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  1. iluvmydiapers

    My mom opened my package from north shore

    Let see now, way back in 1982 on the day of my 18th birthday, I had been wearing diapers as often as I could and was buying my own diapers to wear for the past two years. The day started out normal, just like any other day living on the farm, woke up at O’dark 30 to go out to the barn and milk the cows, clean calf pens, clean the gutter, and anything else that was part of the morning ruteen. Once all the morning chores where done it was back to the house for a breakfast of oatmeal and toast. All was going as normal until breakfast was over and my father looked across the table at me and asked, you turned 18 today? I said yes it my 18th birthday today. He says, I thought so, happy birthday and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. I looked at mom and she just shrugged her shoulders which meant his house his rules. I went to my room, packed what few belongings I had, took them out and put them in the back seat of my car and drive away. Life on your own at 18 is no easy task but it taught me a valuable lesson, if you want it, find a way to earn it or do without.
  2. iluvmydiapers

    Out deer hunting.

    Deer hunting in diapers is a great way not to have to leave the hunting stand, I’ve hunted many years this way and have found the extra padding to aid in the comfort of sitting for long periods of time.
  3. No worries of that happening until end of shift when the relief guard shows up.
  4. 10 minutes ago, I went shit I’m my diaper , 3rd time in this diaper in 7 hours. Only 4 more hours to go to the end of my 12 hour shift. I hope my diaper holds up to the task.
  5. iluvmydiapers

    Does this happen with you?

    Oh yes and I love it as it just reinforces my need to wear diapers 24/7. Oh I can go without a diaper on but I’m constantly running to find a bathroom so I just stay in my diapers and change when needed
  6. iluvmydiapers

    Adult Baby Quiz (Not What You Think)

    73% AB And I don’t even consider myself to be an AB but a DL instead as I am not into baby play or anything baby related other than wearing wetting and messing diapers.
  7. iluvmydiapers

    The end of Disposables?

    It is a simple thing to stop the use of disposable diapers for babies all the government needs to do is sterilelize every new born child and in a matter of a few years ( 4 to 5 at most) there will be no need for disposable baby diapers. On the other spectrum of life, all those adults living in old age homes that wear diapers, well stop giving them life supporting meds and soon they will be gone also, thusly reducing the need for adult diapers. Now that leaves the rest of us who wear diapers because we enjoy doing so, so let’s make adult diapers better, say a diaper that can hold up for 24 hours before needing to be removed with auto locking divices to prevent early removal. Problem solved, or made worst ? It’s all in how you look at it.
  8. iluvmydiapers

    Hunting in a diaper.

    I have not hunted white tail deer in just a diaper as that would be dangerous and cold as deer season in late November here. Fishing from shore at semi remote areas of local rivers in just a diaper, license kept in tackle box. Fishing from boat never gave it a second thought about others seeing me as I don’t care what others think of me in just my diapers. Squirrel hunting in just a diaper, easy enough as licence taped to gun stock or if on my own land it’s not needed. Never worry about game wardens or other hunters. Getting from car to woods in just a diaper is as easy as doing it with pants on. The drive home in just a diaper has never bothered me, if I get pulled over it’s no big deal for me. Have I’ve ever been seen hunting in just a diaper, yes many a time when I hunt public land, it’s just the chance you take. And yes the same brush that shreds your diaper easily shreds your legs also, again it’s all part of the hunt.
  9. iluvmydiapers

    Hunting in a diaper.

    I have gone deer hunting while wearing nothing but double diapers under my one pice hunting suit. Have squirrle hunted while only in a diaper. Have been fishing while only in a diaper. When the weather is warm enough and I’m either hunting or fishing I prefer to do so while only wearing my diapers. Squirrel hunting in just a diaper has proven quite interesting at times , exspecialy when you diaper gets snagged by brush and rips open as I have returned to my car or house depending on where I was hunting in a shredded diaper.
  10. That will be 9 hours ago in just another 12 minutes. With another 4 hours to go before I have the chance to remove my diaper and shower.
  11. iluvmydiapers

    How Does Pooping Feel To You

    I’m now in the same way, first I lost control of when I peed now I no longer control when I poop. Having first diapered train myself for urinary incontinenc it was a easy step to take to full incontinence.
  12. iluvmydiapers

    Random Thread

    Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways
  13. iluvmydiapers

    Peeing in the potty

    I pee in my portable toliet all the time, have not used those with water in them in a very long time.
  14. iluvmydiapers


    What I have learned over the years of unpotty training / diaper training is the more you use your diapers as a toliet the easier it becomes, loss of bladder control is what I had wanted since childhood and I have accomplished that goal as now when ever I wear a diaper I wet my diaper with no control, it happens when ever it needs to and I’m unable to stop it from happening. This is what I yearned for since I was 7 years old. Now I had a good reason to be wearing diapers and life was good. However things did not stay the way I had wanted, I only wanted to wet my diapers when wearing diapers but my wife wanted something else, she wanted me in diapers full time, I exsplained I only wet uncontrollably when wearing a diaper and still had control when not in a diaper, she said she understood that but I did not understand her, she wanted me in diapers all the time, wetting them all the time. So began my transformation from part time diaper wearing to full time wearing diapers and constantly wetting with no control. After a couple of years I had to tell my wife I was glad she insisted on full time diapers and how I actually loved wetting my diapers uncontrollably and my life was good once again. Now my wife has an evil streak in her and I found out just how evil it is when she told me I was no longer allowed to use the toliet and should just get used to the idea of crapping my diapers also, this came about after she caught me in a messy diaper one day, I just shrugged my shoulders and said ok, what ever you want and started messing my diapers. Now here it is some years later, I’m in diapers 24/7 and have no control of when or where I might pee or poop my diapers and now life is great.
  15. Less than 15 minutes ago , changed out of a soaked diaper into fresh dry diaper and promptly pooped in it, I love my diapered life.