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How ?

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Carefully. ? 

Ok, that might be funny enough for a smile, but I know you’re looking for a more practical answer. 
There unfortunately is no easy answer, nor a way to find someone. If you are seeking, just a short term playtime AB Mommy. There are people and places, where you can pay for someone to be a Mommy. Not something that would be cheap, may require distant travel, and you need to be very cautious, in engaging such people. However, with some online searching, and checking, you can find them out there. 
If, you are looking for an actual partner, someone who you want to have a relationship with? That can be difficult, to say the least. It’s hard, just finding a good compatible, Vanilla person. You best corse of action, I guess? Would be to put yourself out there, on sites like this, and be friendly first. Maybe? You will strike up a friendship, with the right person. Or, you can look outside these sites, find friends, maybe get close, and then explain what you like to do, and ask, if it would be possible for them to accept it, and want to participate. 
There just is no easy way, that I know of, to find that Mommy person. I hope you do, good luck. 
I wouldn’t mind, finding someone new myself. 

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I was married for 26 years to my wife before this all started. She happened to read a book about the life of being a Little and she told me after reading that she thought I'd do well in that lifestyle. At first I was taken back, but she explained I have always been on who loved being taken care of by her and that is somewhat because I was really taken care of by my mom growing up. I also like a lot of childish things like cartoons, Disney shows and movies, coloring, and when my kids were young(adults now) I always loved playing with them with the toys. So really thinking about it all over it made a lot of sense what she was saying. We started this approximately 6 months ago pretty much in the evenings and weekends and I just wear diapers at night and during naps on the weekend. I use the potty during the day. We have kept this inside our home up to now, but have discussed recently taking this outside in public as toddler/mommy. We just don't know where to start. So you never know if you find someone (it can be anyone) when this can start. 

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In my area they have an age play social group where ABDL get together for functions. Many years ago I attended one of these and met two wonderful women who were not adult babies or diaper wearers , but were into caring for these babies. These two women were in a relationship and we exchanged contacts and got together and that is pretty much how things came to be. Now one of the women is my mommy and the other is my babysitter.

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On 11/4/2021 at 1:49 AM, canlem said:

How do I find a mommy who is into diapers ?

This is the 100 Million Dollar Question. I would love to know this answer as well.


On 11/4/2021 at 11:03 AM, babyalan said:

Fetlife is your bestbet

My question though is am I going to find a mommy on there that is just into caring for a 3 year old adult baby and not into kink? I don't want any of the kinky sex part with a mommy. I am a 50 almost 51 year old man who has lived the single life all his life and all that I really never appealed to me and now is way behind me. I am just looking for a mommy who will care for ever need that I have while I am in the Adult Baby lifestyle. I suppose more of a nurturing mommy. I am not sure that site will help me with that, but I might be wrong as I have never explored there. 

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