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  1. ozziebee

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 27!)

    Any updates to get this fine tale back to where it was?
  2. Within the last month or so, Ive had some BMs into my nappies which have left me shaken, and worried. These incidents Ive had an urge, which was more like "am I gonna be sick?" tight feeling in my abdomen. Pretty much as soon as I stand up off my chair, or get out of bed, or up off the lounge, I get this almost whole body spasm, but I find that instead of clamping up, my abdomen is pushing, and out it all comes in one long go. When they happen, theres no way I can stop them. I feel at the time like a toddler, as I remember the same kind of sensations from when I was little, and bowel IC back then With some nappies I wear, theres no way I can shimmy them down my legs to sit on the toilet fast enough, so its no choice but to go in my nappies. Yes I have spoken about this to my continence nurse, and she could only sympathise with me. We've spoken about strategies for my chronic constipation too.
  3. ozziebee

    Forced regression stories?

    Easiest way to get around creating a Wattpad account to read stories, is to use Private Browser / Incognito Mode when following the initial link, then just selecting the next chapter to read.
  4. ozziebee

    The Geek's Itty Bitty Baby Bear

    You simply can't leave us hanging here for a week, baying for another Chapter, especially after those last 6 words. Are you serious? One week? That's like, umm, torture or something! Are you looking for us to throw a tantrum now? O M G! Throws bat and ball, and storms off...
  5. ozziebee

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    Lots of people still reading this, DiaperBoy. This has been one of my favourite stories on DD since I first read it before the crash.
  6. ozziebee

    The Home

    I'm liking this touching story. I can see Chris becoming a "guest" quite easily, or being mistaken for one by the staff once Sonia gets distracted from her impromptu tour of the house for him.
  7. ozziebee

    transgender new to diapers

    When I was much younger struggling with transgender issues, I would wear baby tabbed disposables to hide my boy bits, and flatten any bumps down there. Post surgery, I wore nappies for fun, and to regress, and to destress, and for comfort and security. I wore the Molicare Super Plus and Tena Slip Maxis at that time. Today, I'm bladder and maybe even bowel IC, wear proper adult medical diapers and ABDL diapers overnight, and love the change. Proper adult tabbed diapers would help you to hide the bulge down there, amd contain any "accidents". I'd recommend also wearing a stretch/fixing pant over top of the diaper to keep it secure, help with any rustling, and hold it all together if tabs pop/break. Overthe top of that, wear PUL pants. Over the top of that consider a plain white/pink/black onesie (which is awesome to stop any drooping of a used diaper.) You can wear whatever you like over all that, and noone would know.
  8. ozziebee

    The Craig's List Mommy

    Im also quite happy to see updates to this story. I know the link between the old man and Robbie. I hope that the ladies decide to start treating Sammi decently Being a forced regressed baby with adult thoughts and memories is pain enough. She should be treated as a baby now, and experience the love and care that Robbie is getting. Anyway: *Spoiler Alert* There was a chapter way back after they cleared Robbies flat, they went to see someone.
  9. Well this weekend has been interesting. Out of four nappies worn, I've done a BM in three of them. I get the pressure sensation, stand up, and it comes out. I've had no constipation this last week, which is a plus - all my stools have been fairly soft (a 5 or so on the Bristol Stool scale), and they're getting a bit regular too (after I get home from work). Though Sat morning, I pooed my night nappy (changed soon after), then again in the mid-afternoon into my day nappy. I sense control of this part of me is just starting to go too.
  10. After being bowel IC into my Uni years, it took me a long time to get over the mental block of pooping into my nappy again. That mental block gets less and less each time I do it, and I'm starting to regularly do it now. This was evidenced by today's poop. This morning, I''d not thought about whether I had any indicators that I'd have to do a poo (my BM's are really irregular). I had my sister and her hubby over this weekend, and this afternoon my sis was talking to me about stuff, when I got an urge to do a BM. I didn't want to do it in front of her, so I held it, just, but it was _really_ painful. About 20 minutes later, they said their goodbyes, and left for home. Ten minutes later, I was wracked by more bowel cramps and stood up from my desk. As I walked it came out, slowly, but more and more powerfully. It ended up being the biggest poop I'd ever done in a nappy, the amount which I was a bit shocked by. It ended up being so easy to do in the end, as I pushed the last of it out and the pain in my tummy was gone too. Just before I changed, it had seeped its way up to a few inches below the top of the padding on the front of the Betterdry I was wearing. Very, very weird sensations. As I do let go more and more, it all becomes too easy to not clamp up and try holding it in. As I'm not holding it in, I'm noticing my constipation disappearing. Is that a thing?
  11. Love it, very very funny scenes! Brilliant writing! Cant wait to read more of it!
  12. ozziebee

    The Moment You Knew

    For me, this was about 4yo. I'd discovered a pair of plastic pants, and decided to wear them over my undies, and under my shorts. Every now and again, I'd sneak off around the side of the house and have a look and feel - this as all new sensations, something exciting, but also something I knew was wrong, and needed to keep secret. Some time during the day, my dad and I went to the barber. I remember sitting in the chair getting my hair cut, and feeling the plastic pants underneath the cape. When dad had his hair done, I went and sat outside, and occasionally stole more feels through my shorts. I don't remember how I was discovered, but some time after we got home, either mum or dad had cause to strip me, and I remember ending up under a cold shower for an hour, wearing nothing but the plastic pants. Mum eventually saved me. Because I was bowel IC through my childhood, I was sometimes put into nappies as punishment, and threatened with being put back into nappies for school. In those days, disposables either weren't around, or were expensive, so it was a terry-cloth nappy. Typically no plastic pants, though I remember I cheekily asked for plastic pants one night, after being quite publicly nappied in the loungeroom of a cousin's house. Though a pair were found, they were too small. Everyone must have thought this was punishment, but I loved it. I eventually started experimenting with baby nappies whilst in late high school (once I got a job and had some money) and into first year university. I'd buy a packet of huggies girl nappies (white shell, pink inner liner, pink printed taping panel), and tape two of them together, and wear them. At this stage, I was still bowel IC, but not as bad as during my earlier childhood. I'd wet them, occasionally mess too, dispose of them in the outside garbage bin. I kept the packet hidden out of site in my room. At the same time I was experimenting, I was going through quite bad bouts of gender dysphoria, and would often use the nappy to remove the unsightly bulge down there. I came out to my mum through letters, and in one I mentioned the nappies. I soon started suffering from regular bedroom raids, and have my girl clothes taken, but my nappy stash remained. Towards the end of living in that house, I discovered adult incontinence products, namely the green plastic-backed Depends, and the terrible belted pads. I would occasionally go and buy more Huggles nappies, as they were more reliable. As I was approaching my gender reassignment surgery, I discovered the very small ABDL community in Sydney - it must have been through Usenet groups and IRC channels. Just after my surgery I started experimenting with regression and AB stuff, bought some terry-cloth nappies and plastic pants, bottles, some baby pacifiers, and loved it. Then I met up with two awesome guys, who I would visit from time to time. They introduced me to AB properly, feeding me bottles, and sleeping in the spare room in a footed sleeper. I loved that time. They also told me about a medical supplier who sold proper adult nappies - Tena Slip Maxi and the purple Molicare, both thick and plastic backed. I never went back to Depends or baby nappies after that. All the while I felt shame, and would often go through binge/purge cycles. Life, future plans, and career interfered at this point, and I gave up my inner little baby girl, and hid the nappies away under the bed, only pulling one out from time to time to scratch the itch. But I never forgot them. The urge would disappear, then begin to appear in my dreams to the point where I could _not_ stop thinking about them. The thought, the excitement, of wearing consumed me. I had to scratch that itch. I had one packet of Tena Slip Maxi that lasted some 12 years. By the last couple of nappies, the glue in the tapes had turned to dust. Over the last 10 years or so, I'd been having issues with bladder IC. I think a few undiagnosed bladder infections maybe around 2009/2010 started it all, but I would get home from work to increasingly damp knickers, for which I'd get a bit irritated, and wear a period pad for a bit. You'd think that a DL girl woudl love wearing period pads, right? Not this black duck. I flew overseas a few times, with the last time taking spare knickers and pads and pants on the flight, and needign to change at the other end. After I got home the last time, August last year, I did something about it, and went to see a urologist. Now, I'm 24/7 in nappies, and loving every moment.
  13. ozziebee

    Afraid to start wearing diapers?

    Fear is a powerful emotion. It stops us doing things. One thing I've learnt over the time I've been in nappies is that noone cares. People are so involved in their own worlds, their own spaces, that they take no time to look around, to really notice others. This becomes acutely visible when one is wearing a nappy out and about, going shopping et al, because we're so fearful _someone_ will notice we're wearing a nappy. I was fearful initially too, until I realised noone cares, noone notices. I realised that again today. Recently, I've been buying ABDL nappies, out of curiosity, to see what they're like to wear, and to see if the plastic-backed ones cut down on some of the smells one has as an IC. I bought some Rearz Inspire+InControl, some Betterdry, some Rearz Pink Princess, Rearz Safari, and Crinklz Little Builders. The Safari's are _loud_, crinkly things, with a fairly stiff plastic shell, and a very crinkly taping panel. Now, before these nappies, I've work pretty exclusively medical "cloth"-backed nappies that had no sound at all. Nice and discreet for work and shopping. Today, I decided to head out to the shops wearing a Rearz Safari. At home, they're loud - I can hear every movement elicit those crazy plastic crackles. So I was fearful getting out of the car and into the shops, that _someone_ would hear me. Guess what? I didn't even hear myself! If I couldn't from the background noise, how in the bloody hell would anyone else hear the telltale crackle and shuffle? Horizon expanded, I won't worry about this aspect any more, which means more brain power spent enjoying my surrounds!
  14. Im so confused. I read over lunch a few days ago the next part in this awesome tale, and now cant find it? (Gloena and Nakil exchange presents, before Nakil leaves the ship for good)? Why was that one removed?
  15. ozziebee

    Hunting in a diaper.

    Been hunting whilst in a diaper, yes. Sitting on the back of the ute, Sako TRG across my lap, wetting myself, whilst the guys were blazing away at foxes, made me feel quite immature and a bit little. I could have been atanding up there with them putting shots downrange, but I'd had my shots earlier that night.