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  1. I am messy now, as I just finished filling my diapers.
  2. Just finished filling my diaper with poop while standing inside the portapotty provided by my employer.
  3. Ah yes! Those are the first form fitting adult diapers I wore back in the 80’s. Before those I wore a brand called Embes’s( spelling) and before that Pampers.
  4. I had a choice, a surgery that may have fixed the problem or made it worst. I chose not to have the surgery, and just wear diapers which did nothing to improve my condition, but at that time in my life all I wanted was the medical prof to need to wear diapers.
  5. I was into wearing diapers before the day injury to my spine, so when I loss control of my bladder from the injury I made no attempts to rectify the problem other than allowing the doctors to perform their tests with the results of nerve damage causing my loss of control to my bladder. My bowel incontinence is mostly urge, if I feel the need to go and can get to a toilet in 2 minutes I’m ok, but I ain’t always that close to a toilet and end up messing my diaper, which I really don’t mind anyhow.
  6. This happened to me when I first needed to wear diapers after my spinal injury, was sent to see all sorts of specialists , given pills that had worst side effects than the problem. After all tests were done the results came back as nerve damage and offers of surgery to try and fix the problem. I told the doctors I was managing the problem with diapers and would rather wear diapers the rest of my life than have surgery. That was back in 1987/88, I’ve been in diapers since.
  7. Yes security guard , night shift.
  8. Oct 84 to Nov 85. I was sent packing February 85, she was 3 months pregnant, eligible for welfare, so she was done with me. Found out years later she used me to get pregnant and married me to get child support, I was told this when my son was 16 and being placed in a foster home.
  9. Messed my already messy diapers again, only another 6.5 hours to go to end of my 12 hour shift. Diapers feeling quite full.
  10. Just pooped for the second time tonight in my diapers, 6.5 hours to go before end of my shift.
  11. What I do is use lots of baby powder and baby oil, it gives you that clean fresh diaper smell and after the deed of messing your diaper it helps cover the fowl smell of your poop.
  12. Just messed my diaper, 2.6 hours into a 12 hour shift.
  13. I tend not to linger any longer than necessary if I can smell the smell of urine or poop, however if I don’t smell either one even knowing it’s there I go about my business as usual. There has been a few times I filled my diaper and I could not get home fast enough to change, even after a good long hot shower I could still notice the smell. Baby powder and baby oil used heavily to mask that sent until it has worked its way out of my skin.
  14. Yes I am the same person you mentioned, My interest in diapers started when I was 7 and I purchased my first bag of diapers at 16 and yes the rest is also true. What has not been said is how I hated messing my diaper after the accident and how I did my very best to keep everyone from knowing I was shitting my diaper , it did not bother me to piss my diaper and if anyone found out. Once my wife gave me the go a head to just shit my diaper and not worry about it I stopped caring who might find out. Also is untold is all the times I had regained some control of my functions only to be set back due to the siltiest back injury. Along came 2007 and another serious back injury and all hope of regaining control tossed out the window without major surgery. With a 50/50 chance of walking again I chose to walk out of the doctors office and make the best or worst I could of the rest of my life confined to wearing diapers. I make no excuses for what I do as what I do does not injure others, it my insult them, offend them, or disgust them, but that’s their problem not mine as I only have one life to live and I’m living it my way.