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  1. Another issue ABU had was if you did not select scented or unscented it say they were out.
  2. Pre School tonight.
  3. To me starting out with a marriage with "change this for me or else" is not healthy. You may need to re-think it. Forcing someone to change to be with then simply does not work, even with something terrible like drugs or alcohol abuse. But to try and change who you are....that means she really is not THAT fond of you.
  4. Tykables clothing of course
  5. Go cloth. You can find all sorts of cute and fun cloth diapers on ebay.
  6. To me I hear one of two things. Either; 1. She is looking for a way out of the wedding 2. The stress of the wedding has gotten to her. Asking you to give up your abdl side at this point makes no sense.
  7. I am for it
  8. Finally getting ready for a big order again and ABU and Tykables are both out of diapers! Its like they get stock in, and its out in a couple of months, then a couple of months before shelves are full again. Insanely frustrating and makes it impossible to be brand loyal. For ABU I tried pre-school plastic, lavendar(which is a main stay for me), and even barebums for the heck of it. All out. Then I went to Tykables...waiting on a new design....Its too hot now for thick diapers like Rearz. Just double checked and ALL Large ABU diapers are out of stock. Crazy
  9. I too identify more as 10-12 because of the sex factor, but dress more like a 3-7yr old..crazy fetish. 12 is the average age of puberty, so most kids are capable, but many have no idea of course.
  10. If my wife would I would be fine. Otherwise a younger girl or male would also be fine.
  11. I have two pairs, one I can reverse the pattern on. Going to order the new shorts soon as well. You do have to be careful, take it slow getting in and out of a car. Some other moves as well, such as squatting down. I find its limited activities that cause snaps to come off. I know my thick legs dont help as well. I bet someone with bean pole legs wont have the issue.
  12. I know, I am am getting close to a big, fresh order
  13. My ideas are more ABDL related. Printed Tykables products like pants and shirts are a subtle way of going out with out over doing it. Maybe and exposed diaper top I wear a pink shirt that says ABDL with blocks on it sometime, and no one cares. Beyond that I am not sure how to go part way. A dude in a dress is a dude in a dress...
  14. Wondered if it would fun to go to a rave...A little AB might be excepted
  15. I would not do it except for special events. Gay Pride Parade, Hot Springs Hike, Rocky Horror, ABDL Event, Burning Man...Then it can be as full ABDL as you want! Wonderful freedom in the right place.