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  1. I have my stuffed little foot from when the movie first came out. I cant sleep with it though. It is an item which makes me regress heavily. It survived a dog attack a couple of years back and I flipped out on my wife for not making sure the dogs could not have gotten in where it was. At that moment I wanted the dogs gone. I literally lost my mind. After I calmed down I felt so bad. I called my wife back and apologized. I also cried myself to sleep that night. It was a very bad little experience. I do have several modern animals I sleep with. All of which my wife bought me or suggested i buy. I have a scentsy buddy named serena she is a baby bear complete with her own blankie, my snuggly bear, and toothy the dragon.
  2. If don't feel like a baby then you are not one. On the other hand I am a baby boy and love it. Just be you and be happy. Your sister should not tease you because of how feel or act. She should love you for who you are.
  3. ABMonkey

    What do you use as a diaper bag?

    I order a very similar one but it is solid grey.
  4. ABMonkey

    Back in Diapers again!

    You are the baby, not her. No whining and you definitely don't get to punish her. Though that would be fun to turn the tide on mommy, wouldn't it? Giggles. Are you not allowed to help with household chores? If you can you should do the laundry and show her you can be a big boy. Otherwise relax and enjoy some diapertime. Maybe you can earn some fun later.
  5. ABMonkey

    DL wanting to try AB

    If you wish to use baby formula I use enfagrow. This is for toddlers and the flavor is nice. I add pb2 and my fiver supplement to make it slightly more healthy as well because let's face it I am not a growing baby anymore and don't need to carb load daily. I like to watch cartoons and cuddle with my stuffed animals, color, play legos, I also have sorting toys or a light up noisy ball. Toys depends on how little you wanna be. If you have someone snuggles are also a great thing to do while little.
  6. ABMonkey

    Oops caught by friend

    Yes having people who know makes this life a little easier sometimes because we can be natural around them and not have to hide how we feel. My best friend and her wife are aware and actually let me be little as much as I want when I visit. It can be a great stress relief to spend a whole weekend as a child.
  7. ABMonkey

    More exceptance from wife now

    To follow up on MarkSmith's comments. My wife and I had some little time for the first time last weekend. Shebstill does not like the diaper part but as long as she does not have to deal with them she lets that go. She did finally let me use the paci in front of her both while she was watching a movie with laying on her chest and again Sat morning while I played with some toys she bought me and I also colored her a picture. After she made me us breakfast and cut everything up for me, she picked me an outfit. Then we went shopping. I was still diapered and the outfit was one of my childish but still passable outfits. She had control of my wallet and held my hand everywhere we went except when I sat outside the changing room. An absolutely wonderful experience for me. A huge change from a year ago when she almost left me over finding a diaper I accidently forgot to throw away. Open communication is the key to growth.
  8. ABMonkey

    Oops caught by friend

    nice. hope you and your mommy talk goes well and you get to visit with your friend in a whole new light. I have too friends that know and I get to be openly me when I visit. it has been amazingly awesome to be little all weekend without any issues or judgements.
  9. ABMonkey

    Adult Baby Quiz (Not What You Think)

    Yes I enjoyed it and shared it with my wife. I got 72% hilarious. I knew I was a big baby but apparently I am almost all baby. Despite owning 2 homes, having 2 kids an a wife, a truck that is paid off, and very little debt. I am a baby who can handle responsibility when I has too.
  10. ABMonkey

    Pregnant and i'm a baby/toddler.. advice?

    I jave 2 boys. One is 6 and one is 14. I jave always worn footy jammies around my kids, I even wore them on the boat in the navy so trust me jammies are just fun. I color with my boys and have gotten back into legos. I wear plain onesies to hide my diapers when I wear during the day and neither of my boys have ever questioned it or have any idea I wear diapers. Everyone in my family has their own blankie and have since my oldest was very little. Mine is pooh and dinos and they never said anything about it. We dont make it a big deal and so neither do they. My wife knows about my diapers and paci usage and we are working that challenge but we will not go that far around the boys. Even though they know dad is not like most men. I am loving and caring of both my boys and try to be there any chance I get. Work pulls me away too often. My oldest is also my stepson and we are very close. Never has even asked about it. I do wonder sometimes because he has seen me fall asleep on mom with my bear and blankie. I try not to make anything like that a big deal. I will say both my boys still have some stuffed animals and like I said they still have their blankies but my oldest only uses it if he gets cold watching a movie otherwise it is just folded up on the shelf. His is also just a red and black checkered theme and black backing.
  11. ABMonkey

    Baby in an Adult's Body?

    I have never read any positive studies on adult babies. Everyone tries to paint us as some thing not nice and I won't repeat what they say. They don't understand and many don't seem to care to get to know us. Plus we are hard to study as most of us are shy until we feel safe and comfortable. In order to truly study us they would have to get us in a safe comfortable and nornal.setting and just observe. Then there is the fact that we all are so different they would have to study many us to even start to get a valid picture.
  12. ABMonkey

    Coming to Accept I'm a Baby

    Little Johnny You should never shy away from a relationship because of fear of the negative possibilities. You could miss the best thing in your life. What if she turned out to be the perfect caregiver for you; loving, doting, caring, and just swooning all over her little baby. A relationship based on sex is no relationship at all. She might not be anymore into sex than you are but enjoy the snuggles and loves that a baby needs just as much as you. You should not judge them without getting to know them anymore than you want to be judged yourself. Give yourself and them a chance.
  13. ABMonkey

    Adult Baby Quiz (Not What You Think)

    72% Which is funny because I felt most of what it asked I was on the adult side of things.
  14. ABMonkey

    Back in Diapers again!

    I am glad to hear things seem to going much better for you. Hope the new job is a great one as well.
  15. ABMonkey

    Complete Regression

    No little Johnny. Reply when you wish. As for sexually active as a little I am pretty non sexual bit it depends on mommies wishes I am also very submissi e so if it was wanted I would not argue but I also don't desire it when i am little