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  1. Adult Tolder

    You go see your daddy/boyfriend
  2. Adult Tolder

    Text let me know when you got rid of everything
  3. Adult Tolder

    text from your mom saying you need to grow up and act your age
  4. Adult Tolder

    you go and fish peeing and change
  5. Adult Tolder

    you only wet it a lil and you see that there there is stroll free
  6. Adult Tolder

  7. sick and pampered

    I called your school and let them know you be out for a while
  8. Adult Tolder

    You couldn’t hold any longer you go in diaper
  9. sick and pampered

    gives you baba drink this milk drink it slow
  10. Adult Tolder

    you want try be big girl do away with baby stuff but you have to go realy bad the line in bathroom is not moving
  11. Adult Tolder

    you at the mall you have to go bathroom but its full you think should you go in diaper
  12. sick and pampered

    i change your diaper
  13. sick and pampered

    How feeling honey do you need diaper change
  14. Adult Tolder

    friend there is some parts of ab that you ready to give up?
  15. Adult Tolder

    you think if you want go back to normal bed are keep your crib and go back to noral bed room