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  1. wearer24/7

    Duvet day

    I thoroughly recommend doing it
  2. wearer24/7

    Ever had one of those days?

    Funny thing is rusty, my boss does know and is great in that matter. What I told my boss was a bit different from what I told the police? I told my boss that when I went off the road I must have dislodged a brick at the side of the road and it broke the passenger side window. Anyway, he bought it. The mechanics are outsourced but work in a workshop that they set up on our premises. My boss had an almighty shouting match with the chief mechanic and is currently recouping the cost of a similar van and the costs of recovery, time wasted, ferry crossing missed, my wages etc etc. He is not pleased and has asked to see all parts replaced from now on. The trust has gone between him and the mechanics, I also found out over a pint in the pub with him he is now looking to get another firm to do the mechanics job. He said that the mechanics rent a space from him and the work is given to them ad-hoc they have no contract with him at all. So he is now basically going to stop giving them any of our work. He thinks they will default on the rent within two months and he is putting the rent up by 100%in April just to give them the hint to get out. I've known my boss since I was about 18 we live in the same neighbourhood and drink in the same pub. He has known me both before and after my surgery and he has supported me all the way.
  3. wearer24/7

    Duvet day

    Hi guys, got this week off work so today I'm having an in bed duvet day. Obviously nappy, and we'll padded. Just finished watching another box set. Had a diaper change this morning and a shower and I'm just about ready for another change. Loving today, so warm and so so lazy. #thisiswhatdiapersarefor.
  4. wearer24/7

    Sleeping While Messy

    Hi I haven't done that before but last night I was very drunk and this morning I woke with a messy diaper and can't remember doing it. No idea what time I messed but it was a big load.
  5. wearer24/7

    Ever had one of those days?

    just an update for you guys. When I got back to the depot I had to explain what had happened to the van! My boss is the kind of guy that just shrugs off incidents like this but today he was asking all sorts of questions. I told him why the window was smashed, and that i had to get in to the van as a matter of urgency. He was nearly on the floor with busted ribs from laughing. Anyway, my van breaking down like this has led to the mechanics being placed under scrutiny because it looks like work that had been charged for on the fleet of vans had not been done but had been charged for. My van was supposed to have had a new cambelt last year but it looks like the belt was ancient and not even touched. This is what caused my van to destroy itself.
  6. wearer24/7

    Ever had one of those days?

  7. wearer24/7

    Ever had one of those days?

    Hi everybody, I've just had the day from hell. I don't hide the fact that I drive a delivery van for a living and tody was the worst. I set off from the depot and headed up the M6 motorway, set the cruise control to 60 and ended up in Scotland on my way towards Stranraer to catch a ferry to northern Ireland. However all did not go well. I had just come off the motorway and was heading along an A road when the engine made a crack and the rear axel locked up, the back end skidded into a shallow muddy ditch at the side of the road before I had chance to drop the clutch and free wheel. Anyway I was stranded, the engine was completely totalled. Don't know what the hell has happened but it is going to probably need new engine, possibly a new gear box and rear axle. As advised by my company I stood on the side of the road waiting for the pick up truck from work to lift my van and get it back to depot, anyway in a bit of a panic I exited the van out of the passenger side and the wind took the door and slammed the door shut. Our vans have an automatic deadlocking system so I was locked out in the freezing cold, in a nappy which I had changed about two hours ago and I was getting cold. I was informed that the lifter from our depot was going to be about 4-6 hours as it was on the other side of the Penines lifting another vehicle which had been smacked into. I was in a bit of a predicament as I usually keep my changing bag in the van and I had no access to it. I stood there for at least an hour and was when I got the chance feeling my nappy to see when I was close to needing a change. I've driven this route many times and there is a quiet lay by about 30 miles towards Stranraer where I usually have a change before waiting to board the ferry but I was nowhere near there so I took action, I went into the bushes and looked for anything I could break the passenger window with. Anyway to cut this story short I found a rock, actually half a brick and used the corner to break the window. I got I to the van retrieved my keys and went into the back of the van to get changed, I was just taping up when there was a banging at the rear doors with a voice booming Come out or we will be forced to open the doors and send the dog in. It was the police, somebody had seen me breaking the window of my own van and called the police. I taped up very quickly made myself decent and opened the door only to be immediately placed under arrest for trying to steal a motor vehicle. I examined to the officer that the van had broke down, it was immobilised and that the wind had locked me out. Now here is the difficult bit! I then had to explain why I had to break Into my own van and why I didn't open the door immediately. The officer was very understanding but I bet I will be talked about at there local police station for some time to come. I didn't get to Ireland and ended up back at base having to do the same journey tomorrow in a different van. I was hoping to be back for the weekend but that is out of the question now.
  8. wearer24/7

    So ABU is taking Tykables to court

    "universe cadet" its still the same product.
  9. Hi guys, I gave cloth a go for the day and surprisingly they were a lot easier and better than I first thought. The absorbancy was adequate and I managed to get changed in the van. Only difference was the heat, I got a lot hotter in the cloth and had to use more nappy cream than normal. I bought some plastic bags to put the used nappy in until I could launder at home but to conclude I thought that if disposables do vanish off the market then I would manage with cloth but they are bulkier and more fuss than disposables. On the up side my fears about lakes have been put to rest. I didn't leak one all day. However I do think the news article is a bit knee jerk. I think it will be many years before we see the end of disposable diapers.
  10. I for one use diapers 24/7 and am in employment. I drive for a living and find that the use of disposable diapers is by far the best option for me as i have to change while at work and often do this in the back of my van. I can't imagine trying to change a cloth diaper in these circumstances! also, on a practical level the bulk of a cloth diaper as opposed to the bulk of a disposable is far greater and i feel that to use cloth diapers I would be less able to move freely to do my job. I do use cloth at home when I feel like a change from diaposables but i find they are a lot more bulky and for me really only usable as a night time diaper when i am not moving about a lot. Anyway, I think i will try to use a cloth diaper tomorrow to see if i could manage to do my job as well as i do when in disposables. My fear also about cloth is leakage around the legs. I constantly dribble and my diaper becomes gradually wetter, if there is no sap to absorb and lock away that pee then im sure sitting in my driving seat i willl leak. anyway i will take extra clothing and my disposables as well just in case.
  11. wearer24/7

    The Suppository Challenge

    about half an hour for me
  12. wearer24/7

    Post when messy.

    and it has happened again just now. I was trying to get to a toilet to mess because i had for about 20 minutes had quite bad lower abdominal pain i was at my local store as i was out in the car, but the toilet was being serviced by the cleaners who seemed to be in no hurry. My rear let loose a little, just enough to let you know that it means business. I held it and managed to get back to the car even though my but was now slippy between my buttocks and i could feel it with each step. I got into the car and sat on it for another 30 minutes before i was able to get home on the journey home little bits kept escaping and i felt it creeping forward in my diaper between my legs. When i stood up from getting out of the car it really started and it was a constant wet stream that i could not stop it just kept coming but my diaper held it in. I went straight to the bathroom and had to have a major clean up job which involved showering. I have never been so relieved to be wearing a diaper.
  13. wearer24/7

    Doctors today

    I feel I'm in a strong position when I speak to my urologist it's my body and they can't force me into doing something I don't want to do and therefore i am sticking to wearing nappies rather than invasive surgery or infection gathering catheters. It's my body and I will be the last day in my treatment.
  14. wearer24/7

    Creations for messing

    One thing i use sometimes is liquid glycirin. I use a 10cc syringe and a 5inch piece of thin pipe on the end which is easy to insert and administer the dose. Once it is in there there is no escaping it you will empty your bowels until they are empty.
  15. Latest update, ive just been to my local lidl store after not feeling to good today. I got all of my items and headed for the checkout which was about 100 yards away from me and then it just happened, nothing i could do about it I jjst filled my diaper and i meen filled. I put the basket down and headed straight for the door. As i got through the store exit agIn another wave of unstoppable poop. I walked home and walked straight to the bathroom to clean up and have a change. Im now in bed not feeling to good and on my third nappy change.