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  1. Anyone Like Diapers And Football?

    I don't watch tv much at all anymore unless I am watching cartoons or cuddling my wife and then she watches whatever she wants. Politics are invading everywhere. Whatever happen to money, politics and religion being the 3 things you never discuss.
  2. Anyone Like Diapers And Football?

    I used to but I have decided that I am not watching anymore due to political b.s.
  3. What is your faith?

    I am a bible based Christian. I will go to any church as long as they stick to the word of God but as soon as they start preaching their own agenda I roll. Yes I have read the bible. I don't claim to be an expert but I am not afraid to verify what people preach.
  4. Onesie - Snap Crotch or Snap Front

    I prefer the snap crotch unless I was to get a locking one and then it would want zipper in the backed.
  5. Diapers; punishment or part of life.

    Ouch, Mark. Those punishments are the worst. When I made my rules/punishments/rewards for my wife one of the punishments is no snuggles and we both agree that is the worst punishment. She even said why do I, meaning her, have to be punished. I told they are her choice what to use and that one is for when I do something where I figure she won't want to touch me anyway. Sometimes I get angry and I can say mean things but she has really helped me get past that just by accepting that I am a little. I have not been like that in over a year and it is wonderful feeling. I still get angry but not that bad and with her.
  6. Diapers; punishment or part of life.

    I can see how that could be a punishment. That to me is one of those fun punishments. It can be a little difficult but I would so love the monster jam story too happen. I too have had diapers stop me from doing stuff I would love too. Mine usually only stop me from getting in the water though. I wear disposables so They are easier to hide with a good onesie and a pair of loose jeans or tactical pants. Honestly I think for me it is just wishing my wife would take control and participate a little more. I am mainly little on my own so it is not complete i always have to diaper myself, changes are on me, checks are all mine. She will cuddle me and occasionally will say cute soft loving things. She has a problem still with anything that makes me look infantile. So what some see as a challenge or punishing is a dream to me. All that being said thank you for your responses
  7. Diapers; punishment or part of life.

    Ahh, thanks for the responses I am finally starting to understand.
  8. Bedtime items

    While I am away from home for work my bedroom is all toddlers out. I have minion sheets with a plastic sheet under it. Stuffed animals everywhere, blankies yes multiple, my paci, my iPod with lullabies on it, an oversized adult baby bottle of water, bedtime story book, and my wave light machine.
  9. Abu rules

    Depends stink I only use them as filler diaper if I gonna be out for a long while and don't wanna change.
  10. Complete Regression

    When I am little all I need is snuggles, stuffies, and a paci or bottle. I love tickles, coloring, cartoons(real little ones not spongebob), I am around 2 to 3 so I like to play with toys, I do talk at all age levels but when I am feeling really little I mostly don't say muffin. I would love a nursery but I love to sleep snuggle up into my wife and she holds me all night usually unless her back hurts and she has to roll over then I snuggle into her side. I need skin contact to feel truly comfy. I have a weighted blanket to feel like someone is holding me for now as I am away from home for work. I hope Hawkeye that someday your dream comes true but I loved when my former mommy would make my diaper changes fun. She would tickle or tease a little, blow raspberries on my tummy, once I was diaper she would make it crinkle because I love hearing my diapers crinkle. Most the time when I would lay in her lap I would move my legs to make noise and then she would call me a noisy baby and tickle me. So much fun being little.
  11. I have seen a lot of people referring to punishment diapers. I find this odd as I love my diapers and wish my wife would be willing to diaper me. So my question is are diapers just part of life for you (play, necessity, whatever) or are they a tool used to correct your behavior. Maybe some of these punishment diapers are just more noticeable and that is why they are for punishment but I am a baby boy who loves the freedom, safety, and security I get from being padded.
  12. What do you use as a diaper bag?

    I also use my my big boy back packs as I have to always take care of my self and therefore always have at least somewhat an adult side in charge even when I am playing I have only let go a couple of times. They were awesome but I can't risk letting go to far and getting in trouble. At home I can be a little more regressed but even then my wife does not really participate so I can't just let it all go and I have 2 kids at home we are not trying to show them either.
  13. A "punishment" day. . .kind of

    I would love to be diapered anytime by my wife. The movies is so much fun I usually bring my binky an if none is sitting next to me I will suck on throughout the movie.
  14. Baby in an Adult's Body?

    I am a big baby and would prefer to be that way as much as I can. I stay diapered whenever possible and even when my wife wants me to be big I am easily switched back to little. Anger is the only thing that blocks my little side from running things.
  15. A "punishment" day. . .kind of

    Wow, that sounds wonderful. The only time any one has noticed me was at the movie theatre. I am not a 100% but I think these 2 teenage girls noticed my diapered but through my overalls. They got all giggly and they were talking about my crocs before they noticed. Their mother said to the father "I don't know why they are laughing so much, all the sudden." I turned and said they were admiring my shoes. The girls said that no those are in now. They kept staring at me.but never said anything, while I was around anyways.