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  1. Am a nanny you can call me nanny
  2. I'll take you home you come home Lucy we need to talk I'll have done somethinking maybe it's time that I'll let you be adult I'll will get rid of the diapers and I'll will finsh potty trained if you want.
  3. What just because I'll want to be teen baby I'll didn't judge you for wearing diapers
  4. Just do you think you can still use the bathroom but if you can't make there you have that
  5. I'll forget you still in bathroom did you hear everything lll said
  6. Done
  7. I'll call your mom this is weird ok 1st your daughter maybe it's time you let be grown up if she don't like wearing diapers maybe you should stop diaper her my son wants me trea him like baby cuz I'll made him grow up to fast he wears diapers and has unpotty trained him self somehow has brought him paci and baba
  8. ( starts talking like me baby) me wanna be baby mommy plese
  9. I'll want you to treat me like baby mom give me what you didn't give when I'll was little
  10. You like me nap time ride
  11. Her mom never let her growing up always babied her she never got to experience the world that is wrong. Something I'll wish you did for me you never pay very much attention to me I'll grew up to quick you potty trained me when I'll wasn't ready to be. You froced me to grow up to quick takes away my childhood which made me become teen baby yes not only I'll wear diapers and use them I'll also drink from baba I'll suck on paci
  12. Do you think this ride will regges people
  13. I'll love her and I'll want to help her her mom is nuts want my phone you can have it lol don't use it anyways oh and one more think am moving out and am going to as her to live with me so you going to lose us
  14. Any ideas for the ride
  15. Besides am already wearing one I'll was planning tell you and I unpotty my self