda was smiling despite being knocked by Jill. She had been able to hear Mr. Sherman's tirade as the copy machine purred out the handouts. Her devilish side began to stew as she began to think to herself, "Wow" this could be a lot of fun," she thought. Could it really be so easy to bring this one into her fold? Excitement bolted through her perfectly shaped body as she collected the copies and headed back to class. This plan would require the help of some friends, and then there were the supplies" hmmmm" . Chapter 3 Needless to say, Jill was distracted for the rest of the morning. Sitting at her desk, she didn't know which shocked her more, having to go to a student detention or being told to dress her age. The first was humiliating to even contemplate while the second was too confusing to understand. "Uggh," thought Jill, "if only I was listening to Mr. Sherman. What did he mean about dressing her age? Did he think she was too racy? That couldn't be it" after all, Jill had only worn dress suits and pants most of the school year. As she mulled over all of the morning's events, the phone on her desk brought her back to the reality that she needed to keep this job and deal with whatever it took to get through all this. "Ms. Myers, could you come down and cover my study hall for twenty minutes? I need to get some things set up in the lab for next period." Mrs. Levinson was the chemistry teacher and often needed help bridging the gap in her busy schedule to accommodate her full teaching load. Part of Ms. Myers job included substituting and aiding teachers so she immediately agreed and headed off to class. "Thanks Jill," Mrs. Levinson said as Jill entered the classroom, "I should be back halfway through the period. It's just crazy to expect a full lab to be prepped without any time to get things ready" I really owe you!" "It's no problem!" answered Jill, somehow anxious to get on everyone's good side so she would have no more visits with Mr. Sherman. Jill sat up front as students trickled into class, her petite frame almost being swallowed up by the chair and disproportionately large desk. Bethany Williams had just finished History class, which she took with Amanda Pearson. The two had perfected the art of sharing notes during class and Amanda had gotten Bethany up to speed on everything that had happened with Jill. She shot a quick text off to Amanda when she saw Ms. Myers in her study hall and took her seat near the front of the class. The bell rang, but students continued to talk and mingle. Ms. Myers attempted to get the class to sit down for attendance but her soft-spoken voice was drowned out by students eager for lunch. Bethany sensed an opportunity and took it" "Hey!" directed Bethany. "Could you all please show Ms" .um" what is your name?" "Myers," whispered Jill. "Ms. Myers." "Could you all show Ms. Myers here a little respect and at least let her get through attendance before you continue your gossip and planning your social life?" As she faced the students she winked numerous times, clueing in the students that something was amiss and encouraging them to play along. More surprised than understanding Bethany's sudden spur of leadership, most students broke off their conversations long enough for Bethany to strut up to the desk and lean over as if she were whispering to Jill. "Would you like me to take care of attendance for you, Ms. Myers." Jill was suddenly mesmerized by this girl's confidence and directness. She found herself unable to respond with words and simply shook her head in agreement. Without hesitation, Bethany grabbed the attendance sheet off the desk and in one motion swung around to face the class, placing her skirt clad bottom on the desk directly in front of Ms. Myers line of sight. While Freemont High School did not have a dress code, Bethany's outfit resembled what you would imagine a school dress code would be. A plaid skirt that cut well above the knees accompanied by a white sheer blouse, braided ponytail and subtle bow. Jill found herself oddly considering Bethany's outfit as Bethany began calling out names and checking them off. Bethany was probably only four years younger, yet the contrast of outfits would have suggested they were fifteen or twenty years apart. "Could this be what Mr. Sherman was talking about?" wondered Jill. "That skirt is kindof cute..." Before she could explore her thoughts any further, Bethany had jumped off the desk and twirled around right next to Jill. "I could take this to the office if you'd like," cooed Bethany, sensing that this one was intimidated if not simply overwhelmed by Bethany's supportive, confident and controlling personality. "That would be nice" thank you Miss" .." Jill realized she had no idea who this girl even was, having allowed her to basically take control of the class. "Miss Williams, and it's my pleasure. Sometimes it just helps if people take the initiative, don't you think?" pressed Bethany. "Um" yes" I think" I mean I think so" well, that was very helpful, so thank you," Jill managed to respond, again sensing herself oddly vulnerable to this younger woman. Needless to say the day's events had shot Jill's confidence and she was beginning to feel both frustrated and defeated. "I can't lose this job" do whatever it takes," rang through Jill's mind as Bethany turned heading to the door. Unless she was imagining it, Jill seemed to think Bethany was almost strutting as she moved to leave the classroom, as if she wanted to make sure Jill noticed her perfectly toned legs. Jill snapped back to look blankly at the desk in front of her, surprised that she had become somewhat consumed with Bethany and her girlish appearance. About the same time Bethany left the classroom and turned the corner towards the office, she quickly slid up against the lockers, looking up at the ceiling and smiling victoriously to herself. "Amanda was right," she thought, "this is going to be fun!" As Bethany walked down the hall she got a text back from Amanda. After reading it, she nodded to herself in agreement, "Brilliant!" thought Bethany. She went into the office with the attendance sheet. The basket for attendance sheets was on a desk located just past Ms. Myers' desk. Bethany told the receptionist as she came in that Ms. Myers had asked her to get some papers off her desk in addition to dropping off the attendance sheet. Without waiting for any acknowledgement, Bethany proceeded to drop the attendance sheet in the bin and moved over to Ms. Myers desk. There it was! On the corner of the desk was the notepad she was hoping to find. On the top left read the magical words "From the desk of Mr. Sherman, Principal, Freemont High School." During the day, Jill would often be asked to send messages on Mr. Sherman's behalf to both students and faculty. Tearing off the first sheet, Bethany quickly wrote out the instructions Amanda had given her, folded the sheet in half, wrote "Ms. Myers" on the front and left the paper on her chair before making her way back to class. Bethany felt that familiar bolt of adrenaline and anticipation run throughout her body. Now all she needed to do was make sure she got in enough trouble to get Saturday detention! Chapter 4 After Mrs. Levinson returned to the study hall from setting up her lab, Ms. Myers made her way back to the office. The morning's events had left her behind on a lot of administrative tasks she normally processed each morning. Arriving at her desk, she went to sit down at her chair when she noticed a folded note on the seat cushion. Since it had her name on it, she flipped it open and instantly recognized that it was Mr. Sherman's note stationary. Butterflies immediately swarmed her stomach and her knees became weak. She sank almost involuntarily into her chair without even thinking about it. On the paper was simply written one word" underlined several times. It read: PIGTAILS!!! Color immediately disappeared from Jill's already fairly complexed face. She instantly felt as though everyone in the office knew about her morning encounter with Mr. Sherman and the contents of this note. Her eyes darted around the room, half expecting everyone to be looking back at her with disgusted nods or mocking smiles. Of course, everyone was oblivious to the inner confusion and turmoil that was bubbling inside Jill's core. "What on earth," mumbled Jill just under her breath. "Pigtails?" her head was spinning. Did Mr. Sherman really want her to wear pigtails? A deluge of thoughts and emotions poured through her mind in no particular order" "How dare he tell me what to do with my hair!," "This is outrageous! It has to be some kind of harassment" .but wait, all it said was pigtails" he wasn't saying I had to do it," "Was it a threat" if I don't wear pigtails, will I lose my job. It doesn't say that, but," "I haven't worn pigtails since I was six" .is this what he meant by dress your age" does he think I'm six?" After the initial waves of fear, the voices of rationalization began to roll up on the shore of Jill's mind" . "Oh my gosh, stop overreacting" it's just pigtails, what's the big deal," "Of course he knows you're not six" but why would he leave this for me?" "Maybe it's just a big mistake" but how could this be a mistake?" Followed finally by a round of softer thoughts lapping up against her inner curiosity" "I wonder what I'd look like with pigtails?" "Do I have any bands in my purse I could use to try them out?" "I think I actually have seen a number of girls in the halls with pigtails" maybe they are "in" style these days" " "That must be it," thought Jill" "he must want me to be more approachable to the students here. Maybe if I look younger or fit in with their styles, then the students would feel more comfortable approaching me in the office or confiding in me. I mean, what other explanation makes sense?" "BRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG" The class bell crashed through her silent thinking. The intercom for the bell was located just above her desk in the office. Totally surprised and adrenaline pouring through her, the bell gave Jill such a start that a dribble of pee crept into her panties and she let out a hushed gasp. For as long as she could remember, whenever Jill was surprised or caught off guard in a petrifying moment, she had had this problem, but other than being an annoyance, it never seemed to bother her. "Easy there Jillie-pooh," came the familiar voice of Joyce, her office colleague. "Save your excitement for the final bell Friday!" Joyce slid by Jill's desk on her way to the teacher's lounge for lunch. Jill froze, again thinking that Joyce must be aware of all the conflicting and somewhat embarrassing thoughts that Jill was wrestling with. Regaining her composure, Jill rose and grabbed her purse. Normally, she would join the staff in the lounge for lunch, but today she needed to get away and regroup. Standing to leave, she felt the somewhat familiar cool spot of pee on her panties and shrugged it off as she normally did. "That's what the laundry is for" " she would remind herself. And with that she made her way out of the office, into the sea of students rushing for food. Away from the office door, down the hallway, Amanda stood amidst the sea of students. Sheltered from sight by her friends and the mass of students looking to either go to the cafeteria or to their cars, Jill was oblivious to the set of penetrating green eyes that followed her departure from the office. Seeing Jill, Amanda hit the "send" button on her text and dispersed the group around her into action. Jill turned the first corner to head down the main hallway and was surprised to see a girl walking in the opposite direction with pigtails! Her shiny black hair was held up with two rubber bands with bows on the ends, bouncing and swishing as she made her own way down the hall. Jill couldn't help but snicker to herself. It was one of those deja-vu like moments where you are thinking of something and then you see it. "Odd" " she murmured" "cute, but odd." Halfway down the hall she was jostled by the swarm of students and accidently bumped into a girl even shorter than she was who was getting something out of her locker. Turning to her to apologize, Jill let out another gasp, her hand quickly coming up to cover her gaping mouth. This time, the girl had blond hair, but to Jill's amazement, it was also up in pigtails. "I'm sorry," said the girl, almost with pouting eyes. "Oh no," Jill regrouped, "it was totally my fault. I'm so sorry" someone pushed me so I accidentally" " Realizing that she was replaying what the girl already knew had happened, Jill stopped. "Anyway, I'm so sorry." "Oh..it's ok" said the blond turning to go. As she slipped by, the girl's pigtail swished and brushed against Jill's arm. By this point, Jill was somewhat stunned. Was Mr. Sherman this in tune with his student body? Maybe the conclusion she had reached was right after all! Maybe all Mr. Sherman wanted was for her to dress more in touch with the students. As she finally reached the door to the parking lot, she heard a girl cry from behind her" "Jill!" Turning with her hand on the door, she saw a girl running down the hallway towards her. She didn't recognize the girl and instinctively, her face became puzzled as the girl slalomed through people to get to the door. One thing was sure: the redhead running towards her was breathtaking. She wore a tight white sweater that cut above the waist just revealing a hint of her toned stomach. As she approached Jill, though, she just burst right by her, continuing her jog toward the parking lot. As the girl went by Jill, now standing perplexed and holding the door open, the redhead's hair brushed against Jill's face. "No way" " thought Jill. But it was true. This stunning redhead also had her hair in pigtails. As the girl exited the building she called out "Jill!" again. This time, another girl in the parking lot stopped and turned. Soon after, the two friends joined up. Jill smiled to herself, feeling silly, but glad she was the only one who noticed what had happened. Walking out, she followed the two girls that had just been united in conversation. Practically mesmerized by the redhead's pigtails swinging rhytmically in step, Jill almost got hit by a car backing out of its place. Jill had never focused so intently on watching another woman and, trying to regain her composure, shook her head as if to snap back into her own world. Reaching her car, she sat back down on the cushion, again feeling the cool wet spot in her crotch, but more consumed with the possibility of pigtails" Unbeknownst to Jill, a group of girls consisting of Amanda, a black-haired girl, a stunningly short blond, a tall striking redhead and five of their friends all gathered in the parking lot as Jill's car turned out onto the main road. Laughing and giving each other high fives, they all gave their spin on what had just transpired. Pigtails removed, the girls loaded up into a bunch of cars and took off with their leader, Amanda. School had just become interesting for the first time..... Chapter 5 With only 40 minutes for lunch, Jill found herself driving around, thinking more about where she might be able to get some hair ties and less about how hungry she was. After five minutes, she remembered a quaint accessory shop that was nearby and made her way inside, hopeful that she may also have a chance to grab something to eat on her way back to school. As she browsed through the store, it hit Jill that there was probably more than just her hair that she would have to address if she were to really get in touch with her younger side. She chuckled to herself. How silly that at 22, she was trying to dress younger, and yet it was beginning to make sense that to keep her job, Mr. Sherman must want her to "dress down." All her peers were at businesses that encouraged them to try to look professional, but for Jill to do that at school, she needed to trade in her high power business suits and drab dress pants for something" .something more hip. Grabbing some cute pink and purple barrettes as well as a number of ribbon and bead draped hair ties, Jill paid for her latest wares and walked out confident that she was moving forward from the disastrous morning. Driving away famished, she decided she had just enough time to get some drive through as she made her way back to school. Purchasing a chicken sandwich combo, she substituted a baked potato with all the fixings for her fries and took a sip of her large diet coke as she turned back on to the main road leading back to school. Jill had placed the takeout bag on her driver's seat, and, holding her drink in one hand, she steered her car with her other. Maneuvering through traffic, Jill began to realize that she would probably need to expand her musical tastes beyond the country music that she loved. Reaching over to scan for a channel with more hip music, Jill looked down long enough to miss seeing the car in front of her slam on their brakes. As she looked up, a high pitched shriek came from within her as she slammed on the brakes, attempting to avoid ramming the car in front of her. Her drink slipped from her hand and bounced hard off the dash before landing upside down on her lap. The excitement and fear released a small gush of warm pee that soaked her panties about the same time 12 ounces of cold soda soaked her skirt. The bag of food between her legs slid up as her legs squeezed shut and her body came crashing forward, sandwiching the bag full of grease between her blouse and the steering wheel. Steering to the right as she locked the brakes, her car barely missed clipping the right rear fender of the car in front of her and her car lurched to a stop in the bike lane. The car in front of her was oblivious to the near miss and continued on after the squirrel, that had nearly caused a major accident, reached the other side of the street and bounded innocently up a large oak tree. As there was no accident, the cars behind Jill simply maneuvered around her car and continued on, too busy to care to check on the driver of the car awkwardly pulled off to the side of the road. With Jill's heartbeat racing, her mind moved rapidly from thought to thought. "What happened? Am I hurt? What a freaking mess," She lifted her hands up in total disgust seeing the tsunami of liquids staining her skirt and the buffet of fast food laced around her top. Grateful that an accident had been avoided, Jill let out a gasp of relief that comes when the shock of an incident yields to a realization that everything is going to be ok. At the same time, Jill realized that she had 15 minutes to make it back to work and an outfit that simply would never work. On any other day, Jill would not have felt stressed about the situation, but in light of her morning meeting with Mr. Sherman, there was no way she could be late and no way she could show up wearing this fast food disaster. As she pulled back into traffic, she realized that she had only one option available to get through the last three periods of the day. Jill had her workout bag in the back of the car in which there was a pair of stretchy black lycra pants, a midriff cut tank top and her workout shoes. She decided the best she could do was to slip into these workout clothes and then try and borrow a sweatshirt from the high school store that sold all the Freemont spirit clothing. Pulling onto school grounds, she found a parking spot, grabbed her bag from the back and began jogging towards the school. Jill was never really a gifted athlete and always had an awkward run. Her arms tended to flail and it never looked like she had a good balance when she ran. Some of her friends said when she ran it looked like a little girl trying hard to keep up with her friends. Jill had no time to reflect on her unnatural running style, but it did attract the attention of Amanda and her friends who caught site of Jill's sprint as they moved at a more leisurely pace to the same entrance. Amanda didn't know what was going on, but every ounce of her sensed opportunity so she slipped away from her group and maneuvered to follow Jill as she stumbled through the entrance and dashed quickly into the ladies room just down the main hall. Jill slipped into the bathroom stall and hung her bag on the hook behind the door. Seven minutes to get back to the office. "I can do this" I can do this" she mumbled to herself, quickly unbuttoning her blouse, shedding her bra and slipping her skirt off. Her panties were in no condition to stay on, so she slipped them off as well, grabbing some toilet paper to wipe her privates dry, before reaching over naked to rummage through her workout bag. Standing outside, all Amanda saw were clothes falling to the floor and an occasional mumble. It was clear Jill was in a hurry.This was too good to be true! Amanda moved over to the sink and pretended to be touching up her make-up as Jill came flying out of the stall. Her black pants tightly hugged her petite physique and the tank top left her toned midsection exposed. While the matching white sports bra and pink workout shoes completed her workout outfit, she new she was going to have to make a mad dash to the school store to buy or borrow a sweatshirt to make herself decent for the office. As she started brushing her hair, she was almost resigned to the fact that she would be late. There was no way she could finish up and make it over to the school store and then back to the office before the bell. Exasperated, she put her head down, placing her hands on the sink, oblivious to Amanda's ever observant eyes, watching the entire situation unfold. Without a word being spoken, Amanda slipped over toward Jill and moved slightly behind her left side. Much taller than Jill, it was easy for Amanda to reach over, take the brush off the counter and begin brushing Jill's hair. "I have no idea what happened, but it will be ok honey" there, there" it's going to be ok." Stunned, Jill was unable to turn around as Jill firmly held her hair and continued to brush it. It felt incredibly soothing, and as Jill looked up into the mirror she saw the same girl that Jill had been so rude to earlier now coming to her aid with soothing words and tender brush strokes. The effect was oddly paralyzing to Jill who felt a wave of emotion from the entire day's events bubbling to the surface. She let her head fall slightly as tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. "It's going to be ok" I promise" it's tough being a freshman. I know everyone picks on you and it feels like no one notices you exist" it's hard." Amanda had a hard time keeping up the ruse that Jill was a student, knowing full well she worked in the office, but the sobs coming from Jill kept her from even addressing Amanda's comments. Besides the encouraging words, all Jill noticed was some shuffling in Amanda's purse and her hair occasionally being pulled here and there. Finishing up, Amanda gently grabbed Jill's shoulder and turned her away from the mirror so she wouldn't have a chance to react to the amazingly girlish pigtails Amanda had just put in. "Now I don't know what happened, but I know you can't go out of here with that top on, so let me help you" " Before Jill could react, Amanda was taking off her white varsity cheer sweater. Amanda had a half tee-shirt underneath. Without even asking, Amanda opened up the sweater and began slipping it over Jill. At this point, Jill was simply allowing things to happen and like a toddler reacting to a mother who slips a shirt over her head, Jill just allowed her arms to come up and find the sleeves of the sweater. Raising her hands and twisting her hips, Jill let Amanda pull the sweater over and down her front until it fell just above her belly button. Jill twisted her head and shook her hair lightly to free it from neck collar of the sweater and found Amanda taking her hand and leading her back towards the bathroom entrance. One minute until the bell would ring. Amanda reached down as they walked, grabbing Jill's bag and slipping the strap over Jill's shoulder. As they got to the entrance, Amanda turned to Jill and wiped the tears off her cheeks. "Don't worry about the sweater, sweetie...you can just meet me here after last period to return it. And don't worry cutie, you look adorable and I promise it will get better whatever it is," Jill just felt like a small child being comforted by a mother who wanted to encourage her daughter on the first day of school... With Jill drifting into a childlike stare, Amanda squeezed her hands as a final encouragement and disappeared quickly into the hall, leaving Jill stunned at the bathroom entrance. A voice inside of her reminded her she could actually still make it back in time and without thinking further, she stepped quickly into the hall. The halls were nearly abandoned as the bell was about to ring. She felt her hair oddly bouncing as she walked, but all she could focus on was the door to the office, it was coming closer and closer" "I'm actually going to pull this off!" Jill thought. Elation swept through her" she had overcome an amazing obstacle and as her hands grabbed the handle, the bell rang and Jill entered the office. Chapter 6 Jill moved through the entrance and practically sprinted to the safety of her desk. As she sat down, a smile started to rise from her lips. "I made it" I actually did it!" thought Jill. Never mind that she was now wearing spandex pants than hugged her crotch and another student's sweater that left part of her midriff exposed. Even more, Jill was oblivious to the fact that Amanda had gone to much effort to put some of the cutest pigtails into Jill's hair, complete with pink ribbons and two accompanying pink bows. Maybe it was the adrenaline still rushing through her, but Jill felt like things had finally taken a turn for the better. "I can't believe that girl!" reflected Jill as she started processing attendance sheets from the morning. "Even after I was so rude to her this morning, she literally gave me the shirt off her own back to help me out! I totally owe her big time! What could I possibly do to thank her?" "Oh my God!" Joyce exclaimed, as she passed Jill's desk having just returned from her own lunch break. "Wait! Is this spirit week or something? Did I not get the early Halloween memo or have you just totally lost your mind?!" Jill's reflections were shattered as she turned, again feeling her hair swish and brush her cheeks. Joyce now leered at her, hands on hips and eyes almost angry. "Are you trying to get fired? You look like you could be my 6 year old daughter for crying out loud! What are you thinking?!" Before Jill could even respond and begin sharing her lunchtime drama, Mr. Sherman's door opened and his voice rang out into the office, "Joyce, could you please step into my office for a second?" Joyce tossed her purse onto her own desk chair and headed for Mr. Sherman's office, giving Jill yet another look of confused disappointment as she passed by Jill's desk. Jill began thinking about the day's events and questioned whether telling Joyce everything that really happened would really even seem believable! "There's no way she would believe the truth" she'd probably even just give me a harder time thinking I was making it all up!" As Jill got back to doing some work, she realized that she hadn't even had a chance to check the girl's handiwork on her hair. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out her small mirror and turned her head from side to side to see her new hairstyle. She almost shrieked as soon as she saw how incredibly babyish her two pigtails looked. Two fiery red pigtails came out of the top sides of her head and dipped straight over her ears, held firmly by two perfectly bow tied pink ribbons and a matching pink bow clip in each pigtail. Pulling all of her hair back from her face gave the effect of exposing Jill's incredibly fair complexion and full green eyes. The result was truly a face that could easily have been that of a young elementary school child. As Jill was about to take the bands and bows out of her hair, a voice from behind shattered the shame that was brewing inside Jill's mind. "Super cute if you ask me." There, half sitting, half standing with one half of her bottom on the corner of Jill's desk was Bethany. "If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought you were trying to seduce half the student body!" With a coy smile, Bethany added, "you do realize that staff are not allowed to seduce students right?! I'm just joking, but not about the fact that you are smoking hot right now" what the heck happened between second period and now!?" Jill turned, her face turning as red as her hair as Bethany seemed to invade her thoughts, turning her inner shame into an embarrassment over being so well complimented. Before Jill could mumble anything in response, Bethany was leaning over the desk, exposing her size C breasts through her low V-cut white top. In a near whisper, she looked directly into little Jill's eyes and hushed, "You have no idea how lucky you are" " Bethany looked briefly to her side to make sure no one else was in ear shot, "If you want to experience fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams, keep those pigtails in. If you take them out, you will never be offered this chance again." And with that Bethany slipped an attendance sheet into Jill's "In" box and slithered back to the corner of the desk before pushing herself back upright, turning and strutting away. Jill was sure it was the same strut Bethany had showcased when she left the study hall. It certainly had the same effect, except this time Jill's mouth slipped half open as she watched Bethany's toned legs and perfectly rounded bottom slide back around the counter and disappear out the office. About the same time as the main office door slid shut, a crashing slam came from the opposite corner of the office. Jill jumped, again feeling a dribble of pee wet her black spandex pants as her heart skipped yet another beat. "You will be hearing from my lawyer!" screamed Joyce. "This is age discrimination and you haven't heard the last of this you bald-headed pig!" Having nearly shattered the glass portion of Mr. Sherman's office door, Joyce was now screaming back in the direction of his office as she stormed back towards her desk. Knocking over half the office supplies on her desk, Joyce grabbed her purse which swung like a weapon as she turned to move towards the main office door. "I am the most qualified and experienced person in this office and you are dumping me?! You will regret this! You will rue the day you canned me!" Joyce belted, pointing her finger in the direction of Mr. Sherman who had now made his way out of his own office, but who remained somewhat protected from Joyce's wrath as he stood just outside the frame of his office door. Passing Jill's desk, Joyce's rage got the better of her and she continued her vehement outburst, "You are going to keep baby Jill over here and get rid of me? Are you serious? Look at this little girl! You are telling me Jillie-pooh is the direction you want to go! Good riddance!" And with that Joyce slammed the main office door so that school awards fell off their mountings on the wall and coffee cups rattled across everyone's desks. The ensuing silence that followed seemed to linger for an eternity. Jill felt herself shriveling behind her desk, having been bit to the core by Joyce's last volley of angst. Finally, Mr. Sherman made his way around the corner for everyone in the office to see. With his head down looking at his shoes, he stood there for a brief moment, looked up and sheepishly offered, "I'm very sorry you all had to experience that outburst. I had no idea she would react this way, but as many of you know, we are facing a tremendous burden to make budget this year and we've had to make some tough decisions. I'm truly sorry." Jill didn't even look up as Mr. Sherman was talking. If there were every a moment where Jill wanted to be invisible, it was now. Then, the words that Jill desperately did not want to hear rang through the office, "Ms. Myers, could I see you in my office for a moment?" Jill got up, feeling the air make the wetness she felt between her legs feel colder as she stood. Immediately, she remembered a time as a little girl when her Dad had called her into his den, knowing that he was disappointed with her for having lied about having finished her chores and dreading the punishment that awaited. Jill didn't remember crossing the office, but felt herself entering Mr. Sherman's office, head down, expecting to be fired within the next couple minutes. After what felt like a lifetime of awkward silence, Mr. Sherman finally spoke. "Ms. Myers, I know we had a rough go this morning, and to be quite honest, I'm partly disturbed and partly intrigued at the sudden change in wardrobe that you seemed to have embraced. My intent for calling you in was to end your employment with the school," "And there it was," thought Jill. She was being canned after all. Everything she had gone through over the last four hours was wasted" she was going to be fired after all, never having really had the chance to make the changes Mr. Sherman wanted. Her face fell into her hands as her pigtails sagged to the side of her face" "But then Joyce's tirade gave me an idea. I would very much like to keep you on and give you a chance to keep your position." "What? Was this true? Was she actually hearing him correctly? Keep her position?" Jill's mind raced, but her face remained in her hands not trusting her own ears to this point. "As you know," continued Mr. Sherman, "we are facing many budget cuts this year and next. I need to evaluate everyone that works for the school to see where we might be able to make some changes and keep ourselves open as a school. Looking at you now, I think you could help me do that. Would you be interested in helping me, Ms. Myers?" Looking up for the first time, Jill revealed her bloodshot eyes, "Um" uh huh" yes sir" was all Jill could muster, still holding reservations about the chance she was actually being given. "OK, well here's what I was thinking. I could use someone that could pass as a student to go into a number of classes and help me assess how certain teachers are performing. I mean, the way teachers evaluate each other, I never know if I'm getting the straight story. But when a student can tell me what's happening in a classroom and how well students are engaging the material, then I can make better decisions about staffing next year. Do you see what I'm offering, Jill?" It was the first time Mr. Sherman had used Jill's first name to address her and a warm feeling ran throughout Jill's body. Mr. Sherman really did need her help! Looking young was exactly what Mr. Sherman needed! This was perfect. She had been right all along! "I understand Mr. Sherman," muttered Jill, a bit more confident and excited that she wasn't going to lose her job! "Great!" answered Mr. Sherman. "I thought you would want to help! And to be honest, it looks like you could already be a student here! Honestly, I don't want to know what happened, but when I first saw you a couple minutes ago, I truly thought you were a freshman here and not my office assistant! Seeing you sit there like a little girl gave me the idea that maybe we could be a team on this. So what I propose is getting you $400 budget to adjust your wardrobe over the next couple of weeks. You will need to get everything you need to be a student here. I'm sure you have some connections in the student body who can help you shop, but you must keep this endeavor a secret if we're to really get some good information. We can work during this quarter to get you ready to be a transfer student here starting next quarter and then you'll have to come to school like a regular student. We can arrange periodic meetings to debrief on what you're experiencing, but that's the plan. " Jill's head was swimming. Was he for real? Come back as a student? Spy on teachers? It sounded exhilarating and suspicious all at once! "Would I still be paid as a staff person while I was doing this?" asked Jill. "Absolutely!" beamed Mr. Sherman, sensing he had convinced her to help him out. "I'm not sure, but I might be able to get you a monthly stipend to cover your wardrobe and classroom expenses as well." Jill didn't really see much choice, even though Mr. Sherman wasn't trying to force her into this job change. If she said no, she was as good as fired, but saying yes allowed her to keep a good paying job and get out of doing boring office work. "OK, Mr. Sherman. I'll do it." "Good girl!" chimed Mr. Sherman instinctively. "Oh, I'm sorry, I hope that didn't upset you, I just am thrilled that you would want to help me get this done. I promise you I will put a good word in for you with the school district when this assignment is done. You won't regret this!" And with that Mr. Sherman mapped out a timeline for making the transition. There were three weeks left until the second quarter started and a lot of things had to be done between now and the time Jill would return as a student at Freemont High. At the same time, Mr. Sherman didn't want to raise any suspicious so he instructed Jill to go on as if nothing was different, including her presence at the Saturday detention. Jill wanted to make a stand against the detention, but decided she better not press her luck. Jill walked out of his office about an hour later as the last bell of the day rang. Jill grabbed her workout bag and felt herself almost strut out the main door, a new confidence in her step and an even stronger desire to live young. Halfway down the hall, she remembered she needed to return the sweater she was wearing and she slipped back into the girl's room, hopeful to find her new friend waiting there. Chapter 7 Jill entered what turned out to be an empty girls' restroom, so she made her way back over to the same counter and mirror where she had had an emotional meltdown only two hours earlier. This time, however, her mood was very different. She stood on her tip toes, reached over the counter and brought her face close enough to the mirror to get a good look at herself. In a matter of one day, Jill had gone from a very conservatively dressed, stuffy 23 year old going on 35 to a young teen complete with pigtails, a midriff cut cheerleader sweater and bottom hugging black spandex workout pants. Her job had been lost, redeemed and radically changed, and all she new was she was now looking at what some thought was a freshman girl. A twinge of excitement shot through her inner being causing a strangely erotic sensation to ripple through her core. What was happening to her? On the one hand she felt exhilaration over her new assignment, although her under-cover student role was hardly defined with any clarity. On the other hand she realized that where she should have felt ashamed to appear so young and childlike, her body betrayed her in ways she was having a hard time understanding. "I shouldn't be ok with looking this childish and being treated that way," she mused, "but then why am I genuinely excited about today and all that has happened? Why am I not more repulsed? Why am I not ripping these pigtails out and looking for a new job?" From leaning forward over the counter her sweater had ridden some six inches up, leaving her lower back exposed. Her thoughts were interrupted by a warm, soft hand being placed on her lower back. "It's nice to see a smile back on that precious face" I told you it would be ok!" Amanda spoke softly moving her had around to Jill's waist as she squeezed shoulder to shoulder with Jill. Instinctively Jill turned into Amanda and came off her tip toes. The effect was that the sweater cropped up further on Jill and Amanda's hand slid up under the tank top that was underneath the sweater. Amanda intentionally held her embrace with Jill longer than a simple greeting might have called for. She looked at Jill in the mirror, careful not to make eye contact directly with Jill. Jill, however had turned away from the mirror and into Amanda leaving her awkwardly resting against Amanda's right side. A wall now behind her and Amanda in front of her, held against the counter with her right arm, Jill felt the sensation of being trapped. Jill's body tensed and her right arm instinctively came up above her shoulder as if trying to create more space for her body. "Oh," said Amanda, "here, let me help you." Amanda didn't even wait to explain, but began lifting up the sweater from behind, using her left hand to move Jill's arm higher above her head. Within seconds, Amanda had used her right hand to pull up Jill's sports bra, tank top and her sweater. Releasing the sports bra and tank top as Jill's incredibly flat chest was exposed, Amanda continued lifting the sweater over Jill's head. From underneath the sweater, Jill thought she saw a flash, but couldn't be sure. Jill now moved her right arm down and out of the sweater, accidentally brushing Amanda's chest as she freed herself from the sweater. With a pop, her head came out and the pigtails dangled down to her side as her tank top fell back into place. Amanda leaned forward, momentarily pressing Jill against the counter as she reached behind Jill to bring the sweater from behind Jill back to the front. Jill's toes came off the ground for just a second as she felt the strength of Amanda's legs push against her groin to accomplish this feat. And just as suddenly as Jill felt trapped, she was freed. Flush in her cheeks from the instant excitement and surprise at Amanda's maneuver, Jill placed both her arms behind her on the counter as Amanda quickly turned and moved toward the exit. "Um" thanks for letting me borrow the sweater," Jill managed to stammer before Amanda walked out the door. "Oh sweetie, aren't you just adorable! I'm sure you'll return the favor someday" " smiled Amanda as she flipped the door open and slid out into the hallway. Jill found herself breathing deeply, perspiration beginning to bead on her forehead. She stood for a couple minutes awkwardly with her hands behind her back on the sink counter, "what just happened?!" A tingle between her legs betrayed Jill's arousal at what had just happened. Pulling her sports bra back down over her chest, Jill realized she had NEVER been attracted to or interested in girls, but now her body was confusing her. "Why did I just let that happen?" Jill chided herself, but quickly she realized that all that had happened was that she had returned a sweater she had borrowed. "Nothing really happened" how silly," she concluded. Jill didn't remember leaving the restroom to make her way back to her car, but upon entering the parking lot, realized that she was practically strutting to her car in nothing but a sports bra, tank top and spandex pants. Suddenly aware of the number of eyes that were tracking her to her car, Jill self-consciously scrunched over and crawled into her car. "I need to get some clothes!" thought Jill. And with $400 to spend on a new "younger" wardrobe, she headed for the mall and a new Jill. Chapter 8 As Jill drove to the local mall, her mind began to feel the frazzling effects of the dramatic ebbs and flows of the day. She found it hard to concentrate, but as she sat waiting at a stoplight, Bethany's words returned to her mind. "You have no idea how lucky you are" If you want to experience fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams, keep those pigtails in. If you take them out, you will never be offered this chance again." What did she mean by that? What experience was she referring to? It was as if Bethany knew that Mr. Sherman would want her to have pigtails, but how could she possibly have known? Her tone was so controlling" it had caused Jill to freeze. Did she mean not to take them out just then or ever? "Oh my gosh," thought Jill, "does she want me to wear them everyday?" Jill began daydreaming about what being fulfilled beyond her wildest dreams could be. She'd never experienced an orgasm from intercourse, only from her own playful amusements. What would it be like to have real fulfillment" .. "BBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!" The car horn behind her shattered her daydreaming, causing another rush of warm pee to creep into her spandex pants, this time dampening the leather seat of her BMW. "Crap!" Jill said out loud, hitting the accelerator as she quickly peeked down to assess the damage. "I'm a mess! I haven't wet my pants this much since I was a little girl!" Jill desperately wanted a shower and a fresh set of underwear, but would have to wait until she got home. She debated not going to the mall and heading right home, but the mall was on her way, so a quick look in a couple shops wouldn't take her too much time. Besides, her black spandex hid the leak that had just occurred, and it wasn't even her money she was spending, so why not?! Entering the mall, Jill made her way to Macy's and perused the "misses" section, hoping to find something that would catch her eye. Although there was a wide selection, she wasn't sure how hip any of the things really were. She really needed help. At first she thought it would be embarrassing to ask for help dressing like a teen, but then she realized that the way she looked, she didn't need to explain, she could play it off as if she really were just a young teenager and no one would know the difference. Jill's heart raced" could she really pull it off? It was one thing to look younger, but could she step back and act less maturely and convincingly enough to fool other people? It was then that Jill realized she had committed to being a high school student again, so she was going to need to fool a number of people, and soon! "No time like the present!" she muttered to herself as she left Macy's to go to a smaller store she knew a number of students at Freemont frequented. Entering the boutique shop, Jill went over to a section with skirts and dresses. Every once in awhile she would twirl her pigtail in her fingers or put her hands on her hips to simulate a younger girl browsing for the latest trend. Actually, she was so focused on walking and carrying herself like a young teen that she wasn't even paying attention to the clothes she was looking at. Making her way through the store in her own little world, Jill was oblivious to the sales girl that had spotted her the moment she entered the store. Suzy had only been working at this boutique shop for a couple weeks, but loved the discounts her employment offered her. She had met Amanda over a year ago; well, actually Amanda had found her, and now treasured her senior year at Freemont. At her 18th birthday over the summer, Amanda had given Suzy an extremely high-cut, blue jumper style dress that Suzy wore today, a friendly reminder of her role in Amanda's "posse." Seeing Jill walk in, she immediately texted Amanda with the unexpected news of Jill's presence and awaited instructions. It wasn't long before Suzy's phone rang. After saying, "hello" Suzy never spoke again, simply listening to Amanda's instructions and nodding her head. "Cruel," she thought, hanging up, but at the same time she smiled, knowing that it hadn't been long since she too had been caught in Amanda's scheming web. As painful as parts of her journey had been, she wouldn't want her life to be any different. "Suzy, I'm going to run to the bank really quickly and then pick up those orders from the warehouse. I should be back in an hour or so" you ok holding down the fort?" Mrs. Michaels, the store manager, was one of the most demanding and organized people Suzy had ever worked for. Not that Suzy had had a lot of work experience, but she knew enough to know that Mrs. Michaels took her business very seriously. As much as she watched out for her employees and customers, she ran a tight ship which was probably why she'd managed to stay in business for so long. "No problem!" Suzy answered, allowing her dimples to accentuate the smile Mrs. Michaels had found so endearing when she made the decision to hire her. "Ok, just call if you have any trouble!" Mrs. Michaels said looking back over her shoulder as she strolled out of the store, leaving an unsuspecting Jill in the clutches of Suzy's growing excitement over what was about to happen. Suzy made her way over to the section of the store where Jill stood with her left leg extended out, her head tilted and her hand twirling her pigtail as she flipped through a rack of blouses. Suddenly Jill felt a hand on the small of her back again as Suzy approached, almost whispering, "Let me guess" you go to Claremont junior high? I love all these pre-teen blouses" Wish I could still pull them off" I'm really quite jealous!" Upon feeling the hand on her back, Jill froze, a tingling shooting through her lower abdomen and legs, remembering and almost instantly reliving the encounter she had just had with Amanda in the bathroom. Strangely aroused, but again aware that she desperately needed clothes to address her increasingly soiled outfit, Jill snapped back to see a gorgeous sales assistant with long black hair that reached to the small of her back looking tenderly towards Jill. Instantly, Jill realized that she must have looked like a total slob next to this beauty. Dropping her head, Suzy sensed her embarrassment and again whispered gently to Jill, "Looks like you may have had one of those days! I'm sorry" can I help you find something in particular?" Jill felt tears welling up, but caught herself, clearing her throat before she turned to address the sales girl. Why was she feeling so emotional towards people who were being so gentle towards her" she felt so" .so" ..childish? "Oh, perfect," reflected Jill, "I can play this off" she thinks I'm a junior high student!" Sheepishly, Jill responded, "Well, um" yeah" I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, but I got my" ..um" " my mom's permission to get a couple new outfits!" "Oh wonderful," answered Suzy. "Wow" this is great! It's been so slow today! It's nice to have a legitimate customer to help! So, let's see. Would you mind if I picked out a couple things for you to try out?" "Um" .." Jill wasn't sure what to say exactly, but she knew she needed some help" . "Oh sorry" I didn't mean to be so direct. I just started here a couple weeks ago and my boss wants me to practice pairing outfits so I can help people with suggestions as they try stuff on" if you'd rather, I can just be available if you have any questions" " Jill surprised herself by interrupting Suzy, "Oh no, the help would be great" I have no idea what I'm looking for!" "Oh, great! OK, then" um" what's your name?" "Jill" "Pleasure to meet you, Jill" I'm Suzy" So why don't you just make yourself comfortable in the changing room and I'll bring a couple things over for you to try out. Looks like we have the store mostly to ourselves, so you get the white glove treatment!" As she spoke to Jill, Suzy had again placed her hand back on the small of Jill's back. The effect was mesmerizing and without resisting, Jill made her way with Suzy towards the dressing rooms. Suzy led her to the first room, and gently closed the door behind her as she hurried back to put a few things together. Without even stopping to think, Jill began removing her tank top and sports bra as well as her spandex pants. Before she realized that there was nothing yet to try on, she was standing naked in the dressing room staring at herself in the mirror. Her flat chest and pigtails gave her the complete appearance of a teenager. It was only her pubic hair that kept her from looking like a pre-pubescent child. The dressing room door swung quickly open, causing Jill to cover her privates, moving her hands and scrunching her body over, totally surprised that Suzy had entered without even so much as a knock. Totally ignoring Jill's obvious embarrassment, Suzy placed a couple outfits on the hooks in the dressing room before turning to address Jill. "OK, just us girls" so let's get started." Suzy had taken off a baby pink tee and black mini-skirt as her first choice. Without even pausing, Suzy brought the shirt over and held it as a mother would hold it open for her child, scrunching up the shirt to the collar and inviting her little one to simply put her head through. Reaching over towards Jill's lowered head, Suzy began to slip the shirt over Jill's head. Without making eye contact, Jill allowed her one hand to come up into the shirt as the collar passed over her head, exposing her nipples and placing a hand into the sleeve. It was the second hand that Jill was most embarrassed about. As Suzy turned to take the mini-skirt off the hangar, Jill took the opportunity to try and quickly put her hand in through the other sleeve while simultaneously turning away from Suzy. She naturally struggled to find the hole for the sleeve and bounced quickly to try and place her arm into the sleeve. As Suzy turned back she saw Jill's bottom, as white and as plump as a baby's jiggling as Jill tried desperately to put on the shirt. "My, oh my," exclaimed Suzy, "I see you really are the adventurous one" not even a thong I see" then again, your mom probably doesn't let you wear that kind of big girl underwear does she?" Jill froze. Even though she had turned away from Suzy, the mirror in front of her reflected her naked half in all its glory. Now her she stood, in a very tight changing room, with a pink tee shirt that cut well above the midriff, pigtails with matching pink ribbon and her bottom half completely exposed to a total stranger. Jill's hands instinctively moved down to cover her front, but before she responded to Suzy's somewhat humiliating remark, she remembered that her goal was to pass as younger, and, despite the embarrassment, it seemed to be working. "Yeah," was all Jill could get out as her face turned beet red in shame. "I remember the days," Suzy continued, "it was so nice to go without underwear" until my first period" ughh" that was disastrous. You can't be that far away from that can you?" As she spoke, Suzy bent down at the waist and held open the black mini-skirt inviting Jill to simply step into it. Jill had to remove a hand to place it on Suzy's shoulder in order to keep her balance as she lifted a leg to step into the skirt. It hadn't even crossed Jill's mind how ridiculous it was that another young woman was helping her put on a skirt. Before she knew it, Suzy was sliding the skirt up over her naked bottom and flaring her fingers around the inside of the waist to make sure the skirt sat evenly. Jill tensed as Suzy's hands reached around to her front, her arms naturally rising in awkwardness, her breath standing still. But just as quickly, Suzy slipped her hands away and stood back to admire her handiwork. "Very hot!" Suzy offered, her eyes opening wide to add to the effect she wanted to create. They don't stand a chance over there at Claremont" what grade are you in, anyway?! And there it was. Jill was taken away with the last question" away from the strange arousal that seemed to be growing between her legs all day" away from the awkward embarrassment of being dressed by another woman" away from the fears of being fired" right to the core of her new reality" somehow, Jill now stood before someone who believed she was in 6th-8th grade, somehow, Jill was in a reality that had her nearly a decade younger than her actual age, her answer would define the course of her identity as she moved from this moment on" She could still walk away from all this, put her putrid pants and tank top back on, storm out to the car, go home and begin the search for a new job and all this would be gone. But for the first time, Jill realized she didn't want that" she actually sensed a longing to move on in whatever was happening. Was it the excitement of the unknown? The sense of being naughty" Jill wasn't sure. In fact, her mind was flooded with so much confusion, she actually felt light headed" all she knew was that for herself, the answer to this innocent question would shape her immediate future. "Um" well," Jill stammered, more to by time than anything else" . "Oh it's none of my business anyway," Suzy offered, giving Jill a chance to escape. And then it became clear" "Actually, I'm an eighth grader, but I'm going to transfer up early to Freemont next quarter," Jill said with a conviction and resolve that did more than simply answer the question, it defined for Jill what she wanted to do moving forward. She had just shaved a decade off her age and embraced it. A chill of excitement went up her spine, clarity momentarily filling her thoughts. She saw herself for who she really was in that moment, a twelve year-old girl skipping a grade ahead to enter high school early. Jill was a pre-teen and that was that. "Oh wow!" answered Suzy, totally stunned at Jill's answer. "I'm a senior at Freemont" this is awesome" I can help show you the ropes! Trust me" with this outfit and a couple others, I can make sure you make a great first impression!" Just wait until I tell Amanda how much progress we've made" this is incredible" she'll be so proud of me, thought Suzy, totally amazed at Jill's willingness to step into a new life. Jill looked back at the mirror. She stood in her pink running shoes, a black mini-skirt that just sat over her bare bottom and a pink tee that exposed her flat tummy. Her pigtails and fair complexion stunned even Jill. "My gosh," she thought, "I look like I could be 8 as easily as 12!" "And trust me," continued Suzy, oblivious to Jill's amazement, "the first favor I'm going to do for you is get you to a good salon!" "What do you mean?" Jill asked as she turned somewhat perplexed to look at Suzy for the first time. "Well," Suzy offered, leaning forward to speak in a hushed tone even though they were alone in the store, "I couldn't help but notice your um" well" let's just say that you might want to get things a little under control down under?" Suzy suggested ever so tenderly. "In high school, all the girls wax" nothing more embarrassing than a little crazy hair showing at the wrong time in the wrong place, right?" Reflexively, Jill looked down to the skirt that covered her vagina, her hands reaching down to cover what was already hidden. "Oh my gosh," the embarrassment making a sudden return, "she is talking about my pubic hair," thought Jill. Seeing that she had Jill right where she wanted her, Suzy continued, "oh, I know, it's not like you could know. I mean, I remember coming up from high school and starting puberty. It's not like you can count on your mom to help you fit in with what's hip nowadays. Anyway, don't worry, we'll take good care of you." And with that, Jill turned around and looked again at the little girl she saw in the mirror. "I guess I never thought about that," she offered weakly, secretly excited at the prospect of being totally hair free. "I'll tell you what," continued Suzy, sensing Jill was drifting into her new world and thinking through the reality she had just accepted, "why don't you try on this cute jumper I picked out and these leggings while I go check on the store to make sure no one else needs help. Just come on out when you've got everything on and we can take a look" " "Ok" " answered Jill, still looking at her cute pink tee and young looking legs. All she heard was something about trying another outfit and coming to show Suzy" . Hearing the door swing shut behind her, Jill felt a wave of relief come over her. Not only had she survived this shopping experience, but on her first attempt she had passed as someone nearly ten years younger than her actual age" .wait, she thought" I need to start thinking as if I'm really 12 or I'll mess up" ok" that's the last time I compare myself to my actual age" I'm now "actually' 12" wow" amazing" I look so cute" Jill twirled around, her skirt flaring up to reveal her naked bottom and hairy vagina. Her pigtails swirled around brushing her cheeks as she stopped, again, looking at the mirror with a smile. "More..." she thought" .I want more. Anxious to explore her new age, she turned and saw the light green jumper hanging on the hook in her dressing room. Suzy had also pulled out a pair of white thigh high leggings to go with the outfit. Tearing off the tee shirt and skirt, Jill slipped on the white tee shirt Suzy had laid out before sliding the sleeveless jumper over her head. The silky green fabric felt incredibly smooth on Jill's navel and as the shoulder straps came to a rest, Jill felt the frilly bottom of the jumper dress sit just on her thighs. Jill knew that if she were to bend over, her bottom would be exposed. If she were to turn quickly, the jumper would flare enough to show her privates. Pulling up the leggings, she looked back in awe, seeing a young school girl with brilliant red hair resting up above a cute, complimentary green dress. Despite the embarrassingly low cut, Jill found herself not even considering the sexual signals the outfit might send" it was simply adorable" it made her feel so young and innocent" she HAD to have it. Bursting out of the dressing room, excited to show Suzy her new look, she almost ran Mrs. Michaels over before she herself tumbled to the ground. As she landed on her bottom, Jill's legs spread open, and there Jill sat, on the floor of the dressing room, cute pigtails, a silky smooth jumper, her hairy privates exposed and little girl leggings completing the look. "Oh my," Mrs. Michaels raised her hands up to her chest, apologetic for having caused this girl to tumble. "Here, little girl, let me help you up" are you ok? Let's find your mother so we can make sure you are alright." Looking around the store, Mrs. Michaels realized that Jill was probably alone. "Is your mother in another store, dear?" Mrs. Michaels asked. Now standing with her feet together, head down and hands awkwardly grabbing the edge of her jumper as if to somehow make it longer, Jill remained silent, hoping that somehow this would all just pass her by. "Oh there you are," came Suzy's reassuring voice from around the corner. "I'm sorry Mrs. Michaels. This is Jill, her mom sent her out today to get a couple outfits and I was just helping her pick a couple out." "Oh, very well then. Nice work Suzy" and miss" um" I am terribly sorry for running into you" thank you for shopping with us today," Mrs. Michaels tried to make eye contact with Jill, but Jill had disappeared into a clamshell of embarrassment. Dealing with other youth was one thing, but she wasn't confident enough to deal with adults. Yikes! She needed to figure this out and quick. Suddenly Jill felt Suzy grab her hand and lead her back to the safety of the dressing room. "My God you are simply adorable! That outfit is killer!" Suzy spun her around, again exposing her vagina and white baby bottom. It was as though Suzy were also oblivious to the fact that there was anything wrong or unusual about having a dress cut so low. Then again, "little girls didn't think about that as much, did they?" Jill mused to herself, taking in the view and beginning to come to accept her appearance as just normal. "Tell you what," continued Suzy. "Why don't you just get these two outfits and I will put a couple other things together for you while you are changing, ok." Jill just nodded agreement and Suzy left to put a couple key things together for Jill. As Jill put her spandex back on, she felt the cool moist spot on her vagina. "I really should get that cleaned up," she thought. As she went to put on her sports bra, Jill stopped. How silly, she realized. The bra wasn't supporting anything, so why bother. Jill put her tank top on, and although her nipples could be seen against the fabric of the tee shirt, Jill simply accepted that a girl like her who hadn't really gone through puberty would actually rather not have to wear something as uncomfortable as a bra anyway. Jill left the bra behind in the dressing room and made her way out with her selections to find Suzy. Standing behind the counter, Suzy had a bagful of things already assembled for Jill. "Listen," Suzy said, "I need to clock out or my boss will be furious. I picked out some really cute things for you. Why don't you buy them, take them home and pretend like it's Christmas. Anything you don't like, you can just bring back, it's no big deal. What do you say?" Jill loved surprises and really had no idea what she would have picked out for herself anyway, so she simply nodded her head in agreement. Mrs. Michaels appeared again to check Jill out as Suzy made her way to the back offices. "Be seeing you around Jill" thanks for coming in!" she smiled as she left to head home. Amanda would be waiting for a report Suzy could not wait to give! "That will be $324.75, miss." Mrs. Michaels had completed scanning all Jill's items and took the credit card Jill offered. "I'm sure you're mom will love all your selections!" Jill simply smiled, and thanked Mrs. Michaels as she signed the credit card receipt. Mrs. Michaels courteously smiled back and turned to head back towards the stockroom as Jill collected her purse and purchases. What Jill didn't realize is that Suzy had placed another bag next to all the items Jill had actually purchased" items with security tags that would set off the alarm the second Jill walked out of the store" an alarm that would send mall security rushing to the boutique shop and to Jill. Chapter 9 For the fourth time in one day, Jill felt the dribble of pee escape uncontrollably into her pants and dribble awkwardly down her leg. Standing just outside the boutique, her arms holding bags of her recent purchases, Jill stopped, looked down as if expecting to see her pee, held her arms out and froze as the security alarm shrilled in her ear. The unexpected sirens and lights that went off as she tried to exit the store were the source of Jill's latest accident, and not surprisingly, she was more concerned with the increasing volume of urine that was finding its way into her pants than with the reason for the alarms to have gone off. A hand suddenly gripped her arm causing Jill to turn and see a mall security agent escorting her back into the store. "Miss, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll just need to make sure you've actually purchased everything in your possession." Mrs. Michaels arrived as the agent was finishing his remarks to Jill, "Oh my! Did we forget to remove a tag for you sweetie?" her impression of Jill clearly did not allow for the possibility that this young girl, who had purchased such a large amount, would be capable of stealing. Jill was slightly comforted by Mrs. Michaels' appearance, hopeful that her cold wet pants could soon be attended to. "Ma'am, would you please verify that the purchases are legitimate and we can be on our way," the matter-of-fact voice of the agent boomed, almost ignoring Jill's presence entirely. "Of course, sir" .I'm sure there's just a loose tag in the bag, let me just take a look." Placing the bags on the checkout counter, Mrs. Michaels began her inventory. Jill knew this would all be taken care of and was already thinking about what she might put down on her car seat to protect the leather seats from any more wetness. "Oh my!" exclaimed Mrs. Michaels, removing several items from the third bag Jill had accidentally taken. "It appears that we may have an issue here" " Mrs. Michaels was genuinely perplexed. Did she totally misread this innocent looking girl? Why would she have spent so much and taken relatively so little? Was this really a crafty thief, disguising her theft with a purchase that could always be returned later? "Miss, you'll have to come with us, we need to bring the police into this, you will likely be charged with theft," the agent interjected with the same non-attachment as when he had first come on scene. With her hand being held behind her back, Jill began to be escorted to the front of the store. Totally stunned and unaware of the significance of what was actually happening, Jill stumbled forward, mumbled something that sounded like a high-pitched grunt of disbelief and helplessly moved ahead of the over-powering agent. "Wait as second," Mrs. Michaels interceded, "Um, thank you sir for you help in detaining this girl, but I'm not sure I'm going to press charges" " "Ma'am," the agent replied as if getting ready to run through a well-rehearsed script, "you aren't the first one to be duped by an unassuming young teen. They are very crafty and come across as helpless and ignorant, but trust me, they know what they are doing" " As the agent droned on with a spiel of information that insulted common sense, Mrs. Michaels was thinking about what to do. She had a sixth sense about customers and had been instrumental a number of times in identifying and apprehending the petty thieves that came with the retail territory. Was it pride that kept her from just turning this girl over to learn her lesson? The girl certainly wasn't screaming denial, but then again, she looked genuinely shocked and confused about what was happening. Mrs. Michaels looked down to see if she could learn anything by seeing what exactly had been stolen. That proved even more confusing: two bags of pink training pants for girls with a picture of a non-descript princess right over the crotch area, two bags of matching plastic pant covers with flower designs, a training bra, a pair of black sweats with "BABY" written in pink across the bottom, and three ridiculously short skirts, one pleated plaid, and two mini-skirts, one baby pink and the other white. All told, the items were not even a third of what the girl had legitimately purchased. Mrs. Michaels concluded there was something else going on, but at the moment she had no idea what" "Sir, I appreciate your words of wisdom that no doubt reflect years of excellent work," Mrs. Michaels placating tone hushed the otherwise indifferent agent. "But I think I need to spend a little more time before I make any decision" could you please help me safely detain her while I think this through?" Mrs. Michaels had grabbed Jill's wrist and was beginning to lead her to the back storeroom where she planned to keep Jill until she could piece this all together. "Ma'am, I think you're making a big mistake, but it is your prerogative," the agent responded. After all, it was no skin off his back what happened here, he still got paid minimum wage, crime or no crime. "At least consider using the restraints so she can't just slip out while you aren't looking?" "Excellent idea," Mrs. Michaels continued to lead Jill to the back storeroom. "I am perfectly willing to concede this may be as simple a theft as it appears, but I think talking with this young girl one-on-one will give me a greater peace about what to do." Jill literally felt like an 8 year old girl being led by her mother. The fact that she hadn't even tried to speak up for herself was overshadowed by the feeling of helplessness and submissiveness that had overtaken her from the moment the alarms had sounded. Jill was naturally a reserved and quiet-spoken girl, but the day's events had exposed a truly submissive side that Jill was not even yet fully aware of. In one instant she was letting herself be taken away by the big, scary security agent, and now, she walked behind an older woman who was practically dragging her by the wrist, as if she was a daughter that had disobeyed her mother in public. The whole event had lasted five minutes and, now, a dazed Jill found her wet bottom seated in a plastic chair in the back storeroom. Her wrist was handcuffed to a metal post that anchored a long shelving unit. At this point, tears began welling up in her eyes, if for no other reason than because she felt helpless and needed comfort. She had a cold wet spot in her crotch, no mommy to reach out to for help or protection and no one who could help her get out of this mess. As she sat down, her head lowered and supported by her one free hand, she didn't even hear the agent and Mrs. Michaels discussing Mrs. Michaels' legal rights to detain a potential shoplifter for no more than three hours before either releasing or charging the suspect. As the agent left the storeroom to return to his mall roaming, Mrs. Michaels stood in the frame of the same door and turned to face Jill. "Little missie, I have no idea what is going on here, but I want to give you one chance to come clean. Right now you are probably coming up with some story to try and explain yourself out of getting caught. If there is anything going on that you need me to know about, I'm going to give you one chance to come clean. I'm pretty good at sniffing out the bull, so make sure you use this chance wisely. I'm already upset that I didn't see this coming, but before we ruin your future with the police, and believe me, I have no problem turning you over to them, I'm giving you this one chance to give it to me straight. I suggest you take this time and consider your few options wisely" I'll be back whenever I get a break up front to hear what you have to say for yourself." And without even waiting for an answer, Mrs. Michaels went back out front. In her absence, a rush of shoppers had come in to peruse the boutiques vast assortment of female apparel. "That figures," she thought, "just when there's something that needs to be dealt with we get slammed" oh well" she'll just have to wait." Back in the storeroom, Jill was on an emotional roller coaster ride. Did she actually take something extra she hadn't paid for? Forget about being late from lunch, having this incident anywhere near the police would get her fired in a heartbeat" oh no! That can't happen! I've taken such steps to" .. What exactly had she taken steps toward? Here she was being treated like a pre-teen, dressed to the part and acting the same. No" no" I'm thinking this way to help me do my new job better" I'm taking steps toward helping me do my job as a high school student. It would be so unfair to lose that" . And then Jill realized that there was a growing part of her that wasn't just doing this to help her do her new job better" something was driving her to take one step after the next in actually living as a young girl. There had been shameful moments, erotic instances, curious submissions, all in the last eight hours that had opened up a new side of Jill she didn't even realize existed. She didn't want the police to be involved because she wanted to keep her job, but also because she was beginning to see that she didn't want to have to give up this new journey of self-discovery. Back and forth, back and forth she went. In one moment, Jill cried, convinced she would be arrested. The next instant, she regrouped, convinced that because she hadn't done anything wrong, this would all just go away. Between the tears and the hopeful gasps, she became keenly aware that she was effectively handcuffed to a pole and was trapped in this filthy storeroom. The cold plastic chair she sat on awoke her to the growing urge that broke through her pendulum of thoughts and allowed her to focus on a new reality: Jill desperately needed to use the bathroom. Her first thought was, "I'll just have to hold it," but then she looked up at the clock and realized that she had been sitting there over an hour. What if Mrs. Michaels didn't come back for another ten minutes? Twenty minutes? What if she didn't come back in for another hour?! Jill didn't know exactly how long she could hold it, but she knew that her breaking point was well under an hour. She considered calling out to get Mrs. Michael's attention, but quickly dismissed the idea. No reason to give her another reason to call the police. Jill scrunched her legs together and leaned as far forward as the handcuff would let her. At first, this seemed to help, but after fifteen minutes, the urge overcame her defensive posture and Jill new she needed to do something before it was too late. This time, Jill tried standing up to release pressure from her bladder. She lifted her arms up to try and keep as much pressure off of her lower abdomen as possible. Again, this maneuver seemed to work for a short time, but the urge ultimately stormed back, and this time it was beginning to feel stronger than her ability to restrain it. Desperate, Jill reflexively sat back down, put her free hand down on her pants over her crotch and rocked back and forth, hoping that Mrs. Michaels would come through the door and relieve her of her agony. Yet, stare at the door as hard as she might, no one came to her rescue. We all have those moments where we finally relent. Whether in a sporting event, an academic pursuit or in a relationship, we've all gotten to a point where we give in; where we surrender our efforts and accept the fact that we cannot win, conquer, understand or reconcile. We throw in the towel and accept what then becomes the inevitable. For Jill, that moment came on a hard plastic chair in the storeroom of a boutique in the mall. With tears again welling up in her eyes, Jill let go of the remaining grip she had over her bladder and allowed the first wave of urine to pour into her now filthy spandex pants. Feeling her bottom being covered with a warm wetness, Jill initially tried to regain control, hoping to hold back any further damage, but the strange enjoyment of warmness surprisingly weakened any further effort to resist. Before Jill could even shed her first tear, a pool of pee had filled the slightly bowed seat she sat on. The urine was kept from running down her leg because of her seated position, and the result was that Jill sat helplessly in a pool of smelly pee, still restrained, just in more of a mess. Of course, just as the initial warmness began to turn cool and uncomfortable, the door swung open and Mrs. Michaels came in to hear what Jill had to say. Oh my gosh, Jill thought, "What exactly am I going to say?" Chapter 10 Jill instinctively pushed her knees closer together and huddled forward, as a last ditched effort to escape notice that she had in fact wet her pants. Mrs. Michaels came forward and pulled another plastic chair up facing Jill. She turned it around and sat in it backwards, imploring Jill with her stare to somehow say something that would help her understand what had prompted her to steal such unique and relatively inexpensive items. Mrs. Michaels thought a motherly tone may help Jill open up, "Jill, dear, (she had gone back to check her name off the credit card receipt she had from the portion Jill had purchased) you don't strike me as a thief" you don't seem to be the type that would" .well" ..frankly that would have the guts to" .." Drip" drip" .. The sound of water dripping onto the concrete floor of the storeroom distracted Mrs. Michaels and she looked down, searching for the source of the noise. Pausing in mid-sentence, she saw a small river of water running away from Jill's chair" and there, again, yes a drip coming from the rim of the seat of the chair itself" but what? "Oh my" " recognition began to set in with Mrs. Michaels but disbelief compelled her to stand, sliding her plastic chair away as she now hovered over Jill's chair, able to see over the crouched petite body to the puddle that spilled over the back of the chair onto the floor below. "Did you" .." and before she could continue, it all seemed to come into place. This poor girl must have been too embarrassed to purchase the items that she clearly needed for herself! This poor girl needed training pants and plastic covers for herself, but judging by the volume of pee, Mrs. Michaels knew that the training pants would not offer near enough protection. Sensing Mrs. Michaels over her, Jill feebly looked up with tears in her eyes and began her defense, "I didn't," "Sshhhh" shhhhh" it's ok" the reality is that you did" . But now you need to know it will be ok." Mrs. Michaels assumed Jill was trying to deny wetting her pants, but actually Jill was trying to deny having taken anything additional. Lost on Jill in the miscommunication was Mrs. Michael's soothing assurance that it was going to be ok. "Ok," said Mrs. Michaels as much organizing her thoughts about how she wanted to proceed as anything else, "so here's the situation. I now understand why you needed the other things you didn't purchase, but the fact is, no matter how embarrassing, you need to come clean and admit you made a mistake. Just because you have an embarrassing condition doesn't give you the right to act irresponsibly, but I at least understand what would make a little girl like yourself reach out for help the way you did" " Jill was totally perplexed. Condition? What mistake? Reach out for help? What was she talking about? "Every bone in my body says you need to pay the price for what you've done, but I also am beginning to understand how hard it must be for you to get help, so I have an offer for you" " "An offer?" thought Jill, but she hadn't done anything wrong" had she? "Now before I describe this offer, I want you to consider where you are at this point," Mrs. Michaels wanted to drive home the alternative to her offer to make it crystal clear that her way out was far preferable. "Right now I have enough evidence to turn you over to the police and have you charged for theft. I have had to go to court on three other occasions in my career to testify against thieves and you better believe I'm willing to do it again, if necessary." Mrs. Michaels paused for added effect. Jill instantly thought of what it would look like being processed with the police. She knew she was innocent, but that wouldn't keep charges from being filed, her being arrested and probably fired before everything was cleared up" Sensing that Jill was, in fact, processing the due weight of this option, Mrs. Michaels continued, "However, I do believe in second chances. So here's what I propose. If you purchase the items you were going to steal, and agree to come and voluntarily work for me in the store each of the next four Saturdays, I will try my best to help you learn how to manage condition and not press charges." What on earth was Mrs. Michaels talking about" manage her condition? What exactly did she think she was trying to steal? What was in that bag anyway? So many questions, but the reality was that it really didn't matter because it was either deal with the police or deal with Mrs. Michaels. One led to certain humiliation and loss of job, the other may just be humiliation. This was not the time to argue her case" Jill just wanted out. "And just so you know, I'm going to get this in writing so that if you blow me off after you leave, I will still be able to press charges against you," It was as if Mrs. Michaels was reading Jill's mind. So much for just getting out of here and never coming back" "I guess you leave me with no choice," Jill mumbled half resigned to the lesser of two evils" "Wait a second little missie," Mrs. Michaels' anger was bubbling up, "no one is forcing you to do anything" don't give me this poor little thing attitude" if you want I can just have the police come in and take your statement," "No" no" please" " Jill sensed she was about to lose her option and it looked better and better by the second, "I agree! I agree! Please!" "Ok" I thought you would be sensible about it" .I took the liberty of writing up the terms of our agreement, thinking you would eventually see it as a better alternative than a permanent blemish on your record. Please sign this and then we can get you out of the other mess you seem to have gotten yourself into." Mrs. Michaels thrust a clipboard in front of Jill. The paper had been typed up and had a signature line on the bottom. Mrs. Michaels gave the pen to Jill who desperately wanted to read it, but did not want to offend Mrs. Michaels anymore than she may have already. So Jill meekly signed her name on the line and placed the pen back down on the clipboard, certain she may regret what she had just done, but convinced it couldn't be worse than dealing with the police. "Good girl, now that that's done sweetie, we really need to get you out of those wet clothes. Wait here and I'll get the security guard to release the restraint." "Good girl? Sweetie?" thought Jill" in any other situation, Jill would have taken offense to being talked down to so degradingly, but Jill bit her tongue and knew that saying anything would only make matters worse. Looking up, she saw Mrs. Michaels walking back out to the storefront to page security. Jill instantly realized that not only had Mrs. Michaels seen her bladder accident, but now the security guard would get a firsthand look at her totally wet pants. The thought of him seeing her like this was almost as humiliating as being restrained. Shifting in her seat, Jill felt the now cold pee leak over the chair. Maybe if I stand, it will look less pitiful, she thought. Leaning forward, Jill stood and instantly a river of pee ran coldly down her spandex clad legs. Pee dripped from her crotch directly, as well as from the ends of each leg, creating a small pool directly below Jill. "Great," thought Jill looking down with her legs awkwardly spread to try and keep as much of the leak off her shoes and socks as possible. The door burst open and the burly guard let out a condescending laugh as soon as he saw Jill, legs spread, pigtails still in tact, dripping wet" "I've seen a lot of things, but never a pant-wetting thief. Wait until the boys here about this one" unpotty trained little girl wets pants after getting caught stealing" my oh my" " For some reason, Jill felt more embarrassed now than she had all day. The blood rushed right to her head and she shrank inside as a young girl would shrivel and hide when they felt like they were being ridiculed. The problem was Jill had nowhere to hide. She had in fact wet her pants" totally not her fault of course, but to even engage in conversation about it would be worse. Jill chose silence, hoping that this would just all end. At this point, Jill didn't even really care how it ended as long as the whole experience would just be done. The security guard walked over and released the restraint, turning to Mrs. Michaels as he removed the wristlet from Jill's arm, "So is the pants-wetter going to jail?" chuckled the guard assuming Mrs. Michaels would be happy to have Jill gone and be someone else's problem. "Well" that will be up to Jill" " answered Mrs. Michaels slyly. "But for now, I will not be pressing charges." Without waiting for the guard to reply, Mrs. Michaels reached over and grabbed Jill's wrist and lead her out of the storeroom and towards the changing rooms. Jill stumbled forward, dodging the pool of pee and grateful to be leaving the presence of the guard. "Big mistake!" the guard roared from behind as he made his way back to his post" "She's got you wrapped around her finger!" Mrs. Michaels ignored the comment from the guard, but thought to herself, "Actually, I have this girl wrapped around mine for the next month, anyway." Entering the same changing room Jill had occupied hours earlier, Jill realized that yet again her life had changed even more radically. Now, standing in wet pants, she was at the mercy of this lady for a crime she didn't even commit. "Well, you certainly can't wear those messy things home can you?" Mrs. Michaels broke the silence staring directly at the dark circle around Jill's crotch and the lines of pee that had run down her legs. "Can you get yourself out of those clothes while I get you something to wear?" "Uh huh," Jill responded, surprising even herself with the childish tone in her answer. Mrs. Michaels exited the changing room and went to find her own bag/purse. Unbeknownst to Jill, Mrs. Michaels was the mother of three and her youngest child was still in diapers. As is the case with most mothers, Mrs. Michaels's purse had become half diaper bag and half purse. As she rummaged through her bag, she found the wipes and size 6 pampers diaper she was looking for. On her way back to the changing room, she grabbed the plastic pants that had been in Jill's bag as well as the other two bags of clothes Jill had purchased earlier. Returning to the changing room, Mrs. Michaels found Jill standing naked from the waist down, covering her privates by crossing her legs and placing her hands over her crotch. "Now, now," Mrs. Michaels offered, "no use in being ashamed. You can't help what happened right?" Mrs. Michaels assumed Jill had little to know bladder control, but again Jill thought she was referring to the incident involving the extra items. "I guess not," said Jill sheepishly. "So then there's no need to be so ashamed. Now let's see" I can't very well change you standing up so go ahead and lay down here so we can get you all change." Jill was instantly shocked and confused. "Lie down?" she replayed the words in her mind and said them aloud without even thinking. "Well yes dear, no need to avoid the inevitable" I change my kids all the time. We'll have you dry and out of here in no time." Those words "out of here' resonated deeply with Jill. The very thought of leaving was tantalizing and without even realizing it, Jill began to sit down on the floor as she imagined walking out of the store and being able to return to her car and freedom. "That's a girl, now just lean back and we'll have you all set here." Mrs. Michaels gently pushed on Jill's shoulder forcing her to lay back and rest her head on the ground. Jill's knees came up and before she could even catch a breath, she felt an abrupt cold wetness run down her crotch, pushing gently into her vagina and then running down over her anus. Mrs. Michaels free hand was lifting her but cheeks up and when they came down, Jill felt something soft and pillow-like against her bottom. By the time Jill had let out her gasp from the chill of the cold wipe, Mrs. Michaels had the front of the pampers diaper lifted up over her crotch and the side tapes snuggly secured. "You know dear, for someone with your condition, you really ought to consider shaving down there. It's much easier to clean" but don't worry" we'll help you deal with this honey" " Jill's heartbeat was through the roof. Not only had another woman just touched her in the most private areas, but she was now lying in a dressing room in a diaper and tank top. Jill was on the verge of shock. How had this possibly happened?! Unable to even speak and really not even hearing anything, Jill's head began to spin. This was all too much" and yet, there was something odd. Despite how wrong this seemed to be, still she lay there, allowing this to happen. Jill realized that she could have verbally protested, there is no reason she needed to lie down, and yet here she was" did she secretly want this? What on earth? No way! This is crazy. So distracted was Jill that she hardly even noticed Mrs. Michaels grabbing her hand to help her stand and slipping the green jumper she had purchased over her head. Jill came back to the reality of the situation as the green jumper passed over her face and slipped down onto her shoulders. As Mrs. Michaels leaned over to the side, Jill suddenly saw herself in the mirror. There was the little girl Jill had committed to become, now standing before the same mirror where she had tried on the same dress just a couple hours earlier, but now standing with a warm, dry and snug diaper on under the same dress. Without thinking it was even possible to feel younger than she had the last time she had tried on this dress, now Jill felt twice as young as she had before. Just visible below the short hem of the jumper dress was the lining of the diaper that now covered her bottom. If she bent over at all, the diaper would be exposed. Yet another gasp slipped from Jill's mouth as she surveyed the girl in the mirror" but for the first time, the gasp revealed the brewing excitement of what was happening more than the horror of humiliation" . Chapter 11 Per their agreement, Mrs. Michaels had slipped out to ring up the other items and run the charges on Jill's credit card. Jill realized that she was now all alone in the changing room. She gently lifted the front part of the jumper she was wearing and revealed the Pampers diaper underneath. As she shifted her weight to take in the sight before her, the diaper crinkled as it hugged Jill's hips and privates. So many thoughts began to flood her mind" . "I know I committed to being younger, but this is too young" " "Why do I think this looks cute? Is it because I seriously look that young" could I pass as a little girl?" "How have I let this happen to me" this is utterly ridiculous!" "Jill, dear! I have all your things ready for you out here" " Mrs. Michaels called out, bringing Jill again back to deal with the reality of the situation. Suddenly Jill realized she would need to leave the safety and privacy of the changing room and go out into the store. Not only that, but somehow she needed to make her way back to her car. And here she was a slight bend away from exposing her" her" she couldn't even conceive it" her diapers to the general public. Without thinking, she reached down, ready to remove the humiliating diaper from her bottom" after all, there was absolutely no need for it! But as her hand began to tear at the diaper tape, she stopped. If she took this off, then she would be naked underneath a very revealing jumper. She had no other panties and no other outfits to wear, well except for the others she had purchased earlier, but none of those would fix the problem at hand. Just then, Jill saw what looked like a pair of panties sitting on the bench in the changing room. Grabbing them, Jill saw a cute flower pattern on what appeared to be plastic pants. She knew these to be diaper covers as she changed her niece's diapers regularly. "At least they look like panties," she half breathed, half thought to herself. And then she did something that surprised even herself; she began slipping the plastic pants on over her legs and sliding them up, shifting her hips back and forth to allow the cover to ride up over her diaper. Adjusting the plastic cover and tucking her diaper inside, Jill seemed at least satisfied that whatever showed would look more like panties than anything else. And with that Jill remembered the commitment she had made earlier. "I just need to get to my car, and then I can take these silly diapers off and just get home. It will all be ok" it will all be ok" " With all the confidence she could muster, Jill stepped through the changing room door and went back to the checkout counter near the front of the store. By now all the stores had closed so other than other store owners and mall employees, there were no public masses to deal with. Standing at the counter, Jill felt completely exposed. A slight breeze between her legs and the quiet crinkling underneath her plastic pants left her convinced everyone knew what secrets lay beneath her jumper. After signing the second purchase receipt, Jill once again gathered up all her belongings and prepared to make her exit. "I'm glad we were able to reach an agreement Jill," Mrs. Michaels offered, watching Jill collect her things. "Jill, I'm not sure how much you have accepted your condition, and I can only imagine it must be challenging, but when you are at work for me, I expect you will come diapered." "What?" stammered Jill, exasperated and again shocked to hear Mrs. Michaels talking so nonchalantly about wearing a diaper" .and what condition was she talking about? "Let's face it sweetie, we can't really afford a repeat of your accident while we're trying to work. Can we? Surely you know that changing a diaper is far less work than cleaning up after an accident!?" Mrs. Michaels cocked her head as if trying to get Jill to make eye contact with her and acknowledge the truth of her statement. Jill often gave her niece Missy baths in the evening. Afterwards, she would sometimes let Missy run around naked in her room, playing before her bedtime. And every once in awhile, Missy would have an accident in the room, inevitably going pee while running around the room. Nothing aggravated Jill more than having to get out all the cleaners and rags to clean up after an accident" "Yeah," Jill said, reliving a recent memory of cleaning up after Missy as she acknowledged what Mrs. Michaels was now saying about Jill! "So we're agreed then? I will see you well diapered promptly at 4:00pm on Saturday. Please plan to stay until an hour after closing, ok?" "Ok" muttered Jill, willing at this point to agree to just about everything if it would get her out of the store and back to freedom. And with a wink from Mrs. Michaels, Jill was released to carry her bags back through the security device that had been the source of the nightmare that had lasted nearly four hours. Walking through the mall, Jill felt the crinkle of her diaper swish with every step. At least in her mind, Jill might as well have had nothing but her diaper on, as she was convinced the few store and mall employees could see under her jumper and through her girly plastic plants to the pampers diaper beneath. But everyone appeared oblivious to the little girl walking through the mall with her bags, pigtails, cute jumper and exposed plastic pant lining. Reaching the mall exit, Jill leaned into the door and as the door opened, a rush of breeze came through, pushing her jumper straight up in front of her and exposing her plastic pants to the parking lot. A senior citizen was standing at the bus stop just outside the door and had naturally turned when the door had creaked open. Mouth agape, he just stared at the flower printed plastic pants that briefly shown in full view before the jumper once again settled back down over her diapered bottom. Jill had actually been oblivious to the whole incident as she had been focused on getting all three bags through the door. The bags had shielded her view of what was happening to her dress and Jill remained ignorant of the view she had just given the elderly man. Stumbling to the car, Jill bent over slightly to put her key in the lock and open the back door of her BMW. Whether it was the excitement of finally being able to drive home or the forgetfulness of the ease with which her childish outfit exposed her bottom, Jill didn't realize that in fumbling to open the car door she was giving the entire parking lot a full view of her diaper clad, plastic pant covered bottom. She felt a flash of light go off as a car drove past her and then from behind her a voice boomed.. "You want to get arrested for indecent exposure too?" Barked the burly security guard who had obviously been following her to her car and now stood directly behind Jill. "I don't get it," he said bending over to get a better look at what she was wearing, "you wet your pants, then change into this outfit and flaunt what I am assuming to be a diaper bottom to the world. You need help miss," Jill did her best to ignore the man, standing up and grabbing her jumper to pull it down as she opened the driver side door and quickly slid in. The speed of her entry kept her from being able to pull her already short jumper underneath her bottom as she sat down and the net effect was that her jumper hiked up and Jill placed her plastic pants directly on the seat, exposing the flowers between her legs as she quickly fumbled at the keys to start her car. The security guard just stood with his arms crossed outside the car window. Jill pulled forward, screeching her tires as she sped toward the mall exit and the safety of the freeway. Home" she thought" .I just need to get home" . Chapter 12 Jill was exhausted. In addition to simply being a long day, it had been one of the most emotionally draining experiences of her life. It was nice to drive down the road, having a little under an hour to process and unwind before getting back to her sister's home in the suburbs. The more Jill reflected on the day, the sillier she thought everything seemed. She had gone from almost being fired, to becoming nearly ten years younger, to almost being arrested, to being diapered all within a day!!! It blew her mind" to think she drove into work nearly twelve hours earlier in perfect control of her life, dressed to the nines in a professional suit, and now, here she was happy to be free and returning home in a jumper, diaper and pigtails" The amazing part, she thought, was that each thing that happened made sense. Her boss needed a younger "snoop" to help make budget cuts, she had to wear younger clothes because of her nasty food spill, she had had to choose whether or not she could actually be younger to meet the needs of her new job, she had had to wet her pants after being wrongly detained, Mrs. Michaels must have assumed her "condition" was incontinence and so thought Jill had to wear diapers. Everything seemed bizarrely reasonable, and yet, there was a part of Jill that desperately wanted to just rip off all these clothes and bail on the whole thing. It was approaching 9:30pm, and Jill was about ten minutes away from home when traffic came to a standstill. "Ughh!" Jill screamed, slamming her closed fists against the steering wheel. "Stupid construction!" Jill's anger mounted as she saw the three lane highway merging into a single lane about a half mile ahead. She knew there would then be about two miles of cones, a couple parked trucks and maybe two workers milling around doing nothing before the highway would open back up to three lanes again. As much as Jill liked the affordability of living with her sister, the commute simply sucked. And just as the lanes were about to merge, Jill felt that sensation. With everything that had happened, Jill had been distracted enough to not really notice the growing urge she was having to pee. But now, with stop and go traffic, her bladder had once again begun to signal it was nearing capacity. Jill shifted in her seat, hearing the pampers diaper's muted crinkle under the plastic pants she wore. As she shifted in her seat, she began to think about her options. "OK, so there's that truck stop a couple miles down. I can just pull in there and" oh wait" no way am I going in there dressed like this" they'll mock me or attack me," she suddenly remembered the security guards hostile attitude towards her and wanted no more run-ins with burly men. That left home, which was either ten or fifty minutes away depending on how fast traffic moved. Making her way down the one lane of the highway, she began to convince herself that she'd be able to make it home" the traffic was moving and" wait" what was that up ahead" no" that can't be" About a quarter mile ahead, she saw a traffic person stopping the single lane of traffic as an army of dump trucks crossed from the shoulder to the center and left lane. They seemed to be moving in slow motion. Truck after truck made its way over, leaving Jill sitting in her car, legs scrunched together, the ache of her bladder slowly overcoming Jill's attempts to distract herself from the growing need to urinate. "Wait" I do have a diaper on" "Jill's mind turned to the inevitable as a last resort. "I can pee my diaper" .oh my gosh" how can I even be thinking this! This is ridiculous" what would I do if I didn't have a diaper on" " Jill was trying to fight against what was becoming the inevitable solution. A part of her wanted to stay twenty-three and in control, yet the reality was that with or without the diaper, she may have been caught in traffic with an urge to pee. In reality, without the diaper, she probably would have peed her pants and ruined her car seat" "This is insane!" Jill screamed, angry at no one in particular, but frustrated with a situation that increasingly only had one solution. "Ok" ok" it's no big deal" it's what diapers are for," The side of Jill's brain that had come to peace with the inevitable was winning the mental battle" "just let yourself wet your diaper and when you get home, you can just take all this off and get on with your life." As the last dump truck crossed over, traffic started to move. It was as if the whole thing had been synchronized" as soon as Jill's foot hit the gas, she felt the warm stream of pee begin to fill her diaper. At first she let some out and then squeezed hard, stopping the flow. "Ok," she reasoned, "so now I can probably hold it." But just as quickly, the increasingly reassuring side of her mind countered, "true, but you already have a wet diaper, might as well be done with it and feel better" " And with that Jill did something she hadn't done in ages, she let her bladder go free, feeling a warm burst of pee begin to fill her size 6 pampers, liquid running down the crack of her bottom as it was slowly pulled away from her skin into the diaper. She felt the diaper swell as it became full rather quickly, and then the slight smell of urine wafted up. Shifting in her seat, she felt the residual liquid hugging her bottom while the now squishy diaper hugged her tightly. The plastic pants allowed her to avoid any leaking and despite the incredulity of having chosen to wet her diaper, Jill felt much better. Traffic opened up and it wasn't long before she was turning into her driveway. Turning off the ignition, Jill realized she hadn't he foggiest idea how she would explain any of this to her sister Ashley or her husband Tom. They were usually heading off to bed around this time, but there was a chance they may still be up. The two-story home had a living room, dining room, den and kitchen on the first floor, leaving all three bedrooms on the second floor. Of course, her room was in between Missy's room and her sister's bedroom, so she'd have to walk down the hallway, hoping neither Ashley nor Tom would be coming out of their bedrooms, assuming they had already retired for the evening. Sitting in her now silent car Ashley decided that the best thing to do would be to sneak up to the front door and see if any lights were on in the back living room area. She was sure she'd see the TV light reflecting into the hall if they were still up. If they were still downstairs, she'd just return to the safety of her car until they went to bed. Once she was inside, she thought it would be best to take her diaper and plastic pants off downstairs before going up to her bedroom. Perfect! Encouraged that she had thought of everything, Jill took her bags of clothes she had purchased along with her gym bag and made her way to the front door. Looking in, she saw a light on in the kitchen, but no lights or TV reflections in the living room. Ashley often left a light on in the kitchen, so Jill was convinced everyone had retired for the night" she put her key in the door and slowly turned the lock" Ashley finished putting the wash from the dryer into the laundry basket and moved the load from the washing machine into the dryer. Setting the timer, she started the dryer before putting a final load of wash into the washing machine. The laundry room was just off the kitchen and Ashley glanced through the partially opened door to see what time the microwave clock read. 10:03" ugh" she was exhausted from another day of working, being a mom and wife. It seemed that having children more than tripled the laundry she had to get done. Standing in the laundry room, only the ambient light from the kitchen let her see Missy's clothes in the basket. With her IPOD for company, Ashley began to separate some of Missy's clothes and fold them while she listened to her favorite Nicole Nordeman song. Jill slowly opened the door and tip-toed down the hallway toward the kitchen. Placing her bags at the base of the stairs, she continued into the kitchen and went straight for the cupboards. Famished, she debated whether she wanted to eat first or change first. The wetness between her legs won the day. Grabbing a glass, she filled it with water and gulped it down quickly. Opening the cabinet under the sink, she removed the garbage pail and placed it on the kitchen floor. Knowing she would have to take any evidence out of the house quickly, Jill decided the best thing to do would be to remove her diaper and plastic pants right there, and take the garbage out into the garage so there would be no chance of anyone ever seeing her wet diaper. Ashley caught the glass of water being raised in the corner of her eye and turned to see what was happening in the kitchen. Fear was her first reaction" fear that someone had actually broken into her house. She froze, not wanting to be detected by the potential burglar" but wait" there was something oddly familiar and strange about the person she saw in her kitchen. Strange because she seemed very young to be breaking in to a house, familiar because the red hair and body frame was just like" oh my God" that can't be. She raised her had up to her mouth to prevent a gasp from coming out as her mind caught up with her eyes. Was that Jill? Jill slid the jumper down over her hips. She was still facing the kitchen sink, her backside towards the laundry room. She had to shake and twist to get the green jumper over her diaper clad bottom, but eventually she stepped out of her clothes and stood in the kitchen with only her plastic pants and pigtails. Ashley couldn't believe it" was that actually her sister standing in her kitchen looking nothing more than a toddler? What was going on" Ashley almost burst out of the laundry room to confront her sister, but she wisely held back" "no need to humiliate her and scare her to death," she reasoned. "Maybe I'll learn more about what's happening if I lay low than if I confront her" " she reasoned. Ashley knew that Jill was naturally reserved, so any effort to confront her head-on would push Jill into a shell. So Ashley simply inched closer to the door, so she could get a better look at her sister who" . Jill began lowering the plastic pants to reveal the princess clad pampers that sagged ever so slightly from the urine it held. Bending over to step out of the plastic pants, Ashley got a full view of the wetness indicator that ran up the backside of the diaper" there was no denying it; Jill was wearing a wet pampers diaper and girly plastic pants! With the plastic pants removed, Jill stood up, putting her chin against her chest and looked down to find the tapes that held her soggy diaper to her hips. Ashley bent over and put her hands on her knees" this was distressingly shocking to her to witness. Her was her 23 year old sister about to remove princess diapers, while wearing childishly cute pigtails. Ashley heard the rip of the tape being removed and suddenly saw the diaper fall to the floor. "Drat," mumbled Jill to herself, hoping that the slight noise of the diaper slipping after the last tape had been removed would not stir anyone's attention. Jill bent over, now completely naked, and awkwardly picked up the soaked diaper, trying not to let her fingers touch the wetness. She placed the diaper in the garbage, then quickly went over to the garage door, opening the door, stepping onto the landing and finding the garbage can, Jill disposed of any evidence there was of this truly embarrassing day" or so she thought. Chills running up her spine from the chilliness of being naked, Jill pranced on her toes back into the kitchen, finished another glass of water and picked up her plastic pants. Holding these in her hands, she put a new plastic bag in the garbage pail, returned it to under the sink and made her way to the stairs" she was nearly home free" . Ashley had a million thoughts running through her head" "what on earth," She couldn't find anything in her mind that would take what she just witnessed and fit it with a rational thought. Was she so naive as to have missed this for so long? Did Jill have incontinence problems? Why all of a sudden was she dressing like a toddler? How on earth could Jill keep a job dressed like that? What should she do with all the information her brain now possessed? It was overwhelming and paralyzing at the same time. Ashley loved her sister and thought for sure Jill would come to her if she were ever in any kind of trouble" so why hadn't she? As Ashley stood in darkness trying to make sense of her sister's diaper experience, Jill gathered her bags and quietly walked up the steps, careful to avoid the places she knew there would be creaks. She felt like a little girl trying to avoid detection by "mom" and "dad" As she reached the top step, her heart began beating faster and faster. She was so close to the shelter of her room, only one more hallway to maneuver through and she could be free from the day! Ashley came out of the laundry, having decided that (a) it would be better not to tell Tom about this right away, because Tom would just fly off the handle and mock Jill without trying to figure out what was going on, and (B) probably the best way to figure this out was to let things play out for a couple days and see if Jill offered up anything. Ashley loved having a plan, she thrived on being able to be organized in every situation. Seeing her sister in such a childish state had temporarily freaked her out, but now that she had had a chance to develop a plan, Ashley felt more at peace. She waited at the base of the stairs until she heard Jill's bedroom door gently click shut before making her way up the stairs and into her own bedroom where Tom's snores greeted her entrance. She had made it! Jill softly closed the door behind her and leaned back against the door, savoring the protection and privacy of her own room. Still naked, she locked the door, placed her bags down by her desk and sank into her bed, relishing the relief that came over her whole body. Even though she had replayed the days events a number of times in the last couple hours, she drifted back to the bathroom at school, the changing room in the mall, and as she lay enveloped in her comforter, the warmth between her groin began to grow. Why had she been so aroused when Amanda had removed her sweater" despite the unexpected shock, another woman had in fact wiped her privates" . With each reflection, Jill felt herself more and more aroused and more and more confused. Her hands drifted to her stomach and then slowly one hand began to slide down to a growing arousal" Tap Tap Tap! The light knock on the door stunned Jill" she instinctively jumped up from her bed and flew over to the door. Realizing she had locked it, the wave of anxiety receded momentarily" "Jill honey" are you up? It's Ashley" I've been worried about you" " "Oh" yeah" I'm fine" .just a sec" " Jill found her bathrobe hanging on the back of her door and slipped it on to cover her otherwise naked body. She slid the bags under her desk so the contents couldn't be seen from above and moved to open the door. "Hey" " Ashley cooed as the door opened, she took the opportunity to slip in to Jill's room and casually took a seat on the bed, pretending everything was fine. "Hi" " Jill managed to say, bending her right knee and looking down as Ashley seemed to give her the once over. Jill felt like Ashley knew everything, but had to reassure herself that that was simply impossible. Jill moved over to her desk chair and sat down to face Ashley. "So" late night huh?" Ashley probed, wondering if Jill would offer anything up at all about whatever was going on. "Yeah" I hit the mall after work and then traffic was a bear" " Jill offered looking down and away, hoping that would satisfy her sister's curiosity. "Oh" yeah? Did you" um" happen to hit a salon as well?" Ashley asked, referring to the pigtails and hoping that the casualness in her voice covered the total shock that her sister was sitting there with the cutest pigtails ever! Ashley was remembering how much she enjoyed brushing Jill's hair when they were younger and remembered how much fun it had been to put her sister's hair in the cutest bows and braids,"maybe she would have that chance again?" Ashley mused, desperately wanting to understand what had happened. Jill let out a nervous chuckle, "Well" not really" turns out, pigtails are wildly in style again and a couple of the girls I mentor at school convinced me to give it a try" " Jill started to remove the ties as she spoke, trying to play it off as if it was no big deal. "Huh," allowed Ashley, "well they are super cute, but back in style? Really? I had no idea" guess that's what happens when you have a kid" you lose touch with anything fashionable! Good thing I have you to help me sis!" Ashley was proud with her answer and the patience she was exercising to get to the bottom of all this. "Yeah, well, I guess I wouldn't have known either without the help of some of the students" I don't think I'll be making it a habit" " "Oh" that's too bad," interjected Ashley, her patience momentarily lapsing" "I was kindof looking forward to doing your hair like I used to back in the day" I loved being able to doll you up!" Jill couldn't hide the blushing that overcame her with Ashley's last offer. She was embarrassed to remember herself how much she had loved Ashley paying attention to her and fixing her hair" it reminded her of a time when she felt closest to Ashley" a time where she really leaned on Ashley for strength and support. "Well" " stammered Jill, unsure exactly of where she was going, "I guess if you wanted to, you could do my hair up tomorrow" I mean, only if you want" " Ashley quickly sat up and leaned toward Jill, "Totally! I'd love to! OK, so tomorrow I get the honor!" Ashley rose to make her exit" it was clear that Jill wasn't spilling any beans right now, but having the chance to do her hair might give her another opportunity to learn about what was happening" "I better get some sleep so I can dream about what terrific style I'm going to give you tomorrow!!" Ashley said as she rose, touching Jill's knee as she passed by to let herself out. "Night sis!" Ashley whispered as she opened the door and returned to her own bedroom" "Night!" Jill feebly echoed, quickly closing the door, locking it and collapsing into her own bed. She couldn't believe she had forgotten to remove the pigtails" well at least that can be explained away by fashion, she concluded, her eyelids getting incredibly heavy. Crawling under her covers, Jill was asleep before she could even spend anytime imagining what her sister might do with her hair in the morning" it was truly the least of her worries at the end of a very long day. Chapter 13 Jill dreamt that night of being on a beautiful Sandy beach. The weather was warm, but the breeze fell softly against her skin as she looked out and saw an incredibly deep blue sea lapping against the shore. Looking down at her feet, Jill saw a number of beach toys, including a bunch of shovels and play toys. In her hand was a pail filled with water. She sat in a hole that she had dug in the sand, apparently having made some feeble attempt at a castle in which to house her bikini clad body. "Oh" that's so good Jillie," came a voice from behind her. As in most dreams, Jill didn't see the face of the voice, but something inside her associated the voice with her mother. She felt proud of the recognition. She used her free hand to grab a little hand shovel and scoop more sand into her cute pink pail. The mix of water and sand created that perfect castle making material. She tried her hardest to lift up the pail and place it next to the next pillar. It was surprisingly heavy for her. Why was she struggling to just lift a pail of sand? "Jill!" Another voice, this time a man's voice called from the direction of the ocean. It must have been her father as she saw a blurry image of a man standing waist deep in the very inviting blue water of the ocean. Soft waves rolled by the faceless man, and Jill used her arms to push herself up and move in the direction of the ocean. As she walked toward the water, she realized that she remained very close to the ground. "Odd," Jill thought, the water seems far away. She started running and felt her arms flail awkwardly at her side as she picked up speed, the lapping water inviting her to come in. By the time she reached the water's edge, she had lost track of the male voice and was only focused on entering the warm water. She started to make her way out as waves came up against her ankle, then her shin, the gentle white foam of the crested waves sending warm sensations up from her legs. By the time the water had reached mid-thigh, she noticed her hands were rising up, as if to help keep her midsection dry. It was then that she noticed her bikini; well, technically it was a bikini although the top was more like a training bra. The bottoms had a familiar pattern on them" a flower print that seemed very familiar. Jill was having a hard time making sense of what was happening to her in the dream because she was processing the dream with her 22 year old mind, but apparently she was in a 5 year old body. She was a little child, in her swimsuit entering the warm ocean water!!! A moment of panic overwhelmed Jill as a larger wave surprised her from behind soaking her flowered swimsuit. She felt the warmth of the wetness cover her body, the lower half of her braided pig tails catching the water. A slight gasp came escaped from her lips as the wave passed by, her body now soaked in warm delight. "Jill dear, don't go too far out in the water sweetie" " "Yes mommy.." Jill instinctively responded oddly aware that she was answering as a child, but fully aware that she was thinking as an adult. Jill began splashing in the waves, running sluggishly through the water chasing the occasional seagull that would venture down toward the water's edge. Joy swept over Jill as she enjoyed just letting go and playing freely in such a beautiful safe setting. Kicking the water up as she ran, Jill felt a giddiness overwhelm her" the simplest of activities bringing her an immense sense of peace and pleasure. "Time to go Jillie" come on out!" Jill began making her way back, her flowered panty bottom swimsuit sagging with water as the ocean dripped back down off her suit. As she slowly made her way back towards the castle, the change in temperature aroused her bladder sensors, signaling that familiar urge to pee. "Mommy...I need to pee!" Jill exclaimed to no one in particular but keenly aware that her mother's presence was near. "Jill! Just use the ocean" quickly honey" we need to go!" Jill immediately turned around back to the warmth of the beckoning ocean. The waves now inviting her to an even greater relief. Reaching the water's edge, she jumped forward. There is always something about having your crotch area covered by the water that makes it easier to just let go, and Jill was no different. Arms raised again, Jill felt the waves roll over her midsection as she slightly spread her legs underwater. It wasn't hard for Jill to just let go and allow her bladder to release. She felt as though she had done this enough to know it would be fine. Despite being in warm water, Jill could feel an even greater warmth filling her flowery trunks, the sensation oddly soothing. Everything was right" relief, warmth and soothing water" .all was as it should be" . "Jillie!" Ashley tenderly whispered, sitting on the edge of Jill's bed. Ashley had been the one to coin that nickname and still used it at times, especially when she was trying to be tender and nurturing. "You're going to be late! Time to get up sweetie!" Jill rolled over toward the sound of the familiar voice, though her eyes still half shut. As she turned, she felt disoriented. There is always that transition from dream to awake where you aren't sure if you're still dreaming or awake and Jill's brain was desperately trying to determine what was happening. Instinctively raising her arms to stretch as she turned, Jill became shockingly aware that she was being awakened by her sister. The early morning light seeped through her window and as she stretched her arms and turned over onto her side in the direction of her sister, horror rippled through her body. Jill had fallen asleep under her covers, still wearing her bathrobe which was now soaking wet. Jill's thighs and calves were next to signal the extent of the wetness as they alerted Jill to the soaked sheets that lay underneath them. Jill's body froze" she had wet the bed and her robe and without the meager protection of panties, the damage seemed extensive. "What's wrong dear," Ashley gently cooed, seeing Jill's face awaken with a bolt of shock and freeze" "it's as if you've seen a ghost or something! Are you ok?" Jill nodded gently, her cheek brushing against her pillow, her hands desperately clutching her sheets up to her chin, hoping her sister would just leave now that she had fulfilled her task of getting her up. Ashley took her left hand and reached up for Jill's hair, hoping to simply run her hand over her head in an effort to soothe her obviously stressed sister. To do this, Ashley needed to put her right arm on the other side of Jill's turned body. Landing just on the other side of Jill's bottom, her right hand felt the cold wetness of the cover sheet at just about the same time her left hand found Jill's forehead. "Oh my! What happened Jill?" Ashley's mind concluding that Jill had wet the bed by the time she had finished asking the question. Quickly realizing the embarrassment Jill would likely be feeling, Ashley shifted gears. "It's ok sweetie" just an accident" no worries. I won't tell a soul. You must have had a silly dream or something. It happens" .don't worry." Ashley was gently stroking Jill's cheeks as she tried to console her sister. As soon as she mentioned the possibility of a dream, Jill's eyes responded. "That's it!" thought Jill. I had a dream. Her mind was able to quickly rewind to recall the dream she had just finished. Although she found it odd that she had dreamed as though she were a very young girl, she immediately found comfort that there was a reasonable explanation for her predicament. "Tell you what" " Ashley continued sensing that Jill was responding to her nurturing encouragement. "You go ahead and jump in the shower, I'll go ahead and take care of these sheets. After all" we need to get you all dolled up for work!" To encourage Jill, she began to slide the sheets down, seeing the soaked bathrobe that Jill was uncomfortably wrapped up in. Jill couldn't believe the combination of gratitude and utter humiliation that seemed to consume her simultaneously. She was so fortunate to have such a caring sister, but at the same time, here she was, a 22 year old who just wet her bed. "Jill" it'll be ok" it was just a silly accident" it happens. Seriously, just let it go" I'll take care of the sheets and no one will know the difference!" Temporarily convinced, Jill slowly rose, slipping out of the soiled robe as she climbed out of bed. Totally naked, Jill felt the chill of cold urine slowly running down the inside of her legs. She quickly made her way to the bathroom, turning the water to the shower on and waiting anxiously for the warm water to arrive. She glanced in the mirror, still feeling groggy and dazed to start the day with such a calamity. Even without the pigtails, she felt and looked younger. Ashley's soothing tone was so motherly and Jill was quietly willing to do whatever she suggested to move past this totally embarrassing event. As Jill stepped into the shower, Ashley finished removing the sheets from the bed. Although she had somehow managed to play it cool with Jill, her mind was spinning twice as fast as it had the night before. "What was happening to her sister?" she wondered. Her eyebrows furrowed, wrinkling her forehead as she went into a concentrated analysis of everything that had happened. Jill had been wearing a childish jumper, diaper, plastic pants and now had wet her bed. Was this something medical? Did her sister have some weird fetish she had kept hidden? So many questions, and yet Ashley had no idea how to get more information. The bags under Jill's desk caught Ashley's eye and with the shower running, Ashley knew she would have time enough to browse through Jill's latest purchases, hoping that somehow this may reveal more of what was going on. Pulling out each bag, Ashley started flipping through all of Jill's recent purchases. She felt as though she was looking through a pre-teen's shopping spree. Such short skirts, jumpers, short cut dresses" .and then, the surprises. A training bra and plastic pants" what on earth was Jill doing buying these? Underneath these items was a folded piece of paper that Ashley assumed was a receipt of some sort, but after opening it, Ashley felt the blood drain from her face. She was reading the agreement that Mrs. Michaels had written and which Jill had signed, including the details of coming to work at the boutique shop clad in a diaper for the next four weeks. "Jill stole these items!?" Ashley's mind couldn't comprehend the possibility. She looked blankly around the room, the paper slipping down as she held it feebly in her hand. Why would she possibly want these items, let alone steal them? This is crazy! Ashley's mind was upside down, nothing seemed to make sense. As she heard the water to the shower turn off, she quickly replaced all of Jill's items and began taking the sheets down to the laundry room. Walking down the stairs, Jill was trying to think of what she should do with all the information she had, even though she had no explanation for what was going on. She concluded that for now the best thing she could do was to just encourage Jill and continue to be comforting. She thought that confronting Jill might just push her away, so as she began the load of wash, she once again felt good that at least she had a short-term plan. Jill slipped out of the shower and began drying off. Noticing her crotch area in the mirror as she dried she found herself almost disgusted by the bushy appearance it gave her. "The girls are right," she thought to herself, "it's probably better to have that all waxed off." Jill momentarily imagined herself with baby soft skin and found her heartbeat accelerating as she tried to visualize a hairless body. Drying her hair, she debated putting her make-up on, but decided that an au naturalle appearance would help her begin embracing a younger Jill. There was something introspective about looking at herself in the mirror. Once again Jill felt like she was at a turning point. She didn't have to go to work today. She could still walk away from the assignment she had been offered. There was no need to put herself into the position Mr. Sherman wanted her to pursue. "I'm sure Ashley would understand if I left to look for another job" " Jill thought to herself as she bent over to dry her hair. "Maybe I should just come clean and tell Ashley everything that happened and quit working at the school." Jill was gaining confidence that she could make a break and look for another job somewhere else. Walking back into her bedroom, Jill walked over to the closet about the same time Ashley returned to her room. Ashley had wanted to make good on her conviction to reassure Jill and had decided that applauding her for her commitment to helping around the family and keeping a job in this tough economy would be a good start. "Jill, I've been thinking how awesome it has been having you around," Ashley began as she went over to remake Jill's bed with clean sheets. "I remember when you were so young and immature that I never thought I'd see the day you could actually hold down a respectable job and make a contribution to family. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that Tom and I love having you be a part of our family and we're proud of you for working so hard at the school" " Turning to leave, Ashley gave Jill a motherly smile that seemed to pierce Jill's soul, a warmth and tenderness that almost brought Jill to tears. Any thought of quitting her job vaporized as Jill, feeling more like a young daughter than sister, absorbed the love and kindness Ashley had just offered. To avoid Ashley seeing the tears welling up in her eyes, Jill turned back toward the closet to try and figure out what she would wear for the day. "Thanks Ashley," was all Jill could offer as she realized that there was no way she wanted to do anything to ruin the amazing situation she had with her sister's family. Jill put on some white bikini briefs and found a white blouse that she draped over her shoulders without buttoning. Before finishing getting dressed, Jill wanted to show Ashley how much she appreciated Ashley's encouragement by getting Missy up and ready. Tom always left for work around 5:00am, so Jill knew it would be safe to go into Missy's room without worrying about what she was or wasn't wearing. As she entered Missy's room, she saw the adorable angel bundled up in the corner of her crib, surrounded by stuffed animals and sucking peacefully on her thumb. Missy was a slow riser and Jill often would go and get her outfit and new diaper ready before gently encouraging Missy to get up. Jill browsed through all the cute baby jumpers and outfits that hung in the closet. Selecting a pink onesie with bows printed all over, Jill held it up as if giving it final approval just as Ashley walked in" "I don't think that will fit you sweetie" " Jill lightly joked, but the statement somehow hit Jill close to home. Did Ashley think I wanted this for myself" I mean it is cute and all" WHAT! Stop thinking about that! Of course I'd never wear something" "I mean, pink isn't even your color" you should definitely stay with the greens and yellows!" Ashley continued, lifting Missy out of the crib and taking her to the changing table. By now Jill realized that Ashley was joking and she felt silly for having momentarily assumed otherwise. "Ha Ha" Jill offered in mock amusement. "So what are you wearing to work today?" Ashley asked, somewhat curious as to what outfit she would next see Jill in. "Oh, I don't know" probably some boring suit" not a lot of options really." "Didn't you do some shopping last night?" Ashley persisted. "Um" yeah" stammered Jill, knowing that Ashley would probably be stunned if she knew what she had actually ended up purchasing. "Tell you what," an idea coming to Ashley's mind. Why don't you go lay out some of the things you bought, and I'll go pick something out for you while you get Missy ready and start feeding her." Ashley managed to change Missy's diaper as she talked, keeping the matter-of-fact tone she wanted to maintain to disguise the boldness of her suggestion. "Um" " Jill hesitated and Ashley pounced. "Come on" .you used to let mom pick out your clothes" I promise I'll make you look amazing! Now go lay the stuff out" besides, I need to live vicariously through you! I'm nearly a decade older and have kids" I can only dream of looking as young and cute as you do! Now away with you!" And Ashley mock shooed Jill with the wave of her hand as she finished fastening Missy's diaper tabs. Jill was concerned to say the least. Walking slowly back to her room, Jill didn't know what to do. Ashley would know if Jill laid out items that weren't new, but to lay out her purchases would be the utter form of humiliation. Jill quickly decided to lay out some of the tee shirts, short mini-skirts and short cut dresses. The rest she would quickly hide in her closet. With these items on her newly made bed, Jill took a deep breath and returned to take Missy downstairs. "Perfect timing" Ashley said, handing Missy over to Jill as she exited towards Jill's room to assess the items Jill had lain out. Ashley had put Missy in the cute onesie Jill had picked along with a cute pink skirt. Missy looked adorable and Jill couldn't help but hold her up high over her head and make cute baby talk with Missy as she turned to go downstairs. Missy just smiled and made some cute noises as Jill carried her down to the kitchen. Sitting in a high chair, Jill got some yogurt in a bowl for Missy, anxiously wondering how Ashley would respond to the items up in her room. In Jill's rush, she had forgotten to separate the training bra from the mini-skirts, and when Ashley began looking at the items Jill had laid out she had two immediate reactions. First, she was stunned that Jill had left the training bra out as an option for Ashley to pick and second she wasn't a bit surprise that the plastic pants were nowhere to be seen. Ashley selected the white mini-skirt and proceeded to go through Jill's drawers to find some black tights. Suzy had selected a white and black speckled shirt with the pink, italicized words "Baby Doll" which Ashely placed gently over the skirt. "I wonder what she'll do if I put the training bra out" " Ashley wondered. She figured she would just lay it on the side, leaving it somewhat unclear if she was leaving it out intentionally or not. The final question was panties. Ashley half wanted to go back to Missy's room and grab one her diapers to set out, but she thought that would be too forward" or would it? And then she had an idea" quickly she went back to Missy's room and grabbed an overnight diaper, sized 5, slightly smaller than the pampers Jill had received from Mrs. Michaels. Returning to Jill's room she went to Jill's drawer and found a flowered pair of pink panties. She lay the panties on one side of the skirt and the diaper on the other" "I wonder what she'll choose," Smiling half curiously and half slyly, Ashley made her way downstairs to find Missy scooping some yogurt into Missy's mouth. Jill was still in her white panties and unbuttoned blouse, leaning forward on the chair, looking very much like a sister feeding her sibling. "All set Jillie" now hurry up so we have time to do your hair before the nanny arrives and we both have to leave for work!" Ashley nonchalantly assumed the feeding responsibilities and scooted Jill out of the chair to hustle her along. Jill secretly hated when her sister called her "Jillie", but she was in no position to make this an issue after Ashley had had to change Jill's soiled sheets. Entering her room, Jill stopped in her tracks when she saw what lay on her bed. There, along with the white skirt and tee-shirt was a pair of black leggings. While Jill was stunned to contemplate herself in this thirteen year old outfit, there were three items that caught her eye and caused a rush of blood to her face. Sitting somewhat haphazardly on her bed lay a pair of her most girly pink panties, a diaper and the training bra. The training bra! Had she not put that away? Did Ashley go snooping through all her clothes? Oh no! Did she find the training pants too?! She must have! Why else would she lay out a DIAPER too!? Jill's hands went up to her face as she collapsed down on her bed. This was too much" Ashley knew" but what exactly did she know? What did Jill even know?! This was too much" . "Jillie...please hurry! I need to get going and we still need to do your hair!" The cry from below sounded as if Ashley was trying to smile politely as she urged Jill to get going. Should she put the diaper on? Her recent track record wasn't good" so many accidents, but for crying out loud she didn't have a problem! Why was she even considering this? She decided that the training bra was not nearly as big an issue as the diaper, so she removed her blouse, slipped the bra on and grabbed the t-shirt. Next she removed her white bikini panties and stepped into the pink flowery ones. So consumed was she about whether or not to wear the diaper, she hadn't even contemplated why Ashley thought the change in panties would be necessary. Now there was just the three items left" the tights, white mini-skirt and diaper. Normally, Jill would be shocked at the idea of the mini-skirt and tights, but two things made this decision easier. First, she did need to start looking younger to keep her job and make that switch. Second, the immediacy of having to decide whether or not to put the diaper on made every other decision seem easy by comparison! "Jillie! Please" I so want to do your hair sweetie!" Ashley thought that if she could create the impression that everyone was in a hurry, then it may make Ashley more likely to confront whatever was really going on by making her decision. Ashley really didn't care if Jill decided to put on the diaper, but she was convinced that Jill's decision about this would simply give Ashley more information about what might be going on! "Ughhh," Jill sighed" ok, she reasoned" I'll just put it all on" I can just take it off on my way to work or something" really it's no big deal. If Ashley asks, I'll just say I didn't see a diaper and didn't know what she was talking about. Resigned to her decision, Jill slipped the white mini-skirt on over her pink panties. The skirt truly gave Jill the impression of being pre-pubescent. Jill's body couldn't have made her look sleazy" her body didn't look that mature. Instead, she looked like an innocent younger girl trying to look sexy without knowing what that meant or how to really do it. The skirt flared out and fell about four inches below the bottom of her crotch. Any spin would cause the skirt to rise and expose her bottom. Sliding the panties down to her knees, Jill sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed the diaper. Opening it, she realized that even though her hips were narrow, Missy's diaper wouldn't reach all the way around to tape shut. She quickly opened the flaps and placed them in the panties, pulling the panties back up before grabbing the tights and lifting them up over both the panties and diaper. Although untaped, the combination of tight panties and snug tights had the effect of keeping the diaper snuggly in position against Jill's privates. Leaning back on her bed as she pulled the tights up snuggly against her diapered panties, Jill's legs spread out as she went to stand up. An eerie calm and sense of security swept over Jill. She felt confident despite the fact that she had been so torn about whether to wear the diaper. Slipping on her shoes, Jill made her way downstairs, glad that it was Friday and hoping that the weekend would give her a desperately needed chance to regroup. Reaching the kitchen, Ashley tried to casually glance up, eager to see just how far Jill might have gone in accepting her outfit. She hoped her expression hid her amazement when she saw what appeared to be a twelve year old entering the kitchen, her white skirt swishing just below her bottom, the tee shirt barely covering her mid-section and her make-up free face suggestive of an innocent child. "Grab a seat cutie and I'll do your hair" I think you look incredible!" Ashley couldn't believe she was saying these words, but she was committed to her idea of remaining encouraging as a way to figure out what was really going on. "Really?" Jill was totally thrown off by Ashley's approval. She wasn't sure exactly what Ashley would have said, but the total affirmation was surprising for sure. "Oh my gosh" if only I could pull that off! I mean you could be a student you look so super cute!" "If she only knew" thought Jill as she sat down next to Missy. And there it was. Ashley had been straining to listen as Jill took her seat. Though it was definitely muted, as a mother, Ashley could have identified that sound anywhere, anytime" the familiar sound of a diaper crinkling as it pressed against a hard surface. "Must be the tights" " Ashley concluded, again trying desperately to keep her surprise from showing in her mannerisms as she inwardly exploded with confusion and curiosity. "Why is my sister so willing to wear a diaper and dress like a twelve year old?" ugh" patience" patience," Ashley struggled to keep her composure. More as a distraction than anything, Ashley grabbed Jill's hair and began parting it into two long pony tails. Separating them, Ashley then braided each ponytail, making sure that her braids were tight and anchored high on the sides of Jill's head. Jill's lips winced every so often as Ashley pulled and twisted, but, looking at Missy as Ashley worked her magic, Jill drifted off to a place where she fantasized about what it would like to be Missy today. "She just gets to be fed, be changed and sleep" " I'm totally jealous Jill thought as Missy took her sippy cup up to her lips and slurped away at the juice inside. Jill could have swore that Missy smiled at Jill as if to say" "haha" I get to stay here" and you have to work!" "There! Cute! OK" you better scat or you'll be late" are you coming home right after school today?" Jill had a devu moment as Ashley sought to find out Jill's schedule. It felt like she was in school and again and her mom was trying to figure out her social calendar. "Um" yeah..I guess," "You guess? Well do you have plans or not? It would be nice to have dinner together" I just need to tell Tom how much Chinese to bring home" " "Oh" yeah" that sounds great!" Jill said rising from her chair. She bent over and down to give Missy a kiss, her skirt rising as she did so. Ashley vaguely saw the flowered panties under the tights and there was the final confirmation" a bulkiness that ran along Jill's bottom and disappeared between her legs" .Jill was diapered" . Jill slipped out the door and back to her car" as she sat down on the warm soft cushion, she paused. "Oh my freakin God" I'm diapered!" Starting the car she again began the long commute back to school. Chapter 14 Jill pulled out of the driveway and began her commute to work. At the first stop sign, she had a chance to glance in the rear view mirror and, for the first time, to see Ashley's handiwork. Jill was amazed! She honestly loved the braided ponytails that Ashley had put in. Secretly, Jill had always loved the snug feel her hair had when it was braided nice and tight. She had always found it fun to have her braids bounce around and tickle the back of her neck at random times during the day. But most of all, she loved the fact that having her hair off her face and neck brought out what she considered her best feature: her penetrating green eyes and innocently freckled complexion. Now, though, Jill realized something else. She looked and tried to honestly assess how old the girl in the mirror appeared. Turning her head and peaking down to try and catch a glimpse of her whole outfit, Jill thought it really wasn't far fetched that she could be an eighth grader or freshman. Her incredibly flat chest truly added to the young innocence of her face to create the impression of a "cute", yet to blossom pre-teen. Standing 5'2", it wasn't out of the realm of possibilities that she could, in fact, be a junior high student. "I can't go to work like this," thought Jill, wondering how on earth she could take herself seriously in her position in the office, let alone her peers and other students. Shuffling in her seat to assess herself, Jill didn't realize she had been sitting at the stop sign for over a minute. The car that had pulled up behind her had exhausted any courteous patience and now wanted movement. The HONK that came forth from the H3 Hummer sounded more like a train than a car horn. The result was that Jill jumped off her seat. She felt her whole body momentarily release control of everything, her hands coming off the steering wheel, her bladder opening itself just long enough for yet another dribble of pee to escape. As Jill regained her composure and started to pull away, she was actually grateful for the fact that Missy's" .well her diaper had spared her yet another panty soaking. Getting on the highway, Jill again focused on her current dilemma. She was seriously considering pulling off the highway and looking for a store that might be open to purchase anything (a sweatshirt or sweatpants, for instance) that she might change into to avoid having to enter the office looking like a Hannah Montana groupie. The phone in her purse sprang to life and Jill fumbled through her purse with one hand as she used her other to keep from colliding with barriers and other cars. The screen ID said "Sherman." Odd thought Jill, clicking the answer button, Mr. Sherman rarely called her, and certainly he had never called her a whole 45 mintes before the first bell. "Hello?" Jill half stated, half asked, her tone questioning more the reason for the call than wonderment at who it was. "Jill? Hey" it's Mr. Sherman. I was thinking about our plan and I have a couple changes that I think will help us do this more thoroughly." Jill pulled the phone away from her ear as if looking at the phone would change what Mr. Sherman had actually just said, then put it back up to her ear as she continued to navigate traffic. "Um" what do you mean?" Jill asked sounding more like a worried teen being reprimanded by a principal more than a 22 year old talking to her boss. "Well, I think we need to start the evaluation immediately. If I'm going to take advantage of having you see as many teachers as possible, we should use the end of this quarter before rotating you to a number of other teachers next quarter." "I see" " Jill responded, not really understanding, but feeling like she had to at least acknowledge she was listening. "So here's the new plan," Mr. Sherman continued undaunted, "I let Mrs. Levinson in on our assessment plan. She has been a teacher here for over 20 years and there's no doubt she is among the best of the best, so having her in the know may help you get some cover" " Mr. Sherman went on for another minute or so praising Mrs. Levinson, but all Jill was feeling was a strange embarrassment that someone else knew that she had agreed to try and play herself off as a younger student. Jill wasn't sure exactly why she was embarrassed, but she felt herself get flush in the face as if she had been exposed. Jill shifted and heard the muffled crinkling of her damp diaper push against her vagina and the comfortable leather seat. "So, then," Mr. Sherman's change in tone recaptured Jill's attention and she mumbled in a way as to let Mr. Sherman know she was ready for him to go on, "if you come to school today as a shadow" you know, the students that come to check out if they want to come to our high school?....anyway, if you could show up as a shadow today, you could report to Mrs. Levinson's first period class. She has a couple seniors in that class that are on the prospective student shadow committee and she'll just place you with one to follow over the course of the day." Oh my God! Jill screamed silently in her head" I'm not ready for this" what have I agreed to?! This is insane" me a prospective student? Today? This was happening way too fast. Jill had barely come to terms with the idea Mr. Sherman had proposed yesterday and now he just assumed she would start with it today? Jill's heart raced, there was no way she could pull this off" no way" . Mr. Sherman was oblivious to the meltdown that was occurring inside the BMW 325i that was now screaming down the highway at 75mph. "I was hoping you could come as a freshman who was thinking about transferring into our school because your parents were moving and you'd be eligible for our district. Do you think you could craft a story about how your parents are interested in this high school?" Even though Jill was appalled at the suggestion of beginning today as a freshman student, Mr. Sherman's question forced her mind to come up with a practical answer. She immediately thought about Ashley and Tom. Jill didn't even realize the oddity of thinking of her sister as her mother, but instead her mind went into problem solving mode" .I need a parent cover story" I'll use Ashley, she thought. "Yeah" I could come up with something." Instantly Jill realized that even though she was answering a question about a cover story, she hadn't wanted to agree to this plan yet. Her answer, though, explicitly suggested that she was on board. What is happening?! Jill was now traveling at 80mph, her heart racing at close to double that in beats per minute. "Good girl! Ok, I knew this change would be hard because you'd have to make yourself look younger, so do you think you can pull that off before first period? I mean if you could even just wear what you had yesterday afternoon, I'm sure you'd be able to fool all the students and teachers about your age." Jill didn't know whether to immediately let Mr. Sherman know that it would not be a problem at all, as she looked even younger than when she had sat in Mr. Sherman's office with Amanda's cheer sweater on, or whether to stammer and use the appearance issue as an excuse to postpone this madness. "Listen," Mr. Sherman continued, " I've already sent out an email to all the teachers saying that you are taking an immediate leave of absence to pursue further education, so if you can't pull this off today, there really is no reason to come in" " What?! A leave of absence?! How dare he do that" he hadn't even asked her" "Awww heck," Mr. Sherman's tone shifted to a more comforting and fatherly one, "maybe this is just asking too much of you" tell you what" if this is too much too fast, I'd be happy to write you a recommendation for another job in the district. I mean" I know there aren't any immediate openings, but it wouldn't be long, I'm sure" " The fear of unemployment surged through Jill's mind and overcame the hesitation she had just been feeling" after all, she had agreed to this in principle, it was just starting sooner" and she had to admit, she was dressed for the part. "No, that's OK," Jill offered somewhat weakly. "I'm just a little shocked at the speed with which all of this is happening" " "Oh, I understand completely Jill" .it's totally understandable," Mr. Sherman interrupted sensing that he could move in for the kill. "Look, I promise that if at any point this thing is too weird we can just call it quits. I just appreciate that you're willing to help the school become a better place for future students." And that's what sealed the deal for Jill. That's right, she remembered. The whole purpose of this was to get rid of the chaff and improve the quality of education for all the students at the school. Who wouldn't understand Jill's decision to do all this for the good of future students?" "Really, Mr. Sherman, it's ok" I'm honored to help, and I um, well, let's just say that I think I should be able to make the first bell and do what I need to do to look" say 13 or so?" "Great" you're amazing! Listen, just get through the day as a shadow. Don't worry about analyzing any teachers today, just get in the flow so when you decide to come as a regular student on Monday, some people and teachers will be vaguely familiar with you, ok?" Oh my gosh" Jill would have to come back on Monday as a full time student?! So much for regrouping over the weekend" she was going to need to get a lot done to be a student full time again. And what the heck would she tell Ashley?! I mean, there was no way she could go on looking like this forever without her sister calling her out" ugh" so many thoughts racing through her mind as Mr. Sherman continued his praise for Jill's support of the greater educational good" "Ok" " Jill acknowledged Mr. Sherman's accolades and plan for the day. "Now there's just two more things to go over. First, you'll need a new name. There aren't many people who know you since you just started for us over the summer, but coming in as a prospective student on the same day and with the same name as the person who just took educational leave may raise some eyebrows. Any suggestions?" Jill hadn't even thought about her name, but Mr. Sherman was right, she needed to change it to keep her anonymity protected" but to what? Would she be able to pull this off today, going around with a name she herself had no familiarity with? This was getting harder by the minute! "Umm" not really" I guess maybe Lilly.." Jill offered. Her thinking was by no means clear, but she figured just changing the first letter might help her respond better than changing the entire name.. "Lilly it is," Mr. Sherman repeated, as if writing it down on official paperwork. "Ok, the second thing is that I'll only be communicating with you either by handwritten message or through a third party from now on" I don't want to have an electronic paper trail to blow your cover" ok?" "OK," Jill replied, remembering the note Mr. Sherman had left her just the other day instructing her to put her hair in pigtails. Had he been planning this for a long time? Regardless, here she was, about to pull into the school parking lot having just agreed to enter the school NOT as a 22 year old administrative employee, but as a 13 year old prospective freshman. "Good girl! We'll be in touch" good luck" I won't forget your help with all this!" Mr. Sherman offered as the line went dead. Jill continued to hold the phone up to her ear, still reeling in bewilderment at what had just happened. She quickly decided that it would probably be best if she parked her car in a more secluded portion of the lot so as not to draw attention to the fact that a freshman was driving such a nice car. She made a note to herself that she'd probably have to figure out a different way to get to school in the future. "In the future?!" she half spoke aloud to herself. Lilly was already thinking about her future as a 13 year old and was almost not missing a beat. "Maybe I can do this" she muttered as she closed the car door. She decided to leave her purse in the car as it was clearly too "old" for her outfit. Taking her key, she put it on the back tire of her car and began the long walk toward the school entrance. She felt the skirt flutter as she walked, the rubbing of her legs producing a strangely arousing effect in her vagina. Lilly had never been very sexually active, but she knew enough to keep herself happy and all the signals were being sent that relief would be needed soon. Lilly listened carefully, hoping that the diaper wouldn't make too much noise as she walked. Fortunately, the panties and leggings seemed to be muting her secret effectively. "I have to dump this stupid diaper" she shuddered, realizing that it would be somewhat hard to get rid of this thing using only the student restrooms. Entering the door, Lilly didn't even notice Amanda walking up about 20 yards behind her. Amanda had spotted her halfway across the parking lot and stared in stunned silence at what her eyes beheld. Here, entering the school, was the same girl she had been able to manipulate into wearing pigtails. Except now she was dressed as though she was 13. "This is too easy" " Amanda thought" I need to raise the stakes, but how? Trailing Lilly through the halls, Amanda was even more amazed when Lilly entered into Mrs. Levinson's homeroom...Amanda's first period class. "This is far too good to be true" " Amanda thought as she entered Mrs. Levinson's class only to see Lilly talking to Mrs. Levinson at her desk. Amanda grabbed a seat in front and when Lilly turned toward the class after concluding her brief conversation with Mrs. Levinson, Amanda locked her tender, but penetrating eyes with Lilly. Lilly almost buckled over seeing Amanda again, so close to her and so intently focused on her. Lilly felt totally exposed before Amanda. Fortunately, Lilly remembered that Amanda thought she was a student, so her cover wasn't yet blown. Then Amanda did something that would change the course of the entire day. She patted the desk seat next to hers, smiling wryly and inviting Lilly to come sit next to her. Amanda had no idea why Ms. Myers was in this classroom, but two things were clear, it looked as if Ms. Myers would be staying for the class itself and the closer she was to Ms. Myers, the better shot she had at putting the next phase of her plan in motion. Lilly blushed, and Mrs. Levinson, seeing Amanda's offer, gently nudged Lilly in the lower back, affirming that the seat in front would be a good one for her to take. Lilly slipped by Amanda, turned and sat down in the seat. Running her hands under her mini skirt, she realized that her leggings had come down a little off of her hips, almost like a little girl's tights that slip down and create an awkward gap between the panties and the tights around the vagina. Lilly tried to close her legs and sit, reminding herself she was 13" she was 13" she was 13" . The bell rang, jolting Lilly and releasing more pee into her now full baby diaper. Lilly suddenly knew this was going to be a long day" .. Chapter 15 "Now class before we get started, we have another shadow I'd like to introduce to you." Mrs. Levinson addressed the class standing at the side of her desk. She lifted her hand in the direction of their guest and continued, "Lilly is currently a freshman and will likely be transferring into our school as early as next week." Now, I know there are several of you in here who are on the Shadow Committee" would any of you like to volunteer to escort Miss Lilly around for the day?" Lilly was hoping that anyone other than Amanda would raise her hand, but without hesitating, Amanda's hand shot up. "I'd be happy to help, Mrs. Levinson" she quickly offered, swinging her legs under her desk and shooting a smile towards Lilly as she volunteered her services. "Thank you Amanda, ok, so it's settled then, Lilly, you will be with Amanda today. Trust me, you are in good hands. Now let's get started class" please take out the worksheet we started yesterday. I'll let you use the first half of the period to work on that before we go over it." Without missing a beat, Amanda scooted her chair over next to Lilly's. Amanda was by far one of the most attractive girls in the school, and her outfit today made sure everyone would have a reason to notice. Her V-cut sky blue sweater exposed her perfectly toned midriff and invited a glimpse at her firmly shaped breasts. Meanwhile, her flared black mini-skirt seemed to draw one's eyes from her ankles up to her perfectly shaped ass. Both girls and guys had a hard time not noticing the beauty that radiated from every aspect of Amanda's looks and her enticing personality. Lilly was no exception. As Amanda slid over, Lilly was mesmerized by the mature beauty before her and without realizing it, was staring at Amanda's long legs. As short as Lilly was, she was always envious of killer legs" now as Lilly shifted her legs, all she felt was her warm diaper rubbing against her already aroused clitoris. "Up here honey," Amanda said softly and smoothly as she slipped an earpiece from her IPOD into her left ear. Smiling gently, Amanda bit her lower lip and put the worksheet on Lilly's desk. Mrs. Levinson didn't mind if people listened to music as they worked" she knew that some students worked better with music and background sounds. Lilly blushed, ashamed that she had been caught looking at her legs. "What was she doing?" she screamed in her head" this was ridiculous. Lilly looked away, desperate to try and pretend that she had not been oogling over Amanda's legs. But no matter how she tried to nonchalantly scan the class, she had to return her attention back to her desk and the worksheet that they were to work on. "Here you go" wanna listen?" Amanda extended the other earphone to Lilly, curious to see if she would take it. If she took it, she would have to scoot practically shoulder to shoulder with Amanda. Lilly didn't even think as she took the earphone. Trying to place it in her ear, she suddenly realized she'd need to practically scoot right up next to Amanda in order to hear. Somewhat mesmerized by the gentle look Amanda was giving her, she scooted in her seat, hearing and feeling the diaper crinkle as she moved to be able to listen to the music. Having her hair up and braided made it easier to put in her ear and, with Amanda's shoulder against hers, she began to listen to the music as Amanda began to work on filling out the worksheet. As Lilly began to relax and listen to the music, she realized that she really liked what she was hearing. She wasn't familiar with the artist, but the jazzy funk instrumental she was listening too seemed to really speak to her. Before long, her feet with tapping to the rhythm and Lilly became lost in the music. What Lilly didn't realize is that the night before, Amanda had programmed her whole IPOD with instrumental music. Normally that would have been no big deal, but what Amanda had taking a painstaking amount of time doing was placing subliminal messages underneath each song. A wide range of messages had been planted over the thirty different tracks that made up the set. "You should listen to whatever Amanda suggests," "You will wet your pants under stress " "Wetting your pants makes you cry" " "You wet your pants when you feel the need to pee" " "No matter where you are" you wet your pants" "Amanda can help you" " "Amanda will take care of you" " "You want to be told what to wear" " "You feel stressed when you have to pick out what to wear" " Each song had a couple of phrases looped subtly underneath the instrumental music. Amanda had been very careful to make sure that none of the words were audible over the instruments, and although she knew that none of the subliminal suggestions alone would change Lilly's behavior, she also knew that they would help Amanda accomplish her plan over time. And so Amanda couldn't help but smile as she watched Lilly get engrossed in the music. Glad that she had picked a genre that resonated with Lilly, Amanda focused on completing the worksheet, only wishing that the effects of the music were immediate! Lilly continued to be taken away with the songs she listened to. It seemed that each one stirred her heart in a way she hadn't expected instrumental music to be able to do. Shifting her head to the beat, she felt her braided pigtails bounce off her shoulder" the motion making her feel like a "teeny bopper." She actually let out a little smile as she realized that being 13 was actually fun" it felt like she didn't really have that much responsibility and she was loving it! After all, as a shadow no one expected her to actually do any work! It was like a day off! As innocently as she could, Amanda slipped her earphone out of her ear and placed the IPOD on Lilly's desk as she rose up out of her seat. She held the earphone out to Lilly as she pretended to go over to Mrs. Levinson's desk to ask a question. Lilly just took the other earphone, seeing Amanda rise to go over to the teacher. She held the earphone for a couple seconds before realizing it was just awkward to hold in her hand. It looked like Amanda was engrossed in a series of questions with Mrs. Levinson, so Lilly just put the other earphone in and settled back in her chair listening to the rhythmic, soul instrumental. "You should listen to whatever Amanda suggests," "You will wet your pants under stress " "Wetting your pants makes you cry" " Amanda leaned ever so carefully over the teacher's desk, letting her skirt ride up so it settled just below her shapely bottom, nearly exposing the white thong panties she had on underneath. As Lilly sat back listening to the music, her eyes, along with half the class, made their way up Amanda's dark tan legs, settling on the tantalizing ass that swayed every so often as her elbows supported her weight as she pretended to get some help from Mrs. Levinson who was all to willing to help such an inspired student. Lilly found herself in a total daze, the warm crinkly diaper hugging a surprisingly aroused midsection, her mind drifting into total peace as she listened to the music. Her legs slowly became extended and she became oblivious to the fact that her own skirt was riding up on her thighs the more she sank back in relaxation. As Amanda turned away from the desk, she caught sight Lilly's rather unladylike position. Returning to her desk, she smiled inside" her plan seemed to be working flawlessly. Mrs. Levinson spent the second half of the class going over the worksheet, allowing the "shadow" to listen to the IPOD as she figured there was no need to force her to follow the discussion. Lilly almost didn't even hear the bell, the pulsating music nearly putting her in a trance. She felt Amanda lift up her arm as everyone else in the class gathered their belongings and raced to the hall for their second period class. "Come on Lilly" " Amanda urged, as she contemplated how she could best use this gift of a day to her advantage. As they started walking into the hall, Lilly felt an incredible urge developing deep in her bowels. The urge grew rapidly and she knew that a bathroom stop was going to be necessary" and soon" "Amanda, I need to use the restroom, where's our next class?" Lilly asked, a hand on her stomach. "Oh my" you really need to go don't you" ok" well we have study hall next and then gym, so it really won't be that big a deal if we're a little late. Come on" " And like a big sister leading her younger sibling, Amanda grabbled Lilly's hand and started to pull her through the hall. Normally, Lilly would have felt strange holding another girl's hand, but the grumbling in her tummy made her nearly oblivious to the awkward stares that accompanied this odd couple's journey down the halls. Amanda's pace forced Lilly nearly to trot just to keep up. Lilly felt a little like her mother was leading her through the mall as her shorter legs had to work twice as hard just to stay up with Amanda. After what felt a lot longer walk than it really was, Amanda and Lilly entered a girl's bathroom that happened to be right next to their next period class. As Lilly raced into the stall, she yanked down her tights and panties, when "SPLAT" the diaper fell out and onto the bathroom floor. Lilly had forgotten that the diaper had been too small to tape shut, and now panic overwhelmed her. She had fallen back to sit on the toilet, just ahead of her bowels exploding embarrassingly into the toilet. The diaper lay just out of reach, but was visible from outside the stall. "What on earth?!" Amanda was shocked. It took a lot to throw Amanda off her game, but she had no answer for the fact that her shadow had been wearing a diaper" and from the looks of it, a baby diaper at that! Too shocked to understand how this had come to pass so quickly, she quickly decided on a plan to take advantage of the opportunity. She sent an urgent text on her cell phone and proceeded to quickly touch up her makeup. "Um" everything ok in there Lilly?" She asked, knowing that both her overactive bowels and the soggy diaper on the floor meant absolutely nothing was ok! "Um" yeah" urggghhh," Lilly grunted as another bowel movement forced her to push even harder. This couldn't be happening, she thought. Maybe the diaper couldn't be seen from where Amanda was" maybe she could still pull this off without being detected" maybe" "Listen Lilly" Amanda continued, "there's no sense in lying" it's quite obvious you could use some help" " she said bursting into the very stall Lilly was using. This was going to take all the composure Amanda could muster, but she very nonchalantly continued, "there's nothing to be ashamed of sweetie" a girl in your condition must have a lot of challenges, it's not big deal" we can just get you all changed up and out of here in no time" Do you keep extra diapers in your purse honey?" Lilly absolutely froze, her heart in her throat at the sight of the very gorgeous Amanda standing in the stall doorway with her hand on her hips, half scolding, half empathizing with Lilly's pathetic response that everything was fine. There she sat, pink flower panties and white tights at her ankles, a diaper near her feet and the most beautiful girl in school staring her down in all her glory. This can't be good. "I'm not" I mean I don't" .it's just not," Lilly tried to stammer out the reality of what was going on, but even she couldn't find a place to start that would make sense of the fact that she had a WET baby diaper on underneath very girly panties. "Lilly" seriously it's no big deal, so you wear a diaper" I just wish you had told me so I could have taken better care of you" " "No, you see I don't wear a diaper" " "So you're telling me this cute baby diaper on the floor fell off of someone else? Really? Is that what you want me to believe? Aww" .poor thing" I know it must be embarrassing, but really, it's no big deal. Now let me help you get cleaned up" where do you keep your diapers?" "No seriously" I don't wear diapers!!! I just" well" it's really hard to explain." "Well diaper or no diaper, you're a mess. Just finish your business and then we'll deal with getting you taken care of ok?" "OK" Lilly answered, totally unsure of what Amanda meant by taking care of her. She cleaned her bottom and shrugged her hips as she pulled her tights and panties back up. Picking up the diaper she exited the stall and shamefully took the diaper to the garbage can. "It was your diaper," Amanda asked gingerly, "wasn't it?" "Well" kindof I guess" Lilly answered, now moving over to the sink to wash her hands, hoping that they could just move on past this experience. The bell burst out loudly in the ladies room and despite having just gone number two, Lilly hadn't peed when she had gone to the bathroom and the surprising shrill of the bell again caused a quick rush of pee to coat her panties. Although no one could see that this had happened, Lilly was beginning to lose it" "Oh shoot!" she let out" forgetting that Amanda wouldn't have seen her latest predicament. Amanda thought she was upset about being late" "don't worry about it, I can use you as our excuse for being tardy" we'll just have to go get a pass from the office." Thinking that maybe this incident had passed and there would be no more to discuss, Lilly seemed relieved to do anything but explore what was happening to her. Amanda led the way as they made their way to the administrative office. But just before they got to the office, Amanda again grabbed Lilly's hand and pulled her into another office just outside the administrative ones. Lilly knew it was the nurse's office as they entered, but she had no idea why they were here. Passing right by the vacant waiting area, Amanda directed Lilly into the lone treatment room. Closing the door behind them, she didn't even pause to give Lilly a chance to protest, but rather half pulled half pushed Lilly toward the exam table. "Jump up and grab a seat real quick. I'm going to take care of our tardy real quick, and then I'll be back to help clean you up" ok?" Before Lilly could answer, let alone protest, Amanda had left the room. Lilly jumped down from the table, making an effort to follow Amanda as the door to the exam room closed behind Amanda. Reaching to open the door, Lilly was stunned again as the door opened right into her and stepping aggressively into the room was Bethany! Lilly froze again! What was Bethany doing here?! Oh no! Bethany knew she worked in the office" was there any way out of this? "Now what do we have here? Ms. Myers? Is that you? No" it can't be" I was told there was a freshman in here who needed help changing? But that couldn't be you could it? Well" I guess there's one way to find out!" Bethany was in complete control. Lilly was exasperated at being exposed by Bethany. She didn't even offer a token resistance as Bethany took Lilly by the wrist and pulled her back to the exam table. What Bethany did next, pretty much ended any chance Lilly had to get out of an already awkward situation. She came straight up to Lilly, who's bottom was against the exam table, and put her arms under Lilly's lifting her up onto the exam table and then pushing with her forearm against Lilly's chest, her head lowered onto the pillow at the end of the table. "My mother is the school nurse and I often TA for her when she has to run and get different supplies. Now this won't take long and we should have you on your way in no time" " Bethany just continued talking, not allowing Lilly to express a resistance or even ask any questions. "Now let's just see if this is Ms. Myers or a freshman in need of help" " Bethany reached up and lifted Lilly's bottom, grabbing her tights and pulling them down. Lilly gasped at the unbridled aggression Bethany was showing, the utter shock of what was happening still preventing Lilly from doing anything other than submit. The fact of the matter was Lilly needed to be young to keep her job, but it was utterly humiliating to have another girl, arguably four years her junior, pulling her tights down to expose the wet pink panties underneath" "My, my" " Bethany stood back for a brief second, exposing the pee stained panties underneath Lilly's tights" her feigned disbelief trying to heighten the drama unfolding before her very eyes. Actually, Bethany was stunned to see Lilly's flower panties with a wet spot the size of a grapefruit around her vaginal area. Moving forward, Bethany continued by grabbing Lilly's legs and placing them both on the exam table, bending her knees to elevate them. Using her forearm to put weight on both shins, she pushed the shins up and towards Lilly's chest, causing her vaginal and anal areas to be more accessible. Reaching under Lilly's bottom, Bethany was able to find the panties elastic waistband underneath Bethany and pull it down, exposing her crotch and then allowing the shins to relax. Bethany then lowered Lilly's legs and let the panties come down over the ends of her feet. "You most definitely are a freshman in need of a change" wait here just a second." And with that Bethany exited with both Lilly's skirt and panties in hand. Lilly was about to jump up again and race out of the room, but she quickly realized that she had nothing to cover her naked bottom. The cold air hit her vaginal area and instantly her hands went down to cover her privates as her heart raced in disbelief. "How on earth did I end up here?!" Lilly's mind was unbelievably fried. There was absolutely no way to have predicted the events that were transpiring. All she had agreed to do was help the school by evaluating teachers as a student. Somewhere in all that, she had found her way to the nurse's exam table where she lay naked after having just been changed by a student that truly believed she was an incontinent freshman. What on earth?! This is crazy" .I just need to get out of here and quit" this is utterly ridiculous! The door burst open again, this time Bethany coming forward with rubber gloves on and holding something else under her arm. Without pausing, she walked over to Lilly and took a packet of baby wipes from under the exam table. Putting her hands under Lilly's thighs, she pulled up, half suggesting, half forcing Lilly to raise her legs again. Lilly responded, her hands gripping the sides of the exam table in utter fear, but unable to resist what was happening. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" .." Lilly moaned as the cold baby wipe hit the top of her clitoris and slowly slipped down her front, passing over her vaginal area and ending up just pushing open against her anus. Every muscle in her lower half tightened as the cold wipe sent goose bumps and chills across Lillly's body. Lilly's head tilted back and her eyes closed, wishing this would all just end, and yet she stayed on the table. Her mind said get up and run, but her body said sit still and stay. Bethany sensed there was a turning point. Some call it the breaking point, but Bethany truly felt that if she just kept taking control, she could really bring this one under her spell. Bethany wiped again" .and then again, each time lingering a little longer around Lilly's vaginal opening and anus. Each time, Lilly felt her body relaxing more, the initial chill giving way to the warmer arousal that was trying to breakthrough the resistant part of Lilly's will. Then it stopped. Lilly realized she was laying with her eyes closed, her body tense, her knees bent and slightly agape. Before she could totally get her composure, she felt a hand on her bottom, lifting it up. This time, however, Lilly just helped the effort, raising her bottom and feeling a fluffy pillow like lining hit her bottom as she rested her bottom back down on the exam table. Next, her eyes still closed, as if this would allow her to justify a token resistance to something her body was begging for more of, but her mind was telling her was wrong" Lilly felt a cool, relieving powder hitting her clitoris and being rubbed over her entire vaginal area. Bethany knew she had her. Lilly's head turned to the side and Bethany knew, humiliation and resistance were giving way to yearning and need. She took the front of the diaper and pulled it up over Lilly's now obviously aroused vaginal area. Taking the tapes, she snuggly secured them over the top, each time placing one hand directly on the diaper over Lilly's clitoris while she secured the tape with the other. "Ooooohhhhh," A soft sigh escaped Lilly's lips" she was gone. There was only pleasure bursting forth through any sense of dignity and resistance she might have been clinging to. Her body wanted more and wanted it now" . And with the final tape secured, Bethany again lifted Lilly's bottom and slid a new skirt up over the thickly diapered bottom of Lilly. Before Lilly could rest her bottom back down on the exam table, she heard the exam room door open and close yet again. Opening her eyes, she realized she was yet again alone" a glazed sense of arousal, yet unsatisfied covered by an even thicker and crinklier diaper. Chapter 16 There is a certain dazed feel that comes with arousal. It is as if your mind drifts into some form of high. The world around us seems to shrink into the focus of our stimulation and of our needs to address it. It's as if there is a brink over which our minds and bodies give way to the physical bliss of a moment. Lilly was experiencing such a moment. There were no thoughts, no fears, no shame, just the intense waves of expectancy racing through her nerves, trying to find relief. She sat with her legs open, knees half bent, arms hugging the side of the changing table. The snug diaper around her vaginal area only drew more attention to the heated state of her body, announcing every move from the waist down with a crinkle while warmly agitating her aroused sensors. Lilly was normally a very proper girl, but something was being unleashed in her, and as much as she didn't understand how it had happened, she could not deny that her body was responding to it. As she was about to move her own hands up to address her urgent needs, the door flew open again, this time with Amanda bursting back in" "Oh good" I see you got taken care of" " Amanda said, matter-of-factly glancing at the XL Abena diaper that was secured around Lilly's bottom. Amanda had just passed Bethany in the waiting room, exchanging a soft high five as they tagged in an out of interaction with Lilly. It was the classic case of good cop, bad cop and right now Amanda knew she needed to play her role to perfection if Lilly were to be broken without even knowing what was happening to her. "Seriously, it's totally cool Lilly, there are lots of girls with bladder problems. Just let me know when you need to change and we can take come back and take care of it, ok?" Amanda cooed over Lilly as a nurse would encourage a little girl facing some fearful medical situation. Lilly just nodded, not even sure what she was agreeing to as sparks of electricity continued to shoot from her groin. Her nipples had long become hard, pressing against her black and pink t-shirt, and her flush cheeks completed the certain appearance of arousal that was Lilly. Taking Lilly's hand, Amanda had her sit up. What Lilly hadn't realized is that Bethany had taken both Lilly's skirt and panties and replaced them with the diaper and a different skirt. So oblivious was Lilly to what was happening, that she didn't notice the new pink skirt she sat in until she was sitting perfectly up on the exam table. What caught her attention was the fact that her diapers CLEARLY showed under the skirt. What Lilly didn't yet know was that this even shorter mini skirt had "BABY" written across the backside in big black letters. Even though the skirt matched her shirt, being color coordinated was the furthest from Lilly's mind. Amanda bent over and slipped Lilly's shoes on, one at a time, gently rubbing the back part of Lilly's calf as she placed each shoe on, but playing it off as simply being a helpful friend. Then, taking Lilly's hand, she encouraged her to jump off the table so they could get into study hall. "Come on" I got our tardy and everything" we should be set!" Pulling lightly on Lilly's hand, Lilly slid off the table, her skirt riding up and exposing the complete diaper as she found her footing. Lilly looked down and saw how short her new skirt was, but before she had a chance to comment, Amanda was leading her out into the waiting room and then the hallway. As they walked, Lilly found it a little harder to keep up. The thick adult diaper kept her legs from being able to close, so she had more of a quick waddle than a walk. What's more, the thickness of the diaper played havoc on her clitoris, rubbing gently against her with every step, shooting twangs of arousal throughout her belly and distracting her mind even further from the otherwise embarrassing spectacle she was making. As they entered the study hall, hardly anyone noticed them as most of the students had already either broken into their social groups to talk or were working on something that was likely due next period. Handing the slip to the teacher, Amanda made sure the teacher knew that she had a shadow with her. "This is Lilly, she's shadowing me today" she may be transferring into the district, so I'm here to help her get familiar with everything" " "Oh" ok" " the teacher responded, looking at Lilly's almost drunkenly stance and off balance effort to walk. "She's special" " Amanda leaned over and whispered to the teacher, making sure that Lilly couldn't hear. "Oh..I see" well ok" Welcome Lilly!" the teacher spoke extra loudly and pronounced each word methodically, as if speaking to a younger child. Lilly barely noticed the juvenile attention he was giving her as Amanda escorted her to a desk in the back of the study hall. "Tell you what.." Amanda said, almost helping Lilly sit down in the back corner chair, "I need to get ready for a test this afternoon, so why don't you just borrow my IPOD and listen to some music or something while I study. " "Oh" ok" " Lilly answered with almost a husky whisper. At this point Amanda probably could have told her to do just about anything and Lilly would have responded with" oh" ok. As Amanda sat down next to Lilly and started studying, Lilly did her best to close her legs to hide her diaper, knowing her skirt would do her no favors in this regard. But everytime she shuffled her legs, her vaginal lips rubbed together and against the soft diaper, adding to an already stimulated predicament she found herself in. This, in turn, led her to shift more, and so on, and so on. "Music," Lilly thought" "that will distract me for sure." So Lilly fumbled to put the headphones in, pressing play and re-entering the rhythmic world that had been introduced to her last period. The unintended consequence was that the music actually added further to Lilly's arousal. Leaning back in the chair, Lilly brought her right hand down under the desk to hold her skirt as low as it would go. Her left hand stayed above the desk and rested on the bar connecting her chair to the desk portion. Having her right hand essentially over her groin did not help relieve the building excitement within. Whether Lilly started consciously or not, her right hand began to rub slightly over the skirt and diaper, almost in tune with the music. Lilly's adrenaline started pumping as the motion of her right hand triggered a building arousal. Here she sat in the corner of a classroom, looking every part of 13, but wearing an outfit that clearly exposed a crinkling diaper having just been aroused by another girl who changed her diaper and clothed her in these ridiculously naughty clothes, only to be feeling her will succumb to her animalistic desire to satisfy arousal more than to worry about how humiliating this must have looked. What Lilly didn't realize was that her headphones kept her from hearing the soft crinkle emanating from her diapers every time her hand shifted over her groin. Amanda, however, heard every shift and out of the corner of her eye, saw Lilly's hand beginning to move in an all too familiar manner. As Lilly instinctively bit her lower lip, her eyes closed, allowing her body to better feel the waves of pleasure rippling from her groin. The music also kept Lilly from hearing the clicking of cameras that were going off in front of her. Amanda had made sure some of her posse had moved in to sit right in front of Lilly, pretending to earnestly study. Now, however, with her eyes closed and ears swamped with seductive music, she was oblivious to the fact that this whole episode was not only being captured in still shots, but was being videoed on two different phone cameras. Amanda couldn't let her newest venture give in so easily to the first stimulation she experienced" she needed her to wait more so that any relief would be more seen as a gift from Amanda. Lilly's hand was just about to begin moving with wreckless abandon when Lilly suddenly felt another hand over hers. Shocked, she opened her eyes, sat up and let out an audible gasp. It was as if someone had taken the freshly baked chocolate chip cookie out of her hand right as she was about to sink her teeth into it. Amanda's hand had grabbed hers and pulled it back up onto the desk" "My oh my" a little hot and bothered are we" Well you certainly are a hungry girl aren't you," "I" umm" .no" I'm not" it's just," "Lilly" it's ok" even with your condition it's normal to begin exploring your sexuality. I mean what freshman isn't discovering what it's like to be pleasured" I'm just surprised you're so comfortable letting go in such a public place" " By now Lilly was totally frozen, the reality of her world quickly crashing back upon her" had she seriously been about to pleasure herself right here in front of all these students" .and over a diaper that another GIRL" yes a girl" she didn't even like girls" .had put on her?! This was totally wrong" enough was enough" she was losing control and fear overcame her" Lilly stood up and quickly began to stumble toward the classroom door. She drew everyone's attention as she burst out into the hall, leaving the class behind. And that's exactly what the class saw as she awkwardly maneuvered toward the exit, her diapered behind, but not knowing who she was, people just broke out chuckling and went back to their conversations. Amanda, however, was stunned at the breakout and went chasing after Lilly, giving the study hall teacher an imploring look as she went out after her" "I'm sure she's just a little overwhelmed" " Amanda offered the teacher as she followed Lilly to the door" "I'll just try and calm her down" " The teacher simply nodded, not wanting any part of whatever cat fight or issue was at hand and Amanda slipped out to the hall just in time to see Lilly entering the Women's Locker room around the corner. "Perfect" " thought Amanda" "Perfect" " she muttered to herself as she moved to quickly reunite with a panicked Lilly. Chapter 17 Lilly raced into the locker room without even knowing exactly where she was going or what she was doing. She found herself amidst the lockers where a hard wood bench ran down in between the two rows of lockers. Collapsing on the bench, she turned away toward the rear wall and straddled the bench, putting her hands in her face and leaning forward, Lilly just started to cry. It wasn't a soft, gentle cry. It was a cry that came from the inner reaches of her being. You know that guttural cry that just comes up from the core and consumes your strength and focus. She began sobbing into her hands, intensely aware of the incredibly demeaning and humiliating position she had allowed herself to be put in over the last 24 hours. No one in their right mind would have allowed themselves to be fondled, diapered, and otherwise babied in the ways that Lilly had allowed herself to be treated. She wasn't sure if she was more upset that these things had happened to her or at her apparent inability or lack of desire to resist what had happened. The 22 year old was screaming inside of her head, begging her to stop the regression that had appeared in the form of braided pigtails, a mini-skirt, and now even a large, noisy diaper that sat pressed against the hard bench. Another burst of sobs came with each renewed awareness of the predicament Lilly " . Jill" had allowed herself to succumb to. Amanda had entered just behind Lilly and only had to follow the reverberating sobs that pierced the silence and echoed through the empty locker room to find her "shadow." Now she stood at the end of the row of lockers, peering cautiously around at Lilly who had her back turned to her and was in the throws of a solid cry. Amanda decided to wait and give Lilly space. In all honesty, Amanda felt sorry for Lilly. Here was a college graduate who had been working for the school, but who was now battling the awakenings that Amanda had been largely responsible for triggering. There was clearly a part of Lilly's soul that yearned to be cared for, to be nurtured and told what to do" a part of her that wanted someone to just take the burdens of the world off her shoulders. And yet, another part seemed to be screaming to stay in charge, to essentially act her age. Amanda was honestly not sure which identity would ultimately win the battle, but she knew she wanted to bring yet another "child" into her crib (so to speak), not because she wanted to humiliate or demean them, but because she honestly thought she was providing them with what they ultimately desired and needed to find peace. The 22 year old Jill was winning the current battle, however, and with a rather rash movement, Lilly stood up and lifted her skirt up. Still facing away from Amanda and straddling the bench, Lilly looked down and ripped at the diaper tapes holding up her white, crinkly Abena. Peeling away all four tabs, she let the diaper fall to the bench below. A rush of cold air ran over Lilly's clitoris and she instinctively allowed the pink mini-skirt to fall into place. The straddling and the short skirt meant that half of Lilly's ass was still visible after the skirt settled over the top half of her bottom. Again, Lilly began to sob again, temporarily relieved that she had at least taken a token stand against the regression by ripping off the diaper, but now keenly aware that her outfit did nothing to alleviate the humiliation she felt. In fact, she felt more exposed and scared without the diaper than embarrassed by having it on. Again collapsing onto the bench, she sat down on the now opened diaper and began to sob" " Amanda sensed now was a good time to move in" . "ehhh hemmm," Amanda cleared her voice, looking down as she began to approach Lilly" the last thing she wanted to do was startle the poor girl again. Lilly flipped her braided pigtails around and saw once again the piercing, but embracing eyes of Amanda inviting her to trust, to listen. "I'm sorry" I'm so terribly sorry" this is all my fault," Amanda sighed as she sat behind Lilly, putting her arms on Lilly's shoulders and gently massaging her upper shoulder blades. "I was just trying to help you by taking you to the nurse's office, but it seems I've totally offended you in the process" I feel horrible" " "But," Lilly wanted desperately to let Amanda know that this had nothing to do with her, in fact she now felt incredibly guilty that Amanda was thinking all this was about her" when in fact, Amanda had been nothing but gracious and supportive of everything" "Shhhh" shhh" " Amanda interrupted, gently rubbing Lilly's upper arms as she leaned in close to Lilly's ear" "let me finish sweetie. You have to understand, it's something that is close to my heart. When I was a freshman I was in a terrible car accident and broke my pelvis. Well, I was incontinent for about a month after the accident, and believe me it was hard to come to school, especially after so many kids found out I was wearing diapers. When I saw your diaper fall off in the girl's room, I just became really protective, you know? I mean it was like I had a chance to protect you the way no one protected me" so I'm really sorry if I like offended you," Amanda stopped rubbing Lilly for a second and let her head fall down, hoping the lie would evoke a response from Lilly. It did. Lilly quickly turned around to face Amanda, and now the two girls sat face-to-face straddling the bench. The fact that Lilly's hairy clitoris could just be seen between the open diaper and hiked up skirt was somehow pushed behind Lilly's mind as she desperately wanted to let Amanda know that she was no way to blame. The fact was that Lilly felt choked up hearing about how much Amanda was just trying to help. I mean, even though Lilly didn't need diapers, it was so comforting to know Amanda really cared, her sharing had moved Lilly to a different kind of tears than those she had just been shedding. Leaning into Amanda and lowering her head just over Amanda's bosom, Lilly turned towards the lockers as she hugged Amanda by sliding her arms under Amanda's, "That's about the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me" thank you so much" " Amanda paused, allowing Lilly to continue....exactly as she'd hoped. "I don't know what to say really" " Lilly just sank further into Amanda's bosom, and now Amanda's right hand came up and rested over Lilly's head, the image resembling that of a mother comforting her young child. "You are such an accepting and caring person, I don't even really know you, but I feel like you genuinely care about me. I've not really had a girl friend who has stood up for me, so I'm so sorry if you think all this is your fault" it's not" .it's just not" " Lilly paused, not sure exactly how much she wanted to share, but feeling like she owed it to Amanda to come clean. "Ok, so here's the deal," Lilly started, sitting upright again, looking into those big green eyes of Amanda and feeling herself again swallowed up in safety and warmth, "I'm not incontinent" I mean I know it looks that way and all, but I have just had an incredibly rough twenty-four hours and you wouldn't believe the things that have happened that landed me in those diapers you saw" so I guess I'm totally humiliated that I've been put in a position where I've let this go on without standing up for myself." Lilly's eyes drifted away from Amanda" she realized that she still had not been able to explain why she had let all this go on for as long as she had" the 13 year old was yanking on her heart, and Amanda's tenderness only allowed the regressed child to feel a safety in opening up" "Oh my gosh" that is so weird" I mean I believe you and all, but it's just so strange for me to even imagine how you would like end up in diapers if you weren't having a problem" I mean since my accident I haven't even imagined that people would use these (she lightly touched the diaper under Lilly, moving her hand awkwardly close to Lilly's exposed groin) without needing them" " "Well, I mean I do leak sometimes" well ok a lot lately" but only when I'm like totally startled" you know?" Lilly couldn't believe she had just admitted that she had frequently wet her panties when she was afraid or startled" did she have a problem after all? Lilly's mind wandered briefly and Amanda picked up on the confusion that was circling Lilly's brain. "Huh" " Amanda acknowledged, allowing the pause to let Lilly prepare herself for her next words" "well you know there are many kinds of incontinence. When I was at the doctor, the mentioned something about stress incontinence where you kind of let an overflow of pee out at times when you are startled" maybe you have stress incontinence?" Me? Incontinent after all? Lilly's mind raced" was this possible? I mean it was true that she had suffered from "the squirts" as she called them, for as long as she could remember, but it had never been so bad as to create a visible accident, well, at least until recently. Was it getting worse? Lilly's mind was already embracing the idea that she might be incontinent, but what if it was getting worse? "Well, hey, I'll tell you what" how about we start over. What can I do to help you out" I mean, you probably don't want to wear this skirt around with nothing under it do you?" Amanda asked, flipping up the front hem of the skirt, briefly revealing Lilly's entire private area. Although Lilly knew the right answer was "No, I don't want to" she paused before answering" the skirt was super cute" .it would be a shame" .NO WAY" .stop! There was no way she could wear this out" she'd be arrested for indecent exposure for crying out loud! "Yeah, you're right about that!" Lilly ended up offering, although with a lilt of feigned agreement. "Ok, well, let's see" I think I have a cheerleading skirt you could borrow. We keep our extras in the gym office here and as the captain, I could just grab you one" they at least have a panty-lining in them so you'd be covered!" Amanda stood up and stepped over the bench. "Wait here and I'll go grab one for you ok?" "Oh" great" ok!" Lilly was thrilled. Amanda was yet again so willing to help and finally she was going to be able to dress more appropriately and do what Mr. Sherman had asked without all this crazy shame and awkwardness hanging over her. Amanda was great" it was just fantastic to hang around her" and those eyes" they were so melting. Lilly started drifting off, picturing Amanda and imagining what she must be like as a cheerleader, lifting those long gorgeous legs up in the air, bouncing up so lightly on her toes" without even noticing, her clitoris began rubbing ever so gently back and forth on the open diaper that lay over the bench. The jolts of excitement began racing back from deep within Lilly's stomach. Her legs began to feel light and numb as she continued to imagine Amanda's flowing brown hair tossing as she threw her pompoms out to the side" faster and faster Lilly began to rock on the bench, her heart beating faster, her breath escaping audibly from her lips as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm emerge deep within her groin" "LILLY ARE YOU A SMALL OR MEDIUM?" the cry came from across the locker room and Lilly jolted to a halt, as if she had just been caught doing something terribly wrong" . "LILLY?" the voice sounded like it was getting nearer. "Oh" ummm" .small, extra small if you have them" Lilly chirped, her voice slightly cracking as reality once again interrupted her erotic musings. Amanda appeared from around the corner holding a skirt in each hand. Here, try these" and she tossed the smallest pair over to Lilly, knowing that the skirt was only about an inch longer than the one she was wearing, but hoping the panty-lining would give Lilly a false sense of security for Amanda's next plan" . Lilly awkwardly stepped over the bench, her legs still somewhat weak with the effects of arousal still evident in her crotch. She took the skirt from Amanda and began to slip it on, feeling immediate relief that her nakedness would no longer be exposed. "I'll just get rid of this for you sweetie," Amanda said, going over to fold up the diaper. She noticed a small circular wet spot in the center of the diaper, and knowing what Lilly had been doing earlier, concluded that it was the effects of arousal, not urine" "You know," she continued" "since you opened up to me so much, I'll tell you a little secret about when I had to wear diapers" " Amanda was secretly admiring her ability to invent on the fly, but also was herself excited at her apparent ability to build a bridge of trust with Lilly" a trust that would prove invaluable as their relationship deepened" "Some of my most intense orgasms came while I was in diapers!" Amanda half smiled, looking at Lilly as she tossed the Abena into the trash can, the large diaper thumping the bottom of the can for added effect. Lilly was once again frozen like a dear in the headlights. She now stood with her third skirt of the day on, this one a flared black skirt, that again matched her top, and although it definitely invited the eyes up to her privates, at least the black lining kept everything out of sight! "Really?" Lilly timidly offered, not sure if she had been busted or if Amanda was truly just reciprocating vulnerability. "Oh yeah" I couldn't help it" the soft warm feeling of a diaper against me" oh my" I had a hard time controlling myself!" "Wow" " Lilly said half dazed" surprised at herself for letting that word come out as her mind rewound back to just a couple minutes earlier where she had almost experienced a monster orgasm by rubbing herself over her diaper. "Anyway, hey" you just let me know what you need and I'll do my best to help you really feel like one of the gang for the rest of the day, ok?" "Oh" great" yeah" thanks!" Lilly was half in her own world imagining an orgasm and half back in the locker room with Amanda. Amanda started to walk out toward the hallway" "So we have a ten minute break before our next class" which happens to be PE! How about we go put our stuff in my locker, I'll change and we can grab a diet coke or something before gym?" "Oh yeah" sounds great! All this crying and I'm parched!" Lilly paused at the water fountain just inside the locker room and bent over to take a very long gulping drink of water. Amanda playfully came up to her as she drank and lightly spanked her panty-lined, exposed bottom" "Get used to that cutie" " Amanda cheerfully warned, "the guys around here can't help themselves when they see us in our cheer outfits!" Lilly smiled, though the playful slap only served to send another bolt of energy through her groin" at least she felt like she had been accepted, and no more diaper" what a relief" If only she knew what was in store" Chapter 18 Lilly had a warm glow about her as she watched Amanda put her bag in the locker and pull out her gym clothes. Almost in a daze with sparks of electricity shooting through her groin, Lilly barely noticed Amanda taking off her clothes right in front of her. It wasn't until Amanda bent over at her waist to pull up her gym shorts that Lilly became fully aware of the amazingly shaped ass that stood only inches from her. Amanda squirmed as she pulled up her shorts, twisting around so that Lilly eventually Lilly was given a full view of her completely shaved front. Every aspect of Amanda's clitoris was accentuated by the total absence of pubic hair. Lilly's eyes could not help but lock in on the perfectly tanned, smooth vaginal area that she didn't notice Amanda half-smiling as she watched Lilly stare hopelessly at her privates. "My, my," Amanda purred" "if I didn't know any better, I'd say that little miss Lilly is thinking naughty thoughts right now," Pulling up her shorts, she took a step towards a helplessly frozen Lilly. Lightly grabbing her elbows, Amanda reached in towards Lilly's ear and whispered ever so seductively, "Has all this orgasm talk gotten you a little aroused, sweetie" just whisper me the truth and we'll see what we can do to help you" " Lilly was confused" she wasn't attracted to girls, but her body seemed to be indicating otherwise. A strong warmth seeped throughout her body and her groin was seeping with excitement as Amanda whispered in her ear. Goosebumps shot up on her arms and legs and she realized that whatever she had previously thought about her sexuality, her body was challenging her to revisit those assumptions. She simply turned her head to Amanda's ears and half whimpered, "yes" " "GET A ROOM! For crying out loud" what have we hear!" Bethany's voice crackled and reverberated throughout the locker room. Amanda stepped back and Lilly turned with a gasp as Bethany stood with hands on her hips shaking her head in mock disgust at the image of Lilly and Amanda exchanging sweet whispers. Bethany just started chuckling and made her way to her own locker to change. As Lilly turned back toward Amanda, she was met with Amanda's breasts fully in her view, Amanda slowly lowering her gym shirt over her perfectly shaped, and noticeably tanned breasts. Lilly was near the end of her self-control. The entire morning's events had been building dramatically and slowly eroding her ability to contain her urges. She was feeling incredibly weak in the knees and the only thing that saved her from seeking to pleasure herself was the voice of the gym teacher sticking her head in to rally the class out to the gymnasium. Amanda grabbed her hand and began pulling Lilly out toward the rest of the class. Lilly happily tagged along as a dazed child unquestionably follows her mother's lead. The high school divided the guys and girls separately for gym period and Ms. Peterson had been the girls' gym teacher for the last three years, having completed 4 years in the Air Force after graduating from a local college. Her classes were always fun, incredibly organized and students were kept on a tight leash. As long as her class followed her instructions and participated, class would run smoothly, but stray from her guidelines and gym class quickly became basic training! "OK class! Listen up! Today we are running stations. At each of the six stations, you will be either competing in an event or trying to perform a physical task. Two of the stations are a water break stations. You should all be drinking at least two cups of water when you get to those stations. Ok" now I'm going to number you off into teams and we'll get started." As it ended up, Amanda got paired with Lilly and the fun began. Lilly honestly was having a blast in this class. Although petite and dainty, Lilly enjoyed physical activity. Lilly was starting to feel like she would fit in as a student, especially because Amanda was encouraging her at every task they performed. At their first water break, Amanda had some particularly encouraging words for Lilly. "You rock out there!" Amanda smiled, handing Lilly a second cup of water after she saw Lilly gulp down the first one. "I mean I didn't know you were so fast! Way to go running those shuttles...amazing!" "Thanks!" Lilly responded, feeling genuinely accepted and excited that perhaps this student thing would end up just being really fun! And to think she'd be getting paid to do it" a warm satisfying feeling began rippling through Lilly's mind and body. The next two events were tricky. The first was an obstacle course where students would have to work together to successfully finish all the tasks, the second was two-on-two basketball and it looked like Amanda and Lilly would be paired against Bethany and another girl named Chrissy. Finishing her third cup of water, Lilly followed Amanda over to the obstacle course. The main events were a rope swing, a wall climb and a fireman's carry through a series of tires. In between the major events were a series of individual physical tasks each team member had to perform, including squats, push-ups, crunches and leg lifts, before then sprinting to the finish line. Each pair was timed and the winners would receive two large Gatorades from Ms. Peterson at the end of class. "OK, so I'll go over the rope swing first and then catch you if you need help clearing the distance," Amanda became all business as she mapped out the plan for the course. Next, I'll help you get over up on top of the wall and then you can give me a hand if I need help getting up. After that, I'll fireman carry you to the sprint line" ok?" Lilly was finding more and more that she would simply agree to whatever Lilly proposed. It was as if she truly was a freshman and Amanda was her senior idol. Lilly didn't even realize she was becoming powerless to refuse Amanda, instead it felt as though she were just getting much closer to someone who genuinely cared for her. "Ok.." Lilly finally answered, "I'll do my best!" "Ready! Set! Go!!!!" yelled Ms. Peterson and Amanda and Lilly began with 50 crunches. Finishing those, Amanda ran to the rope, grabbed it and swung over the taped area, landing safely on the far side. Lilly ran, awkwardly as ever, and tried to do the same, but she didn't have enough speed to clear the far tape. "You can do this Lilly!" Amanda encouraged, "Just let go when you get to the far side and I'll catch you to pull you over!" Lilly didn't want to let Amanda down so she ran as fast as she could, looking more like an undeveloped pre-teen than a mature woman, and, reaching the rope, she jumped up and grabbed hold as tight as she could. The rope swung over and just as it reached its apex at the far side, Amanda yelled "Let go!!!!" Lilly released the rope and felt herself falling down to the mats below. Before she could even realize what was happening she tumbled into Amanda, knocking her down on the mats and landing right on top of her. By the time Lilly was aware of what had just happened, she realized that Amanda's face had ended up being smothered by the cheerleader skirt she was wearing. Stunned for a second, Lilly twitched as she felt something gently move across her groin. Looking down, she could only see her skirt covering Amanda's face, when suddenly a tongue ran along the outside of her panties from one end of her clitoris to her anus. "Ohhhhhh" Lilly moaned, loud enough to cause everyone in the gym to freeze. As she tossed her head back from the bolt of surprised arousal that shot through her body, Amanda rolled out from underneath and began running to the next station. Everyone, except Bethany and Amanda thought that the sound was just from Lilly landing on top of Amanda. "Come on girl! Let's go! Let's go!" Amanda was moving on as if nothing had just happened. Lilly stumbled to her feet and tried to keep up as Amanda began doing her push-ups. Once these were done, Amanda and Lilly went over to the eight foot wall. Amanda bent down and put her hands together to make a step for Lilly to use to get to the top. Standing just over 5 feet tall, it wasn't easy for Lilly to reach, even with Amanda's help. Reaching up to put her hands around the lip of the wall, Lilly suddenly felt a hand reach up under her skirt and push directly on her vagina area in an attempt to lift her to the top. Again, Lilly was caught off guard as the hand stayed attached to her crack, with the thumb seeming to be perfectly placed right over her clitoris. Hanging on the top of the wall, Lilly was paralyzed and momentarily forgot that her objective was to climb over the wall. Instead, her body was commanding her to stay still and soak in all the erotic energy that was pouring from her groin. "Get a move on there Miss Lilly" came the shattering voice of Ms. Peterson. "The object is to get over the wall, not make out with it!" And with that, it seemed Amanda gave a final push, her fingers almost slipping inside of Lilly as she encouraged Amanda to crest the top of the wall. Lilly slipped a leg over the top and straddled the padded lip of the wall as she turned to watch Amanda run up in an attempt to high step herself to a similar mount. Lilly couldn't help but gently rock her hips as though riding a horse on top of the wall, so consumed was she with erotic energy. Fortunately, no one was watching her sit on top of the wall as Amanda charged forward. Reaching the wall, Amanda put her foot about two feet up on the wall and catapulted herself to the top. As she put her hand over the lip at the top, Lilly bent forward and grabbed Amanda's arm to help pull her over the edge. In doing so, Lilly applied even more pressure directly onto her clitoris, sending even deeper ripples of desire through her body. Without having so much as a breath to enjoy the new wave of pleasure, Amanda continued over the back side of the wall, pulling Lilly along with her to the mats below. Lilly's skirt flipped up as she landed on her back, exposing her now excitement soaked panty lining. Pulling Lilly to her feet, they ran over to the leg lift and squat station before approaching the fireman's carry weave. With every squat, Lilly felt the burst of excitement seep throughout her crotch and shoot through her legs and abdomen. Watching Amanda seductively perform the same exercises a couple feet away did nothing to abate Lilly's impending orgasm. With the exercises done, Amanda took a knee at the starting line, encouraging Lilly to come over and stand in front of her so she could lift her up and put her midsection of Amanda's shoulders. Lilly's waist was now at eye level with Amanda who wrapped her right hand around Lilly's bottom, pushed up with her legs and used her left hand to secure Lilly's bottom cheeks as Lilly flopped over Amanda's back. The result was that Lilly's bottom was totally exposed to the class and Amanda's hand was firmly planted on her bottom as her other hand held the back of Lilly's thighs against Amanda's chest. Amanda began to walk as fast as she could through the obstacle weave. She knew exactly what she was doing and also could sense exactly how aroused Lilly had become through all the events of the morning. Slipping her left hand further around as she walked, she found Lilly's fold and began rubbing her fingers in between Lilly's legs as she moved carefully through the course. Of course Amanda was able to play all of this off without anyone noticing since her hand was in a position comparable to what a normal fireman's carry would have done. Lilly couldn't stand it any longer. She even slightly parted her legs as Amanda carried her slowly through the course to allow her better access to her vagina. Amanda sensed the weakening will power and rubbed a little faster and slipped a little deeper, pushing Lilly's panties up into her vagina as she teased both her clitoris and her anus. No one could see, but Lilly was truly like a rag doll at this point, her body convulsing in waves of pleasure she had never ever experienced, her body tensing with each passing wave of desire that swept throughout all her body. It was as if she had lost total control of her body and she wanted nothing more than the release of a complete orgasm. As her body neared a crescendo that would have sent her off the cliff of delight, she suddenly felt herself falling off of Amanda's shoulder and onto another mat. "Get up! Run!" encouraged a panting Amanda as they neared the finish line. Lilly was so dazed and yearning for relief, she almost put her hand down on her crotch to finish the job, but again, Amanda was there to pull her up and practically drag her to the sprint line. Slowly, Lilly realized that this would not be her time for pleasure and she started her awkward run to the finish line. Amanda had already reached the finish and was yelling feverishly at Lilly to sprint to the finish. As Lilly crossed the finish line, she collapsed into Amanda's waiting arms and they hugged each other with an excitement that went beyond a satisfaction of simply finishing the course. Tired, totally aroused and stunned, Lilly felt herself being led to the water table where she again began putting back incredible amounts of water. All this "excitement" had left her parched and she gladly accepted Amanda's third beverage offering. They scarcely had time to reflect on how well they had done on the obstacle course before the whistle blew signaling another rotation. This time, Bethany and Chrissy would be playing Lilly and Amanda in a game of 2v2 basketball. Amanda had Lilly cover Chrissy and the game began. Bethany and Amanda were clearly more athletic that Lilly and Chrissy, so Lilly quickly adopted the strategy of passing the ball to Amanda whenever she had the chance. It was like watching a lioness battle as Amanda and Bethany went at it, denying each other access to the hoop and clawing their way to make steals and play aggressive defense. The score was tied at 3 baskets each when Bethany uncharacteristically passed the ball to Chrissy as she was driving the lane to the hoop. Chrissy was almost as surprised as Lilly that the ball came out to her. Seeing that Bethany was out of the play, Chrissy decided to drive to the basket. As Lilly stepped into her path to the basket, Chrissy plowed straight into Lilly's midsection, causing Lilly to stumble backward and fall on the ground. Lilly's feet tangled up with Chrissy's and soon it was a massive pileup in the lane with Chrissy ultimately crumbling onto Lilly's midsection. Lilly felt her breath escape as the full weight of Chrissy landed on her midsection. Chrissy's face came down just next to Lilly's and as Chrissy pushed herself back to a seated position, she found herself straddling Lilly at the waist. Dazed, Lilly slowly tried to get up, but was held down by Chrissy who was equally wincing at the collision that had unfolded. Lilly lifted her head and looked at Chrissy, who's blond hair and blue eyes would have naturally caught anyone's attention. Trailing down passed her C cup breasts, Lilly continued her stare down to Chrissy's waist, where her own sports skirt had flipped up on one side, revealing a black panty lining. But something else caught Lilly's eye. There, beneath the panty lining was a bulge, and peeking out at the seams of the panties was what looked like a white plastic bag. As Chrissy shifted to get up, Lilly distinctly heard a familiar crinkly sound and felt the padding around Chrissy's groin press against Lilly's own stomach. "Was she wearing a diaper?!!!" Lilly remained stunned on the floor as Bethany came to help lift Chrissy up off of her. Chrissy was doubled over, holding onto her own stomach as Bethany helped her over to the bleacher stands at the side of the gym. "Are you ok, Lil?" It was Amanda's stunning green eyes that accompanied her angelic voice that brought Lilly once again back to reality. "Um" yeah" I think so" " mumbled Lilly as she started to try and get up off the court. By now a number of other girls had all come around and were reaching in to help Lilly up off the floor. There were about five other girls all huddled around Lilly as she was lifted up onto her feet. Two girls were holding her arms as another couple of girls helped lift her back up. As they all huddled around her, Lilly felt a distinct pinch right on her ass. Jumping forward, she turned and saw five girls, all of which could have been the one who had just pinched her. Stunned, Lilly was desperately trying to figure out who had just done what no one had done to her before. "OK, OK" let's get back to it!" Ms. Peterson interjected. "Amanda, help Lilly back to the locker room and get her all fixed up. Bethany! You do the same with Chrissy. Every one else back to it, we have a nice warm down for you all to enjoy!" The class groaned as they all began the 15 lap jog they knew began each warm-down. "Oh, I almost forgot," Ms. Peterson said turning to face Lilly and Amanda, "you two had the fastest obstacle course time! Well done" take the two Gatorades off the bench on your way in" drink up! You need to replenish yourselves!" "Ok Ms. Peterson" will do!" Amanda chirped with that voice that had won over so many of the teachers at the high school. And with that Amanda wrapped her arm around Lilly's midsection as Lilly half limped half shuffled toward the locker room. "Ms. Peterson, may I go use the restroom?" a voice said from across the gym. Looking up as she walked toward the locker room, Lilly knew she recognized the voice. As the girl began jogging toward the locker room with Ms. Peterson's assent, Lilly suddenly recognized the girl" it was Suzy from the mall! All of the activity and distractions that Lilly had been fighting during the period had kept her from seeing the girl that had just helped her the day before pick out some of the youngest outfits she'd ever owned as a pre-teen. Lilly momentarily felt exposed again, but remembered she had told Suzy that she might be checking out the high school, so she just tried to ignore Suzy and half cuddled into Amanda's assisting grip, hoping to shrink from Suzy's line of sight. Once in the locker room, things changed very quickly. Lilly was on her way to use the restroom herself, having begun to feel all the effects of six cups of water and half the Gatorade she had already chugged when Amanda suddenly began pulling her toward the trainer's room. There was a door leading into the room and one window that looked out into the locker room. The window had blinds that had been pulled shut. By the time Amanda pulled her into the room, Lilly realized something was going on. She stumbled into the room and felt Amanda gently push her down into a chair up against the wall. There on the trainer's examination table, lay Chrissy. Bethany holding her arm down to one side, and Suzy holding down her other arm. No one really said anything although Chrissy was letting out a soft whimper as she lay restrained on the table. It appeared to Lilly as though Chrissy were putting up a token resistance, but the reality was she could have been resisting a lot more violently than she was. Lilly was yet again stunned into a frozen place of observation. Amanda released Lilly's arm and stood at the end of the table, with Chrissy's legs now on either side of Amanda's hips. Amanda reached up and grabbed Chrissy's skirt, pulling it down and slipping it off Chrissy's legs. Amanda had to peer around Amanda from where she sat and her mouth dropped when she saw Chrissy wearing a very thick diaper under her now removed skirt. "Looks like sissy Chrissy took a hard fall" mommy's just going to check to make sure you're ok sweetie," Amanda spoke in a tone Lilly had not previously heard her speak. It was a controlling, yet comforting voice that left little doubt who was in charge. Amanda ran her hands up Chrissy's legs, somehow trying to assess if there were any injuries on her calves and then her thighs. "Does this hurt, baby?" Cooed Amanda as she leaned in against the table to reach up toward Chrissy's diaper. "No mommy" " answered Chrissy, her breathing now nearing a steady pant. "Good" good" " Amanda continued, now running her hands around the cusp of Chrissy's diaper. She took her hands from the top of her diaper at the hips and ran her hands over the diaper and moved down at an angle until her fingertips pressed hard enough to find Chrissy's clitoris. "Ohhhhhh" ," Grunted Chrissy, her head twisting and arms attempting to flail, but being held down by the power of Suzy and Bethany. "That must be where it hurts, huh honey? It's ok" let mommy fix it" " and with that Amanda began massaging Chrissy's diaper moving the padding up and down against Chrissy's already excited vagina. Her thumbs teased the entry to Chrissy's vagina, pushing the diaper up against a soaked opening, while her fingers continued to slide up and down along Chrissy's clitoris. "OH mmmmyyyyy" " " " ," Chrissy was loosing total control, her stomach lifting up off the exam table as her hips began to move in sync with Amanda's increasingly rapid petting. "UUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" " .."Came the final grunt and Chrissy's whole ass lifted up off the table, the crescendo of the crinkling diaper growing to match the orgasm that was now consuming all of Chrissy's being. Lilly was sitting on the edge of her seat now, her head just inches from Amanda's ass, watching intently as Chrissy released a monstrous orgasm. Lilly was amazed at her own arousal, having never seen another girl orgasm, and to see it happen with a diaper on" lilly's mind was spinning with confusion and a sense that this was all wrong, yet her body yearned to step further into this unbelievable experience. Chrissy's body went limp, as she continued to exhale pants of glory and her hips continued to twitch, reveling in the warm glow of bliss she had just experienced. "OK Bethany" get your girl cleaned up and changed" .we don't have a lot of time" " and with that Amanda turned, almost hitting a gaping lilly in the face as she swung around. The look in Lilly's eyes confirmed what Amanda had already suspected; "this one was in the bag.' Amanda reached down and grabbed Lilly's arm, pulling her up out of the chair and out the door with one fluid motion. Looking back as if a young toddler looking longingly back at a play structure they were being forced to leave, Lilly caught one more look of Chrissy on the table, but this time with her diaper being removed and something odd in her mouth" "What was that" " Lilly began to think, only to have her thoughts rattled by the dozens of girls' voices that crashed into the locker room. All the other girls had completed their warm-down and were coming in to get changed for their next class. Unbeknownst to Lilly, Amanda gave a knowing wink to one of her other "helpers" who had just come in and the signal was secretly sent to initiate the next part of Amanda's plan. By the time Amanda had led them back to their locker, Lilly was truly feeling the effects of all the water and Gatorade. Her bladder was now beyond hinting at the need for relief: it was screaming. So powerful had the urge to pee become that Lilly found her extreme arousal from what she had just observed subdued by the increasing pressure on her bladder walls. "Amanda, I need to pee," Lilly beckoned looking around to see if she could tell what part of the locker room held the toilets. "Ok" around the corner to the left" . I'll change and wait for you." Amanda answered, not even making eye contact with Lilly, but smiling from ear to ear as she knew what fate awaited Lilly. Lilly practically galloped around the corner, making her way to the toilets. One of the problems with this high school is that it was an older one, having been built over 20 years ago. There had been very few updates made as the school grew. Now, with over 5000 students, the two toilets in the girls locker room were completely insufficient relative to the number of students. Lilly discovered this as she bounded around the corner, only to find a line of girls waiting to use the same toilets she desperately needed to use. "Come on" let's go!" one girl in line demanded. "For crying out loud, what are you doing in there?!" another chimed in. "There are some things you just can't hurry!" came the sarcastic reply from inside one of the stalls. It seemed as though the realization that there was a long line magnified the distress Lilly was starting to feel as her legs began tiring from squeezing so hard together in an effort to keep herself composed. She leaned back against the wall, fifth in line from getting into a stall and relief. The sound of a flush gave her a moment of hope, then another and two more girls entered, leaving her just three away from entering. Lilly's mind became solely focused on the growing pain in her lower abdomen. There had been many times when Lilly had had to go pee and was forced to hold it, but this was by far the worst such experience. The thought did cross her mind that perhaps she could go search for another bathroom outside in the halls, but Lilly knew that any movement at this point may trigger an uncontrollable river of pee. Suddenly, Lilly found herself having some rather strange thoughts. They made no sense and her body resisted even the possibility of honoring the thoughts, but try as she may, the absurdity of the thoughts didn't clear them from her mind" "You will wet your pants under stress " Lilly was certainly under stress" . "Wetting your pants makes you cry" " Tears were beginning to well up in Lilly's eyes from the pain she was trying to overcome" "You wet your pants when you feel the need to pee" " Lilly had a flashback to the prior evening when she had wet her pants while handcuffed in the back storage room" "No matter where you are" you wet your pants" First a storage room, then my car, now a locker room" what is happening? It seemed as though a dual flush broke through Lilly's thoughts, and in a sudden rush of hope, both stall doors opened and two more girls entered ahead of Lilly. She would be next" if she could just hold on" . "You wet your pants when you feel the need to pee" " Bent over at the waist, Lilly knew her battle was coming to an end one way or another. There was no one else in line, and now she was at the mercy of the two girls ahead of her. "You wet your pants when you feel the need to pee" " The image of little missy wetting her diaper and smiling in total bliss flashed in Lilly's mind" "why am I thinking about all these things?!" lilly's own mind was screaming as loudly as her bladder" the thought of the store manager putting a diaper on her the night before" the feeling of the diaper as she sat in class and dribble peed earlier in the day" and Chrissy" what was she doing in a diaper anyway? Question after question" her mind racing faster and faster as if rapid thoughts would somehow quell the growing wave in her bladder. And then the battle was over" "You wet your pants when you feel the need to pee" " I am wetting my pants" .Lilly realized after the gush had already started. The pee quickly filled her think black panty lining in the skirt Amanda had loaned her. "No matter where you are" you wet your pants" Here" in the girls locker room at the school where I work" I am wetting my pants" The pee filling the panties escaped both outside the sides of the panties as well as through the lycra/nylon material itself to create a multiple water fall effect of urine tumbling to the locker room floor. The resulting sound of pee hitting the floor sounded as if someone had let a sink overflow. Lilly, rather than resisting, sank lower to the ground, her back hugging the wall as she slid down. Her knees bent out, her bottom rested just inches from the floor as wave after wave of urine poured out" Lilly wasn't sure why she didn't just stop it and hold it back after a lot of the pressure had been released, but her sense of being totally defeated probably had something to do with the total erosion of her will power. And then a second wave of water began to pour, but this one from Lilly's eyes. Holding her head in her hands, the stream of urine running down the bathroom tile to the floor drain, Lilly began sobbing like a little girl. Her cry sounded remarkably similar to little baby Missy's as she sank into the recognition of her reality" in just the past two days, Lilly had wet her pants over three times. Working as a younger pre-teen was one thing" Lilly had no explanation for her sudden pants wetting epidemic. "Oh! There you are!" Amanda's voice came from the corner. "What happened?" Amanda knew full well what had happened as she had orchestrated the log jam at the toilets long enough for Lilly's bladder to fail. "Oh my" did you have an accident Lilly?" "Umfff" yeah" accident" Lilly mumbled in between violent sobs. "Oh, it's ok sweetie" don't worry about it" it happens" look, you don't need to be afraid, there are a lot of little girls that have weak bladders" it's nothing to be ashamed of" now come on" let's get you cleaned up" " "I'm" .sorry" ..your" ..skirt," Lilly was gasping in between sobs, her eyes totally running with tears and her legs still evidencing a slow dribble of pee making its way to the floor. "Oh, Lilly, don't worry, I can just wash it" it's really no big deal" trust me" you are so lucky you got paired with me as a shadow today" I know just what to do," And with that Amanda led Lilly towards the trainer exam room" .. Chapter 19 Anticipating the bladder failure that had just occurred, Amanda had taken her bag with her to find Lilly crumpled over in the bathroom. Now as she escorted her latest, but still unknowing, conquest to the trainer's exam room, Amanda felt that familiar rush of joy that came with bringing girls into a place of nurturing that deep down they had always wanted. Although there were definitely physical and sexual elements at play, Amanda's motives had always been deeper. Having grown up without a father figure in her life, Amanda had somehow found an inner strength that had carried her through some tough years. Now, Amanda had mastered the art of helping others get in touch with some of their innermost emotional needs. While it seemed somewhat manipulative and controlling on the outside, Amanda truly believed she was helping girls overcome insecurities or hurts by bringing them to the very point Lilly had reached. Amanda saw the familiar mix of defeat, fear, and brokenness in Lilly's eyes as they entered the exam room. Without talking, Amanda led her over to the exam table and helped her sit up on the side. As she stood in front of Lilly, Amanda gently took a baby wipe from below the table and began washing Lilly's legs, paying particular attention to her inner thighs where so much urine had passed to the bathroom floor. "Lilly, dear," Amanda began to sound so amazingly caring and affectionate, "you need to know this isn't your fault." Amanda gently pulled out her IPOD and placed both ear pieces in Lilly's ears. "I can sense you have been struggling to figure out exactly who you are" it seems clear you have had to deal with a lot of stress and pain in life" " Lilly sat mesmerized at Amanda's words" it seemed as if she truly read her like a book. It was true that Lilly, aka Jill, had experienced traumatic events as a child, but how in the world could Amanda know. With each word Amanda spoke, Lilly's insides turned in ways that she hadn't felt since she was eight or nine years old. Lilly could not resist, in fact there really was nothing to resist, she was helplessly exposed in her feelings, sitting in now cold wet panties and being nurtured by someone who seemed to be able to understand her to the core. Whatever was happening, Lilly felt her desire to challenge it fade quickly to a place where her body was now numb with anticipation of whatever was next to come. "You need to rest, you need to know it will be ok" " Amanda continued, this time gently moving Lilly's shoulders to lie down on the examination table. As Lilly took deeper and deeper breaths, her tears began to subside and her whole body frame released tension, allowing herself to sink into the pillow at the head of the examination table where Chrissy had just laid several minutes earlier. Amanda clicked the music on, and the same rhythmic music that had captivated Lilly earlier in the day, now quickly brought her to a similar state of calm and trancelike peace. A warm washcloth suddenly was placed from behind Lilly's head over her eyes, allowing her to close her eyes and for her mind to further sink into the state of acceptance that Amanda would make sure everything would be ok. A moment later her lips felt a cup against her lips, but it wasn't a normal cup. Instinctively Lilly's head began to raise up as if to investigate the abnormal cup being pushed against her lips, but hands quickly held her down at the forehead, her temples beginning to be massaged as the sippy cup type lid was gently pushed into Lilly's mouth. Amanda had perfected her "juice", a combination of OTC sedatives and kids' berry juice drinks, which now were waiting to enter Lilly's petite frame. As with riding a bike, once something is learned and practiced repeatedly, it becomes second nature and the presence of the sippy cup lid in her mouth seemed to unleash a wave of three year old memories, inviting Lilly to suck against the tip without even thinking about it. The liquid began making its way into Lilly's mouth who slurped and drank to the beat of her music, feeling more and more relaxed as her temples were being massaged under the warmth of a covering wash cloth. Lilly barely felt Amanda's hands around her waist begin to pull her own skirt off Lilly's hips and down her legs. The cool breeze that hit Lilly's vagina was quickly covered by what felt like a felt towel being placed over her privates. The music grew more penetrating in her mind, distracting her more and more from the external things happening around her. The massaging of her forehead so soothing that Lilly was fighting consciousness amidst a peace and relaxation that the last 48 hours had deprived her. Note by note, rub by rub, sip by sip, Lilly found her strings of conscious thought slowly breaking and giving way to a deep peace. Lilly didn't even hear the scissors cutting off her shirt or feel the shredded garment being removed. The same felt blanket covered her otherwise exposed chest and allowed a warmth to glow all around her body. Deeper and deeper she sank, her sips now becoming slower as the large sippy cup quickly emptied inside of an increasingly drowsy Lilly. A now nearly muted voice inside Lilly's head offered a token challenge to what was happening, but the pulsating hands, now massaging her neck and shoulders overcame these now quieted doubts and Lilly began to quickly drift into a deep, deep relaxation. As Lilly's head turned slightly to the side, Ms. Peterson, continued rubbing her shoulders and neck, "I think she's asleep," she whispered to Amanda, who had finished wiping down Lilly's vaginal area with warm water and soap. Amanda nodded agreement, taking a pink binky from her bag and replacing the sippy cup hanging on the edge of Lilly's mouth with the soft, inviting rubbery nipple. Just as Lilly's deep memories had responded to the familiarity of the sippy cup, it didn't take long for the now totally relaxed Lilly, her mind newly opened to childhood memories, to begin gently sucking on the adult sized binky. With each suck, deeper and deeper waves of relaxation rushed over Lilly taking her into an even deeper slumber. Amanda and Ms. Peterson exchanged a knowing smile. Their partnership had blossomed since Ms. Peterson's first year at the school and now had developed to the point where they knew each other's thoughts and could anticipate each other's actions. "You better get off to class," Ms. Peterson said, moving to trade places with Amanda, "I'll finish up here and she'll be waiting for you for lunch." Amanda smiled, slipping past Ms. Peterson as she stepped back, allowing her gym teacher to move to the end of the table where shaving cream, razor, and Abena diaper lay waiting. As Ms. Peterson leaned forward to remove the towel over Lilly's groin, she felt Amanda's hands on her ass, firmly grabbing the diaper under Ms. Peterson's gym pants. Leaning forward from behind Ms. Peterson, Amanda whispered, "Good girl" good girl" " Ms. Peterson leaned her head back into Amanda's embrace, pangs of excitement racing over her, but knowing her time would have to wait. Several seconds later, Ms. Peterson was alone with Lilly, and several minutes later, Lilly was so cleanly shaven that her petite frame looked like the very three year old her mind was allowing her to be with each successive suck on her adorable binky. First shaking, then massaging, Ms. Peterson applied an abundant dose of baby powder over Lilly's newly shaven vaginal area, making sure that the wonderful odor was sure to stay with Lilly for the rest of the day. Next, Ms. Peterson applied the all to familiar Abena X-Plus that was so thick on Lilly's petite frame that Ms. Peterson knew Lilly would not be able to bring her legs together. Taking the pink "baby" skirt that Lilly had worn earlier and slipping it over the diaper, Ms. Peterson left a matching pink cut-off tee shirt on the chair next to the exam table along with another sippy cup. This cup, while looking the same as what Lilly had drank before falling into a deep sleep, actually contained a high concentration of tasteless alcohol along with the same mix of kids juices. Knowing Lilly would wake parched, Ms. Peterson knew the drink would be consumed without question and with reckless abandon. Turning off the light as stood by the exam room door, Ms. Peterson smiled, truly believing that yet another troubled soul was being set free to discover their inner needs for nurturing and love. She loved her job as much as Lilly was ever increasingly confused as to what exactly her job was! Lilly turned onto her side, oblivious to the change she would find when she awakened and still relishing in the comfort of security of her diaper and binky. Chapter 20 Lilly awoke to a wave of feelings and thoughts swarming her body and mind respectively. A soft, nipple material tenderly stroking her upper mouth; the darkness of the room confusing her mind as to her exact location; the sound of a crinkling diaper emanating from under her blanket; her hardened nipples gently stimulating her arousal under the same blanket, a grogginess and strange peace rippling through her rested body" all combined to create a tension between the peace from which she awoke and panic as to not remembering where she was or what was happening. Sitting up, Lilly's braided pony tails fell against her naked back, the blanket falling off her top to expose her flat chest, her binky oddly remaining in her mouth, despite a mental awareness of there being something strangely wrong with its presence. Slowly, almost in rhythm with the sucks that Lilly still involuntarily administered to her binky, memory after memory began to came back to her, starting with the gym class, to witnessing Chrissy's orgasm, to her bladder accident in the bathroom to the soothing massage she had last enjoyed. Stretching her arms over her head as a young girl would before getting out of bed, Lilly looked down to see the familiar pink skirt barely covering her diaper. HER DIAPER! What was she doing in a diaper" AGAIN! Oddly enough, despite the horror that should have consumed Lilly's mind, her first thought was that it actually made sense. Why wouldn't they put her in a diaper? She had been caught in a wet diaper and then proceeded to wet her pants" she clearly needed a diaper. NEEDED A DIAPER? Did she, in fact, need a diaper? Lilly's mind seemed to be considering for the first time that a diaper may actually be necessary to keep Lilly from wetting her pants. Lilly sat up replaying all the events of the last 72 hours, thinking that while each of the events seemed to have a rational reason why she had wet her pants, the reality was that she seemed to have a weakening bladder. Suddenly aware of the slurping noise coming from her mouth, Lilly became distracted to the binky that she had so naturally kept a part of her mouth. Noticing that it was attached to a necklace that lay around her neck, Lilly removed it long enough to look at the cute pink designs around the very largely designed binky. The nipple itself looked the same as one of her nipples when it hardened, elevating some ½ an inch off her chest. A stirring of excitement washed through her groin as she looked at the binky and quickly associated a mother's nipple with the image before her. Instinctively, her other hand rose up to feel her own nipple, sending yet another shot of arousal to her groin area and realizing that she was oddly attracted to the binky innocently restrained around her neck. With the binky out of her mouth, she realized just how thirsty she was, probably from having sucked tirelessly on her binky for her nap. Looking around, she saw the sippy cup on the chair, resting on a pink top. Sliding off the table, the crinkling diaper pressed against her clitoris, igniting yet another moment of arousal. Slipping the top on, Lilly barely even paused to consider her appearance, instead reaching desperately for the sippy cup. Lilly began feverishly working at the cup, slurping in its contents as fast as her tongue could work. Halfway through her drinking, Lilly realized that it was somewhat silly that she was drinking as a child. She could have easily removed the lid and finished off the drink, but something inside of her kept her from acting on this train of thought. Maybe it was the realization that she was almost done with the drink, or perhaps it was just that her outfit warranted using the sippy cup more than drinking as an adult. Whatever the case, Lilly quickly disposed of the cups contents, taking every last drop as a baby would from a bottle. Within minutes, a warm feeling consumed Lilly's body, her mind feeling the effects of the alcohol spiked drink. Not appreciating the volume of alcohol she had just effectively chugged, Lilly became aware of a growing light-headedness and she began reaching back for the table to balance herself as the effects of the alcohol slowly worked their way into Lilly's bloodstream. Just as she was beginning to feel incredibly dizzy, the door burst open and the lights came crashing on. "I don't care what excuse you have, Amanda!!!! There is absolutely no excuse for leaving your shadow in here for an entire class period!!!" Ms. Peterson's reprimand crashed over Lilly's increasingly blurry vision as she turned to the booming voice in the doorway. "And as for you Missy," Lilly could tell Ms. Peterson had turned to direct her comments to her, "skipping class is not tolerated, shadow or not! I don't care if you end up coming here or not, I'm calling your parents tonight to recommend you both attend detention tomorrow for this total disrespect of authority!!!!" Lilly's head was now literally spinning, she found her lips simply unable to move in a coherent way, so instead of even trying she, just turned toward the voice, her eyes clearly glazed from the growing effects of the alcohol. "Now get her out of here, Amanda, and you two better be attached at the hip for the rest of the day, or so help me I'll have you both in detention for a month!" "Ba" bab" badub" " Lilly found her mouth attempting to protest the words "but I didn't', but she was able to realize that only jibberish was coming out" .Before she had a chance to even continue, she felt the binky being pushed back into her mouth and Amanda's arm wrapping around her backside to prop her up as they walked/stumbled back into the girls' locker room. "Just keep quiet," whispered Amanda, now supporting more than half Lilly's weight as they returned to the main hallway that led out to the parking lot. By now, Lilly had completely forgotten that she was wearing a very slutty outfit and that her diaper was barely visible each time she took a stride, raising her already short skirt even higher. What's more, Lilly had kept the binky in her mouth as she half walked, half stumbled through the parking lot towards Amanda's awaiting car. Amanda quickly opened the passenger door, and gently leaned Lilly down into the awaiting car. Lilly sank into the chair, oblivious to the fact that in so doing her skirt rose up to totally expose her extremely large diaper. Leaning back, she put her head against the headrest and let out a deep breath, her lips making the raspberry sound babies make when they discover how to push air through their lips. Amanda quickly slid around the car and slipped into the driver's seat, grabbing the baby bottle she had prepared earlier from her purse, she put it up to Lilly's mouth, removing the binky and forcing the nipple tip into Lilly's mouth. "Drink this, it will help," she softly cooed. Without hesitation, Lilly's hands came up and grabbed hold of the bottle, her head now jolting forward, but the nipple staying in her mouth. Without thinking, her tongue and cheek muscles began sucking at the nipple. Lukewarm milk began to pass into Lilly's mouth. It tasted amazingly sweet and despite the awkwardness of it being in a bottle, Lilly worked feverishly at the nipple to extract this delicious milk. Amanda smiled, knowing that the milk and alcohol and blend that Lilly was now consuming would very quickly have the desired effects Amanda knew would be critical to have Lilly truly embrace the transformation Amanda was working to effect. Within five minutes, Lilly had leaned back against the headrest and worked the last bit of the drink from the baby bottle, before letting out a gasp and smile, proud as a child would be of finishing their bottle. A drop of milk sat at the corner of her mouth as a very warm glow of the alcoholic buzz that was consuming her body released her from worry and anxiety. "Hee" heee" this is fuuuunnnn!" Lilly giggled, the all familiar silliness of alcohol letting her guard down. Lilly had always been a happy drunk in college, and although she wasn't a big partier, she knew how much alcohol let her wild side emerge. Without realizing exactly what had happened, Lilly was accepting that she was being freed to that same place. Slipping her legs apart, Lilly smiled toward Amanda, "Dat's a big diaper" heheheheeee." Looking down at the Abena diaper that was fully exposed and so thick Lilly could not push her legs together, Lilly noticed for the first time that her groin felt strangely odd as it rubbed against the diaper. What little air circulated insider her diaper felt cooler against her skin, almost as though" . Without even thinking, Lilly lifted up her skirt and pulled against the diaper so she could peer down to look inside" Amanda was driving and smiling at the childish recognition that was being processed by her woozy little girl. When Lilly's eyes saw her shaved clitoris and vaginal area, her eyes got incredibly wide and she seemed to just stare at her privates. Images shot rapidly through her mind" first of Amanda's similarly shaven crotch, then of a sleepover she had attended when she was fourteen where all the girls made fun of her for not having any hair growth at all as they changed out of their swimwear to put on their pajamas, then of Missy and how cute and soft her baby skin looked. Suddenly the car stopped and Lilly rocked forward in her seat, the motion causing her to let go of the edge of the diaper and rock back into her seat. Amanda had parked the car and instantly reached over to grab Lilly's arm. Feeling her gentle grip, Lilly started to realize her mind was in a delayed mode. The alcohol was clearly taking its toll on Lilly's ability to think quickly and to respond coherently. Her eyes turned toward Amanda, but her mind moved in a slow motion, almost blurred effort to catch up with what she was seeing. Amanda could see the glazed look beginning to overtake Lilly's eyes, she truly was beginning to act more like a toddler or young child, the alcohol clearly inhibiting her processing and reaction time. Amanda took advantage of this by speaking more slowly and simply, as she might a small child. "Now Lilly dear, we needed to shave you, okay sweetie? It's not a big deal sweetie" it's rather simple to understand. Now, babies wear diapers right?" Amanda waited for the slow acknowledging nod that seemed to take Lilly forever to provide, "And they don't have pubic hair right?" Again, with her mouth slightly agape, Lilly nodded, simply answering the question concretely with no regard for where this was going. "And we've seen that you need to wear diapers, don't you?" This time, the pause was even longer, with Lilly looking down to her diaper again. In slow motion, the accidents she had experienced, along with remember how she had been wetting a diaper in the last 48 hours came cascading to her mind. "Lilly dear...it's ok" many girls need to wear diapers" it's ok that you need to wear them" it keeps you from embarrassing yourself doesn't it" " Amanda encouraged, leaning forward and stroking Lilly's arm with her other hand as she spoke. And there it was" the nod of agreement. Amanda correctly sensed that this nod was different than a simple appeasement; there was something at Lilly's core that was truly coming to peace with the possibility of her "need" to wear diapers. Although there was still a voice within her that was resistant to this idea, the alcohol had freed her from hearing the resistance and accepting the reality that she needed to" " " .. Suddenly, in the stillness of the car, a soft rustling sound, almost like the muffled sound of a stream against rocks or of water rushing against a plastic surface broke through the silence. And as Lilly continued to look at her diaper, Amanda's head also turned toward the source of the sound that seemed to be coming from between Lilly's legs. Before both of their very eyes, the color indicator on the diaper was turning from yellow, to a shade of green and then to a deeper blue as Lilly peed in her diaper. At some level, Lilly was conscious that she was allowing herself to pee, but there was also some aspect of her mind that had simply let go" "You wet your pants when you feel the need to pee" " "No matter where you are" you wet your pants" The alcohol certainly was helping to release physical and emotional control in Lilly's mind, and where she would have been shocked at what was happening but five hours earlier, she now had a calm about her, knowing that her diaper would keep her safe; believing that Amanda would take care of her" "Oh" Lilly dear...did you have another accident? Good thing we have your diaper on sweetie" no embarrassing wet panties for people to laugh at" .see Lilly" your diaper is helping you" it's just easier isn't it?" Amanda was trying hard to contain the inner delight she was experiencing at how well Lilly was responding to all of her orchestrated stimuli. Quite frankly, Amanda didn't care if Lilly had chosen to pee or if her body had just let go" she knew that Lilly simply choosing to wet her diaper was a big step to giving Amanda even greater control, control that would lead Lilly helplessly to incontinence and hopefully to accepting herself for the first time in her life. "Come on Lilly" let's get some lunch and I can change your diaper for you ok?" Lilly nodded agreement, more anxious to get out of her wet diaper than anything else. She wasn't sure why, but she sat in the car, waiting for Amanda to come open her door. Stepping out of the car, Lilly looked incredibly young. Amanda stood proudly at what she and her team had been able to accomplish in just a couple days. Here was a 22 year old woman, getting out of her car, fully exposing a wet diaper, in clothes that were childishly revealing, wearing a binky around her neck, with braided pony tails bouncing down the middle of her back, wanting Amanda to change her diaper. Amanda beamed with excitement and pride, she truly felt many motherly instincts coursing through her veins, desiring to truly help Lilly embrace the child that was so desperately trying to just come out. Holding Lilly's hand, she grabbed the binky from around Lilly's neck as they started to walk into the fast food restaurant, placing the binky in Lilly's mouth, "Now let me do the talking in the restaurant honey, I'll make sure no one makes fun of you ok" just follow my lead" it will be ok." Unable to speak because her mouth had surprisingly and eagerly accepted the binky without any resistance, Lilly struggled just to concentrate on walking without tripping or falling. Her appearance, the exposed diaper, her childish hair and the binky were actually not on her mind. Simply putting one foot in front of the other and seeing, in a blurred and dizzy fashion, where she was going proved to be all Lilly's mind could handle as they entered the restaurant. Amanda was making note of the effects of the alcohol on Lilly. She was peacefully compliant and seemed truly to be losing focus of the many possible anxious thoughts she could have. Amanda had taken some child psychology classes and realized that little children have very concrete minds, often missing the social implications of their actions or how they interacted with the world around them, instead being consumed with their own little worlds. This seemed to be the effect the alcohol was having on Lilly, her mind seemingly focused on the basics of walking, relieving her bladder, and now food. Amanda was adjusting future plans to make sure this effect was allowed to become more of a permanent reality for Lilly. From Lilly's perspective, the daze that was consuming her mind, was peacefully freeing. She felt incredibly calm and cared for, there was no mental space to stress over the absurdity of her dress or actions. Her mind somehow had been reduced to the immediacy of her own basic functions, which seemed to be confined to walking and urinating so far. To that list would add eating and perhaps trying to speak, which her lips had so far prevented her to do with much accuracy. It felt like a much simpler world than the one she entered at the beginning of the day with so much fear, anxiety and nervous thinking. Now, she was trusting that Amanda would truly help her and she really didn't need to think much beyond that. This was a good thing, because Lilly was unaware of the rather awkward looks she was getting as they entered the restaurant. Strangely enough, a number of parents in the restaurant seemed oblivious to Lilly" she was short, and could easily have passed for a younger child, perhaps with some type of learning disability or mental challenge. It was the children that seemed fascinated with the oddity of a somewhat taller girl coming in, with both a pacifier and diaper on. While many kids couldn't express what bothered them about Lilly's appearance, their inward senses told them something unusual was afoot. A couple of parents saw the gawking stares and pulled their children aside, explaining how rude it was to stare, but for the most part, Lilly's entrance was examined by many who quickly concluded that she must be a special needs child. One mother was so bold as to approach Amanda with sincere encouragement" "It's so sweet of you to care for your little sister," she spoke endearingly to Amanda, speaking as if Lilly wasn't even there, "my daughter has special needs as well, and it's hard to provide all the care she needs, especially as they get older. Please know I understand how this must be hard for you, but know it is really honorable what you're doing." And with that she softly grabbed Amanda's arm, gave a gentle look to Lilly and bent down to address "the child." "Sweetie" you look very cute, honey. Your sister loves you" she takes good care of you" awww" .." and before Lilly was aware that an encounter had even taken place, she felt the lady patting her head and moving to return to her own family. Amanda met Lilly's gaze in the wake of the exchange and smiled down at Lilly, gently repeating the tapping of her head before bending over slightly and whispering to Lilly, "I will take good care of you honey" don't you worry, I know you need to be helped" right sweetie?" There was power in the gentleness of Amanda's gaze and voice that really hit Lilly at the core. It was as if a hardness of heart was being melted every time Amanda spoke encouragingly to Lilly, a relinquishing of self-control in favor of the soothing promise of comfort Amanda so selflessly offered. Lilly nodded, believing in her heart that Amanda was there to help and totally unaware of the fact that they had continued to walk right to the restaurant's bathroom. Sensing Lilly's continued childlike trance the alcohol had induced, Amanda didn't hesitate to lower the changing table from the wall in the lady's room, and turned scooping Lilly up to sit on the table. Before Lilly could even register in her mind what was happening, Amanda had gently begun to push Lilly down on the table. Lilly was clearly bigger than the table had been designed for, so Amanda quickly pushed up Lilly's legs to allow for her to lay down on the table. Amanda had decided against talking, hoping that if she just proceeded expeditiously with the diaper change that she could effectively not make a big deal of what would clearly otherwise be a humiliating experience for anyone sober enough to realize it. Lilly had a quick jolt of awkwardness run through her body, but before she could spit the binky out and offer any kind of question to what was happening, she felt the tapes being ripped off her diaper and a sudden cool breeze pushing up against her freshly shaved clitoral region. Lilly instinctively took a breath in as the cold air hit her sensitive erogenous zone, pulling the binky even deeper into her mouth and sucking slightly harder and faster against the rubber nipple. Her head was literally spinning thanks to the alcohol, the equivalent of five shots, now coursing through the blood of her petite body. She felt calmly paralyzed and now suddenly aroused at the attention her vagina was getting. The cold breeze against her privates was suddenly compounded with the presence of a cold baby wipe running from her clitoris down towards her anus. Her body instinctively clenched as she raised her ass into the air, reacting to this abrupt sensation. Suddenly Lilly's mind became focused on the physical attention her body was receiving. Instead of the humiliation associated with the diaper or the danger of who might see her like this, her eyes closed and her mind used every ounce of drunken energy to concentrate on the stirring that was again occurring between her legs. Another wipe jolted her again at her clitoris, but this time the pressure seemed to linger and the temperature didn't seem as shocking. She felt fingers pressing the wipe deep into her slit, even entering into her vaginal entrance, circling around with just the right amount of pressure before sliding down to her anus. Again, her ass lifted off the changing table into the air, but this time because it was craving more attention from the hand that was "cleaning" her than from the shock of coldness. And again, the wipe seemed to be moving in circles, but this time around her anus, even slightly penetrating her and sliding gently inside. A muffled gasp of excitement came from Lilly's mouth, contained by the binky, but gutterally powerful enough to get Amanda's attention that this body was truly responding to what would have been a normal diaper change to an undeveloped body. Amanda smiled, but again said nothing, instead, taking a third wipe and repeating the process, but this time, moving back and forth between Lilly's clitoris and vaginal entrance, keeping pressure on the former, while rubbing down to the latter. The result was a rhythmic hip movement that tried to anticipate and meet each stroke of Amanda's fingers, inviting them to penetrate deeper. Lilly turned her head toward the wall, her eyes closed, making her oblivious to the pictures that were being taken by Bethany from over Amanda's shoulders. Not wanting Lilly to be aware that she had ever been there, Bethany quietly moved into one of the two stalls after completing her video montage. Meanwhile, Amanda had stopped making contact with Lilly's pelvic area and had gone to remove a diaper from her bag. Lilly continued thrusting her hips, searching for the hands that had awoken her arousal, thrashing for relief from the waves of pleasure that were pounding in her groin. Her binky had now become an instrument of pleasure, with greater sucks and intensity being brought against the nipple, adding to the strangely erotic consummation that was overtaking Lilly's body. Amanda slipped her new diaper, this one decorated with cute baby rattles and pink binkies and even twice as thick as the previous Abena, under Lilly's bottom during one of her searching thrusts. She quickly brought the front of the diaper up over Lilly's clitoris and taped the sides together. Lilly opened her eyes for the first time, expressing a totally distraught look, fearing that her relief would not come. Amanda leaned over to Lilly's ear and gently whispered, "Close your eyes and listen Lilly. Would you like to climax right now sweetie?" Lilly obediently closed her eyes and nodded instantly as a child would answer to an invitation to have dessert. "Even here, in this public restroom?" Lilly's mind was solely focused on pleasure and relief" her mind couldn't even process that there could be anything embarrassing or undesirable about climaxing. She shook her head violently in the affirmative. "Would you like my help honey?" Again, Lilly nodded without thinking of any of the ramifications to her agreement. "If I help you with this, will you trust me to help you with other parts of your life?" Again, Lilly had no idea what she was agreeing to but her arousal simply was dictating agreement. "And if you disobey me in these other areas, may I punish you?" Absolutely! Lilly's mind and body screamed. Anything to get relief" .Lilly just began nodding over and over, not even waiting for the next question, but just nodding as if to let Amanda know she would do anything that was asked. What Lilly didn't realize was that Bethany had come out of the stall, this time with a video camera, and had been recording this entire exchange, getting excellent footage of the diaper clad Lilly moving her hips in total arousal, while fervently agreeing to everything Amanda was asking. Bethany smiled, knowing that this tape would be replayed at a future date when Lilly might not feel as compliant! With Lilly's agreement "contractually" captured on tape, Amanda resumed rubbing Lilly's clitoris, this time over the crinkly warmth of the diaper that pressed up against her. Placing her index finger directly over Lilly's clitoris, Amanda rubbed up and down Lilly's vaginal slit, sending bolts of energy and excitement all over Lilly's abdomen, legs, and groin. Now Lilly's moans became totally uncontrolled and constant, her legs swung wide open to invite the attention she was getting, her nipples erect against her baby-pink t-shirt, her mind simply swimming in the pleasure that was building quickly at her core. Stroke after stroke, pressure after pressure, deep moan after deep moan, sucking her binky as if it were a nipple itself, Lilly released every last ounce of resistance and let the intense wave of pleasure course over every ounce of her body. Her legs twitched uncontrollably, her abdomen tightened as the most consuming climax of her life pierced every nerve and ounce of Lilly's drunken awareness. Amanda showed no mercy, continuing her pulsing touch, allowing wave after wave of pleasure to deeply overwhelm Lilly's being, bringing her literally to the brink of consciousness as her head swam in delirium. And then, her body collapsed in total release. Her bottom fell back down on the changing table, her head turned and her arms fell to her side. Lilly was in a space of total warmth and bliss she had never experienced. There was nothing she could say or physically do, but revel in the afterglow of a moment she had never before encountered. Without her knowing it, her brain was connecting synapses of association between the presence of the binky and her diaper with the intense pleasure she had just experienced. To her mind, this level of pleasure was now permanently etched with Amanda's stimulation, the thick and scintillating diaper, her short skirt, and responsive binky. Amanda allowed Lilly the pleasure of simply resting in the aftershocks of her orgasm, knowing full well this would be one of many experiences that would unlock the real inner being that Lilly had resisted for so long. After a couple minutes, Amanda gently lifted Lilly off her back and helped her down off the table, her feet hitting the floor and almost buckling from the weakness that seemed anchored in her knees. Amanda patiently escorted Lilly out of the restroom. There was a small children's play area, complete with bean bags and simple toys that was just outside of the restroom. Amanda led Lilly to a vacant bean bag and Lilly practically collapsed into it, her binky still entrenched in her mouth, her legs now attempting to criss-cross, but being prevented by the big, baby decorated diaper that was clearly exposed as she sat down. "Stay here honey while I get us some food, okay?" Lilly nodded slowly, again oblivious to what Amanda had actually even said, but sure that Amanda would take care of her. As Amanda left the play area, the mother that had approached her earlier came over to Lilly, and began gently rubbing her back" "It's ok" sweetie" she'll be right back." Lilly heard none of it, her body still consumed by the pleasure it had just experienced, all she knew was that whatever was happening, it was the best thing she had felt in her whole life. Little did she realize that this was just the beginning" . Chapter 21 The cool texture of the applesauce coated the inside of Lilly's mouth as she instinctively licked the spoon that Amanda had gently placed inside her mouth. Somehow, Lilly had been seated in a booth at the restaurant where Amanda, without speaking, had begun the task of feeding Baby Lilly. Lilly was still reeling from the electricity that flowed from her groin throughout her body and as the alcohol buzz that had accompanied her bliss slowly began to where off, Lilly became only aware of an increasing thirst that coated the back of her throat. Wherever the applesauce was coming from didn't matter. The coolness and moist applesauce was temporarily providing a relief to this basic need. Her legs had rested at a 45 degree angle and if anyone had looked under the table at their booth, the baby decorated diaper that covered her newly shaved vagina would have been in full view under the skirt that barely provided cover to the thick diaper. Lilly had regressed so much as a result of the alcohol, her clothing and the amazing climax she had enjoyed that there was no thought to the inappropriateness of her appearance or behavior. It wasn't even that she didn't care, it was that she lacked the capacity to care at all. Her mind only allowed her to focus on her immediate needs and somehow those had been reduced to physical pleasure, being fed and not having to worry about wetting her pants anymore. Within the course of 72 hours, Lilly's pressure packed world had been eliminated and her world had been reduced to being cared for by Amanda and her flock of nannies. Lilly would never had described it this way, but in practice, Lilly was being conditioned by Amanda and her team to let go with each passing hour and the more she let go, the more pleasure and peace seemed to envelop every ounce of her being. The door behind Lilly's booth swung open and Ahsley quickly walked in, eager to grab a quick lunch before her next business meeting. The pigtails of the girl in the booth reminded her of how much fun she'd had with Lilly's hair earlier in the morning. As she sped by the booth, the remembrance prompted her to look back as she made her way to the front. We have all had those moments where we look back and see something and it takes our minds a couple seconds to catch up and process what are eyes are already amazed to see. Other functions seem to get abandoned as the mind focuses on the one shocking discovery that the eye has revealed. In this case Ashley found her ability to walk interrupted as her eyes signaled her brain a recognition of the girl seated in the booth. To add to the shock, her eyes had caught the baby printed diapers filling the area between the girl's legs which were wide open for all to see in addition to the spoon that was being held in her mouth by another girl! Ashley literally stumbled, her hands grabbing a passing booth to keep balance as she continued to move forward even though her mind wanted to freeze everything and have a moment to catch up in processing the fact that she had just seen Jill seated as a toddler, or infant for that matter, being fed by an incredibly attractive girl that couldn't be more than 18 while showing the world a diaper clad bottom and infantile skirt and top. Ashley chose a line that allowed her to face the menu posted above the cash registers while also allowing her to more discretely sneak repeated glances at what she was finally realizing was her younger sister. Any previous ideas that had puzzled Ashley when she found the diapers and diaper covers for her sister were now compounded with the apparent comfort her sister felt at being (a) dressed in a complete baby apparel and (B) being literally treated as an infant incapable of feeding herself. Ashley felt suddenly light-headed and her knees weakened. Why wasn't she angry at what she saw? Why didn't she just rush over and grab Jill and take her home? Ashley was a successful business woman, she was really the one who kept her household running and there was not a bone of hesitation in anything she did" except for now. She could only stare at her sister, and more specifically at the diaper that seemed to bulge under her legs. As the line moved forward, Ashley seemed to follow, oblivious to anything except the beautiful prints that coated the thick diaper and the serenity and near oblivion that shown from Jill's face. She had never seen her sister so comfortable and at peace, yet Ashley couldn't escape the awkwardness of seeing her sister dressed like a baby. "Can I take your order?" The impersonal request of the cashier shattered Ashley's processing. "I'll take a number 4 with diet to go please," was all she could utter, not even bothering to make eye contact with stunning blond on the other side of the cash register. "Isn't that just about the cutest thing you've ever seen?" the same voice offered, having followed Ashley's stare to the booth at the back of the restaurant and the older aged girl sitting quite contentedly as an infant under the care of another gorgeous girl. "What?" Ashley asked, stunned that the cashier had bothered to care what had been distracting her as she ordered. "I wish I could be so comfortable and have someone care so much for me! She must be a really special girl to have others care for her so much" and don't you just love that outfit" it's just so super cute. Whoever did her hair must be a pro! She's just adorable!" the young blond continued, crossing her own legs and standing up on her toes as a shiver of appreciation and envy seemed to sparkle throughout her posture and voice. "Oh, yeah" well actually I," Ashley paused as she was about to acknowledge that she had been the one who had done her sisters hair, but froze at the fear of acknowledging that the girl in question was her own sister" a fear that she realized was protecting her from basically sanctioning what her own sister was doing in such a public way. "Yes, she is certainly adorable," Ashley recovered, truly convinced that Jill looked incredibly cute and at peace. Ashley paid for her food, and as she collected her tray and drink turned to look back towards her sister, only to see her suddenly gone. Her eyes scanned quickly until she settled on the beautiful girl that had been feeding Jill, except she was not making her way across the parking lot, pushing something that Ashley suddenly registered as being a large baby stroller. All Ashley could make out was Jill's legs, resting on the footrest and her hands holding an oversized bottle which she eagerly held up to drink as her friend pushed her towards a car. Reaching the car, the girl helped Jill, who seemed indifferent, if not oblivious to the fact that she was just pushed in a stroller, slide into the front seat of the car and resume drinking her" Ashley could barely find the strength to concede that her sister was in fact drinking from a bottle" .All Ashley could do was stand in the middle of the restaurant holding her tray as she watched the car leave the parking lot and make its way back to school. Chapter 22 Bethany slowly approached the physically fit woman that looked as if she had seen a ghost, standing with her tray, the world busily passing her by. Bethany had been able to take in the whole scene from the entrance to the women's room and could not help but notice the awkward stares that this woman had extended in the direction of Lilly. There had to be a connection, and Bethany, always sensing an opportunity, was determined to make it. "Are you ok, miss?" Bethany tenderly approached Ashley, her head slightly tilted to offer an appearance of genuine concern, her hand slightly reaching out to lightly touch the forearm of the woman standing in shock. Without even allowing Ashley to process the approach of an absolute stranger, Bethany subtly tightened the grip on the woman's forearm, gently guiding her to take a seat in the vacant booth immediately to their side. Ashley's mind had overridden all other bodily functions and before she knew it, Ashley was seated across from a gorgeous high school student who saw the shock and confusion that rippled through every expression her face could offer. "That was my sister," Ashley simply mumbled, giving only a cursory glance at Bethany before returning to stare out into the parking lot, as if magically that would allow the visual she had just seen to rewind and allow her to process with some kind of greater understanding. Bethany felt a shiver run up and down her spine" she had to force herself to remain composed on the outside as her insides just jolted with amazement that without even planning it, they had made contact with Lilly's sister. Her head started spinning with possibilities and she secretly removed her cell phone from her jean pocket, eager to text Amanda with this incredible news. "What do you mean? Is she hear?" Bethany managed to offer, feigning a glance all across the restaurant as if the sister may still be there. "My sister" she just drove away" .out there" Ashley pointed, her gaze still locked on the parking lot as if it might hold the answers to the hundreds of questions swirling around in her head. "Oh" " Offered Bethany, now turning her gaze to the parking lot, inwardly smiling because she knew everything that had transpired and understood exactly what kinds of shock must be rippling through this poor woman's body at the condition she had just seen her sister in, but moments ago. Bethany hoped that her simple response would invite this woman to share more of the chaos ripping through her mind. "She was in a stroller" .a bottle" baby diaper" ," babbled Ashley as the filter between her mind and mouth dissolved with increasing ease, hoping that by articulating some of her thoughts, perhaps clarity would emerge. "Oh, you have a baby sister? How cute" how old is she?" Bethany coyly offered, knowing the question would yield an exclamation point of clarification from the woman across the way. "She's in her early twenties!" Ashley exclaimed, loud enough for those at neighboring tables to pause and glance in the direction of the booth. Ashley was oblivious to the minor disturbance her emotional response had triggered, and, if anything, she felt a moment of relief as the mix of confusion, anger and wonderment found an outlet as she accentuated the grave disparity of her sister's age to the appearance her mind tried desperately to reconcile. "Early twenties?" Bethany tried to pretend her own mind was now spinning. She tried to time her pause effectively to give the impression of an attempt to make sense of why a twenty-something would be in baby diapers with a bottle,"Why would," Bethany began to offer, allowing her voice to trail off as if to invite Ashley to jump in" it worked. "I know! I know" it doesn't make any sense. I mean I should have really done something more the minute I knew she was wearing diapers, but everything else about her seemed normal. I mean, until last night, I never would have suspected that my sister, a college graduate, was in diapers or wrapped up in something so infantile as what I just saw. Ughhh" I can't believe I went along with it, putting her hair in pigtails this morning" I just played right into it, but she was otherwise acting her age" I mean she works at the school" or does she" how could she work anywhere like that? Where has she been going each day? What if I'd only stepped in more firmly when I saw her in nothing but a diaper last night" I just can't believe it" " The cathartic effect of letting her mouth essentially flood this complete stranger with part of the typhoon of confusion in her mind was initially therapeutic, but somewhere along the way, the reality of the moment returned and Ashley came to a quick pause, aware that she had just divulged amazing family issues to a complete stranger" a stranger that looked at least a decade her junior! Bethany sensed the reality snap back that was overcoming Ashley's awareness, and, not wanting to lose the momentum of trust and compassion that she was working to establish, moved quickly to befriend Lilly's older sister. "Oh my" you are so hard on yourself! I'm sure whatever is going on, you can't hold yourself to blame" it just sounds so" .so" .overwhelming to process. I don't know what I'd think if I saw my younger sister diapered, at peace, with a bottle" it just wouldn't make sense" " Now Bethany looked away, towards the parking lot, the landmark that seemed to be the common ground where Bethany would work to be seen as Ashley's partner, trying to make sense of the great mystery. The diversion worked" Ashley shifted from shock that she had opened up to a total stranger, to peace that she may have found someone eager to help her piece the puzzle together. "I guess, but it just seems so sudden and so radical a change. I never saw anything like this coming" you would think that living in the same house I might pick up on something like this" " Ashley offered, leaning slightly forward toward Bethany as if seeking some kind of reassurance again that she could let herself off the hook of responsibility for the change Lilly had quickly embraced. "Well," Bethany found herself trying to think quickly on her feet, "I can only tell you that I have a friend whose sister was in an accident and had to wear diapers for a little while. Once she recovered, everyone thought she had totally returned to her old self, only to discover one year after the accident that she had secretly continued to wear diapers, unbeknownst to anyone in the family" she still wears them to this day, although now nobody in the family thinks twice about it" " Again Bethany turned to the parking lot, as if to invite Ashley along into a story that might suggest to Ashley that this trama was actually more common that Ashley may have thought. "Really" and no one knew it was going on?" Ashley took the bait, eager for more details that might possibly allow her to make greater sense of her own sibling's situation. "Yeah," Bethany turned, sensing she had this woman on the hook now, she put her elbows on the table and leaned her head into the table, only a foot from Ashley's eyes, and began elaborating on the fictitious story that may help her win the trust of this stunningly beautiful woman. "This friend's sister had truly needed to wear the diapers for a time because of the nature of the accident, but somehow, the safety, warmth and comfort of the diapers really connected with this girl and even after she had regained most of her continence, she found that she was simply more at peace wearing diapers than panties. Her family went through all kinds of therapy and drama trying to make sense of it, but no matter what would make her crave that regressive behavior, but in the end, they simply were left with the choice to accept it or be frustrated by it. The sister is in high school now and everyone knows she wears diapers. It's not even a big deal to anyone; everyone seems to just be at peace that she has made the best decision for her" " Bethany took a long sip from the drink she had been holding, again returning her gaze to the parking lot, knowing that a pause would be appropriate here, hoping that her story would connect some dots for Ashley in a way that would take the sting out of what Ashley had just seen and in some way make Bethany an expert of sorts, able to help Ashley navigate the mystery before them. Sensing that Ashley's expressing was reflecting a processing deep within, Bethany mustered up the courage to go more on the offensive, wanting desperately to build a bond with this woman before they separated. She turned back to face Ashley and took a big risk by having both of her hands reach across the table and take Ashley's hands in hers as she continued her assault on Ashley's confidence. "Look, I know you don't know me and this is totally strange to consider, but I know the one thing my friend appreciated when she was trying to make sense of what her sister was choosing was to have someone neutral to bounce things off of. I was that person for her and I know that I don't necessarily know anything that is going on, but I have been in these waters before." Bethany saw Ashley first look down at her hands, enveloped tenderly by Bethany's own powerful hands. Bethany did not allow Ashley's mind to become distracted, but she worked even harder to keep Ashley focused on the task at hand" trusting Bethany as a reliable resource. "You said your sister worked at the school?" Bethany persisted. "Which school?" Bethany knew that if she could just get Ashley to answer concrete questions, she would essentially be controlling her response so that her final request would be met with agreement. "The High School" " Ashley responded. "No way! That's where I go to school! I'm a senior there! What's your sister's name?" Bethany continued to seek out questions with concrete answers. "Jill" stammered Ashley, somewhat mesmerized by the warmth of Bethany's hands, stunned that she was allowing her hands to be held by such a younger woman and relieved that someone was able to take control in what increasingly felt like an overwhelming issue. "Ok, so Jill works at the school I go to" perfect" I should be able to get some information about what has happened to her from all my sources in the office" " Bethany transitioned into business mode, acting as if there was already agreement that they were a team and providing the road map to uncover the answers to all the questions that plagued Ashley's mind. "I'm Bethany, by the way" and you are" ?" "Ashley," she replied, her eyes not coming up and making that crucial contact with Bethany's that gave Bethany a renewed confidence that this one was almost in the bag. "What a beautiful name! You know, and this is total coincidence, but that was the name of my friend's sister, who wears the diapers! Anyway, a true pleasure Ashley" I know I can get you some information, that is, if you'd like my help?" Ashley felt herself suddenly mesmerized as she held Bethany's penetrating glance. For a moment she felt suddenly and completely exposed. The aggressive, self-confident business woman she was had melted into a compliant yearning to be cared for if not told what to do" "Yes" I" um" yes" if you can help" " Sensing Ashley's faltering mind, Bethany jumped in to help her make the decision she wanted her to make" "Oh trust me" I can help Ashley" I will help you" just let me call the shots and together we can figure this out, ok?" "Yeah" ok" " Ashley felt a warmth run through her body as Bethany squeezed her hands once Ashley had consented. Bethany hadn't felt that sense of warmth since her husband had touched her at the movies while they were dating" a warmth that confused Ashley because it had come from contact with" . "So just give me your information and I'll call you Saturday morning with everything I'm able to come up with this afternoon" " Bethany's plan interrupted Ashley's daydreams and instinctively she reached for her purse, pulling out a business card and writing both her cell phone and home phone numbers on the back of the card. "Ashley" Ashley, look at me" again Bethany's voice became subtly more commanding and drew Ashley's eyes back into focus as she secured the card in her pocket with one hand, while continuing to hold Ashley's hand with the other. It is going to be ok" it's your sister and you just want to help. It's not your fault, we can figure out what's going on and you can be the one to help her through this" ok?" Ashley genuinely believed every word Bethany offered and suddenly she felt a tremendous peace, perhaps because Bethany seemed to have a confidence in her plan, perhaps because the physical comfort of simply holding hands, whatever it was, Ashley truly believed that this was not as big a deal as her body first processed and that she could truly help Jill once Bethany had gotten some information. "Yes" totally" I can't thank you enough" I mean" " "Shhhh" .it's totally fine," Bethany placed her right hand over Ashley's hand she was holding and patted her gently several times, "I know what it means to have someone on your side when something like this comes up" it is really my pleasure" maybe I was meant to go through that last experience just so I'd be prepared to help you" I mean if you believe in fate, that is!" Bethany beamed, slowly rising from the booth. "I'm beginning to believe fate is bigger than what I thought," Ashley conceded. Bethany tried to release her hands but found Ashley actually wanting to hold on as she rose. Ashley suddenly realized that she had a grip on Bethany's hand and she awkwardly release it as Bethany rose above her. "Hey," Bethany offered sliding around the table and lifting Ashley's chin to re-establish eye contact" "I'm here to help! I'll call you later this evening so we can touch base about what I find out. Call me if Jill gets home before I call you so we can map a plan for the weekend, ok?!" "Sounds good," Ashley offered, feeling more like clay in the potter's hands as Bethany slowly removed her hand and glided towards the restaurant exit, turning one last time to smile back at Ashley, a warm smile that Ashley felt chills from as she bounded out to the parking lot. It was mere minutes for Bethany to exit the parking lot and call Amanda with the most amazing news of the day. It was hours before Ashley could muster the strength to leave the same restaurant and head home, hopeful that her knew friend could deliver some answers. Chapter 23 "So that's why Jill is in class now instead of in the office," concluded Mary, another administrative employee who also had established an allegiance with Amanda. "Thanks Mary" that helps a lot" for as much as I've helped you, this means a lot!", replied Amanda smiling that she now had new information to help in her handling of "Lilly." Mary felt a warm glow at hearing Amanda's praised and shifted in her seat, feeling the comfort and hearing the crinkle of her diapered bottom against her office chair. Driving back to school, Amanda gazed over at Jill, aka Lilly, and, seeing her eyes closed, concluded that the combination of food, intimacy and alcohol had tired her new prize completely out. The phone rang again and this time it was Bethany with yet even more amazing news. Amanda could say no more than "hello" before Bethany burst out in an adrenaline-filled explanation of the amazing fortune she had experienced in meeting Jill's sister! Three minutes later, Bethany hung up and Amanda's head was nearly spinning. So many options and so much information to process, she needed time to think. Amanda's home was just a couple minutes from school, and instead of returning to the boredom of a study hall and art class, Amanda turned the car towards her house, hopeful that the peace and quiet of her home would let her develop a clear plan. Moments later, Amanda pulled into her garage, went around to Lilly's side of the car and opened her door. She reached in to help start pulling Lilly up out of the car, trying to do so gently as Lilly was still sound asleep. Lilly was truly in a fog. She felt warm and relaxed, yet also confused and dazed as she felt firm hands reach around her mid-section and lift her out of the car seat. There was an obvious crinkling sound as her bottom lifted up against the leather seats. Lilly found her feet and slowly started walking as Amanda guided her into her house. Lilly had no idea where she was, but trusted the support Amanda's arm provided and soon found herself climbing some stairs. With each step, she felt the wet diaper shift against her newly shaved vaginal area, a damp yet somewhat stimulating sensation that sent shivers up Lilly's backside. Without a word being spoken, Amanda next lowered Lilly onto her bed, lifted up the short skirt and removed the tapes securing Lilly's diaper. She grabbed a large pacifier from her nightstand, slipped it in Lilly's mouth and opened the face of the diaper revealing her smooth, urine coated skin. Grabbing a bin underneath her bed, Amanda took some wipes and began gently wiping Lilly's hips, inside her thighs and finally along the slit running from her clitoris around to her anus. Lilly instinctively raised her hips as the now familiar sensation of being wiped sent pulses of warmth and anticipation deep inside of Lilly's midsection and down through her legs to the tips of her toes. The pacifier muffled a slight groan of pleasure as Lilly moved her legs into a frog-leg position, almost inviting more attention. Next, Amanda pulled out some baby oil, and, after coating her hands with a generous amount, began working to oil into Lilly's groin area. Lilly's head turned from side to side as her labia began to lift up to attention, craving for the comforting touch of the oil-coated fingers to find her and provide her the stimulation she had suddenly begun to crave without concern to who was providing it. The fingers slid across her clitoris and then disappeared. Lilly's eyes shot open, but before her body could react, the new diaper Amanda prepared slipped under her bottom and the tapes were expertly secured, leaving Lilly covered and wanting. Amanda pulled the covers up over Lilly, turned off the lights and left the room, never having spoken a word, yet conveying control to Lilly each step of the way. It did not take long for Lilly's hands to find their way to the top of her new diaper and begin putting pressure against her clitoris by moving the soft diaper material over her oil coated clitoris. Within minutes, the frenzy of Lilly's passion had taken over every ounce of her body, her rubbing increasing to an almost panicked rate, the pacifier spit out of her mouth with groans filling the dark room. Finally, the wave of pleasure Lilly craved found its way from the inner depths of her soul and ravaged through her body, leaving her lower body shaking and her mind continuing to associate the need and ability to find pleasure with the diapers she had suddenly become very comfortable wearing. It wasn't long before Lilly drifted into sleep, feeling increasingly peaceful and not yet consciously aware of the control she was releasing to Amanda and her posse with each passing orgasm. By the time Lilly had fallen asleep, Amanda had crafted the backbone of her plan and was finishing off some of the details, her own arousal being sparked at the beauty of what she knew lay ahead! Chapter 24 Jill turned over in the bed, pulling the covers along with her. As she resettled herself, the now familiar feeling of her bladder releasing itself vaguely registered with her as she drifted back into a deep sleep. Moments later, however, she felt her urine running down her legs and pooling beneath her bottom. She bolted upright in her bed, as if a subconscious trigger had signaled that something was wrong. It was. Her eyes now wide open, Jill looked around the room, disoriented and wondering where she was. It didn't take long for her to realize that she was in her room at her sister's house; but Jill's mind quickly shifted to address the question of how she got here. Naturally she knew she lived here, but her last memory hadn't been falling asleep in her bed" it was someone else's" Amanda's? As her mind struggled to connect the dots, the door opened allowing a stream of light from the hallway to pour in. Jill recoiled from the intrusive light as Ashley entered the room and came immediately to her sister's bed. Jill just sat there, completely confused, only sure that she had wet her panties and her bed, not sure why her sister had come so quickly after it had happened, and, ironically wondering why she wasn't diapered. "It's ok, sweetie, did you have a bad dream? What's the matter? I heard you tossing and turning on the baby monitor, so I thought I'd come and make sure you're ok. You've had quite the busy week!" Sitting down on the bed, Ashley immediately felt the dampness of the sheets beneath her. Fortunately, and unbeknownst to Jill, a plastic mattress cover had been put down, so only the sheets would need changing. "Oh, Jilly, that's ok" I guess I should get used to calling you Lilly to help with your cover, sorry. Now Lilly, we thought this may happen, but we wanted to at least give you a chance to see if you could keep your adult ways separate from work, but it seems like that may not work out. No worries dear, let me change you and you can get back to sleep." Jill was even more confused. Her sister was more comfortable with the fact that she had just wet the bed than she was. What had happened? And how did she get home? Why was Ashley so accommodating? What had happened to her diaper? Had she really lost some control of her bladder that she had peed her bed yet again without even being aware of it? Thoughts and questions flooded her mind as Ashley meticulously went to work, first having her sister move to sit on the floor, then expertly replacing the sheets before finally placing Jill back on the bed. Within minutes, Jill had been wiped and diapered. The only nuance that seemed to awaken Jill to the reality of what was happening was when Jill heard snaps clicking in the area of her groin. Her bra having disappeared in whatever transition had taken her back to her own room, she now found a onesie type nightie had been placed on her and was being secured by her sister. "Now don't worry, no one else knows about your" . well, your job" situation, whatever you want to call it, so just relax and go back to sleep. I put Missy's old monitor in here, so I'll come check on you if I hear you wrestling about. Try and get some sleep and we'll catch up in the morning." With that Ashley leaned down and kissed Jill's forehead gently before handing her a stuffed animal and walking out of the room. Jill lay completely perplexed, but suddenly a warm peace seemed to seep through her entire body. The stress of understanding how she had gotten home, changed and asleep without her remembering any of it seemed less important than going back to sleep. She turned on her side, taking the stuffed animal with her and was soon back sound asleep. Twelve Hours Earlier" .. "Hi Ashley, my name is Amanda, I believe Bethany said I might be giving you a call?" "Um Yes" " Ashley answered, hesitantly, but also eagerly" hoping that maybe she could get some answers about what was going on with her sister. "I know it must have been startling to see Jill at lunch today?" "To say the least" I am still shaken up, please tell me you can help me understand what is happening" " pleaded Ashley. "That's totally understandable, it has been somewhat confusing for us as well! It actually wasn't until today actually that all the pieces finally came together. Let me see if I can help you understand. It seems that your sister has been recruited to help assess a variety of teachers and programs at the high school. I have it from good sources that the principal, Mr. Sherman, has reached an agreement with her to go undercover at the school as a student. What I hadn't realized is that part of her assignment is to play the role of a disabled student to see how well teachers accommodate her in the class. I was asked to help escort her around the school as a "new" student, but now they've asked me to help her stay in character and provide assistance to her as needed. I guess you could say I'm her big sister at school, making sure she gets to the nurse for changes and is incorporated into the classes she needs to take. She's changed her real name to Lilly to pass as a student." Amanda spoke with a confidence and calmness that belied her excitement over the opportunity to spin her web even more securely around Jill's growing reliance and desire for diapers. If she could get her sister to step in as an unknowing ally, her ability to transform Jill into the child she really believed Jill wanted to become could proceed that much more permanently and quickly. Ashley was at first shocked to hear that Jill had essentially volunteered to take on such a role. Timing her pause perfectly, Amanda continued. "I'm not sure why she has kept all this to herself, but I know she didn't want her identity or task to be compromised. I mean, she doesn't even know that I know her role. She has kept that totally to herself. I found out through some of the staff here at school. It's actually amazing that she would go to such sacrifice for the betterment of those in need. I don't know if I would have the courage to step into the role she seems to have embraced so well! I just want to help her however I can" " Amanda let her last statement trail off, hoping that it would invite some feedback from Ashley. It did. "I don't know what to," Ashley tried to balance the sense of pride she felt in knowing Jill was trying to make a sacrifice while still battling shock at how sudden the change in Jill had appeared" . "I know, it's gotta be shocking to process. I mean, it almost brings me to tears to think about what she's choosing to go through. My sister was in an accident and had to go through similar diaper use and ridicule, so it means the world to me that Lilly is willing to subject herself to that, knowing there will be others that will benefit from her efforts. You can be sure I'll do whatever it takes to take care of your sister Ashley." Instinctively Ashley answered, "Thank you Amanda, I'm not sure what to say. This is all so sudden and drastic. I mean, it's so sweet of you to want to help. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are trying to help Jill. I guess I just don't know what to think or what to do" " Amanda was salivating at the progress she was making in winning Ashley over, "Yeah, that's gotta be tough. I mean, it's not like she could hide the lifestyle forever from you if she's living there. She must have been planning to tell you, but wow, how embarrassing a conversation that would have been!" "Yeah, you're so right! The other night she came home and I saw her wearing a diaper, but she didn't know I saw her. It totally freaked me out, so I was like checking up on her and then I found diapers and stuff in her room, so I was totally confused. But I guess you're right, I mean what would she say to me? "Ashley, I've taken an undercover job as an incontinent teen, hope you don't mind me wearing diapers?' Seriously, what would I expect her to say?" There was now a little chuckle in Ashley's voice. The anxiety and apprehension was channeling itself into a humorous release and Ashley felt good for the first time since she'd been in the restaurant. Things were starting to make sense, even if they didn't really seem sensible. Amanda chuckled softly to encourage the camaraderie she was trying to quickly kindle with Ashley. "Yeah, that would take me awhile to build up the courage to say something, assuming I ever would! Can I make a suggestion?" Ashley sensed now was the time to take a chance and try and subtly establish control. "Yeah, I guess, I mean, I'll take all the help I can get" " Ashley's mind eagerly sought to trust Amanda and any path that would help her restore some kind of normalcy to her life with her sister. And with that Amanda began a thirty minute conversation that laid out a plan for Ashley. Bit by bit, Ashley saw a path that would allow her to come alongside her sister without adding to the humiliation she seemed to be inviting by taking this assignment. In the end, Bethany went to retrieve Jill's car, Amanda gave Jill another bottle laced with sleeping pills before driving her back to Ashley's house. She had packed her car with a number of clothing and diaper supplies that she ended up leaving with Ashley. Together, they transported Jill to her room, removed her diaper, dressed her and put her to bed. Ashley gave Amanda a long hug good bye, breaking into tears before thanking her for helping her and her sister so much. Amanda drove away knowing that things were really going to move fast now that she had Jill's sister on her side" Chapter 25 Jill wasn't sure if it was the sunlight slipping through the blinds that caused her to stir or the warm, wet sensation that built up between her legs as yet another release by her bladder had its effect on her diapered bottom. As she turned and stretched in bed, she felt the snugness of her onesie grip her diaper and pull it closer to her body. Her mind was beginning to register the events of the last 72 hours, but had yet to decide if Ashley's middle-of-the-night appearance to change her sheets and put on a diaper had been dream or reality. That answer came crashing down upon her as the door again opened with Ashley walking in carrying a bottle and a bag of clothes of some kind. As Jill tried to lean up, startled and forgetting that her sister had clearly found out about her diapers. But why was she SO calm about it" why was she not freaking out? All Jill could do was register a groggy look of confusion when Ashley settled on the bed next to her, a warm smile beaming on her face. "Good morning sweetie! I heard you stirring again on the baby monitor and thought I'd come help you start your day!" Ashley chimed seeming not only at peace, but almost happy to see her sister in this diapered state. Jill felt a warm rush of blood shoot to her face, the initial embarrassment of being in a wet diaper and onesie surprising Jill more than it seemed to bother her sister. Before she could even get a word out, however, a baby bottle found its way between her lips and the latex nipple dribbled a warm milk like substance into her mouth. Ashley didn't push Jill back down, but the slight pressure of the bottle hitting the back of her mouth had the effect of encouraging Jill to lower her head back down to the pillow. Reflexively Jill reached up to grab the bottle as her mouth instinctively sucked on the nipple. While part of her mind was screaming to take the silly bottle out of her mouth, another part was responding to the delicious, warm taste that had entered her mouth. Without waiting to explain or entertain rejection of the bottle, Ashley expertly lowered the sheets and exposed Jill's onesie and now packed diaper. Ashely thought the pink teddy bear print diaper hugging Jill's petite frame was simply adorable and she paused for just a second before unsnapping the onesie and releasing the diaper from its constraint. Now Jill froze again, paralyzed with embarrassment that her sister was not only touching her private parts, but that she was doing so with such control and calm. The result was that Jill did not want to move" she didn't want to do anything to add to the weirdness, so she just sat still, looking up at the ceiling, wishing her sister would just leave. As she lay, she heard the tapes of her diaper being removed and her sister's hand gently lifting her bottom up to release the soaked diaper from under Jill's backside. The touch of her sister's hand so close to her privates sent a jolt through Jill's body causing her to simultaneously lift her hips and suck hard on the nipple now resting against the roof of her mouth. Surprised again at the delicious vanilla-like taste in her mouth, Jill was oblivious to the fact that her jerk reaction had caused her bladder to clamp down, sending a trickle of urine out of her body and onto the new diaper her sister had instantly laid beneath the old one. "Good thing I'm an expert and diaper changes!" Ashely mused as she was truly surprised to see evidence again that her sister was literally losing control of her bladder. The coolness of the baby wipes running along her shaven clitoris again caused her body to tense and to suck once again on the nipple in her mouth. At this point, something in Jill's mind realized that she might as well keep drinking the liquid as she had already demonstrated a willingness to suck on the baby bottle without any mockery or shame having resulted. When Ashley had heard about Amanda's plan, she had been highly skeptical. At the same time, however, she had found herself strangely drawn to the idea of caring for her sister in this motherly way. Amanda had laid out three objectives for Ashley for the weekend. The first was to begin a diet that would make Jill's transformation into a student with disabilities more believable. Amanda had laid out a strict diet for Ashley to commence. There were to be four bottles given to Jill each day. To the milk was added a series of muscle relaxers, vanilla for flavoring, flax seed powder and baby formula for supplemental nutrients. Amanda had suggested that the muscle relaxers would help Jill's bladder relax and lose control more easily while having the added effect of helping Jill take naps and be generally more sleepy during the day. The flax seed powder, Amanda seemed convinced, would also allow Jill to begin having regular and softer bowel movements. While Ashley had cringed at the idea of this, Amanda had seemed adamant that these changes would actually make it easier for Jill, who, Amanda claimed, already knew she had to go through that process anyway if her disability was to be plausible. Ashley, normally an in charge person herself, had been surprised at how easily she responded to Amanda's controlled suggestions. More often than not, Ashley had found herself nodding in agreement as Amanda explained the plan. A couple times, Ashley had found herself so mesmerized by Amanda's beauty and controlling nature that she hadn't even actually heard what Amanda was saying, but found herself nodding in agreement anyway. Serving Jill yogurt twice a day would help with the smell of her bottom mess, Amanda had gone on to encourage, so that even though it will be no fun for any of us to change, it will make it a bit more manageable" and most importantly, Amanda had thrown in, it may help reduce the amount of diaper rash poor Jill would otherwise have to endure. It seemed that for every concern that came to Ashley's mind, Amanda had something soothing to say in the very next sentence that not only belayed the concern, but planted even more trust with Ashley that Amanda knew what was best. In addition to the dietary goals for the weekend (which also included nuts to soften the bowel movements, and pureed fruits and vegetables to make digestion even more simple, there were two other goals for Ashley to work on. One goal was to have Jill gain the trust that Ashley was working closely with Amanda and her friends to actually help Jill do what she had signed up for. It seemed obvious, Amanda had thought, that Jill would have a period of denial or hesitancy to continue in what she had volunteered to do, and it would require a great deal of encouragement and support to help Jill accept the difficult role "she had chosen." Amanda's recommendation was therefore not to let Jill talk much over the weekend, but to get her into a cycle of sleep, eat, play, nap" much like the routine a baby would have. If Ashley could show that Jill was going to be completely cared for, then maybe some of the denial or hesitation Jill may experience would be alleviated or removed. To help with this, Amanda had strongly encouraged the use of a baby bottle and pacifiers to help keep Jill's mouth busy and thus less likely to voice objection, concern or doubt. If this could be done in a way that seemed natural, accepted and even understood, then Ashley could again show Jill that not only was it OK for Jill to regress into a disabled state, but that she wouldn't have to do it alone. Ashley had been amazed that Jill had taken so easily to the bottle without so much as a whisper, and now, as she finished changing Jill's diaper, she was growing in confidence that Amanda's plan not only could work, but that it truly may be the very best thing for her brave sister to go through so she could truly pass as a disabled student. The third goal for the weekend, however, seemed to be the hardest. Amanda had suggested that Ashley try and get Jill to go out in public over the weekend, taking on the full disabled role that she was going to need to play in school. Amanda had provided a wheel chair to Ashley to help with this process, but to be honest, Ashley had no idea how she could ever convince her sister to go out in it" . With a new baby print diaper on, Ashley snapped the pink-lace trimmed onesie back in place. Somewhere in the process of drinking the whole bottle, Jill's fear and embarrassment had dissolved into wonderment and warmth. Here she was, lying down in her bed, now with a full tummy, a warm diapered bottom, a baby onesie on, feeling totally cared for and not yet really understanding why all this was happening. Her drive to understand why was supplanted with the feeling of total contentment that swam through her body. Without even realizing it, Jill found that her body had been lowered to the floor of her room, her legs splayed to the sides, and a DVD player with some kind of baby cartoons playing on it. The nipple still rested in her mouth, but wait" there was no liquid coming through it" something was different. Jill sucked harder on the nipple, wanting more of the delicious milk to come out, but no matter how hard she sucked, nothing came. Confused, Jill just kept sucking on the latex binkie now in her mouth, mesmerized by the cartoon playing before her and the warm drowsy feeling that was coming over her entire being. The question of what was happening disappeared in a sea of coziness, soft suckles and contentment. Jill had truly taken a step to becoming the Lilly Amanda truly desired. Chapter 26 Lilly's eyes fluttered open, her mind racing to understand why she had fallen asleep again in the middle of the day. Ashley had gone through the routine Amanda had suggested twice already today and both times she was there, waiting for her little sister to awaken so the routine could be repeated. This time, however, something was different. It wasn't that the binky was still in Lilly's mouth. Strangely, Lilly had taken immediately and without hesitation to the bottle and the binky combination Amanda had suggested. As a matter of fact Lilly had barely spoken a word the entire day, granted there hadn't been much opportunity what with the amount of sleep and the control Ashley had taken over Lilly's routine for the day. Instead, the difference was the smell coming from between Lilly's legs. It was probably the reason Lilly had woken up in the first place, and it was certainly the first time Lilly had lost control of her bowels. No doubt the flax seed powder that had been a part of the last two bottles was helping, but what amazed Ashley was that Lilly had apparently soiled her diaper while she was still sleeping. Obviously distressed, Lilly seemed even more confused this time as she awoke to the horrible aroma that came from her diaper, and there, again, was her sister seemingly waiting to change her yet again. Amanda had said that it would be absolutely critical for Ashley to pretend like the poopy diaper was no big deal so that Lilly would not be as freaked out as she otherwise might have been, but Ashley was definitely challenged to keep up her positive demeanor as she once again placed the bottle in Lilly's mouth as she unsnapped the onesie and then the diaper underneath. Ashley expertly cleaned the loose bowels from Lilly's bottom and quickly wrapped the diaper up, placing it in the baby diaper pail that she had brought into the room. Before Lilly even could contemplate the fact that she had just pooped her diaper, she felt the baby oil being wiped over her privates and then the soft, soothing touch of baby powder being sprinkled every so tenderly over her cleanly shaven pubic area. Lilly sucked fast again as a reaction to the embarrassment she suppressed from having her sister change her, which in turn encouraged Ashley that Amanda's plan to help Lilly embrace a disabled lifestyle was actually working. "Remember," Amanda had said, "you are only helping make it easier for Lilly to do what she has already volunteered to do for the school." And with that encouraging reminder Ashley went over to the closet and picked out the outfit she had finally built up the courage to put on her sister. Amanda and Bethany had suggested that all the clothing Lilly begin to wear be more diaper accessible since there would inevitably be a number of changes that they would all be doing. So they had kindly given Ashley a number of outfits to try out on Lilly over the weekend as a way to get Lilly to be more comfortable with the clothing she would wear to school from now on. Taking the pink dress from the closet, Ashley felt a moment of shame come over her. "Can I really put this on my sister?" she thought. But as she turned to approach Lilly she regained confidence. Lilly was nearly oblivious to everything except the bottle that was nearly drained resting in her mouth. Lilly seemed not to have a care in the world, and somehow that made it easier for Ashley to come over to the bed, trade the bottle for the binky and to slowly lift Lilly up so that she was soon sitting cross-legged on her bed. Lilly's eyes widened as Ashley took the pink dress that had puffed lace frills at the end of the dress and raised yellow flowers all over the front and begain slipping it over Ashley's head. The onesie Lilly was wearing disappeared under the dress and almost immediately Lilly went from looking a pre-teen to a toddler. The dress was naturally too short, but that made the snaps of the onesie both visible and accessible. And as Ashley helped Lilly stand up from the bed, the lace frill settled just at the middle of Lilly's thighs. "Lilly you are just adorable!" Ashley managed to praise in a voice she hoped passed as authentic. "I couldn't be more proud of you for wanting to help so many students in this way! You are truly adorable and I just want you to relax and know that Amanda and I are going to take great care of you as you go through this." As Ashley was showering Lilly with praise, Lilly watched in the mirror across from her bed. Lilly couldn't believe that she was literally sucking on a binky, dressed in toddler clothing, wearing a onesie and diaper as her sister finished putting her hair into pigtails complete with two large pink bows. The part she really couldn't believe was that she wasn't resisting any of it. Even though a voice far away in her mind suggested that she should take the binky out, it was being overwhelmed by the praise that Ashley was showering over her and the amazement that she felt at realizing she had somehow been transformed into a toddler looking girl without totally understanding how or why it had happened. Suddenly overwhelmed and feeling weak in the knees, Lilly slowly and somewhat gracefully collapsed to the floor, ending up on all fours just as her bladder released yet another wave of urine into her diaper. She truly doubted she had the strength to stand up, but wasn't sure she really cared to anyway. Ashley immediately reached down to grab Lilly under her arms and eased her back up so she was now sitting on her wet bottom. "Oh my!" Ashley sighed. "Don't worry sweetie, we knew this would probably happen. Just relax. I know just what to do." And with that Ashley disappeared into her bedroom just to return with the wheel chair Amanda had given her. Knowing this would probably shock Lilly, Ashely moved with deft poise as she rolled the chair into the room, stopping immediately next to Lilly. Ashley knew that if she was to have any chance at getting Lilly to go out in public in the wheel chair, that she would need to get used to sitting in it in the privacy of her own home first. So as a wide-eyed Lilly sat with her mouth wide open and binky falling to the floor, Ashley reached from behind her sister and lifted Lilly up, sliding her immediately into the chair. "Now of course we know you don't really NEEED this chair, sweetie," Ashley's soothing voice began as she replaced the fallen binky in her sister's mouth, "but we thought it would help with your cover at the school and it certainly would make it easier for everyone to help you get around. Amanda said she also thought it would be good to evaluate how good the handicap facilities are at the school, so that those who truly need them can benefit from any changes that need to be made." As Ashley was talking, she was also securing a fold-up tray that conveniently stowed on the side. She had placed a couple of bowls of yogurt and oatmeal on the tray along with another bottle as she finished her rather eloquent explanation of exactly why all this made sense. Meanwhile, Lilly's mind had reached overload. The shock of being secured in a wheel chair had only been trumped by the presence of essentially baby food on a tray that kept her from basically moving out of the chair. And just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, a spoon appeared before her mouth, beckoning to enter. A hand from behind her head removed the binky and without even pausing a soft warm scoop of oatmeal found its way to the back of her mouth. Again, before she could even blink, the TV came on with Sesame Street the show of choice and the sound of Ernie and Bert talking had the success of squelching the many questions her mind raced to even formulate. Some 20 spoonfuls later, another bottle had found its way into her mouth and there Lilly sat, comfortably in a wheel chair, albeit with a wet diaper, drinking yet another bottle as Big Bird sang the alphabet song. How could something so wrong somehow feel so right? Chapter 27 "Ok, so it's settled," Amanda concluded in her gently assertive voice. "Bethany will come and take care of Lilly while you and I will take some time to catch our breath and get to know each other a little more!!" In a sense, Ashley was relieved. With her husband and daughter out of town for the weekend, she had been taking care of Lilly all alone, and while it wasn't exactly hard physical work, she felt drained and tired. The truth was that the last 48 hours had been as exhausting emotionally for Ashley as they had been physically transforming for her younger sister. Amanda had suggested they meet for a special pedicure at a local spa her friend helped run and Ashley was surprised at how quickly she had agreed. Ashley hadn't had the chance to process any of the last 48 hours with anyone, and a little "girl time" sounded like the perfect cure. If anyone could understand the confusion Ashley was trying to work through, surely Amanda and Bethany were the only two!! Who else would even be able to come close to appreciating Lilly's situation and Ashley's emerging role in it. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot," Amanda threw in at the last minute, "wear pink! I'll see you there!" "OK!" Ashley agreed and with that Amanda hung up the phone and Ashley was left to stare down at her phone somewhat confused. "Wear pink?" she thought immediately. Why? And why had she agreed instantly without even pausing? They were just going to get a pedicure" what did it matter what she wore? Then her mind started going down the rabbit trail of wear pink what? Wear a pink shirt? Pink pants? Ashley didn't have long to ponder this strange request as a rustling noise started to come from the baby monitor on the nightstand next to the bed where she sat. It was 4:00pm and Lilly was clearly stirring from her latest nap. What was interesting is that already, Lilly was beginning to fall into a cycle of sleeping, eating and playing in about three hour increments. No doubt the content of her bottles was helping to ease Lilly into an extremely complacent role, but nonetheless, Ashley was pleasantly surprised that the schedule Amanda had outlined seemed to be working. As she opened Lilly's door to check on her sister, the odor of yet another dirty diaper struck Ashley's nostrils immediately. No wonder Lilly had begun to stir, she had certainly loaded her diaper during her last nap. As Ashley quickly went over to her sister, she began unbuttoning the onesie and removing the diaper tabs. This time, Lilly was slow to awake, the binky still secure in her mouth and her eyes still shut tight, fighting the soft light that came from the door where Ashley had entered. It was clear Lilly was in no mood to be up, but Ashley was beginning to worry that Lilly might be getting a diaper rash with the level of activity she had demonstrated during the day. So with Lilly's shaved pubic area exposed and wiped clean, Ashley slipped into the hall bathroom to start a bath for Lilly. Even the idea of Lilly taking a shower seemed a stretch given Lilly's weak-kneed attempts earlier. With the bath running, Ashley returned to her sister, removed the pink dress and onesie, and there, with nothing but pigtails and a binky lay her now naked sister. "Lilly dear, it's your sister Ashley, sweetie. We need to get you in the tub, OK? I'm worried your little bottom is going to get sore" let's go sweetie, try and stand up ok?" Ashley used her most soothing voice to try and coax Lilly from her groggy state, but to no avail. Now Ashley's physique was nothing exceptional. Her mom's side of the family had cornered the market on "short" genes, but Ashley prided herself in her physical fitness. Sensing that her even more petit-framed sister was having none of this waking up business, Ashley placed her hands under Lilly's naked bottom and back and lifted her sister up. While Lilly was clearly not the size of a baby, her reflexes kicked in and instantly her arms came up to grab onto Ashley's shoulders as Ashley's hands slid down under her knees. "That's a girl" we'll get you in the tub, don't you worry!" Ashley mumbled, her breath showing that this was not exactly easy, but yet before she knew it, she had carried her sister baby-style into the bathroom and lowered her into the tub. Ashley squirted some bubbles into the tub at the same time that she heard the doorbell ring downstairs. "That's probably Bethany, honey. She was sweet enough to come over and help you out while I run out and take care of some things," Ashley smiled at Lilly as she rose from her knees to answer the door. As Ashley left, Lilly's eye widened, totally awake now to the reality that she was naked, sucking a binky in the tub and about to be cared for by Bethany from school? The wave of reality crashed hard on Lilly's mind. Part of her wanted to spit the binky out and run to avoid being seen, but the other part was tired and found the binky a convenient way to not talk and so to not even acknowledge that the situation was happening. As Lilly went back and forth between bolting and just slipping lower into the tub, she heard the voices of two women getting louder as they climbed the stairs. Her decision had been made; there was nowhere to run and no time to do it. Using the bubbles as some kind of emotional shield, Lilly just sucked in hard on the binky, looked away from the bathroom door and slid down into the tub hoping that somehow she had just become invisible. "Oh, Lilly" you are SO precious!" Bethany bursted into the bathroom and was instantly on her knees next to the tub. Bethany's voice turned to a whisper, "Lilly, I just want you to know that what you are doing is amazingly brave. I know I couldn't ever do what you are doing for the school. I totally know how hard this must be, but I want you to know I'll help you every step of the way." Ashley, hearing the whispered encouragement, leaned against the side of the bathroom door and smiled, knowing that she was part of a team that truly cared for Lilly. "Go ahead and get ready, Ashley, I can help Lilly get cleaned up in here while you change." Bethany grinned confidently as if the task of cleaning up a 22 year old was old hat and Ashley felt even more relief and comfort that there were people that could help her do this. "Thanks Bethany! You're amazing," Ashley beamed, sliding off the door frame and making her way back into her room. She thought she heard Bethany start singing to Lilly as she made her way to her closet to change. Staring into the closet, Amanda's suggestion, (or had it been a command?) to wear pink returned to Ashley's mind with a vengeance. For a moment she thought about asking Bethany why Amanda would have asked her to wear pink, but then she thought better of it. "You're a big girl," Ashley thought to herself. "Wear pink! It's no big deal and besides, you owe these girls so much. If this would somehow make Amanda happy, why not?" Ashley's mind quickly accepted that pleasing Amanda was well worth it and so, without thinking it through any further, Ashley slipped into a satin pink thong and matching bra, slid on some very comfortable pink stretch pants, put on her pink tank top and fleece pink pullover. For a moment, she thought the Nike pink dri-fit cap may have been over the top, but then again, if she was going to go all out, why stop at the hat!! Sticking her head into the bathroom, she saw Bethany's hands submerged below a thick layer of bubbles on the water's surface. Lilly's eyes were closed and Bethany was singing some version of rub-a-dub-dub that was clearly trying to help Lilly make light of the situation she was in. "I'll be back by 10:00" Ashley chimed, content that Bethany was perfectly able to take care of Lilly while she was gone. "Call me if you need any help!" she continued, shifting her gaze from Bethany to Lilly she added, "I love you sweetie! I'll see you in the morning," But Lilly's eyes remained closed. Bethany noticed the lack of response and offered "I'm sure she'll be fine" just takes some time to adjust and warm up to the idea of being helped I'm sure. Don't worry, we'll be fine!" Reassured, Ashley made her way down the stairs, feeling giddy and almost like she was going out on a date. Why did she have butterflies in her stomach? It was only a pedicure with a friend? Why did she feel unusually excited about her upcoming evening? Bethany returned her attention to Lilly, smiling inside having seen Ashley totally dressed in pink. "This may be even easier than we thought," she thought to herself as her attention once again turned to Lilly's shaved bottom. She knew the extra attention she was giving was having an effect on Lilly, but in some ways, she felt jealous of what she knew Amanda was going to experience that night with Ashley. "Come on honey," Bethany refocused her attention on her role. "Let's get you diapered up. I have a special bottle waiting for you!" And with that the bath began to drain and Lilly, half fearful, half excited became fully exposed to Bethany. Chapter 28 Sucking hard on the binky, Lilly's arms were splayed above her head in the tub. Her eyes were closed as she relished the attention her bottom was getting from the washcloth Bethany worked under the bubble bath. Bethany was amazed that in the course of under a week, they had been unable to unleash this submissive, babylike core of Lilly and she felt even more emboldened to take Lilly over the edge. "In so many ways I'm jealous of you Lilly," Bethany soothingly spoke as her hands continued to work their magic under the water. "You have an amazing opportunity to help people, but also to just embrace the moment you've been given. I mean look at you sweetheart, you are practically a baby and surrounded by people that love you for it!" Ripples in the water started to grow as Lilly's hips slowly moved to meet the cleaning Bethany was doing to her privates. "Oh, I must say it sounds truly delicious! I mean if you think about it, you haven't had to dress yourself, feed yourself, move yourself or basically say anything all weekend. I can't help it if I feel jealous of the decision that is basically before you," Bethany paused to let that perfect summary of Lilly's new life set in as she gave extra attention to Lilly's needs. She could see Lilly sucking hard on her binky, her eyes tightly shut and low moans choking the binky as she released herself to Bethany's ministrations. Lilly had taken in every word Bethany had said and the pleasure that was rippling through her body seemed to make each word sear into her mind" "it was true," she thought, "in the last 48 hours I haven't had to do a single thing. I don't even understand why or how my sister is involved, but she certainly loves me for being" for being" well" truth be told for essentially being a baby?" Lilly's head spun for many reasons. The pleasure was building with great intensity inside her core as an orgasm approached. But now a new thought trickled into her mind, "had her sister been behind all this?" The very notion seemed ridiculous. Why on earth would her sister want her to become, well for all practical purposes a baby? Yet, for whatever reason, she had to acknowledge that Ashley had been over the top supportive and actually had taken steps Lilly would never have even thought of or believed necessary. The idea of her sister somehow wanting her to become like a baby crashed down on her as wave after wave of pleasure released from her core and her body shook to a climax that had water lapping over the edge of the tub. Bethany calmly continued "cleaning" as though this was simply normal and smiled inside, knowing they had just taken yet another big step in implementing their plan. "That's my girl, Lilly" Bethany calmly encouraged, taking her washcloth and running it over Lilly's belly and chest, "you are an incredible baby, sweetheart. Relax, now and think about what it would be like to just completely let go, to completely let everything just happen. No worries, no responsibilities, just love and care for you. What an amazing opportunity. Such a sweet thing." Bethany tapered off, seeing Lilly's body relish in the glow of her climax. Without hesitating, Bethany gently removed Lilly's binky and replaced it with a new bottle, this one filled with milk and other things sure to help Lilly feel even more carefree and relaxed. Lilly never opened her eyes, but felt the warm nipple enter her mouth. Instantly and without even thinking, she began sucking at bottle Bethany had provided. This nipple felt much larger than the ones she had been sucking earlier, and the delicious warm milky liquid filled her mouth and warmed her insides as she sat in the wake of one of her most intense climaxes ever. Bethany's words had been almost hypnotic as she had spoke with bolts of pleasure still shooting through Lilly's lower body. When Bethany had said, "no worries, no responsibilities," something at Lilly's core had responded in agreement. It seemed like a dream world she was living in, truly with no worries and no responsibilities. But what exactly did Bethany mean to just completely let go? Lilly was increasingly surprised that she was becoming less and less embarrassed at her willingness to let go physically, but the way Bethany was talking it seemed like she meant to let go of something even bigger. Lilly started thinking about what would that look like to let go of everything. With her eyes closed, Lilly was unaware that Bethany had been leaning gently over the tub watching her "baby" drink the bottle like it was second nature. Bethany could tell Lilly was truly releasing more and more control of her life. Excited herself at the progress, Bethany decided right there and then that it was time to take the next step. "That's the girl," Bethany softly encouraged with her fingers moving through the hair on the top of Lilly's head, "you drink up your bottle honey, Mommy is going to go get your diaper and pajamas ready. I'll be right back ok sweetie?" Another jolt swept through Lilly. Did she just say "mommy?" Logical thoughts swept through Lilly's mind,"she's not my mommy" why would she say she's my mommy" " Lilly's next thoughts were much more emotional. She and Ashley had lost their mommy when they were very young and they had grown up without a lot of the nurturing encouragement mothers provide. Sadness at this reality being stirred up again had Lilly realizing that she still yearned for that nurturing and support. Finally, her brain connected the dots. She was being offered that nurturing love and care right now. It felt weird coming from a young woman four years her junior, but yet, here it was right in front of her. Is that what Bethany meant when she said to choose to let go? Did she need to accept this role" .as a baby" .with a mommy?" By now the contents of the bottle had combined with the warmness of the bath and residual release from her climax to have Lilly beginning to feel truly lightheaded. "Mommy's back," Bethany announced as she re-entered the bathroom. "Come on sweetie, let mommy help you out of the bath and get you ready for bed." Bethany pulled the plug in the tub, letting the water drain out and began to try and help Lilly out of the tub. As Lilly tried to stand up, it was immediately clear that Lilly was having a difficult time finding her balance. Bethany wrapped a towel around Lilly and helped her stumble over the edge of the tub onto the fuzzy rug that lay on the bathroom floor. Lilly's legs seemed to give way and Bethany lowered her down to her knees in support. "Aww" .it's ok sweetie, I know it's hard to stand. Don't worry I've gotchya," Bethany smiled as she spoke, supporting Lilly as she worked the towel around her body, drying Lilly off as she went. "Don't worry honey, mommy's right here" you will be ok." Bethany took one of her arms and reached around Lilly's face, offering a new binky just at the edge of Lilly's lips. Lilly practically lunged at the binky, engulfing it with her lips and immediately sucking on the much larger nipple of this new binky, desperately hoping that the binky would maybe help her avoid having to respond to what was happening. "OK, there you go my love," Bethany said as she finished drying off Lilly's bottom and legs. "You're all set! Now don't worry sweetie, I know it's too hard to stand right now...that's ok, we can work on standing up later. I wish I could carry you, but I've tweaked my back, so you just come crawl into your room and I'll help you get changed, ok love?" And with that Bethany walked out of the bathroom, headed for Lilly's bedroom, leaving Lilly very lightheaded on her knees in the bathroom. Being on her knees, Lilly's head just rose above the counter in the bathroom and she caught site of just her face in the mirror above the sink. There she was, groggy, but clearly sucking on a binky having just been fed a bottle and cleaned by another woman who had suddenly identified herself as her "mommy." Lilly froze as she felt the release of urine begin to run down between her thighs and pool in between her knees which were pressed together on the bathroom rug. She wasn't sure if being overwhelmed had made her pee or if she was truly starting to lose control of that too. Whatever it was, there was really only one thing she currently had control of, and that was the choice to either crawl into her room like a baby or stay here naked on the now soaking wet rug in her bathroom" . Chapter 29 Ashely closed the door to her car and made her way into the spa. Amanda was already seated in the lobby which doubled as a simple cafe. Amanda was only mildly surprised to see that Ashley had obeyed and was wearing pink, having gained confidence that she could be brought into the fold with just a little work. "Ashley! So great to see you!! You must be thrilled to get a little break!! I absolutely love this place and know they will give you just the rest you need!" Amanda's charisma and enthusiasm poured through in the words and hug with which she greeted Ashley. Ashley didn't quite understand why she felt a bolt of adrenaline run through her as Ashley greeted her, but she felt an incredible warmth radiate through her and was excited to just get to spend a little girl time and debrief. "It was so nice of you to arrange all this! And thanks for getting Bethany to watch Lilly" there's obviously no one else I could ever ask!" Ashley said as she broke the embrace and sat in one of the comfortable lobby chairs next to a small table. "I took the privilige of getting us some drinks" I hope you like cran-rasberry" they put a ton of different vitamins and other enrichments in it, but it's absolutely yummy!" Amanda chimed, sliding into the chair next to Ashley, she raised her own glass and proposed a toast. "To an evening of rest and catching up!" Amanda proposed. "I'll absolutely drink to that!" Ashley responded by raising her own glass to clink Amanda's. As she began to drink, the taste awoke every taste bud in her mouth and her mind just delighted in the taste so much that she took gulp after gulp until she realized she had pretty much drained the whole drink. With a small ring of cran-rasberry now around her lips, she put the glass down, took a deep breath and blushed awkwardly as if she had just done something wrong on a first date. "Oops" guess I was really thirsty!" Ashley offered, taking the drink napkin and trying to wipe away the evidence of her guzzling from her face. Not wanting Ashley to feel bad, Amanda picked her glass up and drank her whole drink as well, putting the glass back down on the table with a big smile on her face, "well, all those diaper changes must have really made you thirsty!" Amanda offered, taking the opportunity to take Ashley's napkin from her hand and gently wipe the corners of Ashley's mouth to get the spots she had missed. Amanda did this slowly and intentionally, realizing that this left Amanda in a frozen and relatively vulnerable position. Ashley's heart skipped a beat as Amanda wiped her face. She didn't understand the deluge of emotions that was coursing through her body as she had her mouth wiped clean by another woman" a woman 10 years her junior at that. Amanda's beauty seemed to paralyze her and she was sure the blood rushing to her face was making her feelings totally transparent to Amanda. Immediately, a young woman appeared from behind Ashley's right shoulder, removing the now empty glasses and replacing them with two new full ones. As the attendant exchanged glasses, the pleats of the skirt she was wearing brushed against Ashley's arm. Ashley was sure she heard a familiar sound of crinkling underneath the short skirt, but before she even had a chance to register what had happened, Amanda broke the silence. "The amazing thing about this place is their attention to detail! But I'm sure as a mother and business-woman, you can appreciate that the devil is in the details!" Amanda offered, now raising her glass again as an encouragement for Ashley to do the same. "Oh my, yes" " Ashley stammered, not having any idea where Amanda was going, but feeling suddenly affirmed as a mother and business woman. "Well, then," Amanda continued as Ashley took another long sip of her drink, "you can certainly appreciate the confidentiality of what I'm about to tell you." Amanda paused, looked down at the table to add even more weight to the moment. "You see," Amanda spoke, now slowly raising her eyes to meet Ashley's, "there is much more at stake here than you think. For years, a number of agencies have been working to assess how well public schools handle students with a variety of special needs. It's no secret that education of children with a variety of needs has been poor to say the least. There are documented cases of student abuse, of misappropriation of funds, and of corruption at all levels of the education system." Ashley could not believe what she was hearing. Here she had thought this just going to be a simple night of relaxing and catching up, and instead she was being let on something that sounded like a mission impossible assignment. What was going on? Instinctively she hid her fear behind her drink, finishing her second as the crinkling attendant came and replaced her drink just as Amanda continued again. "These government agencies have created a task force to investigate and root out all the corruption and mistreatment that is occurring across our schools. Two years ago, after a horrible accident, I was approached to be a part of a team that was trying to assess how students requiring needs related to incontinence were being treated in the public schools. Of course I had my reservations. I was at first offended that somehow my incontinence from my accident had been discovered by these agencies, but they convinced me I could really make a difference for students across the country by helping in their efforts." Amanda paused again, taking a long sip of her drink. She saw Ashley sitting frozen across from her, eyes wide-opened, leaning forward on the edge of her seat. For as much as Amanda had practiced this lie, she still always felt nervous selling this amazing masquerade in order to land a new recruit. And yet, here she was, seeing once again a beautiful, innocent women, being lured into her web and the adrenaline kicked in all the more, propelling her back into her ruse. "So for the last two years, my condition has been used to help this task force work to improve the way students are treated across the state. Over the last year, my role has shifted to recruiting people at all levels that may be sympathetic to our efforts so we can continue to improve the education system. Obviously "Lilly" was one of our recruits and now" " Amanda leaned forward across the table to a completely mesmerized Ashley and lowered her voice even further before speaking her next words slowly and intentionally locking her eyes deep into Ashley's, "we NEED you." Ashley let those words linger as she slowly withdrew to lean back in her chair, never once taking her eyes off Ashley's. For her part, Ashley was frozen and stunned. Beyond having no idea how to react, she couldn't deny that she had only really heard the highlights of what Amanda had shared because she had someone felt entranced by Amanda's every body movement. Now, searching for something to say she realized that a question hadn't been asked. It had been more like a statement. We need you. It felt as if there really was no choice in the matter, but what exactly was needed. Ashley again found comfort in taking another long sip of her now fourth drink, noticing a growing fullness of her bladder sending signals that she would need a restroom soon. Amanda bailed her out as she again leaned forward, having never taken her eyes off Ashley. "Let me be specific. We need you for several key roles, but I cannot divulge the specifics of these roles until we know we can trust you. I can only assure you that your business experiences, your motherhood experiences and your ability to work with people will all be put to amazing use, but we need to know you believe in our efforts. We need you to trust us so we can trust you." "I know this is moving fast, but unfortunately, there are a number of critical projects that we need people to help us with immediately." Amanda looked left and right simulating a concern that others may be overhearing their conversation before continuing, "Ashley, look at me." Immediately, Ashley's eyes looked up to Amanda like an obedient puppy. "I'm going to go over and check us in at the desk," Amanda nodded in the direction of the reception desk behind Ashley, "when I come back I am going to ask you to do something. Know now that the things I will ask you to do will not make sense at first. They will be awkward, sudden, embarrassing, and challenging. Like I said, if you prove your trust to us, we will be able to unleash your many abilities and no doubt thousands of lives will be changed. If you do what I ask when I come back from that reception desk," again Amanda dramatically motioned to the desk behind Ashley, "then I will know that you want to begin working with us and you will be given a number of instructions to follow. If, however, you do not do what I ask, then we will go our separate ways. You will never hear from Bethany or I again." Amanda leaned back one final time for emphasis, letting her last words penetrate a suddenly anxious Ashley. A final drink appeared for both of them amidst the silence before Amanda made her last play. "I see you trusted me and wore pink. I hope you will trust me and do as I say. If so, I know we will make an amazing team, if not, please no I will not be offended in any way. I'm going over to the reception desk now." And with that Amanda rose, and as she slipped by her stunned companion, Ashley again was sure she heard the familiar rustling sound that had defined her life for last 48 hours with Lilly. Ashley was beyond overwhelmed. Her bladder was beginning to scream for relief almost as loudly as was her mind. This, whatever this was, seemed to be moving way too fast. And yet there was a strange twinge of excitement, of life, of purpose that somehow captivated Ashley. The more logical side of Ashley's mind was sending off warning signals because truly nothing had been revealed other than some scheme of helping students. But then, another part of her mind said that maybe by joining whatever this was, she could help her sister in even greater ways. "Lilly must have found this opportunity compelling," Ashley thought. And besides that, it was clear that Lilly had jumped all in. Maybe the only way to help Lilly in whatever she had truly volunteered for was to join in herself. Her mind was spinning with all the possible scenarios which cried out for more time to process. Time she knew that for reasons Amanda had not said, were not going to be made available to her. Just then, Amanda slipped by Ashley, lightly tossing a folded piece of paper onto Ashley's lap. Amanda never broke stride and never looked back to make eye contact with Ashley. Within seconds she had disappeared around the corner and into the ladies' lounge of the spa. Her hands trembling, Ashley took the paper and unfolded it. Her eyes and brain reeling as she read the words written on the paper. "Wet your pants right now, where you are sitting. Do not get up, do not try and hide it. Just pee your pants right now. You have 1 minute or the opportunity will be gone." Ashley couldn't believe it. It wasn't as though she had had any time to even think about what might be asked of her. But Amanda's warning rung immediately true: it made no sense, it was awkward, embarrassing and challenging. Time ticked by, the decision was needed. Her bladder was ready to comply, it just needed the signal" ..would her mind give it? Chapter 30 At the same moment that Lilly's open palms made contact with the bathroom floor, Ashley felt the first release of urine warmly trickle into her panties. Lilly had tried several times to stand on her own, but found her balance completely lacking and Bethany nowhere to be seen. While Bethany had made it seem like a bigger choice to be made, Lilly had reduced it to simply wanting the safety of bed and the only way she had any chance of making it there was to crawl. And so, with the remnants of her own urine cooly dripping from between her legs, Lilly slowly began to crawl on the bathroom tile, out into the hallway and towards her bedroom door. The sound of her tongue anxiously working on the binky in her mouth slightly muffled the sound of her hands and knees making contact with the floor as she scooted like a baby down the hall. She paused briefly before the entrance to her room, her subconscious somehow alerting her again to the severity of the situation in which she now found herself, but just as quickly she was off again, entering her own bedroom, naked, on hands and knees, yearning for the protection of a diaper and warm bed. Bethany was relieved and further motivated by the way in which Lilly had responded to her challenge. Bethany hadn't been sure if it was too early to invite Lilly to the next level, but she'd taken the chance, and now before her very eyes Lilly crawled in reward. With breasts hanging down, binky fully in mouth and a naked shaved bottom in tow, Lilly sheepishly entered her room on all fours, not making eye contact with Bethany but moving towards her bed, hoping somehow the bed would make her disappear from the reality that was beginning to consume her. "Oh, not just yet sweetie, come on over and let mommy change you dear," Bethany encouraged warmly trying to redirect Lilly to the changing area she had set up. Just when Lilly thought it couldn't get any worse, she looked over and saw that her dresser had been pushed into her closet and now, lying on the floor was an almost full body-sized changing mat that curved slightly upward on the sides as if to keep a baby from rolling off it. At the end of the mat was a basket with Baby Powder, Baby Oil, a stack of baby-printed diapers and wipes. Lilly froze in her tracks, eyes wide and darting back and forth between the changing pad and her dresser. "Awww, sweetie, there's no need to worry. Mommy is going to change and dress you from now on, and, well, it's just safer for me to do on a pad in case you have another accident," Bethany looked with compassionate eyes trying to invite Lilly in as soothing a tone as she could. Lilly must have sensed the uselessness in battling the new arrangement, because before her mind could fully contemplate what had just been said again her body responded and her hands and legs started crawling over to the matt. Bethany smiled as Lilly approached, hearing the increased pace with which Lilly was sucking her pacifier. "That's my girl" now don't you worry, I'm going to make this as easy as possible, so don't you fret honey," Bethany helped Lilly turn over the side of the mat and lay down on her back, brushing her hair away from her face. Lilly lay completely naked in front of Bethany when the odor of urine reached up to Bethany's nose. "Oh my, did you have a little accident on the way in dear?" See, it's going to be good we have this changing pad, so we don't have to keep cleaning up the floor or mattress!" As Bethany spoke, she intentionally and methodically took a wipe and began cleaning Lilly's vaginal area. The coldness of the wipe and the yet again unexpected attention Lilly was receiving caused her body to tense. Without any clothes on her nipples became even more erect and a mumbled gasp was yet again swallowed by the binky in her mouth. Next, Lilly felt a warmer oil drip down over her clitoris and this time Bethany's fingers began massaging the oil into her thighs and vaginal area. Several beads of the oil slipped in between her legs sending a familiar sensation of arousal involuntarily through Lilly's body. Her hips responded yet again to the touch and Bethany knew by the now familiar turning of Lilly's head and closing of her eyes that Lilly was yielding more and more control to Bethany with each casual stroke. Not wanting to lose her edge, Bethany quickly shifted to applying the baby powder as Lilly's hips rhythmically searched for more oil and touch. Without warning, Lilly's legs were lifted high and a thick diaper was placed below her bottom. Lilly felt the now familiar warmth and softness of the thickest diaper she had yet to wear as her bottom disappeared behind the diapers fasteners. Before her body had a chance to come down from it's scintillation, Bethany softly kissed her forehead and whispered, "Good girl" now stay right there I'll be right back." And with that Bethany went to quickly clean up the bathroom, leaving her baby on the changing pad, naked but for her binky and thick diaper. Bethany knew Amanda would be proud and she quickly texted Amanda with the exciting progress she had made, hoping that Amanda's more challenging encounter with Ashley was moving with equal progress. Smiling, she returned to Lilly's bedroom and as she was about to enter the bedroom, she paused, hearing a replay of the excited moans Lilly had shared earlier. Peeking around the doorway, she saw her baby, with one hand moving quickly over the top of her diaper, her other playfully grabbing her chest, legs fully splayed and hips thrusting quickly towards another orgasm. Bethany waited, not wanting to take this defining moment away. It was obvious Lilly had given over to the world of being a baby and letting go completely of her body. As the last waves of her orgasm rippled to peace, Bethany entered the room, went over to the suitcase she had brought over and pulled out a yellow and pink onesie with lace ruffles at the leggings. She slipped the top over Lilly's head, gently whispering sweet nothings to Lilly as she did so. Lilly heard five snaps as Bethany's hands secured the onesie. "Come on sweetie," Bethany encouraged, "I have your warm bed ready for you. Crawl on over and I'll help you up." Without pause, Lilly rolled off the mat, hardly noticing the baby onesie she now wore. Crawling over to the bed, she saw Bethany's warm eyes encouraging her. For as awkward as her insides still felt, there was a new peace and comfort that was beginning to welcome Lilly to whatever it was that was happening. As she climbed into bed, her diaper stuck out of the leggings and Lilly felt a waterproof pad under her as Bethany pulled up the sheets and tucked Lilly in for a sleep. "Sleep well my precious baby, when you wake up next everything will be done." Lilly half-heard Bethany as her body quickly sought to sleep, but there was no mistaking Bethany's final whispers, "Lilly, my sweet, when you wake up, your final choice will be before you. Sleep well." Once Bethany was sure Lilly was asleep, she began making the changes to Lilly's room that Amanda had instructed. Everything was coming together perfectly, at least from her end" . Ashley felt the warmth between her legs long before she heard the dripping from the chair in which she sat. Her pink stretch pants tried to force the warm liquid that was invading Ashley's crotch down her legs, but gravity forced it to the lowest point which was where Ashley's bottom rested against the canvas-like material of the lobby chair. Ashley's first reaction was to clench down and stop urinating, her mind shifting to take control of what it had processed as a "wrong" action. Yet somewhere from a place Ashley hadn't heard before, a part of her mind also was acknowledging that it was too late. Her panties were wet, her stretch pants were wet and now the evidence of her decision had begun pooling under her chair. Unaware of how red her face had turned, Ashley first found herself glancing under her chair as if to verify what she already knew to be true. More disbelief and shock than anything else, Ashley saw the puddle of her own urine and was even more surprised as that new part of her mind sent the signal to let go and finish what she had started. A new wave of urine made it's way from Ashley's bladder and soon followed the same path, allowing the drips to gain volume and Ashley's body seeming to focus all its senses on the wetness that was consuming her crotch and bottom. To Ashley the drips seemed to be the only noise in the entire lobby, although as she sheepishly looked up, anticipating a number of pointing fingers and bewildered faces, she took brief relief in observing that no one seemed to be aware of the trauma unfolding in her chair. When the last of her urine had found its release, Ashley experienced yet another awkward realization: she had absolutely no idea what to do next. Her body was sending signals to remain perfectly still so as to not draw any attention to her wet pants. A flash of adrenaline ran through her body as Ashley realized that she couldn't even attribute this to being an "accident" as she recalled consciously choosing to wet her pants. That very thought triggered a desire to flee; panic began to boil up inside as she the full effect of making her decision began coursed through her body. The wetness became cooler and slightly more uncomfortable, yet, at least for the moment, the part of her body that favored remaining perfectly still was winning. Watching the close captioned cameras from a room in the back of the spa, Amanda felt a different warmth envelop her body, the warmth of satisfaction and joy at seeing the decision Ashley was making being played out before her very eyes. Her lips widened in a smile, knowing that a new chapter was just beginning in her plan to bring Ashley into the fold. Lucy was standing at her side, amazed yet again at the influence Amanda was able to wield, her eyes transfixed on the mature, business woman she had observed enter the spa become suddenly more like a little girl than a strong mother. "Wait just a little longer, " Amanda whispered, appearing to read Lucy's mind. Lucy was anxiously wondering when she should move in to assist Ashley with the next part of the plan. "Let's let her truly process this a little further" so often the mind has to resolve itself of the stress before we can truly help them take that next step. Right now she is debating whether to run or stay. "It makes sense, really," Amanda said, turning to look up at Lucy, "she is half horrified and half aroused at the prospect of what she just decided. If she runs, which I doubt she will, I will just meet her at her car, but if she stays, then you will be free to take her to the showers," While Lilly slept deeply (the bottle mix Bethany had given her enhanced with more powerful muscle relaxants and sleep aids), the soft suckles on her binky marked time for Bethany as she worked diligently but quietly to finish all the changes Amanda had ordered for Lilly's room. As she worked, a text came in from Amanda. It simply read: "She wet her pants." Bethany acknowledged to herself how odd such a text would have been for anyone else, but for Bethany, it signaled another small victory on the road they were walking. It also meant that Bethany was to begin modifications to Ashley's room once she had finished taking care of Lilly. "Oh my! Are you alright miss?" Lucy feigned surprise as she stood behind Lucy, lightly placing her hand on Ashley's shoulder and bending down so that she was practically whispering in Ashley's ear. Ashley turned, another jolt of adrenaline pulsing through her as her body registered that her private crisis had now become public. The beautiful girl bending down behind her chair had assumed an almost motherly pose of comfort, but she couldn't have been more than 20 years old. Despite her panic, Ashley caught Lucy's deep green eyes and shapely body framed by long wavy auburn locks. Ashley's beet red face said more than any words she could have mustered, and although the silence between them felt an eternity, within a couple of seconds Lucy came to her rescue. "Don't worry miss" ?" Ashley gave a very penetrating and inquisitive look to Ashley, pleading with her simply to give her name. " Ashley", Ashley whispered, hoping her soft voice would somehow minimize the embarrassment and shame she suddenly felt. "Don't worry Ashley," her hand began a soft caress in the center of Ashley's back, and while under other circumstances, Ashley might have been disturbed at the innocent advance, her body actually relished the physical comfort being offered by this gorgeous attendant. Continuing her soothing approach, Lucy moved even closer to Ashley's ear and whispered back, "It's OK" Amanda sent me to help you. I know you must feel scared, but please don't. I will take very good care of you. We are all so proud of you." Ashley's head tried to process Lucy's encouragements. She wondered who the "we" was that was so proud of her and then her mind remembered that she had actually chosen to wet her pants as way to show her commitment to helping Amanda and her sister by volunteering for a role she didn't fully understand. As her mind reeled again with concerns about what exactly she had agreed to, she felt Lucy lift her up from her seat. Her body offered no resistance and no sooner had she stood up than she felt a robe being put over her back. Standing up accentuated the feelings of her cold, wet crotch and as the her arms were guided into the robe, she felt a trickle of urine run down her legs. Again, her head turned down to see the wet leggings a much darker shade of pink, her mind flashing back to a time long ago when she had wet her pants in Kindergarten, feeling the same torment of helplessness, shame and fear. But before she could catch up with her thoughts, the front of the robe closed around her and she felt Lucy escorting her, one hand around her waist, the other gently holding her arm. Lucy couldn't believe how pliant Ashley was, but it was clear that she was very shaken and confused. Lucy knew that her job was to exert control, but in a nurturing way. The next 30 minutes would be critical and Amanda was trusting that Lucy could play the part. As the unlikely pair slipped into the women's lounge, Ashley felt a wave of comfort come over her, simply because they were no longer in the public eye. Still embarrassed that a beautiful 20-year old was "helping" her, Ashley said nothing and allowed herself to be escorted to a semi-private lounge area. As they entered the room, Ashley noticed an oversized open shower in the corner, a couple of comfortable lounge chairs and what looked to be a very comfortable massage table in the room. Lucy led Ashley right up to the shower area, and without even saying a word, began to help Ashley out of her robe. Ashley's mind offered the idea of resisting this help, considering it juvenile to have a younger lady help her get undressed, but again a new part of her mind seemed to win out, suggesting that she just let Lucy help her. Lucy sensed the inner turmoil Ashley was feeling because her body was tensing as Lucy tried to remove first the robe, then the soiled stretch pants. Lucy could not help but notice that Ashley had an amazing body for being a mother, albeit a younger one. Her legs were incredibly well-toned, with the muscle definition resembling that of an avid cyclist. The tan line that streaked around her waist indicated that either Ashley wore a lot of thong bikinis. As Lucy removed Ashley's legs from the pants, she found herself bent down on the floor, with Ashley holding on to the handle next to the shower area. While this position had been a more common occurrence for Lucy, Ashley's heart was racing. No one, not even her husband had ever undressed her with this intentionality, poise and tenderness. Ashley's mind continued to race between the surprising emotions she was feeling to have such a pretty girl helping her and the horror of having pee-stained clothes removed by another person. With the first leg out, Lucy turned to slide the stretch pants and soaked thong out from the other leg. Her head passed in front of Ashley's crotch and she saw an average amount of blond curly pubic hairs covering Ashley's private parts. While some may have thought this to be an awkward even quasi-sexual encounter, for Lucy she was just sizing up the job she had ahead of her and concluded that it would take about as long as Amanda had planned. For Ashley, however, she felt the blood again rush to her face, never having had a woman anywhere near this close to her most private areas for something other than a medical check-up. Her stomach turned and tightened. Was it excitement or revulsion that the butterflies in her tummy were signaling? The moment passed before anything further could be processed and with a deft movement of her hands, Lucy freed Ashley's second leg from the soiled stretch pants and tossed them to a pile against the far wall. Standing up right in front of Ashley, Lucy took the stretchy pink tank top that Ashley was wearing and without word or instruction, began lifting the shirt over her head. "Oh, please, it's" I can" " mumbled Ashley. "Shhhh," responded Lucy, pausing to wait for Ashley to raise her arms above her head as Lucy continued to remove her top. For what seemed an eternity, Ashley remained standing there, her arms extended up, now only her bra on. Why she didn't put her arms down and unclasp her own bra would only be a thought Ashley would ponder minutes later in the shower. As it was, she stood there motionless, the butterflies returning, and Ashley's hands going around to her back to unclasp her bra. It was inevitable that their breasts briefly brushed each other until the bra was released and fell to the side. Lucy actually had to lower Ashley's hands because this had suddenly become too much for Ashley to process. Ashley, like a number of girls before her, had become entranced with Lucy's powerful eyes and soft complexion, lost not so much in sexual arousal as in the overwhelming beauty and quiet control that Lucy was exhibiting. As the bra fell to the ground, Lucy kicked it over in the direction of the stretch pants, lowered her hands to Ashley's hips and turned her toward the direction of the shower. Reaching now from behind Ashley, Lucy turned the shower on, her body coming up against Ashley's from behind. As the water came on, Ashley now instinctively waited for the water to turn warm before stepping forward. In that short time, Lucy had untied her dress from behind her neck and allowed it to fall silently off. With nothing on underneath, Lucy was now naked and stepped into the shower behind Ashley who was oblivious to the sudden transformation. Just as Ashley moved under the shower head, and began running her hands around to shape her hair to one side, she felt hands wrapping around her torso and begin to lather her midsection from behind. Startled, Ashley gasped and jumped, but Lucy, prepared for such a reaction, held onto Ashley's hips and steadied her. "Let me do my job, so you will be ready to do yours," Lucy offered pre-emptively to try and calm Ashley's anxiety at the approach. Using her hands to secure Ashley's hips, Lucy prevented her from turning around to see the hands that had suddenly resumed their "cleaning duties." Nevermind that Ashley's smaller breasts had not been involved in the wetting of her pants, Lucy had been told to clean their new arrival and to make sure she was ready for the next phase within 30 minutes. While Ashley's body began to surrender to the touches that were moving over incessantly and caressingly over her breasts and front side, Lucy was truly focused on keeping Amanda happy. Without warning, Lucy shifted her attention to Ashley's lower half, her hands simultaneously lathering and rubbing the inside of Ashley's thighs and suddenly covering Ashley's crotch area with well lathered soap. Ashley's gasp was drowned out by the water, but she immediately stood upright on the tip of her toes, as if to somehow move away from the sudden intruders that were now wiping the folds of her exposed labia. Electric shocks were sent through Ashley's body, her mind racing to balance the thoughts of repulsion and arousal that simultaneously fought for her attention. No sooner had these hands found their way to Ashley's crotch than they were gone, continuing to move down, all the while washing the smooth-shaven legs that were taught with anticipation. When Lucy had finished cleaning Ashley literally from head to toe, she pulled the shower chair from against the opposite wall and positioned it just out of range for the water flow. The chair itself had a retractable back that allowed it to lower in the same fashion many beauty salons have chairs that recline to allow people's hair to be washed. This chair had the other feature, however, of having leg slats that essentially forced the person sitting in this chair to spread their legs, exposing their most private areas. Locking the wheels on the chair, Lucy turned Ashley around and with a gentle, but noticeable force, lowered Ashley into the chair. Lucy was doing a good job at keeping things moving. The more she introduced new elements to the process, the more Ashley's mind kept spinning, unable to keep up with whether or not any of this was what Ashley wanted, and more simply trying to process what was happening. Ashley felt the ridges of the leg slats against the back of her legs and instinctively she widened them to relieve the brief pain that came when she had tried to sit normally on a sharper edge. With her legs in the designated channels, Ashley suddenly felt even more exposed and vulnerable. Not allowing Ashley a chance to register a concern, Ashley reclined the chair to 45 degrees and lowered the adjustable shower head so that it was directly over Ashley's head. Ashley instinctively closed her eyes and Lucy began running the water through Ashley's hair. With the loudness of the water close to Ashley's head and the constant presence of Lucy's hands running through her hair, Ashley had neither the opportunity to speak nor the clarity to know what she would say. Lucy was tender enough that it actually felt soothing to Ashley to have her hands running through her hair, but there was occasionally a firmer grip placed on a strand of hair, letting Ashley know that any quick movements may result in her hair being painfully pulled. Just as Ashley was beginning to relax just a little, assuming that Lucy was just going to wash her hair, Ashley felt two new hands rest on her thighs and begin moving up towards her crotch. As her bottom reactively tried to jump off the chair, Lucy gave a slight pull on her locks, counteracting the jump and sending a signal to Ashley's body to sit lest there be more pain from the hair. Unable to look down to her crotch, Ashley began her first attempt to slightly resist whatever was happening in her nether regions. The hands quickly lathered her crotch and as Ashley felt the coolness of shaving cream begin to lather her privates, Lucy's voice whispered again just outside of Ashley's ear, "It's ok, sweetie, let us do our job, so you can do yours. Please, if you struggle, we may nick you somewhere that will hurt far worse." Ashley's body froze again and tensed. All of the processing banks in her mind came quickly to the conclusion that her vaginal area was being shaved. The hands that manipulated her genital region were deft and quick. Ashley hardly even felt the razor blade that was ever so precisely sliding along the edges of her clitoral area. Ashley's body took over and froze, knowing that no matter what she thought of being shaved, to move would be perilously dangerous. So Ashley sat and allowed the hands to minister to her most private parts, every once in a while feeling the edges of her lips being held tenderly to allow the razor to get every last blond curl removed. So focused on her lower region was Ashley, that she didn't even notice the work Lucy was now doing to her hair. Lucy, an expert hair stylist, was actually cutting about four inches off of her hair, skillfully gathering her hair and quickly trimming her hair such that it would appear more as a bob when it was done that as the luxurious locks with which Ashley had entered the spa. By now, Ashley's body was in overload. All of the physical ministrations that were being applied had begun to take their toll. Ashley's breathing was the first sign that arousal was replacing resistance. Cassi, the shaving assistant, also began to see that Ashley's labia had begun to protrude on their own and her hips, once recoiling from the process, were now locked down, almost inviting Cassi's hands to do more than they were. Ashley and Cassi exchanged a glance and a smile. It would not be long until yet another woman became one of their flock. Amanda had sent the text to update him on their progress. Her final question was, "are you sure we should proceed as planned?" While in appearance a simple question, it was loaded with significance that only Amanda and the recipient understood. Over the years, there had been a number of risks taken by the duo. For the most part they had succeeded in accomplishing a number of their goals, but, in large part, each of these risks had been leading up to this decision. The research, personal interactions, networking, recruiting and risks they had pursued now came down to this moment, to proceed or wait further. As soon as he read the text, he smiled, knowing that for as mature as Amanda was for her age, she was nervous about taking the next step. "Proceed. You have done an exceptional job to this point. Don't be afraid." Amanda got the text and smiled, pleased that he had seen through her initial request and was offering once again the reassurance she needed to continue with their quest. Putting the phone down, Amanda went next door to make sure the doctor and nurse were ready to proceed. "Everything is ready as you requested," the nurse replied. "We have permission to proceed," Amanda said and excused herself to ready the unknowing patient. No sooner had Ashley begun to feel the building wave of an orgasm, than Cassi finished her work shaving her crotch baby smooth. Cassi, never seen by Ashley, had definitely left an impression on Ashley who tried to control her hips from writhing in response to the obvious excitement that peaked from her clitoral region. Lucy continued to finish the trimming of Ashley's hair and when the last part of Ashley's bangs had been finished, she had Ashley sit up and stand to get her final rinse. Ashley's body sent another shot of adrenaline coursing through her inner core at the site of Lucy's young, luscious body standing before her. Lucy guided her to her feet and helped her final rinse before turning off the water and grabbing a towel to wrap around Ashley. Lucy lightly dried Ashley's body, starting at her head and working her way down. Lucy noticed how Ashley's nipples, which were very large against her smaller chest, were perked at attention as she lightly moved the towel around each breast and down along the torso. As Lucy approached her groin area, she felt Ashley's body tense. Lucy took a little longer than necessary, making sure to apply pressure around Ashley's labia, successfully producing a soft sigh from Ashley whose hands reached down to Lucy's shoulders to keep her from stumbling. Unfazed, Lucy continued drying off Ashley's legs, expertly grabbing a second clean towel and securing it around Ashley's upper body while guiding her over to a more comfortable lounge chair. This chair also reclined and Lucy, now toweled herself, moved behind it, allowing her to sit in a swivel stool chair and gently begin drying Ashley's now shortened hair. Ashley was now desperate to find some relieve to her growing arousal, but her mind was conflicted. For as much arousal as she felt, she was still unsettled about everything that had happened. It felt too fast and too undefined for a woman that was used to exercising control over her life and that of her employees. Secretly, however, Ashley had always wanted to be able to lose control. The pressure of always being on, always having to make the decisions, always being responsible for every situation always wears on executives and Ashley was no less immune from the desire to let go. What had always been missing was the venue for Ashley to release control. Suddenly, the option had appeared, in a way Ashley could never have predicted and obviously would never have chosen, but yet, the invitation for Ashley to truly experience a release was building momentum. As she sat, reclining in the chair, she felt a cool breeze around her crotch as the towel stopped just above her now baby smooth vaginal area. No matter how hard she tried to stay still, her legs shifted every couple of seconds almost yearning to create the contact her clitoris was begging to have. At the same time, Ashley was trying to exert control and not give in to her growing carnal desires. All the while Lucy continued drying her hair a blow drier now creating enough noise to cover an occasional soft sight that Ashley allowed to escape. With her hand on Ashley's forehead, holding it still as she dried Ashley's hair, Ashley then felt two hands wrapping around her feet. Cassi had returned to apply some moisturizer and massage to Ashley as she was lay back. Once again, Lucy's actions prevented Ashley from seeing the face behind the hands that were now massaging her feet. Jolts of electricity shot from Ashley's midsection through her clitoris and down her legs, mixing arousal with the soothing feel of the massage. Soon, Cassi's hands were moving up Ashley's legs, but this time Cassi found Ashley beginning to voluntarily spread her legs as she first rubbed her calves and then the inside of her thighs. Lucy felt Ashley's back arch, seeing her chin lift up and head tilt back as the growing wave of arousal mounted. By the time Cassi had reached Ashley's hips, Ashley's body was quivering as the familiar wave of an orgasm was knocking for release. Cassi, sensing the moment, paused and slowly withdrew her hands running them down the length of Ashley's body before standing and once again disappearing before Ashley ever had the chance to see her. As if on cue, Lucy then wrapped a towel in Ashley's hair and hit the floor lever raising Ashley's chair back to it's normal position. Moving around the chair, Lucy gently reached for Ashley's hands which almost instinctively lifted up to meet her. Without a word being spoken, Lucy observed the familiar glaze of arousal in Ashley's eyes and quietly escorted her over to the massage table. Positioning Ashley on one side of the table, Lucy went around to the other side, lifting up the sheet, inviting Ashley to lay face down on the massage table. Allowing the towel to fall at her feet, Ashley moved to lie down on the table, face down, her head cushioned by the head rest that extended off the end of the table. Instantly the lights went down and a soft music filled the room. Unbeknownst to Ashley, Lucy left the room as Amanda entered. Amanda had the forms no one had ever signed before in her hands. She put them on the small table and placed the table under the head rest area where Ashley saw them vaguely through the opening as she looked down. Before she could process what the papers were, Amanda's familiar voice whispered in her ears. "You are incredibly brave, braver than I thought and braver than I think I could be." As you are aware, our methods for helping care be improved for disabled students are perceived by many as extreme." As she finished this sentence, her right hand rested on Ashley's sheet-covered bottom, beginning to slowly massage it as she continued speaking. "A woman of your experience certainly understands the legal issues that might arise, so we have a standard waiver that we require people to sign as we move forward. Please, if you would." Ashley placed a pen on the forms by the signature line and moved both of her hands to Ashley's bottom, massaging her gentle cheeks over the sheet, each time inviting Ashley's legs to part a little further. Ashley's mind again began to swim. Here it was, something she was familiar with in terms of liability and business: a form to sign. To Ashley it represented a familiar form to an unfamiliar end; namely the release of control. Her business instincts kicking in, Ashley began trying to read the document, her hands reaching under the sheet and grabbing the papers bringing them up closer to read. As she finished the first paragraph, she began to feel Ashley's hands moving inside of her butt cheeks and down towards her very wet vaginal area. Ashley's eyes fluttered, her concentration faltering. Her stomach unleashed a wave of butterflies that seemed to run down through Ashley's vaginal cavity, yearning for release. The whisper returned as Ashley struggled for composure. "As soon as you sign, we can complete what we've started" " the closeness of Amanda's breath sending goose bumps all over Ashley's body and a renewed wetness to her now exposed labia. In the end, Ashley's body made the decision for her as her hands rushed to grab the pen and sign on the line at the bottom of the form. As soon as Amanda saw the name being penned to the form, she slipped her hand under the sheet, moving it directly to Ashley's clit, running two fingers along the slit entering her soaked vagina and clutching her g-spot. Ashley gasped out loud, her body tensed and wave after wave of pent up pleasure gushed from head to toe through Ashley's body. A minute felt like hours, Amanda being sure not to surrender her caress of Ashley's arousal and allowing her orgasm to run its full course. When the throws of Ashley's body finally came to rest, Amanda quietly removed the signed forms and provided placed "the drink" on the table that would set everything quickly into motion. Reveling in the glow of her orgasm, Ashley saw the glass with a straw on the table below. Reaching down with her hand, Ashley quickly drank of the beverage, sucking and swallowing quickly as her body's thirst awakened from all the excitement and activity that had transpired in the previous hours. No sooner did Ashley hear the slurping noise indicating the drink was gone, than she began to feel the wave of fatigue gripping her body. Within seconds, her mouth was trying to speak words of objection but silence prevailed, her body drifting into a very deep sleep. Ashley awoke to the sun breaking through the slats in her blinds. She felt the familiar softness of her high thread count sheets. She stretched her arms and legs, rested and refreshed. As she went to curl back up, she both heard and felt the crinkle between her legs. For as familiar as her bedroom felt, the warm and wet sensation between her legs was new and unexpected. Sitting up suddenly, Ashley felt the second unfamiliar sensation, two short pony tails bouncing against the side of her head. The third was the new nightie she was wearing, essentially an oversized pink shirt that just barely covered the diaper between her legs. Stunned, Ashley's mind tried to do a rapid re-boot; desperately seeking to recall any of the events that led to this moment making sense. The first memory to come back was the powerful orgasm she had experienced on the massage table. From there, she was able to work herself back to what she assumed was the preceding day; going to the spa, meeting Amanda, her decision to volunteer, the shower, everything came crashing back. Everything, that is, except what happened after the climax. Ashley slowly lay back down in her bed, trying to piece together how she had gotten home, what had happened after her orgasm and why she was now wearing a wet diaper having not had any recollection during her sleep at needing to or having gone to the bathroom. Down across the hall, Lilly awoke to a now familiar, but undesirable sensation of a full diaper; full that is of everything her body was capable of disposing. She wasn't sure how long had passed since she had soiled her diaper, but tears started coming to her eyes at the discomfort her body felt, almost a burning sensation in her bottom, a soaked diaper holding in a smelly mess. Spitting the binky out of her mouth, a gasp/cry came from Lilly's mouth, tears now rolling down her cheeks. From the room next door, Bethany watched on the TV screen, her cameras showing the unfolding awakening in the neighboring room. Next to that screen, she saw Ashley lying in her bed, a look that mixed confusion and concern. A smile crept over her face as she got up to go attend to Lilly. Opening the door, Bethany walked over and crouched next to Lilly's bed, "Good morning sweetie, don't worry, mommy's here." Ash she brushed the tears off of Lilly's eyes, she soothingly put her hair away from her face and smiled, making eye contact with Lilly's water filled eyes. For Lilly's part, she was immediately happy to see Bethany and at least was beginning to trust that Bethany would in fact take care of her. Turning Lilly's body at an angle, Bethany reached up to gain access to Lilly's onesie and unsnapped it, exposing and incredibly full diaper. Expertly, Bethany untaped the diaper, using the front portion to wipe down along Lilly's front, cleaning all the mess that had accumulated and lifting her legs to remove the diaper and begin rolling it up. With her hands holding Lilly's legs up and back toward her chest, Bethany grabbed a number of wipes and cleaned every crevice of her vaginal area. As Bethany attended to Lilly, she lay back, having retrieved her binky from the ribbon it was attached to and found comfort in sucking where she had lost control of just about every other aspect of her life. Gone was confusion or fear, replaced was a simple acceptance of her complete dependence on others for help and a resignation that somehow, in someway she had lost control of her bowels and bladder. There really was nothing for Lilly to do but allow Bethany to help. The only fleeting fear came as she wondered what she would do WITHOUT Bethany here to help. The smell of baby oil now replaced the early stench she had awoken to, as a soft cloth was now coating her baby smooth skin with a lavender scented oil that brought immediate relief and calm to Lilly. The powder she was expecting followed next and complete peace returned as she felt the security of another diaper being taped and secured around her bottom. Leaving the onesie on, Bethany took the jumper she had picked out for Lilly to wear and, leaning Lilly upright, slipped it over her head. Bethany then sat down next to Lilly, wrapping her arm around Lilly's back. Without even thinking why, Lilly put her arms around Bethany's neck and allowed her to scoop up her legs. Rising briefly, Bethany lifted Lilly out of bed and lowered her to the floor. Sitting on her bottom, Lilly surveyed the room, noticing a number of changes. In the corner was a booster chair of some kind resting on the floor. Bethany had begun walking in that direction and Lilly went to follow. Again, the energy in her legs failed her and crawling seemed the easier way to travel the short distance. Arriving at the chair, Bethany took Lilly's arms and lifted her up, placing her bottom in the chair and extending her legs out in front of her. No sooner was Lilly settled than Bethany was snapping in the tray that attached to the booster seat. As Lilly began to take in her confined seating arrangement, she felt the now familiar sensation of her diaper again filling as her bladder emptied itself. As she emptied herself on that end, a bottle tip appeared at her lips which now instinctively wrapped around the nipple and began sucking on the warm, sweet milky drink. A DVD player clicked on and Sesame Street came on as Bethany went downstairs to get the rest of Lilly's morning meal. As Bethany walked by Ashley's office, she smiled again, certain that Ashley was still trying to make sense of her last twelve hours. Inevitably, the practical side of Ashley's mind began kicking in to full gear. "No matter how this happened, the reality is your diaper is full,' her mind spoke, stirring Ashley into action. She got up out of bed, still perplexed about how she had gotten home, and practically waddled toward the bathroom, her heavy diaper widening her gait as she walked. Going around the end of her bed, she passed the mirror above her dresser and froze. The pony tails pronounced the new length of Ashley's hair and her instantaneous thought was how incredibly young she looked. Ashley had always been disappointed with her smaller breasts, but now her lack of a bust literally helped to take even more years from her appearance. The thin, pony-tailed hair, her light complexion, the pink night shirt just covering her diaper all contributed to make Ashley's heart beat. Without much effort, at least that she remembered, Amanda and her team had somehow already begun to transform Ashley into the role she had volunteered to play. Ashley's stomach turned, and this time Ashley recognized the reluctance that was filling her mind and body about the decision she had made some 16 hours prior. Quickly, Ashley stepped into the bathroom, pulling her night shirt off and leaving her breasts exposed and her now sagging diaper in full view. Ashley paused at the sight, again not recognizing how or when her first diaper since infancy had been put on her. She quickly worked the four tapes loose and let the diaper fall to the floor. Quickly turning on the shower she jumped in and immediately felt the water against her baby smooth skin. For the first time, Ashley let her fingers run over her newly shaved vaginal area, adrenaline pouring through her body at the almost seductively smooth touch that resulted. Snapping herself from the sensation, Ashley tried to focus on cleaning her body. She spent more time than usual lathering up with soap, as if she could erase the events of the last day by scrubbing harder. As she cleaned, the hesitant voice in her mind encouraged her to just start her day as if nothing had happened. She could go to work, be in charge and reconsider her options later in the day. Motivated with a new purpose, Ashley finished getting cleaned, got dressed and made her way downstairs. Bethany heard the footsteps and prepared to greet Ashley. "Good morning," Bethany said, her face away from Ashley, working over the counter to get Lilly's banana baby food ready to serve. Ashley was not completely shocked to hear Bethany's voice as she remembered that Bethany had come to take care of Lilly while she went to meet Amanda. While the temptation overwhelmed Ashley to ask Bethany what happened and how she had gotten into her bed, she was also embarrassed to acknowledge that she had awoken with a diaper on. "Good morning," Ashley weakly offered back. "I'm going to run into the office for a little bit. Are you OK to hang with Lilly for a little while longer?" Ashley tried to act as composed as she could. Bethany turned and immediately saw what Ashley simultaneously began to feel. Ashley's green dress pants had a growing dark spot in Ashley's crotch area. Both girls seemed to freeze as they watched the wet spot grow in size before liquid began dropping from the bottom of Ashley's pants onto the kitchen floor. Ashley's face immediately turned bright red, squeezing her legs together in a worthless effort to stop herself from wetting her pants. Ashley stood bewildered. She hadn't felt any sensation building up in her bladder, there was no warning, no feeling of need to pee, and yet, there was pee running down her legs. She remembered choosing to pee in her pants the day before, but this was different, this was without any awareness or forewarning. Ashley finally looked away from the puddle of urine pooling on the kitchen floor to make eye contact with Bethany. Bethany knew what Ashley did not, but she was under strict orders not to reveal anything at this point. "Oh my Ashley, are you ok?" Bethany offered in her best feigned voice of disbelief she could muster. Walking toward Ashley, Bethany brought her hands up to her mouth to emphasize the dramatic surprise of seeing Ashley wet her pants. Ashley remained frozen in place, looking for words to come to her mouth. "I" .um" .well" .I don't" .." "It's OK Ashley, it's ok" why don't we go up and get this all cleaned up. Don't worry about it, accidents happen." Bethany offered as she approached Ashley. Having grabbed a roll of paper towel on her way over, Bethany put a number of sheets over the pool of urine on the kitchen floor before grabbing Ashley's elbow and pulling her way from the mess. Here, let me help you get these shoes off. And with Ashley now leaning back against the kitchen wall, Bethany bent over and unstrapped the low heeled shoes that hugged Ashley's feet. Without even asking, Bethany then stood up and began unbuttoning and then unzipping the zipper that held up the now wet pants and white thong undies. Bethany began sliding the pants and underwear down, taking them both into the utility room to be dealt with later. When Bethany had returned to the kitchen, Ashley had crossed her arms over her smoothly shaven vaginal area and was standing stunned, like a deer in headlights, still confused as to how this had happened. "Why don't you go and clean up and I'll feed Lilly. When I've got her set I'll come in and see if I can help you ok?" Bethany asked with a real tenderness. "Um" yes" that would be fine." Ashley muttered, her mind distracted and trying desperately to figure out what was wrong with her. Bethany followed Ashley upstairs and smiled as Ashley returned to her room to get cleaned up. Bethany knew it was going to be a long, busy day. Ashley shut the door behind her as she almost collapsed into the refuge of her bedroom. Humiliated, confused and now scared, Ashley went to the bathroom to clean up. Entering the shower area, she was reluctant to shower her whole body again and the thought of baby wipes crossed her mind as suddenly being more convenient than an entire shower. Ashley remembered that she had stored some of the baby wipes for Lilly in the linen closet out in the hall and, as she bravely made her way out into the hall, she was careful to tip toe so as not to draw attention to what she was about to do. Gently opening the closet, she quietly grabbed the wipes and glanced in the direction of Lilly's room. From the angle where she stood, she could see into Lilly's room and to the mirror that hung on the wall. In its reflection, she saw her sister, sitting in a very cute baby jumper being spoon fed by Bethany. What truly caught her attention was the total passivity and almost contentment that seemed to embody Lilly' face as her lips welcomed the banana paste offered by Bethany. Bethany cooed encouragements as a mother would to a baby, praising Lilly for being so good and adorable as she took in the mush that was loaded with a variety of things beyond bananas designed to achieve the effects Amanda had prescribed. So taken with the image in the mirror, Ashley momentarily lost sight what she must have looked like standing half naked in the hallway holding a pack of baby wipes. Something in her subconscious awoke her to her own state of needs. Quietly returning to her room, Ashley opened the wipes, sat down on a towel on the edge of her bed, spread her legs and began wiping her legs, thighs and clitoral regions. The cool, moist wipes sent chills throughout Ashley's body as they softly cleansed Ashley's labia and urethra. The smooth skin was still captivating to Ashley and she soon found herself cleaning her groin area longer than was necessary and more intensely than needed. It didn't take long for her to find her mind racing back to the parts of the last night she did remember and feeling an all familiar energy of arousal begin to awaken in her body. [knock, knock, knock] Bethany lightly tapped on Ashley's door before opening and finding Ashley exposed on her bed in a half compromising, half understandable position. Ashley froze, too late for her to hide what she was doing on her bed, too stunned to truly adjust. Bethany, a true pro, didn't hesitate or get drawn into the obvious intimate intrusion that had just occurred, but instead walked right up to the edge of the bed, grabbed another wipe and began to do what Bethany was tasked to do: take care of these girls as a mother would. "Here, let me help you finish that up," Bethany half whispered, running another wipe over the most sensitive parts of Ashley's fully exposed vaginal area. Out of the corner of her eye, Bethany saw Ashley's chest rise and fall quickly, a silent gasp working itself through her upper body. Not wanting to lose the initiative, Bethany stopped wiping and sat on the edge of the bed in between Ashley's legs, intentionally positioning herself so that Ashley would have to stay in that vulnerable position for as long as Bethany was seated. "Ashley, Amanda told me that you volunteered to help us reach into schools and improve the care of disabled students, so it really wasn't necessary for you to wet your pants again for me." Bethany looked straight into Ashley's now aroused eyes as she rested a hand on the inside of her thigh, trying to engage Ashley with what had just happened in the kitchen. "Um" I know" um, I mean I remember, but.." Ashley wasn't sure if she was ready to admit that the kitchen incident was not intentional, but at the same time was anxious to get some answers as to what was happening and why she had lost control without even feeling the sensation of needing to pee. "Oh Ashley, you are so sweet. Thank you for letting me know your choice to join us. I'm sure that had to be hard to let go and wet yourself in front of me, but I want you to know that I'm super honored to have you helping us. Please don't feel like you need to prove yourself to me, though, I believe in you and am here to help however I can." As Bethany had been talking, her thumb had moved slowly up along the inside of Ashley's thigh and was now just on the edge of Ashley's labia. "Umm" .thank" .you," Ashley managed to sputter out of her lips, her hips ever so slightly rotating toward the thumb. "It's just that," again Ashley was fighting her body's arousal, her desire to figure out what was going on and the positive feeling she was experiencing from Bethany's strong encouragements. "So you had mentioned needing to go into the office to check up on some things, so can I help you get ready?" Bethany offered her thumb now sliding over Ashley's now pulsing labia, but her body and voice speaking as though there was nothing sexual happening at all. "Yesss.." Ashley said much to forcefully to suggest her outburst was simply an answer to Bethany's question. Ashley knew she was losing control and her mind quickly grappled with the invitation to yield that she had accepted so fully the night before. "Great!" Bethany replied, standing, almost bouncing, up off the bed but remaining in between Ashley's legs. "So," Bethany said, fixing her gaze at the now moist clitoral area between her legs, "Would you like me to get you some new panties and pants?" "Um" please" Ashley offered, slightly disappointed at the new direction things seemed to be going and now ashamedly aware that she was fully exposing her crotch to this 20-something and was feeling more wanton than bothered. As Bethany moved over to Ashley's closet, Ashley began to worry that what had happened in the kitchen might happen again. Not understanding what had happened to her, Ashley was naturally fearful that her bladder might suddenly lose control again. Worse would be if Bethany saw her truly losing bladder control when everyone had thought to this point that she was voluntarily peeing her pants. Before she was able to complete her thought, Bethany was bending between her legs, sliding a silky satin thong up her legs. Ashley leaned back as the thong crept up her legs, taking a position that Bethany had just seen Lilly take having her diaper changed. Bethany couldn't help but believe that soon she would be doing this again, but with a diaper in her hands. Once the thong snapped up into the crack of Ashley's bottom, Bethany took the blue stretch pants she had selected and pulled them up onto Bethany one leg at a time. Bethany had Ashley stand as she reached mid-thigh and as Bethany reached around to pull the pants up from behind, Ashley could smell the perfume Bethany wore and felt pangs of arousal again shoot like sparks through her body. "Ok" there we go, you're all set!" Bethany said, a beaming smile on her face. "It being Saturday and all, I thought the casual look would be ok?" Bethany have asked and half stated. "Yes" that's fine" Ashley responded, realizing that she had completely forgotten that it was still the weekend and that no one would really be in the office anyway. Regardless, Ashley felt she needed to get out of the house and find a space to regroup and think things through. "Well don't worry about Lilly," Bethany offered. "As soon as Amanda mentioned that you are on board and ready to help, she let me know that my time here might become more permanent" .that is if it's ok with you" .so that we can help your family as you start going back to school. So all that to say, I was planning on being here anyway so take your time and do what you need to do!" Bethany was now radiantly beaming at Ashley, playing perfectly the part of naive helper. "Oh, why yes" I mean that would be wonderful," Ashley's mind reeled half appreciating the thoughtfulness, half suddenly concerned at the true implications of what volunteering really meant. Without wanting to reveal her concern, Ashley was suddenly overwhelmed with the idea that she was going to be expected to go to school? Walking down the stairs, Ashley's face became tense and anxious, while Bethany, smiling coyly at the top of the stairs wondered exactly how long it would be until Ashley would return, undoubtedly with wet pants. He was getting updates periodically from Amanda. He smiled as he heard the initial results that the surgery had been a success. For years, he had been thinking of ways to increase his shareholders value and finally, phase one of his long-term plan was under way with positive results. Their first patient had started showing two important symptoms of success: the lack of reported pain from the procedure and the total lack of control of her bladder. The science of it was easy, although the application was arguably limited. He had worked for years developing a variety of catheters for medical companies. Essentially, the catheter was a simple device that ran up the urethra into the bladder. A balloon then inflated in the bladder to "lock" the tube in the bladder while the other end protruded out of the body and emptied into a bag or "bladder" next to the patient's bed. Naturally, the purpose of the catheter was to allow for the collection of urine in a manner that would not interfere with a variety of procedures and which would not require a "messy" or rather frequent change by nurses. There really was no reason, medically speaking, to modify this design. But he had other motives and other more economic considerations, so a modification was made and tinkered with until the invention was perfected. Essentially, he had created a device that achieved the same effect as a catheter without any of the tubing. The device was to be implanted where the bladder opened to the urethra. Essentially an open valve, the device was implanted so as to keep the bladder from being able to contract or keep urine in the bladder. Similar to a catheter, urine was able to flow freely from the bladder. The difference, however, was that to anchor the device, instead of a balloon, small wings were placed on either side of the valve, allowing it to anchor itself on either side of the bladder such that it would neither be pulled into the bladder or flushed out down the urethra. The net effect was the same as if a catheter had been installed, but without the tube running down the urethra nor the balloon inflated in the bladder. While it was conceivable to remove the valve surgically, the goal was to have this device be able to stay in place essentially rendering the patient incontinent. The economic benefits of this were obvious to him and would soon be to his shareholders who would naturally benefit from a greater number of people needing every kind of incontinent product conceivable. Naturally, the legal implications were beyond tricky, but he had had the best lawyers in the country devise waivers and releases that could withstand any challenges that may emerge. In the name of research, he was going to begin recruiting his army of people that would give birth to a new emerging market for incontinence products, one person at a time. Unbeknownst to Ashley, she had become the first human to receive the device. Her sister would receive the second. It was just a matter of time until the profits would start rolling in, he smiled and texted authorization for the second "client" to receive the treatment. As he hit send, he knew his future would never be the same again. Ashley got into her car and pulled out of the driveway. With herself now shaved bare in her vaginal area, the underwear and tight stretch pants she wore felt different, more sensitive and distracting at the same time. Her hands gripping the steering wheel, Ashley fought to get control of her body and mind. The last 24 hours were definitely the most unpredictable and impossible to process of her life. She had gone from being a woman in control of her business, her family and her future, to voluntarily wetting her pants, to experiencing sexual stimulation from other women, to losing apparent control of her bladder completely. Ashley desperately needed time to process, to try and understand what was happening and how she could cope with it all. Naturally, she thought of calling her husband, but she wasn't even sure what she would say. How could she explain any of the events of the weekend in a rational manner that a spouse would understand, let alone accept as reasonable. No, she would have to figure some things out before she called him. As she parked in the Starbucks parking lot, she grabbed her laptop and purse and made her way into the store. __________________________________________________________ "Thanks Lucy!" Brittany hung up the phone, excited that she could continue to stay one step ahead of Ashley, easing her into the inevitable conclusion that she was now incontinent. The beauty was that Ashley would have to come to that conclusion on her own, making her submission to the next steps all the easier. Lucy was a knockout 25-year old Nanny who had been friends with Amanda and Brittany ever since she had been "recruited" several years earlier. A former cheer coach at the high school, Lucy had become one of Amanda's victims and now had several "girls" of her own that she cared for. Today, she was "babysitting" little Aly. Aly was 19, but at 78 pounds and only 47 inches tall, she easily passed for a toddler more than a teenager. For the last year, she had been diapered and had regressed even further than Lilly. Her bladder muscles had atrophied to the point where it was unlikely she would ever regain her control, and mentally, she had no desire to. Having lost both her parents early in life, Aly had never really had a stable home environment, and now with her senile grandmother maintaining legal custody, no one other than Amanda and her team was providing the love and care that Aly had never had. Lucy was pushing Aly in the stroller, a common Saturday occurrence, with Aly sucking passively on her bottle as she looked up and saw the clouds in the sky floating by. All was well with Aly, not a worry in the world, warm, sweet milk trickling down her throat and the now familiar warmth and protection of a thick overnight diaper between her legs. She barely noticed as Lucy parked the stroller outside the Starbucks, her eyes getting heavy for her morning nap as Lucy tapped the stroller lightly up and down to keep the rocking sensation long enough for Aly to drift off to sleep. Walking from the car, Ashley noticed Lucy sitting outside with the stroller. What caught her eye was the bright glossy lipstick that coated Lucy's luscious lips, her stunning sunglasses framing her youthful face, framed by long brown locks of flowing hair. The white cut-tee shirt she wore allowed her bra to be almost as visible as her midriff. Her neon green Nike shoes lightly tapped the stroller next to her, drawing Ashley's attention to her long, black stretch pant clad legs that seemed to have no beginning and no end. Without a conscious thought, Ashley went to the adjacent table and dropped her computer bag and purse on the chair, grabbing her wallet from the purse and turning to head into the store to get her drink. "Excuse me," Ashley half-whispered turning towards Lucy, "would you mind watching my things while I grab a drink?" "Not at all," Lucy replied, pretending to have been surprised by the interruption, but secretly smiling inside at how easy it had been to break the ice. "Thanks so much!" Ashley exhaled, finally finding hope that some positive things were now in motion and she was back in control. As Ashley reached the door, Lucy interjected, "Oh miss?!" "Yes?" Ashley paused, holding the door half open and looking back towards Lucy. "Would you mind grabbing me a vanilla latte while you are inside" I can't leave my little one alone!" Lucy spoke as she dug through her purse, looking for some cash to offer, but hoping Ashley would offer to buy. "No problem!" Ashley replied, noticing the girls somewhat frantic effort to find her purse, "And don't worry, this one is on me" it must be hard being such a young mother" I insist!" Ashley felt good being able to help. "Oh my!" Lucy feigned surprise, "that is so sweet of you, but you should know I'm not her mother, just her nanny!" Lucy offered in somewhat honest response. "Even harder!" Ashley encouraged. "To care for one that isn't even your own is sometimes even trickier!!! It's my pleasure, really." And with that Ashley disappeared into the store, signaling it was a "fait accompli" that she would buy Lucy's drink. Several minutes later, Ashley returned with drink in hand, placing it on the table in front of Lucy and catching a glimpse of the sleeping baby or toddler in the stroller, a pacifier now bobbing in a rhythm that became mesmerizing to Ashley. Such peace, such calm, this baby appeared to have no worries, no concerns and was truly at rest. Ashley longed for that kind of freedom. Lucy restrained a full smile as she saw Ashley become mesmerized by Aly's peaceful sleep. "It's not fair is it," Lucy offered, trying to verbalize what she thought was bouncing around in Ashley's mind. "They can just relax and let their every need be taken care of, never a worry, never a concern, just the bliss of letting go and letting life happen." Ashley realized she had begun blankly staring at the toddler, hearing the very words being verbalized that her mind was whispering to her soul. When the voice stopped, Ashley turned to look at Lucy as if to urge her on to share more of what she was feeling underneath all her tension and confusion. "My name is Lucy," the beauty before her said, extending her hand up for Ashley to receive. Ashley took her hand and immediately felt Lucy's other hand come up to sandwich her hand warmly and tenderly as if reassuring Ashley that everything was going to be ok. "Ashley," she replied, surprised at the childish, higher register that came out as she spoke. "Pleasure," Lucy said, almost sliding her hands away from Ashley before reaching for her drink and bringing it up to her lips, "I already owe you one and I barely even know your name! Thanks so much for the drink." Ashley watched as the thick glossy lipstick made it's mark on the plastic top of the drink. Suddenly, something in Ashley's mind alerted her to the fact that she was acting more like a teenager with a crush than the professional that she knew she was. "Um" no really, it was my pleasure," Ashley answered, somewhat stumbling back over to her table where she began setting up her laptop. Lucy smiled and returned to her phone, texting Bethany that contact had been made and things were going better than could have been planned. Ashley booted up her computer, occasionally trying to catch Lucy in the corner of her eye as she waited for her login information to load. Lucy totally saw the fidgeting of Ashley but played it off as if she was totally oblivious to the near flirting glances that Ashley was giving. Ashley first booted up her email, anxious to take control of something in her life and hoping there were some business emails she could quickly address to help her gain some sense of positive momentum. Two emails caught her eye immediately, one from her husband and one from her Chief Operating Officer. The subject line from the latter was "re:sabbatical research." Upon opening it, Ashley's body froze, her mouth slightly agape as she read down the thread of an email she had apparently sent and to which her COO had now responded. It appeared that late on Friday night, Ashley had sent an email saying that an amazing research opportunity had come up and that she would be taking a month sabbatical to conduct some product and market research. Evidently she had asked the COO to take over in her absence. The COO had replied in an almost gloating tone that she was thrilled at the opportunity to demonstrate her leadership skills and telling Ashley not to worry about a thing while she was off conducting her research. Before she had a chance to even breathe, she opened the second email from her husband. The subject line read "re: Great Opportunity." As she scrolled the thread, Ashley's heart nearly stopped beating as she realized that she had apparently sent her husband an email Friday night. In it, she mentioned an amazing opportunity that had come up to expand her company's market share, that she was so excited about it that she wanted to email immediately, acknowledging that it was too late to call, but that she would give her husband the details soon. She saw that she had mentioned that she would need help over the next two weeks as her schedule would be completely up in the air. Her husband had responded with a number of smiley face icons as he encouraged her to pursue the opportunity. As Ashley knew, he was going to be out of town the next week and he had indicated that his parents had agreed to help watch their two-year old for the next couple weeks to help Ashley be free to pursue the opportunity. "Um" Ashley, is everything ok?" Lucy interjected, as Ashley's face turned three shades of white, trying to process how she could have sent these emails and not known anything about them. "Um" yes" " Ashley replied, immediately offering some explanation of problems at work that she needed to address right away. "Oh," Lucy replied in a way that seemed to say that Ashley's answer was not responsive to the reason she had asked. "Um, I actually meant is everything OK," Lucy now pointed to the puddle of urine that had collected underneath the mesh netting of the lawn chair, drips of urine continuing to fall from Ashley's now soaked panties and dark, pee-stained stretch pants. "Oh my God!" Ashley squealed in another high-pitched girly voice that sounded more like a pre-teen than a thirty-something. Not knowing she had sent some email was one thing, but not even knowing she had peed her pants, was another horror all together. She instinctively scooted her chair back and looked at the puddle of urine in disbelief. Simultaneously, her phone rang, drawing her attention away from one crisis and toward another. The name on her screen was that of her husband. Ashley froze, unable to answer the phone for fear she would need to talk about some opportunity she wasn't even aware of, and simultaneously paralyzed by the emerging reality that she literally had no control of her bladder. Suddenly a warm hand was rubbing the center of her back and a soft whisper wafted into her ear, assuring her that everything would be ok. Ashley desperately wanted the voice to keep speaking as it was the only thing that was giving her any sense of peace amidst mounting confusion, anxiety and fear. "I can help you," the voice continued...Ashley felt helpless and immediately open to any help she could get. There are times when the mind becomes so consumed with the stress of a situation that it blocks out everything else. For Ashley, this was one of those moments. The phone call from her husband, the emails she had no recollection of sending, the Friday night at the spa that still had a number of holes in her memory, and now the sudden total loss of bladder control. Ashley remained paralyzed, staring at the puddle beneath her chair, aware of several urine drips falling from her chair to the ground below, but oblivious to the fact that Lucy continued to reassure Ashley as she helped pack up her computer and gather her belongings. "Sweetie" sweetie" " Lucy said slightly louder, her face getting close and closer to Ashley's to try and help her snap out of the stupor of shock she was processing. Eventually, the persistence of Lucy's efforts overcame the barriers in Ashley's mind and she recognized that a voice was speaking to her. A fleeting thought crossed Ashley's mind that the voice was speaking to her as if she was a little girl, but there was not enough capacity to process this thought as she barely was able to focus on where the voice was coming from. "It's ok, sweetie" accidents happen. I'm an expert at dealing with them," Lucy encouraged as she pointed over at Aly's stroller, making reference to the number of "accidents" she had helped Aly through over the last year. By now, Lucy had squatted next to Ashley, her hand continuing to gently rub Ashley's back, her eyes level with Ashley's. To the observer it would have appeared as though a mother were stooping down to encourage a small child who was upset, but to Lucy it was just the most effective way to try and win Ashley's confidence so she could take the next step. Having draped Ashley's purse and computer bag over the stroller, Lucy reached down with her free hand and took Ashley's hand, slowly but firmly encouraging Ashley to stand up. "Let's go sweetie, let's get you cleaned up. It's really no big deal. Come on sweetie, let's just get it taken care of," Lucy said as she rose, taking Ashley's hand with her. Ashley really neither consented or objected to the initiative, but as her hand was being firmly held by Lucy, her body followed and rose. Again, the now familiar feeling of cold urine trickling down the inside of her stretch pants overwhelmed Ashley's sensory banks, making her oblivious to everything else. Without pause, Lucy began pushing to stroller with one hand and holding Ashley's hand with the other, they made their way to the Starbucks store entrance. A gentleman was coming out at the moment Lucy and her entourage were about to enter. Holding the door for the ladies, the man thought this was an attractive couple that was entering the store, holding hands. "Thank you, sir" Lucy said with confidence, as she pushed the stroller into the store, and turned her attention to Ashley. "Come alone sweetie, let's get you cleaned up." The words would have stung Ashley if she had been totally aware, but the shock kept her from even noticing the embarrassment of Lucy's imperative within earshot of the people near the door. The beauty of Starbucks restrooms was that they were private rooms that all had baby changing tables and plenty of room. It was with ease that Lucy was able to navigate everyone into the bathroom and lock the door. Even better, Lucy and Amanda knew the store manager and had convinced her to add a changing table that had been modified to have two additional support legs slide out to brace the table, allowing more weight than normal to be placed on the table. Without saying a word, Lucy grabbed a disposable changing pad from her stroller baby bag and laid it on the table. Ashley had instinctively started to pull her pants down but paused as her brain reminded her that her shoes were still on, that she had nothing else to put on, and most importantly that she was now in a bathroom with a complete stranger and another baby. As she leaned up against the wall, too embarrassed to walk out of the bathroom with her wet pants, and unsure of how she could untangle her belongings from the stroller, Ashley simply froze, again paralyzed with a sense of overwhelming and confusion at how she had ended up in this situation. Lucy knew that reality would begin crashing through Ashley's mind and body as she stood with soaked pants in a restroom with a stranger. Lucy knew her plan and immediately went over to the stroller and started cooing at Aly. "Awww" come on sweetie, let's get you changed." Aly had stirred with all the commotion and was lying in her stroller pulling hard on her pacifier, completely unaware of the fullness in her diaper. Lucy reached in, unstrapped her "baby" and pulled her up onto the changing table. Ashley was immediately struck at the larger size of this "baby", even though by every appearance of dress and action, Aly was functionally a baby. Lucy knew that by bringing Aly out of her stroller, it would create yet another diversion to Ashley's situation. Her goal was to buy more time so that she could continue to build trust with Ashley. Placing Aly on the changing table, Lucy squeezed Aly's diaper underneath her sun dress, the squishy and crinkling sound echoing through the acoustic bathroom. Ashley couldn't believe the size of this baby, and wanted to walk over and take a closer look. Lucy pretended to be completely oblivious to Ashley's presence and continued her task of changing Aly. Lucy untaped the thick diaper, tucking Aly's sundress under Aly's body. Ashley slid subtly along the wall, coming closer to the changing table so she could see this more clearly. "Awww, sweetie, you are so wet, you must feel icky," Lucy said to Aly, although she knew that the same words could apply to Ashley. As it was, the moment Ashley heard Lucy's observation, she became increasingly aware of the icky, cold feeling of soaked underwear and wet pants that wrapped her lower half. A chill went up her spine, fully aware of how desperate she was to get out of these miserable clothes, but also captivated by the "baby" being changed before her eyes. Lucy wiped her baby's clitoral area, making sure to run from one end to the other with a number of wipes. By now, Lucy could feel Ashley's presence drawing nearer to the table. She stepped away to throw the diaper and wipes away, leaving Aly fully exposed to Ashley's view. Ashley gasped. What she saw was a relatively mature vagina. While there wasn't any pubic hair, it was clear that this "baby" had passed well beyond puberty. Ashley's hand went to cover the gasp that escaped her mouth just as Lucy arrived back over with another thick diaper and lifted Aly's legs while she slipped the diaper under her bottom. Within seconds, a splash of baby powder was sprinkled over her bottom and the diaper tapes secured the new diaper in place. "Can you put her back in the stroller for me, Ashley, and then I'll be ready to help you." Lucy spoke non-chalantly, taking the tact of building her up as a peer before the inevitable change that would have to follow. Before Ashley even realized what had happened, her maternal instincts took over and she had Aly in her hands. There was no way this was a baby, the 78 pounds confirming Ashley's suspicions. For a second, she had flashes of her sister as she lifted Aly back up and quickly settled her down in the stroller. As for Aly, she remained unconcerned with any of the drama unfolding in the bathroom. She was simply at peace now that her icky diaper had been changed and all was good in her world. Lucy appeared next to Ashley with a bottle and lowered it down to Aly's lips. Aly instinctively opened her mouth, her dainty hands coming up to hold the sweet milk she had grown to crave. Ashley actually let a small smile rise from her lips. No matter how old this baby really was, it was clear that she was in a state of carefree bliss, at peace with herself and with her life. A warm glow radiated through Ashley's body, and for a second she forgot about her own predicament, wishing for just a second she could be free from stress, and simply trust that someone would care for her as Lucy was caring for Aly. "Oh no" " Lucy's voice broke her brief respite. The warmth that Ashley had felt was yet another release of urine running down her legs, now soaking her shoes and puddling up at the base of her feet. Lucy was genuinely surprised, knowing the ultimate reason for this latest accident, but still shocked that another episode had happened so quickly. "Oh no," Ashley echoed, but in a tone that was close to tears and exasperation than the surprise that had come from Lucy's outburst. Instinctively, Ashley spread her legs slightly apart and her arms lifted above her head as if to somehow distance the rest of herself from the utter failure of the lower half of her body. Ashley shuddered and the first tear escaped, her body began to convulse, her hands came down to cover her face, her legs remained spread as the mess collected on the bathroom floor. Lucy sensed her moment and didn't miss a beat. She came up alongside of Ashley and wrapped her right arm around Ashley's waist, slowly pulling her towards the changing table. Ashley felt her feet shuffling towards the table but with each slight step, her body released more and more of the exasperation that had been building up inside. Tears flooded down her cheek, her hands trying to keep pace with the outbreak of sadness. Lucy tossed the disposable changing pad down onto the floor, covering the puddle of urine that had now accumulated at the same time that she held Ashley's arm. Lucy was intentional to keep physical contact with Ashley as she worked. Turning Ashley at the waist, Lucy had her bottom rest against the edge of the changing table while she slid down to remove Ashley's shoes. Ashley felt one foot at a time be lifted up and the soaked shoes slide off her feet. Perhaps it was the cold of the cement floors, perhaps the instinct of wanting her feet to stay clean, but Ashley jerked up and back onto the changing table, sitting on it and now leaning up against the wall, keeping her feet from touching the wall. Now Lucy took Ashley's shoulders and slowly bent them 90 degrees and down, slightly pressing her lower to the changing table. Having slipped another changing matt on the table, Lucy's pulse quickened as she sensed the moment where Ashley would yield to her new reality. In this case words seemed best unspoken, Lucy allowing Ashley's body to do all the talking. Ashley felt her body giving in, not sure why she was allowing this to happen, but her body was much more focused on letting her frustration, sadness and confusion over be released in the form of a deep sobbing experience. As she continued to release pent up emotions, Lucy had strapped her to the changing table and was now lifting Ashley's two legs with her left arm, while reaching under Ashley's bottom and gripping the edge of Ashley's pants and underwear. The table was not long enough for Ashley's legs to rest on the table, so when Lucy let go of her legs, Ashley tried to lower them, but finding nothing but air below, she instinctively raised them again, letting her knees some up to her chest. Lucy pulled the pants over Ashley's hips, inviting her to straighten her legs again as she rolled the drenched pants and underwear up as they slid down her legs. Reaching the bottom of her feet, Lucy slipped the pants completely off and quickly placed them in a waiting plastic bag. Ashley's hands were still over her face, sobs continuing to ripple through her body. Lucy began to worry that other customers might begin to hear her crying and cause unnecessary alarm. She grabbed the pacifier she had not anticipated using this early and brought the rubber nipple up to Ashley's lips, pushing it somewhat forcefully into Ashley's mouth in between sobs. Ashley was frozen with yet another new sensation, that of a soft nipple inside her mouth. Instantly her tears stopped, half of her wanting to spit the invading nipple out of her mouth, the other half suddenly distracted and soothed by the soft visitor. Without much time to react, her body experienced the cold sensation of a baby wipe running down her vaginal tract, reaching all the way to her bottom, her legs up above her chest exposing herself fully to Lucy. Lucy worked quickly and efficiently. She had done this a number of times and knew how important the first time was to the long-term success of their program. No sooner had Ashley felt the cooling and clean sensation of her privates being cleaned, then Lucy had sprinkled a healthy dose of baby powder on her now baby-shaven privates. Ashley felt her bottom being raised yet again and then a soft pillow being placed underneath as she was lowered on top of the thickest diaper the market could make. Within seconds, the four tapes were secured and Ashley was diapered. Lucy let a smile crack, almost as satisfied as a cowgirl roping her first calf, but there was still much more to do. Before Ashley could register a response to having been diapered by a stranger, she felt something being slipped over her legs and pulled up to her bottom. Ashley lifted her bottom on her own, allowing the skirt to be pulled up over her hips. When she had finished, Lucy swung Ashley's legs back around to the side of the table, simultaneously placing a hand under Ashley's shoulder to help pull her up. Within seconds, Ashley was sitting over the edge of the changing table, a pacifier in her mouth, a thick diaper revealed between her legs, only partially covered by the hot pink skirt that now hugged her hips. The mirror across the bathroom gave Ashley a full view of the transformation that had taken place in just under 5 minutes. Frozen, she was quickly lost in the image of her diapered self, stunned as if she was looking at a girl she'd never even known. "OK, I think we're ready. You coming sweetie?" Lucy said as non-chalantly as she could, hoping that Ashley would acquiesce and join her. Ashley could not believe what she saw in the mirror. Her incredibly thick diaper was pouring out from the confines of her skirt, a binky hugged her lips, and her haircut from the day before left her looking prepubescent at best. The thirty-something part of her mind made a rebellious resurgence and before she knew it the binky was launching across the bathroom. Ashley's butt let out an incredibly loud crinkling noise as she bounced off the counter, grabbed her bag off the edge of Lucy's stroller and all but ran out of the restroom. Ashley nearly knocked over a young girl who was waiting to use the restroom as she barreled out into the Starbucks. Without giving concern to the unmistakable diaper noise that screamed with every Step Ashley took, she made her way to the exit. What she did not realize was that in her haste, the bag she had flung over her shoulder had caught the edge of her skirt and hiked it up, exposing her overnight diaper to the entire store and to those out in the parking lot. Reaching her car, Ashley went to place her bag in the car and realized how exposed her exit had been, but with continued impulsive resolve, settled into the driver's seat and peeled out of the parking lot, making her way quickly onto the highway, completely unsure of her destination. Lucy texted Brittany and Amanda the disappointing news, but was content in thinking that progress had been made even though it looked all of a sudden like it might take a little longer than thought to have Ashley accept the inevitable. As Lucy made her way out of the bathroom, the girl that Ashley had practically knocked over, was now standing with a huge wet spot that extended from the crotch of her jeans down her left leg where a small pool of urine now accumulated. "Oh no, honey, I'm so sorry we took so much time in the bathroom. You must feel horrible" is there anything I can do to help?" Lucy offered apologetically, looking to find the parent responsible for this young girl. The girl had a tear running down her cheek, and Lucy truly wanted to help just as her mother came around the corner. "Sarah, there you are! Oh my" what happened?!" Carol asked with a hint of exasperation in her voice. "I'm so sorry, miss, I took a long time changing a diaper in the bathroom and I'm afraid your little one couldn't quite hold on. It's really my fault, I'm truly sorry" " Ashley offered as they both stared at the little girl's soaking pants. "No" it's not your fault," Carol offered, "this is the fifth time in three days my little Sarah hasn't been able to make it to the bathroom. I'm at a total loss as to what to do!" Meanwhile Sarah stood paralyzed, unable to really say anything or take her eyes off of the evidence of her lost battle with her bladder. Truth be told, Sarah, aged 12, was sincerely perplexed at why she had recently been wetting her bed and struggling to keep her pants dry during the day. This was the first time that it had happened in a very public place, even though it was really not fair that she had had to wait so long for the rest room. "Oh" poor thing," Lucy consoled. "I know how that feels. It can be really scary cant it?" Lucy now bent down to eye level with Sarah, gently placing her hand on Sarah's shoulder. "It will be ok, it's not really as big a deal as it feels, sweetie. My little Aly here, went through something very similar, and now she couldn't be happier. Don't you worry, I'm sure your mommy will take super good care of you. Really honey, it's no big deal, sometimes we just have times where our bladder gets weak. You will be fine." Sarah truly felt comforted with Lucy's words and slowly looked up, catching sight of this "Aly" she had mentioned. It was beyond odd that Aly was in a stroller and seemed very large, but the entire situation made all of this hard to process. Lucy stood up again, addressing Carol as if Sarah was no longer there. "I'm sure this is really overwhelming for you, but please know that you aren't alone and it is really going to be ok. I've had experience with this with my own siblings and with others that have sought my help with situations like this. I know there are a lot of resources out there that can help you get through this together," Lucy said, hoping that Carol would bite at the implied invitation for assistance. Carol was surprised at how tender Lucy had been with her daughter and for the first time was encouraged that maybe there was a way to figure all this out and deal with it. There was no way Carol could afford all the medical labs and trips that it would take to figure out why this was happening and she became hopeful that maybe this younger woman would have some helpful tips. "You sound so optimistic," Carol offered as an observance. "Do you help people dealing with this?" Carol asked. "Actually yes, it has kind of become a little side business of mine to help care for "little ones" that are just having a hard time with potty training. I now help a family take care of their "little" Aly. She is actually 17, but for now, we've all agreed it would be best to treat her as she has been acting. I'm sure it is just a phase that she will ultimately outgrow, but I've been trying to help the family accept that Aly will grow back up when she is ready. " Carol was mesmerized at what she had heard this young woman just describe. She had been scolding her daughter for having wet herself and her bed and now suddenly felt a pang of guilt as she heard Lucy describe a totally different approach to her daughters worsening situation. "Um, this may sound crazy, but I could really use any help I can get. I just don't know how to help my little Sarah cope with all this. Is there anything you could do to get us going in a better direction?" Carol asked, hoping she could garner additional insights from this young woman before she had to leave. "Oh my, I'd love to help!" Lucy beamed. "For starters, lets get your little sweetie all cleaned up, then maybe we can talk over a cup of coffee?" "That sounds fantastic!" Carol cooed, truly excited at how fate had dealt her a ray of hope. And with that Lucy took little Sarah's hand and escorted her back into the restroom to begin to "help" yet another family find the "help" she knew would probably change their lives forever. Amanda sat back and reflected on where the project was, encouraged by the tremendous results they were beginning to see and somewhat overwhelmed with the number of people that now demanded her oversight. It was also interesting to observe the different ways in which some of her "girls" were progressing, or rather regressing. "He" had been supplying her with a number of tools throughout the campaign; from subliminal messaging to surgical procedures to simply identifying submissives who might be prime candidates for yielding control of their lives. And in each case, Amanda had seen results, girls were giving themselves over to an incontinent and AB lifestyle in ways she never would have thought imaginable. Now, however, the project was nearing its conclusion. While Amanda was certain that the results would certainly mean "he" would want to expand their operations, she knew that her primary responsibility was to see this trial phase to its conclusion in a way that would allow for even more opportunity moving forward. She had already communicated to Lucy that after having little Sarah fall into her lap, she was not to take any more recruits into this phase, already having Aly progressed so far. Lucy was exhilarated at the opportunity to work with little Sarah because she was certain that the regression could happen even quicker than it had taken with Aly. She promised to give Sarah her full attention and was hopeful that Carol might be a great caregiver recruit moving forward, but that too, would take patience and time. Amanda knew she could count on Bethany to bring Lilly into the same, final AB stature that Aly had entered. The operation Lilly was about to undergo, which mirrored the one Ashley had experienced, was simply going to be the icing on the cake to get Lilly to completely yield to her already submissive nature. Not surprisingly, then, it was Ashley that remained the wild card. "He" had made it very clear that she was the priority. To have someone of Ashley's age complete the initial project would certainly validate his long-term objectives and would give great credibility to those people that mattered in the overall scheme of things. And so it was to Ashley that Amanda now turned almost all of her attention. ************************** Ashley finally pulled into the mall parking lot. Her heart was still racing, her diaper still crinkling between her legs, its thickness keeping her from closing her legs and allowing parts of the plastic to occasionally be exposed from under her skirt which had ridden up her thighs as she drove somewhat erratically down the highway. With her hands gripping the leather cover, Ashley threw her head in between her hands against the top of the steering wheel and began to sob. As she looked down, she could see her diaper announcing its presence between her slightly spread legs. She was losing physical and emotional control. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to piece together all the different events that had overwhelmed her reality. Most disturbing, of course, was her sudden and unexplained loss of total bladder control. She still had no recollection of signing the medical waiver and experiencing the life changing surgery, she only vaguely remembered agreeing to help Amanda with a project at the schools. As she continued to sob, she suddenly saw the yellow stripe running down the center of her diaper start to turn a green blue color. Only after the diaper had changed colors did she feel a hardly detectable wetness against her crotch. Ashley knew that she had just soaked the diaper, but it was only because of the diaper indicator that she was aware of this. Her sobs doubled as she realized that there was literally no control and no urinary urge accompanying her releases. After several minutes of trying to cry her new reality away, Ashley was able to compose herself. It was clear that at this point she had little to no obvious control of her physical situation, but Ashley knew she could at least do better than the revealing hot pink mini-skirt that was shamefully exposing her now soaked diaper. Grabbing her small purse, she exited the car with as much confidence as she could muster and proceeded to go into the mall in search of some clothing that would at least conceal her condition. As she walked, Ashley noticed that the wet diaper made more noise than when it was dry and her diaper now sagged just low enough so that it remained constantly exposed below her skirt. Seeing her reflection in the mall doors, Ashley blushed, embarrassed at both the exposed diaper and how ridiculously young she looked with her hair up in pigtails, bobbing immaturely as she walked, or rather waddled. Somehow, Ashley gathered the courage to open the mall door and pull it open. Immediately she began thinking about the stores in the mall and she picked out her first target to find relief. As Ashley headed towards Macy's, a smaller boutique caught her eye with very bright colors of very sensual outfits set up in the window to have just the effect they had on Ashley. Almost instinctively, Ashley changed course and cut across the large mall hallway and entered the smaller boutique. The minute she walked in, her eyes were drawn to a colorful dress that cut just at the knees and had ruffles that flared out from the waist. At just the same instant, Suzy caught sight of the young girl who had just entered the store. She looked like someone that might go to Freemont, but Suzy had never seen this girl before in her life. The pigtails instantly reminded her of Jill, a warm smile of remembrance filling her with the hope that this woman might prove to be just as fun. As Suzy approached Ashley, she nearly froze dead in her tracks. Suzy caught sight of the slightly sagging diaper in between this woman's legs and immediately her heart skipped a beat. Before going up to introduce herself and ask if the woman needed help, she immediately texted Amanda that a teenager had entered the store with a sagging diaper, anxious to see if this was one of Amanda's recruits or if this was potentially a new prospect. Once Amanda had received a description from Suzy, she was convinced it was Ashley. Excited, Amanda gave Suzy specific instructions as she jumped into her car and started heading for the mall. Suzy acknowledged her task and walked even more confidently over to Ashley, anxious to help break yet another of Amanda's "victims". Ashley never saw it coming. Just as Ashley stood up on her tip toes to reach up and pull the hanger down that held the dress that had caught her eye, Suzy reached up under Ashley's skirt and pressed the exposed diaper up against her shaved crotch. Ashley's body tensed and a surprised yelp was about to pour out of her mouth just as Suzy swung around with her other hand and inserted a pacifier into her mouth. With one hand holding Ashley's crotch and the other holding the pacifier in her mouth, Suzy whispered firmly, "Looks like you need a diaper change Miss Ashley. Come with me and I won't let everyone know you're wearing a soaked diaper." Not allowing Ashley to respond or gain her composure, Suzy began leading Ashley towards the back of the store. Ashley was stunned, a shot of adrenaline coursing through her body as she was shocked that this teenager not only knew who she was, but had the audacity to humiliate her in public. Before she knew it, Ashley heard a door close behind her with Suzy leading her over to an oversized changing pad that was mounted on the wall where Jill had been handcuffed just months before. Pushing Ashley down onto the changing table, Suzy continued to take the initiative, feeling very aroused herself at the role she was about to play in helping Ashley release herself into a further state of regression. Ashley didn't even notice herself taking sucks on the adult sized pacifier in her mouth, but instead lay frozen on the changing mat as first her skirt and then her diaper was quickly removed. Ashley literally felt light-headed as she tried to close her eyes, just wanting everything to stop, but having no idea either what was happening or how to escape it. There are times when resilience fades and our bodies just begin to shut down as a way of coping with stress, and Ashley felt her reserves of strength fading away as the now familiar sensation of cold wipes rubbing along the inside of her crotch sent a variety of emotional signals to her mind. Suzy, naturally hesitant at first to follow Amanda's bold instructions, now sensed that there was a lot she could accomplish in the short time she was given to be with Ashley. With her hands lingering longer than necessary in cleaning Ashley, Suzy took great pleasure in massaging the lavender baby oil into Ashely's vaginal area. Ashley's efforts to try and process what was happening melted away as her body's stimulation began to override her rational thinking. Closing her eyes, Ashley allowed her hips to meet Suzy's ministrations and slowly felt the wave of pleasure build from deep within her center. Suzy, herself feeling the stimulation of watching this young woman succumb to her touch, remembered Amanda's final warning of not letting her experience release. Just as waves of pleasure were about to swallow Ashley, she felt a sprinkling of baby powder coat her very moist clitoral region and a thick diaper was pulled quickly and snuggly around her front. The tapes locking Ashley into the warm, pillowy diaper echoed through the backroom. Ashley took a long hard pull on her pacifier, wishing her body to unleash its pent up energy just as Suzy began to pull her shirt off over her head. Within seconds, Ashley was naked but for her thick overnight diaper. Just as quickly, Ashley felt another shirt-like top being pulled over her head. Her backside was raised to allow the shirt to be pulled down behind her and after she was placed back in a reclining position, she heard snaps in her crotch area. Ashley felt the diaper being held even more snuggly against her aroused sex and shuddered at the waves of stimulation that still shot from her groin up and out through her whole body. Next, another skirt was being lifted up over her hips and before she knew it, she was once again being lifted to sit up on the changing table, a diaper clearly visible between her legs, a pacifier yet again anchored in her mouth. This time, however, there was no mirror for Ashley to see her dilated pupils, flushed face and bulkier diaper. Suzy again took control, lifting her off the changing table and leading a much more pliant Ashley back out to the store. As the door closed and locked behind them, Ashley felt Suzy's hand let go of hers. Suzy disappeared around a rack of clothing and Ashley was left standing alone, with an even shorter, snow white mini-skirt that naturally rode up over the edges of her bulging diaper. The exposed onesie she had been snapped into had a mix of flower prints interspersed with occasional images of baby rattles. Ashley didn't even pay much attention to the pacifier that she continued to hold in her mouth as she stood frozen not knowing where Suzy had gone or what to do next. "Are you ok, little one?" Mrs. Michaels came around from the opposite direction from which Suzy had left. "You look scared! Did you lose your mommy?" Mrs. Michaels lightly touched Ashley's elbow as she positioned her face closer to Ashley's. Ashley's diaper was embarrassingly visible as the skirt really did nothing to keep it from being hidden. Combined with the pacifier that Ashley continued to suck unabashedly, the exposed diaper would have left one to believe this young girl was a special needs child that had somehow become separated from her mother. Mrs. Michaels, however, knew better. Following Suzy's alert, Amanda had texted her and Mrs. Michaels had enjoyed watching Suzy's "care" for Ashley on the closed circuit cameras she had positioned in the backroom. Mrs. Michaels was unrelenting in her questions and her comments as she too led Ashley through the store. But this time Ashley was being led towards the front of the store. "Now now, sweetie, I'm sure we can find your mommy. Don't you worry, we will have you back with her in no time. Awww" look how cute you are, all dressed up in such an adorable baby-tee. I just love you hair little missy. I used to have pigtails like that when I was still in diapers. Don't let anyone give you grief for your diapers, love. You look simply adorable." On and on Mrs. Michael's platitudes continued to echo in Ashley's ear as she continued to hold the pacifier in her mouth, as if that was her last beacon of safety and escape from what was unfolding before her. Without even being aware, Ashley had been led out of the store and down towards the food court. Mrs. Michaels continued to hold her arm in such a way that would suggest that letting go would have resulted in Ashley wobbling down to a fall. As her cooing encouragements continued to reverberate in her completely frazzled mind, Mrs. Michaels pulled out a chair at a table in the food court, encouraged Ashley to sit in it and whispered for her to stay right there while she went and got her mommy. As Ashley sat on the chair, she felt the wet padding between her legs press up against her groin. Evidently, Ashley had wet herself again, but she could not have told you when it had happened. Another suckle on her pacifier and Ashley had all but surrendered to waiting as she had been told. Mrs. Michaels winked at Amanda as she saw her make her way across the food court. Both were beaming with the now familiar excitement and anticipation of having such a prized "girl" come one step closer to being in the fold. Lilly's return to consciousness was marked by the sensation of a warm milk substance hitting the back of her mouth. Next, she felt her tongue pressing against soft, warm skin and an incredibly tender nipple against the roof of her mouth. Her mind, trying to reboot and begin processing sensations, then realized that a hand was gently pressing Lilly's head into the skin, Lilly's mouth agape and suckling naturally against the pillowy skin. Some kind of sleeping blindfold covered her eyes, but Lilly eventually realized she had a breast in her mouth. The milk tasted incredibly sweet and Lilly nursed continuously as her mind raced to connect the dots. Before she could get much further, a vibrating sensation began making itself known on the outside of Lilly's diaper in the immediate vicinity of her sex. The vibration seemed to press directly against her vaginal area with varying intensity. Lilly stopped nursing to try and address the growing arousal happening in her lower half. Almost immediately, the vibrations stopped. The hand increased pressure as if to return Lilly to the breast, and as soon as Lilly began to nurse, the vibrations began again. It didn't take Lilly long to realize that the more she suckled, the greater the intensity of the vibrations. Soon, she was practically drowning in milk, a little bit dribbling out of her mouth as her body allowed wave after wave of release to ripple throughout her body. Lilly found it easy to just let go, the blindfold helping somewhat remove any remaining apprehension she might have felt. As she fell over the edge, the nipple suddenly disappeared and another more familiar latex nipple found its way into her mouth. Without pause, Lilly began drinking the more familiar formula that had yet again been laced with the experimental ingredients. Lilly barely noticed her diaper being changed, unaware of when she had wet herself so much that the sagging diaper had almost leaked into her onesie. The wiping sent chills through her body as she was hyper-sensitive to her latest arousal, but within minutes, the formula had taken effect and Lilly was barely able to stay awake. Just as she was about to fall asleep, the empty bottle was removed, her pacifier put in place and Lilly was lifted back into the crib that was now to be her home for a very long trial period. ************************************ 5 hours earlier, Bethany had labored to get pour Lilly into the car, first using the wheel chair, then practically carrying her down the stairs and out into the car. The new car seat that had been installed in Bethany's car had been tailored to Lilly's specifications. Lilly was under the impression, quite dispassionately, that they were heading to some daycare facility because Bethany needed to run some errands. As she watched the world fly by outside her backseat window, Lilly felt both weak and at peace. She had truly allowed her every need to be attended to, her body yielding any desire to control anything as she found it actually blissful to be totally free of responsibilities and cares. Sure, one could argue that there was much life to live, but at the end of the day, Lilly had resigned herself to the reality that work was over-rated, dating disastrously painful and responsibility only stress producing. To be able to be completely carefree had been thus far delightful. As Bethany pulled into the parking lot of "The Facility", a messy odor began to fill the car, getting Bethany's attention first. "Lilly sweetie, did you make a messy?" Realizing that the smell was in fact coming from her diaper, Lilly continued to suck on her pacifier as she mumbled agreement. "That's ok baby girl, we'll get you all cleaned up ok?" Bethany comforted as she opened her door and came back to release Lilly from the five point harness. Lilly allowed Bethany to lift her out of the seat and into a very strange wheel chair. It didn't look like the one Bethany had been using back at the house, this one sat much lower and had a retractable cover that could cover the seat. The wheels were smaller and there was a handle behind the chair for a person to push it. As Lilly sat down in the seat, she felt the mess in her diaper squish all over her bottom. Bethany buckled her into the seat about the same time that the thought crossed Lilly's mind that this might actually be a stroller and not a wheel chair. The stink of her diaper and general discomfort of her bottom kept her from freaking out about now being seated in a stroller, but at some level there was a twinge of humiliation that she had let herself be handled in this simply babyish fashion. Within seconds Bethany had begun pushing the stroller and Lilly refocused her energy on the building they were about to enter. Inside, the pair proceeded to a check-in counter and the attendant provided some release forms for Bethany and her charge to sign. "Lilly dear, the people here don't know that I'm your mommy right now, so they need you to sign on this paper so that they can let you stay while I'm gone, Ok?" Placing the forms in front of Lilly who continued to sit in the stroller, Bethany smiled and put a pen in her hand encouraging her to sign the same release forms her sister had signed hours before. "The sooner we can get you signed in, the sooner we can change that messy diaper," Bethany offered, speaking loud enough for the attendant to hear and prompting Lilly to grab the pen and quite sloppily sign her name on the bottom of the form. With that formality accomplished, Bethany wheeled Lilly into a larger room that looked like some combination of an oversized nursery and pre-school playroom. On one side of the room were a dozen cribs that stuck out perpendicular to the wall. In between the cribs were changing tables large enough to hold the "babies" that would occupy the cribs. On the opposite side of the room were a series of shelving units with toys and books for the little ones to play with along with a number of oversized rocking chairs for mothers to use for nursing. . At one end of the room was a kitchen facility with no shortage of large high chairs. In the middle were a number of larger play toys that babies could climb on. Without pause, Bethany went over to the first changing table, unbuckled Lilly from the stroller and lifted her up on the oversized changing pad. Lilly, mildly bothered that there did not appear to be anyone else in the room, sucked harder on her binky as she felt her snaps being undone and diaper being removed. Bethany quickly cleaned her bottom, pulling out an excessive amount of diaper rash cream and gently rubbing it into every crevice around her bottom. Lilly felt the now very familiar stimulation build in the nerve endings around her sex as Bethany paid extra attention to her vaginal area. Lilly closed her eyes, more interested in the physical than environmental aspects of her situation. Just as she felt Lilly building in excitement, Bethany quickly stopped and placed a new diaper onto Lilly. This diaper was the thickest Lilly had ever worn and she caught a glimpse in the mirror behind the changing table, revealing the baby print that was stamped all over this diaper. Taking out a footed pajama outfit, Bethany put Lilly in her sleeping apparel, snapping the buttons all the way up before lifting her up and placing her into the crib. The "nurse" came in just as Lilly was being secured in the crib and handed Bethany the bottle of milk that would start the process Ashley had just recently experienced. Bethany lowered the bottle into the crib allowing the nipple to come up against Lilly's puckered lips. Lilly almost naturally opened her mouth to allow the nipple to come in, instinctively began sucking on the milky substance. No sooner had she emptied the bottle than her body began sinking into a deep, deep sleep; one that would leave her forgetting just about everything that had happened since she left the car just minutes earlier.
  8. It sounds fun. I'd like to see a story set on the cusp of the start of diapering, where some smaller people begin to recognize that it's at a tipping point. The original Diaper Dimension story did actually have more variety in consensual relationships (including marriage) and diapering between people of all sizes, and I think this could easily fit within that, since it was a place where all diaper stories are true, many of which involve people of different sizes, thus there are people of different sizes there. A lot of writers since then (including myself) have perhaps focused too much on the one element, and made the setting a bit more oppressive and dour and exclusively of one type of diapering than was originally intended.
  9. I've made a little bit of artwork for this on my Patreon, if anybody is interested. It's a story which I love so much that I'd love to keep drawing for it.
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    On top of my previous post, I’d also just like to announce that I’ve launched my new main storyline for the Patreon - Bryce’s Big Act in the Diaper Dimension, an illustrated story which I think is going to be a lot of fun. If you'd like to support illustrated diaper dimension stories for a few dollars a month, head on over to http://patreon.com/ausdpr
  11. Heya, you can find it all (in reverse order) on her blog here - https://princesspottypants.wordpress.com/category/alisas-adventures-in-the-diaper-dimension/ edit: I also made a bit of artwork to go with it, in the original thread before the board crash - https://spankalot-erotica.blogspot.com/search/label/diaper dimension
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    Definitely starting this month :D, I'm pacing bigger content to have them not get in each other's way when new, and am adding a few more images for the first chapter.
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    It's late at night and I'm creating a Patreon, which seems the most suitable time to do such a thing. All content - comics, art, stories, illustrated stories, captions - can be accessed for $5 https://www.patreon.com/ausdpr It's important to point out that some of the preview pictures won't be up at launch, they're from the unfinished sections of stories and comics which I'm working towards, and excited to tell the story for. Also note that I'm not good at a whole bunch of standalone drawings for known characters etc, but will instead be more so telling some ongoing strange and disturbing stories. Stories - particularly a large Diaper Dimension story which I'm working on - are something I hope to post here still, with a delay after Patreon, whereas Patreon will have matching illustrations (I may post some, or lower resolution versions, of the images here, since I want to share them, but also want to be able to fund doing this stuff and cut back on other things which get in the way).
  14. Heya, I think it's just about experiencing the 'full' reality of it, and many people see education and punishment as part of the caretaker role, which makes it feel more 'complete' if it's present in what's happening.
  15. It's a very fun little tale :). I don't get time to read a lot of stories now-a-days, so shorts like this can actually be really wonderful for sparking the imagination, and sometimes, less is more.