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  1. If you are worried about the heat with regular pull-up PUL pants you should try the side snap Leakmaster PUL pants. They probably wouldn't be great at night for side sleepers but they work great for me during the day. I find them to be much cooler than the pull-up PUL pants due to the small openings on the sides which allow a lot more air flow.
  2. Confidence during the day and peace of mind at night.
  3. I don't carry a diaper bag around but I do have an "emergency" bag in my car trunk with extra diapers, wipes, and a pair of pants just in case of a major leak. However, I do carry a Guard pad or two with me at all times. They fit easily in any pocket and since I usually wear cargo pants or shorts they don't show at all. If the diaper/pad combo I usually wear ever gets too full most of the time I can get by for several more hours by just changing out the guard pads. I've been using this strategy for quite some time, and although it might not work for everyone here it works great for my level of incontinence.
  4. Just northeast of Orlando
  5. I do the standing procedure pretty much like those above except I always stick the top tapes first. Since the diaper will then stay up on it's own I can take a bit more time to get what I consider to be the most critical lower tapes nice and snug which really seems to cut down on leaks. I know a lot of us tape the lower tapes first but it just doesn't seem to work as well for me.
  6. I prefer to change at home but have changed in public restrooms more times than I can count so it's no big deal. Since I put a male guard pad in my diaper as a booster I can change that out in just a matter of seconds. I can make that change almost anywhere if there isn't someone nearby.
  7. I wear disposable diapers 24/7 but at night I add a thick cotton pad (mini diaper?) between my diaper and Gary PUL pants. The pad works great to catch any small leaks that get by my disposable diaper and the PUL pants keep everything contained.
  8. The answer in short is nothing! With my level of incontinence (which isn't quite as extreme as some here) I have to wear a full tape-up diaper 24/7 and always have one or two Male Guard pads and some plastic bags with me at all times. I've found that if I have the pads with me, and change at the "appropriate" times, I can do virtually everything I would normally do. I have to admit that the beach and swimming is a bit more of a challenge but with a little creative thinking it can be accomplished without too much trouble. Yeah, I do go though a lot of pads but that is a small price to pay for what I consider to be a totally "normal" life.
  9. Awesome response Rusty Pins. That's just the way it has worked out for me and it has just been a "no issue" for me and my friends.
  10. Yep, works like a charm. The increased pressure from the end of the fingernail really does improve adhesion a bit.
  11. Abena makes a pretty good unisex pull-up. It will easily hold a couple of full on floods and then another one or two small pees. Only downside is that they are a bit more expensive than most of the other brands. My other favorite is Always Discreet, it doesn't hold as much as the Abena's but it works well for one or two pees and has nice standing leak guards which really help keep leaks from happening.
  12. I put a small folded washcloth in the bottom of the Gary PUL pants I wear over my disposable diapers. It really helps to soak up any small leaks that get out of my diaper and it's super easy to either rinse out the wash cloth if needed and hang to dry or just drop it in the washing machine/dryer.
  13. I was a bit disappointed with my Abena L4's. Although they hold a lot and I haven't had any leaks they seem to fit a little weird around the lower part of my bottom, kind of like when your underwear rides up. Also the odor protection isn't the greatest, especially if you wear them for an extended time.
  14. The weather is getting cooler here in the deep South so I figured it was time to break out my stash of plastic backed ATN's (size large). Normally they work pretty well for me and my level of incontinence. I haven't had any leaks but I've never liked that the padding in the front seems to be fairly low and the excessive plastic backing above the front tends to roll down uncomfortably (probably due to my belly). I also noticed that the rear of the diaper has significantly larger padding which I never seem to be able to use at all and in general the diaper doesn't seem to fit as well as some others I've tried. OK well you better be sitting down for what comes next! So I thought what if I turned the diaper around so the larger padding was in front where I can use it the most, crazy right? Well I was shocked at the result, the ATN fit way better than when put on "correctly" and the higher padding kept the front from rolling down. I was initially worried that the tapes would be difficult to attach but again was pleasantly surprised to find that it was almost easier to tape up. I was also concerned that the center rear wouldn't have the same amount of absorbency/SAP that the front had, but after a quick water test with a new ATN I found that the center section seems to have the same amount of SAP front to rear. Yeah I know this is crazy but I've been wearing my ATN's backwards for the last few days and they continue to work better than ever for me. Maybe it's just my body shape but even though I'm a bit overweight i'm not huge by any measure and I think I've got a fairly average figure for an "older" guy. So if you're willing to try something a little out of the ordinary you might want to try this out, it might just work as well for you as for me. Also if you do try this out please post your results one way or the other. Hey, what have you got to lose but a single ATN (or other Diaper)?
  15. First I'd recommend trying an Assurance (Walmart brand) "Guard" pad in your regular brief style underwear. They absorb quickly and hold an amazing amount. Best of all when soaked they can be easily removed and replaced. They are small enough that you can discreetly carry one in your pocket into the bathroom to change. When dry they are relatively thin and discreet but they do tend to swell up a good bit when soaked. FYI... I usually do not remove the protective liner over the adhesive strip so I can more easily remove and replace them when soaked. If you find that that isn't enough protection then I would add a Depends Flex-Fit pull-up over the Guard pad. For a bit more protection you can cut a few small slits in both sides of the Guard pad to allow flow-through into the pull-up. I use this combination quite often and it works very well for my level of incontinence.