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  1. Are you on the standard version of Metformin or the time release version? If on more than 500 MGC per pill more than twice a day, on the standard version, you might want to try spacing your dosages better.... Best wishes working out your issues....
  2. @ValentinesStuff: I see you list AB vs incontinence, so maybe you overall don't care as much... But most of us would tell the doctor to cut that medication, lower the dosage, or .... If this is metformin, I've found things very in how soft / hard the stool is.... I was good at a lower dose. The current does is three pills, originally prescribe with two in the evening (at one time). I'm now spreading the time between those evening pills and having less issues.
  3. I believe I've I the thicker vinyl from both VIP, and then from Comco after VIP shut down.
  4. The old VIP vinyl pants were thicker than 4 mil.... I thought at least 7 and probably thicker.
  5. @BrownBobby: First, before I get to my point, I need to admit this area of the board is NOT for me.... Given that, and given the issue you have faced with deletions in the past, have you consider posting something in your account's available (but currently unused by you) "about me" section? If things keep being deleted, this could give you a space to say what you need to that I would expect wouldn't be deleted, and then you could refer to that info rather than repeat it else where. Just a thought. I admit I don't have any real good idea of what you or some others go through mentally. I have enough "fun" mentally with medical issues that have resulted in incontinence and the "big boy" in me wants to shout "NOoooooooo!". I'm sure your issues take the mental health issues to another level.
  6. The "small" 4 layer purity diapers from https://www.adultclothdiaper.com/Adult-Flat-Diapers-Gauze-Purity. I use at least two at a time. And more in one shot for the night.
  7. @~Brian~ On # 1, I'm not sure. If there is a difference between the two, I would expect the key numbers to be different and either get a not found or the a download of a key that won't work from the wrong site. Usually i find a way to download the key from the command line and then go from there to install it. I thought the keynumber was a hash for the key, so I would expect a not found or download a good key if the key is found on that server. On # 2, I'm starting to deal with that.... I believe it is still working (for now), but there is a new way to handle the keys used by apt-get. Since I've only done this on a work computer, I'd have to google to help you here.... But basically the keys can now go in their own file (in a directory under /etc/apt/ , I forget if there is currently a convention for the directory name), and then define an entry in the appropriate sources.list file that contains a pointer to the key to be used. Again, I'd have to goggle to come up with the correct syntax. Basically you add [ <meaningful text> ] in front of the deb line in the sources.list file (possibly in a file under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory). Best wishes.
  8. @deewet You sound a bit like me in playing the watch and wait game..... I assume you have both the PSA and the free PSA numbers..... I've had one minimally evasive procedure (Rezume) which destroys part of the prostrate, that traps the Uretha, but basially leaves the rest in place. My Urologist has made comments that my higher than "normal" PSA numbers (combined with the free PSA reading) are supported by the size of my prostrate. I'm fortunate to not have a history of cancer, but do have history of growing things (non-cancerous).... So, early on set BPH..... Have you had a needle biopsy done? Are the numbers supporting removal of the prostate? Or (considering your age) are your risks such that you will likely die from other causes before prostate cancer actually could take you out? I'm younger than you so I need to keep monitoring numbers.... As long as no major changes, I should be good.... sort of.... Best wishes.....
  9. I've tried both snappies and Boingo. I find they tend to tear into the type of diaper I use where pins properly work without tearing... till the cloth gets more worn out. Something to watch out for, and probably varies with the type of cloth diaper you are using.
  10. I read this site with NoScript loaded and blocking most add on scripts. The original link paywall doesn't hit in the initial load of the page, so I *think* I see the whole article... Agree that the article claims they have been turned down at the state level for the business license, and don't have things back from more local government entities. Now that second link you gave is blocked on initial page load with NoScript blocking scripts.... And I don't care to prune through the list to see what is needed to allow me to see what you are referencing there.
  11. @diapijay I will be interested in hearing how the washer / dryer works out in your RV, especially with cloth diapers. Several years ago, I went on an extended camp out vacation with family, on a long road trip, needing cloth diapers at night (for bed-wetting), and also wore some during the day (in case of a nap). Washing the diapers at various campgrounds along the way worked out fine. However this spawned my most active conversation concerning my diapers. My sibling and I were handling the wash, which had finished drying. I was folding my cloth diapers and another camper showed up to do their laundry. That person asked if they were towels. I made a comment about they probably could be good towels. At that point I believe the other person realized what I was folding.... And that ended the conversation... I'll be retiring in about 2 years and am considering getting an RV and traveling some after retirement. I saw an RV that listed a washer / dryer in the class B van and hadn't thought about it till then. In my opinion, I think it would be a bit much to have such in a class B van, but I now see it is possible. If I did that, I'd probably only run it when I was hooked up in a campground to water, sewer and electricity, and since such sites have typically including a laundry facility, I'm unlikely to include a (small) washer / dryer in the RV. However, I could see where it might be useful if I had issues with # 2 while wearing cloth. Due to early onset BPH, I now have day time issues along with my nighttime issues, so some level of protection is needed. While I mainly use cloth diapers, I have found the high capacity disposables that are now on the market (curtsy of the ABDL community), there is now a disposable that can handle my night time output, and is more convenient when traveling. So, I am interested in how things go for you with cloth diapers and the RV washer / dryer. Also, what type of RV are you using? Class A, B or C, or ?
  12. At this point, I always remove my bottle of (talc baby) powder and leave it by itself in the bucket when going through (US) airport security. I think the last several times I've flown they have always run the explosives test on the container, and then let it pass..... So if you do bring it, just leave it where they don't have to dig through your carry on bag at the security check. A full bottle (new) is almost guarantee to trigger checks after x-ray. A partial bottle might slip through OK. OK, you can't get talc powder in the US anymore, and I haven't tested corn starch yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if it shows similar on the x-ray machine. The real "fun" one with that explosive machine is some sun tan lotions.....
  13. Ok, from the link (dividing 2π by 2): 3;8,29,44,0,47,25,53,7,25 Hopefully I did that right.... Yes, I also some what chuckled at reading the π reference.....
  14. You would need to convert from base 10 to base 60.... <grin> Since this is a ratio (circumference to diameter of a circle), it would exist (or 1/π maybe, but I think unlikely). The fractional part would look different.... Since you claim base 60 for the default for your diaper dimension universe. Not sure I want to attempt the base 60 calculation.... <smile>
  15. @mirrored: Good to hear you are doing OK. I'm glad you took time to take care of the mental issues in October you needed to deal with. Part of dealing with incontinence issues is mental and anything else that adds to issue in that area... well... I'm glad you did what you needed to and now are feeling significantly better. Even before having incontinence issues, I could get strong urges from sudden temperature changes, such as in winter, getting out of the car (after parking outside the house - no garage) and walking to the front door.... So, (colder) temperatures do have an issue in this area. And this year, I found my day time issues got worse when the weather got colder this year..... Learning that most people won't even notice (assuming you are not deliberately exposing yourself) lets you get on with life wearing the protection you need -- with confidence. As to your skin issues, I'm not sure how much help I can be. I am usually using cloth (not disposable) diapers, and I am (very) comfortable in them (including more comfortable than I should be when wet). I'm fortunate that I still mostly use the toilet during the day, so I mostly stay dry during the day. (Overnight is another issue, and I'll be at least some level of soaked by morning.) I will admit to using available baby powder while putting on diapers when I'm closer to irritation issues. It does take getting use to applying while partially in the new diaper to keep things contained (and then finishing sealing the diaper on to your self). As to family, I told my siblings and my parents about my night time issues years ago, so they know (and when visiting they could decide in advance what they wanted to do to protect their bed I would be using when visiting). Haven't had an issue there.... But I realize not all families would be as understanding. Maybe both mom and dad's issues (at older ages), and one sibling's issues helped in this area. So don't let visiting with relatives over the Christmas break stop you from handling the things the way you need to... Yes, you might need to have short discussions at times if the issue is brought up, but don't let it stop you.... However, I agree that you need to decide how you want to handle things and what your response will be if a question comes up. Take care.....
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