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  1. BabyBuck

    Luvs 6

    Hi there. Im sure this has been posted a bunch of times before and if so I apologize. Im looking into getting some baby diapers. I know they wont hold a lot, would probably use as a stuffer if they dont fit. I really just want for the scent most of all. Would they fit a 32 waist without modding? And by fit I dont mean fine if you lay perfectly still and only wet a little. Was also looking into getting a,pack of goodnites. Where would be cheapest to get a small pack of the luvs bear hug 6's? Thanks!
  2. BabyBuck

    Pocket Diapers

    Hi there, sorry if this has already been answered but I was looking at the cure pocket diapers rearz has for sale. Could anyone explain them? I usually use disposables but clorh seemed good for off days. Do they just use a liner/insert? Is that reusable/washable? Can you only ise adult sized inserts? Any info is welcome. Thank you!
  3. BabyBuck

    What's your Ideas that you want diaper companies to do

    On 1/16/2017 at 10:48 AM, Demon-hunter said:
  4. BabyBuck

    Looking to find some friends

    On 6/8/2017 at 2:01 AM, Isx2250 said: Anyone still looking for friendship. Someone to talk to. In pa . Live between York Harrisburg
  5. BabyBuck

    Maryland diaper lovers?

    Im around the MD/PA border (greencastle area) anyone around?
  6. These were Martins/Giant store brand pull ups. Im 6'1 140 30-32 waist and these slide right on. They are unisex, decently absorbant. Might not hold more than 1 big wetting but they sure are cute. Has a tye dye type design. Would recommend. Runs $8 for 11.
  7. BabyBuck

    Tri State

    Hii, im a 24 y.o little (age 3)
  8. Hii, im a 24 y.o little (age 3)
  9. Looking for someone to RP. Looking for mommies,daddies,caregivers. Anyone that wants to pway
  10. BabyBuck


    Didnt even think of graphic tees. Thank you! Ive always wanted some cute undies just didnt think theyd fit.
  11. BabyBuck

    Clothe that baby

    I know it's a loaded question but im looking for more little stuff. Bath stuff like toys and more little style clothes like pj's or just everyday around the house stuff. I have a onesie from onesiesdownunder already.
  12. Anything on Sparrow Sleeps and some of the recordings from Ember on mylittlelullaby.com
  13. BabyBuck

    too old and too young

    I mean I have conflicting little ages but not in that sense. My little side is 3/4
  14. BabyBuck

    Need More Diapers

    Ill have to go searching. And when they restock again im going to order some of the tykables diapers from wearingclouds. Id like to try the cushies too. Thanks!