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  1. Toddler look

    What baby does not love when mommy buys them something. My favorite things are stuff my wife either bought for me or helped me pick out.
  2. Diaper bulge ??

    I love the bulge but have to be discreet because of children. I still enjoy being heavily diapered when I travel and even wore a nice thick rearz rebel yesterday when travelling through the airport to go back to work.
  3. Toddler look

    Tykables.com has made some nice baby jeans, shorts, shortalls, and bibs. I did not see any turtleneck onesies or lockable onesies. They are nice because they actually have little boy designs where as most ABDL sites are more geared towards girls and sissies.
  4. Toddler look

    Where are people finding these striped turtleneck onesies? I would love to buy one of these as well.
  5. Toddler look

    Babyjune, I am sure most of us knew exactly what you meant. Yes, I feel the same about going outside without the protection.
  6. Toddler look

    I would also enjoy some striped onesies. I wear solid ones all week long to keep my diaper covered when I am out in public or at work. Being a baby is not something that would go over well in my field. I do have some that are collared polos that I can wear as a shirt alone but my solid color onesies are mainly just used as under shirts.
  7. Toddler look

    I love going out thickly padded with plastic pants for extra crinkle cause it makes me giggle when I hear it. I usually have bib overalls with a onesie and a Disney shirt and if cold I may throw a hoodie on. My paci is usually hidden because it is for me and I don't really push it on society but I know it is there.
  8. Wearing a Onsie outdoors

    I almost always wear jeans or my bib overalls. Rarely do I wear shorts but to go to the beach and I not diapered at the beach. Too many biological babies and that is not a seen I gonna make.
  9. 24/7 and Sports

    I run and yes I have played disc golf while padded without issues. My longest run was 6.5 miles in just under an hour. I did not have any chafing but apparently I have some tough skin. You might use body along the edges wear it might rub or wear compression gear to keep it in place.
  10. How open are you?

    I am open when I want to be but at the Same time I try to remember to be polite. Not everyone needs to be part of my world. This is not sexual for me. It is part of who I am. I often dress in childish apparel but nothing anyone can't wear except I am diapered and have a onesie underneath. I also will carry a paci sometimes either on a lanyard or in a pocket. I have told my mom, my wife obviously, and several good friends.
  11. Why Are We AB?

    I am.searching for unconditional love. I know this is unrealistic and I have discussed this with my wife but the closest I get to feeling it is when I am little and she snuggles me up, I have a stuffie and a paci. I feel so little and yet so loved. I have several characteristics in common with the author of this but I am very close with my stepfather now. Also I was a bedwetter until about 30. I continued having accidents and being forced into diapers until I was probably 7. My first memory of diapering myself was about 4 I used my baby blanket and tied it up between my legs when I was supposed to be napping.
  12. Truth or Dare (part 7 Conclusion)

    Good story but I hate smoking so it kinda killed it for me.
  13. Anybody watch babyfirst TV?

    I think that was the channel.inused to watch before the cable.provider decided to put that on the bigger package. We now got rid of cable all together but my favorite was watching the drawings in the sand that when they finished one they would smooth out and draw another. Background was little kid music if remember right.
  14. Almost caught! Holy CRAP!

    I actually have thought about chastity as well but as I am away on work it really doesn't mean much. I am trying to limit all masturbation though. A battle of will power and I just remind myself that it is my wife's for pleasure not really mine.
  15. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    I have bought several lullaby ads, and listen to iheart radios lullabies from time to time.