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  1. What is the Community Missing

    Never tried Bambinos pull ups. But from reports did not have to. So that remains a nice nitch for someone, a quality line of ABDL pull ups.
  2. Baby clothes

    Tykables also has snap crotch short alls
  3. Anybody have an AB side?

    Toss me into that category of starting as a DL think AB was ridiculous. Years later I sit here in a princess diaper, pink socks, leggings, diaper cover with bows, a Minnie Mouse blanket, cute bib for breakfast and a My Little Pony pacifier attached....How ridiculous!
  4. Sort Of Accidentally Fill My Diaper

    I don't mess normally, I really don't like the smell and mess. However, that being said when I am sick and have loose stools I actually don't mind using a diaper for messing. Better then underwear. I had a horrific trip while sick a couple of years ago. I made huge diaper messes. Makes it more enjoyable. On the element of getting off. When Messy I cant do it. However I tried it while going(takes some amazing timing) and it was a unique sensation for sure.
  5. Poll For testing

    Bambino males the only ABDL one such it should be in. Despite the early bad reports.
  6. Hangs out in Walmart to Diaper Up

    Oh Boy, my town.... No jokes about Albuquerque now! LBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Police have reopened the area of San Mateo and Cutler, which is by the Pavilions shopping center at San Mateo. The area was shut down due to police responding to a man found hiding out in a Walmart overnight. Police say George Suckow went into the Walmart bathroom before they closed and hid out until the employees left. They say he was then spotted on security footage, eating chocolate and drinking soda. He then opened a package of adult diapers and put them on. Police say he made his way to the baby aisle where he removed more diapers from twelve packages and took out a binky and a bottle. Suckow triggered an alarm. Police say a K-9 unit found him in a bathroom and he was arrested. Police say Suckow caused more than $150 in damage. The scene also caused the Old Navy in the area to delay their opening. Saturday, Suckow was relatively chatty and animated as he appeared before a judge for his case. Judge Sharon Walton released Suckow on his own recognizance with pre-trial supervision.
  7. Uber driver: tired of bathroom breaks!

    Just a good quality diaper and scented baby powder. You should be able to go all shift with out smelling.
  8. Banned members

    To me the only important thing is to let someone know why they are being banned, and it should be after being warned. That is the ADISC issue. No warnings, they just ban people left and right, and no warnings. Not a good policy.
  9. Banned members

    Our vision of sexually pure kids is definitely nuts in modern society. Puberty occurs between 9 and 12 for girls and 10-13 for boys typically. Until not long ago this was not such and issue, even less then 100 yrs. To ignore that makes no sense. We have to understand that for sure 12-16yr olds are going to have astounding sex drive and little knowledge or safe options for relief. That is why so many get into trouble. Society says you pure little children should not be sexually active so don't be! TV shows don't encourage sex, they add to the confusion. They are already horny folks! We teach them the dangers of getting pregnant young and such, which is good of course. But Pubescent kids need to know there sexuality is ok and normal as well, and need to be tought not only about things like pregnancy but the dangers of an insane society and LE consequences. To be honest I think masturbation is a subject that cannot be taboo for them, nor safe sex discussions by parents at the appropriate age. Pubescent kids WILL mess around. You did! Does not mean all are going to have intercourse of course, but we need to except that and guide them. Being 13-15 and unable to focus and stressed out because your body needs natural relief that you are told not to deal with, is that healthy? I maintain its not. Would a community guiding these kids that are ready be wrong? Absolutely not. Would modern society except it? Not a chance. And thats the conflict. Diapers are a sexual out let and ADISC walked a tight rope trying to keep discussions about diapers only when the sexual aspect was driving those youngsters. Eventually even with keeping the driving factors at bay they had to change.
  10. How can you tell if he wants to be daddy or just regular bf??

    My first thought was that sounds silly, of course he wants to be a BF. But I am biased, as I was always long term oriented. But you don't really know. Especially young guys could be just enjoying the relationship and play time and may not have long term interests. Beyond time or seeking an honest answer its really hard to know for sure, but at some point you will. You could try to spend some more time beyond ABDL play time together, other "dates" or activities and see where it goes. Or just drop some hints of long term goals...just don't push too hard. Feel him out gently, and make sure its something you both want. If you enjoy the current play time and would be ok with out a LT relationship you don't want to scare him off.
  11. Why no ABDL pride??

    Not enough of us to have our own event. But I would go in a diaper and ABDL outfit for a Gay Pride Parade. Float would be cool.
  12. Tykables taking forever to ship

    This new design really killed them. Cant wait to hear how the velcro works out!
  13. Shocked!

    Awesome! Its amazing how great things in life can happen like this.
  14. Where did Big Tots go?

    The main issue is its harder to find. I really have not figured it out yet myself.
  15. I'm forced to "grow up"...

    Harsh words for sure. But if she won't compromise and give you some little time and allow some time to wear diapers, what else will she not accept or compromise on? We are all brought up a certain way, I know I was. Over the years I accepted I was different but it took me a LONG time. Once I realized that, and went through some painful relationships I began to look for different things until I found what is right. Growing past an un-accepting religion is also part of that. Democrats are wrong about things, and so are Republicans, but so are ultra conservative little towns and extreme religions. Being gay or a diaper lover is not a sin and won't hurt you. Accepting who you are and finding a better place can only help you. Oh, and become a Libertarian