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  1. Oh The Rocky Horror of it all

    Well, if anyone can it will be those freaks at the show! Then again I may come away more girly.
  2. Oh The Rocky Horror of it all

    If the Creation was born an ABDL sissy....Getting costume ready for Saturday night. Ignore diaper waste band, planning to go Princess diaper for a pink waist band effect. Oh and shoes need charged up, they light up. Anyone else getting crazy with the show this year?
  3. have you ever been or would you ever go to an AB/DL camp?

    The short answer is I would not. Why? Because I am married with kids. However, if I was single I would go ALL day long. I regret not trying things like this when I was single.
  4. Explain Your Screen Name

    PullUpDiaperLover is the same screen name I used on ADISC before getting booted mysteriously. Anyhow I was buying Little Girl Pull Ups before I discovered proper ABDL diapers. Funny thing is now I cant stand them because its so hard not to make them leak since I am used to a proper diaper. Anxious to try Babmbino pull ups, but of course they ran out of my size before I could order...
  5. Other then diapers started taking my paci. I use it in the car on un-crowded roads.
  6. How much $$$ do we make?

    E combined with my wife.
  7. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    The big issue is really summer. Now that is cool its not a problem. In summer months I wear a lighter diaper like tykables, prioritize changing during the day, and learn when to give my body a rest from diapers. In the winter its so rarely an issue.
  8. Wearing in public

    Hiking is a blast
  9. enjoying sucking on a pacifier

    Pacifiers are funny. I don't get it. I thought it was the dumbest thing ever when I joined these forums, and here I sit with one in my mouth. Its hard to figure out but it is soothing and a clear part of the lifestyle. Something I discovered this summer if using on the road, stick it in the AC vents to cool it off and it feels awesome in your mouth, cool and refreshing.
  10. Unfortunately I was into married life before really exploring my ABDL side. I did explore my bi sexual side with guys however and regret not including ABDL. I would encourage you to explore this at your age. If it does not seem like something you want to explore further down the road you dont have to, but at least explore it.
  11. My first adult onesie

    waiting for cooler weather so I can get back to wearing onsies again. Just too hot in summer. But nice in winter.
  12. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    Went to order and as usual my size is out....grrr...
  13. What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    Rearz Princess, ABU Lavendar and ABU Pre-school
  14. Printed duct tape

    I use princess ones for when tapes tear or such
  15. Footed leggings

    In pink would be lovely