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  1. That's what we're all waiting to find out lol. XD
  2. ...Hope that's not the end of the story lol. XD LOVED seeing Sarah get a taste of her own medicine lol. Little sad it was over so quickly, but at the same time, kinda glad, because Nick sucked as a Daddy lol. It's very interesting writing; I have a kind of love/hate relationship with all of the characters lol.
  3. I'd rather not steal anything, but if I must, I'd choose the train; I have no idea who Doc is, and no clue what presto logs are....but I know what radiation is. O.O I think I'll take my chances with the geek with the logs. XD
  4. I'd rather get stuck in 1955 with everyone thinking I was an alien. Not too different from what I experience already lol. (Always surrounded by old people who have neurotypical brain stems lol). 1885 sucked ass; very high mortality rate back in those days lol; at least in 1955 they've started developing modern medicine lol. XD Would you rather save the hostages, or kill the kidnappers? PS: Oddly enough, it would probably be backwards in reality; people in 1885 would think I was an alien because of the things I know having been born in the 20th century. People in 1955 however might assume I'm Clint Eastwood (Clint Eastwood wasn't alive in 1885, so they'd have no idea who he was, so it'd be impossible for them to think I was him lol); I've actually been told that in the right light under the right circumstances I look like a young Clint Eastwood....I blame it on the gun attached to my hip. =P
  5. Wow...just read this thread. Kinda sorta gave me hope...but not really. Sure, maybe he's cured. Great. Only took him half a lifetime to finally accomplish. For the most part, I've accepted the fact that I'm just stuck like this for life....once in a while I have hope though. Who knows? Maybe I'll develop the super power to shapeshift and turn myself into an actual baby so that I can have a second chance at NORMALCY. I've never done a lot of things normal kids are supposed to do; missed out on high school altogether, home schooled for years. Tried to anyway, didn't work too well. But yeah....I guess scientifically speaking, anything's possible. I don't believe in magick or miracles though; I believe miracles are simply events which we may not currently be able to understand. According to some peoples definition, a miracle could also be said to just be a coincidence/fluke accident. I don't really like that way of saying it though, because it makes it sound like it happened for no particular reason at all, which just simply doesn't happen in nature, or anywhere else lol. There's always some kind of cause for an effect to occur. Things don't "just happen". Something always makes something else happens. I blame gravity. =P
  6. It's caused me a lot of grief and missed opportunities. This isn't a "fetish" for me. It's not like being a kinkster or gay, and I think it's ignorant as hell to compare it to that. Might be more true for the DLs, but for most ABs it's entirely different than a fetish. It's a personality issue; it's their self-image. People who partake in BDSM "Pony Play" don't actually SEE themselves as a pink leather pony, nor do they actually believe they are one deep down, or can closely relate to one. With ABs though, it's more like being a toddler trapped in an adult's body. It's more akin to Transgenderism than fetishism. Only instead of Gender Dysphoria, the disorder would for ABs would be called Age Dysphoria. So yes, I see it as an actual disease for me, and if there were a cure that would fix whatever the hell is wrong with me, I'd gladly take it. It's too hard to be a baby and an adult at the same time. I have to choose a path instead of feeling like I'm being torn into two different directions. Sure, there's been good times; being an AB has brought me a lot of joy, and in some ways has made me a better/stronger individual...but it's not worth it in my opinion; I'd gladly give it all back in exchange for being able to experience what it's like to feel normal. I never "got into this". I was born this way and have had to hide who I am and lie to people for years, pushing everyone away. ......It sucks ass, at the end of the day.
  7. Oh cool; it allowed me to check off every single box aside from running to the potty because I'm boring lol. XD
  8. .....Oh gawd. O.O XD WHY DID I CLICK ON THIS THREAD? XD Oh well...okay...personally, I have never and would never like to drink my own pee or anyone else's pee; I wouldn't even drink my pee if I were stranded in the wilderness without any clean water to drink, because the sodium content of urine is so high that it would actually dehydrate me moreso than I already would be. Never drink your own pee for survival.....I won't say never do it for fun either though....that's your business lol. The more you know! XD
  9. Hmmm...I wished I'd have known what laxatives, suppositories and enemas were when I first started lmao, because it's difficult and it hurts to mess a diaper when your poop is solid, or worse, hard as a rock. That is very very uncomfortable lol. Feels way better when it's softy and mushy and just explodes out into the seat of the diaper as opposed to a solid turd that keeps getting pushed back up your ass by the seat of the diaper lol. If I wanted THAT particular sensation I'd have just bought a friggin' dildo lol. XD PS: I don't even bother with the changing mat after messing myself lol; I just go straight into the shower. Also quite fortunate I have an adjustable nozzel on my showerhead, so I can turn it to the high pressure hose setting instead of a gentle spray. Blasting the diaper with the former setting has proven effective in getting all the mess off the diaper without having to touch it with my hands; I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to gross things lol. (I use cloth diapers; best thing about disposables is you can just throw them away instead of having to rinse and launder them.) But yep; whether your using disposables or cloth diapers, you may find it easier to just clean up in the shower as opposed to a changing mat/changing table. PPS: Don't take your plastic pants off outside of the shower if your using cloth diapers. There could be a little pool of pee at the bottom of the plastic pants that'll spill out all over the floor as soon as you tug them down your legs, so yeah, take them off in the shower and if there's a puddle it just goes down the drain, then set the plastic pants aside outside the shower to use later if needed or throw into the wash.
  10. I haven't read all the jokes yet; hope this one wasn't mentioned already lol. Knock knock Who's there? Europe. Europe who? No YOU'RE a poo!
  11. You can watch all two and a half hours of Avengers Infinity War tonight between 11:35 PM and 2:05 AM without having to leave the theater to go potty. XD