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  1. Ms.Mummy


    You'll have to report back as to how you found using 2
  2. Ms.Mummy


    Yes, I love using these on my AB, they work brilliantly, I just buy the supermarket own brand ones, they're glycerol ones, 2 of them in my ABs bottom and he's filling his nappy in 15-20 minutes
  3. Ms.Mummy

    Favorite poopy

    Oh I love doing this to my AB
  4. Ms.Mummy

    Drinking wee

    Hi Incopansy, That sounds wonderful! That is the kind of punishment I love to inflict, great pictures too
  5. Ms.Mummy

    Drinking wee

    Where abouts are you sweetie?
  6. Ms.Mummy

    Lancashire or nearby

    Merseyside here
  7. Ms.Mummy

    Need your nappy changing? North West

    Hello, no not far at all we will have to chat x Hello, I'm sure we can have a chat and see if we're both looking for the same thing from a meet
  8. Ms.Mummy

    New belt

    It looks great A nice change from a caged device!
  9. Ms.Mummy

    Need your nappy changing? North West

    Thank you sweetie
  10. Ms.Mummy


    Wow those are thick, very cute xx
  11. Ms.Mummy


    Oh sweetie, you definitely need a change in this pic xx
  12. Ms.Mummy

    Need your nappy changing? North West

    Im sure you'll find someone to experience this with It's just not for me I'm afraid.
  13. I'm a bisexual domme mummy, I enjoy playing with sub baby boys and sub baby girls. Although so far I have only played in real life with a sub guy.
  14. Ms.Mummy

    Drinking wee

    I've filled a bottle with my pee and gave it to my AB to drink, I've done that a few times and I've got him to lick me clean after going for a pee
  15. Ms.Mummy

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Yes, by complete fluke! I was chatting to a guy on a swinger site and we got to talking about fantasies and after a while of skirting round the topic, he finally admitted he loves wearing nappies and he wanted be forced into being a sissy baby girl! The rest is history.... We've met a few times since!