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  1. Cheyenne James couisn didnt seem to like eough him that much she seems to like her lite cousns better ill find same ar stuff inject on me
  2. What he’s doing there
  3. Texr from my mom have you seen James I’ll haven’t seen him since the party
  4. Ok I’ll get in crib it’s usalz take me while to sleep but the diaper being really comfortable and the crib with mooblr I’ll went fast a sleep
  5. I’ll go to guest there is no bed but a crib you tell me rule 4
  6. Well ok am going to head to bed I’ll had long day
  7. Then say rule 3 I’ll must go in diapers to
  8. You start undress me you take of my shorts and boxers
  9. Ok can why you doing this for me?
  10. You tell to 1st rule only you can put them on and take them off me
  11. Oh wow you ask which ones I’ll want to ty these cool
  12. Well ok you point me to room in there there is a lot of abult diapers different kinds each brands some I’ll have never hard off
  13. You say if really want to wear diapers that you can help me out with that but