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  1. When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    Just filled my diaper, having my morning coffee, felt the pressure and pushed slightly. So now I have a good load in my nightdiaper. It Feels good
  2. Messing in front on another person with them knowing

    I just filled my overnight diaper while laying on the couch. My wife was sitting next to me, she didn't know I was going poopy in my diaper, although there was a tell tale sound of poop mushing and diaper crincle while I was filling. I use activated charcoal which is decent in reducing smell.
  3. How do you feel about messing?

    Messing in my diaper is just easier a lot of times. Un taping and such is a hassle, so when I can, I just go in my diaper.
  4. Yes, sexlife has been affected by me being in a diaper 24/7. no more sporadic sex when in the mood. I have to go shower and make sure my bladder is emptied so I wont wet on her and such. Although my wife is understanding about my diaper dependency, she clearly said she would not go down on me, by just removing my wet diaper or pull it down for sex, before I have taken a shower, as she did in the past. Diapers are a complete turnoff for her,
  5. Diaper bulge ??

    I do have some diaper bulge due to OAB and having to wear thicker diapers through the day. Though I do try to cover up so it's not too obvious. At home I really don't care as my wife knows and appreciates that I'm responsible and wears a diaper, so it is quite obvious I'm wearing a diaper both by the bulge and that she already knows.
  6. Why i choose now to poop in diapers

    I just recently started pooping in my diaper. I have been diaper dependent for several years now due to OAB. I usually only poops once a day, in the morning. And it's easier just relaxing and fill my diaper and then hit the shower afterwards, instead of having to untape / unpin my diaper and then do it it in the toilet. The feeling of just letting go and feel it spread in my diaper does give me comfort.
  7. Pubic Hair Removal

    I just shave a few times a week. keeps my private parts etc. nice and hairfree.
  8. clothdiapers and plastic / pul pants are the only solution which works for me. I'm a sidesleeper so no disposable (tried them all) can keep my bed dry. When it happens and I crash in only a disposable diaper, I usually wake up with wet clothes. This is also why my wife have requested that I have a pad on my couch to catch any wetness from a leaking diaper. Our bed is also protected by a bedwetter sheet after ruining a couply of matresses....in the early beginning when my bedwetting started and I was trying to figure out a safe solution.
  9. Reducing smell

    I use activated charcoal. No smell when I fill my diaper. So they are pretty effective.....
  10. How do you feel about messing?

    Im in diapers 24/7 anyway. And it does feel good just letting go and fillling my diaper. I don't mush it, but just carries on with what ever I'm doing. And then afterwards clean up.
  11. Anybody Wear Plastic Pants With Disposables?

    Yes plastic pants are great in helping reducing odor from the wet diaper, if you have to be in the same for extended hours. used with a thin flannel pull up, you have a very safe leak proof combination as well. Many times when I have come home and change into a dry diaper I see my flannel pull up has cought leaks from my disposable but my pants are dry still.
  12. Wetting until your diaper sags

    Occasionly I do enjoy being in the same diaper until it nearly drops off due to sheer weight from being so soaked. Especially when I'm testing a new high capacity diaper at home in a safe environment I do it simply to gauge how it might work out when in a situation where changes are next to impossible, but then it's for testing not as much for enjoyment.
  13. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    In the beginning when my incontinence began, I got several rashes because my skin wasn't used to be exposed to urine. Now my skin has become accustomed and I seldom get a rash. But I also wear premium diapers which wicks moisture away from the skin. If I use thinner products I still get the itching and feeling of a rash due to the diaper not being able to wick efficiently.
  14. Best overnight diaper

    I usually always leak when sleeping in a disposable diaper. Which is why I have gone to cloth diapers. I'm a sidesleeper and toss and roll around during the night. My wife never complains about my side of the bed being wet, she know's I'm doing what I can to prevent diaper leaks etc. But sometimes even the best diaper leaks, that includes cloth diapers. However after changing to clothdiapers as night diapers, leaks and wet sheets have decreased substantially. She says, if my bed is wet I should just let her know and she'll wash. We have a bedwetter blanket on our bed as well.
  15. Wetting Till You Are Soaked

    I use my diaper to it's capacity. No need to change only after a few wettings. Diapers do cost money and I need them. And I have learned to enjoy a wet diaper.