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how can i play with lego at 25?

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i want to buy some sets cause i like the cartoon series of chima but im afraid i won't be able to play with it. i Love cartoons and animation movies and also manga and some comics. but i find it hard to imagine myself playing with lego.... but i till want it cause its soooo neat :) so my question is: how to play with lego? how can i regress to the mindset of a child and play?

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Regression should just happen naturally... you either do it or you don't. Legos aren't hard to play with. Just buy some Legos and play with them. If you can get into it then great. If you can't, then you wasted some money on Legos.

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thank you for the advices. i know this duplo thing but im not really into it. when i was a kid i used to make stories and play in my fantasy worlds. i had to stop playing with toys cause i was 15 and my parents started teasing me for that. i missed it for many years but then slowly i got used to it and frogot about it untill now.... now i feel the need to play but i dont know how:S its very strange....

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The way I view play is that children enjoy playing with lego is because they are learning something from it or there's something challenging or creative. Not consciously but subconsciously. So I approach it in that way. I try to make something that is challenging for myself, not that a child would find challenging. A big spaceship, or a truck that looks cool, etc. I don't try to make silly things. I try to get to that point where you look up and go "Wow, 2 hours went by."

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Playing with Lego is not exclusive to children.

There are a lot of adults that have very extensive Lego collections.

A few people love Lego so much they got jobs to be Lego Ambassadors at various Lego events.

Play with Lego all day, and get paid for it.

They do have one restriction though, no custom blocks, only publicly available pieces can be used in their builds.

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Guest YoungZeppelin

Well a cupple of months ago, went to a friends house and he was going through old legos to donate and I sat n built stuff, though we were both drinking. He, as far as I know, is not into abdl, but we r both nerds and engineers so no one really cares. In fact engineers use legos all the time for robots and general construction ideas. My schools ECE stockroom has a bin full of that stuff.

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How do you play with Legos at 25, you ask? The same way you played with them at five, I imagine, by just letting your imagination take you where it will.

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So easily they fall. I have so many threads here, I practically kept it alive. Since they come into our playhouse I felt that turnabout is fair play; but there was so little here

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I've purchased Lego sets in the recent past... being a Star Wars fan helps, LOTS of selection there. They were entertaining to build and make nice display pieces once complete, but the prices they want for these sets now is ridiculous.

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If you used to do it before, then just make a space on the floor, dump the lego's (or whatever blocks you used to play with; for me it was Block City, but I'd try Lego) sit down on the same floor, pick up a couple and do what comes naturally. If you need more help turn the radio on to an oldies station and turn the TV on and tune it to the ME-TV station: No prob!

These things are like riding a bicycle; once you fall off you remember how

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Yeah, when my expensive hobbies (Cards and online games) end up being less important to me, if i get my own place I'm just gonna start buying lego sets for the fun of it. I love legos.

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I started buying lego again this year and I'm 48 and I love building while sucking my nuk5.

I recommend to anyone to go and buy and have fun.

All my neighbours know and think I'm a kid.


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Leggos as an adult are awesome. They have all kinds of advanced kits, motors, and programming you can do with them. It's perfect for mashing your adult and baby sides together.

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Legos are one of the best and easyet toys to play with, i LOVE legos, and dont worry about "how do i play" its like rideing a bike you never forget how to play!

Hell im 21 and still ask people to buy me legos, its the nice then about them is its still a adult toy so no one questions it.

So go buy your lego kit, poor it on the floor, and enjoy your self!

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