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  1. I went to bed with a bit wet diaper and woke up with a fully soaked diaper,my bed pad was soaked and the front of my t-shirt was wet helf way up. I wet the bed for the first time in many years. : ) .
  2. So true,I love my diapers and want to wear as much as possible,I have ,excepted it.are you happy that you choose 24/7?
  3. It looks I will be using about for diapers a day,like I said above,I did not wear to work a few times this week but otherwise l have been wearing all the time, I am going to try to make my self to keep trying to wear to work to,eney advice from others who went 24/7 ?
  4. Wow! I did not think,this topic would focus on the cost, but eney how,I kinda dropped the ball,I have not wore to work the last few days,to those who have been 24/7 are you glad you choose to?
  5. I am starting to realy, like this,I think this is ment to be.
  6. I wore all night,and wore to work today a 12hr. Shift , i wore a always pull up to work it worked good,just got home changed into a attend waist band style.
  7. Cool, i am going to start to.
  8. I have been wanting to go 24/7 for a long time for some reason,so i think i am going to try to starting this month,eney advice from people who went 24/7 by choice? The title was sopost to say 24/7 haha.
  9. Happy New years!
  10. I am diapering up and drinking beer.
  11. I think I am in the same boat,haha, I love my diapers and im more into them then real sex. I don't think I could give them up,I would rather be in diapers .
  12. Wow ! for the second time this week I pooped my diaper ,wow! way to use the diaper baby bee,
  13. I wear most every night,but I am trying to wear more during the day and trying to mess more.
  14. I did Monday right before I got in to shower,I felt the need to poop so I did and jumped right in the shower .but I felt like good baby for going in my diaper,haha.
  15. I wore to work for the first time last sunday, it was cool, I work in a whare house, I use to work construction and I could not but Sunday I had some depends that I thought would work for work,so I tried them and , I peed about 2 times it was cool so to night I bought some more ,and im going to try to start wearing at work, if I can I think I will be on my way to 24/7