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  1. Heya, it was reposted further in its original thread - https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/31193-the-nursery-of-tomorrow-complete/&do=findComment&comment=558263
  2. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    No problem :), and I know it's not the greatest, but your story inspires a lot of imagination about the world beyond these hinting appearances.
  3. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    I think one last version sorry, those diapers still didn’t seem thick enough to match the story .
  4. Heya, Pets: Bach's Story, and its sequel Pets: Pani's Story would fit the bill. The third one didn't really involve any ageplay unfortunately.
  5. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    Heya, I think I've started a few. Tbh I stopped reading much for about a year so kept starting things, then forgetting where I was up to, and never went back. There was a huge rush of DD content which I missed and haven't added to my mega list yet.
  6. I forgot my password since forever so am a bit late, but I do often forget to check it's there. Since authors have to manually have their stories added there anyway, maybe it'd just be easier and more streamlined for people to add a 'finished' tag to their own stories?
  7. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    Heya, there's a loose possibility, though I kind of wrapped up a similar story in my comic Reform Academy, so kind of saw it as the spiritual successor (well, now that I think about it, there were quite a few differences!) It's possible, I'd really like to finish Little Princess too, though at this stage have literally hundreds of unfinished and unpublished stories (some are as long as Lord of the Rings), and don't know where to start. Finishing things is a huge problem for me. There's one verrrry slowly getting closer to completion, it's taken about 2 years. The good news is that it's allowed me to see some more opportunities for it, and slowly work them in, though it's more of a disjointed set of stories than a solid continuous plot like my previous 2 ones, so I'm a bit worried about that angle.
  8. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    This was an earlier version of my most recent picture, with more story-appropriate tights. The full-resolution version should be available on DeviantArt. edit: There was meant to be a story about the assistant snapping a photo of how hard the girls trained on the day, and had it framed, and how the girls did so well that nobody needed any spankings that night (though, the next morning - after two girls had been denied diaper changes - was a different story).
  9. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    I re-sketched an older idea based on a great scene from this story, just trying some new techniques. Still not perfect and this is a bit rough, but I think it's an improvement. The full resolution version should be available at DeviantArt.
  10. My Comic!

    Mentioned it on DeviantArt, but I think this is one of the cleverest bits of Ab stuff I've seen.
  11. Just a Picture

    I'm guessing that this is your Magical Girl character?
  12. A Too Late Magical Girl

    Wow, another impressive story from Inku. Really impressed with the world-building, is it based on anything? The use (or re-use?) of Emily Black was interesting. I'm wondering if this might be an angle where magic has interacted with a part of the DD and she has used it to enlarge herself (since magic did exist in PP's christmas stories), or it's prior to the pop being shifted into bigs and little, or... you just like the name. Either way, fun story!
  13. Heya, I suggest reading the stories by the original creator. The DD does indeed have magic and diapering isn't limited to littles by any means, going by the very first chapter, it's just the most common type. http://spankalot-erotica.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-diaper-dimension-project.html Lots of authors write there, so it's really become a dozen disconnected similar universes.
  14. Hi guys, thanks for following up with some more stuff to add. Truth be told I've sort of dropped out of kink stuff, and there's a lot to keep up with in the dimension! Thankfully the tags on DD help a bunch, and I'll try to get around to adding to the list.
  15. I keep making little changes sorry , if anybody is saving a local copy or anything.