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What did you call accidents?

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Dougie1970    12

I think it's cute what accidents are called by different people. In my family:

mommy called it: tee tee pants, Doo Doo pants

gramma called it: wet britches, dirty britches

sitter called it: pee pee, poo poo.

what was it called for you?

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Wet Knight    53

A good friend went into Lloyd's of London in the 80's.

This involved quite a lot of open discussion infront of the family.

One afternoon their 5 year old came in from playing in the garden, and as he gulped a drink, asked "Are our clothes insured at Lloyd's?"

When asked what ever prompted such a question, he boldly announced "Cos I've had an accident"

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Diaperbob52    1

I remember my mom would just ask in front of everyone, "did you make  pee pee?"  I would nod my head and she would tell me to get a fresh diaper to change me.

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At 66 that's reaching back quite a ways!  OTOH as an "Adult-Toddler" I note that "accidents" are events one doesn't enjoy. When I'm overtaken by a swarm of PEE-GASMS it's quite enjoyable to me. So I hesitate to call it an "accident," even when it overwhelms my Adult-Diaper & makes wetting-myself rather obvious. I'm THAT sort of Adult-Toddler." Best regards, all.

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stevewet    144

My Mother would just say "I see you've wet your self again"

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BabyBuck    3

"I had an accident" or "I went potty mommy" seems to work 

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AbabeBill    52

My friend's mom, would ask if you made a sissy in you pants. 

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