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  1. That might have been me. At least, that was exactly my experience. I have totally had that experience also. On one or two (very rare) nappy-free nights, I had this experience of emerging from sleep just as I was starting to pee. It wasn't that I was peeing that woke me but rather something about the sensation was "wrong". I'd realised I was getting way too wet, too quickly down there. This was of course because I had no nappy on and was actually wetting the bed (albeit a very small amount until I somehow "intervened"). This suggests that when I really DO "wet the bed" (in my nappies), there is some glimmer of awareness or wakefulness that has me checking my situation and "permitting" events to continue, presumably not awake enough for me to remember. It showed me how much of this behaviour depends on headspace. I'm still waiting for bedwetting to become 100% robust but like mildew on a mattress, it seems that it only grows in the dark. Attempts to throw light on it inhibits things. It's quite annoying really. I've also noticed that my bedwetting frequency is higher in cloth diapers.
  2. I have a slight advantage. I already own my "next" house and, after the tenants' lease finishes in spring, I'll be able to strategically reposition certain, ah, "supplies" from one place to another under my own steam and we won't be moving in a single day. One of my plans is to get through an entire life without the trauma of trying to move out of one house and into another on the same day as a property sale/property purchase: so far, so good against that objective. The exercise still isn't entirely without challenges: Prior to hiring men and a truck, I will be limited to what can be carried in either or our (modestly sized) cars and the properties ARE around 120km apart. Also, as a card-carrying member of the "compulsory night nappy" club now, it's not like I can completely strip my "old" house of infrastructure. I would wet the bed for sure. I'm sure there will still be one zillion logistical challenges though. I'm strongly suspect they are drop-shipped straight out of China and never know the crisp, maple-leaf-strewn dawns of Toronto but yes, who knows. I can't see my beloved for going for this career 2.0 though. I also think that my primary supplier isn't ripping anybody off. It's just that he lacks scale and it is a single-point-of-failure supply chain: fine for recreational use but as dependency grows, something I should plan for. I can remember running some back-of-the-envelope calculations with another DD member I had dinner with some years ago (he was from the business world) and we swiftly worked out that this was no pot of gold anyway. In what will probably be the rest of this week's update, I've been well reminded that full time cloth nappies can be high maintenance! Apart from waddling around in a vaguely “Baby Huey” configuration: 1. The Sisyphean task of washing nappies is relentless 2. I am vaguely aware that I smell slightly of warm pee much of the time I doubt the pee smell is strong and I suspect it’s my plastic pants more to blame than the nappies themselves although the odour control technologies included in cloth nappies are very well understood (ie: they have none). If the smell was strong, I am sure my beloved would have complained about it by now but the fact that I can detect the occasional whiff does mean that I’d need to be cautious when out and about. I’m fine for nipping down to the shops but spending an hour in somebody else’s living room would have me thinking twice. They remain super-comfortable though. My Rearz “overnight” pre-fold (held on by a cunningly-engineered network of “snappies”) has been on me nearly 14 hours this morning and I’m about to change it out of a sense of general obligation rather than impending critical need. It will get a quick rinse in the shower with me before getting dumped into a nappy bucket to ferment in the laundry. I suspect I’ll fossick through my “Omutsu” cloth stash and spend the day drowning some sheep before switching into an old-school terry folded/pinned affair for bed tonight. Tomorrow will be wash day. Again…
  3. For me it seems to be a new (read: "cheaper") version of the BetterDry. I call it the "Not-quite-as-Better Dry". I noticed blow out failure on BetterDry a couple of cases ago (late 2023/early 2024). They NEVER used to do this for me. I'll be looking at the Rearz BeDry alternative if and when it becomes locally available.
  4. Not truly incontinent but certainly a lot less continent than when I went "24/7" a bit over 5 years ago. I'm an intermittent bedwetter now so my night nappies are now obligatory. I still "decide" when to pee during the day but I have range/urgency issues which means that for practicality sake, I'm better off in nappies. I suspect I could re-train myself at least at daytime but I found myself curiously ok with how things were progressing. I'm not sure if I would ever become truly daytime incontinent or not but I suspect I'm on the road to find out.
  5. Is there any hard data to support this implied decline? I'm not arguing, I just don't now. If I accept the assumption as a thought-experiment, sometimes I wonder if the “open” format of DD (whereby posts are accessible to any user, registered or not) encourages an asymmetrical user-base skewed towards anonymous guests (aka “lurkers”) over time. It’s registered users who incur the sovereign risk of doxing etc by placing their cyber-heads above the rampart even if it IS behind a pseudonym but the incentive to BECOME a registered user is eroded by the ability of un-validated guest users to access the content anyway. Of course those unregistered guest users cannot actively participate in the forum. Over time, the forum becomes predominately one of anonymous, non-posting users because it’s the easiest thing to do. That’s just a thought bubble though. Or were you specifically referring to the "IC Desires" sub-forum?
  6. Yep. This has 100% been my experience. Exactly this for me. The only conclusion I can reach on the available evidence is that with general weakening of the pelvic floor, whilst (ironically) ones superfluous urinary continence remains intact, the bomb bay doors become prone to springing open suddenly when under the stress of battle-condition turbulence 😆 One of these days I should write a real "5 year guide" as opposed to the more fanciful "12 month guide" floating around...
  7. At least you were afforded the opportunity to indulge in a "to hell with it" moment! My last code-brown was flat out urge incontinence and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. The only mitigating factor is that under normal operating conditions, it doesn't happen. It's only when something doesn't agree with me but I'm moderately sure that if I was in the habit of uncontrollably filling my pants after a questionable chicken burrito for lunch in the "before times", I'd remember it. I can only conclude that this is an unfortunate byproduct from how we have treated ourselves. At least it's rare.
  8. I’ve taken a week off work this week: partly because my employer was getting nervous at the amount of leave I was accruing and partly because a series of minor-but-time-consuming property maintenance issues pursuant to a house move we are likely to undertake later this year was just going to involve more time invested than weekends alone could yield. Yes, I’m planning a house sale and relocation whilst remaining in nappies. I’m sure THAT will trigger some interesting choice points but we’ll get there when we get there. In the immediate week, given my overwhelming proximity to either home or a nearby hardware store, I thought I’d take the opportunity to maximise my cloth nappy time. In addition to not enjoying the landfill and hard dollar cost associated with decent adult disposables so much, I simply plain prefer the feeling of cloth, especially as what passes for winter in my mostly-tropical-ish part of the world makes itself known. We’ve already had a night or two that has dipped below 10C, at least in our part of the city. That’s quite cold for May but is also a reminder of more normal nights we can expect during the six weeks or so of actual winter we should expect between the end of June and early August. I’d have to confess to a frisson of schadenfreude last night as I heard my beloved sigh and haul herself out of bed for her 3am wee. I had no such need. My Babykins pull-on cloth nappies were warm, wet and comfortable beneath plastic pants under dry pyjamas. Nappies really are great for nocturia and chilly nights. I don’t mind the wet sensation of wet cloth nappies at all. It’s a warm kind of wet and something about that heavy humid embrace echoes what I expect were for me, simpler and happier times. Also comforting is the knowledge that they are highly unlikely to leak in bed irrespective of my orientation in them when I happen to “go”. In addition to their comfort, they offer security. I expect my beloved doesn’t like it that they smell of pee in the morning however. They do. Now that I have the laundering regime nailed, it’s just fresh pee that they smell of and it’s far from overpowering, just a hint really from beneath the blankets. She doesn’t say anything about it. I suspect I’m supposed to guess and adjust my way of life to align with her unspoken preferences… I know she doesn’t like my nappy bucket in the laundry. On multiple occasions I’ve heard her sighing loudly in there, rearranging it with much clattering in the laundry tub to presumably make it less offensive in her sight by making it less in her sight. She doesn’t say anything about it. I suspect I’m supposed to guess and adjust my way of life to align with her unspoken preferences. Another good reason to maximise my use of renewable nappy technology was writ large as I was planning a trip “up north” in our city. I’d considered calling in to our local nappy vendor. Whilst I have a good enough cache of supplies, the universe had brought before me the opportunity of more or less driving past his premises and it seemed almost churlish to overlook this offering. Bringing up his website however showed that he had closed the business for a fortnight: presumably a holiday but I hope all is well with him. Most people would simply have staff to take over but the sole source for Rearz products in my state is very much a sole trader and so simply shuts the business when he wants time off. I guess this is a luxury that a predominately discretionary-use market affords. It’s not as though incontinent people get to switch their kidneys’ off. When he comes back though, there is a backlog of orders and so delays in obtaining product. It’s further occurred to me that he’s my age and would therefore be most likely thinking about retirement. That’s the more optimistic outcome. He’s also working a warehouse by himself. He could just as easily be found squashed under a nappy-slide after fork-lifting a dodgily-stacked pallet of Rearz Incontrol Plus Hybrid Elite. The weight of all of those syllables alone would be enough crush the oxygen out of most. What then? Whilst it IS possible to order Rearz product through another supplier now, I seem to recall that this guy is simply reselling nappies sourced from my importer so as a solution, it is neither cheaper nor more robust than what I have today. And anyway, I like my local supplier. I suppose that we’ve reached the point where I need his product more than he needs to sell it to me is my problem, not his. The Australian market is small, remote and as such, frequently undisturbed by the squalid machinations of global economic competition (beyond “off-shoring” and remaining local staff and manufacturing). With niche products like this, it’s not uncommon to find fairly narrow and noncompetitive supply channels. Just look at our airlines! I’ll change into another cloth pull-on nappy and plastic pants tonight and kick that thought-can a bit further down the road.
  9. Yep. This is a common-enough failure mode for me also if I wear the "wrong" plastic pants. Some of the smaller Gary sizes are too narrow in the crotch resulting in the leg elastics working there way up inside the "wet zone" usually at the top of my inner thighs whereby they can wick moisture OUT. Wide-crotch waterproofs (eg: Babykins) seem to avoid this issue. Again my experience aligns with this. Although highly variable in frequency, a bedwetting event is no respecter of time or place. It happens when and where it happens. I can well remember an auspicious family event about 18 months ago that involved a couple of nights staying away. I wet the bed on night #2. There was no problem, I was dressed well for such an occasion but I think somewhere at the back of my mind there was an automatic assumption that I would wake for any peeing episode because of where I was. Nope. Woke up drenched with no clue when it had happened. Red wine WAS involved.
  10. I think this is about it for me also. If all systems are nominal downstairs, no drama. If something is upset to the point of "runny" then, well, control is not a given... To date, all "accidents" have been on workdays where I've been in disposables. If I'd been at home in cloth, I probably would have staged some kind of an intervention. I can't say I haven't loaded a cloth nappy before but not with a loose/uncontrolled BM...
  11. Mostly I don’t notice that my nappy is wet anymore High frequency/low volume (drip and dribble) voids are the norm Episodic voiding (when it occurs) is very slow and dissipates into dripping rather than finishing cleanly Any attempt at holding is hard, results in severe, uncomfortable urgency within an hour or two culminating in an accident Rarely, I will drip a little at a sneeze or cough I am still day-continent: a decision to start to pee is still mostly mine to make Some nights I wet the bed but other nights I wake to pee This at a little over 5 years.
  12. More disturbing evidence arrived this week confirming that whilst not in any way a lifestyle objective for me, #2 control has gotten caught up in the general laissez-faire zeitgeist that prevails south of my waist elastics these days. It may possibly even be ahead of the curve. It was the usual conspiracy of events: something I’d eaten that whilst light years from making me in any way ill, nevertheless didn’t quite agree with me running up against my natural disinclination to deal with the logistical challenges of removing and replacing nappies whilst out of the house. There’d been a couple of mysterious gurgles from the belly zone that afternoon at work but nothing serious. A very minor cramp or two suggested that I’d need to take care of things at my evening change. Back in the olden times, my bowels operated with the precision of an atomic clock and even after going back into nappies, things were well synchronised enough with my morning nappy change. Those days are long gone now. Things happen at either end of the day as the mood takes them but usually I can hang on: for a while. Anyway, I drove home without incident or undue urgency. Leaving the car underneath my carport, a more substantial cramp appeared and this sudden but far-from-catastrophic elevation in requirement had me thinking that I might have to “take care of business” before my evening nappy change. It was all of a 12 meter walk from my carport to the front door but by the time I’d gotten the key in the lock, I’d decided that not only was I going to “take care of business” immediately, but also, I was going to use the downstairs facilities to do so in order to minimise my travel time. With the front door open and kicking off my shoes, I envisioned the gleaming white porcelain facility that was meters away and dreamed of warm water and lemon-scented towels. A second or three later I’d bargained myself to penguin-waddling carefully and hoping that the minor-but-uncontrollable seepage that I could feel would be minimal enough. Before I’d made it halfway up the stairs that seepage had escalated into a full-on nappy-filling experience that I was powerless to either prevent or pause. Despite what I felt to be Herculean effort, the only thing my sphincter-squeezing was doing was to make the process of loading my nappy painful. All that was left to me was to pause walking (god forbid a leak!) and wait for the unstoppable process of enshitification to reach its satanic peanut-butter conclusion. I was then left with an immediate local reduction in atmospheric quality, a ghastly nappy change, most likely a shower and a very limited time window before my beloved returned from her work. I’d previously wondered after prior “incidents” if in fact at some point my “losing control” was actually just me mentally throwing in the towel and allowing events to proceed, trading comfort for convenience. After all, clearly I was dressed for just such an eventuality. There was no doubt with this one. It was a complete failure of control that I‘d fought all the way down to the physiological basement. I had just experienced a major episode of “urge incontinence” but from totally the wrong department. I suppose, if my poop had a certain minty freshness, perhaps of the type whereby people would hang cardboard pine trees coated in it from their car rear vision mirrors, if it had a neutral PH and didn’t attack my skin like a starving Alsatian would devour the slowest of the available pool of fleeing Jehovah’s witnesses, if clean-up could be automatically accomplished by a fleet of nano-bots in twenty seconds and if my beloved wouldn’t be waiting to swoop down upon me from the sky at me like a giant bat then I wouldn’t care about maintaining bowel control. But I do care. I’m just not very good at doing anything about it (although I suppose I could try giving up microwaved chicken dishes for office lunches). I guess I’m the United Nations of me and I’ve just issued another strongly-worded statement advocating my aspirations that are clearly being undermined by my own inactions.
  13. I'm noticing an elevating level of general dislocation between bladder sensation and bladder fullness. I'm just not sure if this is because of living in nappies for 5 years or advancing age. I'm still not experiencing incontinence as such it seems to be getting harder to know what's going on down there. My capacity to do this has degraded - possibly back to Defcon 3.
  14. As @superabsorbantpolymer mentioned, I also noticed that the site was down for a while for an upgrade. I suspect any links that included any kind of session component would have gotten broken because those sessions would have gotten terminated during the restart. You can also be left with residual problems whereby web site content that your browser is caching (to avoid the latency of repetitive downloading) ends up out of sync or obsolete relative to the new instance of the site that is running. It’s a bit like your browser is attempting to resume a conversation but doesn’t know that whilst it wasn’t looking, the other half of that conversation got replaced with a new replicant who wasn’t actually a party to the earlier conversation the browser is referring to. Weird stuff happens. One or more of logging out/in, forcing a page reload or even clearing your browser cache should fix those. Just another version of “turning it off and on again”
  15. I don't see you dipping in and out of 24/7 life as a problem. I think it's normal and probably sensible to engage in a bit of "try before you buy". I started bouts of 24/7 back in early December 2018. At the end of 2018, I went 24/7 for a little over 2 months before coming back out of diapers (which was fairly inconvenient for the first few days). I missed them. At the start of April 2019 I went back into diapers and stayed in them. I'm still diapered today. I've no regrets about my early/temporary forays into living diapered. A word of warning though: I too imagined I was catapulting into incontinence in those early days but in hindsight, it was a combination of optimism and being acutely sensitive to fairly minor physiological changes. In reality I think not that much changed for quite a long time. Even today, whilst I'm probably "diaper dependent" somewhat during the day and I am now an intermittent bedwetter, I still don't regard myself as incontinent.
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