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  1. I use Guards quite a bit and agree with Dale Ridge's recommendation that the Prevail Guards are the best. However, I find that while they absorb a bit more than others they also swell up a good bit more and may not be as discreet as you are looking for. My recommendation is for the Tena Guards which hold a fair amount but don't swell up as much. They are also a bit wider, especially at the top, which really helps contain overflow. Walmart's Assurance Guards aren't bad but they are smaller and even though they have little side leak guards they don't seem as good as the other two brands plus they do swell up a lot, however they are the least expensive. I also thought the suggestion to use boxer briefs over a Depend type pull-up was a great suggestion. I have done that myself and it has worked out well for me and nobody else was the wiser. Hope this helps!
  2. getting older

    Hey Loveable Guy: I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous hearing that your Wife asks you to wear your compression stockings to bed. Although I'm pretty good at wearing mine most of the time my Wife will tell me to put them on when she sees me without them. Unfortunately I don't think she finds them sexy and has never asked me to wear them to bed. In fact my doctor actually advised me not to wear them to bed. However there is a type called "Anti-Embolism Stockings" (open-toed-white) made specifically for bedridden patients, but they are constructed differently than the regular "daytime" compression stockings that I use. BTW... You are so right that they are great in the cold winter months, but that's not all that often down here in Florida. They can get really uncomfortable in the middle of the hot and humid Florida summers but I still wear them (even with shorts) on all but the hottest of days. Diapers, well that's a whole other story, I've got to wear them 24/7 or I'll have either wet pants or a wet bed, so at least my Wife doesn't have to remind me to wear my diapers! The good news is that from time to time she will give me a playful pat on my diapered bottom which I have to say I really like.
  3. getting older

    Too funny, and I thought I was the only guy that has to wear thigh high compression stockings AND diapers, not sure though about how sexy they look.
  4. Underwear over diapers

    I almost always wear some kind of underwear over my diaper. It does all of the things Rusty Pins said above plus when going out and about I often add a small cotton pad between my diaper and the underwear to catch any leaks that get by my diaper. Especially when going out for a long while I'll add Gary or Leakmaster PUL pants. Kind of a belt and suspenders approach but I don't ever have any leaks that get by that combination.
  5. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    Any kind of dampness in those areas will soften the skin and make it much more prone to damage from rubbing of the diaper material. Wearing boxer briefs or compression pants can really help alleviate these problems.
  6. Here's a long overdue update (and thanks for all of the suggestions)... I realized that the biggest problem I was having with my Gary PUL pants was that the elastic in the leg opening was rolling up into a tiny thin strip. The solution to the problem was to have a seamstress add a zig-zag stitch on the leg elastics. It keeps the elastic nice and flat on my legs and is way more comfortable now. I've also purchased a few pairs of the Leakmaster side-snap PUL Pants which are great for the warmer months of the year. Of course I had my seamstress add the stitches to the leg elastics and they stay perfectly flat and comfortable. Even though I believe that they are actually made by Gary they are much fuller and higher cut than the Gary Activewear PUL pants so that is nice too.
  7. Plastic Undies or Bed Pads?

    Even though I don't wet while sleeping very often it does happen from time to time. Unfortunately I rarely wake up when it does occur. Without a nice thick diaper on, usually with an added cotton pad and PUL pants over it, there's no way I can get to sleep as I just don't feel secure. The bulk doesn't seem to bother me at all and in fact it just makes me feel completely protected. In addition I always have a nice large (3' x 4') washable pad over the mattress. It's a Champion XD from Northshore Care Supply and it doesn't seem hot to me to sleep on. Yeah, I know, it's pretty much a belt and suspenders approach but I sleep like a baby and so far haven't gotten a drop on the sheets.
  8. How do you put on your diapers?

    I put my diapers on with my back against a wall to hold the diaper in place, I then stick the top tapes, adjust the lay of the wings, make sure everything is snug around my legs, and then stick the bottom tapes.
  9. Musing about living incontinent

    I live in Central Florida so I know exactly what you are dealing with heat and humidity wise. During the summers here I will usually wear one of the cloth backed diapers that have the smaller stretchy cloth sides and velcro tabs that hook in the front. The Tena Super Stretch Brief is an example of the kind of diaper I'm talking about, but there are quite a few other brands available. To get enough capacity I add a Guard pad with a few slits in it and over it all a pair of side-snap Leakmaster PUL pants. Most of the cloth like diapers I'm talking about don't have the greatest capacity but after 3-4 hours I'll just change out the guard pad. I can usually get at least one or two "pad changes" in before I have to change the diaper itself. In addition the side-snap PUL pants allow some air to circulate due to the openings between the snaps. This combination works well for me and keeps me a lot cooler in the hot and humid summer months.
  10. latex diaper cover

    Fetware and Babykins both sell rubber (latex) pants.
  11. What do you to call diapers

    I call them exactly what they are, diapers, pads, guards, pull-ups, etc. My Wife calls everything "supplies". I think that's kind of strange but I believe she thinks that it will spare my feelings a bit if she doesn't call them "diapers".
  12. How long have you been incontinent?

    About three years ago my BPH started to get worse and that is when my first incontinence issues started. Been wearing some kind of protections ever since but am now in diapers 24/7.
  13. Ethical question about a diagnosis

    If you are worried about the heat with regular pull-up PUL pants you should try the side snap Leakmaster PUL pants. They probably wouldn't be great at night for side sleepers but they work great for me during the day. I find them to be much cooler than the pull-up PUL pants due to the small openings on the sides which allow a lot more air flow.
  14. Confidence during the day and peace of mind at night.
  15. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    I don't carry a diaper bag around but I do have an "emergency" bag in my car trunk with extra diapers, wipes, and a pair of pants just in case of a major leak. However, I do carry a Guard pad or two with me at all times. They fit easily in any pocket and since I usually wear cargo pants or shorts they don't show at all. If the diaper/pad combo I usually wear ever gets too full most of the time I can get by for several more hours by just changing out the guard pads. I've been using this strategy for quite some time, and although it might not work for everyone here it works great for my level of incontinence.