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  1. That would have at 1:30 am, again at 5:30 am and again at 7:00 am this morning.
  2. Do you match diapers and occassions?

    I wear doubled diaper for adsorbancy whenever I work a shift at the guard house as there is no restroom to us.(like I'd use one if one was available) I wear a single diaper most days during the week and change them as needed throughout the day, even change my diapers at work without a problem. For doctor visits I always wear a diaper that has reusable tapes so If I need to remove my diaper I can put it back on after the exam.
  3. Reuse of a wet diaper?

    As long as your not getting a rash from putting back on the wet diaper after pooping in the toilet there realy is nothing wrong with doing so, it sounds like your wife enjoys having you in a wet diaper and is taking control just like you wanted. When I gave my wife control of my diaper use and wearing I was given simple rules to follow, always be in a diaper and never use a toilet again or the diapers go away for good. As I have wanted to wear diapers all the while growing up and have enjoyed wearing diapers all my adult life and wetting my diapers all the time, making the step to full time diapers apond giving over control to my wife was a simple matter, I was not expecting the no toilet ever rule but have grown to enjoy using my diapers exclusively
  4. I just pooped again in my diapers, that's twice now in these double diapers, I love the feeling of the fullness and I still have a couple of hours before the end of my work shift.
  5. Looking for a adult baby for a long term

    I'm male, life long diaper lover and very willing to become someone's adult baby, however I have a few requirements if I am to become someone's adult baby. I must be kept in diapers at all times I am never to use a toilet When home, I am to be in diapers only
  6. One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  7. Just finished filling my diaper with a nice load 10 minutes ago, I put on double diapers befor heading off to work knowing full well I'd be pooping in them, and six hours later I finally drop the load into my diapers. The more often I mess my diapers the more natural it feels to have a messy diaper on, I have gotten to where I mess my diapers almost on a daily basis and I soon to be messing my diapers daily no matter when.
  8. Forget being wet?

    I have forgotten my diaper was wet a few times as I dont pay much attention to how many times I have gone or if I have wet m diaper at all. Once while changing in the locker room at work a coworker noticed my wet diaper and mentioned how wet it looked, I just said it will hold unti I get home and finished dressing.
  9. Who is ready for riding weather?

    Hurry up spring, my bike haven't moved since November and I'd hate to think it has forgotten me. Love going for long rides on my bike, but always have to make sure there is at least 2 diapers in the saddle bags at all times as I never know when I will need a change.
  10. Curious of different applications

    They work great for cleaning my bike while I'm wearing my disposable diaper
  11. Getting caught

    I was caught wearing a diaper quite a few times growing up by a member of my family, as a young adult I would go out of my way to get caught wearing a diaper, I always made it obvious I was wearing a diaper by either wearing thick diapers ( multi layers of diapers) or just keep wetting until the one I had on leaked. Once I decided to make the leap to wearing 24/7 I no longer cared if someone noticed I was diapered and I was outed a few times, I did learn that wearing a messy diaper was impossible to hide, but I was of the mind set of I did not care what other thought of me wearing a messy diaper. Today if someone notices I'm wearing a diaper and questions it I just respond " better me than you" and leave it at that.
  12. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    I had my annual physical 3 days ago and I purposely wore my most colorful diaper I have, Crinklz, and my new female doctor never batted an eye, made no comment, said absolutely nothing about the diaper or asked why I was wearing one.
  13. Changing Your Diaper In Public

    Changing ones diaper in a public restroom is no problem if you are not worried about being found out. I've changed my wet diaper in many a public restrooms and have been seen many times disposing of the used diaper in the trash, seldom have I every even raised an eyebrow. It seems the more you try not to get caught changing the more you fear getting caught, si best advice is just go in and change your diaper and don't worry about it.
  14. That be an hour ago.
  15. Rules for using toilet

    I have 1 strict toilet rule, never use it again no matter what. If I am at work and need to go poop, I must used my diaper if home and I have visitors and need to go, just go in the diaper if out on the town for the evening and I have to go, just go that's why I'm wearing the diaper.