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Spaceman Spiff

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Today, I am Spaceman Spiff.  I've got my space onesie on (planets, suns, stars).  I've got my space socks on (stars and rockets).  I've got my nappy on - high capacity and ready for anything, as all real spacemen wear.  I've got black tights on as well.  Now I'm about to take my faithful space dog Binky out among the galaxies looking for adventure.  We may get a bit muddy.

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There is a bright flas: when you come around,  it is Saturday morning, 1952

9 AM

Uncle Earl's Classic TV Channel (solie.org)


11 AM



space patrol - YouTube




12 Noon at the movi...erm...cinema

Uncle Earl's Classic TV Channel (solie.org)


Monday 5 PM 1953

Uncle Earl's Classic TV Channel (solie.org)


Tuesday 7 PM 1954

And across the Pond and a decade later



For science nerds


Then come out ande play (legacy)


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This is Spaceman Spiff, reporting in after my latest tour of duty.  The space lanes are relatively quiet, with no signs of imminent alien invasion.  We sighted three other spaceships: two were landed and the third derelict.  We saw a few aliens at a distance, but they appeared not to be armed for war.  Of course we didn't approach them due to the space plague currently sweeping through the galaxy threatening to wipe out all life forms.  On return, Binky needed decontamination, so I've just bathed him.

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Here is another one you should know


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Thanks Christine.  I'd no idea they were available online.  I shall rewatch them.  Now all I need to find are Twizzle and Torchy the Battery Boy...

...and Four Feather Falls.  And Fireball XL5...

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