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  1. Moderate out of need, but eventually found it easier just using my diaper when nature calls, so self induced severe Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  2. Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    Prefer dry, but usually I'm already wet when going to bed, after changing into my night diaper, yet, almost always soaking wet in the morning Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  3. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    Over active bladder which graduated to urge incontinence Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  4. preference on thickness

    I prefer thick high capacity diapers because then I do t have to change so frequently, and it's cheaper in the end Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  5. How Many People Have U Told?

    Only told a couple of friends we where going on vacation with where we were living in the same house, so I had to, instead of them finding out and coming to the wrong conclusions. Besides that obviously my wife and son knows as well as my doctor. Funny thing about my doctor each time I see him, regardless of why I get the question, do you still pee in your pants, to which I respond yes, and no, I pee in my diaper. We then get moving to the area for which I'm consulting him for Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  6. What do you wear most often?

    For work ID slip super with cloth stuffers, a single flannel pull up and gary active wear pants on too, that combo usually gets me through a whole day. When I know I'll have longer days, it's a Reartz inspire incontrol or foresite AM-PM Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  7. How Old Are We ?

    44 years old, wife 41 Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  8. Diapers At Work

    Im in diapers 24/7 for medical reasons, meaning I also wear at my workplace. Although I have to wear rather thick and high capacity diapers, I still Keep track on my fluid intake, and only a few times have I noticed that I ended up with quite a bulge both in the front and back. One particular time this girl stared at my crotch area, and I quickly went to the bathroom only to notice that yes, my diaper had swelled quite a lot in the front giving me quite a large bulge, meaning betterdry diapers indeed aren't discreet. Although I love them for their capacity, they do carry a too high risk of being called out. However no one knows about me being in diapers and I intend to keep it that way, especially after an episode recently where I overheard two colleagues discussing something they have seen about adults in diapers acting like babies. Given their expressions about it I saw no reason coming out anytime about my need for having to wear diapers. Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  9. iD Slip

    I find them to be an excellent diaper, with a diaperbooster in, they last me a whole workday. Cheap too..... Although I'm incontinent I pay for my diapers myself. So if you are on a budget, these diapers will do Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  10. Who woke up wet this morning?

    Soaked as usual this morning Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  11. Did you grew up a bedwetter

    Had spouts of bedwetting until 7, but was out of diapers at 4. So occasionally wet beds. Then it stopped, only to come back in my late thirties. Now I wet in bed every night, but wear cloth diapers and waterproof pants....my wife bought me my first diapers when it all started Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  12. Sleeping through

    Yes and no. Sometimes I wake slightly when I start to pee, but drifts back to sleep during. Other times not, I'm just wet in the morning with no memory of going in my diaper Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  13. I am a happy bedwetter

    It took me a while to accept my bedwetting, but now I'm ok with being a bedwetter.....as others have said waking up in a warm wet diaper isn't the worst thing that can happen. I'm well rested since I've slept through the night without waking up.....sometimes when my wife complains if she had to get up during the night to goo to the toilet to pee, I just smile and nod at her complaining about it. Maybe stick a hand down in my plastic pants just to feel how much I have been wetting during the night without the need to get up.......usually quite some. Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  14. How do you feel when you wake up wet?

    Dont mind anymore, it's like it's expected that I'm wet when waking up. As a matter of fact, now I prefer being wet instead of waking with a bursting bladder, like I did years ago....so sort of happy and content in my wet and warm diapers... Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  15. do you hide your wetting at home

    Obviously my wife and son knows, also when it's just the three of us at home, nothing is hidden. Cloth diapers at full display in our extra room, plastic pants and washed diapers hanging to dry outside. Even our neighbors can see the evidence of me being a bedwetter. Disposable diapers at display in our bedroom, a pad on my couch (we have two) in the living room, to deal with diaper leaks if I'm taking a nap...wearing disposable diaper only. Occasionally diaper leaks showing, doesn't always knows just how wet my diaper is due to dribbling, and when an urge comes my bladder just empties......so sometimes my diaper is more soaked than I know off before it gushes out in my diaper. Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk