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  1. PullUpDiaperLover

    Going 24/7

    Diapers and ABDL maybe be a vice. But it won't kill you, so great choice!
  2. PullUpDiaperLover

    Going out wearing only diapers tomorrow

    I no longer buy pants in a store. They never have the right size, it is a waste of time. I just order online. For me I am 2 Inches bigger to account for diapers.
  3. PullUpDiaperLover

    Another Peeing into Your Diaper

    Sounds like fun to me. No opportunity to try though. Think it is more practical with another guy. What a humiliation being in diapers and a dress, knowing you are going to get screwed like a little girl later and your dude uses you as a toilet all day....love it!
  4. PullUpDiaperLover

    Pregnant and i'm a baby/toddler.. advice?

    Remember that the baby wont know care or remember! So you can be full on AB around the Baby for a couple of years! You have time. As the child matures so must your exposure of AB/DL related items to the child. It can be done incrementally. Even with a 6 and 8 year old I will probably have to hide things better in a couple of years. But a baby wont have a clue, not even a 2 year old probably. So full blown open for now....then start dressing down as the child grows up. You will be able to judge when just plain diapers wont work, or the little clothes and paci now have to be used in private..
  5. PullUpDiaperLover

    Adult Baby Quiz (Not What You Think)

    Only 40%, but frankly not surprised. I will I sit here in pink diapers dressed as a little girl I also drive a Power Wagon for goodness sakes, built my own off grid house, and enjoy physical outdoor sports, ect. For me its almost a split personality or live style. I actually agree with 40%.
  6. PullUpDiaperLover

    DL wanting to try AB

    Its an interesting process many of us go through. We start out in diapers then slowly move into dressing like a toddler, baby or young child. Some take it further into serious regressing. I made the same move you would like to. For me diapers were harder to accept. But I was a DL a long time before sitting here dressed as an 5-8 yr old girl. Start slow, make sure you have printed diapers, a onsie that appeals to you and as crazy as it sounds a pacifier with clip. Find some time alone at home and see how you enjoy it then experiment from there. Just do normal things, computer, watch TV and see if you are able to relax.
  7. PullUpDiaperLover

    New Rearz "Monsters"

    I have my order in, just waiting like the rest.
  8. PullUpDiaperLover

    Wearing Clouds

    Never saw how Wearing clouds could make it. Only selling small diapers when 90% of the market is large. Add to that the big boys are just too big now.
  9. PullUpDiaperLover

    I Think Diapers Have Reached Their Limit In Capacity Now.

    The next evolution may be size. While bulk is fun at play time, it is not as convenient for work and physical activities. Nor is a hot, bulky diaper fun in the summer. A good example is the new Tykable diaper, my go to summer diaper. After the re-design it leaks less then a monster diaper like rears princess, yet half as thick. No longer are you forced to change during the work day but it does not bulge up like before. Still trying to get used to not changing at lunch.
  10. PullUpDiaperLover


    For a Pride parade or ABDL event I would totally do it. But it would be a big investment for such a rare opportunity.
  11. PullUpDiaperLover

    New Tykables Design

    I tell you it is so neat to be able to have a diaper that always fits right.
  12. PullUpDiaperLover

    What Do You Call Your Pacifier?

    to to
  13. PullUpDiaperLover

    Rear Little Monsters

    Anyone else check these out? What you think? They look very colorful and cute to me. They seem to have some unique features as well, and may not be as bulky as say Princess. ( I wear princess in winter but prefer less bulk in summer for heat and bulge issues) Think I will pre-order today.
  14. PullUpDiaperLover

    One Word Challenge: Diapers are...

  15. PullUpDiaperLover

    Tykables Cargo

    Absolutely no issues. These suckers are tough as nails. Shorts are easier for me then pants as far as the snappies go as my fat legs wont pop them lose when bending over.