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  1. Urinary tract infection

    Hi craisler, nothing been up my urethra for years. Last thing up there was a devise for removing a cyst that left me incontinent. Can't understand where this has come from.
  2. Urinary tract infection

    Hi rusty. I leak and it did burn all of the time. Getting over it now but oh my god my urine stank for days I couldn't go out for fear of being noticed, and it isn't like I've a choice about wearing. Great news though it's nearly gone and I'm back to normality
  3. Urinary tract infection

    Oh my god ive got a uti first one I've ever had and it is awful. Feel like my kidneys are going to explode out of my back. On Antibiotics and it's slowly getting better. Never want another uti as long as I live
  4. Foley catheter

    before I became urine incontinent i used to use Foley catheters nearly every day. They can become addictive. The thing i liked about the catheter is after a while I forgot it was in me and I had lost control of when I urinated. It was when i felt my diaper and it was wet did i realise just how much i had been leaking. I used to hate taking the catheter out and feel my bladder refill and the uncomfortable feeling of having to find a toilet. Now that i am incontinent I haven't had the feeling of a full bladder for a few years and i do not miss that feeling. The other thing I now enjoy is the feeling of never having to worry about having an accident in my pants, and it has happened on a couple of occasions. Thank god for diapers.
  5. 28 and 8 yrs of incontinence

    I became incontinent a few years ago but I have always been abdl. I had a growth which blocked my urethra which when it was removed left me incontinent. Even though it was a shock at first I have come to love diapers more now, really hard at first having no choice about if I wear, I had to wear.
  6. Plastic diapers

    Hi bazza37, what country are you in? If like. Me you are from the UK then try incontinence shop. Com. They have a large selection and you can shop by backing material type.
  7. Vlessi a comfort briefs

    Hi guys, I have recently decided to try a different type of diaper and gone with the vlessi slip. It's quite a thin diaper with a plastic backing. It's not got a lot of features but it has certainly suprised me. They hold about 2litres and are soft like the molicare classic. I've had one on from 7 this morning until 1 and then a change and I'm now about to have a change and it is just after 8pm. They are really cheap at 33 pence each. They don't have elasticated waist or wetness indicators but they do work for me. Has anybody else tried these?
  8. longer in diapers

    Holy cow rusty pins you are so right! I now have to live long enough to beat those stats
  9. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I've gone to the doctors many times wearing diapers. Not a problem for me as I am incontinent and a DL. I've been incontinent now for about three years. I've also been into hospital where the staff asked medical history and looked surprised that I wear diapers. They wanted to use a catheter on me while I was in hospital but I explained catheters no longer work because of my bladder sphincter being damaged. They looked through my history and saw the operation I had and agreed with me. After this initial conflict the staff were happy for me to change myself while in hospital and they supplied all of my requirements. Hospital diapers stuck.
  10. Site Glitches

    problem im having is i cant see pictures posted in the forums?
  11. Laxative for $1.79 - works in 15 minutes...

    the thing that works for me is milk! if i drink a pint of milk or more i can be guaranteed to have diarrhoea within half an hour. I dont do this normally but if there are times when i am constipated it usually clears me out.
  12. longer in diapers

    it was a bit difficult at first but I can truly say that being diapered 24/7 for over 3 years is quite a milestone. I was driving my van today and it just popped into my head that it has been longer as an adult being in diapers than when i was a child. Weird what i think about while driving.
  13. longer in diapers

    Just had a thought today. I have now been in diapers longer as an adult than when i was a child. Its now over three years since i had to start wearing all of the time. How time flies by, wouldn't change back now to being continent it's too restricting.
  14. incontinent and a truck driver

    I drive a van all day long and have never had a problem with police or alcohol test. I don't know if mark 686 is from the uk or other country and alcohol test involves urine? but here in the uk it is a breath test. As i say i am urinary incontinent and have been for a few years, it was hard at first to adjust but now i carry my diaper bag into my van and get on with my day. I change in service stations when i need to and odnt worry about it. I hear what you are saying and i feel for you not wanting the world to know but for me i just dont care if people know, why should I? it's a medical condition and i cant change that but what i might be able to change is peoples attitudes towards incontinence and not see it as a stigma but a medical condition. If you would like to ask me any mmore specific uestions about my day to day driving and diaper wearing just ask, or message me.
  15. hi all

    Hi ababebill you guessed right I use disposables. Lille classic fit, abriform, ID. with a diapercover and an abena onesie to keep everything in the right place. Hard to adjust at first but it gets easier as you start to identify as having a need to wear instead of a desire, but for me it is both.