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  1. Which is more babyish Abu Preschools or Little Pawz.

    I vote for Pre-Schools for sure!
  2. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    Depends on the situation I think. Nude might be easier to explain then toddler or girly diapers. However in another situation nude might be so in appropriate as to a diaper seeming more normal. My only time getting caught in a Diaper I had just walked out of a bathroom and explained I was changing and incontinent. They did not even notice the print. Now nude would have been harder to explain. At home having a friend or family member see me Nude would make more sense....
  3. Bambino Pull-Ups!

    Looks like we can give up stretching into kids pull ups finally. Frankly, I wont miss it. It was cool when I started getting back into my fetish....but comfort is nice.
  4. Wearing diapers when eating hot food?

    No way I am eating Reapers! My favorite salsa uses the Ghost Pepper, but that is childs play compared to the Reaper and I can stand only so much Ghost.
  5. what is your best diaper experience?

    Hiking to the Hot Springs in a Diaper. Only a few people saw me at the springs wearing a cloth My Little Pony diaper, but what a liberating thrill.
  6. ABDL Statistics - Collecting votes

    Voted just here. But that was because after years on ADISC I was kicked off mysteriously like so many before coming here.
  7. Tykables Cargo

    I got my Tykables Cargo shorts and some pants with reversible pink butterfly cuffs. For those times. Anyhow, wore the shorts around over the weekend, and just got a diaper under neath this morning so not much to report other then once again an exceptional quality, possibly nicer the the jeans. The material is so thick it could stop rattle snake bites! I cant wait to try the snap down shorts on a hike, but not for awhile. The quality and design is exceptional. The snaps seem more well hidden and less prone to coming off then the early Jean design. I have always been a cheap ass Walmart clothes buyer, but changed on shoes so I could get shoes that lasted more then a couple of months. These clothes are worth the cost. This man is driven to serve the ABDL community, that is for sure. Will update after some wearing.
  8. Big Tots Smiles

    allll the time
  9. Why is sleeping in diapers so difficult?

    Also try wearing a onsie
  10. Tykable Jeans

    Cargo pants and shorts are shipping right now, should have mine soon. jeans are holding up so far to daily use like a quality jean should. Really excited about the shorts for hiking so you can unbutton and roll up, then roll down if someone comes along.
  11. T Shirt that shows ABDL interest

    I wear one that is pink and has blocks in the background lightly with ABDL on it. NO ONE knows what it means
  12. Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Stuck in Butterflies training pants this morning because I need the services of my wife and she wont allow me to be in diapers
  13. "She would like it out of sight and mind, and she dosent mind if she's involved but once or twice a month. And she want me to control my little side when where are out in public, if I saw something that I like little wise I can wright it down and share it to she later. And I'm am able turn my little side on and off. But she said I I'm good she'll suprise me with little toys and stuff. And for me I would like to little out when ever she out at work or something, she agrees with it. " This sounds like a very reasonable, adult compromise to me. Probably want to stay away from diapers and AB around family as well as I have to. This sounds very good!
  14. What's your Ideas that you want diaper companies to do

    Got to say in the last year or two Tykables and ABU universe are doing and incredible job along with other gear suppliers. It just gets more exciting every year. That being said, yet another vote for an ABDL pull up.
  15. Shelves empty everwhere RANT AGAIN!

    Another issue ABU had was if you did not select scented or unscented it say they were out.