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  1. I've wor I've worn 24/7 for most of the last 25 years and can honestly say that I have never regretted a moment. And that counts all the embarrassing leaks in very public places. And the times I had to hand wash cloth diapers.
  2. I suppose one could say I do, since if I didn't wear a diaper, I'd probably be so nervous about wetting I'd never allow myself to fall into a deep sleep.
  3. I woke up soaked, absolutely soaked. The stupid aides at this nursing home (where I'm recovering from the second of two injuries in six months) forgot to put a Chux under me. I was so tired I was practically unconscious, so I never remembered wetting. I'll say this--I have had to learn to trust disposables, since I'm not allowed to wear my cloth ones.
  4. Yes, and if she's paralyzed, wouldn't she have a catheter? Or does she have some other condition, like cerebral palsy, where she has some control?
  5. I am a cartoonist, so I draw, obviously. I also write TG fiction and compose ragtime on the computer. (I've loved ragtime since I was 12.) Not a record collector myself, but I do have an interest in early recordings of all kinds (but especially ragtime). I also like early "talkie" films like the Vitaphone shorts or the DeForest Phonofilms.
  6. I use disposables most of the time out of necessity, but greatly prefer cloth. The only thing preventing me from using them full time is the laundry issue--my building has just one small washer and dryer for six people. Should a reasonably-priced diaper service come along that catered to adults, however, I'd drop disposables in a minute.
  7. A pride event should, I think, educate people. In the case of ABDL people, however, I don't think it's necessarily the best way to accomplish that. The message we send out may not be what we intend.
  8. I have little reason to hide anything, since the only people who come into my home are my home-health CNAs.
  9. Count me among those who don't quite fit. I do love diapers, which would firmly put me into the DL category--and that's how I first defined myself. There is, however, a part of me that ventures into Adult Little Girl territory--without role-playing or adopting any sort of persona. I just like having and playing with the toys I was denied when I was younger, particularly dolls. I also, to my surprise, found I like pacifiers, again without adopting a particular age or persona. They simply satisfy an emotional urge, though if you were to ask, "why pacifiers and not some other baby item like bottles or baby clothes?" I really wouldn't know what to say. So am I an AB, a DL, or an Adult Little Girl? Whatever I may be, the poll is a bit too constricting for someone like me.
  10. I started having problems with daytime control in 1991 (due to both my cerebral palsy and medications I was taking). I started having problems with nighttime control 5 years ago.
  11. I didn't wear diapers in high school. I went to high school in the '70s, when there weren't many kinds of adult diapers available. (In fact, I know of none outside of what Sears offered). Squeezing into Pampers or other baby diapers wouldn't have been an option either--I was skinny, but not that much.
  12. I have an overactive bladder, which came on rather suddenly, so I did seek help if only to find out why it happened. The doctors couldn't find any significant physical problems (bladder cancer, diabetes, etc.), but did suggest medication--which I of course refused. It would be nice to wet the bed every night as opposed to once or twice a week, but I'm okay with things the way they are.
  13. I have mixed feelings about my childhood. The happiest time in my life was probably the period before I started school; after that, I was often bullied by other kids (and a few teachers as well.) I pretty much equated being a child with being powerless, and couldn't wait to be older. That may well explain why I imagine myself as a toddler when regressing--I was in my own private little world then, with few intrusions from the outside world.
  14. Ironically, I just purchased a pacifier identical to the ones pictured. Same color, even. I like coming here simply because this is the one place in this vast entity called the internet in which I can comfortably discuss being ABDL. (The sole exception being Toddy's podcast--and even that has somewhat of a connection to here). I haven't felt this secure discussing this aspect of myself since the days of the old AOL "diapers" chatroom--the period between then and my discovering this forum was a period of self-loathing and fear. I come here because this place is relatively troll-free. I'm more likely to receive support than an insult. It's a place to vent when I read yet another biased article elsewhere, or hear another shrill YouTube rant condemning us. Most importantly, I come here because there are people here I consider my friends.
  15. I woke up dry. But boy, was I soaked yesterday morning! I was really lucky to have my best plastic pants on.