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  1. Post when messy.

    Messy now and will be headed to work in a hour. Think I will just go to work like I am unless I also wet this diaper before having to leave for work
  2. To wake up and find yourself pooping your diaper is great. I have only a couple of times woke up to find I pooped while asleep, it is my hope to wake up to a pooped diaper at least once a week.
  3. That would be 1 hour ago right after I changed out of a soaking wet diaper. I knew I had to go poop so I hurried up and got out of the soaked diaper and into a fresh dry diaper just in time to go shit. This was dont in the last few minutes of my work shift, so I got to drive home and meet the wife as she was heading out for work. I called her and asked her to wait until I got home before she left for work. She gave me a very approving smile and kiss after I told her what I had did. It is nice having someone who enjoys me being in diapers as much as I enjoy being in them.
  4. How did you start?

    For me it was when I saw 2 boys my age wearing nothing but a diaper in a local parade, they where pulling a little red wagon with a large display box of Pampers Toddlers size now with tapes. I was hooked, I was 7 years old, I was potty trained, but I wanted to wear them diapers and I did everything my young mind could think of to get mom to put me back into diapers. When that failed I started stealing diapers from the baby's room to wear inside my underwear. It was not until I was a teenager that I learned how to tape 2 baby diapers together to make one long enough to fit me. I had been caught many times with a diaper in my underwear by my parents, was punished many times also, was even made to wear nothing but a diaper and t-shirt all summer one year, this only strengthened my love of diapers, nothing my parents did dis-swayed mybfrom wearing diapers, they finialy gave up when I was 16 and came home with 2 cases of Pampers, one case for the baby in the house at the time and the other case for myself which I took up to my room, my parents where less than happy with this, but decided there was no use fighting it anymore. When I came down from my room my mom asked if I was wearing a diaper, I said yes I was, dad said lets see it, so I dropped my pants to show that I was indeed wearing a diaper. Dad hollers out, you've already pissed it haven't you. No way to hide that I had pissed it just after putting it on so I did not lie all I remember saying was yes I pissed it already and I'm going to go shit in it also and there aint a damn thing you can do to stop me. Dad said oh yeah! My house My rules, you want to wear diapers? Fine no problem, but no pants to hide them. I said fine, and slipped the pants off all the way and went outside to the sounds of laughter and name calling by my brothers and sisters, dad came outside and yelled stop it or you all will be in diapers. The next 2 years proved rather intresting living at home, on the day I turned 18 that all changed as I was kicked out of the house by my father, I knew it was going to happen, I had gotten a job and a place of my own to live, so on my 18th birthday I was ready for the kick out.
  5. Diaper bulge ??

    I like the telltale of the diaper bulge but don't go out of my way anymore to make it noticeable, but than again I don't try and hide it either. If I am noticed and get asked I always say yes I am wearing a diaper, why do you ask?
  6. Diapered at drive through

    I did the same thing when I was in my 20's, I used to have an old postal jeep, the type where the doors slid back, I used to drive around with the doors slid back while only wearing a diaper, some times the diaper was wet others times wet and messy. This was done in the less populated area where seeing another car was like one per every 3 hours. Rode my motorcycles in only a diaper but only at night. On or about my 22nd birthday I walked 3 miles from the trailer house I was living on the outskirts of town out into the country, striped off my clothes, tossed them in the ditch and walked back home in only a diaper. I did a lot of silly stupid things in my 20's but I think we all go through that stage in life growing older.
  7. North shore Supreme defects

    The one thing it could possably be is granular of SAP between the plastic backing and the adsorption layer.
  8. how long do you stay in your dirty diaper?

    I had a very interesting youth, a very busy youth, I was a member of a lot of different clubs, hunting, fishing, ATV's, 4 wheeling ( mud running) I was even a member of a motorcycle club for 8 years, rose up through the ranks and became the president of the club, but that's all behind me now and I actually enjoy doing what I do for work. In another 2 years I plan on being semi retired and maybe get back into gardening, I used to have a 1/2 acre garden a few years ago.
  9. Rewarding S/O For Being A Mommy/Daddy

    For the most part yes, when I am in diapers I have little to no control when I wet or mess my diaper, but when I'm not wearing a diaper I can control when I wet or mess enough so I do not have accidents. It was how I diaper trained myself, and it works out great for me, as for when I'm diapered I want no control of wetting or messing my diaper and I don't, but when not in a diaper I have control.
  10. Rewarding S/O For Being A Mommy/Daddy

    Yes, the only time I'm not in a diaper is when I'm in the shower or sleeping. Sleep time is reserved for healing of the skin so no diapers just a pee pad on the bed.
  11. how long do you stay in your dirty diaper?

    That is all I have time for now, I spent my youth building up debt and having a great time, now I have to work to pay for my youth. I still manage to have fun just not on a daily bases
  12. How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    Yes I do, well mostly anyhow. I do make time to be out of my diaper so my skin has a chance to heal and air out. I do not wear diapers in the shower and when I go to bed, this gives me roughly 6 hours a day I am not in a diaper. When I'm diapered I use only my diaper, no toilets allowed as per orders from my wife, it's the agreement we came to when she decided to put me in diapers 24/7. It went down like this after we had a long talk about my diaper desires, my wife said seeing how I enjoy being in diapers so much and I enjoy wetting and messing them and she liked the idea of me being in diapers I was to wear diapers from now on and no more using the toilet. I agreed to this on one condition, she had to toss out all my underwear, she said that's ok as you will not be needing them anymore. So yeah, I'm as close to being in diapers 24/7 as possable and we are both happy with the choice.
  13. have you ever been or would you ever go to an AB/DL camp?

    I would love to go to a ab/dl camp depending on what the main agenda was and what the exspectations where. If it where just a bunch of adults who enjoyed wearing and using diapers or dressing up as a baby gathered to have a week of camping and fun being an adult baby or just running around in a diaper wetting and messing it if that is your thing to do, than yes I would love to partake in a AB/DL camp. However if it's just a way to get together and have sex with total strangers, than no .
  14. 1/2 hour ago while I was walking out to my car, I dropped a nice load into my diaper, sat down in the car and felt it squish out, takes a 1/2 hour drive to get home, now sitting on my bed in my loaded diaper typing this out on my I-pad.
  15. Rewarding S/O For Being A Mommy/Daddy

    Yes, I let my wife do what ever she wants to do, no matter what it is or the cost, and she knows that as long as she keeps me in diapers things will not change, she loves having me in diapers and I love being in diapers.