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  1. NotTheAverageMan

    startbedwetting.com Any one used this before?

    I tend to belive it's a scam, to have you pay for a service which is questionable. With determination and training you can achieve the same results, and then spend your hard earned money on diapers instead.
  2. NotTheAverageMan


    I have few pair of legged underwear I put over my diaper and then a onesie to support and prevent too much diapersag it usually helps in preventing chafing from bulky diapers. I’ve just ordered two rackety popper West’s with short legs. Looking forward to try them out and see how well they perform Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NotTheAverageMan

    what is a good daytime diaper?

    ID slip super is my daytime diaper. Starts thin but swell when wet. I can usually go through a whole workday in a diaper together with a thin cloth diaper booster. Molicare slip super always leak out the back on me. I never flood my diaper, since my bladder capacity has decreased greatly because of OAB and urge incontinence, so I leak urine very frequently. Sendt fra min BTV-W09 med Tapatalk
  4. NotTheAverageMan

    What do you Wear?

    I wear cloth diapers at night together with either plastic pants or pul pants, have a rotation of 4 pants I use. On rare occasions I do use a disposable for nighttime, but always with a terry pull on on top and waterproof pants. The disposable and cloth pull up, is only if I'm only slightly wet when nearing nighttime, and don't want to waste the diaper (plus is saves volume in the bi-weekly washing routine of my cloth diapers). Mornings are the same, comfortable soaking wet and warm.
  5. NotTheAverageMan

    Wearing Diapers At Work Dilemma

    sorry to say, it sounds more as a fetish to me. If you worry about coworkers finding out, it will be even harder to explain pink sissy diapers than plain white medical diapers. Keep you fetish when at home where you have the liberty, and save yourself the embarrassment of having to tell why you prefer pink diapers. Such diapers will be seen as a pure fetish. I'm incontinent myself and wear diapers 24/7, however I have never had to reveal that to anyone because I learn't how to both wear an appropriate diaper which suited my needs yet still discreet enough for not to be called out. So being in diapers even at work can be done, just not in overly thick diapers. The diaper I wear during the day is a pure medical one with a booster in it. That lasts me a whole day e.g. 8-9 hour. I change when I return home. And to this day (I have been in diapers now for more than 5 years) has anyone ever said anything nor noticed anything, yes I have had a few stares at my crotch area, because no matter how discreet you dress there is a diaper bulge, the key is it being not too evident. If you wear diapers aka the white ones, the explanation which will be required if your diapers are exposed, will be a lot easier to deal with. Whereas a pink or any AB looking diaper will be a lot harder and you will be labeled as a freak. And such a label at work will not be in your interest.
  6. NotTheAverageMan

    Sleeping While Messy

    I just did it, woke up during the night, with a feeling of having to poop, and I just pushed and filled my diaper, and drifted back to sleep. With a nice feeling from my full diaper I use activated charcoal so smell is of no concern. Like the feeling of being in a messy diaper. When I finally got up my tummy was rumbling and before I knew it, I really was fillingbup my diaper once more, only this time it was massive. What a feeling....
  7. NotTheAverageMan

    Do any of you mess in cloth diapers??

    I mess in my diaper regardless of it is a disposable diaper or a clothdiaper. My morning poop usually is in my night time cloth diaper. Rinse it in the shower so not too much of a hassle.
  8. NotTheAverageMan

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Just arrived home from work, wearing a Seni Quatro, it was completely soaked when I arrived home. It was a bliss to change into a noce and dry prefold with two boosters and a pair of plastic pants. A bit bulky but I'll be safe for many hours. I just feel more secure in clothdiapers and plastic pants now.
  9. NotTheAverageMan

    Messing in front on another person with them knowing

    https://www.biovea.net/dk/product_detail.aspx?PID=12162&deptid=0&cid=0&OS=204&NAME=ACTIVATED-CHARCOAL-High-Adsorbency-100-Capsules This is the exact one I take on a dayli basis
  10. NotTheAverageMan

    When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    Just filled my diaper, having my morning coffee, felt the pressure and pushed slightly. So now I have a good load in my nightdiaper. It Feels good
  11. NotTheAverageMan

    Messing in front on another person with them knowing

    I just filled my overnight diaper while laying on the couch. My wife was sitting next to me, she didn't know I was going poopy in my diaper, although there was a tell tale sound of poop mushing and diaper crincle while I was filling. I use activated charcoal which is decent in reducing smell.
  12. NotTheAverageMan

    How do you feel about messing?

    Messing in my diaper is just easier a lot of times. Un taping and such is a hassle, so when I can, I just go in my diaper.
  13. Yes, sexlife has been affected by me being in a diaper 24/7. no more sporadic sex when in the mood. I have to go shower and make sure my bladder is emptied so I wont wet on her and such. Although my wife is understanding about my diaper dependency, she clearly said she would not go down on me, by just removing my wet diaper or pull it down for sex, before I have taken a shower, as she did in the past. Diapers are a complete turnoff for her,
  14. NotTheAverageMan

    Diaper bulge ??

    I do have some diaper bulge due to OAB and having to wear thicker diapers through the day. Though I do try to cover up so it's not too obvious. At home I really don't care as my wife knows and appreciates that I'm responsible and wears a diaper, so it is quite obvious I'm wearing a diaper both by the bulge and that she already knows.
  15. NotTheAverageMan

    Why i choose now to poop in diapers

    I just recently started pooping in my diaper. I have been diaper dependent for several years now due to OAB. I usually only poops once a day, in the morning. And it's easier just relaxing and fill my diaper and then hit the shower afterwards, instead of having to untape / unpin my diaper and then do it it in the toilet. The feeling of just letting go and feel it spread in my diaper does give me comfort.