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  1. Well at least those members are "smart" enough to try and reach out to you for a reference. I still can't get over how many newbies come on here and one of their
  2. Just curious. Are you planning to register your new quad when you get it? Or for repaid and the others who already have one, are you planning on registering yours as well?
  3. Funny thing. I wasn't wearing a new disposable diaper on new years morning. It was the same one that I had been wearing the year before. And yes, I was in a bad need for it to be changed.
  4. Originally I had directed it to the seller. I argued that her design for a cloth diaper was defective since it didn't match my specification (not even closely). She argued I hadn't described it well enough and that it would technically still
  5. Hi Jamieboy and welcome to DD. I do have to point out that you have contradicted yourself in your description though. You stated you've been involved in diapers since you were two and had hoped it was something you would grow out of. You then also go on to say that this is a fetish for you. Per it's standard (American) definition, a fetish is sexual in nature- yet per your own statement they were not sexual for you. (disclaimer- our UK friends are a little old in their terminology and still use fetish as any
  6. I tried Jessica on etsy and she screwed my order up royally so it wasn't even close to what I had asked for (and I even gave here pictures of what I wanted, yet she still screwed it up). Once burned, twice shy. Be careful with ordering any kind of clothing on etsy. As a customer you will NOT be refunded if they screw up your order.
  7. 3 hours ago, spark said: did I miss something in the movie?
  8. They exist, cats are a delicacy in Korea, China, Italy, and many other parts of Europe.
  9. Yeah, I've always been like that. Just ask around even on here. Ok, yeah search & rescue is a different story. Bad things happen to people all of the time regardless of how well prepared they may be
  10. 6 hours ago, DiaperPony said: If an exhibitionist
  11. Why haven't they just shut down Youtube then. Problem solved. I get what you're saying though. I've had go arounds on here trying to explain that Loving to wear a diaper isn't the same as a diaper Fetish. I've almost been martyred for it too.
  12. ^ wishes he could vote for another candidate that's described as "lipstick on a pig".