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  1. Just this morning I drove home in a wet and messy diaper. I stopped in a secluded spot, removed my pants and drove home fully exposed to all who could see through my car door.
  2. Tonight while at work at the guard shack I managed to shit my diapers 3 times. This is after not having to go shit for 32 1/2 hours after the last time I shit my diapers.
  3. I’m sitting in a messy diaper now, only 32 1/2 hours since I last messed my diaper.
  4. Had somewhat similar thing happen, as always when home I am only in a diaper and on this day and time I happened to be quite wet. A knock on the door and a voice saying package delivery, so I got up opened the door a crack to see a large box sitting on my steps, I was expecting a diaper shipment so I knew what was in the box. I open the door a bit more and see the delivery person walking away, so I assume they went back to their truck and was headed down the road to their next stop. I open the door and step out to pick up the box, I only have on a diaper and it’s very easy to tell it’s wet. Next thing I see is the delivery person with another box headed my way and there I am holding the first box in only my wet diaper. I tried to apologize but the driver said not to worry, said she has seen a lot worst than a adult in a diaper, than quipped fresh supply? I just said yep and left it at that. From that day on I make sure to wait until I see the delivery truck pull out of my driveway before opening the door.
  5. No, she does not help with changing a messy diaper, seldom helps change a wet diaper. If she knows I’m only wet she will remove my diaper before sex. Yes we have had sex while I’m still in a messy diaper.
  6. Just finished pooping my diapers(double diapers) even went and sat on the toilet and pretended to poop in it, ha ha, the nasty toilet did not get my poop, I got to keep it and now I get to wear my poopy diapers for as long as I want.
  7. Family gathering , riding my motorcycle , psychiatrist office visit, x-ray room, hospital bed, ice fishing, camping , canoeing, on the job, just about anywhere I happen to be and I need to go poop, I just poop.
  8. I used to fear changing my diapers in public restrooms, be it they where at a gas station or rest stop. I got over that fear soon enough when I realized everyone’s to busy going about their business to be concerned what others are doing. As someone who wears diapers 24/7 for both pleasure and need I just don’t care what others think anymore. I am the one wearing the diaper, and I need to change my diaper, unless your willing to change my diaper go away and let me finish what needs to be done.
  9. My mother reminded me it took a full year and half to fully potty train me when she found out I was wearing diapers again, I just said it took about the same amount of time to re-diaper train myself.
  10. I’m in the process of filling my diaper with poop right now. It all part of my diaper training
  11. Funny thing, years ago I was worried someone would notice and blurt it out to everyone around, yet I would go out of my way to make my diapers as noticeable as possible. Now I just put on my diaper, go about my day and if anyone notices or asks I just say yes I’m wearing diapers, better me than you.
  12. Only while swimming in a diaper has any diaper I’ve worn ever exploded.
  13. Scariest was the warm night I road my motorcycle home from work wearing nothing but my work shoes and wet diaper. Don’t know how I would have explained it if I had gotten pulled over. Funniest would be to a local bar on Halloween, put on 4 large diapers and t-shirt, won first prize for most daring.
  14. I have been in the same wet pissy diaper for 24 hours and have not gotten a UTI. Have sat in a messy diaper for 12 hours and no UTI, I suppose the reason is I am very astute at cleaning up when I change my soiled diapers. I hope your UTI clears up soon and you can get back to enjoying your diapers once again.
  15. That would have to be the time when I was caught in only my diapers. I say diapers because I was wearing 3 Attends brand diapers at the time and all three where completely soaked. This was a result of me swimming in my diapers and making sure each diaper adsorbed as much river water as possible. I had picked out what I thought was a secluded area of a river for my diaper swim only to be caught by a young couple who also knew of area. Needless to say there I was, caught in only my soaked diapers, I believe the couple was just as embarrassed as I was but not so embarrassed as to say not to worry, to each their own she said, and what ever trips your trigger is what he said. I just said I’d be leaving anyhow, they said I did not have to go on account of them, that they came down to the river for a swim also, as I was gathering up my stuff they quickly removed their cloths and headed for the water, naked as a jay bird.