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  1. Only few know

    We go out to eat
  2. Only few know

    What do you want do tonight baby
  3. Only few know

    Do you need diaper change baby
  4. Only few know

    Kathy is adult baby but not a lot people know that not eavn her own family knows only people that knows mos her daddy and his family few close friends
  5. Not For Adults

    I'll call the dr the meds you gives her she had completely reggsion to baby mood
  6. Not For Adults

    Can you talk
  7. Not For Adults

    I'll figured must be the new meds making you act like toddler is casey hungry
  8. Not For Adults

    I'll Change you put you in a diaper
  9. Not For Adults

    I'll come home to see you playing and ur pants wet what happened
  10. Not For Adults

    You think you wearing diaper And wet
  11. Not For Adults

    You brain starts to reggsion
  12. Not For Adults

    You start feeling really relax
  13. Not For Adults

    You get home you get pill out its like gummy
  14. Not For Adults

    Casey has depression she tired few anti depressants none them work she was about to give up but then dr said she can give her what she gives kids works for them it's not ment for grown up but what harm can it do
  15. Unpotty trained