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  1. Oh good for you I had a very bad childhood. I always felt I missed something. Thanks to my parents my relationship with my two sisters was about rivalry. They also wanted us to grow up as fast as just we can cause the more grown up is the better.... and the better one wins... so, I just feel I missed something and I still miss it. I really want to know how it feels being loved for who I am.
  2. for me its about being cared for and feeling safe. doing child related activities. that is what sounds nice for my little soul if someone put me to bed tucked me in and read me a bedtime story and treated me like a child would be just enough. I'm really starving for this treatment.
  3. I have been just wondering cause I got a cold and now I'm in total little mode. I don't know why but when I'm
  4. I carry a cute little plush that fits into my pocket or wear a cute pin or I just wear a cute t-shirt. It makes me feel little and secured even in the adult world. do you have anything with you when you are in the big world?
  5. if you have already been to an AB/DL camp would you tell me your story about your stay? how was it? One of my biggest dreams is to go to an AB/DL camp. I would like to go to tomecat but Canada is on the other side of the world. maybe next year cause now I'm busy with my house what I recently bought. it eats up all of my money.
  6. If I could find a good I mean a REALLY good English teacher who could teach me to speak English better I would definitely go to her/him. I like this language. It may sound strange but I think English is softer and sounds better than my own mother-tongue. The Hungarian language is a very hard and aggressive language in my opinion. I reached a level where I just cannot learn it anymore from movies and songs. I know I can still learn a lot of words and develop my vocabulary cause I still struggle with a lot of words but if I want to speak a correct English I really need a teacher. the only problem in this region there are no good English teachers... they can make you succeed in passing an exam but they do not teach you the real thing. I mean 'every day's speaking'. this is why a lot of Hungarian students can't speak a word when they go abroad even if they have succeeded in passing an high-level English exam. They know the grammar as hell but they don't know how to react or express themselves. sometimes they even do not recognize the words and phrases what others say to him/her. So, at the moment I'm in searching for an English teacher in my region It would be really good if he/she was at least half native
  7. I was a happy little child before I went to school and it was a suffering when I had to go to. I actually went to school for 6 years cause I could not cooperate and was kicked off of 10 schools during my 6 years. then I became a private student. officially I left school when I was 16 years old and went back and finished it within a year when I was 22. But, I feel it still stole a big part of my childhood and filled the empty space that had been left behind with sore and sad feelings. there were a lot of bullies. It didn't come from the students but the teacher. teachers encouraged students to bully other students who were different or didn't cooperate the teacher. I was a really active kid I could not sit still for hours and I got a lot of shooting from my teachers and bad marks for my healthy behavior. once I got enough and I started shooting back and this was the point when I started getting kicked off of a lot of schools. Only time when I was happy was summer times. My parents, especially my father looked down on me and made my life hell... He didn't hit me or anything like that he just kept bullying me verbally. he even laughed at me and picked on me for still playing with toys and watching cartoons at the age of 13. I stopped these activities for years and when I was about 20 I started doing it again. this is how i became an Adult Child. Its not a fetish for me. it has nothing to do with sexuality. I just trying to get something back what was once stolen from me. I know it's impossible but i'm still constantly trying. this why I get mad when someone wants to sexualize my little side, cause as i mentioned it has nothing to do with sex. Wearing diapers were a little sexual for me at first when I was 4. It was a good feeling between my legs and I liked it cause the diaper patterns were so cute. these were my favorite underwears. I used to steal them from my sisters. but enough of this i talked too much about myself, my main question is that: do you feel that school stole your childhood? or a big part of your childhood? If so, would you like to share your story and feelings about it with me? Sorry for my English I'm from Hungary and I didn't learn English at school.
  8. Mine doesn't smell that bad. i do not know why. maybe because i don't eat dairy and other unhealthy foods. it still smells a little but when i change the smell goes away quickly.
  9. have you ever slept with another little? if yes, how was it? how did it feel? were you happy? did both of you wear diapers ? was it a boy or girl? are you straight or gay? I prefer boys but I would sleep with an ABDL girl too. I'm a homoromantic asexual.
  10. Thank you for the help I have some interest in BDSM. I am asexual. Im not attracted to men or women sexually but i have a spanking fetish and i like the thought of being spanked.
  11. thank you for the advice. I didn't wen to collage. I finished high school but thanks to our new mafia-like government they made it almost impassible to go to collage. Even if you pay it from your own pocket you must have an exelent graduation from high school and they want to make it more stricter now.... mine is not excellent. not bad but not excellent... few years ago if you had the money you could go to collage. I understand that if you want studentship you have to be excellent. But if you are an avarege guy you have very little chances to go to collage.... I really wanted to go btw. https://bbj.hu/economy/hungarys-corruption-index-ranking-worsens_127800
  12. I have autism spectrum disorder F84.5 and my emotional and social age is about 8. I enjoy a lot of things that children do today. My main interests are cartoons, toys, video games and LEGO. My problem is that i don't have a playmate and i miss going to summer camps with my friends. I don't know what to do. I am old. I'm 28 and i don't have too much friends of my age. i only have a few but they do not share my interests. (actually they keep telling i am sick even though they know about my condition) I went to a terapist and she wanted to give me drugs. SSRI. But it didn't work at all. i took it for a year and I just gained a lot of weight which im loosing at the moment. Im thinking of going to an AB/DL camp but i'm afraid that there will be only perverted people. It's not a fetish for me it's my nature. When i act childish i do not even notice it. I just do it naturally. I miss going to playgrounds and play hide and seek etc. I miss going to adventure trips. I have a great fantasy.... ok maybe not that great but i have a fantasy of a 8 years old... What should i do? as time passes by from years to years and summer comes and i see children playing together i feel it would be better to end my life. I watch a lot of TV. my favorite shows are cartoons and comedy series for kids. When i see them i feel a huge emptiness inside and im sad cause it reminds me of how old i am. I do not like to be alone. I dont like what other people of my age like. I don't like drinking or cigaretts. I don't like to go to parties. i don't have the urge to have sex i'm asexual. I hate horro movies and movies for adults. Almost every movie is about sex... The main topic is sex and the comedy is about sex... i do not like that and a lot of times i even do not understand these kind of jokes. What can i do? I'm not sure if it was OK to write about this on this forum. Maybe i should have asked this question on yahoo answers. I asked it on a hungarian site ( thats my first language) but didn't get normal answers. Those people told me i should go to hell and kill myself and the mods deleted my question after about 4 pages of hate speech... (BTW my terapist didn't accept my diagnosis what i got from specialists who were graduated in the States... She says she only sees some autistic sign on me but i do not have autism spectrum disorder which i have. There were 3 specialists who diagnostised me and i have a "official" diagnosis)