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  1. I just pooped my diapers again, twice in the same hour, nice.
  2. I just pooped my double diapers.
  3. A question about AB universe diapers

    Perfect way to wear an ABU Super dry kids diaper is to wear it over a North Shore Supreme, makes for a super thick and thirsty diaper, should last all night till morning.
  4. Who likes pooping in their underwear?

    Back when I wore underwear I would poop in then at least once a month as a young adult. As a child I would poop my underwear almost daily in hopes that my parents would put me back in diapers but no such luck.
  5. Wearing for comfort

    If you start waking up to a wet bed than I would worry, a wet diaper every now and than is not unusual
  6. A question about AB universe diapers

    Just received my shipment of super dry kids diapers, from what I can tell there not all that thick so getting a lift while seated ain't going to happen.
  7. Moments ago, thankfully im doubled diapered.
  8. Do you get to wear as often as you would like?

    Yes! Defently as I'm diapered all the time now and have been for a few years now. Haven't used a toliet in years.
  9. Longest been messy

    On adverage I stay in a messy diaper 4 to 6 hours, up to 8 hours depending on which job site im at when I mess my diaper. The longest was years back during a week away from anyone, I spent 5 days in the same poopy diaper and I did end up with a very nasty diaper rash and would not recommend to anyone to do this. 8 hours in the same messy diaper will cause a rash if you do not use a lot of cream and powder when putting on your fresh diaper before messing it.
  10. Diaper *Crinkle*

    Plastic backed diapers will crinkle at times, I have worn many different brands of adult diapers and have found none of them to be so loud as to attract attention. In my younger days I would wear the loudest crinkly diaper I could find and still no one either noticed or said anything to me. I still prefere a loud crinkly diaper but I have learned to live with what I use now a days, and I need the protection far more than need a loud diaper.
  11. Accidents Without A Diaper

    I used to have wetting accidents in my teen age years, back than I would hold out as long as I could, but sometimes I would wet my pants before reaching a restroom. Only once in my youth did I ever accidentally mess my pants, and I actually liked how it felt. Now days wetting my pants is a daily thing without being in a diaper, just like last week, I got off work early, stopped off at a tavern for a couple adult beverages and some where's close to the bottom of my first drink I wet my pants, by the time I finished my second drink I knew I had to get to the restroom, I made it as far as the door when my bladder emptied.
  12. What Profession Are You In?

    For 31 years I was an educational environment enhancing engineer (full time) Also worked other part time jobs, Food preparation and consuming environmental enhance ( 3 years) Aperal revitalization at a Veterans home ( 3 years) Current jobs as follows Enviromental services floor technician at a surgical hospital ( 2 years and counting) Enviromental services floor technician at Hewitt Packard ( 1 year and counting) Security enforcement for private company (3 months and counting) I currently work 16 hours a day Monday-Friday and only 8 hours a day Saturday and Sunday
  13. Northwest wisconsin?

    I reside in the greater Chippewa valley. Have enjoyed wearing diapers for all my life.
  14. New to abdl

    Hi Pattycace43. Welcome to the wonderful world of diapers.
  15. Well I did it again, I messed my diaper here at work and my shift just started.