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  1. It is liberating. Many, if not most of us spend years, or decades fretting over what a freak we are. Being embarrassed, binging and purging...Then we find a way to except and embrace ABDL and we are free.
  2. For tape there are princess, and super hero duct tapes luckily. Handy for failed tapes.
  3. Sorry, I did not read completely. Probably not. There really is not an option. I would like to see a pull up offering from one of the ABDL suppliers out there some day,
  4. Use Convert Ups. But I found I had become so used to real ABDL diapers that was un-satisfied going back to baby diapers
  5. Tykables is about to roll out a bunch of new stuff as well, including shorts and short alls for summer, sneakers....Its a great time to be ABDL.
  6. Newsletter says short alls, cargo pants and shorts are coming! They also have sneakers now.
  7. They were ok, but the super loud crinkle limited the times I felt I could wear them. There are so many new ABDL diapers all the time its hard to try them all.
  8. I wish!
  9. For me its more about needing a break from diapers. Gives you something little to wear when you need to air your skin out, or just take a diaper break. And you can wear training pants anywhere, and be sure NO ONE will know.
  10. Lilac baby powder
  11. Little Squirts are the :Loudest. Rearz Pink are huge and very pink. You can add a set of Tykables Jeans which has snaps you can leave partially undone...
  12. Never heard of it. I always found touching the tapes generally bad, but never tried something like that. I have a troublesome batch of Tykables right now I might try that on.
  13. If it was not being a DL it would have been something else. Even made up. In a divorce its super easy for the woman to get the upper hand and the lawyers maker sure she always does right out the gate. Really sad for men. Can't believe they went as far as supervised visits though. During my divorce my first lawyer started out with "she will probably file domestic violence or child sex abuse charges against you" to get the upper hand. I was like do what !
  14. I have not posted yet, but my batch of Tykables I got in last week has been big trouble. One ripped off, and 2 others the tape slipped and did not stick properly. That is like 3 out of 5 I have used so far.
  15. I may be more a LG then Sissy. However I do identify as sissy when in that mode because I do like dressing like a LG, not a boy, I do it for humiliation also, and I am Bi-sexual(although practicing Hetero for a long time) and have indulged in young men in the past as well as enjoy anal toys now. Little girls don't enjoy anal obviously....so I think I cross over.