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  1. Onto Chapter 10 then. Things start to come to a head, revelations are disclosed, and all is not as it seems... Please provide your comments and feedback, as I really do appreciate them. ## Chapter 10 - Future Generations 1447p in the afternoon. This meant the sun was still high in the sky, but beginning its inevitable slide back towards the horizon, to set sometime after about 1815p. The forecast was for a cooling breeze to waft across the Hungerford Hill district, caressing the lake and forest trees down in the valley behind Mark Bradley's humble two storey abode, before rising up the slopes and over the Hill. Water vapour from the great lake was often dragged into the air by the sun's fierce rays where, to people in the valley, it was felt as humidity. As the sun's influence waned, the wind would often cause the humid air to travel upwards, causing it to condense. Given just the right conditions in the cool early afternoon and evening, Hungerford Hill would be surrounded by mist, swirling and dancing gracefully with the shifting air currents. It was not uncommon for wisps to float up in the afternoon change. Keith Bradley knew nothing of the building vapours though, as he was only intent on navigating to his son's two-storey residence. It looked, well, not quite out of place, set amongst simple multi-storey unit blocks and grand stately mansions a bit further up on the Hill. Mark had chosen well, when he bought the block of land. It had, at first glance, all the right ingredients, being a fairly flat block, nice frontage size, and a stunning view of the lake and forest down in the valley below. The house design was modern, blockey, lots of windows, a few balconies to take in that view, and two storeys tall. However, all around it were single storey older-style houses. Mark was banking on those properties being modernised, upgraded, appreciating in value. Then there were the three-storey unit blocks ringing the base of Hungerford Hill itself, and across the street from Mark's house. When Mark lodged plans with Council, some of his new neighbours complained that his house would remove their views. He was up to the challenge though, and eventually, the plans were approved. The house was getting close to two years old. Those around it were really starting to show their ages. From the main highway, 30 minutes from the centre of the City, there were a few side streets to navigate before the SUV turned into the road where the house stood. Directly in front of the house was a spot in the driveway, so he naturally kept his eyes on that spot. Sarah had been faithfully following her father's lead, surprised that they had decided to head to her brother's house, rather than head home, like that Mr Stowe guy suggested they do. Keith slowed the SUV to a crawl, indicator on, and stopped for a car travelling in the other direction, before idling the truck onto the driveway. "Keith?", Jenn questioned quietly. "Hmm?" "There's a cop car here", she pointed out. "Oh, that must be the protective detail" "Do we have to let them know we're here?" "Mark must have already told them, otherwise they would have stopped us". Jenn had sorta seen two occupants of the car, but the SUV turned into the driveway at that instant, and she paid them no further attention. She failed to notice anything amiss, like glass shards on the ground, or a hole in the drivers side window. Meredith was asleep and covered up in her rear-facing baby capsule, asleep mostly from boredom and being rocked around by the vehicle movements. "Where's that card that man gave us?", Keith asked towards his wife. Jenn reached into her handbag, pulled out what felt like a business card, and handed it over to Keith. He examined it for a sec, punched in some numbers, composed and sent off a message to that Stowe dude. [Keith Bradley]: We're at Mark's house, if you need to know. Mark's little has been injured. 1450p. After a few seconds of waiting for a response, there was no reply, so he put his phone into his shirt pocket, switched off the truck, and motioned for Jenn to hop out and fetch Meredith. Sarah parked half on the street and half on the driveway, directly behind the SUV, cutting off any opportunity for it to escape. "What gives?", she quizzically asked of Keith, as she hopped out of the vehicle. "I thought that guy said for us to head straight home to your place?" "Yeah, but Mark rang to say that Little Michael's been hurt, so we came here instead", Keith responded. "Oh, ok then, I guess!". She bent into the vehicle and plucked Annabelle out of her carseat, placing her on her hip. Annabelle was also mostly asleep, rubbing her eyes, looking back towards the police car across the road, as the family walked towards Mark's rather large front door. At the front entrance stood the main door, and a simple door bell button sitting just below a faintly glowing red light. Keith pushed it, heard the chime start playing a merry tune, and the dog barking out in the backyard, but there was nothing else amiss. What seemed minutes, but likely just a few seconds, Mark opened the door part way, with a smile, but otherwise panicked eyes. Seeing the entire family caused his legs to buckle, as he took a step back, composed himself, and motioned the family inside. Keith turned around as the door closed behind them, pushed not by Mark, but by someone else. "Don't you move a fucking muscle", growled a disheveled man, just as the door closed itself. With a final click, the guy reached over and locked the door, and stepped in front of it. All Keith could possibly see was the muzzle end of a silenced barrel, the pistol looking tiny in the man's hands. He gulped, took a few quick breaths, and slowly looked across to his son, Mark. "I had no choice, Dad, they were going to kill all of us if I didn't get you here", Mark pleaded. Tears started in his eyes, but he remained stoically upright. Keith looked back at the man holding the gun. "What do you want?", he quietly asked the barrel, and was rewarded with it being pushed into his forehead. "Move, into the dining room, GO!" The ladies both let out a scream, which woke Meredith up with a start, as they were ushered up the staircase to the top floor of the house, the floor which rose above the trees to soak in that opulent view. At the top of the stairs, the family turned left. Jenn opened the sliding frosted-glass doors to the dining room, to reveal the rest of Marks family, already sitting, gagged and restrained. "SIT", the gunman snapped loudly at the newcomers. Keith stole a few precious seconds to look around the room. In one corner, next to a grand window looking out over the lake was a middle-aged man, sitting in a recliner, a glass of brandy in one hand, a pistol resting in his lap. Beside him stood Michael, bound and gagged, tethered to the man by a short length of thin rope. Although his knees were wobbly, his eyes had long since dried of their tears. On the floor next to the man sat a briefcase. Mark's family were sitting at the dining table opposite the window, looking back towards the man. Sue, and the other two of Mark's children (Thomas and Kerry-Anne), were all bound and gagged. Tom was squirming around, but Kerry-Anne sat wide eyed and scared out of her nut like a stunned mullet. With a quiet thump, the gunman slid and locked the doors behind Keith once more. "Hello, you must be Mr Keith Bradley", the man sitting finally spoke. "And who are you?", Keith quietly responded. Keep it slow and non-threatening, he thought to himself. "You don't need to know my name, though I would have thought by now that you'd know who I work for. Ever heard of the Ramon Family?", the HoS replied quietly. "Yes". Fear. Keith instantly remembered that Don Ramon had murdered all of Little Michael's original family in cold blood, in a situation not unlike what they're facing right now. "I'm responsible for the security of the Family, and this boy here is a risk to that security". He took a swig of the brandy, relishing the intense but smooth flavours. "I have to say, Mark, this is darn good brandy!" Mark looked blankly back at his captor, wondering whether to thank the guy, or continue saying nothing. He sat at the end of the table, closest to the HoS. The HoS looked across the room towards his minion, and motioned with his brandy glass for the guy to do his work. "Sit", the gunman ordered Jenn, who immediately complied, taking a seat at the table next to Tom. The boy looked at his grandmother, seeking some emotional support, whilst watching the goon begin to tie her up. "Please, I need to keep a hold on my baby", Jenn cried towards the goon. He stopped and looked across to his boss. "Why, certainly, Maam", the HoS responded, "just so long as you keep it quiet, and you don't get up off your seat", he commanded. "I'm not a monster, unlike my Boss". The gunman shrugged his shoulders, then moved to seat Sarah, who continued to hold Annabelle. They were seated with their backs to the window, looking across the table at Jenn. Keith stood at the head of the table, as far away from the HoS as possible. "Search him", the HoS quietly stated towards his goon. After a pat down, and a search of his pockets, the goon only found the car keys, mobile, and wallet, which he placed on the table in front of Keith. The mobile silently flashed one message: [Unknown]: Do not approach the house! Too late for that now, Keith thought to himself. He watched the goon slowly walk around the room, glancing through the windows. The Dining Room in this place was stately, with windows looking out in three directions. The house fell silent, bar the odd sniffle, or muffled cry from the kids. Keith decided to take a leap of faith. After all, he was a negotiator from a long time ago. "So, what do you want?", he enquired softly, his hands flat on the table, palms up. The HoS twirled the glass of brandy in his hand, contemplating his position of power, and wondering what kind of man Mark's father was, to be so brash as to open discussions. He remained relaxed though, salivating at the thought of another sniff. "You know what I want, Mr Bradley", he formally spoke back. "I'm here for this little shit", tugging on the rope, causing Michael to stumble and fall to his knees. Michael shook his head slowly, sadly, mumbling from behind his gag. "Then you have him. Take him", Keith said whilst lifting his right hand off the table in a gesture towards Michael. "It's not that simple, and you know this", the HoS fired back, slightly angered. Keith stifled a giggle. Even the most powerful Mafia family had trouble breaking legal adoptions. There were ways, and willing experts, to track down snatched adopted kids. "You require Mark to give up his legal adoption of Michael then, is it?" "I can't do that, Dad!", Mark immediately yelled, pained, in tears. Adoption is such a formal concept, and especially so with Littles. This wasn't always the case though, not until the public were horrified by media reports of abductions of Littles, who were often never seen again, forcing the Government of the day to act in tightening Adoption laws. The papers signed by Adoptive Parents now were time-bound artifacts (evidenced by issuance of Adoption Certificates) - a minimum of two years before any formal change was allowed by the government. This was often enforced by the tag implanted into the adopted subject, a piece of nannite tech that bound itself to the subject so forcefully on first injection, that it caused irreparable damage to the subject if removal was attempted within the two years. Beyond two years, the nannites broke their bond, and could be removed or re-programmed if required, like with new Adopter details. But there were also clauses in the law dealing with Termination of the Adoption. On the death of the Parents, the subject could be legally adopted by a relative, in which case the tag was re-programmed by an authorised agent of the Family Court, using a special scanner which had encryption technology in it to unlock the nannites protecting it. However, Littles being Littles, even in a progressive State, another clause existed allowing a Little to be claimed by someone with physical possession of them, any surviving relatives be damned. Mark knew all this. He had to go through all the legalities when adopting Michael through Henderson Henderson & Stowe. Mark realised that the man simply couldn't just walk off with Michael. They might be able to escape to another continent, but Adoption Laws are recognised world-wide in this Dimension, even though they may not be the same from country to country. Which left the possibility of abducting the Little to the other Dimension through a Portal. With an adoption tag embedded into Michael, Mark thought that not even the Mafia could take Michael across dimensions. So they'd have to get rid of it before doing so, lest they alert the InterDim Border Protection Service. Keith also knew all this, because of Meredith. Remembering such, he looked across to his little baby girl, who was yawning herself awake, and beginning to look around at the turmoil unfolding within the room. Keith quickly understood that this left both sides in a pretty pickle. He looked down the table at his son, who looked defeated and broken. Mark was a geek, who had no fight in him to start with, so he certainly wasn't going to be able to put up a fight now if it came to that. He'd get no support from Mark. Keith looked down at his phone again, and had a thought. Maybe the Stowe guy could help us, but I'll need to stall this conversation, to give him time. He'll go to our house, find us not there, see we're at Mark's, and come here. He looked like he meant business. Why did I ignore his advice? How did these two get past the protective detail out front? Keith's eyebrows furrowed, worry lines spread across his forehead. He stole a glance at his wife, who looked back a bit puzzled. Stall for time, Keith. Make the guy talk. "Why do you want Michael anyway?" ---- I woke up, cradled in my mother's arms, face buried in her chest, and started listening to a conversation about Michael. I remembered overhearing in the car that Michael was injured. Looking around the room, my eyes focused on Michael, who was on his knees, bound and gagged, next to a scary-looking man with a gun on his lap. This is not good. Michael didn't seem to be otherwise injured. I tensed as I realised that phone call was just a ruse to get us all here. I felt a tightening hug, and a gentle kiss on my forehead. I rewarded Mum with a fresh stream of warm pee into my nappy, like I always seemed to always do after I woke up properly. She stopped patting my butt at that point. "Shhh...", she cooed at me. "Go back to sleep now, bubba." Looking across to Dad, he was busy in thought, stealing glances at me, at Mum, at the scary guy holding Michael, and at a guy wandering around the room, casually looking out through the windows. He also had a gun in his hand, keeping it at the ready, but held down low against his abdomen. Ok, so there were two bad guys here. The guy in the corner with Michael seemed to be the one in control, the guy wandering around just seemed to be a goon. "Do you know who Michael is?", the scary guy asked. "Of course I do, and I don't see why he's such a threat to the Ramon Family. He's just a Little", Dad replied. Keep the guy talking. Michael blushed, his cheeks going beetroot red. He hated being talked about so openly, like he was a nobody, just another stupid Little to these Amazons. The scary guy waved his glass of brandy about, emitting a faint chuckle. "Just a Little, hmm? My dear friend, you have obviously not been listening!" Dad seemed a tad surprised, looking across the table towards Michael, studying the boy for a period of time. "He's the heir to a multi-Billion dollar fortune", scary guy explained. "Oh that? Yeah, I knew that", Dad dismissed, with a slight wave of his hand. "Your boss caused that, so don't blame us." Pause, in thought, "What I still don't understand is why Michael would be a threat to you ... hmmm... Is it because money talks, perhaps?" "You are only partially correct" "What?", Dad was truly taken aback at that. Maybe Michael hadn't told the complete story? "Have you ever wondered what goes on in the InterDimensional Portal industry?" Dad's face was blank. I knew where this discussion was heading though, as a faint memory flashed into my consciousness about HH&S receiving intelligence a long time back about Little abductions, and them being transported through the Portal Network. Speaking to a few people in law enforcement circles caused leaks, the public got wind of it through the media, and all hell broke loose, politically. "We never really understood", Mark piped up. "We knew Michael had an inheritance, but not the true amounts, and certainly not the Portal business". He looked up to his wife, silently querying her. "Of course not, and I'm sure you all knew that Mr Stone himself was famous for those Portals." Both Dad and Mark nodded at that. "He never disclosed the business' major shareholder being a Little, through a Court-enforced inheritance. My Boss discovered that little gem." Dad seemed quite shocked. Poor Little Michael over there in the corner, cowering away, seemed to be not quite so innocent. "But I bet Michael never told you about his little side business, eh?" "Oh?", Mark responded, also a bit surprised now. "Michael here had been flashing a bit of cash around, on the quiet, developing a lucrative business in the medical line. Ever heard of Nano Augmentation?" My ears really pricked up. Wasn't I put through that process? It certainly seemed to be confirmed when Mum stiffened considerably, squeezing me quite tightly, forcing the air out of my lungs. Dad sat there poker-faced through. He was good at poker it seemed. He shot a steely-eyed nano-second glance towards Mum and I, then back at the scary man. "No, never heard of it", Dad responded. "The NAP is a medical procedure to transform Littles into baby Amazons. All well and good and all, but Michael here injected a logic bomb into the process". The scary man placed his brandy glass onto the table, and suddenly yanked the mouth gag free from Michael. "Explain away, my boy!" Michael coughed a few times to clear his throat, surprised he suddenly had a voice. "Umm... the Littles transformed by NAP kept their adult knowledge. In forty years or more, those Littles would be in Parliament, with retained knowledge of what being a Little was like, and thus able to legislate for Little rights and privileges. We'd be on equal footing with you Amazons within one or two generations!" "Noble, don't you think?", the scary man summarised, "... and the subjects quite out of reach of lucrative Littles trafficking". "I still don't get it?", Dad curiously queried, a bit confused by the revelation. "Money talks, Mr Bradley, and that confers power in the halls of Justice. But this isn't all, isn't it, son". "No, Sir. My dad, Mr Stone, knew of the NAP - he was the seed investor after all. I paid him back his seed capital, and he almost left the business to me, but he discovered that Littles could be snatched through the Portals by undergoing a modified NAP to kill the nannite adoption tag. I hated him for developing it, and sued his ass to get him out of the NAP program. But that bought attention to the NAP, so the Ramon Family wanted in, through a competitor Portal product. Dad had the other CEO murdered." "Michael here is a risk to a business model that is a major source of income to the Ramon Family. With the key that's in Michael's puny brain here, and the updated Portals, we can snatch Littles into the Black Market without a trace. Money, and power." I looked out a window, distracted by movement, and noticed the roof of what looked to be Stowe's battle wagon inch its way up the road. Inhaling at the shock of it, and salivating at the prospect of being saved by my hero, I looked up into Mum's face, and smiled, relaxing into her body. "Meredith?", she whispered back.
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    Idea Adoption Thread

    Yes, I so want to tackle this one!
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    Madison's Code

    He's bottom of the 10th frame, needing one strike to win the match for his team, and he spares it... Disappointment is etched all over his face, his teammates console him. By by the time he gets home, his lack of performance at the crucial moment causes internal turmoil and anger, and there's only one person he can take his frustrations out on.
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    Madison's Code

    Yes, please!
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    The Craig's List Mommy

    Yeah, absolutely! There's intrigue and (attempted and bumbling) subterfuge to steal secrets. Whats not to like here?
  6. No daily update? Wanna see a tantrum, Aunty Maya, as I love a dragon story read to me at night, n I've not had my "fix" of this tale *sobs*
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    The Craig's List Mommy

    I've thought about the physical transformation from adult to a child, and how to describe this in a story. When we think about what should happen, in the absence of a shrink/transformation ray, the subject would have to shed material (tissue, bone, blood, brain matter, etc) in order to reduce in size. I came up with one way in my own story (internal and external transformations through blood transfusions and a special fluid bath the subject was effectively drowned in), and I think Boo did a sterling job of describing another way in this chapter. I fully expect the poops to be quite frequent and messy for poor baby Robbie. But now that he's been physically transformed, was his $10k reward just a teaser to get him to this point?
  8. Neeka is so brave, you wouldn't get me within cooee of a dragon. But, in this case, I think I could make an exception. Good onya for another cracking chapter. But ya can't leave us hanging out in the breeze with just one small chapter!
  9. I would have as well, just sayin.... ... otherwise allowing begging for more chapters is about, umm..., well..., about as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.
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    41 Week Unpotty Training Update

    Yes, I discovered that I also could push and pull down my diaper, which gave me the confidence to give up pull-ups altogether for wearing at work. That was the final hangup - how to do a poo if i got the urge whilst at work.
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    The Craig's List Mommy

    Yup, +1 on hanging out for the next few chapters. Have been curious as to what the Dr would do. I thought about a scenario on the train this morning on the way to work, I bet the Dr Lake did the initial work with Rob in "play testing" regression, and now Dr Ward will actually enact it. I bet the second read the work of the first, and Patient Zero gets to experience first hand the techniques he unwittingly helped to develop!
  12. I've got a referral to see a Continence Nurse, and am just waiting on a an appointment date. I'm hoping they'll give me some tips. I've done pretty much my own research on products, lotions, clothes etc. Have been doing ok so far, but lets see what the Nurse says.
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    Evil Lolita Club - Chapter 38! (8/20)

    Off-topic, but I finally finished Little Luzy. That story is very much published novel quality. Superb. I found it really difficult to keep from crying on the train this evening, just knowing that story was a few pages from ending. I cried when Luzy said goodbye to Nora. She was such a beautiful character. I didn't like the long sexual scenes Why couldn't these characters be just normal people? I disagreed with Nora changing Martas role. In a professional care environment, that was very dangerous, and unprofessional. Sure, punish the woman, but do it behind closed doors. That said, I was astounded to learn the relationship between the two. Just quite shocking, and _very_ in-theme with the rest of the story. Im really sad that this story had to end. Time to go back and re-read it, but slower. Am an absolute fan of your work, Sophie and Pudding! Thank you for writing it!
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    Evil Lolita Club - Chapter 38! (8/20)

    You nailed it for me Aries. Started reading about 2pm. At 2am I was half way through, balling my eyes out as Luzy was changed, crying for my Mummy. incredible story, the emotions are raw, the characters quite real. just incredible.