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  1. Tykables Cargo

    Absolutely no issues. These suckers are tough as nails. Shorts are easier for me then pants as far as the snappies go as my fat legs wont pop them lose when bending over.
  2. A Big Kid in Diapers???

    I see myself as a 8-12yr little girl that still likes dressing in diapers and little girl clothes.
  3. Glow in the dark pull ups?

    Man we need an adult version!
  4. Kids found pacifier. Oops

    Kids are tricky. Mine are 6 and 8 and starting to get closer to an age were they might figure something out or discover a stash. Long term not sure it really matters much, but still embarrassing. Not as bad if they walked in on you diapered up doing your wife with a dildo on. That frankly is an amazing punishment.
  5. Not sure where the whole age panic is coming from. Legal age is 16-18 depending on where you live. Whether you are the same age or ten years apart makes no difference. Only if you are happy together. Everyone is attracted differently. When he is ready to meet, you will. I know its hard to wait, but you have to give him the time he needs. A one night stand won't hurt, but again he has to be ready.
  6. New Tykables Design

    Could not find a posting on the new Tykables Diapers. They have been out a little while, so maybe I just missed the post. Supposedly they made a number of improvements such as capacity and comfort. And I have to agree. Tykables have been my go to "summer diaper" as they are not as bulky and hot as most ABDL diapers are now. They did tend to break down and not handle extensive wetting. So far early on they seem to hold more safely. Comfort may indeed be better then before. And that's saying a lot as they are know to be the most comfy diaper on the market. The big news however is the Little Grips tapes, which are like micro velcro tapes of some sort. As much as I wanted to try them I remained UN-convinced. Right out of the bag I was not crazy about the landing zones being stiff, and not as attractive. However, after wearing a couple I now don't notice it as much and the benefits way out weigh the appearance issue. Lets really define the ground breaking benefits here. 1. Refasten-able -- YES, its true! Any time you want. Traditional tapes can be re-done typically once with in a half hour or so. After that diapers rip. 2. Re-adjustments -- This is huge. I have had painful creases from having a wrinkle in the diaper, but could not re-tape. Now you just re-adjust. Have to ever had it too tight? Positioned wrong vertically? All problems that can now be fixed all day long. 3. Night Time Wearing -- I have found the durability and strength of these velcro like tabs to be much stronger then tapes. At night I have regular problems with tapes slowly slipping over night and waking up with a sagging diaper or worse yet a tape completely off and I have to roll out the My Little Pony duct tape to fix for the day. Now if something does go wrong in the night, get up and re-adjust. I honestly was shocked when I woke up with the same exact fit as when I went to bed. 4. No more failed tapes -- These don't have glue and are stronger. Less vulnerable to oils and such. Re-taping is a pain in my book. 5. Sex -- So I have not tried yet. But traditional tapes mean ripping and tearing off a diaper, either ruining it or making it a re-tape project at least. Or dragging it to your feet. With the velcro it can be simply un-done like a garment for sex, then re-fastened when done. Good for any kind of sex, or even masturbating maybe, keeping your little sissy girl in her diaper after sex when she really just wants it off, or as my wife will occasionally do, blow me while shoving a prostate massager in me . Now she can milk me and just fasten me back up when done. 6. Using the Toilet for guys -- Yes, sometimes we don't want a bulge, or to stink, or change mid day, or maybe we are just trying to save money. Now you can simply undo one side and comfortably pee with out struggling out a leg gather or over the top, or getting practically naked in a stall to pull your diaper down, which unless its a pull up can be a struggle as well. 7. Less Crinkle -- Stiffer landing zone eliminates crinkle for daily wearing.
  7. Rainbow Pride Diapers from The Dotty Diaper Company

    Those are cute, would be fun to wear in a Gay Pride parade!
  8. Do you guys have your own diaper box?

    i have a wooden trunk in the bedroom, plus the back of our closet...
  9. ABDL Diapers - too many options?

    Its crazy. I used to order up every new style that came out as soon as it did. Now it takes me weeks and weeks to decide what to place my next big order for. I usually select two styles, however I have my favorites so I always want more of those....its insane for sure. The day after every order another cool style comes out.
  10. Toddler look

    I sit here in a Princess Diaper, Tinker Bell nighty and diaper cover with pink bows, pink teddy socks, pink bow in my hair and paci....We may be ABDL technically but I think most of dress closer to a Toddler look.
  11. Having a baby and an adult baby.

    Lets back up a little bit here. First off, you can still live your AB lifestyle right out in front of the Baby. And you have at least a year before that! Its just a bundle of mush. As the Baby grows up you slowly begin to hide your activities, backing off significantly by say age 3 or so. And significantly hiding things by maybe 4. You just have to evaluate your own child's mental and maturity development. Be ready to pull back another level. So you have a transition period. With a baby you could change your big baby at the same time! By 2 that's not happening, but a 2yr old may not click to a onsie and diaper. Even with a 6 and 8 year old I wear a diaper under my shorts and they have no clue. By 12 or so I may have to be more careful about the crinkling and bulges dressing lightly around the house. So don't get the cart before the horse and simply use a little common sense.
  12. Diapers At The Gym

    Go dressed like Soggy above. No one will ever notice
  13. What is everyones diaper wish

    For ABU not to run out of diapers every time before I order.
  14. The Price of Nostalgia..Worth It?

  15. What is the Community Missing

    Never tried Bambinos pull ups. But from reports did not have to. So that remains a nice nitch for someone, a quality line of ABDL pull ups.