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  1. I'm from a region where the original wasn't aired so i don't know the old cartoon but i'm really really into the new one. It's so so co co crazily cute and entertaining and brings out my little side easily xD And my Favorites are Lulu and Yikes
  2. If you use AB/DL products on a daily basis, then you are definitely used to the smell and can't feel it. How can you tell if your home smells like a nursery? I use diapers and baby lotions and oil every night and sometimes on the weekends and I just can't feel the smell anymore. I'm used to it and I just can't tell how my home smells. How can I know?
  3. I would like to have a cute velcro shoe with cute patterns. but I can't find anything like that.
  4. There is a foreign forum which is similar to Yahoo answers. This is not an English forum. ( so, if you are a grammar nazi please leave now! 'cause it's not my first language) I asked a normal question about breeding. I want to become a cat breeder and I already have 2 Bengal kittens. They are healthy they have a pedigree and got all of their vaccinations. They also have passports.... just to say... So, my problem is that I just got my female kitten a few days ago and they don't get along at all. My male kitten attacks her and she is so scared. My question was about this and what I can do about it. I also stated that I love my kittens. I don't keep them in cages and they are members of the family. My answers were that I am some kind of evil. I am a multiplier, not a breeder. They are sure my cats don't have their pedigree nor their vaccinations or anything else. I didn't get any answers for my question but some kind of heat speech. This mentality is very common on this forum. Any question where someone needs help gets these kinds of answers. The admins are the same if someone asks something which is not against the rules of the forum but a lot of people don't like to talk about it or just hate it ( like questions about homosexuality or child abuse) will be removed and the user banned. This is a Hungarian site with the same purpose of 'YA' (Theoretically). There were cases where Children asked for help because they were beaten by their parents and they didn't know which organization they should go to. These questions usually get answers like: They deserved it probably and should accept it cause when they (the answerer) were young it was normal and they are still alive.... of course these answers come from pure evil and If the "questioner" tries to save him/herself the question will be removed soon. Hungary is a member of the Europan Union and any form of child abuse is banned here... theoretically... So, what do you think about it? This is the only forum in my region which is similar to yahoo answers. Should I leave them and try to get help on international forums? I know there are heaters here too but the number of them is way below. For example, I got a total answer of 7 for that question without any helping purpose. These answers were pure heat speech against me and the admins don't do a thing.
  5. woooow I would like to try that xD would be fun. you really have those guts dude! I'm your opposite btw. I'm very much a little and an age-player but sometimes I am also in DL mode. hafta admit it feels good anyway. I would like to go out to a playground in a cute overall ( with or without diapers on it doesn't matter) and play. I like playgrounds but I'm just too scared to do it. you should give me some of your guts ;) Maybe when its night time I can go but alone it's still not that much fun.
  6. So, I could try these diapers and they are very uncomfortable. They are cute and everything else but the plastic irritates my skin. I have very sensitive skin and the plastic backing doesn't feel good on it. I guess these diapers are not designed for everyday usage but for fun. I think I will get some thinner diapers like abri form M1 or M2 for daytime usage. they are thin enough and still has the soft and comfortable breathable outer. I won't use them all the time just when I have to. At home, of course, I'm diapered and I use them but I don't really want to become diaper dependent all the time. I thought about it and found out that even if I wanted I could not stop wearing to bed cause I'm so used to them by now. They are so soft and comfy and I just can't get up in the night anymore...
  7. except wearing diapers under your clothes
  8. Thank you for the help Yes, I'm a diaper lover but I label myself as a Little cause it's just the diapers which are slightly sexual for me. Being a little and doing childish things like wearing a cute t-shirt with my favorite anime or cartoon characters is not a kink for me. Abena is a good diaper but it can leak when I drink lots of water. this diaper brand is very comfortable and I like it so much but I have some problems with the sizing. The front of the diaper is too long for me and I have to fold it back or cut it off. But it's not a big problem. anyways thank you for your long and helping answer
  9. First of all, I want to tell you that I wear diapers every night. I can wake up and go to the bathroom ( or at least I used to be able :D) but I have to go at least 6 times a night and now I'm used to wearing it and I can sleep over the night happily. (happily, if I don't leak :D) I would change from Abri-Form (Abena) X-Plus. It would cost a little more but not too much. Now I pay about £60 for 2 months and it contains 72 diapers. With everything else including the shipping price. The Cuddlz would cost me £100 for 80 diapers. It's a very good price I guess. these are just my night time diapers. I wear sometimes for the day when I feel like. ( actually I "should" wear them when I go out 'cause it's hard for me to hold back. My bladder capacity is small. I don't have accidents -Ok I just had one a few weeks ago LOL :D- but it can be very painfull. Every time I feel this I promise myself that I will wear a diaper for the day next time then I change my mind somehow... Convince me to wear if you can ;)! My problem is what if someone finds out and I like to dress in stretchy clothes. ) So my main question is: Should I change? Or it's better to just order a pack of 10 and see how they work? I'm actually used to breathable outers. I don't know how the plastic would feel like.
  10. oh, I see. I feel similar. the only difference is that I just can't understand these people. This is why I am here and why I am the one who I am right now If I gave up this lifestyle I would give up a very important part of being me. No, I even go further, in this case, I would deny who I am and why I am the one I am. sorry, I'm not native I tried so so hard to share my thoughts on this. xD
  11. I'm not planning on giving up my lifestyle this is really who I am and it makes me feel super secure and happy but I wonder if anyone wants to change... is there a chance to change? I'm just curious
  12. its gr*ss for me sorry i don't want to insult anyone. I just really don't like it.
  13. have you ever thought about it? I think for me it's about feeling helpless, having someone to take care of me ( this is something I don't really have) and just let out my real self. I'm a little not just an age player and I am very childish even when I don't ageplay. whats it for you?
  14. I just turned 29 and i feel very old. I have never been to an AB/DL party and i think im too old to start. I have always had an insterest in diapers and infantilism but i was always afraid to share the furn with others. i have never told anyone about it. This year i realised how lonely i am and i feel like something is missing from my life. and its not about my sexual desires but about something deeper. I am a man. I look like one and act like one but inside i feel more like a small child who is really lonely. Im tierd of playing alone. I want to get to know other littles and play with them. I really want to try it but i feel im very old now. i have just turned 29 yesterday and it's less than a year until my 30th birthday!!! that is a big number. I see littles on tumbler and they are always way younger than me and im afraid it is too late for me to make little friends and go to ab/dl parties. I dont want to be the old guy who noone wants to play with. I look younger than my actual age though. What should i do? Should i give up? Am i too old? This is why never tried to meet others: I feel im ugly and i have always felt it. i don't have a perfect body i think my legs arent nice i think my skin is ugly ( actually i have dry skin) i think i dont look cute in diapers... i have self-esteem problems.
  15. i know its important for some SM games.... and Spanking of course but is it necessary to have a safe word for Adult Baby play? I mean, what can happen that is dangerous? I think AB play is totally harmless.