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  1. Musing about living incontinent

    hi thomas, I ntoo have to wear all the time and it can be a bit bad in the summer. stepping out of the car and being hit by heat and i look like ive just steeeped out of the shower. the only time im withoutr a diaper is when i'm in the shower, or the bath, the rest of the time i am diapered. rashes can be bad and i agree the cost is not as cheap as people would have you to believe. on average i spend about £80 per month on diapers, clothing, cleaning products and creams to stop the dreaded rash.
  2. latex diaper cover

    Hi I need a bit of advice. Can anybody tell me where i can purchase latex diaper covers from? I have seen a guy on youtube reviewing these and saying that they are very good for holding in leaks and smells, but i cant seem to find where to buy them. Can anybody help please.
  3. severe, i have no urinary control at all. I cant remember when i last didnt wear a diaper. I have to wear all the time now. I've no option.
  4. Euron form

    Nice one oliver d I have looked at trying the id range. Now I know that this is the same I will give them a try. Oh the diapers I've justntried are the extra, one down from the maximum absorption.
  5. Euron form

    Hi All, I've just managed to get a hold of a pack of euron form ex-large which are cloth backed (which i don't usually use) but when you get a pack free you2ve gotta try them. I am really impressed with these diapers. I've worn the same one since 10 o'clock this morning, just after i got out of bed and had a shower and a change i tried them out. I'm still wearing the same one, it hasn't leaked or caused me any discomfort and it is still going. It nearly eight hours now in the same diaper! As most of you know i have no control over my bladder at all so i just drip all of the time and gradually wet my diaper so there is no gushing with me. I have to use a onesie with cloth backed because they usually wont stay in place but this diaper is fine with a onesie. I'm going to see how it performs overnight. I usually use extra pads overnight to ensure dry bed in the morning but not tonight I will try these Eurons out. I will let you now how it goes.
  6. If you had the choice....

    i ask you this what is the point in wearing a diaper if you dont use it to its fullest? my diaper is my toilet. I've used diapers for a few years now 24/7 and i still love wearing diapers. I wouldnt have it any other way, apart from when i get a rash.
  7. How long have you been incontinent?

    it is hard at first being 24/7 but it is like anything else once you understand the limitations of your nappie and how much you have had to drink and the timescales that your nappie will last it gets easier to deal with. For instance today i got out of bed had a change, went out to drop a friend off, came home had a cup of tea, 2 hours later went out to pick friend up, came home had lunch, another two cups of tea and i now feel that my nappie is wet at the front and down to my crotch but it is not wet behind and i may have another three hours before i need to change. But if i have another drink i will be changing in 2 hours. Only problem is i have had a lot of problems with my bowels recently and i may have to change earlier if i poop. Funny thing is i rarely use a toilet these days I wear nappies for my urinary incontinence but i find that by the time i find a toilet and pull down my trousers unpop my onesie take off my nappie cover and untape my nappie i have usually gone in my nappie anyway! so why bother? just use the nappie for what it was intended for and find a convenient place to clean up and change. Like you said stevewet you just get on with it.
  8. norovirus

    Omg I've never experienced anything like this before! I've got the norovirus, I'm glad I wear diapers 24/7 but the liquid coming out of me is extreme and painful. Hope I'm feeling better soon.
  9. How long have you been incontinent?

    Well over a year now. Possibly two years. I'm completely urinary incontinent Nad have never looked back.
  10. Botox

    no no no my diapered friends it is purely theoretical. I certainly am not going to try this just wondering if it had ever been done and what the results were?
  11. Botox

    Just need to ask this question? Theoretically would botox around your sphyncter make you incontinent?
  12. About a minute ago. I'm off work with an upset stomach and oh boy am I glad I wear diapers 7 so far today. If I wast in diapers I think I wouldn't have made it to the toilet. I rushed upstairs and with every movement of my legs more shot out, I just stood in the middle of the stairs and let nature take its course. I filled my diaper from front to back and my L4 held out. I went to the shower to clean up and that was the first of many today. Even though I use cream I am slightly sore from diaper rash. I think what is coming out of me is slightly acidic.
  13. Diaper memories

    My memory is of trying to run away from my mum who wanted to put my nappy on for bed. I remember starsky and hutch was on the TV. My mum was on the chair and she lay me down in front of her and pinned onto me a white cloth nappy before standing me up and telling me to put my feet into plastic pants which she was holding she then pulled them up and made sure they were in place before dressing me in my pyjamas. I then walked to the couch sat down and did a big wee just to show her I didn't want to wear my nappy. I had to stay in that wet nappymuntil morning as I didn't want to let her know I had deliberately wet myself.
  14. stopping wearing diapers

    I had tried several times to stop wearing but it never worked for me I have always come back to diapers.I have tried to stop but now I have to wear as I have a damaged sphyncter. There are times when I life When i lie on the bed with a pad under me wishing I could have a break but its just not possible. I get over it and pad up and live life.
  15. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    non i am in the bath.