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Going out to the cinema

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I am new to AKDL, and Tuesday we went out to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Now I like Guardians of the Galaxy however a little spoiler alert they talk about Rockets story and how he was abused growing up.  It causes me stress to see a human or animal abused so my wife/mommy let me wear a diaper to the cinema for comfort (and to use).  I found it hard though to go pee pee with all the noise around me of the movie going on it only came out in little bits.  I was so busting to go by the end of the movie that I had to get up and stand in the back to get some relief.  Any suggestions for me?

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It takes time to adjust to not worrying about if you are wetting or not. Once you are in a nice diaper that fits well and makes you feel confident, you may feel more comfortable and not worry about wetting while seated. 

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I went to the matinee one Saturday with my local DL friend many years ago.  I wore an Attends diaper if I remember correctly, thick enough so I wouldn't leak.  Yeah, it was nice not to have to get up and use the rest room in the middle of the movie and just sit there with people all around you who had no clue I was wetting my diaper under my pants.  My DL friend (passed away 4-1/2 years ago) was a cloth diaper and plastic pants guy who usually kept his shirt untucked to hide diaper bulk.

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