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  1. Distantlurker

    LLmedico shipping?

    With llmedico now selling Better Dry I am tempted to try them over Northshore due to free shipping. But my question is are they discrete? I can always trust Northshore to have a plain jane box. In the past I ordered from XPmedical and received boxes turned inside out and taped together with clear tape so the content could be seen.
  2. Distantlurker

    Why no Top side leak guard?

    Having worn the Tranquility with a North shore booster for years and XP Medical A+ before that. I found those ok for night but often leaked if not in the correct position out the top. I recently switched to Betterdry and love them for at night. I have had very few leaks of you want to even call them that. I can just notice a small bit has gotten out the top and onto my night clothing. So wouldn't a leak guard going along the top eliminate that for most night use for people? I'm just surprised that has not been done yet.
  3. Distantlurker

    Lightest Male incontinence guard with largest coverage.

    Thanks for the tip ordered a package. I hope they are thin. Also note to everyone Depend real fit is on sale at $39 for 56 count on amazon.
  4. Distantlurker

    Lightest Male incontinence guard with largest coverage.

    Thanks for the advice but I really am just trying to see if people know of a light incontinence guard that has the largest coverage area while being very thin. Wearing the Real fit for me at work would be impossible. I change into work clothing with my coworkers on a daily basis and have for the better part of a decade. Switching to a full product would raise far to many questions that I do not want to answer. The product I need doesn't really need even medium volume control as the amount of fluid is only enough to show a small spot. but the coverage area is the important part. I guess I will just keep doing my searching and order various brands and toss what I can't use.
  5. Hello I have been dealing with some noticeable post void leaking even up to 30min or so after. Yes I will be seeing a doctor soon. My question is I spend much time in public and noticed people noticing small wet spots if it happens. So I have been using various light incontinence products. I primarily like the Depends Real Fit as it is thin and discreet. Plus has a very large coverage area which I need. I picked up the Depend guard and the Tena Moderate guard finding the depend noticeably thick and not wide enough. The tena was good on coverage but noticeably thick under the clothing. I picked up the Depend Shield and its coverage area is laughably small and completely useless for that reason for me. Long story short. The Depend real fit is amazing but the price per unit gets expensive even in bulk and its a lot more than I need. So my question is have people with the same issue found a light guard/shield that has a larger coverage area?
  6. Distantlurker

    Melanie Martinez

    Saw her open a Lindsay Stirling concert. never heard of her before but the time I was watching from 4th row I was wondering if she was a abdl.
  7. Distantlurker

    Becoming a Bedwetter

    Hello I am also one of those people who had decided to attempt to become a bedwetter.